Chapter 266: Back at the Bulldog stadium for Dinah and back to the Metropolis Hotel for Gilmore. “I was supposed to look together and fabulous, and not like I’d been up all night playing quarters.”

Metropolis University…

Bulldog stadium…



Coach’s Office…

Coach Garland: *On the Phone* Yes… I know. A couple of the players are ineligible to play this friday. But please try to understand. This University’s Football team bled and sweated through improbable odds. Brought this school countless wins and victories. Made it to the Superbowl for the 2045-2046 Football season. Despite the results on some of the exams that these 3 players that you are speaking of… They’re the best ones on the team. The golden arms and feet. The titanium hands and the speed of a cougar. Is there any way that we can still have them able to play on this friday’s game… but just have them on a probationary condition?

While on the phone…

Dinah in her green frilly dress.

Dinah: *Walking in and sighs* What a morning. This was just not my morning at all. *Setting her Jacket down and laying her phone and whistles on her desk* I just can’t believe the hell i dealt with. Ugh!

Minutes later…

Coach Garland: *Sighs* What a week this is gonna be…

Dinah: *Standing in sight of Abigail* Okay. . .I look great, right? I look just wonderful… don’t i?

Coach Garland: Yes. You look like a shiny green diamond.

Dinah: Yes, see. This is how I was supposed to look this morning. This was how i planned to look this morning.

Coach Garland: What in the–, You kidding?! Sh–!, Today was Janie, Alex and Charlene’s first day!

Dinah: Yes, and I was supposed to look like i was in fact… someone who clearly was all together and looking professional… fabulous, and not like I’d been up all night playing a game of Arm wrestling.

Coach Garland: Oh, nobody happens to care how you looked. They’re used to your way of doing things. Because when it came to it… You’d get your results.

Dinah: Everybody cared. It’s not any question as to that statement being just untrue. But everybody cared.

Coach Garland: Who?

Dinah: Uh, the other moms, the headmaster, my Husband, My Cousin Curtis, Mrs. Burke, Emily Gilmore, Luke, Miss Patty. Trust me… They all cared. Every last one of them cared.

Coach Garland: It wasn’t that bad… Not like here. We got a big sticker. The University’s Principal just called and stated that 3 of our players are ineligible to play in this friday’s game. The 3 that are ineligible… are the 3 that happen to be our Golden players.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Ugh! Say what?! Are you totally freakin’ kidding me. First i wake up in a common outfit… To take my daughters over to Chilton. Making a fool outta myself. My husband thinking that he’d have to babysit me. Then all over town… Miss Patty and Luke. They criticize me. Now this. What next?

Coach Garland: I know. I know… It’s been a complete nightmare this morning… But what happened at Chilton?

Dinah: You wouldn’t want to know. But… Lorelai… and I walked into the headmaster’s office and there she was. Emily was right there and just like prediction…

Coach Garland: Really? Why? She that bad?

Dinah: Because she knew that Lorelai’d wake up late and dress like a cowgirl and humiliate herself.

Coach Garland: Wow, she’s good. How did it turn out?

Dinah: The best. She is the best at doing that… her mother is. However… Some good came out of it all… Blossom my Niece… She spoke out and in a firm tone demanded that Emily backed off from Lorelai’s Grill. I think that She feels annoyed and irritated at Emily.

Coach Garland: Wow… That is bad news for Emily… Isn’t it?

Dinah: Sure is.

Coach Garland: Well, I would ignore those women because the only thing that matters is that your girls have gotten into that great school. That is all which should matter. You don’t need to worry about the fact that you had an off morning. I mean… Yeah. You should have probably thought better and had better sense than to go to Chilton looking like you were playing games of Arm wrestling all night. But… Heck… Shit happens. What’re you gonna do?

Dinah: Nothing i can do. All i can do is move past it.

Coach Garland: That’s the best method. Move ahead. All that matters is that your girls are now in Chilton.

