Chapter 232: Leslie Tina Burke Repays her debt to the city and makes amends; Reconciliation procession and The Burke’s Complete? Part 4 of 4

(The Burke’s are Complete and spring a surprise for Leslie.)

(A sister for Leslie… A unique sister for Leslie. Meet Laura Melanie Burke.)

Note to the reader: in this Video… Disregard the names and words you see in it. Just watch the pictures and hear the music. The Video and Music is for intensity…

(Flashes of Leslie’s struggle and experiences spanning from chapters 199-231 play out through the intermission and with it the people she encountered and hung with. Her friends. Allies. The fighters that befriended her. They all play and show throughout the intermission. The vision of the fighters and their struggles, Roxanne and her pregnancy, The reconciliation between Blossom and Zoey and their fights. The breakup and the animosity. Play throughout the intermission.)

-Alert: This will be the best time for readers to recap and reread the chapters from chapter 199-231 again for a refresher course in case there is possibility for any loss or confusion-

Laura M. Burke: *Voice-over* And now the Dramatic climax and Finale of the 4 part set of Chapter 232 parts 1-4: Leslie Tina Burke Repays her debt to the city and makes amends; Reconciliation procession and The Burke’s Complete?

Saturday, May 12th, 2046

Metropolis Hotel…

In Room #640…

It was the day where they all prepared to move to their new place. Mr. and Mrs. Burke along with their adopted daughter Laura had everything packed up and ready to go. Everything was in place. Laura was gonna see her sister Leslie after 5 1/2 months of waiting and with so many check-ups that had to be done on her. She was gonna see her sister. It was the happiest day and it was only 7 in the morning. There was alot to do. Alot to expect and there was more to come. Alot more.

Laura Melanie Burke.

Laura: I’m gonna see my sister today. I’m finally gonna see my sister Leslie.

Carl V. Burke: Laura, this is a grand day for all of us. The house is done. Although when it becomes time for us to get Leslie. To reunite with her and bring her back home… We have to leave you at the Mansion. You must wait there. But when we return with her… You’ll be sure to get the chance to meet her. For the first time.

Elizabeth A. Burke: This is the day that she comes back to us. The Emancipation was rescinded and she’s ready to come back. She’s wanting to return to us. It’s time for her return.

Laura: I really can’t wait to see her. I’ll bet that she’s beautiful.

Carl: She is. She’s beautiful. Just as well as you are. Beautiful and remarkable.

Elizabeth: Leslie has come a long way. Letting her go was the hardest thing we have ever faced doing. But back then more than a year ago… we came to find that there was no other choice.

Laura: What was so bad that you had to send her away?

Elizabeth: This was before we found you and adopted you, Laura. But it was all due to the courtesy of the Aristocratic society in Brooklyn. It was all good and just serene till one day. Things went bad and it changed everything. It started at your father’s work. Then bled into my end and then aimed for Leslie. She was in many fights over it. It got worse from there. Eventually it got to the point where we didn’t have much of a choice but to send her away. Not to get rid of her. But to save her. Seeing her hurt was breaking our hearts and we had to do something. Emancipation seemed to have been the only way.

Laura: And you felt bad for it since then?

Carl: *Sighs* yeah. We however are reversing that. She’s coming back home. To us. Where she belongs.

Elizabeth: Leslie is coming home today. We can feel it…

“Leslie: That was a good movie. A teenage girl trying to protect her home. That’s the kind of movie of which i wouldn’t mind seeing over again.

“It’s just like you and how you were with trying to defend your family.”

Leslie: *Pauses and suddenly turning to see her mother* …

seconds later…

Leslie: Mom?! *Stunned and surprised* Wh-what are you doing here? How… How did you get to Metropolis?


Elizabeth: Your father and I traveled the road from Brooklyn to Metropolis. We were here for the last few weeks. Staying at the Hotel. Same floor as you.

Leslie: But that’s not possible. The last time that i saw you and dad… You were both at the Bus station in Brooklyn waving me off. Seeing me pull away and make way to Metropolis.

Elizabeth: That’s right. We were there. But we really didn’t want to bare the idea of seeing you going away from us. That was the hardest thing we ever have had to do. Emancipating you from us to protect you. We didn’t know of any other way but to do that.

Leslie: Well… Congrats. It made me feel alone. Leaving you guys was the most heartbreaking.

Elizabeth: I know. I am so so sorry. As is your father.

Leslie: *Not understanding* I don’t understand though… How did you know that i was here?

Elizabeth: *Smiles* Someone mentioned about you going out to catch a couple movies or so. This was the only place that was open. So…

Leslie: I am still Emancipated, you know. Even though i am wanting to do something about it. However… I can’t get it reversed.

Elizabeth: However… Your father and I can.

Leslie: What are you talking about, Mom?

Elizabeth: Your father and I have gone to the courthouse earlier in the week and filed in the papers to have your Emancipation rescinded. By the 10th of next month… it will be official and you’d be able to come back to us. We’ll be a family again.

Leslie: Mom, That’s not possible… How could you and dad have rescinded the Emancipation? Don’t you need the signature of the other party to have it overturned? Not that i don’t want it rescinded… However… it’s not possible for the process to be rescinded. There must be some mistake. No courts are aware of this. I even went to the courts to see if it could be rescinded. They told me that the process was permanent. Everyone from the D.A up and then all the way down. It can’t be done. Not that it shouldn’t be done… It can’t be done.

Elizabeth: That in this city… we couldn’t do it. However… Your father and I made a few calls and pull in a couple of favors.

Leslie: What kind of favors?

Elizabeth: Don’t worry. It’s nothing to worry over. Just know that when you’re ready to come back to us… We’ll be there.

Leslie: I will be sure to call. I really would like to see this Emancipation at its end.

Laura: It’s past the 10th of January… by a few months. Why has it taken this long for her to decide?

Elizabeth: It wasn’t just her. It was us. We were not entirely ready ourselves as we didn’t have a Home to go to. The Mansion wasn’t done yet and it was gonna look bad for her to stay with us in just one hotel room. It wouldn’t work.

Carl: It wouldn’t ever work. We also had to take care of you and get the procedures done. The check-ups and the injections. To keep you as you are wanting to be. A girl. You’re biologically a boy. Or that’s what the medical records show… However You now have been getting numerous treatments and it’s now made you a girl. That’s how Leslie’s to see you. As you’d like to be.

Laura: I know… I just would like to finally see her. She is my sister now. Seeing her would be like the best thing ever…

In the residential district of Metropolis…

1462 Charity lane…

8:30 AM…

Danielle: *Looking at her sis* Well Sis… This is our new home. Sure is a long jump, hop and skip distance from our home country of Sweden.


Amy Diamond: It is. But it’s time that we went for an american influence. Plus… Mom and dad understand. I am sure that staying here would be better for us as our parents want us to have a better life.

Danielle: And Sweden doesn’t seem to provide that?

Amy Diamond: It does. *Looking to the side* It does. But i think that this is something that took a lot to consider from mom and dad. They figured it to be time that we had a new… living. Me and my singing career. Dad’s still the manager. Dealing with the Business parts of the career. He’s got that ball and chain and knows how to handle it. I would not ask for anything better.

Danielle: *Sighs* This wouldn’t all having to do with the fact that you’re like close friends now with that odd girl that resides in this city.

Amy Diamond: Leslie. Yeah. She’s a really nice girl. I like her. She has had a rather long life so far. She told me some of the things that she’d been through and it’s sad. Really sad. She misses her parents and wants to be back with them… But is afraid to interfere with them if they turned out to have a new life that is not with her in it. She’s also dealt with a bully like… A Diner girl named Holly Reedy. Being in America is unquestionably amazing.

Danielle: What about her friends?

Amy Diamond: Such as Blossom Rhapsody, Zoey Rhapsody, The Rusoe trio, The Rhapsody Trio, Sora and Carly. Plus not to forget Tara and Ginger Marco. I Think that they are admiring the idea that Leslie’s close friends with me. I did mention that i helped with a bit of the funding for a Massive Stadium that she was clearly building in this city… right?

Danielle: I think that you had. My question though is why. Why help someone like her? You don’t even know her, Amy. She is a fan of yours… But you don’t know that much about her. Other than what she may have or have not told you.

Amy Diamond: You really don’t trust in these new people much… do you?

Danielle: It isn’t that i don’t trust in them. But they’re American. American people happen to be full of prideful but vindictive people who would just use you for their own selfish gains. Not caring as to who they hurt. Not all are like that. However… you know that Pride is the most damning of the 7 deadly sins.


Amy Diamond: You’re cranky. *Walking over to get some more Cappuccino* You didn’t get enough sleep. It will make a person cranky. The lack of sleep.

Danielle: …

Minutes later…

Danielle: Do you plan to meet these friends of yours today?

Amy Diamond: Kinda. But i don’t quite know if any of them will be free. It’s probably gonna be another busy day for them. Leslie’s probably got a lot to get done…


At the Watchtower Command center…

10 AM…

Blossom was there with her friend Leslie and meeting with Tess and Genevieve. It was time to make the change. Leslie’s resolve was made and clear. She wanted to be a fighter and she knew that with all the correcting that she had done… She knew that it was the lead to being something better. She had created a Massive Blitzball Stadium. Giving something back to the City. Something major. She paid back all her debts to the public and even cut some deals with some of them too… To offer them a piece of the fortune. Working one of the Venues at the Stadium. She called the Stadium: “The Leslie Burke’s Metropolis Blitzball Arena.” Of course the name was always there. She was just having to work at making it all a reality. It was all becoming a deeming reality to her and She knew it. With help from the fundraising that the concert had done. All courtesy from Amy Diamond. Leslie’s dream was gonna come true. It was closer than it has ever been. But the Mysterious 25 Million was still bugging Leslie… Even if she knew that she couldn’t ask Blossom what she knew. it didn’t make the idea of not knowing any less bugging in the back of her mind.

Leslie and Blossom were at that current time… at the command center and preparing Leslie for the gift of a super fighter. She was wanting to Have the powers of Geo-thermokinesis, Fire and Ice. She was not the only one there with Blossom. The Rusoe Trio were also there and wanted to become fighters. They wanted to serve a cause for the Super powered persuasion. Giving the new aged fighters more of a source of strength in allies and firepower. Nicole looked at her sisters and they right then decided to be the Elemental Earthly Trio. Having a bit of everything. Nicole specialized in the element of Wind and Light. Using the Wind to serve a special purpose. Ellie Specialized in the Element of Electricity and Light. With some fire. Lana Specialized in the Element of Earth. Geo-thermokinesis and Golem forming. She saw herself as a bit of a Wizard in waiting. They however all took to the idea of fire. Creating it and Manipulating it to great use. Fire breathing and Self Detonation. But the self detonation would be of a very last resort.

Genevieve: So… You 3 want to be super fighters?

Nicole: Yes Ma’am. We know that there are multiple more threats out there that seek to bring disaster. There are people still out there who seek to place blame on the Rhapsody Clan for all the disaster that makes way to the city. They have been through enough.

Ellie: We want to help out. The City isn’t gonna be at peace for long. Blossom senses it. She’s one of the fighters. It’s part of the hero Psyche. They know when something wicked is cooking and just itching to pop.

Lana: I don’t like Chaos. And no… I don’t want to be told that it’s fair. It isn’t. It never brings a fair balance. All it does is cause people… Innocent people to be hurt and that isn’t right. It isn’t right. We might not have any experience in the use of elements and may be over our heads. But We know that this world… this city is in trouble. The Rhapsody New Generation have the knowhow. They seen the mess that goes on as it’s come and struck time and time again. But they can’t be expected to do it forever. It isn’t fair to the City. Nor to them.

Leslie Tina Burke in the process of becoming a Super.
Leslie Tina Burke in the process of becoming a Super.

Leslie: They got a point. As great as the fighters are and for doing the things they do every single day when the call to action comes… There’s gonna be a time when they reach their limit and come to the point where they can’t do it anymore. They need help.

Blossom: *Scoffs* Wha- I… I… I don’t believe this. You mean to say that we fighters are near washed up?

Leslie: No. I’m not. But Blossom… You and your cousins… They were doing this type of stuff for 4-5 years now. Your Aunts and Uncles. Parents. for 10 to 20 years. That is a long time. They stepped down and retired. But even they could tell when it was time to say that enough was enough. There can’t be an ongoing thing for them… Where they can do the hero work forever. Sooner or later down the road… It gets to that point where the super powered Mojo fizzles or starts to short or tucker out. Some heroes… They just can’t go on doing it forever. It’s isn’t possible.

Blossom: How is it that you know this, Leslie? You didn’t know this till I told you about my family and how far back the powers we had went…

Leslie: You’re right. I didn’t… But it doesn’t take a pencil neck geek to realize and consider the obvious. Does it?

Nicole: That’s true. It doesn’t.

Chloe: It’s okay. You girls are gonna be part of a new breed of fighters. Blossom is your leader and Captain of the new age of Super power. When she calls and summons… You have to respond. A Note and official documentation of your new identities and responsibilities are being made and a copy of them is being delivered to your parents. Leslie, Your parents are also gonna be told of this and placed in the loop. Rich people have tons of power and if they don’t like what’s going on or have issues with what comes around one of their own… They have the option of shutting a place down. We can’t have that. So we’re giving them a full detail on your new identity. You’ll still be who you are. Leslie T. Burke. But in official decree… You’re gonna be known a lot for your heroic name. Identity. Nicole, Ellie and Lana… You 3 are in the same boat… Just not Rich. However the element of concern still applies. I do have to warn you that once you are given these powers… They’re with you forever. Till the time in the distant future arrives where the powers dissipate and flicker off. It’s how most super powered fighters receive and then later on way down the road lose them. Telling them that it’s time to bring their hero days to a close.

