Chapter 264: An at home phone conversation between Gilmores and Rhapsody. An Emily Gilmore nosy antics beckons again.

Lorelai pulls into the driveway.

She gets out of the car and walks into the house juggling her coffee, her dry cleaning and her coat. The phone is ringing, she searches for the cordless.  

She finally finds it and falls onto the couch. Dinah was right behind her and went to go change in the bathroom while Lorelai tended to the phone and saw who it was that could have been calling at a rather not so good time. What Dinah didn’t figure… It was Emily Gilmore. She was yet calling… Again. Calling and trying to pester into Lorelai’s affairs once more…


EMILY: Lorelai?


EMILY: Lorelai, good. I’m going shopping this afternoon and I’d thought I’d pick up a few things for Rory. And possibly some stuff for your friend’s daughters as well.

LORELAI: Like what?

EMILY: Oh, you know, a couple of extra skirts and tops for school. They are gonna need them. Aren’t they? Surely they don’t intend to go to school looking like they were stranded in a cave.

LORELAI: Mmkay, I already took care of all that, Mom. I got her two skirts and a bunch of tops. Dinah already handled her daughters as well. She had her duties all planned and lined up for her daughters. She’s capable of steering her own ship.

EMILY: But there are five days in a school week.

LORELAI: Really? Are you sure? Because my days of the week underwear only go to Thursday.

EMILY: Is that a joke?

LORELAI: Mom, two skirts are fine. And please stop trying to pry into Dinah’s life. She is already caught in the web that you’ve weaved. She’s got her kids into Chilton. With your help and it’s got her locked into coming to friday night dinners. To keep her end of the deal and keep in good faith. But She is not needing all this extra charity. She’s not a charity case.

EMILY: I never know with you. Plus how would you know what she’d need? You’re not with her 24/7. Are you?

LORELAI: Really, don’t bother.

EMILY: Well, what if she gets one dirty? Or if they were to get one of theirs dirty?

LORELAI: Well, then, she’ll wear the other one. As will Dinah’s daughters wearing their other pairs.

EMILY: What if she gets them both dirty?

LORELAI: Well, then we’ll use this newfangled thing called a washing machine. The town just chipped in and bought one. My turn’s Tuesday. *Suddenly covering the mouth piece on the phone so her mother wouldn’t hear; Calling up to Dinah* Dinah… You alright up there?

Dinah: *From upstairs* Yeah. I’m fine. Just getting changed. Almost done. Why?

Lorelai: There’s a phone up there in the bedroom. Get to it and pick it up.

Dinah: Why? Something the matter? Everything alright?

Lorelai: Uh… Not sure. But i am sure you may know of my mother and her constant need to barge…

Dinah: I happen to gather that… Unwillingly of course. But yeah. What about her?

Lorelai: She’s at it again. You’re gonna want to hear this.

Dinah: She just doesn’t back down. Does she?

Lorelai: No. She doesn’t. Trust me. My mother is like the Pest in Prada.

Dinah answers the phone seconds later as the phone line comes active from upstairs…

Lorelai uncovered the mouth piece on the phone…

EMILY: Well, then, what about socks? Chilton has these special logo socks. Rory should have them. As should Dinah’s 3 girls. They are entitled to have them as well.

LORELAI: Mom, please.

EMILY: And what about the school sweater? She might like that. And there’s the sweater vest and the bookbag. They would like to have that.

LORELAI: Are you getting a cut of the merchandising?

Dinah: *Overhearing the conversation* …

EMILY: Rory should have these things. She’ll be the only one who doesn’t. As would Dinah’s girls.

LORELAI: She’ll live. As will they.

Dinah: That’s Right. *Speaking into the phone* Emily, You might like to barge into Lorelai’s life as you are so relentless and are like a damn cougar who just won’t lie down. But Janie, Alex and Charlene… Are my kids. Mine. Not yours. If you are so wanting to get the stuff for them anyway… Fine. But don’t you even assume that you own their respect and gratitude. Because this is as far as it’ll go.

EMILY: Well, I’m at least getting her the Chilton coat. Is she a size six? Are they 6’s or 7’s?

