Chapter 233: We all live in a Gilmore Girls world. Part 2 of 2

Continued from Part 1 of 2 of Chapter 233…

The people listened and endured the concert as it was to commemorate the grand opening…

The crowd cheered and the music started to transverse to the next…

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “Good luck to you
Hope you’ll have your cake and eat it too
Good luck to you
May your every day be sunny blue
No bitter tears, gonna be
No bad blood here

Gonna be no regrets
Everything works out for the best
We’ll get it together
We had to settle for a draw, that’s all
There’ll be no regrets
And no lost pride, on either side

So long, goodbye
We can walk away and say we tried
So long, farewell
It’s time to cut the line, and go for self
No looking back, gonna be
No tricks or traps

Gonna be no regrets
Everything works out for the best
We’ll get it together
We had to settle for a draw, that’s all
There’ll be no regrets
And no lost pride, on either side

We can’t stop this rain from falling
We can’t break this spell
Ain’t no point in pointing fingers
We might as well

Call it a tie, call it a day
Call it a draw and walk away

Gonna be no regrets
Everything works out for the best
We’ll get it together
We had to settle for a draw, that’s all
There’ll be no regrets
And no lost pride, on either side”

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “Put a pep in your step
When you’re moving too slow
You gotta hit that high
When the odds are low
Now here’s how to get
To the next plateau
Be the first one in
And the last to go, oiiiih

Ain’t no other way about this
Way about this, you know it
Put your money where your mouth is
Where your mouth is, is is

Hey now, work it out
Champion, champion
Don’t stop, keep it up
Champion, champion
You’ve got to go for the number one
Ain’t that what makes a champion

Makes a champion

Keep your eyes on the
Price and forget the cost
Cause you can’t get far
When you’re slacking off
If you slip then you
Best get up again
Catch that second wind
When the first one end, oooh

Ain’t no other way about this
Way about this, you know it
Put your money where your mouth is
Where your mouth is, is is

Hey now, work it out
Champion, champion
Don’t stop, keep it up
Champion, champion
You’ve got to go for the number one
Ain’t that what makes a champion



Put a pep in your step
When you’re moving too slow
You gotta hit that high
When the odds are low
Here’s how to get
To the next plateau
Be the first one in
And the last to go

Ain’t no other way about this
Way about this, you know it
Put your money where your mouth is
Where your mouth is, is is

Hey now, work it out
Don’t stop, keep it up

Hey now, work it out
Champion, champion
Don’t stop, keep it up
Champion, champion
You’ve got to go for the number one
Ain’t that what makes a champion

Ain’t that what makes a champion”

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “Haaaaaah haaaaaah haaaaaah
Haaaaaah haaaaaah haaaaaah

Take your time

If you cage me I’d wanna be free right?
when you’re tired you wanna sleep safe at night
We’re not changing human nature now
So when you need love I will show you how

But if I tell you my heart is yours then what does it mean?
It is a lie to say that without you I cannot breathe
If the butterfly wings were never meant to fly
Maybe we wouldn’t have to say goodbye
Though my heart calls
When your heart wants to run with the wind
Oh I’ll be fine
And then maybe come back in the spring
So take your time

When you let go then your soul decides
It is easy to enjoy the ride
We’re united, separated, true
And all that is yours you will never lose

But if I tell you my heart is yours then what does it mean?
It is a lie to say that without you I cannot breathe
If the butterfly wings were never meant to fly
Maybe we wouldn’t have to say goodbye
Though my heart calls
When your heart wants to run with the wind
Oh I’ll be fine
And then maybe come back in the spring
So take your time

Haaaaaah haaaaaah haaaaaah
Haaaaaah haaaaaah haaaaaah

Haaaaaah haaaaaah haaaaaah
Haaaaaah haaaaaah haaaaaah

So hard
If the butterfly wings were never meant to fly
Maybe we wouldn’t have to say goodbye
Though my heart calls
When your heart wants to run with the wind
Oh I’ll be fine
And then maybe come back in the spring
So take your time”

Seconds later…

Amy Diamond: *To the crowd* This song is by special request from Leslie… dedicated to Blossom. Her best friend and partner/ Gal Pal.

Music starts up again…

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “Two days ago I said we’re done forever
But give it a week and we’ll be back together
Oh I know how they say we’re no good for eachother
But as much as you wind me up you know I love ya
And I-I-I-I never seem to shake the thought of you
And I-I-I-I I know you feel it in the same way dont’ ya?

So let them talk they way they’re talking
Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s calling
I’ll be there for you
I’ll be there for you

‘Cause I’ve never known a love
Never known a love like this
Never known a love, never known a love like
Your love, your love, your love
Your love, your love, your love

And all that we are
That’s what I want and all that I need
(That’s what you’ve got)
Your love, your love, your love
Your love, your love, your love

Things will be different, this time around
Set fire to the past and watch it burning down
And I-I-I-I got you on my mind and in my minutes
I-I-I-I don’t wanna live my life without you in it

So let them talk and keep on talking
Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s calling
I’ll be there for you
I’ll be there for you

Cause I’ve never known a love
Never known a love like this
Never known a love, never known a love like
Your love, your love, your love
Your love, your love, your love

And all that we are
That’s what I want want and all that I need
(That’s what you’ve got)
Your love, your love, your love
Your love, your love, your love

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh,
Who cares what they say about us
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Who cares what they say about us
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

No, I’ve never known a love… like this
Never known a love… like
Your love, your love, your love
Your love, your love, your love

Cause I’ve never known a love
Never known a love like this
Never known a love, never known a love like
Your love, your love, your love
Your love, your love, your love

And all that we are
That’s what I want to know that I need)
(That’s what you’ve got)
Your love, your love, your love
Your love, your love, your love

No, I’ve never known a love like
never known a love like
never known a love like… this
Your love, your love”

The Crowd cheers…

An hour later once all the hype was done and over…

Leslie bolted off to get changed back into her casual outfit. She had a lot to do that day and people to meet. It was only a moment later when she came out and met up with Blossom who just so happened to be standing with Sora and Carly and a few new people. Ones that she did not know… but was about to…

Leslie: *Looking at the group of people who stand with Blossom, Sora and Carly* Who’re the guests here? They’re new. They friends of yours?

Blossom: You could say that. But remember 3 weeks ago i said that i’d have a huge surprise for you?

Leslie: Yeah. You did manage to spill that out… that you’ve had a huge surprise for me. Just that you couldn’t tell me exactly what it was.

Blossom: It was meant to be that way. However… Now that we’re all here… Now… you are to know. These people… Are the surprise. Remember that i told you about the excursion to Spira years back?

Leslie: I do. You told me about that. You told me about what you and the clan went through during those times.

Blossom: Well… These are the Ally’s that we had while in the alternate world. First… ea7b2468c9e660a5ad27bb2f3a78028b2d37a594Meet Wakka. Captain… and Coach of the Blitzball team in Spira. The Besaid Aurochs. How_To_Lose_A_Guy_In_10_Days_2003_1080p_BrRip_x264_YIFY_1113Capt. Luzzu. The Crusader Captain of the Besaid Isle Chapter.


Summoner Yuna. Now member of a team of Sphere hunters known as the Gullwings. Daughter to High Summoner Lord Braska. Cousin to Rikku, Spencer’s wife. They’re tied and related because Yuna’s mother is the sister to Rikku’s father Cid. *Seeing the look on Leslie seeing that she understood*


Dona… Yuna’s Summoner Rival now mutual friend and Dona’s Guardian…




Isaaru… A good Summoner Ally.


Lucil Sole captain of the Chocobo Knights in Djose.


Elma… her right hand knight.

Leslie: These are the ones you dealt with in the alternate reality, Blossom?

Blossom: Yeah.

Leslie: This was the big surprise that you had. Them? *In Shock*

Wakka: Blossom tells us that you’re her girlfriend. How did this happen, eh? How did you and Blossom Meet?

Leslie: It’s not something that you should be asking me. Not on a day like this… However, given that you are involved with Blossom and are a close contact to her and her family… I’ll tell you.

Leslie flashes back…

“Blossom: *Walking by and catching sight of the girl* Hey… You’re new to this school… Aren’t you?

Leslie: Yeah. *Stopping suddenly and turning to look over at the girl; walking over a bit towards the girl* I am kinda still new. I haven’t been here in this city long. Since the end of last year… However i didn’t know where to go. Or who i could trust.

Blossom: Well… You’re here. It’s got to be a sign for something. I mean, I am usually with my cousins. The ones who go to this school too.

Leslie: Your cousins?

Blossom: Yeah. The 3… or 5 that i hang with are usually with me. But they’re right now at the library. No… They’re at the cafeteria getting something to eat.

Leslie: What about you?

Blossom: Not really hungry. I’ve had something on my mind.

Leslie: Got something going on?

Blossom: Not really. But it’s just the idea that there are these kids. Last name: Marco. They’ve been bugging me and my cousins.

