Chapter 232: Leslie Tina Burke Repays her debt to the city and makes amends; Reconciliation procession and The Burke’s Complete? Part 3 of 4

Continued from where part 2 of Chapter 232 left off…

Carl V. Burke: *Feeling offended* That will be quite enough, sir. If you want to post the first fire against my daughter Leslie… You better have probable cause and more than just absurd accusations. This is the same thing that happened to her in Brooklyn and we had to send her away. To save her from the vengeful-hearten socialites and Aristocrats. But it’s sounding like a mistake now that she’s here. knowing that you are gunning for her.

Kellaway: The Law is the law. No one is exempt. Not even the rich. But the one thing that gains me respect to her… The only thing… It’s this…

Kellaway recalls the moments…

Leslie: *Walking over and sneaking past the guard* Psst! Hey, Stanley! Or should i say… The Mask? You are that mask character are you not?

Stanley: I think that i was once… or twice. What’s it to you?

Leslie: Nothing. I myself would rather serve you payback for what you caused to happen to Freeze. If i was Rita the Hammer… I would have done that. Shot you right here. But that part of me is gonna get a near future re-write. I am not that person. In fact… i still regret ever becoming that person. Turning into a real creep.

Stanley: That was the Mask… Not me.

Leslie: News flash… It was you. Even though it was not the normal you as you are now… It was still you on the inside of that mask. Behind the Mask… is the person behind it. That’s you. You Stole from the bank. That money was the money that Dorian’s men had planned to steal and loot. Me as well… When i used to be part of Dorian’s team.

Stanley: What changed?

Leslie: I saw Dorian become the Mask and he’s showed that he was hellbent on domination. Evil. Which reminded me of the things i had to go through back in Brooklyn. Defending my parents against the likes of snooty people who thought that they were the Superior Breed. The High class.

Stanley: *Recalling something* Wait… Wait a minute. You wouldn’t be the one that was on the Radio just the other week… would you?

Leslie: Yeah. That was me. Why?

Stanley: I knew it. You’re her. Leslie T. Burke. Aren’t you?

Leslie: Yeah. And you’re Ipkiss. The Drab banker who is pegged as “Nice guys finish last.” But we really can’t talk now. I am not doing this for you… But seeing you as a sitting duck is not something i care to deal with. Dorian doesn’t know that i am here. But it’ll be a matter of time before he gets here once he realizes that i am here.

Stanley was somehow thankful and yet… curious.

Stanley: *Curious* Why aren’t you with him? You are under him, aren’t you?

Leslie: Not anymore. Dorian doesn’t exactly know that i had left the Mob. He still thinks that i am taking a hiatus. I am not taking a hiatus. I really have left the mob and i don’t intend to go back to it. I even told him that i was done. That i would do… one last mob hit and then i would be officially done. However… I never did it. I just Left it and don’t intend on ever going back. I never will. The thing is though… I have seen Dorian act as the Mask and seen what he’s capable of. He’s dangerous.

Stanley: He’s got Tina. *Worried and concerned* I got to go and rescue her.

Leslie: And how are you to do that? You don’t have a weapon… Dorian will open fire just by seeing you. You are his arch-nemesis. You and him are like the ying and yang. The good and then the bad. But as long as Dorian’s got the Mask… He’s unpredictable. If he sees you… he is gonna shoot you dead. You got that? He is gonna shoot you dead.

Stanley: He’s gonna hurt Tina.

Leslie t. Burke 113

Leslie: Not exactly. *Sighs* There are a few people who will run interference and try to stop him.

Stanley: Who?

Leslie: The fighters that you know about… Spencer and his wife Rikku, The Thunderic Force Z! and the Romancers Z! Them. They’re gonna be there to prolong the Mess. Keeping Dorian from harming Tina.

Stanley: What’re you gonna do?

Leslie: I’m busting you out of here. I am only 13 and i know that i have been rather misguided. But i can’t stand Lt. Kellaway. He is a real Jerk and i can’t let Dorian find out that i am here. If he knows that i am here busting you out of here… He’ll kill you. Dorian wouldn’t hesitate as he sees it where you swooned Tina over to you. In Dorian’s right state of mind… Tina is still his.

