Chapter 262: The Personal straight interview between Headmaster, Gilmore and The Rhapsody Trio. “Chilton has one of the highest academic standards of any school in America. You may have been the smartest girls at Metropolis High. but this is a different place. The pressures are greater, the rules are stricter, and the expectations are higher.”



The headmaster and Rory are sitting in his office. He is looking through her transcript folder. Also looking at Betty’s Transcript folder, Along with the transcript folders of the Rhapsody Trio’s, Leslie’s and Blossom’s…

HEADMASTER: You’re obviously a bright girl, Miss. Gilmore. As well as you Rhapsody gals. Miss Andrews, Miss Burke.

RORY: Thank you.

Janie: We thank you kindly. But we’re no different than you. Just casual people looking for a way to a better education.

Charlene: You’ll notice that a couple of us… have secrets that were not put in the transcript as it was meant to be kept secret in order to protect those we care about and ourselves in case of… “Danger”.

Leslie: Charlene, I don’t think that we are to tell the headmaster of our involvement in the Super powered persuasion. He doesn’t want to learn of that.

Blossom: Or that i can do this… *Showing a little bit of electricity from her hand* This is not gonna help things along. *stopping the emitting of electricity*

HEADMASTER: Good grades, the teachers like you. Not a lot of social activities, though. *Catching wind of super powers* What was that? Super powers? I don’t think it’s quite appropriate for there to be mention of these super powers… whatever they happen to be.

RORY: Oh, well, just living in Metropolis is kind of a social activity, actually.

Blossom: I have lived in the city for most of my life and since i was born. It’s a wonderful city. Sure… It’s got its own brand of issues. However… It’s also a city that i wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Janie: We don’t really do social activities to be honest. Although we do hang out at Sid’s Diner or Luke’s. We’ve not long ago were involved in helping build a massive Stadium.

HEADMASTER: Nothing in your school appealed to you?

Blossom: Not really… No. We don’t appeal to it.

Headmaster: Massive Stadium? *Curious* Hmm… *Looking at the community activities* Yes… I see. *To Blossom, Janie, Alex and Charlene* Say’s here that you were involved in the build. Had a hand in building a Stadium that the city called… “The Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium” *Pauses* … *Looking at Leslie* That’s your… Stadium?

Leslie: *Nods*

Headmaster: *To Leslie* Shows here that you were in the Middle school in Brooklyn, New York. But dropped out. Why would a sporting girl like you… drop out?

Leslie: It is something that i would rather not discuss as it’s a painful memory. But i didn’t exactly drop out. I was pressured to leave the school there as my family and I were going through Socialite Hazing and School Hazing. It got to be to the point where i had to break from them for a while… Which would explain the way my start of being in Metropolis began. It was then when i eventually joined the Mob… But that was during my time of self pain as i was lost… Hurting and broken as i was many miles from my parents then and knew that i may have never gotten back with them… However as time passed from there… It all managed to change. It was a hopeful change too.

Blossom: I was Leslie’s first friend in Metropolis. I risked alot… to save her and get her out from the Mob. However… She wound up being the one who got me out from it and then it changed to where we got each other out from the Mob’s Clutches.

Headmaster: *Grins and intrigued* It helped mature you quite a bit and gave you a chance to see the way of the world… during the time where you were on your own for a period of time.

Leslie: I was always Mature. I knew how to fight and live off the land if it came to it. I happened to be resourceful. I would be the one defending my parents. All the time. Some of the times… I would end up battered as i turned out to take on more than what i could handle.

Headmaster: You seem to appear like you can face any obstacle.

Leslie: More or less. Yeah.

Headmaster: *Looking at Rory* …

RORY: I work at my mother’s inn after school sometimes. And I was in the German Club for a while, but there were only three of us, and then two left for the French Club after seeing Schindler’s List, so. . .

Rory then pauses and double takes…

Rory: Huh?! Leslie, You’re the builder of the Stadium?

Leslie: Yeah. I am.

Rory: Oh my god… How were you able to build a massive stadium?

Leslie: A lot of money… And a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears. It started with the planning… And it was brought into mind… on Nov. 6th of last year…

Leslie flashes back…

“Metropolis Middle School…


Leslie: *Walking alongside Blossom* You think that the City’ll get back together again?

Blossom Rhapsody 9

Blossom: Who knows. Leslie, the city is still trying to bring itself up from the aftermath of the Mob. They didn’t necessarily do deep damage on the city. However with the damages still done inside the Nightclub… Plus the Bank… It’s gonna be some time.

Leslie: I was kinda thinking that maybe something can be given back to the City. Something for Entertainment or something.

Blossom: Like what?!

Leslie: Hmm… Not sure. Didn’t you hint at the fact that you were once inside a Video game for a while and endured some sport like…

Blossom: Blitzball.

