Chapter 250: The next morning… Tension comes for both Rhapsody and Gilmore.

(Blossom and Zoey Officially finish making amends)

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Friday morning…

Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

7:10 AM…

Living room…

Janie: Last day of Metropolis High.

Alex: *Sighs*

Dinah: You 3 still are going.

Charlene: Not if we got something to do about it we aren’t.

Dinah: You guys wanna battle over this? We can go at it all day. But really… Come on. This fighting is really petty. Why don’t we bury the hatchet on all this and just have a movie day?

Alex: Don’t you have work to do?

Janie: Aren’t the football players at the university stadium expecting you?

Dinah: You girls aren’t about to forever play the “Mommy Dearest” card on me… are you?

Janie: I don’t know. *In a tense mood* You tell us. Are we? because as it might seem… we might be just blowing off steam. However… after last night… I don’t see how any of this would be the least bit surprising to you.

Charlene grumpily grabbed a stack of movies and placed them on the Table…

Charlene: Want to have some movie day or what?

However it pushed Dinah to throw in the white flag and just shift her decision…

Dinah: *With a Deadpan face* Never mind. I’ll go to work. You 3 go and enjoy your last day of school. Dinner’s at 7. Be here on time as Lorelai will be picking us up and heading to the Elder Gilmore house.

Janie, Alex and Charlene… unhappily and with a tense tone… grabbed their books and left for school. To endure their final day at Metropolis High…

Metropolis Inn…


The day at the Metropolis Inn was not gonna be so pleasant as Lorelai wasn’t all that chipper due to the fight that was had between her and Rory the previous night. She was barely at work when suddenly she heard a bang coming from the Kitchen area and went to go see what was going on.

Seconds later…

Lorelai walked in to see what the mess was and saw that there was a problem going on with the stove. She immediately started to assess the damage…

There is smoke coming out of the broken stove as some workers start to remove it. Sookie sits sadly at the counter.

SOOKIE: I swear I don’t know what happened.

LORELAI: It’s not important. Sookie. What’s more important is that you’re alright. That’s the only thing which ought to matter.

SOOKIE: *Upset* I made that dish a hundred times. It never exploded.

LORELAI: Please, forget it. I beg you.

SOOKIE: Oh, God, I killed a Viking. Oh, you should fire me, or make me pay the cost of a new stove out of my paycheck.

LORELAI: Well, whatever you want. Whatever you wish.

SOOKIE: I can’t afford a new stove! Those things are expensive.

LORELAI: Sookie, please, I am begging you, pull yourself together, okay? Hyperventilating over the mishap isn’t gonna make anything the least bit better. *Feeling stressed out and tense* I got no sleep last night and I think I put my contacts in backwards. Dinah was over last night with her 3 daughters and they had practically the same issue.

SOOKIE: Rory’s still mad at you, huh?

LORELAI: Hey, I’m not so crazy about her either. And i am sure that Dinah’s 3 girls Janie, Alex and Charlene aren’t the least bit crazy about their mother themselves.

SOOKIE: It was a fight. Mothers and daughters fight. There isn’t any actual family who won’t at least have moments where they fight. It’s natural. It’s what they sometimes do. When they disagree on something or don’t see eye to eye on something… they fight.

LORELAI: No, we don’t fight. We never fight. And from how Dinah and i had a heart to heart… She had her share of fights with her kids. Said something about how her one daughter… Raven threw a bit of a fit over something revolving developing abilities and no one telling her about it.

Sookie: Abilities as in like… what? Super powers?

Lorelai: I haven’t a clue. However she did somehow hint at the fact that she herself also had a alter identity as well. Said something about her being a retired superheroine. A Fighter of thunder.

Sookie: Wow. Her… i gotta meet.

Lorelai: Sookie, you already did.

Sookie: I did?

Lorelai: Yeah. Remember the night before last… i was hemming Rory’s skirt. Dinah was there as well. She mentioned about paying for the cost of the Tub of Ice Cream and Root Beer. You told her that it wasn’t the problem.

