Chapter 232: Leslie Tina Burke Repays her debt to the city and makes amends; Reconciliation procession and The Burke’s Complete? Part 1 of 4

A week later…

The Mayhem of the Mask was finally over… The City was still riveting with the aftermath of the Mob. The D.A was still in the hospital and still in recovery. There was still a lot to wrap up…

Leslie was still working to repay all debts. This was also the road to her reuniting with her parents again…


Nov. 6th 2045…

Metropolis Hotel…

Room #624…


Leslie: *Cleaning up her room* The Mob is gone. I’m still gonna have a lot of debts to pay. But at least it’s 250 left. *Smiles while thinking* I got to hand it to Zeke. He lent a really large hand. It’s helped out a lot. O’aka also helped out too. Bringing the Debts left to pay down to 190.

Leslie was cleaning her hotel room and having several thoughts placing bets on how much she still had to do. She looked at the phone and saw that she had 4 texts from O’aka…

Leslie read them all and got some cash out to prep for paying back what debts she had left. The Victims that happened to step up then. It was cutting it all down to the wire…

In Room #640…

It was past 8 days till the Mr. and Mrs. Burke arrived in Metropolis. They didn’t catch any sight of their Daughter Leslie even though they knew that she was around. It was another day and they were just watching T.V and playing cards. Blackjack. Simple BlackJack. UNO. But also watching the reports spraying across the dial…

T.V: *Reporting* It’s been a week since the aggravated and vicious shot at The D.A and the Matriarch to the beloved Clan. The closest representative to the family, Mrs. Queen stated: “This is a sad situation for the clan and they are taking measures to pull along through the loss. All they ask is for the people’s support and best wishes in their time of need.” It was the 27th of October where the hit had managed to take place as there were confirmed reports of a unknown and unheard Mobster. Some say that it was someone close to Dorian Tyrell. Others say that it was his brother and silent partner. Making the Mayhem conducted by Dorian the light layer of mayhem and chaos in the lead. The D.A is currently still residing at the Metropolis General. All prayers and condolences are welcome. The City is still recovering from the Mob Era and trying to regain its stability. The Ex-Mob girl Rita the Hammer is scheduled to start the move to help rebuild the city. She’s been reported by several bystanders as being seen for a while performing acts of crime upon the city. This change in pace from the Ex-Mob girl is a sign that the motions of reconciliation and remorse is in effect…

Laura Melanie Burke.

Laura: Is that really my new sister?

Carl: Yes it is, Laura. It is her. That was Leslie. She’s been marked as a Mob girl by the city’s media here. But she’s still as we imagine her. Our darling Princess. Your sister.

Elizabeth: We can’t go and meet with her yet as it isn’t time. There is still plenty of things that she’s gonna need to get done first. As do we. You’re still in line for a few more operations to complete the Sex change from Male to female. You’ve got the full on Surgery and it was a success. But it’s a work in progress.

Carl: We’re gonna get it all taken care of.

Laura: *Looking out the Window* I sure hope so. I don’t want to be a man. I want to be a woman.

Elizabeth: You will.

Metropolis General

Room #322…

Nick. Bandaged. Sedated. Coming up for air. Sees something
on the table: his Lucky Silver dollar. He fumbles for it, marveling at its shiny face. Remembering.

Rikku L. Rhapsody is standing on the side smiling and seen CATCHING THE SILVER DOLLAR…

Nick turns the coin over. The other side is devastated. He STARES at the scarred face. Nick then starts ripping his bandages.

Nick: *Screaming in devastation and agony* AGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:45 AM…

Metropolis Middle School…


Leslie: *Walking alongside Blossom* You think that the City’ll get back together again?

Blossom Rhapsody 9

Blossom: Who knows. Leslie, the city is still trying to bring itself up from the aftermath of the Mob. They didn’t necessarily do deep damage on the city. However with the damages still done inside the Nightclub… Plus the Bank… It’s gonna be some time.

Leslie: I was kinda thinking that maybe something can be given back to the City. Something for Entertainment or something.

Blossom: Like what?!

Leslie: Hmm… Not sure. Didn’t you hint at the fact that you were once inside a Video game for a while and endured some sport like…

Blossom: Blitzball.

Leslie: Yeah. That’s it. That’s what it was . You said that they had this big Blitzball Field. A Huge Stadium.

Blossom: *Pauses* Whoa! You want to build up a Blitzball Stadium? Uh… Leslie… That is monumentally impossible. How will you be able to do something like that? We don’t know anyone that has the type of power to help with building something like that.

Leslie: It’s worth a shot. Plus… i can’t just sit and not do anything to show my proof that i am sorry for the things that were done by me. I mean… I still feel like hell because of it. I was in the Mob for a time and let’s just leave it at the fact that i don’t want to ever relive or remember that time in my life. Other than the part where i met and made a wonderful friend. Then soon after… 2 more friends. Like You. Sora and Carly. I also got finally accepted by your cousins. Those are the only things i want to recall.

Blossom: I know. It’s okay. We’ll get there. I however i like the idea that you wish to build something huge. I’m just concerned about how it’ll be done.

Leslie: We need help…

As they were walking…

Sora and Carly 59

Sora: *Walking over with Carly* Hey Blossom… Leslie. It’s a relief that we’ve found you when we had…

Carly: Uh-huh.

Leslie: What’s going on, girls?

Sora: Blossom, We got a little something to tell you. Leslie… you’re gonna want to see too…

Blossom: What?

Carly: Zoey. She’s… She’s… She’s…

Leslie: Out with it… *Feeling a surge of anticipation* What’s going on?

Sora: *With Carly* She’s got a boyfriend!

Blossom: *Gasps* A Boyfriend?! What?!

Leslie: You’ve got to be kidding?

Blossom: You mean some boy was unable to resist the whining drama queen baby act?

Carly: I think so. This boy just came right up to her and kissed her.

Leslie: Lucky her. *Looking to the side* Does this boy even know what she’s really like?

Sora: I don’t know. I don’t think he even heard.

Blossom: Who is this Boy? Does he even have a name?

Carly: I don’t know. But it isn’t as though Zoey’ll tell us. She’s been considered our enemy. We don’t like her… Remember?

Leslie: Why not?

Sora: Did you happen to forget the fact that she used to aim on breaking you and Blossom apart, Leslie?

Leslie: I didn’t forget that. However… i think that this petty animosity and tension is really old now. We should try to reconcile with her and her with us. She’s made her choice… But… must we really carry on this hatred towards one another?

Carly: *Sighs* You’re right. However… we don’t want to be around her.

Blossom: Zoey’s not the problem. Holly is. We need to get rid of her.

Leslie: That’s right. But how?

Sora: Frame her.

Leslie: Right. We can do that. But… now, what do we use?

Over by the school cafeteria…

Michelangelo: *Smiles* I have been wanting to approach you and confess how i felt for a while now. I was just nervous and unsure if you’d notice me. There has been a few times that i came close to just coming over to confront and take a shot at talking with you. I didn’t though because you were normally clouded by a group of girls. A couple Asians. A couple of Blonde Girls and a few others.

Zoey: You didn’t have to be afraid to cross towards me and speak. The girls i usually am with… They’re my cousins. However they are all avoiding me as of late because i am not willing to accept someone in our lives.

Michelangelo: Who?

Zoey: No one special. Just some girl who was once a Mob girl for a time. till recent.

Michelangelo: Would that girl be Leslie?

Zoey: Yeah. It’s Leslie. Why… *Surprised* How did you know it was her?

Michelangelo: I heard the rumors and the gossip that some of the passing guys were giving out. One of them was Holly. I know who she is… She’s a Busy body. *Confused* I don’t quite understand something though…

Zoey: What?

Michelangelo: Why is she trying to encourage people to hate Leslie? I mean… Leslie to me seems to just appear as how she is… Just like everyone else. Maybe Rich. But still just like us. in her own way. Holly just seems to be really vengeful and vicious over Leslie…

Zoey: I don’t know what her problem is. I personally am growing rather sick of it. However, she happens to by my new Best friend since my cousin and Ex-Best friend of 10 years had a huge and dramatic… Emotional blowout. Blossom… She hates me and is not fond of me. I am not too crazy about her as she attacked Holly and left a bruise on her. Holly has a bit of a welt on her left side of the face. It’s not too bad but… It’s bad enough to where it’s a little discolored. Only because it’s still a little Raw.

Michelangelo: Ouch. I take it that you and your cousin will never seek to reconcile.

Zoey: No. We won’t and i don’t really care either way.

Michelangelo: You should care. I mean… 10 years of best friendship is nothing to disregard. You can’t just brush that away as if it don’t matter. It’s major when it comes to a closeness that dates on back to when you were like… really young. Only 3-4 years old. That’s saying something.

Zoey: I know. *Sighs* But… What can i do? Blossom hates me. I messed up and it hasn’t only cost me her… But also Sora and Carly. They don’t want nothing of me.

Michelangelo: Make amends. Would there be anything to say where you might just like or maybe accept the girl Leslie?

Zoey: I think that i do like her. I wanted to befriend her. However… Holly…

Michelangelo: Holly wouldn’t let you and was ensuring that you’d always despise Leslie and not care how others felt as you would see that she’d be feeling unwelcome. Am I right?

Zoey: Yeah. You’re right. I mean… Don’t get me to be just like Holly. It’s not as if i am standing for her. I mean… *Sighs* I kinda am… but i am kinda not. It’s just that She’s very proud of her closeness to my family and to me. She’s just threatened a little because she sees Leslie coming into our lives and at first she was in the Mob and that’s what turned Holly off. Then when Leslie was heard to have left the Mob… It should have broken the veil of animosity and opened for Holly to start taking a liking to her. However… She hasn’t. I don’t condone what Holly does, Michelangelo. I don’t. However… Holly is needing some time to get used to the idea that Leslie is here and set to stay.

Michelangelo: She’s got issues. Zoey. She is your best friend. I can’t tell you what you should do about her. But what i can tell you… Is just stay aware of the animosity that is being sent by Holly to Leslie.

Zoey: How did you know about me? I should have asked that right away. But the words wouldn’t form and i couldn’t get it out.

Michelangelo: I saw a picture of you a month ago. Someone had a yearbook of the school here and i saw a picture of you. I fell right in love just by the first time i saw the picture. I had a copy of the picture. A good copy. A yearbook.

Michelangelo flashes back…

“Michelangelo: *Reading through the Yearbook* Another great year. A memorable year. It’s just sad that for most of the first half of the year there was a wave of Child abductions going on. *Sighs* … *Turning the Pages and looking at all the pictures* Connie Aarons. Willy Keller. Fran Ridley. *Looking at the next page* Wow… That girl in the top picture. She’s beautiful. What’s her name? *Reading the Name* Zoey Tina Rhapsody… 7th grade. Choir and Drama club. Known hero: Sailor Zoey. Great friend. Into family values. Protector. Can Sing like An angel.