Stanley: How do you know all this?

Leslie: Because i used to be around him and i read how he operates. I know his end game… He’s gonna blow up the Casino.

Stanley: Oh no…

Leslie: *Nods* Yeah.

Stanley then went to the window and called for his dog Milo who happened to still be hanging around and had never left. Milo tried to Jump up once before and tried till he tired out a little. But now Stanley needed him to try again…

Milo seconds later tried again…

Stanley: *Pleading to Milo* Jump up. Get up. Come on. Come on, Milo. Jump, please. *Begging and pleading to Milo* Do it for Daddy.

That was when Milo… With a built up burst of jump power… Got down on his hind legs and Burst his way up with a explosion of energy. Jumped and leaped up as high as he ever could and got to where he literally touched the Window.

Stanley: *Grabbing hold of Milo and pleased* That’s it! God, I can’t believe it. Good boy. Good boy.

Leslie: *Chuckles* That’s Milo?!

Stanley: Yeah.

Leslie: Wow! I happen to love dogs. I always wanted to have a dog but since i live in a hotel room… At a hotel. I can’t get one. But i love dogs. They’re so amazing.

Stanley: Something’ll turn up for you.

Leslie: I hope so. But for right now… we should get with trying to break you out from this place. You’re innocent. You might have foiled the heist at the bank which i was part of when i was a mob girl… But You’re not Violent. Nor a killer. Dorian is.

Stanley: I don’t get it though… Why would you be involved with the Mob in the first place? You’re nothing like a Mobster. Mobsters are mostly mean and cruel. Plus all about money, drugs and power. You weren’t. Just as you said… Misguided. That was about all.

Leslie: It’s not so easy to explain until you were to know exactly how i was lead to join the Mob for a while. What i had gone through. Stanley… There isn’t time for talking. We need to get you out of here. Milo come with me… Let’s see on getting the keys from the guard and freeing Stanley from this cage. He’s been punished and tortured enough. Plus halfway here… I caught sight of Lt. Kellaway close.

Stanley: Uh-oh…

Leslie: We got to move.

Leslie and Milo went to search for the keys and move to free Stanley from the cell. They looked all over and didn’t see any sign of the keys till Leslie managed to look towards the guard and caught sight of a set of keys. There must have been at least 20 keys. Although they were hooked to the guard’s belt and since the guard was fortunately asleep… It was likely gonna be easy… So it appeared.

Leslie: *Walking over and Gently unhooking the key ring from the Guard’s belt* This shouldn’t be too hard to do. These keys are kinda loose anyway. *Pulling off the Keys suddenly as the key ring weakens and starts to slip* I think that i got it.

The keys then slip and fall on the floor and freely…

Leslie grabs the keys and picks them up.

Leslie: I have the keys now. *Handing the keys over to Milo* Milo… Take these keys to Stanley. He’s gonna need these to break loose. Go. You can do it… Help your master. We got to hurry before Kellaway makes a showing here.

Stanley: You do know that you’re risking a lot in doing this, right?

Leslie: Yeah, and? I risked alot since the exact moment that i joined the Mob to begin with. I left it and have to fix my life up. This is one of the steps of which i can reclaim the reputation and the good nature that i once had before i got entangled by the Mob life. *Nods* … *Looking at Stanley* I’m in your court. As is Blossom. She’s with her cousins Sora and Carly… But they’re in your court.”


“Leslie finds a gun on the guard and makes way to claim it…

Leslie: We need a weapon. Or at least… you do. Going in the path of danger unarmed is a confirmed death wish.

Leslie reaches for the gun and lifts it right out from the guards upholster and of course was very careful lifting it as she didn’t want to wake the guard in any way…

As soon as she had hold of the gun, She handed it to Stanley and briefly grinned at him.

Leslie allies with Ipkiss.
Leslie allies with Ipkiss.

Leslie: You do know how to use a gun, right?

Stanley: I think so. Can’t be that hard to get a hang of… can it?

