Chapter 244: Money for Chilton… HELP?!

(Sookie and Lorelai talk; Dinah Joins in on the concern)

(Dan and Roxanne seek the wedding bell blues and a custody battle begins. Rhapsody Vs. Waller. “In the case of 3 month old Emerald Penelope Harris… Harry Waller… You ARE the father!”

The Next day…

Metropolis Inn…

The phone is ringing, Michel is ignoring it.

LORELAI: Michel, the phone.

MICHEL: Mmhmm. It rings.

LORELAI: Can you answer it?

MICHEL: No. People are particularly stupid today. I can’t talk to any more of them.

LORELAI: You know who’s really nice to talk to? The people at the unemployment agency.

Michel answers the phone…

MICHEL: Independence Inn, Michel speaking. *pause* No, I’m sorry, we’re completely booked.

Lorelai opens an envelope and pulls out a letter. She reads it and gasps…

It was most definitely about Chilton as she would usually never gasp over much of anything. But… this was sudden. a day after getting the acceptance letter relaying that Rory was accepted to attend the Prestigious school. Something comes in and from how Lorelai looked… It was big. Revolving the Tuition. Uh-oh!

Metropolis University…

Bulldog stadium…

Coach’s office…

Coach Garland: *Watching a movie while watching some football plays from last season* Hmm… Interesting. Very interesting. So the wide back receiver reacted too soon. That’s why that one play was a little shaky. Dinah didn’t see it. Neither did i. How could we have missed it or not have caught it? Something like that… could have cost us the game. We need to tighten the straps on that play.

Dinah walks in…

Dinah: *Walking in with her morning coffee* Morning. Traffic was a pain in the ass this morning. Traffic snarl-ups almost at every turn. I almost couldn’t make it through. *Setting her Jacket down and walking over to desk* i really don’t know what the heck is the problem with the damn traffic. It never got like that… Not for a long long time. This morning though… Ugh. Don’t get me going. Nightmare.

Dinah barely got to her desk and sat down before looking at the books when she managed to catch the Morning mail. Saw an Invoice letter sitting on top and from what she saw… It was from Chilton. The Tuition department.


Dinah: *Opening the letter and reading the Invoice* … *Gasps and suddenly feeling her skin go palish white and going numb; freaking out* Oh my… oh my… Shit. Shit!

Coach Garland: *Looking up and over towards Dinah* What?! What’s up? You okay?

Dinah: *Grabbing her mail and her stuff* Abigail… I am so beyond sorry. Truly sorry. But i have to take this day and possibly tomorrow off. I can’t tell you what it’s really about right now… But will when i can and as soon as i got all the details. But i have to go. I need to go.

Coach Garland: Okay… *Getting up and walking over to Dinah* This is going on far enough, Dinah. Over the last couple days… You’ve been up… down and in many different directions. Going literally on a runaway train streamlining down Psycho avenue. Unhinged and off the trail of calm and serene. The way it looks… You’re still on the streamline down Psycho Avenue. *Sitting next to Dinah* Spill it, girl… Spill the beans. What the heck is going on with you? Why’re you so up on high rush adrenaline?

Dinah: It’s the letter. The Invoice from Chilton. That’s what. They’re asking for a Gigantic amount of $$$$$$$. Money i don’t have. Not even by a fraction. That’s what has me on high ends. Abigail, You don’t need to really know about it. You are single. No kids going to Chilton. There’s nothing to worry over. I’m sorry about leaving you holding the bag on all this here… But i *Walking around and heading out* I need to handle this. It’s to do with my Children’s Education. Okay? This is something that i have to do. You need anything… Call me. You’ll have me on your speed dial.

A Moment later…

Lorelai’s house…

Lorelai is walking around while on the phone.

