Chapter 241: Metropolis University… The new home of the Rhapsody New Generation fighters.

(Carly Black Moves in with Serena at the Dorms)

But as for the Older fighters of the new generation…

1:00 PM…

Metropolis University Dorms…

In the Lounge…

Dorm Manager: Ladies… Gentleman. Welcome aboard to the Dorm Wing of the Metropolis University. I’m your Dorm Room Manager of the Dorms.  I’m Percy Hadley. You are the Dorm building inhabitants. I shall be your Dorm bud for the next 4 years. There are rules here that you are expected to follow. You follow the certain rules here and we will all be right as rain. But if you try to break them… I will assure you that there will be penalties. Sorry. But this is the real world. I am sure that you all were expecting for it to be all just simple and basic. You all may have been so accustomed to it being simple and being just a free ride. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, this isn’t High school anymore. This is the real world and Real world isn’t the loosey goosey sugar on top sensation that you’ve been seeing. and still expect to be at your leisure. It’s cruel and harsh. There are 8 Rules that will be obeyed on cue and by demand. no Exceptions… I am your bud here for the next 4 years. but if you go against me… i will ride your hides and be the storm to your paradise. You follow me so far?

Annie: We get you… A Little over Zealous with the harsh tone though. but we get you loud and clear.

Raven: Hopefully… you’re not gonna wind up being like a dictator.

Percy: Not really. However… that consequence is entirely up to you for when you decide to not follow the rules here and adhere to what the rules are. It is up to you, Mrs. Rhapsody. It is up… to all of you. I am not the bad guy. But if you make me out to be the bad guy… you will be made to regret that as you’ll have no one else to blame but yourselves.

Rikku: *Cringes* Yeowch!

Percy: I am sorry if it sounds too harsh for your ears, Young lady. But this is how it is in the real world. You’re not kids anymore. The Adolescent Kingdom that you lived under with a niche for safety and cuddles… is all in the past. This is the Adult world now. And i know about your roles in the community, Raven. You and your sisters are the heroes of Thunderic Fury… The offspring of the hero of the past… Thunder Mistress. I know who you heroes are. The Reports on T.V said it all. i followed it. but don’t be expecting special treatment. You’re like the rest of the people here. Same treatment and same code of respect.

Clint: What are the rules?

Percy: These Rules are the same as they were and never change. Since the Dorms were controlled and run by a Michelle Swan over 15-17 years ago. She was a Marine. And the rules set by her were more than efficient and ensured a tight ship. So… we kept those rules.

The Dorm Manager then lists off the Rules in the same format as the one from years prior…

Percy: Rule #1: Respect the fellow Dorm inhabitants. If you want to have a fight with them… you take it outside and you make amends… You code Red it and you terminate the quarrel. if you fail to complete the mission… it will be up to me to code red it for you and both you and the one that you’re in crossfires with will get the punishment.

Rule #2: There will be no outside people allowed in the dorm rooms after hours. If they are family… You say your Adieus and send them on their Journey’s back home. You are not to have any outsiders spend the night. If anyone of you Crack open an insubordinate action and sneak someone into a room. after hours… I will issue a Red Flag on the whole unit and the building will be locked down till the guilty party mans up and confesses. That rule is for a reason. So no casting it off for a mark of bull. It’s no Joke. some of the outsiders can turn mean at night. It’s a Jungle of Adulthood out there people. So use your brains that your good ole Mother’s and Father’s gave you. Be smart.

Rule #3: No Smoking or drinking… No drugs of any kind. You want to light up… you take the butts outside and have it outside. Same with Alcohol. No Drinking Alcoholic beverages in the building or in the rooms. If i smell it or catch it… you will be put on level 8 probation. 4 weeks of heavy punishment. Be smart people. Don’t strike on a fools Ego and think it funny to pull a fast one. You’ll look stupid and it will make you the one with the stained reputation… You got 4 years here… don’t make your 4 years here to be your untold realm of hell. It is hell outside. it’s a harsh world. don’t invite trouble to come walking in. Use your common sense. I am to be the Dorm Bud… Not your Nannies and or parent.