Mr. Morgan: We’re setting up the Energy Core Chambers now, Mrs. Queen. It’s gonna take a few minutes to get the Vitals online and the Biological read-outs to interact.

Mr. Breslin: We should do a retina Scan on them and run them through the Bio-Capsule. Scanning them and getting medical and Psychological readings. It’ll give a guide on what Elements would best suit them and what outfits they’ll get.

Chloe: Right…

Blossom: It won’t hurt them… Will it?

Chloe: No. The Scans and Bio-readouts are just to get a record of the subject. Better in helping us help the ones in need. Ones who are being given upgrades and or Powers for the first time. If there is anything that reads out being a Medical concern… or if they are unable to be given abilities because of what the Medical read-outs determine… The Bio-Capsule will find it. The Bio-Capsule is a new Machine. We had it since the 4th of February of this current year.

Nicole: I don’t think our parents will like that. But we’ll trust Blossom’s word and she trusts you guys. You guys know what’s what.

Ellie: Uh-huh!

Leslie: Right.

A Minute later…

Leslie went in first…

P.A: *Chiming* Bio-Capsule doors now closing…

The door then start closing and within seconds become sealed…

P.A System: Bio-Capsule now Running initiative Scan on Subject: Leslie T. Burke…

P.A System: Now Running Retina Scan and Biological read-out…

A Minute later…

The Bio-Capsule then unseals and the doors open…

P.A System: Retina Scan and Biological read-out complete. Initiative Scan Complete. Medical Report Diagnosis on Subject: Leslie T. Burke… Clean bill of Health. No Medical warnings found. Dexterity: 35. Agility: 32. Strength: 38. Constitution: 48. Mental: 60. Heart: 90.

A Moment later…

P.A System: Retina Scan and Biological read-out complete. Initiative Scan Complete. Medical Report Diagnosis on Subjects: Nicole, Ellie and Lana Rusoe… Clean bill of Health. No Medical warnings found…

Chloe: The Bio-Capsule reads for Leslie that she’s Prone to Shadow Mimicry… The ability to turn into a shadow. Night Vision. Laser Emission where she can bend Wavelengths and Shoot Lasers. But she also has Ice Breath and Fire Breathing. Geo-Thermo-kinesis. So… A hero name for her would be an Upgraded Version of Rita The Hammer. Elemental Rita. She’ll be the new and Improved Rita the Hammer. But not a Mob Girl. A Hero. As for the 3 girls… You 3 will be… The Elemental Earthly Trio. Which as the Bio-Readouts determined… Having a bit of everything. Nicole with the element of Wind and Light. Using the Wind to serve a special purpose. Ellie with the Element of Electricity and Light. With some fire. Lana with the Element of Earth. Geo-thermokinesis and Golem forming. But with the 3 of you together… You’d have Fire. Fire Breathing, Hell-fire and Holy-Fire Manipulation and Pyrokinesis. Self Detonation. That’s not part of it. It’s an Ability that doesn’t work like it’s intended.

Before long…

Mr. Breslin: *Checking the Vitals on the Machines* The systems are a go, Mrs. Queen. The selected Elements are ready for ascension.

Mr. Morgan: *Looking at the soon to be new heroes* The Energy Core is ready. It’s got the Data put in and is set to activate. Giving them a Communicator, An Outfit. Plus a direct link to headquarters.

Chloe: Very good. *Recalling something* Oh… There is also one other thing… You girls also are capable of ESP. Extra-Sensory Perception. Reading the minds of others and Seer. Foretelling of things that are in risk of coming. But that part only works in moments of Excitement, Stress and Extreme Sadness. It only will work for a few minutes at a time.

Blossom: I’m gonna lead them?

Genevieve: That’s correct. You’re now a Leader. A Leader of a team of your own, Electrogal.

Mr. Breslin: Time to initiate the process…

Within seconds…

The Rusoe Trio were inside the Energy surging Chamber, while Leslie was in the secondary Energy surging Chamber. The door closed and sealed them inside activating the energy cores…

P.A: *Chiming* Energy Core Chamber now Activated… Powering intensity at Max Power… Elemental ascension now in process.

The Energy Core chamber within the new Command center of Watchtower charged the girls up and energized them with a new look. gadgets, Communicators. It got blindingly bright within the Energy core Chamber. But with the power coercing through the new fighters… It was bringing upon the world new protectors. New fighters and a New cause for Peace and safety. Serenity.The moment of power was theirs and it was then… when the Process was in fact complete…

The girls stepped out and with new looks on them…

Nicole: *looking at her sisters* Whoa! We’re… We’re…

Rusoe Trio: *Shrieks and Squeals happily* STARS! Super Heroes!

Ellie: This is so amazing.

Lana: What powers do i have again?

Nicole: Element of Earth and Geo-Thermokinesis. Golem creating. Why not create one?

Ellie: Not here… this place is like the Technical fortress or something. If we use our abilities here… it might cause damage to this place. I don’t want to risk that.

Lana: It’s best if we waited before doing something like that.

Leslie: *Feeling a tingling sensation flowing through her fingers* Wha-what’s this? *Shooting Lasers from her fingers* Holy cow! I… I just shot Lasers from my fingers. Is that normal?

Blossom: Now that you’re a Super… Yeah. It’ll be normal as time goes on. It just will take time to grow accustomed to it all.

Leslie: *Releasing Ice and firing Ice from her breath* Ouch… Cold. So cold. There’s ice coming out from me. Ice and frost.

Blossom: Just wait till you get angry. You’ll be feeling the flames licking your lips and tongue, Leslie. As they would say… Welcome to the world of the Super powered Persuasion.

Tess: Now that you are heroes… The only thing left to do is to get you officially synced up with Watchtower. And Of course… the option of choosing a hero name that will best suit you… is still open for grabs.

Blossom: Leslie, Nicole, Ellie and Lana… Let’s get you officially synced up. You’re now part of the hero team.

It was within seconds later that they got ready to be connected to Watchtower’s Systems…

Chloe: Ready for Sync up. *Starting the Sync up for new members*

Leslie: *Pressing her earpiece; Activating it* Elemental Rita/Rita the Hammer 3.1 Online.

Nicole: *Pressing her earpiece; Activating it* Aero-Light Online

Ellie: *Pressing her earpiece; Activating it* Electro Flame-Light Online

Lana: *Pressing her earpiece; Activating it* Geo-thermal girl Online.

The Rusoe Trio: *Pressing their earpieces; Activating it*  Elemental Earthly trio Online.

Genevieve: You 4 are new to the duties of the hero. However it’ll come to you in due time. *Looking to the Viewing globe* Behold the Viewing globe. See what lies before you.

They walk over to the globe and watch as the pictures start coming to play…

A Fired Shy Artist being given a gift and seeking to take down a cosmetic company that harbors a dark secret. The artist herself goes under the mysterious and slinky fighter with the cat-like senses. “Catwoman”.

Tess: That is one of the things yet to come. With the coming of age… It is gonna take the help of you 4 to come to the aide of the other fighters and to have the back of the woman that you see before you in the globe…

As for Sora and Carly…

11:30 AM…

They were taking some time to be on their own and just hang with each other and away from the others. They had some things to talk about and it was a mixture of things. A Mixture of different things. The Newly built Massive Stadium. It was a lot to think about. The twins were in the parking lot… Just outside of the Arcade and were unaware of the possibility that Leslie and the Rusoe trio were now endowed with super powers…

Carly: so what are we doing?

Sora: Not sure what we’re doing… Carly. But there is something really foul going on between our cousin’s Sakura and Hikaru. Something that i don’t know sounds like a good thing. But it’s nothing to be pleased over. Especially given since when Sakura came back home to her family… the same day that the Concert was said to be… She seemed normal. But still smoking. However… there was something else.

Carly: like what? *Suspecting something fishy*

Sora: Well… Like Sakura taking up smoking which we already knew. We knew it since the middle of November of last year just a day or two after she first started. Because of Zoey. However… Zoey quit the habit… with help and guidance from Leslie of course. Didn’t you catch any of the details on that? They’ve been fighting among each other… Hikaru and Sakura have been at each other off and on for the last couple months. Hikaru won’t even speak to Sakura. Aunt Dinah won’t even pass a look at her. It’s bad. All from smoking. Zoey was the one to have gotten Sakura to take up smoking. But Zoey has been saying that she was trying to talk Sakura out of it. But that Sakura choose to do it.

Carly: Hikaru just needs to accept that Sakura changed and aunt Dinah needs to accept that too.

Sora: How is that possible? Zoey wouldn’t just deliberately get Sakura to take up smoking. Would she? Are you saying that she single-handed got Sakura to start smoking?

Carly: I’m guessing cause Sakura would never start smoking on her own. Someone must of made her do it or something. Sakura isn’t the kind that would just do it. There’d be a warning or a sign exposing the fact that something was indeed not right. Which would be before the actual start of the problem. There would be signs. Subtle red flags.

Sora: It could not be Zoey. There’s no way that it could have been her. It was not Leslie. Because she was somewhere with Blossom. So… there wouldn’t be any possibility for it to have been her.  We took her in and accepted her. She’s our friend too. It isn’t Blossom. She’s done it because Leslie did it and we know it… We were told of that. By both her and Blossom. By Zoey… Systematically. They’re not to blame. Sakura must have choose to do it all on her own. Just decided to get into it.


Sora: Wait a minute… The Massive Blitzball Stadium was just finished the other day… Wasn’t it?

Carly: You notice that we haven’t heard a thing from our cheating father?

Sora: I think so… But it isn’t like it matters as i forgot about him He caused our mom to be heartbroken. He cheated on her. I don’t know about you… But that is wrong… He was having an affair. *Angry just thinking about the pain that their ex-father’d caused* That asshole. Hurting our mother like that. He’s got some nerve… doing that.

Carly: i agree with you and besides dad had another wife and whole another family.

Sora: Dad’s got another family? *Shocked* How… Mom and him are still dealing with the Divorce process.

But that was when Sora started to think…

Sora: What about the Stadium that just got built? It was finished just the other day… When do you suppose the Grand Opening of the Stadium will be?

Carly: i think it opens today. I seen dad kiss another women and kids calling him dad and i think Paul was curious and I’m sure i ain’t going crazy.

Sora and Carly stood there pondering about the Stadium and were completely aware that it was nearing the grand opening. The only catch was that there was seeming to be mixed confusion on when the official grand opening was said to be. They were also thinking about the pain that they still were feeling due to their father or Ex-father’s cheating antics. What was done… Each thought clouded and flooded over one another. It was as though their minds were working a triple shift of brainstorming and thinking all at once. All at the same time and without stopping.

Sora was thinking over about how they were gonna handle their mother… on their own and endure the fact that they would have to help her move on with her life even though it was clear that they were seeing as their mother was moving on. She was no longer thinking of Alvin. Nothing about him struck her. Carly however was thinking about the Stadium and about the grand opening. There was also the fact about who really got Sakura to start smoking. On one hand… it was believed to be Zoey. Or thereby used to be open to possibility that it could have been her. But Zoey was a cleaned soul now. Had been for a few months and therefore… It was no longer her. Another hand pointed it to be Leslie… But she was no where near Sakura and it wouldn’t be plausible for it to be put on Leslie for the blame as she didn’t coerce. Another thought was that it may have been Blossom. However… She didn’t do it either. It was as it was believed. Sakura chose to do it. They both were going nuts in trying to sort out their thoughts. Trying to calm down their mind and not strain… They had to keep thinking of one thing at a time. The first thing to think about that was of interest… was of the Stadium as they were clear on the reality that they too had tons riding on it as did the large group of others who had a hand in the progress of the build…

A second later…

Sora: About the ground opening… It couldn’t be today. It couldn’t be. Leslie would have said something if it was. Plus… for the last couple days… She was gone. She was so swamped and busy… Even Blossom was unable to get a hold of her. That is unusual since they’re always together. Almost non-stop. Something must have been going on.

Carly: I could have sworn that we’d heard that it’d open today.

Sora then thinks about the others…

Sora: Carly, where are you hearing about the Blitzball stadium’s grand opening being today? Leslie’s the one that had it built. She founded it and worked at getting deals done to help in the endeavor. With help from us and the gang. Working around the borders mostly… making the Property look captivating… However… what really helped that cause… was the whole prospect of the Concert that was held. to promote the cause… The Rusoe Trio sent in fan mail to Amy Diamond… Which really helped in the whole ordeal of getting funding for the build. But the grand opening… It isn’t for a couple weeks. At least that’s how Leslie told us. She had to think of the specific day to hold that grand opening. The first official day to see it opened. It’s gonna be exciting.

Carly: I heard it from some people talking about it and Leslie is trying to make it to next week but people are already there lining up to go in today with the trio also trying to help her today.

Sora: Strange though… Leslie says one thing. You and I see something else… What exactly is going on? Plus the Trio… we haven’t seen for almost a week. It was as if they were so tied up that they were not free to meet or hang. Maybe they were just as busy as Leslie was. Maybe more.

Carly:  Maybe Leslie is hiding something from us. The trio have been busy lately and so has Leslie.

Sora and Carly 95% of the time did things together. They were seen to be the Magnet and Steel. They were inseparable and made choices as one… All the time. Even when they were young… If one chose to do something. the other would do one similar if not exactly the same…

Sora: The Stadium is fixed. The Grand opening though… that’s in question. is it really today… in a week? 2 weeks from now… when? This is starting to turn confusing.