LORELAI: I’m holding for Miss Bell. I’ve been trying to get a hold of her all day. *pause* Lorelai Gilmore. *pause* Hi! Oh, hi, hi. Yeah, uh, my daughter Rory has just been accepted – yay. *pause* Thank you, and, um, I got the invoice for your enrollment fee. Wow, that is a lot of zeros behind that five. *pause* Uh huh. Okay, well, I guess what I’m wondering is if you couldn’t take, say, part of it now, just to get her going? *pause* Well, but she’s supposed to start Monday. It just doesn’t give me a lot of time to pull a bank job. *pause* Well, never mind, I was just kidding. *pause* No, a bank job is robbing a bank but — *pause* Uh-huh. Oh, no. No, no, no. I don’t want you to give up her space. I’ll just — I’ll have to figure it out. *pause* Okay. No, thank you. It’s been a real treat talking to you. *pause* Yeah. Bye-bye.


At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah is walking through her house and all over the living room on the phone with the Chilton school…

Dinah: I’m holding for Miss Grantham. I’ve been trying to get a hold of her all day. *pause* Dinah Rhapsody. *pause* Hi! Oh, hi, hi. Yeah, uh, my daughter’s Janie, Alex and Charlene have just been accepted – yay. *pause* Thank you, and, um, I got the invoice for your enrollment fee. Wow, I’ve seen and endured seeing things costing a pretty penny and then some… But i am pretentiously in shock to see this Invoice with a massive cost for Tuition. That is a lot of zeros behind that five. *pause* Uh huh. Okay, well, I guess what I’m wondering is if you couldn’t take, say, part of it now, just to get them going? Like a leg up. *pause* Well, but they’re supposed to start Monday. It just doesn’t give me a lot of time to file for collateral and go off to a Loan shark for the money. *pause* Uh-huh. Oh, no. No, no, no. I don’t want you to give up their space. I’ll just — I’ll have to figure it out. *pause* Okay. No, thank you. It’s been a real rush talking to you. *pause* Yeah. Bye-bye.

Seconds later…

Dinah: *Panicking* Oh my god… what’ll i do? What the hell am i gonna do? I can’t ask Shingo for the money as it’d put the Limousine company in the red and he’d lose the business. I can’t call Oliver. I can’t beg from Leslie’s parents or her. Who do i call for help? Where can i go? *Sighs* …… *Sitting down and laying back* I’m gonna bet that Lorelai is likely gonna have just the same dilemma revolving getting her daughter Rory into Chilton. *Thinking* …

As for Dan and his girlfriend Roxanne Harris…

They weren’t getting married. They weren’t ready for it however… they happened to have the wedding bell blues. Pondering if getting wed would be the best option. The only option. Granted that the baby wasn’t Dan’s. He was more willing to step up to the plate and be like a father to the newborn. He was gonna do anything he had to do in order to see that it went well. Harry Waller was unwilling and he didn’t want to take the responsibility of being a parent. He was dragging his feet over it. Dragging his feet and stalling. Roxanne was done waiting for him to man up. So… With her parent’s help as well as Dan’s and Dan’s father Avery. This move to force the truth out… was happening. That day… Harry Waller had no option. Roxanne and her boyfriend Dan were gonna out him on live T.V broadcast. After that day… there’d be nowhere for him to run and hide.

11 AM…

At the local News station…

On The Steve Wilkos show…

Steve W.: Newly profound mothers… Rising on accident or unplanned. Our topic today. Our first case… A High school student… Roxanne Harris. Daughter to a law firm secretary. and a High stake Furniture store owner. Attends Metropolis High school and in Band. A french Horn player. She comes to us today to end the on going denial of a schoolmate’s. Putting a end to the Teenage boy who hooked up with her at band camp and enacted a one night stand. She’s here to get the truth and have him face the reality that he is the father to her 3-month old daughter Emerald Penelope Harris. Here’s what she and her boyfriend Dan Rhapsody had to say…

