Chapter 234: Metropolis is Stars Hollow.

A week later…

This is what happened from the 21st of July till recent in the life of the clan and their allies…

A New face and likely promised link to Leslie’s past arrived in Metropolis. Arrived to find her and reunite with her again. However the pain that came from what happened between the Burke’s and Andrews… managed to reopen and reveal the last moment that took place before the parting of Leslie and Betty that lasted for 5 years. For that time…

“Betty: *Sighs* That takes care of that. But i still need to find the Burke Mansion. Or at least cross paths with Leslie. Meeting her.


Jack: *Overhearing the activity in the room* You sound persistent on getting to where the girl… Leslie is. How is it that you have any business or such with her?

Betty: I am seeking her out because of her father. Her father had done business with my parents once. 5 years ago. My father… Gary Andrews and my mother Olive Andrews… They did some business with Carl Burke. Honest business. It however managed to go a little south and since then my family and I lived with the burden of seeing the deal go wrong and not being capable of assessing damage control to prevent it from getting worse. My father was close pals with Leslie’s father and it took that one deal to drive a wedge between them. I happened to have met her 9 times during that duration. 5 years ago. I actually saw her as like a really amazing friend. Problem was… *Getting up and Walking over to the kitchen for some water* because of the mess that happened and due to things going wrong. We were to break from contacting. Never to reach one another again. Ever. *Drinking some water and clearing her throat* My parents told me to never have contact with Leslie… or the Burkes. Ever. But i couldn’t. It from that time left me with thinking of ways to get a hold of her. Which each way was a fail. Failing. It took till a few days before New Years day to think of a way. However… My parents… didn’t think of it that way. It was a few days after New Years day when my parents and I… had a heated blowout…

Betty was feeling hesitant in bringing up an old memory. She didn’t want to relive it in anyway. She knew that it was gonna set things off and it was since she left from her parents and took her money. Her inheritance with her. 700,000,000 Dollars. It was the kind that would trump Leslie’s Inheritance seriously. Many times over. Numerous times over. and yet Betty was another one of those which didn’t care about the money. Didn’t seek to gloat of the money. At all. to her… the money meant nothing. But it was rightfully hers and yet… she had a security guard with her. Only problem was… the guard was still on the road. 6 states back and wouldn’t be there for some time.

Betty was uncomfortable with talking of the blowout as it was still seemingly fresh in her mind as it rang ear-thumping chords to her. She didn’t want to recall it even though that now she showed her hand… about being set into getting in contact with Leslie… She had to bring it up.

Jack: What happened?

Betty: *Sighs and Looking away for a minute before looking back* Let’s just say that what they said was the most hurtful thing to say about a person. They said that the Burke’s are the most twisted…uncivilized… Cold, Unfeeling people ever to walk the planet. Said that Leslie is just like them… only much younger. But that she was manipulative. I didn’t buy it and told them off. What i got from that was… Emancipation and disowned. I was still given my 700,000,000 and then sent away, Been prepping to be on the road since and then a few days ago… I managed to start my trip over here. And when i made it… It was stormy. A really bad stormy night. I stood up to them and said that they don’t know a thing about the Burke Family. That they were using that one terrible outcome that happened years ago as an excuse to tear apart the good name of the Burke’s.

Jack: You stood up for the Burke family. A family that you were severed from contact with for 5 years? Costing you a family. I see where you are going with this… I can only hope that whatever you are planning to do… It works to serve you and not bite you with the frosty jaws.”


Leslie: *Walking over and recognizing the unfamiliar guest* What are you doing here, Betty?

Betty Andrews 86

Betty: Leslie… *Sighs* What do you think i am doing here? I have come to see you.

Leslie: I can see that. But *In defense* The last time i saw you… Your parents and my father had a blowout. Plus i believe that it was your dad that called my dad a philandering fraud and deceptive two-sided joker who couldn’t tell a straight answer if his own life depended on it. Your dad hurt my father’s pride and mentality a bit. It took a year to get him back to feeling confident again. Your dad and mom knew the shit… that my family was dealing with… They saw and yet had nerve to say that to my dad. Battering him mentally and emotionally.

Betty: That’s because of the business deal that they had set up going bad. Something went wrong. My parents were with the foul impression of your family. Saying that your family and you were Twisted, cold. Conceited and Manipulative. Among other things. I however didn’t believe that… Didn’t believe it then… didn’t believe it now and i never will.

Leslie: *Scoffs* That’s fine and well… But i don’t know if i trust you. Because… for 5 years… You and I were separated. You didn’t even bother to write. Call. Nothing. You were avoiding me.

