Chapter 242: That afternoon after school…

(A breaking news good fortune comes. To Lorelai. Followed by Dinah)

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Lane and Rory are walking home from school. Janie, Alex and Charlene accompany them and hang out a little with Rory and Lane…

LANE: Well, was it a good color at least?

RORY: It had sparkles in it.

Janie: Sparkles? You’re kidding. Right? Sparkles? *Whistles* Rory, Your penmanship is a sight for the sore eye… But Sparkles smacks of being reverted right on to the 2nd grade. A 2nd grader is like that. Our mom… if she were to know that we had pen’s and pencils that were scented… She’d be wondering if we were in need of being put back under the rock.

Charlene: Not very pleasant.

LANE: Wow.

RORY: And it smelled like bubble gum when it dried.

Alex: I’m sold. *Feeling that the Jury is out*

LANE: Oh, well, there’s no way Mark Twain can compete with that.

Janie: You want to put that on record? Mark Twain might be in competition of that… But only during his time. Although Rory… You’re this Gen’s Mark Twain. Inventive. Pioneering. You’re like a sailor of innovation.

Rory: Not really. I am just not in class to play. I do the work and then do some Extra credit where it’s available.

Charlene: *Sarcastically joking* Hello… Mrs. Over-achiever of 2001. I guess that the concept of taking it easy and go at your own pace… never really got fostered into you… has it?

Lane and Rory walk into Kim’s Antiques…

Janie, Alex and Charlene were right behind and as they walked inside… They saw Antiques and artifacts that made them pause in shock and bewilderment.

Janie Abigail Rhapsody
Janie Abigail Rhapsody

Janie: Wow… Uh… There’s seriously a lot of antiques here.

Alex: *Looking at the Old English Armoire’s standing on the far side* That one looks nice. I wonder if our mom could use one. She did say that she’d been looking for a Armoire to use as a Extra shelving for the DVD’s that we have at home. To lessen the clutter.

Charlene: We should talk to her and ask her about the idea.

Janie: Good idea.

Alex: *Looking in both directions* Uh… Where is everybody? Is there anyone here at least?

Janie: This place is with the door opened and unlocked. Anyone could have come inside and pillaged. Not saying that they would… But… if tempted… It could very well be a possibility.

Rory: That would be a problem.

LANE: *calls* Mom, we’re home. *to Rory* Did you hear something?

RORY: I’m not sure.

Janie: I didn’t hear anything. Unless it was a faint whisper.

LANE: *calls* Mom? Are you here? *Looking at Janie, Alex and Charlene* My mom is usually always here. She never leaves this house. Ever. Other than to the store. It’s as if she reveres the rest of the world and thinks that the American ways are Evil and the devil.

Charlene: *Scoffs* Pfft! Yeah right. America is not the Devil. If it was… We’d all be basking away in Darkness. Embellishing the idea of there being instead of water… Fire and Brimstone.

MRS. KIM: *from another room* We’re open! Everything’s half off!

RORY: We have contact.

Janie: Communication achieved.

LANE: *calls* Mom?

They start making their way through and trekking deeper into the house…

MRS. KIM: *calls* Lane?

LANE: Mom?

MRS. KIM: Lane?

Lane and Mrs. Kim call to each other as Lane and Rory walk around the cluttered store as well as Janie, Alex and Charlene do. Following the lead… trying to follow the sound of Mrs. Kim’s voice.

LANE: Mom, where are you?

MRS. KIM: Lane, where are you?

LANE: Back here!

Alex: Follow that voice. It gets louder as we get deeper in.

MRS. KIM: Over here!

RORY: I think she’s that way.

LANE: Are we closer?

MRS. KIM: I’m by the table!

Charlene: The Table. Which Table would she mean? Could she specify clearer?

RORY: She’s kidding, right?

LANE: Look, we’ll meet you in the kitchen!

MRS. KIM: What?

RORY: The kitchen!

Janie: If we can get through here that is…

Alex: Yeah.

Charlene: It’s like a Jungle in here… How can anyone find a way to maneuver?

MRS. KIM: Who’s that?

LANE: It’s Rory, Mom. And some friends.


RORY: Wow, I can hear the disappointment from here.

Janie: Is there a problem?

Alex: Why would she be disappointed over Rory? Does she have something against her or something?

LANE: Oh, come on. Stop it.

RORY: You know, it sucks that after all these years your mom still hates me.

LANE: She doesn’t hate you.