A Video is shown and broadcasted…

Roxanne: *On Video with Dan* … *As Roxanne* Hi. I’m Roxanne Harris and i am 16 years old. I attend Metropolis High and I’m also a Mother. A teen mom. I went to band camp where i met this thought to be nice guy. Harry Waller. He was thought to be sweet and kind. Caring. I didn’t even know that he only wanted me for a one night stand. It took that one night to ruin my life. Or so i thought. The only good part out of it is that i have a child that i love very much. I am coming out to lure Harry out. I have no doubt that he is the father to my daughter Emerald. Ever since my roller coaster life through this pregnancy… he dragged his feet and played the denial card. Playing it and playing it. Denying it. Every step of the way. Not anymore. This is not about him. This is about a little child. A young little girl who is in need of care and parental guidance from the mother and the father. Harry, Playtime is over. I don’t want anything from you. Nothing but your stepping up to the mat and be a father to Emerald. This DNA test is gonna lock in the reality. I am done being emotionally hurt by you. However… i can take it. But you’re not gonna do it to Emerald. Time for the truth. No more hiding. *As Dan* I’m Dan. I am Roxanne’s love. I’ve been with her all through the whole ride. Never stopping as i love her and want to be there for her. I’m 16 and a High school student. I don’t have a job and that is about to change as i will get one to provide for the little girl Emerald and for my love Roxanne. I am doing things for the baby that the father… the deadbeat who dares to think of himself as the father Harry Waller ought to be doing and isn’t. I love the baby. I love Roxanne. Roxanne and I both are here to get the truth. Harry, You don’t want any involvement with Roxanne. Fine. That’s your deal. But just because you don’t want her… it doesn’t mean you walk from your obligations and duties of being a father. You don’t have to be with Roxanne as you’ve lost that right. You lost it when you decided to just dip and split when it came known that she was pregnant. But you’re gonna do right by her. Emerald is your daughter. And you will be made accountable for any fatherly neglect. any psychological harm that is done to Emerald. You’re gonna man up… and do right by her. If this DNA test proves you to be the father to her… You will start doing right. That starts… today…

Steve W.: Let’s bring them out folks. Please welcome Roxanne Harris and her boyfriend Dan Rhapsody.

A minute later…

Steve W.: It’s great to see you guys. Welcome to the show.

Dan: Thanks. it’s great to be here.

Roxanne: Yeah.

Steve W.: Roxanne, you look really together for someone that is a Teen mother. And a High school Student. I have to give endless kudos to you.

Roxanne: *Blushing* Thank you.

Steve W.: I mean it. There aren’t a whole lot of teen moms out there who are struggling like you were. You were living in uncertainty and in unawares for the whole ride. But now… here you are. Together and more willful. You are a mother and taking charge. Being a mother to your young child and doing the best that you can.

Roxanne: Yeah. It isn’t entirely easy though. There’d been hurtful comments going around at school pinning me as a pre-madonna. that i seduced Harry. Which isn’t true.

Dan: Those comments were stirred up by Harry. Harry is thinking it amusing to make people believe that Roxanne was the one that instigated the whole thing so they’d all take pity on him and not be so hard on him over the baby being his as well as Roxanne’s.

Steve W.: How does that make you feel though? Knowing that he is dodging from his parental responsibilities?

Dan: You really don’t want to know… do you?

Roxanne: It’s a insult and a slap in the face. Knowing that someone could get with a girl… Impregnate them and then just split and refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Steve W.: There’s a lot of people who are like that. I understand that your father Avery gave his take on it and he was just as unhappy about it. Let’s take a listen…

The Video plays and broadcasts…

Avery: *On Video* Hello. I’m Agent Avery Rhapsody MI:6 here I Work for the British Intelligence. I am a father of 4 kids. I am a married man to a sweet woman. I love my kids and i treasure them daily. Endlessly. Even though my career and International Spy lifestyle pulls me away for a huge portion of the time. I do what i do for my family. What i get paid… always goes to my kids and Wife. Always. That is why it sickens me and angers me when a young teen gets thrown into the stakes of motherhood and parenthood before their time because of a innocent intended one night stand gone wrong. Granted that Roxanne might not have had the #1 best judgement for not stopping it before the incident began. But she was taken advantage of. I consider her as part of my family as she is in my son’s life. Any attack on her… is an attack on me. Harry, You will be made accountable for what happens to Emerald. If you are the father… You will be doing right by the child. You Dip… you pay for the end results. Come what may. Roxanne, I’m on your side. Let’s get the truth… today.

Steve W.: You have a strong willed backer. What was it like at band camp?