Music plays in the background…

“Insolent boy, this slave of fashion, basking in your glory
Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor, sharing in my triumph

Angel, I hear you speak, I listen, stay by my side, guide me
Angel, my soul was weak forgive me, enter at last, master

Flattering child, you shall know me, see why in shadow I hide
Look at your face in the mirror, I am there inside

Angel of music, guide and guardian, grant to me your glory
Angel of music, hide no longer, come to me strange Angel

I am your Angel of music come to me, Angel of music
I am your Angel of music come to me, Angel of music”

Michelangelo: Since then i was so captivated by you. I was just hesitant as i didn’t think you’d like me.

Zoey: Oh… Come on. I like you. You’re sweet. Very sweet. If you want to be my… boyfriend. Say so. I actually think that you’re rather cute and honest. A smart person too. You actually kissed me. So… I think that returning the favor is only the right thing to do.

Over by the bungalows…

Sakura Rhapsody
Sakura Rhapsody

Sakura: Mom seemed pretty mad about Blossom’s recent attitude problem.

Hikaru Rina Rhapsody
Hikaru Rina Rhapsody

Hikaru: She sure did. I don’t know what Blossom’s been thinking… hanging with someone who used to be with the Mob till recent. Blossom’s been also seen smoking too. She and Leslie still do it.

Sakura: The last we heard… they do. But we don’t know and we can’t go over to see them. Mom’s told us to stay away from Blossom and Leslie. I don’t think that she trusts Leslie and is mad at Blossom.

Hikaru: Can you blame her. Blossom’s been really bitchy.

Sakura: I wonder if mom will ever forgive Blossom.

Hikaru: I want to see Blossom. I also think that if Blossom’s gonna keep smoking. Maybe we should think of it. Not do it… But maybe help Blossom and Leslie quit it.

Sakura: They’re not the only ones who do it, sis. Zoey does it too.

Hikaru: I am not worried about Zoey. I don’t like her. She’s mean. She has been trying to hurt Leslie. Late last week… She almost got Leslie Suspended and kicked out of school. If Blossom didn’t catch what was going on in time. and if Sora and Carly didn’t stop Zoey when they did… Leslie would have been suspended from school. Maybe even Expelled.

Sakura: You’ve got a point. But i don’t think that it was her doing it.

Hikaru: What do you mean… Of course it was. Who else could it have been? We both know how much Zoey didn’t like Leslie.

Sakura: What about the Daughter of the Diner?

Hikaru: Holly?!

Sakura: Yeah. She is the one trying to do anything to destroy Leslie.

Hikaru: We should tell mom about that. We should let her know.

Sakura: Do you want to see mom explode again?

Hikaru: No. But we got to tell her the truth.

Sakura: True. We should… But you know how she gets when something ticks her off and sets her off.

Hikaru: So… What are you saying we should do? Nothing? I’d rather risk seeing her get mad and angry with the truth than to see her get pissed off with not being told the truth and her having to hear of it somewhere else.

Sakura: We’ll tell her tonight.

However… It was till they were told about a heard plan to build a huge stadium… They were immediately fixated by it and right then wanted to know more…

As for the older fighters…

Metropolis High School…

In History class…

Janie: Charlene… Mom’s noticed more about the weirdness coming from you.

Alex: I really think that Mom’s on her wits end over it and is seeking to have you see a Psychiatrist. You’ve been emitting frost from your fingers and arms. Plus from your breath. There was also things floating in Mid-air and it wasn’t from Raven. The Dark powered living guest. It wasn’t Sapphire, Raven or Serena either.

Charlene Emily Rhapsody
Charlene Emily Rhapsody

Charlene: I don’t know what’s wrong with me as of late anymore. I can’t keep going on and having these weird occurrences continue. There’s gotta be someone with some answers on what is going on with me.

Alex: Who can we go to for some insight?

Janie: The only one that we can likely go to is that dark powered Half-breed girl. She’s gotta know something. She’s just gotta know something. The signs are getting more and more frequent. More and more visible.

Alex: Of course… if nothing else… Maybe you should just embrace the changes that are going on inside you. It’d be better than trying to fight it.

Charlene: *Dramatic* Fight? Fight what, Alex?! Look at me. I am going through some weird signs and it’s now gotten mom to want me to go see a shrink. She thinks that i am crazy. I am moving things without even touching them. Does this look the least bit normal to you? Does it?

Janie: No. But there could be a possibility that you could become a hero.

Charlene: A Hero? What kind of hero are we talking here?

Alex: A frosty one. You emit Ice and frost. You also are psychic. So… Maybe you could be a frosty hero.

Janie: A frosty one. The Next Arctic Mind Prodigy…

In Science class…

Sapphire: The City is still at a loss with what to do to recover from the Mob’s reign.

Raven: Tell us something we didn’t know, Sapphire. This is serious. The City is breaking down and no one is standing up to help fix it. The Mob’s made a rather big mess. The Night Club is still in need of repairs.

Serena: Repairs. Money to help maintain the part that got lost. or damaged.

Annie: What about that girl… Leslie? What do you think she’s doing to help or repay her debts to the city?

Sapphire: Can’t say. But the girls of mine… They’re gonna be listening in for anything new. If something turns up… They’ll spring up with the details.

Clint: Right.

Theodore: What details… There is nothing going on in the city. It’s mostly dead out there. The Mob’s made sure of that and plus with the D.A out of the line-up and in the hospital… People are afraid to run and frolic.

Rita: This City’s gonna need help.

Penny: Good luck. It’s not gonna be easy.

Hope was dimming… Dimming down and falling fast. Nothing was seeming to look up for anyone. Was the City ever gonna liven itself up and return to how it once was?

As for Dinah…

Metropolis University…

Dinah: *Watching some of the recorded tapes from past football plays* …

Coach Garland: *Walking into the Office* The team is getting really riled up over something.

Dinah: They usually do. They’re not blind. They know that something is going on in this city that they don’t like… *Turning around suddenly to see who’s in the office* Huh… Oh. *Seeing a New asst. Coach* Who’re you?

Coach Garland: I’m your new Asst. Coach for the Metropolis Bulldogs. *Lending out a hand to pass along a greetings* Abigail Garland. I have come to step in for coach Whitman. I’m very sorry for the loss. He was a good man. reliable to the team here. You must be the one they Call Dinah. I might be a little Biased… But i am a sap and sucker for people with the name Dinah. It’s like a favorite name.

Dinah: He sure was. He also was like a part time guidance counselor. He happened to know what to say to keep someone like me stable for when i was showing signs of losing it. There were certain days where i just happened to lose it a little. He knew what to say.

Coach Garland: Ah… the Head Coach of the sports department told me about you. You’re the one with the frequent fits of emotional outbursts. With a Hot temper. But headstrong… this will be a real challenge. It’s okay… *Chuckles* I can handle the heat. You won’t get rid of me that easily. Plus i happen to know how to arm wrestle. So… when ever you feel like you’re gonna have a rather rough day… Let me know and we’ll arm wrestle and toss the tension and stress away. *Looking to the side and then back and catching the strange look on Dinah’s face* Like now… Something bugging you like a irritation you can’t stand in the least…

Dinah: *Sighs* This is gonna be awkward as you have never heard about the family i got. I might as well just tell you. You ever hear of the Rhapsody fighters? 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation?

Coach Garland: I believe that i might have… Would they be the ones going around calling themselves things like the Romancers Z!. Aquatic Force Z! and Thunderic Force Z!? Electrogal, The ESP Elemental twins and Honolulu Torch?

Dinah: In a confession… Yes. They’re my nieces and nephews. The Thunderic Force Z! are my 3 Oldest Daughters. One of my Middle Daughters is likely gonna become a fighter… The signs are there and each day the signs are showing and are more view-able. She’s really scared. But also morally optimistic.

Coach Garland: Hmm… That would explain the pictures that i am seeing on your desk only a few feet away… They’re your family. Pretty nice if i wouldn’t say as such myself.

Dinah: There is something else… I’m a 3rd Gen fighter. Retired from it though. I am all with normalcy and being a Mother.

Coach Garland: 3rd Gen fighter… You?!

Dinah: Yeah. Me. I am a 3rd Gen fighter. Back in the day when i was one of the fighters and out fighting against the dark forces as you may as well call them… I was known as a member of the team. The Girls of Love, Grace and Fury. I was the Fury. My sister Pearl was the Grace and Paige was the Love. Together as one we were the Rhapsody Girls Z! I was the Thunderic Fury of the skies. Miss Lightning in a bottle. The Thunderic Rage… Thunder Mistress.

Coach Garland: You’re serious… aren’t you?

Dinah: You bet that i am. I am not kidding. That’s what i was back then… But then when i became a Mother… I let that part of me go. I wanted to be a mother. Couldn’t be a Mother and then a heroic fighter on top of that. I had to make a choice and i chose being a mother.

Coach Garland: Enough said. Doing what you knew had to be done. Making a choice in order to do right by your kids. Something that every parent should do… but not all do. They fail.

Dinah: *Shrugs*

A Minute later…

Coach Garland: That pretty much would catch me on to some of the facts behind you. But something is bugging you like mad. What’s up? *Curious*

Dinah: There is one guess and it’s got the Initials… B.C.R. Written all over it.

Coach Garland: The only one that could consist of those Initials would be Blossom C. Rhapsody. C for Cassandra.

Dinah: Yeah. That’s the one. She’s the one. My Niece Blossom.

Coach Garland: What is the situation with her?

Dinah: She’s been with a bit of an attitude. For the last week… She’s been kinda back talking and the last couple days… it’s gotten so bad that i forbid her from seeing my daughters Sakura and Hikaru.

Coach Garland: For fear that they could wind up doing what she’s been doing.

Dinah: It’s all from the influence of the girl she’s with. I don’t know. It’s likely not due to that girl who had ties to the Mob.

Coach Garland: Who do you mean…? Are you meaning… Leslie T. Burke?

Dinah: Yes. That’s the one… Her.

Coach Garland: What’s wrong about her?

Dinah: Nothing. Not really. I don’t really see anything that wrong with that girl… Leslie. Whoever that is. It’s just the Mob part that i don’t like so much. Not at all. Blossom’s been acting like a real witch and i really don’t know what’s gotten into her. However… Whatever it is… I don’t want my daughters Sakura and Hikaru to be mixed up with it. They been through enough with having to endure the tension between Blossom and Zoey all because of Leslie who i don’t necessarily think is that bad. Actually not bad at all. Just Misguided. Very Misguided.

Coach Garland: Hmm… Then this will be a bit awkward. That girl is planning something monumental. Something huge.