Carly: maybe we should go find out whats going on, Sora. Besides it would be nice to see Leslie and the trio again and maybe hang out. But we do have to make sure that this isn’t a trick or some surprise.

A pause…

Sora: You’re right… We should go and see where the Trio might be. Find Leslie and see what they’re up to.

Carly: Any idea as to where they might be?

Sora: Not sure… however, we need to also find Leslie. Blossom too.

Carly: We haven’t seen them much since the other week though. They clearly were consistently busy and with a lot on their minds. I think that they all have something riding on this Stadium. Something that they can’t afford to lose. Leslie’s got alot riding on the Stadium. But there is also something bugging her too.

Sora: Molly and Michelangelo have been lending in some help too. But there is only so much for even them to do.

Carly: Let’s go and find Molly and Michelangelo. They may just know something that we don’t.

Sora: So we hope…

Carly: *Stops and wondering about something* What did you mean by there being something else bugging Leslie? What else could there be bugging Leslie?


Amy Diamond: *Walking by* Hey Sora. Hey Carly. How are you guys?

Sora Rhapsody
Sora Rhapsody

Sora: *Looking to see Amy Diamond* Hey… *Pauses* Wha–? Huh… *Gasps* Amy Diamond?!

Carly Athena Rhapsody 38

Carly: *Surprised* Amy Diamond… Wha– what’re you doing here in Metropolis? We thought that you were back… in Sweden?

Amy Diamond: I’ve come to live here in Metropolis. In America.

Sora: Just you?

Amy Diamond: No. My older sister is living with me. Danielle. However… Diamond isn’t my real last name. It’s a stage name that i created for myself. My real last name is Deasismont. But… I am known all over Sweden as Amy Diamond.

Sora: Wow… Leslie follows your music alot. Ever since she truly saw you in person Live… in Concert. She got all in with your Music. She’s always been a fan though as far as we know. But she really loves your music.

Carly: Not to forget… we do too.

Amy Diamond: *Touched* Awwww! Thank you.

Seconds later…

Sora: Not to be suspicious and all… But what brings you out to these parts of the bustling city?

Amy Diamond: Leslie. I was kinda hoping to meet with her and talk of an arrangement.

Sora: What kind of arrangement? Amy… Uh, Don’t take this as like a blocker. But The Stadium’s not opened yet. The grand opening isn’t gonna be for another couple weeks.

Carly: At least… that’s what we were made to believe by Leslie. She had the whole thing planned. However… if anyone were to know right off hand; It’d be her right hand man or girl… Blossom. Our cousin. However… we haven’t heard from her or Leslie… or any of the others all morning.

Amy Diamond Conversing with the Esp Twins Sora and Carly Rhapsody.

Amy Diamond: Really? Where do you suppose they’d be? *Curious*

Sora: We don’t know. Our Brother Paul has been going on and looking for Comedy gigs to perform. Our sisters Hallie and Kasey are at the local Library. They go there a lot.

Carly: *Thinking* Why don’t we go to Sid’s Diner? We can hang out there for a bit till we hear from Leslie or Blossom.

Amy Diamond: Sid’s Diner?

Carly: Yeah. Why?

Amy Diamond: Would that be the same place that has the Diner girl who happens to be rather Vengeful to others?

Sora: Oh… You mean… Holly “The Baby Bitch” Reedy? Yeah. However we’re not scared of her. She’s not there anymore. Holly is just Holly now. Not a Reedy. She’s Emancipated herself from her father and Mother.

Amy Diamond: I’d rather not go where it’s hostile.

Carly: Amy, There’s no Hostility there. Sid’s a nice person. He’s kind and very hospitable. You’ll be safe with us. There’s something you may need to see. To have a piece of mind.

Sora: *Nods*…

Amy Diamond: What’s that? *Grins with curiosity*

Carly: *Looking at Sora* Sora… should we show her?

Sora: Yeah. I think that it’d be safe to let her in on the whole Rhapsody Clan secret.

Carly: Okay.

Sora: Amy, This… This is what we are. *Emitting fire* We’re known as the Elemental Twins. *Launching an attack on the clearing as an Example* Firaga!

The clearing becomes engulfed with flames…

Carly: Let’s now Ice this fire and encase it in a deep freeze. *Launching an attack on the Clearing as an Example; Putting out the flames* Blizzaga!

Amy Diamond: *Startled and in shock* Wh-wh-whoa! What was that? Did you guys just do that?

Sora: We sure have. We have powers. Elemental powers.

Amy Diamond: So… You and your family… Are Supers?

Carly: We are. Our Cousins Sapphire, Raven and Serena… They’re in hero form… The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! Our cousins Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer in hero form are The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! Our cousins Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore in hero form are The Rhapsody Romancers Z! Blossom is Electrogal. Paul… Our Brother’s Honolulu Torch Paul. Charlene… one the Rhapsody Trio sisters… Is like the New Arctic Mind.

Amy Diamond: Wow… Wow.

However… as they were talking…

It was 4 hours later when Leslie and Amy Diamond met up at the Mall and grabbed a seat nearby the food courts…



Amy Diamond: Leslie, I really am finding the fact that you are involved with a group of people who’ve clearly got abilities… a complete shocker. You are involved with these super powered heroines. Were you aware of this?

Leslie: Yes. I was and i happen to like it. I know that you do too. You wouldn’t be enthralled and compelled to know much about what they can do… if you weren’t. You’re a singer… It’s what you do. But if that were to make you out to be a bit of a Dunce…That is not your issue. You’re smart. Talented and apparently were able to see the smokescreen from a mile or so away. I too have abilities now. But i have to get somewhat accustomed to the idea that i am with these powers. Shooting lasers from my fingers. Shadow Mimicry. Night Vision. Frost Breath. Fire Breath.

Amy Diamond: *Surprised* Really?

Leslie: Yeah. However… i don’t think that i can let that out to my parents. I don’t quite feel as though they’d understand that i am now… a Super. *Suddenly feeling herself becoming a shadow* What is going on?

Amy Diamond: Leslie, Are you alright? *Concerned*

Leslie: I think so. But something’s really weird.

Amy Diamond: Weird how? Leslie, You were about to vanish.

Leslie: I know… I mean… it just hit out of nowhere and just was by surprise. *Feeling the sensation stop* What’ll i tell my parents? I’m gonna be reunited with them in less than 5 hours or so.


Amy Diamond: *Smiles and happy* You’re making the notion on reconnecting with your parents and getting back together with them. That’s wonderful. That’s the best idea you have now. Family is everything and you shouldn’t waste it.

Leslie: I know. Amy, You’re right. I really should get back with them. Being apart from them was painful enough and i found myself crying to sleep most nights because i missed them. It’s time to end the separation.

Amy Diamond: I agree. There was also something else that we had to discuss. It isn’t as important as being back to where your heart primarily rests.

Leslie: Wanna bet? Any deal making is just as important. depending on what kind of deal it happens to be. What’s the deal?

Amy Diamond: I was wondering when the grand opening for the Stadium was. I’m thinking that on the grand opening… If it would be okay… That i could be the opening performance. Holding the concert outside by the clearing in front of the Stadium itself.

Leslie: I see. So… You want the first crack at entertainment provision as soon as the Grand opening comes? *Pulling out her phone and adding it to the list of possible openers for the grand opening day of the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium* It’s another suggestion on the list of possible openers now. I’ll talk with Blossom as she’s my Girlfriend/Best friend/Partner. She had a couple offers pouring in on her end of the planning. But depending on what she and i decide… We’ll see on giving you… Your due. You have my solemn word on that. You’ll have it.

Amy Diamond: Thank you.

Leslie: Besides if it wasn’t for you… The Stadium’s build wouldn’t have gotten a heaping leg up on the construction itself. So… seeing that you get your shot at first slice of the entertainment provision… is the least i can do. I’m not gonna deny you that and wind up jeopardizing the bottom line. Thereby slitting my own throat financially and economically. Age 14 doesn’t mean stupid.

Amy Diamond: It isn’t like that. I’m offering on helping to see that the Stadium gets the attention it deserves. You’ve put your heart and soul into this. Your Best friend… Blossom has done so too.

Leslie: True. *Looking to the side and exhaling a little* Although it’s not just Me and Blossom that had put our time and effort into it. There’s also Zoey. The Twins Sora and Carly. The Rhapsody Trio, The Rusoe Trio. among many others of the clan and the friends. Allies. They too helped in with the build. The Construction.

hqdefault (10)

Amy Diamond: Which puts you in dearly good graces with the city again. On my way to the City when i first came to hold my Concert which provided funding for the build… a couple of cameramen and reporters confronted me with questions on why i was willing to hold a concert on American Soil. To aid in the funding endeavors of a build being done by a commoner who was once in the Mob. They said your name. They asked me why i was doing it. I told them: “Because it’s what i do. I live to help people. I give to people. And i don’t care if this girl… used to be in the Mob. She’s still a person and with feelings and thoughts and opinions. Just as you do. This is to help her and her dream. I won’t deny a person the help to ensure that their endeavors succeed. They’re entitled to it. She’s worked hard and deserves to have a break.”

Leslie: *Touched and in shock* Really?

Amy Diamond: Yeah.

Seconds later…

Food court…

Leslie: *Looking at the food Vendors* Hmm… Well… I don’t have to go for a couple hours. Back to the Hotel to get ready to head over to the Fairgrounds… Where i’m to meet my parents. So… Hungry? I’ll buy…

At Alice’s house…

5:30 PM…

Beverly: Alice, You’re seeing Mr. Olson again?

Alice: Yeah.

Beverly: You’ve been seeing him a lot. And dating him. Why don’t you just marry the guy?

Alice: I can’t marry him. I am not over my Ex yet.

Beverly: Like hell… *Scoffs* You are over him. You’ve stopped mentioning him or speaking about anything of him for the last 5 months. There is no holding on to him. Alvin… is gone. You divorced him and are moving on with your life. Which is clearly what you’ve done. Dating your work partner. Seeing him almost endlessly.

Alice: Yeah… As a friend. That’s all.

Beverly: Don’t try to water it down. You’re in love with the guy. Why don’t you just date him and marry him? Move on with your life and find a new guy. Mr. Olson is clearly the one you want to Jump the bones with.

Alice: *Snaps* Beverly?!

Beverly: What? You are into him. You want him. I mean… For god’s sake. Move on with your life. Sora and Carly are sick of seeing you miserable. They want you to be happy. We all do. But how can you be happy when you are constantly trying to hold on to the ghost of the past. Alvin is with a new woman now. He’s with someone else. He’s moved on. He clearly has moved on to a new life. Isn’t it time that you did the same?

Alice: But…

Beverly: Come on… Alice. Since the Divorce was completed… When have you heard from him? When was the last time that you even saw him? Even if it were for about a minute or so? Since that time… he has tried to come here… but only while you were away at work. Once. Paul barred him from the house per your orders. But seriously… since the Divorce… When have you seen Alvin? Never. Since that time… he’s pulled off from this life. He hasn’t called. Hasn’t come by. Hasn’t written. No gifts. no surprise representative drop-offs… Nothing. Face it, Alice. He doesn’t care. He has no desire to come back at all to at least try to reconnect with Sora and Carly. Nor with Crystal and or Paul. Paul and Crystal don’t want a thing to do with him.

Alice: That’s their choice. I am not making them cast him out. But i would guess that it’d be better if i started to just forget about ever meeting him. I’m still a Rhapsody… But i’m gonna re-initiate my maiden name of Cross. So all my legal stuff will be Rhapsody. But my public name will be Cross.

Beverly: …

At Nick and Rikku L. Rhapsody’s house…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at her husband* Nick, We can get through this. We’ll find a way to get you healed up again.

Nick: You really think that they can cure this, Rikku? There is no cure. I’ve seen 12-15 doctors and each one of them told me exactly the same thing. There is nothing that can be done.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I won’t give up. Neither should You. I just want you to regain the look you had. You are entitled to it.

Nick: I know. *Sighs* However… this is the new reality. The kids will have to get used to this as well. I know that it isn’t much that can be helped… But this is how it is now.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It was that blast that did this to you. Because of those Mobsters that were trying to dismantle the law and take control.

Nick: It was. However… i think that it was dealt with.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: By who?

Nick: I think you might know as to who it was that dealt with it. A Dark powered Super. A Lion/Rhino Hybrid… Someone with lightning element power. An Ex-Mob girl. Then to top it all off… An angel with powers of light and Psychic.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Sounds like Betty. A Name that i really don’t care to hear of again. She was there too?

Nick: No. Not Betty… She’s been dead for a couple years or so now. But this…  this was someone else. Someone named Angelic Kelly. She was the one that was there. In my delirium as i was knocked out cold for a moment as i was knocked down by the dark powered fighter… to knock some sense into me. I heard some voice speak… Not quite sure what it was saying or who it might have been. But it sounded like a girl. It was then that when i woke up… I saw who it was. It was her.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Hmm… Seems that the gifts have changed a bit.

Nick: Yeah. *Sighs* I still feel the slight burn on the side of my face here. Although it’s just something that i’m gonna need to get used to. People at work will see me as something different. But It’s just the way it is. I’m gonna have to live the hand that i was dealt. As will they.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Same goes for me. I have to deal with the fact that i am now the returning from recovery after the incident that almost killed me woman.

Nick: It’s alot of change. *Looking to see no sign of the kids* Where’re the kids?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: They’re at their sister Pearl’s house. Pearl might be an adult and everything… But to the kids… she is still a sister. They’ll be here tomorrow.

