Chapter 237: Literature class a go-go for Rhapsody trio and the Gilmore girl Rory.

(Pamela Reedy venturing into territory of one Sookie St. James.)

In Literature class…

A moment later…

Mrs.  Taft: For those of you who have not finished the final chapters of Huckleberry Finn you may use this time to do so. For those of you who have, you can start on your essay now. Whichever task you choose, do it silently.

The girls around Rory pass a bottle of nail polish back and forth as Rory concentrates on writing in her notebook.

GIRL #1: Maybe it’s a love letter.

GIRL #2: Or her diary.

GIRL #3: Could be a slam book.

Girl #4 peers over Rory’s shoulder.

GIRL #4: It’s the assignment.

The girls turn away, Rory smiles to herself.

Blossom: *Scoffs; whispers to Leslie* What the hell is the big deal? Those girls are complaining that the odd bookworm is doing the assignment.

Leslie: *Whispering back* I don’t know. but i don’t think it’s any of their business as to what she’s doing. They should worry about themselves. Doing the work. All they’re doing is sitting and passing among themselves… nail polish and lipstick. That’s not doing their assignment.

Blossom: They’re lucky that the teacher isn’t enforcing the work on assignment only rule.

Leslie: I agree. They should be more responsible in what it is that they are doing. Whoever that girl over there up ahead is… She’s doing the right thing by doing the assignment.

Rory overheard and grinned at the comments…

However… As for Lorelai…

At the Metropolis Inn…

Drella is playing the harp. A woman stands nearby and listens.

DRELLA: Nice, huh?

WOMAN: Beautiful.

DRELLA: Yeah, well, tell it to the tip jar.

Lorelai and a bellboy are crossing the lobby…

LORELAI: Take Mrs. Langworthy’s bags up to 314. Make sure the drapes are closed and there’s extra soap and she wants her pillow mints now.

There’s a crash from the kitchen. Lorelai rushes in…

LORELAI: Sookie!

Sookie is on the floor near the stove.

SOOKIE: I’m okay, I’m okay.

LORELAI: What did you do now? *to Salvador* Oh, why aren’t you watching her? No estabas cuidandola?

SALVADOR: Eh, no, she’s this – bad food in the head.

LORELAI: Oh. *to Sookie* I need you to be more careful.

SOOKIE: I know, I’m sorry. Hey, I fixed the peach sauce.

LORELAI: That’s blood, you’re bleeding. Why are you bleeding?

SOOKIE: Oh, my stitches opened. I was using too much maple syrup. It strangled the fruit.

LORELAI: When did you get stitches?

SOOKIE: Friday night. Radish roses.

LORELAI: Okay, stop moving.

SOOKIE: You gotta taste the sauce. You have to try it while it’s still warm.

LORELAI: Okay. Oh, Sookie, I need you to be more careful. I need there to be fewer accidents.

SOOKIE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sookie feeds Lorelai a spoonful of the sauce.

LORELAI: Oh, dear God Almighty. That’s incredible!

SOOKIE: I want to put it on the waffles tomorrow morning for breakfast.

LORELAI: I want to take a bath in that sauce!

SOOKIE: I will make more!

LORELAI: Someday when we open our own inn, diabetics will line up to eat this sauce.

SOOKIE: Won’t that be great?

LORELAI: Yeah. But the key to someday achieving that dream is for you to stay alive long enough so we can actually open an inn, you understand?

SOOKIE: Yes, I understand.

LORELAI: All right. So, now, let’s get you up and to the doctor, on three. One-two-three.



SOOKIE: Stepped on my thumb. I’m fine. On three. Okay.

Lorelai and Salvador help Sookie up.


Pamela: *Walking into the kitchen* Excuse me…

Lorelai: *Looking to see a tall woman with walnut brown hair walking in* Hello? Can we help you? Whatever it is… it’ll have to wait. I gotta get someone to the hospital right now. To replace the stitches that came loose.

Pamela: Sorry to intrude. But i happen to be looking for a creative chef who thinks on their feet and isn’t hesitant to try more style of cooking.

Lorelai: You’d be in the right place… seeing the right person but at the wrong time.

Pamela: why? what happened?

Lorelai: Not much. Just a little accident. The Stitches came undone on her.

