Chapter 251: That Night at the Elder Gilmore house. Dinah and daughters Tag along for support.

(The Hook line and sinker of a trap and involvement of Emily and Richard Gilmore.)

That night…

7 PM…


Lorelai and Rory stand on the front porch staring at the door…

Dinah and her 3 girls were also there too…

RORY: So, do we go in or do we just stand here reenacting The Little Match Girl?

Janie: This isn’t gonna be like an every week thing is it?

Alex: Do we insist on just standing here and waiting or do we pull an intrusion act?

LORELAI: Okay, look, I know you and me are having a thing here and I know you hate me but I need you to be civil, at least through dinner and then on the way home you can pull a Menendez. Deal?

Dinah: Same goes for you girls. I mean… seriously. I know that i screwed up somewhere with you 3. Angered you 3 and you 3 probably were just going around thinking of life without me… because of that anger and last night. But you know what… Enough is enough. We’re gonna be civil here… at least through dinner. Then on the way home… you can play your teenage drama queen routine. Okay? Deal?

RORY: Fine.

Charlene: Deal.

Janie: Fine by us.

Dinah: *Looking at Lorelai* The fine arts and life of being a parent. It just never ceases to stop… does it?

Lorelai: No. Of course… how you’re able to handle it… i have no idea. Dinah, 9 kids… one kid cut out due to issues that were shaming the whole family. 3 adopted kids who are just as well loved as the rest. You got 8 kids. 8 good kids. That’s enough for anyone to go postal. I got one. Rory is my only kid. And i love her to death. Even if at times she comes off being a pain in the butt.

Lorelai rings the doorbell. Emily opens the door.

RORY: Hi, Grandma.

EMILY: Well, you’re right on time. *Seeing Dinah* Ah, Well… hello there Dinah. I do say that it is delightful that you were able to make it.

LORELAI: Yeah, yeah, no traffic at all.

Dinah: On a night like this… i think missing out on coming to provide support for Lorelai… An honest person… I don’t think i’d be one to miss the chance. She is quite nervous. And i know because my sister Pearl kinda got like that when she was younger. I know the signs. Dealt with it for years…

Janie: *Under her breath* suck up.

they walk inside…

Alex: *Looking at the inside* Oh my… god. Uh… are we at the Elder Gilmore place or the Elizabethan mansion in Burbank Heights?

Charlene: I think that we died. And this is what heaven looks like. Either heaven or hell. But i would most definitely sire to insist it be heaven. This is heaven… right? It’s not an illusion, is it?

Janie: No. I think that we were just dragged off and sent to heaven.

Emily: *Seeing 3 girls besides Dinah* Oh… Who might these 3 girls be?

Dinah: Uh…

Rory: They’re my friends, Grandma.

Dinah: They’re my daughters. Janie, Alex and Charlene. Girls… Say hello to Mrs. Gilmore.

Janie: *Waves* Hey…

Alex: *Smiles* Hello, Ma’am. Nice to… uh, Meet you.

Charlene: *Suddenly emitting Telekinesis and Moving one of the flowers from the nearby vase and bring it over to Emily* … Hello Mrs. Gilmore. Nice to meet you. I’m Charlene.

Emily: That’s a nice name. *Seeing the Rose coming to her in mid-air* Goodness… What’s this? Good god… What’s a flower doing floating in mid-air? How is that happening?

Lorelai: I don’t know, Mom… Maybe there’s a ghost residing here and is itching to stir up a show for everyone tonight. It’s fright night.

Emily: Don’t be absurd, Lorelai. There is no such things as ghosts.

Alex: I don’t think that’s true. There’s ghosts in the world. Just because we don’t see them with our naked eyes… don’t mean… they don’t exist.

Rory: Expressive girls.

Emily: Sounds like it.

Seconds later…

EMILY: I can’t tell you what a treat it is to have you girls here.

LORELAI: Oh, well, we’re excited, too.

