Chapter 260: “Headmaster Charleston will see you now.” The Rhapsody Trio and Rory prepare to face the Headmaster.

Inside the Ambroise Building…

Lorelai and Rory walk into the Ambroise building…

LORELAI: Oh, good, more big stuff.

Blossom: Big stuff? Try walking in through the Cathedral of St. Peters… You’ll be having a heart attack. The doors are ginormous. This is just like it… Big doors. Huge doors. *Grins* Yeah. It’s the Ivy league. It is most certainly the Ivy League.

Leslie: A place that only the selected few are privileged to.

They walk down a staircase…

RORY: Turn left.

Dinah: These steps are huge. It’s enough to give us a certified nosebleed.

Charlene: *Feeling the chill of uncertainty* Is it me… or does it feel like we’re walking into hostile territory?

Alex: It’s probably just you, Charlene. It isn’t so bad. It just feels rather steep in here and thereby making it feel as if it’s with a sense of hostility.

Blossom: I don’t know about you guys… However… this feels really tense.

Leslie: *Shivers* Let’s just get ourselves over to the Headmaster’s office.

Betty: Good idea.

Lorelai: *Catching the fact that some of the girls were nervous and tense* Wow… They’re nervous. They don’t look so calm…

Dinah: *Looking to see Blossom and Leslie on high alert* It’s probably the pre-interview Jitters. However… I don’t blame them. i have a bit of the Jitters myself. All these eyes staring at us so strangely…

As Rory and Lorelai walk off the screen, three girls on the staircase stare after them.

Blossom: *Looking back at the girls on the staircase* What’s with you girls? You never seen a group of possible new schoolmates before. *Walking off with the others*

Leslie: We are not officially starting on classes yet and we’re already with the stink eyes glaring at us… This is certifiably not Metropolis High anymore.

Wakka: *Grinning at the girls* Nice seeing you, kiddos…

The girls on the staircase stood there utterly confused and at a loss. The girl with the stone intimidated expression felt that there was joke being played and started getting suspicious.

Lorelai and Rory walk down a hallway toward the headmaster’s office. They reach the double doors and stand in front of them…

LORELAI: You ready?


Dinah: You girls ready?

Janie: *With Alex and Charlene* Not yet.


LORELAI: You ready?

RORY: Yes.

Dinah: You girls ready?

Janie: *With Alex and Charlene* We’re ready.

Blossom trying to not be so tense.
Blossom trying to not be so tense.

Blossom: This is it… *Looking at Leslie* Are we sure that we’re ready for this?

Leslie: I don’t know. But whether we’re ready for it… or not… We have to go. It’s now or never.

Betty: We came this far. It’s just… Just A Private school. A School nonetheless. Right?

Leslie: Yeah.

They push open the doors and walk into the room. They walk up to the secretary working at a desk…

LORELAI: *clears throat* Um, excuse me.

The secretary suddenly looks up, Lorelai jumps back slightly…

LORELAI: Oh! How. . .wow, hi. I’m Lorelai Gilmore. This is my daughter, Lorelai Gilmore. . .’cause I named her after me. I was in the hospital all whacked out on Demerol. Never mind. Um, but we call her Rory. It’s short for Lorelai, but she’ll answer to either one, or even ‘Hey, you’ depending on the. . . *Rory nudges her* Uh, is the headmaster here?

Secretary: *Nods* … *Looking to see a woman with 3 girls beside her* Yes?

Dinah: Hey there. How’s your day going? Good I’m hoping… I’m Dinah Rhapsody and these 3 girls here are my daughters Janie, Alex and Charlene. They’re here… we’re here to see the Headmaster. If he’s available.

Secretary: He will need to be informed. *Looking over to see 3 more girls and a guy behind them* Can we help you girls?

Betty: *Smiles* Morning. We’re here to see the headmaster. Is he in?

Secretary: Do you have a legal guardian present?

Leslie: Yeah. We do. I do believe that my father Carl Burke is already here with the Headmaster.

Blossom: As well as my father.

Betty: I’m Representing myself. As i filed for total power of self.

Secretary: I see. Well… state law and regulation on registration for Chilton requires each attendee to be seen by the Headmaster with a Legal parent or guardian present. Unless you have a legal representative present… You can’t be administered. I’m afraid that you’ll have to wait out in the hall.


Joshua Lester

Man: *Opening the door and walking in* Excuse me…

Secretary: *Looking up* Yes, Can i help you?

Man: *Walking over next to Betty* Yes… I believe that you can. *Showing his I.D* Joshua Lester. I’m the Private security for Mrs. Andrews. I represent her. *Pulling out the documents and the transcript and showing as collaborate proof* These documents have been signed and marked. Valid with clear clean Blue Ink.

