Chapter 259: Welcome to Chilton and a Chilly girl Iced in uncertainty.

Lorelai: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

“LORELAI: Ooh. It’s here! It happened! She did it!

LORELAI: I know. Look. *reading from a letter* “Dear Ms. Gilmore, We are happy to inform you that we have a vacancy at Chilton Preparatory starting immediately. Due to your daughter’s excellent credentials and your enthusiastic pursuit of her enrollment” – I offered to do the principal to get her in – “we would be happy to accept her as soon as the first semester’s tuition has been received.”

“RORY: I’m gonna be in a Britney Spears video?

Alex: Britney Spears? *In disbelief* You’ve got to be pulling our legs here. Her? In a Music Video? With Britney Spears?

Charlene: *Emitting some frost and freezing* Something else going on that we should know about?

SOOKIE: You’re going to Chilton! Oh, sorry.

RORY: Mom?

Janie: Whoa… whoa. Freeze! Repeat that last line… She’s going where?

Lorelai: To Chilton. *Looking to see 3 girls* Oh… hey there, Janie… Alex. Charlene. Looking for your mom?

Alex: No. We are just hanging out with Rory. We met her on the way to school. She’s really uber smart.

Janie: Plus thought me out to be like the girl Janie Jones. It’s funny.

Lorelai: That’s my Rory. She’s always up for learning.

Rory: *Looking at her mom; in shock* …

LORELAI: You did it, babe. You got in.

RORY: How did this happen? You didn’t. . .with the principal, did you?

Janie: Do what?… *Pause after getting that sense of awkwardness coming from Rory* Oh… Okay. It’s one of those things a girlfriend or gal pal should not ask about.

LORELAI: No, honey, that was a joke. They have an open spot. You’re gonna start on Monday.

RORY: Really?

Charlene: She’s starting on Monday?

Alex: What about her friends at Metropolis High? What about them?

LORELAI: Really.

RORY: I don’t believe this! Oh my God, I’m going to Chilton!”

“Coach Garland: True… But Dinah… Those can quickly turn into a ton more forms. *Looking to the side* Oh… Uh, Dinah the Sparky Coach… This came in for you today. It’s from some Prep school… Chilton. Or so it read on the corner of the Envelope.

Dinah: *With a raised Eyebrow and curious* Hmm… Chilton? Uh… okay. My daughters weren’t necessarily reaching into that direction. How could that school just send me some letter? Hmm. Better read what it says.

Dinah then opens the letter addressed to her from Chilton…

Dinah: *Pulling out the letter from the envelope and reading the letter* … Dear Mrs. Rhapsody…. We are happy to inform you that we have a vacancy at Chilton Preparatory starting immediately. Due to your daughters Janie’s, Alex’s and Charlene’s excellent credentials and your enthusiastic pursuit of her enrollment”…

Seconds later…

Dinah: *Gasps; Ecstaticly hyped up with thrill and excitement* Oh shit! OH MY GOD! WOW! WOW! I can’t believe it… They did it. My girls… Janie, Alex and Charlene… They friggin’ did it. They did it. They literally have gotten into the school.

Coach Garland: What?! They did what? They got into that prestigious school? H-how? Didn’t you say that they were like… behind on their studies?

Dinah: They caught up… They managed to catch up somehow and it got up high enough to catch the notice of the girls and accepted them. They start on Monday. This upcoming Monday. I got to go and show Lorelai.”

“Dinah: Girls… What would you say if i were to tell you… that you 3 have been accepted by a Prestigious school?

Alex: What do you mean? *Pauses* Wait…w-w-w-w-wait a minute… you mean that… we’re going… we’re going…

Dinah: That’s right. You 3 are going to Chilton. You start on Monday Morning. I however… have to be sure that the first semester’s tuition for you girls has been received by them.

Charlene: *In shock; letting a blast of frost loose out of Jubilation* Oh my… god. AHHHHHH!

Janie: Rory’s got close school pals. Us. We’re all going to Chilton.”

“LORELAI: I’m holding for Miss Bell. I’ve been trying to get a hold of her all day. *pause* Lorelai Gilmore. *pause* Hi! Oh, hi, hi. Yeah, uh, my daughter Rory has just been accepted – yay. *pause* Thank you, and, um, I got the invoice for your enrollment fee. Wow, that is a lot of zeros behind that five. *pause* Uh huh. Okay, well, I guess what I’m wondering is if you couldn’t take, say, part of it now, just to get her going? *pause* Well, but she’s supposed to start Monday. It just doesn’t give me a lot of time to pull a bank job. *pause* Well, never mind, I was just kidding. *pause* No, a bank job is robbing a bank but — *pause* Uh-huh. Oh, no. No, no, no. I don’t want you to give up her space. I’ll just — I’ll have to figure it out. *pause* Okay. No, thank you. It’s been a real treat talking to you. *pause* Yeah. Bye-bye.

“Dinah: I’m holding for Miss Grantham. I’ve been trying to get a hold of her all day. *pause* Dinah Rhapsody. *pause* Hi! Oh, hi, hi. Yeah, uh, my daughter’s Janie, Alex and Charlene have just been accepted – yay. *pause* Thank you, and, um, I got the invoice for your enrollment fee. Wow, I’ve seen and endured seeing things costing a pretty penny and then some… But i am pretentiously in shock to see this Invoice with a massive cost for Tuition. That is a lot of zeros behind that five. *pause* Uh huh. Okay, well, I guess what I’m wondering is if you couldn’t take, say, part of it now, just to get them going? Like a leg up. *pause* Well, but they’re supposed to start Monday. It just doesn’t give me a lot of time to file for collateral and go off to a Loan shark for the money. *pause* Uh-huh. Oh, no. No, no, no. I don’t want you to give up their space. I’ll just — I’ll have to figure it out. *pause* Okay. No, thank you. It’s been a real rush talking to you. *pause* Yeah. Bye-bye.