Leslie: They must be really mean. Why do they bug you?

Blossom: I suppose that i can tell you about it… But it’s just between us. *Pauses*

Seconds later…

Blossom: You know… You might have trust issues. Because you’re new and no one is really taking to you. But everyone needs a friend here. If there is no one else that you can find here… to trust. You can trust me. Consider me your friend. I’m Blossom. Blossom Rhapsody.

Leslie: That’s a nice name. I’m Leslie. Leslie T. Burke. But… I uh… Don’t take it the wrong way. Even though that’s a nice name… Why do they call you… Blossom?

Blossom: It’s okay. I don’t mind. It’s my parents. They gave me that name when i was… born. I could have been just peachy with being called Angel or Renee or Winifred or something. But Blossom to them is kinda enduring.

Leslie: That’s cool.

Blossom: *Chuckles* I guess so. It is cool, isn’t it? Say… Where you from? You’re not a normal Metropolis girl. You definitely don’t talk like one.

Leslie: New York City. Brooklyn Originally. But the part of Brooklyn i lived in originally was like the edge of Manhattan. Around the cut separating Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Blossom: Like The big apple, right?

Leslie: That’d be the likely assumption. But yeah.”

Leslie: That’s how we met. It was when i was involved with the Mob. It’s not something i wanted to be part of. The Mob… But back then i was alone and with no where to go. The Mob was the best bet for that time. Which i again am gonna let out that i regretted every last second of it. Except for the part where it got me at least one friend to start with in this city. Blossom. She risked everything… Everything for me. She did not have to. She could have just resorted to being another who’d crucify me. But she didn’t. She risked a lot for me. A stranger from New York who’s Agenda was morally unknown and unclear. The Mob was the only place i would fit in at that time as i was Emancipated and with nowhere to go. Nowhere to turn and no one wanted me.

Blossom: That’s true. She felt alone at that point of time. If it weren’t for me… She would be forever lost. I saved her… It was something that i was destined to do.

Blossom Flashes back…

The Dark Knight

Feldstein: *Holding Leslie Down on the ground* You’re a dead little bitch. Doing that on-Air Interview exposed you as a daughter of an heiress who believes that the world is like her playground. You being a young girl… You think that you can play with the big boys and mess with shit you don’t know shit about.

Leslie: Please don’t do this… It isn’t what you think it is… I had been only practicing this stuff.

Feldstein: Don’t do what? teach you what happens when you try to play with the big boys… Huh? You don’t want it… You should have thought about that before you tried to make that deal to walk off with half of the Mob’s money in exchange of handing the Mob the fighters on a silver platter. You’re a young dumb kid who thinks they know the game. But you’re soon to find that you don’t know a thing. kids are stupid. No matter how smart they claim to be. They come to play with the big boys and think that they can get their way. You’re nothing more than a stupid ignorant child. That’s all you’ll ever be. Joining the Mob and think you are big and bad. You’re pathetic. That’s why… You’re gonna be taught a lesson. Some manners and taught your role.

Blossom: *Suddenly busting into the room; With Zion beside her* Wanna bet, You black ass son of a bitch?

Feldstein: *Lifting up and looking over to see a young Teen standing close by* Who do you suppose you are, White bred?

Blossom: None of your business, You Shit stained fucktard! You want to fight someone… Try on one of the fighters. You wanted a fighter… You got one asshole.  *Drawing some Electricity from the power sources in the room* You might want to call for a Medic and i do mean right now. Because i promise you… One shot of Electrical charge at the chest is said to be enough to stop the heart. If the Voltage is high enough. Higher than that… The heart will be paused and it’d stop. The heart would stop beating and if it doesn’t beat after a few seconds… the person is liable to die. I don’t think you want to die. You’d want to live… If that is the case… Step away from Leslie. Otherwise… Nice knowing you.

Feldstein: Who the shit are you, Freak?

Leslie: She’s not a freak. She’s my best friend. My girlfriend. Blossom. Electrogal!

Feldstein: She’s one of the fighters and She’s your friend… *Licking his lips and salivating over having the chance of popping both girls off* This is even better. Two shit for brains know nothing kids for the sole price of one. *Drawing his gun* … *To Leslie* Stay right here, you young bitch… I’ll handle your white bred friend with the electric light show then i’ll come back  Finish you off. You’re a dead Kid. I don’t care what your connections are.

Leslie: *Scared* … *Shaken* … don’t hurry.

Leslie Played a good game… She made like she was scared. But she in truth… was nowhere near scared. She wasn’t the least bit scared at all… Feldstein didn’t know that Leslie was planning something. All he knew was that he was having way with her. He had finally got to her and was gonna kill… or do her in. That’s what he sought out to do… However, there was a secret surprise in store for him and Leslie was just biding her time. Biding her time and waiting for the perfect chance to act.

He got to his feet and stood up facing Blossom before walking over with his gun drawn. He had the intent on shooting at her and wounding her. Blossom however saw him coming at her and was about to freak when suddenly… She started glowing and shone brightly. She was glowing as bright as a light bright and even brighter than that. Blossom felt her elemental power surge with strength as she was getting stronger.

It wasn’t long before the room started glowing brighter and brighter at first… Then suddenly it went back to normal and then formed out of nowhere… 

Spirit of Metropolis (Hawk): *Appearing and taking form* …

Blossom: *Looking at the spirit* What do you want?

Spirit of Metropolis (Hawk): *Speaking* Fighter of the New Generation… Electrogal, You are losing yourself into the world of the Mob. Just as lost as the girl who has dwelled in their world. The girl is Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… She is one with the Mob. But her involvement now is torn. The mob world is sensing the doubt of her loyalty to them…

Blossom: How is it that you know? Not that you don’t know… But if that is true… What can i do to help her? I too am in the Mob. As she is. She’s with Dorian. As am I… Plus Sora and Carly. Soon… Zoey. How can i save her from the Mob on my own? I’m only one person… Plus… The others won’t want to help. To them… She’s guilty.

Spirit of Metropolis: This is a battle that you must face and overcome on your own. No matter how hard it may be. The Innocent girl is trapped within their world. In order to save her… You must become what she turned into. To return her to the girl she once was… You must become who she has turned into…Before the innocence that once was in Leslie… Is forever lost. Fighter of the New Generation… Chosen warrior of the powers that be… That girl’s fate… lies in your hands.

Leslie: *A little raspy from being pinned* Oh… So not only are you joining me in the Mob… You’re on top of being like my girlfriend… Best friend… But also are my secret hero? Great… Blossom, My secret hero. Girlfriend and best friend.

The Spirit vanishes away…

Leslie: Blossom, Take care of this mess here… Then once you and I are alone. We need to talk. *Still unable to get loose; Playing an act* Ugh!

Blossom: *Emitting Lightning and Electricity* Electricity and lightning gather your power… static remnants build up and mold strong. Gather light and energy. Power come to me and flare up brighter still. Lightning’s spark of energy and Electricity’s flow of life. Ball up strength and build strong. *Forming balls of Light and Electricity*… *Launching her overdrive* ELECTRICAL BALLS OF LIGHT!”

Yuna: You risked everything for her? You put your whole family at risk. But for a cause to save her?

Lucil: That is Com-memorable.

Elma: Yeah. You’re a hero, Electrogal. You should be like a guardian to her.

Blossom: I kinda already was like a guardian to her. Her protector. I Love her.

Dona: You have feelings for her?

Blossom: True feelings for her.

Wakka: That’s a happy feeling, Ya?

Leslie: It is. You Know how to play Blitzball, Right?

Wakka: Of course.

Luzzu: This is what you built?

Leslie: This is the symbol of things to come. The Blitzball Stadium was built out of love for this city. I am a part of this city and i want to give something back to this city. I did some bad things in the past… like be in the Mob and do Mob hits. i have hurt people and i have the responsibility to make things right again. This Stadium is a means to make things right again and provide something new for the city. A new Sport. Besides… this was all suggested by Blossom. Talking about Blitzball… I just took it from there.

Yuna: What about the others?

Sora: They know. They’re aware of the fact that you guys are here.

Isaaru: I do believe that the others might want to know.

Barthello: Where are others?

Zoey: *Walking over with her boyfriend Michelangelo* Hey guys. What’s up?

Lucil: *Looking to see Zoey* Sailor Zoey… It is good to see you again.

Zoey: *Confused* Uh… huh? What? Sailor Zoey?! Uh… I think that you might be a little behind. i am not Sailor Zoey. Not anymore anyway. I lost that power the other year and to be honest… it’s not really all that big of a loss for me. I matured and shredded off the Senshi Identity. Written off my Ex-Mother who i deem as dead to me.

Elma: Have we missed something here?

