Chapter 236: Janie, Alex and Charlene meet Rory and Lane.

It was the change that was imminent to happen. College days were upon them. The older fighters were all on the process of their college days. It was set to start… Soon. and with just only mere days. Maybe less than that… In the next 24 hours…

As for the younger ones…

Not far from Metropolis High…

Janie: *Walking with her sisters Alex and Charlene* It’s another day. I haven’t even done my History homework. I couldn’t focus.

Alex: Neither could we… Last night was a busy night as we had to see Sapphire and Raven packing up all their possessions.

Charlene: The house is gonna be so so foreign without them. It is already enough knowing that Serena was living with her girlfriend Carly Black per the arrangement made by Mom.

Janie: The only thing about that is… Serena is gay. Blossom is also… gay. Leslie seems to be a gay person as well. I think that there is a lot of gayness going on.

Up ahead…

Rory and Lane are walking to school. Lane puts a Woodstock ’99 shirt on over the shirt she left home in.

Rory is the only daughter of Lorelai Gilmore, and the first-born daughter of Christopher Hayden. She was born October 8 in Hartford, Connecticut, at 4:03 am. Every year at that exact time, Lorelai wakes Rory up to tell her the story of her birth. Because Lorelai became pregnant with Rory when she was only sixteen, the two are more like friends than mother and daughter. Rory shares her mother’s taste in junk food, coffee, movies, and much more. She spent her childhood in the Independence Inn in Stars Hollow where her mother worked originally as a maid. The two lived in the potting shed behind the inn where Jackson’s cousin Rune lived in later seasons. Eventually, Lorelai was able to buy a house where Rory spent her adolescent years. Rory did not have much contact with her grandparents until she started to attend Chilton which Lorelai preferred.

RORY: When are you going to let your parents know that you listen to the evil rock music? You’re an American teenager, for God’s sake.

LANE: Rory, if my parents still get upset over the obscene portion size of American food, I seriously doubt I’m gonna make any inroads with Eminem.


Janie: *Walking by and looking at her sisters before accidentally bumping into someone* Whoa… whoa…

Alex: Janie… Watch out!

Charlene: This is not a smart move. Walking into someone who could verbal whiplash.

Lane: *Looking at the girls* W-who are you girls?

Janie: …

Alex: We’re fellow schoolmates. On our way to school.

Lane: Really? What school do you go to?

Charlene: Metropolis High.

Alex: We attend the school with our cousins Zoey, Blossom, Sora and Carly.

Janie: *Reaching out to lend a hand to the girl she bumped into and knocked down* Are you okay?

Rory: Yeah. *Grabbing for the hand* I think so. But what was the big idea bumping into me like that?

Janie: I can’t say. I just wasn’t really thinking right. Had a lot on my mind is all.

Rory: Really? a person with a lot on their minds typically wind up suffering a headache. You have a lot on your mind?

Janie: yeah.

Rory: Like what?

Janie: The fact that our sisters Sapphire, Raven and Serena are heading for college. They’re in college now. I couldn’t even focus on my History homework. Watching them packing and taking things down. They graduate from high school and go right for college. But it’s made the house feel so quiet. Really Quiet. All there is now is our sister Hikaru and brother Sora. The others are gone.

Rory: Times change. You just… have to learn to change with it.

Lane: It’s not easy to endure change.

Alex: That’s an understatement. *Sniffling and clearing out her nose* That is a understatement of the century. It’s also rather passé.

Rory: If you need help… we can help you.

Janie: You sure? I mean… you don’t necessarily have to help. I don’t think that we even caught your name.

Charlene: Who are you guys?

Rory: Rory… Rory Gilmore. But the biological name is Lorelai. Like my mom. *Looking over towards Lane* And this is my friend… Lane. She’s Korean.

Janie: Wow! It’s nice to meet you. I mean… we had managed to see you around off and on throughout the school halls last year. You were like reading some book. Moby Dick. You were just so into that book and it got so deep that the whole world could pass you on by and there you’d be. Still reading.

Charlene: We’ve seen people read. But never seen someone so deeply focused into reading.

Lane: You should see some of the books that she had read before prior.

Alex: Were they like the one she was reading?

Lane: Yeah. I think they were.

Janie: Sounds like an average bookworm who just can’t stop reading herself silly.

Rory: It’s the type of person i am. I am dead set on going to Harvard when i graduate.

Alex: Really? You really seek to aim for that?

Lane: Oh… She will be seeking to aim for a lot more than that. It’s like her dream.

Charlene: Dreams like that… take a whole lot of planning and hustle.

Janie: It’s okay though. Maybe someday… we will all reach that together. Sounds like a thrill. Rory, our mother is Dinah.

Rory: Dinah?! *Gasps* Dinah Rhapsody. She must be the lady that my mom befriended the other day or so at Luke’s.