Dinah: How so?

Coach Garland: The last couple of days she’s been going off to a couple places saying something about Building a Massive Stadium. A stadium for a Sport.

Dinah: A Sport? What Kind of Sport are we talking here?

Coach Garland: Does the word Blitzball mean something to you?

Dinah: Blitzball?!

Dinah then undergoes a flashback as a memory is triggered…

“Announcer: *As Bobba* Ladies and gentleman, the day we’ve all been waiting for, the opening tournament of the season. This event is sponsored by Yevon. And this year we celebrate Maester Mika’s 50th year in office!

As soon as the ship stopped and finally had docked in Dock #2…

Dock #2…

The Athletes all suddenly emerge from the S.S Winno Followed right by a live Broadcast…

Announcer *As Bobba*: Ah, over there! The ships carrying the players are arriving now! This would be dock number 2. All the way from Kilika, it’s the Kilika Beasts! High Summoner Ohalland used to play for them–a big name to live up to. Their hometown was recently attacked by Sin. Isn’t that right, Jimma?

Color Guy (Jimma): Yes, Bobba. They’re going to be pulling out all the stops to try and bring back the cup this year.

Bobba: Exciting, isn’t it folks? Our next team off the ramp is…Well, well, well! If it isn’t the Besaid Aurochs! They’re a living, breathing statistical impossibility! I’ve never seen a team this bad! That’s right! In twenty-three years they’ve never made it past the first round! Only a few die-hard fans are in the audience today.

Jimma: Best of luck to them and a safe journey back to Besaid.

Bobba: Right, Jimma. Moving right along, our next team is… Here they are, folks! Our very own Luca Goers! They’ve got power! They’ve got speed! They’ve got teamwork! They’re an all-around first-class team! And they’re back home in Luca!

Jimma: Without a doubt, they are the favorite this year, Bobba. And after the way they dominated last year, it’d take a miracle for them to lose today.

Bobba: You can say that again, Jimma. Look at the crowd, folks! Look at the crowd! Looks like all of Luca has turned out to cheer the Goers on! They know, I know, and you know, folks! The Luca Goers are number one!

On the dock…

Dinah: *Growls* Damn it. Those announcers and their praising the Goers like gods and revering us like scraps. The nerve.

Serena: The utter nerve of them.

Tidus: *Kicking the Dock*

Wakka: Don’t let it bother you guys too much, ya? It’s like this every year.

Tidus then mysteriously produced a megaphone and seconds later hopped on a crate and Started yelling out* Stop right there, Goers! You guys are smilin’ now, but not for long!

Theodore: *Looking towards Tidus and seeing him on one of the crates* What is he doing?

Raven: Tidus has apparently cracked. Maybe it’s the tension of the tournament.

Paige: The poor guy. I sure hope that he calms down. He’s liable to hurt himself doing that.

Luna: Yeah. What do you suppose has gotten into him?

Pearl: You would have to place that guy as class “A” unstable. There are gonna be a ton of people looking at him in a very strange way now.

Wakka: *Facepalms*

Tidus: ‘Cause this year… Us Aurochs are taking that cup! *Jeering with laughter*

A second later…

Wakka: What in Yevon’s name were you doing up there?

Annie: Trying to make us all look out and be noticed, i’d guess.

Datto: We sure stood out, though!

Letty: We were on the sphere!

Jassu: We were?

Serena: Yeah. Uh, Duh… the Sphere was above you guys and we were able to see it from here. You were all on the sphere.

Paul: It’s pretty lively here. Will we be able to get through here?

Sora: *Shrugs*

Blossom: *Seeing a couple people running by them and heading off ahead* What’s going on?

Luna: Not sure.

Luca Guard in Blue: Maester Mika is here?

PomPom lady: Already?

Guy in green and white: The number 3 dock. Let’s go.

Avery: Who is this Maester Mika?

Spencer: What exactly is a Maester anyway?

Lulu: Maesters are the leaders of Yevon, the dominant religion of Spira. There are three positions with the title of Maester; one is held by a Ronso, one by a Guado, and one by a human. Maester Mika is the grand Maester. He is the one who surpasses all Maesters. He’s the leader of all the peoples in Spira. He’s come here all the way from Bevelle. This Tournament is being held to honor his 50 years as Maester.

Tidus: 50 years? Shouldn’t he be, uh… you know… retired by now?

Wakka: Hey! You mind your mouth now.

Serena: Depending who it is… maybe retirement is best for the maester. How old is he? Any ideas?

Lulu: No. No one really knows?

Yuna: Let’s all go see him.

Luna: Must we?

Zoey: *Looking at everyone* I guess so. Everyone’s going over to the 3rd dock to see him.

Amy: If we got to. I just hope that he doesn’t notice us… Because The maester might old… depending on the age and all… but we can be sure that He is no dunce. He might tell off that we’re not from here and if he does… Let’s just say that we’re gonna have a bit more issues to worry ourselves over.

Penny: What a way to strike the stigma of fear.

Annie: It’s kinda true though… isn’t it? We’re not from here and the Maester is sure to notice. Does he look in any way a total Airhead?

Clint: No. But we should be nice about him. It ain’t easy being a Maester for 50 years. He must have had some tough times. Like the Pope in the Vatican city… You think being a pope is easy? You have to foster civil relations and hold the key to the Vatican Archives. You have to know multiple languages and have to be rather punctual on practically a daily basis. Plus make public appearances just as well. That takes a toll on a person after awhile.

Dinah: You’re right, Clint. It does.”

“Wakka: High Summoner Ohalland used to live in the Kilika temple here. Yep, Lord Ohalland was once a great blitzer, you know?

Raven: The Summoner was a Blitzer as well as a summoner?

Wakka: Yeah.

Christina: How could that be possible? I mean if he was a high summoner and was sworn to protect Spira as well as defeat Sin back in the day when Sin was around last time… If he was here last time… but then to also be a Blitzer… Wouldn’t that conflict with the other?

Wakka: Nah. He played Blitzball all through till the tournament finished. Then went on to do his Pilgrimage and fulfilled his obligations and he duty of being a Summoner. Never did both at the same time.

Serena: Wakka?

Wakka: Hm?

Sapphire: We were thinking about this a bit and find it hard to understand.

Wakka: What’s up?

Clint: Well… what we’re trying to let out is that… Praying for Victory on the Tournament is fine and it’s nice. It’s uplifting to say the least if any…. But… Is this right?

Wakka: Something wrong with enjoying blitzball?

Tidus: Is this really the time?

Wakka: This is the only time! The players fight with all their strength; the fans cheer for their favorite team. They forget pain, suffering… Only the game matters! That’s why blitz has been around for so long. Least that’s what I think.”

Dinah looked down and sighed…

Dinah: Leslie is seeking to build a Blitzball Stadium?

Coach Garland: You better believe that she is seeking to build one. She’s been going around town for the last couple days speaking about building one. Thereby seeing it as a sign of giving back to the City. The only problem about that is… just Nothing more than her still having debts. There are still people who she has to pay back. With that… there isn’t gonna be anyway that it’ll fly with the building of the Massive stadium. No one’s gonna bite and take to it. No one.

Dinah: How’s she gonna get it built. She’s gonna need alot of support and if no one steps up to give it to her… There isn’t gonna be a shot for her to get one done up.

Coach Garland: That’s so. It’s there standing reason that she’s gonna need lots of help. But what do you think could have got her to think about building one?

Dinah: I am not sure.

It was then that they got to really talking…

Dinah was having a tough time letting it out as she was not sure what to say. She was still noticed to be frustrated about how Blossom was with over the last couple days and it just didn’t make her feel so good. She couldn’t help but wonder what could have gotten into her… She was told that it could have been stress. Pressure from trying to help Leslie with the still ongoing mess that was still going on. Namely the Debts… Dinah had to slowly come to the conclusion that Blossom might have been with an attitude because there was frustration over not knowing what she could do for her friend. Her best friend. However What none of them realized… was the fact that something was gonna happen. Happen to Charlene. Dinah’s Middle daughter… There was more to come from the signs that were being seen in her.

It was only seconds later…

Dinah: *Grabbing her clipboard and Whistle* It’s time we got out there and grabbed the boys. They are probably getting rowdy and restless. *Hearing the loud voices filling the field and growling* Well… I guess that thereby answers my question well… Doesn’t it?

Coach Garland: I think so. This is gonna be a challenge.

Dinah: *Chuckles and grinning at Abigail* Welcome to the lineup. You’re gonna be in for a surprise. This is where it all begins.


Sid’s Diner…

11 AM…

Sid was getting to the customers and serving them while Zion was manning the phone and taking orders through the phone. Delivery orders. It was a decent day considering the city being in a state of certain disarray. Sid was worried about his daughter Holly. He was well aware of the animosity that Holly was giving off towards the now Ex-Mob girl. He knew about the foul treatment that she was giving and was not happy about it. However… He was not in the means of allowing for it to get to him.

An hour later…

Sid: Zion, I don’t know what you expect me to do about Holly. She’s my Kid anyway… There is nothing that i can do to stop her from being so bent on seeing to it that the Ex-Mob girl is chased out of the city. Holly won’t listen and by my having her stand down… She’s with the idea that i too am all for Leslie Burke. Leslie came in yesterday and made herself welcome. I didn’t send her away which managed to upset and anger Holly.

Zion: Why does Holly Hate Leslie so much?

Sid: *Scoffs* I don’t know. It could be a # of different sort of reasons. It could be anything.

Zion: Anything… or Nothing.

Sid: Who knows what Holly is gonna do. I don’t think that she’s ever gonna lighten up. She’s for the last 3 days been secretly trying to come up with ways to ensure that the city got itself rid of Leslie. But when i ask her what she’s up to… She just goes numb and silent. As if she’s ashamed to open up to me about what she’s up to. She could be forming some type of lynch mob and i would never know whether it happens or if it’s just a phase.

Zion: She will end up with no friends if she keep up animosity attitude.

Sid: Tell me something that i wouldn’t know. My wife is at her wits end. Wits end and she has no clue as to what can be done about her. Holly just won’t quit. She just will not cease and desist.

Zion: What you plan to do?

Sid: Besides go insane… Not much that i can really do. All i can do is keep watch and pray that Holly comes out of this phase and starts to change her ways.

A moment later…

Carl V. Burke: *Walking into the Diner* Hello there. Is this the Diner i read of in the paper? Sid’s Diner.

Sid: *Grins* It is. It always will be. Can i… or we… help you?

Carl V. Burke: I should hope so. Actually i am quite sure that you can. The name’s Carl. Carl V. Burke.

Sid: Burke?! *Pauses* Burke… Wait. You’re not happening to be the Artistic guru Burke… Are you?