Roxanne: It was just like any other camp. But only thing is that it consisted of band practicing. Practicing on the instruments. With other band players. You get to meet people… Different interesting people. It’s amazing.

Steve W.: What about the guy? The one that got you… Pregnant?

Roxanne: He was a lone guy. He didn’t really belong. Harry played the Drums. However… he didn’t really wait around and just watch for me. He saw me sitting alone and just at first spoke to me. He and I didn’t even really hang out. Other than one night. He made it seem as if he really was into me. Liked me. But it was after that night that things changed. He pulled away and went right for Marcie Garcia.

Steve W.: And she is believed to be this Majorette?

Dan: Yeah.

Steve W.: It’s sad to know that Harry is the likely father to your daughter and clearly is a overly sexually active Teenage boy. But before the show… we saw him walking in and asked him about the moment of truth and confessing that he was the father to the 3 month old Emerald. This is what he had to say…

Harry: *On Screen* Hi. I am Harry Waller. I attend Metropolis High and i am a drummer in the school band. I am here to set the record straight. I am not the father to that little bundle of bones. I don’t even recall meeting Roxanne at all. Other than once at Band Camp. It was one damn night and ever since that time… all i got was mocking and put downs. People tearing at me and thinking that i took advantage of Roxanne. Roxanne… I don’t know what you have been telling people about me being the father to your kid. but the rumors are bullshit. Really bullshit. I am not the damn father to that little thumbsucker. I don’t care if the DNA test proves otherwise. I don’t care if i have to go through a hundred of them. I am not responsible. You and i met at Bandcamp. That one night stand was just as much your doing as it was mine. You could have said no. Stopped it. But you didn’t. You laid there and allowed for it to happen. Allowed for the intercourse to happen. You had all the chance to stop it. You didn’t. You’re just as guilty. And you can tell all the people you want. Make me out to be the bad guy. But it won’t change the fact that you are guilty as well. You’re not gonna crucify me. Not without looking at yourself first…

Steve W.: Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome Harry Waller.

Harry: *Walking out and onto the stage*

During that time while waiting for the DNA results to come in, Harry and Dan got into it. Dan had a lot to say to Harry about the crappy attitude and foul treatment that was being shown to Roxanne. Roxanne was hearing Dan stand up for her and fight for her. It made her smile and made her out to be the most fortunate. She had someone who even though was not the father to her baby… was set on fighting for her and defending her through and through.

A Moment later…


Steve W.: *Being given the packet with the results inside for DNA* Well… The results are in and it’s now time for the moment of truth. This will set the record straight. *Opening the packet up and pulling out the paper with the results of the DNA test* Harry, if you happen to be the father to 3 month old Emerald… Will you be willing to make arrangements to at least see that she’s well cared for. Financially?

Harry: If it turns out that i am the father to the little girl… I’ll do right and at least see that she’s cared for financially. Raising money however i can to see as to supporting Emerald. I can do that much. But as for Roxanne and I. That won’t ever happen. Never.

Steve W.: *Reading the results* Here we go… This is the record straighter. To set the terms straight. As for the survival of a young girl. In the case of 3 month old Emerald Penelope Harris… Harry Waller… You “Are” the father.

There it was…

The records were straight and the truth was out. Harry was not gonna be involved with Roxanne, but he was with the reality that he was responsible for taking some part in the upbringing of Roxanne’s baby. Dan was standing by her as well. He wanted to be there every step of the way. It was now out… Harry couldn’t hide from the fact that he was a parent anymore.

As for the dilemma of what was to come of Chilton and how to get the money for the tuition…

That night…

Lorelai’s house…

Front Porch…

Lorelai and Sookie are talking on the porch. Dinah was there too along with her kids who were inside trying out their Chilton outfits with Rory…

LORELAI: What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

Dinah: This is a complete nightmare. I can’t raise that sort of money… My Husband Shingo can’t pull out any loans from his Business accounts either. What’ll i do?

SOOKIE: You can have anything I own. My car! Sell my car.

LORELAI: Oh, sweetie, no one wants your car. *Looking at Dinah taking another drink of Wine and stressing* Dinah, Calm down… We’ll figure this all out. We’re not entirely licked yet. Not so fast anyway.