Blossom: I’m afraid so. You see… Zoey lost her Senshi power and is now normal. There is no super identity in her anymore. It left her during the mission operation to go after Rasputin and Ice him for good. We all had to deal with something known as the Ogdru Jahad. Zoey lost the power. Plus her mother is no more. She’s left the clan and changed her name and severed all ties that she’d have with her family.

Blossom shows off a picture…

Blossom: That’s what her mother is… A whore. A Slut. Zoey’s been hurt by the change in her mother/Ex-Mother. That woman is now known as Rina Frost. rina-koike-12. She betrayed her whole family and was also having sex with other men in the same bed that she and Zeke would sleep in.

Sora: Don’t get us even started on our Ex-father. He too is out of our lives. He was exposed as a cheater. He cheated on our mother and was found out to having had the expose… Having an affair with another woman.

Yuna: That’s sad.

Leslie: It is. I felt bad for them. Really bad.

It was then that the conversation went on for another moment before Leslie made with what she was intending to do. She saw that she could give them a career or a duty to work on. Wakka was made as the head coach of the Metropolis Blitzers. Lucil and Elma were made as guards. Luzzu was made an honorary head of security. Dona and Barthello were made Ushers for the arena itself. Isaaru and Yuna both were given the duty of Finding Possible Blitzball players. But that wasn’t the only part. There was another front to consider. The heroic side. Blossom took them all to the Watchtower Command center and they were all given communicators and made as honorary watchers. Doing Recons in shifts. To notify of any trouble that may be looming off the coast…

But Meanwhile…

As Blossom took them over to handle that angle and cover that avenue…

Back at the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium…

images (1)

Leslie: *Leading a T.V crew around the grounds of the stadium; On-air* Hey everyone… It’s your famous Rich girl Leslie T. Burke here. I’m here at the Blitzball stadium and it’s all up and operational. It’s diameter size is the Equivalent size of the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. A fact that a good friend let out for free. But here at the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium… There’s a mass of redeeming features. Fulfilling means of fun and enjoyment. Why don’t you come on in and check it out? We’ll see it together. Come on.

A minute later…

on the inside of the Stadium…


Leslie: *Showing off the property and interior* Here we have the food court and concessions. The Metropolis Burke Den. It’s got a Pizza shack. Where you have a choice of 10 different pizzas or the option of creating one of your own making. There’s An outlet for La Reedy’s Paradissimo. To have a taste of French and Hawaiian Cuisine. French Cuisine if preferred. There’s also a Concession stand where you can grab something fast if you are seeking to get a good seat to see the show that is scheduled to play and unwilling to wait for a long period of time. *Leading over to the next part of the building* Over here… we have the Burke Souvenir emporium. Where anyone can get memorable items from the arena and the matches. Concerts. All prices are however final but open for refund if any problems with their purchase ensues. But it’s got the best deals and merchandise. With friendly service all around. *Holding up a bling ring with Amy Diamond’s picture on it* Need a little bit of star studded Blingage… This ring is a 50kt jewel. Sold at a very fair but high price. It’s one of a kind. But rest assured that you’ll never be broke. Because compared to other places… this place is the fair one in discounts and consumer friendly prices. Monthly payments? No problem. We’ll work with you. Just tell us what you need and us here at the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium… will be pulling to work with you. This place is a hot spot for relaxation and entertainment. and everyone deserves to have a slice of paradise. This is the place to be for a good time… For a place of entertainment. But most of all… To enjoy themselves.

A Moment later…

Leslie: *At the Sky box* This is the Sky box suited for Special V.I.P and for family of V.I.P. There is also a Private wing of the sky Box for the Founder. A Private Sky view of the Arena and the concert stage. *Pointing out the window and seeing the Arena* The Blitzball Arena. It’s 40,000 gigawatt power supply and Mechanics… power and surge energy into the arena itself. on the top of the Sphere are 4 Hydro Cannons. Pumping 20,000 thousand gallons of water a minute. Pulsing into the sphere that concludes the size of 25 feet in diameter. The Sphere is formulated from invisible force fields and Pyreflies. The arena itself is with seats that are cushioned and comforted with soft material. The Arena Capacity itself can house up to 40,000 people easy.

But while Leslie was inside and televising about the Stadium and what it had to offer…

Betty Andrews 7

Betty: *Outside looking at the crowd and the people standing and hanging out* Leslie’s here. I just know that i’ll see her here.

She began to walk around the Stadium and took a look at all the people hanging around and enjoying the entertainment that was being played and presented. Betty was there since the ceremony began and was watching as it went on. But she was there to find Leslie and meet her again. Betty waited for the chance that she’d see Leslie out and heading back from inside the Stadium. It wasn’t till a moment before the Grand opening ceremony concluded when…


Leslie: *Walking over and recognizing the unfamiliar guest* What are you doing here, Betty?

Betty Andrews 86

Betty: Leslie… *Sighs* What do you think i am doing here? I have come to see you.

Leslie: I can see that. But *In defense* The last time i saw you… Your parents and my father had a blowout. Plus i believe that it was your dad that called my dad a philandering fraud and deceptive two-sided joker who couldn’t tell a straight answer if his own life depended on it. Your dad hurt my father’s pride and mentality a bit. It took a year to get him back to feeling confident again. Your dad and mom knew the shit… that my family was dealing with… They saw and yet had nerve to say that to my dad. Battering him mentally and emotionally.

Betty: That’s because of the business deal that they had set up going bad. Something went wrong. My parents were with the foul impression of your family. Saying that your family and you were Twisted, cold. Conceited and Manipulative. Among other things. I however didn’t believe that… Didn’t believe it then… didn’t believe it now and i never will.

Leslie: *Scoffs* That’s fine and well… But i don’t know if i trust you. Because… for 5 years… You and I were separated. You didn’t even bother to write. Call. Nothing. You were avoiding me.

Betty: That’s because… It was what my parents wanted, Leslie. They had a deal go bad with your parents and given since they saw you to be a rather spitting image of your father and mother… They believed that you’d be just like them. Just the way that my parents thought of them… They believed you’d be just as they saw your parents and what they happened to think of them.

Leslie: And i’m just supposed to just believe that… why?

Betty Andrews 60

Betty: Because it’s true. *Shaking her head* I don’t expect you to believe it. Not if you don’t want to. I don’t blame you for not doing so. It’s been 5 years since the last that we’ve seen each other and our families have broke apart on terrible terms. i don’t really expect much from you. Just the opportunity to have a chance to reconnect with you and be the friend that you knew from 5 years ago. I actually happened to like you a lot. A whole lot. Leslie, i admired you.

Leslie: *In surprise and awe* You admired me?

Betty: Yeah. I really admired you. You were like only 9 and were able to fight. To ward off bullies from your family. At 9 years old. That is something which most girls i come across don’t seem to do. Not ever. I see a lot of fellow girls and a whole lot of them are primarily little miss prissy’s and barbie girl mentality examples who act like they’re silicon parts for toys. You… You are so far from any of that. You are resourceful. Environmentally inclined. Knowing how to rough it when it tended to come right down to it. You can fight. Standing your ground without much of a flinch.

Leslie: After all this time… You still know about that in me?

Betty: Uh, yeah… Leslie. I would know that because like i said… You and i were like really close. Really close like best friend close. However when my parents and yours… had that blowout… It all went to pieces. I know that you might have a new best friend and i am not gonna compete. But i just want to be someone that you once knew… and reunited with her friend again. Someone who you can consider as a friend. Like before.


Zoey: *Walking over suddenly* Leslie, the grand opening is really exciting. A lot of people have been asking where they can get souvenirs of this grand opening.

Leslie: There should be a gift shop over by the foyer on the far left side… By the front gates. There’s a few stands…

Zoey: There is? Strange… I didn’t happen to see any over there a moment ago.

Leslie: They’re there. O’aka phoned me while i was on my way here. Said that he was gonna be a few minutes late but that he’d be here. He’s over by the Vendors. O’aka is stationed at two of them.

Zoey: And there are a couple or so vendors from the Promenade.

Leslie: Yeah. It’s been worked out and took some talking over… But essentially… It came to where i found that I had to cut a few deals with the business owners of the shops that i had to repay debts to due to the Mob days. So… they’re there too. However I don’t know exactly how O’aka had managed to do it. I really can’t figure as to how he was able to get some Merchandise made with Amy Diamond on them. So fast. Plus cut some hefty deals with fellow business men and women and have things all set up for sale and business to help with the sales for the grand opening. There’s no one working on the inside. So i’m gonna need to hire some people. Which isn’t gonna be too hard to do. But… Now the question is…

Zoey: Who’re you gonna trust towards doing it?

Leslie: I have no idea. No idea whatsoever.

Betty: Why not ask around? There’s gotta be someone out there that you know to be trustworthy. Someone’s gotta be capable of working for you. The first thing you need though is a Manager. A general Manager. One who oversees everything revolving the workforce. The Employees… the upkeep. Like a chain of command. They report to the general manager… the General Manager reports to the owner… the founder. You.