RORY: She hates my mother.

Charlene: Geez! Judgmental much? your mother dislikes Rory’s mom? What’s the big deal anyway?

LANE: She doesn’t trust unmarried women.

RORY: You’re unmarried.

Charlene: As are we… What? She gonna have a problem with us too?

Janie: I don’t think that i’m looking forward to being Judged. Our mom wouldn’t be happy about it.

Lane: It’s not like that… It’s just that well… Rory… Is 15-16. Her mother is in her 30’s. But is unmarried and Lorelai… had Rory when she herself was 16. Never married the father. It opened up a lot of scrutiny for her over the years.

Alex: Ooooh! That’s why.

Charlene: That’d explain it… we suppose.

Janie: But… Lane, You too… you are Unmarried too, right?

LANE: I’m hayriding with a future proctologist. I have potential.

Alex: And if our sister Sapphire was here… And if she heard this… She’d reply with: “Ooooh! Well Ring-a-Ding-ding.”

Janie: That’s Sapphire. She thinks of herself a little bit like Betty Rizzo from the Movie Grease. The character that was portrayed by Mainstream Theater acting… Stockard Channing.

Lane and Rory wind their way through the antique furniture and come out in the kitchen where Mrs. Kim is waiting.

Janie: *Spotting the Kitchen* Kitchen’s small. But looks welcoming.

Alex: Sure does.

MRS. KIM: Go upstairs. Tea is ready. I have muffins – no dairy, no sugar, no wheat. You have to soak them in tea to make them soft enough to bite but they’re very healthy. So, how was school? None of the girls get pregnant, drop out?

Janie: *With Alex and Charlene; Hiding the Nauseated expression on their faces*

“Mrs. Kim is the mother of Lane Kim, Rory’s best friend from Stars Hollow. She owns Kim’s Antiques, which is in her house. She is a follower of the Seventh Day Adventists, and her strict parenting of Lane forces her daughter into a double-life. She is portrayed as a very stern woman, who still speaks with a Korean accent (but with good English skills, even if she speaks mostly in short staccato sentences). Because of her Korean heritage and religious nature, she is suspicious of common American customs and lax attitudes, but she at times displays a surprising depth of understanding of their ways.

While Mrs. Kim’s mother is a Buddhist, she herself is a Christian, unknown to her mother. (just like how Lane secretly had a different lifestyle in the past while pretending to be a dedicated Christian) Also, it is revealed that Mrs. Kim only had sex once in her entire life, and was lucky to carry Lane. She seems to abhor the idea of engaging in sexual practices (calling it “terrible things”), even telling Lane that she just “has to do it” even if she doesn’t want to because of a man’s expectations.”

LANE: Not that we know of.

RORY: Though come to think of it, Joanna Posner was glowing a little.

Janie: Plus i also think that there was some strange girl… Delilah Heller. She looked like she was glowing a bit.

MRS. KIM: What?

LANE: Nothing, Mama. She’s just kidding. And so were the girls.

Mrs. Kim: Who’re they? They new?

Lane: Yes, Mama. They’re new. That’s Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody. The Rhapsody Trio.

Mrs. Kim: Welcome girls… It’s nice to meet you.

Janie: *Standing Nervously*

MRS. KIM: *very seriously* Boys don’t like funny girls.

RORY: Noted.

Alex: Note to self. Jokes here… not permitted.

Charlene: The Joke angle sure went out the door. And the funny thing is… We didn’t really make much of a funny joke. *Shrugs*

A bell rings, signaling that someone has just opened the shop door.

MAN: *Calls* Hello? Anybody here?

MRS. KIM: *calls* We’re here! We’re coming! *to the girls* Have the muffins. Made from sprouted wheat. Only good 24 hours. *calls out* Everything’s half off!

She exits and makes way to the front door to greet another customer…

MAN: *Calls* Where are you?

MRS. KIM: *calls* Over here!

MAN: *calls* Where?

MRS. KIM: *calls* By the chair!

MAN: *calls* What chair?

Lane looks up and then at the girls letting off an Ironic Grin. She couldn’t hold it off.

Janie: *Looking at Lane* Is she for real? Sprouted Wheat Muffins? And soak them in Tea in order to make them soft enough to eat? Why? What? They hard as a rock? *Blowing raspberries*

Lane: Janie… you took the words right out from my lips. I know exactly how you feel.

