Chapter 240: Luke’s Diner… Blossom, Zoey and Leslie Converse as one.

During the last period of High school.

Study Hall…

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Walking down the street heading their way over to Sid’s Diner…

Leslie: *Thinking* That Gilmore girl… Rory. She’s really nice.

Blossom: She sure is. Kinda shy though.

Leslie: Her friend is expressive though. Lane Kim.

Zoey: I noticed. She’s coming off as someone who is living two identities. One that she’s got to adhere to as expected of her mother and father. and the other… where she’s into all the American Influences and wants to be among the masses. But only getting repressed as she is afraid that her mother would never accept.

Betty: *Walking along side* I noticed that. It seems that Lane Kim is being forbidden from being who she feels that she’s all about. But is being forced to be whoever her parents choose of her. Whether it’s what she wants or not. Can’t have any friends who are boys. Unless it’s approved of by her mother. and father.

Leslie: *Looking at Betty* How is it that you’ve got that all figured out?

Betty: It’s the impression that Lane was giving off. How she was talking. Coming off as the one who is unhappy being all about whatever her mother wants of her to be… But be of someone who speaks her. Speaking of who she “Lane Kim” is all about.

Blossom: What about Rory? What her take on all this?

Leslie: Who knows. But i don’t think that there’d be much for her to do about it. Except sneak some American Influence onto Lane under the radar.

Zoey: That’s just sad.

Blossom: Sure is.

Leslie: I don’t get it though… Why would Lane feel that she’d have to be repressed from what she feels that she is in her heart? Can’t she just let her mom know that she wants to be a rock and roller or someone who’s all about the music of America… That she feels as though she should have the same rights of being a typical American Teenager. She is a teen in an american school. So… doesn’t that count for something?

Betty: It should. But… when it comes to a Korean mother… That is a little flaky… Even when that’s concerned.

Blossom: Korean Mother’s can be so… old school persistent.

Zoey: Yeah.

Leslie: *Looking ahead and seeing another Diner just across from the close by Diner* Hmm… What do you suppose that Diner is like?

Zoey: *Shaking her head* I have no idea.

Blossom: *Looking to the side and catching the attention of the Diner* It looks kinda like Sid’s Diner. But the sign says Luke’s and the top says something else. William’s hardware.

Leslie: Let’s go check it out.

Zoey: Good idea.

Inside Luke’s Diner…

Customers were leaving after finishing their lunches and heading back to work. Some more customers were coming in as the others went out. It was a roomy and peaceful atmosphere inside and at the counter… Luke was serving the ones sitting at the counter their coffee…

Luke: *Serving the customers* … There you go.


Seconds later…


Zoey: *Opening the door and walking in with Betty, Blossom and Leslie* This place looks… Just like Sid’s Diner.

Betty Andrews 97

Betty: There’s two Sid’s. One’s Luke’s and one’s Sid’s. How odd.

Blossom Rhapsody 9

Blossom: The feeling in here is nice.

Leslie: *Nods*

As they walk in and grab a seat…

Luke: Afternoon girls. School let out early?

Zoey: More less… It was sort of an early day today. Weird… but we’re not bound to complain.

Leslie: It gives us time to talk over some things.

Luke: Girl stuff, I’ll guess.

Blossom: Kinda.

Luke: I don’t wanna know. I’ll be right over with coffee.

Betty: Actually, Could you make those espresso’s?

Luke: I guess.

Blossom: Thanks.

While they sat down…

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom, Betty and Zoey* So… What do you think about that Gilmore girl Rory and her Korean friend Lane?

Blossom: I think that i kinda like that Gilmore girl. Really like her. She’s shy… docile and reserved. She doesn’t go looking for fights.

Betty: Neither do we. But Rory… She’s one of a kind.

Zoey: I think that she’s really well driven. Knows what she wants… How she wants to go in her life. Lane though… I can’t figure.

Leslie: Same here. She is living as two different people. One side of her is the side that is a wild yearning American teenager who wants to experience the American teen masses lifestyle. Listening to music that speaks to her. Music that means well to her. Wearing things that consort to the American state of mind and embrace.

Blossom: We know all this… but all by just so little we have spoken with her.

Betty: Not only that… those two blonde girls managed to read her mind and get the details. They put all that they gathered of Lane in a note and sent the note… Mysteriously… to me.

Leslie: *Scoffs* Oh come on… they sent it to all of us. And we’re having to wonder what Lane really is all about.

Blossom: We already know… somewhat. But we also know about Rory. She’s easy to figure. She’s a bookworm. Wanting to read everything there is and just keep reading. She’s also been reading substantial books. Highly intelligent books. Enough to make an intelligent Wiz Blush.

Luke: *Overhearing* You kids know Rory?

Zoey: Yeah. We do. Just a bit though as we just met her this morning. What’s her story?

Luke: She’s Lorelai’s kid. Most of the time… where ever Rory is… Lorelai usually isn’t far behind. Rory’s been known to be a caffeinated Junkie like her mother. Lorelai is a coffee fiend and would come here almost constantly for food. Dinner. Sometimes lunch. and a few times… for Breakfast. Between me and the wall here… Lorelai’s known to be a bit Zany. However when it comes to her kid Rory… She’s equal with one another. Rory kinda makes her level. But… get her on a good one… forget it. It will be a while before she tires out and returns to a calming state.

