Chapter 263: Back in Metropolis… Scorned and questioned for the apparel worn to Chilton by the locals. Lorelai to Dinah: “This just is not our day.”


Back in Metropolis…

Lorelai walks into Luke’s Diner and sits down at the counter. Dinah Sat along with her and sighed. She and Lorelai both knew that they were gonna be looked at funny once word came out that they took their daughters to Chilton on their first day… Looking like they were up all night… playing quarters. (No Pun intended)

LORELAI: *sighs* I already had the longest day of my life and, oh, look, it’s only ten. How nice.

Dinah: *Groans* Ugh! Don’t remind me. I just want to make like it didn’t happen. Seeing your mother there was like seeing a wild cougar moving in rhythm as it’s victim moves and biding its time before moving in for the kill. I can’t believe that she’s got this knack for putting the vicegrip of accusing you of betraying your family socialite status. *Sighs*

Lorelai: That’s my mother, Dinah. She’s like that and i do think that i seemed to have warned you. However… you were sure that she wasn’t bound to be all that bad.

Dinah: Lorelai, Don’t go there. Okay? I already told you that i can handle it. I am not gonna lie to you. She’s a pain in the ass. But i can handle it. Lorelai, You need to get it through that mind of yours. I have your back. I am willing to go to the mat for you… As far as it’ll go and even further than that.

LUKE: There’s no coffee.

LORELAI: That’s not funny.

LUKE: I can give you herbal tea.

LORELAI: This is not an herbal tea morning. This is a coffee morning.

Dinah: Luke, Please don’t screw with her mind. It’s been a rather stressing morning for her and me. We’re stressed out enough and we’ve been tested by someone we wish that we didn’t have to deal with.

LUKE: Every morning for you is a coffee morning.

Dinah: So? She is entitled to coffee. She’s overdue for a recharge and the day that she’s having so far… You would not want to know. Because what she’s going through… I am going through bits of it myself. Making it double the headache and pain.

Luke: Rough start?

Dinah: That’s putting it mildly and light. But yeah.

LORELAI: This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an IV.

Dinah: Make that two. Double the caffeine and go go power.

LUKE: I can give you tea and a Balance bar.

LORELAI: Please, please, please tell me you’re kidding.

LUKE: I’m kidding. *goes to retrieve the coffee pot*.

LORELAI: You’re sick.

LUKE: Yup.

LORELAI: You’re a sadist, you’re a fiend!

Dinah: Does he always joke around with that?

Lorelai: *Nods*

Luke walks back over with the coffee pot…

LORELAI: You’re pretty.

LUKE: For here or to go?

LORELAI: To go, please.

LUKE: You wanna know what this stuff does to your central nervous system?

Dinah: Is that a trick question buried somewhere within a direct curious question? Because… That there was not funny.

LORELAI: Ooh, do you have a chart? ‘Cause I love charts.

Dinah: Is there a chart? Bring us a chart. I’d love to see how coffee harms the central nervous system as i’ve drank it for years and it’s done no damage to me yet.

LUKE: Forget it, kill yourself. So what happened this morning that was so awful?

LORELAI: Rory started Chilton.

Dinah: As did my girls. But to our surprise… they weren’t the only ones. There was also my Niece Blossom, Her girlfriend Leslie and Leslie’s past best friend… Betty. They too were there.

LUKE: Really?

LORELAI: Yeah. *Noticing Luke looking at her strangely* What?

LUKE: That’s how you dress to take Rory to Chilton? How you take your daughters to school?

LORELAI: No, but –

Dinah: Actually… I’ve been thinking the same thing. I was pondering that same question and looking for an answer. But the answer to that is quite clear. No. I don’t take my kids to school looking like this. It isn’t something i’d do.

LUKE: I mean, that’s a fancy school.

LORELAI: My clothes were at the cleaners, and I had the fuzzy clock and it didn’t purr on time.

Dinah: Same. I got myself a fancy clock. It was fuzzy too. It didn’t purr or meow on time.

LUKE: It didn’t purr?

LORELAI: It’s fuzzy. It purrs. You know what, never mind. I gotta go. I had a plan, damn it.

Dinah: Same here. I mean… for god’s sake.

LUKE: Me, too. Next time you’re getting tea.