Nick: *Chuckles* You are sure good at having things planned. I can only imagine what the kids are thinkin’ just having to deal with Pearl and her kids… Those two are gonna be on their toes.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Laughs* Yeah. Sandra is probably gonna try to tone them out. Good luck. *Smiles*…

The D.A and the Family Matriarch were slowly but surely regathering their lives and trying to restart their lives. It was a slow process in that. The slow process in restarting their lives again however… as things were coming together… There were still other pieces that were still out of line. The family was still going through the changes in Sakura… Placing the Blame game on someone… The unshakable possibility that one of their own could become a Adult baby Diaper Lover possessor. All flushed in over it. There was still some issue with that and the whole family was gonna have to find some way to face it head on and handle it.

As for the parents of Leslie… They were counting down that moment where they’d get to finally meet their daughter Leslie. It was nearing that time and they had just arrived at their New and finally finished Mansion. Carl and Elizabeth were with all the bags and items that they had while staying at the Hotel. But once they were all situated in the mansion that day and with all their things in place. Things unpacked and sorted out… it was then that they started to listen in for the call that would send them off to meet Leslie…

That evening…

At the fairgrounds…

It was time now… The grand reunion of Mother, Father and Daughter. After nearly a year and 5 months of being apart… They were finally gonna be one. Leslie was scared to see them for they were never gonna understand that she now had powers and abilities… But then on the other side of it all… She was also determined to reunite with her parents. The Emancipation was rescinded months earlier and it was done on a mutual ground. She was more than willing. She wanted to be with her parents again… It was time to return to the family unit. There were surprises to come… But it was first the meet with her parents. It was a rather brisk day that day… Leslie was at the fairgrounds. Eating a Pretzel … She had to be ready to see her parents and there she waited for them. It was that day… It was time.


Leslie was siting on the bench at the fairgrounds eating at her pretzel and took a sip of her cola while waiting on her parents to arrive and checked her phone for the time.

Leslie: Its getting late i hope they will still be on their way. *thinks a moment* Ill give them a few more minutes and then i will call them to make sure.

Leslie stretched out and looked around seeing others walk around and riding the rides….

On the road heading over to the Fairgrounds…

Carl V. Burke feeling bewildered over the devastation.

Carl: *Driving over to the Fairgrounds* Our daughter is waiting for us…

Elizabeth: She is. She must have grown a little. Her time alone in this city must have matured her a bit.

Carl: I’m quite sure that it has. Although we can’t tell her about Laura. Not yet.

Elizabeth: We will in due time. *Looking at a picture of their daughter Leslie* Don’t worry. We’re coming, Leslie. We’re coming.

Back at the Fairgrounds…

Leslie continued to wait on the bench as she finished her pretzel and her cola and the stood up and walked around the fairgrounds. Having a few more tickets left to pay the ticket person, she looked for a ride to ride on.

Leslie: Now what shall be my final ride before my parents show up?

Carl and Elizabeth were by that time just reaching the close vicinity of the fairgrounds and were closer to getting over to the Fairgrounds. It was close to the moment of reunion.

There was a lot of changes to be made. They knew that there would be a lot to talk about and catch up on. However what they wanted was to be back with their daughter. With Leslie. And Leslie with them. That was their deepest goal.

Carl: *Spotting the Fairgrounds* We’re close. There’s the fairgrounds. It shouldn’t be long now.

Elizabeth: Will she still remember us after our being apart for a year?

Carl: We’ll know soon. But Leslie is our daughter. We will be together. This is our family.

Elizabeth: *Nods*

Leslie found the Ferris wheel to be her last ride of the evening and walked up to the line and waited a few minutes for the ride to finish and disperse the ones on and then made her way towards the ticket person and paid the man her last tickets and sat in a single cart waiting for the ride to start as she relaxed…

Carl and Elizabeth had just pulled into the parking lot of the fairgrounds and parked in a spot.

Carl: *Getting out of the car and Looking over at the fairgrounds* Hmm… Seems to be not so jumping… Leslie did say that she was here… Didn’t she?

Elizabeth: She did. She said that she would be near the front. But… *Walking a little towards the actual fairgrounds* I don’t see her.

Carl: *Walking over to the fairgrounds* Let’s go and see if we can find her.

At the Entrance…

Mr. and Mrs. Burke started looking…

Carl: *Calling out for their daughter* Leslie?! Leslie?

Elizabeth: Leslie!

Ticket taker: *Walking over* Excuse me… Can i help you?

Carl: Yes. We’re looking for our daughter. She is 13 years old and rumor has it that people are calling her this name… Rita the Hammer. But she’s our daughter. She looks like this…

Elizabeth suddenly shows off a current picture of their daughter…

Ticket taker: Wha— I’ve seen her. She’s over by the ferris wheel. She walked over there about 10-15 minutes ago.

Leslie was relaxing on the Ferris wheel and it was approaching the end of the ride and waited till the ride was done and got off, when she heard some familiar voices and saw her parents and called out to them walking in there direction.

Leslie: Mom! Dad, I’m over here. What kept you two? I’ve been waiting here since 3 in the afternoon. *Smiles*

Carl: *Spotting Leslie ahead* Oh my…

Elizabeth: *Seeing Leslie* Leslie… Oh my god…

Elizabeth then without restraint ran over to Leslie. Within seconds reached her and hugged her…

Elizabeth: Oh. My sweet precious princess. My dear sweet angel. *Hugging her daughter and with tears*

Carl: *Walking over to Leslie* Dear girl… We missed you dearly. Your mother and i have been thinking of you and worrying about you every minute of everyday that you were gone.

Elizabeth: We both did. We don’t care about what those aristocratic people in Brooklyn say… You’re still our daughter. Still our sweet child. No matter what.

Leslie embraced her mother in a hug as she cried a little…

Leslie: Oh mother how i have missed you this past year. I couldn’t wait to see you and dad again and become a family once more. As we should have always been. *smiles seeing her father as well*

Carl: *Joining in* We know, Leslie. We know. We heard the On-air Radio interview that you once did. You were really expressive. Some of the things that were said… Were really taken by surprise. We had no idea that you’d remember all that from years ago.

Elizabeth: Talking about our fortune. and the fact that we were nice and that we didn’t care much about the money, *Sincere* How did you still recall all that? Some of that gets forgotten over time.

Seconds later…

Carl: We have been missing you. Since the very moment that the bus pulled out and made way to Metropolis. This city.

Leslie: how could i forget what has happened? *hugging her father and starts crying* I never want to leave again and be alone without my family. Ever. I secretly cried in my sleep every night missing you guys. I don’t think that my girlfriend… Best friend Blossom knows that i would cry in my sleep. But… *Sniffling and sobbing a bit; Suddenly wiping her tears* As for the Interview over the Radio… Every word of that interview was true and from my heart. i always wanted to be with the both of you. I never wanted to leave. Not ever.

As they were talking and facing one another…

Carl: We knew that you did. That you wanted to stay.

Elizabeth: We didn’t want to send you away from us. We wanted you to stay. But the rich aristocratic kids… were beating you up. Hurting you. You were defending us and taking the hits. It wasn’t fair. Leslie… We really didn’t wish on sending you away. Casting the Emancipation on you. But we had to send you away… to protect you from the torture coming from those snobbish aristocratic people. We didn’t know what else to do. If you were to stay with us… at that time… The attacks on us and you would have been unbearable… And much worse. We couldn’t do it. We couldn’t just sit idly by and do nothing anymore… We had to save you… and the only way we could… was to send you away. It was the only way.

Leslie: i know, Mom… dad. i know. *Hugs them tightly* But i only did what i did out of love for the both of you. I didn’t mind getting teased and beat up to defend the two of you and our household. The family’s honor and dignity. *wiping away her tears* But i know you had to do what it is that you had to do to protect me. I completely understand, i just hope we can be together for good.

Carl: We can. We can. And we shall. We shall…

Elizabeth: We will be. There is a lot of catching up to do… A lot of catching up. Like for one… What’s this talk in the city about you being a Mob girl? What’s that about, sweetie?

Leslie: *Chuckles* I guess that you’ve heard about that, huh? It was just something that happened. Nothing really serious. i didn’t know anything here in this city when i first got here no one was really taking notice to me here. I had to do whatever i could to make ends meet and grab an ensured place to stay. Where i’d be safe. I wound up encountering some people whom seemed nice though. I wasn’t really thinking straight. I didn’t know that they were part of the mob and i kind of fell into it.

Elizabeth: Plus… they say you robbed places. Robbed. I know that being alone in a new city and trying to survive even though you’re rich and all, You had to do what you could to make ends meet… But… Really? Robbing and shoplifting. Doing Mob Hits? Sweetie, what on earth were you thinking? Why would you do such a thing, Sweetheart?

Leslie: I wasn’t really thinking at all. But i can assure you that i didn’t really do anything of the sort. Nothing too too bad as i was needless to say learning the ropes to be able to do those sorts of things… but found that by the days passed… i just couldn’t do it. I guess they just had me there for having some sort of an important figure in their gang. Someone who happened to be loaded with cash. But i just wanted to belong. When i first came to this city… no one took me in. This guy… Dorian and his crew saw me and right then took me in. I was all for him. But when i saw him actually do something he said that he’d never do… I left. I saw that it was gonna be me someday and i didn’t want to be that. I didn’t want to lose myself.

Carl: It was more than that. We also heard that you were repaying all the debts that you seemed to have made. 300 debts? That’s alot, Princess. You did pay them all off… Right? Taking care of business like a responsible young lady? *Smiles*

Leslie: *nods* yes. i have paid them all off. It wasn’t easy though.

Elizabeth: What you did… was left the Mob. And that is good. You should never have joined the Mob. The Mob is not ever the safest place to be. That woman a while ago… Pamela Reedy. She was trying to drag you through the Mud. I almost popped her in the face over that… but held it. It wouldn’t look wise for a woman to pick a fight. A Mother would defend her child. But some of the things said… were true… You were said to be going around being a Mob girl. Known as Rita the Hammer.

Carl: Not a bad cover name… Very crafty. But why the Mob? What made you join them?

Leslie looks to the both of them and shakes her head…

Leslie: For why i joined them it was to see where i would belong. I had to make ends meet and that’s where i met with people who were part of the mob. I truly didn’t realize that they were indeed part of the Mob. Or were a Mob team all on themselves. *Pauses and sighs* Now as for the name… i gave the name some thought as it took awhile for me to come up with one and Rita the Hammer sounded catchy at the time, so… i stuck with it. Although… there is one thing that i do know right off. I know for fact that i’m never going back to the mob ever. I regret ever thinking that the Mob was the right place for me. All for the sake of what… trying to fit in? Why? What made me think that the Mob would have been the best bet? Nothing did. That’s what. Going with them was the biggest mistake i made. One that i’ll never do again.

Carl: We would hope not. But… we can at least… admit this. That name is indeed catchy.

Elizabeth: There seems to be more to it than that… isn’t there?

Leslie: No. There’s nothing more than that. I joined it… but got myself out. I wound up with debts. But had them all paid off. Had help in doing so… but got them all paid off.

Seconds later…

Carl: We should really head on home. It’s starting to get late.

Elizabeth: Leslie, You’re coming home with us. Where you belong. You’ll love it. Plus we had the builders… create your room. Making it identical to how your room was in Brooklyn. Making as though you never left.

Carl: We have so much to discuss and present to you. Leslie… This is your return to the family. Only one thing… You have made some friends here… right?

Elizabeth: Good ones?

Leslie: I can’t wait to see what is in store for all of us now that we are finally together. I like the idea of my old room and yes i made a few friends some good ones from school. They are very kind to me and we get along great.

Carl and Elizabeth then walked off to their car and lead Leslie along. They made way to the Hotel to check Leslie out of her hotel room. The Burke family were finally reunited. It was a grand moment for all.

An hour later…

At the Burke Mansion…

Carl: This is your room, Leslie. It’s been created in the same exact way as your old was in Brooklyn. We made sure that everything was how you’d remember it.

Elizabeth: Leslie. There are also a couple of surprises for you here too.

Carl: One is someone that you’ll consider a sister to you and a sibling.

Elizabeth: *Nods*

Leslie smiles and looks around unpacking her things…

Leslie: Wow! It looks wonderful. I can’t wait. *looking at her mother and father with a smile* What kind of surprises do you have for me?

Carl: *Walking out of the room to walk over to the room down the hall*

Elizabeth: This is a surprise that will put a smile on you. Remember how you said once… that you’d like to one day have a sister figure. Someone here that would be like a sister to you?

Leslie’s eyes suddenly got wide and began to shine as they glimmered with glee as she jumped up and down a little holding her hands together.

Leslie: How could i forget that? I have always wanted a sister figure. Since i was like what… 7?

Elizabeth: Wow… Easy there, sweetheart. Don’t get too hyped up. We know that this is a big surprise for you… but don’t work yourself up too much. *Chuckles* You really are drunk with happiness.

A Minute later…

Carl: *Walking into the room with the girl* Leslie. This is your new sister. Laura Melanie Burke. *Looking at Laura* Laura… Precious. This is your sister. Leslie Tina Burke.

Laura Melanie Burke.

Laura: *Smiles* Hi Leslie. It’s nice to meet you. I hope that you’ll like me. Mom and dad talk about you a lot. They say that you’re a fighter.


A knock on the door sounds…

Carl: Hmm… Now who do you suppose that could be at this hour of the evening?

Elizabeth: Not sure.