LORELAI: Mom, please.

EMILY: This is a simple question, Lorelai.

LORELAI: She’s a six, but I’d get an eight in case she grows.

Dinah: My girls are all a size 12. They fill out alot as they’re growing girls. But I’d likely get or consider them a size 14 or size 18. In case if they happen to grow a bit more than what they are already doing still.

EMILY: If she grows, I’ll buy another.

LORELAI: Okay, well then, a six is great. I gotta go, Mom. Bye.

After the call…

A Minute later…

Living Room…

Dinah Rhapsody
Dinah Rhapsody

Dinah: I swear… Lord be lovin’ her. But… Lorelai, Your mother is starting to get on my last last nerve and that is not a safe place to be. I don’t want to get vicious on her. But she’s starting to push it.

Lorelai: She’s quite good at doing that. It’s what she does. She does that so well and she doesn’t even break a sweat.

Dinah: She needs to learn to back off from our lives. If we wanted for her to just pry into our lives like she paid for a viewing… We’d just sit back and take it. But she comes in and does it. Wanting to win over the good graces.

Lorelai: That’s not gonna happen. When it comes to my mother… Nothing comes without a price to pay.

Dinah: *Looking at the time* We better get ourselves to work. We should get on to work. How much you want to bet that Michel is pitching a grade “A” hissy?

Lorelai: You kidding? Seeing him look overworked is one of the few things i look forward to today. Anything to get me to stop stressing over my mother’s constant meddling.

Dinah: You do enjoy torturing the poor guy, don’t you?

Lorelai: Ohhh! He loves it. He just needs to show it more often is all.

Dinah: *Laughing* Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Okay… okay. I get the idea. I get the idea.

At Metropolis High school…

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Sora: *Walking off with Carly* Where are they?

Carly: I don’t know.

Tara: Where are you guys going?

Sora: We’re gonna go and find the two who are trying to start something?

Justin: *Getting in front of Sora and Carly* No… Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Fighting isn’t gonna solve anything.

Sora: Well… We’ve got to do something. They’re being lied to by their own father who is our Ex-father.

Justin: Maybe so. But going off looking for a fight is exactly what they may be expecting. You’ll be playing right in to their hands.


(To those who have followed the tale… Be on track and decipher between Gilmore Girls/Rhapsody New Generation next Dilemma/Diaper girl epidemic and PR: Turbo. “Shift into Turbo)

Zoey: We should be in class. However… we’re not. I think that since the end of the Mob Era of Dorian Tyrell… Things have been struggling to get itself back to a normal and common functioning stature.

Hallie: That’s nothing. You should worry about what it had done to Leslie for a while during the ending days of the Mob. Didn’t she happen to struggle a bit due to it?

Zoey: Yeah. But she paid for it. She made amends with everyone. Even me. Although… at first… I was being really unfair to her.

Michelangelo: You were. But you wised up.

Nicole: That is one thing. However… Ellie and I are till remembering that time when we were taken to this place called the Watchtower Command center.

Justin: Command center? *Pauses and on alert* Why would you guys be going to the Command center? Zordon has no recollection with you guys.

Macie: Zordon? What are you talking about? Justin… No one here knows of any Zordon.

Zoey: Yeah… We may know of a Tess Mercer, Genevieve Teague and Chloe Sullivan. But not a Zordon.

Michelangelo: *Thinking* What do you mean that you know of this Zordon? Are you talking Power Rangers?

Justin: I can’t say anymore than that… It’s not something that should be said. All i know is that… *Looking at Sora and Carly* Violence is not the answer. All it brings is more violence and it will solve nothing.

Sora: What do we do then? Just let them try to spread some lie that Carly and I were the reason that our Ex-father and our mother got divorced?

Carly: If they even think about pinning us as the cause… It will be their worst mistake.


A couple girls walked over from up ahead… Class was just getting out and about to be the next period. However the two girls noticed them and walked on over to see what was going on?

Mackenzie Kole
Mackenzie Kole

???: Hey there.