Secretary: *Pushing her specs up to cover her eyes* I see.

Betty: *Looking to see her Guard* About time you got here. I was starting to get insanely worried.

Joshua: I do apologize for the delay, Betty. I had to ask for Directions on how to get here as the Car’s GPS system was on the fritz. I couldn’t get the blasted thing to work properly. It kept trying to show off Seattle. *Looking to see a group among the room* Were you expecting to see the Headmaster?

Betty: Yeah.

Joshua: I see. *Looking at the secretary* Ma’am… We’re here to see the Headmaster. Would you be kind enough to let him know that we’re here?

SECRETARY: *stands up* One moment. *Walks through a door behind them*

LORELAI: *whispering over to Rory* See, that’s what happens when you go to bed with your makeup on.

A moment later, the door opens…

SECRETARY: Headmaster Charleston will see you now.

LORELAI: Great, great. Thanks.

Dinah: Come along girls. Time to see the Headmaster.

They walk into the headmaster’s office…

HEADMASTER: Ms. Gilmore, Mrs. Rhapsody, I’m Headmaster Charleston.

LORELAI: Hi. Wow, it’s really nice to meet. . . *looks around and sees her mother on the sofa* Mom. Um, excuse me. What are you doing here?

Dinah: It’s a pleasure. *Looking to see Emily in the room along with Shingo, Elizabeth, and Curtis* Emily… You obviously can’t seem to help but to be in on this meeting… can you?

EMILY: *walks over* I came to wish my granddaughter luck on her first day of school.

Shingo Rhapsody
Shingo Rhapsody

Shingo: She’s not here alone… I too came. I couldn’t think to just pass off the chance to see the girls here on their first day here in Chilton.


Curtis: *Walking over to his daughter* Hey there, Princess. Thought you’d get here before me… did ya’?

Blossom Rhapsody 15

Blossom: *Chuckles* Yeah… I’d guess. However… I thought that you’d be still at home. And be suiting up to drive me here. but… You were already gone by time i got up this morning.

Curtis: I know. But i was seeking to surprise you.

Blossom: Well… Good work. *Grinning* You surprised me.

Elizabeth: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, dear…

Leslie: Hey mom.

Elizabeth: It’s good to see that you’ve made it here. Must have been hard getting here. New place.

Leslie: It’s an Ivy league school, Mom. It isn’t that new. Maybe a new background. And new situation. But it’s just a school. A top school.

Blossom: Well… It’s definitely got that competitive aura. We can give it that.

Curtis: Of course. But you have well earned it.


EMILY: Rory, you look wonderful in that uniform!

LORELAI: Uh, you didn’t have to come all the way out here, Mom.

Dinah: Really. I don’t mean to be a sticker in the mud… However… Emily, has anyone managed to tell you that you are like what some would say… A Bad penny. You just keep coming up when we least expect it. However… I am rather Biased in that line.

EMILY: Well, this gave me a chance to make sure that Hanlin here takes good care of Rory.

Dinah: Hanlin?

Blossom: Hanlin…

Betty: That’s a new name for a guy.

LORELAI: *to Headmaster* You’re Hanlin.

HEADMASTER: Hanlin Charleston.

Dinah: Ah. Okay. I guess that’d explain that one.

Shingo: It’s an exciteful morning for our girls.

Elizabeth: Seeing Leslie off to start on Chilton. It’s like a whole new world for a Burke.

EMILY: Hanlin’s wife and I are on the symphony fundraising committee together.

LORELAI: Wow, that’s great.

HEADMASTER: Your father and I are golf rivals. We’re still fighting it out to see which one is worse.

Alex: *Making a comedic joke* “Gee, Jim… Looks like i hit a tree.”

EMILY: Oh, yes. We’re all old friends.

Leslie: *Looking a little tense*

LORELAI: Well, there’s nothing like friends. Especially if they’re old. . .ones.

Curtis: *Laughs* Ms. Gilmore… Is that really the best you can do in a comedic outburst. You know… It’s remarks like that where we all are coming out as old bones and fragile men and women.

Blossom: *Comedic* Ladies and gents. My father… Benny Youngmen.

Janie: *Chuckles*

Charlene: *Giving off some frost on the side*

Joshua Lester

Joshua L.: *Walking over to the Headmaster* Excuse me, You the Headmaster?

Headmaster: Yes. *Looking over to see a tall man Walking over* Can i assist you?

Joshua L.: *Greeting the Headmaster* Joshua Lester. I’m the private Security guard for Betty. I also represent her and have all the documents on her here. School transcripts and education files required. Including the transcripts from her previous school.

Headmaster: *Looking to see the files and graciously reaching for them* I… see. Well… Don’t worry. She’ll be seen as well.

Joshua L.: Thank you. There’s also a couple things that need to be brought up as well… When you’re available to speak on a private meeting.