Dinah: Not likely.

Lorelai leaves with Dinah following right beside…


Walking Through town…

Miss Patty is standing at the doorway of her dance studio. Inside, several little girls are twirling batons…

MISS PATTY: Visualize, ladies. It’s a Thanksgiving Day parade. You’re standing on Fifth Avenue. There’s a hundred beautiful boys marching in place behind you. And there you are. You are out in front with your fabulous legs and your perfect tush. Your baton is on fire and the crowd goes nuts! Okay, cookie time. *seeing Lorelai walking by* Lorelai, hi.

LORELAI: Hey, Patty.

MISS PATTY: Isn’t today Rory’s first day at Chilton?

LORELAI: Oh, yeah, she’s there right now. I just got through dropping her off. As well as Dinah dropping off her daughters. Her 3 girls are also there.

MISS PATTY: Is that what you wore? *Looking at Dinah* Hello there. Haven’t seen you around before. You Lorelai’s friend?

Dinah: You betcha. *Introducing herself* Dinah Rhapsody. I’m the head coach of the Metropolis Bulldogs at Bulldog stadium at the Metropolis University.

Miss Patty: Oh… So you’re the one who’s leading the University off to victory?

Dinah: That’s me.

Miss Patty: Been hearing about that. You’re considered to be the saving grace. Since you came into their pretty universe… They haven’t lost a game much. Hardly a loss in the lineup.

Dinah: Thank you. However… I am not all that good. Sometimes it’s a touch and go. Besides i have to conform to the rules of the school. If there is a player who happens to fail their classes or is behind and or is having to re-take a test. I have to deal with the possibility of having that player benched. I can’t go against the ruling of the school’s professors.

Miss Patty: No one should go against the rules. You’re fair. But still good. That team is indeed very fortunate and blessed to have you leading them to victory.

Dinah: Oh…Thank you…But i am just making a living. My kids are in Chilton. My oldest ones are in Met U. All is just right with the world.

Miss Patty: Your kids are there too?

Dinah: Yeah.

Miss Patty: And your 3 girls who are in high school… They’re in Chilton? You took them to Chilton?

Dinah: That’s right. I did.

Miss Patty: And you went there… wearing that? *Referring to the apparel that was on Dinah* That place is a well respected school. For one who is leading a college team to victory and bringing in the win… You should know better.

LORELAI: Oh, look at the time. See ya, Patty.

Dinah: *Chuckles* And we’re off to a very humiliating day continuing on the slow and embarrassing start which was wrong and unorganized… against our wishes and intent.

Lorelai: It’s what brings us to say… This is just not our day.

Dinah: I so agree. *Looking back at Patty* It’s been a treat to meet you. Hope to do it again sometime.


Lorelai gets in her Jeep. Miss Patty walks back into the studio. Dinah was carpooling with Lorelai. She got into the Jeep and went with Lorelai to their next stop…

MISS PATTY: Oh, ladies, what do I see? Naked girls. No, no, keep those leotards on. This is not Brazil.

At Metropolis High…

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Zoey: *Sighs; Walking down the hall* I can’t believe that Blossom is gone. She is at Chilton now.

Sora: So is Leslie. They’re off to bigger and better things.

Carly: They’ll most likely forget all about us.

Sora: No. Carly. They won’t forget us at all. We’re close. Really close. There isn’t any way that they’d just forget us.

Tara: *Thinking* That’s nothing to worry about. however i’ve heard that Blossom got into Chilton because of someone paying for her way. It isn’t someone that we know about. More on it being someone that we don’t.

Michelangelo: Why do you say that? You thinking it’s something else…

Hallie: What do you think it is?

Tara: I did some digging and had the local cowgirl we know… Erica Harper… search around for some Intel. What she found was something that shouldn’t be in easy reach as it was a Sealed record. She got this from Rita Massey. and she asked a favor of the sister to the 3 who’re Attending Chilton. To look into it quick and relay back. She did… And provided a name that i don’t think you’re gonna like.

Macie: Why’s that?

Zoey: What’s up?

Tara: Do you happen to know of someone named… Amanda Waller?

Michelangelo: *Pauses; a bit lost* Who? What are you saying? Who’s Amanda Waller?