Carl heads down to answer the door…

Leslie watches the girl being introduced as her sister as she smiles…

Leslie: It’s nice to meet you Laura. I’m sure we will have a wonderful time together doing stuff and hanging out.

Leslie listens as they heard a knock at the door

At the front door…

Carl: *Answering the front door* Yes? Can we help you?

Leslie was hanging out with Laura as her dad answered the door.

Leslie: Wow! I still can’t believe i now have a sister. I am blessed with you and now reuniting with my parents… this day is awesome. I was only looking forward to being right back with my family and reunited with them… But to have that… and awarded a sister as well? *Happy*

Carl got to the door and answered it. It was a delivery man. Who somehow dropped off items that belonged to Leslie. Carl took a look at what came and saw a logo and the wording underneath…

Carl: *Reading the line* Watchtower Command Center… Hmm. strange. Very odd.

Back upstairs…

Elizabeth: We are just happy to have you home, Leslie. Laura… She’s your sister now and she’s been wanting to see you since the day that we told her that you were part of the family… Since she was told about you… she wanted to meet you.

Laura: Leslie, You’re a fighter. Mom and dad told me about how you used to get into a lot of fights to defend the family. *Excited*

Leslie nodded and looked around the room and sat down on the bed and stretched out.

Leslie: yes. I always wanted mom and dad to be happy so i did what i did to protect them. I’d do it again.

Laura: That has to be so exciting. You must have been strong. You must have like battle scars on you or something. Marks of your moments of battling.


Carl: *Walking into the room* This is odd. There’s something here for Leslie… From the Watchtower Command center. What the heavens is that?

Elizabeth: I’m not sure. Why would they send something to Leslie? What would they want with her? *Lost*

Leslie then stood up and checked the package and examined and studied it looking at the name…

Leslie: Watchtower Command Center?! *Playing dumb on that defense* I never heard of a place like that. Maybe it’s meant for another Leslie and they mailed it to the wrong address. It’s got my name on it though. However… How is it that they found me? I never heard of them before. it’s gotta be a mistake. It’s gotta be.

Leslie knew what it was and why she got the stuff. She knew about what it was about. However, she couldn’t tell her parents about it yet. She couldn’t tell them so she had to play it off as if she didn’t have any idea. Only for the reason because if her parents ever knew… Chances were likely possible that they wouldn’t understand. There’d be most certain be more questions than answers. And Leslie was without the answers telling why she’d get a package or stuff from the Watchtower Command center. So… Till she happened to possess some answers or be with the nerve to come out with the details… She had to play dumb. Not only to protect her secret. But to cover the secret of others who were members of the Watchtower Command Center. She had to play the role of Village Idiot and had to play it well…

Carl: You figuring it to be a mail mishap?

Elizabeth: That’s never happened to us before. This is a first.

Laura: Whatever it is that they sent you… It sure as any… couldn’t be a mistake if whoever from that place went through all the trouble to send something to Leslie. Otherwise… how would they have located her or found out about her?

Carl: Hmm.

They were confused…

Leslie: who knows? *shrugs* i’m sure i’m not the only Leslie in this city. Maybe we should wait for the postman tomorrow and send it back. Maybe it was a simple mailing error.

Carl: Let’s just keep it. Maybe we can look into that place and find out a little about it. Find out what’s going on.

Elizabeth: Right. *Nods* That’d be a wise idea.

Leslie: sounds good. A Mystery is always fun. *rubbing her eyes and yawning* Wow! I’m more tired than i thought i would be. Maybe i should get ready for bed soon.

Carl: Quite right… It has been a rather long day for you. A lot has happened for you today.

Elizabeth: We’ll leave you to your room and let you get resettled in. *Hugging Leslie* Welcome home, Sweetie. It’s so good to have you back with us again.

Laura: Night sis. Welcome home. *Smiles*

During that night…

Laura was in her room and sleeping. She as most wouldn’t figure was indeed a transgender. Her sister Leslie didn’t even know. Her parents knew. Carl and Elizabeth knew she was… Leslie however… Did not. But none of that would matter. Leslie was still seeing a sister. Not a transgender. She didn’t even realize that there was something more to her sister. Something more than just what was on the surface.

Laura was asleep and sleeping peacefully. However it soon changed…

Leslie was sleeping peacefully and happily in her bed as she was finally reunited with her family and even had a sister now that she could get along with as she snuggled into the pillow and blanket.

Laura started tossing and turning a little as an uneasy feeling started to hit her. She was asleep… However… minutes later into the sleep Laura wound up tossing and turning. trying to shake it off. Whatever it was… She was trying to shake off the feeling.

Leslie was fast asleep enjoying her time inside the mansion which she now calls home. Unaware of anything else going on inside the house she slept peacefully.

Laura Kept tossing and turning and it kept going till suddenly….

Laura: *Waking up Screaming* AHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Leslie bolted up and looked around scared and shocked hearing a scream thinking the worst had come as she got up and ran out her door and entered her sisters room looking around.

Leslie: Are you ok? *walking over and hugging her sister*

Laura: *Scared* I think so. I-i-i-i-i-i had a nightmare. I don’t know what it was… But, It scared me. *Scared*

Laura looked at her sister in shock. She was really shaking.

Leslie embraces Laura and doesn’t let go.

Leslie: It was just a nightmare it isn’t real. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Laura: That’s easy for one to say when they don’t have a nightmare. But this nightmare was awful… It felt so real. *Shaking and shivering* It was about you. I don’t remember anything else about it… But… It scared me.

It was clear that Laura was gonna need to be kept company. She was terrified.

Leslie: It was about me? *Confused* why me of all people and even if it felt real… It’s not.

Laura: It sure felt real. I’m scared. *Pleading* Can i sleep with you tonight? I don’t think i can sleep by myself tonight. Not tonight. Whatever dream that was… really scared me. I don’t think that i can sleep by myself. I can’t. *Nervous and shaken; Holding on to her sister*

Leslie: *nods; looking to Laura and smiling* of course you can. No problem at all. It will be fun spending time together.

A Minute later…

Leslie: *yawning and stretching out* Shall we get to bed and rest?

Laura: *Nods* I’ll be able to sleep now. Now that i am in here with you. It’s just that the dream was scary.

Laura never even gave out the idea that she wasn’t like most girls. But she smiled and felt warm. She with comfort fell asleep in her sister’s arms. It was a real bonding moment.

Leslie stayed up for awhile watching over her sister Laura as she laid there in her arms and smiled relaxing and soon falling asleep for the night.

Laura felt safe there knowing that her sister was there with her. With there being peace and a moment of reaching out. It was no question whatsoever… That the official attempt at bonding was had. If only Laura’s secret never ever gets found out. How would Leslie ever take it? If she were to know. Laura laid there and was in peace. And for the rest of that night… There was… No activity. Just silence… and Peace.

The Next Morning…

The Burke Mansion…

Sunday, May 13th, 2046…

Leslie’s room…

Leslie: *Getting up and noticing herself producing some static and seeing Laser lights shooting out from her fingers off and on* Whoa! That’s not normal.

It stopped only seconds later…

Laura: *Yawning* Morning sis.

Leslie: Morning. *Smiles* Did you sleep well?

Laura: Yeah. I slept well. How about you?

Leslie: I slept great. I slept really good actually. I feel better too.

Leslie had then checked her phone and saw that she had a missed call from her girlfriend Blossom and her friend Amy Diamond. The Swedish Pop singer… There was also a text from Tara and then one from Zoey. One from the Rusoe Trio. One from Sora and Carly. Then one from Molly plus Jessica. Michelangelo too… It seemed that a lot of people were seeking to get a hold of her. She had a lot of calls to make and also had to reconnect a bit with her parents a little. There was a lot to do for her that day and it was only 8 in the morning…


Carl V. Burke: *Drinking some Morning coffee* It’s sure a blessing to have our dear daughter Leslie back with us. I have a good feeling that she’s gonna have a whole ton of stuff to tell us.

Elizabeth A. Burke: She sure will. I can’t wait. The experiences that she had in this city without us for a while… Must have helped shape her into a stronger and more independent person. I think that if she were to hold on a little more… She’ll be ready by her 21st birthday to be the new owner and proprietor of the Burke Arts academy.

Carl: She’s already ready. But i think that she’s gonna need some time to be sure what it is that she really wants. She’s got a few years left to truly decide on what it is that she really wants. It’s the Burke way. The safety net. Taking its step back and looking and weighing on all options. On all the possible paths.

Elizabeth: Right. Leslie must have had many little things come at her. Some big things as well. Overcoming them and learning a lesson in each.

Carl: Last night was the first night of her return. Leslie looked alot more mature than before she left us in Brooklyn. Only because it was the one thing that we knew had to be done. It was the only thing to be done.

Leslie: *Walking in suddenly after hearing the conversation* It won’t be forgotten either.

Elizabeth: *Pauses* Morning, Leslie. Sleep well?

Leslie: Yeah. I slept really well. It was the best sleep i had in a long time. In a year and a half.

Carl: That’s good. That bed is your original bed. Just redone. But made to be how you remembered it to be.

Leslie: And it’s just as comfortable…

Elizabeth: That’s good. *Setting her cup down* Listen, Leslie… What your father and i were talking about… was just the realization that what happened in the past…

Leslie: I know. I know. It was the hardest choice that was ever made. One that we didn’t want to make… but found that we didn’t have much of an option.

Carl: Of course… It took seeing you getting battered up a bit to push it into that harsh and heartbreaking choice. That devastating option.

Leslie: Which you’re sorry that it had to be done. *Sighs and sympathetic* Oh dad… come on. It’s not your fault that it had to happen. You and Mom did what you had to do. It was for the good of this family. I am a bit hurt over it… However… If we didn’t do what we did when it reached that point back then… None of this would be so. None of this would have been possible.

Carl: You’re glad that it happened?

Leslie: No… *Scoffs* It’s not about that. I am not glad it happened. I don’t like that it had to happen. But didn’t you once say: “When life throws you a punch; counter and fight back with diligence and preservation?” Not to let life get you down without a fight?

Carl: That is something that i believe your mother would have said. But yes… That’s correct.

A few minutes later…

Leslie: *Looking at her phone* Gah! Sora, Carly… Please stop buzzing me every 10 minutes.

Elizabeth: Something wrong?

Leslie: No. Nothing’s wrong. I am just not wanting to be bugged today by them or the others. I want to be able to have some chances to at least catch up on what happened during our time apart from each other. I can’t do that… if i am dealing with them too on top of that.

Carl: There’ll be plenty of time for that. We’re not going anywhere.


It was a whole day so far on catching up with everything that’s happened since they parted. There was a lot to go over. Even though Leslie was able to catch them up on some of the things that she’d endured while they were a part… There was still other things to consider. She knew that she would have to handle her friends and meet up with them. So she did what she needed to do with her parents. Had a quick Lunch with them and then grabbed her Cell and made sure that she had her I.D and also her money. At least a certain amount that she’d need for the day and made way to the Diner.

Sid’s Diner…

1:45 PM…

Leslie: *Looking at Tara* What is so important that i had to come out and meet on a Sunday? My parents and I are back. I was trying to reconnect with them and catch them on my life and things that happened during our time apart. What’s wrong?

Tara: The Stadium’s been tagged.

Leslie: *Pauses* What? Tagged? Wh-what do you mean tagged? I don’t quite get what you mean.

Ginger: *Scoffs* Leslie… The place was tagged. Graffiti’d. We were walking by there just an hour or two ago and didn’t see anything really going on as the build was just nearing a finish. But we only got to a certain point past the one part of the site to look at how much more work was left to do on the build when we came across a patch of graffiti. Someone Tagged it and had some kind of Anagram. A Symmetric symbol.

Leslie: Did you take some screenshots of it?

Sora: *Walking over* They have. They showed them to us first and we are appalled.

Carly: Yeah. Ugh! What the hell is going on, Leslie? We tried to call you since this morning to tell you that something was going down at the Stadium. Not sure what it might have been… But something was threatening. Tara and Ginger nabbed the photos of it and showed us and the tagging looks like a vandal.

Sora then looked on the Internet on the Tablet that was given to her for Christmas and looked up for symbols. Looking for anything that struck a familiarity with the symbol or emblem that was in the picture which Tara and Ginger captured a shot of.

Sora: Something about that photo seems strange though…

Leslie: What do you mean? Something a miss?

Carly: We don’t know… We really don’t know.

Tara: That Symbol’s not like anything we would usually see. It’s really unworldly.

Seconds later…

Sora caught sight of one symbol or emblem that struck a really hard chord…

Carly: *Gasps* Oh my… Oh… This is not possible. Not possible.

Sora: …

Leslie: *Looking at Sora and Carly with a sudden lost look* Huh?! What’s the problem?

Sora: We have to go. *getting up and grabbing her Tablet; Leaving with Carly* We’ll see you guys later.

A Minute later…

Leslie: *Confused* Am I missing something here?

Tara: I think that we all are missing something.

Janie: *Walking into the Diner* It’s getting a little hot outside.


Alex: We so need a drink. Anything cold.


Charlene: *Looking to see Leslie; Curious* Leslie’s here with Tara and Ginger. Is something going on?

Janie: Don’t know. We should go and ask.

Alex: Right.

Seconds later…

Leslie: *Calling the girls over* Hey girls… Over here.

Janie: *Walking over to the table where Leslie was sitting at* Leslie, What’s going on? We just saw Sora and Carly bolting out of here like a flash. As if something scared the daylights out of them.

Alex: We couldn’t catch them in time to find out what was causing them to just jet off quick.

