Chapter 233: We all live in a Gilmore Girls world. Part 1 of 2

It was a long time coming and since the day that Leslie was first stepping foot into the city, She was met with loads of indecision. Lots of uncertainty. Mockery, Taunts. ridicule. Judging eyes aplenty and now the times have changed for the best and the better for all. However… with change… came the start of things to come. The start of things to come and more to follow. The New Generation was also changing and that meant only one thing… The Family also had some changes. A couple found love interests. Charlene also had a guy for herself. As did Alex. Janie. Hikaru also found someone for herself as well… Sakura however… didn’t… But then again… that would come a little later.

It was between that time of May 21st and a span of a couple weeks from that point… that Leslie and Blossom had been spending some time apart. But taking care of some personal matters. From the beginning of the Era beginning the thrust of the Mob till recent… The new Generation had been through so much and dealt with so much. Blossom going through the changes. Risking all to save Leslie from the world of the Mob and from being forever lost. To Leslie breaking from the Mob’s world. Reassessing her life and changing for the better. Making a new start. It was then that Leslie’s journey alone was near an end. The end of the Emancipation. But now since she’s back with her parents… The new age was about to begin. The New Generation was about to Embrace College too.  For the older members of the New Generation… High school was now in the past and that Chapter was behind them…

Here comes the summer before the embarking start of College for the Older members of the New Generation…

2 Months later…

July 21st, 2046…


It was a stormy night and hardly anyone was out due to the Violent stormy weather that had rolled in and struck Metropolis over the last couple days. There was lightning and Thunder. There were moments throughout where the lightning and the Thunder boomed… Crackled and sizzled. Roaring all through the skies and the entire Lowell county. There were loud booms. But it was the night of July 21st where someone from Palm Desert, California was making their way through Metropolis and in the search for a new home. A New life away from her parents. With her Inheritance of 70 Million….

Betty Andrews 106

Betty: *On the phone; While Driving* B-U-R-K-E. Burke. It’s a Mansion. Do they even have a dependable map guide in this city? *While trying to take a drink of her coffee* Mm-mm-mm. Look, the last super genius I had on the line told me to turn right on Charity Lane. Now I’m totally lost. Oh, passing by an ongoing marathon of houses. *Seeing her cell go out* Aah! That’s just great. Great night i’m gonna have. I’m trying to find that girl Leslie… and i am driving on a stormy night. It’s with pulses of Lightning and thunder and now i lost my phone. That’s batting a thousand in the “When it rains, it pours on the life of Betty Andrews” sweepstakes.

A few feet from where she stopped…

Pearl’s and Jack’s House…

Living room…

Spencer: *Organizing his stuff for College* College is gonna be coming soon. So far, I’ve got my clothes and books packed up. Ready to go. The possessions that i have are also packed. Plus the Hero belt as well. That’s gonna be put in a slimmer box all on its own and marked Private and top secret.

Rikku: I have been packing too. I still have my wet suit and of course my dad Cid… He’s given me some grenades. Party grenades that when detonated… unleash a mass plume of Sparkles and sprinkles. Confetti.

Spencer: What about the books and Clothes? The possessions? What of those?

Rikku: Those are already packed.


Jack: *From the Kitchen* Rikku!

Rikku: The power is out again. *Groans* Why can’t my dad ever run proper maintenance on his Machina? He knows that we depend on it and use it for extra power… and or for a emergency back-up for times like tonight. *Running off to the other room* Coming!

Spencer then looked out the window and saw someone walking in the rain trying to ask for directions…

Spencer: *Curious* Hmm… What’s she doing out there in the rain? It’s with Lightning flashes and Thunder Roaring all over the skies. A bolt of lightning could wind up hitting her if she’s not careful.


Betty Andrews 1

Betty: *Walking on to get some idea of where she was* I should have brought my Jacket or raincoat. It’s so freezing out here and cold. *Seeing a flash of lightning* Yikes. What… *Seeing another flash* Uh… I need to get over to find some cover. Walking out here in the rain and in the open of a possible lightning strike to come and hit me… Not smart. Not good. *Sighs*

But that was when she got close the front of a house. She didn’t know who lived in that house… However the house she stopped just feet from the front door of was the House of the Aquatic Force Z! Pearl and Jack’s house. Spencer looked out the window and saw her. Felt concerned…

A Minute later…

Spencer: *Walking out with an Umbrella* Hey there. Is everything alright?

Betty Andrews 1

Betty: *Soaked* I’m fine. Just rather lost and unsure where i’m going. I’ve come all the way from the west coast. I must have been on the road for a long time.

Spencer: So… you’re just passing through and going somewhere. But you wound up here. In Metropolis.

Betty: Actually… No. I am looking to live in this city. Even if it’s only in an apartment. I’m… *Shivering*

Spencer: *Walking over fast and holding an Umbrella over Betty’s head* Wow… You’re cold and looking like you’re about to shiver and shake with the freezing sensation. Let’s get you inside where it’s warm. I’ll see on having my wife Rikku fix you up a specialty picker-upper. You’re gonna need it with all that shaking you’re doin’.

Betty: *Smiling and thankful while shivering* Th-th-th-thanks.

Spencer: It’s no problem.

Inside the house a minute later…

Spencer: *taking off the Overcoat on Betty and having her sitting down relaxing* You’re lucky that i noticed you out walking and getting soaked like that. You could have been out there and electrocuted if a lightning strike were to just make contact.

Betty: The Storm is bad. I was just looking for this Mansion. But calling for directions in this city was unfortunately a mistake. I couldn’t be lead to the right road. I was told to turn on Charity Lane. Which is clearly what this is. Looking for the Burke Mansion.

Spencer: Burke?! *Remembering the name* Burke. Burke… I think that i know who you are talking about. The Artistic Guru Carl V. Burke, The Heiress of the Burke Arts Academy in Brooklyn, New York Elizabeth A. Burke and our friend… The Ex-Mob girl Rita the Hammer… The Founder of the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium Leslie T. Burke. Right?

Betty: You know them?

Spencer: Sure do…

The Lights then come back on a minute later…

Rikku: *Walking back in* The lights are on again… I swear… My dad can get so wrapped up in things sometimes and lose track of his Machina; forgetting to make sure that it wasn’t shorting out or malfunctioning.


Rikku: *seeing a teenage girl in the room* Uh, Spencer… What’s going on?

Spencer: *Turning to see his wife* Hey Rikku. This is… *Looking at Betty* Who are you? I don’t think that i caught your name…

Betty: Betty Andrews. Sarah is the middle name. Just in case there’s a case of being Curious.

Spencer: Ahhh… oh. It’s okay. It’s fine, really. *Smiles* I’m Spencer Rhapsody. Rubeus is the middle name. My mother picked it out for me. She thought that it’d be suitable for one with the elevated I.Q. The I.Q of 138. I have a lot of concerning knowhow. *Looking to the side* This woman here is my loving and beautiful wife Rikku J. Rhapsody. J for Jane. She picked it out just this year. Mid-January.

Betty: *Smiles* It’s nice to meet you.

Rikku: *Hearing the Thunder roar again* Nuddah drihtan. *To the thunder* Cdub tuehk dryd! Ed ech’d mega fa lyh’d rayn oui. Fryd?! Nispmehk dra cgeac ech’d ahuikr vun oui? Oui ryja du pmuf uid uin aync duu?! (Rotten thunder. Stop doing that! It isn’t like we can’t hear you. What?! Rumbling the skies isn’t enough for you? You have to blow out our ears too?!)

Betty: *Pauses* What was that? Was that… Al-Bhed?

Spencer: Yeah. Why?

Betty: No reason… I just wasn’t sure. But i like Al-Bhed. I heard of this game once a couple or so years ago… FF-X. There was a character who was like young. Al-Bhed. Part of a race that was hated by the Guado and Also deemed as harbingers by the people of Spira. Which follow the religion of Yevon. It’s a good game. I played it once and loved every last second of it.

Rikku: So… You like Al-Bhed?

Betty: What do you think? I wouldn’t be all cheery towards the mention of Al-Bhed if i didn’t, Would I? They’re people too. Misunderstood and they believe things a certain way. But they’re still people. With a heart. Feelings.

A second later…

Jack: *Walking out of the Kitchen* What’s going on out here? *Seeing a teenage girl sitting down* Spencer, What did your mother say about guests after 10? You should not be trying to test her rules. She hates when her rules get tested, you know. *Walking over* However… The girl does look rather needy and in need of a warm meal and maybe some warm clothes. The poor young lady must be freezing like the wintry cavern. Brrr!

Spencer: *Looking over towards his father* Hey Dad. She’s a newcomer to the city. Betty Andrews. Says that she came right from Palm Desert, California.

Jack: *Curious* Really now?… You don’t say… How old is she?

Betty: 15. And i also can drive. Driver’s permit. Plus also a License. Legal License.

Jack: Well… It’s a pleasure to meet a young mature girl like you. I’m Jack. Jack Rhapsody, Spencer’s pops.

Betty: Nice to meet you. *Smiles* …

Spencer: She was on her way to find the Burke Mansion.

Jack: The Burke Mansion… *Grins* Why on earth would you want to find a mansion like that. And on a night like this? It’s not exactly safe out there with this storm brewing…

Rikku: You look like you might just need a cup of something strong to perk you up and warm you up fast.

Spencer: *Nods* She does.

The Thunder roars on through the night as Rikku walks over to the kitchen to fix up a cup of the special recipe that she has which helps heal sickness and warm the insides up when feeling like ice. It was sure to help warm up Betty. From that long drive… It would have taken a lot out of her. A lot out of her and tire her. She was in the search for the Burke Mansion. Looking for Leslie. However now the question is gonna soon be asked. “Who is Betty Andrews and why is she being drawn to find Leslie? Was there a connection between Burke and Andrews that would soon be uncovered in the future chapters to come?” The storm was pressing in and it poured down a ton of rain. Several inches within hours…

As for Zoey…

At Zeke’s house…

Zoey’s room…


Zoey: *Looking at the music sheets and thinking* Do i really insist on getting into the career of singing and Playing guitar full-time? 14 years old and a Musician…

Phone rings…

Zoey: *Answering her cell* Hello?!

Tara on the Phone...
Tara Marco on the Phone…

Tara: *On the Phone* Zoey? Is everything okay?

Zoey: *On the Phone* Yeah. It’s just really dark here. The power is still out.

Tara: Same here. The power went out here 5 hours ago and it’s been hard to maneuver in the dark.

Zoey: Tell me about it. I have been sitting in the dark here myself. The only power that i have here… Is the back-up Auxiliary power that my dad has hooked up for emergencies. However… that’s not doing much help as the power keeps going out.

Tara: Wow. That’s sad. But how are you feeling?

Zoey: Lonely. I don’t know why… But… Would it feel crappy to be missing someone who left the family and turned into a complete whore?

Tara: Not really. Even though… you did write Rina Frost off from your life and heart. She’s not coming back, Zoey. She’s got her new life and happened to write off her past. You and your family. She’s cut off all ties to her past.

Zoey: *Sighs* I know. But she wasn’t like this when she first began the Modeling. Something must have happened that lured her into it and got her into it. to the X-rated stuff and then Erotic.

Tara: Yeah… It’s called… the attraction of sex appealing. She was lured to it. Zoey, It’s gonna be okay. Plus… Why are you missing her? She knew what the heck she was doing. Your mom left you. She should have stayed with you and your brother even though your dad and her were having issues. Troubles. She didn’t. She left and has let you down. She betrayed your heart and trust. Forgetting about her… is the best thing to do. You don’t need her. She’s made it no secret and no mystery that she doesn’t want you and your sisters and Brother. If she did… She’d keep you guys in her life. So at least there would be that connection. She didn’t. She just cut you out and also the entire clan. She’s with this new guy. Laurel Lansing. This Male Model. She moved on… In Paris, France. You should move on. It is the best thing to do. The only thing to consider.

Zoey: I guess. *Hearing the Thunder* God… I hate this storm.

Tara: So do I. This storm really sucks.

Zoey: The irritating thing about this is that i can’t even get in touch with Michelangelo. Or with Blossom. Or Leslie. No one is answering.

Tara: Don’t feel bad. What do you think i feel like? I feel helpless. I can’t reach anyone either. It’s as if there is no cell service. The Storm knocked out all communications. This storm is supposed to last through till tomorrow afternoon sometime. Then maybe dissipate. If that’s to be the least bit possible.

Zoey: I hope so. I might just try to find my portable CD player and just play that during the night. Put me to sleep with Ease.

Tara: It might be better. My sisters are all out cold. They called it quits early as there was just nothing that they could do in the dark since there was no power and no lights. Nothing for anyone to do.

Zoey: You’re right. I guess that with the storm being the way it is… We’re all stuck. I haven’t even heard from the others. Leslie isn’t answering her phone and that’s not like her to do as she’s always in the forefront. Always on call and head first in the center. The Stadium… She’s been having to oversee things as they come in.

Tara: We did happen to see her for the 4th of July. That’s one bright side to it all.

Zoey: Tell that to Sora and Carly… They feel as if Leslie is alienating herself from us all. Little by little. I don’t want to sound as though i am Judging her in a negative light. Because it isn’t like that. But i am somewhat feeling that she only had us to help her hold on till she was back with her parents again and then now since she’s back with them… she’s walked off from us and is trying to cut us off.

Tara: Not possible. She’d never do that.

Zoey: I’d like to believe that she wouldn’t. I am sure that she wouldn’t see to do that. However… When have we last heard from her? I mean… When was it that we have all literally seen her last? The 5th… But that was only for about maybe a moment. Since then… Nothing. No calls. No showing. No texts. Drop-by’s. Nothing. It’s as if she barricaded herself from us and the ironic thing out of that is… She’s also walked from Blossom too. Blossom hasn’t seen much of her either lately.

Tara: Hmm… *Thinking* You know… You do have a point. Leslie and Blossom are usually always as one and always with one another. Always hanging out and doing things together. But as of late… been split apart.

Zoey: That’s the point. Something is not right. Or it’s probably because with her still having to catch up and completely reconnect with her parents… She can’t stretch it with seeing us on top of that and then dealing with the Stadium all at once. Plus… she’s spending time with a younger girl. Don’t know who… but I did walk around a few days ago and saw Leslie’s parents driving by with a young girl in the back seat. With black raven like hair. i couldn’t make out who the girl was. But It sure wasn’t a Burke. because Leslie’s the only daughter to the Burke’s. So… Who could it be?

Tara: That’s a mystery we are never gonna ever know. Unless Leslie says… if she says at all or if we were to ever see Leslie again.

The sad part of the passing of time brought a separation between Leslie and the Clan… It was as though… there was a interruption of contact and relationship upon them. However… it was not what they were thinking. Leslie was not breaking from them… She was trying to plug in her life with her parents and was only stepping away from everyone just enough where she can catch a breath and figure out how to stabilize her new family life with school, Social interacting, The process and details revolving the Stadium, The Alter Identity she had and the fact that she was with a relationship. She had to figure on how to stabilize all aspects of her life. catching up and regaining a solid footing in order to do that. But to those that she knew and ones that knew her it had started to seem as though she were motioning to pull from them. Blossom didn’t think it was that way. She however… Didn’t know what to believe or feel. Whether it was right… or wrong. However earlier on that day… Hours earlier… She and Leslie had a bit of a fight and as much as she wanted to think of it as just nerves… Something told her that there was something else going on…


At the Burke Mansion…

Leslie’s Room…

Leslie Burke 32

Leslie: *Looking out the window* The storm is bad… Communication is out… *Sighs* Contact with Watchtower is down due to the storm. *Looking at the time on the wall* This storm is threatening… Midnight and it’s pitch black. Not good. *looking to the side and getting her notebook* It’s dark in here and i can’t see anything. But i sure can’t sleep in this storm. The Thunder will keep waking me up.

Leslie opened up her notebook and started to write something. She had a light source in her end-table drawer. It hardly ever got used and was there for only an emergency is ever she may have need for it. She pulled it out and turned it on. Using the light from the small LED light she had kept aside, she started writing something. Something that happened to be on her mind. She was thinking about her girlfriend Blossom and wondering how come she didn’t see her so much anymore as she used to. It was feeling as though people were pulling away from her since Holly was no longer a factor to reckon with and tear down. Leslie however knew that she would never open up to Holly. After hearing of the things that Holly had done… She didn’t want a thing of Holly. As she wrote down her feelings, She began to wonder what her friends were doing. Where was she gonna see them again? When?

Leslie: *Writing; Voice* I haven’t seen much of my girlfriend Blossom as i usually would and it is a feeling of change that i don’t like. It’s the feeling of abandonment and alienation. With the end of Holly’s reign and the aftermath of the Stadium’s Opening day behind us… there is now no loss of what is to come. I am back with my parents and my world is right again. But i sit and ponder while i silently stir that the past is creeping through the cracks. Each time i stop to look back i recall my past and the errors of my darkness. The actions i committed whilst in the Mob. Sometimes i find myself having to stop and remember where i am and how everything that befallen me… and my parents… how it all lead where it is now. The Stadium is up and running. Zoey and Michelangelo are closer together. Zoey and Blossom are getting closer back to their former status. Best friends status which was before i came between them. I know they all said their sorry and their dues… But the guilt i feel is lingering yet. Holly is gone and has been dethroned. I’m a super fighter and in path of making a better difference. The Marco’s are also friends and that took time… lots of time. Maybe… just maybe i am expecting too much. What comes from this feeling is guilt and over compensation. making up for the bad and remove the stain that has attached upon me too fast. The habit. The Mob hits and then almost killing someone. Each night i feel my darkness coming in. For every choice i make… a darkness lurks only around the corner… threatening to derail my life in whatever way it insists. How can i open to my girlfriend… my friends telling of the darkness that is within? Can they see it in them to understand the risks i take every day not knowing that darkness could take me? *Looking up; sighs* How can i expect Blossom and Zoey to understand? I know they think that i am stressed out about the build. About the Stadium itself. But all the wrong that i had done while in the mob… How can i forget that? How can they expect me to just let it go? The guilt of my actions are still in question. Was it really me doing them? Or was there something else? *Sighs*

She was plagued by her previous life. the Mistakes that she’d done. She was thinking about it hard and even though she had made up for all the wrong that she had done… The guilt that remained… Still residing. She sat there lost in her thoughts and gathering her data that was floating in her head on things when…

Laura: *Walking into the room* Leslie?

Leslie: *Looking over to see Laura* Hey Laura, What’s up?

Laura: Nothing. Just wishing that this storm would stop.

Leslie: Same here, sis. Same here. But i don’t think that we can tell mother nature what to do. You know… there is a saying that some siblings tell each other things about storms that help them not be so scared of it.

Laura: How did you know that i was scared of the Thunder and Lightning?

Leslie: The sound of your voice. It’s okay to be scared. When i was like your age… I was rather terrified of storms myself. Storms like this. But that was till i saw to realize something. Mother Nature… When Lightning is striking… It’s just her taking pictures. Seeing the flash that occurs. That’s all it is. Lightning is just a Mad scientist trying to conduct an experiment again. Thunder… It’s Mother Nature dropping her Potato sack or dropping her tennis balls all over the floor. Thinking it’s funny to be dropping them and creating such a commotion.

Laura: *Chuckles* That’s funny. But that’s a good way to think of it. What are you doing… writing in the dark? It’s gonna be really hard to do. Impossible to do.

Leslie: I would guess so. However… Can’t really do anything else. No power. I can’t sleep in this storm. It makes too much noise. and the thunder claps are too strong.

Laura: What’ll we do?

Leslie: Till this storm ends… Endure… and pray.

As for Blossom…

At Curtis and Megan’s house…

She was under a surprising position even though it is a rather stormy night and there was little to no hope for power to return. For the last two months there were talks and the belief that an old friend… from the alternate realm was starting to come to Metropolis little by little and yet… kept it all under wraps for the time being. Blossom, Sora and Carly were the first of those to pick up on it.

In Blossom’s room…

Blossom Rhapsody 7

Blossom: *In Disbelief* Okay… So let me get this all straight here, Wakka? You were on the Fahrenheit all this time and were just biding your time? What the hell gives here? What is going on?

images (27)

Wakka: *Shaking his head* How should i know? Plus it wasn’t the Al-Bhed ship that i was on. It was through a hole within the chamber of the fayth, ya.

Blossom: A Hole… *Pauses and confused* I’m sorry… What do you mean… A hole within the Chamber of the fayth? I thought that the chamber of the fayth’s were laid dormant due to the ancient rites being dormant and at rest because Sin was gone. How could there be holes in the Chamber of the fayth?

Wakka: that’s a good question. However… the temples aren’t saying. they can’t. There’s belief that there is something stronger and deeper than just the holes found in the chambers of the fayth.

Blossom: Like what?

Wakka: I don’t know… But whatever it is… the Temples are not saying. There is said to be a deep darker secret that Yevon is hiding… but it is so big and so dangerous… that no one dares to talk of it. Lulu overheard one of the clergymen at the temple mention a name of something once. calling it Vegnagun.

Blossom: *Pauses* Vegnagun?! Say What?! That’s like what… A super secret weapon with the universal power that surpasses any other? And you think that it’s underneath the ground… hiding somewhere far beneath the temples and in a dark void?

Wakka: Sounds scary, Ya?

Blossom: Pfft! *Scoffs* Yeah. No shit, Wakka. It isn’t something you can cover up. This is something more than my having to keep the secret that i asked my best friend Leslie’s father for help on funding the Build for the Massive Blitzball stadium. Leslie… doesn’t know and keeps trying to get me to tell her. But i can’t even tell her as it was a sworn secret. One that i went under oath that i wouldn’t tell a soul of it. Not to Leslie. I can never tell her. Not ever. Because this kind of secret is something that could only hurt her if she were to know.

Wakka: Whoa whoa whoa! Wait… What do you mean, your best friend Leslie’s father? Who’s this girl Leslie, eh? What happened to Zoey being your best friend? You two were like close pals. The best of buds. What happened?

Blossom: It’s called time and the winds of change. It happens. And since the last time that we all saw you… or you saw us… Let’s just say that a couple of the clan members left the clan. Alvin… The one who happened to be the father to Paul, Crystal, Sora and Carly. He was exposed as a cheater. He was found out to be having an affair and was cheating on his wife. the mother to Sora and Carly. Luna who happened to be the mother now Ex- Mother to Zoey. Luna is now Rina Frost. So… if you want to see her… You will need to go find the Metropolis strip club. She’s there… stripping. Showing her stuff to local patrons. And having all the sex. So… If you see Zoey. Don’t you even think about mentioning about her Ex-Mother. She’s finally been able to write her mother off from her life and changed. She for a brief time had been undergoing a habit. However with help from Leslie… She happened to quit it and landed herself a boyfriend. But she came a long way considering… trying to forget about Luna. She doesn’t need to be thrown back and relapse.

Wakka: Things sure have changed since the last time we were all together.

Blossom: Plus the fact that i am… a coming out gay. Yeah. I said it. I am gay now. Leslie… she’s not only my best friend… But also my girlfriend. And with a couple or so years to pass… a lover. *Seeing the estranged look coming from Wakka* Hey… It’s a life choice. Okay? I am also being safe too. I am not gonna get kinky with her… Not unless she and I were both… ready. That’s when.


Wakka: *Whistles* Things are not like they were before… Wow.

Blossom: Time is cruel. But when you are in a reality like this, Wakka… there is one thing you’ll learn first hand. You are a prisoner to time itself. We are not the masters of time. Even though we’d like to be.

Wakka: That’s something i’ll be needing time to get used to here, ya. It’s just a lot to take in.

Blossom: Don’t worry. You helped us get some type of bearing when we first came to Spira and landed in Besaid and everything. so… this time… it’s on us. We’ll help you.

Wakka: …

The storm went on through the night and already there were things going on. Twists and turns and shockers. Plus curves as well. It was in the line for a reunion of another ally from the new generation’s time in Spira… Spira revisited… But still in their time. Their reality. Wakka was now in Metropolis… But was he the only one… or was there a couple of stragglers just a little distance behind?

As for the New Generation…

The older fighters were all with the plans and the preparations for the College era. Playtime was over and they all knew that now since they were in College and out of high school… Things were gonna be massive level difficulty in seeing the chance of jumping off to the call of action and saving the day. Saving the innocent. Clint and Theodore had their things mostly packed up and in line to transport from their home to their college Dorms. They were all going to Met U. It was a family tradition. A Rite of passage. It made them the second Gen of fighters that attended Met U.

