Chapter 235: Metropolis Inn and Lorelai. Dinah meets Lorelai and converge.

Wednesday, Sept. 12th 2046…

7 AM…

Zeke’s House…


Zoey: *With her Book bag and keys; Her Guitar* It’s another day in high school. I already know that Leslie and Blossom are gonna be meeting up to make their way over to the school. *Heading out to the Living room to start shutting things down and locking up* Betty is still trying to get through to Leslie and having little to no luck. *Looking at the time* Wow! It’s almost time for class. I am sure that my dad’s already at work.

Minutes later…

On her way to High school…


Sora: *Walking with Carly* Hey Zoey.

Carly: Did you catch the news about some new girl?

Zoey: No. *Walking her way to school* No, I haven’t. Why?

Sora: We heard that she was believed to always have been in Metropolis. However… we haven’t heard of it till now. Someone named Rory Gilmore.

Carly: She’s like this hard-pressed driven girl. with a mother who runs an Inn. The Metropolis Inn.

Zoey: That part is new to me… I haven’t really noticed. I have been keeping some tabs on my dad. Over the last 4 weeks… he’s been going out on night excursions and dates. With some woman. I don’t know who it was… Because i didn’t get to catch a clear look of her. But dad keeps telling me that the woman was just a friend. Just a friend and nothing more.

Sora: Seriously?!

Carly: Wow! Uncle Zeke’s moved on completely from the pain of what the whorish woman Rina Frost inflicted.

Zoey: Sure did.

Tara Marco
Tara Marco

Tara: *Running over from the side* … *Looking at the girls* Hey guys…

Sora: Hey Tara. What’s up?

Tara: Nothing much. heard that there is this rich gal in town. Someone who happens to be richer and more of a multi-millionaire than Leslie is.

Carly: You mean… Betty Andrews?

Tara: Yeah. That’s the one. But how did you guys already know?

Sora: We know because we happened to meet her a couple times and saw her. She’s from what she told us… Leslie’s friend from 5-6 years ago.

Tara: Wow! So… Leslie knew her and Betty knew Leslie?

Zoey: sounds like it.

Sora: *Walking ahead as they all pressed on as well while conversing* …

“If you’re out on the road
Feeling lonely and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I’ll be there on the next train

Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead”


As the song played… a cameo of the cast from the original series of Gilmore girls viewed… As well as the Clan. It was the next era…

7:45 AM…

Metropolis Inn…

Lorelai Victoria Gilmore-named after her paternal grandmother, Lorelai “Trix” Gilmore, and is mother to Rory. Raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Lorelai is a highly talkative, free-spirited woman, a child of the eighties and part of the MTV generation. Her wealthy parents, Richard and Emily, raised her to be a proper young lady of good breeding. They had her future all planned out and arranged for her to come out to society after her sixteenth birthday, but Lorelai was always rebellious and resentful of her structured, sheltered and silver spoon upbringing and became pregnant. Shortly after Rory’s birth, she left home, which further put on a strain in her relationship with her parents. Lorelai’s eating habits are famously unhealthy; she is a caffeine addict and subsists mostly on diner food and takeout, which influenced her daughter, Rory. She and Rory had regular food-and-movie nights (in the early seasons), during which they would buy enough junk food for several people and proceed to eat most of it. The only time she is noted to have desired fruit and vegetables was when she was pregnant with Rory. She does not cook; when not eating leftover takeout or junk food, she frequents Luke’s diner. Rory and Lorelai usually enjoy breakfast at Luke’s daily, and sometimes eat lunch or dinner there as well. For those times when Lorelai is required to prepare something domestically, such as the Chilton bake sale, she turns to her chef friend, Sookie St. James, to do the cooking. Lorelai is innately humorous and has a witty remark for every situation, often with a pop culture reference. Her remarks can either confuse or charm those who aren’t familiar with her. She is also known for being very talkative and having a way with words; Max Medina calls her a “wordsmith” (Cinnamon’s Wake). Additionally, as the manager of the Independence Inn, she is able to think quickly on her feet and handle various situations, such as improvising rooms for people when the inn catches fire. Lorelai dated Christopher Hayden, son of Straub and Francine Hayden, while in high school, (whom she met at age 6, who soon became her best friend), and became pregnant right before her society debut (at age 16), which embarrassed and disappointed her parents. Although she usually defends her circumstances, deep down she knows how they felt.  After Straub tried to convince Emily and Richard to have Lorelai have an abortion, Emily completely refused, and they decided to have them marry instead. Christopher was amenable, but Lorelai realized they weren’t ready. Lorelai is known for being stronger and more independent than Christopher; when she realized she was in labor, she drove herself to the hospital despite not having a driver’s license. After her daughter, Lorelai “Rory” Leigh Gilmore, was born, she lived with her parents for a year before running away to find a job at the Independence Inn in Stars Hollow. The owner of the inn, Mia, took her in, gave her a job as a maid, and let her and Rory live in the back in a renovated potting shed. Lorelai was very efficient at her job, and gradually worked her way up over the years to the manager position. The inn is where she met her best friend, Sookie St. James. Lorelai attended Hartford Community College and earned an Associate of Arts degree in business while running the Independence Inn. After the inn burned down, she and Sookie owned and operated the Independence Catering Company in order to fund renovation of the Dragonfly Inn, their long-term dream, which opened to rave reviews on May 6. She also would never have an opened relationship with her parents as they were socialites and she was rebellious. Wanted a different life. Which… when her daughter Rory came… it was clear that she was serious and with all hands on the steers for that different life which was in no limits… something that she would obtain. One way or the other…