Of course… At the Metropolis Inn…

Hotel Kitchen…

An hour later…

Sookie is chopping vegetables. Salvador pulls Sookie’s hand away from the cutting board…

SALVADOR: Careful!

SOOKIE: I’m okay. Peppers, peppers, peppers.


As Sookie moves around the kitchen the other cooks move things out of her way and prevent disasters.

It is starting to seem like they all deem Sookie as a candidate for a cause of a kitchen disaster… Poor Sookie…

SOOKIE: Okay, hello little vegetables, come with me. I got it. Okay, where’s my glaze?

SALVADOR: In the counter.

Pamela: Oh… so the counter is Hollow and is filled with Glaze? I see. Anyone have something to pump the glaze out of the counter? Salvador… Sookie made that Glaze and had it on the counter. Why would she put it inside the counter? Are you cracked? Step in time with the flow here, mister. She’s not painting daisies. She’s cookin’.

SOOKIE: On the counter. On, not in, not in the counter. Okay, good, all right. My sauce. Whoo, that’s pretty good. Hello, a little bit of greens. Okay, okay. Hello, my little babies. You like that? A little bit of juice. Okay. You’re very pretty. Okay.

Pamela: Sookie, You are one shifty but driven cook. You must love your profession. Maybe some of your skills will rub onto me. Which i will welcome openly.

Sookie: And i shall return that savory bit and hope your antics come upon me just as well. *Smiles*

SALVADOR: Mike, Mike!

Mike helps Sookie reach an iron skillet.

Suddenly as Sookie had finally got a hold of the Skillet…

Lorelai rushes into the kitchen…

LORELAI: Sookie!

Sookie turns around and lifts the hand with the skillet. She hits Salvador in the face with it and knocks him over.

Pamela: *Sighs* Someone get a Medic in here… We got a mishap in here… again. We got a chef down. Sookie… you’re sure one heck of a energetic cook. A top chef… but if you keep knocking your cooks out with the skillet. You’re gonna wind up being a lone chef. You need a production line. Not a Rogue cooking embrace. But you’re sure silly. *Chuckles*

Sookie: *To Pamela* Oh… it’s one of my dubious charms. But i live for the cooking. It’s an art of my life.

LORELAI: Ooh. It’s here! It happened! She did it!

SOOKIE: Okay, I’m gonna need a little bit longer sentence.

LORELAI: The Chilton school. Rory got in. She has gotten into the school. She’s gotten accepted by Chilton to attend its school.

SOOKIE: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

LORELAI: I know. Look. *reading from a letter* “Dear Ms. Gilmore, We are happy to inform you that we have a vacancy at Chilton Preparatory starting immediately. Due to your daughter’s excellent credentials and your enthusiastic pursuit of her enrollment” – I offered to do the principal to get her in – “we would be happy to accept her as soon as the first semester’s tuition has been received.”

SOOKIE: This is very exciting!

They both giggle and hug…

LORELAI: Is something burning?

SOOKIE: My bangs, earlier. Go on, go on, go on.

LORELAI: This is it. She can finally go to Harvard like she’s always wanted and get the education that I never got and get to do all the things that I never got to do and then I can resent her for it and we can finally have a normal mother-daughter relationship.

SOOKIE: Oh, good.

They giggle again. Rory walks in…

RORY: Mom?

Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody. The Rhapsody Trio #2

Janie: *With her sisters Alex and Charlene* What’s all the fuss?


RORY: You’re happy.


RORY: Did you do something slutty?

Janie: *Scoffs; Laughing* Rory! What was that about?

Alex: We might not understand the irony in that… But that there sounded like a assumption of saying that she was someone who’d screw anything that walked. That’s just really… Awkward. Really distasteful. Ew!

LORELAI: I’m not that happy.

Lorelai and Sookie giggle…

LORELAI: Here. *hands Rory a gift bag*

Charlene: Is there something going on that we don’t know about?

RORY: What’s going on?

LORELAI: Open it.

Rory pulls out a plaid skirt…

RORY: I’m gonna be in a Britney Spears video?

Alex: Britney Spears? *In disbelief* You’ve got to be pulling our legs here. Her? In a Music Video? With Britney Spears?

Charlene: *Emitting some frost and freezing* Something else going on that we should know about?

SOOKIE: You’re going to Chilton! Oh, sorry.

RORY: Mom?

Janie: Whoa… whoa. Freeze! Repeat that last line… She’s going where?

Lorelai: To Chilton. *Looking to see 3 girls* Oh… hey there, Janie… Alex. Charlene. Looking for your mom?