Pamela: Where’re the stitches?

Lorelai: Around her thumbs and 2 of her fingers.

Pamela: Ouch. Well… I have something that might take care of it. Something called new skin.It might not be entirely the best thing to use. But it’ll help save a few unnecessary trips to the hospital.

Lorelai: New skin?!

Pamela: Yeah. *Pulling out the can from the pocket* here. Spray some on the wound and you’ll see how it helps.

Lorelai gently reaching for the can and spraying it on Sookie’s wound.

Sookie: Will it sting?

Pamela: A little bit. But it’s because it’s a little cold and it’s got a little alcohol content. But it’ll heal. I used it a few times while working with the cooking at my restaurant.

Lorelai: Must have been a real life saver.

Pamela: It’s proven to be that. But for the time being… have her wear latex gloves. Doctor’s gloves. Just till her wound is healed and dressed with medicine that will heal it.

Lorelai: We don’t have any latex gloves. Janitor’s gloves… Gloves that the housekeeping staff wear.

Sookie: That’d be the latex.

Lorelai: really? Huh. I guess that we do have them then.

A Minute later…

Lorelai: I got a few things to handle. But… it’s been nice to meet you. *To Sookie* Sookie, You gonna be alright?

Sookie: I think so.

Lorelai: Okay. Just be more careful. okay? I want you to be in one piece so you and I can one day attain our dream. If you get hurt… I’ll be really upset.

Sookie: Oh… Lorelai, don’t worry so much. i always bounce back soon after every injury that manages to cross me. Besides… The kitchen is like my second home as it’s a part of me. I wouldn’t let it win me over. I’d win it over.

Lorelai: *Grins*

Once she left…

Pamela: *Nods at Sookie* You like to cook?

Sookie: Of course. I am the chef here. The head chef.

Pamela: No kidding! I am the head chef too. But also am the founder and Owner… CEO of where i work.

Sookie: Where do you work?

Pamela: At a place called Reedy “La Paradissimo’s”. It’s a restaurant that favors French, Hawaiian and Italian Cuisine.

Sookie: Hmm… Italian Cuisine. That sounds interesting. I like that. French Cuisine sounds like fun. So does Hawaiian.

Pamela: It sure does. You should see the customers i get every day. They seem to love their meat. I had a few of them ordering something that certain individuals consider being a heart attack special.

Sookie: Sounds risque. *Quivers over the thought of a heart attack special*

Pamela: You should tell that to a woman like Mrs. Burke. I had someone like her come into the restaurant sometime ago and she saw someone eating something that was with a ton of meat. and all the fixings to equal off to a heart attack special. I think that she was trying to come off as an activist. But really… I never even heard or believed that there’d be someone so concerned about another going for the risk of eating a heart attack special and only be immune to it. Or to go for it and wind up actually having a real heart attack.

Sookie: None of your food had ever done that… has it?

Pamela: No. Besides… what i serve people… is nothing but the finest and the freshest of meals. Meals and orders done right. I don’t ever put anything that would invite a heart attack. Ever. You?

Sookie: No. I can get a bit zany and creative with my food creations. Festive even. But i won’t savor the idea of insisting on a Heart attack special. Lorelai would not accept that. I don’t blame her. It’s not exactly what one would ask for. Not here anyway. Unless the person tends to be one of those who have a very strong stomach. And one that is cast iron. Those are the rare ones. No one in Metropolis as far as i know have that.

Pamela: I can attest to that. I happen to like your style. It’s new and you’re one of those who even though may come off a little nutty. are not afraid to experiment and venture off with new ideas. Creating a twist to the food that gets cooked and prepared. Consider this gal… a close cooking oracle and cuisine source. A friend indeed. Pamela Reedy.

Sookie: Sookie St. James.

Pamela: Sookie St. James? That’s Irish… isn’t it? Hebrew perhaps. Stylish. I love it. What say we pass along some ideas and see what erupts from the mind and creation of two women with the passion to cook?

Sookie: Ohhhh let’s get rollin’.

A friendship is made and a common bond is achieved. Food. Cooking. But now it was to wonder… Would Betty Andrews be able to get through to Leslie. A little bit? Or would the trust be forever history?

To be continued…


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