Leslie: Yeah. That’s it. That’s what it was . You said that they had this big Blitzball Field. A Huge Stadium.

Blossom: *Pauses* Whoa! You want to build up a Blitzball Stadium? Uh… Leslie… That is monumentally impossible. How will you be able to do something like that? We don’t know anyone that has the type of power to help with building something like that.

Leslie: It’s worth a shot. Plus… i can’t just sit and not do anything to show my proof that i am sorry for the things that were done by me. I mean… I still feel like hell because of it. I was in the Mob for a time and let’s just leave it at the fact that i don’t want to ever relive or remember that time in my life. Other than the part where i met and made a wonderful friend. Then soon after… 2 more friends. Like You. Sora and Carly. I also got finally accepted by your cousins. Those are the only things i want to recall.

Blossom: I know. It’s okay. We’ll get there. I however i like the idea that you wish to build something huge. I’m just concerned about how it’ll be done.”

Rory: Was it all just you guys?

Leslie: No. There were others involved. Zoey. You’ve met her. Sora and Carly. The Rusoe sisters. They had a hand in it as did Hikaru. Sakura even had a hand in it somewhere. There was Tara Marco. Ginger and Frenchy Marco also. The Older fighters. They were all involved in it. We had Fundraisers for it. A Fundraiser Concert which was done up by a Swedish or Norwegian Pop Artist. Amy Diamond. She held it and it accumulated a bit of funds which gave a huge hand in the build. We had alot of help. But it was all well worth it.

HEADMASTER: What are your aspirations? *To Blossom, Leslie, Betty and the trio* What do you see yourselves doing?

RORY: I want to go to Harvard and study Journalism and Political Science.

(This is where it will get a little tough to keep track- So word to the wise on any reader… {Pay close tight attention to the rest of the interview})

Leslie: I want to go to Harvard… I want to go to Harvard and Possibly study Criminal Justice. Because i happen to realize that my greatest quality is to defend others. I kept with protecting my parents when people were trying to come at them and tear at them in Brooklyn. Had to. Because it was either that or see my parents get in worse scrapes than what they and I happened to face back in Brooklyn. I happen to believe a little thing called Justice. So that’s what i’d like to do.

Blossom: I want to go off to Harvard. To study into becoming a Seismologist. Like my dad. I have the ability to emit Electricity which is a super powered persuasion commodity. But i think that being someone who studies earthquakes… can be truly wholesome. To study the movement of the Earth and warn people of the probability of there being an Earthquake coming. Give people warning so they could prepare in time and get the heck outta dodge and get to safety while there is a chance.

Betty: Harvard. I wish to study towards being a Medical correspondent. Maybe a Detective Writer. Telling the untold tales of detectives. I happen to have a few rough drafts of possible entries on my laptop if you’d sire to glance upon them.

Headmaster: Passionate. That’s a very wise characteristic to have in order to withstand and survive Chilton.

Janie: Alex, Charlene and I seek to go to Harvard. We seek to study on becoming Musicians. Musicians and Sworn Teachers of wisdom. Philosophy. There aren’t enough people out there who favors the mind among the Philosophical mind.

Charlene: That’s a nice touch. Is that something you’ve come up with, Janie? Or is it just the sentiments that seeks to only butter the headmaster’s good graces a plenty?

Alex: No… I think that she was speaking rhetorically.

Charlene: *Nods and grins at the assumption* Hmm. You could be right. But i wouldn’t see as there lays a smile of amusement on the face of the headmaster. He doesn’t find it out to be amusing in the least.

Blossom: This place is serious. Wanna clown along? Join a Circus.

Alex: Touchy. *Cringing* Not the most favored response.

Seconds later…

HEADMASTER: *To Rory* On your way to being. . .

RORY: Christiane Amanpour.


RORY: Yes.

HEADMASTER: Not Cokie Roberts?


HEADMASTER: Not Oprah, Rosie, or one of the women from The View?

Leslie: The View? My father watches that sometimes. I happen to catch him or walk in on him and he’d be watching it sometimes. Ever since they started having hosts on there like Whoopi. Or Rosie O’Donnell. My mom to this day still can’t figure out why he’d enjoy watching that Talk show.

RORY: *Answering* No.

HEADMASTER: Why do you wish to be Christiane Amanpour?

RORY: Well, I don’t wish to be her, exactly. I just want to do what she does.


RORY: Travel, uh, see the world up close, report on what’s really going on, be apart of something big.

HEADMASTER: And to be part of something big you have to be on TV? Why not lead the police on a high-speed chase? That’s a quicker way to achieve this goal. *To Blossom* And to be a seismologist… One of the things that they’ll expect from you is your punctuality and capability to present face time on screen in televised Interviews and Explain to the viewers watching the News about the Earthquake and provide answers to either insight panic or reassurance… a Piece of mind. Are you capable of handling that sort of expected pressure?

