Chapter 265: Blossom and Leslie confronted by the high strung competitive Paris Gellar. The Rhapsody Trio take the center stage.

As for Rory Gilmore, Betty Andrews, Blossom and Leslie… And the Rhapsody Trio…

At Chilton…

A teacher is lecturing a class…

TEACHER: And while French culture was the dominant outside cultural influence, especially for Russia’s monied class, English culture also had its impact. Tolstoy’s favorite author, for instance, was. . .

PARIS: *raises her hand* Dickens.

TEACHER: Yes. And of course, last week we discovered Dostoevski’s main authorial influences. . .

PARIS: *raises her hand* George Sand and Balzac.

TEACHER: Good. As Tolstoy commenced writing both War and Peace and Anna Karenina, Count Leo would turn to. . .

PARIS: David Copperfield.

TEACHER: Correct. He would turn to David Copperfield for inspiration.

The door opens and a student walks in…


TEACHER: Ah, Mr. Dugray.

TRISTIN: Sir. *handing the teacher a note*

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie and then Rory before looking at the Trio* …

Leslie: *Whispering to Blossom* Who is that?

Blossom: *Shrugs;Whispering back* I don’t know. But whoever he is… He’s a hunk. But you’re still prime cut. So hunky or hot or not… My hearts still occupied. By you.

TEACHER: Nice to have you back. I hope your Grandfather’s better.


TRISTIN: Much better, sir.


TEACHER: Good. Take your seat, please.

TRISTIN walks over to his seat while staring at Rory. She shifts uncomfortably…

TEACHER: Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, Little Dorrit, all major influences on Leo Tolstoy. Tomorrow we will focus on. . .

TRISTIN: *Whispers to kid in front of him* Who’re they?

STUDENT: New girls. Came from Metropolis and Metropolis Heights.

TEACHER: . . .writing styles of these two literary masters, Tolstoy and Dickens. *bell rings* Class dismissed.

TRISTIN: *to his friend* Looks like we got ourselves a bunch of Mary’s.

TEACHER: Miss, um, Gilmore, could you come up here please? Miss Burke, Miss Rhapsody… i also need to see you and the Trio and Miss Andrews.

Highlight for Chapter 265

Rory walks up to him as well as the girls…

Teacher: Here are last week’s study materials. *he hands her a huge binder* There’ll be a test on them tomorrow, but since you girls are new, you can all take a makeup on Monday of next week. Will that be sufficient time?

RORY: Next Monday? Sure, that’s fine.

Leslie: A Test this soon… It’s a little too fast.

Blossom: But it’ll be fine. We’re gonna be getting together and holding study sessions. We’re like really close. Really really close.

Betty: It won’t be so bad… Right?

TEACHER: Good. That’s just an overview. It would be very helpful to you to borrow one of the other student’s personal notes. They tend to be more detailed.

Janie: What?! More than this? You… are pulling some smoke screen… right?

Leslie: There’s more to this? How much more are we talking here? Several books more? A 16×8 container size more… what?

RORY: More detailed than this?

TEACHER: It seems daunting right now, I know.

RORY: No, no. It’s okay. It’ll be fine.

Blossom: It will be fine. This doesn’t scare a gutsy gal like me. We’ll be just fine. You’ll see.

As they started heading out…

TEACHER: Remember to get those notes. They’ll be a lifesaver.

They couldn’t help but to be a little overwhelmed and that was just their first class. Very first class and they were all with Rory and Rory with them. Rory was showing that she was gonna be buried… but still holding her own in most sense. The trio however and Betty went on ahead and vouched to save them a seat in the next class. If only they were to know… where that class was…

Chilton Hallway…

Rory walks out of the classroom and almost bumps into a girl…

Blossom and Leslie were close by and were only steps away…


PARIS: I’m Paris.

Blossom: Uh… okay. Hello there.

Leslie: Hey…

RORY: I didn’t see you there. Where’d you come from?

Blossom: You kinda startled us.

PARIS: I know who you are, too. Lorelai Gilmore from Metropolis. And you followers. Blossom Rhapsody, Leslie Burke, Betty Andrews, Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody of Metropolis, Kansas. Leslie Originally from Brooklyn, New York. Betty Originally from Palm Desert, California.

RORY: You can call me Rory.

Blossom: You can call me Blossom. That will do.

Leslie: You can call me Leslie.

PARIS: Are you going out for the Franklin?

RORY: The what?

Blossom: What do you mean… The franklin? What is that?

Leslie: Is that like some type of dance? A School Paper?

PARIS: Nice innocent act. At least I know you’re not going out for drama club.

RORY: I’m confused.

PARIS: The Franklin, the school paper, are you going out for it?

RORY: I don’t know, I have to find my locker first.

Blossom: So do we. We are rather new to this school and so far… are so lost.

Leslie: Blossom and I are not exactly used to this sort of setting. We have yet to adapt to it. Of course… it’s only the first day.

PARIS: I’m gonna be editor next year.

RORY: Well, good for you.

Leslie: Does that rattle us? We’re not here to make waves.

PARIS: I’m also the top of the class, and I intend to be valedictorian when I graduate.

RORY: Okay, I’m going now.

Blossom: So are we. She is so stand-offish that it’s like facing Tromell and the guado all over again. Ugh!

Leslie: I am beginning to feel the sting of intimidation.

PARIS: You’ll never catch up. You’ll never beat me. This school is my domain and the Franklin is my domain. And don’t you ever forget that.