Zoey: That makes a lot of sense. *Looking at Betty* Who’re you? You from around here?

Leslie: No, Zoey. She’s not. She’s from Palm Desert, California.

Zoey: Palm Desert?! That’s a long ways away from here. She traveled all the way from there?

Leslie: I guess so. Because… she’s obviously here. right?

Zoey: What brought her all the way to Metropolis?

Betty: I came on my own… to reconnect with a friend from the past that i sadly parted from for 5 years. I am Emancipated from my parents and i have my inheritance. $700,000,000…

Leslie: *Pauses* $700,000,000 Million dollars?

Betty: Yeah.

Leslie: That’s more than me. Many times more than what my Inheritance is.

Betty: Actually. Yeah. But here is the thing… I am presenting 350,000,000 of it… to a close friend that i still consider my friend even if she happens to not trust me much currently.

Zoey: Who?

Betty: Leslie.

Leslie: Me?! *Shocked* W-w-w-why me?

Betty: Because… I am not one who’ll just let the thing that came between our parents… screw up the friendship that you and I had 5 years ago. I won’t allow it. I know that you’ve got a more likely… better best friend now. One who is more of a fighter than i might be. However… I am not about to just walk away and face the idea that i lost my friend. without a fighting chance.

Leslie: *Sighs and nods*

But now as life went on… the stadium was getting it’s fair deal and Leslie was sticking to the decorum of routine and procedure as it was getting more and more active. Blitzball tryouts were conducted and calling for all who could swim under water. Holding their breaths and able to function through the sport. Luzzu was sworn to protect the Stadium from any foretold attacks that may come its way. Lucil and Elma… were security guards and Mounted forces. They stuck to their jobs in close clear fashion.

Leslie was having to conduct interviews with people. Anyone who stood up for a shot to work in the stadium as an Employee. There were people who needed to be hired with culinary training and capabilities and knowhow. There were also people who were needed to run the Souvenir outlets in the stadium. There were a lot of interviews to be had and of course… even though Leslie could not trust Betty that much… She asked her to help along. Blossom was also there most of all. As was Zoey and the Twins. They were set to help out where ever they could.

As for the older fighters…

They were all set for the college life. It was nearing the closer moment and time for them to embark for the Dorms. To move in and accept the transition for the college life that was imminent and coming new. Serena and Carly Black on the other hand had to think about what was gonna happen for them once they made it to the college dorms and college was in the process.

Things were changing for them all. All of them and the fact that college was dangerously nearing… It was the summer before the College run for them and each passing day it drew even closer. Closer and closer…

As for Sakura…

Sakura’s darker secret or unknown secret was now out and her mother was more hurt than anything else. Sakura was seen that evening in her room wearing nothing but a shirt and a Luvs Diaper. She didn’t even speak or say a word about it. There was nothing to say and she knew that of which… Sakura was becoming a diaper lover. Dinah couldn’t help but shed tears over it as she walked away and went to the other room. She knew that something changed her and it was getting worse.


Sakura: *In her room; wearing a diaper* …

Sakura was close to Rowanda Strickland. Spoke to her about the next time that they’d meet to change one another… in secret. but all the while they spoke… Dinah overheard parts of it. She laid in the master bedroom and laid on the bed sobbing to sleep. She knew that it was gonna be worse. It all started when Sakura started smoking and it was gonna be worse yet. Zoey was not to blame. However Dinah was not with both feet out the door on that possibility. It was not the same anymore with Sakura and Hikaru was now facing the life being away from her as it was clear… Sakura was now… a total mystery. A complete mystery. Wearing diapers and still smoking and staying a side from the family. She was not part of the main bree. Dinah had no choice but to emancipate her. Sakura was gonna be sprung and with no home. What was she to do. She couldn’t get through to her and reason with her. But that was gonna be a 2 week process to send her away and Sakura finding another place to live.

Over where Paul was…

Wendy Montgomery.

Wendy: Paul, *Looking ahead* Could we stop by the store on our way back to my place? I need to pick up another pack of Luvs diapers.

Paul: *Smiles* Sure, Wendy. I already know that this whole thing with you is only like a fetish. You are not all in on the kick with being a diaper girl.

Wendy: True. I am just sticking to the basic. That’s all. Although my sister… whose 15. Katy… She is. She drinks from the bottle. Has a pacifier. She’d only stick to her crib and nowhere else. Her friends that she has online… from Topeka. They’re the Hot Diaper girl babes trio. They are all about diapers. It’s all they talk about. Plus looking for girls or boys to mother and serve as den mother’s to. I am thinking that they’re seeking for someone named Jenna Rhapsody. Wanting to be her den mother. They asked my sister and i looked at her and just was at a loss. I didn’t even know what to say to her about it. I was into the diapers thing… But not like this. Not like my sister.

Paul: Hey. Wendy, It’s gonna be alright. Okay? *Driving* You’re just self-conscious over the reality that your sister is all in and you’re just with the touch of it and nothing more.

Wendy: I suppose that you’re right.

Paul: *Driving* What i can’t figure out though is when did you start becoming… you know… Like a diaper girl. When did this start?

Wendy: Since age 14. It was since then that i got into wearing diapers and i actually feel safe in them. I love wearing them and it’s the only thing that i will do revolving the Diaper fetish and lifestyle. The only thing.

Paul: *Driving* You really sound as though you had some possible face time with my cousin Jenna Rhapsody. She feels safer in them than she does anything else. Now. But at first… When she first had to wear them… She hated it. She would cry and see herself as some type of freak of nature.

Wendy: How did she happen to start wearing Diapers?

Paul: Incontinence. Which just so happens to be par to the course of signs of being a victim of Rape. The year before last… Jenna was Molested by a Child Molester. Two of them and the signs didn’t show right away. It took a few days for the signs to show. Which of course her sisters saw the signs first hand and noticed. I didn’t. I was off somewhere while that happened.

Wendy: Where?

Paul: Russia.

Wendy Montgomery.
Wendy Montgomery.

Wendy: *Confused* Russia? Why there? What would you be doing in Russia?

Paul: Good question. But totally one that a prime example of a person who is Oblivious would ask. I could tell you. But you would not believe it at first… Just by seeing the truth. But i was there… Because i was a fighter. Still Am. But it’s morally on the down low. College life happens to put a damper on that type of life. Plus… College living tends to frown on the kick of there being those who are of the super powered persuasion residing within the very grounds of the College.


At Serena and Carly Black’s apartment…


Serena: *In bed with Carly* Carly, do you think that we’ll be alright in a college setting?

Carly Black: *In bed with Serena* I believe so. Why?

Serena: I don’t know… *Feeling unsure* What’ll we do if they separate us and we’re in two different rooms?

Carly Black: It won’t be like that.

Serena: How do you know that it won’t be like that, Carly? Come on… College isn’t like high school. The risks will be greater over there… The expectations will be higher than that of High school.

Carly Black: You’re getting way too worried. It’s not gonna be that bad. I already made the call and recommended that you and I have the same room. Be in the same Dorm room together. However… The condition to that was… We had to adhere to taking in an additional roomie.

Serena: …

As they were talking…

Serena: *Feeling tense over College* We have all the books we need for the first semester. We have our things packed and a thing of sheets. Blankets. Personal belongings… We have also our Log book for our Webcast show. We can do webisodes of that. That’s if college will allow for that to happen. *Sighs* There is just so damn much to think about.

Carly Black: No duh… Of course there is. Why wouldn’t there be. We’re gonna be having a change of lifestyle for the next 4 years. Getting our AA’s and Bachelor’s Degrees. We are taking 5 classes a pop and the path we’re going in… We’ll be done before the others. At least… that’s the plan.

Serena: *Nods; Sighs with a deep breath* Yeah.

Carly Black: *Thinking* I have been thinking though…

Serena: You have? What about?

Carly Black: The Stadium. The one that the girl… Leslie built. Do you think that it’ll flourish?

Serena: Of course. It’ll be okay. However… it’s too soon to tell as the Grand Opening was only just today. This was only day one. So… It’ll be a while before anything is for sure.

Carly Black: You’re right. You could always train to be a… you know… Blitzer.

Serena: Nah! That’s okay… One excursion of the Blitzball hype is good enough for me. However… I would never forget the look on that guy’s face when he was beat.

Carly Black: Who?

Serena Flashes back…

“3 men came out from the middle door which was what lead to the inside of the temple… They looked rather tough. It was only about a minute when they suddenly stood in front of the fighters, Wakka, Lulu, Yuna, Kimahri and Tidus. Plus the Aurochs.

Wakka: You guys here to pray for victory too?

Sora: *Looking at Carly then at the others* Those must be Blitzball players. From Luca. The one with the red smooth sleek hair is Bickson. The team captain and the head of the team. Cocky and arrogant by nature, Bickson is widely regarded as the best blitzball player in the world. the one with the golden hair is Graav. Graav is the middle-fielder for the Luca Goers blitzball team. The black player with the black hair looking like a Puffball in the back… is Abus. He’s more suited for a forward position in the team.