Betty: That’s because… It was what my parents wanted, Leslie. They had a deal go bad with your parents and given since they saw you to be a rather spitting image of your father and mother… They believed that you’d be just like them. Just the way that my parents thought of them… They believed you’d be just as they saw your parents and what they happened to think of them.

Leslie: And i’m just supposed to just believe that… why?

Betty Andrews 60

Betty: Because it’s true. *Shaking her head* I don’t expect you to believe it. Not if you don’t want to. I don’t blame you for not doing so. It’s been 5 years since the last that we’ve seen each other and our families have broke apart on terrible terms. i don’t really expect much from you. Just the opportunity to have a chance to reconnect with you and be the friend that you knew from 5 years ago. I actually happened to like you a lot. A whole lot. Leslie, i admired you.

Leslie: *In surprise and awe* You admired me?

Betty: Yeah. I really admired you. You were like only 9 and were able to fight. To ward off bullies from your family. At 9 years old. That is something which most girls i come across don’t seem to do. Not ever. I see a lot of fellow girls and a whole lot of them are primarily little miss prissy’s and barbie girl mentality examples who act like they’re silicon parts for toys. You… You are so far from any of that. You are resourceful. Environmentally inclined. Knowing how to rough it when it tended to come right down to it. You can fight. Standing your ground without much of a flinch.

Leslie: After all this time… You still know about that in me?

Betty: Uh, yeah… Leslie. I would know that because like i said… You and i were like really close. Really close like best friend close. However when my parents and yours… had that blowout… It all went to pieces. I know that you might have a new best friend and i am not gonna compete. But i just want to be someone that you once knew… and reunited with her friend again. Someone who you can consider as a friend. Like before.”

Leslie reunited with her parents and had been also coming out to them on the fact that she was gay.

There were other developments besides that…

Alvin leaving the clan and changing his last name and severing all the ties he had with the clan. Since the Divorce… more developments came into play.

Zoey was maturing and moving on in life without a mother but only a father. She at times felt depressed because a part of her still missed and still loved the woman who she knew as a mother and was a biological mother to her. However she didn’t feel too much over it as she realized that her mother made her bed… her mess and didn’t seem to care who she was hurting in the process… So Zoey did the only thing that could be done… She written Luna/Rina Frost off. Made as though she did not exist.

Sora and Carly had finally accepted the new man in their mother’s life. Even though they were already familiar with the guy as he was the one who worked along side her.

Zeke was also as of late thinking about dating again and going off with seeing another woman. It was time for him to start getting out there again. It was still a bit hard for him to move on as the one he originally loved was the entire world to him. There was a life upon one another and now that it was non-existent and over… He had to re-evaluate his life and just restart his personal life. Zoey saw and understood. It wasn’t something that she could just stop and prevent and although she didn’t feel like she’d be ready to deal with a step mother… She wanted for her father to be happy. Even if it is with someone else and not holding on to the memories of the one that left and forgot all about him and the family.

The Stadium was built and formed. Created by the help and devotion to giving something back to the city. Giving something back to the city. Leslie had made certain that the city would never forget the huge deed that she had done and she was not even close to finished. It was also known that she had all debts paid off. Cleared. She made deals. Honest deals with local businesses and gave them assurance of having a spot in the stadium. To set up a inlet of their businesses.

It was within those times that things were starting to appear and begin. The days following August 20th that year… 2046, Things were transforming into Metropolis/Stars Hollow. But also twisting into Hartford/Metropolis.

There was also the Dark side of Metropolis. The Metropolis by night which is all for Heroes like Catwoman, Batman. However… The dilemma around Catwoman would someday take root. If not only days later… It’d be sometime in the future. Only a few weeks later from current time in Metropolis. Upon the now ongoing changes that were taking assertion. There was no pause in the change that was taking effect in Metropolis… Doose’s Market showed up. Luke’s Diner, Stars Hollow Inn… But in the coming future… it comes to where Lorelai will be working at the Metropolis Inn. Or the Metropolis Hotel… There was Stars Hollow High/Metropolis High. Babette’s house. Lorelai Gilmore’s house. Town Hall. Miss Patty’s Dance Studio. The home of Lorelai’s parents. Among other places and points of interest.

As for the Older members of the new generation fighters…

They were embarking on their start for College living. Moving out from their homes and going right for the College Dorms. They all knew that they were gonna be calling that place their home for 4-5 years. It was gonna be their point of residence for the next 4-5 years and that would mean just that they’d have to adhere to the rules, procedures and protocols of the College Dorms.

This was where things would get more normal but with a twist and a bit of zany antics to follow. But eventually… even that would come to a halt and in would come the action element and super hero era again. More dangers to follow and take range.

Chapter 235…

“Metropolis Inn and Lorelai. Dinah meets Lorelai and converge.”


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