Leslie: Beats me… All i know is that they said that they were trying to get a hold of me all morning and then Sora got to looking up a Emblem or something on the Tablet that i got her for Christmas. Next thing i know… she freaks out about something that she saw on her tablet… grabs Carly and just takes off. No warning. No second guesses… Just got up and bolted. All because of the Emblem they saw in the picture… of the Stadium and the possibility or belief that it was tagged and graffiti’d. They saw something and from how they reacted… it was something that they recognized and just… flipped out.

Janie: Oh.

Alex: That there just really bites. Where do you think they went?

Leslie: I have no idea.

At the local Burger Joint…

Blossom: *Looking at the pictures* Sora, Carly… Where did you see this?

Sora: *With Carly* It isn’t so much as to where we saw it… But more of how it is that we came towards it. It’s not as though we would just bring it up… But This symbol… Logo… It’s just like…

Blossom: Like what? *Feeling the suspense in what’s being told*

Carly: Who do we know that plays Blitzball, Was a Guardian to the Summoner who turned out to be the daughter to a high summoner, But for a while was seeing the Al-Bhed as vagrants till the things he saw set him straight?

Blossom: Wakka. *Gasps* Wakka! Are you saying that he did this?

Sora: No. We’re not. But then again… how could it be him? He didn’t come through the portal with us when we left. He stayed behind.

Carly: There is no chance that he could have snuck on. Not a chance… Because… if he had; Where was he for the last 3-4 years? Huh? Where was he? Off hiding and staying low?

Blossom: I don’t know. That’s the problem. We don’t have any idea that it could be him. Plus… why would he stoop down to tagging a building with that emblem or logo? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Sora: Ask Tara. She was the one that saw the graffiti. The logo. She doesn’t seem to pick up on what it really is. Which we didn’t tell her and Ginger.

Blossom: What about Leslie? Does she know?

Carly: No.

Blossom: Are you sure?

Carly: Yes. we’re sure. we bolted from sight as soon as we saw the symbol. We didn’t even let it out. We ran.

Sora: Why don’t you want her to know?

Blossom: Because… If this is what we are thinking it could be… The less she knows. The better. We don’t want for her to be too involved with this. She doesn’t know Wakka and for her to just run into him or encounter. No. We can’t risk it.

Sora: What’ll we do?

Carly: Yeah.

Blossom: Keep watch for anything else that comes from that emblem.


At the Daily Planet…

It was another day at the Bullpen and reporters were yet again on the fly. They were getting the news in… get written, then out just as fast and short order. But it was a day where they wished… that they didn’t have to report. or get out the scoops. The Whole City was now under the flush of what was discovered at the site where the Massive Stadium was told to reside.

Megan: That’s absurd. They say that the Massive Stadium… The one they called… “The Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium”… It’s been tagged. Someone’s gotta go and get their cantankerous backside over to get the scoop before we all get scooped.

John: Oh come on. That Mob girl… She owns a Stadium? *In disbelief* Are you trying to get me to shake a tail-feather of excstacy towards that Mob girl? Don’t you know that a Mob girl is always a mob girl. She may have left the Mob. But the Mob didn’t leave her. She’s still got some tendencies in her that squall Mob.

Kris: *Walking by* John… Seriously? You’re still in distrust towards that girl? You really… really need to let that go. She is not the Mob girl anymore.

John: And how is it that you know that, if i happen to be in the right to ask?

Kris: She is with a whole new leaf. She has been away from the mob and worked for the part of paying off all her debts. Which she has. You can read about it in tomorrow’s paper. “Langley Viewpoint corner”. Leslie is a good person. To be quite frank… I happened to win myself a chance in meeting her the other month. She was by herself at the fairgrounds. Heading back to where she was staying. I had the opportunity in talking to her and the things she said were so sincere and deep.

John: I’ll bet.

Kris: Just do yourself that one favor… take one for the common good. Learn yourself to accept her. She’s quite thrilling. A lot of charismatic charm.

John: *Sighs* …

As for the others…

They were all prepping for the upcoming Prom. Senior Prom was only a week away. Sora and Carly were avoiding Leslie and keeping Blossom and Zoey away from her as well. Not as if boycotting her. But as they were just met with the reminder of the past. The first threat that they endured. It was inside a Video game and it may have seemed as though it was twisted. However… it wasn’t. It was a reminder of what they saw in the Alternative world…

What Sora and Carly didn’t know… was that Leslie was now a super too. So were the Rusoe sisters…

But what didn’t add up was the incident that revolved Sakura and her dilemma…

Monday, May 21st, 2046…


After School…

It was a day after word came that Leslie and the Rusoe Trio’s Nicole, Ellie and Lana became endowed with super powers that a new run of heroes were now among the city. However as for Sakura… She was walking from school that day. It was a Monday and she was with mixed feelings about the boy Wade. She didn’t figure that she’d be caught by her sister Hikaru as she was just about to pull out her pack of cigarettes and have a light. It was ever since the 18th of November of 2045 she was into smoking. Plus it was after the sure fall of Dorian’s reign. Leslie’s complete break-off from the Mob and coming out with the new leaf.  Of course this was about Sakura. Lots have happened since the last anyone seen her and dealt with Sakura’s dilemma. Her habit and the teen angst. The Habit was still new to her or that was what others have suspected it as. Something still new. But the part that blew it was the part where it wasn’t as new as they realized as now Sakura was still under the habit and now… as of Christmas day the previous year… wearing diapers. Secretly and no one knew. She couldn’t shake it even if she happened to think over the idea of stopping. She was hooked. There was no lie that her sister was angry and plenty mad at her over her habit… plus her mother was upset at her. She walked on home just a little lost in her thoughts…

Sakura: *Walking alone and sighs; Pulling out her pack of smokes* What am i gonna do? My mom’s mad at me. My sister won’t even speak to me.

Suddenly without her sister catching her… Hikaru starts to walk over and catches her sister with a smoke in her hand… appearing as if trying to fight the urge. But still as any… angry and upset over seeing Sakura with cigarettes in her possession…

Hikaru: *Walking over to her sister* Sakura, Sis… I can’t stand seeing you do that anymore. What in god’s good pure light and what the heck in your right mind do you think are you doing? Why do you insist on smoking? They’re bad. Why can’t you just quit the habit?

Sakura: *Sighs and looking down* Does it matter? You and mom happen to ignore me. I know that i messed up… but since i started this… you stopped hanging with me or talking to me.

Hikaru: *Angry* How do you expect me to be? You’re smoking. It’s not even good for you. It’s a terrible habit. However, you seem to do it. Why? Why would you just do this? You matter to me. You’re my sister. I’m pissed at you only because you smoke. Zoey does it or had done it till a few days before Christmas of last year. She quit the habit and so did Blossom and Leslie. although they stopped a couple or so weeks before she did. You however take the objective and right off start it and get hooked. Only to get Zoey to quit at first. But she still did it… till a little later after she and Leslie finally made amends and tried to seek common ground. Leslie helped Zoey quit.

Sakura: What about mom? She won’t even speak to me. She hasn’t tried to look at me since the afternoon when she first caught me smoking. *Sniffles*

Hikaru: I don’t know about mom but you need to show her you can stop then maybe she would look at you and talk to you just hand me the pack and get this out of your system. You have to get it out of you.

Sakura: i can’t let this go… I want to… but i can’t. *With tears in her eyes* I can’t do it. I can’t break this… *Shaking with sadness*

Hikaru: Then find a way, Sakura. However… I don’t know why it is i am speaking with you. You caved in to the smoking. *Upset* Why would you do something like this? This is what i don’t get. Why do it?

Sakura didn’t answer…

A minute later as they were walking…

Sakura was about to place another one on her lips…

Hikaru: what do you think your doing with that thing in your mouth?

Sakura: *After suddenly placing the cigarette in her mouth* I’m gonna have a light. But i at the same time am debating whether i really should smoke or not.

Hikaru: You’re not going to have anything. *snatches it out of her mouth and tosses it away* You’re only 13 if you want to smoke when your older… fine, but not now.

Sakura: Why do you care about me anymore? You say that i am your sister and that i matter to you. But for the last few days… or the last couple months… or should i say since the end of last year… You didn’t even speak to me. You treated me like i didn’t even exist. Mom wouldn’t even look at me. It was as though i wasn’t your sister anymore or her daughter anymore. *While in tears*

Sakura was still intending to have a light. She was however debating on whether she should see on quitting it. She didn’t know what she should do.

Hikaru: Could you really blame me? Sakura… You were hurting yourself. You should have known better. Sakura, We don’t hate you. We don’t necessarily like you or want you around close now… But we don’t hate you. We just are all angry and upset at you. How could you do something like this? Why?! For the last few months… I wanted to come to you. Speak with you. Maybe even join in on the habit too… But i didn’t because… When i see you just smoking your life away… IT’s like you are saying that you want to die. I want you back to how you used to be. before all this. You were sweeter then… This isn’t you.

Sakura: I happen to miss hanging with the others and with Zoey. But how would you know? You were off doing your own thing for the last couple months. I had not seen you… Neither has mom or our sisters. They didn’t ask me as they wanted nothing of me. But no one’s seen you. Where were you?

Hikaru: I was out trying to find my passion. Something that makes me alive. Something that i would enjoy doing… But…

Sakura: But What?

Hikaru: I didn’t find anything.

Sakura: Well… keep looking. You’ll find something. *Lost* But… I don’t quite understand… What does that have to do with this?

Hikaru: I’m telling you why I wasn’t able to talk to you for the last couple months but it’s also because you smoking and I’m very disappointed.

Sakura: Yeah. That i got… Just because i smoke… you treated me as though i was a bastard. Worthless. Zoey does it… or had done it till she quit the habit with help from Leslie. But fact is… You don’t even say a word to her about smoking. You don’t get at her. She’s your cousin. Mine too… But you don’t say a word to her about it. I smoke and you get on my case about it. Mom too. To me… That’s not fair at all. Zoey didn’t even get me to smoke. I am doing it because i wanted to. I did it because i wanted a new image and attitude. I am hooked and because i do it… Neither you or mom want anything to do with me. *Pulling out another cigarette and placing it on her lips; Lighting up* Wade happens to do this too… But for reasons that no one really knows about. *Smoking* Bottom line is that i was doing it for a new image and attitude. However… you all prefer the quiet and meek girl who is all complacent with a nose in a book and just hesitant on taking any sort of risk. Living life.

Sakura knew… But she swore to Wade that she would never tell a soul about it to anyone…

Hikaru: *ripping the cigarette out of Sakura’a mouth and throwing it away*

Sakura: *Huffs* Will you stop doing that?

Hikaru: Not till you stop this habit of yours. It is sick.

Sakura: That is my smoke. I will smoke if i want to. It is a free country.

Hikaru: You want mom to be pushed towards disowning you? She is getting to that point and she is feeling her heart break as she is starting to get to that point. She doesn’t want a smoker in the house. She didn’t even want Luna smoking in the house 14+ years ago when Luna was 13-14. She got on her about it and Luna was her sister. or Was till we all cast her out. But if Luna wasn’t even allowed to do it in the house… What makes you believe that she’d let you? Huh?! What?

Sakura: I don’t know… But i am hooked. Addicted. Can’t you understand that? I want to stop… But now that i am hooked. and Addicted. If i were to start quitting… I’d suffer from Nicotine withdrawals… I am Scared. Okay? I’M SCARED of that. Because i might become a real monster and a total unhinged teen. I could hurt someone physically or emotionally without meaning to. I Don’t want that to happen. It’d be bad enough that i do this… But if that were to happen… I’d feel worse and more ashamed and humiliated than i am now because of how i am treated still up to now.

Sakura suddenly pulled out another cigarette and began to place it upon her lips. She was bound and determined to light up again. But before she could do so…

Hikaru grabbed the cigarette and crushed it. Destroying it and aimed to do it again…

Sakura: *Frustrated* Stop doing that… That’s my smoke. Stop it! And as for being my sister… Why don’t you try to be more sympathetic and concerning? *Hurt*

Hikaru: I don’t care. *Standing up to her sister* I miss being with you. But till you stop this… it will never end. This abandonment will never stop. I want my sister back. Bless it all to hades. I want my clean pure and outgoing sister back.

Sakura: Why do you want me back so much? I saw you with the others. You and the others were all just pleased that you wouldn’t have to include me. It was as though i wasn’t even part of the family. That i was just some hobo staying around like i believed it to be just some flop house that you see hobo’s hang out in for a hideout. Now you want me back? You see me as a sister now? *Not buying it; Hurt*

Hikaru: *kneels in front of you* The reason why I’m doing this is not to punish you, but because I care about you.

Sakura: Of course you do… *still hurt* That’s why when Molly, Michelangelo and Wade are around… You take off. Leaving me. Michelangelo is in love with Zoey. He is just all into her. Why am I different? Why? For the last couple months… you were busy? Busy with what? Huh? *Suddenly angry* You care about me… But you won’t sympathize with me. Stick with me. Knowing that this is hard on me. You ridicule me. Mom ignores me. for countless nights she had me sitting alone to eat. Away from the family. Away from you. Sora. Our older sisters. You saw. You saw and didn’t even say a word. You just sat there as mom had me in a separate room. Sapphire, Raven, Janie, Alex and Charlene… They must have noticed… But you could have gotten them in the know… Said something. But… NO! You didn’t even say a word. *Walking off a little* Mom hates me. And you just happen to say that you truly care and give one i-oda about me? Some gratitude.