Zoey: Is that… a bad thing?

Leslie: She’s not psychotic… is she?

Luke: Nah… With Lorelai… it’s been known to be expected. It’s how she is.

Betty: Is Rory friendly?

Blossom: Rory seems to be really shy. At least… it seems that way to us.

Luke: At first… She can be. However… once she gets to know someone… She’s more at ease.

But while they were talking…

Macie Crandall
Macie Crandall

Macie: *Looking at Hallie; Walking inside with Hallie* Hallie, What’re we doing here? This isn’t Sid’s Diner.

Hallie Rhapsody
Hallie Rhapsody

Hallie: I know. This happens to be the other Diner. Owned by someone named Luke.

Macie: You been here before?

Hallie: No. But… there’s always a first time for everything.

Macie: I guess. *Looking around*

Hallie: *Looking to the side and spotting a couple of girls; recognizing 2 of them* Zoey… Blossom. *Confused* What’re they doing here?

Macie: Who’re they?

Hallie: My cousins.

Macie: Any idea as to why they’d be here?

Hallie: I’d be asking my sister that same thing. However… She’s at the University. *Walking over to where her cousin’s were sitting* Come on, Macie.

Seconds later…

At the Table…

Blossom: *Grins* Rory’s got it going on… If she’s as cool and out of sight as she’s being made to be… That’d be amazing to consider her a good friend. Even if she weren’t all that good. She’s Okay with us.

Leslie: She seemed sweet and kind to me.

Betty: Same as to me. I actually kinda find her to be a real princess.

Zoey: I agree.

Blossom: *Looking to the side and suddenly spotting Hallie* Hallie?!

Zoey: *Pauses* Hallie?!

Hallie Rhapsody

Hallie: Hey Zoey. Blossom. *Smiles; Chuckles*

Zoey: hey there. Wh-wh-what’re you doing here?

Hallie: I came here to hang out. My mom is still at work and there was nothing to do. I brought a friend with me. She can’t get into her house either as her parents are still at work and forgot to leave a key somewhere… where she could get in her house.

Blossom: You didn’t seem to follow us… did you?

Hallie: Me? No. I didn’t. Really… I didn’t. I just.. walked over.

Leslie: *Catching sight of a girl beside Hallie* Who’s your friend?

Hallie: *Introducing her friend* This is my friend from school. Macie Crandall…

Macie Crandall

Macie: *Shy and a little Nervous* Hey.

Hallie: Macie, These are my Cousin’s Zoey… And Blossom. The Blonde girl beside her is her girlfriend and best friend… Love. Leslie T. Burke. The one who’s with a Prim and Proper appearance is… Betty Andrews. She’s Leslie’s best friend from Palm Desert California. But certain things happened between them and they’re in process of making amends and gain some of their once stable friendship back.

Betty: *A Little lost; Blowing it off and smiles*

Macie: Nice to meet you.

Hallie: *Curious* Have you seen Sora and Carly anywhere?

Blossom: No… Why?

Hallie: I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I usually see them by the front gate. However… this afternoon. They weren’t there.

Leslie: They could have had something to take care of. Maybe they got held up by something and were still stuck in class.

Zoey: Not likely… the classes were all dismissed practically around the same time. Sora and Carly… If they’re still in class. Something would have had to come up to keep them in there.

Blossom: Like what? The school runs on a set schedule. They don’t run for Overtime.

Hallie: I did happen to see Janie, Alex and Charlene walking off with two unfamiliar girls. I never seen them before.

Luke: What did they look like?

Hallie: On was rather tall and had long brown hair and had a back pack on her and was carrying books. The other… Not so long hair. Black Hair. With Glasses. and had a Rock-n-roller T-shirt on her. Wasn’t as tall as the other one. A Little shorter than her.

Zoey: That had to have been Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim.

Macie: You know about them?

Blossom: Yeah. A Little. We actually have met them and spoke with them a little during Lunch break.

Betty: They seemed to be rather expressive and were just expressing their involvement in the career of being an average typical Teenager. Although… Rory. She’s not an average. She’s very articulate.

Leslie: She’s pretty smart too. A Bit smarter than the common teen in Metropolis High.

Luke: What’ll be your pleasure?

Blossom: Coffee?

Hallie: Nah. Coffee… kinda makes a person a bit moody. Is there a soft drink?

Macie: Root beer.

Hallie: Pepsi Wild Cherry.

Luke: I don’t have Pepsi Wild Cherry. But i got the Cherry additive to turn the Pepsi into a Pepsi Wild Cherry.

Hallie: Uh. Okay.

It was then that Hallie sat down along side Zoey and Blossom as did Hallie’s friend Macie. It was then that the 4 girls and Hallie… and her friend all spoke about what they knew about Rory and Lane. Looking ahead to seeing more of them and more occurrences of other nefarious characters that were to soon come.

However… in the coming future… a familiar face would appear…


Amanda Waller… But… the question was to remain: Would she be just the same as she was before she was taken out by the fury of Major Zod? Or was she… Indeed meant to be… better and a possible addition to the Allies of the Clan? That would come as the story pressed on… Find out what comes next revolving the Gilmore girls and the friends and constant occurrences In the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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