Lorelai walks into the lobby and hands a key to a bellboy.

LORELAI: Oh, here you go.

BELLBOY: Thanks.

Lorelai walks to the front desk, where Michel is on the phone and sorting mail…

MICHEL: Independence Inn, Michel speaking. *pause* No, I’m sorry, we’re completely booked. *pause* We have a wedding party here. *pause* No, there is really nothing I can do. *pause* Yes, I’m sure. *pause* Positive. *pause* No, I don’t have to look ma’am, I — *pause* Yes, of course I’ll look.

Michel puts the phone down, continues to sort the mail, then picks the phone back up…

MICHEL: No, I’m sorry, we’re completely booked.

Michel Gerard is the concierge of the Independence Inn and later the Dragonfly Inn. He is often grumpy, sarcastic, unpleasant, and a militant health nut, but always manages to remain lovable somehow. He finds other French people odious and fears that his suits will be a deduction when the inn has to cut down on spending. He accompanies Lorelai and Sookie through all of their business ventures. As Lorelai once put it: “We are addicted to you.”

Drella pushes her harp through the crowded lobby.

DRELLA: Oh, no, don’t move. Just ignore the tiny woman pushing the 200-pound instrument around. No, this is good, I like this. After this I’ll, uh, bench press a piano, huh?

Drella stops behind a woman bent over tying her shoe.

Drella: Oh, that’s it, lady, tie your shoe now. Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll wait.


Dinah: *Close-by and overhearing the tempermental reparte coming from the woman* Wow! And here i thought that i was the one with the hot temper in life… That’s more than me… even in my worst days.

Drella: Excuse me?! *Looking at the woman with disgust* That is absolutely none of your business…

Lorelai walks over to her…

LORELAI: Hi, Drella, hi. I was just wondering, um, could you be, uh, nicer to the guests?

DRELLA: I’m sorry. Did you not want a harp player?

LORELAI: Yes, I did.

DRELLA: And did you not want a great harp player?

LORELAI: Yes, I did.

DRELLA: Okay. I am a great harp player, and this is my great harp, okay. So if you’re looking for someone to just be nice to the guests, get a harmonica player, or maybe some guy who whistles through his nose. Okay? Capisce?

Dinah: *Walking over suddenly and standing up to the woman with the harp* Okay… Now that’s enough. You are here as a paid and valued entertainer for the event that may be taking place here… But you have not the right to be a real witch. You want to be bitchy? Try me. I can play it and i can play it real good. Lorelai doesn’t need her customers and local staying patrons being in unease because you want to be an angry lout. Back off. Be a little nicer to the people here who reside here… Or… Pack your bags and beat it!

Lorelai: *Gasps* Wow! Uh… Dinah, you really have a way with over-zealous people.

Dinah: Not really, Lorelai. I am just unappreciative of the idea of people like her thinking that because they’re so good at what they do… they can go around and act like they’re god’s gift.

Lorelai: It’s okay. She’s harmless really. Plus, She’s only here for a short time. Once this Wedding that’s being started and planned out is all finished… She’ll be gone.

Dinah: You want to bank on that?

Lorelai: Not really. But after the wedding ceremony that’s still in process of being planned. and organized… There’d be no need for her.

Dinah: Which makes it safe for you. That woman is a real temperamental piece of work.

Lorelai: I agree.

Lorelai backs off and walks away. Drella goes back to pushing her harp into its place.

DRELLA: Oh, that is a great spot for a table. Decorator’s a genius.

Lorelai walks back to the front desk where Michel is still on the phone.