Headmaster: It’s a rather busy day. But i shall see to it that we get through this private conversation. It’ll be awhile though. Just so you are aware, sir. But your request is well heard. *Nods*

Joshua L.: *Nods*

Dinah: *Feeling the heat*

HEADMASTER: Well, would you like to take off your coat and have a seat?

LORELAI: Oh, no. No, I’m fine.

Dinah: I’m good. Taking off the coat won’t be needed. But the generosity is appreciable.

HEADMASTER: I’m afraid they were a little overzealous with the furnace this morning. It’s quite warm in here.

LORELAI: I like it warm.

Dinah: *Motioning secretly to Charlene to use some of that Frost power to take away a bit of the heat*

Shingo: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah, dear. please. Don’t insinuate for the Headmaster to think us rude. It’s hot in here. You must be roasting in that coat. Even though… I haven’t a clue as to why you’d have a coat on as it’s rather warm out there as well. But uber warm in here.

EMILY: Lorelai, take off your coat and sit down. You don’t want Hanlin to think you’re rude.

Lorelai reluctantly takes off her coat. She gives an embarrassed smile about her outfit…

Dinah had also taken off her Jacket and by there doing so… revealed her common layaway outfit and it was a sign that she didn’t have all things in line that morning…

LORELAI: Laundry day.

Dinah: *Mortified* I am sincerely mortified by this. I look like a complete fool in this outfit and i plead a level of tangible insanity.

Shingo: Dinah… You’re not insane. Just unprepared this morning. I think that we need to have ourselves a talk. Tonight.

Dinah: *Sighs*

The Headmaster was of course trying to keep a dignified composure. acquiring that he understood that things were a little hectic in the homes that morning…

EMILY: Hanlin, did you know that Rory has a 4.0 grade average?

LORELAI: I’m sure he does, Mom.

EMILY: This is a very special girl. You take good care of her.

HEADMASTER: We’ll do our best, Emily.

Dinah: *To Hanlin* I apologize for this outfit. I just had a very bad time with the laundry… Tried to see that i showed up in a well respected outfit. Had it all planned too. But the plans were all shot out of their misery. I deeply apologize for this.

Suddenly the Room chills down a bit and becomes a tad cold. No one knew how it could have changed so suddenly. But Dinah knew. As did Lorelai and Rory. But… even though they knew… Not a word was spoken about it.

Headmaster: Mrs. Rhapsody, It’s perfectly alright. Things are known to happen and sometimes there will be issues that you wouldn’t expect. You of course should have been more prepared and better organized. But… it’s alright. You’ll be sure to do better for the next time we do happen to meet. *Respectfully smiling*

LORELAI: Oh, God. Rory is not gonna be a problem. She’s totally low maintenance, you know, like a Honda. You know, they’re just easy, just. . . nice office.

Dinah: I Hope that you will be sure to take great care of our daughters.

Shingo: They’re rather unique and quite gifted in their field of expertise.

Headmaster: Not to worry, Mr. and Mrs. Rhapsody. We’ll be sure to take fond care of Janie, Alex and Charlene. As well as take swell care of Blossom, Leslie and Betty.

Blossom: *Looking at the office* I feel as if we’re in the President’s Oval Office.

Leslie Burke 40

Leslie: *Gulps* Is it normal to feel as if you’re standing before a Judge who’s about to pass sentence upon you?

Blossom: I haven’t a clue. But… It feels rather nerve-racking.

Curtis: You don’t really have to worry too much about Blossom, Sir. She’s very well resourceful.

EMILY: Well, I don’t think we should take up anymore of your precious time. Hanlin, it was lovely to see you. Give Bitty our love.

HEADMASTER: Tell Richard I’ll see him at the club Sunday.

Dinah: Am i missing something here?

Shingo: No. Just socialite talk.

Elizabeth: Not really socialite talk. It’s just Idle chat. Besides… Soc’s are mostly seen in posh environments. Higher up backgrounds that are more Aristocratic than this.

Curtis: And you know this… how?

Elizabeth: Because i am a Socialite. Plus an heiress.

Headmaster: *Looking to Elizabeth* Mrs. Burke… Socialites have more clout than the lower class of people… But this school is not a personal playground for the rich and pristine. It’s primarily a competitive school of academics. At its utmost finest.

Elizabeth: I see. And Leslie is well rich. But we raised her to not care about the fact that she is. She is honest and sincere. You’ll see. I do implore that you take fond and utmost care of her. Carl and I see her as the Golden child.

Headmaster: Don’t you worry about a thing, Elizabeth. We will be sure to take good care of your Daughter. She’ll be well cared for.

