Chapter 238: Betty Andrews and the reach out of trust. Failure or Success?

(More on Tara’s Adoption of May…)

Back at Metropolis High school…


The Cafeteria…

The gang was all there along with some old faces as well…

At the round table by the far side…

Blossom: *Sitting down with her girlfriend Leslie* So… I guess the assignment was a simple one. The teacher was being profoundly easy going considering what it would usually be. Huckleberry Finn… That’s a good read. Haven’t really heard that tale since first year of Middle school. Or the last year of Elementary school.

Leslie: You’re lucky, Blossom. I haven’t got to read anything quite like that. Not even once and it’s the first time i got to read it or hear of it.

Blossom: You serious? It’s like a timeless classic. At least for the core curriculum of literature for Metropolis Dwellers. Even though this city is like a rather prime example of a concrete and steel Jungle. It’s still within the part of the Country that is considered the heartland.

Leslie: Sounds like the sparky hero is turning into a heartland observer.

Blossom: Not really. But just proud of the city that i was born in. For better or worse. But it’s a bummer that you can’t ever say as much for Brooklyn. Even though you were born there and a good portion of what all you came to know from the distinct beginning… was there.

Leslie: I am still a newbie. Aren’t I?

Blossom: Not really. You’re more like a trainee and higher up. But you’re still Metropolitan.

Leslie: *Chuckles* Gee… thanks.

Zoey: *With Michelangelo* Hey Leslie. Blossom.

Michelangelo: What’re you guys up to?

Leslie: Nothing much. Just the usual. Chatting. Question… Do you know about that odd girl that is walking the halls of the school here?

Zoey: No. *Shaking her head* Not really. Who do you mean?

Blossom: There’s this girl who happens to walk next to some Korean with glasses.

Michelangelo: The girl doesn’t seem to ring a bell. But i would guess that the girl could be… A Gilmore Girl.

Leslie: A Gilmore Girl?!

Blossom: Huh?! A Gilmore Girl… What are you getting at, Michelangelo?

Zoey: Look to your sharp left.

But before they could…

Janie: *Walking over from the side with a couple of new girls* Hey Zoey… Michelangelo. Blossom, Leslie. What’s up?

Zoey: Nothing really. Class really was easy. However that one teacher teaching this year… She’s a ditz. A Klutzy kook. She kept on speaking in riddles that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. It was funny. In a sad sad way.

Alex: That’d be a first. However… for an intelligent spin on this moment. You may just want to greet and meet someone like this girl we encountered this morning.

Seconds later…

Blossom: *Looking to see two girls* Who’re those girls? They friends of yours?

Charlene: That would be the reason that they’re with us and we’re bringing them over for you guys to meet them. *Looking over to Rory and Lane* Blossom, Zoey… Michelangelo, Leslie… Meet Rory Gilmore. And her Korean friend. Best friend in school… Lane Kim. Rory, Lane… Meet our cousins and our friends. Blossom C. Rhapsody. Zoey T. Rhapsody. Her boyfriend and love Michelangelo Trent. and our resident taken in ally and friend of the Dynasty… Rich girl and Founder of the Blitzball Stadium… Leslie T. Burke.

Rory: *Smiles* Hey guys.

Leslie: Hey Rory.

Blossom: Read any good books lately?

Zoey: We heard that you like to read alot and seem to read a load of books.

Rory: I sure do. I love to read. I do it alot.

Leslie: So we’ve heard.

Lane: Are you girls usually hanging around here alot?

Blossom: Of course. We would hang out here most of the time. But last year around this time… Leslie and I would usually hang in the restroom. Undergoing a nasty habit. It was the dark times for us. Long story.

Janie: I think that they have time.

Leslie: You sure that they’d want to hear it…

Alex: Yeah.

As they spoke…

Tara and her supposed Adopted daughter May were Over by the other side of the Cafeteria talking. May was wearing pants by that time however… She was still conscious about the idea that there were others who were all were wearing diapers… while in school…

15 year old May Schwartz!
15 year old May Schwartz!

May: Okay… So. Tara, i don’t know how this is gonna work. Do i just call you by name… or do i call you mom?

Tara: You don’t have to call me mom. Tara will be fine. Even though i did adopt you. and you’re my daughter now.

May: How did you come to adopt me? That part… i never really got.