She then stopped and turned…

Sakura: *Facing Hikaru* Hikaru, I don’t want to fight with you over this… I am done feeling miserable. I just want someone to understand and just keep me aware that i am not alone in this… Help me cope. So one day… maybe i can break from this. But how can i break from this… if neither you or mom bother to have my back. You most of all. You are my sister. But you can’t bother to have my back. *Upset* I am better off going bad and just being the family bastard. Mom hates me and dad won’t even consider that i exist. He knows about my habit and you’d think that at least he’d say something to me. Anything. That he was angry at me. Upset. Wanting to know about what has gotten into me. Something… But did he? No! He said nothing. No one cares about me in the way they should. Caring enough to try and get me some help. Pulling me away from the habit. I am just another face to them.

Hikaru: *Looking down*

Sakura: I am done being nice. Because lately all i get is hurt. So… I’m gonna be the bitch. You want to prove that you want to be my sister… Fine. Then act like my sister and be by my side. Console me. Comfort. HELP ME! Stop allowing mom the continuing hell of Judging me and making me feel like i am nothing but a BASTARD TO THE FAMILY!

What Sakura did not know and was never told as she was for the last 2-3 close to 4 months… maybe more was made to feel like she didn’t matter at all. However her sister Hikaru was in search of her passion. Something that made her… who she was. What she could do for a living when she were to grow up and everything. However… To her dismay, found nothing. All things managed to change for Sakura. Sakura felt unloved. Unwanted and unneeded by everyone. It was as though no one cared about whether she was there or not. But all while that was in play or was in play for that Duration… The City was receiving a New Sport. With that in mind having A Massive stadium built for it. A trio of girls with powers and the Rich Girl Leslie… With powers herself as well. She was changing. They all were.

Hikaru was with no idea of what she’d want to do with her life as they all would get older. She was wanting to find something meaningful to her. But for all that time she was off doing her own thing… Found nothing. Maybe it was because the world wasn’t quite ready for someone like her yet. maybe she was not ready to be with a career quite so sudden. Whatever the reason… Hikaru was still herself… Stuck in the same boat she was in several months back.

At the front gates of Metropolis Middle school. Still waiting for the ride to come pick her up. Leslie and her best friend/Girl friend Blossom stood there and just spoke about the idea that not only that Leslie was superpower persuasion material The trio were also as well in that same lead. However it was slow… The parents still unaware that Leslie was different. Still the same daughter they knew and loved and wanted to never let go… but didn’t know of the new identity. Of course, it was no secret that she was not gonna let it out that she was one with the superpowers that be. Blossom was wondering about why Leslie didn’t let out to her parents yet that she was with gifts. It was not that hard to figure out as she knew that a packet from the Watchtower Command center being delivered to her family home was gonna be considered as a dead giveaway. There was no hiding the obvious. It was on that day which Blossom was about to meet Leslie’s parents. She met the father once a couple days or so after the fall of the mob’s Reign. Then the mother. But this time… It was foretold to be official. Or was it?

Leslie: *Sighs leaning on the gate* It’s weird having powers. Although the hard part is learning to have it under control. I almost lost it. Good thing though about everything is that you don’t have to do the fighting alone. *Looking to the side* 6 months and a couple weeks free of being with that habit. God… it feels like it’s been only a couple days. However… My parents don’t know. I don’t wish them to know. I don’t think that they’d be ready to know of that yet.

Leslie rethinks a little…

Leslie: Molly and Michelangelo sure were getting excited today. The grand opening of the Stadium is this week. This weekend. God… It’s so close. So close. *Sighs* Blossom… Since you’re like the leader of me and the trio when we’re in hero action… I think that the heroic name Electro-gal needs to go. It needs to be something that speaks and bleeds the very thing that refers to Captain. You’re a captain now. A leader. Don’t you think?

Blossom: *eyes closed as she enjoys the breeze, she glances briefly to the side to Leslie* hmm….I think the name is pretty fine for me, after all in the battlefield we’re all on the same level. The three musketeers! *smirks laughing* too cliche, *puts finger on her jaw, while tapping her foot* hmm-mm let’s see, something that means three and a leader. Trinity….Hmm *muses softly while thinking* what do you think would be best?

Leslie: What seems best would be the name: “Capt. Electro and the Elemental trinity”. Plus me as Elemental Rita. Just like what the Watchtower Command center gave to me. But… You’ll be a swell captain. Blossom, You have a lot to look forward to. Really. Plus with the idea that we’re supers. Things could change… You do realize that things are changing. don’t you?

Blossom: *nods slowly* I can see, but it’s a mouthful to say too. No..we need something short and sassy that gets straight to the point. Like teen titans or the justice league. Something similar to that. *Gasps* Wait. I think that i got it. Capt. Electro and the Elemental Brigades. *nods sighing as she leans back against the wall* everything is. Just how long will it take us until our whole walls and lives come crumbling down?

Leslie: Maybe not long at all. You got to admit… Your hero name has a lot to say about you. The trio… they have power too. Geothermo-kinesis…That’s a heavy power. Maybe you can be Electric-Maiden. And the trio can be the Elemental dream team.

Blossom: Better name. I’ll take it.

A second later…

Leslie: Our lives could crumble. Could all crash. But i think that what we need to do and keep thinking straight. This Stadium that is opening this weekend. It’s something that we all had a hand in doing. We worked hard at it. Blossom, What i still can’t figure is how were you able to get a hold of that excess amount of cash. The Billion dollar Endorsement that you said was claimed by you had to come from somewhere. I know that you told me that it was best that i didn’t know. However… i need to know. This is huge.

Blossom: Hmmm yes something with electricity and flair also. Zeus the god of lighting, but I’m not a guy so that’s no. Oh! *snaps* maybe Athena the warrior goddess or *thinks* Artemis! So many names and such a lack of imagination.

Leslie: Blossom, Stop side-saddling. Where did that excess money come from?

Blossom: *lifts an eyebrow* sorry Leslie but I’m not saying anything. All you need to know is we got the funds for the stadium and plans are going ahead of time. We’ll make it, other than that I can’t say anything unfortunately. It is something that i can’t let out. The source of where the money came from has me under a promise of anonymity.

Leslie: *Not understanding* But… that’s the thing that i can’t understand. Why? Why can’t you say anything about where the money came from? I know that it couldn’t come from Molly. She wouldn’t be that conspicuous. She is even like me and my family. as is her family. But it wouldn’t be her. Not my family. I don’t think. Blossom, that money came from somewhere. And i know that you didn’t get it from your family. They don’t even possess that type of money. And no offense… when it comes to currency… and funds your family is like the low men on totem pole. So they’re out. I know it wasn’t me that supplied the excess amount that was needed to match Dollar for dollar on the build. Besides with the money i had put into the build thus far… I would have been bankrupt just with a blink. Plus… I’d know of it.


Leslie has it dawn on her…

Leslie: *Gasps* It had to be that guy in green that i saw at the place we were at that night battling against Dorian. You knew who he was. Called him… “Ollie”. I only met him once. He had to have been the one that supplied the excess Dollar amount. The money had to come from somewhere… from someone. It’s too much money to just have come from thin air. Way too much. Plus he also helped me pay off the last big bushel of debts that were still in question.

Blossom: *smirks then laughs as she moved her hand in a swirling moment and small bolts appear in her hand* I have no idea what your taking about, Leslie. But insult my family but saying no offense you’ll find lighting up your ass, got it? You don’t need to know, all you have to know is that I matched it dollar by dollar. The charity will continue and that’s final. Plain and simple, why are you even making a big deal about this anyways? *Chuckles*

Leslie: Come on… I wasn’t insulting your family. I was stating fact here. Besides… I happen to love your family. They’re amazing. And they seem to like me alot. I get the whole charity thing. I do. However… this isn’t about that. It isn’t even about that. Blossom, You should know how much i trust you with being secretive with what we’ve been through throughout the entire build of the Stadium. You didn’t tell many people. Only ones you knew you could trust and kept it PC. It’s just that the money… you can’t keep something like that a secret. I am not making any big deal about it. It’s only an issue due to the fact that… I just recently finally repaid every debt that i had to pay off from my time in the Mob. I don’t want to face debt again. I really don’t. I know that you’re doing the right thing in keeping this a secret. Don’t take offense… Please. However… you need to tell me. Where did it come from? The Stadium isn’t tax-deductible. When filing taxes for the property… They’re gonna want to know where any source of money came from. It has to be reported. I can’t hide that, Neither can you. You and I Both know this.

Leslie sighs. Within seconds she steps back a little and retorts her comment in a different way… Something more direct but fair for not only her… but for her best friend too…

Leslie: Blossom, I’m sorry if i sound pushy on all this. I am just worried about how the grand opening will pan out and how it will do. Molly and Michelangelo are gonna be there as is Wade and your cousin’s… Sakura. Your Cousin Zoey who you just around the end of last year finally reached back to friend status with her. There is so much riding on this. With all that… there is room for something to go wrong. Money issues… Security insufficiency… Mechanical misfires… There’s too much at stake here. That’s why i am bugging a little about the source of which… where the excess money came from. Not that i’m pushing… I am just concerned and worried. Which of course after all the time and effort we put behind this build… Don’t you think i am more than entitled to be a bit worried and deeply concerned over it all?

Blossom: *sighs heavily closing her fist as the lights dispersed* Look. I can’t tell you..not yet, okay? Just give me some time and you’ll know I promise. *looks to the side* Seriously though, For now let’s just enjoy that we got the money okay? After all this with the charity and the company and the groups comes to an end then I’ll tell you. *jumps off the rail* but for now, just trust me okay, I’m not asking for a lot just a little bit of trust is all.

Leslie: I trust you. I always have trusted you. And i always will. I am just panicking about the Grand opening. There is so much to consider. So much to go wrong. I should be calmer… You’re right. *Sighs* I should be calmer and not get worked up so much. It’s only a Massive Stadium. I just am nervous about it. That’s all. The closer we get to the Grand Opening… the more tension and uncertain things get. There’s that veil of uncertainty that lingers and billows. Because between now and the day of the grand opening… There is still a chasm of possibilities for things to go wrong. Seriously wrong.

A second later…

After taking that time to gather her thoughts and calm down a bit. Leslie takes a breath just then and inadvertently rebuilds the concern… But in a different way. Of course, the Subject gets changed a little…

Leslie: I heard that the teacher in history is gonna be getting an award. Some people were saying that he’s being inducted with honors.

But they didn’t get to really speak more as it was then…

Carl V Burke: *Walking over from the car* Hey Leslie. You ready to head for home. You have somebody at home asking for you.

Leslie: I do? Who?

Carl: I don’t know. But some answers would be nice. *seeing a young girl nearby* Hello there. Who’s your friend?

Leslie: *Looking towards Blossom* Oh her. She’s my friend. My best friend. Her name’s Blossom. Blossom C. Rhapsody. A fighter too. But she’s amazing. She risked a lot to save me from the Mob and pull me out. I actually owe her my life.

Carl: Would she be the same girl that was at the Diner some time ago. Months ago and dealt with a beastly girl trying to target you and tear you down?

Leslie: Yeah. The one that was tearing me down was Holly Reedy. She just happens to hate me for some annoying and irritating reason. I can’t stand her. Blossom can’t either. She’s put Holly in her place but now the whole school thinks that she Murdered Holly. All because of some Rumor that was spread around.

Blossom's 14 year old look.
Blossom’s 14 year old look.

Blossom: Rumors which are clearly untrue and when i find the one that’s been spreading them… It’s gonna be a very bad day for them. Besides… as it turns out… Holly has been Humiliated and ruined. She went into Exile and then not too long ago now… came back and is emancipated but is now someone totally different than what she was. Strange though. She doesn’t seem as though she’d be different. She was still looking the same. Just that she is wearing diapers.

Carl: What would a 14 year old girl be doing wearing diapers unless she was suffering from a medical condition that required for her to wear them?

Blossom: You might want to ask her Ex-father. He might know the reason why she’s in them.

Leslie: Word of caution… What you’ll hear… you might not like to know. It’s about Holly’s attitude towards a certain family. Ours.

Carl: Intriguing. What exactly was she saying?

Blossom: *Dreading on bringing up the vicious remarks that came from Holly*

Blossom flashes back regretfully…

“Sid: *Looking at Holly* Holly, You need to stop this. I know that you can hear me and i know that you’re now trying to play some game with people. But enough. The Doctor just said you were fine and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with you. You’re just trying to get me to hate that girl Leslie. Hate Blossom. I was told about what you’ve been doing towards Leslie and Blossom. Enough is enough.

Holly: It is never gonna be enough. I’m not stopping till Leslie leaves this city. I don’t care if the whole city hates me for it. Leslie will leave this city. Or this nightmare will never end.


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Elizabeth A. Burke: *Overhearing* Excuse me?! Young lady… What is your problem with my daughter Leslie?

Holly: I don’t have a problem with her. I just don’t like her. And i am just sick of everyone going around kissing her ass. Because she’s got money. She thinks that having all that money makes her a somebody? She’s still a loser and it’s time that everyone accepts the fact. Leslie is a loser.

Elizabeth A. Burke: *Getting up and standing in defense against Holly* Alright you little ruffian. Where is it that you come off talking like that? huh? You don’t know what Leslie is like. You don’t know a thing about her and yet you feel the audacity to judge her?

Holly: It’s my right and who are you to tell me to back off?

Elizabeth A. Burke: I happen to be the mother to Leslie. That’s who. I don’t know what your problem is… But you better stand down.