Carl V. Burke: Like a Master… Yes. That is precisely what i am.

Sid: I purchased a few copies of some art work that was done up by you. 15 years ago.

Carl V. Burke: I beg your pardon… But i don’t recall. Who are you?

Sid: Sid. Sid Reedy.

Carl V. Burke: Hmm… Name sounds familiar. Vague. But familiar. You wouldn’t be the guy who had that old greenish grainy hat. would you?

Sid: Yeah.

Carl V. Burke: The guy who whistles to the tune: “Margaritaville” 3 times and then whistles to the tune: “Yellow” By that rock band Coldplay… That’s you?! *Gasps* Well I’ll be a blessed gentleman. It’s been a long time since the likes of you were close around my familiar neck of the woods.

Sid: It has been. A long time. A very long time. However the paintings that bought a copy of that were done up by you… I happen to put pride in. It’s at my place hanging over the fireplace as a centerpiece. I don’t even believe that i managed to tell my wife about how i got that painting or from who.

Carl V. Burke: Don’t worry. There is gonna be new things in the future. Because this City’s about to get some Art couture.

Sid: You don’t say… When?

Carl V. Burke: Within a few months. My wife and I are moving here to live in Metropolis. To start a new life but also to reunite with our Emancipated Daughter.

Sid: Who’s your daughter?

Carl V. Burke: Leslie Tina Burke.

Sid: *Feeling a choking sensation coming over him as he’s shocked* Your daughter?! You’re her father… Oh god. She was here just yesterday. Finally paying this Diner a first visit. She was here and came with a friend. One of the Rhapsody Family Clansmen. Blossom Rhapsody. One of the known fighters of the city. Electrogal.

Carl V. Burke: You don’t say… Well… Sounds like our Daughter has made a friend. She’s gonna be okay. I’m glad to hear that.

Sid: School is letting out early as of late… So it’s gonna get rather busy soon. I think that if any luck come what may… Some of the usual crowd will be coming in.

As of recent of days since the near end of the Mob’s reign and since then… Schools have been let out very early. It was only half days. None of the schools wanted to conduct full days as there was still the stigma of the Mob still lingering. Still in the fold even though the major influence of the Mob was wiped clean and broken apart. People were still scared and nervous. Anxious just the same…

Carl V. Burke: *Looking at the Menu* What a hearty selection… What would someone suggest for a first time customer?

Blossom: *Walking in suddenly to order a couple Espresso’s to go* Hey Sid. Busy day so far, isn’t it?

Sid: Hey Blossom. School out early today?

Blossom: Apparently so. We were just in second period only 20 minutes before school just let out. It’s as if school cuts out too quick. The Mob is gone… But people are still feeling the stigma. It’s so annoying. Even with the fact that there are still people at school trying to tear Leslie down. Calling her Rita the Hammer. She isn’t like that anymore. She was all for leaving the Mob. She was in it for a while… But… she’s regretting every second of it. As do I. *Annoyed about the Mob* God… When is the city ever gonna shut the hell up about the Mob? Leslie feels like shit enough because of the fact that she felt herself having to join the Mob for a little. She feels like shit over it. Holly was around today… She started her shit again. Sid, If you don’t get Holly on a leash and get her to shut up about Leslie being a Bad seed which is bullshit. You’re gonna be seeing her in the hospital. I’ve about half past give a damn anymore. Holly starts in one more time… She’s gonna be put through a wall.

Carl V. Burke: *Jumps back a little and startled* Good gracious and heavens. Is she always this wound up?

Sid: You have no idea. But she’s a friend of your Daughter Leslie.

Carl V. Burke: That’s her friend?

Sid: Yeah. Sure is.

Blossom: *Seeing a near elderly man* Whoa… Who’re you Gramps? You’re new.

Carl V. Burke: Not too new. I happen to be the father to your friend Leslie.

Blossom: *Pauses; Chuckles* You’re kidding, Right? You’re her father? The one that she would recall by actual name. She considers you not Dad. or father. But by your first name. I think she said it was Carl. You are not him… Are you? Are you really him? You’re not trying to whistle a trick or a tall tale… are you?

Carl V. Burke: No. I’m not. Dear girl… I am her father. Carl V. Burke.

Blossom: *Shocked and Remembering hearing that name once* … Holy Crap… That on-air radio Interview. The Live one about Leslie and her life up till recent. There was a caller on the air. Speaking to her. Th-th-that was you?! *Pausing and with complete surprise* Leslie’s gonna totally freak and flip when she catches sight of you here. She’s right now outside on the side of the building thinking. Clearing her head over some things.

Carl V. Burke: Things like…

Holly: *Walking in and overhearing the conversation* Getting the hell out of this City. No one wants her here. She’s done nothing but corrupt Blossom with her garbage and also filled the Esp Twins with the same.

Blossom: *Walking over to Holly and Landing a punch to Holly’s face* Shut the fuck up, Bitch. Leslie Burke is not a loser. You’re the loser. Holly Reedy. Why don’t you grow the fuck up and get a fucking better life. You’re just pissed because Leslie’s in our lives. Too bad. It just so happens that she’s not the only Burke in the city. *Pointing to Mr. Burke* See that man there… That’s her father. It also means that her mother is in the City as well. What’re you gonna do? See to get rid of them too?!

Holly: If that’s what it takes to get rid of the conniving Harlot Leslie. So be it.

Blossom: You do… You will regret it. Fuck with the Burkes… You’re dead. I don’t give a shit what you pull. You’re dead if you even look or Blink in their direction. *Grabbing Holly’s wrist and Sending a Shock wave through her* This is considered as a last warning. Mess with Mr. Burke one time and i hear of it… Mess with Mrs. Burke or Leslie my best friend/Girlfriend and i hear of it. Your next encounter with me… One of us will be going to the boneyard. It won’t be me.

Holly: *Shaking off the shock and Landing a punch at Blossom; Pulling at the hair and then punching at the stomach* No. This is Metropolis. This city is not for Leslie or her family.

Sid: *Reaching over the limit of tolerance* HOLLY! ENOUGH! That is enough. You are to back off of the Burke’s… NOW. This is the only time i’m gonna step in. But next time i’m gonna watch and let Blossom just tear into you.

Holly: Grrr! Burke Sympathizer! *Looking at her father in anger and then before storming off* … *Looking at Blossom and Leslie’s father* You Bitch… You’re dead. Start sleeping with one eye open. You’re going down. And you… Sir. You and your daughter… can enjoy what time you do have in this city. This isn’t over. Leslie is a loser. And she will leave this city or there will be no peace for her. I guarantee you that.

Blossom: *Grabbing Holly and Dragging her outside; Spinning her around and then letting go and sending her flying right into the nearby pole hard; Knocking her out cold* Bitch! Eat shit!

A Minute later…

Blossom: *Looking at Mr. Burke* Don’t you worry about it anymore. If Holly screws with you. Let me know. I’ll knock her ass out. Leslie would too… if she were to see what just went on and heard what Holly was pulling.

Carl V. Burke: I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. Most certainly keep that in mind.

Blossom: I would stick around to show you what i can do… But i got to get back with Leslie and take care of some things. She’s planning to build something. I would tell you… But as it is… It’s only in brainstorm process right now. She’s not sure yet on what to do.

Carl V. Burke: Hmm… Interesting. What’s she planning to build?

Blossom: Something Monumental. Massive. But between you and the wall here… It’s a Blitzball stadium. Creating a new wave of entertainment for the city. Something to help live up the city. We got to find possible supporters and sponsors… or people who’ll bite at it and be for it. However… Once we know about how to go along with the preparations to building it. Or with her building it. Having it built. We’ll make flyers and also giving out Promotional Items. Something to promote the Build. There’s also looking for the perfect piece of Land to do it. A perfect sized Empty Lot. A Large one.

Carl V. Burke: Someone should see on helping her.

Blossom: True…But she’s wanting to use her Inheritance for it. Most of it or a good chunk of it.

Carl V. Burke: She’s gonna need all the help possible to do it.

Blossom: I agree… But if we can get some people to come on board and help… It could just help with the efforts.

Carl V. Burke: In a Month… If things don’t start happening on the building… I’ll be stepping in to help. I always taught Leslie that some big endeavors are in need of a huge surplus of $$$$$$$$$$$$. Lots. My Wife… Her mother and I can pitch in where needed.

Blossom: It’s very much appreciated. However… It won’t do any good if she doesn’t know you’re here. However… I can tell you what. Start calling some connections if you got any. But don’t let it off and known that it’s you. Use a codename. Something Authentic.

Carl V. Burke: How about… Dollar Valentine Riches?

Leslie: *From outside and keeping hidden; Looking in* Blossom’s talking to my dad. I bet that my dad has heard about the things i’ve done in this city. Things that might have been construed as things which tarnish the Burke name… *Looking down and turning away*


Blossom: That’s a good cover. Just keep the thing all quiet for right now. Let Leslie and I work on getting the ball rolling a little. Until time calls for it… Assume the Role of Village Idiot. The less you know of it for right now… the better. There are still people trying to batter Leslie. They’re chomping at the bites for a chance to find and use anything to tear at her. This will be a large example for them to turn on her and crush her. You don’t want that. Neither do I. Play on the role of Village Idiot. It’ll spare you from getting the unneeded bullshit that the creeps out there might shoot towards you.

Carl V. Burke: Such colorful wording… But i get what you’re trying to say. I assure you though, Blossom. There’s no need to worry. It’ll be alright with time.

With that being said… Blossom excused herself and got the two espresso’s to go and walked out. But she was gonna remember what was said and when the time came… signal Mr. Burke for some boost.

Outside the Diner…

At the side of the building…

Leslie: *With tears running down her face* …

Blossom: *Walking over with the Espresso’s* Sorry it took so long.

Leslie: It’s fine. *Wiping her tears away* I am sure that the conversation with my father was enlightening.

Blossom: You know about your father being here… already?

Leslie: I looked through the window but kept to the shadows so he wouldn’t see me. I saw him. My parents are here. I am betting that they know about the things i’ve done. The parts of me being involved with the Mob.

Blossom: I kinda let out that you were in the Mob for a time… But he never caught on. He didn’t worry a bit. I really don’t think that it even rattled him. However… he did want to see you.

Leslie: He did?

Blossom: You don’t seem as though you’re ready to see him yet. do you?

Leslie: Not really. No. *Sighs*

The Daily Planet…

The Reporters Den…

Jennifer: *Looking at Stuart* Look, Stuart… This is serious. The Mob is gone… But the stigma is still lingering. The whole city has been shaken up by the loss of the Family Matriarch. John called a few days ago and gave out the facts and in case you didn’t catch it… I am one of the clansmen. You married into that family line. The family Matriarch is the one with all the valued history that spans back to the very days of the first Gen.