Curtis: Headmaster Charleston… My Daughter Blossom is my special Princess. She’s a mirror image of my sparky attitude which came when i used to be her age. She’s dearly special. I do entrust that you take utmost care of her and see to it that she gets what she is entitled to.

Headmaster: *Chuckles* Not to worry, Curtis… She will be well cared for. Chilton is all about caring for their fellow students and those who attend the prestigious school.

EMILY: Have a wonderful day, Rory. I want to hear all about it. *to Lorelai* Do you need a ride or is your horse parked outside?

Blossom: *Looking at Emily* Huh?! What the heck are you talking about?

Emily: Nothing that you should be concerned about, young lady.

Blossom: Too late. *scoffs* You are talking to her as if you think her to be a transient. A lowly human. What the hell?!

Curtis: Blossom, Honey… don’t get into it. Please.

Blossom: No dad… I don’t know who this lady is. What she is. But i already can tell that she’s being very crass and very judging of the one who looks like a Dixie chick. She had a off morning. But that lady who comes off as one who’s got a bee up her ass… speaks to the woman so callously. Judging her instantly.

Curtis: I think that the one you are talking about who is being Judged is the daughter to Emily.

Blossom: I am aware of who she is. I don’t even know her much but… I already know one thing… Her mom’s got dictator issues. Control issues. I for one have had enough of the bullshit. I got news for her… She better stop trying to control the lady’s life. Because if she gets in her face… and i catch it… She’s gonna get a ball of electricity flying against her head and shocking her.

Curtis: That lady there who has the look of a rodeo gal… That’s Lorelai.

Blossom: Well… i am all on her side. She’s just doing things how she feels that they should be done. She’s her own person… Just from only looking at her briefly… I can see that she’s being the way she wants to be. But is being scorned by her mom. I find it really pathetic and bullshit. Someone should tell that woman over there to learn how to stow it.

Elizabeth: *Startled* Wha- What in the name of betsy? Is she referring to Mrs. Gilmore?

Curtis: I think so. I think that Emily attained the fury of my daughter. Blossom likes anyone. But if you show her that you’re a controlling person to another… She will turn ugly on you. Fast. She’s like that. It’s a big step from how she was years ago. She was pretty docile. back then.

Lorelai: She likes me already? Hmm… She must be very choosy in who her friends are. Liking me so sudden. I like that.

Blossom: Of course i happen to like you, Lorelai… Besides… i know a good person when i see it. You are living and being an individual. If that lady… Emily don’t accept that… That’s just tough. She’s not the controller of your life. It’s high time someone were to put her in her place.

Leslie: Even i don’t seem to like her much for how she speaks towards you. And i happen to give anyone a fair shake. Emily… she blew it.

Emily was oblivious to it…

LORELAI: *to headmaster* It’s so nice to meet you. *to Rory* Have a great day. *she kisses Rory’s forehead, then starts to leave*

HEADMASTER: Oh, you don’t want to forget your coat.

LORELAI: *turns back* Oh, no, ’cause that would be embarrassing.

She retrieves the coat, then walks out of the office…

Dinah: *Grabbing her coat* Janie, Alex, Charlene… You 3 be good. Have a good time and i shall see you after school. Okay?

Janie: We will.

Alex: It won’t be so bad here. We’re just gonna be interviewed by the Headmaster.

Charlene: That don’t scare us. He seems pretty harmless. We’ll be okay.

Betty: Joshua, You don’t have to stick around if you don’t feel up to it. I’m gonna be here at the school till this afternoon anyway. I’m gonna be pretty safe here.

Joshua: You sure?

Betty: I’m sure.

Joshua: *Nods*

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* …

Curtis: I must be heading off to work, Blossom. But i’ll be back this afternoon to pick you up.

Blossom: Okay. *Smiles*

Elizabeth: I’m gonna be here to pick you up too, Unless i happen to be unable to make it. You’re gonna be okay, Leslie.

Leslie: Of course. It’s only Chilton. It isn’t so scary. I managed to make it through the 8th grade all alone aside from having at least one friend to start. How bad can here be? It’s just another challenge.

Elizabeth: Okay… But… if you happen to need me throughout the day here… You just call. Okay? You just call me.

Shingo: Come on, Dinah. We better make way out of here. We sure have taken enough of the Headmaster’s valued time. There’s things that he’d like to get done today concerning the school and the ones who attend here.

With a farewell and wish for good luck to the girls… Dinah, her husband, Elizabeth, Curtis, Emily and Lorelai all took their leave from the office. But one still remained and yet was silent. He didn’t know what to say… so he did the only thing that could be done. He walked out into the hall and waited.

But on the outside… in the Hall… Something was gonna happen and it would be heated as Not only Lorelai would get into it with Emily… But Dinah, Shingo, Elizabeth and Curtis would step up and put the law on Emily… However… Would it stick? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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