Dinah: I know. They looked so amazing in her uniform, and she was so excited. And I just admire her so much jumping into a new school. There’re like my heroes.

Coach Garland: I know what you mean. Those girls are going on to new things and taking the first step to the top…

As for Curtis…

USGS Hub of Metropolis…

Seismology dept…


Curtis: Okay. Now let me think… We’ve got records of a massive Quake foretold to hit New York. But one that’s said to likely hit… Metropolis. We’ve got pressure buildup up north… In Topeka. Fracture points in Wichita.

On Curtis’s screen…


Curtis: *Looking at the screen* This is not good. Not good.

Lisa: *Walking over* Hey there, Curtis… You’re here finally. What kept you?

Curtis: Nothing really. I just barely got back from Hartford. Had to drop My sparky Princess Blossom off at Chilton.

Lisa: Chilton? Your daughter Blossom is in Chilton? Since when?

Curtis: Today. She got accepted by them on friday. Last Friday. Thursday. to be honest.

Lisa: That’s wonderful news. Congrats. But there is something i would like to ask… not that i am trying to delude the happy sentiment moment. But how is she able to go to Chilton? How are you able to afford it?

Curtis: I went to an old friend. Oliver Queen.

Lisa: H-how do y-you know… Oliver q-queen?

Curtis: He’s a old family friend of my family. My wife and I know him from way back. Since 25-28 years ago… We know him from way back. I called him and asked him if he could help with the Tuition for the school. Made a deal with him and he vouched to let me get it where it was me who paid for the school. I can’t ever let Blossom know that it wasn’t really me that paid. I can’t… I just wanted for her to be able to have a high education. One that she should have. I have seen how she was in regular school Facing hazing every so often but it not being as bad since she had her friends and Allies with her. But… I had to get her away from that. Chilton was the only way. Plus… She has a desire to become a Seismologist. Like her old man here. But… how can she do that where she was before?

Lisa: That… i can’t begin to tell you. But you’re putting alot on the line for her. I think that she must be your sincere favorite.

Curtis: It’s not like that… It is just that i know how she gets. I know what she’s like deep down. She’s the younger version of me. How i was back then in some case. Only difference is that it’s a female.

Lisa: Then what is going on with you today?

Curtis: What do you mean?

Lisa: you seem to be rather tensed. As if something has gotten your goat over something.

Curtis: It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. I just had a little altercation with a innocent woman’s mother. Lorelai Gilmore… Mother to this girl that my daughter knows… Rory Gilmore. Lorelai’s mother was trying to relentlessly enforce her Citizen Kane views on Lorelai. Not seeming to accept that Lorelai was her own person but not one that Emily and Richard will accept in their eyes. That’s all…

Curtis pauses and looks back to earlier that day…

Curtis: *Reaching his limit* Okay… That’s it. You know what? Dinah… go get Lorelai back over here… We’re gonna settle this. Today. Right here. Right now. The bull stops here.

Minutes later…

Curtis: *Looking at Emily* Mrs. Gilmore… I don’t know what the hell your problem is against Lorelai… Who is your Daughter. And you know what… I don’t even want to hear this bullshit that “Oh… She was this unruly child and left at 16. Shutting us out of her life. Taking that girl away from us.”

Emily: It’s…

Curtis: No. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear it. Emily. I at this point don’t find you to be the least bit civil or decent. You are controlling. Vindictive and Dictating. Lorelai… She’s your daughter and deserves respect. Love and care. Which i guess she didn’t really have around you and… Uh…

Lorelai: My father is Richard.

Curtis: Thank you, Lorelai. *To Emily* I want to know what your problem is… And i don’t want any word twisting or altercation. I want the straight truth and now.

“Curtis: Well… from how you act and the tone you have… I would digest the idea that you probably deserved it. Granted that child should always obey the parents. Always. Or at least meet one another on equal level. But i don’t sense that you’re one who’ll do that.

Shingo: That is true. From how it sounds by your Tone, Emily… You are absolutely most demanding and Challenging. You expect for everything to go your way.

