Chapter 243: Pearl and Jack adopt a Bikini girl. The family Population is risen.

As for Pearl and Jack…

It was the first day of actually seeing their Son Spencer and their Daughter-in-law… plus their 4 girls off for college. It was emotional and very heartfelt. However the time had come for them to all move on and make the move on getting their degree. To get a career. In their desired fields. It was time. For alot of the 3rd generation fighters… Seeing their children go and depart from them after all those years being raised and guided. Taught strong familial values. It was as if a big piece of their lives were being ripped from them. It wasn’t literal. It was nothing like that… however… As it would go on and the days passed as they do normally… and like expected… It would be so different than how it used to once be… once upon a time…

Pearl was at home that evening and thought about adopting a child. A good kid. Someone bright and expressive. Outgoing and dramatic in sense. Knowing how to entertain and with heart. But going to an adoption agency was gonna be more or less out of the question as with Adoption agencies… You never knew as to what you were typically gonna get. You could get a good kid. A young Prodigy. A troubled kid or a real problem child. So… the question remained… Where could they really go to adopt a kid? Whether it be girl or boy…

Pearl: *Looking through the papers* Hmm… There’s this Adoption Agency called… Metropolis Merciful second chance Adoption agency.

Jack: I never heard of it.

Pearl: Neither have I. But they are clearly open till 9… every day. They foster all sorts of kids. All sorts. Girls… Boys. Transgender girls… Transgender Boys. All types. I am just sure that we’ll see one that we may like. Any of them will do. We’ll love them regardless.

Jack: Then let’s get on going over there and adopt a Kid. I’d like a Son. But… If we get a girl… Can it be at least with some Tomboy Mechanic tendencies? Just some… Not too much.

Pearl: Sure. We can do that. Unless we happen to adopt two kids. A boy and a girl. There might be a unique kind of child there too.

However on the streets… roaming the Neighborhood…

Erica Harper
Erica Harper

Erica H.: *Riding off into the neighborhood* It’s quiet out. *Spotting Penelope, Cassie and Candy Richardson* Hmm… What’re they doing out? Could they be out looking for that Gilmore girl Rory? That girl Rory… happens to be considered the daily winning pot. I reckon that we’re gonna see a whole lot more of them.

As soon as she caught up to the 3 girls…

Penelope Richardson
Penelope Richardson

Penelope: Hey there, Cowgirl Harper. What’s on your Spurring mind this evening?

Cassie Richardson
Cassie Richardson

Cassie: doing another run through the neighborhood?

Candy Richardson
Candy Richardson

Candy: Not like there’d never be anything going on. There’s always something popping around. How’s Jewel doin’ tonight?

Erica H.: She’s just fine. She had a little bit of a spell the other day as she was dealing with a case of the shivers. It kinda got cold and Icy that night for some reason and the strange thing is the weather forecast nothing about there being a outbreak of a Frost factor. My mother’s horse… Pearling Black Sam even was with the shivers. Which was a first. Because usually…her horse could withstand just about any change in weather and not show signs of the weather getting her.

Penelope: Hmm… That is kinda weird. The horse is alright though… Right?

Erica H.: Yeah. She’s fine.

Seconds later…

Erica H.: I just came from the part of Metropolis that gave off the vibe of being in Stars Hollow. This City… in certain parts… has turned into Stars Hollow. I happened to catch sight of a odd girl with straight brown hair. Straight sleek brown hair.

Cassie: You wouldn’t happen to be speaking of that Gilmore girl… Rory. Would you?

Erica H.: Yeah. Why?

Candy: We happen to know about her as we’ve seen her walking around and roaming the school. She happened to sit with the Rhapsody Trio, and a few other girls we know. Leslie Burke, Blossom, Zoey, Sora and Carly Rhapsody. Betty Andrews. But there was also this girl with straight Black hair. Korean. I think that her name was… Lane something. Lane… Kim.

Erica H.: That’s who she was. Turns out… from the contact i have… Zoey Creek. She relayed the fact that the Rhapsody Trio were the ones making the move to befriend her. Both her and that Korean girl.

Penelope: Something is really off about that girl. She’s identity confused. Seriously.