The Storm pressed along with thunder and lightning. Downpours and Even Hail. Lots of Hail coming down through Metropolis and given since the rain was falling at a heavy downpour and not slowing down… it caused some flooding. Over saturating the ground in some parts of the area… Fortunately… it didn’t create any sinkholes as there were storm drains all through the city to help drain out the water that was flowing all through the streets of Metropolis. What none of the fighters knew though was that Wakka was now in Metropolis. And that possibly a couple more were not far behind. Blossom was in a hot scorching seat now. Not only did she have a secret to keep from Leslie about where the excess money came from… But now she had a secret of who was now with her… and in all surprise one from their past. She was gonna be facing trouble. If she didn’t find a way to cover her tracks… that was exactly what she would be facing.

The next day…

July 22nd, 2046

7:00 AM…

Curtis and Megan’s house…

Blossom’s room…

Blossom Rhapsody 6

Blossom: *With her cellphone, wallet and her laptop* Wakka, there’s some things that i got to get done. However… since you’re now… here in Metropolis… It’s probably best if you were to see some of the best spots of the city. Although… I think that first thing’s first… Let’s find a local clothing store and get you a new article of apparel.

Wakka: What’s up with what i got?

Blossom: Nothing is wrong, Wakka. But uh… This is not Besaid. There are laws here and trust me… you’re a newbie in this city and the last thing you want is to send off a awkward impression. The city’s got rules of expected decent appearances. Now… as for the clan here… We don’t mind your same look. Because we know you well enough. This city… doesn’t. *Seeing the concerned look on Wakka’s face* Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. Just keep your nose clean and follow some of my lead. You’ll be okay. trust me. It’s gonna be fine.


Curtis: *Knocking on the door* Blossom, you alright in there?

Blossom: Yeah. I’m fine, dad. What is it?

Curtis: Nothing really. But i keep hearing voices coming from your room. is there someone in there with you that shouldn’t be?

Blossom: No. *Whispering to Wakka* Wakka, There’s a side gate to the house here. Sneak out the window here and climb down. Go around and through the side gate and get out front. Hide behind the bushes out of sight till i get out there. I’ll be there in a moment.

Wakka: Okay. I sure hope you know what your doin’ here, Blossom. You’re taking a big risk here, ya.

Blossom: *Moans* Don’t remind me… I still have to patch a couple things up with Leslie sometime today. She and I had a little bit of a fight. It was minor but… if i don’t patch some things up… it could get out of control.

Wakka: Ah… No worries. It’ll be okay in the end.

seconds later…

Once Wakka was out the window…

Blossom: *Unlocking the door and opening it* What’s up?

Curtis: You tell me. I know that things between us haven’t been all that good since last year. But you know that you can still come to me. You know that… right?

Blossom: Yeah. But you were sounding like you heard some voices that weren’t there.

Curtis: No. I heard the voices. Unless you happen to be talking to yourself and you would never do that as you’re not crazy.

Blossom: I know… But, really. There was no one else here. What you must have heard was the T.V or something… Actually… no. It was me on the phone. I just got done talking to Sora and Carly.

Curtis: *getting the feeling that something’s up but unable to prove it* Hmm. Okay…

The storm was still going on. But wasn’t as strong and forceful as it was during the night. By that time… it had died down.

The power was still out but was slowly rebooting to come back on…

A moment later…

Blossom Rhapsody 5

Blossom: *Looking at Wakka behind the bushes* Wakka, come on. We got to make way now. *Pulling out her cellphone and finding the # for Sora and Carly* We have some things to do…


Wakka: Okay… *Looking at the neighborhood* … *Whistles* I’m definitely not on Besaid anymore.

Blossom: You sure aren’t. But… don’t take it so literal. You’re gonna be fine before long. Kimahri had the same trouble at first. But that was before he became a member of the Watchtower. As had Rikku. Plus her brother, father and the Al-Bhed crew. Even O’aka is around. He snuck on the ship and just wound up here. He’s now a renown Merchant. He has his own store here in the city. Opened early this year. 2046. If they were to make it here… You can do it too. *Leading the way*


Wakka: *Scratching the top of his head* You think that i’d be able to make it here? I’m no native here. This might not be as easy as it looks.

Blossom: Hey hey… Think positive, would you? You’re gonna be fine.

A Minute later…

Blossom on the phone 2

Blossom: *On the phone* Sora… Carly, We have to meet. Now. ASAP. When you get this… come to the Metropolis Star Clock Tower. There is something going on and it’s got the retired Blitzball player’s name written all over it. And if you say it’s our resident Ally from Besaid Isle… You’re burning up. It’s him… Full details once we meet. Hope to see you two soon.

Seconds later…

Blossom: They’re probably asleep still or haven’t got up yet. But while we wait. Let’s get you some new Apparel.

Wakka: *Shrugs* Okay.

Minutes later…

At the Metropolis Clothing boutique…

Blossom: *Walking over to a rack of clothing* Okay, Wakka. Step one on changing your look. My Aunt Pearl once said this to me and numerous others years ago. Plus this is something that she picked up from watching that movie called the Blind side starring Sandra Bullock once. The thing about shopping is that if you don’t find yourself absolutely loving the item in the store… You’ll only wind up not wearing it. The store is in truth… the place that you’d like the item… the best. Of course… Wakka. the one thing you ask or think about before choosing something. Think about yourself wearing that item. Think about it and picture yourself looking at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: “Is this Me?” “Am i one who would wear an item such as this?” “Why might i wear this?” “Does this describe me and who i am?”


Wakka: Sounds important. I’ll remember that.

Blossom: This here… is where it all starts.

A Moment later…

Blossom: *Looking at Wakka* Wow! Wakka, I know that i am a coming out Gay 14 year old. But… You… You look Hot! See… You’re getting a hang of it. Pretty soon… You’ll be a City Dweller here and it’ll be a snap.

Wakka: *Looking at his new apparel* I look like a real Metropolis city dweller, ya.

Blossom: I can see that. You’re looking real good.

Wakka: *Checking himself out* Wow… Nice threads. Lot different than Besaid.

A Moment later…


Wakka: *Feeling his stomach rumbling* Where would one go for some grub in this city, eh?

Blossom: *Laughs* You’re hungry after all that make-over procession… See? New look. A whole new you… but still deep down… the same ole’ Wakka. Come on, Goofball. Let’s get you something to eat. I know of a good place that you might just come to like.

Sid’s Diner…

Since the power was still out in most of the city… Alot of the places of interest had to rough it and sell things in Ice. Diners all had to do the cooking the old way… The basic way and grill it with a Barbecue grill. A back-up grill. Stores were having to use their back-up generators to keep things of produce and canned goods. Dairy. Fresh as possible. The Diner was hurting for business since the night that Holly Reedy acted up around a couple of influential people and single handedly caused the good standing nature of the Diner to be flushed down the drain.

Sid: *Looking at the jamming of customers* People… Everyone. Settle it down. I understand the frustration of having to wait. I am doing the best i can. But i am only one guy. I can’t go any faster than i am going right now. Plus… there is no power here still. So things are really sluggish. But the orders are being filled out and carried out as they were meant to. Just give me time… Okay. Just give me the means to get your orders to you.

Zion: *Bolting in* Sorry for being late, Sid. Alarm malfunction on me and not go off. Had to rush and make way here.

Sid: It’s okay. Thing is that you’re here. Ready to get grillin’?

Zion: Zion ready to be productive. Who’s first customer?

Customer #1: That’d be me. I asked for a bacon, Egg and cheese Omelette. I had one here sometime before and i know it can be done. So… I would like to have that made. Sometime this year. I am on a rather testy deadline and i am running a little behind now.

Zion: Calm down, sir… You shall have the order. 5 minutes… *Bolting to the back for the items needed to cook the order up*

5 Minutes later…

Zion: *With the Order* Order up… Here it is. Just as requested. with all the usual on it as expected. Hot and ready to eat.

It was only minutes later…

Walking in with Wakka...
Walking in with Wakka…

Blossom: *Walking inside* Morning Sid. What’s up?

Sid: What does it look like, Blossom? The storm knocked out power and there has been hell here with trying to catch up on all the orders.

Blossom: You might need a boost. Where’s the Generator or fuse box?

Sid: Back in the back room. Why?

Blossom: Because i got an idea. Which is only something that can be done once.

Sid: You using your ability to spark some power into this place to help this place run on it’s own two feet for the time being till the power returns to the city?

Wakka: *Grins*

Blossom: Right. But first… there is someone you might need to meet.

Sid: Now isn’t the time to have a salutation. I am rather swamped to the neck here. *Looking to see a unfamiliar person behind Blossom* Who’s the guy behind you? Is that a friend?

Blossom: Ask and find out. But… yes. He’s a good guy. Remember the escapade that my cousins and I had a few years back? When we were in a different reality?

Sid: Vaguely… But yes.

Blossom: Spira…

Sid: Same place that my wife Pamela went to… to be of some help to Luna. Which was all before the X-rated shift of hers. Before Luna decided to betray her family and leave the very people that should have been her whole world.

Blossom: Yeah. When we first got to Spira… We didn’t know anyone. But that was till we arrived on Besaid Isle…

Blossom Flashes back…

“Wakka: *Calling out* Hey! You Okay?

Tidus: Heeey! *Waving back and shows off a “Sphere shot”*

The shot flies off into the Jungle of the island. The girls didn’t know where they were yet but they were with the feeling that they were about to. The girls and their cousins all got themselves pulled together and made right for the beach. Zoey didn’t see her mother anywhere… but with a world like the one they were all in… There was gonna be a surprise. But what didn’t see to make much sense was that there were 28 people counted in the water… but only they came out and their parents… did not. At first. but that was when Zoey turned to see her mom standing close by. Along with the rest. As soon as they reached the beach…

Annie: We’re back on land again.

Clint: Yeah… for how long?

Susie: no clue.

Sapphire: I don’t mind the water… but if we never have to see Water for a while i’ll be happy.

Serena: Agreed.

Capt. Luzzu and Sir Gatta run off heading back to the Village…

Wakka: *With a group of men; To Tidus* You wanna try that move… one more time?

Tidus: *Fistpumps*

Narrative: *As Spencer* Things were now starting to look up as Tidus has been asked to show his move again. Since this all began… he hasn’t been able to pull off many attempts of showing what he could do with a Blitzball. Now that he was able to… he was able to ham it up a little and present a treat to those who were asking. We remember standing there for that moment to watch. We didn’t sit through this before… But now that we go through this… and it was only the beginning… We were starting to get the impression that something about Spira revolved… Around Sin. and Blitzball. It was too early to think or give the impression that it laid a connection. But there was one. Somewhere…

Tidus: *Demonstrates the move*

A few seconds later…

Wakka: You’re no Amateur. Who you play for?

Tidus: The Zanarkand Abes.

Aurochs: *Muttering in shock*

Wakka: What team did you say again?

Tidus: Uh, I meant…Forget that. I got too, uh…close to Sin and my head’s all foggy-like. So I don’t know where this place is. Or even where I came from.

Sapphire: Neither do we. Sin messed our heads up real good.

Wakka: Sin’s Toxin has gotten to you… but you still survive. Praise be to Yevon. *Yevon Bow*

Luna: *Watching the Prayer*

Paige: Was that a Prayer just now?

Wakka: Yeah. Everyone does it. For people going out to serve in the fight… they pray at the temple for a safe journey. Hoping that they will make it back home after the fight. *To the Aurochs* Alright. Back to practice.

The Aurochs get back to practicing their skills…

Wakka: *To Tidus and the girls and crew* I’m Wakka. Coach and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, Bruddah. *Shaking a few hands*

Serena: *Feeling her stomach growling; Whimpering a little*

Tidus: *Whimpers a little* …

Wakka: What… You guys hungry? Okay! It’s okay. Back to the Village. I’ll get you something.

Zoey: Question.

Wakka: What… Something the matter?

Luna: No. We just need to know something. Where are we?

Wakka: You’re on Besaid Island, ya.

Tidus goes to speak to the Aurochs real quick and got some Gil, and a couple items that could prove to help them in the long run. He also searched the beach for treasure. But returned minutes later. The girls and their family started to walk on but stopped a second later…

Narrative: *As Theodore* We felt that we could trust this Wakka. Although… we couldn’t gather the fact that we were talking to our family friend. We didn’t know what to believe as whether we were talking to a Wakka that knew us but was playing like he didn’t. Or if this was a much different Wakka and was clearly one who didn’t know who we were. It was getting awkward. Very Awkward. Still… We felt as though we could come to trust this guy Wakka. So… We had to ask?

Tidus: It’s true Zanarkand was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago? So it’s just a big pile of rubble now, isn’t it?

Alvin: It’s True that Metropolis was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago? Meaning only that it’s now just a big pile of rubble now. Isn’t it?

Wakka: Long time ago, there were a whole lot of cities in Spira. Big cities with machina–machines–to run ’em. People played all day and let the machina do the work. And then, well, take a look.

Wakka: Sin came, and destroyed the machina cities. And Zanarkand as well as Metropolis along with ’em. Yeah, that was about a thousand years ago, just like you said. If you ask me, Sin’s the punishment for letting things get out of hand. What gets me, though… is we gotta suffer, ’cause of what some goofballs did way back when! ‘Course, we must always repent for our sins! That’s important! It’s just that, it’s hard to keep at it sometimes, you know?

Narrative: *As Blossom* It was just as Rikku said. Wakka and Rikku were both letting out the same thing. Just as it was and plain. No over-exaggerations. They couldn’t be both lying to us. Why would they lie? They knew more about Spira than we did and at that point… we were still feeling fickle and very uneducated about Spira. All we knew was what was being said to us. That’s all we knew. Which was making it to be more difficult and harder to grab a handle on what was expected in Spira. Hard. We were gonna need some serious help. But… from where? From who?

Wakka: *Guffaws* But you from the Zanarkand Abes–that was a good one! Hey, I’m not saying the team never existed, ya? But you gotta figure a team livin’ in luxury like that’d be pretty soft, eh? Plus there’s also the idea about Metropolis being livable. That was another good one. With a city like that… it’d be like a world all to itself. I’m not saying that it has never existed… But you’ve got to figure that anyone living in a city like that… a person would have to be pretty carefree, ya!

Narrative: *As Serena* We appreciated the fact that Wakka was trying to cheer us up and make us feel better in whatever way that he could. But sadly at that time… all we could really think about was our home… in Metropolis. Our father… Grandmother. our friends. All i could think about was my best friend Carly Black. Then us only being able to think about the rest of our large family. All that came to mind besides that… all that has happened to us. All this… Started with Sin. Maybe if we could find Sin… one more time… then maybe we could somehow go home again. But for now… till that time happened to come… We’d just live life as it came. No worrying about where… or when we were. It was hard though to not think about home. However… we started to feel a little bit better. A little bit… Maybe.

The girls and the fighters start to go into the island. heading in and followed Wakka to a small cliff looking over a lake. A River…

Arnold: *Looking down at the river* Uh… Wakka. Some of us can’t really swim that good.

Serena: Sapphire and i can swim. As can Clint and Theodore.

Paul: Crystal and i can swim as well but not so well. We are a tad slow on the swimming part of getting in the water…

Crystal: We can swim if we gotta though.

Tidus: *Overlooking the river*

Luna: If we’re to cross here… We’re gonna need a raft or something. For the ones who can’t swim.

Paige: I can swim.

Pearl: So can I. Dinah… You swim?

Dinah: Does an ape swing from the trees?

Pearl: That means… yes.

Raven: I can swim… but not too well. I’ll swim anyway. Got to learn sometime.

Wakka: Besides… if you sire to play Blitzball… you have to be able to know how to swim, ya?

Serena: I’m all for sports… I am Tough. So… you can rest assure that i can swim. I can swim quite well.

Avery: For the ones who can’t swim… Stay go the other way… Any trouble… you take care of it the best way you know how.

Wakka: Let’s get going, ya. We got to hit to the village.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah, Paul and Crystal. For those of the fighters who could swim… they stayed with Wakka and followed his lead while the ones who could not swim went another way.

Wakka: *Slaps Tidus in the behind lightly*

Tidus: *Falling into the river* Whoa!

In the Besaid Jungle river…

Tidus: What’s the big idea?

Serena: Don’t worry about a thing… we’ll see or meet you at the end of the river.

Sapphire: You guys go ahead and do what you gotta…

Wakka: Don’t go too far, Kiddo’s. Island’s new to you guys, ya. You might wind up lost easily.

Paul: No sweat. *giving the thumbs up*

A Little ways up the river…

Wakka laughs a little following by sneaking to get behind Tidus and placing a headlock on him…

Tidus: Lemme go!

Wakka: Got a favor to ask ya.

Tidus: You want me on your team, right? That’s the reason you are doing this.

Wakka: *Letting go* A major blitz tournament’s coming up. All the teams in Spira’ll be there! It’s so huge, I’m sure someone there will recognize you! Then you can go back to your old team, right? It’ll be fun! What do you say, huh? Come on, come on!

Tidus: Sure thing… *Flatly while swimming on*

Wakka: Dude! Our team is gonna rock, eh?

Raven was close by and overheard the whole thing… She wanted to speak and say something but felt that it would be rather out of place. She swam on and made as if she didn’t hear a thing.

Narrative: *As Raven* Spencer, you were right… To gather that Blitzball and Spira were connected. You had a point and it was laid out in the open. I heard Wakka and Tidus speaking about Blitzball. Wakka asking for Tidus to join the Aurochs. Sin was out in the world… lurking and Blitzball was already as one could say… “The Cat’s Meow.” It was what Wakka focused on. Reasoning or not. There was no doubt… a Connection between Blitzball and Spira. Zanarkand and Sin. There was a connection that pieced it as one. It was starting to unravel. I wanted to seek on telling the others and expose Wakka’s intentions. But it would have been a misunderstanding. Because there was a favor and then a solid in the details…

At the Besaid Promontory…

Serena: *Seeing Raven followed by Wakka and Tidus* You made it.

Raven: Yeah… My arms are bushed though. *trying to catch her breath* I never had to paddle like that in my life.

Sapphire: Maybe so… But you’re here in one piece.

Zoey: *Looking around* Where to now?

Alvin: Ask Wakka. You know that he’s more in tune to this island. We’re lost. He’ll catch us up on the Island.

Wakka: Over here… have to show you something.

Luna: Okay.

Blossom: This must be a tour. But it’s nice to be shown things. He’s probably trying to help us get acquainted with where we’re at.

Sora: That’s what one does for another. To help a person get themselves more familiar with their new surroundings. You forget that this isn’t our world. This is not our normal life. We’re in a foreign world. Where nothing is as it seems.

Carly: There is a point to that. Nothing here is as it may seem. Strange things can happen. At any place. at any given time. to any one of us.

They follow Wakka over to the side…

Wakka: *Pointing to the Village spread out below them* This is where I was born. I started blitz when I was five. I joined the Aurochs at thirteen…ten years ago. Ten years…and we never won a game. Well, after last year’s tournament, I quit. Time seemed right.

Paige: So… You’re like a natural born Islander. Being on the island and living an Island lifestyle is mainly all you know. More or less.

Wakka: Pretty much. I started Blitzball when i was only five. Played good and well alot till i was 13. I joined the Aurochs at that age. That was 10 years ago.

Pearl: How could that be just ten years? Wakka, when we first met you here on this island. You said that you were the coach and captain of the Aurochs. That takes less than 10 years or more than depending on the person’s devotion. Heart and will and constant energy they put into the team. into the game. Not to mention their track record.

Wakka: Well… My brother Chappu. He kinda got me advanced up to the rank of being the captain and then Coach of the team. He saw my determination. He was younger than me but he believed that i could lead well for the team, ya. He knew what kind of player i was. I was good. Real good.

Christina: Ten years and you never won a game? *Curious* Why’s that? What went wrong you figure?

Wakka: I don’t know. I mean… that we did our best. I always thought that it would be good enough. I didn’t do it to just compete and do it to only win. I did the sport because it was something that i enjoyed doing. It was something that i was into. It made me happy. After last year’s tournament… I kinda Quit. It seemed that the time was right to do it.

Their Stomachs were growling but they tried to not press about it. They went onwards a bit when…

Wakka: So, After quitting. I got this new Job, ya. However every time my mind seemed to wander… I thought about the game.

Tidus: 10 years without winning a single game will do that to you.

Wakka: *Grunts* My first match last year was my big chance. But something else was on my mind. I couldn’t focus.

Sapphire: …

Tidus: Nice Excuse.

Wakka: Hey! Hey!

Tidus: So… You want to win the next tournament. go out with a bang.

Wakka: *Nods*

Dinah: That would be very  remarkable. I mean… if it’s gonna be your last tournament… you might as well go out big. make it something profoundly memorable. It’d be the best way to go.

Paige: That’s right. Wakka, you have a team that has not won a game in ten years… Even though you give it your all. What you should do is take the win. Win it. Even if it’s your last Tournament… Winning it for your last year… would make definite headlines. The Island here would be praising that. Everyone adores a winner alot. And for those who don’t win… they’re loved anyway by their true friends because their true friends would stick by them no matter what. Whether they win a game or not. Friends are with one another for life.

Tidus: So, What’s our goal?

Wakka: I don’t care how we do. Long as we play our best. If we give it our all, I can walk away happy.

Serena: That’s Pride and self respect. It’s good you have that, Wakka. But to go out with a bang… and in order to make something memorable… you got to think differently this time. You must.

Tidus: No, no, no, no, no. If I say, “What’s our goal?” you say, “Victory!” When you play in a blitzball tournament, you play to win!

Wakka: Victory? You serious?

Paul: Of course he is. Wakka, you’re a swell player. Tidus is too… He knows this stuff. He went through the tournaments. You have as well. Don’t forget that you played for 10 years. Never winning a tournament. If there was ever a chance of turning that record around and coming out with a win… Now… this year would most certainly have to be that time.

Tidus: *Nods*

Spencer Checks out the strange looking statue and Wakka turns to see where he was going and walks over to him…

Wakka: Hey there, Bruddah. Checking out the statue, eh?

Spencer: Yeah. What is this statue of?

Wakka: Not sure. But it’s an ancient custom. People leaving the island pray here for a safe trip. They say it works pretty good.

Spencer: Do all the people who leave do it?

Wakka: Of course. It’s important. A Traditional rite of passage. Very Important.

Spencer: Got it. *Nods and smiles*”

Sid: So… let me guess… This guy… that is with you… must be the one who’s a blitzball player.

Blossom: You got it.


Wakka: *Raising a fist in the air in greeting*

Blossom: *Introducing Wakka* Wakka, Meet Sid Reedy. Head… and Owner of Sid’s Diner. Sid… This is Wakka. Guardian to Summoner Yuna. Daughter of Lord Braska. He’s the Captain and Coach of the Besaid Aurochs.

Sid: I see… *Grins and nods* Well… It’s nice to meet you, Wakka.

Wakka: same here, ya.

As for Zoey…

At Zeke’s house…

Zoey’s Room…

Zoey Rhapsody

Zoey: *Sighs* My Ex-mother is in Paris. With a new life. A Man of her own… Maybe Tara is right… I should just let her go. Thinking about her is not worth the pain. Heartache. *Sighs*

Zoey was finding the house too depressing as everything she saw was reminding her of her mom who was now no longer part of her life and gone. She got the things that she knew she’d need with her. And made sure she had what she’d need for the day.

A Moment later…

In the Metropolis Residential district…

Charity Lane…


Zoey: *Walking down the neighborhood* I don’t know why i am in need of sunglasses or shades. It’s not bright out. I wonder if Michelangelo is available. *Thinking* I remember he told me something about him and his brother going out of town for the Summer. To Topeka or something. Maybe he is still around or decided to just stay in the area. *Walking further* i haven’t heard from the Rusoe sisters. I Wonder what they could be up to.


Her cellphone rings…

Zoey: *On the phone* Hello?

Michelangelo Trent
Michelangelo Trent

Michelangelo: *On the Phone* Hey Zoey.

Zoey: Hey there… Michelangelo. I was on my way to the liquor store. to get something.

Michelangelo: What?! *Scoffs* You’re gonna get more packs?

Zoey: No… I told you that i quit it… Haven’t had any of that since the 20th of December of last year. I stopped the habit cold. But i still go to the Liquor store for their Chocolate bars. They carry the Extra large Chocolate bars. That’s what i get. whenever i go there. However… the other Month… I think that it was Sakura who offered me a stick and i turned her down. I even tried to get through to her about quitting it. She just wouldn’t…

Michelangelo: Not surprising since the news is out that she wears Diapers.