Leslie: No. Not hard at all… As long as you know what it is that you’re doing. *Looking at the time* Stanley, we need to go. Now. Kellaway is likely gonna return any time now… If he comes and sees you out of the cell and or sees me. We’ll both be in deep trouble. My because of the fact that i used to be a Mafioso. That’s gonna be the stressor for him to nail me. You… because of the fact that he’s got unshakable facts laying against you… pinning you as the Mask. Which in the beginning… you were. But not now…

The Guard chokes off a snore and begins to wake up. He sees
Stanley’s cell door standing open and goes for his gun… but
grasps air.

Guard: Oh god…

Stanley puts one hand over his eyes and slams the butt of the gun down as hard as he can on the Guard’s head. THONK. The Guard drops back down on his chair unconscious.

Leslie: He’s out… Stanley… You cold-cocked the guard… Now’s your opening. Let’s go. Now… Come on…

Stanley turns and starts for the door when he bumps straight into Lt. Kellaway…

Kellaway: Ipkiss! *Looking over to see Leslie* I knew it… I should have known that you would be here to stick up for Ipkiss. What happened? The Mob no longer a suitable fit?

Leslie: Detective, Ugh! Do you really think we have time to get into the same annoying subject? We are not in the mood. *Seeing Kellaway starting to itch towards apprehending her* You want to arrest me? By all means… But you are trying to put blame on Stanley for the crimes that are going on. Now he might have been the Mask. for a time… Doing what he did to a couple of dishonest Mechanics. Foiling the heist at the Bank. I at first was wanting to see him fry too… Back when i was a Mob girl. I was being rather stupid. But these crimes out there are not Stanley’s doing. It’s the actions of Dorian.

Kellaway: How the hell do you know this?

Leslie: Because i used to be following under Dorian. Till i left him only a few days ago. I left the Mob. But i have been with him enough to know of what he is really like. He’s all about Dominion. Not like Niko. Niko is another sort in his own. Dorian’s the one with the Mask. He’s the one you should be looking towards. Not Stanley. Stanley’s guilty on in the aspect of letting out his hapless romantic side and over doing it a bit. That’s all.

Stanley is shocked, but quickly realizes he’s got the gun. He
points it at Kellaway with greater authority.

Stanley: Hold it! I am warning you… I am seriously stressed out here.

Kellaway: Easy. Ipkiss, Come on. Don’t be an idiot. You’re in a police station. There is no way you’ll walk out of here like this.

Stanley: You’re know, you’re right. Absolutely right.

Stanley pockets Kellaway’s gun while keeping him covered with the Guard’s gun. He pulls the handcuffs from Kellaway’s belt and begins to handcuff the two of them together…

Kellaway: What are you doing? Ipkiss, have you literally slipped and gone nuts?

Stanley: You’ll take me out… as your prisoner. *Ordering Kellaway to slip the handcuff on Stanley’s wrist* Put it on! Put it on!

Kellaway Snaps it on…

Stanley: Ouch… Come on.

Leslie: *Leading out* You heard him… Kellaway. It’s time that you viewed the truth. The real truth. Not the stuff that you’ve been spoon-fed.”

“Stanley: I’m really very sorry about this. *Being dragged out by Kellaway*

Kellaway: I’m sure.

Leslie: Kellaway, don’t think it… Just take him. Follow his lead. This is to put you honest in your work again.

Stanley: *Squirming* You got the wrong guy. It’s a bum rap. I got my rights.


Doyle: *Walking past and noticing Stanley being escorted out of the station* What’s going on?

Leslie: What does it look like?

Doyle: Looks like a transfer of a suspect.

Leslie: You could be right. But Doyle… You should not be so surprised to see this.

Doyle: I’m not… I am in fact shocked by this. However… this was something more than that. Wasn’t it?

Leslie: Doyle, Don’t you remember the phone conversation we had a few nights ago. I gave you the scoop. Remember?

Kellaway: You and Leslie… spoke? Doyle!

Doyle: We spoke… Lt… she’s right. Dorian is the bad one. The break is… Dorian.