Seconds later…

Dinah: *Panicking* Oh my god… what’ll i do? What the hell am i gonna do? I can’t ask Shingo for the money as it’d put the Limousine company in the red and he’d lose the business. I can’t call Oliver. I can’t beg from Leslie’s parents or her. Who do i call for help? Where can i go? *Sighs* …… *Sitting down and laying back* I’m gonna bet that Lorelai is likely gonna have just the same dilemma revolving getting her daughter Rory into Chilton. *Thinking* …”

“LORELAI: There’s something I haven’t thought of, I know there is. There’s something out there staring me right in the face. I just. . .I haven’t seen it.

Dinah: I need to think more about it. There is someone who i can call… I know there is. Lorelai… did i happen to mention of any contacts that i had that could help me out with the Dilemma?

Lorelai: Not that i can recall. But i do believe that you referred to someone named Queen. Said that his name was Oliver.

Dinah: I can’t ask him for that. He over the years has done plenty for my family. More than plenty. I can’t put this on him too.

Lorelai: Maybe not… However… It might be the only avenue you have. Your daughters will be crushed if they realize that they are leaving Metropolis High only to find that they have no school.

Dinah: *Sighs* you could be right, Lorelai. I just have been racking my ever loving mind over it all day and came up with multiple paths. Multiple ways out… But when i happened to really think more on them… they turned out as dead ends.

SOOKIE: You know, you might consider calling your par–


SOOKIE: But I don’t think you have a —


SOOKIE: You can at least go and —


SOOKIE: Okay, can I say one more thing? I think it’s your only option.

LORELAI: Sookie, there are several chapters from a Stephen King novel I’d reenact before I’d resort to that option.

SOOKIE: Okay, dropped. Dropped.

LORELAI: Thank you.

Sookie: Dinah, you could always try the family Matriarch of yours. She might help. Didn’t you make a pass earlier that your family help out one another who are in need?

Dinah: I could… However… My Mother Rikku L. Rhapsody. She doesn’t necessarily have the type of funds to pitch a hand. Plus… With her husband’s face still now looking like it was blown half way to hell… It won’t be possible. *Looking at Lorelai* What is the deal about you saying no on asking your parents for help, Lorelai? *Pause* Sorry. I couldn’t help but catch the block on looking to your parents for help. Why would they not be an option?

Lorelai: Because… they would want to know about my business. About what i do and would expect me to come at their beck and call as if i were some puppy dog begging for some scraps from the tables.

Dinah: What would be so bad about them? I know that you ought to have some sort of reason as to why you don’t want them around… But, I honestly don’t see it. I really don’t see it. Lorelai, Ask your parents for help. If they happen to be your parents and they happen to care about you… They will help you out. besides. If you want… I’ll accompany you.

Lorelai: Dinah… No. I appreciate the gesture that you want to lead me to getting help from my parents and are trying to do right with this. But you really don’t want to get tangled into the Gilmore poison web. Namely Emily and Richard.

Dinah: Lorelai… I can handle it. I handled worse than that before. I for a moment in time dealt with My Husband’s mother for a while. I have dealt with Villains in my time. They currently still take the cake.”

“Charlene: How do we look, Mom?

LORELAI: You look like you were swallowed by a kilt.

Dinah: You girls look okay… But the Skirt looks a tad big on you guys. *Chuckles* You girls sure that you’re not getting buried in the Skirt there?

RORY: Fine, you can hem it. A little.

Alex: We’re sure. But you can hem it… A little bit. If it pleases you.


Dinah: Let’s get to stitchin’ and Hemming…

RORY: Only a little.

Janie: Rory… This is gonna be amazing. Chilton. I think that we’re gonna love it.

Rory: *Nods*

LORELAI: Okay. Or I could hem it a lot.

RORY: No, you’re not. I don’t want it to be too short.

Charlene: *Emitting Frost and chilling the air around them*

Dinah: Charlene… *Grins* Would you mind cutting that out. This isn’t the place to be letting loose on your special ability.

Sookie: What was it that she just did?

Dinah: You don’t want to know. Really. You don’t want to know.”

“LORELAI: Hi, Mom.

EMILY: Lorelai, my goodness, this is a surprise. Is it Easter already?

LORELAI: *laughs nervously* No, I just, uh, finished up my business class and I thought I would stop by.

EMILY: To see me?


EMILY: Well, isn’t that nice. Come in.

LORELAI: Thanks.

Emily: Oh… And bring your friend along with you. I do see that you brought someone with you.

Lorelai: *Pauses* Huh? *Looking to see Dinah* Dinah?!

Dinah: Surprise… Lorelai… I know that you said to spare myself from being pulled into a web. But as your friend… Your battle… is my battle. I won’t let you go it alone. *Walking over to the door and Looking to see an older woman* Oh… I’ll guess that… that’s your mother.

Lorelai: Yeah. She is. *Looking at her mom and then at Dinah* Mom… This is my friend… Dinah Rhapsody. Dinah… this is my mother. Emily Gilmore.

