Chapter 261: A little scene between Gilmore, Gilmore and Rhapsody. Dinah to Emily: “Ma’am, Stop the hysterics. Lorelai has a certain way of doing things. Either you respect it… or just refrain from coming near her.”

(Curtis stands up to Emily. Curtis to Emily: “Emily, ice the Snooty tone right now. Lorelai is not to be spoken to in that tone. She’s got rights and you will respect that. If we ever hear another incident like this and hear that you were once again being bossy and controlling to your daughter… who is a grown woman… again. You, Dinah and I are gonna have a problem. Civility be respectfully damned.”)

Main Hall Outside Headmaster Charleston’s Office…

Lorelai and Emily are walking down the hall. Elizabeth, Curtis, Dinah and Shingo were right behind.

EMILY: How do you leave the house looking like that?

LORELAI: It was not planned, believe me.

Shingo: Dinah, I work… at a Limousine Depot. I Own it. Courtesy of Mr. Willard since the legal docs for the property were made official last week. I have to direct and babysit 40 Men. and Also make runs as well as i am also still the private driver to Mrs. Hudson. I don’t have the time to babysit you. Making sure that you are with everything in order. I know that shit happened and you were behind on the organizing. Things were messed up. But for dear heaven’s good name… Seriously… You come to meet the Headmaster. In that? What you are wearing now. Dinah, Are you Mental?

Dinah: No. I’m not Mental. I just didn’t get to the Dry cleaners in time. I over-slept. It happens. It isn’t as though i was shooting for this to happen. *Feeling Embarrassed*

Shingo: Well… It did happen. Good thing that the Headmaster in there… Fosters a sense of reason and Understanding… taking into consideration that sometimes things tend to go wrong. But that embarrassing scene back there… Looking like that. It could have screwed Janie, Alex and Charlene’s first impressions with the Headmaster…

EMILY: *To Lorelai* And on Rory’s first day of school. What kind of an impression did you think you were gonna make? *To Dinah* And granted that the arrangement of where the Loan came from… didn’t have any strings to you. Just to Lorelai as she was born a Gilmore and into the Socialite scene and is expected to act the part whether she wants to or not… You should have had better judgment. Known better than to come… looking like that.

LORELAI: *sighs* What are you doing here, Mother?

EMILY: I told you, I came to put in a good word for Rory.

LORELAI: Well, she didn’t need a good word.

EMILY: I’m not allowed here, is that it?

LORELAI: I didn’t say that.

EMILY: I’m allowed to pay for it, but I can’t actually set foot on the premises. I just want to get the rules straight.

LORELAI: Oh boy.

EMILY: How about the street? Can I drive down the street?

LORELAI: Forget it.

EMILY: Maybe I should just avoid this neighborhood altogether. Though my doctor’s just down the block. Maybe I can get special permission if I’m bleeding from the head.

LORELAI: I’m sorry. I was just surprised to see you here.

EMILY: I just thought it was important for this school to know they had a Gilmore amongst them.

LORELAI: A very good thought.

EMILY: And that some of the Gilmore’s actually own clothing.

LORELAI: And on that note, I have to get to work. I’ll see you later.

EMILY: Dinner, Friday night. No spurs, please.

Lorelai groans and thrusts out her arms in annoyance as she walks to the Jeep…

Curtis: *Reaching his limit* Okay… That’s it. You know what? Dinah… go get Lorelai back over here… We’re gonna settle this. Today. Right here. Right now. The bull stops here.

Minutes later…

Curtis: *Looking at Emily* Mrs. Gilmore… I don’t know what the hell your problem is against Lorelai… Who is your Daughter. And you know what… I don’t even want to hear this bullshit that “Oh… She was this unruly child and left at 16. Shutting us out of her life. Taking that girl away from us.”

Emily: It’s…

Curtis: No. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear it. Emily. I at this point don’t find you to be the least bit civil or decent. You are controlling. Vindictive and Dictating. Lorelai… She’s your daughter and deserves respect. Love and care. Which i guess she didn’t really have around you and… Uh…

Lorelai: My father is Richard.

Curtis: Thank you, Lorelai. *To Emily* I want to know what your problem is… And i don’t want any word twisting or altercation. I want the straight truth and now. Because…

Shingo: Curtis, stop… Let Dinah get in with it a little.

Dinah: *Looking at Emily* Emily, I have heard you batter Lorelai. She has told me a bit of how she was so miserable growing up around you and Richard. You were always controlling her. Making her feel like she was a bastard to the Gilmore name. Making her feel like shit for any choice she made. What she said. It’s heinous and we are all sick of it. I told you at the friday night dinner last friday… That humans make mistakes. It is what they do. You remember… Right, Lorelai? You were there when i said it.

Lorelai: Yeah. I was there. I was morally shocked at the things you were saying. But secretly pleased.