Emily: I would say the same about you and yours…

Shingo: No. Don’t you turn it around. But just for the sake of being equally pragmatic… There are moments when yes… my wife here can get where she expects things to all come to her. But at least she’s not persistent to implement it. And there are times that she could drive me nuts. But i stand by her. You… You probably control your better half and he probably looks for things to do where he isn’t around you. Emily… I am sure that deep inside somewhere… there’s a thoughtful and very caring person… in a complex sort of way… But the way it seems at the current time… We just don’t see it.”

“Dinah: Plus… Stop the hysterics. Lorelai has a certain way of doing things. Either you respect it… or just refrain from coming near her.

Curtis: You have your way of doing things and that’s fine. That’s fine… More power to you. However… here’s the deal and it’s gonna be just this way… *Taking a breath and then laying down a direct ultimatum* Emily, ice the Snooty tone right now. Lorelai is not to be spoken to in that tone. She’s got rights and you will respect that. If we ever hear another incident like this and hear that you were once again being bossy and controlling to your daughter… who is a grown woman… again. You, Dinah and I are gonna have a problem. Civility be respectfully damned.”

Curtis: I tell you… Lorelai’s mother is a sole equality of hell on two legs barking the walk of a Citizen Kane mentality.

Lisa: *Whistles* Curtis… I feel for you. Dealing with that. I feel for you.

As for Lorelai…

At the Metropolis Inn…



Sookie is going through a crate of peaches while Jackson the produce man looks on…

“Jackson is a farmer and the produce supplier for the Independence Inn and later at the Dragonfly Inn. Jackson is a friendly, happy guy, but also witty, with a sarcastic sense of banter with Sookie and Lorelai. As his and Sookie’s relationship becomes a marriage, Jackson is a bit more subdued toward the women. He sometimes tends to be in his own mind, his reaction to Sookie first telling him she’s pregnant to cram numbers and retreat into his head for a while. He’s also very protective and supportive of his wife and likes to joke around with his friends, and develops a good friendship with Lorelai. He frequently gets into fights with Sookie about the quality of his vegetables.”

SOOKIE: They’re smaller than the last batch.

JACKSON: No, they’re not.

SOOKIE: Smaller means watery. No good peach taste.

JACKSON: No, there’s plenty of peach taste being as they’re, you know, peaches. I could probably give a run over to the restaurant and see if that lady Pamela Reedy will take them.

SOOKIE: What about the ones on the bottom? Pamela won’t want them. She’ll only tell you the same thing i’m telling you.

JACKSON: *Scoffs* Oh, great. No, be sure to check ’em all. That’s it. Give every last one of them a nice good squeeze. You wouldn’t wanna actually leave me one that I could sell somebody else. Oh, wait a minute, you missed one. Now I’m not gonna tell you which one it is. I’m just gonna let your impeccably good radar. . .

Sookie pulls out a peach…

Jackson: There it is! You got it!

Lorelai walks into the kitchen…

LORELAI: Okay. . .I look great, right?


LORELAI: Yes, see. This is how I was supposed to look this morning. *Spotting Jackson* Good morning, Jackson.

SOOKIE: Oh my God, today was Rory’s first day!

LORELAI: Yes, and I was supposed to look together and fabulous, and not like I’d been up all night playing quarters. Dinah had the same mishap herself… which makes me feel better as i wasn’t the only one that had that happen. But she looked like someone who stayed up all night having Arm Wrestling matches.

SOOKIE: Oh, nobody cares how you two looked.

LORELAI: Everybody cared. I assure you that everyone cared.


LORELAI: Uh, the other moms, the headmaster, my mom, Luke, Miss Patty, the new fire chief with the tiny little head. Elizabeth Burke, Curtis Rhapsody. The cousin to Dinah. Dinah’s husband. Everyone… cared.

SOOKIE: *holds out a peach* Taste this.

LORELAI: *biting the peach* Hm, a little watery.

JACKSON: Oh, now, you planned this!