Stuart: I know… But i am not too clear on what the heck happened. What happened to her?

Brittany Lizzie Aqua Rhapsody

Brittany: Dad, I don’t think that you’re hearing clear or catching the hint. The Family Matriarch is dead. She got blown up in the old Abandoned building. It was all due to a Mob hit. A sneak attack.

Stuart: A sneak attack… But… Who would want to attack the family matriarch? She had to be the most soft spoken… Kindest and yet more unthreatening… plus direct person around. She wasn’t even a threat to the Mob. Only the D.A was seen as a threat to the Mob.

Jennifer: Yeah… well she got popped and blown up to kingdom come. She was strapped to explosives… strung up and blown up like the 4th of July fireworks grand spectacle. If you were to read the papers and the police reports. Plus the forensics reports. CSI reports… It was proven to be a intended hit to shut the D.A Up. He was seeking to have the Mob and their whole operation closed down for good. He was strapping down to tear the Mob apart and send them up to the cleaners. Of course… The Mob would never live to see it happen and they had a lot to say. Sending warnings and demands for him to cease and desist. But oh… no. Not even in question. Not even in question at all… He was making no mistake about it. He was not gonna back off. As it is… He’s the Cyanide to the Mob.

Stuart: The Cyanide to the Mob. That’s a good one, hon. A really good one. But… *Sighs* The joke is long since over. The mob turned the tables on the D.A. It’s now open season on any symbol of law and order. Anyone with a Police shield or gun… working for the Law. They’re with targets on their heads and it’s got bullet written all over the road. The path of the Bullets are facing the Police. The symbols of Law. Anyone who seeks to take the law into their own hands and seek to nail the Mob… They’re as good as a dead goose.

Brittany: *Upset and wanting to fight* Those Mobsters are such rotten freaks. Someone should go and take them out… How can people just sit back and just allow the Mob to run the show. We were to think that they were all gone. How is it that the fear of the Mob is still lingering and still upon the city? Doesn’t the City even care? What about the fighters. The heroes… Don’t they care? At all?

Jennifer: I don’t know what it is that they can hope to do, Sweetie. I really don’t know. The main hold of the Mob was taken down… It was bulldozed and dug up plus… to top it all off for that grand highlight… Boom! A wrecking ball attack from the hands of Justice comes to send them meaning… the Mob being sent on a one way trip to the federal pen. But… just when all seems well… It gets overturned. A Leak or mole within the courthouse sees to it that the charges got overturned. the whole thing was reversed and then down the road… Guess what? The D.A gets a nice target and his face gets blown right half way to hell.

Brittany: *Nods* Well… I am not afraid. I’m gonna one day join the Police academy. Law should not be ignored. Not ever. Since the City won’t take back the control away from the Mob… I will.

Stuart: Brittany, Don’t get too ahead of yourself. You’re only 9 years old. You have still plenty of years of innocence and childhood. But i’ll give you a deal. By age 16… if you still want to become a Police officer. Your mother and I will enlist you into the Police Academy and see to it that you get that chance to become one of the members of the Police Force.

Jennifer: That’s a good deal you know… A really good deal. Brittany, You’re still young. It’s gonna be a few years before you reach that point of your life where a career is vital to work yourself towards. You’re still a Kid. Imaginative. a growing mind and innocent. There is gonna be lots of time before you’ll have to decide.

The reporters were all around and grabbing all sorts of info revolving a break in the hottest news story in the current period of time. There was lots of other stories to go for… But everyone in the room that moment was chomping for a shot at nailing that hot story. The story was getting more bigger and huge by the moments that were going by. There was no end to the story and the reporters were all going carnivorous. It was all reporters for themselves.

Although… On the front of the Burke’s being in the city… There was more to follow on the lead to a reunion between Leslie and her parents. Surprises and a stronger bond than ever before. Of course… it was still gonna be a while and there was still a bit to do…

Reedy La Paradissimo’s…

Pamela Reedy

Pamela: *Walking around and making sure that the customers are being served and happy*

Rhonda: *Placing the order slip on the wheel* Time to fire up another steak. There’s a family of 4 who seek to eat a lot of meat. A pound of meat and they’re not afraid to O.D. It’s a couple steps short of asking for a heart attack special.

Elizabeth Annie Burke

Elizabeth: *Grins* A Heart attack special?! That’d be the amount of more meat than one’s stomach can handle. Wouldn’t you suppose?

Rhonda: Not for one who’s got a stomach that is raised to be a bottomless pit. Eating all that meat and all that food… never gaining a pound. However when you got french cuisine and Hawaiian Cuisine along the roster… Getting someone who goes all in for the Meat and calls for nothing but a lot of Meat… doesn’t come very often. When it does… you’re lucky. Because usually. It’s the Cheese and Spam… The Pineapple and the french crepes… those happen to get seen flyin’ out of here faster than the Grammy’s.

Seconds later…

Rhonda: *In a awkward surprise* Hello… Who are you?

Elizabeth: Elizabeth Burke…

Rhonda: Huh?! Come again… Did you say Elizabeth Burke… As in Elizabeth Burke of the Burke Arts academy?

Elizabeth: That’s right. That’d be me.

Rhonda: *Surprised* Oh my god… You’re here… In Metropolis. Why? What brings the Heiress of the Burke Arts Academy to a city like Metropolis? In Kansas no less.

Elizabeth: It’s just time. Besides the Aristocratic people there were constantly harassing my husband and I. Which… also was the cause for us to sign Emancipation papers to free our daughter from us and Brooklyn. In hopes that she’d be safe from the snobbery that those people were bent on doing.

Rhonda: Your Daughter… Who would that be?

Elizabeth: Leslie Burke.

Pamela: *Overhearing the name* Leslie Burke?

Elizabeth: That’s right. That is who my daughter is.

Pamela: She’s been seen robbing people for a time.

Elizabeth: Excuse me?! What was that?

Pamela: Exactly what i just said. She’s been seen as a Mob girl. A Mobster. Posing as Rita the Hammer. She’s been seen all over the City stealing and working under a Mobster named Dorian Tyrell.

Elizabeth: That is not like her at all. I don’t know as to what kind of game you’re playing or what it is that you’re trying to pull… But my daughter is not a Mobster. She is not a Mob girl.

Pamela: She is…. Or was. But she’s also now going around the City and trying to repay her debts to society. Which is the right thing to do. When you do bad… you are to be punished. The Law doesn’t bend to those who are rich. Rich people always raise a stink. Thinking that they can get away with things because they got money.

Elizabeth: Hey! There is no need for rudeness.

Rhonda: Ouch…

Elizabeth: *Looking at the window* Whatever my Daughter has been doing… i want to hear of it all from her lips. Hear her speak of it. I’ve heard enough hearsay. My daughter’s heard enough of it i’m sure.

Pamela: Look… I am not one to be rude… But after a while… seeing several wealthy people coming and going and making like they can do what ever the hell they please… It’s gotten me to frown against any Richie- rich like people. It isn’t you. Nor is it your daughter. It’s just in general.

Elizabeth: I see. But we’re not like that. We are one of the few rich billionaires that come from Brooklyn who are known to treat everyone the same. We don’t happen to care about the Money. We don’t worry about it either. It’s just there to spend. But we consider our wealth… Good fortune and just ensure that we’re grateful for the fact that we have it. Besides that… We don’t worry one way or the other. My daughter is the same way. Her father and I raised her to be that way.

Pamela: *Sighs* Good. At least you won’t be one to raise some sort of stink.

Rhonda: It’s just the tension. The Mob is gone but the stigma is still a stickin’ to this city. Not only that… A family Matriarch was taken out. Including blew a D.A’s face halfway to hell.

Elizabeth: My god… *Shocked* Who’d do something like that?

Rhonda: The Mob. Someone who is too much of a coward to come out and show themselves. Thereby… attacking from the shadows.

Elizabeth: Someone should do something about that.

Pamela: But who? No one is wanting to jump into it for risk of getting the same fate as the D.A or worse.

Elizabeth: Isn’t there someone out there who can take down the Mob?

Rhonda: The only ones we know are the local fighters. The Rhapsody New Generation.

Elizabeth: Why aren’t they doing anything?

Pamela: Probably because there isn’t a whole lot that they can do. All they can do is keep themselves open and just be there for the D.A in his time of need.

Elizabeth: Who’d be behind the attack on the D.A? Who’d do such a thing to him?

Rhonda: *Grins and shrugs* Not sure. Your guess is probably just as good as ours is. If not one better.

Elizabeth: It’s gonna be alright though. Sometime soon My husband and I are gonna be reuniting with our daughter Leslie. To start a new life here.

Rhonda: Really? What happened back in Brooklyn?

Elizabeth: Verbal whiplash. Ridicule for not rubbing the wealth into the faces of the lower class and thereby being the snobbish kind of people that they expected for us to be. Then going after our daughter. Making her feel like hell and putting the pain on a young 11 year old girl. Leslie was 11 when the heaviest of it was going on. Last year… we just got to the point where we reached our wits ends. We had to do the one thing that we really didn’t want to do. But we had to do whatever it took and that meant… doing the one thing that felt like a stab in the heart.

Rhonda: Oh my… That’s sad. really sad. You had to be enduring all that?

Pamela: No wonder Leslie is showing signs of struggle. Dealing with things such as that… It’s enough to drive a person to a mental hospital for a psyche eval.

Elizabeth: For anyone else… maybe. But not my daughter Leslie. She took it all in and wouldn’t allow for anyone to get to her. Not so easily. She actually stood up and fought off a lot of the bullies that were messing with us and her. She would stand up to them.

Rhonda: You’re kidding? At age 11?! *Stunned* How is that even possible for an 11 year old to be able to fight against the masses of snooty people? She would be out-manned at that rate. How many did she fight against?

Elizabeth: 4 at a time sometimes. but mostly 3 or just two. She picked her battles really well.

Pamela: As to compared to here… She was indeed involved with the Mob. There were news reports and specials on her. With a Gun. Shooting up the Coco Bongo Nightclub 4-5 weeks ago. *Seeing the offended look on Mrs. Burke’s face* Hey… Don’t look at me to be starting trouble. I’m not. But i am sure that you and your husband… Might have had seen the Newsreels and bulletins that got broadcast. It’s been coming out… off and on over a time span of 5-7 weeks. 5 to 7 weeks… That’s something you don’t just blink and claim to not see and know nothing about. You don’t just wipe it from your mind and pretend that you didn’t hear of it. Everyone in this city has at least heard it and they don’t lie. Eyewitnesses and bystanders. Local patrons. they all caught a whiff of it a time or two.