Rule #4: The Curfew. During the week there is a 10:00 curfew. on weekends it’s beefed up to 11:00. If you’re a few minute late… fine. it happens. things occur that you don’t expect. Some of you don’t know how to expect the unexpected. But here… if you haven’t learned to do so yet… here would be the place to start learning. But if you are consistently late and wind up being repeatedly late and after Curfew… You will be locked out of the building for the night. some nights can get really cold and Winters are a real threatening nemesis. So if you don’t want to spend the night in the freezing cold on a winter night. Don’t ever be late on your curfew.

Rule #5: When going out… travel in groups of no less than 2 or 3… outside is dangerous at night. Suicide Slums is not far from here and some people from there tend to stray into the general public. they could initiate the code of Rape and mugging you from behind if you’re not with the watchful eyes. Don’t wander out alone. Untold things can happen to those who wander into the wilderness and wander alone. If you don’t have means of arming yourselves… you won’t make it. So be on the right side… don’t beat the outside alone.

Rule #6: Learn Self defense. Arm yourself with the knowhow in battle tactics and learn how to fight. A defenseless College dweller is a Dead College Dweller. This place is your Base. You leave it unprotected… don’t expect to always come back Unscathed. Chances are… that you’ll be just new game for any predator or hoodlum who have the lust in their eyes for girls such as yourselves. and that goes for you men out there too… if you go out there unarmed and on your own… you’ll be falling a casualty of being someone’s tasty treat or a target of some sex offender’s dish of grabbing some man love. If you want to ensure that you’ll come back in one piece and unscathed… Do the smart approach. go prepared and with self defense. be armed. constantly Righty -Tighty.

Rule #7: Respect your fellow men and comrades. Remember recruits… You’ll be dealing with one another for 4 years. So if you make an enemy in here… You better be in expecting for a warzone to break. So unless you want a unnecessary war… don’t call on instilling the reasons for someone here to scorn  you. You’ll only be hating yourself and wish to god that you were smarter to not throw the grenade of hostility.

and last but not least.. Rule #8: Keep wide attention of your belongings… they are your equipment… you lose them… it is on you. So wise rule of choice… don’t set and leave anything of yours out that is high of value. it will only tempt people with a klepto touch to up and grab it and claim it and you”ll be out of the equipment. So if you have something of high value… do the favor and keep it with you with no exceptions. Treat it as if it’s your life and as though your lives depended on it. Because anything lost won’t be the fault of the Dorm… It will be resting on you.

Spencer: What about for Married people?

Percy: Married people are different. there can be leniency for them… but still don’t be overstepping the border lines of tolerance. If you’re a married College dweller… Enjoy your moments with your married spouse… take the time needed to be with then during the day and fill your time with them.

Rikku: But what if the Married Couple both attended the College and were living in the Dorms together?

Percy: Hmm. Then that is different. The Married couple would share a Dorm with just themselves. It’d be condoned and accepted.

Serena: My family knows how to fight. As do i. So defense is not a problem. we can fight if need be…

Percy: That is good Private. That will save you. But the same concept goes for everyone. It’s a Dangerous world out there people… Dangers ranging from Intergalactic sprites and Evil Villains who call to push the world as their own personal playground… So stay on your guard at all times. There are gluttons, Thieves and scoundrels. Lunatics and Psychopaths. So… While out there… Watch your backs. Keep Alert.

Paul: Would there be allowed a Mini fridge inside the Dorm rooms. So during the night or something if we’re to be… with the hunger attack… we can grab a little pick-me-up?

Percy: I wouldn’t permit it… But i can’t say that i’d forbid it. So… it can be accepted. Just as long as you ensure that you don’t leave the room a mess. or stain the carpet. Carpets here are hard to get cleaned.

Theodore: Our parents taught us better. We’re very responsible on the cleaning.

Percy: Good. I’m aware that you already had your rooms assigned to you and are still trying to unpack and get situated. *Reading the list off*

#250: Serena Rhapsody and Carly Black/ ???

#349: Spencer and Rikku/ ???

#305: Rita Massey and Erica Harper.

#201: Annie, Amy, Brenda Rhapsody and Patti Marlborough.

#320: Roxanne Harris and Lana Greens.

#330: Charlie Rhapsody, Dan Rhapsody and Chris Bentley.