Kellaway: I don’t believe this…

Doyle: Where are you taking lpkiss?

Kellaway: Ixnay! Ehay’s otgay an ungay.

Doyle: I get it. Pig Latin, right? Eesay ouyay aterlay.

Kellaway: *Escorting Stanley off* Come on!

But that was when Doyle stopped and overheard a 4 alarm on something major going down…

Doyle: Hey… Wait. Lieutenant… Didn’t you hear about the Mob Abduction hit that had hit…

Kellaway: What?!

Leslie: *Pauses* What Hit?

Doyle: The D.A Nick Rhapsody and his Wife Rikku L. Rhapsody’s been taken and abducted.

Leslie: Rikku L. Rhapsody… That’s… that’s… NO!!!! *Panics and freaks out* OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I got to call the fighters. They have to be briefed on this…”

“Kellaway: *Nervous and anxious* Let me out of these cuffs, Ipkiss. you drive like a maniac.

Stanley: *Driving frantically* Sorry, we’re late for the ball.

Kellaway: Alice and the rabbit’ll be disappointed.

Stanley: Now you’re being cynical.

Leslie: He’s Cynical… No. Try agitated and very much clingy to dear life. Stanley, we want to show Kellaway the real truth and rescue Tina. But not like this. We’re gonna get killed speeding like this. *Grabbing the Emergency handle and holding on* Agh!”

“Outside the Nightclub only a few feet away…

In the Car…

Kellaway: Ipkiss, Get your dog away from me. He’s trying to slobber all over me. Disgusting.

Stanley: Sorry. He seems to be rather attracted to you or something. Maybe he is sensing good vibes coming from you or something.

Kellaway: Where is everybody? Something is not right…

Leslie: I have a bad feeling that Dorian is already here and he’s causing some bad bad evil trouble. I called the fighters and told them about the incident revolving the family Matriarch and the D.A being abducted and held by the Mob… Or someone… But i am beginning to think that they are gonna need to head over here to handle this situation…

Stanley: What’re they gonna do about Dorian, Leslie?

Leslie: I don’t know. Anything it takes… for one thing. But Dorian needs to be stopped.

Kellaway: How can you be so sure that those glory seekers can get that mad man in there to crack and surrender?

Leslie: Hey! The Rhapsody New Generation are not glory seekers. They’ve been trying to stand down to see the cops do something to ice the Mob. The Mob is stronger now because the police happened to be threatened by anyone trying to steal their thunder. *Trying to get through to the Lt.* Kellaway, This isn’t a power struggle. You don’t like the fighters… Fine. Have it your way. But right now… those fighters that you consider glory seekers… They’re as of right now your only source to get an upper hand on the Mob. On Dorian. Dorian has that Mask on and that means… He is at best… Dangerous and Unpredictable. There is no telling as to what to expect to come from him. Thunderic Fury tried to fight him… He nearly creamed her with her own attack that she laid on him.

Kellaway: Okay… Okay… Fine. Let them go in and see what the hell it is that they can do. But they better not over step on the law. The Law is not to be broken. Just because they happen to have kind of special power… Doesn’t give them any immunity from obeying the Law.

Stanley: *To the Lt.* I must lock you in.

Stanley uncuffs himself from Kellaway and cuffs him to the steering wheel. He then grabbed the radio mic and placed it around Kellaway’s neck.

Stanley: Use the radio. You know, call for back-up or something. *Looking towards Milo* This could be dangerous. Stay here and be a good boy. Daddy has to go kick some ass. Leslie, Let’s go inside. You know about what Dorian’s up to.

Leslie: Right. Let’s go. *Opening the door just slightly in order to get out without letting Milo out* We have to stop Dorian.

As soon as they left to go inside the Nightclub…

Kellaway: *In disbelief* They’re dead.”

Kellaway: She stood up to me. A 13-14 year old kid. Stood up to me. Told me off and you know what… that’s one of the only times that i was thankful and okay towards it.

Carl V. Burke: That’s how she is. She tells it as it is… but is civil and dignified about it. She will stand up for whatever she believes in.