Zoey: What? Since when? *Pauses in a bit of a loss* Where did you hear that?

Michelangelo: The other day. I tried calling you to tell you about it. I was walking by the Game store and looking at more games. Just minding my own business when i walked over to the other side moments later. I overheard a couple people talking and i just happened to take a look to see who it was. I find Sakura and some other girl. I think that her name was… Rowanda. That’s at least the name i heard be said. I Listened in but stayed where they wouldn’t notice me near them… Hearing them talk about wearing diapers. Planning to supply each other with some every week. The girl… Rowanda was talking about Luvs. Pampers or something.

Zoey: Oh my god…

Michelangelo: It gets more morose… They were talking about even changing each other too. *Sighs* Zoey… Does her mother even know about this?

Zoey: I don’t know… I don’t think that she even realized that there was something up with Sakura.

Michelangelo: Someone should tell her mom. Soon. I mean… I know that you and her don’t speak with one another hardly anymore and things between her mom and her have been dragged to hell… But also the fact that i am not supposed to be the one to take some action in handling it. However… Her mom’s got to be informed about it. About Sakura turning into a Diaper lover.

Zoey: I’ll go over to her place and let her know. However… I am kinda wondering…

Michelangelo: Wondering if you and I could meet and hang out?

Zoey: Yeah.

Michelangelo: Did Zeus ever say no to Hera?

Zoey: This isn’t Mt. Olympus. but… I would say… no. He never had. I was actually on my way to the Diner.

Michelangelo: Wanna meet there?

Zoey: Yeah. See you soon?

Michelangelo: You bet.

A Moment later…

Back at Sid’s Diner…

Blossom: Wakka, You wouldn’t happen to have a Blitzball handy… would you?

Wakka starting to feel a bit confident.
Wakka starting to feel a bit confident.

Wakka: What would you take me for, eh? I always have a Blitzball handy. *Producing a Blitzball*

Blossom: Heh! Enough said… I guess… it’s as it’d appear. Even with the fact that you’re no longer in Spira… No one can say that you never come prepared. Let’s go and take care of the fuse box.

Wakka: Right.

Blossom makes way to the back room where the fuse box resided and Wakka went along with her towards the back. It was the first motion of heroics for Wakka. This was a new world for him. A different world and things to him were not what he thought they’d be. It was only seconds or so later when they reached the back room. It wasn’t all that roomy and things were a bit cluttered. So they had to be careful of things. Careful of what they did as one wrong move and they could wind up either electrocuting themselves or causing the fuse box to brown out and the whole Diner’s power transformer and supply being dead. Killing the business. Caution… was vital.

Blossom Rhapsody 9

Blossom: *Winks* Well… Wakka. Just like old times. When i give the signal… You chuck that ball right at the center of the fuse box. We’re gonna charge up the Power box and bring this Diner right back to life.

Wakka: You got it, Blossom. You probably are gonna charge up the Blitzball in order to make it so, ya.

Blossom: How else are we gonna be able to do this?

Wakka: Oh yeah… right. *Looking at the sides and then at Blossom*

Blossom: *Emitting some Electricity and shooting it at the blitzball* Ha! Now… do it.

Wakka: *Looking at the fuse box and then at the ball* This is not Besaid… But… *Sighs* Here we go. *Getting in position* Woohaa! Here we go! Come on Ball… Don’t fail me now… *Aiming at the Fuse box; Launching the Blitzball at the center of the box* Here we go. Strike!

Lights suddenly come on and the Diner starts getting active. Things started getting more active and power started surging all through the wires and metal pipes and poles. Pulsing all through the circuits and moving all through the electrical sources.

Blossom: *Cheers* Ha! Alright! You did it. Way to go, Wakka! *High-fives* Let’s get out of here and go back to the front. Time to get something to chow down on.

A Minute later…

Blossom: *Sitting down* This is new for you.

Wakka: It is different than Besaid. This city’s gonna take a bit to grow on me.

Blossom: It’s true. It will take some time. But you’ll be okay. So far… You’re on the right track.

Wakka: But not as much as you and the others where back in Spira. You guys stood up for equality for all races. Humans, Ronso’s, Al-Bheds. Guado. And back then… i was trashing the Al-Bheds really good every chance i had. All because of Ego, Pride and personal anguish.

Blossom: I know. Plus… You even yet gave some lessons. Something to think about. as we shared some about our world. The mention about Machina… That was constantly the main thrust of concern. And the Al-Bhed. You Just didn’t like them…

Blossom and Wakka share a flashback…

“Wakka: Hey.

Tidus: Huh?

Zoey: *Looking down over the rail at the River* What… in the… name of sanity? Is that… Atlantis?

Wakka: Take a look. *nods towards water*

Tidus: What? Whoa! *Leaning over the railing so far that he almost slips*

Zoey and Tidus look down and catch a Glimpse of an underwater ruins. But so did Crystal, Paul, Sora and Carly. Even Blossom.

Tidus: A sunken city!

Zoey: A What?!

Blossom: A City?! Huh?! Is that at all possible?

Sora: *Looking down into the River to see a Sunken city* Hey Carly… Look at that. It’s a city.

Carly: A City? Down There? Why? Why is it down there? If it’s a City… shouldn’t it be above water?

Sora: You got a point. It should be above water. But… What happened to it?

Wakka: A machina city– a thousand years old! They built this city on top of bridges across the river.

Lulu: But the weight of the city caused the bridges to collapse, and it all sank to the bottom.

Paul: Wait wait wait a minute… You mean to tell us that this area… this River… Used to be a location of a city. A Flourishing City?

Crystal: And it just literally sink to the bottom of the river?

Zoey: The ground must have gave way. It must have been too heavy and the bridges collapsed because of it and went into the water. The city sunk and took the whole area with it… Which explains the reason why there were only tents and small pavillions at the wharf. It had to have been a city back then and then something happened. The city somehow became too heavy and it just couldn’t take the weight.

Blossom: A Whole City lost. Just because of its weight and the Bridges just couldn’t hold up the city.

Wakka: Right. It’s a good lesson.

Tidus: A lesson?

Wakka: Yeah. Why build a city over a river, ya?

Tidus: Uh… Well, it would be convenient, with all that water there.

Frosty Ice Bubble: *From the side* That is true… Ever heard of Venice, Italy? It was like a Water like populace. But reports said that it was slowly but surely sinking. No one really knows as to why. But there are theories that are being sprung about of what would be making it sink…

Wakka: Nope, that’s not why. They just wanted to prove they could defy the laws of nature!

Tidus: Hmmm? I’m not so sure about that.

Wakka: Yevon has taught us: When humans have power, they seek to use it. If you don’t stop them, they go too far, ya?

Miss Bliss: Are you nuts? That is so not true… Humans are mysterious. But not all of the humans are like that. There are plenty who are not that way.

Thunder Star: Yevon teaches that… but then it goes and treats the Al Bhed like they’re worthless mistakes that shouldn’t even live. To me… that is no Faith of peace.

Thunderic Wonder: No arguments here. That’s for sure.

Miss Thunder: Maybe humans do go too far. When don’t they? There are Wars that get started over senseless things. Like 1941… The U.S didn’t want to get into the war… We wanted out. But were still gonna send out whatever supplies that were needed to the good guys who were trying to fight off the evil tyrants. But Japan attacked us at Pearl. in the Morning mist. Bringing us into the war.

Tidus: Yeah, but don’t you use machina too? Like the stadium and stuff, right?

Lulu: Yevon, it decides… which machina we may use, and which we may not.

Tidus: So what kind of machina may we not use, then?

Wakka: Remember Operation Mi’ihen? That kind.

Paul: Okay… So that seems to be understood. The Machina used in Operation Mi’ihen… was pushing it.

Crystal: It begs to reason why the balance was upset. Every religion has a balance… culture and belief. A way of life. But disrupt it and it just all collapses.

Sir Love: Well… then that explains it. Certain Machina can not be used.

Lulu: Or war will rage again.

Tidus: War?

Blossom: *Gulps* War?!

Sora: War?! How would the use of Machina rage war?

Bubble Gem: The balance of things… if you upset them… bad things will happen.

Bubbling Star: Oh? You mean like the attack on the U.S Naval bases in 1941. We got attacked for no reason whatsoever. The Japanese Gov’t were seeing us all being in peace and they didn’t like it. They thought that if the rest of the world had to fight and suffer casualties… then So did we. We didn’t have a choice when they attacked the country. It was either fight or die. Kill or be killed. We got back at them… The Atom Bomb and that lead off for the cold war. in the second world war… we lost over 3,000 american lives. Lives that didn’t deserve to be lost.

Yuna: More than a thousand years ago… Mankind waged war using machina to kill!

Wakka: They kept building more and more powerful machina.

Lulu: They made weapons so powerful… It was thought they could destroy the entire world.

Dancing Heartthrob: Almost like Ego… they all wanted to prove that they could be masters of the Universe and when they knew that they were being challenged… they didn’t take to it so well and figured that they could build something more stronger and more greater than the ones before it.

Yuna: The people feared that Spira would be destroyed.

Wakka: But the war did not stop!

Miss Bliss: Of course not. Why would it stop when there were both sides… fighting a war and didn’t want  to cast out being the loser. No one on any side wanted to admit defeat and felt that as long as they didn’t have to… They wouldn’t.

Melodic Bubble: It’s Ego. It can be a very deadly thing.

Tidus: Wh-What happened then?

Yuna: Sin came, and it destroyed the cities and their machina.

Lulu: The war ended… and our reward… was Sin.

Zoey: All that fighting formed Sin? Ouch.

Blossom: I guess that after awhile… all that fighting would bring to life something that would be too great for any side to comprehend or understand.

Wakka: So, Sin’s our punishment for lettin’ things get out of hand, eh?

Tidus: Man, that’s rough.

Wakka: Yeah, it is.

Tidus: But, it’s not like the machina are bad.

Frosty Ice Bubble: I agree… But then there are always two sides to all. Good Machina… and bad. But the reality is that Machina is Machina. I wouldn’t mind if Machina is used. Machina isn’t bad.

Lulu: Only as bad as their users.

Wakka: It’s because of people like the Al Bhed screwin’ everything up!

Thunder Star: *With Miss Bliss, Sir Love, Miss Thunder, Zoey and Frosty Ice Bubble* FOR THE LOVE OF SANITY AND PETE, WAKKA! STOP BASHING THE AL BHED!”

Blossom: I remember that my cousin’s Serena, Annie, Clint, Sapphire, Zoey and Spencer all got on you about that.

Wakka: They were pretty mad, ya. I don’t blame them… I was being a jerk and it was only suitable for them to knock me down a little. I deserved it.

Blossom: I remember Sapphire once saying this to you. In front of everyone in the whole cluster. They all did. I think that i did too. You came to not like that at all.

Blossom Flashes back…

“Brother: [Rikku!] E femm damm Vydran!

Rikku: E ys dra kiynteyh uv [Yuna], oui caa? [Yuna] ec cyva! Fa femm kiynt ran! Cra ec cyva!

Brother: Oui tu drec ymuha, cecdan!

The Al Bhed left seconds later and was nowhere in sight…

Rikku: *laughing nervously* I told him I was a guardian. Well, guess I had to, really.

Spencer: I believed that you already were a Guardian, Rikku. You’ve been here and behind guarding Yuna up till now.

Wakka: How come you speak Al Bhed? Why?

Tidus: Uh…well…

Rikku: Because I’m Al Bhed. And that…was my brother.

Annie: Surprised?

Serena: *Shaking her head in dismay; knowing the truth was out* … *Sighs*

Wakka: *To the others* You knew?

Tidus and Lulu both nod in confirmation…

Wakka: Why didn’t you tell me?

Lulu: We knew you’d be upset.

Wakka: This is great. I can’t believe I’ve been travelling with an Al Bhed! A heathen!

Rikku: You’re wrong! We have nothing against Yevon.

Wakka: But you Al Bhed use the forbidden machina! You know what that means? Sin was born because people used machina!

Rikku: You got proof? Show me proof!

Wakka: It’s in Yevon’s teachings! *Folds arms* Not that you’d know!

Spencer: *Feeling steamed suddenly* That Does it! That TEARS IT! *Pissed; Walking over to Wakka and Kneeing him hard in the gut* You Racist son of a bitch. You’re calling Rikku Ignorant. In front of me. The nerve of you. you racist sack of shit. We have just about had it up to here with your racial spew…

Wakka: Why’re you standing up for this heathen? She’s an Al Bhed. It is because of her that Sin is here. Her and the Al Bhed used the forbidden Machina. Machina that is against the laws of the priesthood of Yevon.

Serena: *Looking at Wakka* It is not the Al Bhed who caused Sin to be born. It was a little of everyone. Guado… the Almighty supreme race… Yeah. They wish they were. The Ronso… The Al Bhed and yes… your race. HUMAN! IT isn’t all just Al Bhed. It’s the Ego of men who could not admit defeat. Don’t even think that it isn’t like that. IT IS!

Rikku: That’s not good enough! Yevon says this, Yevon says that. Can’t you think for yourself?

Sapphire: You are a real slime ball, Wakka. Treating Rikku like that. You are really low. There is nothing wrong with the Al Bhed. Nothing wrong with them at all.

Raven: It is all Yevon’s brainwashing beliefs that got you going on believing that the Al Bhed are the harbingers who brought Sin to Spira. Birthed him. We are all sick of it. Beyond sick of it.

Wakka: Well, then you tell me! Where did Sin come from, huh?

Rikku: I…I don’t know!

Wakka: Hmph! You bad-mouth Yevon and that’s all you can come up with?

Rikku: But…that doesn’t mean you should do whatever they say without thinking! Nothing will ever change that way!

Wakka: Nothing has to change!

Serena: Yeah… *Angry and wanting to kick Wakka in the head and lay on a real beat down* That’s right. Nothing has to change. You want to keep being a total racist and show hatred to the Al Bhed. You know what… I feel so sorry for Rikku. Her having to be putting up with this from you and having to be blamed for what her people might or might not have done. She is innocent. INNOCENT IN ALL THIS! The Guado are instigating the fact that the Al Bhed are heathens and should all die. It is so arrogant of everyone. treating the Al Bhed like lepers and making them all wish that they were never born. And if you want to hate the Al Bhed so damn much… then here is a little tid bit to shove down your arrogant throat. YOU GOD DAMN RACIST! You know Yuna… Don’t you?

Lulu: Serena! No! Don’t tell him. DON’T!

Serena: Lulu! We’re sorry. We really are. But Wakka’s pushed us too far. this bullshit of his tearing at the Al Bhed is gonna stop here and now. because it’s old. We’re done. *Holding her hand in front of her and swinging it back and forth in a swift motion* You get us? DONE! *Looking still at Wakka in anger and fury* Yuna is part Al Bhed. from her mother’s side. Her mother is the sister to Cid who is Rikku’s father. Rikku and Yuna are cousins by Blood. by BLOOD! You want to say something now? Go for it. because if you hate the Al Bhed and want to think of them as heathens… you might want to think of Yuna that way too. She’s got some Al Bhed in her. She was seen as like a sister to you. A Sister to you and Lulu. You and Lulu treated her with love and compassion. Seeing that she was part of your family in Besaid. Family. But with you thinking of the Al Bhed as scraps… It is like you think that you can judge anyone who won’t follow yevon. Well Just because the Al Bhed don’t follow all of Yevon… it doesn’t give you the right to tear Rikku down for the acts of what her people had done. The Al Bhed is misunderstood. But It seems that you’re too stupid and thickheaded to even bother give it a chance to get to know them. Understanding why they believe the way that they do.

Wakka: *Mortified; Pretending not to hear that part* …

Rikku: You want Sin to keep coming back? There might be a way to stop it, you know!

Wakka: Sin will be gone once we atone for our past mistakes!

Rikku: When? How?

Wakka: If we keep faith in Yevon’s teachings it will be gone one day!

Rikku: Why do I even bother?

Spencer: Rikku, Don’t even bother with Wakka. He’s proven that he would more rather be an asshole. and Wakka… Get this… you want to know why i am standing up for Rikku the way that i am? Well… Say something to this: Rikku and i are Boyfriend and girlfriend. We love each other. I love her. Does that make me a Heathen lover? Does it? Because if loving Rikku… who is an Al Bhed is like loving a Heathen… Then i got news for you. I am proud of it. Because if being a Yevonite means being a Racist… i would rather be a Heathen any day.

Raven: Wakka, You have no idea as to how pissed you are making us. You are a stone brained son of a bitch and just so you know… we told our mother Dinah. She knows about how you’re acting. She’s not happy one bit. She isn’t gonna say anything about it at this time… where as it is right now… she’s a Knight. She’s got to keep things PC and keep a neutral train of thought in her mind. But once all this is over… Sin is gone and we have done what we were all supposed to do… You can better believe that she is gonna deck you a good one. She’s gonna let you have it worse. A lot worse than us. We are only verbally giving you a lecture. A heated one. But she’ll give you not only that. But she will give you a beating.

Blossom: I think that a nice blast of Electricity shot right at your head will shock you. Place you down a few pegs.

Annie: We are for one thing… sick of your Racial spur. We’re beyond fed up with it.

Sapphire: *Looking at Wakka; noticing him wanting to say something* What?! You want to say something to finish it. Well Finish THIS! You stone-brained son of a bitch. *Lashing out and Punching Wakka in the face* To you from me and my sisters Raven and Serena, Pinky Lee! *Looking at Raven and Serena* Raven, Serena. grab your gear… let’s go. We’ll see you guys at the Temple. Sorry, everyone! *Furious*

Raven: Right. *Following her sister*

Serena: *Walking past Wakka and Letting off a Punch in the stomach* Racist Jerk!

Sapphire, Raven and Serena grabbed their gear and walked on. They were still gonna stick around for Yuna’s well being and see that she was safe… But at that time… they didn’t want to even look at Wakka. They wanted nothing to do with him. The 3 Thunder girls were so mad and livid that they were just itching to strike at any one and anything. Didn’t matter who it was.

The others stayed but hardly spoke around Wakka. They didn’t like Wakka one bit. They were truly fed up with him and who could blame them? They were hearing his racial attitude and his always blaming the Al Bhed for everything because Yevon believed it to be the right thing. seeing that it was all the Al Bhed’s doing for why Sin was around. Blossom and Zoey walked off and followed Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Even they didn’t want to look or be anywhere near Wakka…

Auron was by an abandoned Snowmobile…

Auron: *Calling over* Rikku!

Rikku: Hm?

Auron: Will this move?

Rikku: Yes! *Running over and suddenly fiddling with the snowmobile*

Wakka: We’re not using that, are we? Wait… Sir Auron isn’t an Al Bhed too, is he?

Tidus: Come on, Wakka…

Wakka: What?

Clint: Wakka, KNOCK IT OFF!

Tidus: I mean, getting angry just ’cause you found out Rikku’s an Al Bhed… You guys got along just fine till now, didn’t you?

Wakka: That’s different. I mean…

Tidus: Well, I don’t claim to know that much about Spira. And I probably know even less about the Al Bhed, but…I know Rikku’s a good person. She’s just Rikku!

Paul: *Looking at Wakka with a Aggravated expression; with discontent* Yeah. So do us all a favor and shut your racist mouth before someone puts a boot in your back side. Ramming it up so far that it’d take multiple Yevon docs to pull it out.

Wakka: Lu?

Lulu: Just think of this as an opportunity to learn more about the Al Bhed.

Wakka: Ha! *Storming off*

Crystal: *Under her breath; quietly* asshole.

Auron: Let him go. Give him time to think.

Spencer: Wakka can take all the time he wants. We’re never gonna forget how he was trying to treat Rikku like because she’s an Al Bhed. As far as i am concerned… Wakka can stay gone.

Rikku: I’m sorry.

Lulu: You’ve done nothing to apologize for.

Annie: Don’t you apologize, Rikku. You are not to blame. and if Yevon wants to crucify you… they can do it after getting through us. They’ll fail. We’re not moving from their path.

Tidus: All right! Let’s ride!

Rikku: You sure you know how to drive this?

Theodore: We never ridden one before… but it can’t be all that hard to use. It’s like driving a car… although none of us drive cars.”

Wakka: You guys were all giving me what for. Spencer really sounded like he despised me for how i was towards Rikku. Deep down… I was upset because i was being cornered. However… I couldn’t say all that much… Because i brought it on myself.

Blossom: Spencer was standing true in defending Rikku. Sticking up for her. Since Rikku’s been here… She’s been Wed to Spencer. Our family Matriarch tried to stop it because she believed that they were rushing into it. However it was not able to be denied. They were in deep love and more ready than ever. Rin was also around… a day or so after the day of the wedding. Rin and Rikku’s father… They provided the Heavy artillery for us throughout the run against Rasputin and the Mask-faced freak. And against the Ogdru-Jahad. Later down the line… Rin got a job at the local travel Agency. It was a good cover. A swell cover. It panned out and gave him a career.

Wakka: They were able to make it here, ya. But that is them. Blitzball and or being a guardian is practically all i really know.

Blossom: You can do more… But i think that maybe… some favors can made and you can become a member of the Watchtower. It’s not that impossible to fulfill… Just very demanding. However… You have great skills. Wonderful skills. In fact… I think that i’m gonna make a few calls and see on getting you a leg up in this world.

Wakka: *Grins* …

At Alice’s house…

Sora’s and Carly’s room…

Sora and Carly look at their messages...
Sora and Carly look at their messages…

Sora: *Checking her Voicemail on her Cell* A Missed call from Blossom. Strange. When did she call?

Carly: I don’t know. We were still asleep. It must have come in while we were still asleep. We didn’t even hear it.

Sora: Let’s find out what the message is…

Sora then plays the message…

Voice Mail: *Playing the message* Message from Blossom C. Rhapsody on July 22nd at 7:30 AM… “Sora… Carly, We have to meet. Now. ASAP. When you get this… come to the Metropolis Star Clock Tower. There is something going on and it’s got the retired Blitzball player’s name written all over it. And if you say it’s our resident Ally from Besaid Isle… You’re burning up. It’s him… Full details once we meet. Hope to see you two soon.” End of Message.

Carly: Blitzball player… Besaid? *Tilting her head in confusion* Huh?! What is she talking about?

Sora: I have no idea. But i think that we should get our things that we will need for the day and make our way over to that clock tower. Meet up with Blossom. Something about what she was saying… About the fact that there was this feeling that another ally from Spira was gonna show up in Metropolis soon… A Little down the road… It might be the one we are thinking of. Either that or something else.

Carly: Right. We should go and get some answers. Something seems off…

Within seconds, they grabbed their things and made off over to where the tower was. To where Blossom was gonna meet them with the details and come face to face with the Ally they knew from years earlier…

Back at Sid’s diner…

Blossom: How do you like the food here so far?

Wakka: Why you ask that? The food’s great. It’s something that i could get used to. *Feeling full* This filled me up, ya.

Blossom: It’s different than Besaid Cuisine… isn’t it?

Wakka: Very.

Blossom: I been thinking though that in a couple weeks… Once i have things set. I’ll introduce you to my girlfriend Leslie. I think that you’d really like her. She’s strong willed and wise. Very wise for a rich girl of 14.

Wakka: What about in the meantime…


Zoey: *Walking into the Diner and recognizing the guy sitting with Blossom* Oh my god… *Walking over to where Blossom was*

Seconds later…

Blossom: *Spotting Zoey walking towards the table* Hey Zoey. Surprised to see you here this morning. You usually sleep in on the mornings… When Summer is in session.

Zoey: Not all the time. But yeah. Summer is freedom. Well… at least for us. Can’t say the same would apply for the older cousins. They’re all ripped for the College. So they’re always up early getting things set and in line for College. Once college hits… They’re gonna be mostly incognito.

Blossom: That leaves it to where we’re gonna be right behind them as we’ve only got 2-3 years before we’re in the same boat.

Zoey: But for right now… We’re still with some sort of freedom.

Blossom: So it’d seem.

Zoey: Who’s the new guy? Is he… a friend?

Blossom: Why not ask and see? I think that you may well know him. Remember our Ally from Besaid when we were all in Spira a couple or so years back?

Zoey: I think so. But lots have happened since then… so it’s barely in recollection. *Looking at the guy sitting in front of Blossom* Who are you?

Wakka: What… You don’t recognize a good friend?