#312: Clint and Theodore Rhapsody/???

Percy: That’s the list. The rest of you… are where ever your rooms are. Whatever Dorm room number you were given. You’ll be meeting your roommates momentarily as the day progresses. However… This is gonna be your new place of residence. Your castle. I believe in the good book. Put your trust in God… Your lives belong to me… For 4 long years. Enjoy your stay… Welcome to the Metropolis University Dormitory Building and to Metropolis U. Let’s enjoy the time we have with each other together.

It was there that the College life began. Classes didn’t start yet and it was still in the process of organizing and preparing for the New Semester. The Fall Semester. Penny Rhapsody was set on Fashion… Like her Mother Pearl. So it was aimed towards that. Clint was into Romance and Acting. So he was gonna get into theater. Theodore reminisced…

“In Broom’s Office…

Sapphire, Raven and Serena were looking around for clues. They had no intention on ruling out that the death was natural… They believed that there was foul play. They were informed as well as the others were. Informed of what was going on and told that Broom was under attack. Blossom, Sora, Carly, June and Crystal tried to ward off the attack and failed. Failed and were having their guilt eat at them. It was getting to them and growing. But as for the Thunderic Force Z!… They scoured all through the office for clues as to what happened. Where the attacker came in and how he left without being seen…

Sapphire: *Looking through the one side of the office* Okay… Let’s… see. The killer: Obviously Rasputin. The bald cue ball psychotic. he came seconds after Zoey and June caught sight of Kroenen descending down back alive and yet… the Undead. Broom was the one that stated seeing the puppet. which was Kroenen. But wondered where the Puppeteer… The attacker was.

Raven: Kroenen made the move… But Rasputin ordered it. It might have been revenge. Dire revenge. Remember back when we were at the Machen Library…

Raven Recalls a previous moment…

“Broom: *To Abe, Crystal and the girls* Sixty years ago Abe… Girls, they tried to destroy the world. And they are back — in my lifetime, they are back. To finish the job.

Blossom: Who? Who’s back?

Broom: Rasputin. Grigory Efrimovich Rasputin. Occult adviser to the Romanovs.”

Raven: Broom said that to us… At first when he said it, we all thought that he was having a nightmare or a sudden paralyzing sensation. But with the event that followed after and the part where Broom was attacked and hence… lost his life to the one that attacked him. How would you explain what’s going on now? Broom was killed. By someone with a dark agenda and relentless ambitions.

Serena: Raven, You’re over-reaching. Aren’t you?

Raven: Does it look or sound like i am, Serena? I’m not even close to over-reaching. But before all brain activity of Broom was lost… Crystal… our resident Visionary foresight and Psychic wonder… Clairvoyant. She was able to tap into an early memory… A very early memory. Re-visiting the point in time that lead to how all this began.

Sapphire: You think that she still has that memory with her to show us?

Raven: Yeah.

Serena: Go and get her. She’s got to show us all the vision.

Raven: She’s only gonna show us. The others don’t want to see it. They’re still grieving over the loss of Broom. We ought to be grieving too.

Sapphire: We are. We’re just trying to be strong and are in fact barely holding on by a mere thread. What we’re doing in here… Scouring the room where Broom was last seen alive. It’s not making us feel too thrilled. We are struggling.

Raven: I think that we all are in one way or another. *Looking down*

Sapphire: We need to know who killed Broom. If it does happen to be who we’re thinking it is… we need to know.

Theodore: *Concerned* And how exactly are you gonna do that? The killer is dark and not exactly gonna come out saying that he or she committed the attack. Besides we’re just a couple people… But if we all called the attacker out about the attack. He or she’d have no option but to come clean with it.

Serena: *Turning to see Theodore* Theodore, When did you get here? Weren’t you with the others?

Theodore: I was… They’re all talking about packing up and finding a way for us to all go back home.

Sapphire: They’re Just gonna give up?

Theodore: No, Sapphire. They’re not giving up. But look around you. We just endured a loss. We lost Professor Broom. He summoned us to be here. Not Manning. Manning isn’t really opened with us being here. We’re over staying our welcome and Hellboy is so distraught with anguish that he’s not really taking heart with speaking to anyone. Not that you can blame him. Broom was like his father. the only father that he knew. It’s over. We are not openly welcomed here anymore. So… to be honest… we’re better off just going back to Metropolis.