LORELAI: There’s something I haven’t thought of, I know there is. There’s something out there staring me right in the face. I just. . .I haven’t seen it.

Dinah: I need to think more about it. There is someone who i can call… I know there is. Lorelai… did i happen to mention of any contacts that i had that could help me out with the Dilemma?

Lorelai: Not that i can recall. But i do believe that you referred to someone named Queen. Said that his name was Oliver.

Dinah: I can’t ask him for that. He over the years has done plenty for my family. More than plenty. I can’t put this on him too.

Lorelai: Maybe not… However… It might be the only avenue you have. Your daughters will be crushed if they realize that they are leaving Metropolis High only to find that they have no school.

Dinah: *Sighs* you could be right, Lorelai. I just have been racking my ever loving mind over it all day and came up with multiple paths. Multiple ways out… But when i happened to really think more on them… they turned out as dead ends.

SOOKIE: You know, you might consider calling your par–


SOOKIE: But I don’t think you have a —


SOOKIE: You can at least go and —


SOOKIE: Okay, can I say one more thing? I think it’s your only option.

LORELAI: Sookie, there are several chapters from a Stephen King novel I’d reenact before I’d resort to that option.

SOOKIE: Okay, dropped. Dropped.

LORELAI: Thank you.

Sookie: Dinah, you could always try the family Matriarch of yours. She might help. Didn’t you make a pass earlier that your family help out one another who are in need?

Dinah: I could… However… My Mother Rikku L. Rhapsody. She doesn’t necessarily have the type of funds to pitch a hand. Plus… With her husband’s face still now looking like it was blown half way to hell… It won’t be possible. *Looking at Lorelai* What is the deal about you saying no on asking your parents for help, Lorelai? *Pause* Sorry. I couldn’t help but catch the block on looking to your parents for help. Why would they not be an option?

Lorelai: Because… they would want to know about my business. About what i do and would expect me to come at their beck and call as if i were some puppy dog begging for some scraps from the tables.

Dinah: What would be so bad about them? I know that you ought to have some sort of reason as to why you don’t want them around… But, I honestly don’t see it. I really don’t see it. Lorelai, Ask your parents for help. If they happen to be your parents and they happen to care about you… They will help you out. besides. If you want… I’ll accompany you.

Lorelai: Dinah… No. I appreciate the gesture that you want to lead me to getting help from my parents and are trying to do right with this. But you really don’t want to get tangled into the Gilmore poison web. Namely Emily and Richard.

Dinah: Lorelai… I can handle it. I handled worse than that before. I for a moment in time dealt with My Husband’s mother for a while. I have dealt with Villains in my time. They currently still take the cake.

Rory comes outside in her Chilton skirt, which is too big on her. Janie, Alex and Charlene come out seconds later…

RORY: Mom? So what do you think?

SOOKIE: *enthusiastically* Wow, it makes you look smart!

RORY: Okay, no more wine for you. Mom?

Janie: *With Alex and Charlene* Or at least ease up a little on the Wine. You sound like you’re getting a little too witty.

Charlene: How do we look, Mom?

LORELAI: You look like you were swallowed by a kilt.

Dinah: You girls look okay… But the Skirt looks a tad big on you guys. *Chuckles* You girls sure that you’re not getting buried in the Skirt there?

RORY: Fine, you can hem it. A little.

Alex: We’re sure. But you can hem it… A little bit. If it pleases you.


Dinah: Let’s get to stitchin’ and Hemming…

RORY: Only a little.

Janie: Rory… This is gonna be amazing. Chilton. I think that we’re gonna love it.

Rory: *Nods*

LORELAI: Okay. Or I could hem it a lot.

RORY: No, you’re not. I don’t want it to be too short.

Charlene: *Emitting Frost and chilling the air around them*

Dinah: Charlene… *Grins* Would you mind cutting that out. This isn’t the place to be letting loose on your special ability.

Sookie: What was it that she just did?

Dinah: You don’t want to know. Really. You don’t want to know.

They all walk inside….

