Chapter 254: The Aftermath of a life long set-up… Painful and Torturous to the mind.

As for The Rhapsody Trio and Rory…

Lorelai and Rory walk out of the house. Lorelai sighs and leans against the outside wall.

Dinah and her daughters did the same and felt as though they were gonna regret ever making the deal with Emily Gilmore. The girls were alright with Emily Gilmore. However… Lorelai… Was not. Dinah herself was starting to feel as though she would be regretting going to Emily and Richard for help… realizing the dissatisfying reality that there were unfortunately… strings attached to the deal. Dinah was under the impression that there wouldn’t be any strings attached to the generous gesture done her by Emily Gilmore… But after going up to bat in Lorelai’s defense… That was now going south in that defense. She was seeing a little bit of what Lorelai meant about Emily and Richards poison web. She was starting to see it. Now she had to see for there to be no way that it wouldn’t come back to hurt her daughters in the end. She had to be sure that her girls wouldn’t get scorned.

RORY: Mom?

LORELAI: I’m okay. I just. . .do I look shorter? ‘Cause I feel shorter.

Dinah: Same here. I feel like my guts were just put through the blender and someone hitting the button for frappé.

Janie: Is that the result of us having to come here?

Alex: We’re not gonna be dealing with that all the time… Are we?

Dinah: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Charlene: *cynical* Why do i get the feeling that we all have just made some sort of deal with the devil?

Alex: It seems as though it’s as the saying goes. “You’ve made a deal with the devil. He always comes to collect.”

Janie: *Rolling her eyes* Oh man… What’ll we do now?

Charlene: Do… What can we do? There is nothing we can do. If we want Chilton… This is the torture we are gonna have no other say nor option but to just endure. Embrace the burn.

Alex: Yeah… But in your case… It’s Embrace the frost.

Dinah: …

RORY: Hey, how ’bout I buy you a cup of coffee?

Janie: A round of coffee. In a large cup. A Huge cup. We’re gonna need it.

LORELAI: Oh, yeah. You drive, though, okay, ’cause I don’t think my feet will reach the pedals. *To Dinah* I can’t believe that you verbally whiplashed my mother like that. It was phenomenal. Even though you went a little too far on it… For what it’s worth. I deeply appreciate what it was that you done.

Dinah: Don’t mention it. However… Next time… Provide some hard hats. And some force fields for the guts inside me here. They’re still churning and making my stomach feel queasy.

Lorelai: That’s normal. That’s just a sign telling you that you’ve just been Gilmore’d.

Dinah: Oh god… that is gonna be taking a long long time getting used to.

Lorelai: It’s the price to pay for getting into the poison web of Emily and Richard. The girls will be vulnerable of being pulled into their web and seeing… believing and agreeing to what Emily and Richard believe and all.

Dinah: *Grins; sighs while still trying to get the uneasy feeling to die down* Don’t i know it!

Janie: Let’s all get on over to where there is a fresh cup of coffee and unwind a little. We are gonna need it. After a situation like the one we all just endured… We need a lot of Coffee.

Alex: Mom, I am hoping that we won’t have to go through this every night.

Charlene: We won’t go through it all… Will we?

Dinah: I am afraid… that we will be. *Sighs* I think that without saying it… Lorelai might have just laid out the fact that once you make a deal with someone like Emily Gilmore. There is without a doubt… no way you can find any loophole and break from it.

Janie: *Rolls her eyes* great. So… our friday’s are forever taken by the elder terror.

Charlene: That lady in there better not get up Lorelai’s grill next week. Because if she does…

Charlene then emitted some power from her hands and Made a move in means to prove her point…

Charlene: *Channeling her powers and summoning icy snow to surround her and bury her with snow; absorbing the snow and turning into a massive 50 foot snow beast; Stomping and roaring with rage; Blowing Snow and ice out at the target; Launching the attack at (Lamp post)* embedding the enemy in a hard case of Ice* Solid Ice entombment!

Dinah: Charlene Emily Rhapsody… That is enough. *Groans* I should not be doing this and showing off the retired powers that be… But… *Willing herself to release some Thunder and lightning to break the hard case of Ice apart and shattering the ice* Thunder Shot!

Rory: *With her Jaw dropped open* Wha- what…. How can you do that?

Lorelai: *Scoffs* Oh my god… I can not believe that i was so dense that i didn’t catch that part. Sookie was right. You are that hero of Thunder that she was trying to tell me. She was trying to tell me and it went right over my head.

Dinah: Wait. Sookie… How is it that she knows. I only told you about that. How is it that she’d know?

Lorelai: It’s nothing to worry. Sookie and i were talking this morning at the Inn and about you and I having a little quarrel revolving the Schooling. It just kinda slipped out. Sookie won’t say anything. She’s a good secret keeper.

As they were about to get into their cars and head out to Luke’s…

Dinah: *Sighs*


The Phone rings…

Dinah: *Answering her phone* Hello?

Shingo Rhapsody
Shingo Rhapsody

Shingo: *On the Phone* Hey Hon. How are things?

Dinah: *On the phone* Don’t ask. You don’t want to know.

Shingo: Why? What’s the matter?