Dinah: I am sure that you were also feeling upset and wanted to partially defend your mother… even while knowing that someone coming down on her about the way she was treating you… was well deserved to her. But Seriously… *To Emily* You… I don’t think anyone said this to you… I really don’t. But you know what…You are a bitch. A bon-a-fide bitch. Lorelai deserves better. Alot better. She of course still loves you and Richard. She always will as it’s only natural. But as for her to admire you and praise you. She doesn’t. You have not done a thing to deserve it. At all.

Emily: Gilmore’s are to act a certain way. No questions. Her father and I had a perfect plan for her. It would have ensured that she would have all she ever needed. We had everything all set and worked out. But no matter what it was… It was never enough. Never enough for her. She threw it all away when she got up and just left us as soon as she hit 16. She got Pregnant and had the kid. And it turned out to be the one that is with the Headmaster right now. Adorable and sophisticated. But the part that really felt like a real slap in the face and a stab in the back… was that she took the child from us. Separated us from the child’s life. Blocked us out like we didn’t even exist to her.

Curtis: Well… from how you act and the tone you have… I would digest the idea that you probably deserved it. Granted that child should always obey the parents. Always. Or at least meet one another on equal level. But i don’t sense that you’re one who’ll do that.

Shingo: That is true. From how it sounds by your Tone, Emily… You are absolutely most demanding and Challenging. You expect for everything to go your way.

Emily: I would say the same about you and yours…

Shingo: No. Don’t you turn it around. But just for the sake of being equally pragmatic… There are moments when yes… my wife here can get where she expects things to all come to her. But at least she’s not persistent to implement it. And there are times that she could drive me nuts. But i stand by her. You… You probably control your better half and he probably looks for things to do where he isn’t around you. Emily… I am sure that deep inside somewhere… there’s a thoughtful and very caring person… in a complex sort of way… But the way it seems at the current time… We just don’t see it.

The chatting goes on and it was liable to go on even more when Curtis pulled the card on it. Elizabeth was there and hearing it all and said nothing as she was all for letting Emily hear it. It needed to be said. But she had to get on to her work. As did Dinah and Shingo. Wakka was nearby and he was also displeased at how Lorelai was being treated by Emily. He was tempted in throwing a Blitzball at Emily. But it would make things increasingly worse. So… he stuck to listening…

Dinah: Plus… Stop the hysterics. Lorelai has a certain way of doing things. Either you respect it… or just refrain from coming near her.

Curtis: You have your way of doing things and that’s fine. That’s fine… More power to you. However… here’s the deal and it’s gonna be just this way… *Taking a breath and then laying down a direct ultimatum* Emily, ice the Snooty tone right now. Lorelai is not to be spoken to in that tone. She’s got rights and you will respect that. If we ever hear another incident like this and hear that you were once again being bossy and controlling to your daughter… who is a grown woman… again. You, Dinah and I are gonna have a problem. Civility be respectfully damned.

It was there that Emily could not think of a thing to say. She was in a loss of words and rebuttal for that moment and Lorelai knew her enough to know that Emily would attempt something to return fire. To return the hostility in such a way that Lorelai knew Emily would do as it’s been done on her for as long as she could recall or remember all till she busted loose at age 16. She was concerned about what it would do to her friend Dinah and her family. She was worried about the fated repercussions that were bound to come. Hopefully… it wouldn’t be a full on return fire. Wakka was close and he didn’t speak. He knew that he wouldn’t have any means or room to add in anything. All he could do was stand in a loss.

Minutes later…

Lorelai, Dinah and her husband were off to their jobs. Elizabeth Burke was off to take care of some errands that had to be taken care of… Curtis also made his way off to work too… He had a lot to get done. Only thing was that the mess wasn’t gonna be over. Because people know that once you open up a can of worms. It could be near impossible to ice it and wipe it out. Dinah, Curtis, Shingo… They been through a lot. They went through dangers. Intergalactic threats. Threats that would seal the fate of their family. It was all seen… dealt with and overcame. All scenarios dealt with. A Member of the clan sticking all out for an outsider and misguided Teen. Saving her from making a life ruining imminent mistake. The teen being involved with her. A Rival group of girls… Turning into friends of the family.

This was now all on Gilmore. The issues that were slowly rising to the surface all on courtesy to a dilemma of what happened between Emily and Richard Gilmore and Lorelai Gilmore’s break from the hierarchy of the Socialite world. Sophisticated world. All rooting from the pregnancy out of wedlock without the marital status and the crushing of all ambitions of Emily and Richard’s… Straub and Francine’s Citizen Kane plans…

This was where it started. If what just came and passed was any indication of what was to come as Rhapsody got entwined and mixed up in the decade and a half long dysfunction of Gilmore… The Rhapsody Dynasty were gonna be in for some hostile stormy weather…

What would come next for the Clan? For Rory and the Rhapsody Trio? Would Blossom and Leslie… be prepared for what they were about to get themselves into… In Chilton? Rory and the Trio knew somewhat on what it was that they were gonna be facing… But did Blossom or Leslie know? Did Betty? There was also questions on what would befall the rest of the crew. There was the question of how Zoey, Sora and Carly… Tara, and the following crew were gonna pass without them among the bree of Metropolis High… Find out what’s next in the next chapter of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…


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