Erica H.: That i noticed. The last couple days… i managed to tail her. But without her knowing or catching notice of me. Took a look through her bedroom window and saw that she had things which would give her mother a gratified heart attack. She had CD’s from the Beatles, The Association, The Beegees. Aerosmith, Kiss, Neil Sedaka, Ozzy Osbourne, Limp Bizkit. Linkin Park, Nickelback, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Metallica, Gorillaz, Chloe Agnew, Dido, Justin Bieber, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, The Bangles, The Go-go’s. Destiny’s Child… You name it. She had all kinds. All kinds. But would hide them under the floorboards of her bedroom floor. So her mother wouldn’t catch the notice. She turned her closet into a Retro Disco shack. With a disco ball.

Cassie: Whoa! *Gasps* You mean that she has all those CD’s?

Candy: She’s got a closet turned into a Disco hut…

Erica H.: She sure does. She’s got it. She’s enduring a mix of two identities in life. One where she’s the Obedient Korean girl… The other… She’s a rebel with a cause and itching to scratch for her cut of the typical American Influence. Having the dream that all sorts would usually take for granted.

Cassie: That would be like a split personality just bound to strike.

Penelope: What about their neighbors… The Dells. Or whoever they are. What are they like?

Erica H.: You mean… that you don’t know about Babette and Morey Dell? They’re the Neighbors to Lorelai and Rory. Babette is a little silly and sometimes she can be a little persistent. But She’s apparently a welcomed commodity for Lorelai and Rory. They enjoy her antics.

Candy: I sure hope so… or they’re gonna be ready for a rubber room and earn a personal residence at the local mental hospital. Permanently and with it they get a pretty comfy Hug me coat.

As they were talking…

Rowanda Strickland- Wade's younger sister
Rowanda Strickland- Wade’s younger sister

Rowanda: *Walking by suddenly* Hey there.

Cassie: Go home Rowanda…

Candy: What do you want now? You already warped Sakura’s mind and get her hooked on being in Diapers and turned into a diaper lover. We saw Sakura the other day while walking… through here briefly… She was posing in a diaper.

Rowanda: And? Does it look like i care? She’s a free person. Emancipated from her family. Her own Mother disowned her. All over a slight wrong choice. Sakura was even trying to make amends as she felt so ashamed of what she had done and you know what her mother… What her mother did? Her own mother made her feel unloved. Made her out to be the bastard of the family. Her own father even disregarded her and made like he didn’t even know who the heck she was. So… Don’t even think about trying to make like Sakura was Entirely innocent. She too messed up. She was the one that said… to me and i Quote: “They want to disregard me and see me as just a mistake as they can’t stand to see that i’ve changed a little… The hell with them. I was born a Rhapsody… But, it doesn’t mean that i have to live as one.” Although… Can you really blame her? She’s been hurt by her mother and sisters. Plus her father. Sakura said this to both me and my brother Wade who is her boyfriend and her being his girlfriend. “My mother won’t speak to me. She won’t even look at me. Or acknowledge me. Why do i even bother trying anymore to get through to her? Or get through to any of them? It is quite clear that nothing i do will work.”

Erica H.: That doesn’t change that you warped her mind. You know… *Scoffs* It is a shame that i didn’t bring my rope. Because i should be Hogtying your sorry hide and Rotate you on the turning wheel like a shrimp on the barbecue. However… I will be one to cut you a reprieve… Just this one time. Only one time. Giving you the opportunity to run high tail and scurry away. Because… I give you my word, you mangy varmint… ornery critter… If i see you around again… I will rope you and hogtie you. Putting the hurt on you. You hurt anyone of the Clan… You will regret it.

Rowanda: *Tearing up and running away crying; Sobbing*

Penelope: We didn’t mean to make her cry.

Erica H.: None of us did… But Sakura was a bright young gal. Till she was introduced to forming a fetish for wearing diapers and loving it. Becoming a diaper lover. Rowanda… should have done the right thing. Telling Sakura no. But didn’t. She just allowed it to go on. Allowed for Sakura to transcend into becoming a Diaper lover. Whatever is going on between Sakura and her family… was for her family and Her to figure out. Not Rowanda’s responsibility. Lane Kim… is no different. Other than it being where her true nature is to be an average Typical American Teen but is being suppressed and denied that right as her mother believes that American customs are means to an end and are the devil in waiting. That’s where we take measures in interceding and sneak some American Culture into Lane and give her the chance to be a typical american teen. Whether her mother likes for it to happen or not.

Cassie: I agree.

Candy: Second that.

Penelope: Third that.