Kellaway: That should be used to uphold the law. It’d work best.

Where Nick was…

Denton settles back into his seat. The car pulls away.

Denton: *To the driver* Don’t stop for lights, cops, nothing. Just get me the hell out of here.

The Dark Knight

Nick: Going to join your wife, Angus?

Denton becomes shook up. Someone was in the Limo with him. Nick Rhapsody-

Dual Face… leans forward, clutching a pistol.

Nick: *Con’t* You love her?

Denton: Yes.

Nick: Can you imagine what it would be like to listen to her die? hearing the last gasping breath of the one that you gave your heart and soul to?

Denton: Nick… Why don’t you go and wallow to the guy Darwin. Take it over with him. He’s the one that killed your woman. Made you… *Motion to show his face and point at Nick’s face seconds later* like this…

Nick: Darwin Tyrell’s just a mad dog. I want whoever let him off the leash. Who let him off the leash?

Denton looks at Rhapsody. He was now grown to be terribly Worried.

Nick: *Con’t* I took care of Van Burke, but who was your other man inside Jones’s unit? Who picked up My wife Rikku? It must’ve been someone she trusted. Someone that she believed she’d be safe with.

Denton: If I tell you, will you let me go?

Nick: It can’t hurt your chances.

Denton: *Leaning over slightly and giving off a name* It was Percy. Percy O’Malley

Nick had then pulled out his lucky Silver Dollar Coin… Nick cocks the pistol… Prepping to fire it…

Denton: *Con’t* But you said- You said that you’d let me go if i gave you a name.

The Dark Knight

Nick: I never said that i would let you go. I said it couldn’t hurt your chances.

Nick suddenly flips the Silver dollar. He looks at it and sees: The good side. He shrugs towards Denton and Smirks.

Nick: *Con’t* Lucky guy.

Denton looks confused. Nick had then flipped the coin again. But then looked down and saw: The scarred side.

Nick: *Con’t* But he’s not.

Denton: Who?

Nick smiles as he puts his seat belt on as he knew right then what was gonna happen next and yet… his very face hid it well…

Nick: Your driver.

Nick presses the barrel of the revolver behind the shadow of
the driver. Denton seconds later finds himself lunging for a way out but was unable to bust loose. He had then started screaming because what was gonna happen… was his end. Nick then fired at the gun and that was when…

Metropolis City Bridge…

The Limo SWERVES off of the bridge, SOARS out over the river, and PANCAKES into the RETAINING WALL…

Nick was out… Unscathed and untouched…


Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Chuckles* You’re kidding, Zion. Right? You actually are wanting to find out where the Watchtower Command center is and help the fighters out?

Zion: Yes. I feel that it is what i must do. I am first off a Israeli Counter-terrorist. Fighting… as much as i don’t like it… is what i am good for. What i am meant to do. I come here to get new start. But know that as hard as Zion may try. As hard as Zion may seek to retire the previous life. He can not.

Sid: But your Job here… What of that?

Zion: Zion will still do job here. He won’t quit job. Zion is committed to any job he do. But to find my source of being whole… I must go where my fighting skills can be of use. Zion can not fight here. This is place of peace and fighting’s been meant to be at a minimum. But out there… There is a whole world of violence. Oppressors and born again rebels. Fighters… can’t do all on own. Help must be found and has to come from one who can provide firepower.

Sid: How do you expect to find the place? It isn’t like they’re gonna have it listed for viewing. The fighters aren’t gonna just divulge that all right out of the blue.

Zion: Zion will find. Zion is relentless in his endeavors. He will find till he reaches spot.

Sid: *Grins* Hmm…


Holly: *Walking to the side and towards the stairs*

Sid: *Looking to see Holly heading up and being silent* …

Zion: What you suppose is up with daughter?

Sid: I don’t know. But over the last couple days… she’s been really quiet. I don’t think that she’s even responsive at all. Just running on Auto-pilot.

Zion: Is that a good thing… or a bad thing?

Sid: It’s bad. *Sighs* It’s not looking good. this morning… she went off to school and just didn’t say a word.