Zoey: Not too much. I know who my friends are and i am not too sure that i might know you. You’re not familiar looking. Who are you?

Wakka: Wakka. All the way from Besaid.

Zoey: No way. *Not sure about believing that she was looking at someone who came from the Island* You can’t be him. Wakka was this blue headband. Wore yellow suspenders… Had Orange hair that was straight up. with the front of the hair containing a tip that was with a thick strand of hair with a little bit of a curve at the end of the strand of hair. And… you don’t look it.

Wakka: But i am him, Zoey. I just look different is all.

Zoey: Test of memory. If you are really him… Tell me something that you recall hearing me say. Something that only the Real Wakka would know and not make up.

Blossom: He knows… as do we, Zoey. We were all there.

Wakka: The time where we all tried to console Luzzu. You were in your hero form… Talking about how your Mother Luna used to be this fighter but that you are what she used to be. One of the things you said to Luzzu was… “sometimes a person can fight their destiny all their life and still wind up coming to the same conclusion. They had to fight.”

Zoey relapses back as she recalls the moment where she was the fighter…

Luzzu: Hey. Gatta, he’s…he’s dead. He was a good fighter. He just wasn’t lucky enough.

Serena: We know… he wasn’t even meant to die. No one was… But especially not him. It wasn’t fair that he died.

Zoey: We’re so sorry for the loss, Luzzu. We really are.

Luzzu suddenly explodes and starts punching the wall.

Luzzu: Ah, damn it! He was young! He pushed his luck! What was he thinking–going up there in the front lines like that? He should’ve stayed back with command! Damn it! Damn it all!

Serena: Whoa! *Jumping back while watching Luzzu go postal and with a fit of rage punching the wall* He’s flipped. He is totally blowing a fuse.

Sora: Is he okay? What’s wrong with him?

Kimahri: Luzzu feel hurt. needs to let out pain from inside.

Wakka: Luzzu! Knock it off!

Luzzu: Y-You don’t know what it’s like! *Grabbing Wakka’s suspenders*

Wakka: I…do…know!

Serena: Luzzu… we know what it’s like to lose someone. It hurts. We lost our aunt Princess Aquamarine. (Even though she was told to believe that the girl was alive) 2 decades ago. we never even got to meet her. not once. She died before we were even born. Before we were even a pre-thought in our mother’s eyes. heck… even our mothers and fathers weren’t around 20 to 25 years ago.

Zoey: My mother back 18 years ago… she even told me this once… i am not even allowed to speak of this… but 18 years ago… when my mother used to be this senshi. a wonderful fighter… our mothers and fathers… they all had to go against a galactic Tyrant by the name of Major Zod. Who later became General. He was arrogant and wasn’t one to give up. He wanted to rule and our parents wouldn’t let him. My mom almost lost her life that time during the final showdown between our mother’s and fathers versus him.

Sora: My father used to possess this ability to turn into this SSj3. He had to face Zod and leave a opening for the others to make a run for it. But he too almost lost his life. It was war… Luzzu, we know what it is like… If my father happened to have died then… i would not exist. It was by the grace of god that he survived. That Zoey’s mom… My Aunt Luna made it and lived. We don’t think it is right for anyone to go off to war and sacrifice their lives. But sometimes… a person is driven to go and fight. They come to find that they have no other choice but to go and fight. It’s just the way it is. That’s all. We all endured pain. Possible losses. Gatta died. By Sin. Sin killed him. There was nothing that you could have done. Nothing you could have done to prevent Gatta’s death. You told him to stay at the command center. But we saw him feeling so adament in going to fight. We encouraged him to do it. to fight. He was dead set to do it. He wanted to go. we couldn’t tell him no. You tried to tell him and where did that get him… Got him wanting to push it. You tried to protect him. But Gatta chose to go. Chose to do it. He was built to go and fight.

Zoey: You are feeling the anger towards yourself because you feel that you failed…. You didn’t fail.

Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Prism Power… Make-up! *Glowing and covered by a white light and spinning; The pants turning into a skirt* … *With a sparkle of light and stars the hair turning pink with two Pointed meatball buns on the sides* … *The shoes changing into high heels Including high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them and her hands formed gloves on them; Then with a shining flash two Earrings appeared upon her ears with a weapon upholstered to her side; A Crescent moon Wand* …

As soon as she was fully transformed…

Sailor Zoey: Luzzu, Listen… Gatta was not meant to die. But he was also not meant to just sit back and watch… and not fight. He was a fighter. You trained him… You had him close. But it was his decision. You couldn’t have predicted what he was aiming to do. He wanted to fight. Like me. I am only 10. i don’t want to fight. I don’t. But given that my mother was a fighter… and i am her daughter… i am a fighter. it was fate. Fate Made it so. Made it happen. sometimes a person can fight their destiny all their life and still wind up coming to the same conclusion. They had to fight.

Luzzu: *Slumps* I’m sorry.

Wakka: Why don’t you…go home now, to Besaid. Take it easy a while. Rest, ya?

Luzzu: Rest?

Wakka: You need some R & R. You’re hurt, ya?

Serena: You need some time to cool off and unwind. You’re older than Gatta. few years older. but you’re still young. you’re gonna wind up with a hernia and possibly an ulcer and a bad heart going at the rate you are… getting all worked up and exploding with rage like you’ve been doing. You are lucky that you don’t have a heart attack from all the pressure and anger that you just unleashed and the work your heart had to do in order to calm down.

Luzzu: I…I guess so.

Wakka: Get better. I can’t beat up on you when you’re all depressed, eh?

Sailor Zoey: Wakka, that was so not necessary.

Luzzu: *snorts* Right. You guys… that was a subtle way saying that he cares about my well being.

Wakka: *Hand on his shoulder*

Luzzu: This is all punishment for turning from Yevon…”

Zoey: Oh my god… You are him. B-b-but… how? How could that be possible? When we last saw you… You were on the beach on Besaid Isle waving us all off as we departed for the portal that took us back to our home city here. You were on the Beach waving us all off…

Blossom: Wakka told me that it was through the hole within the Chamber of the fayth. He Jumped in and just… wound up in my room… of all places. Would up in my room. Which this was all imminent to happen as for the last few weeks… There were symbols popping all over the city. The Symbols bared the logo of the Blitzball team. The Besaid Aurochs. It wasn’t the Aurochs that did it… It was Wakka. But he had not done the tagging or spray painting. It just showed up. There was no evidence of there being any spray paint on the side of the Stadium or throughout the city. It just appeared and no one knows how it got there. It just… showed right then and since then… More appearances were seen.

Zoey: However… I am sensing there being more to it than what is being let out and exposed.

Michelangelo: Does Leslie know? *Walking over suddenly as he finally came in and overheard the conversation* Sorry. *Looking to see a strange new city dweller* Oh… Hello. Didn’t see you at first, sir. Michelangelo Trent. The love Interest of Zoey and a Renown Nerd with the hype I.Q of 140.

Wakka: Good to meet a new contact, ya.

Blossom: We need to get Wakka a leg up in this city. Zoey… You and Michelangelo start brainstorming. Wakka is with a new look. A whole new look. But we need to get him an official leg. You two start coming up with alternative ideas for him getting a leg up. So in case the Blitzball angle doesn’t pan out… He’s got another angle or so to fall back on… A safety net.

Zoey: Well… We all know that he can fight and proved well in being a guardian. There is that. What about being a Church guard? He was very devout in serving the temples and upholding their precepts. The Teachings. Remember back in Besaid… or in Spira… He was so Adamant in upholding the precepts and the customs of Yevon? Believing in it. Following it to the letter. Even though Yevon was seen to be full of Lying tricksters and deceivers. And Once Wakka saw that it was… he may have been shattered and in turmoil over it… But it opened his eyes and made him see the true nature and face of Yevon. Not one that had him believing the spoon-fed lies. He came around. However… It came out that he was very religious. So… He can use that to fall back on. If all else fails.

Customer #1: *Overhearing some of the conversation* …

Customer #2: What’s up?

Customer #1: There’s someone here that isn’t of this world. those girls are going off about Yevon and keep saying the name Wakka and talking of Spira.

Customer #2: They’re probably talking about the game FF-X. It’s probably an earthly obsession with them.

Customer #1: Maybe… But something about it seems a bit off. It’s probably nothing.

Blossom: *Suddenly checking her phone* Sora and Carly are probably waiting for me to meet with them.

Zoey: Shouldn’t we all go?

Michelangelo: It’d be better if we all went. Wouldn’t it?

Blossom: Yeah… But… When all this detail about the mysterious occurrences of the Logo from Spira… The only ones that knew of it were Sora, Carly and Me. So… for now… Only i can discuss it with them. Not too many people know right now and we want it to remain that way as the whole thing about it is that with what we know… and what we’re keeping hidden… We are already risking alot. If too many find out before its time… It could reach the wrong people and then come crashing down on Leslie and screw everything up. Everything that she and I worked in vain over.

Michelangelo: You could bring me along. I won’t tell anyone of it. Besides… Nerds are mostly blown off by the popular stature of the School cliques and gangs. Nerds are their own world among themselves… But i am the type of Nerd that is a lonewolf. So i am rather singled out.

Zoey: Michelangelo…

Michelangelo: It’s okay, Zoey. Don’t worry. I’ll make it up to you somehow. Tomorrow, there is a DDR competition in Topeka. Malachi is setting to see it. I’ll make it up to you… I want to go to it… With you. By my side. I want to invite and have you there as my date. It’s something that we can do together. To make up for this.

Zoey: *Smiles* Michelangelo… You’re sweet.

The Phone rings…

Blossom on the phone 2

Blossom: *Answering the Phone* Hello?

Sora and Carly on the phone.
Sora and Carly on the phone.

Sora: *On the phone* Blossom, Where are you?

Carly: You’re not here…

Blossom: Here where?

Sora: At the Metropolis star Clock tower. We are here waiting for you. We got the message you have sent us and made way over to the Clock tower. To meet you. But… Where are you?

Blossom: Sid’s Diner. *Looking at the time* Uh… Okay. Since you two are there… Stay there. We’ll be there within the hour. Stay on watch. *Pauses for a second before asking* Have you heard from Leslie yet?

Sora: No. But i think that… Leslie might have texted us. We didn’t get a chance to read the text or check for anything sent by her yet. However… I think that we might see her this afternoon. Possibly tonight. She said something about helping her parents with something. Getting things set for an Estate sale or something. Saying it was for a beneficial cause.

Blossom: Right. Well… As long as she’s alright. I am planning to see her this afternoon anyway. Making amends.

But while they were making the hook-up…

At Pearl and Jack’s house…

By that time…

The power had finally come back on and managed to reboot itself. Coming back on.

Betty Andrews doing some research...
Betty Andrews doing some research…

Betty: *Looking for info on the Burke family* … The people here know about the Burke’s. Heard of them… But when i press the issue… They shift and change the topic. Question is… Why?

She got out her phone and made a call…

Betty: *On the phone* Yes… Can you get me the local # for a realtor?

Seconds later…

Betty: *On the Phone* Yes… Hi. I’m calling about the apartment that is on Jade Street. Where exactly is Jade street?

Seconds later…

Betty: Jade Street is behind Charity Lane? Okay… Thanks… How much is it a month? *Getting the info* 1,000 a month. 3 bedroom 2 bath. a sizable kitchen. Creative Living room. Roomy. A dining room.

Betty: Is it possible to have a look at it and be shown the apartment? When would be the perfect time?

A Moment later…

Betty Andrews 28

Betty: Tomorrow at 10 in the morning. *Writing down the information* Okay. I’ll be there. Thank you, Mrs Blainsworth. You’ve been totally helpful.

Once she was off the phone…

Betty: *Sighs* That takes care of that. But i still need to find the Burke Mansion. Or at least cross paths with Leslie. Meeting her.


Jack: *Overhearing the activity in the room* You sound persistent on getting to where the girl… Leslie is. How is it that you have any business or such with her?

Betty: I am seeking her out because of her father. Her father had done business with my parents once. 5 years ago. My father… Gary Andrews and my mother Olive Andrews… They did some business with Carl Burke. Honest business. It however managed to go a little south and since then my family and I lived with the burden of seeing the deal go wrong and not being capable of assessing damage control to prevent it from getting worse. My father was close pals with Leslie’s father and it took that one deal to drive a wedge between them. I happened to have met her 9 times during that duration. 5 years ago. I actually saw her as like a really amazing friend. Problem was… *Getting up and Walking over to the kitchen for some water* because of the mess that happened and due to things going wrong. We were to break from contacting. Never to reach one another again. Ever. *Drinking some water and clearing her throat* My parents told me to never have contact with Leslie… or the Burkes. Ever. But i couldn’t. It from that time left me with thinking of ways to get a hold of her. Which each way was a fail. Failing. It took till a few days before New Years day to think of a way. However… My parents… didn’t think of it that way. It was a few days after New Years day when my parents and I… had a heated blowout…

Betty was feeling hesitant in bringing up an old memory. She didn’t want to relive it in anyway. She knew that it was gonna set things off and it was since she left from her parents and took her money. Her inheritance with her. 700,000,000 Dollars. It was the kind that would trump Leslie’s Inheritance seriously. Many times over. Numerous times over. and yet Betty was another one of those which didn’t care about the money. Didn’t seek to gloat of the money. At all. to her… the money meant nothing. But it was rightfully hers and yet… she had a security guard with her. Only problem was… the guard was still on the road. 6 states back and wouldn’t be there for some time.

Betty was uncomfortable with talking of the blowout as it was still seemingly fresh in her mind as it rang ear-thumping chords to her. She didn’t want to recall it even though that now she showed her hand… about being set into getting in contact with Leslie… She had to bring it up.

Jack: What happened?

Betty: *Sighs and Looking away for a minute before looking back* Let’s just say that what they said was the most hurtful thing to say about a person. They said that the Burke’s are the most twisted…uncivilized… Cold, Unfeeling people ever to walk the planet. Said that Leslie is just like them… only much younger. But that she was manipulative. I didn’t buy it and told them off. What i got from that was… Emancipation and disowned. I was still given my 700,000,000 and then sent away, Been prepping to be on the road since and then a few days ago… I managed to start my trip over here. And when i made it… It was stormy. A really bad stormy night. I stood up to them and said that they don’t know a thing about the Burke Family. That they were using that one terrible outcome that happened years ago as an excuse to tear apart the good name of the Burke’s.

Jack: You stood up for the Burke family. A family that you were severed from contact with for 5 years? Costing you a family. I see where you are going with this… I can only hope that whatever you are planning to do… It works to serve you and not bite you with the frosty jaws. *Looking at the time* As much as i would love chewin’ the fat and having a chin-wag with you as i know that you’re a remarkable girl and ambitious. Plus thorough with what you’re set to achieve… But i do have some Parent teacher meets to get ready for.

Betty: Parent Teacher meeting?

Jack: Yeah. *Looking at the time again and starting to get up; getting ready to have his things set to go for his meetings* I am an elementary teacher. For the local Elementary school. *grins* Yeah. done it for years. It’s a good career. Making the young kids happy and all. Teaching them. Filling them with knowledge and throw in a dash of fun. It’s kinda like a door to possibilities. But the next level of school for the kids… pushes them to be a little more serious. However… While their young… why demand them to be serious all at a command? They’re young. There’s plenty of time to be serious. But while young… have fun. Dream and enjoy the innocence.

Betty: That’s sweet…

At The Burke Mansion…

Leslie’s Room…

Leslie was alone in her room and Thinking about her girlfriend Blossom. She knew that the previous day was not all good as they had a minor fight. But she knew that it wasn’t all Blossom. But her. Leslie felt that she was the one being insecure and realized that if she kept up… she’d push away the only girl she loved romantically. She sat there with the door to her room closed. Locked.

Music played in the background…


Leslie: *Sighs; With tears in her eyes over missing Blossom*

On the way to the Metropolis star Clock tower…

Blossom: *Thinking about Leslie* … *Speaking within her mind* Leslie… I’m sorry. I should not have left you the way i had. You just had me so tense that if i didn’t leave right then… i would say something that was not like me whatsoever. but it was me who was wrong. I should have heard you out and let you explain your view. I should have listened to you and understood you better. My god… I am so stupid. Some leader i happen to be if i can’t even listen to my team… Even to one that happens to be my girlfriend.

-In respect to the band Lady Antebellum-

Leslie: *Voice; Singing* Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor.
Reaching for the phone ’cause I can’t fight it anymore.
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind?
For me it happens all the time.

Blossom and Leslie: *Voice; Singing*
It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now.
Said I wouldn’t call but I’ve lost all control and I need you now.
And I don’t know how I can do without.
I just need you now.

Blossom: *Voice; Singing* Another shot of whiskey, can’t stop looking at the door.

Wishing you’d come sweeping in the way you did before.
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind?
For me it happens all the time.

Blossom and Leslie: *Voice*
It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk and I need you now.
Said I wouldn’t call but I’ve lost all control and I need you now.
And I don’t know how I can do without.
I just need you now.

Oh whoa
Yes I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all.

Blossom and Leslie: *Voice*
It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now.
And I said I wouldn’t call but I’m a little drunk and I need you now.
Well I don’t know how I can do without.
I just need you now
I just need you now.
Oh baby I need you now.


At the Metropolis Star Clock tower…

Sora: *Having a strawberry daiquiri* You think that Blossom will really show up with that mysterious Ally?

Carly: I don’t know. *Drinking an Shirley temple* I would suppose that she would. She did say that she was with the guy now. Maybe she’s on her way.

Sora: Blossom did say that she’d come within the hour.


The elevator opens up…

Sora: Sounds like someone’s coming…


Wakka: *With wide-eyes* Who-ho-ho-hoa! You come here?

Blossom Rhapsody 9

Blossom: Yeah. We sure do… One of the solemn sworn perks of a heroine hag/Heroine. It’s also one of the perks and benefits of being a super fighter. or one of the sworn members of the Watchtower Command center Armada. Any member… or say… ally have access to meeting spots like this.

Michelangelo Trent
Michelangelo Trent

Michelangelo: That might be the case… *Walking in* But i am not exactly super fighter material. But given that i am part of Zoey’s life and she is a member of the super powered persuasion. Or still a contact to the Armada… I am brought in.

Blossom: Michelangelo… You are technically not supposed to be here for this… But you are here as favor and sworn to secrecy over this. However, you seem to have some useful ability to offer to the plate.

A Minute later…

As soon as they were officially inside the clock-tower overlook…

Sora: *Looking at the satellite readings coming from Watchtower Command center* There is another anomaly showing. it’s located at the army recruitment building.

Carly: What could be doing it? Watchtower wouldn’t know about this… would she? Sora… this is serious.

Sora: Like i wouldn’t know that, Carly? Blossom said that an ally from Besaid was here. In Metropolis. The Blitzball player came through a portal. That portal was reported being traced to her room last night. So… If this guy… Wakka is here. Who else do you think could be here now in Metropolis? From Spira no less.

Carly: We have Rikku the Al-bhed from Spira here. as well as there being Rin, Cid. Brother. Kimahri. The only ones left…

Sora: Luzzu… Gatta. Yuna. Lulu… Lucil. Elma. Tromell?

Carly: No. I don’t think so. Not in the least. Ever.

Sora: What about… Issaru, Dona and Barthello? Them…

Carly: Them… yeah. and the others you mentioned. However… The guy… Tromell? He is not welcome in this city. He comes a foot into our world… he’s burned into last month’s charcoal.

Sora: Yeah. Remember how Blossom got over the Guado?

Carly: Yeah…

Carly flashes back…

“Blossom: Hey Guado… I don’t cuss and i never used the F word before in my life. But… this will be a first. What our response to your demands is… this! *Drawing out some Electricity and aiming right at the Guado* … Guado… Go Fuck yourselves and Die. BURN IN THE DARKEST ABYSS OF HELL! *Firing a Blast of Electricity at the Guado* Take that. *Firing continuous shots of Electricity at the Guado* And that… and that…. and that… and That… AND THAT!”

Sora: We were sure that at that moment with her getting more and more rage and more pissed at the Guado… how irate she was getting… She looked like she was about to blow out her heart. She was really seething.

Carly: That was just spooky and scary.

Seconds later…

Walking in with Wakka...
Walking in with Wakka…

Blossom: *Walking over* I finally made it, Sora. Carly. Had to show off some of the city to a good friend. New to the city… this reality to be more exact.

Sora: Who?! *Looking to see a tall man walking close beside Blossom* Wh-wh-wh-whoa… Who is that?

Blossom: You’ll never believe me if i were to tell you. But… That’s Wakka.

Carly: Wakka?! *Shocked* WHA-What… how can he be Wakka? He’s not with a Blitzball. No Orange hair. No Blue band wrapped around the hair and with a thread of hair thick in the front and sticking up with a curve. Suspenders. that guy has none of that.

Michelangelo: Join the disbelief… Zoey thought the same thing and had to test this guy to relay a memory that only the real one would know. He did. This guy… He’s Wakka.

Sora: *Looking to see Michelangelo in the room along with Blossom and the returned Ally from years ago* Wha… Michelangelo, What are you doing here?

Carly: Blossom, What’s he doing here?

Blossom: He’s here as a watcher. He volunteered to join in with this… It isn’t right that he’s here… But he came to the Diner where i was with Wakka. He came with Zoey. Zoey didn’t even see that Wakka was the same person we all knew in Spira. But he recalled a memory and it all became clear.

Sora: That may be the case… But he is not part of the in crowd on this. he wasn’t involved in the whole kick of us going to Spira… Where there were some untold family connections. How our family connected to Spira. And or how Wakka and Lulu… Kimahri and Yuna were in the know of our family. Zoey was shooting off her mouth to Michelangelo; wasn’t she? *Looking to Michelangelo* We are not mad at you. Or at Zoey. But this is something that you should not have been informed of. It was something that happened before you came into the fold and into Zoey’s life.

Carly: Especially since we have a bit of a scrambling issue to add to this bizarro incident.

Blossom Rhapsody 7

Blossom: *Curious* Like what?

Sora: More of the Spira contacts making a crash landing and entering our world in a not so distant future… at a future coming soon. *Pulling up the details on the laptop* This…

Sora shows satellite overlay of the city. How she managed to get it is a mystery however since they were part of the Super heroine persuasion… They were able to tap into the Video feed overlooking the city.

Sora: Last night… Carly and I were curious about what new developments there were on the possibility of there being allies from Spira coming in for a crash landing to our realm. Our world… So…

Carly: We did some digging and research. To see what we could gather and managed to tap into Watchtower’s systems. Getting a hold of the City maps.

Sora: That’s where we traced one of the flashes… to the residential district. Your house. Which had to be where the one next to you… came through. A possible Portal. But earlier… And we just got the details a moment ago telling of another Anomaly. A Portal.

Carly: But this one was centered at the Army Recruitment Building.

Blossom: How’re these occurrences happening?

Sora: We don’t know. But with the storm that we’ve had last night. It may have tore open the seal between Spira and Metropolis. Just enough to split apart the balance.

Michelangelo: You’re not talking about Time portal disruption, are you?

Carly: No. It’s more like Universal reality severing. throwing off the balance.

Blossom: That is bad… isn’t it?

Sora: Very. But unless it repairs itself. More occurrences will soon come to pass.

Blossom: We talking… good ones? Or bad ones?

Carly: Not sure. But… what we do know… is that it isn’t something to be loosened up about. This isn’t normal.

Sora: Not at all.

A few minutes later…

Carly stunned to be in the same room as their old ally.
Carly stunned to be in the same room as their old ally.

Carly: Whoa… So… Wakka is really here and we’re not just going through the motions. right?

Blossom: That’s right. Plus he said that he came through a portal… A Void of some sort through the hole that was discovered inside the Chamber of the fayth. Within the Temple of Besaid. But that there was something else that was within that Void. Something that he overheard the temple inhabitants mention about.

Sora: Something else?

Michelangelo: Something else like… what?

Blossom: A super weapon that was built a thousand years ago…

Wakka: The Temples called it… Vegnagun. It is a powerful and fearsome machina created by the city of Bevelle during the Machina War. The weapon is massive and powerful enough to potentially destroy all of Spira. It can sense emotion, and thus knows whether a certain person means to do it harm. Vegnagun was not put in use due to its inability to tell friend from foe; it was considered to be used against Sin, but due to its flaws was never used. Vegnagun is controlled by playing an organ-like instrument atop its head, each key emitting a colored glow when pressed. Its main weapon, a gargantuan cannon, fires concentrated energy to cause untold amounts of destruction.