Elizabeth: Okay… I get it. You made the point loud and clear and fine. I get it. I suppose that i can fess to the reality that my husband and I caught on to some of the News reels going on about a Mob girl. It being Leslie. But as a Mother… Her Mother… I just can not totally believe it. I know my Daughter way too well to know that this Mobster life… Isn’t normally like her. She would never just dig right into something rather against who she was all about. Inside. Stealing. Robbing. She’d never go into that as she wouldn’t have the need to. She had her inheritance and plenty of money to survive. Live well even.

Rhonda: Trust us… We’re not trying to shake apart the image that you might believe of her to be. However… You can’t deny what the facts lay across.

Leslie’s Mother stood there and was at a loss. She was hearing things that she could not begin to believe was being told about her daughter. She still wanted to remember her daughter as how she looked before having to depart from her family. But from hearing the things that were being told… She could not deny that her daughter might not be the same Leslie that was put on the bus leaving the life she had known and held close. Leslie was gonna have some explaining to do. It wasn’t gonna be the fruity flavored kind. In the words of a disabled Marine… “It was more like a 5th of tequila and an ass-kicking.”

Metropolis Promenade…

Blossom and Leslie were going around looking for anyone to get on board for the build… Leslie was gonna go all in on the Massive build. But some deals were gonna have to be made. However… with the debts that Leslie still had left to pay… It was not gonna be easy to cut deals and or get anyone to jump on to the idea of there being a massive Stadium built. This was only day one. One of many in the endeavor… Weeks and likely even months. Considering on what would be involved.

Blossom: Leslie, We need people to get on board. But not many people are taking notice to your proposal. You’re gonna be hitting a brick wall unless we can get someone influential to take interest and vow to assist and join in on the endeavor.

Leslie Tina Burke
Leslie Tina Burke

Leslie: What do you think you’re here with me on this for, Blossom? This is something that i am gonna need your help on. You know people in this city. People that i have no association with. That Merchant… is someone that i barely even know. However you know… More than i would. People would listen to you alot more than they would me. By far.

Blossom: What about my Uncle Zeke? You know him now… right?

Leslie: Uh, yeah. But that is because… you do and i was with you and you were with me when i happened to meet him. But if you weren’t there… I don’t think that i’d be able to face him or anyone.

Blossom: Oh… Don’t tell me that the Ex-Mob girl Rita the Hammer is no more than a scaredy cat in sneakers?

Leslie: I’m not really scared. But after what i’d done… to so many. or 300 people to start… How can i not be? Any one of them could have very well called the cops on me and pressed charges. Having me arrested and put away. I was in the risk of that.

Blossom: And? *Scoffs* Leslie, It doesn’t matter what the risks are. You did what you had to do. That’s not a crime. It’s true that Joining the Mob was a rather stupid thing to do… But given your situation and what you were going through at that time… What did you expect was gonna happen? Hugs and kisses? You got a friend out of all that. Me. Sora and Carly. We’re your friends Leslie… That’s not just someone blowing smoke up the blowhole. We can keep going over this till it sinks in. You are not all at fault. You did all that you knew to do to survive. You were at first… all alone. With no one… in a new city and without a way to hang on. You were Emancipated from your parents and it’s been a real big shit ride for a long long time. I do mean a long long time till we met. You didn’t know if you were gonna make it. If it were me in your shoes… I’d be up shits creek with no paddle to row ass back to some stability. I wouldn’t know what to do.

Leslie: Sure you would… You’re a Rhapsody. Rhapsody Clansmen know what to do. They follow their hearts and look at things in black and white… Red. Gray as well. They decide on what’s best in particular situations. Like the one i am in for example. You were taught swell. You’ve got a whole big family watching your back and are always gonna be there even if something happens and there is a falling out. You will always be one with them. You have a strong family. Sisters… Brothers. Aunts and Uncles. Cousins. Me. I don’t have that. All i got or had was my mom and dad. And me. That’s all.

Blossom: I know. It’s gonna be alright. I am here with you. You can do this. I won’t abandon you. You are in a Rut. But it’s one that even though harder to get out of… Because of it’s intensity. It can still be gotten out of. It can still be gotten out of and that is what you don’t see.

Leslie: You think that i am blind?

Blossom: A little. Because you’re freaking out about something that you are in progress of fixing. You’re trying to fix your mistakes and take back control. Your Father didn’t even ask me about the shit you’ve done while in the Mob. To him… You’re still like his princess. His sweet little Angel. How he still sees you and didn’t stop. I don’t know… But the way that he looked at me… While he and i managed to speak just a little… You couldn’t mistake the tone. He still counted you as the girl he always knew and loved. That should weigh in to count for at least something… right?


A trio of girls walked by and overheard some of the conversation. They didn’t know who they were and what was really going on and yet… somehow… they felt as though they could really befriend them. Befriending Leslie. Of course… Wouldn’t they know it… The girls were in the same school as they were…

Of course… How it turned out was that Blossom and Leslie were still talking and were in the means of going over some things revolving the Massive Stadium that Leslie was siring to build when…

Leslie: *Sighs*

Screams are heard…

Blossom: *Looks in both directions* What on earth was that?

Leslie: *Listening* It sounded like it was coming from the corner up ahead.

Blossom: Let’s go and check it out. something is going on that sounds like trouble.

Leslie: You don’t think that it could be Mob related… do you?

Blossom: You mean something of a Mob Element? No. I don’t think so. I don’t believe that it could be that… Although with the suspicion of there still being the Stigma of it lingering… It’s possible that it could relate to a mob element.

Leslie and Blossom were about to go and check it out when it was out of nowhere that the ones making out with the screaming came into view. It was clear that it turned out to be a false alarm. Blossom was suspicious… But had to let it go as she didn’t have any way to prove it…

Girl #1: *Stopping near Blossom and Leslie* Hey there.

Blossom: Hey. *Pauses* Hold the phone… *Turning to see the 3 girls* Where did you girls come from?

Girl #2: We came from the school. We barely left there a few minutes ago.

Leslie: …

Girl #3: *Looking at the girls* Wait a minute… Aren’t you that fighter who is part of the New Generation?  And the one next to you… being Rita the Hammer?

Leslie: I used to be that. What’s it to you? You 3 plan on rubbing it in? Go for it. I already know that a good part of the city may just as well still hate me for the things i had done. So… being pegged as Rita the Hammer is no surprise to me. *Feeling crummy*

Girl #1: Hey… We know who you are. *looking at Leslie* You’re Leslie T. Burke. Daughter to an Heiress.

Blossom: *Nods*

Leslie: Yeah. But how did you know?

Girl #2: We heard the Radio On-air Interview and heard you on the Air.

Girl: #3: You were talking about your life and how you came to this city.

Girl #1: We used to be following behind the group of people who were trying to get rid of you… But the things that Holly Reedy and those other girls were doing and saying to you… That was just plain uncool. It was no secret that they were seeking to let you have it as they didn’t like being around anyone that had any ties to the Mob. None of them liked it. Neither did we. We didn’t like it either… But we are not like the others. We’re not Vengeful. Plus we are more understanding than the others are.

Blossom: That’s good for you then. But who’re you girls? You are clearly in the same school as we are since you know about that much detail.

Girl #1: We’re the Rusoe trio. I’m Nicole Rusoe. These are my sisters Ellie and Lana Rusoe.

Ellie Rusoe: We are with you now. Holly’s been going to certain people and making some deals of seeing you get set up and taken down. We would usually do the same. But we’re not anymore. *Looking at Leslie and Reaching for her hand and grabbing it; reaching out and getting through to Leslie* Leslie… You were in the Mob. We get it. Doing what you had to do. You didn’t have to join the Mob though. You could have very well come to find girls like us. We wouldn’t Judge you. You’re Rich. no big deal. Being Rich isn’t a crime. Some people are just plain out blessed with good fortune. Inheritance. Same thing. Plus there are those who get rich by working hard.

Leslie: I would have if i knew you were around. But when i first came to Metropolis… I was not in school. I didn’t enroll into school right away. New City… New life of permanent Emancipation. I didn’t very well know anyone in the city. Or of anyone who’d accept me. Take me in or anything. The only one who had… at first… was Dorian. He took me in. I was all for joining his gang. I just wanted to belong. However knowing now what i should have known then… I should have just steered away from them. I didn’t know. *Sighs* Being Emancipated really sucks. Every day… i wake up wanting to be back with my mom and dad. However… i also have come to know that if i were to stay with them… They’d be attacked worse than ever. I was also getting hurt by the snobbish Aristocratic people. My parents were like Socialites. Soc in sense. But were the kindest type of people you’d ever know. Ever. No one could mistake their kind generosity. My mom’s an Heiress of the Burke’s Art Academy. She was given it by her mother who was very high up in the Art generation.

Lana Rusoe: Wow! So that make you a future Heiress. A Next generation…

Leslie: Maybe. But I don’t know if I’d be able to withstand the responsibility of it. I am kinda still trying to regain some normal standing here as I made a lot of debt here and I still got quite a bit of damage to fix.

Nicole Rusoe: Well… we could help fix it. help spread the word to people about what you’re trying to do.

Ellie Rusoe: We can create Flyers and banners.

Lana Rusoe: Just give us some ideas. We can get it done up.

Leslie then entrusts the Trio with making out to aid in her endeavors...
Leslie then entrusts the Trio with making out to aid in her endeavors…

Leslie: *Nods* Okay. We’re needing to get people attracted to the New Massive Stadium that is said to be built.

Blossom: We need the flyers and banners to catch everyone’s attention.

Nicole: So… You want it to look catchy. Drawing the people in to look further. Make them want to look.

Leslie: *Nods* okay. You 3 can do that. Make it original. But also awe-inspiring. Something that will grab the attention of the people and make them want to check it out. Maybe attract a few people who happen to have a hefty large amount of funds.

Nicole Rusoe: We’ll get it done. Besides. this is huge. You’re gonna be in need of a lot of help.

Leslie: You girls got #’s?

It was there that they exchanged #’s and made way with getting the Flyers done. Getting the Banners done up and made. Blossom was also gonna head around to look towards cutting and making a deal with a few people. Making some deal with the Merchant that she knows well. Blossom knew that it was gonna be risky and a lot to ask for. She had to do something though and she knew that it was gonna be a stretch.

As for Serena and Carly Black…

Serena and Carly Black’s apartment…

Something was going on and all day each one of the fighters were getting calls from the Hospital… Informing on how the D.A was doing and each one was different. No one was being told straight what was going on with the D.A. It’s as if no one truly knew one way or the other. The only thing that they were told which was the same was that the D.A was refusing to have skin grafts done upon him. to help fix him. Maybe even heal him in some way… Although none of them were gonna be prepared for what they were gonna sometime soon see…

Serena: *On the Phone with her sisters* The Hospital isn’t willing to tell us much about the D.A’s Condition.