May: Mom, I think that you’re gonna need to tell them all of what was found.

Sora: *Scoffs* Well someone better… What the heck is this about some woman named Amanda Waller? Who is she?

Tara: Do any of you have the complete series of the Show: “Smallville”?

Sora: Carly and I do.

Michelangelo: I do. However… I also have the Entire serious of Kanon, Final Fantasy, Angelic Layer, Full Metal Panic, Trigun, Inuyasha, Tenchi Muyo, Azumanga Daioh, Fooly Cooly and Card Captors. *Seeing the strange expressions upon everyone’s face* What?! So i’m Anime obsessed. What did you expect? I’ve been into it for a while.

Zoey: I do. But everytime i watch it… it makes me think of my Ex-mother. Because it was something that she and I would watch from time to time. Every so often as it was like something she and I’d done together.

Hallie: …

Tara: Well if you were to watch season nine and watch episode 17. “Checkmate” You’d see a woman… Like this:

Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller.

Tara: *Con’t* Amanda Waller. She’s known as the head of a shady Government agency known as Checkmate. She goes by the code name: “The White Queen” Or “The Wall”. The only thing is though… she happens to intimidate her agents into obedience and devotion. her whole thing was to go after all members of the Super powered persuasion in a cause that she referred to as something to help end this intergalactic war Quickly and decisively.

Nicole: *Walking over with Ellie and Lana* What’s the deal with Blossom and Leslie?

Zoey: Oh… Well hello to you girls too. A simple hello would have morally sufficed.

Tara: More than fair as well.

Ellie: Don’t give us that. We have been looking all over for them this morning and haven’t been able to find them anywhere.

Michelangelo: Girls… *Clearing his throat* Ahem… Uh, You 3 might want to cool it. They wouldn’t be here… on count of the fact that they’re at Chilton Preparatory school. As well as Betty Andrews, Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody… And Rory Gilmore.

Lana: *Pauses* Say what?! They’re where?

Zoey: Chilton.

Nicole: You’re bullshitting us. They’re not in Chilton. Why would they be there? Of course… We’d believe that Leslie would be there. But… Blossom?! Why? How? Didn’t she keep saying that her family didn’t exactly have the excess amounts of money to send her there?

Tara: Yeah. She did.

Ellie: Then… Why is it that she’s there?

Lana: Is she there on scholarship or something?

Michelangelo: No. She isn’t. Someone paid her way in. Someone that might be an old nemesis of her family. Amanda Waller.

Nicole: Amanda Waller?

Zoey: Yeah. Shocking enough to know about that… isn’t it?

May: I think that someone should warn about this Amanda Waller woman. She sounds like trouble.

Sora: We thought that she’d died. At least that’s what the records kept showing. Our Ex-father Alvin even told us that the lady was dead.

Carly: As far as we know… he still blames us for the dilemma that happened between our mom and him. He accuses us of the hell he went through. But he was the one that was sneaking around and exposed as one who was having the affair. He just can’t take it that he was busted. That’s all it was.

Zoey: That’s nothing as my Ex-Mother is probably thinking on calling me a Slut. Pointing the slut fingers at me and saying that i was acting like the skank. But it’s her. She was the one acting the fool. Doing that X-rated stuff. So she could think or try on saying what she will. But enough people here already know the truth and know what she really is. So… It won’t do her any damn use to tag me as a dirty fool.

As they were talking…

???: *Walking over towards the group after overhearing some of the things being said among them* Hey there. You guys okay?

Zoey: *Turning to see a fellow classmate walking by* What?! Uh… Oh yeah. We’re okay. Just talking over some things. Coping with the fact that a few of our crew are in a different school now.

???: Really? Who?

Tara: Blossom, Leslie Burke, Betty Andrews. The Rhapsody Trio. Rory Gilmore.

???: Rory Gilmore?!

Tara: Yeah. Why… You heard of her?

???: heard of her? I have seen her around. Seen her walking around every now and then through the hall. She would always been walking beside another girl.

Michelangelo: That’d be Lane Kim. The Korean girl. Rory and Lane are indeed like two peas in a pod.

???: So i’ve noticed. but… What is up with you guys? Getting along with the fact that some of the group are in a different school than here. Where would they be?