RORY: I can’t believe tomorrow’s my last day at Metropolis High.

LORELAI: I know.

RORY: Today I was so excited I dressed for gym.

LORELAI: You’re kidding!

RORY: And I played volleyball.

LORELAI: With other people?

Janie: We did the same. It wasn’t even all that bad. Even though we usually play some Sport Video game. But actual contact sport… That was kinda fun.

RORY: And I learned that all this time I was avoiding group sports?


RORY: Was very smart because I suck at them.

Alex: Rory, You don’t suck at group sports. There is no such thing as sucking. Just inexperience.

Lorelai begins to pin up the skirt.

LORELAI: Well, yeah, you got that from me.

Dinah: I’m not gonna answer that. I am the Athletic one. They called me or they know me as “Danger Zone” Dinah. Yeah. I was tough. Sports were like my forte. I even tried to settle up for the Wrestling team. *Sighs happily thinking back to her school days* Those were the days.

Lorelai: You should show me some of those quirky moves. I’d bet they’d be a real knock-out.

Dinah: name a time. Consider it done, Lorelai. But just because we’re buds… Don’t be expecting me to go easy on you too much. Heh heh heh.

Lorelai: *Grinning*

Dinah: *Working on hemming the skirts on Janie, Alex and Charlene* You girls are gonna be the new gals on the block.

Alex: You quite certain on that?

Dinah: Never doubt that. *Working the hemlines on the Skirts* You’re gonna be alright. Besides… We’re gonna be here to carry that load.

SOOKIE: Where’s your paté?

LORELAI: At Zsa Zsa Gabor’s house.

SOOKIE: Right. I’m going to the store because you have nothing. You feel like duck?

LORELAI: Ooh, if it’s made with chicken, absolutely.

Dinah: Sookie. Since you’re going to the store… Get some Root beer and a Tub of Ice cream. Fudge swirl. I’ll reimburse you back the cost of it.

Sookie: Dinah… Don’t worry about it. It’s all on the house. It’s a momentous occasion after all.

Janie: *Excited*

SOOKIE: I’ll be back.


Sookie leaves…

LORELAI: All right. This will give you an idea. Go see how you like it.

RORY: Okay.  I love being a private school girl.

Dinah: *Finishing the final touches with the Hemming of the Skirt* Janie, Alex, Charlene… Do Blossom, Zoey and Leslie know that you’re gonna be going to Chilton starting next week?

Alex: They have an idea that we are. We kinda told them that we’d know for sure tonight. And now knowing that we are… They’ll know. The farewell party at the school is gonna be this week. I am sure that Mrs. Kim is ecstatic to know that Rory and us are leaving the school. Just so there would be nobody to try to convert Lane.

Charlene: Lorelai…. I don’t know how you and Rory can stomach Mrs. Kim’s Bible thumping hoopla. She thinks that American Customs are the devil and that boys all want just sex. She makes Margaret White from “Carrie” out to be a Saint. Literally. Minus the killing and locking the child in a closet and forcing them to pray part.

Janie: Yeah. Lorelai… Lane’s mother won’t allow for Lane to be a normal typical American teenage girl. It’s so annoying.

Lorelai: I agree. But as much as i don’t like it. As much as we don’t like it. We can’t tell Mrs. Kim how to raise her daughter Lane. IT wouldn’t be right.

Dinah: All you can do is be an outlet for Lane. Be there to lend her a source for comfort. That’s about all.

Charlene: *Sighs*

Rory heads to her bedroom to check her skirt…

Janie: Rory, Wait up.

Alex: We’ll come with. We got to check each other out in these. Wow! The skirts feel amazing.

Help was needed and Lorelai didn’t know who to turn to. She didn’t know anyone who to look to. What was she to do? What could she do? Dinah was in need of help… She couldn’t ask Shingo… And Oliver was possibly out of question. What was gonna happen next? Was there still a surprise coming from Leslie, Blossom and Zoey? Would Lorelai be trapped in a deal she can’t break all for the sake of seeing that her daughter Rory got through Chilton? Would Dinah be taken in that same deal? Find out in the next chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga continues…


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