Michelangelo: Why would they build that thing if it was unable to be controlled?

Sora: Where is it even at anyway?

Wakka: Deep underneath Bevelle. At least… that’s what the temples believe.

Carly: You don’t think that it’d come here… do you? Please… please say no.

Wakka: Ah… Don’t worry about that, ya. It won’t come. It would not make it to this world. It wouldn’t survive. Plus… it needs an engineer to run the controls before it can operate, eh? Without someone there to run it… it can’t work.

Blossom: That leaves a whole lot of relief to us. I don’t think that this world is quite ready for the likes of Vegnagun. Even if it is that massive and monstrous.

Michelangelo: Something that big wouldn’t be suited for fitting into an average common sized portal.

Blossom: The only issue now is… What’ll we tell Leslie? If Wakka is to stay and sires to be involved with the Blitzball stadium… We’re gonna have to cop out and tell her.

Sora: How? How do we tell her?

Michelangelo: She has the right to know. She is the Head CEO of the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium. The Founder. You are gonna need to find some way to break it to her somehow. Because if not… and she finds out from a different source or from a stranger… It will make things very awkward for you. For all of us because we had something to tell her and kept silent. She will lose trust in us and i don’t think we want that. at all.

Blossom: *Sighs* Girls… He’s right. We have to tell her. Soon.


Sora: I don’t know if it would be a good idea. Leslie won’t be happy about knowing of the idea where we got an Alternate reality being around and one who can play Blitzball. She’ll think that we were hiding the truth from her… all along.

Blossom: No she won’t. She happens to already know about the other world as i once told her a little of it during the night when she first left the Mob. I mentioned about the other world and where we were inside a video game once. That we knew O’aka. She didn’t know what to say at first. But when she actually got to meeting him… It was as though she understood it. Without much detail. She knows all about it somewhat.

That Afternoon…

Blossom had left to go meet Leslie at the beach and make amends with her. She had to make up for what happened the previous day. The only part that was missing… was Leslie. Leslie didn’t show up at first and was clearly behind schedule…

Blossom walked over to the edge of the beach and stared out into the ocean. Staring into the atmosphere and sighing. Missing Leslie. Even if it were only since the day before when the small fight happened. What she didn’t catch notice of was the tide. The waves that were coming in that afternoon happened to splash in. A few of them were pretty strong and Blossom tried to walk towards the road and steer from the surge of the waves that were coming in. However… one of the waves snuck up and knocked her down. Dragging her in. Pulling her to the sea. The waves came at her and pummeled her. One of the waves that were being made… Slammed her and started to flood her. Knocking her out…

Within seconds…

Blossom was under the water and starting to sink…

She was about to be several leagues under the sea and as she sank… flashes of her memory played through her mind and there was also memories of her girlfriend Leslie… Flashes of what was likely to come later in her life if she were to live…

In a trans… Blossom suddenly saw flashes of Leslie and made out as though she believed that she was really there and started to reach out to her…


Someone pulled her up from the water and rescued her…

???: *Laying Blossom onto the sand* Check her airway… *Checking the airway and feeling for a pulse* Pulse is good. Still in good order. Didn’t have this sort of luck though on Besaid…

Seconds later…

???: *Pushing in and out on Blossom’s chest in hopes of pumping out the water* Come on, Blossom. Come… on. You were tough and capable of withstanding back in Besaid… Gatta and I saw that in you. You were careful… but yet gutsy. Don’t falter now. Not now…

Minutes later…

Blossom: *Coming to and coughing out the water* Agh! Agh! Ahh! Ahh! Ack! Ack! *Waiting for her eyesight to come back to her*

???: Blossom.

Blossom: Yeah?! *Pauses* Wh-wh-who’s there? Wakka?

???: No.

Blossom: *Catching sight of the person near her* Who are you? Do i know you?

???: Perhaps. Ever heard of the Crusaders who were formed to battle sin?

Blossom: I have. Why? Would that happen to mean something?I know what they are. Who they are and what they’re supposed to do. But… who are you?


Luzzu: It’s Capt. Luzzu. A Crusader from the Isle of Besaid.

Blossom flashes back…

“Spencer: *Walking in and looking around* This must be an inn or something. There’s beds.

Penny: You sure that this is a Lodge?

Annie: Gotta be. Maybe it’s where Crusaders meet and stay. They must shack here. Station here.

Gatta: *Seeing only some of the crew* Hey you! You were attacked by Sin… Right? Recently was it?

Serena: We think so. Not something that we’d like to remember though. Being thrown like a set of rags.

Raven: Trust us… Stay alive by not going after that thing. We escaped with our lives. Luckily. But no offense… You’ll be more apt to survive by not going at that thing.

Annie: *Shivers thinking about Sin*

Gatta: So, Sin can’t be far, right? You’re not hiding anything, are you?

Tidus: No. Why would we?

Luzzu: If Sin’s nearby… It’ll attack the island for sure. But it hasn’t, I wonder why?

Sora: Why would you want it to attack the Island? It’s like asking for someone to douse themselves in gasoline and ask that someone light a match.

Carly: It’s dangerous.

Zoey: You should be grateful over the idea that it hasn’t. It means that the Island is safe. That’s what you want most, isn’t it?

Gatta: Yes. More than anything.

Tidus: I’m sorry, I really don’t know anything. to tell the truth, i don’t even know what the crusaders are.

Blossom: Neither do we.

Spencer:  Is it that bad?

Luzzu: Sin! The Toxin! Gatta, Tell them who we are!

Gatta: Yes, Sir! *Standing and Saluting* The Crusaders are sworn to battle Sin! We have chapters throughout Spira, accepting all who wish to join our struggle! The hero Mi’ihen formed the Crusaders eight hundred years ago as the Crimson Blades. Later, our ranks grew and we called ourselves the Crusaders. We’ve been fighting Sin ever since!

Penny: 800 years and you still haven’t defeated it? That’s not… a good sign.

Raven: That right there… makes it come off as if Sin is Immortal or something.

Serena: No one is immortal. Everyone has an Achilles heel. Or usually… they are supposed to.

Annie: I would think so too…

Zoey: ……

Gatta: *Stammers*

Luzzu:  Well, we’ve steered Sin away from towns many times! And that’s all we can do. Nobody’s ever been able to defeat it. It can’t be truly defeated. Our true and primary mission as Crusaders is to protect the temples, towns, villages and the people of Spira.

Raven: Whose job is it to defeat Sin then? There has to be someone that can fulfill that job, right?

Gatta: Is Sin’s Toxin really this bad, sir?

Luzzu: It does seem rather bad…

Seconds later…

Luzzu: We could just tell you, but I think it better for you to try and remember. Go pray at the temple. Perhaps Yevon will help you regain your memory.

Gatta: Soon, we may be able to finally defeat Sin. We’ve got a plan– one that will go down in Crusader history!

Luzzu: We have been excommunicated from Yevon. We must go, now. Everything is riding on the reins of our next… Our last Mission.

Serena: …”

Blossom: But… you can’t be Luzzu. How can that be? How did you get here?


Luzzu: I came through a portal. It seems that since you and your clan left Spira after the defeat of Sin… Yu Yevon… for about a year and a half things were at a time of calm and things were being rebuilt. Redone and the civilians were starting to pick up the pieces and start anew. That was… till the start of last year… in Spira time. Things started to happen. The Temples started becoming unstable and from within the temples Chambers… holes started to form Portals that caused time and space disruption. Forming Voids underneath the temples. Wakka went to check it out. From what the report from the Temple Priest stated… Wakka was concerned about the safety of the village and the temple. Figured that since he was a very proud follower of the Yevon faith but with new views towards it all thanks to a certain clan opening his eyes to the Evils of the darkened secrets that Yevon has tried to hide for so long… He went to investigate and check it out. But hasn’t returned… I was in the Crusader’s lodge when all of a sudden… i was falling through this void and next thing i know… Wham! Here i am… in your world. I am not entirely sure that i am the only one that came. I do believe that others have followed along.

Blossom: Others? Others… as in… who?

Luzzu: Yuna. Lulu. Dona. Barthello. Isaaru. Maroda. Lucil. Elma. Those others.

Blossom: Wow… Metropolis is gonna get really crowded… really soon.

Luzzu: Although… with the fact that they might be coming through here… There is that possibility which something else could come through.

Blossom: Something else… as in Vegnagun?

Luzzu: It is possible as it has been the likely cause for all the Voids underneath the Temples. However… It would have to make a transparent… alternate world Jump. into this one.

Blossom Rhapsody 1

Blossom: Well… If it does come here… My cousins and I can fight it.

Luzzu: …

Blossom: *With a sudden raised eyebrow* What? You don’t think that we can do it?

Luzzu: This weapon is more powerful than that of what Sin ever was. Even if you were to go at it… It would take a miracle to dismantle that thing.

Blossom: When was the last time that you and Wakka crossed paths?

Luzzu: Been a long time… 3, up to 4 years. Spira time.

Blossom: I’m gonna have a lot to break out with Leslie. She’s gonna be with more questions than i got answers.


Luzzu: *Pauses and not recognizing the name being spoken of* Leslie? I don’t believe that i follow who you’re talking about. Who’s this Leslie?

Blossom: She’s this Rich girl who is 14 years old. And Originally from Brooklyn, New York. She first showed up in this city alone and with nowhere to go and was emancipated because of the incident which was going on in Brooklyn where she came from. She Joined the Mob for a short time and then came to break from it only a little down the road. She Stood up to The Mob and started fighting for a chance at a new life. A second chance and paid off all the debts that she has had due to the Mob. She even formed and built a Massive Blitzball Stadium. She calls it the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium.

Luzzu: Ah. She must be a real interesting young lady.

That night…

At the Local Burger Joint…

Leslie was finally willing to come out and meet with Blossom and was set to make amends with her. It was not that she was stalling over it. But she was rather nervous as she knew and saw how Blossom got when someone tried to fight with her and get her really mad. She didn’t figure on seeing herself putting up with that. Leslie was not sure how Blossom would be. However… there was something else going on. Something that Blossom had not figured out yet. Neither had Leslie. It was something that would meet them in a rather shocking position…

Leslie was at the Burger Joint and ordering a couple Cheeseburgers and fries. Waiting for Blossom to arrive. and hopefully make amends. Leslie didn’t like to fight with her friends and have things leave off with unresolved…

Blossom Rhapsody 4

Blossom: *Walking over from the corner* Hey Leslie. I came… as promised.


Leslie: *Nods* I can see that. I am just thankful that you came at all. After the fight that we had… I felt as if i would the last person that you’d want to see again.

Blossom: Not even. Leslie… I would never just cut you out of my life. I am your best friend and girl friend. I am yours forever. That will never ever change and i won’t settle for anything less.

Leslie: I know. You did happen to leave rather upset or angry last night. I almost thought that you’d be throw a fit and let loose.

Blossom: I don’t blame you for thinking that. I have been rather testy over the last few days or so… haven’t I?

Leslie: Yeah. *Sighs*

A Minute later…

Leslie: *Hugging Blossom* I’m sorry. I really am sorry.

Blossom: *Hugging Leslie* It’s alright. There’s nothing to really be sorry about. Not really. I should have given you the chance to explain why you were planning on ensuring that the Swedish singer got the first cut. I was with something different in mind and as i was talking of it and challenging you over it… i nearly forgot that this build was something you founded. Founded and started. Not me. So… I should have ran the ideas by you and go by feel… Let you make the ruling. I just didn’t stop to think that i was literally overstepping.

As they were standing by the table…

Leslie: That’s right… You were. But… I don’t blame you. You were just trying to help is all. You just wanted what was best for the Stadium. We both do. As do the trio. The sisters. The Twins. Spencer and his wife. Theodore and his girlfriend. Sapphire and her boyfriend. Raven and her love interest. Tara, Ginger. Multiple others.

Blossom: We all have so much riding on this build. And it’s all done. The grand Opening already happened. It brought in a complete turnout. However… something tells me that it wasn’t the official grand opening.

Leslie: You’re right… *Looking to the side a little* It wasn’t. Because the real one is gonna be televised.

Blossom: *Sitting down* Televised?! In that case… in 3 weeks… there will be a surprise for you. More than just one.

Leslie: Surprise?! Like what, Blossom? Please… tell me what that surprise is.

Blossom: Can’t. It’s something that you are gonna have to see to believe it. It is something that you’d need to see for yourself. But what i can tell you… *Chuckles* You’re gonna be drunk with shock and not wanting it to end. Zoey and the twins already know what it is… Michelangelo too. Everyone knows… But all were instructed to not relay it to you till it’s time. I gave the order.

Leslie: For a surprise like this… I am gonna be thrilled and be anxious just thinking of it or of what it could be.

They press on talking with one another and making amends. It was almost too easy for them to make amends. However between the two of them… there was little to nothing that could come between them to make them want to issue a blowout and fight among one another. To Blossom… Leslie’s friendship with her meant so much more than letting a petty argument or minor disagreement get between them. It meant so much more than that and there was no way… in any stretch of the mind… or spirit or bond that it was gonna change. Friendship is one of the key ingredients for a happy soul. A happy life and a happy existence. It is one of the major building blocks. to any existence. Without it… It is like a black hole in your life. a void that isn’t a warm greeting. Leslie didn’t have any friends back in brooklyn. She didn’t have a single friend… That she could remember. And if she had… there was multiple years of space from that time… till current and a huge gap. The friends she’s got since coming to Metropolis… She could never dream to give up. They meant everything to her. As had her parents…

3 weeks later…

Saturday, August 11th, 2046

Things were falling into place for Leslie and Blossom. It was after the grand opening or the day that was believed to be the grand opening of the Massive Stadium. Things were looking up. Leslie was reunited with her parents. Her parents got to briefly meet Blossom on surprise and fluke occasions. But Things were really looking up.

Leslie was at her house and just hanging around her front yard of the Mansion. She was walking around getting some fresh air. She didn’t get to see Blossom for the last couple weeks as things were really busy at her house and she was having to spend some time to reconcile with Zoey a little more as it was still healing. But on the flip side it was making a very promising leap of progress.. It was also the end of Holly. Holly was taken down and things were well as for the hostility. After all the fighting and pain. The torture. Holly was finally seeing the light. Seeing the good in Leslie that others were willing to give chance to and had it bloom. Which at first was unknown as to whether it’d pan out… or if it would be none other than an act. One thing played in everyone’s mind… What was Holly like now? The time would tell when it got closer to the truth…

But it was a clear day and cool Even though it was summertime still in Metropolis. It was surprisingly… a really good day (Weather wise). It was the day that the expose was gonna come out. Blaring the news of Leslie’s and Blossom’s sexuality off to her parents… to Leslie’s parent’s. Leslie walked around the yard and enjoyed the weekend peace when…

Blossom: *Walking over from the outside* Hey Leslie, Sweetheart. What’s up?

Leslie: *Looking to see Her girlfriend Blossom* Hey there, Blossom. Nice seeing you again. I haven’t seen you in over 2 weeks. Everything okay?

Blossom: I would be asking you the same thing. I haven’t seen you either. The girls were all asking about you. Everything is fine though. Been just worried about you.

Leslie: I know. I’ve just been sticking close to my parents for a while. Have been catching them up on all that has happened to me personally since the time i departed from them Mid-May. There was a lot to tell. Plus… I am also getting acquainted better and closer to my adopted sister Laura.

Blossom: *Coughs* Y-you got a sister now? Oh my god… Leslie, When was this?

Leslie: I don’t know. I guess that they had adopted her a few days before they made it into Metropolis. It was a surprise. I didn’t expect it at all… However… since i was 7, I was longing for a sister. The only thing is… which got me off guard was the part where they just said that i just had a sister. No warning. Nothing. Just that i had one. She’s a cute girl too. Laura Melanie Burke. *Walking over to her girlfriend and Kissing her on the lips quickly*

Blossom: *Kissing back* Hey. *Looking at the Mansion* This your new home?

Leslie: *Looking at the Mansion* Sure is. my parents bought it and had it custom made. From the top to the bottom. They even had a storm cellar and a basement built as well. The attic is just as big… But only an accustomed size. We had an estate sale the other day and made 900,000 dollars. I got 150,000 of the profits made. But was fair on giving 75,000 of it to Laura. So she has something. My parents got 250,000 and we gave 500,000 of it to Charity. For a good cause. To aid in the financial stability of the City. Which will give the city a leg up as it deserves. At least that is the original plan.

Blossom: It’s nice. Looks pretty awesome.

Leslie: Want to come inside? It’s a good house. An awesome mansion. The best Mansion around.

Blossom: You sure? Would your parents be okay with that?

Leslie: Of course. They already know about you and some of the girls. But i think that today… It’ll be official. That they get to know you officially. Not just briefly.

It was then that Leslie walked over to the front door of the Mansion and opened to door. She was gonna have her first guest over to her new home. It was a wonderful moment and yet… the time was near where she was gonna be exposing her new Sexuality to her parents. It was a heavy revelation as her parents always saw and imagined for her to be the same as they knew her for when she departed from them. They were never gonna be living something such as Leslie being gay… down.


Leslie: This… Blossom is our Mansion. The Burke Family Mansion.

Blossom: *Looking at the Mansion’s inside* WOW! Holy crap! This place is huge.

Leslie: You like it?

Blossom: What?! Are you dense? I am drunk with excitement over the whole place. This place is the total example of outrageous. Your parents must have gotten creativity up the literal wazoo. It’s like a dream.

Leslie: My parents happened to have gone a little over the top with it all… But they really wanted me to have a home to remember.

Blossom: And how… *Whistles* Wow! Daddy Warbucks… Eat your heart out. Bob Hope and Howard Hughes… bow down to the Impetuous and artistic connoisseur of The Art guru’s… The Burke’s.

Leslie: Wow. Remind me to flash with all the fancy stuff next time. *Laughs* You’re really a trip. But refreshing.

Blossom: And you’re lovely. You have no idea of how sweet and lovely you are.

Leslie: *Giggles Playfully* Stop it, Blossom. It’s not time to let that out yet. I have to go and find my parents first. Tell them of the news. *Walking off and leading to the living room* The living room is over here. It’s quite comfy. Aristocratic seats and rich interior. It’s got a nice Plushy chair too. Delicate and it adjusts its comfort level to the one who sits in it. State of the art.

Blossom: Wait a minute… I thought that you said that your family didn’t care about the money. Alot of the stuff looks like it would cost a mighty pretty penny to get and own.

Leslie: It’s true. A bunch of this stuff would cost a pretty penny. However… This is the stuff that my parents owned for a long long time. 2 Generations of Burke. i’m the 3rd generation of Burke. So when i grow up and inherit this Mansion… Alot of this will be mine. Not that i would be expecting it. It’s just like a passing of time.

Blossom: I didn’t think it was like that. But… Wow! That’s gonna make you like… a trustee to the entire fortune.

Leslie: *Nods* It is. However… I am thinking on holding a housewarming party for all our friends later this week. To introduce everyone to the house. Welcoming everyone to our home. This is not like our hometown of Brooklyn. But it’s still our home and we care about sharing our hearts and home… to others.

Blossom: *Thinking* would you be wanting some help in spreading the word to the others and our crew? You know that they’re gonna want to be in on it.

Leslie: Sure. Hopefully Holly doesn’t show up. I mean… We finally just recently got her to come to her senses… But i don’t quite trust her. She hasn’t been the most kindest or the most loving person.

Blossom: And i don’t want her anywhere near your folks. Because i still am gonna keep on my word… She screws with your parents or you… I’m gonna knock her ass down. I have done it already 16 times. I won’t hesitate to do it again.

Leslie: I know. You’re persistent in that.

Blossom: You’re right. I am.

Leslie: Have you seen Zoey, Sora or Carly lately?

Blossom: No. Sora and Carly have been taking some time away and hanging by themselves. They’re dealing with their mom’s new suitor. Mr. Olson. Accepting him into the family as their stepfather. It’s gonna be a new change for them as they’ve still been going through writing off their Biological father Alvin. And they mostly have forgotten about him. Wanting nothing of him. Whatsoever.

Leslie: You mentioned that to me once. What happened between their father and mother?

Blossom: Their father was exposed as a cheater and adulterer. He was having an affair with another woman. Cheating on the mother. Even the oldest son to him wants nothing to do with him. Neither does the Oldest Daughter. You already know of this and we already been going through it… However with the fact that their mother’s going with Mr. Olson. and has been off and on for almost 6-7 months. It’s just reopening some issues. Sora and Carly are trying to handle it. It isn’t easy. But they’re more than apt towards accepting him and maybe call him a father to them.

Leslie: What’s become of the father now?

Blossom: I think that you already know of that by now. The father is back with the father of his and his brothers. Or is with a new family and different last name. And severed all ties he had with his biological family.

Leslie: Oh. Are they gonna be alright? Why didn’t they say anything about their father severing all ties he had to the clan? That must have hurt them deeply. Why didn’t they say anything?

Blossom: They will be. But i think that they didn’t say anything of it because there wasn’t anything for them to say. What could they really hope on doing about it anyway? There wasn’t anything that they could have done. Plus they counted Alvin as dead to them anyway for what he had put their mother through. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference either way.

Leslie: How is Paul taking it?

Blossom: Paul’s great. He’s got a girl now.

Wendy Montgomery.

The girl’s however a Diaper girl with some fetish. But the girl isn’t going all in on it. Just the basic and that’s it.

Leslie: I don’t get it. What’s all this about Diaper girls? Is that like a new fetish or something?

Blossom: How should i know? I haven’t a clue as to whether that’s something people are getting into. I am guessing that since my cousin Jenna Rhapsody is kicking it up more with her wanting to become an Adult Baby Diaper lover and all… Then Holly being put in Diapers for how she was towards you and your family. It’s caught on to some others. However we already know about that as we heard of that for months.

The Hot Diaper babes. The Star trio Penny, Felicia and Sandy Star

Now there is a trio out there in Topeka calling themselves the Hot Diaper girl Babes. Changing each other and rubbing on each other too as if enacting a mating ritual. It’s sick. Really sick. I’m just hoping that i never meet them. As do the others.

Nancy Hart
Nancy Hart

There are others like Nancy Hart. She’s a High schooler. Or so Janie, Alex and Charlene recall her. She too wears diapers. But because she has a respiratory diagnosis. From what they were saying… She had the problems since she was a baby. Doctors never really could figure out why she had that issue. Since then… they’ve been trying to find a cure. But came up empty.

Leslie: What about the others?


Becky Wayland
Becky Wayland

Like Becky Wayland. She’s a rebellious girl. Cares for nothing. For no one but herself. Her parents even ignore her most of the time except for when there is a party. Then they just make like she’s so special. But… otherwise. She’s ignored. She wears diapers because her parents see her as just a baby that will never grow up. Leslie, Your sister… Laura. She’s not gonna be anything like that… Is she?

Leslie: No. But then again… I wouldn’t know. I don’t really know all that much about her and it’s not like it’s gonna be exposed.

A minute later…

In the Living Room…

Leslie had Blossom sit down and make herself right at home. To wait for Leslie to come back down or to be called up. She walked up the stairs and went to go find her mom and dad who were in the study. They were reading and Painting. Carl was Painting another masterpiece as the music that was playing in the study was moving him. Elizabeth was reading. She was clearly a V.C Andrews fan as she read all the books at least 4 times. But would read them again and again. On an ongoing basis.

In the Study…

Carl: *Painting* I wonder what our daughter Leslie is up to. She’s been kinda quiet this morning.

Elizabeth: She’s probably got a lot on her mind. She usually does. She has been away from us for quite sometime. Alot has happened to her and she has matured a bit since the last we saw of her till we finally reunited with her. However… She seems a little different. I don’t know if you noticed. But i have. A Mother always knows when something is different about her child. *Wondering*

Leslie: *Walking into the Study* Hey mom… Dad.

Elizabeth: *Looking to the side* Leslie? Everything okay, hun?

Leslie: Yeah. But… There’s something that i should tell you.

Elizabeth: What’s that, Sweetie?

Carl: You okay?

Leslie: I don’t know… However, there is something that you don’t know.

Elizabeth: We are aware of that. But… *Lowering her book down and setting it aside* Honestly, What’s the matter?

Leslie: *Walking over and sitting down; sighing* I don’t think that i ever told you about what it was like for me when i was on my own here… However i didn’t have any friends at first till that one person came and encountered me and spoke to me.

Elizabeth: You didn’t seem to mention that at first. But it is common as you are a new student in a new school. No one is gonna come and notice you right off and right away. New attendees are always gonna be facing that. It’s just how things go.