Bickson: Us? Pray? Who needs to Pray? The Luca goers always win.

Dinah: And that would be in what way? By cheating. Because a true sports player who is honest and straight wouldn’t gloat out of spite to bring others down personally.

Bickson: And who are you?

Dinah: Dinah Rhapsody. But in my tough reputation… i am known as “Danger Zone” Dinah.

Bickson: Ohhh Scary.

Serena: *Looking towards Bickson* …

Wakka: You not here to pray? Then why are you here?

Graav: We were hoping for some competition this year!

Bickson: So what exactly is your goal this time? You gonna “do your best” again? Ha! As if. It’s too bad that your best isn’t good enough. Why bother even showing up?

Serena: Uh… You want to say that again? *Standing up in front of Bickson* You are a cocky arrogant wannabe.  You think that you’re so special and that you’re what? Yevon’s great gift and can do no wrong that you’re so great you expect everyone to kiss the ground you walk on.

Graav: Who do you think you are talking to Bickson like that?

Serena: Serena Rhapsody. I am known as a tough girl with a rather tough, gutsy and rambunctious reputation. I am also into sports like my mother Dinah. She can get over the hill but her heart’s in the right place and believes in a cause and when she does… she commits to it. I do too.

Tidus: This time… We play to win.

Aurochs: *lunge and Fistpump*

Bickson: Oooh! Play away! Just remember that even kids can play, boys.

Dinah: You can stuff that line up your high and conceited butt, Bickson. We don’t care if Luca thinks you’re like a god. and that you can do no wrong. Say all you like. But come tournament time… We’re gonna make you eat your insults and with a few Knuckle sandwiches of defeat to go along with it.

Graav: And why’s that?

Abus: Yeah… What makes you say that?

Dinah: Because you’re looking at the two new additions of the Besaid Aurochs. The very team that you consider to be a team of losers because you Goers think that you’re so good that you feel you have the right to tear others down to make yourselves look like studs. You’re Looking at “Danger Zone Blitz” Dinah. and my Daughter “Gutsy Lightning power” Serena.

Wakka: *With his jaw dropped to the ground* Wha—?

The Goers then saunter off.

Wakka: *Calling over to the team* See you in the Finals!

Kimahri, Wakka and Lulu enter the temple and the fighters follow along…

Tidus: We’ll beat them. We have to!

Yuna: You know that team?

Tidus: Putting people down…They’re as bad as my old man!

Yuna: But, Sir Jecht was a kind and gentle man!

Tidus: Well, not my Jecht.

Yuna: *sighs*

Serena: And that team that came and gone remind us of those jerks that go to the same school that we go to. This sort of clique who just get their kicks from tearing the lesser thans like they don’t matter.

Yuna: Metropolis High school.

Serena: You know of it?

Yuna: Yes. i heard of it.”

Serena: We stood up to the Goers on Kilika on the temple grounds. But the face of defeat… Priceless. They were so sure that they would win… It was as if they expected and demanded to be the Victors. But when they lost… Their face went fast to white and flushed. In 0.2 seconds.

Carly Black: I should have been there with you. I would’ve had your back. No questions asked.

Serena: And do what? What would you really do there that you don’t do here? You can fight. You have the smarts. But If you were in Spira with the crew and I… You’d be just as lost as we were. We were all still lost… We didn’t know our butts from a hole in the ground. We didn’t really know what to do or where to go. It was that exact way till we made it to the Mushroom Rock road… Till we had a mad rush face to face with Sin. The viewing of the cataclysmic power that Sin could do. A Sample of it. That was where things began making a ton of sense. from then on.

Serena flashes back and relives the battle against Sin Spawn Gui…

“Yuna was out cold but slowly comes to. The remaining members of the Romancers Z!, Aquatic Force Z! and Thunderic Force Z!, Blossom, Paul and Sora were there with her and They barely came to. The hit knocked them down and they were still a bit dazed. Still in it, but Dazed.

Miss Thunder: *Seeing Seymour facing Sinspawn Gui* Wha–?

Thunderic Wonder: What’s he doing?

Miss Passion: *Dazed and slowly coming to* Is he… trying to… fight it off?

Angelic Bubble: I don’t know… but I am not happy with the idea that Spencer and Penny are gone. They’re probably dead. Sin probably killed them.

Bubbling star: What about Zoey, Serena, Carly and Crystal? Clint and Theodore too? What if we never see them again?

Melodic Bubble: There’s also Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri. Tidus. What of them, huh? Our Aunt Luna’s gonna be pissed and devastated to hear of Zoey’s death. they could be dead out there.

Within seconds they got up and Looked to see Auron…

Miss Bliss: Auron?! You’re alright? Thank god that at least you’re alive and still in the game.

Yuna: *seeing Maester Seymour fending off the Sin Spawn*

Miss Thunder: Let’s go… The Maester needs a boost of help. Let’s help him out.

Miss Bliss: Right.

Blossom: We’re gonna do this to avenge our fallen members. This is for them.

The remaining fighters walk over to start with the Battle… Yuna of course followed along…

Seymour: Stand back, Lady Yuna.

Yuna: Y-yes.

Miss Thunder: Seymour… Maester Seymour… You are thinking about battling the Sin Spawn here, right?

Seymour: *Nods* It has to be done. Sin will remain wherever its sin spawn resides. We have to drive Sin away from here before it advances onto the main land.

Thunderic Wonder: You’re so dreamy, talking so suave. *Smiles and Blushes*

Seymour: Your Admiration is touching… but rather inappropriate at this time… This is no time to play.

Miss Passion: That’s true.

Miss Thunder: Let’s get it.

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher*Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Blossom: Maester… We should take out the Head first. The head will try to attack if we leave it alive.

Seymour: *Looking at the girl* Very well.

Yuna: *Casting Pray on the fighters and herself*

Auron: *Tossing a Hi-Potion to all* Here.

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Arms with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Arms with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Paul: Let’s rally up on the Sin Spawn. Attack the Arms and the head.

Miss Thunder: Right. What about it, Your grace? Wanna see the Sin Spawn’s head get shocked into a coma? Giving it a taste of being wasted?

Seymour: Ah… A good idea. Let’s do that.

Blossom: I can shoot thunder… Electricity. The 4 of us can electrocute the head of this Sin Spawn.

A second later…

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Head with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Head with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Auron: *Attacking the Sin Spawn’s Arms with his Katana*

Seymour: *Casting Thundara on the Sin Spawn’s Head*

Blossom: *Throwing a Ball of Thunder at the head* Take that, Meanie!

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head* Love’s Passionate FOG!

The head was knocked out…

Paul and Auron went at the Arms and took them out. As soon as they had an opening on the body… they all went at it with swift agility. one attack at a time…

Seymour: *Casting Thundara on The Sin Spawn’s body*

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher*Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Body with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Body with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Auron: *Attacking the Sin Spawn’s Body with his Katana*

Yuna: *Summoning Ifrit*

Yuna’s Aeon finishes it off and the Sin Spawn hankers down before disintegrating into nothing…

Yuna: *Gasps; Panics* The others? *Rushing over to the edge of the cliff*

Blossom: *With the remaining fighters; Running over to the edge of the cliff*

As for the Al Bhed who were now going for their shot at fighting Sin…

The Al Bhed’s Machina locked on to Sin and aimed before firing at Sin. It was gonna blast into Sin’s Energy field and vanquish it but as they fired at Sin… the Energy field just remained pulsing itself and wasn’t going down. It just pulled back it’s power and built up as the Al Bhed continued to fire at it. The Machina was not giving up and pulled up with more power and dished out a boosting power surge as it fired harder at Sin. Piercing into its Energy field. tearing into it. Although that was when Sin’s Energy field exploded with a ball of anti-matter and fired at the machina. It was so quick that no one could prepare for it.”

Serena: I wasn’t there for the second wave at that Sinspawn. My sisters were. But for the intense moment that was endured… I sure as well felt like i was there. Seeing it. Vividly seeing it as if it were staring me right in the face.

Carly Black: *Chuckles* You know… Serena. This whole thing is starting to come out sounding like the completion of the Blitzball Stadium is like a re-living period of time when you were in another realm.

Serena: Kinda like what?

Carly Black: The trip to Spira Part 2. Only this time… the ones you encountered and met and befriended… are here instead of you guys being in their backyard.

Serena: Seems like it… Doesn’t it? Leslie… did a very monumental thing. A Very Monumental thing by building a Blitzball Stadium. However… I don’t quite think that she realizes that by doing that… She managed to open a gateway. A possible gateway that linked Spira… to this world.

Carly Black: What are you saying?! Are you gonna wise up to tell me that more may be coming?