Emily: *Pauses* Rhapsody? My god… You wouldn’t happen to be the one that the Hartford press called the Thunderic Loose wire… would you?

Dinah: *Laughs* No… no. I’ve been known as “Danger Zone” Dinah. But The thunderic Loose wire… does have a rather nice ring to it. Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Gilmore. I’m Lorelai’s friend. She… and I have come to see you. Lorelai was a little bit unsure. However… I am a fond believer of family. Families have issues. And the illusion of a perfect family… it’s all a smoke screen because there isn’t any family that’s perfect.

Emily: Seems adequately factual. You’ve got a good point there. Please… do come in.”

“LORELAI: Hi, Dad.

RICHARD: What is it, Christmas already?

Dinah: *Thinking to herself* Wow… Discomforting much?

EMILY: Lorelai was taking a business class at the college today and decided to drop in to see us. She also bought a friend with her.

RICHARD: What business class?

EMILY: Well, she told us about it, dear, remember?

RICHARD: No. And… *Curious* She brought a friend, did she? Who’s the friend?

Emily: A young delighted woman. Dinah Rhapsody.

Richard: Dinah Rhapsody? As in the Head coach of the Metropolis Bulldogs at Metropolis University’s Bulldog Stadium Dinah Rhapsody? The proclaimed super powered persuaded fighter that the Hartford press dubbed “The Mistress of Thunder”?

Emily: That’s the one.

Richard: *Enthused and courteous* Well now… Dear young lady. *Looking at Dinah* It’s a delighted pleasure to meet you in person. Hear that you’ve made quite the exquisite name for yourself. *Walking over and motioning with shaking hands and Introducing himself* Richard Gilmore.

Dinah: *Returning the kind gesture* Dinah Rhapsody… It’s a pleasure. And the gesture is rather nice. Really. I am quite touched. However i don’t find it appropriate during this time as this is about What your daughter… Lorelai has come to lay down upon you.

Richard: I see. But be that as it may… You’re rather a mature young lady.

Dinah: Oh… stop. I’m not too too mature. I do have moments of acting a little strange. However… don’t we all have moments such as those?

Richard: Truly. You’re with good points. I aptly agree.

LORELAI: Well, actually, I came here for a reason. Dad, would you mind sitting down for a minute?

RICHARD: You need money.

LORELAI: I have a situation.

RICHARD: You need money.

LORELAI: Dad, will you just please let me get this out, okay? Um, Rory has been accepted to Chilton.

Dinah: As did my 3 girls Janie, Alex and Charlene. As a mother… I am so honorably proud of them.

EMILY: Chilton? Oh, that’s a wonderful school. It’s only five minutes from here.

LORELAI: That’s right, it is. She can start as early as Monday. Um, the problem is that they want me to put down an enrollment fee plus the first semester’s tuition, and I have to do that immediately or she loses her spot.

Dinah: As well as my daughters. I thought about asking my husband Shingo for help… But our savings have been tapped out from sending my oldest daughters Sapphire, Raven and Serena to College. Metropolis University. I couldn’t look to ask a family friend… Oliver Queen. He is going through his own bout of financial hardships. I don’t know of anyone else. to help. I thought that it would be rather fitting to ask the Burke’s. However… it would have sounded stupid and sad for a head coach to ask an Art guru for help towards ensuring her kids would be able to get her children through Chilton.

RICHARD: So, you need money.

LORELAI: Yeah. But it’s not for me, it’s for Rory. And I fully intend to pay you back every cent. I don’t ask for favors, you know that.

EMILY: Oh, yes, we know.

RICHARD: I’ll get the checkbook.

LORELAI: Thank you. You have no idea. Thank you.

EMILY: On one condition.

Dinah: Condition? No. there shouldn’t be a condition. Despite whatever issues there may appear to be between you guys. Which granted… it’s none of my business. It shouldn’t be a means for a string attached to the means for helping a young bright girl into Chilton.

LORELAI: *mumbles to herself* So close.

EMILY: Since we are now financially involved in your life, I want to be actively involved in your life.

Dinah: In her life? Uh… Okay… I am lost here. Really? What do you mean actively involved in her life? Aren’t you guys already actively involved?

Richard: No. we’re not. Haven’t been since she left us when she was 16. She just cut us off. Denied us from being the least involved in either her or her daughter’s life.

Dinah: Really?!

Richard: *Not willing to say much more on the subject* …

LORELAI: What does that mean, Mother?

EMILY: I want a weekly dinner.


EMILY: Friday nights, you and Rory will have dinner here. Dinah, You and your girls are cordially welcomed to join as well… if you like.

Dinah: You’re real kind, Mrs. Gilmore. I wouldn’t want to intrude though.

Emily: Don’t be silly. You wouldn’t be intruding at all.


EMILY: And you have to call us once a week to give us an update on her schooling and your life. That’s it. That’s the condition. If you agree, you’ll come to dinner tomorrow night and leave here with a check. Otherwise, I’m sorry, we can’t help you. And Dinah… The strings attached only apply to Lorelai. There’s a long history of separation that happens to be between her and us.

Dinah: I’m sensing that. Kinda sad and really insensitive if you ask me. Of course… it’s only my opinion. It’s just rather unsettling.

LORELAI: I don’t want her to know that I borrowed money from you. Can that just be between us?

EMILY: Does seven o’clock work for you?

LORELAI: *with a forced smile* Perfect.”

“LANE: So I told my mom you guys were changing schools.