Pearl: *Driving* It’s gonna be great. Raising another kid is gonna be so much fun. We happen to love kids and the one we’ll pick… I’m just sure that we’ll love right away just by the first glance.

Jack: And you’re certain about that… how? I mean… Alot of kids who are from the Adoption agencies… They’re usually from being rescued and saved from broken homes or abusive families who managed to just neglect them. Some… happen to be Orphans. But from every possible scenario of all the kids who wind up at the Adoption Agencies… There are some kids… girls… or boys. Some tend to be mean spirited and rather rowdy and rambunctious. I know that you and I are looking for another kid. A different kid. A Girl. Or A Boy. As we are just not the type of people who can just sit idly by the house and listen to silence all the time. We can’t. Never could. But… Pearl, Darling… Is this right? Are we doing the right thing?

Pearl: Of course we are. We love our family. We love our kids. Seeing them go was the hardest thing we ever had to do. Even though we knew that the day was gonna come when they were gonna all move out and go to college and start their own separate lives. This is the only thing we can think on doing. We don’t hear from the others anymore like we used to. Over the last 3 weeks… I tried calling Dinah several times. Multiple times and you know what happened? I heard nothing. I out of all those times calling her… I was lucky if i were to hear from her… one time out of 50 times. that i called her as i was trying to reach her. To stay in touch.

Jack: I noticed the same on my end. I tried to get a hold of Reese and or Curtis. Same thing happened for me. I couldn’t reach them. At all.

Pearl: Ever Since Dinah lost Sakura to the Diaper lover world and Alvin left the Clan… Changing his last name and Married a whole new family that had no ties whatsoever to this Clan or to the woman he cheated on… Everyone’s just broke off the closeness.

Jack: I sense that was coming. However… we can’t really blame them for breaking away from us. After the two undesired occurrences that hit and uncalled for need i add… they all figured that it was pointless to remain as one strong mighty Dynasty. If nothing at all… The clan is staying in close relations and somewhat close only for the sake of the younger kids that still remain in our reach. Zoey, Sora and Carly, Blossom, Hikaru, Janie, Alex and Charlene. It’s for their sake and theirs alone that the family is still somewhat close.

Pearl: *Driving on* I know. *Sighs* I know.

Jack: I would pass on to agree to the idea that if things don’t get better… soon. We might all be splitting up. Going to different states. Changing names and the entire upheaval will ensue and only beg to take control.

Pearl: …

Once they got there at the Adoption agency…

Metropolis Merciful second chance Adoption agency…

Pearl: Lovely place. Colorful…

Abigail Darrow
Abigail Darrow

Abigail Darrow: *Walking over from her desk* Hello there. Can I help you?

Pearl: *Looking to see a woman walking over towards her and Jack* Hello. Uh… We came to adopt a couple of kids. Good sweet kids.

Jack: One of them that possibly has a little bit of a Tomboy Mechanic tendency.

Abigail: Oh… I see. You’re looking for 2 girls. Hmm… Okay. Well welcome to the Adoption agency. There are 70 kids all ready for adoption and we have only a short time to get them out. As of late… we have been assigning young teens no younger than 15… a child. Granting them the rights to that child. We not long ago… awarded and sanctioned a girl. a 15 year old girl named May Schwartz to a Tara Marco. Times as of late… are not so good as there’s the scare of there being a trio of bad bad Corrupting girls walking around town in Diapers… Trying to target innocent kids and turn them into lovers of wearing diapers. A unpleasant fetish to say the very least. Hurting the stable pure innocent mentality of the children. But… You are looking for a girl who’s got a bit of the Mechanic Tendancies?

Jack: Yes.

Abigail Darrow: *Grins with intrigue* Hmm… You know, I think there’s one that might be right in your orbit on that. Twins. Emma Von Tussle and Polly Van Tussle. Emma is with some knowhow on mechanics as her biological father. Her Birth father was a mechanic and happened to teach her some things on Mechanics. Cars. So… She’s quite well and able to help on that. She’s also girly. Likes to wear butterfly barrettes. She loves wearing them. Also wears Bandanas. Makes caps out of them. She Can run as well. Athletic and does happen to have a addiction to Eating chocolate bars. But with how active she is… you would never know and it wouldn’t show in her. Polly however is a shy one and rather emotional. She also happens to be sensitive. Not too sensitive. But just moody. She is easily influenced and can pick up any habit that gets shoved to her. Or if she’s exposed to it enough. She loves Art and painting. She can also sing too. Has a rather sweet coma-induced voice. The kids around here are really entertained by her.

