Chapter 247: That night at Luke’s/Sid’s.

(A Mother daughter fight and something breaks apart. Peace in a halt.)

(The truth behind the sudden change of heart for the coup de gras’ Chilton in argument.)

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That night…

Luke’s Diner…

Rory and Lorelai are sitting quietly at a table. But they weren’t alone… Dinah was with her daughters and they were sitting one table over…

LORELAI: So, you were late getting home tonight.

RORY: Yeah, I went to the library. As did the trio.

LORELAI: Oh. Oh, I forgot to tell you, we’re having dinner with your grandparents tomorrow night. Dinah and her girls are gonna be coming along too… for moral support.

RORY: We are? What? Them too?


RORY: But it’s September.


Dinah: *Overhearing* I think that your mom has that concept well understood. It’s September. She’s aware of that fact.

Janie: What is this about? Something going on that we ought to know about? *Looking at her mom* Mom, Something going on that we should know about?

Dinah: Dinner at the Elder Gilmore house?

Charlene: What? *Pauses* What was that? Dinner at old people’s house? Uh… Okay. I think that i will bite this bullet and just come out… asking. What’s the gimmick?

RORY: So what holiday’s in September?

Janie: Yeah! *Feeling a little annoyed* What gives? Is there some secret holiday that we don’t know about?

LORELAI: Look, it’s not a holiday thing. It’s just dinner, okay?

Dinah: Girls… Enough. There is no need for snappy comebacks. IT is not a holiday thing. It isn’t some conspiracy. It’s just a Simple and plain old Dinner. Nothing more. Okay?

RORY: Fine, sorry.

Janie: *With Alex and Charlene* Fine. Sorry. Forget we spoke our opinions or feelings.

Luke brings their main courses to the table…

LUKE: Red meat can kill you. Enjoy. *leaves*

Dinah: Hardy har har, Luke. Thanks for the attempt at humor.

LORELAI: So, I finished hemming your skirt today.

Dinah: I spent the day doing the same. Had your Aunt Pearl help with the Hemming. Getting them just right so you girls’d look your absolute best.

No answer…

Lorelai: *Scoffs* A grunt of acknowledgment might be nice.


Dinah: Exactly. I mean… Seriously… Girls. You are all being as talkative as a deaf-mute. And they can’t even talk. Or hear worth a cent.

RORY: I don’t understand why we’re going to dinner tomorrow night. I mean, what if I had plans? You didn’t even ask me.

Alex: Just as well as us… I mean… we could have had plans tomorrow night. Like going to the movies or hanging out with Leslie and Blossom or something.

LORELAI: Well, if you had plans I would have known.

RORY: How?

LORELAI: Well, you would have told me.

Dinah: Exactly. You girls… usually always have some sort of planning discussion before doing something. Deciding on what you’re intending to do for the moment. Whether it be day or night and more likely than not… I would have known of it as you girls would always just relay it right back to me.

RORY: I don’t tell you everything. I have my own things. And i am sure that Janie, Alex and Charlene also have their own things too. They don’t have to tell about everything that they have going on. They choose to. That’s the difference.

LORELAI: Fine, you have things.

Dinah: Geez! We’re sure snappy tonight.

RORY: That’s right. I have things.

Alex: Amen!

Charlene: It is as if we have to answer a 20 question with you whenever we happen to have something going on.

Janie: And FYI… There are things that we don’t happen to tell you. Because believe it… or not. there are some things that we would like to keep to ourselves… If you wouldn’t mind.

LORELAI: Hey, We had dibs on being the bitches tonight.

Dinah: Although… that’s put mildly.

RORY: Just tonight?

LORELAI: What the hell is wrong with you?

Dinah: Yeah! What is your problem tonight, girls? You act like we’re trying to come off as tyrants towards you.

RORY: I’m not sure I want to go to Chilton.

Janie: Same here.

Charlene: No comment.


Dinah: You want to run that bit of detail by me… or by Lorelai and me… one more time? Did we just hear you say that you’ve changed your minds about going to Chilton? Is that what we are hearing coming from your mouths?

RORY: The timing is just really bad.

LORELAI: The timing is bad?

Alex: Exactly what she said. Did she stutter?

RORY: And the bus ride to and from Hartford, it’s like thirty minutes each way.

Alex: The thing is that we’d have to go from here… catch the bus… at a certain time. Every morning. Same time. and get there in time before the first bell rings. And then worry on getting on the bus… heading back. Just the same.

Janie: It’s just not the right time.

LORELAI: I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

Dinah: Neither can I. I mean… what? Are we hearing a boast of Lunacy?

RORY: Plus, I don’t think we should be spending that money right now. I mean, I know Chilton’s got to be costing you a lot.

Alex: Yeah. Mom, Where are you coming up with the Money for it? You kept going on about how the savings all went for the College Tuition for Sapphire, Raven and Serena. So how is it that you came up with the money? Collateral? Oliver? Dad? Who?

LORELAI: Oh, you have no idea.

Dinah: You really have no clue as to how much it is costing. More than you’ll be able to count.

RORY: All of your money should be going toward buying an inn with Sookie.

Charlene: Mom, The money should be going to the tuition of Sapphire, Raven and Serena. They need it more than we do.

Dinah: You girls shouldn’t have to be worrying yourselves about that. It is the last thing that you should be doing.

LORELAI: What about college? What about Harvard?

Dinah: Of course. You guys should be keeping the thought of college in the forefront. This whole thing is being built to ensure that you girls get that opportunity to go to the very college that you choose to go to. Without any snags.

RORY: We don’t know that I can’t get into Harvard if I stay where I am.

Dinah: And how is it that you know that? You don’t know that. You could get in if you really wished for it to be a reality. You really think that we would just right off deny you that opportunity? Bar you from having that honor of going to Harvard… Or to Yale. Or even… to say… I don’t know… Princeton or Vassar?

Rory just stared…

Lorelai listened in and was feeling moved by the sentiments… But she was hearing Rory speak about not really wanting to go to Chilton and thinking that there would still that chance on Harvard if she were to stay in where they were now. It wasn’t sitting well with her…

LORELAI: Okay, enough. Enough of the crazy talk, okay? I appreciate your concern but I have this covered.

RORY: I still don’t want to go.


RORY: Because I don’t.

Janie: Same here.

Alex: That goes Double for me.

LORELAI: I have to get out of here.

Lorelai stands up and starts to leave…

Dinah: I can’t believe this. I can not even believe what it is that i am hearing come from your mouths. After all this… the setting things up and going through hell to see that you girls got the entitlement of going to Chilton. We get slapped with this.

Dinah starts to huff and stood up… Seconds later… Dropped down some money and began to leave.

RORY: We have to pay first.

Lorelai drops some money on the table. They walk out of the diner and start walking down the street…

To be continued…


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