Blossom: If it is something that i must do… I’ll handle it however i must.

Leslie: You’ll notice that on my school records there… That i also have no sports clubs or Drama club. None of that on there.

RORY: Being on TV has nothing to do with it. Maybe I’ll be a journalist and write books or articles about what I see. I just want to be sure that I see. . .something. *he glances down at her papers* You’ll notice the debating team’s also missing from my resume.

Headmaster: *To Leslie* No Drama club? I see. You probably figure that why join a Drama club when you could just act out in your sort of Drama and get the same appeal, Right?

Leslie: Yeah. My mom and dad never really pushed me to join clubs as back in Brooklyn… I was not really all that active. Nor popular. The Kids at that school didn’t seem to care for me or like me and i never had friends there. I was the black sheep there at that school. My parents were indeed worried about me and my lack of social skills when that school was concerned. They knew that i was bright and talented… But just seeing that i was not being involved in any social clubs and gatherings at school… They didn’t feel too cheery about that. It was troubling. Metropolis is a better scene as i was able to slowly get more social. Just… without the Actual clubbing.

Betty: I was in the Drama club. While at the school i attended before Metropolis High… which was before here.

Headmaster: *To Betty* Which school was that?

Betty: Palm Desert High. I actually had a 4.1 grade point Average there. Not easily. Had to really work for it. But it was in fact… well worth it. The .1 after the 4 is however a technicality as the highest that one has ever gone to was a 4.0 grade point average… by educational grade average.

Headmaster: True. True…

A second later…

The headmaster removed his glasses and got up before making way over to his desk. He walked over in a solemn tone and was punctual.

HEADMASTER: *To Rory* I’ve known your grandparents for quite some time.

RORY: I know.

As he sits down in his desk Chair…

HEADMASTER: In fact, I was at a party at their house just last week where I had the most delicious lobster puffs I’ve ever eaten. I’m very fond of them.

RORY: That’s nice.

Janie: *Pauses and gasps* Wait. *Looking to Rory* Rory, You… Alex, Charlene and I were at your grandparents place for dinner last week… On Friday Night. They never even made mention of holding a party and that the Headmaster here… was there at that party.

Rory: *Shaking her head gently* Not a word. It could have been all before we arrived at their house. A few days before we showed up at their house..

Leslie: Last friday night. That was the night that i held a girls night at my place. In my room. Sora and Carly weren’t there as they had to stick around their place and spend time with their mom and the new Step-dad who is their mom’s Partner at the Psychic house that their mom works at.

Blossom: So we’ve heard. *Nods*

HEADMASTER: *To all of the girls* None of this, however, will be of any benefit to any you. Chilton has one of the highest academic standards of any school in America. You girls may have been the smartest girls at Metropolis High or Palm Desert High, but this is a different place. The pressures are greater, the rules are stricter, and the expectations are higher. If you make it through, you girls will have received one of the finest educations one can get, and there should be no reason why you should not achieve all your goals. However, since you are starting late and are not used to this highly competitive atmosphere, there is a good chance you will fail. That is fine. Failure is a part of life, but not a part of Chilton. Understand?

RORY: So, you liked the lobster puffs, huh?

Blossom: You must be lucky. Sure wish we could have tried some of that sort of food. That would have been some treat.

Betty: No kidding.

HEADMASTER: Take this to Miss James in the administration office across the hall.

He hands them a folder. It was there that they took it and realized that it was the end of the interview. The girls then left the room…

In the Hallway…

Janie: *Walking over to the Administration office* That was sure a pressure cooker. The guy was nice. Pleasant sounding. But…

Charlene: He’s sure one who puts on alot of pressure. I like that dire warning he gave. “You girls may have been the smartest girls at Metropolis High or Palm Desert High, but this is a different place. The pressures are greater, the rules are stricter, and the expectations are higher. If you make it through, you girls will have received one of the finest educations one can get, and there should be no reason why you should not achieve all your goals. However, since you are starting late and are not used to this highly competitive atmosphere, there is a good chance you will fail. That is fine. Failure is a part of life, but not a part of Chilton.”

Blossom: We can handle it. Leslie and I handled the Mob. The era of Dorian Tyrell. Niko. It was like a dark time for her and I. We got through it and that was the pressure cooker on our part.

Leslie: This is liable to be nothing like that. If we can get through that… It shouldn’t be that hard to get through this.

Rory: I’m determined to do this.

Alex: We’re with you.

Betty: *Looking to see Wakka still residing in the Hall* Wakka’s still here. He must like the feel of this place. Something of this place reaches for him.

Blossom: *Spotting Wakka* Let’s get over to the Administration office. We can deal with him after.