Jack: They sound like real princesses.

Pearl: We’ll take them. Can we meet them though first?

Abigail Darrow: I don’t see why not. Sure. They’re at the Orphanage. St. Bernice Metropolis Orphanage. It used to be Saint Louise’s Orphanage. But it got disbanded a year ago since it lost its funding after it was found that there was dirty devious meetings going on in the back behind closed doors. It was exposed. by 3 girls. A Janie, Alex and Charlene. They blew the case wide open and they happen to be with a loving family. With a Dinah and Shingo Rhapsody… I think.

Pearl: That was years ago… wasn’t it?

Abigail Darrow: Yes. The Orphanage however since that time… got revitalized. The adoption of Janie, Alex and Charlene were assisted and attained by the help of a Lutessa Lena Luthor. Or More commonly known as Tess Mercer. She was left there several several years earlier. When she was young. She’s the illegitimate daughter of one Lionel Luthor. She’s the sole heir of the Luthorcorp Dynasty.

Jack: That maybe so… But whatever dark acts or dark deeds she’d done… She’s made up for them. She’s made many comebacks. Made amends. She’s a sole Ally to a huge cluster of fighters. It’s the only way we sire to see her.

Abigail Darrow: I see. Well… as it goes… All that is in the past. When the Orphanage was ran by a Granny Goodness.

Pearl: *Nods*

It was then that Pearl and Jack were given the papers and records. all the records. They were granted the two girls and were on their way to the Orphanage to meet with a Sister Sandra.

At the Orphanage…

Sister Sandra: *Looking at Emma and Polly* Go and get your stuff, girls. You two are gonna be leaving this place soon.

Emma: Why?

Sister Sandra: You two are getting adopted. Tonight. A loving couple are on their way to pick you two up and claim you.

Polly: Really? Who are they?

Emma: Are they friendly?

Polly: Will they like us?

Sister Sandra: I’m sure that they will. You two are truly sweet and sincere. They’d have to be cold to not like you two.

It was a moment later when the girls were prepared to go and ready for adoption. They were ready to be part of a new family…

At the front gate of the Orphanage…

Pearl: *Standing and waiting* I can’t wait to meet the girls.

Jack: Neither can i. I’m sure that they’re pretty lovely.

Pearl: Besides… having a kid apiece… It’d give us some company and a partner to do activities with.

Jack: Emma is kinda like your sister Paige when she was younger. Remember? The addiction to eating chocolate. So… It’d be like seeing your sister again. But a younger version of her.

Pearl: *Laughs* Oh… Jack. Come on. You’re mocking my sister.

Jack: No. I’m serious. it isn’t a bad thing. I mean… It was just something that made her… her.

Pearl: What about Polly? She’s a singer. Kinda like what i felt towards doing years ago. That was something i considered as my plan B. in case if the fashion career didn’t pan out so well and happened to go belly up.

Jack: As to now. I mean… your fashion career is struggling. But i never saw it in you to just consider yourself licked and just giving up.

Pearl: I’m not giving up. I never said that i would. However… keeping the thing going is hard when you are having to return right to the beginning. Starting over again from scratch. It isn’t exactly easy. It never was.

Jack: Nothing ever is easy, dear. You know that better than anyone. Some things… come at a price. Question you have to stop and ask yourself is: What are you willing to give up for it? What are you willing to endure and go through… willing to do for it?

Pearl: I’d watch that. Someone could come off saying the same thing to you. But… *Looking away a little before looking right back* You’re right. I have to stop and consider that.


The doors open and two girls walk out with their stuff… Followed on by the head Nun.

Emma Von tussle
Emma Von tussle

Emma: *Walking over* …

Polly Van Tussle

Polly: *Walking over* Hi.

Pearl: Hey sweetie. You must be Polly.

Polly: Yeah. *Smiles Shyly* I am Polly. Polly Van Tussle. Of course… Now. I think i am as of tonight… under a different last name. *Smiles*

Pearl: Well… it is usually the general idea when you become adopted into a new family. You’re now…

Polly: A what? A Rhapsody Clansmen. Member of the Rhapsody Family Dynasty?