Janie: You did? Is that a good thing?

Alex: News spread well. *Grins*

RORY: Was she thrilled?

LANE: The party’s on Friday.

Charlene: Naturally. *Scoffs* It would figure that she’d be pleased. Lane… we feel sorry for you. Your mom doesn’t let you be you. Let you embrace the aura of a typical teenager.

Janie: She thinks that every custom in america just about is like the devil and harbors dark intentions. She makes Margaret White out to be a saint.

Lane: *Chuckles* no denying that logic. But for better or worse. She’s my mom. It sucks that she suppresses my wanting to endure the American customs and the thrill of western world civilization.

Alex: You’ve got to find some way to stand up to her. Somehow. You have rights. Whether she happens to believe it or not or whether she likes it or not… You have rights.”

DEAN: Rosemary’s Baby.

Keith Lerner
Keith Lerner

Keith: *Clearing his throat* Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 491.

Gregori Sherman.

Gregori: Steven King’s Hearts in Atlantis.

Peter Hollister

Peter: Richard Castle- Heat Wave.

RORY: Yeah.

DEAN: Well, that’s a great movie. You’ve got good taste. *silence* Are you moving?

RORY: No, just my books are.

Janie: I… uh. Yeah. Why?

Keith: That book is rather interesting. I like it. I read it at least 14 times already. It keeps getting better each time as each time you read it… you pick up something that you haven’t before.

Alex: It is.

Peter: Heatwave’s a good book. I am a Richard castle fan myself. Got most of his books and 4 of them on a Kindle account. You have good Book picking ability. You know good books when you see it.

Charlene: Hearts in Atlantis… Yeah. That’s the book i’m reading. But… how did you know?

Gregori: Hearts in Atlantis is interesting. I like the read. You do know that they made a movie for it. An adapted movie for Hearts in Atlantis… right?

DEAN: My family just moved here from Chicago.

RORY: Chicago. Windy. Oprah.

Keith: My family just moved here from Battle Creek, Michigan.

Gregory: My family just moved here from Hackensack, New Jersey.

Peter: My family moved here from Forks, Washington.

DEAN: Yeah. Yeah, that’s the place. I’m Dean.

Keith: I’m Keith.

Peter: The Name’s Peter.

Gregory: I’m Gregory.

RORY: Hi. *silence* Oh, Rory. Me. That’s — that’s me.

Janie: I’m Janie. However… i recently got thought to be Janie Jones. But… I’m Janie Rhapsody.

Alex: I’m Alex. Full name usually is Alexandra. But only my mom would get to call me by that. However… that is only when i am in trouble.

Charlene: I’m uh… Charlene.

DEAN: Rory.

RORY: Well, Lorelai technically.

DEAN: Lorelai. I like that.

RORY: It’s my mother’s name, too. She named me after herself. She was lying in the hospital thinking about how men name boys after themselves all the time, you know, so why couldn’t women? She says her feminism just kind of took over. Though personally I think a lot of Demerol also went into that decision. I never talk this much.

DEAN: Well, I better go.

RORY: Oh, sure.

Keith: I’ve been only in this city a week. The house is still full of boxes and my family’s still trying to unpack.

Peter: My family’s just got done unpacking yesterday. We had a lot of boxes. *Rubbing his neck* Here for the long haul.

Gregory: My family’s been here for a couple weeks. It’s been slow going. However… Metropolis has been treating my family right. Allowing for us to get a stable footing around in this city. My parent’s have found Jobs here. Or transferred their business over to this City. My mom’s a consultant for the Local News station. My dad’s a Lawyer. Although… I have to go and find a Job.

DEAN: I have to go look for a job.

RORY: Okay, good.

Janie: You have to find a Job…

Keith: Yeah. Don’t know who’ll hire me though. I am probably better off just doing odd Jobs.”

“Zoey: What do you know about the trio going to Chilton?

Betty: Chilton? Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody are going to Chilton?

Zoey: Yeah. They start on Monday.

Betty: How… how can that be? That school’s tuition is really really high.

Blossom: Try telling our Aunt Dinah that. Somehow… she’s sending them to that school. It’s been all set and prepared. How… I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

EMILY: Well, it’s not every day that I have my girls and their guests here for dinner on a day the banks are open. A toast – to Rory and to the Rhapsody Trio entering Chilton and an exciting new phase in their lives.

RICHARD: Here, here.

EMILY: Mmm. Well, let’s sit everyone. This is just wonderful. An education is the most important thing in the world, next to family.”

“LORELAI: Well, I wasn’t too proud to come here to you two begging for money for my kid’s school, was I? I even was reluctant on it when Dinah talked me into it and i should have been forceful and told her no… Just as i do with others who suggest i come and ask you and dad for the help. I knew i was gonna be trapped. I knew it. And i was right. Dinah was warned about getting involved with this as she’d be caught in the web of you and dad.

EMILY: No, you certainly weren’t. But you’re too proud to let her know where you got it from, aren’t you? Well, fine, you have your precious pride and I have my weekly dinners. Isn’t that nice? We both win. Dinah is not involved in this arrangement. I made that quite clear. We’d provide the Money for her girls to Chilton and with no strings attached. The Condition only applied to you.”

Leslie T. Burke

Leslie: I just got this letter this afternoon. Something about a certain Prestigious prep school.

Zoey Rhapsody
Zoey T. Rhapsody

Zoey: You did?! That’s strange. What would a private school want with you? After all… You haven’t been reaching for the attention of a private school… have you?