Blossom: What the hell is your problem? We are not here to compete with you. Nor beat you. But if you want to test us… or test me. Be my guest. *Emitting some Electricity* Take your first shot. But make it good. the next one’s mine and i promise… one shot in the right area… You will be unable to go on without twitching.

Paris: I could report you.

Blossom: Want to go for it? Okay. Let’s. But only if you confess to being the one who let off the first wave of hostility.

she walks off…

RORY: Guess you’re not gonna let me borrow your notes, huh?

Blossom: Don’t worry about her, Rory. You don’t need to messing with a high riding brat like her. She isn’t worth it. We weren’t even showing hostility. We were lost and just trying to get accustomed here. It’s not your fault that she happens to be a high riding little snot, Rory. As long as we don’t have to cross her much… we should be just fine. Really.

Leslie: *About Paris* What do you think is her deal anyway? She obviously came out as sounding like someone who’s got a bee up their butt.

Blossom: I don’t know… But i can tell you this. I don’t like her.

Rory: I’m not bothered by it.

Leslie: You’re not letting it get to you. That’s nice. So… you’re gonna walk around allowing for the likely hostility to build?

Blossom: Rory… You’re like the most subtle and reserved girl we know. But you’re gonna need to be defensive on the whole hostility act. Paris Gellar is not in any way… a peachy friend. She’s not even adversary. We barely met her or crossed her and already… we don’t like her. You would be thinking clear as to not liking her.

Rory: *Feeling unsure* …

Leslie: Don’t worry. Blossom and I have your back, Rory. As do the Trio. You won’t need to worry.

Blossom: I already laid out a defensive countermeasure towards her. Verbal. But if Paris gives us any trouble… We’ll let her know… Who she’s screwing with.

Rory: No… No fights. It will only backfire on us and you guys. It will just make you out to be the hostile ones. Don’t feed into her act.

Leslie: *Sighs* …

Rory was not wanting to be on the defense. She wasn’t even wanting to stand up to Paris. It was then sounding off as though she were intimidated and unwilling to take charge. What was it gonna take for Rory to stand up and not be submissive by intimidation by the surrounding dwellers of the School atmosphere? Blossom and Leslie were already in the driving position and not taking any means of intimidation. They were not about to be slapped by the hostile atmosphere.

Wakka was Among the Hall and saw the altercation and wanted to let one loose on Paris. However… It was not gonna do anyone any good. Things were already hostile and it was only 2 hours in on the first day of Chilton for the crew. How were they ever gonna survive?

Outside the main building…

Wakka calling Luzzu.
Wakka calling Luzzu.

Wakka: *Using the Payphone* Rotten machina… Never works like it should. Can’t figure this contraption out. *Trying to recite Luzzu’s #* What is his # again?


Amy Stopping from the road...
Amy Stopping from the road…

Amy Diamond: *Pulling over and spotting Wakka* Wakka… What’re you doing here?

Wakka: *Shrugs* No idea. Tryin’ to call Luzzu. But i can’t get the Machina here to work. Good thing is that i can’t hold it over the heads of the Al-Bhed. Plus… I had to speak with the girl Leslie.

Amy Diamond: Leslie?! She’s here… Why would she be here?

Wakka: She got accepted to attend here, ya. She’s inside the buildings here now. In one of the hall’s. I was hoping to meet with her about the Blitzball program and get the okay to start recruiting Blitzball players. Anyone who can stand being in a sphere arena… under water and Blitz. But… she says that she is having trouble with getting funding for the program and was calling everyone from the Mayor down. and then back up and reaching the winds of the President of the country.

Amy Diamond: Who? Trump? He wouldn’t approve it. He is a business man who is too wrapped up in himself that he isn’t seeing clearly.

Wakka: He’s president of the country?

Amy Diamond: Seems as though he is. He’s however done nothing but hurt the people. SSI is gone. The Media is gone… At least a good large portion is. His foreign policy is sadistically barbaric.

Wakka: Ahhhh! That rotten son of a Shoopuf. What does he think this is? His actions are making a bad mess. *Sighs* Leslie’s inside there in the building… Won’t be out till later.

Amy Diamond: That’s a problem… Because i’ve got to see her.

Wakka: Join the club, ya. I am trying to get a official meet with her but i keep getting stiffed.

Amy Diamond: Things happen. Is she the only one here?

Wakka: Nah. Blossom, Betty and the Rhapsody Trio are here also. Plus Rory Gilmore. They’re all together.

Amy Diamond: Where does that leave you? You know that you can’t really be here. Someone’s gonna think that you’re trying to stalk or prey on someone. You’re not waiting for them… are you?

Wakka: I was. But i better just get back to the city and find Luzzu. See what he’s up to.

Amy Diamond: I had a concert in Topeka just last night. There were people there who knew about Leslie and the Blitzball stadium. Knew all about her. Since Metropolis’s Mayor… Mayor Peters isn’t willing to do it… Topeka is funding the Blitzball program. They however want to meet with Leslie. The Mayor of Topeka and the city treasurer… They want to set up a sponsor.

Wakka: You serious?! Wha- we’ve gotta tell Leslie. Call her out here.

Amy Diamond: We will meet with her later. This is our not our place to just corner her. Come on… I’m heading back to Metropolis anyway. I’ll lend a lift over to Metropolis.

Wakka: Okay… okay.

To be continued…


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