Carl: *Setting his Painting brush and palette down to the side and Turning to face Leslie* Come on now, dear girl. just calmly tell us what it is that you have on your mind.

Leslie: I never really figured that i’d have to come out with this… But here it is. I have a relationship. It’s someone really nice… Well to me the person is. They’re strong and very straightforward and puts anyone who tries to do any kind of harm at me… down flat.

Elizabeth: Leslie, Sweetheart… Are you saying that you got a cute gentleman in your life. And at 14?

Leslie: Yeah. But the person in my life… isn’t a Gentleman.

Elizabeth: What do you mean?

Leslie: What would you say if i were to tell you… That it’s a girl. That i am in love with a girl. And that she goes to the same school as i do. That we have just about the same exact classes to the letter?

Elizabeth: What… Leslie, Honey. Are you trying to tell us… that… You’re Same Gender fixated?

Carl: As in Gay?

Leslie: *Nods in confirmation but while at the same time nervous about putting the truth out there*

Elizabeth: You’re kidding, Right honey? You’re not telling us that you are gay. Are you?

Leslie: That’s exactly what i am telling you. I am gay.

Elizabeth: How did this happen? Why?

Carl: Leslie, we don’t necessarily condone this type of life decision you are exposing that you’ve made… But we aren’t gonna condemn either. We are just very stricken with disbelief that it is the path you’re considering. How is it that it came to this?

Leslie: It came to this decision as it was something that i have given time to think over. I Love her. It started back when it was during the time i was in the Mob. During one of the conversations i had with her. She and I held a discussion with one another over a light. *Seeing the estranged looks coming at her* Yeah. *Sighs sharply* Me. Your Daughter Leslie here had taken up a habit of smoking for a short time while in the mob. I am the one that did it. Me.

“Blossom: You know what, Leslie? This is pretty cool. You’re free to do what you like. You have a career. You’re a Mobster but have more class than anyone at school. *Smoking*

Leslie: *Lighting up and smoking* I don’t have that much class, Blossom. I am not all that sweet either. I do have a learned knack for being seductive in a sense. Even Manipulative. I mean… i didn’t use to smoke. i only started since the other month. However… Dorian doesn’t know and i didn’t tell him. I figured that it would be best if he didn’t know the full details. But i did. Done it since then. Not much. Just 3 a day. I then manipulated you into doing it. Controlled you in some way.

Blossom: *Scoffs* Oh yeah… right. Come on, Leslie. You didn’t necessarily manipulate me. I chose to do it. My best friend/Cousin Zoey is trying to shake me because i am always with you. But even though she’s my best friend and family… She’s got to know that i am changing. I am with you, Leslie. You’re with only me as a friend. But i am hoping that it’ll change. Change as in you getting more friends.

Leslie: I would like that. *Taking a puff and sighing* However… I don’t think that it’d do me any good. I just about gave up on trying to get people to like me for me. Befriending me. It’s not a conspiracy, Blossom. The others at school don’t want me around. It’s as if they see Emancipated Kids… Teens as vagrants. I am stuck with Dorian.

Blossom: What do you mean, Stuck? You told me that you were involved with the mob. You joined the Mob.

Leslie: I did. I am. But at first… i didn’t know what i wanted to do and i knew that i had to have some kind of guardian to represent me for when i were to enroll in school. I had to have someone.

Blossom: *Smoking* And that’s where Dorian comes in.

Leslie: Yeah. I had Dorian Enroll me. But gave him a phantom name to use.

Blossom: A fake name?

Leslie: Yeah. *Smoking*

Blossom: Why?

Leslie: Because if he told the school that he was truly a Mob man. Dorian. I would have been sent right into the foster system. I didn’t want that.

Blossom: Wow! That’s a bummer. I thought that you were happy to be in the Mob. With a form of protection.

Leslie: I am. But i didn’t really think that it’d be with… the Mob.

Blossom: If that’s the case… Why’re you sticking to this guy… Dorian?

Leslie: It’s because…He’s an adult. and laws in Metropolis… or anywhere in this country… state that anyone under the age of 18 need a guardian to represent them. If the Teenage boy or girl is Emancipated. they can live their own life. Anything they want. But if they try to enroll themselves… They need a guardian present. Someone to represent them. Stand for them. Someone to cater for them.

Blossom: However… Now, you’re trapped?

Leslie: *Snaps a little* Hey… Blossom, I am not trapped. I made the choice. I chose to go to him… He was the only one that really noticed me before i managed to start attending school here. No one even cared. Plus… He cares alot about me. I am like a Daughter to him. He’s seeming to see me as like some sort of daughter figure.

Blossom: Sorry, Okay? But what… I mean one minute you tell me that you are not sure that you were making the right choice… going for the Mob. Then you tell me the next minute… that you were on your own and you went for the first guardian or adult that you could get within close proximity to. Not knowing that it was someone tied to the Mob and that this guy… Dorian… saw you as like some kind of Daughter that he wish that he had but knew that he never would. Because of his profession.

Leslie: You sound like a profiler when you say things like that. But you do have a point. I should have thought better.

Blossom: No. Leslie… *Sighs and getting up; grabbing a drink* No… It isn’t that at all. You are doing what you know is the right thing. You are trying to do what you can to survive. Taking any measure that you can. It’s not easy… But it’s all about survival. You’re 12-13 and Rich. 20 million dollars on you. 20 million. You have no bank account as you have to be like 18-19 at least before you get a Bank account and even then… you would have to open multiple accounts for all the money you’ve got. You’re emancipated. No ties officially to your mom and dad. Biological. You only call them like once a month. As you only recently told me.

Leslie: I can survive on a lot less. it’s just about resources. Being resourceful in life. Knowing how to use things that are around you to build things that will help you get by.

Blossom: *Nods*

A minute or two later…

Blossom: I’m almost out of smokes. *Sighs*

Leslie: It’s okay Blossom. I’m gonna be going to the office of Dorian’s tomorrow. He smokes the same brand as you do. He’s got a box of them. I’ll snake a couple packs for you tomorrow. But for the rest of the day… rest off from it. *Walking over to the mini-fridge and looking for something to eat* Dr. Freeze… He also has the same brand too. But i will have more better luck checking through the box that Dorian has. *Thinking* You haven’t eaten much since you got here. Before you head out back home… you might want to eat something. Plus… till tomorrow when we meet up again… You might want to leave your pack here.

Blossom: You sure?

Leslie: I am. From what you told me about your mom and dad… I don’t know if it’d be all that smart to have packs of smokes in your possession around them. I carry mines with me but in a spot where no one knows… but me. However… It’s because i don’t really live by the hard core stuck up rules of the masses. I tend to follow my own path.

Blossom: Is that the Leslie T. Burke perspective… or is that the perspective of Rita the Hammer?

Leslie: *Playfully posing as Rita* Shh! Not so loud, Blossom. I’m trying to keep that under the wire for right now. I may be involved with the Mob… But i am trying to keep a down low on that… only because…

Blossom: Why?

Leslie: Because i am possibly in danger.

Blossom: Danger? In Danger… from who?

Leslie: Niko Can. *Worried and practically concerned; Worried* He knows about me. And if things go south… He’ll get at me to lure and hurt Dorian. He’s gonna kill him. In less than a week now. He’s gonna kill Dorian. Then come for me and off me. If Dorian and I are not out of town.”

Elizabeth: But the part that we don’t understand… is why did you join the Mob? There was plenty of options. You had money. Your inheritance which would help you survive.

Leslie: I know that. Okay, Mom? I know. But i didn’t wish to just rely on that. I was taught to rough it. Money is or was supposed to be just an extra. I was taught how to survive and without having money to bail me out. I can’t be using money for everything. On top of getting food to eat. In case you might have forgotten… or had it escape your mind. Which i am sure that it didn’t because you’re one of the sharpest minds here. As well as dad. We are the type of rich people who don’t care about the Money or whether we have it or not. It’s just there to make life easier… to help out. Not something to depend on like some security blanket.

Carl: Easy now, Leslie. We know how you are feeling and how you’re trying to make a point. But you need to calm down. *Looking at Elizabeth* She does have a point dear. That was how we raised our daughter Leslie to be. Teaching her how to rough it and not depend on money all the time. Being resourceful. Defending herself too. This might not be the best thing for our daughter to be coming out as Gay. But we have to realize that this type of life choice took a bunch of consideration and it goes way beyond her very years. This type of decision clearly took alot of thought and had her thinking hard and trying to be sure that it was without any doubt the right path. The right choice.

Elizabeth: Maybe you’re right. But What i’d like to know is why the Mob? That is what i would like to know. What made her think that the Mob was the way to go?

Carl: I would like to know that too. But i am quite certain that it was something that she felt was the choice to take considering the outcome. She was on her own.

Leslie: Yeah. Of course.

Carl: What about the girl? Where does she come in with all this?

Leslie: She was not in the Mob with me. Not at first. But eventually she was in it with me… To save me from the Mob. However… In order to do that… She first had to join. I didn’t know that at first. Because in the beginning… She just befriended me and just reached out to me. The only thing was that i was in the Mob and it started with me trying to push her away a bit at first as i didn’t want her around me when i was close to the Mob. I didn’t want her to get hurt…

Leslie tells about that night…

“Tuesday, September 12, 2045…

Blossom: *Walking over from the side; Coming from the street* Hey Leslie.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom suddenly* Blossom?! Oh my god… I can’t believe that you’re here… near me at a time like this.

Blossom: What do you mean? *Confused* Why’re you here? You do realize that this is a nightclub, right?

Leslie: I think that i gathered that, Blossom. However… i am involved with someone here.

Blossom: Who? Who has you here? Leslie… You should come with me. We can hang out at my house. I can make an excuse with my dad and you can stay at my house.

Leslie: That’d be nice, Blossom… But, I can’t. I have to stay here.

Blossom: I don’t understand… Why? Why do you have to stay here?

Leslie: It’s not really any business of yours, Blossom. You shouldn’t be here. You should not have come here. Go. Please.

Blossom: Leslie, You can trust me… I won’t tell anyone about your being at the nightclub.

Leslie: Alright. You happen to be a good friend. My only friend from school. So… I have to at least trust you with some of the truth.

Blossom: Truth? Leslie… What is going on?

Leslie: What do you think? I am with Dorian right now.

Blossom: Who?!

Leslie: Dorian Tyrell. He is the big time Crime boss who happens to work under the Crime lord Syndicate known as Niko. But Dorian is trying to get out from under him and over take this city. Out power Niko… if he can. That’s part of the reason why i joined under him. i am involved with the Mob. To help him get one over on Niko. Take him out.

Blossom: What would that do for Dorian? If he is wanting to take control of the city and over throw Niko… Why doesn’t he just try to spread a Rumor or a damaging tale about him and get people to believe it? Fabricate it somehow. He doesn’t necessarily have to… you know… Kill him? does he?

Leslie: That’s what i am trying to get Dorian to consider. I mean… he’s wanting to get above Niko and bring him down… But he’s so set on killing Niko that it’s all he considers. However… He’s wanting to protect me from all that for now. Till he knows that i will have to join in on the fight. I am just worried that he’s gonna bite off more than what he can take on.

Blossom: I don’t know why… but you’re putting yourself in danger, Leslie. You need to get away from the Mob world before it destroys you. I am your friend. Your only friend apparently. But i can’t just stick around seeing you getting in the middle of danger. This location… the glitz and glam. It might be all sweet and cute now… Simple and serene. But eventually those rose-tinted glasses are gonna shatter and break. When they do… You might come to see what a mistake this all was.

Leslie: … What you just said… Blossom, is not really for you to be judging. You don’t really know about the Mob world. You’re not living it. I am. However… I know what i’m doing. I know how to fire a gun. But i really don’t favor in it.

Blossom: *Scoffs* God… Leslie, I wish i knew how i could help you with this mess. I want to be there for you. You need to be careful. All i ask is that you try to think hard on what you’re trying to take on. You’re my friend. Just know that i’m here… if you ever feel like opening up about the Mob world. not like now… but i mean really open up. I’ll be here for you.

Leslie: *Smiles* I appreciate that, Blossom. Thank you.

Dorian: *Calling for Leslie* Leslie, where’d you go? Time to go inside in a moment.

Leslie: *Replying over to Dorian* I’ll be there in a minute. Just getting a little air. Just time to think on some things. But i’m coming. Be right there in a minute.

Blossom: …

Leslie: *Panicking* Blossom… You’re not in on this Mob persona. You shouldn’t be here.

Blossom: But Leslie…

Leslie: Blossom… You’re a good friend. I truly like you. But i can’t protect you from Dorian. Dorian is a nice guy. He took me in but he’s got certain rules. If he sees you here… he’s literally gonna come off with a temper. I have seen it… it’s not pretty. Dorian’s gonna be mad. You have to go. Hurry. *Hearing Dorian call her again and sounding worried* Go…

Blossom: Will i see you at school tomorrow?

Leslie: Yes. I’ll be there. I’ll be there… Blossom, get out of here. hurry! Please. I don’t want to see you getting hurt from this.”

Leslie: I was all about protecting her. She was the only one at first who even gave attention to me or bothered to befriend me. I didn’t have any friends. None other than her… till later on. It was of course at the near end of the Mob Reign of Dorian that i was finally accepted by Blossom’s family. All except for Zoey. She was too into being with this Diner girl named Holly Reedy. Which that was till recent or some time ago. However… the point is… I was all for protecting my friend. I didn’t want for her to be caught up in my mess. Which was what she happened to do on the night where i robbed a bank.

Elizabeth: WHAT?! You robbed a bank?

Leslie: Yeah. But it was a bust and i never caught the money from the bank. the men i was with… We all got had by this guy in a green mask. Which turned out to be some Drab Banker named Ipkiss. He foiled it and it cost us a man. Dr. Freeze.

Elizabeth: And your friend?

Carl: Where was she that night?

Leslie: She was at the nightclub that night on the side of building. Where she wouldn’t be seen. Having a light and waiting for me. She was that night with the clear assurance that she wanted to be part of the Mob. Something that i was trying to prevent. Only because… she was only gonna be slapped into danger. I didn’t want that. But she wanted in and it was there that…

Elizabeth: What… It was there what, Sweetheart?

Leslie then illustrates the moment when she had a heart to heart with Blossom…

“Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Whoa. What happened to you?

Leslie: *Shaking off the disappointment* Don’t ask. I am not in any good mood. The guys and I just got cluster punched by some Whack-Job in a green mask. Thought it be hysterical to toy with us. We lost one.

Blossom: Who?

Leslie: Freeze.

Blossom: Him?! Oh no… Not him. He was a rather nice guy.

Leslie: He didn’t kill him. The Cops shot at him. It was a bust. A total Bust. *Pulling out her lighter and lighting Blossom’s Smoke* Be fast with that smoke. I have to go inside in a couple minutes to do damage control. This is a literal disaster.

Blossom: As will i be. I decided. I’m in. I want to be a Mobster. A Gangster Gal.

Leslie: *Pauses and in surprise* What?! You do?

Blossom: *Smoking* Yeah… I gave it some thought and i already know that my life is mainly meaningless as i think that my father is on to me and is trying to press me to confess about my habit. I can’t tell him. I want to… but i can’t. I saw how he saw my Older sister Victoria when she smoked and she wasn’t treated so nice. I have a family that is so against darkness being a part of the lives of the Clan… But. It’s gonna happen eventually sometime. Even if they were to try and stop it. It wasn’t gonna just end.

Leslie: What about your cousins… Zoey, Sora and Carly. What about them?

Blossom: I Think that Zoey’s looking for a start on smoking herself. She’s reached her end on keeping a strong front. She saw what her mother was really doing and Even though my Aunt Soon to be Ex-Aunt Luna which my cousin Zoey said Luna was making like she changed… It didn’t stick as Zoey saw the real Luna. When she got home and saw that her mother wasn’t home yet. She did some digging and found proof that Luna was gonna leave the entire clan and that Luna was indeed on Drugs… Oh and here’s something else. She’s divorcing Zoey’s father Zeke too.

Leslie: Seriously?

Blossom: *Smoking and taking a few drags* Yeah. I don’t know what to say to her about the whole thing. I don’t know what there is for me to say. *Looking to the side* I can’t ask you to speak to her. She isn’t necessarily familiar with you that much. Just that i always spoke of you around her. But that’s it.

Leslie: *Looking down* I’m sorry.

Blossom: What for? You didn’t do anything.

Leslie: I feel bad though… You’re losing everything you used to know because of me.

Blossom: That’s so not true. You’re not making me lose anything. It’s just the fact that i am changing and certain members of my family can’t handle that.

Leslie: Blossom, Can i confess something to you?

Blossom: Sure. What is it?

Leslie: *Feeling unsure of how to let out her feelings for her Best friend* I think that i Like you. Alot.

Blossom: And I feel the same towards you.

Leslie: No… Listen. I have been thinking about things and for the last couple of so weeks… After you left for the remainder of the day. I felt as though my heart was breaking. Really weird though as that would mean i’d be like… in Love. I think that i could be Gay.

Blossom: *Weirded out but seeming to understand* Leslie… *Laughs a little; Chuckling* Leslie… If you have feelings for me… And are gay. Just say it. Just tell me. I wouldn’t be scared off. I was a little nervous when i first met Dorian. But i still stuck to you. So… There is nothing that can scare me away from you. I mean… If i were the least bit scared of what you were trying to tell me… You really think that i would still be hanging around and sticking to you. I would be avoiding you. However… You coming out with telling me that you were likely a little gay kinda has me a little weirded out.

Leslie: …

Blossom: It’s not really a bad thing… Because now at least i know that you happen to feel rather close to someone… like me. You’re a rich girl from New York. Resourceful. Seen a bit of the country. More than i have. I’m a 4th Generation Fighter from a Clan that’s been with powers since who knows when. I’m with a family that’s loved by like the whole world. Because of some major feats that were attained over the course of at least 30 years or more. I got myself Money as well… But it’s government money. Pay for my service with the BPRD. Two worlds… Collide. I’m not Rich… Not even close. But for a young girl to be paid… close to 6 thousand dollars… That’s saying something. A lot of something.

Leslie: That’s good. I mean… i was worried that you’d be scared off.

Blossom: The only thing that scares me is what i faced 4 years ago in this one literal far out quest that took place in another world. I hearing about people becoming fiends over time. Vengeful fiends. Damned souls to be exact. That had me really terrified. It shook me. But that was the only thing i know to have scared me.

Leslie: Nothing really scares you, does it?

Blossom: No. *Putting out her light* But really… what happened with the guys?

Leslie: We were beat to the loot. The Mask Character was there first. Grabbed the loot and then fled. He took us all by complete surprise. We were about to break in and take the Cash from the Vault. Everything was literally set to go and we saw that all the security measures were cut of the Bank. Making sure that there was nothing active to catch us. It would have been a real sweet op. But just as Orlando and Greens were about to pick the locks to the front doors… Boom! The doors blew open and knocked us all back. Knocked me down on my butt. Seconds later… A Yellow whirlwind popped out into sight and spun. Only to show a green masked man. That freak… Looked at us and just said: “Sorry Fellas. Waste not, Want not.”

Blossom: *In awe* You tried to fire a shot at him… Right?

Leslie: I couldn’t. That guy zoomed off fast before i could take any shot at him. Fired at the Cops though.

Blossom: Did the cops spot you?

Leslie: I don’t think so. *Worried* I hope not. If they did… I’m gonna be marked by Niko’s crew.”

Elizabeth: So that was when you got the idea that you were gonna be Gay? That night.

Leslie: That is part of it. However… it wasn’t deep enough yet. That night… She and I had to stand off against the green masked weirdo. Only to then get met with the cops. However…

Carl: There was more to it than that? Wasn’t there? *Suspecting that something is being kept from them*

Leslie: Yeah.

She flashes back…

“The Mask staggers back… then forwards in a classic Western death scene. He throws an arm around Leslie for Support…

Blossom: *Laughs* Holy crap! The Mask is holding on to you like a child would hold on to its mother.

Leslie: This guy is psychotic. *Laughs suddenly* For a wacko, He’s a complete trip.

Leslie seems touched by the Mask’s dying words as she holds him in her arms.

Stanley/The Mask: *after being shot* Hold me closer, Ed, it’s getting dark. *cough, cough*

Dorian:*Chuckles lightly and rubbing the top of his nose*

Blossom: This has to be his way of trying to ham us so we’d be too full of laughs to shoot.

Dorian: …

Stanley/The Mask: Tell Auntie Em to let Old Yeller out. *cough cough* Tell Tiny Tim I won’t be coming home this Christmas. *cough, cough*

Leslie: *Not sure what to say*

Stanley/The Mask: Tell Scarlett I do give a damn. *coughs in Leslie’s face, raspberries, then farts* Pardon me.

He dies, And out of nowhere… the Mask gives up the ghost, his pink tongue flops out the side of his mouth. Leslie bursts into tears. Blossom then broke into tears as well… She didn’t know why and couldn’t explain it. But that act really touched her. For special ambience, the Peanut Gallery appears and applauds while The Mask is handed an acting award…

The Mask leaps to his feet and starts taking bows.

Mask: *Thankful* Thank you, you love me, you really love me!

But then the Mask thought about using that as his chance in getting away which he almost did. But just as he started to walk out and make a getaway, Orlando Pointed his gun in the Mask’s face and the Mask turned to go another way only to be blocked by Dorian…

Dorian: *Aiming his gun at the Mask* You’re not going anywhere.

Leslie: Blossom, *Looking at Blossom* We got to get out of here. Dorian’s more equipped and with the experience of dealing with the law. We’re not. We can’t stay here. Not for this.

Blossom: How do we get out of here?

Leslie: *Leading the way* Come on, Follow me. I know the way. There’s a secret way out of here.”

Leslie: I lead her out of there. To escape being caught by the cops. The one Cop Kellaway… He already knew that i was there somewhere. But not at the scene. So she couldn’t peg me. Blossom was now in the Mob.

Carl: You didn’t want that? Did you?

Leslie: No. I didn’t. but then before i knew it… I was slapped with an on-air live interview. 2 hours. Talking about my life. You guys. My life in Brooklyn and what all happened to force me to be separated from you guys. I cried on Air. Which you heard. Everyone did.

Elizabeth: That was the night where we both made the move to pack and come to Metropolis.

Elizabeth looks back to that night…

“Leslie: *Sobbing a little* I’m sorry. I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to break away from there. I had no choice. No choice. It was that or watch as everything i knew of my family… fell to a distant memory. I am actually with the confession that i am terrified that i may have shamed them by breaking from them. They lost alot as it was… Then they face me Emancipating from them?

It was heard… All over the Airwaves.

Leslie was crying as she remembered what it was like to have no alternative choice but to file Emancipation. Breaking from her parents. Never being able to get back with her parents again.

The cries were heard by the listeners in New York. In Brooklyn…

At the Burke household…

Carl Valentine Burke: *Listening to the Radio* Our dear daughter is feeling the heartache. She should know that she did what she had to do. It wasn’t exactly the best thing… Although. As we were being torn apart… It wasn’t right to see her getting attacked as well. Circumstances called for Emancipation.

Elizabeth Anne Burke: Carl, Sweetie… Come on. She is always gonna be our daughter. Laws rule out that she’s no longer a Burke. But she’s still one by blood. She’s automatically entitled to the inheritance set for her. I just want our daughter to be happy. I know she did what she had to do to spare herself the pain of seeing us hurt. Emancipation was the only way. The only way.

Carl: How is it that she still knew or remembered all about what happened. From the beginning. Till now?

Elizabeth: How could she not? She’s still a young girl A young person. Now a teen but no matter what… She’s always gonna be our baby.

Carl: Liz’, She knows that. We would like her to come back. But the Socialite community would only eat her up. We can never have her back here. We can move and with the connections we still have, We can reverse the Emancipation. But she is likely with a new life for herself. If we were to go there… to Metropolis, Right now… It would throw her back.

Elizabeth: *Listening to the Radio* Are you hearing her? I mean… Really hearing her? She’s crying. The sound of her voice now… It’s her crying for her parents. A Mother always knows what her child feels. I been made aware of how she feels through the phone conversations that we’ve had with her.

Carl: We should consider on leaving to Metropolis then. Sometime soon. *To the Radio* We’re coming, Leslie.

Elizabeth: What do we do? We can’t just leave. It’ll take us days to get the boxes and get everything packed.

