Chapter 258: On the Road to Chilton and to a new School Hierarchy.


LORELAI: *While Driving* I am so done with plans. I am never ever making one again. It never works. I spend the day obsessing over why it didn’t work and what I could’ve done differently. I’m analyzing all my shortcomings when all I really need to be doing is vowing to never ever make a plan ever again, which I’m doing now. Having, once again, been the innocent victim of my own stupid plans. *Groans* God, I need some coffee.

On the road to Chilton…

Lorelai and Rory were heading right for Chilton and as they made their way there… They didn’t notice that there was a car following not far behind them along the way. The moment of Chilton’s start for Rory was drawing near. Drawing ever so close and near.

As for Dinah and her daughters…

They were tailing behind Lorelai and Rory. The trio were pragmatically nervous as well. Charlene was nervous and couldn’t control her urges as she suddenly turned the inside of the Car into a miniature winter wonderland. Even though outside… the sun was shining and with its rays hitting the car gently but raising the temperature which melted the ice and snow that Charlene emitted. They all had to drive through Hartford. Past Hartford and it was as though it were a few miles long on the road over to Chilton. But it was only just a single long stretch of road.

A Mile behind from them was another car. The car consisted of 3 girls and a passenger. It was Betty, Blossom and Leslie. They were following close behind and on their way to Chilton. They were attending the school too and it was gonna within just moments later… catch the attention of Janie, Alex and Charlene. Catching the attention of Rory. Plus catch the line of sight from Lorelai, Dinah.

They weren’t the only ones. Elizabeth Burke… Leslie’s mother was surprisingly right behind and coming along for the ride as well. Just as well as Blossom’s father Curtis. With the truth behind who paid for Blossom’s Tuition. It was a mind blowing revelation to come. It was now a motorcade of people heading right for Chilton. They were heading their way there on a red eye trip over to the Private school…

In Betty’s car…

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Betty: *Driving* So, Wakka… How do you know Leslie?

Wakka: Through Blossom, of course, ya. She told me that she and Leslie met and automatically… things clicked between them. Strange thing is that last time i happened to have seen her… She was with Zoey and they were believed to be really tight, ya.

Betty: How do you know of Blossom?

Wakka: They came to…

Blossom: Hawaii. We went to Hawaii once for a while where Wakka resided and it was his home. He’s from there originally.

Wakka suddenly paused and looked at Blossom Oddly…

Blossom: *Whispers to Wakka* Don’t worry. I’ll spill the details on that later.

Wakka: *Shrugs* …

Blossom: By the way… Leslie… We still have yet to get the ball rolling for the Blitzball preparations.

Leslie: *Looking out the window* I know. I’ve been trying to decide how best to activate that Program and make it permanent. This Sport is supposed to be kicking. But i just can’t get the funding from the city on board.

Blossom: We’ll have to make some calls.

Leslie: To who? I tried to go as high up as the Mayor… i got nothing. I don’t know as to who else to call.

Betty: Is there someone you know who can get something in line for it?

Leslie: No. There isn’t. I don’t know anyone who’d just up and fork over the funding. And no… I am not about to ask Amy Diamond for the $. She’s done enough for the funding that helped build the Blitzball stadium already. She has her own thing that she’s dealing with.

Wakka: …

Betty: What’ll you do?

Leslie: I don’t know.

Blossom: We’ll have to figure it out more and see what it is that we can do about it all.

Betty: Today’s the first day of our beginning Chilton. We really ought to focus on that. This is gonna be a very huge change for us.

Leslie: Once we get there… We’re gonna need to head over to the Headmaster. To meet with him and be interviewed by him. I don’t know…

Up ahead…

Dinah and her 3 girls were conversing…

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Dinah: *Driving* It’s the first day of Chilton for you girls. It isn’t gonna be like Metropolis High. There won’t be clubs. Or football teams or sports teams. None of that. It’s gonna be hard there.

Janie: So we’ve heard. But we will get through it. Rory’s gonna be there. So… If we face any trouble… At least we’ll have each other at school.

Alex: Besides… Rory’s gonna be lucky to have us there with her. The surrounding attending kids would try to mess with her. But they won’t think to try anything with there being 4 of us.

Charlene: I could always encase the bullies in a shell casing of Ice.

Dinah: Charlene… That is not the answer. You don’t solve anything by insisting on Violence and fighting.

Charlene: We… are not gonna insist on the Violence. But we’ll watch each other’s back.

Alex: Isn’t that what we usually do?

Janie: I think that it is what we take upon ourselves to do. Rory’s our friend. Anyone who messes with her… Will be sorry. They’ll be regretting every second that they wasted in bugging and messing with Rory.

Dinah: Don’t worry, Girls. Rory will be fine. She’s gonna make it. Besides… She’s got the smarts and the knowhow to make it. As do you girls. You’ll see. It’s gonna be all fine.

Alex: Where exactly is the School anyway? At the far reaches of the earth?

Charlene: No… It’s somewhere in Hartford. Not sure where… But… Something strikes this as odd. Odd. Every time something new happens… Another world or theme attaches to our city and intertwines. Combining as one to a point as to where one can’t compare or contrast too good without mixing and confusing one with the other.

Janie: I noticed that too. However… if we keep trying to think about it… We’ll wind up going insane.

The Road to Chilton goes on…

To be continued…

What were they to find once at Chilton? Would there be a surprise run-in? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga continues…


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