EMILY: Is that a collector’s cup or can I throw it away for you?


Dinah: Long day at the Bulldog stadium. It’s been drills after drills. I have no idea on where one practice play ended and another began. *Finishing her coffee* I’ll Tell you though… It’s a productive day to remember. Minus the tension that was had from certain young girls.

Lorelai starts to toss her empty coffee cup into a nearby wastebasket…

EMILY: In the kitchen, please.

Dinah: I’ll do the honors on that, Emily.

Emily: Thank you, Dinah. You’re very thoughtful. *to Rory* So, I want to hear all about Chilton. I am quite certain that you girls have a lot to tell.

RORY: Well, I haven’t actually started yet.

Janie: Neither have we. Although it’s gonna be a definite change of pace.

Charlene: Really. I think that when it comes time to really start Chilton… That’s when we’ll know if we’re Chilton Material.

Alex: Plaid skirts a plenty. *Chuckles*

As Rory and Emily walk away, Lorelai drops the cup into the wastebasket…

Dinah: Lorelai… I understand how nervous you are about being here. how much you dread being here… whatever the reason might be. But *Sighs* Stop tensing up so much. Alright? I’ve got your back.

Dinah grabs the cup and takes hers as well as Lorelai’s over to where the kitchen was and throws them away. She returns only a minute later however she was double timing her steps…

The living room…

Richard is reading a newspaper. Rory and Emily walk in. Along with Janie, Alex and Charlene…

EMILY: Richard, look who’s here.

RICHARD: Rory. You’re tall. *Seeing 3 different girls right behind Rory* And who do we have here behind you, Rory.

RORY: I guess. *Pauses* Oh… They’re my friends from school. Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody.

Emily: They’re the daughters to the fine pleasing woman that came with Lorelai Yesterday morning.

RICHARD: Ah. That does explain it. They do look like a spitting image of that sharp woman. Good breeding and swell posture to add as well. *To Rory* Well, what’s your height?

RORY: 5’7″.

RICHARD: That’s tall. She’s tall.

Lorelai enters and Dinah follows in seconds later…


Dinah: Hey there, Richard. Good seeing you again…

Richard: Dinah… How good it is to see you again… Even on a night like this.

Dinah: Sure is. *Smiles*

RICHARD: *About Rory* Lorelai, your daughter’s tall.

LORELAI: Oh, I know. It’s freakish. We’re thinking of having her studied at M.I.T.


He returns to reading his paper.

Dinah: *To Emily* Does he always bury himself into his paper?

Emily: You have no idea. He always enjoys reading that paper.

Seconds later…

EMILY: Champagne, anyone?

LORELAI: Oh, that’s fancy.

Dinah: Champagne? Okay… Now this has to be like flying in the first class… or being a part of the socialite world.

Alex: Sounds a little like we’re having a taste of the life that Leslie’s parents usually have… Even though they are the type that don’t care about the money. Just seeing money as something that is just there. Not as if they really care whether they have it or not but find themselves fortunate to even have it.

Lorelai: Comparison and contrasting. That’s one way of looking at it.

EMILY: Well, it’s not every day that I have my girls and their guests here for dinner on a day the banks are open. A toast – to Rory and to the Rhapsody Trio entering Chilton and an exciting new phase in their lives.

RICHARD: Here, here.

EMILY: Mmm. Well, let’s sit everyone. This is just wonderful. An education is the most important thing in the world, next to family.

Janie: You won’t hear any objections here. *Sitting down* We happen to agree.

Charlene: Sometimes family can annoy you… anger you. But you know what? If you don’t got family… What do you have? An emptiness that will never fill.

LORELAI: And pie. *silence* Joke, joke.


Dinah: Pie? Hmm… sounds good. Is there Lemon Meringue? Key Lime Pie perhaps? Those are my favorites.

Alex: You’re making us crave Pie. Stop. We don’t want to wind up becoming ravenous.