Carl: Don’t worry too greatly about anything. I shall make some calls and get us a house in Metropolis. Family is important. We can’t stay here. We can start a new in Metropolis. Find a socialite part of the city there and regain what we lost. But also reconnect with our girl.

Elizabeth: I know, Carl. But you should be careful. You know what the doctor said.

Carl: I know. I’m gonna be fine though. As long as i don’t over do it. *Feeling a Crink in his back* Agh!

Radio: *Broadcasting; As Lord Arnold.* This your Watchdog of the City, Lord Arnold The high master of the waves of sound in Metropolis. You’re listening to the 2 hour special edition of the Lord Arnold Variety Hour…”

Elizabeth: That was when we made the choice and the decision to make the journey to here. Hearing your tears on the radio… A Mother knows when her child is reaching and calling out for their parents.

Leslie: I was releasing the tears of sadness due to remembering the nightmare that we had to endure and end up at the point where we had to break. It upset me. For nights… what no one knew was that i cried myself to sleep just about every night because i missed you and dad. Had missed you two ever since i left. Some days were just a bit harder to handle.

Carl: Life can be unfair sometimes, Leslie. You should always remember that. But your mother and I were also missing you. Every day. We never stopped.

Leslie: The next Morning…. I got myself nailed by the Mob. Niko Can’s men. It was that point where i was in terror. In my mind; I thought… “Oh god. This is it. This is possibly gonna be the end for me.” It felt that way. It truly did. But what happened was…

Leslie Explains the incident…

“Feldstein: *Holding Leslie Down on the ground* You’re a dead little bitch. Doing that on-Air Interview exposed you as a daughter of an heiress who believes that the world is like her playground. You being a young girl… You think that you can play with the big boys and mess with shit you don’t know shit about.

Leslie: Please don’t do this… It isn’t what you think it is… I had been only practicing this stuff.

Feldstein: Don’t do what? teach you what happens when you try to play with the big boys… Huh? You don’t want it… You should have thought about that before you tried to make that deal to walk off with half of the Mob’s money in exchange of handing the Mob the fighters on a silver platter. You’re a young dumb kid who thinks they know the game. But you’re soon to find that you don’t know a thing. kids are stupid. No matter how smart they claim to be. They come to play with the big boys and think that they can get their way. You’re nothing more than a stupid ignorant child. That’s all you’ll ever be. Joining the Mob and think you are big and bad. You’re pathetic. That’s why… You’re gonna be taught a lesson. Some manners and taught your role.

Blossom: *Suddenly busting into the room; With Zion beside her* Wanna bet, You black ass son of a bitch?

Feldstein: *Lifting up and looking over to see a young Teen standing close by* Who do you suppose you are, White bred?

Blossom: None of your business, You Shit stained fucktard! You want to fight someone… Try on one of the fighters. You wanted a fighter… You got one asshole. *Drawing some Electricity from the power sources in the room* You might want to call for a Medic and i do mean right now. Because i promise you… One shot of Electrical charge at the chest is said to be enough to stop the heart. If the Voltage is high enough. Higher than that… The heart will be paused and it’d stop. The heart would stop beating and if it doesn’t beat after a few seconds… the person is liable to die. I don’t think you want to die. You’d want to live… If that is the case… Step away from Leslie. Otherwise… Nice knowing you.

Feldstein: Who the shit are you, Freak?

Leslie: She’s not a freak. She’s my best friend. My girlfriend. Blossom. Electrogal!

Feldstein: She’s one of the fighters and She’s your friend… *Licking his lips and salivating over having the chance of popping both girls off* This is even better. Two shit for brains know nothing kids for the sole price of one. *Drawing his gun* … *To Leslie* Stay right here, you young bitch… I’ll handle your white bred friend with the electric light show then i’ll come back Finish you off. You’re a dead Kid. I don’t care what your connections are.

Leslie: *Scared* … *Shaken* … don’t hurry.

Leslie Played a good game… She made like she was scared. But she in truth… was nowhere near scared. She wasn’t the least bit scared at all… Feldstein didn’t know that Leslie was planning something. All he knew was that he was having way with her. He had finally got to her and was gonna kill… or do her in. That’s what he sought out to do… However, there was a secret surprise in store for him and Leslie was just biding her time. Biding her time and waiting for the perfect chance to act.

He got to his feet and stood up facing Blossom before walking over with his gun drawn. He had the intent on shooting at her and wounding her. Blossom however saw him coming at her and was about to freak when suddenly… She started glowing and shone brightly. She was glowing as bright as a light bright and even brighter than that. Blossom felt her elemental power surge with strength as she was getting stronger.

It wasn’t long before the room started glowing brighter and brighter at first… Then suddenly it went back to normal and then formed out of nowhere…

Spirit of Metropolis (Hawk): *Appearing and taking form* …

Blossom: *Looking at the spirit* What do you want?

Spirit of Metropolis (Hawk): *Speaking* Fighter of the New Generation… Electrogal, You are losing yourself into the world of the Mob. Just as lost as the girl who has dwelled in their world. The girl is Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… She is one with the Mob. But her involvement now is torn. The mob world is sensing the doubt of her loyalty to them…

Blossom: How is it that you know? Not that you don’t know… But if that is true… What can i do to help her? I too am in the Mob. As she is. She’s with Dorian. As am I… Plus Sora and Carly. Soon… Zoey. How can i save her from the Mob on my own? I’m only one person… Plus… The others won’t want to help. To them… She’s guilty.

Spirit of Metropolis: This is a battle that you must face and overcome on your own. No matter how hard it may be. The Innocent girl is trapped within their world. In order to save her… You must become what she turned into. To return her to the girl she once was… You must become who she has turned into…Before the innocence that once was in Leslie… Is forever lost. Fighter of the New Generation… Chosen warrior of the powers that be… That girl’s fate… lies in your hands.

Leslie: *A little raspy from being pinned* Oh… So not only are you joining me in the Mob… You’re on top of being like my girlfriend… Best friend… But also are my secret hero? Great… Blossom, My secret hero. Girlfriend and best friend.”

Elizabeth: *Gasps* Oh my god… She saved you… She came to your aid and saved you from death’s door. We could have lost you and had to attend your funeral if it weren’t for her being there to rescue you.

Leslie: *Nods and sniffles realizing that if it weren’t for Blossom being there when she was; that she would have been dead* She saved me.

Elizabeth: She’s your guardian Angel, Leslie. It had to be fate. Destiny. Leslie, That girl’s your saving grace.

Leslie: She is. Although i almost lost her…

Carl: How would that be possible? You wouldn’t lose her. It is quite clear that you… young lady was destined to find her and meet her.

Leslie: What makes you think that, Dad?

Carl: Well… think for a moment. What all you’ve been through. from the time you met that special girl… till now. It’s no secret… that you were destined. As if fate planned it for you from the start.

Leslie: *Scoffs; snickers a bit* Yeah… come on. Since when did you start believing in fate and destiny, dad?

Carl: It’s quite simple. I believe that life is a hand of chance. For some of the things that happen that we never imagined could happen. That can be fate. Destiny. How certain events and key points in your life all manage to lead to where you are as of current. That is fate. Destiny. Leslie… You may never think that this is so. But Fate was also playing on me as it lead me to your mother. It was all because the hand in life i got dealt… Was the one that pointed the path towards your mother. Remember that it’s one of the things i always taught you. Miracles happen to those who believe in it the most. Believe in it the longest.

Leslie: I guess so.

Elizabeth: But what was it that almost got you to lose her?

Leslie: It was because of the mess that happened to be due to a girl named Holly Reedy. Some Vengeful Diner Girl. She was trying to see to it that the city hated me and run me out of town. She must have tried a whole lot of tricks and failed each time. However the one that happened was not done by her. It was shockingly done by the Cousin to the girl who happened to save my life more than once.

Leslie thinks back to that night where the said incident happened showing how she had almost lost the one that meant a lot to her…

“Monday, October 22nd, 2045…

Curtis: Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody. Get your ass inside the house. Now! RIGHT NOW!

Blossom: What’s wrong? What happened?

Curtis: MARCH! *Pointing to the front door and ordering Blossom to get inside*

Blossom: I think that i’m in trouble.

Leslie: I wonder why. You didn’t do anything to him. You didn’t have anything to do with he’s probably tryin’ to accuse you of.

Blossom: I know. *Sighs* I Better go. I’ll see you later. Something tells me that my dad’s on a good one tonight. Not sure why though…

Leslie: I’ll see you later. Hopefully nothing goes wrong tonight.

Blossom: I agree. *Walking over to her house and heading inside*

Curtis: *Pointing to Leslie; Angrily* You! Leslie, You get the hell out of here.

Leslie: What did i do?

Curtis: You lured my daughter into the Mob.

Leslie: No. I didn’t. *Feeling offended* I didn’t Lure her. She choose to join the Mob. I didn’t tell her that she should or force her to. Blossom made that choice. She decided. I was all for having her think about her options a bit.

Curtis: Yeah… Right. I seen how she acted here. I also smelt smoke on her over the last couple days.

Leslie: She could have been just sweating.

Curtis: That’s bull. I know how my daughter is more than you do. I don’t know who the hell you really are. Whether you’re Rita the Hammer or Just Leslie. But this is all your fault.

Blossom: *Walking out suddenly* No it’s not, dad. It is not her fault. It’s my fault. I should have known better than to go with her. But i made the choice. I am her friend and she’s my friend.

Curtis: You should pick better friends, Blossom. She’s no friend of yours. She got you joining the Mob. You never would have done that if she wasn’t around.

Blossom: How do you know?

Curtis: Because i am your father. I know you. Or perhaps… thought that i did.

Leslie: This was all her choice.

Curtis: WHAT?!

Leslie: This was what she wanted.

Blossom: I wanted to join the Mob. It’s what i wanted. Plus. Leslie’s not only my friend. Best friend. She’s also my girlfriend.

Curtis: What?!

Blossom: It’s true.

Leslie: She and I Love each other. We however are keeping it all PG.

Curtis: You fantasized my daughter. Got her to mess her life up.

Curtis: *Casting a Ban on Leslie* She’s been doing mob hits and smoking. Which wasn’t till you came here and got to her. Filling her head with mythical notions of how the Mob is good. This is the last time you and she will see one another. Leslie Burke. STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! GET OUT!

Blossom: Dad, No. She’s my friend.

Curtis: Not anymore. You are not to see her ever again. Blossom, from this day forward… You’re grounded. It is from school to home… Home to school. Unless it’s with us. *Looking at Leslie* If i see you around my daughter again… You will be in jail. I will call the cops on you. Beat it!”

Leslie: That was the moment where i had to stand up for myself against that and lay all my cards down. I at first did not do that… It at first hurt me and crushed me. Hurt me deeply. I wanted to die. And i almost considered it. However i was not about to let the outcome beat me. I was gonna fight back.

Carl: And did you?

Leslie: I sure did. I went back to her house and confronted her father. I risked it and grabbed at my right to be with my best friend.

“Curtis: *Looking to see Leslie Standing there* What are you doing here? I thought that i told you to never come here again.

Leslie: *Standing up to Blossom’s father* You know what? I don’t know what your deal is, Sir… But i am not the problem. I never was. And before you think about pointing fingers at me for Blossom being how she is… You might want to consider this. I didn’t tell her to Join the Mob. She made that choice. I was the one who tried to talk her out of it as i didn’t want my issues becoming hers. Didn’t want her trapped in my mess. There’s only so much a person can do for another. I didn’t get her to take up a habit. She made that choice. I didn’t force it on her or tell her that she should do it. She decided on her own. Yet you are blaming me for her change in personality.

Curtis: Well… what would you expect a father to do when he sees his daughter go from a nice but gutsy and sparky girl to a Mobster gal who has taken up a habit and done mob hits but never did anything like that till a misguided girl or boy came into the works? Leslie, What do you expect me to do? What can i do about it? I am her father. My first and foremost duty is protection. Protecting her from any unnecessary dangers. Unneeded dangers. Just as your father would do with you. Protect you… Would he not?

Leslie: Yeah. But i was kinda doing all the protecting of my parents. I knew how to fight. However their final call was to send me away to safety. They did what was needed. No matter how hard it turned out to be for them and me.

Curtis: Maybe so… But you’re not her parent. I am… Look, I know that you’re not that far off. Plus that you’re not a bad kid. Misguided and foolish maybe for even thinking that the Mob life was the best direction to go… Although you did what you had to do given the circumstances. Still… You’re not a bad person. But put yourself in my position… A parent. And seeing that your son or daughter was in a dangerous situation or on a threatening path… You’d do whatever you felt that you had to do to protect them. Didn’t matter if it might have caused you to mess up the closeness or Respect and loyalty that you and your Son or daughter had that no one else had. You in the end would see that you did what you knew had to be done. When you have a family… You put your family’s safety first. Because at the end of the day… It’s one of the things you have to hold on to. If nothing else… your family is what you have to hold.

Leslie: That’s what i did with my family… My parents. We were close. Really close and together… Like all the time. I would defend them. I love them and always will. But when it got to be too bad… My parents and I had to make the motion to Emancipate me. Sending me away here. Where i’d be safe… However when i got here… i was lost and some time ago… the month before this one… i Joined the Mob. I had no actual protection even though i could fight. But it was if it were other kids around my age range. I could defend myself. Case in point… What i dealt with where i came from… In Brooklyn. Aside from that… I had no solid protection here and i didn’t want to be in the foster care system. I wouldn’t know of where i’d end up.

Curtis: Foster Care isn’t so bad. It’s not. Alot of people tend to fear it because of the uncertainty of what’ll happen to them. Or the possibility that they’d have to restart their lives all over again and in time coming to forget their roots. Where they began. But it’s really not scary as most make it. Their primary ground stone of operation is reuniting the kids back with their biological parents. Unless the parents were by chance unfit or unable to raise the Child. The Child in question would be opened to adoption. It’s just how they work. It’s not bad. It really isn’t.

Leslie: I guess… However, i already made my mess… I have to live with it. Which means… do whatever means i can to fix it. I have to do right.

Curtis: Making it right. *Nods* Now that’s a mature and good nature teen. I can tell that you’re a responsible person. *Easing up* You’re not Banned from seeing my daughter. I don’t know why i even thought that it’d be better to Ban you. It was not right for me to be doing. You are a good person. Trying to do right and make attempts to set things right again. Leslie, If Blossom is into you and you two are relationship close… It’s alright with me.”

Elizabeth: Her father knew about your relationship?

Leslie: Yes. He did. He also at first pegged me as the reason for my girlfriend joining the Mob and diving down a dark path. But it was not my fault. I was trying to get her to reconsider and not do it. I was the good one.

Elizabeth: But it worked out? didn’t it?

Carl: It sure had to have worked out for the best and it all came out being okay again. All things will find their own way of working themselves out. Not always how we would like… But things do get worked out. Just how Life is. Life will work out all problems with the passing of time.

Leslie: …

Elizabeth: The real question is now… Why the Mob to begin with? Why didn’t you think better of your options?

Leslie: It was because if i didn’t do something and find some place to stay. A place to belong. I would have been put into the foster care system and likely adopted by someone else. Who knows who i’d wind up with. We would never have been together if that happened. I did what i had to do. It isn’t like i enjoyed the idea. Smoking. acting out as a Mob girl thereby known as Rita the Hammer. Robbing a bank… You really think that i would enjoy that? I didn’t. I only did it to belong somewhere. I had no where else to go. Nowhere else to go and belong. I was ensuring that i would always be free so… one day i would be with you guys again. *With tears starting to well up* I still saw myself as being with you and dad. I wasn’t gonna just throw that away. I was not gonna give that up. *Starting to lose it* I didn’t want to lose you.

Elizabeth: *Getting up and going over to Leslie* Oh my dear girl… *Sitting down and Hugging Leslie* There there… It’s okay now. It’s gonna be okay. I’m sorry. I am just really scared for you. You could have been truly hurt by those dangerous men. They could have hurt you and put you in mortal danger.

Leslie: *Sobbing for a moment; letting out the heartache*

A Moment later…

Elizabeth: Leslie, *Smiles; Hugging her daughter* I think it’s time. Bring your Girlfriend up. It’s time to officially meet her face to face…

Carl: It’s gonna be okay, Leslie. I am sure that she’s a real strong and outgoing young lady.

Leslie: *Nods*

It was now time for Leslie to call Blossom up to meet the parents. She was nervous and a bit shook over it. She was feeling tingly and fuzzy just by the idea that things could still go wrong. However, She walked out of the room and went to the top of the stairs calling Blossom over. It was that moment where everything was gonna fall all into place…

Leslie: Blossom, Come on up. They’re ready to meet you…

Blossom: *Walking out from the Living Room and walking towards the stairs* It’s about time. It took you long enough, Leslie. I was beginning to lose all track of time. It was starting to get kinda later in the day. *Grins* So… Where are they at?

Leslie: In the Study. Which is right down the hall.

Blossom: What is a study room doing upstairs? Aren’t Mansions usually with a Study Room being put somewhere downstairs?

Leslie: Usually. Yeah. But i think that my parents sired for the Study to be located upstairs.

Blossom: They are sure a bit bizarre. Aren’t they?

Leslie: Sometimes. But they’re creative. It’s how they like things to go.

Seconds later…

Leslie: *Leading Blossom over to the Study Room* Come on. You’ll like them. They’re really exciting.

Blossom: I am sure that they are.

Seconds later…

Leslie: *Walking into the Study* Mom, Dad. I brought her up here. This is my Girlfriend. Blossom C. Rhapsody.

Carl: *Gasps* Blossom! Oh good heavens. Leslie’s gone on about her girlfriend and how her girlfriend had saved her. But heavens to betsy… I never would have guessed that she would be talking about you. She said that you saved her from an untimely end more than once.

Elizabeth: Oh my… It’s a lovely surprise to finally meet you. You’re like our daughter’s saving grace. You protected my darling child. Leslie’s told alot about you. She idolizes you so much. She thinks of you as her best friend. Her love.

Blossom: *Smiles and Laughing a little* I guess that i got a fan in a girlfriend and a Best friend all in one. I am happy that i am getting the good praises. But really it was nothing. I was all the more happier to be there for her. She’s a sweet person. Honest.

Leslie: She’s also a hero too… Blossom, *Winks* Why not show them what you got?

Blossom: Leslie, Are you nuts? I can’t just do personal showing of the powers. Besides they’re for use to fight. And if i were to show them…I would coming off as someone looking for a fight. And i would never do it. There is no danger here.

Leslie: It’s no different than what i have. Remember that Command center. I now got the abilities too. It’s okay. They’re well aware of the skills you have.

Blossom: *Shaking her head* Leslie… Girl, i admire your admiration to what i am able to do… But you’re starting to make me sound as though i am about to be placed on a pedestal.

Leslie: Sorry.

Blossom: It’s okay. *Sighs* I guess that a little showing wouldn’t hurt too much.

Blossom then started to show off some of her elemental power…

Carl: *Eyes widen in amazement* How on earth is she able to do that?

Leslie: How is she able to do that? That’s a good question and yet a easy one. It’s because she’s the next Generation of Rhapsody fighter. She’s the 4th Generation of Fighters. Plus she’s the daughter of the 3rd generation of fighter. Electric Rage. Her father. She’s really sparky. The Thunderic Force Z! are the 4th Generation of fighters. But 2nd generation of Thunderic element superhero team.

Elizabeth: Are there others?

Blossom: *Creating a ball of Electricity and playing catch with the ball* You kidding?! There are a bunch more. Like Charlene Emily Rhapsody. She’s soon to become the new Arctic Mind. In fact… She already is. Leslie as you may not have gathered… She’s a super now too. Just recently… She’s got Shadow Mimicry. The ability to turn into a shadow. Night Vision. Laser Emission where she can bend Wavelengths and Shoot Lasers. But she also has Ice Breath and Fire Breathing. Geo-Thermo-kinesis. Hero Name: Elemental Rita.

Elizabeth: Is this true?

Leslie: *Nods* I am great about it. I always wanted to be like some kind of hero.

Blossom: And you are.

Carl: *Thinking back* I got a hold of a packet of documents with the Logo Watchtower command center. That must be what it was for. To explain the full details of what was going on with our dear girl. She was showing elemental signs. We didn’t know what it was about.

As they listened to the explanation, it became clear to them all that there was something more to it than what was being told. Leslie’s parents were just in complete Awe as they were being told of the whole deal. It was truly something that they never were to expect would come of Leslie. They were scared. But then… as it seemed… they couldn’t have been more happier and more prouder. It was strange though that they were all tightly wound at first and then just out of the blue… Calm. Leslie didn’t think to tell them about the others besides her who now have the powers. It was not gonna sit well. As it is… this was all entire new to Leslie and she was barely able to withhold and keep a handle on the abilities that she now had.

Carl: It’s a surprise though. *Thinking* You know… Maybe Leslie having powers would be beneficial for her to possess. It could be something that she could use to help the ones who can not fight back. She’s always trying to challenge the bullies. Most of the time she’d win. But there are times where she would not come out winning. Those results… They can be brutal.

Leslie: *Sighs* So i’ve noticed. Dad, I don’t think mentioning that was infact the most necessary thing to have done. But nice to know that you still have the recollection of that.

Carl: It’s true though.

Leslie: You’re probably right.

Carl: However… It doesn’t mean that you don’t stop trying to fight back. Being a fighter and defender is in your blood. It was without any doubt… what you were meant to do.

Elizabeth: That’s true. You did defend us… It has been that way since you could fight. You are a real defender, Sweetheart.

Blossom: In the Mob Though, she came to use the Mob personality for her own advantage. Leslie isn’t a airhead. She made like she was gonna adhere to the whims of the Mob and kill. But she never had. Not ever. Instead… She took the Neutral approach and did the reconnaissance angle. Which for her… She worked it as she was still in the mob but without the killing as it was against her beliefs and views. But at the same time defending the people she cared about. The only time… that i can really say that i was unhappy about her Mob kick… Because she made a bit of a grave error. Making a bit of a deal with the other Mob team. Niko Can… i think his name was. She went to where they were holding a private meeting and in anger over losing their money and finding that it was moved somewhere else right from under their noses…

“Rita the Hammer: *Appearing; Groans* Geez! And here i thought that i would be with the bad cover-up. He’s worse and you enjoy listening to his droning?

Feldstein: *Standing up and in an annoyed voice* Hey Kid, Why don’t you shut up and go back to playing with dolls? This is not your place.

Rita the Hammer: *Pulling out her Gun* Wanna bet, Shoeshine? *Pointing her gun* Don’t test me. I might look like a Kid. But i know how to use this Semi-Auto. Don’t think that i will not use it.

Feldstein nods at the men nearby and they manage to make their move when suddenly The Hologram of Rita emitted a high pitched screech and caused for their ears to throb with a radiated pulse of pain…

Rita The Hammer: Who’s next? Any takers? I am a Young teen. But i don’t play when there’s business to be a dealing. However… If anyone cares to be generous. I’m all ears. I can be fair. Besides… Some of this attire came from my money. Although alot came from you. Don’t ask how. But i will say that i found my ways to nab a piece of your cash…. or did i?

Feldstein stands infuriated. He was growing pissed…

Morris: Sit. Let’s hear her piece. What she’s seeking from us…

Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the men* Okay… Now let’s try to go back a year. A year ago…I’d guess you were all fearsome. The cops would not think to attempt their luck in crossing paths with the likes of you. But now… it is one year later. Things have changed and you are all in dire risk of being run out of town. Cleaned out as the cops are now putting the pinch… on your wallets and cash flow. Let me ask you here… Just to be on the equal standing. What happened? Did your Man cards get taken? Your Crown jewels get yanked and pulled off your bodies? Did the silent alarm of trouble from the Law decide to take a bite out of your butts and turn your asses into chewed up steak? A Gangster gal… like me…

Feldstein: A Young ignorant kid… A Know nothing.

The other guys stifle a laugh but abruptly go silent seconds later…

Rita the Hammer was blowing it off as she was used to being judged…

Rita the Hammer: A gangster gal like me… I know why you’re all here… Chatting some plan that will likely fault up and malfunction like a power shortage. holding your little group therapy session in broad daylight which to me is kinda stupid. Smart Mob men would do this during the silence of the night. Where there would be minimal risk of someone on the outside and on the other side…coming to overhear and sell you out up the river. I know why you’re afraid to go out at night. It’s the beloved fighters of the City. The Rhapsody New Generation… They managed to somehow show the city your true colors. Who you really are as they learned the knowhow from those who did it before them. The New Generation has blown your cover wide open. D.A Nick Rhapsody is your cyanide. *Suddenly indicating Fuji* Now… as for that guy’s so called plan. The new generation has no jurisdiction. They go where ever. They’ll find him and make him squeal. *Smiling at Fuji* I can tell the squealers every time. But when it comes to someone who’s got a lot to lose… they set up some back plan and find a gaggle of prospective fall guys to take the fall and the girl or guy in question slips away. Like a rat trying to run from the snake. or escape a burning barn. Afraid to get caught.