Serena: Not likely. But… If they came… What else do you suppose came through… With them?

Carly Black: I don’t know… But i do think that if you really would like to know… A summons to meet up with the new faces and find out what they know. If anyone knows what managed to come through the Portal… besides them. They’d know.

Serena: I would… But there is something else that needs to be let out.

Carly Black: *Grins and curious* Really? Like what?

Serena: Sakura. My younger sister.

Carly Black: *Turning to face Serena* Uh… okay. This is a new subject to discuss at like the spur of the moment. What’s up? What about her?

Serena: She’s changed into someone that none of us recognize anymore. She’s been smoking. Plus… also wearing Diapers. Secretly wearing Diapers and we never knew of it till Zoey happened to break it out to Dinah. Telling her of all the details of what Sakura was doing.

Carly Black: Seriously?!

Serena: Seriously.

Carly Black: Is there anything they can do to break through to her?

Serena: *Shaking her head; sighs* No. And it’s hard to picture her as a diaper girl. I remember one of the times which i gave her and Hikaru the insight…

Serena flashes back…

“Serena: *With Hikaru and Sakura* I know that it hurts. Believe me… At your age i went through the same thing. The same predicament as you two just dealt with. But that was when i decided to start fighting back. Not letting the bullies or the bull-headed morons get the best of me. I fought back.  *Cleaning up the dirt on her sisters* It’s gonna be alright. I will show you some moves to use to fight back and thereby have a fighting chance.

Hikaru: really? You can fight?

Serena: Of course i can. I can be rather tough when need be. You two need to toughen up a little. Because the longer you allow for the bullies to push you around… The longer they’ll keep doing it and it will get to the point where they’ll own you because they think that you are gonna just sit and do nothing to stop it. Because you wouldn’t fight back. But unless you two learn to fight them back and show that you’re not a pushover to the bullies and let them know it… it’s just gonna keep going and it’s only gonna get worse instead of better.

Sakura: Is that what you did? Fight back to keep the bullies from getting to you. Standing your ground?

Serena: Yes. It was exactly what i’ve done. *Getting the last bit of dirt off of her sisters* Whenever a bully tries to mess with you. You just stand your ground. Take no bull from any bully. If they beat you… at first take the licks and just learn from them. Learn how to use the moves or the tricks against the bully. But always show no fear to the bully.

Sakura: No fear?

Serena: No fear. Because if you are afraid of them… they’ll smell it on you and will let you have it good. if you show fear… you’re dead meat as they’ll wail on you. Whatever you do… Do not show any fear. Look tough. Mean. Fierce. Plus we can pick on each other. that’s fine. Your cousins can too… But that’s because we’re family. If others do it. It’s Lights out.

Hikaru: *Nods*

Sakura: Okay. *Nods* No fear. No more letting the bullies push us around.

Serena: *Smiles* Come here you two… *Hugging her sisters* Oh… You two can be such pains in the butts sometimes… But I Love you girls regardless. I don’t know how anyone could ask for any other sibling besides you. *Hugging her sisters* I Love you two.”

Carly Black: That was after you and reunited… wasn’t it?

Serena: Yeah. And i can still recall that time…

“Serena: *Looking to see her friend from elementary school* … *Gasps* Carly?! Carly Black? is that you?

Carly: *Hearing a familiar voice near* Huh? *Stopping to look to the side and seeing a sandy golden brown hair* Could that be the same girl i knew back in Elementary school?

They didn’t seem to recognize each other at first as it’s been 4 years since the last they were to see any sight of one another. Carly was in Germany with her father for 4 years and it’s been as if they’d never hear of one another ever again. Serena walked on… She saw someone that looked like her friend but when she saw that her friend didn’t happen to recognize her as it seemed… She felt as though her friend might have been lost. It was only a minute later when…


Serena: *Jumps* What in the blue heck was that? *Looking all over* Where did that come from?

Serena then turned to look over to the side and over at a short distance to see that the girl that walked by her was being hit and pushed against the wall and tormented. Serena took one look at the girl from where she still stood and saw the face. It was only then that she suddenly got the realization that the girl that walked past her was indeed her friend that she knew back in the Elementary school 4 years earlier…

Serena: *Gasps* Carly?! *Turning to run over fast to her friend* I see my friend and already i’m saving the tail. She’s being picked on for no reason. *Running over to where Carly Black was* She’s not with any right to have herself being cornered like a rat. Messing with her… These people are insane. Literally screwy.

Carly: *Grabbing at one of the bullies and Punching them in the face* Beat it, Creep!

Serena: *Running over to help* Don’t worry, Carly… I’ve got this.

Carly: *Looking to see her Best friend* Serena?! You’re here.

Serena: Well… Of course i am Numb nuts… I’m certainly not some ghost or apparition, am i?  *Looking at the bullies* Looks like you’re with a bit of a mess here. I can fight them off. you can try to fight them too… or duck for cover. This is likely to get a little ugly.

Carly: No. I’ll fight too, Serena. During my time in Germany… I kinda had to teach myself how to fight. My dad showed me some moves and its helped out well.

Serena: Okay then… Let’s take out the garbage and make some creeps scream Uncle.

Carly: Right.

After the bullies were chased off and made to admit defeat they ran off faster than what their own legs could move. They didn’t look back to see Serena and Carly. They didn’t even want to know if they were still there and watching. They ran and didn’t ever think twice…

Serena: *Looking to see her friend Carly* Carly… You’re back. From Germany.

Carly: Yeah. I am. I am very happy to be back. It’s so wonderful to be back. I missed you so much.

Serena: And i; you. *Hugging her best friend Carly* Oh god… it’s so wonderful seeing you. Carly, Why did you have to move to Germany for a while?

Carly: It’s because my father wanted me to get some culture or something. I don’t really know why he choose Germany. I was kinda hoping he’d be in the line for Italy.

Serena: I would have rather you not go at all. I missed you. You’re like my best friend Carly. We met sometime in Elementary school. 4 to 5 years ago. Since then… it was as though we’d be inseparable.

Carly: Then for us to be taken apart from one another. Sad. I just can’t believe that i came back here a year late. My father told me it was to be 3 years. But after the end of the 3rd year… we were still in Germany and it got where we were possibly gonna be there forever. My father has to stay there as he is stationed there. But sent me back. Of all things. He even bought me an apartment. 4 Months ago. it took time to get it all set and things organized inside the apartment. where to set things. But he had it all worked out. Plus a cellphone too…

Serena: You’re kidding… You serious? How much does your dad make anyway? Military men don’t usually make much.

Carly: He’s been saving up apparently.

Serena: Wow. I wish my father Shingo would save up like that. He tries to save up as much as he can… but alot of the money he makes goes for the mortgage on the house. Plus for my cellphone. My mom makes money too as she’s the Head coach. Coaching the Metropolis Bulldogs. Or the Metropolis Warriors. I don’t know. The team mascot and name changed so much that it’s uneasy to keep up.

Carly: Yeah… How’re your sisters and parents doing?

Serena: Them? *Scoffs* They’re just doing what they always do. Sapphire is thinking on starting her own team of Pink Ladies. But she’s calling her team “Rhapsody Pink-hearts”. Raven is the still bookworm. She has been reading things about War and then Romance. Reading things on history. She’s still with her nose deep into the books.

Carly: Not much has changed it seems. *Chuckles* And you are probably still the tough one.

Serena: *Grins* What do you think?

Carly: I guess i should not ask for the obvious. I must have written you a dozen letters while in Germany… But i don’t know if any of them got to you.

Serena: Letters? What letters? I don’t remember getting any specific letter other than the ones you sent me once a month every month about how things were going for you in Germany and how you were. But Letters? What letters are you talking about?

Carly: About my feelings for you. 14-15 year olds never speak this way… but i professed that i was in love with my best friend. You.

Serena: *Gasps* You what…?

Carly: I know how it sounds… But i am in love with you. You could tell me anything and i would understand. I tried sending you a dozen letters saying that i was in love with you. I must have written a bunch of letters and nothing could come close to how i was really feeling. It was as though i had a loss for words.

Serena: *Nods understanding* I can get that idea… I seem to feel the same about you too. The only thing was that i couldn’t confess. Not to my sisters. They’d never understand. I couldn’t tell my mother and father. my younger sisters either. How would they understand it if i were to tell them?

Carly: It’s hard to talk about the idea that you’re in love with someone who’s like the same gender or sex as you are… For fear that it would be misunderstood.

Serena: When did you get back from Germany?

Carly: The other day. But yesterday was officially. Today i came back to school.

Serena: I at first didn’t recognize you. You looked a bit different than what you had 4 years ago.

Carly: I would say the same of you… I think that we both have changed our looks over the last 4 years. It has been 4 years. Alot has changed.

Serena: I’ll say. *Feeling her stomach grumbling* You feeling up to eating?