Janie: Luke?

Rory: Luke. Luke Danes. He’s like the best place where my mom and i go. For breakfast… Sometimes or mostly dinner and even at Lunch. We go there alot.

Alex: Almost like Sid’s Diner. It’s ran by Sid Reedy. The owner of the Diner.

Lane: That must be the Diner we keep seeing across the street from Luke’s.

Rory: It kinda looks like AL’s Pancake house.


Charlene: You are kidding, Right? Al’s Pancake house?

Janie: What’s Al’s pancake house?

Lane: A place that isn’t very popular as the food isn’t all that swell. That place does more than just pancakes. It also does cuisine from different countries.

Charlene: If it’s that bad… Why does it manage to stay in business?

Rory: no idea.


Rory: Who are you guys?

Janie: Oh… We’re the Rhapsody Trio. I’m Janie. *Looking towards her sisters* These are my sisters… Alex and Charlene.

Rory: Nice names. Janie… Kinda sounds like the name Janie Jones. I’ve seen that movie a few times. It was inspiring.

Janie: Uh…thanks.

Lane: Don’t worry. It’s not a bad thing. It’s more like a term of endearment.

They then walked onwards towards school…


The girls stop by a sign that says “Teen Hayride” so Lane can put on her jacket.

LANE: *points to sign* I have to go to that.

RORY: The hayride? You’re kidding.

Janie: *Looking to see a billboard full of flyers containing certain events* What the? Why would there be a Hayride?

Charlene: Metropolis never had those here.

Alex: The only place that would have them would be the outskirts of the city and it’d be near where there were ranches and farm houses. So…

Janie: When do they even have Hayrides? This isn’t exactly the country side. Not really. It’s more like a metropolis and a concrete and steel Jungle. That’s what it is.

Rory: hmm.

LANE: My parents set me up with the son of a business associate. He’s gonna be a doctor.

RORY: How old is he?

LANE: Sixteen.

Janie: Are they cracked?! Are they straight?

Lane: *Pauses* not sure. But they are just way too frugal in traditions. It’s always the old way and nothing about it should change. at least… not to them. To them… There is no questioning it. They see things a certain way and that’s it.

RORY: So he’s gonna be a doctor in a hundred years.

LANE: Well, my parents like to plan ahead.

Alex: How far ahead do they have to plan? Till you see yourself as a old broken down maiden who would by that time be unable to rebel and take control of her life. You’d be under their thumb. That’s what it seems like.

Rory: You guys see that just by what little Lane said about the Hayride and about her parents going on about their big plans for Lane.

Charlene: We’re very optimistic. But the idea of having to go on a hayride with someone who’s in likely cahoots with her mother and father and all with selfish plans and dreams that they expect for their children to adhere to… That’s just sad. Really sad.

RORY: God, you have to go to the hayride with him?

LANE: And his older brother.

RORY: Oh, now you’re kidding.

LANE: Koreans never joke about future doctors. So, I guess you’re not going, huh?

Janie: We’re gonna just sit it out and just catch the embellishing highlights of it from you.

Alex: How about you, Rory? You considering on going?

RORY: No, I’m still fuzzy on what’s fun about sitting in the cold for two hours with a bundle of sticks up your butt.

LANE: Don’t expect me to clear it up for you.

Charlene: Trust us… we don’t expect it.





Lane and Rory have arrived at school. Along with Janie, Alex and Charlene. They walk inside as a couple of guys standing on the steps watch them.

Inside the school main hall…

Leslie, Blossom, Sora and Carly, Tara and Zoey were walking along and conversing among one another…

Leslie: *Walking with Blossom* Blossom, there’s training that needs to be had.

Blossom Rhapsody 5

Blossom: With the abilities? Yeah. You and the Rusoe trio have been probably training in your own ways.

Leslie: Right. but now with what we learned… it’s probably a good time to have us do battle with our captain. To test our experience and present what we learned from the training we’ve done.

Blossom: *Grins* Hmm… That’s a prospective swell idea.

Leslie: However… it might be a hard thing to do as too many people might notice and this isn’t like before.

Blossom: You mean… Like the idea that it might attract the attention of those Diaper girls?

Leslie: Yeah.

Blossom: There is also something else.

Leslie: Like what? *wondering what Blossom’s trying to say*

Blossom: …

hqdefault (3)

Sora: *With Carly; Walking over* Betty. She’s here in the Admissions office. Enrolling herself into the school.

Leslie: Now?!

Carly: Yeah. We just saw her. I guess that even though you don’t trust her… Leslie. She’s not thinking of just letting you go. She’s intending to be close to where you are.

Blossom: I think that she is gonna want to be wherever you happen to be, Leslie. That’s including going to the same school as you do. This is Major, Leslie. Betty is wanting to be right where you are. Exactly where you are if not closer than this.