Tara: It’s not really a story that should be spread around. But how i came to adopt you… was like this…

Tara flashes back…

2 months earlier…

July 15th 2046…

Marco Household…

10:30 AM…

Tara: *Walking out to the front yard to hang outside* Summer… It’s hot out. This city gets really hot.


Before she could reach the door…


Tara: *Answering the door* Hello? Can we help you?!

Mr. Talon: *Standing before the front door* Are you the one they call Mrs. Tara Marco?

Tara: Uh… yeah. But who the heck are you? I don’t know who you are. How did you come across this address anyway?

Mr. Talon: My apologies, Young lady. I’m Mr. Talon. Rodrick Talon. A representative of the Metropolis Merciful second chance Adoption agency. I’m here on behalf of Mrs. Abigail Darrow.

Tara: Okay. That’s explaining who you are. and where you’re from. But not what this is all about.

Mr. Talon: You’ve been selected as a candidate to be an awarded young mother. A Young mother hen. granted sole custody of a 15 year old girl named May Schwartz. She’s as of tomorrow. Your new daughter.

Tara: Uh… okay. How is this possible? I am only like what… 15 myself. I am unqualified and ineligible to adopt a Child.

Mr. Talon: Not anymore. there is a new program in the city known as Young mothers cultivation. Where the system picks out girls at random and enlists them into becoming young mothers. Either by Adopting. or assigning them a guy around their age. and making a kid by procreation. Giving a child in need a loving home. It’s the basis of every adoption agency. ensuring that the child. Whether it be boy or girl… has everything they’d need. And that they’ll be provided for.

Tara: And how am i to do that? I don’t even have a job. What the heck will i be able to do in provisions for the girl? What if i fail? What’s that gonna do for the kid? She deserves better. I would be well and pleased to raise the girl. Be a loving parent for her. However… given the fact that i too am only 15. and in high school. There’s only so much that i can do and it isn’t like i got resources coming out from my body on a drop of a hat.

Mr. Talon: You’ll find a way. It will all come together as time goes on…”

Tara: Later that day…

“Tara: *Voice-over* I made way over to the Adoption agency and of course Ginger and Frenchy were with me. They met with the woman there that had the arrangements and it was there that i was given the records. The medical, Education and Birth certificates. all the files that would be beneficiary to the girl. You. I was very much with unease. Because… really… I can’t raise a kid on my own. How can i raise a 15 year old Teen when i am 15 myself and with no source of income of my own. I had and still have in possession… no job. But i made a meet with the woman there and took care of the incidentals. She also told me a bit about you and what you were like. What to expect in certain areas. That you had a sort of fetish… With wearing diapers but not for a kink or a intimate sort of thrill. But just as an endearment. I was not all that much comfortable towards the idea… However i couldn’t say much against it as i too had a couple of people who were also in diapers. Sakura. Holly. There was also that one girl… Wendy. She too was wearing them. But she has a bit of a minor fetish. So it explained the reason behind her wearing them. But then there was Nancy Hart. She wore them for the sole reason of being that she had respiratory issues. Bladder issues. It wasn’t critical however the doctors didn’t know as to how to diagnose it. They didn’t know how to come up with a medical term for that. And didn’t know how to better treat it. But the woman at the agency said that you had a slight fetish on wearing them. It took a couple hours to get things sorted out. But by time it was done… You were officially and legally… My daughter.”

May: It means that i am now tied to you?

Tara: That’s right. You are. It isn’t gonna be that bad. Even though alot of sacrifices will be having to be made. I’m gonna have to make a mess load of sacrifices. Not that i mind. I am just gonna need to know where to start and how. Because it’s not about me anymore. It’s about… Me and you. But primarily you.

But as they were talking…

Delilah Heller
Delilah Heller

Delilah: *Walking over* You know… You might want to hide the idea that she’s wearing a Diaper. If those Hot Diaper girl babes catch notice of her… they’ll seek to abduct her and put her diapers and turn her into a Diaper lover. As it is… they already nailed Holly Reedy, Sakura Rhapsody. and Jenna Rhapsody too. They even got their grip on Rowanda Strickland. She too is now a Diaper lover. And as it appears… they’re gonna be after more victims. More targets.

Nancy Hart
Nancy Hart

Nancy: I wear Diapers myself and i am a Diaper Lover by choice. But… I am with Respiratory issues and Bladder problems. Incontinence as well. So it’s all relative. I don’t need to worry about any of those Diaper babes coming at me.

May: I’m not afraid of those girls. I just don’t want them anywhere near me.