Zion: You begin to think that the knockout that the girl… Blossom did on her… knocked her senseless and made her catatonic.

Sid: I don’t know… But if that is the case… I will have to file charges. As much as i wouldn’t want to. I know for one thing that Holly brought it upon herself. However… as a parent… i have to take control of the matter.

Zion: *Nods*

Although what none of them knew… was that she was starting to remember things slowly but steady. She was just refusing to say a word to anyone. Nothing to her parents… Or to anyone that had any ties to the clan. No one. There was nothing to be said. She didn’t want a thing to do with the family. Nothing to do with Zoey. Blossom or Leslie. Nothing to do with the Trio. Nobody. No one. It was all over. She considered herself with just herself as a friend and a parent. That’s all.

Alice’s House…

Early Evening…

Sora and Carly talk about their suspicions of the change in Sakura.
Sora and Carly talk about their suspicions of the change in Sakura.

Sora: Carly, There’s something really not right with Sakura.

Carly: How can you tell?

Sora: What do you think? How can you not tell that something isn’t right with her?

Carly: You surely aren’t about to ask me if i am thinking that Sakura is going into a Rebel punk phase… are you? Because that isn’t even her. Plus… how could you tell what was up with Sakura back there?

Sora: Couldn’t you tell how she passed off a odd smell back there when we picked her up and came to her and Zoey’s rescue? She smelt like smoke.

Carly: Smoke? As in like from what Zoey does?

Sora: I don’t know… However… She sure smelt weird and i know that it’s not the right thing to consider as she and Zoey were both scared out of their minds. They were mistaken for being Blossom and Leslie.

Carly: Taken and set to blow up. All on the courtesy of that freaky guy with the funny make-up.

Sora: What do you think was going on over there anyway?

Carly: Nothing much other than just the idea that if we didn’t get there to rescue them… They’d be all blown up.

Sora: That would be pretty gross.

Carly: Yeah. Really. Ewwww!

A Minute later…

Carly: There is something else.

Sora: What do you mean?

Carly: Remember those Bikini girl gang members. The ones who we came across last year?

Sora: I guess. Why?

Carly: I don’t really know if they’re the same as before. They changed. Cassie Pierce, Penelope Pink and Candy Newman?

Sora: What about them?

Carly: They have different names. The last we saw them which was a year ago almost… They were Cassie Pierce, Penelope Pink and Candy Newman. But yesterday… when i came across them… They were Cassie, Penelope and Candy Richardson…

Sora: They must have gotten adopted. That could be why. But i think that we already knew about that.

Carly: And plus… Penelope Richardson Smokes.

Sora: And?! *Scoffs* So do we, Carly. We also happen to do it.

Carly: What about Cassie and Candy?

Sora: Cassie has been caught flirting with one of the teachers. The Teacher… Mr. Ribbons… He didn’t even take to it. He just brushed it off as just a student’s courteous way of showing appreciation. But if he ever knew what Cassie was trying to pull.

Carly: You don’t mean…

Sora: Cassie is becoming… a young version of a Hootchie.

Carly: No way. Her?!

Sora: Well… She’s been acting rather fresh. The teacher ignores it thankfully. He isn’t not into any of that and that’s a good start.

Carly: Maybe she’s just acting out and wants to land a boyfriend. She could be just lonely in her heart.

Sora: If that is the case… She better back down from trying to flirt with the teacher. Someone’s liable to catch on and suspect that there is something more going on and that the teacher is involved with her… He could get into a whole lot of trouble.

Carly: I’m sure that if the wrong type of people were to see… There could be trouble. For both Cassie and the teacher. Which is unfair since the teacher hasn’t made any moves. He blew her off. But it could be just something else. And we’re only seeing a hallucination. Or a mind warp.

Sora: *Shrugs* Who knows. The big deal here is Sakura. What’s going on with her. We know that Zoey smokes because of the hell that was dealt from her Mother… Luna who left the family and changed her name to Rina Frost. Leaving the family… Just yesterday… we saw someone looking at a magazine. The Magazine was something called Vogue.

Carly: What?!