There is a long silence. Richard hands Rory a section of the newspaper…

A Moment later…

Later that night, they’re all sitting at the table eating dinner…

EMILY: Rory, how do you like the lamb?

RORY: It’s good.

EMILY: Too dry?

RORY: No, it’s perfect.

Janie: *Trying the lamb* Not bad. The lamb isn’t bad. It has that nice country taste. soft. Tender. Moist.

LORELAI: Potatoes could use a little salt, though.

EMILY: Excuse me?

Charlene: The Potatoes have no salt. However… I don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s still a nice meal.

Alex: The Lamb kinda makes up for the potatoes having no salt. But if you eat both the lamb… and the potato… at the same exact time… it actually masks the no salt taste of the potato and yet provides a good soothing taste. The taste of something satisfying. Right?

Janie: That’s agreeable.

Dinah: *Seeing the slight offended look on Emily* Emily… Those are insightful criticisms. It’s nothing bad. They happen to do that at times at home. It does smack on the side of insulting… at first because one doesn’t expect hearing things like that. But when you stop and take time to think about what they were trying to get at… it’s as though they were giving a review or a tool for bettering a meal. Not that it’s bad. But it’s a step in bettering something. It’s actually like they say… we all have to better ourselves and better our ways of doing things everyday.

Emily: You are certainly right about that, Dinah. That we do. It’s the most civilized way to think and live.

Dinah: Oh… i wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the most civilized. But i will agree with you on the part that it’s a positive attitude. The right attitude as it helps you keep going. So you can do what you can to be better. Not letting things get you down.

Emily: *Nods* …

RORY: So, Grandpa, how’s the insurance biz?

RICHARD: Oh, people die, we pay. People crash cars, we pay. People lose a foot, we pay.

LORELAI: Well, at least you have your new slogan.

Alex: Almost like trying to advertise a hotel or Motel. “Come on over to Motel 6. We’ll leave the light on for you.”

Dinah: Alex. That’s kinda witty. But not necessary here.

RICHARD: And how are things at the motel?

LORELAI: The inn? They’re great.

Dinah: It’s an Inn. I’ve been there a few times. It’s not so bad. It’s actually a rather homely place. Full of love. Well… besides there being a grouchy or grumpy unhappy french concierge… However… He’s nothing. Just a unpleased man. Lorelai has fun keeping him on his toes. It’s actually quite funny.

EMILY: Lorelai’s the executive manager now. Isn’t that wonderful?

RICHARD: Speaking of which, Christopher called yesterday.

LORELAI: Speaking of which? How is that a speaking of which?

RICHARD: He’s doing very well in California. His Internet start-up goes public next month. This could mean big things for him. *to Rory* Very talented man, your father.

LORELAI: She knows.

Dinah: Lorelai is talented too, you know. She’s very independent and raises Rory with nothing but love, fun, care and peace.

Alex: *Grins*

Janie: What does that make her? Chop liver?

Dinah: Who is Christopher? I keep hearing references and little tidbits about him. Who is he?

Lorelai: Someone who happens to be the father to Rory.

Dinah: Ah. Okay. That would explain who he is. Of course… If he’s the father to your daughter Rory… Why isn’t he here now? I don’t seem to have that wrapped around my head. Not as well as i’d like.

Lorelai: Don’t go there, Dinah. Please. Just don’t get into it.

RICHARD: He always was a smart one, that boy. *to Rory* You must take after him.

LORELAI: Speaking of which, I’m gonna get a Coke. Or a knife.

Lorelai storms out of the room. She goes into the kitchen and starts scrubbing a dish in the sink. The maid comes in and looks at her.

LORELAI: Hi, how are you doing?

Back at the dinner table, Rory starts to get up…

Janie, Alex and Charlene also motion to get up but their mother insisted that they stayed in their seats.

RORY: I think I’m gonna go talk to her –

EMILY: No, I’ll go. You stay and keep your grandfather company.

Emily enters the kitchen.

