Chapter 255: A pick-me-up cheer up meal… Right at Luke’s for Gilmore and Rhapsody.

Lorelai and Rory walk toward Luke’s Diner. Dinah and her 3 girls join along as expected. It was starting to wind down from the tense moment at the Elder Gilmore Mansion…

RORY: So, nice dinner at the grandparents’ house.

Janie: It wasn’t all that peaceful… But… Eh. It sure was eventful.

Alex: Eventful? Try… gut-wrenching and like going through a blender.

Charlene: The dinner sure was a eventful event. If nothing better.

LORELAI: Oh, yeah, her dishes have never been cleaner.

RORY: You and Grandma seemed to have a nice talk.

Dinah: Not only her… Me as well… I sure gave her a verbal conversation that was a shocker.

Janie: That we know. That is something you don’t need to grab for details… We heard the whole thing.

LORELAI: How much did you hear?

RORY: Not much. You know, snippets.

LORELAI: Snippets?

RORY: Little snippets.

LORELAI: So basically everything?

RORY: Basically, yes.

LORELAI: Well, the best laid plans.

Dinah: Sometimes the best laid plans… are the ones that manage to come out from the blue.

Alex: I would suppose that there are such things that just come over you.

They walk into the diner and sit at a table…

RORY: I think it was really brave of you to ask them for money.

Dinah: Rory… Please… That battlefield was nothing. You want a battlefield. A real battlefield? Come see me sometime and i’ll give you a crash course of a battlefield. Like going toe-to-toe with an Evil Drule like King Lotor of Planet Doom. Long long story. Trust me… You will tire of the tale before it’s all said and done. And yes… It means… that i am a member of the Super-powered Persuasion. A Retired member… as a matter of fact. But still a renown member.

Janie: And this is what we want to discuss… why?

Charlene: Don’t embellish. Just go through the motions.

LORELAI: Oh, I so do not want to talk about it.

RORY: How many meals is it gonna take ’til we’re off the hook?

Alex: Is there an exact # of meals… or is it the type that spats out… Infinite?

LORELAI: I think the deli spread at my funeral will be the last one.

Dinah: I would think that it’d be when i am a senile old lady who’s lost all marbles in her head before we’re off the hook. But that would give Emily and Richard… entirely too much credit and or sheer satisfaction.


Lorelai: *Gasps; With Dinah* Hey, wait, does that mean…

RORY: Can’t let a perfectly good plaid skirt go to waste.

Janie: It did cost a rather pretty penny and yet… we could still fight the power. However… we can’t bare to see a grown woman cry. It’s just too sad. So…

Alex: Why fight it. We can’t let all the preparations and all the Private school girl merchandise go to waste away upon the 4-winds.

Charlene: Plus… you went through hell to get us into the school. Put yourself on the line. Do we dare make that go all for naught?

LORELAI: Oh, honey, you won’t be sorry.

Dinah: You girls will not be sorry at all.

Luke walks up to the table dressed in a button-down shirt…

LORELAI: Wow, you look nice. Really nice.

Dinah: Look at you… Stylish and slender. You look really sophisticated tonight. *Nods*

LUKE: I had a meeting earlier at the bank. They like collars. You look nice, too. *Looking at Dinah* You look like you were on a battlefield. But still looking nice. You holding up alright still?

LORELAI: I had a flagellation to go to.

Dinah: Yeah. I’m okay. Going to the mat with snooty people is something i can deal with. I had to go through flagellation as well as Lorelai. Was it fun? Not really. But You know… When it comes to having a friends back. Consider it where “Danger Zone” Dinah is always gonna provide a backing. Mess with a friend hers… You’re asking for trouble. Mess with her family… You’ll live to be sorry. This girl will lay down the pain.

LUKE: *Chuckles* I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. So, what’ll you have?

LORELAI: Coffee, in a vat.

RORY: I’ll have coffee also. And chili fries.

Dinah: Large Coffee. Chili Fries. And if there is any… Chocolate cake.

Janie: We’ll take Coffee and a couple Chili Cheese fries.

LUKE: That’s quite a refined palate you got there. Coming right up…

Luke walks away…

LORELAI: Behold the healing powers of a bath. So, tell me about the guy.

Dinah: A bath with healing powers cometh. So… Girls. Tell good ole’ Mom about the boys you’ve met. What’re they like?

RORY: You know what’s really special about our relationship? The total understanding about the need for one’s privacy. I mean, you really understand boundaries.

Charlene: Mom, You know that the thing about our relationship that seems to spell out special… Really special… It’s the total understanding of one’s privacy. You truly understand a person’s need for Privacy and personal space.

LORELAI: So tell me about the guy.

RORY: Mom!

Dinah: Come on. Enlighten your mother here. What’s the scoop upon the guys?

Alex: Mom… *Groans* …

LORELAI: Is he dreamy?

RORY: Oh, that’s so Nick at Night.

Charlene: You make it sound like a night time soap opera.

Janie: It’s almost like saying it where it sounds off like a Saturday night boink-fest.

Dinah: *Cynical* Saturday Night Divas… Step aside. The Irony Trio is coming.

LORELAI: Well, I’m gonna find out anyway.

RORY: Really? How?

LORELAI: I’ll spy.

Dinah: Same as for me. I’ll ask around.

Alex: You wouldn’t dare.

Dinah: It’s a mother’s prerogative. It’s a mother’s sole given right… as long as she’s a woman.

Janie: *Chuckles and trying to keep a stern but steady expression* Oh brother… Mom. You’re really a class act. aren’t you?

Luke returns with their order

LUKE: Coffee. . .fries. I can’t stand it. This is so unhealthy. Rory, please, put down that cup of coffee. You do not want to grow up to be like your mom. And you girls mean well… But please don’t indulge. You don’t want to turn into your mother. Not like this.

RORY: Sorry, too late.

Alex: Food is the symbol of a common bond.

Rory and Lorelai smile at each other. Dinah and her girls smile and briefly chuckle at the thought. Luke walks away…

LORELAI: So tell me about the guy.

RORY: Check, please.

LORELAI: No, really, are you embarrassed to bring him home?

RORY: I’m not embarrassed.

LORELAI: Does he talk at all?

RORY: No, Mom, he’s a mime.

Dinah: So… About the guys. What’re they like?

Alex: I think that it’s about time we head for home.

Charlene: Do we dare speak of this now?

Dinah: You girls aren’t about to tell me that you’re embarrassed to seek mention of them or consider bringing them home with you… are you?

Janie: You confuse us a whole lot. We are not in any way embarrassed.

Charlene: There is no embarrassment. We just would rather keep that private. Does the meaning of Boundaries not gather in your intellectual mind? *Grins*

Dinah: I get the point… Girls… If nothing other… Just count the whole thing as me being optimistically curious. So… come on. Tell me at least… one thing. Do they happen to talk? At all?

Janie: Not really. They’re more atone to being Mimes.

Alex: most of the things they do are like hand gestures.

{The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! was filmed before a Live audience for your viewing pleasure… (Kidding, Folks!)}

It was the end of the tension filled day. A day that was full of uncertain emotions for all those in the line-up. The disagreement of going to Chilton and Mommy Dearest act transcending into a leap of shock and learning of the reasons for how the Tuition of the Preparatory school was being paid. The deal which was made and the precursor to the mess that had stirred around revolving Lorelai, Emily and Richard Gilmore. There was more to come and more to cross. Possibly a break into the next Super powered throws… That was yet to be seen… And would it pull in the new Allies? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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