Morris: So… What do you propose?

Rita the Hammer: It’s simple. Nothing simpler than what needs to be done. We do in the New Generation of fighters. Make them fade away into the woodwork and push them into retirement. Without them in the way… the city’s up for the taking.

Niko: You’re a kid and are saying it’s easy? You’re a young kid. How do you propose it to be easy?

Rita the Hammer: Because i know of someone who can help in bringing them down. It’s one of their own.

Morris: How much do you wish?

Rita the Hammer: Half. But it’s not for me. Just for funding what needs to be done to put the new Generation in traction.

Morris: You gonna take the charge in bringing the rising fighters down? *Laughs* Yeah. You… A Young Teen think that you can bring down such fighters? Heh heh heh heh.

Rita the Hammer then rises… But mind it all that it’s hologram. She rises…

Rita the Hammer: You guys might want to consider on getting this resolved. But pretty soon… if you don’t and the fighters happen to take the charge in going after your funds. All of your funds… Feldstein the nice but hot tempered Shoeshine boy won’t be with even a nickel or couple cents to pinch together or give his granny.

Feldstein: *Slams his fist on to the table before then rising* ENOUGH FROM THIS STUPID IGNORANT KID!

He got up and made off towards the girl and was about to get a hold of her when suddenly…

Rita The Hammer: *Glaring* You Try… You will die.

It was then that the real girl came in and Confronted the Man…

Rita the Hammer: *Aiming the gun at Feldstein* You wanna kill a young kid? By all means. But i do think that if you want to ensure that you continue living… You’d back off. There is a friend of mine that i know and respect. She’s also someone that i care about very much. One call and let’s just say that she’s with a shocking temper. She even gave me a few of these Electric grenades. I press this… this whole room goes with it.

Feldstein: *Glaring at the young Gangster gal* You think that since you got that fancy toy and a connection to someone with some shocking temper… That you have a Semi-Automatic that you can just come in here and just steal from us… then walk away like you own the mob and all source of our cash flow? Seeing you and hearing you speak some scamming bullshit… reminds me why i HATE KIDS! I’m putting the order out. $500,000 for this Gangster girl Rita the Hammer DEAD! $1,000,000 Alive so i can teach this little bitch some manners.

Rita the Hammer: *Leaving the room and walking off* Let me know when you change your mind. Until then… Have fun being swindled. Arrivederci!”

Blossom: It was a moment later when she came and told me and i was rather upset about it and wanted to come off with a lounging blow. But i couldn’t face doing that. I saw how bad she felt for doing it and knew that she felt nothing but the worst of guilt therein. We got to talking and somehow… Someway… we worked it out. But thinking back… I don’t think it was quite that simple. It was just a bad hand. She didn’t seek to do that. But when getting experience and trying to do get a handle in the path you go… You find yourself doing whatever it took. Sometimes bending the rules. It wasn’t right of her to do what she did. But I don’t think that putting her on the stand and making her regurgitate a complete confession when we ourselves may have done things like that we’re not proud of. Things that we regret and may spend a lifetime hoping to undo the wrongs that were once done.

Elizabeth: Where did you take up that kind of insight. Or logic?

Blossom: I think that it came from my parents. who lived the life of being carefree. Life before i lived. And renewed Logic… Coming from your daughter. My girlfriend Leslie. She’s very smart and wise before her time. She’s so wise. Some of the things that i went through from the time i met her… If it weren’t for her… I wouldn’t know what to believe or what i’d do. She even owes her life to me as i owe her mine. We saved each other.

Carl: I don’t think that there is anymore to be said on the matter now. I think that the wisest thing to do now is to stop and just let it all sink in. It’s a wonderful miracle that Leslie found you. Has anyone ever told you about a person who winds up being a shining star for another person. Someone who is in need of a lift up? it’s someone who might seem a little into themselves at first… But when they meet someone who is in that need of a hand. They go out of their way to be that light. To lift someone up. There is always someone out there for everyone. Someone who happen to be in need of a reason to be whole. Someone who proves to be a shining light. A Star to that someone who yet is unsuspecting. But when these two people meet. It is a miracle that beckons to be had. And found.

Leslie: Blossom’s my Light. I love her. Coming here was at times something that was found to be regretful because of the misfortune. Ones that came from Holly. But the thing that reminded me that there were things to be thankful for in this city… Was when i was together with Blossom. Then to be reunited with my family. I guess that things happen for a reason. Good or bad.

Carl: Plus now is that time to come out and come clean about the Build that you’ve done for the city, Leslie.

Leslie couldn’t help but to wonder what her father was gonna tell her. He only mentioned about the Build… one time and from how it looked. One time was all that was needed to get her curious as there was so much riding on it’s success. Which at that time… the Massive Stadium was up and now in operation.

Leslie: What’s that?

Blossom: Mr. Burke… It was originally my idea to strike an arrangement to ensure that the build would happen…

Blossom knew what she had to tell her girlfriend. She had to be the one to come out and say what should have been said.

Blossom: Leslie, Remember when you were worried about there not being enough Money and funding for the Build to happen and that we would need the money to match the expected amount that it’d cost for the build to be done. Paying for the labor, Equipment and material?

Leslie: Yeah. I do remember that. Why?

Blossom: Well…

Blossom takes Leslie back to that day…


Blossom: *Walking in suddenly to order a couple Espresso’s to go* Hey Sid. Busy day so far, isn’t it?

Sid: Hey Blossom. School out early today?

Blossom: Apparently so. We were just in second period only 20 minutes before school just let out. It’s as if school cuts out too quick. The Mob is gone… But people are still feeling the stigma. It’s so annoying. Even with the fact that there are still people at school trying to tear Leslie down. Calling her Rita the Hammer. She isn’t like that anymore. She was all for leaving the Mob. She was in it for a while… But… she’s regretting every second of it. As do I. *Annoyed about the Mob* God… When is the city ever gonna shut the hell up about the Mob? Leslie feels like shit enough because of the fact that she felt herself having to join the Mob for a little. She feels like shit over it. Holly was around today… She started her shit again. Sid, If you don’t get Holly on a leash and get her to shut up about Leslie being a Bad seed which is bullshit. You’re gonna be seeing her in the hospital. I’ve about half past give a damn anymore. Holly starts in one more time… She’s gonna be put through a wall.

Carl V. Burke: *Jumps back a little and startled* Good gracious and heavens. Is she always this wound up?

Sid: You have no idea. But she’s a friend of your Daughter Leslie.

Carl V. Burke: That’s her friend?

Sid: Yeah. Sure is.

Blossom: *Seeing a near elderly man* Whoa… Who’re you Gramps? You’re new.

Carl V. Burke: Not too new. I happen to be the father to your friend Leslie.

Blossom: *Pauses; Chuckles* You’re kidding, Right? You’re her father? The one that she would recall by actual name. She considers you not Dad. or father. But by your first name. I think she said it was Carl. You are not him… Are you? Are you really him? You’re not trying to whistle a trick or a tall tale… are you?

Carl V. Burke: No. I’m not. Dear girl… I am her father. Carl V. Burke.

Blossom: *Shocked and Remembering hearing that name once* … Holy Crap… That on-air radio Interview. The Live one about Leslie and her life up till recent. There was a caller on the air. Speaking to her. Th-th-that was you?! *Pausing and with complete surprise* Leslie’s gonna totally freak and flip when she catches sight of you here. She’s right now outside on the side of the building thinking. Clearing her head over some things.

Carl V. Burke: Things like…

Holly: *Walking in and overhearing the conversation* Getting the hell out of this City. No one wants her here. She’s done nothing but corrupt Blossom with her garbage and also filled the Esp Twins with the same.

Blossom: *Walking over to Holly and Landing a punch to Holly’s face* Shut the fuck up, Bitch. Leslie Burke is not a loser. You’re the loser. Holly Reedy. Why don’t you grow the fuck up and get a fucking better life. You’re just pissed because Leslie’s in our lives. Too bad. It just so happens that she’s not the only Burke in the city. *Pointing to Mr. Burke* See that man there… That’s her father. It also means that her mother is in the City as well. What’re you gonna do? See to get rid of them too?!

Holly: If that’s what it takes to get rid of the conniving Harlot Leslie. So be it.

Blossom: You do… You will regret it. Fuck with the Burkes… You’re dead. I don’t give a shit what you pull. You’re dead if you even look or Blink in their direction. *Grabbing Holly’s wrist and Sending a Shock wave through her* This is considered as a last warning. Mess with Mr. Burke one time and i hear of it… Mess with Mrs. Burke or Leslie my best friend/Girlfriend and i hear of it. Your next encounter with me… One of us will be going to the boneyard. It won’t be me.

Holly: *Shaking off the shock and Landing a punch at Blossom; Pulling at the hair and then punching at the stomach* No. This is Metropolis. This city is not for Leslie or her family.

Sid: *Reaching over the limit of tolerance* HOLLY! ENOUGH! That is enough. You are to back off of the Burke’s… NOW. This is the only time i’m gonna step in. But next time i’m gonna watch and let Blossom just tear into you.

Holly: Grrr! Burke Sympathizer! *Looking at her father in anger and then before storming off* … *Looking at Blossom and Leslie’s father* You Bitch… You’re dead. Start sleeping with one eye open. You’re going down. And you… Sir. You and your daughter… can enjoy what time you do have in this city. This isn’t over. Leslie is a loser. And she will leave this city or there will be no peace for her. I guarantee you that.

Blossom: *Grabbing Holly and Dragging her outside; Spinning her around and then letting go and sending her flying right into the nearby pole hard; Knocking her out cold* Bitch! Eat shit!

A Minute later…

Blossom: *Looking at Mr. Burke* Don’t you worry about it anymore. If Holly screws with you. Let me know. I’ll knock her ass out. Leslie would too… if she were to see what just went on and heard what Holly was pulling.

Carl V. Burke: I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. Most certainly keep that in mind.

Blossom: I would stick around to show you what i can do… But i got to get back with Leslie and take care of some things. She’s planning to build something. I would tell you… But as it is… It’s only in brainstorm process right now. She’s not sure yet on what to do.

Carl V. Burke: Hmm… Interesting. What’s she planning to build?

Blossom: Something Monumental. Massive. But between you and the wall here… It’s a Blitzball stadium. Creating a new wave of entertainment for the city. Something to help live up the city. We got to find possible supporters and sponsors… or people who’ll bite at it and be for it. However… Once we know about how to go along with the preparations to building it. Or with her building it. Having it built. We’ll make flyers and also giving out Promotional Items. Something to promote the Build. There’s also looking for the perfect piece of Land to do it. A perfect sized Empty Lot. A Large one.

Carl V. Burke: Someone should see on helping her.

Blossom: True…But she’s wanting to use her Inheritance for it. Most of it or a good chunk of it.

Carl V. Burke: She’s gonna need all the help possible to do it.

Blossom: I agree… But if we can get some people to come on board and help… It could just help with the efforts.

Carl V. Burke: In a Month… If things don’t start happening on the building… I’ll be stepping in to help. I always taught Leslie that some big endeavors are in need of a huge surplus of $$$$$$$$$$$$. Lots. My Wife… Her mother and I can pitch in where needed.

Blossom: It’s very much appreciated. However… It won’t do any good if she doesn’t know you’re here. However… I can tell you what. Start calling some connections if you got any. But don’t let it off and known that it’s you. Use a codename. Something Authentic.

Carl V. Burke: How about… Dollar Valentine Riches?

Blossom: That’s a good cover. Just keep the thing all quiet for right now. Let Leslie and I work on getting the ball rolling a little. Until time calls for it… Assume the Role of Village Idiot. The less you know of it for right now… the better. There are still people trying to batter Leslie. They’re chomping at the bites for a chance to find and use anything to tear at her. This will be a large example for them to turn on her and crush her. You don’t want that. Neither do I. Play on the role of Village Idiot. It’ll spare you from getting the unneeded bullshit that the creeps out there might shoot towards you.

Carl V. Burke: Such colorful wording… But i get what you’re trying to say. I assure you though, Blossom. There’s no need to worry. It’ll be alright with time.”

Leslie: Blossom never told me about that… Dad, You’re the one Blossom classified as Dollar Valentine Riches?

Carl: Yes.

Leslie: *In disbelief* I don’t believe this. Blossom, You knew about this and didn’t even tell me? You knew about where the amount of Excess Money came from and didn’t say anything about it to me.

Blossom: Leslie, It was not like that. I told you before that it would be best if you didn’t know for the time being. It’s still the truth. It wasn’t time to say anything. Not at the time. But now that the Build is up and operational… It is safe. Plus… as it was… You have had so much riding on the build. This build that is now all finished… Was the one that got everything equal and ensured that the city would know that you were without a doubt remorseful and sorry for what trouble you may have caused the city. Which wasn’t your fault. You did only what you had to do to make it in this city. But it was not easy due to that rotten girl Holly trying to gum up the works.

Leslie: You kept this from me… To protect me?

Blossom: DUH! What do you think? Leslie, I did the secretive act where the mysterious source of money was coming from because i saw how much this build meant to you. How much it really meant to you. why do you think that i was so stubborn against telling you where the money came from? I did it because if you knew before it was time… You’d think that it was hopeless to get something done without a little or big considerable lift from your dad. He was gonna find out eventually. When your dad said: “some big endeavors are in need of a huge surplus of $$$$$$$$$$$$.” he was right. You were running out of cash. And that fund raising concert that was done by Amy Diamond. IT only raised 900,000 dollars. and at the rate you were going… Your funds out of your pocket were dwindling down fast like the sands of an hourglass. I cared about this build as well… As much as you. I was gonna see to it that this build wouldn’t be iced in its tracks. Because i was seeing this as something to give this city a real popular source of revenue and entertainment.

Leslie: *Sighs* … *Grabbing Blossom and Hugging her* Thank you. You’re a true friend. The best girlfriend ever.

Blossom: I know. But i’m the only one you had. Silly. *Chuckles*

Carl: There’s gonna be something going on later at that Stadium. You should see about handling it. It’s gonna be the start of a new sport. I believe that you… called it something like… Blitzball.

Blossom: You bet that we did. Actually there is someone coming over to volunteer and take the head of training a team of Blitzball players. Anyone who can swim under water and play without water equipment.

Leslie: Who?

Blossom: No no… I’m not laying down that tell all yet. It’s best if you wait till we got to the Stadium. You’ll find out and see with your own eyes.

Elizabeth: Eager anticipation. This will be promising.

Carl: Indeed. *Smiles and deeply pleased*

It was then that they all conversed with one another over the new status that Leslie had. Leslie’s parents had welcomed Blossom with opened arms. The best of cheer. There was so much change going on and there was more to come. Leslie was gonna see for herself that her dream was becoming more and more like a total reality that was without any doubt a long time in waiting. A Long time waiting. Leslie didn’t even realize that her Stadium was bringing the world of Spira’s Sport of Blitzball to a realm of reality. To a whole new level. There was only so much surprise left that she could hold over. Leslie’s parents were embracing that dream. They were cheering for her every step of the way. If there wasn’t anything more than just the obvious… It was just this. Leslie’s love for her parents and her parent’s care, faith and love for her… was unfaltered. And strong and growing…

Carl: Leslie…

Leslie: Yeah, dad?

Blossom: Leslie, girlfriend… I think that it’s about time that we went to see the Stadium.

Leslie: *Looking at the time* Oh no… There was a meeting with the promoters of the Stadium and the Radio DJ was gonna be there to motion for a business deal. We gotta go.

Blossom: Right.

Elizabeth: Have fun you two. And Welcome to the family, Blossom.

Blossom: *Smiles* Thanks.

Carl: *Watching Leslie and Blossom suddenly heading out* … *Thinking to self* She’s growing up to being a real strong young woman. She’s gonna be on top someday. *Feeling all is right in the family*

At Pearl and Jack’s House…

Amy: *Getting into the car* Come on, The Grand opening is starting in less than an hour.

Penny: Right. We have to get over there. The whole thing’s gonna be televised.

Susie: Plus… We got our allies from Spira there.

Christina: It’s a real trip as to how they got here. But it’s nice to see our old friends again.

Rikku: I get to see my cousin Yunie again. I heard that she was gonna be there.

Spencer: I would like to see what the place looks like all done up and complete. I’ll bet that it’s a masterpiece.

Amy: Let’s go and see for ourselves.

At Paige and Reese’s house…

Paige: *On the Phone; heading out to the car* Percy… I already told you… The book is still being worked on. The current book is expected to be 350 pages long. This is a long romance book that also has Sci-fi/Adventure/Drama/Real life facts in places throughout the story. It’s not like the other ones that i’ve done. You have a record of all the ones that i have done. Every single last one that i had ever written. The one that i dedicated to my sister Luna. You can see on finding out who’ll transform it into a movie. Making a movie adaptation of it. Find out people who’d be willing to role in it. as the characters.

Reese: *Calling into the hall* Annie, Daria, Clint… Theodore. Come on. It’s time to go. We gotta get to the Stadium for the grand Opening.

Paige: *Looking over to Reese* Clint and Theodore are already on their way there, Reese. They were hanging at the Diner for a bit to figure out about College. Sorting things out.

Reese: What about, Annie and Daria?

Paige: They’re outside already. They’ve been ready for a while.

Reese: Okay. *Locking things up*

As for Leslie and Blossom…

They were at the local fashion store and purchasing a disguise for Leslie as it was the last minute. She had to call in a ton of favors. The process came easy as they all met up with her only a block away from where she was now. Leslie had Amy Diamond set up the announcement and to signal as to when Leslie arrived at the Stadium itself.

She didn’t tell Blossom that she had caught a movie the other day before that day from the 80’s called Doctor Detroit. She even made a name for herself to commemorate the business. She called her: “Blitz star” Burke. Blitz as in a flash in the sky. She had Blossom call in the Twins, The Trio, The Sisters, Michelangelo, Molly, Penelope, Candy and Cassie. Amber, Macie and the crew. Sophie Collins as well. Everyone…

2 PM…

At the front gates of Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium…

Arnold: *On the phone* Hey Bro… How’s it hanging over there in Great Britain?

Avery: *On the Phone* Well… you know how it is over here. Agent M’s having me suited for another Mission. Over in Dubai. To ice another possible Terrorist sleeper cell operation.

Arnold: Agent M’s got you running the marathon of Terrorist Thumping. She must just love the spectacle. *Chuckles* You sure that you’re not going with the prince Valiant act and diving into the missions willingly?

Avery: I am sure. Things like this… They’re high risk operations. What’s going on over on your end?

Arnold: One guess… What would you think? Hear for yourself, Bro… *Holding up the phone so the commotion could be heard*

Crowd: *Chanting* “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke…

Avery: *Over the Phone* Burke?! Burke? Would that be Leslie T. Burke… Daughter of the Heiress of the Burke Arts Academy?

Arnold: You bet it is… This is her Stadium. I am just outside the stadium that she had built. She and our nieces and Nephews. That girl… Leslie is one of a kind. I am sure that you must have heard of the live 2 hour special edition of the Variety hour i once did where she was the special guest on the show.

Avery: I did. I heard it. Agent M… allowed clearance for me to listen to the station that night. I was to be setting up for an upcoming Mission assignment. However… She allowed for the station to be listened to as she understood how important it was for me to listen to something from my hometown.

Arnold: That’s courteous of her… I’m glad. When do you get back to the good ole’ U.S of A?

Avery: In September. I’m gonna be on reserve and on back-up only for the 4 months coming.

Arnold: When you get into town. Let me know. We’ll meet up and catch up on things. There are some things that you might have missed out on.

Avery: Things having to do with the Ex-Mob girl. That’d be an interesting piece to discuss.

A Minute later…

The crowd was going crazy…

Crowd: *Chanting* “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke…


Yuna: This is so Exciting. *Looking at the people* A Blitzball Stadium… In Metropolis. It’s like a dream come true. Who could have done such a thing like this?


Dona: Some rich girl with the sticky fingers for prestige. It must be very different for a person who’s got a whole ton of money to toss around.

the new barthello 4

Barthello: Dona… Be nice. Young girl is trying to give something to the city.


Isaaru: The Stadium was built by a young girl named Leslie, No?


Lucil: It’d be an honor to meet her.


Elma: I’ll say. She’s only 14 and has done all this. This will be something that will never be surpassed by any other young girl like her.


Wakka: Where do you think she is, eh? She’s gotta be here for the Grand opening, ya.


Luzzu: She will be.

Crowd: *Chanting* “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke… “Blitz Star” ohh ohh! “Blitz Star”… “Blitz Star” Burke…

It was then that Blossom came in from the side and made way to the stage that was by the front door of the Stadium and informed the Swedish Pop singer…

Amy Diamond Introducing Leslie to the crowd.
Amy Diamond Introducing Leslie to the crowd.

Amy Diamond: *Turning around and facing the crowd; To the crowd* Ladies and Gentleman… Boys and girls… feast your eyes on the girl of the hour… the rising wonder of the city and Ex-Mob girl. The girl that won a permanent spot in the heart of all in the city… Look out… *Pointing to the front gate of the Stadium* The Blitz Star is… IN!

Within seconds…

Leslie came in and was surrounded by her entourage of crew and close allies. She walked over to the stage in a courageous manner with her entourage. The crew broke apart and lined up before lining in position. Before leading Leslie in path to the Stage…

On Stage seconds later…

Leslie: *To the crowd* Hey everyone… On behalf of myself and all those involved with the build of this Massive Stadium… The ones responsible for seeing that this build became a reality and became a Stadium… I want to welcome you all to the Grand Opening of the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium. I know that some of you out there have had a few doubts about this build and wondered if i was gonna pull through all the way. But i did. I wasn’t alone. My close friends… And girlfriend… Plus my father… that i just found out today had all gave in their support and time and energy to make this all so. As have you. This means so much to me and i know that with this… it’s still a ways to go before i am completely forgiven for the period of time where i’d been part of the Mob and hurt some people. I Made amends… But the guilt still resides. I only can hope that this Stadium that i had built… is a step up. The end of one Chapter… and the start of a new. Thank you… Thank you for all your support. I am eternally grateful and i thank you for every bit of it.

Seconds later…

Leslie: *To the Crowd* Now… for the grand opening ceremony… the first concert here to kick this new venture off with a solid bang… *Introducing Amy Diamond to the crowd for the Grand Opening Ceremony* Here’s the Swedish Pop singer who Originally is from Sweden but now a fair resident of Metropolis. With Hits like… “Don’t Cry your heart out”, So Many Things, Dance like Nobody’s watching, Brand New Day, Higher Ground, What’s in it for me?, Welcome to the City and Shooting Star… Here my good friend and yours… The one… the only… Amy Diamond!

Music starts…

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “I’m out, I’m closing a chapter
All in, a world full of rapture
Caught up, it’s time for the show
Oh baby, baby, baby

Tough luck, you win but you’re losing
Break out, you’ll be what you’re choosing
One wish, illusion is bliss
So baby, baby, baby

You’re out ya mind
And love is a cover
This time
Your turn is over, it’s over

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me
Now I know what real love is supposed to be
Can’t waste my time so goodbye
My baby, baby, baby, thank you

Love struck is never easy
Came and gone, just to please me
Better off, living my dream now
Baby, baby, baby

Life hurts
When lies are uncovered
So I’m gone
Before it’s over (now it’s over)

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me
Now I know what real love is supposed to be
Can’t waste my time so goodbye
My baby, baby, baby

Woah, ohh

I’m better off alone
For all that you have done
And I know what I want
And that ain’t what you got

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me
Now I know what real love is supposed to be
Can’t waste my time so goodbye
My baby, baby, baby……..ehh yeah

(Thank you for all that you’ve done for me)
(I know what real love is supposed to be)
Can’t waste my time so goodbye
My baby (baby) baby

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me
I know what real love is supposed to be
Can’t waste my time so goodbye
My baby, baby, baby, thank you”

To be continued in Part 2 of 2 of Chapter 233: We all live in a Gilmore Girls world.


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