Alex: No. We are just hanging out with Rory. We met her on the way to school. She’s really uber smart.

Janie: Plus thought me out to be like the girl Janie Jones. It’s funny.

Lorelai: That’s my Rory. She’s always up for learning.

Rory: *Looking at her mom; in shock* …

LORELAI: You did it, babe. You got in.

RORY: How did this happen? You didn’t. . .with the principal, did you?

Janie: Do what?… *Pause after getting that sense of awkwardness coming from Rory* Oh… Okay. It’s one of those things a girlfriend or gal pal should not ask about.

LORELAI: No, honey, that was a joke. They have an open spot. You’re gonna start on Monday.

RORY: Really?

Charlene: She’s starting on Monday?

Alex: What about her friends at Metropolis High? What about them?

LORELAI: Really.

RORY: I don’t believe this! Oh my God, I’m going to Chilton!

LORELAI: Yeah. *Looking at Charlene, Alex and Janie* Don’t worry. Lane won’t part from her.

Lorelai and Rory hug…

RORY: Sookie, I’m going to Chilton!

Sookie and Rory hug.

SOOKIE: I’ll make cookies. Protestants love oatmeal. *To Janie, Alex and Charlene* Hey girls. Would you like a cookie too?

Alex: Sure.

Charlene: I guess.

Janie: No thanks. Thank you though. Oatmeal kinda gives me a bit of a rash. I break out when i eat anything with Oatmeal. But i do thank you for the offering.

RORY: I have to call Lane.

Rory starts to leave then hugs Lorelai again.

RORY: I love you.

Alex: She sure is happy go lucky… isn’t she?

Charlene: More than we’d understand.

LORELAI: I love you.

Rory leaves.

LORELAI: My girl’s going to Chilton

SOOKIE: Yeah. Rory’s going to Chilton!

As Lorelai leaves, Sookie starts a little dance and begins to sing.

SOOKIE: Rory’s going to Chilton! Rory’s going to Chilton! Rory’s going to Chilton!

Pamela: Another Mishap is imminent…

Sookie tosses a dish towel over her shoulder. It lands on the stove and catches fire. Salvador covers it with a lid…

Pamela: Good save.

Another day at the Bulldog stadium...
Another day at the Bulldog stadium…

Over at the Metropolis University’s Bulldog Stadium…

Coach’s Office…

Coach Garland: *Filling out some paperwork for the current year’s Football season* …

Dinah: *Walking in and Finishing her Espresso* Sorry about the late schedule. had some things to take care of and had to grab my mail from the house. *Looking at the clock* Today’s gonna be a long day.

Coach Garland: You really don’t have any idea how long the day’s gonna be… Do you?

Dinah: We only have forms and some sheets to fill out.

Coach Garland: True… But Dinah… Those can quickly turn into a ton more forms. *Looking to the side* Oh… Uh, Dinah the Sparky Coach… This came in for you today. It’s from some Prep school… Chilton. Or so it read on the corner of the Envelope.

Dinah: *With a raised Eyebrow and curious* Hmm… Chilton? Uh… okay. My daughters weren’t necessarily reaching into that direction. How could that school just send me some letter? Hmm. Better read what it says.

Dinah then opens the letter addressed to her from Chilton…

Dinah: *Pulling out the letter from the envelope and reading the letter* … Dear Mrs. Rhapsody…. We are happy to inform you that we have a vacancy at Chilton Preparatory starting immediately. Due to your daughters Janie’s, Alex’s and Charlene’s excellent credentials and your enthusiastic pursuit of her enrollment”…

Seconds later…

Dinah: *Gasps; Ecstaticly hyped up with thrill and excitement* Oh shit! OH MY GOD! WOW! WOW! I can’t believe it… They did it. My girls… Janie, Alex and Charlene… They friggin’ did it. They did it. They literally have gotten into the school.

Coach Garland: What?! They did what? They got into that prestigious school? H-how? Didn’t you say that they were like… behind on their studies?

Dinah: They caught up… They managed to catch up somehow and it got up high enough to catch the notice of the girls and accepted them. They start on Monday. This upcoming Monday. I got to go and show Lorelai. She’s not gonna believe this. At all.

Dinah was unable to contain herself as she was so pumped full of excitement…

Dinah: *Grabbing her things and grabbing the letter* Abigail… You gonna be able to man the fort and team while i’m gone?

Coach Garland: Of course. All it is today is just filling out forms and organizing the roster sheets. I can manage.