Leslie: Not that i know of. why?

Blossom Rhapsody
Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: I kinda wonder if i got the same letter.

Leslie: I have a suspicion that you might have gotten one too… But, why? Why now?

Betty Andrews
Betty Andrews

Betty: I think that i might know why.

Leslie: Really? Why? *Raising an eyebrow and curious* Is there something we should know about, Betty? Are you hiding something?

Zoey: Leslie? What’s the idea of accusing Betty of hiding something? You think she’s got something to tell about the reason why you got that letter from Chilton… Mysteriously?

Leslie: No. All i am asking is if she happens to know something or if she might have an inkling… an idea of why i’d get a letter from Chilton… Out of the blue.

Blossom: That would go double for me. I mean… I got home to my house after school this afternoon and i barely got to my room when i get a surprise visit from Wakka. He came over to see me. Asked me if i were to know when the recruiting of Blitzball players would start. It was only then that he caught sight of a letter sticking out in view. He brought it over to me and i opened it. Pulled out the letter to reveal… A letter from Chilton. That it was being paid for… in full for me to attend it. Saying that i was accepted into the school. Into the school.

Leslie: That’s so strange… Really odd. How would you be able to afford it? Or your parents for that matter? How could that be possible that your Tuition would be paid for that school. For that school and you were accepted into it? Just like that? How could they accept you? You and I don’t have the best of grades exactly.

Zoey: Someone must have done it. Pushed the letter in and just got you in.

Blossom: Yeah? Who? Who could have done it?

Zoey: I don’t know.

Leslie: ……

Betty: What would you say… if i were to tell you that you two got in… because i pushed the envelope and paid for the Tuition. Getting you girls in?

Blossom: *Gasps* What the…? You serious?

Leslie: Betty, You mean… that’s what you were doing yesterday afternoon?

Betty Andrews 64

Betty: You bet. I wasn’t kidding. I was not gonna give up on the friendship that was once between us, Leslie. I am not trying to compete and even expressed that multiple times up till now. I proven that. I am not seeking to compete for the best friend status. I just want to be back with the friendship that we had once upon a time.

Leslie Burke 22

Leslie: Betty, *Looking to the side a bit and trying to not become ecstatic* I really can’t begin to thank you for doing this.

Blossom: Was it her that did this… or was it, really Betty?

Leslie: *Reading the letter again and finding out who paid for the whole trip and the Tuition for the school* Hmm… It says here that… *Gasp* My father paid for it. He paid for it as well did… Betty. Betty… You helped pay for it all as did my father. Plus… You too… are going?

Betty: That’s right. I am. We have to go to Chilton. We should have that right.

Blossom: Oh… *Looking at her letter* My letter shows that mine was paid by the Watchtower.

Leslie: *Motioning for mentions of the Watchtower to be silenced* Doubtful. A place like that doesn’t exist. (Not true).

Zoey: *Catching the name on the letter* No… It shows Oliver Queen.

Blossom Rhapsody 3

Blossom: Huh?! *Looking at the name and gasps* It’s not Oliver. *Looking at Zoey* Zoey… Private conversation. Hallway. immediately.

Zoey: What?! *Confused; Looking at Blossom* What’s up?

Blossom: Out in the Hall. I’ll tell you there.

Seconds later…


Zoey: I have no idea what this is about, Blossom. But to be honest… I can’t say as though i am surprised.

Blossom: Really? That’s funny. I would have figured that you would have had a bit of an idea about this.

Zoey: We’ll see.

Outside Leslie’s room…

A Minute later…

Zoey Rhapsody
Zoey Rhapsody

Zoey: Okay… So, Blossom… What is the deal here? What’s going on?

Blossom Rhapsody
Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: I think that we have someone else who’s made a mystery contact.

Zoey: Who?

Blossom: I don’t know. But do we know of anyone by the Alias… “The Wall”?

Zoey: “The Wall”? *Confused* Uh… No. I wouldn’t think that we would know of anyone who goes by that particular line. or Alias. Why?

Blossom: That’s who’s paid for the Tuition.

Zoey: Are you sure it’s “The Wall”? Maybe you read the name wrong.

Blossom: I doubt it.

Zoey: *Taking another look at the name on the letter* No. It’s not. It’s… Uh. Blossom, Who do we know from the other year. The year before last?

Blossom: What do you mean?

Zoey: Blossom… the Initials on the Letter… T.M… Who do we know with the initials T.M?

Blossom: I can only think of two. Tess Mercer. And… Thomas… Manning.

Zoey: Well… *Pointing out the name* See that next to the name… the initials? That’s the secret seal of the secret government agency.

Blossom: *Lost* How is that possible? One of the names read… “The Wall”. The only one that we might know with the Alias: “The Wall”… is someone that was within Watchtower Archives. Someone named Amanda Waller. “The White Queen” But… the files all state that she’s dead. Tess… Chloe, Genevieve. All of them. They all show the official records. Waller is dead. She’s gone. But… if that was the case… Why would the Name… “The Wall” read on this letter? Not only that… Why would Thomas Manning from the B.P.R.D step out of his way and pay for tuition for Chilton just… for me? You’re the one who opened up to him and had a mutual conversation with him. I didn’t. Why would he just do this for me?