SOOKIE: Did you say something about your mother?

LORELAI: Oh, yeah. I walked into the headmaster’s office and there she was.

SOOKIE: Really? Why?

LORELAI: Because she knew I’d wake up late and dress like a cowgirl and humiliate myself.

SOOKIE: Wow, she’s good.

LORELAI: The best.

Sookie rolls a peach along the floor…

JACKSON: Oh, I would love to know what you’re doing.

SOOKIE: They’re rolling differently, too.

JACKSON: Oh, because of the extra water.

SOOKIE: Exactly.

JACKSON: Makes perfect sense.

SOOKIE: Well, I would ignore those women because the only thing that matters is that Rory got into that great school. As did Dinah’s girls. They’ve earned it and now… are finally there.

LORELAI: I know. She looked so amazing in her uniform, and she was so excited. And I just admire her so much jumping into a new school. She’s my hero.

SOOKIE: Mine, too.

Lorelai: Rory and the trio aren’t the only ones there. It seems that there is this girl that was there. She had this sparky attitude. Her name… was Blossom. Blossom Rhapsody. She happens to like me right off the first sight. She told my mother off a little bit.

Lorelai thinks back to the morning hours…

Blossom: *Looking at Emily* Huh?! What the heck are you talking about?

Emily: Nothing that you should be concerned about, young lady.

Blossom: Too late. *scoffs* You are talking to her as if you think her to be a transient. A lowly human. What the hell?!

Curtis: Blossom, Honey… don’t get into it. Please.

Blossom: No dad… I don’t know who this lady is. What she is. But i already can tell that she’s being very crass and very judging of the one who looks like a Dixie chick. She had a off morning. But that lady who comes off as one who’s got a bee up her ass… speaks to the woman so callously. Judging her instantly.

Curtis: I think that the one you are talking about who is being Judged is the daughter to Emily.

Blossom: I am aware of who she is. I don’t even know her much but… I already know one thing… Her mom’s got dictator issues. Control issues. I for one have had enough of the bullshit. I got news for her… She better stop trying to control the lady’s life. Because if she gets in her face… and i catch it… She’s gonna get a ball of electricity flying against her head and shocking her.

Curtis: That lady there who has the look of a rodeo gal… That’s Lorelai.

Blossom: Well… i am all on her side. She’s just doing things how she feels that they should be done. She’s her own person… Just from only looking at her briefly… I can see that she’s being the way she wants to be. But is being scorned by her mom. I find it really pathetic and bullshit. Someone should tell that woman over there to learn how to stow it.

Elizabeth: *Startled* Wha- What in the name of betsy? Is she referring to Mrs. Gilmore?

Curtis: I think so. I think that Emily attained the fury of my daughter. Blossom likes anyone. But if you show her that you’re a controlling person to another… She will turn ugly on you. Fast. She’s like that. It’s a big step from how she was years ago. She was pretty docile. back then.

Lorelai: She likes me already? Hmm… She must be very choosy in who her friends are. Liking me so sudden. I like that.

Blossom: Of course i happen to like you, Lorelai… Besides… i know a good person when i see it. You are living and being an individual. If that lady… Emily don’t accept that… That’s just tough. She’s not the controller of your life. It’s high time someone were to put her in her place.

Leslie: Even i don’t seem to like her much for how she speaks towards you. And i happen to give anyone a fair shake. Emily… she blew it.”

Lorelai: There was also this girl that went by the name of Leslie Burke. Leslie T. Burke. She seemed rather… shy. Unsure about if she was meant to be… there.

Sookie: It had to be the first day jitters. But Rory’s got to be your hero. Your hero in waiting.

JACKSON: Oh, yeah, sign me up. Sookie, the peaches, please.

Michel walks in…

MICHEL: Excuse me. There’s a phone call for you, and if I’m to fetch you like a dog, I’d like a cookie and a raise.

LORELAI: *to Jackson* Thanks for the peach. *handing the peach to him; walking away*

To be continued…


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