Raven: *Scoffs In outrage* What about Hellboy? he needs us. We owe it to him to help avenge his father. Blossom kinda made some unbreakable vow that we would all find the killer and take them down.

Theodore: *Groans* And what do you suppose we do? Go after the one that did it? The killer isn’t gonna just stick to one spot and let himself get nailed. He’s gonna seek any source of protection and he’s gonna use it. We’ll be lucky to get within 10 feet of him. or her… whoever the killer is.

Sapphire: We’re not gonna quit. Neither are the others. Plus this is our job. what we were meant to do. Manning is with us on Payroll. We’re being paid. We aren’t doing this because of money. This is us… doing what’s right.

Serena: Tell the others that the flight plans back home have been delayed. Our Jobs aren’t done here. We’re here for a purpose… we’re not gonna back away just because a loss happened.

Theodore: Okay… okay. You win. We’ll stay. But only because it’s the right thing to do. *Looking to the side* So… What exactly’re we looking for?

Sapphire: Evidence of an attacker. Who the attacker is… How they got in… how they left.

Theodore: Think we’ll find anything in here?

Raven: Not sure… But this room is the final place Broom was seen in when he lost his life.

Theodore: *Curious* So… You’re thinking that maybe something of the killer might still be here and managed to get over looked by the Forensic team and Agents?

Sapphire: We’re not entirely sure… But we’re here to find out. We have to.

Theodore: Okay. Not that i don’t know how to figure out what the killer was after… But if the killer was here and was who we believe it to be… The killer would have to leave something on the Victim. On Broom. Killers are known for that. They leave something on their victim so others would know who he or she was. Meaning the killer. The Killer would want to be remembered and take no holds on getting his message known. Ensuring that people would not forget who he was or who she was.

Serena: *Jokingly* Okay… That’s it. You’re going to work your way up to join the BAU. In Quantico, Virginia.

Theodore: *Laughs* Good one. The BAU. Working with the F.B.I.

Sapphire: Right. You clearly have got the skills for working as a profiler and agent. Look into that, Theodore. You might just find that you have skills for that and never knew it till now.

Seconds later…

Raven and Serena went on looking for evidence. Clues and any signs of entry. They found… nothing. There was nothing showing how the killer got in. The Spiraling staircase that led to the Coroners room. Examination room. They looked up there and found… Nothing. It was near hopeless and they were about to give up when suddenly something caught their eyes and pointed out something that was missed…

Serena: Oh crap… Uh, I think we know who the killer was. We know who it was… Rasputin.

Sapphire: How the heck could it be Rasputin? He can’t kill willingly. He’s mostly dead. He’d need someone or something to do it for him…

Serena: Maybe… But he can still order for the hit to happen.

Raven: What would he have against Broom anyway? Suppose that this was a hit out of vengeance? Revenge?

Theodore: Retribution.

Sapphire: Retribution?!

Theodore: Yeah. Rasputin made a personal hit due to retribution. He believed as though he had something to say. A message demanding something. Something big.

Raven: Like What?

Theodore: Think about it… Rasputin is seeking to bring upon the end of the world. He wants to summon something that will assist in his master plan. He believes himself to be a remnant of a god.

Serena: You need to tell all this to the Agents and Manning.

Sapphire: They’re gonna need to know about it.”

Theodore was in the thought that maybe becoming a profiler and a Special Agent would be the best route. Lorenzo figured it being the best path himself and also went for classes that revolved that. Spencer went for a Major in human relations and his wife Rikku went into Mechanics and technologic knowhow. She was a builder by trade and that wasn’t to change. Raven was a public speaker due to her trade in doing speeches in High school and Oral presentations. Serena and Carly were into Filming and broadcasting. Paul was considering a career in Seismology and Volcano-logy. But he might not have been the only one… As it would come out as time went. It was the beginning of the College years for them all. There was gonna be 4 years of college. Possibly more. But was that gonna mean seeing less of them in Metropolis other than in College except for the breaks revolving the holidays.

What would come next for them or for the younger members of the new Gen? High School and the rub with Gilmore girls… Played on…


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