Sora: It was Vogue. The stores still have copies of the latest edition of the Magazine. we’ll go check it out. You’ll see what i mean.

The girls were concerned about the change in Sakura. They knew about why Zoey was with the habit… They blamed it all on the now Exiled member of the family Rina Frost. However the idea that Sakura was now doing it… All it did was leave them feeling morally uneasy. To them… Sakura was the most cleanest person there was. The honest one they knew. But then… that was because Dinah and Shingo had worked and progressed in raising her to be that way. So the suspicion that Sakura was now undergoing the habit or that there was now a sense of it… It was giving Sora and Carly some very unbecoming feelings. Which made it hard on them for they couldn’t very well stop it when they were also under the same habit themselves…

But as for their passing friends that they knew…

At Alfred Richardson’s house…

Living Room…

Penelope Richardson

Penelope: *Walking around feeling troubled* God… I hate this.

Candy: *Feeling disturbed by Penelope’s pacing* Penelope, Would you stop pacing around like a frantic unstable Junkie? You’re giving me the utter creeps. It’s bad enough that you took up smoking. At 14 too. You are starting to look really ridiculous.

Cassie: Really? *Scoffs* That’s what you’re calling it? Why not just call her a total basket case? She smokes in the girls restroom. Along with those girls… Zoey Rhapsody and Sakura Rhapsody. Sakura Smokes those Marlboro Reds. Zoey does too.

Candy: Do the others know?

Penelope: What others?

Candy: Others… as in Blossom, Michelangelo, Molly, Leslie. Hikaru. Them.

Penelope: How should i know? I am still freaked out by the occurrence that hit school. Someone Abducted Zoey and Sakura. Some guy in that clown like makeup. War paint of some sort.

Cassie: Oh please… You’re making that up. What guy?

Penelope: The guy who was reported being seen on school grounds wearing the strange make up. Posing as a school nurse.

Candy: How is that even possible? Where were the school police when this was going on? In fact… Why did that Mobster come onto the school grounds to begin with? Who was he after?

Penelope: *Pulling out her phone and sighs* I think that i might know. Remember the big stink that one of the busy body girls were squabbling about?

Candy: Who? Holly Reedy?! That over-zealous Bitch?

Penelope: Yeah. Her.

Candy: What about her?

Penelope: Nothing. It’s not about her… It’s about the two that Holly hates. Blossom Rhapsody and that girl who used to be with the Mob. Leslie T. Burke. The guy with the weirdo makeup on his face… Was on the school grounds… because he seemed to have been after the girl Leslie. The only problem around that is the fact that he went into the girls restroom. posing as the School Nurse. He was intending to get his hands on Blossom and Leslie. However… Instead got hold of Zoey and Sakura. But suffering the delusion of thinking that Zoey and Sakura were Blossom and Leslie. The ones he was after for the first targets of people he happened to be after.

Cassie: He abducted them? Why? What did he want with them?

Candy: No idea. I kinda find it weird that he’d be able to just walk on campus and while knowing that people would notice him… with not a soul being liable to stop him. Someone had to be on watch and see him. Maybe stop him.

Penelope: That’s true. However… the School security didn’t respond till it was too late.

Cassie: Didn’t anyone go and rescue the girls?

Candy: Yeah. 7. Hikaru Rhapsody, Sakura’s Sister and Zoey, Blossom’s, Sora’s and Carly’s cousin, Leslie, Molly and Michelangelo. They were the 7 that went.

Penelope: That’s what the Rusoe sisters believe. They saw the seven of them bolt out… off school grounds and heading to wherever Zoey and Sakura were and rescue them.

Cassie: Do you think that they’re safe?

Candy: They’re safe. Gotta be. With Electrogal and the ESP Elemental twins on the Job… You would be dreaming to even think that they’d be letting those two just stay under capture and likely being killed off as they were falsely mistaken for the intended first targets… Blossom and Leslie.


Alfred: *Coming in the front door* Hey girls… I’m home.

Candy: *Looking over* Hey Dad. What’s up?

Cassie: Busy day?