Zoey: I don’t know. But… if i were you… I’d look into it. Somehow. Someone’s got something going on. Someone’s gone through the process of getting you into Chilton. It wouldn’t be Uncle Curtis… and Aunt Megan. Your mom and dad. It couldn’t be them as they don’t have that kind of money. And it wouldn’t be my dad as he doesn’t have that sort of money either. So… Who could it be… if it wasn’t the two who read off on the letter?

Blossom: I’ll have to make some calls. It’s too late to do it now. It’s better to do first thing in the morning. It’d be more logical and more sensible that way.”

“Dinah: It’s the night before Chilton and not a soul was a stirring. But there be a Gilmore and a Rhapsody a stirrin’. Yes Indeed.

Janie: Right indeed. Right indeed. *Painting her toenails* Tomorrow is the start of a new School experience.

LORELAI: *To Rory* Don’t move, please.

RORY: So, why are you insisting on doing this?

Dinah: Not just her. Me as well. Janie, Alex and Charlene are also having it done. This is like a transition towards a new phase in life. You see… This isn’t just a casual high school. It’s Chilton Preparatory school. A Sophisticated school. A direct school. Not in any way… a pushover.

LORELAI: Well, because you’re starting private school tomorrow.

RORY: Yes, but I’m going to be wearing shoes. Nobody’s gonna see my feet.

LORELAI: Okay, but everybody knows that private school girls are bad, and bad girls always wear red nail polish.

Dinah: Oh… come on, Lorelai. Don’t startle the poor girl. It’s a new school and she’s probably as nervous as a yipping poodle. New School. New background. New issues and circumstances. That’s a lot of new.

There is a lull in the conversation.

LORELAI: Are you nervous?

RORY: About what?

LORELAI: About starting Chilton.

Dinah: *To Janie, Alex and Charlene* What about you girls?

Alex: Us? Scared? Pfft! Are you daft or just off your rocker?

RORY: Well, I wasn’t until I heard about all those bad girls.

Charlene: We are not the least bit scared. Not at all. I mean… Seriously? What the heck do you take us for? Huh? Chickens?


Janie’s phone rings and pops up a Text…

Janie: Hmm?! *Grabbing her phone and Looking to see a Text* What… You’ve got to be kidding.

Alex: What?… *Popping her head over; curious* What’s the buzz?

Janie: A Text came in from Sora and Carly…

Charlene: What does it say?

Janie: They heard something coming in and it’s got the byline of some girls we know. Leslie, Blossom… and Betty. They’re likely gonna be appearing at Chilton.

Charlene: Come again… Janie… Did you say that they’re gonna be attending Chilton too?

Alex: Are you sure that they weren’t just huffing?

Janie: I have no idea. We haven’t heard from them since Friday afternoon. They were likely too darn busy with things.

Alex: What about Zoey? We haven’t heard from her all weekend either.”

Outside the Chilton School…

Lorelai and Rory sit in the Jeep staring at the school…

Dinah rolls in seconds later…

Betty, Leslie and Blossom pull in seconds later after Dinah and the Trio…

Elizabeth Burke, Curtis Rhapsody surprise them all and sneak in and happen to already be inside the Headmaster’s office… Waiting…

RORY: I remember it being smaller.

LORELAI: Yeah. And less. . .

RORY: Off with their heads.

LORELAI: Yeah. *tilting her head and peering up at the building*

RORY: What are you looking at?

LORELAI: I’m just trying to see if there’s a hunchback up in that bell tower.

RORY: So, how do I look?

LORELAI: *smiles proudly* You look great. Like a Gem.

RORY: Really?

LORELAI: Really. You are an amazing kid. You have earned this. You just go in there and show them what smart really is. I love you. Just call me if you need me.

RORY: You’re kidding, right?

LORELAI: No. Call me if you need anything. I’m great at making up dirty cheers.

RORY: You have to go in with me.

LORELAI: Rory, come on.

RORY: You have to meet the headmaster.

LORELAI: Well, look at me, Rory. I can’t meet anybody who does anything in there.

RORY: Mom!

LORELAI: No, I look like that chick from the Dukes of Hazzard.

RORY: This is my first day. You are not getting out of going in there with me. Period.

They get out of the Jeep. Two women walking by stop and stare at Lorelai’s outfit…

In Dinah’s Mini-Van…

Dinah: *Looking at the building* Wow! Gargoyles and old English styled statues. It’s like a castle.

Janie: A Castle of pristine knowledge. Highly academic people reside here.

Alex: You can just feel it. We all can. However… we don’t even realize that it’s actually… a bit intimidating.

Charlene: It’s intimidating. *Looking up at the building and curious about something* The building is huge… I am kinda starting to suspect that there’s a clock tower. One thing though… Would they be having a hunchback ringing the bells?

Janie: Not sure… But that is something you could ask about. Someone’s ought to know if there is one. I’d like to get some assurance of it and find out as to whether or not… there would be one.

Dinah: Okay… this is it, girls. You 3 go on inside there and show them the smarts of a Rhapsody Clansmen. Show them the Wit and the persistence that only we can dish out with flare.

Alex: *Pauses* Huh?! What the heck do you mean by that? You serious?

Dinah: No. I am serious. You 3 go in there and show them what determination and intellect… is really about. Call me. Call me if there is anything you need. Anything at all…

Charlene: Mom… You’ve got to go in there with us.

Dinah: Come on girls… I can’t go in there.

Alex: You have to meet the Headmaster. He could be expecting to seek a meeting with you.