Sookie: Oh yeah. I did say that… didn’t I? *Chuckles* Whoops.

Michel walks in…

MICHEL: You told me to tell you when your daughter arrived. Well, she’s here and she’s sitting in my chair.

LORELAI: *to Sookie* Hold on just a minute.

Lorelai leaves…

MICHEL: And you are the one left standing. That is a funny, funny thing, no?

In the lobby, Lorelai walks up to Rory at the front desk…

LORELAI: Hey, no muumuu today. You know what’s weird, I kind of miss it.

RORY: You left me a note to meet you here.

LORELAI: Yeah, I thought you might want to work a couple hours, make a little extra cash.

RORY: Fine.

LORELAI: Aw, you’re not gonna give me the “Mommy Dearest” treatment forever, are ya?

RORY: You wanted me here, I’m here. Should I do something or what?

LORELAI: Yeah, go home. Dinner’s at seven. Be ready to go. Dinah’s gonna be there as well as she said she would. As well as her daughters.

RORY: Fine.


Rory leaves. Michel walks over and sits in his chair…

MICHEL: Ah, my chair.

At Metropolis High school…

On their way to class…

Blossom: *Looking at Zoey* I heard that Janie, Alex and Charlene are going to Chilton. They’ve been accepted.

Zoey: Really?!

Blossom: That’s the scoop… or so it would seem. Lane called me yesterday secretly and informed me about it. Rory… She’s gonna be going to Chilton.  She starts on Monday. As do the trio.

Zoey: Things will be really different in school with them gone.

Blossom: they sure will. But… i am sure that things will be steady again soon.

Zoey: I hope so.

Blossom: I haven’t even seen Betty either. She wasn’t here yesterday.

Zoey: It’s strange though that she is here every single day. Every day. Then one day… gone. She just vanishes.

Betty: *Walking over suddenly seconds later* Hey guys. Have you seen Leslie anywhere?

Blossom: No. Not since last night. Last night she was playing around home and dry docked. Spending some bonding time with her sister Laura. Why?

Betty: Something is going on. I can’t get a hold of her.

Zoey: Have you tried texting her?

Betty: Yeah… I have. I tried Texting her. Calling her. She’s even got a Facebook Profile and i even friend her. I posted on her wall in hopes that i would be able to reach her… Get a hold of her. Nothing.

Blossom: What about a Twitter?

Betty: Twitter?!

Blossom: I had a Facebook account a year ago but only months later getting locked out of my account and it being disabled. So i am on Twitter. She could be on that too… Only problem is… getting her on it. She could be rather busy.

Zoey: What do you know about the trio going to Chilton?

Betty: Chilton? Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody are going to Chilton?

Zoey: Yeah. They start on Monday.

Betty: How… how can that be? That school’s tuition is really really high.

Blossom: Try telling our Aunt Dinah that. Somehow… she’s sending them to that school. It’s been all set and prepared. How… I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Zoey: *Looking to see Leslie up ahead* hey… there’s Leslie.

Blossom: Huh?! *Looking ahead* What the… How did she get up there?

Zoey: Not sure. We didn’t even see her walk by us. And there is no way she came this way… We’d have seen her if she had.

Betty: …

As soon as they reached up where Leslie was…

Leslie: Hey guys. Glad that you finally made it. Did you guys know about there being a scene going on at the Stadium?

Blossom: A Scene? At the Stadium?!

Zoey: When… Today? This morning?!

Leslie: Yeah. I had to get up an hour early to check it out. I got a call from one of the crew. Ones that you know most. I think that it was Wakka that called. Said something about there being a break in at the Stadium. I handled it. had to use a little bit of you know what to handle them.

Blossom: A Little bit of what? *Catching the sneaky gesture coming from Leslie* Oh… I see. You used that. Okay. That would explain it… wouldn’t it?

Leslie: Maybe so. But i wouldn’t always recommend it.

Betty: Wouldn’t recommend… what?

Zoey: Don’t worry about it, Betty. I think that what Leslie was getting at was that she had to probably use a little more persuasion than she would normally have to use.