Sapphire: They know something. They are hiding something from us and whatever it is… It’s not something that should be kept from us.

Raven: We’re like his family and he’s part of our family.

Serena: What’ll we do?

Sapphire: What’ll we do? What can we do? We don’t even know who was responsible for the hit on the D.A. It as far as we know… was a Mob hit. It couldn’t have been Leslie as she wouldn’t come out being that sort of person. She wouldn’t order a hit on the D.A.

Raven: Plus… She’s not even part of the Mob anymore. She’s left it.

Serena: What do you think it could be?

Sapphire: Or who?

Raven: It could very much be the Silent partner to that Mobster we saw get sucked down the drain.

Serena: Okay… And does this guy even have a name?

Raven: not sure… However i think that someone blabbed out a name once. Darwin. Darwin Tyrell.

Throughout the city… a picture of a possible description of Darwin Tyrell was being circulated around.

The Dark Knight

It made him seem like the Joker. But this guy was a lot worse than that. More Maniacal and more mischievous…

As soon as the call ended…

Carly Black: *Thinking* Okay… Let me see if i’m understanding something here. The Mob is gone. The Mob is long since gone… But yet… there is someone out there still spreading chaos among the city. And this person happens to be the silent partner to the guy you all saw get sucked down the drain and is also the brother? Is that what i am hearing?

Serena: Yeah.

Carly Black: *Scoffs* What do you intend to do about it? How exactly do you plan to find this guy?

Serena: I don’t know, Carly. I really don’t know and the fact that you are coming off cross and irritated isn’t really helping with the thinking process. Especially since the city still in chaos. Alot of people are still trying to pin the mess on the girl.

Carly Black: What girl?

Serena: Leslie.

Carly Black: Her? What would she have to do with what happened to the D.A?

Serena: Nothing. However… You can bet that people are gonna start pointing fingers and the first one they’re gonna be pointing fingers at… is her.

Carly Black: How come? She’s not in the Mob anymore.

Serena: We all know that. I was at the scene… as were you when Leslie declared that she was leaving the Mob.

Carly Black: What do you suppose she’s up to lately?

Serena: *Walking to the other room to grab something to eat* Who knows? Last that any of us heard of her… She was still trying to repay the debts that she had.

Carly Black: *Following to grab something to savor* Do you think that she has gotten them all paid off yet?

Serena: I wish we were to know. The only one that would know is Blossom. Or Zoey… who would get it from Blossom who’d get it from Leslie. However… Zoey and Blossom are not exactly talking. They had a major blowout not too long ago and let’s just say that we heard of it. Or… I have a day after it went down and… It’s bad. Zoey and Blossom want nothing to do with one another.

Carly Black: What do you think Zoey’s gonna do with Blossom out of her life and no longer BFF’s with her?

Serena: Live life a day at a time. She’s even landed a boyfriend.

Carly Black: Where’d you hear this?

Serena: Sakura and Hikaru. They heard about it from Sora and Carly.

Carly Black: And they know this… how?

Serena: Sora and Carly know because they saw. They managed to find Sakura and Hikaru. Told them and somehow… felt it right to tell me.

Carly Black: Where was I?

Serena: You were not at the gate yet where i was. They told me and even though i am happy for Zoey. Zoey’s been really mean to Leslie. I don’t find it tolerable. Holly’s been more Vicious on her own. I really think that a lot of us are gonna start severing ties with the Diner and stick to the Sun Shack.

Carly Black: I agree. However… What’ll you think that the others will do when they catch on to our boycotting the Diner?

Serena: What do you mean?

Carly Black: Don’t you think that the others would notice and ask questions?

Serena: They’ll ask anyway. What we need to consider is finding the one who was behind the hit.

Carly Black: Let’s start calling up the girls and get with looking for the one responsible for what happened to the family Matriarch and the D.A.

The fighters all were gathering within moments at the Beach and started putting a considering fact behind who could have done the unprecedented mob hit. They knew that something was up and they wanted answers. Someone was out there spreading a wave of chaos out there and there was liable to be a few people still in the city placing the blame all on Leslie and thinking that she was the one to blame for what was going on. Holly Reedy being one of them who happened to relentlessly place blame on Leslie. No matter what. But the fighters had some guilt as they used to feel the same way but were shown the light. None of them were putting the blame on Leslie. This mysterious wave of chaos was not even close to her caliber. But someone was behind it. Question was… Who? Why?

12 days later…


Nov. 18th, 2045…

Metropolis Promenade…

Leslie: *Walking with Blossom, The Rusoe Trio, Janie, Alex and Charlene* It’s been 12 days. I think that we might have gotten ourselves a supporter and a sponsor.

Blossom: O’aka. He’s stepped up and so have some of the people that you paid your debts to. They’re coming on board.

Leslie: Now all we need is a large piece of Land. A Massive piece of land and Also a Contractor.

Nicole: You think that we’ll find one?

Leslie: With the help that you and your sisters Ellie and Lana gave out, Nicole… We’re just sure to find one. We’ve got to.

Ellie: What about the Banner?

Blossom: We saw it spread on the one side of the building. Catching a whole lot of people’s attention. They couldn’t help but to take notice.

Lana: What about the Flyers?

Leslie: Those also helped. You 3 did hand them all out to people. The people at school took notice. However a few of the people attempted to roll up a stink to it.

Blossom: Really. Like who? Holly?! *Scoffs* Pfft! Like she can try anything. She will try… but she’ll fail every time. Let her make the attempt to start something. I’ll lay her ass out again. Makes no never mind to me one bit. As far as i am concerned… She’s gonna back off and stop trying to screw with Leslie and the family… Whether she wants to or not.

Janie: Blossom, Stop. Holly isn’t the one that’s raising any Stink towards Leslie.

Blossom: How do you know, Janie? Huh! How do you know that Holly isn’t raising a stink? Every Time that Leslie and I happen to turn around… Holly’s starting her crap.

Alex: *Annoyed at Blossom’s petty vengeance against Holly* You better just back off of Holly, Blossom. This petty vengeance nonsense of yours against Holly… It’s gone on long enough and it’s gonna stop. You don’t like Holly for how she treats Leslie. That’s you. We don’t like a bunch of the crap Holly’s pulling either. We even had all the rights and the reasons to let her have it. But the whole thing is stupid. You’re being really stupid and pathetic over going at Holly like you’ve been doing. Holly has a right to not like someone. You don’t want to be around her. Fine. Don’t. You go your way… she goes hers. Not only that… Holly is suffering from Amnesia. Heavy Amnesia. She doesn’t remember anything.

Blossom: I wonder why. I am betting that she’s playing an act.

Alex: No. She’s not. She has Amnesia and doesn’t remember a thing. She doesn’t remember who we are… She doesn’t recall anything about you. About Zoey or what she feels about Leslie. Nothing. She doesn’t even know who she is. You gave her a concussion the other day and she’s been unable to remember anything. You gave her a nice bruise. Causing her to have Short-term Memory loss. Sid is pissed. At you. He understood about you putting Holly in her place for how she was acting against Leslie…

Setting someone straight
Setting someone straight

Leslie: Alex, Hold your comments. Blossom didn’t intentionally give Holly Short term memory loss. Holly did it to herself. Holly was going around the school trying to find some way to get me expelled from school. She was trying to frame me.

Alex: If she’s tried to do that… it would back fire. Too many people would catch on and blow her cover. There’d be no way to attempt it in plain sight.

Blossom: Well… Alex, She managed to find a way. If i didn’t catch it in time… Leslie would have been expelled. Zoey’s been also trying to get Leslie Expelled. But not as much as she would have now that she’s got herself a boyfriend. I don’t know why any boy would want her. She’s not nice or sweet at all.

Janie: That’s really cold. Zoey doesn’t deserve that kind of regard.

Nicole: Do we even want to know where this is going?

Ellie: I don’t think that we would like to know.

Charlene Emily Rhapsody
Charlene Emily Rhapsody

Charlene: It isn’t that at all… We are just tired of all the fighting and disagreements. The vengeful attitudes and the war of words. The anger and hatred.

Blossom: Holly started it.

Janie: That’s fine. But now it’s time to stop it. Let it go.

Leslie: …

As they were walking on…

Blossom: *Thinking* So… About the Fliers? You think that we might need to pass out more of them and get more people involved?

Nicole: It may just help…

Leslie then entrusts the Trio with making out to aid in her endeavors...
Leslie persuades the Trio with making out to aid more in her endeavors…

Leslie: We need more people to catch on. So… make up more fliers and keep passing them out.

Ellie: We have to help more. Musical talents. We’re fans to this Swedish female artist Amy Diamond. We can send a letter out to her in plead for a fundraising Concert here in Metropolis. To help with funding the effort.

Blossom: You can do that?

Lana: Of course we can. Fans can do that. Alot of times… if the fans are in dire need of help and it happens to be for a good cause and that… any Musician will more than likely take notice of it.

Nicole: It happens every time. A lot of artists like getting their hands into things. Projects. Causes and movements. It happens a lot.

Janie: That would be pretty cool.

Alex: Yeah… Despite of everything still stirring among the city… A concert would help cheer the people up.

Leslie: *Smiles* …

Zeke’s House…

Zoey’s room…

Zoey: *Smoking* Nothing going on out there. *Sighs* Figures. Holly hasn’t been around school as of late. I have a suspicion that Blossom is behind it somehow. *Flipping through the channels* Nothing good on T.V either. *Suddenly stopping on a Channel* Hmm… This seems interesting… Ghost Rider. Okay. I’ll watch this. It’s better than nothing.

Suddenly the phone rings…

Zoey: *Checking her phone* It’s Sakura. I wonder what the hell she’d want. Everyone has gone to be with Blossom and Leslie. I don’t have anyone to hang with and it isn’t like anyone will come and stick around me. Why should they? Leslie’s around. I am unwanted. *Answering the phone* Hello.

Sakura Rhapsody
Sakura Rhapsody

Sakura: *On the phone* Zoey?

Zoey: Sakura. What is it?

Sakura: Holly’s got Amnesia.

Zoey: What?

Sakura: Just what was said… Holly has total Amnesia. She’s got short-term Memory loss. She doesn’t remember anyone or anything.

Zoey: How did it happen?

Sakura: One guess and you won’t like it.

Zoey: Blossom?!

Sakura: Yeah. We went to go see Holly just now and she looked at us like she had no idea as to who we were. She didn’t even know who we were. We tried to get her to remember and she only looked even more confused.

Zoey: *Gasps* That’s awful. *Taking a puff* She has no memory… Does she remember anything?

Sakura: No. Nothing.

Zoey: Does Sid know?

Sakura: Oh yeah… He knows. He knows and he is livid about it.

Zoey: Livid? At who?