Dinah: I’ve just been gilmore’d.

Shingo: What? What do you mean… you’ve just been gilmore’d?

Dinah: Just what i said. I’ve been Gilmore’d.

Shingo: Wait… whoa… W-where are you?

Dinah: I’m right now about to be leaving the property of the Elder Gilmore house. Namely the house of Emily and Richard Gilmore.

Shingo: What’re you doing there?

Dinah: I’d tell you. But you’d never believe it if i were to tell you.

Shingo: Why do you say that?

A Minute later…

While on the road…

Dinah: *On Speaker phone* Shingo, Our daughter’s Janie, Alex and Charlene… they’ve been accepted into Chilton. They are to attend starting Monday morning.

Shingo: Really? Wow! That’s wonderful. I’m proud of them. Our oldest daughters are in College and living in the Dorms. They’re growing up. But now… our young ones… Janie. Alex and Charlene are gonna be going to a Preparatory school. Outstanding.

Dinah: It sure is. There is no limit of how proud i am of them.

Shingo: *Pauses* But… wait. How is it that they’re going to such a school? We can’t afford it.

Dinah: I know that. *Sighs* However… there is something you’re gonna need to know. I don’t know as to how you’ll take it when i tell you of it. But… the reason as to how we’re to afford sending the girls off to Chilton… It’s because of two people. And that’s the house we’re leaving from right now. The Elder Gilmore residence. Emily and Richard Gilmore.

Shingo: Okay… *Listening* I seem to get that now. But why go to them? You know that we could have gone to Oliver. He would have been more than willing to help out…

Dinah: I am aware of that. However… We can’t keep going to Oliver for everything. It isn’t fair on him. Even though he would not have minded. It isn’t fair on him. Now… I went to the Elder Gilmore Residence to have the back for a friend. Lorelai Gilmore. She’s an acquired friend of mine that i made. The girls know her too. Lorelai’s Daughter Rory… who the girls know. As well as i do… Also was going to Chilton. She is going there too… But there was no money for it. So Lorelai had to do the one thing that she’d soon come to regret. As would I. Even though it was in order to be able to send the girls to Chilton. She went to her parents. Stating her case and said that the money was for Rory. That’s where the strings attached… showed.

Shingo: You mean… the old Dangling carrot Lure trick? Where a deal is made and it’s so good but turns out to be too good to be true as there comes a price and or condition tied to it. Right?

Dinah: Yeah. But… how did you know?

Shingo: I didn’t. I just kinda figured. Most good deals never come without it having something tied to it. A catch or condition. What… What was the… the catch?

Dinah: The catch to it was that every friday night… We’d have to be at Emily’s and Richard’s house for Dinner. For a weekly update on Rory’s schooling and Lorelai’s life. The condition didn’t revolve me or our girls. But… somehow… I happen to feel obligated to go.

Shingo: Oh god…

Dinah: What? What would be so wrong about that?

Shingo: Uh… Does the fact that there are some things about our lives we’d like to have remain private… escape the mind? They’ll likely snoop into our personal lives. Me… i wouldn’t mind as i don’t have a thing to hide. But they could snoop into yours… There are certain things that you and i both know were committed and it has taken a lot to have it all put in the past. To move past it and let all things rest. Do you really want the past to unravel again and go through the hell… all over again?

Dinah: Then… What the heck do you suggest we do? I can’t call off the deal. The girls need their schooling. They’ve already been dis-enrolled from Metropolis High. There is nothing that can be done about it now.

Shingo: *Groans in frustration and sighs* Okay… Okay. Okay… There is nothing to be done about it now. You’re in this deal. But… if nothing else. Can you at least promise and assure that you’ll not let anything out that shouldn’t be out?

Dinah: Shingo… Come on. I am not about to be ringing out the secret dirty laundry among unknown ears and minds. Besides… It’s only thing to be having to deal with someone like Emily and Richard. Every friday night. But it’s really something else to be going off spewing about pillow talk. That’s just something… I really don’t do.

Shingo: Just be careful. Please honey.

Dinah: I will.

Shingo: I gotta go now. But i wanted to call and see how you were.

Dinah: I Miss you.

Shingo: I Miss you too. I plan to come home sometime soon for a little and put the business on a week vacation.

Dinah: It’ll be great to see you.

Shingo: Same here. Love you.

Dinah: Love you too…

Dinah followed on behind Lorelai and they all made their way onwards to Luke’s. It was gonna be a wrap to a rather stressing evening courtesy of the dinner at the Elder Gilmore’s house. It was gonna be the deal that sealed them into being under the imperative thumbs of Emily and Richard. Would they survive it and hold off from coming unhinged at Emily Gilmore as time went on? Would Dinah’s patience and tolerance hold out… remaining stable over Emily Gilmore? Dinah was gonna stand up and stick by Lorelai’s side. She knew that Lorelai was only following her heart and doing what she felt was right… despite the few wrong moves that she’d done in the past of her growing up. She was just doing things how she wished.

How will the closing of the night from nightmare and con alley turn out. Will it ever come out that some familiar faces will also be joining them in Chilton? More to come… Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…


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