Betty Andrews 47

Betty: *Feeling as if there is something going on and being snowed from the truth* Of course…

As for the older fighters…

Metropolis University…

Dorm Building…

Room #305: Rita Massey and Erica Harper.

Rita Massey
Rita Massey

Rita: *Sighs* Classes start tomorrow.

Erica Harper
Erica Harper

Erica H.: I know. *Watching T.V* Any idea of the classes you’ll take? What you’re gonna major in?

Rita: Spiritual. Religion… But i think that for a Major… I’ll be going for Medical Major.

Erica H.: Me… I’m going for the same. But for the approach of a Animal doctor. I am a cowgirl, you know. So… if i go for a Medical Major. It’s so i can care and help heal Animals. Being an animal doctor.

Rita: Sounds like a good field. The city needs those kinds. Honest ones. You can do it… if it’s what you really want to do.

Erica H.: It is. *Looking to the side a bit* I’ve done some horse riding last night before lockdown hit for the Dorms. Helping Janie, Alex and Charlene with something. Turns out that they met a guy. 3 of them. They came to find me or Zoey Creek and asked us to help find the guys a job… as the guys were like new to Metropolis. I did some scrounging around and found something for each of them. The one guy… Keith Lerner… He’s really hot. Really hot. That guy’s got the muscles of a literal Bouncer. He must eat lots of protein and a whole ton of eggs. Lots of eggs. A Dozen easy.

Rita: No way… Get out. Seriously?

Erica H.: You darn tootin’ he does. He was jonesin’ for Janie.

Rita: As in captivated?

Erica H.: Would it be that transparent?

Rita: No… *Shaking her head no* Not really…

Room #250: Serena and Carly’s Dorm… With ???


Serena: *Looking at Carly* Classes begin tomorrow. Good thing though is that we know what our Major is gonna be.

Carly Black
Carly Black

Carly Black: That’s the bright side to everything. But… aren’t you worried about the fact that your mom is only with your younger sisters and Brother. She’s got no one else with her.

Serena: I’m not too worried. My mom’s strong. She’s been tough willed and capable of surviving with being alone for a while. Remember last year… She was alone for a month and it didn’t phase her. She knew what to do… How to go on. Am i worried maternally… as a Daughter should be? Would i dare say no? No. I do worry about her in that sense. But… Not to where i’ve got to check up on her and get paranoid from not hearing back from her.

Carly Black: Same goes for my dad. He’s still in France. He got stationed there last year and from what he was able to disclose to me… In his recent letter… It’s bad over there.

Serena: How bad?

Carly Black: Does the term: Political Unrest… ring a bell?

Serena: *Sitting up fast* Say what?!

Carly Black: … I have no idea what to think about it. However… it’s bad. He said that the Military was collapsing in multiple places. The Légion étrangère. The French foreign legion as from what the letter read… are all that’s left of the Military. The only part that appears to be intact.

Serena: What about the other branches?

Carly Black: I don’t know. He only spoke about the foreign legion. The rest of the branches of the Army are facing deterioration. Being dismantled from within.

Serena: Maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Besides… The french Military in the 1960’s… They went to Vietnam and were fighting a war. But needed help. Our U.S Military took attention to it and came to aide in their fight. While there the French army pulled out and left our men and women there to hold the bag. They were supposed to receive a hero’s welcome. But instead… were sneered and revered at… Called Baby killers. All because we went to help France’s war with Vietnam and fight the good fight. If there really seemed to be one at all. Yeah. We get the bum rap. France starts it… We finish it and pick up after them. Cleaning up their mess. *Seeing the offended look on Carly’s face* You can believe what you desire to. But it’s in the news reels. Of course… the U.S government won’t say anything about that. Why should they? They’re the reason we went over there to begin with. Why? Because of the planned and orchestrated assassination of the American President during that time. John F. Kennedy. They placed the blame on some guy named Lee Harvey Oswald. Johnson wanted to go to War. Kennedy didn’t. So… what happens… As the shots rang out… on the grassy knoll. He was getting on Air Force One. Kennedy’s wife was gonna say something… But one of the secret service men sat across from her and had a hand on the piece on his side and said to her… “If you say anything about this… your kids are dead.” Forcing her into silence. They all were trying to cover it up. All of them were covering it up and Jackie Kennedy was gonna say something. She didn’t give a shit. She knew that something was not right. But she couldn’t speak of it for sake of her kids as her kids lives were being threatened. She couldn’t say a thing. Nothing. I could care less about our government. After it conspired to have it’s own president assassinated. I wouldn’t care if the government managed to implode and detonate… Self destructing into nothing. Same goes for the French government. The only reason why i care about their Military… is for the sake of your father. Concerned about his safety and survival over there.