Sakura: Blossom. Blossom gave Holly a Concussion. A Major one. Sid is considering on filing charges on Blossom for Medical hardship.

Zoey: *Realizing something* So that’s why Holly hasn’t been at school for the last few days. The Concussion she got gave her short-term memory loss and destroyed her memory. *Glaring* I have had it with Blossom. I’m gonna let her have it. Wait till school. I’m gonna call her out and humiliate her. She’s gonna regret coming to school.

Sakura: Wanna meet?

Zoey: I guess. Where at?

Sakura: Maybe at the beach…

Zoey: Okay. See you then…

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Looking partially towards the Window* If i see that Kid. I’m gonna let her have it. I know that Holly primarily brought it upon herself. However… being given a Concussion and winding up with Short-term Memory Loss…

Zion: What she did was uncalled for. But girl… Holly isn’t all innocent either. She would not let up on her hatred toward Ex-Mob girl. I don’t condone what girl Holly do. But i don’t condone what Blossom do either. They be both at fault.

Sid: That’s right. However… How can i not feel anger about what happened to Holly? She’s my kid. Pamela’s and my daughter. Holly’s lost her memory. It’ll be a miracle if she happens to remember the basic things. Like how to take care of herself and hygienic tendencies. She doesn’t know anybody. She doesn’t even recognize me and i happen to be her father. What does that tell you? What does that even point to you, Zion? Holly doesn’t even know who i am. She doesn’t know who her friends are.

Zion: That is sad. How shall she go on living and not know who family is or who friends are?

Sid: I don’t know. But I do know that i am considering on filing charges or a lawsuit on Blossom. I don’t know for sure right now. I really don’t know… But Pamela is urging me to take some line of defense and figure something out on how to respond to what was done to Holly. *Sighs* Zion, what the hell am i to do? If i don’t file charges on that girl… It’s like i am neglecting my responsibilities as a parent. A father. But then again… if i do happen to file charges… And the whole thing turns out being not as bad as it appears to seem… It could not only hurt the Clan but also waste time on both sides. Time that none of us have… Considering on what’s still out there in the City.

But that was when…


An Explosion went off and it happened to take out Sid’s Diner???


It took out his truck…

What came next was a Stone with a Body and a Message… Message read: “To the fighters and Allies of the New Generation… Cease and desist. I know who you are. I know what you are. You spread your disease of Justice to the city. Your influence and presence is a hindrance. Back off and retire. Surrender! The next hit that comes towards you and your own… won’t be so noble. I will Expose you. This is now My City… My rules and Law. Chaos is the new Mandatory law and way of the city. You want Justice? Die first. Justice has now died. Dies by the hands of the Mob. You thought the Mob was gone… Guess what?! It’s back. Starting with me. Rhapsody New Generation… It’s about sending a message. BACK OFF! Or next time… you will be the next targets! LAST WARNING!”

It was then that the dire warning came and it was directed to all the fighters and the allies. It was a direct attack. A Verbal warning of another brutal attack being done among one of their own if they didn’t back down. The fighters didn’t know about the Threat… The warning and it was gonna come as a heavy shock to them once they were to learn of it. Whoever it was that sent it… Wasn’t one to sound like they were playing any sort of trick or game. Sid only shook his head and sighed. He dreaded what was gonna come next. What were any of them to do?

The fighters were all still rearing from the reality that the Family Matriarch was believed to be… Dead???

Although Charlie and Krissy… Perry and Kirsten were out and they happened to stop by the Diner when out of nowhere…

Sid: *Looking at Charlie and Perry* You two… go home. Stay there and don’t think about leaving.

Charlie: What’s the big idea telling us to go home? We just got here.

Perry: What’s going on?

Sid: I don’t have the needed time to explain. But in summary. There was just a hit here. My Truck got blown up and left a few steps from the burning truck… There was a note. A Message. It was aimed at the fighters and your family. It isn’t safe for you guys to be out and in the open. Not now… Probably not ever.

Kirsten: Who sent that message?

Sid: It didn’t say. But… from what it said… It was alarming.

Krissy: What did the message say?

Sid: *Reading the message regrettably* “To the fighters and Allies of the New Generation… Cease and desist. I know who you are. I know what you are. You spread your disease of Justice to the city. Your influence and presence is a hindrance. Back off and retire. Surrender! The next hit that comes towards you and your own… won’t be so noble. I will Expose you. This is now My City… My rules and Law. Chaos is the new Mandatory law and way of the city. You want Justice? Die first. Justice has now died. Dies by the hands of the Mob. You thought the Mob was gone… Guess what?! It’s back. Starting with me. Rhapsody New Generation… It’s about sending a message. BACK OFF! Or next time… you will be the next targets! LAST WARNING!”

Charlie: Holy hell! You’re serious?

Perry: Tell us that you’re not serious. Sid, Tell us that you are still with all your dogs barking and are just joking on this. That little line is not funny. Really not funny.

Sid: I wish that i was only fooling around. But I’m not. I am not kidding about this. This is serious. Someone out there is out to nail your whole family. Also come after all those who support and favor your family. Knowing that i am one of the ones who do. You both should go home and warn your entire family…

Charlie: *Feeling his heart pound* Oh god… Zoey’s at home… She is a sitting duck.

Perry: *Feeling dreadfully worried and panicking* Blossom’s out there… She’s with her friend Leslie again and walking around town. *Rushing out with Kirsten joining along with him* Oh damn it!

The Fear and the darkened Veil was descending down again and now it was all aimed at the fighters…

An hour later…

Metropolis General…

Room #322…

Jones enters. Nick stares to one side. He looked to appear normal. But… was he?

Paige was also there…

As was Leslie and Blossom…

Jones: I’m sorry about your Wife, Nick.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* He looks really bad. Is he gonna be alright?

Blossom: I don’t know. His face was blown half to the underworld… How would you be?

Leslie: No idea. But that would have to hurt.


Jones: The Doctor says you’re in agonizing pain but you won’t accept medication. That you’re refusing skin grafts-

Nick: Remember the name you all had for me when I was at Internal Affairs?  What was it, Jones?

Paige: Internal affairs? Wh-wh-when were you at Internal affairs, Nick?

Nick: It was years ago. 20 years at least when i first began. However… i was rumored to be behaving like a 2 sided Joker.

Blossom: What name though? What would they call you?

Jones: Nick, I can’t-

Nick: SAY IT!

Rhapsody’s anger makes Jones flinch. He looks away. Ashamed. Leslie and Blossom jumped in shock as they heard him bellow out a demand. It caught them off guard and all they could do was stare for that moment…

Jones: *Small* Dual-face. Nick Dual-face.

Nick turns to face Jones- the left side of Rhapsody’s face is
DESTROYED- skin blackened and shriveled. Molars visible.
The eye a ball and socket. Nick manages a small smile with
the good side of his face.

Nick: Why should I hide who I am?

Jones: I… I know you tried to warn me.  I’m sorry. Antoine picked you up- was he working for them?


Jones: Do you know who picked up Your Wife?


Jones: Nick, I need to know which of my men I can trust.

Leslie: You need to speak. He can’t help if you don’t give him something to work with. As it is… we’re worried about you. This was not supposed to happen.

Blossom: Come on, Nick… Don’t give up. Not now.

Nick looks at Jones and his visitors. Coldly. Sneering at Leslie.

Nick: Why would you listen to me now? And *Looking towards Leslie* Why would you bother worry about me now? You and your scummy Mob pals got what you wished. Dominion.

Jones: I’m sorry, Nick.

Leslie: So am I. I am not in the Mob. I left it a couple weeks ago. I don’t have any intention of going back to the Mob. Ever. I saw myself become a monster and Saw that Blossom was starting to turn into one herself as she was in the Mob with me… I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t allow to see her get hurt. It was not right. I got her out and also got myself out. I got the twins out too…

Nick: …

Leslie: I’m sorry for what the Mob done to you.

Nick: No. No you’re not. Not yet. *Looking at Leslie* Too Late. You’re gonna regret it. You were innocent till you joined the Mob. You should have thought twice before jumping into their web. Doing dirty dealings for them. Robbing and Pillaging. You’re not in the Mob… But you’re stained by the influence that the Mob had on you. You wanna prove you’re sorry. Find out where the silent partner to Tyrell is. Kill him. Or just tell me where he is and I’ll kill him.

Paige: What… Nick! What the hell is the matter with you? You’re asking for a 13-14 year old to commit a Murder. Are you insane? Nick. You’re in pain. You’re hurt and devastated. But acting like this… is not gonna solve anything.

Jones takes a last look at Nick. Then leaves.

Nick: Paige, *Sore and in agony* How the hell do you expect me to be? The mob took away my WIFE!!!

Paige: Yeah. I know. I am in agony too… We all are. But no matter how hurt we feel. Or how much pain we are in because of it… This. What you’re saying and encouraging a young girl to go and kill… That is not the Answer. You know that it’s not the answer. It never was. When the loss happened the first time and we thought that she would be forever gone… We took to it hard. Dinah was busting out and looking for blood. Looking for a fight. She wanted to just beat down on any cretin that tried to perform a crime or a robbery. Didn’t matter. She’d even go ravenous on a tree if she was left with no other option. She was hurt and pissed. Angry and irate. Almost nothing calmed her down. Pearl for a while wore nothing but Black. I just went Numb. I didn’t really interact as much as i normally would for a while as i was grieving. First and foremost… She’s our mother. The one that you love. The one you married. She loved you. The 7th week after she first met you… She let out her confession that she felt love. Towards you. Saying that you were kind, Direct. Honest. Sweet and very much a heartfelt gentleman. She felt happy knowing that you were in her life. Which made us happy knowing that she was happy.

Nick: You really mean that, don’t you?

Paige: Am i not supposed to? It’s the truth. She thought alot about you. If it were to make any difference… we considered you as like our father-in-law or Stepfather. One we Love very much, You over-feeling stud.

Nick: *Laughing a little* Paige, I swear to god you’re killing me here. But thank you. I love you girls too… The reality though can’t be changed. I have scores to settle. One being the silent partner to Tyrell. And the cops involved who were dirty dealing. They have to go. Killing them is the penance that must be served to them. If not me… Who’s gonna do it?

Leslie: There might be someone who can do it. All you have to do is show up to the ones you believe are responsible. And to the Silent partner of Dorian’s. Scare them. You can be under the name Dual-face if you must. But don’t be the one to pull the trigger.

Blossom: Leslie, Who’re you referring to?

Leslie: I think that you might already know. The one you said was this Dark powered fighter. The half-Breed.

Blossom: That was after the final showdown was over and you… were back in your Hotel Room. We spoke about that. The Allies that my family and I knew.

Leslie: You then already know who it is that i am referring to.

Paige: Raven. The Half-human, Half-Demon Ally that we know.

To be Continued…


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