Carly: I guess. I didn’t really bring anything with me. I feel as though that the school has terrible food. Ever feel as though the school has food made here… but alot of times the food here seems to make the people who eat it feel rather sick.

Serena: You’re right. That’s something i’d usually be saying. But you’re right. It is like that…”


Michelangelo Trent’s house…

Living Room…

Michelangelo Trent

Michelangelo: *Smiles* Zoey… I don’t think that Middle school ever ended right.


Zoey: *Laughs* What?! Michelangelo, are you high? Of course it ended right. We graduated. We were there together.

Michelangelo: We were. But the Middle school would always have a End of the school year dance. This year… there was none.


Zoey: *Pauses* Oh… Uh. Yeah. i didn’t realize that. There wasn’t one for the graduating class this year… was there?

Michelangelo: No. But i am wanting to at least have one moment where it feels like a dance.

Zoey: You do?

Michelangelo: *Nods* I realize that Middle school is at a close and our start on High school is coming closer. But… I don’t want to go through that knowing that the final door of Middle school is still opened. Knowing that there was something more and we never had it.

Zoey: The others have. But they’re closing that door for them… in other ways. I know that Blossom is closing it by helping Leslie and herself. You know about that Stadium… She and Leslie are like so involved with it that everything which comes over to the Stadium… Everything that pertains to it… they are overseeing and keeping track. Leslie closed the Middle school Chapter of her life. Blossom closed it by Expanding her outreach. Expanding her influence. Leslie is prepping for high school. Sora and Carly… They’re closing the Middle school days by updating their room. Cleaning out their things and giving it all a high school feel.

Michelangelo: What about you? How are you closing that door for you?

Zoey: I’m not… I’m letting time do it for me… Because to me… Time is the thing that can bring a change. You… For you… It’s the whole point of having a dance to close that door for good. I of course… would love to have this dance with you. *Smiles*

It was right then that Zoey and Michelangelo got into position and danced. Hugging and holding on to one another while dancing and moving in slow motion as it was a slow dance.

As for Leslie, Blossom and the band of allies.

They were rearing along to get things set for High school which was only a couple or so weeks away. There was no time to stop and rethink. Or to stop and consider. It was now all or cut it the hell loose. Middle School for them was no longer the point of concern. It was just a point of time. A point in time where the simple days were about to be all over. They were no longer gonna be able to pursue childish pursuits. High school was coming and it was almost smacking them in the face.

Leslie however had her own life. Aside from being with her girlfriend Blossom and her friends. She had her parents and sister. Plus her secret spot in her room where she could get in contact with the Watchtower command Center as she was now part of the growing team of supers and Allies who aide and assist when the need arises. Leslie kept to her house for the rest of the summer and prepped for High school. Making sure that she had everything prepped for High school and that nothing was missing.

Blossom already had things set for her high school years. She was seen to be indeed prepared. The whole thing. But she didn’t neglect to find time to meet up with the allies from the Alternate world. Spira. There were things that had to be brought out. Things that needed to be dealt with and one of those things were… the possibility of there being a threat that managed to sneak through with them. Anything that would open that possibility which something else may have come. Although… most would know… There was nothing to be said. The story was the same… all the way down. From Wakka and Luzzu… to Lucil and Elma. To Yuna, Isaaru, Dona and Barthello. The story was not any different. Not in any way different at all.

What anyone would say… About their Allies. Molly Luthor for one… It would be something different. She was with her parents. Enjoying the final days there were of summer vacation. Summer vacation was almost over and they all knew it. Knew it too well… so it seemed. They knew all too well that Summer was nearing the close. Molly had to do her school shopping and had to get things all set. It only took her half a day…

Michelangelo was already prepared to go for High School. As was Zoey. She too was set for High School. When Middle school was in play, there was a lot of pre-teen and adolescent drama among one and all of them as their days through middle school were going on. It was an emotional 3 years. 3 long years. and with all the drama… all the pushing and shoving through the hazing and trying to survive the Pre-teen minefield… the passing of the torch… was soon to follow.

For some people… the passing of time meant a time of change. For some… Maturity. For others… Prosperity. Then there was the ones who with the passing of time had a number of things that could possibly occur. Whether it be misfortune. Change of personality. Change of locale… But for the Clan… The younger members of the clan who were still growing and maturing… The time of change was a cornerstone. But also a huge Question mark. Several of them hanging over that veil of uncertainty. For Sakura… She was disowned. Emancipated and cut loose. She was wearing diapers and smoking and was just lost. Multiple members have taken notice of it. the outside members… Ones who were allies to them. They saw it…

It was sometime later in the coming weeks where things took a turn for a odd and bizarre change. A turn from the normal… to the utterly Bizarre…


Lorelai walks down the sidewalk. She passes a sign that says “Stars Hollow Founded 1779” and crosses the street. She goes into Luke’s Diner. Inside, she takes off her coat and picks up an empty mug from a table, then walks up to the counter…

Luke’s Diner…


LORELAI: Please, Luke. Please, please, please.

LUKE: How many cups have you had this morning?


LUKE: Plus…

LORELAI: Five, but yours is better.

LUKE: You have a problem.

LORELAI: Yes, I do.

Luke fills her cup…

LUKE: Junkie.

LORELAI: Angel. You’ve got wings, baby.

The phone rings as Lorelai goes back to her table. Luke answers it.

LUKE: Luke’s. *pause* Yeah.

A young guy seated at the counter turns and watches Lorelai sip her coffee, then gets up and approaches her.

JOEY: You make that look really good.

LORELAI: Oh, it is really good. It’s the best coffee in town.

JOEY: Oh yeah? I’ll have to get a cup.

LORELAI: Good plan.

JOEY: Yeah, I’ve never been here before. Just, uh, passing through on my way to Hartford. Metropolis is a rather huge city. Small in places… But still large in population.

LORELAI: You’re a regular Jack Kerouac.

JOEY: Yeah.


JOEY: Hey, you mind if I sit down?

LORELAI: Oh, you know what? Actually, I’m meeting someone so I. . .

Joey sits down at her table…

JOEY: I’m Joey.


JOEY: What, you don’t have a name?

LORELAI: No, I do have a name. I just, I’m really meeting someone, so. . .

JOEY: So I guess I should get going.

LORELAI: So soon?

JOEY: What?

LORELAI: I’m just screwing with your mind, Joey. It’s nice to meet you. Enjoy Metropolis.

JOEY: Enjoy your coffee, mystery woman.

LORELAI: Hm. I like that.

Even though it was Luke’s Diner… It still felt so much like Sid’s and in Metropolis… It was Sid’s Diner. But in Stars Hollow… It was indeed Luke’s….

The Awkward thing about the whole deal was that Sid’s Diner was only on the other side of Luke’s. Across from one another and no one even knew it.

As Joey goes back to the counter, Rory walks in and sits across from Lorelai.

RORY: Hey. It’s freezing.

LORELAI: Oh, what do you need? Hot tea, coffee?

RORY: Lip gloss.


Lorelai pulls a makeup bag out of her purse.

LORELAI: I have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and toasted marshmallow.

RORY: Anything in there not resembling a breakfast cereal?


Lorelai pulls out another bag.

LORELAI: It has no smell but it changes colors with your mood.

RORY: God, RuPaul doesn’t need this much makeup.

LORELAI: Wow, you’re crabby.

RORY: I’m sorry. I lost my Macy Gray CD and I need caffeine.

LORELAI: Ooh, I have your CD. *pulls the CD out of her purse*.

RORY: Thief.

LORELAI: Sorry, and I will get you some coffee.

Lorelai picks up another coffee cup and goes back to the counter. Luke gives her a look.

LORELAI: What? It’s not for me. It’s for Rory, I swear.

LUKE: You’re shameless.



Dinah: *Walking into the Diner* Early morning… Ugh. I need coffee and i need it on the double. *Walking over to the counter*

Luke: *Looking at the woman* Welcome to Luke’s.

Dinah: Why… thank you. Nice place you have here. Not exactly spacious… But it’s got that feeling of love and care. Any customer would be safe in mind here.

Luke: *Grins* Hmm… Well… you could say that. But you might want to try to compare yourself to the more frequent customer here. Lorelai.

Dinah: Who’s that? Who is Lorelai? *Looking just slightly* Uh… Huh? Oh, uh… Hello. Are you… who he’s referring to?

Lorelai: Of course.

Dinah: So… You’re Lorelai. *Surprised and thrilled* Oh… okay. Well it’s nice to meet you. *Introducing herself in greeting* Dinah Rhapsody… Head coach of Metropolis University’s Bulldog Stadium.

Lorelai: Wow… Nice to meet you too. Lorelai Gilmore. Single mother.

Dinah: Married Mother. 8 kids. 7 girls and one son.

Lorelai: 8 kids. Sounds like you run a house of your own with the amount of kids to put you in the same feel as the family from “8 is Enough.”