Janie: This is predictable…

Dinah: Girls… I can’t go in there. For god’s sake. Look at me, girls. Take a look. I can’t go out and in there and meet anyone there who does anything. I look like a 2 dollar trollop who’s looking for a quick bang. Sickening and gross.

Alex: This is our first day. You are not getting out of going in there with us. Period. Get out of the car with us and let’s go find the Headmaster.

Dinah sighs in defeat as she knew that she couldn’t talk herself out of going inside. knowing that she was not in the best attire.

LORELAI: Good morning.

The women share a look, then walk away…

LORELAI: *to Rory* Oh, well, we’re gonna be best friends.

Lorelai pulls on her coat as they walk toward the school…


Dinah: *Walking over suddenly from the side while her daughters walk over to Rory* Hey, Lorelai…

Lorelai: *Looking to see Dinah* Hey Dinah.

Dinah: *Looking at Lorelai* You come to Chilton in that? *Sighs* Oh dear… I guess that you’ve had the same dilemma that i did. If not worse than me.

Lorelai: You have no idea. I had no clean clothes and the clothes i was hoping to wear… were at the dry cleaners and… then waking up late. Yeah. *Chuckles embarrassed* I had a very slow start.

Dinah: And i bet that your daughter was riding you over it.

Lorelai: Yeah. But… how did you know?

Dinah: My daughters were doing the same exact thing to me. I was close to being postal. It was getting there… getting there fast.

Lorelai: I don’t blame you. I came close to it also and that’s not me. Not like me at all as i never do things like that. Ever.

Dinah: Lorelai, Don’t sweat it. Really. You just had an off morning. It happens. It’s normal to have an off morning. It just is life. You can’t expect to have a happy go lucky and perfect go right start… every single morning all the time… It would just get dull with time passing and life would have no variety.

Rory: *Seeing the girls* Hey Janie, Alex… Charlene.

Janie: Morning Rory. *Looking ahead at the building* We’re finally here. At Chilton. Kinda nerved, isn’t it?

Rory: Not really.

Alex: You’re fortunate. Because we’re right now trying to fight the urge to faint. We’ve got butterflies in our stomach and we feel our insides tensing up.

Charlene: It’s not good. Being here is supposed to be good. But not make a person break out in hives of nervousness.

Rory: I happen to fee a little like that as well… But there’s no time to show it here. It’s a new school and Ivy league stepping stone.

Janie: So we’ve noticed.

As they were walking…

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Leslie: *Walking up to Janie, Alex and Charlene* …

Blossom: *Getting close behind Janie, Alex and Charlene* …

Betty: *Grins*

Blossom: *Suddenly reaching over and covering Janie’s eye* Hey there, Janie. Guess who?

Alex: *Gasps*

Charlene: *Choked up* Wha– what?! Oh my god…

Janie: *Stopping to turn and see Blossom, Leslie and Betty nearby*

The girls all turn to face each other…

Alex: Blossom?! Leslie?! Betty?!

Leslie: Surprise!

Blossom: We are here.

Charlene: How?! Why?

Betty: We can explain… Friday last week… on the last day that you 3 were attending Metropolis High… we felt that fate was leading you 3 a different direction. Something better. We however were unaware that something was gonna be coming to us. But Leslie’s here… because her father paid for her Tuition for Chilton. I’m here because i paid my way… But at the same time as help pay for Leslie’s way into Chilton.

Alex: That’d explain you two…

Blossom: How i got in… I don’t really know. I still can’t figure it out…  I got home to my house after school friday afternoon and i barely got to my room when i get a surprise visit from Wakka. He came over to see me. Asked me if i were to know when the recruiting of Blitzball players would start. It was only then that he caught sight of a letter sticking out in view. He brought it over to me and i opened it. Pulled out the letter to reveal… A letter from Chilton. That it was being paid for… in full for me to attend it. Saying that i was accepted into the school. Into the school.

Charlene: You were accepted into the school but don’t know who paid for your Tuition?

Blossom: No. I tried calling the school here for any details on who it could have been. I got nothing. No one would tell me. They kept giving a run around. They wouldn’t tell me a thing.

Betty: It’s almost like it’s been orchestrated.

Leslie: By who?

Betty: Beats me.

Rory: *Stopping to look and see Leslie, Blossom and Betty* Hey girls. What’re you girls doing here? You’re a far distance away from Metropolis High. You didn’t happen to take a wrong turn getting there… Did you?

Charlene: Rory… They’re attending here too. They were accepted here.

Rory: What? How?!

Leslie: We have no idea. Although my father paid for my Tuition here. Betty lent a hand. But also paid for her own. Blossom was mysteriously accepted into Chilton and has been spending the weekend trying to tail the identity of the one who had paid her Tuition for Chilton. But she’s also in.

Rory: Oh wow! That’s amazing.

Alex: Show it.

Dinah: *Catching sight of Leslie, Blossom and Betty* Hey girls… What’re you doing here? Blossom, what’re you doing here? You’re supposed to be in school. Why aren’t you there now? That goes for you girls as well… Leslie. Betty. Aren’t you two gonna be late for class?

Betty: This is our school. As of today.

Dinah: What do you mean? What do you mean that this is your school? Since when? Today? How?

Janie: It’s true mom. They’ve got papers with them to prove it.

As Leslie, Blossom and Betty suddenly show off the papers…

Charlene: See?

Dinah: *Looking at the papers and seeing the seal and signatures* Well… I’ll be. So they really are attending here. Blossom… i see that your’s is signed by your father. Curtis.

Blossom: *Pauses in shock* S-say w-what? My dad?