Dinah: Okay. The Boys are probably out there getting rowdy and itching to run some plays. Have them run a few plays and do some Jogging in place… Then a few of those… Up-Downs… To relieve them of some of that extra spare energy…

Coach Garland: You got it… Dinah. I’ll handle the boys. You go take care of your young ladies. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Dinah: You bet.

A Moment later…

At the Metropolis Inn…

Michel: *Looking at Dinah* Yes… Can I help you?

Dinah: Hey there… Michel, right?

Michel: The last time i check… i was. What is it that you want?

Dinah: I’m Looking for Lorelai Gilmore.


Lorelai: *Walking over from the kitchen* Rory did it. She’s in… I can’t believe it. *Spotting Dinah* Dinah?! What’s up?

Dinah: My daughters… Janie, Alex and Charlene… They’re going to Chilton. They’re in. They’re in. *Glowing with Jubilation*

Lorelai: What?! *Gasps* They’re going too?

Dinah: Yeah. I got this letter from the school stating that they’ve been accepted. *Showing the letter off to Lorelai* Take a look.

Lorelai walks over and looks at the letter in Dinah’s hands…

Lorelai: *Reading the Letter* “Dear Mrs. Rhapsody…. We are happy to inform you that we have a vacancy at Chilton Preparatory starting immediately. Due to your daughters Janie’s, Alex’s and Charlene’s excellent credentials and your enthusiastic pursuit of her enrollment”… *Gasps* Oh my god… Dinah. They’re in. They’re accepted into Chilton. You might know what that could mean, right?

Dinah: What?

Lorelai: We’ve now become Chilton Moms…

Dinah: Chilton Moms?! Oh… boy. Oh… The mass thrills of being a part of the Chilton Brigade. *Smiles and upbeat* Chilton… You might have been safe before… But… Look out and hang on to your boots and high heels. Keep your Standards locked in tight. Because the Rhapsody Trio is about to storm your halls.

Lorelai: Don’t forget Rory.

Dinah: You kidding?! I would never forget her. She’s Just as important and as far as this gal is revolved and concerned… She’s as well as you… part of our life. Anyone screws with her… They better watch their sorry butts. Because i’ll shock them and i still have that capability to do so.

Janie: *Walking out with Alex and Charlene* Rory’s going to Chilton. She’s gonna floating up on cloud #9 for a bit.

Alex: She sure is… This must be like a literal dream come true for her. How come we never figured it out?

Charlene: Well… for one reason… we only just met Rory this morning and befriended her at that time as well. But… Before that… we had not a clue as to who she was. Or anything. Just some bookworm.

Janie: Good point. It’s just so surreal though. Rory Gilmore… of Metropolis that has the element and feel of Stars Hollow… A Chilton Gal.

Alex: I agree. I agree. *Looking ahead to see their mom* Mom’s here?

Charlene: Here… Now?! *Gasps* But… She’s supposed to be at work. At the Bulldog Stadium. She doesn’t get off from work for another 3-4 hours. Did she split from work?

Janie: I don’t know. I got no clue. Why don’t you ask her?

A second later…

hqdefault (1)

Dinah: *Smiles and handing a bag over to Janie, Alex and Charlene* Here. There’s something inside for you girls. Something that will surprise you.

Janie along with Alex and Charlene look into the bag and pull out Plaid skirts. Janie looked at her sisters and they looked at her and then at the plaid skirts. They all seconds later… looked at their mom and were confused…

Janie: Mom, What’s all this? What’s with the plaid skirts?

Dinah: Girls… What would you say if i were to tell you… that you 3 have been accepted by a Prestigious school?

Alex: What do you mean? *Pauses* Wait…w-w-w-w-wait a minute… you mean that… we’re going… we’re going…

Dinah: That’s right. You 3 are going to Chilton. You start on Monday Morning. I however… have to be sure that the first semester’s tuition for you girls has been received by them.

Charlene: *In shock; letting a blast of frost loose out of Jubilation* Oh my… god. AHHHHHH!

Janie: Rory’s got close school pals. Us. We’re all going to Chilton.



Alex: This is all like really impressive and gracious. It’s honorable. *In Awe*

What they didn’t know was that they were about to be 2-3 more additions to the Chilton Acceptance bandwagon… Things were looking rather good. Or so it might have seemed… However right now… Everything was peachy. At least… were going fine at that moment.

What was gonna occur upon them all… next? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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