EMILY: Lorelai, come back to the table.

LORELAI: Is this what it’s gonna be like every Friday night? I come over and let the two of you attack me? What’s worse… You had to do it while Dinah and her daughters were right there having to listen to it all.

EMILY: You’re being very dramatic.

LORELAI: Dramatic? Were you at that table just now? Were you? I know that Dinah was. She was trying to figure out what was going on and what the mention about Christopher was all about.

EMILY: Yes, I was, and I think you took what your father said the wrong way. Dinah is capable of understanding what’s been said. She’s not incompetent as you are insinuating that i happen to be thinking of her to be.

LORELAI: The wrong way? How could I have taken it the wrong way? What was open to interpretation? Dinah’s daughter Alex… She was beginning to figure it out… what was being said and aimed to ask questions about it.

Richard and Rory are able to overhear Lorelai and Emily arguing. Dinah and her daughters sat and overheard the argument…

EMILY: Keep your voice down.

LORELAI: No, Mother. I can’t take it anymore. Tonight just seems like a nightmare.

EMILY: You’re dripping all over the floor.

LORLEAI: Why do you pounce on every single thing I say?

EMILY: That’s absurd. You barely uttered a word all night.

LORELAI: That’s not true.

EMILY: You said pie.

LORELAI: Oh, come on.

EMILY: You did. All I heard you say was pie.

LORELAI: Why would he bring up Christopher? Was that really necessary?

EMILY: He likes Christopher.

LORELAI: Isn’t that interesting? Because, as I remember, when Christopher got me pregnant, Dad didn’t like him so much.

EMILY: Oh, well, please, you were sixteen. What were we supposed to do – throw you a party? We were disappointed. The two of you had such bright futures.

LORELAI: Yes. And by not getting married we got to keep those bright futures.

EMILY: When you get pregnant, you get married. A child needs a mother and a father.

LORELAI: Oh, Mom. Do you think that Christopher would have his own company right now if we’d gotten married? Do you think he would be anything at all?

EMILY: Yes, I do. Your father would have put him in the insurance business and you’d be living a lovely life right now.

LORELAI: He didn’t want to be in the insurance business and I am living a lovely life right now.

EMILY: That’s right, far away from us.

LORELAI: Oh, here we go.

EMILY: You took that girl and completely shut us out of your life.

LORELAI: You wanted to control me.

EMILY: You were still a child.

LORELAI: I stopped being a child the minute the strip turned pink, okay? I had to figure out how to live. I found a good job.

EMILY: As a maid. With all your brains and talent.

LORELAI: I worked my way up. I run the place now. I built a life on my own with no help from anyone.

EMILY: Yes, and think of where you would have been if you’d accepted a little help, hmm? And where Rory would have been. But no, you were always too proud to accept anything from anyone.

LORELAI: Well, I wasn’t too proud to come here to you two begging for money for my kid’s school, was I? I even was reluctant on it when Dinah talked me into it and i should have been forceful and told her no… Just as i do with others who suggest i come and ask you and dad for the help. I knew i was gonna be trapped. I knew it. And i was right. Dinah was warned about getting involved with this as she’d be caught in the web of you and dad.

Rory overhears this…

EMILY: No, you certainly weren’t. But you’re too proud to let her know where you got it from, aren’t you? Well, fine, you have your precious pride and I have my weekly dinners. Isn’t that nice? We both win. Dinah is not involved in this arrangement. I made that quite clear. We’d provide the Money for her girls to Chilton and with no strings attached. The Condition only applied to you.

Lorelai: To torture me… To torture me and force me to slowly conform to how you and dad want me to be. Whether it’s what i want or not. Maybe to even slowly move in when my back is turned and try to lure Rory to yours and dad’s style of thinking.

Emily: Is that what you really think i’d do?

Lorelai: No. It’s called… I know it’s what you’ll do. You’ve been wanting to do that on me from the time i turned 10. You were just biding your time.

To be continued…


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