Beverly Lawson
Beverly Lawson

???: What’re you guys doing out here standing in the hallway? The next Period class is gonna begin soon.

Zoey: Tell us something we don’t know.

Tara: What’s up with you two?

May: You two here to hang?

???: Not really. We girls don’t exactly belong.

???: Yeah. We’re usually by ourselves.

Hallie: You two’re what… Outcasts?

???: Yeah. Sadly. Not many people really accept us.

Michelangelo: I know that feeling. Been there for a time myself. That was around last year though. The beginning of last school year and the school year before that. I didn’t have any friends to socialize amongst. I was seen as the resident Geek. A nerd that didn’t have any common bond with the social crowds.

Zoey: Kinda like me. 5th grade Elementary. I was deemed as a freak. I felt as though i would never belong. I felt as if i were like an outcast. It took my cousins Blossom, Sora and Carly. It took the three of them to get me to cheer up and not just give up.

Nicole: Don’t worry. You’re with us. What’s your name?

???: I’m Mackenzie Kole.

???: I’m Beverly Lawson.

Zoey: Nice names. Nice to meet you girls.

Hallie: Yeah. Wanna hang with us?

Mackenzie: Sure.

Beverly: Yeah.

Ellie: After class… Let’s get back together and go to lunch together.

Tara: That’s an idea. And before i go to class… I have to take care of May. Changing her… “You know what.”

Michelangelo: That… was so not something we would enjoyed knowing. But… be that as it may… Just be careful. Don’t get caught.

However before they could part…

“He wants to dream like a young man
With the wisdom of an old man
He wants his home and security
He wants to live like a sailor at sea

Beautiful loser
Where you gonna fall?
When you realize
You just can’t have it all

He’s your oldest and your best friend
If you need him, he’ll be there again
He’s always willing to be second-best
A perfect lodger, a perfect guest

Beautiful loser
Read it on the wall
And realize
You just can’t have it all
You just can’t have it all

You just can’t have it all
Ohh, ohh, can’t have it all
You can try, you can try, but you can’t have it all
Oh yeah

He’ll never make any enemies, enemies, no
He won’t complain if he’s caught in a freeze
He’ll always ask, he’ll always say please

Beautiful loser
Never take it all
‘Cause it’s easier
And faster when you fall

You just don’t need it all
You just don’t need it all
You just don’t need it all
Just don’t need it all”


???: *Walking down the hall and coming towards the girls* Hey there. What’s up?

Zoey: Not much… Just heading to class now.

Tara: *Looking to see a new face coming over* Hey there. Where did you come from?

???: From the the front entrance. I am a bit late getting here as i unfortunately overslept and my benefactorEarl Braden. He’s a Publisher for new uprising Authors. He however never uses the Apartment that is above and yet has it all decorated and done up. Suitable for living purposes. He lets me have it. I work for it though… Like doing some odd jobs from time to time. I earn about 200 a month with all the odd jobs that i do for him.

Nicole: *Looking at the new boy* You new to the school?

Johnny: Yeah. sure am. I am Emancipated. Came from Long beach, California.

Ellie: Why all the way from there? That’s a long distance… considering.

Zoey: A further distance than Palm Desert, California.

Tara: You could say that again…

As soon as they happened to split from one another for the time being, Tara went with her daughter May and had May lay down so she could change her. As for the others… they were already on the fast track to class and all made it to their individual classes. Sora and Carly were foretold to land themselves a boyfriend. Justin for Sora and Johnny for Carly.

At Zeke’s Marmalade cornerstone Pub…

Zeke: *Looking at the papers and reading the log book* Meredith… I don’t know what your skills are here and i don’t think that i would want to know. Not in the way i’ve been seeing. I have a daughter… Zoey who lately has given a little trouble due to the idea that she wants to be a troubadour and i am putting my foot down on it. I don’t squash her idea and dreams. If it’s something she wants to do… fine. I am all for it. But wait for a couple years. Till she knows that it’s what she wants. As it is now… she going around and doing it… It’ll make her a shoulda woulda coulda. With no diploma, or degree. Nothing. She’ll have nothing to show for it. I don’t want that for her. I want her to follow her dreams. But also have the Educational skills to follow as a backbone. So she’ll have something to fall on as an alternative in case the Troubadour gimmick doesn’t happen to pan out. That’s her. You… Meredith. I don’t know where you’re coming from. What your problem is. But what i do know… It’s gonna be nipped in the bud.