MICHEL: Madame, you have no idea how desperately I’d like to help, but see, I’d have to build a room for you myself, and I am not a man who works with his hands, so the best I can do is suggest that you please, please try for another weekend. Any weekend. *pause* Ah, good, fine, the twenty-first. Hold on, I’ll look. *Michel leafs through the reservation book* No, I’m sorry, we’re completely booked. *Michel looks at the phone, as apparently the woman has hung up on him*

LORELAI: Has the plumber attended to room four yet?

MICHEL: He was here, he did nothing, it’s a hundred dollars.

Lorelai picks up the phone and dials a number.

LORELAI: Hi Marco, Lorelai. Talk to me about room four. What was wrong with it?

Rory comes in. Lorelai kisses her hello.

LORELAI: *on phone* Uh huh. I thought you replaced that already. *pause* Well, because you told me you did and I never forget anything, so this one’s on you, right? *pause* Pleasure doing business with you. *hangs up*

MICHEL: What is your offspring doing?

RORY: I need stamps. Can I have these?


LORELAI: Take them. What’s with the muumuu? *gestures to Rory’s baggy sweater*

RORY: Stop.

LORELAI: No, I’m just saying, you couldn’t find one made of metal in case anyone has X-ray eyes?

RORY: And now we say goodbye.

LORELAI: Ooh, hey, have Michel look at your French paper before you go.

MICHEL: Excuse me?

RORY: That’d be great.


RORY: Come on, Michel. I’ll tell all the ladies what a stud you are.

MICHEL: Hm. I believe that memo has already been sent.

LORELAI: *in a French accent* Oh, please, Michel. Pretty please with sucre on top. I will stop talking like this.

MICHEL: Leave it. I’ll look at it if I get a chance.

RORY: It’s due tomorrow. And pay special attention to the grammar.

Rory leaves. Lorelai stares at Michel.

MICHEL: I despise you.

Dinah: She’s off and running again. *Looking at Lorelai* Does she happen to do that alot?

Lorelai: You have no idea. But Rory’s a good young girl. She’s energetic.

Dinah: She sure is. Kinda reminds me of my daughters. They have energy running all up their bodies.

Lorelai: Rory comes here to see me every morning before she heads off to school. Like clockwork.

Dinah: My daughters don’t do that. However… it’d be kinda hard for them to come all the way to the Bulldog stadium then back track over to the high school.

Lorelai: Which high school do they go to?

Dinah: Metropolis High.

Lorelai: You’re kidding! My daughter goes there too. She walks there most of the time alongside her friend Lane Kim.

Dinah: I think that my daughters might run in greeting with them.

Lorelai: That’s something which i’ll have to see. Or keep my ears open for.

As for Pearl…

At the Fashion Emporium…

Madamé Pearl’s/Mystic Star’s…

Pearl: *Sighs* I’m sure gonna miss my kids.

Star: Why’s that?

Pearl: Because today’s the official day that they leave off for College. For the University. They’re gonna be there for the next 4-5 years. Maybe more.

Star: It won’t be so bad. You do know that they can always call home and talk through the phones.

Pearl: Yeah. I know. It’s just that it’s as if the house is gonna be silent again. I’ve got so used to it being with activity. Something going on that now with knowing there won’t be any… It’s a little haunting. I don’t mind the quietness. But too much… That can spook someone out.

Star: Spook someone? Like who? you? Pfft! Girl, please. Don’t you be trippin’. You won’t be spooked. Besides… Your husband will be there.

Pearl: The whole thing though is they’re going to College and starting a new life of their own. But no matter how old they may get… they’re always gonna be my little ones.

Star: You bet. And they’re never gonna forget that.

As for the older members of the Clan’s New Generation…

Annie: *Sighs* Good bye home.

Daria: It’s gonna be so different being away from home. It’s hard to even say goodbye to a life that we grew up knowing.

Clint: This is gonna take some time to get used to… But we’ll manage. Our hero days though are gonna be hitting a snag. Several of those.

Theodore: It’s okay. We’re all gonna be among our allies and friends. However Rita and I won’t be able to share the same Dorm together. The college or University won’t allow for that.

Annie: But you’ll get to still see her. Whenever you like. That’s not gonna be a problem.

Clint: How are the others taking it?

Annie: How do you think?

Daria: They’re right now saying their final good-byes and going through a final check on everything they had to take with them. Belongings and all.

Theodore: And what does it look like we’re doing… Just standing around feeling depressed?

Annie: Hardy har har…

What was the new chapter in life for the New generation of the Fighters gonna be like? What was next to occur for the younger members of the fighters as they embarked on their high school days? What would arise next as Metropolis and Stars Hollow combine and the clan and Gilmore’s friend up and blend in together? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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