Holly: You first. You rich shits are gonna learn your place in this city one way or the other. You think that you can call the shots because you got money. Time for a wake up call. This isn’t your city. It never will be. Why don’t you find your precious girl and get the hell back to Brooklyn and stay there? Because as the Town’s biggest bitch… I am here to tell you. I don’t like you Burkes… I don’t know you Burkes… and from here on… I’m all over you Burkes. You want peace? Get your rich asses packed… Get your Loser Daughter and get your ass back to where it is that you came from. Smear your stench there. Not here… You rich fucks!

Sid: *Looking at Mrs. Burke* Ma’am. I apologize for my daughter’s unruly attitude. You have my word… That it will not happen again. *Looking at Holly* Holly Penny Reedy! Grab your things and get upstairs Now! Right now. After i close up here for the night. I am gonna go to the store and buying you Diapers. You’re being put in them. Since you want to be a baby and throw temper tantrums over Leslie and her family… Acting like a baby. You’re gonna be treated as such.

Holly: *Grabbing her things in an outrage and heading upstairs; Slamming the door behind her hard and with force* I hate those pieces of Shit Burkes. I so hate them. Why couldn’t they just fuck off and stay the fuck back in Brooklyn? Damn shits. GRRRRR! I swear it… First chance i get… I am gonna Kill Leslie the Loser Burke. That’ll get those losers to take the hint to fuck off and get back to where they fuckin’ belong.

Sid: *Ignoring Holly and looking at Mrs. Burke* I deeply apologize for my daughter’s vengeful and malicious attitude.

Elizabeth: It’s alright. It’s nothing new to me or my husband. This type of animosity was dealt with every day back in Brooklyn. for over 3 years. So… I’m used to it more or less. However Leslie was getting beat by the other kids that were there and it just pushed us to face either sending her away to there by saving her from the taunts and ridicule. Or keep her close and see her get beat. It was the only thing we could do.

Sid: I am sorry that you and your husband had to face that kind of environment. I am sure that this city will be better for you.

Elizabeth: I am sure that it will to…”

Blossom: That is what Sid mentioned off to me… I overheard some of it and wanted to let Holly have it. But that would have made things more worse than what they already were. What i heard was so heated and terrible… I don’t know what would have hit when i got there and it was still going on. I don’t know if i would be one to hold back. All i do know is that… I would be wanting to tear her apart.

Leslie: That’s what i’d like to do. But Holly isn’t like that anymore. In fact… hardly anyone sees her now. She’s quiet and like a wallflower.

Blossom: But there are some people saying that i Murdered Holly. Or that is the rumor that would be spread if this managed to be still November of 2045. But as it turns out… Things were different. Much different. Not as what would have been expected. Not at all. Plus… I never murdered a soul. I never would. Ever. Not ever.

Carl: You’ve got to be the same one i saw in the Diner once. Talking about a project.

Blossom: That’s me. *Smiles*

Leslie: What project? Ours?

Blossom: No. It’s something else… Oh… Okay. You win. Leslie… It was about our project. The Build. It was about that.

Leslie: And the Funding?

Blossom: Sorry. Not telling.

Leslie: *Sighs*

It was then only moments later that Leslie hugged her best friend Blossom and made plans to call her later to hook up for a hang out. It was a pleasant day. or so it may have seemed.

That early evening…

Burke Mansion…

Carl: *Opening the door*… *Walking inside* Hello dear. We’re home.

Leslie: *Checking her phone*

Elizabeth: *Walking out from the Living room* Hey Carl… It’s a good thing that you’re back and that our dear daughter… Leslie is here too. We have a guest here. Someone from the Watchtower Command Center. Wanting to speak with just her. At least for this time.

Leslie: Huh?! Me? Uh… Okay. I’ll have to see what it’s about.

Carl: Do you need us to stick nearby just to be sure?

Leslie: No. No… you don’t have to…

And now…

A Flashback to Saturday, May 19th, 2046…

At Arnold and Rhonda’s house…

Jenna Rhapsody.
Jenna Rhapsody.

Jenna was standing outside in the rain and waiting for her boyfriend Malachi Trent. She was wearing a red and black dress and pearly earrings. Cherry red Lipstick, Black and Pearly blue eyeliner. She was beautiful and looking like an angel. However in the pouring rain her hair was getting soaked and water-logged. the make-up was runny. She was getting drenched…

At the Metropolis Radio Tower…

Arnold: *On Air* Well… It’s that time of year where all those seniors are on their pretty journeys to their last major Rite of passage before the grand finale of their high school adventure draws to a close. Senior Prom is like the Pinnacle of the Senior experience. I seem to remember how the senior prom was like for someone like this faithful watchdog. My brothers and I were facing the doorway to uncertainty. Not knowing where our lives would lead us. Where we were gonna end up.

prom is the rite of passage that’s for all of us.  It’s supposed to be a culmination of four years of memories.”

“Yeah, but Prince Curtis you are not seeing it…. I am in a Rut… I am, and I’m not alone. You know, Prince Curtis, in a couple of weeks, we’re gonna graduate from this pretty little adolescent fantasy Kingdom of ours, and we’re not gonna have a Protective happy innocent spot to fall back into and strap on to.  The thing about expectations, Prince Curtis, is they’re supposed to drive you to do more with your life… Much more than what’s done now. It’s not supposed to be the very thing that would stop you from living it.  What i think about this whole thing is that the future happens to hold a lot more promise for you than you actually bother to give it credit.  It holds more promise for your brothers and your cousins too. In a couple weeks all this adolescent bravado will be but a distant reality…”

Arnold: *On-air; Con’t* So for all you High School Senior class of 2046… Here’s something to bring in the sentimentality of Prom and set the mood. “Those Magic Changes” Right here on MRHAP Metropolis… Enjoy yourselves, Seniors. This is a night to remember.

Radio: *Playing music over the radio* “What’s that playing on the radio,
why do I start swaying to and fro
I have never heard that song before,
but if I don’t hear it anymore
It’s still familiar to me, sends a thrill right through me
Cause those chords remind me of the night that
I first fell in love to
Those magic changes my heart arranges
A melody that’s never the same,
a melody that’s calling your name
It begs you please, come back to me
Please, return to me, don’t go away again,
oh make them play again
The music I wanna hear is once again,
you whisper in my ear
Oh my darling, aha I’ll be waiting by the radio,
you’ll come back to me someday, I know
Been so long since our last goodbye, but I’m singin’ as I cry
While the bass is sounding, while the drums are pounding
Beatings of my broken heart will rise the first place of the charts
Oh my heart arranges, oh those magic changes,
oooh yeah”

As for Zoey and her boyfriend Michelangelo… They spent their night in Zoey’s room. Watching a couple romantic movies. Molly was dancing to some pop and dance music. Blossom and Leslie got together and danced to some Pop and Electronica. Some Romantic themed music. Enjoying the night even though it was cold. Sapphire, Raven and Serena were with their dates and so were Pearl’s girls. Spencer and his wife had their own Prom at the beach. Dancing under the stars and the moonlight. However… there were a couple of them who weren’t met with a happy night. A couple of them were left stranded.”

May 21st, 2046…

Burke Mansion…

Living Room…

Genevieve Teague 1

Genevieve: *Looking at Leslie from the sofa* Leslie, It’s been a week since you came to the Watchtower. The trio has made already 3 check-ups since last Saturday to make sure that things were set for them. You haven’t.

Leslie: I know. *Sighs*

Genevieve: As you may have known… I am the professor to the New Generation of fighters. However it also means that i clearly am one to the trio… and you.

Leslie: I think that i realized that. I do. The only reason that i haven’t come to the Watchtower is because i want to keep it under secrecy from my parents. For the time being. I know that i have these abilities and that the time is coming where i am gonna be called to action. I am just scared is all.

Genevieve: How so? How on Earth can you be scared of being what you practically have made it no secret that you wanted to be a super fighter?

Leslie: *Nods* I do. I have wanted that. To get a new image and rewrite the alter Identity i had while in the Mob. I believe that i made note of it to the others that Rita the Hammer was gonna get a rewrite. The super powers was without a doubt what i meant. But… I am nervous about it as i didn’t think that my parents would be getting a glance at something from the Command center coming here. I don’t want them knowing about all of it just yet.

Genevieve: But… Leslie… *Chuckles* You can’t be serious on thinking that your parents would never figure out. You know that the rich are with the resources and the power to have a place closed down. They surely already know about the fact that there is something going on with you. You are their daughter. They must know.

Leslie: They usually do. However… I don’t want them to know about my alter-identity. Not yet. I want to tell them. But not till i am ready for them to know. *Getting up and walking back and forth a little before stopping to look at Genevieve* I still have multiple other things to catch them up on over what i went through during the time i was apart from them. I have a lot of things to still tell them. Some of the things that i have yet to tell them… It’s just about the same caliber as the idea that i have Elemental powers and Abilities. I want to tell them. It’s something that should be told to them.

Genevieve: It’s something that can’t be denied, Leslie. It’s hard to confess to your parents that you are different even though they’re supposed to know you from the inside and out. They’re supposed to know you and understand all there is about you. However… how will they understand about this unless you tell them?

Leslie: I don’t know. However… I wonder what’d happen to me as these powers get more strength inside. I still have no idea what the powers will do to me. I haven’t used them much yet and i am afraid to just use the powers and have my parents catch me. It isn’t so much of telling them… or not telling them about the reality that i have them. It’s the part of being uncertain over what the powers’ll do to me and what’d happen if my parents were to catch me with powers and using them… before i’m able or ready to just come out and tell them.

Genevieve: Leslie. All powers are uncertain when you don’t have trust in them. It takes practice and time to get used to the powers. It’s not something one would consider a light switch that can be flipped on and off… on a sake of demand.

Leslie: You’re right. *Looking to the side* I guess that we can set up a day where i can get my family out for the day and you can maybe have some hi-tech gadgets and screens put in. Only in my room though. and Password activated. Maybe a retina scan. If i’m gonna embrace it… let’s consider it that way. I’ll be sure to tell my parents shortly after. I have to be honest though… all these life changes are a little suffocating and excessive.

Genevieve: They can be. They can be very suffocating at first because it’s all a big change. But in time… it shall get easier for you. Blossom has faith in you. She’s not the only one, Leslie. Tess and Chloe. They too have their faith in you. As do the trio. Mr. Morgan and Mr. Breslin. The fighters all have faith in you. Including me.


Leslie: *Nods as if trying to come to terms with the new reality* It’s nice to know… But What would make them have faith in someone who’s an Ex-Mob girl. One who left the Mob and worked hard and fought non-stop to change her image and how people would see her? I am just Leslie. That’s all. No one special. It’s nice to be told that there are people who have faith in me. *Scared* What if i can’t do it? What if i let them down? They’ll think that i’m still the same girl i was in the Mob. I don’t want that.

Genevieve: You won’t let them down. That’s not like you to do. You’re building a massive Stadium. That’s a huge feat. A major breakthrough over showing good will and peace to others.

A moment later…

It was decided that there would be a scheduled day and time to have her room suited up and placed with Gadgets and some hi-tech items. Screens and a lock for security to protect the user. Leslie was all in. She was scared and nervous and with uncertainty as it was the start of her new look. Something new for her and she knew that it was gonna place Blossom in a hot seat as not only was she her best friend and girlfriend. But now… she was the leader to her too. The leader to Leslie and the Rusoe trio. It was gonna only move to put a strain on the relationship that they had however with the closeness that they had among one another. It was not likely that anything could come between them and rip them apart.

Leslie was with her parents and reunited with her family. The Reconciliation between Blossom and Zoey was a success. Zoey and Leslie had made amends and saw all right with the world. The Rusoe trio and Leslie became heroes and things looked up from there. Some new changes between Sakura and her sister was stirring. The new reality was starting to come out. That Sakura was now wearing diapers. Dinah was slowly catching on and at a loss over the change that came over Sakura. Pearl’s Business was undergoing a total Renaissance of change and reforming. Alvin was reported as being with another woman and with a new family. His new last name was Kramer. He left the Clan and stripped from any ties he’d have with them. Alice kept the Rhapsody name but had reverted back to her maiden name. “Cross”. Blossom had a secret that she couldn’t tell Leslie and it was putting a strain on the trust which was between her and Leslie. Holly was rising and then torn down. Put in diapers by her now Ex-father according to Holly. Humiliated and then made a laughing stock. The Build was a success and now was on the road to a explosive and thrill popping Grand opening that was only weeks away. Looming off the Horizon. The D.A and his wife. The Rhapsody Clan’s Family Matriarch were back as one. Back and united. It was a memorable union for all. The Marco sisters were friends to the clan now. Things… were looking up and there were more to come.

Leslie also was becoming famous upon the city. Everyone in the city knew her as time passed and she was becoming a known sensation to all. Her accomplishments were taking notice by the Daily Planet. They were following her. Getting the scoop. But now with the changes that were to befall next as things passed… What were the fighters gonna do? Would there be reunions with old faces and possible history rewrites in the lore and legacy of the Rhapsody Clan? What was next for Leslie and Blossom? Would Blossom finally soon get that chance to meet Leslie’s parents officially? Would some secrets come out that were long since due? Would the Massive Stadium finally be reaching it’s heyday and with the grand opening just siring to pop off the lid and ooze off with the celebration hype? Who’d all be there? … Say… Who the heck is that mysterious girl in the crowd? How does she know Leslie? Plus… are we about to see Metropolis turn itself into a little bit of Stars Hollow? What’s the future gonna be like for the New generation fighters… For Serena and her lover Carly Black? For Spencer and his wife Rikku? The Thunderic Force Z! Aquatic Force Z! Romancers Z! Paul, Crystal, The Esp. Elemental Twins and Electrogal… along with the new heroes? With Charlene? Find out what all will change in the next chapters of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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