Zoey: Chilton.

???: Chilton?

Zoey: Yeah. Chilton. Chilton Preparatory school.

???: Not a bad school.

Tara: Never was. However… it’s known as a really high… highly competitively academic school. Our only hope is that Leslie and Blossom can handle it. As well as the trio.

???: They will. If they’re as strong as you happened to make them out to be… they will be.

Sora: *Looking at the young teen* Who’re you?

???: Justin. Justin Creed. I’m known as a Whiz-kid. You must be Sora and the one next to you has to be Carly.

Carly: You got it. But… How did you know?

Justin: I’ve overheard some fellow teens walking around and mention about you guys. Some of them couldn’t figure you guys out. Said something about you two having a Father who cheated on the mother. Then breaking away from the family and yet holding you two responsible for the divorce that came between them.

Sora: Our Ex-Father is still trying to hold us responsible for what he done. He is just refusing to take the blame for the thing he had done. *Grunting and scoffs* He’s the one that cheated on our mother. Not her on him. He cheated. We just found the smoking guns and the evidence on it. Exposing his secret. We were not the ones who broke him up from our mom. He did that all by himself.

Carly: Yeah.

Justin: Tell that to Danny and Winifred Kramer. They have a new father. It’s your Ex-father. They’re going around with the idea that you two were the ones who started the trouble.

Sora: Let them say what the heck they want. We know the truth. Everyone does. So… it won’t matter what they tend to get others to believe. The truth still stands.

Zoey: We agree.


Tara: *Noticing Justin becoming infatuated by the sight of Sora and Carly* Hmmm…

Justin: *feeling Fuzzy*

Sora: *Looking at Justin* Uh… Are you okay?

Carly: You feeling alright, Justin?

Justin: I think so. *Suddenly out of impulsive behavior; Walking over to Sora and Carly* …

Seconds later…

Justin: *Kissing Sora and Carly on the lips* I uh… have a bit of a crush on you.

Sora: Awww!

May: That’s really romantic.

Zoey: I agree. Sora and Carly have a love interest now. Although the thing is now… Only one can marry him in the future. Years from now.

Tara: We’ll find someone for the other when time comes.

Metropolis University…

Seismology 102- Quake Analogy and understanding.

Walt Strauss. Seismology Legend and Head of the Seismology dept of the USGS Metropolis Chapter. Seismic Trustee for Cal-tech's Metropolis Chapter.
Walt Strauss. Seismology Legend and Head of the Seismology dept of the USGS Metropolis Chapter. Seismic Trustee for Cal-tech’s Metropolis Chapter.

Walt: *Lecturing the class* Now, Class. To understand Earthquakes. You got to understand the Earth itself and the life force of the Tectonic plates. Yes… The Plates that happen to be the Outer shell of the Planet and the very thing that covers the hot hot liquid… That Source of creating land since the beginning of time itself. Magma. Quakes are most common upon the ring of fire as it’s the spine… The point of where the plates conjoin and connect. Through the passing of time… Fault lines get made. Fractures in the Earth’s crust. Earthquakes do happen from time to time as the plates do happen to move and when they do… You can believe that the earth performs a show and stirs up a shaker. Which brings out the shake rattle and roll sensation. Some quakes happen to be no more than the equivalent of providing that Roller coaster sensation. But some can be huge and yes… destructive. Anything ranging from a 6.5 and higher… Damage will be seen and will be likely. Very likely. Some Quakes… are specified as deadly. Understanding quakes are important as they help shape our mountains… hills that you see throughout the country. Or all over the globe. They’re responsible for the lakes. The cresting waterfalls. The steep mountain abnormalities. The Valleys. The cracks and the fractures that you will see from time to time. Showing you that… The Earth is on the move. The ground is on the move and that the fault lines are indeed in action. Moving about a (cm) a day. Sometimes only half a (cm). But it’s constantly on the move. Always.

