Chapter 239: At the Auto shop with Lorelai and a deal is made between Alvin and Lorelai.


Metropolis Auto shop…

Alvin Kramer… Formerly Alvin Rhapsody was in the midst of working on another car. It was a busy day for him and he was on the go all day so far. All morning he worked and wired up some loose connections that were on the cars. He didn’t forget about the pain that he still held the blond twins accountable for whether his Ex-Wife liked it or not. He still blamed Sora and Carly. He knew that they could read minds. But in his mind… they had no right to stick their nose into his personal and private business. But the damage was done and he had himself a new life. New family. New kids. A beautiful wife. All was perfect for him…

Alvin: *Connecting the last wires to the Prius SPR* Okay… That should do it… That ought to take care of the fuel problem and the water leakage. Not sure as to how that is possible for a Prius to wind up with issues like that… But… It should be all fine now.

As he was testing the Engine and letting the car run…

Lorelai: *Getting out of her car and walking inside the Autoshop* Wow… looks like this place has seen a rather restless and swamped morning.

Alvin: *Looking over and catching sight of a woman* I’ll be right with you. *Stepping on the gas pedal and revving the engine up; letting strength build up in the engine* Come on, you fiesty little vehicle. Press along. Work that power. Work it. Come on. *Hearing the car hum smoothly* Sounds like we got ourselves a singer in a car. how about that? Now that is what i call a wrap. *Turning off the Engine and getting out of the car; Closing the door and gently patting the car on the side* Good work, fella. Good job. You’re back to purring like a pussycat.

Seconds later…

Alvin: *Wiping off his hands; cleaning off the oil that leaked onto his hands* Hello there… Welcome to Metropolis Auto shop. How can we help you?

Lorelai: *Standing firm and calmly* Yeah… Hi, I am here to get my Jeep’s Oil changed. I usually go to a different place. But saw this which was closer. So…

Alvin: Hmm… You don’t say. Okay. Well… we do appreciate the business. Let’s take a look at the car you happen to drive, shall we?

Lorelai: Okay.

A Minute later…

Alvin: *In Awe* Now twist my spleen and use my intestines as a Jump rope. A 1999 Jeep Wrangler. Now we’re singing my tune. I haven’t dealt with one of these bad boys in a while. It’s been at least a year and a half since i last dealt with one of these beasts. *Opening the hood and looking inside the hood at the Engine configuration* Not bad looking machinery. How many miles have you put on this bad boy since the last Oil change?

Lorelai: 78,000 Miles.

Alvin: You’re kidding. That’s 8 thousand over the usual limit for Oil change. You must have taken this vehicle for a real ride. *Grins* Why not hand me the keys to this thing? I’ll drive it onto the car elevator and raise it. Work my magic on it and clean your car’s oil. Giving it the care it deserves.

Lorelai: Okay.

Alvin: There’s a waiting room with a couple vending machines and a Coffee dispenser. Why not go inside there and take a load off for a few minutes? Your car will be back to feeling frisky in no time. That’s a Kramer Guarantee.

Lorelai: If you insist. Coffee would sound so good right about now.

Alvin: Have as much as you need. But just don’t go crazy with it. I’ve had someone here the other day who drank so much coffee… in just half an hour that they required Dialysis as they were with damaged kidneys from all the coffee they consumed. They literally OD’d. I felt bad for the poor gal. She was a real bundle of nerves. She was a shaker. Nervous as heck.

Lorelai: She must have needed therapy and more stability in her life.

Alvin: Probably… But she was a stable gal. For the most part.

Lorelai: But i sense there’s a but in there somewhere and it usually comes with something sour and unsatisfying.

Alvin: No way. With her… What you saw… was what you got. No unknown surprises. She would let off a spur of the moment outburst… But that’s just for entertainment.

Lorelai: Show and Tell?

Alvin: No. Only the simple and straight. Honest and unfaltering.

Half an hour later…

Lorelai: *Waiting* …

Alvin: *Walking into the waiting room* Mrs. Gilmore, your car is up and running like champ. Oil’s been changed. With the good stuff. The Castor GTX brand Oil. The Water is up to level. Anti-freeze is at the mark where it belongs. Plus… no extra charge… did a test run in it. To see that the Jeep Wrangler ran in A+ stats. But… your Radiator did happen shake just a little. And the Air filter needs changing. But you got a full tank of gas in it. No charge for that. And since it was primarily a oil change and nothing beyond that. The Payment due… $35 bucks. Flat. You’re in good hands, Ma’am. That’s the one thing about this place. You come here… in need of a fixing and repair on the car… But leave here happy and pleased. That’s our credo. And if we happen to not be able to fulfill our obligations to the satisfaction of the customer. We offer the next visit here for servicing… at half the normal price. We pay most of the cost… out from our pockets.

Lorelai: Sounds too good to be true.

Alvin: It usually is. But only difference here is that we happen to mean it. When we serve a customer… we do our damnest to ensure that the customer is pleased and satisfied. But all while seeing that we don’t hurt our bottom lines. But the customer’s care… is priority one.

As Lorelai was about to leave back to the Metropolis Inn…

Alvin: *Walking over and passing off a business arrangement* Since you’re new to this place. I got a little business proposition to pass your way. Whenever you need your oil changed or need your car fixed and it needs a good ole’ fixin. Come and see me. Here. I believe in treating a customer right. Making sure they are satisfied. I can give you a guarantee… That whenever you come to be serviced by me… You will not be seeing a job half done. You’ll always see a Job done all the way and done right.

Lorelai: I’ll keep that in mind and i will see that i refer all my guests at the Inn to see you when they have a car or vehicle that needs fixing.

A deal was made between Lorelai and The once member of the Rhapsody Dynasty till they turned their back on their family. But what will ever happen if the Dynasty ever knew that he was trying to cover his past sins? Would they sire to blow him out of the water? What about the older members of the New Generation of fighters? are They finally at their college and within their Dorms? Find out what comes next in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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