Dinah: *Laughs* Not even. I am just very blessed as a mother. 3 of the kids of mine are Adopted… originally. But were made as though i always had them. Loving them just the very same if none more.

But behind Lorelai’s back… the guy named Joey approaches the table that she sat at and where her daughter was sitting… waiting for the cup of coffee.

Lorelai: look… Officer Krupke… She’s right at that table, right over there.

Lorelai turned to look and saw the guy speaking to her daughter.

Lorelai: Ah. He’s got quite a pair, this guy. *Lorelai takes the cup* Thanks.


Dinah: *Looking at Lorelai* What’s up?

Lorelai: Nothing that a little interception can’t handle.

Dinah: You talking about that guy over there hitting or speaking to the girl sitting there? He seems pretty harmless. Who’s the girl?

Lorelai: My daughter Rory.

Dinah: Your daughter?! Wow… Uh… so… You’re seeking only to protect her from predators. You have a feeling that he may be trying to flirt with her in a way that comes off as seductive.

Lorelai: Not really. I just don’t like seeing guys coming from just anywhere and flirt with my kid. I know Rory’s like the sweetest and best girl out there and she’s loved by everyone here… But protecting her… is first order of business to any mother.

Dinah: Same here. I protect my kids as much as i possibly can. A person could mess with me and i wouldn’t do much. I would defend myself when push came to shove and i’d be able to handle it. However…You mess with my kids… Oh, You better believe that this girl’s claws would come out and come off fighting. No lie. Besides… the people in this city don’t happen to peg me as “Danger Zone” Dinah for nothing.

Lorelai: G.I Jane and sorority mom mixed with protective and Caring unit all in one. You must have the knowhow in guarding your children.

Dinah: Not really. I just do the very best that i can and just do what i can with the tools and resources that the good lord in heaven has given me. It’s all i can ask.

Lorelai goes back to the table. Dinah… who had now befriended Lorelai joins along…

JOEY: *to Rory* Yeah, I’ve never been through here before.

LORELAI: Oh, you have, too.

JOEY: Oh, hi.

LORELAI: Oh, hi. You really like my table, don’t you?

JOEY: I was just, uh. . .

LORELAI: Getting to know my daughter.

JOEY: Your. . .

RORY: Are you my new daddy?

Dinah: *Stifling a laugh briefly* Seriously?! Daddy searching? That’s a total mind blower. You mean that she doesn’t have a father? She didn’t just come from osmosis… did she?

JOEY: Wow. You do not look old enough to have a daughter. No, I mean it. And you do not look like a daughter.

pauley-perrette (1)

Dinah: *Scoffs* Uh… Excuse me. How old do you think she looks? To me… and i am guessing.  A late 20’s Early 30’s.

LORELAI: That’s possibly very sweet of you. Thanks.

JOEY: So. . .daughter. You know, I am traveling with a friend.

LORELAI: She’s sixteen.

JOEY: Bye.

LORELAI: Drive safe.

Minutes later…

Lorelai: Hey Rory… Sorry for chasing that guy away.

Rory: It’s okay. Who’s the lady with the voice organizer nestled to her side and with the whistle and Visor?

Lorelai: That’s a new made friend. Dinah Rhapsody. She is a Head coach for the Metropolis University’s Bulldog stadium.

Rory: Really?

Lorelai: Yeah. *Motioning to Dinah* Dinah… This is my daughter Lorelai. But everyone… especially me know and call her Rory Gilmore.

Dinah: Ah… *Smiles* It’s nice to meet you, Rory.

Rory: It’s nice to meet you too, Dinah.

Outside the Diner… Not far from the Diner…


Janie: *Thinking* Something really strange has been going on as of late.


Alex: What do you mean? Strange… how?


Charlene: Alex, I think that Janie isn’t the only one thinking the same thing. I believe that there is something more going on here and it’s been as of late getting more and more apparent. One being the fact that there is now a girl in High school. Someone who goes by the name of Rory Gilmore. Lorelai Gilmore.

Janie: That’s exactly what i was about to say. But yeah. She’s this girl who is so intelligent and competitive. When the others are doing their classwork. She’s doing her homework. She is always trying to do extra credit.

Charlene: Do you think she’s friendly?

Alex: She comes off as being friendly. She’s got this friend… Some girl. A Korean girl it seems… I didn’t catch the name though.

Janie: *Coming across another Diner/Originally William’s Hardware* Sid’s Diner looks different.

Alex: It doesn’t look different. His Diner is on the other side of the street. On the other side. This is a different Diner. But… *Looking inside* the guy at that Counter… Looks just like Sid. Almost Identical. Really Identical. I also see… *Gasps* Mom!

Charlene: Mom?! *Rushing over to take a look through the window* What… What is she doing in there? She’d usually go to Sid’s. This isn’t Sid’s.

As for Leslie…

Burke Mansion…

Leslie’s Room…

Leslie: *Looking at her book bag and seeing that she had everything ready to go for school* Okay… Been to High school for almost 3 weeks now. But this is still new to me. Having to catch a steady rhythm… Running a Huge Stadium. Going to High school and then coming to find that i have to train and gain my experience in using my abilities. this is gonna be taking a bit more time of getting used to everything and all the changes.

Phone rings…

Leslie on the phone…

Leslie: *Answering her Cell* Hello?

Blossom: *On the phone* Hey Leslie, Where are you?

Leslie: At my place still, why?

Blossom: You need to get to school fast.

Leslie: How come?

Blossom: One guess…

Leslie: Which would be… what?

Blossom: There’s a couple of new faces here… I think that they’re the ones that i said were calling themselves the Hot Diaper girl babes. They’re here. I just saw their faces and they were wearing dresses and they happened to twirl it enough so it would expose their diapers.

Leslie: Ew! That’s really gross.

Blossom: Uh… No shit. It’s not a joke. They’re here and are looking for a couple of candidates to take in and convert into a diaper lover.

Leslie: What about the others?

Nancy Hart

Blossom: Oh… You mean, Nancy Hart? She is fine. She’s not the problem. Her thing is respiratory issues. Like i mentioned to you. Then there’s that girl Becky Wayland. She’s the loner.

Leslie: You are not thinking on crossing them… are you?

Blossom: Ugh! Oh… oh god no… I don’t want any part of those girls. Nancy Hart… Maybe. She doesn’t seem all that bad. But the others? Uh, I… I would rather that i didn’t go near them if there wasn’t a need for it.

Leslie: Any sign of that girl Betty yet?

Blossom: No. I haven’t seen her yet this morning. However… She’s prone to show up sooner or later.

Leslie: I am sure that she is. I just don’t know if i trust her. I haven’t seen her for 5 years, Blossom. For 5 years. Now all of a sudden and out of the blue… She just shows up. In Metropolis and opening up to me. I don’t think so.

Blossom: I’m not saying that you should trust her. I am not even saying that you shouldn’t. But if she is this girl from your past. Maybe reconnecting with her would help you fix a bad spot in your past. and making it better. You did say that she was supposed to be the one good thing that came from your past. Back when you were in Brooklyn. This could be a opening chance for you to regain that good part again. Connecting it to the life you have here now.

Leslie: You could be right. But trusting her is gonna be a problem as for 5 years… I haven’t seen her. She’s more than likely changed. Who’s to say as she may be the same exact person that i knew from that time?

Blossom: Well… You’re gonna have to come up with something in regards to her. Because now that she’s in this city… She’s gonna be a part of you whether you manage to like it or not. Not to force it on you… I’m not doing that. But it can’t be denied. She’s now residing in this city.

Leslie: *Sighs* Yeah.

It was as soon as the call ended that she made her way out and on over to school. To meet up with her girlfriend Blossom. There was also the meet possibly with the new faces. Or with that girl that was said to be among the city. Rory.

At Metropolis High school…






A gang of girls were gathering up to settle for another day of High school. It’s only been 3 weeks and yet it felt like eternity. The school had changed a little now with the Older members of the New Generation now in College. Plus now there was the Atmosphere of Gilmore girls in the Midst…

To the remaining members of the New Generation… This was gonna be their new reality. for 4 years. Even they knew… they were now seeming to live in a Gilmore Girls World. The city was with the influences and the presence of Stars Hollow, Hartford… All Elements of Gilmore.

With the changes that were to come and with Leslie’s plausible link from the past. Her past… What was she gonna do? Was it gonna give her a chance to recover the parts of her past that were good? What about the older members of the New Generation? The members of the Romancers Z! Aquatic Force Z! Thunderic Force Z!, Paul, Crystal… Would their days of heroics be at a forced close or was there gonna be said darkness nearing in the possible future? How were the clan gonna hold on along side the crew of Stars Hollow as Stars Hollow and Metropolis were now combining as one? Was there gonna be a possible union and connection between Burke, Andrews, Rhapsody and Gilmore? Who’d meet who and where? What became of Alvin Rhapsody? The next installment is near… Find out in the Next Chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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