Delilah: Keep staying in that Diaper and they will take notice and stop at nothing to turn you into a diaper fetish obsessed diaper lover. Others tried to hold off and failed. How long do you think you can?

Becky Wayland
Becky Wayland

Becky: I myself couldn’t care less if they get me. I don’t have a happy home anyway. So… it’s no big never mind to me.

May: Some attitude. That’s a sure way to attract people like those hot gals. Thinking like that… you’re gonna get sucked into the Diaper lover phase. Those sick girls will see to it.

Becky: Let them come to me. I don’t care. It isn’t like i got anything to fight them off. I don’t care what they do to me as i could care less what my parents think. My mom and dad are both scumbags anyway. When there’s company at my house… they’re all sweet and kind. However… i know their game. It’s an act so that the people outside would think that i was nuts and making things up about my parents being vicious and mean. Trapping me in a corner. So when it is just my parents and I again… they are justified in seeing that i am tortured. They ignore me. Treat me as if i’m dead and they see me as the bastard child. One that they never wanted and would never love.

May: …

Tara: How the heck can you be filled with so much Apathy and hate?

Becky: I was raised to Hate. Wanna know the cause. Look at my parents. They’re your cause.

Nancy: Well… Be that as it may… May, You need to see to it that you don’t expose your Diaper around in their presence. If they see it or catch the scent of it on you… you’re gonna be their next soon to be victim. Those girls are very persuasive and don’t take no for an answer.

Tara: She’ll keep that in mind. Thanks. But May’s my daughter. to get to her… they’re gonna have to get through me. And i won’t be making it easy on them.

Delilah: That’s good fighting attitude. That’s gonna take you far. In this high school domain… you’re gonna need that. in abundance.

As for Betty Andrews…

She was heading over to the Library as she was sure that there’d be no way that she’d be able to reach through to Leslie. Or was that just the paranoia sense of fear that she’d be unsuccessful in winning Leslie’s trust or respect…

As she started on her way over to the Library…

Zoey: *Spotting Betty* Hey Betty, Over here…

Betty Andrews 7

Betty: *Looking over and walking on towards the table* Hey…guys.

Seconds later…

Zoey: Why don’t you sit with us?

Betty: You sure it’d be okay? *Unsure* I don’t know if it would be good. As it is… i don’t think Leslie wants me around. Nor does she happen to trust me.

Leslie: Betty… *Scoffs* It’s not about that. Not like that at all…

Betty: Then what is it, Leslie? Ever since i got here from Palm Desert, California to reconnect with you… You hardly showed any recollection of me. It’s as if you written me off.

Leslie: It isn’t that. But what exactly were you to expect from me? We haven’t seen each other for 5-6 years. I haven’t seen you. Heard from you. No calls. Letters. Blips of any kind. Nothing. I know that it was the law from your parents as they pulled you from my parents… From me. But somehow with whatever resources that you must have had… Something. You could have at least snuck a few words.

Betty: Don’t you think that i tried. I tried. Okay? I tried to. But what you don’t understand about my parents… They’re very hard-nosed. Security cameras and the sort. In every room. Everywhere. So… even i were to try and send some sort of message. My parents would know immediately and divert it.

Lane: People who have security cameras up in every room… all over their house… happen to be way beyond paranoid and distrusting of the people around them.

Betty: That’s what my parents were like though. It wasn’t as if they lived in fear. They were just uber paranoid.

Rory: That is what they call living on the borderline of fear. Paranoia. Terror. Fear. All relative.

Zoey: You gotta admit… It is a match to fear.  Paranoia- suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification. overly suspicious. Distrusting of others. You have had troubles. Lots of it.

Betty: Will this mean… that i might finally be trusted? At least some trust. Something?

Blossom: Come on, Leslie. After hearing all that… you’ve just got to see reasons… She’s clearly trustworthy. Why would she Lie about that? It’s clear that she is being truthful when that is concerned. If i was her… and dealt with something of that magnitude. I would be thinking the same thing myself. Different wording perhaps… But still think the same thing myself.

Leslie: Okay. I’ll trust her. *Nods* Come on, Betty. Come join us.

Seems like the trust was a success. Betty has won the trust of Leslie and it seems to have built from the reasoning of her best friend Blossom and Zoey. They also have all met Rory and Lane. All this and more was told to come. But question was to remain… Would the trust hold out?

Find out what comes next as the saga continues…


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