The professor then puts up the overhead and points out some slides…


Walt: the Sendai quake in Japan was considered… …one of the five strongest since 1900. That would be 145 years ago. It was so powerful, in fact… …that it moved the main island of Japan eight feet. This is however just one of the 1.3 million earthquakes… …that occur around the globe each year. When you stop to take time to count them all… They’d overlap your fingers and toes so many times over that you’d lose count before you would get through counting half of the amount. That’s… Alot of earthquakes. And that’s definitive proof that the earth is alive and the ground moves. The largest ever recorded here in North America: It’s here… *Going to the next slide* Anchorage, Alaska, 1964. It was a peaceful bustling town when A 9.1. Earthquake struck and turned that peaceful town into a frenzy and razed a state of panic. The earth shook for five straight minutes. The energy released from the forceful shaker was the equivalent of 10 million atom bombs… …the size of the one dropped on Hiroshima.  And that’s not the biggest earthquake ever recorded. No, the biggest was thirty-five years earlier off the coast of Valdivia in Southern Chile. A 9.5 on the Richter scale. *Pointing to the spot on the next Slide* Right there. Bam. This quake lasted a whole 11 minutes and spawned in its wake… a tsunami amassing the size of 82 feet high… 82 feet! …that leveled Hilo, Hawaii 8000 miles away. 8000 miles away. which begs reason to believe without a solemn doubt that it had to have been a catastrophic size whammy. With enough force to cause for there to be a Tsunami of 82 feet high. And the given power to travel to an island that was 8000 feet away from the epicenter of the quake. On the other side of the Horizon. So, um… It’s mass destruction like this… …that shows just how important the research that we’re doing here is… …because we need to be able to predict these things. Right? To plan and prepare for them. Give the people a fighting chance at getting to safety while there’s time.  Yes, ma’am.

Brenda Rhapsody
Brenda Rhapsody

Brenda: Professor, do you think something that intense could happen here?

Walt: Well, the San Andreas fault runs right up the spine of California. It’s the demarcation line between two tectonic plates that are constantly moving. And add to that the fact that
it’s supposed to happen every 150 years… …and not to veer from the point of the topic that California is about 135 years overdue… …I’d say that… in honest opinion… it’s not a matter of if… …it’s a matter of when.

After class…

Paul Rhapsody
Paul Rhapsody

Paul: *Walking up over to the Professor* Hey… Mind if a couple minutes are had?

Walt: *Packing his carry bag before heading off to the USGS* Something puzzling you, Mr. Rhapsody? What’s on your processing mind?

Paul: Yeah. Something you said about the one quake… The San Andreas was it?

Walt: Yeah. Why?

Paul: I was kinda curious about the part where you said that the west coast was overdue for a massive Earthquake? Is that… True?

Walt: Unfortunately… sadly… yes. As it is… The fault line has not been showing much signs of breaking and moving. However through the passing of time. That fault… It’s been reported to move almost a centimeter a year. The Fault line moves very slowly and pushes against the North American plate. Stacking upon one another. It’s evidence that something’s going on which in Parkfield California… a fracturing line that goes right through it. Each year… as the fault line moves ahead by a cm… it shows. Plus… with each quake that strikes upon the other faults that shoot off from it. Or from other parts of the state and at points which tend to be about maybe a few miles… from the fault line… It tends to put pressure on the fault line. With all that pressure… It’s bound to pop off. You see… Earthquakes are with signs that they have occurred by looking at the side of the rocks on the hills… While excavating in dig sites. The different surfaces of the dirt and rocks. They are sure sources of signifying of there being evidence of a quake strike within that particular area. When it hit. How strong the quake. and the most important detail and data to collect during field work at dig sites looking for evidence of there being a Quake…or Seismic event: “Is another one imminent to hit and When. If so… How big will it get?”

With that… Paul nodded and saw that he remembered what was said and took note. As for the Rhapsody/Gilmore/Burke Dilemma… Things were gonna get more meddlesome as more was destined to come from the Elder Gilmore. What was next for them? Would it test the patience of Dinah? And of Lorelai most of all? What about Rory, The Rhapsody Trio, Leslie, Blossom and Betty? Would they soon encounter their first school over-achiever? Find out in the next Chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! as the Saga continues…

(The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Brought for you reading pleasure… By…

“Budweiser Beer… made and done right since 1876. Budweiser Beer… This Bud’s for you…”

“Come find just what you need for your home.”


In the Upcoming chapter…

Johnny: *Walking by* Hey. What’s up? Name’s Johnny Barlow.


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