Leslie: Of course…

A few minutes later…


Rory walks up to a woman at the desk and sets down her folder…

Betty, Blossom, Leslie and the Rhapsody Trio walk over and stand beside Rory, Laying down their folders in the same manner.

RORY: Hi, We’re looking for Miss James.


RORY: Lorelai Gilmore. But I go by Rory.

Leslie: Leslie Burke.

Blossom: Blossom Rhapsody.

Betty: Betty Andrews.

Janie: Janie Rhapsody.

Alex: Alex Rhapsody. But sometimes i get called Alexandra. However that is only permitted by my mother and she only calls me by that when i am in trouble or getting lectured.

Charlene: Charlene Rhapsody.

MISS JAMES: Fill this out, please.

Miss James gives Rory and the girls a piece of paper.  She takes their folders and walks it over to another desk.  The student at the desk looks around, then takes the folder and passes it out the window to someone.


The three girls who were on the staircase earlier are sitting in the bushes. They go through Rory’s folder. Which wasn’t the only folder they were to go through. They were also given the folders of the Trio, Betty, Blossom and Leslie to go through and snoop. The girls were Paris Gellar, Madeline and Louise.


PARIS: Shut up.

MADELINE: Hurry, please. Spiders.

PARIS: Lorelai Gilmore.*Reading the names on the other folders* Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody. Leslie T. Burke, Blossom Rhapsody. Betty Andrews.

LOUISE: Nice stripper name. Musical Prodigies and Over-privileged girls.

PARIS: Formerly of Metropolis High School.

LOUISE: Where’s that?

PARIS: Drive South, make a right at the metal bars and follow the Concrete tall buildings. Followed by a horde of houses that scent off the storybook zeal.

LOUISE: Ooh, a Read-a-holic chick.

PARIS: Perfect attendance, 4.0 grade point average. *About The trio, Betty, Blossom and Leslie* Superb attendance. Betty has a 4.1 grade point average. Blossom, a 3.9. Leslie has a 3.9. The Trio have a 3.899 grade point average. Which is a fluke. They must have either bribed or done some secret assignments. Extra credits.

MADELINE: Bugs, dirt, twigs.

PARIS: She’s a Journalism major. The others… Unknown.

LOUISE: That means she’s gonna go out for the school paper.

PARIS: Not necessarily. She’s got like a thousand recommendations in here. The others have by luck… half the amount of recommendations.

LOUISE: Popular with the adults and going out for the school paper. The trio and Blossom are popular with the city and have many allies and friends that adore and cherish the ground the walk on. Betty’s Popular with the rich brigade. Drives and Emancipated. Living upon her own with her own private security guard. Leslie is the Ex-Mob girl people peg as “Rita the Hammer” She’s also the founder of the local Blitzball Stadium that she’d built and had put together. With lots of help from her friends and ones who were close friends with the Rhapsody clan. Informers and allies included. She could be going out for the school paper as well. Not to leave out Blossom’s likeliness to try out for the paper.

PARIS: Would you stop? You don’t know she’s going out for the paper.

MADELINE: Ow, something’s biting me!

PARIS: Quiet down.

MADELINE: I hate nature.

PARIS: She’ll never catch up. She’s a month behind already. They’re just as behind as well.

LOUISE: You can tutor her. Be like a big sister. Even become one to the others as well. They’d benefit from that.

PARIS: You’re funny.

MADELINE: Okay, lizard, goodbye.

PARIS: Why are they letting all these extra people in? They just take up space and screw up the curve. We don’t need any new kids here. Nor do we need these Rhapsody tools either. We have enough to worry about. Not enough space for more people to pop on in.

LOUISE: Too late.

PARIS: Psst. *Handing the folders back through the window*


Miss James is handing some papers to Rory and the girls…

MISS JAMES: Here’s the dining room, the science hall, and the theater. Here’re your locker numbers, here’re your schedules, take this map. Here are the rules of the school and the Chilton Honor Code. Here are the words to the school song, which must be recited upon demand. This can happen any place, any time. If you do it in Latin you get extra credit. Do you have any questions?

RORY: Uh, not at the moment.

Leslie: No. I think that i’m good on that.

Blossom: Same for me. We’ll see on trying to be self sufficient.

MISS JAMES: If you do have questions though, you can make an appointment to see your guidance counselor, Mr. Winters. He handles everything but bulimia and pregnancy. For that, you’ll have to go to the nurse or Coach Rubens. Welcome to Chilton.

Janie: *Smiles* Thank you.

Alex: *Nervous* Thank you.

The Enrollment was made official. They were now a part of Chilton. But now the question remained… Would they encounter the over-zealous and high strung Paris Gellar? Or would they hit it lucky and never cross her path? However… the fact that Dinah and Lorelai came to Chilton looking unpresentable… What was the town gonna say? What would the Inhabitants of Metropolis say? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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