Tara: *Suddenly coming up from the right and Looking at the girls* Leslie, Blossom… You guys might want to look ahead and spot the front entrance…

Leslie: Why? Tara, what’s going on?

Blossom: *Looking at the main doors of the school ahead* Uh… I think that we’re about to find out.


Suddenly 3 teen girls wearing Diapers and tank tops walked in and made dance moves in the style of Destiny’s child and looked for some girls and boys to mother and turn into Diaper lovers…

The Hot Diaper babes: *Walking through and looking at random girls*

Penny: *Stopping to look at Leslie briefly* … *to Felicia* This girl would be a perfect Diaper girl.

Felicia: Well Either her… or that one girl who is said to an Ex-daughter to someone.

Sandy: Holly?

Penny: No… I think she means… Sakura.

Felicia: There’s her. But then also the two girls we caught sight of. Jenna and Suzanne. They’d be good.

Penny: Let’s go find them. *Leading on* Probably find someone else as well… We’re here to turn good innocent girls into (TBDL) Teen Baby Diaper Lovers. By the end of this year… 5 people will be turned into Diaper lovers. Made to feel that wearing diapers are cool.

As soon as they were far up ahead and outta sight…

15 year old May Schwartz!
15 year old May Schwartz!

May: *Walking out from the shadows* Are they gone yet, Tara?

Tara: Yeah. They’re gone. You can come out now, May. *Looking over to see May* You know… You really shouldn’t be nervous about those girls. Plus… There is no way that they’d take you. You won’t need to worry much about them… I’ll watch over you. However… We’re gonna need to put pants on you. Walking around in only a shirt and diaper. That’s news for some serious therapy. Literally.

May: Well… You did happen to adopt me, Tara. Not exactly sure how 15 year old’s are able to adopt kids. But eh… It’s Metropolis. Laws in this city were always a little flipsy.

Tara: Isn’t that a fact.

Sora: Who’s the new girl?

Tara: She’s shockingly to be told… My daughter. May Schwartz. I adopted her. During the summer. She was caught with the other girls at the orphanage and she was left there. By her previous parents and the orphanage didn’t happen to have any of her files or anything. Medical records. Education Records. So… they deemed her as a crack in the system. I stepped up to take charge of her and the lady there… Just granted it. I won a daughter. I don’t know as to how to get a hold of her records. But i’ll figure it out as time goes.

Leslie: That is gonna be a hefty job for you to fulfill. Tara, you’re gonna need a whole lot of help.

Blossom: What do your sisters think about it?

Sora: Do they even know?

Tara: Ginger and Frenchy know. Lois kinda knows. Cindy… Not really. Ginger and Frenchy are helping in getting some support towards providing for May.

But as they were talking…

For some surprise… Music was being played. But… By Zoey??? But also with Michelangelo?!?!?!…



Michelangelo and Zoey: *Playing guitar and Not paying attention to the fact that she was surrounded by a crowd; Singing* *Michelangelo* “Me and all my friends
We’re all misunderstood
They say we stand for nothing and
There’s no way we ever could

Now we see everything that’s going wrong
With the world and those who lead it
We just feel like we don’t have the means
To rise above and beat it

So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It’s hard to beat the system
When we’re standing at a distance
So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change

Now if we had the power
To bring our neighbors home from war
They would have never missed a Christmas
No more ribbons on their door
And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want

That’s why we’re waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It’s not that we don’t care,
We just know that the fight ain’t fair
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

And we’re still waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting waiting on the world to change
One day our generation
Is gonna rule the population
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change”

*Zoey* “I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go
There isn’t an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep me away

I must follow him
Ever since he touched my hand I knew
That near him I always must be
And nothing can keep him from me
He is my destiny

I love him, I love him, I love him
And where he goes I’ll follow, forever, and ever
And side by side together, I’ll be with my true love
And share a thousand sunsets together beside him

I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go
There isn’t an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep, keep me away
Away from my love

I love him, I love him, I love him
And where he goes I’ll follow, forever, and ever
And side by side together, I’ll be with my true love
And share a thousand sunsets together beside him

I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go
There isn’t an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep, keep me away
Away from my love”

Sora: *Looking at Zoey* Wow… Zoey, You are singing an oldie.

Carly: That’s a change. What do you suppose brought that up?

Zoey: I have not the slightest idea. I guess… that i was just stringing on my guitar… Just playing on my guitar… all of a sudden… it came over me.

Leslie: Well… the next time that it does happen again. Let it out. Don’t hold back. Besides… Everyone’s entitled to express the music that they feel within them.

What they didn’t know or pick up was that they had Rory in the same period literature class as they were… The Trio knew and were all for it. But Blossom and Leslie were about to find out… that they too also come across Rory. More was to come…

to be continued…


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