Dinah: That’s what the signature shows. I have seen the way your father signs some of the things. It’s got to be him.

Betty: *Nods*

Rory: You guys heading to see the Headmaster?

Leslie: Yeah. That’d be the most logical place to start. Besides… we barely got here and we’re lost as heck.

Blossom: That’s double for me…

Janie: You know… We’re all going the same way… Why not we all go together?

Rory: It’d be better than walking in a daze…

Charlene: How very true indeed.

Rory: *Suddenly catching notice of a man nearby* Who’s the guy near the back?

Blossom: *Looking to see Wakka Standing there* Oh… Him? He’s a good friend. A wonderful friend of ours. One known by our family. Rory… Meet our family friend… Wakka. He’s a Blitzer.

Rory: A Blitzer?

Leslie: He sure is. I was a little weary of that at first. But… It’s true. True… He is.

Dinah: *Looking to see Wakka* Holy… balls! Wakka. What in heck is he doing here? How did he get here?

Lorelai: I don’t know… How does anyone get anywhere? Why? *Looking to see who Dinah was looking at* Wow! Who’s that guy?

Dinah: A family friend from Hawaii. The family went there the other year. Met him. Came close friends. The family did. Had a few rough patches and all that… but we got through it just as civil and fair. Lorelai, Meet Wakka. The Blitzer from Hawaii. Wakka… Meet a good friend of mine. Lorelai Gilmore.

Lorelai: A Blitzer? Hmm. Wow! Well… *Smiles towards Wakka* It’s nice to meet you, Wakka.

Wakka: *Raising a fist to the air in salutation* Nice to meet you, ya. Any friend to the clan is a friend to Wakka, eh?

Lorelai: *Smiles*

Seconds later…

LORELAI: So, where do we go?

Rory checks a piece of paper…

RORY: Uh, the Ambroise building.

LORELAI: Which is?

RORY: The big, scary one.

LORELAI: Oh, great. Thanks for the input.

A man notices that they look confused…

IAN: Lost?

LORELAI: Oh, yeah. Uh, we’re looking for the headmaster’s office, the Ambroise building.

IAN: Ah, okay. Well, this is it right here. You just go inside, down the stairs, make a left, and the headmaster’s office is at the end of the hall.

LORELAI: Great. Thank you.

IAN: You’re welcome.

Rory grabs Lorelai’s arm to go, but the man extends a hand.

IAN: Um, I’m Ian Jack. My daughter Julia goes to school here.

Lorelai shakes his hand…

LORELAI: Hi. I’m Lorelai Gilmore. Um, this is my daughter, Rory.

Dinah: Hey there.

Ian: *Nods towards Dinah* Hey. You with her?

Dinah: Yeah. I am. I’m here to enroll my daughters Janie, Alex and Charlene here as well as Lorelai is here to get her daughter Rory set up here.

IAN: Your daughters? Really?


Dinah: You bet.

Blossom: Although… the three of us are here on our own. At least… that’s what it feels like.

Ian: And who are you girls?

Dinah: She’s my Niece Blossom and the girls with her are her girlfriend Leslie T. Burke and Leslie’s friend from Palm Desert, California Betty Andrews.

Ian: Oh. Well… it’s nice to meet you girls.

Leslie: Same here.

Betty: Pleasure to meet you too.

Wakka: *Nods*

IAN: Wow, that’s great. Uh, I mean, daughters are a great thing.

LORELAI: We’re big fans.

IAN: Yeah. Uh, yeah. So, is your husband here? I’d love to meet him.

LORELAI: I’m not married.

IAN: Ah.

Dinah: She’s a Single mother. Whether her mother likes to adhere to it or not. But i am proudly married and love my husband dearly.

LORELAI: *To Ian* I’d love to meet your wife, though.

IAN: I’m divorced.


IAN: Yeah.

RORY: Excuse me. I really gotta. . .

LORELAI: Right! We gotta go meet the big guy, and I gotta, uh, get back to work.

Lorelai and Rory start to walk away…

Along with Dinah and her daughters… With Blossom, Betty and Leslie following right behind.

IAN: Oh, where do you work?

LORELAI: *walks back to him* At an inn. The Metropolis Inn. I run it. As a Manager… But the one who owns it is Renee.

IAN: Really?

LORELAI: In a different outfit, of course.

IAN: *laughs* Well, it was nice to meet you, Lorelai. Good luck in school, Rory. I’ll tell Julia to look out for you.

RORY: Great, thanks.

IAN: See you.

He walks away. Lorelai stares after him, smiling to herself…

LORELAI: What a nice, nice man.

RORY: You’re feeling pretty good about yourself right now, aren’t you?


RORY: Do you want me to get you a mirror?

LORELAI: *her smile fades* I’m back. Let’s go.

Dinah: Rory, Your mom’s single. But she should have a little fun and a moment of bliss. Besides… It ain’t easy being a single parent. However… She’s done a smashing job raising you. You turned out outstanding. But she’s lonely… So a few small minutes of feeling good about being likely flirted with by a guy… isn’t gonna hurt anyone.

Alex: Mom. That was rather droll. But well put.

Leslie: We should get going… Time is wasting already.

Betty: *Looking at the map* It shows that we go through the side door over on the end here… and go down the steps. The headmaster’s office is on the left… down the hall.

Wakka: So… We’re going inside this building? *Looking up at the hulking building and looking inside; Feeling unsure* Oh boy…

To be continued…


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