Carly Black: *Smiles and grinning* Awww!


As Serena and Carly Black were about to share a kiss…

Dorm Roommate: *Walking in with her stuff* Hey there… Top of the morning to ye’… *Looking at her Enrollment papers and school information* Would this be the room #250?

Serena: Yeah. It is. But… Who the heck wants to know?

Carly Black: Are you sure that you’re in the right place?

Jacklyn O'Nestle
Jacklyn O’Nestle

Jacklyn: Oi chucker apologize for de sudden arrival ‘ere, lass. but scon are yisser roommate. jacklyn o’nestle. pleased ter meet yer. (English Translation: I do apologize for the sudden arrival here, Lass. But i am your roommate. Jacklyn O’Nestle. Pleased to meet you.)

Serena: Hmm… So… You’re our new Roommate, huh? Well… i guess we now have a full occupancy of the room.

Carly Black: You’re *Spotting a miniature harp* A bard. Aren’t you?

Jacklyn: Aye’ You bet i am. I am a Bard. I believe in spinning tales of yore and olde’ time merriment. I know a couple of old Irish tunes. I can relay them by memory at times. I can be inspired to come up with new ones coming at times fare thee true.

Serena: Ah… I like the sound of that. There’s a saying… The world would be boring without music.

Jacklyn: Aye’ Lass. That ye be utter truth. The truth of heart. The world ye’ be very boring indeed without music.

Carly Black: *Nods*

Serena: Nice to meet a Bard. The name’s Serena. Serena Rhapsody and this girl next to me is… my best friend/Girlfriend Carly Black.

Carly Black: We do a webcast show from time to time.

Jacklyn: Ye’ don’t say thar’ Lass… A Webcast show? Hmm… Sounds intriguing. What alas’ there be the name of the Webcast show?

Carly Black: iSerena.

Serena: Carly and I came up with the name. We originally thought of calling it iCarly. But unfortunately… that was taken and we couldn’t use it as it would count as stealing a copyrighted name. So… we had to tweak things a bit and thought about it. We then had it come to us… calling it iSerena. Turns out… It was a catchy name and it stuck. plus it was approved by the local Studios. We happen to go over to the studios twice a week and hand in the tapes for the Web show and right now we are working on trying to get enough Webcast segments in to actually give the studios enough intel to actually make it… an actual T.V show. We need to turn in 500 more segments. and we already have 155 planned out. So it’s a start. But if we get 500 more in… we will be able to lock in the Title as ours permanently and if there’s enough material to work with… They’ll contact us to come and act as the leading roles… along with a roster of selected actors and actresses to be a part of the show cast. With that… there’ll need to be writers. Scripts. Sets done up… The usual stuff required in building and creating a show.

Jacklyn: Sounds like a whole lot of fun. Something which i wouldn’t mind being a part of.

However things were not all that in peace… Not according to what was going on with Dinah’s 3 girls who were still dwelling in High school and about to dwell with Chilton. There was also Rory… They were unaware of the fact that they were going to Chilton and actually able to attend because of whatever deal that their mother had made. Plus… there was little to no word on who else was seeking for Chilton as well as Janie, Alex and Charlene… Plus Rory. What was gonna be next for all of them? For the older fighters. For the ones still left behind in high school? Was there bound to be more danger itching to be born? Find out what’s next in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the sage continues…


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