Meredith Creed.
Meredith Creed.

Meredith: I don’t know what you’re talking about. All i did was stand my ground and tell off the customer. Hell… Boss. He was getting a little fresh with me. I mean… seriously? I can’t follow for that. I got a Son to take care of and raise. I’m a single mother. I’m all Justin’s got. I can’t be falling for every single guy who happens to just bat their eyes or turn on their charismatic charms.

Zeke: That maybe so. But the next complaint that i get from a customer about your demeanor or performance… It’s done. You’re out. You’re new. You’re obviously well trained and hard working. But do not think that for one moment that i’m gonna just settle for having my customers walking out because of how you act… I won’t settle for that and i won’t tolerate it. I understand that you’re a single parent. It’s hard to make ends meet for yourself and him. But… You shouldn’t take out your frustrations on others. It is not called for and no one deserves it. No one. Now… I am gonna suggest that you take the rest of the day off. Cool off. And decide how you’re gonna overcome this little incident. I will keep watch over your activity for the rest of the week. If it happens again with the customers… You will be fired. I am also gonna watch all the customers as they’re being served. *Calling in Ilsa* Ilsa! can you come in here please?

Seconds later…

Ilsa: *Coming in* Yes, Mein Liege. You summoned for me?

Zeke: Yes. I need to know something and i want the truth. I know you are head of the Waitresses that we have working here. Ilsa… Have you seen anyone being fresh with Meredith? Within the last few hours?

Ilsa: No. I’m afraid i haven’t. But i did have one of the other waitresses come over to me and report that they saw the incident. They saw it and it turns out that there was a customer who happened to be pulling a little act of being fresh with Meredith. She is telling the truth.


Joanne: Hello. *Walking in* Hey Ilsa. You got a package out on the counter addressed to you. Gabe is keeping an eye on it and holding on to it till you get back over to the counters. But… You called me in here. Something wrong?

Ilsa: Yes. Joanne, You saw what happened only an hour ago… With one of the Customers that came in. Did Meredith instigate the altercation… or was it the Customer?

Joanne: I don’t know… I heard it… but didn’t see what happened. But out of the dialect that came from the customer and Meredith. The Customer was coming off as if it was an Ex-love interest to her or something. Some of the things that were being said… were rather vulgar and raunchy. Meredith told him off. But i happened to hear the sound of someone being hit. Smacked. I don’t know who smacked who… But i heard someone cry out “Ow!”. I turned to see and saw the customer with the hand raised. But also with one hand rubbing the side of his face. But Saw Meredith rubbing her face and sobbing a little. Don’t know who started it. But Meredith was the one that finished it. The Customer started it. Whatever happened between Meredith and the Customer… Meredith was pretentiously standing up for herself and that was the right thing.

Zeke: Hmm… Okay. Then that explains it and puts some light on the mishap. Meredith… Take the week off. Get some R&R and recover from the mishap. Ilsa will cover your rounds for the week and watch for anything following what occurred today a moment ago.

Meredith: What about my son Justin? I need money to help ensure i can provide for him. I’m all he’s got left as his father is gone. I am a single mother and what i make is not enough to see that he is provided for.

Zeke: It’s okay. You’ll be compensated for the time away. Heinz or Gabe will bring along some contraband and food for the week later on in the day. It’s gonna be fine. As for the Customer… We’ll handle it. Next time he appears. We’ll take care of it. This incident won’t happen again.

Sounds as if there was an incident that sprung a leak in the Pub. But it got neutralized and is in process of being taken cared of. Hope that a peaceful solution is made. What about the Rhapsody Trio? Leslie, Blossom, Betty and Rory? What about them at Chilton? Will they be able to hold out and stand in steady at Chilton? Find out what’s next in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…


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