Pearl: You are right. You are. I am now your… your mom. You are new to the whole being adopted bit. I don’t blame you. Being taken from one family and put into a whole new one.

Polly: I wasn’t taken from my family. They just didn’t want me and plus… it was a couple days after they left me and Abandoned me here… They got killed in a car crash.

Emma: We were just not good enough for them and it hurts. But we got over it. The Orphanage was nicer than they were. Much nicer. However… something about that was always off. I mean… I was treated better than Polly. Alot better and That was the thing i never got. She was just as good as me if not better or worse. She was just as great as i was.

Pearl: I wish that i could say what their deal was. But i can’t. All i can say is that you’re now with a new family. One that will provide nothing but love and care. Although… the outside world isn’t gonna be easy. People don’t happen to fully understand our family too much. So there will be mocking and ridicule and torment from others from time to time. But it can be bared and endured when you have your family fighting the battles alongside you. By your side.

Emma: Uh… no offense, Pearl… But you kinda sound like a fortune teller. *Chuckles*

Jack: *Laughs* …

Polly: …

Pearl: *Laughs cheerfully* You girls are silly. Me? A fortune teller? No way. *Looking at the girls bags* Is that all your stuff and belongings?

Emma: Uh-huh.

Jack: *Reaching for the bags and Putting them in the trunk of the car* Go ahead and get inside the back of the car. Put your seat belts on. We’ll get on our way to your new home.

Emma: Okay.

Polly: *Happy* We got a new home.

It was then that they hugged and then got into the backseat of the car and prepared to head on over to their new home…

On their way to their new home…

Emma: *Excited* I can’t wait to see what our new home is like. I bet that it’s full of serenity.

Polly: I wonder if there are books on Conspiracy theories. Things to look up and read on.

Emma: …


Arnold: *On the Radio* Hello all you loyal listeners out there. This is your faithful local Watchdog. Bringing in the best in business and the hottest material around. *Playing a Music track* This track came out on Dec. 4th 2014. And it was also a debuting soundtrack selection for the Sequel to the movie Dumb and Dumber too. Starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels who return as their roles of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunn. Here’s Empire of the Sun’s #… Wandering Star. On here on MRHAP Metropolis. The station that shines like a wandering star…

Polly: I Love this one. Luke Steele is so amazing. *Singing* 

Just me and you,
What I see in you
I remember too
Never stopped
Looking now at you
What I really do
Just one look on you
Don’t leave me now

Don’t you know when you crossed my path
Felt like fate
Don’t you give all to who we are
Fate don’t fade
We’re going into the past,
Retrieve everything

Wandering stars might fade away, but you
Know that the Sun is here to stay
I’ll be the weather to you
‘Cause you walk the line
Between sugar and divine,
My sweet diamond

I’m afraid of hope, I may discover
If I look too long, hide myself
Staying on the move, in another town
All the traces of you haunt me now

Wandering stars might fade away, but you
Know that the Sun is here to stay
I’ll be the one to tell you
‘Cause you walk the line
Between sugar and divine,
My sweet diamond

Never forget that avenue
Summer went in love with you
(Never forget)
Since you caught my hit on you,
Feel the streets that led me to

Am I past the road
I’m straight arrow
How I feel right now
Falling crown
In just a while
I’ll be back in style
Way beyond the tunes
Towards the sun

Wandering stars might fade away, but you
Know that the Sun is here to stay
I’ll be the one to tell you
‘Cause you walk the line
Between sugar and divine,
My sweet diamond

Never forget that avenue
Summer went in love with you
(Never forget)
Since you caught my hit on you,
Feel the streets that led me to”

The girls weren’t exactly Bikini girls… But they were just as any… Lovely and heartwarming. They were full of excite and amazement. There was absolutely nothing that they couldn’t express as they were now free. However… as they were once upon a time members or residents of the Orphanage… It was gonna open back up some doors linking to the past of Janie, Alex and Charlene. Opening up things that should stay buried. Or did it appear to look like doors would be opened? Emma Von tussle was now a Rhapsody and so was Polly Van Tussle. They were now under a new name and with a new family. Loving. Polly was so happy that she could just sing for hours and never tire. It was looking up. Although… there was one more adoption to be had. Or… Would it be just granted. Without the paperwork. Filling things out. But just given right over?

What was next for the Clan? What was next for The Rhapsody Trio, Zoey, Blossom, Leslie and Betty? Next for Rory… Tara? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…


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