Alfred: Yeah. But then… when isn’t it? Besides… it’s not exactly a walk in the park out there. However on the way from work… I took liberty in going to the store. Picked up a family size…T.V Dinner. Lasagna and Good Ole’ Mac & Cheese…

Penelope: Sounds cool. You’re off work tonight, huh?

Alfred: Not really. But i’m gonna stay home tonight. Spend some time with my 3 girls. Besides… With all the fuss about there being a Mobster out there roaming around… I would rather stay with my girls and see them protected.

Cassie: *Smiles* …

As for Zoey…

Zeke’s house…

Zoey: *Walking up to the front door; smoking* Sakura and I were being mistaken for Blossom and Leslie. How could this happen? I don’t get what that freak in the clown make-up was trying to pull. But… *Growls* The nerve of him. Sakura must be so damn scarred for life over it.


Living Room…

Charlie: *Looking at the News bulletins online* This isn’t possible. Zoey and Sakura were abducted by the Mobster Darwin Tyrell… How can this be possible? Who the heck is this guy?

Charlie was reading the headlines and was in distraught. He was finding out things that he would wish that he never had found out.

Charlie: This is all a mistake. It must be a mistake. He couldn’t have taken Zoey and Sakura. Plus… With the security they have at the school… There would be no way that the guy Darwin would be able to get at any of the girls. There must have been a leak in the security…


The front door opened and then closed seconds later…

Zoey: *Walking into the house* Hey Charlie. I’m home…

Charlie: *Suddenly looking up and catching sight of Zoey* Zoey?! What the… *Getting up fast and walking fast over to Zoey; Hugging her* Shit… Thank god that you’re safe. You’re alive. *Relieved* the news article wasn’t true after all. You weren’t taken by that maniac after all.

Zoey: *Coughing; Surprised by the reaction* Charlie, Wh-wh-wh-what’s gotten into you?

Charlie: I am just relieved that you’re back is all.

Zoey: *Scoffs* Wha- Why of course i’m back. Why the heck wouldn’t i be?

Charlie: Zoey… There are reports going out all over the city saying that you were abducted by that Mob Mastermind Darwin. Darwin Tyrell took you and had you under possible capture. It’s all over the news reels and the articles are going nuts over it.

Zoey: *Shaking her head* It may have been so… however Sakura and I were rescued. Rescued by Blossom who i consider still my Ex-best friend. Leslie who Holly persuaded me to hate and despise. Michelangelo Trent. Molly Luthor. Sora and Carly. Hikaru. Sakura’s sister. They all came to rescue. Although there was someone else there. Someone that we never even saw before.

Charlie: Well… Whoever it is. They’ve got my gratitude and thanks for saving you and ensuring that you came back in one piece.

Zoey: *Grinning* Maybe this should happen more often.

Charlie: Agh! Bite that tongue, Zoey. Don’t you even go there. When i heard of your possible end that was plastered all over the news… My blasted heart raced and dropped. You are lucky that dad didn’t hear of it… He’d hit the bloody roof.

Zoey: *Looking to the sides* Maybe you’re right. But… now that we are thinking or speaking of dad… Where is he?

Charlie: He’s still at work. He’s been at work all day. All day.

Zoey: Hmm. Then there is a chance that he hasn’t seen the news yet.

Charlie: So you’d think. But do you really want to count on it?

Zoey: I don’t know. Sakura is back home and there is no chance that anyone’ll be freaking out about her possible death. Too many people seen her. Same as with me. However… with the way you’ve been acting at first when i first came into the front door… I am certain that the banality of what happened and the idea where i wasn’t dead after all… didn’t quite hit home yet.

Charlie: Right. Because that manages to happen… all the time.

Zoey: *Chuckles* Don’t be silly. It’s gonna be fine…

Zeke’s Marmalade Cornerstone Pub…

Zeke was working the bar and unaware of what was going on. He didn’t catch on to the fact that there was a Mobster Madman… There was also the fact that the D.A of Metropolis was out and on a case of Vengeance. Going after all those who were behind the believed loss of Rikku L. Rhapsody.

Zeke was working. Gabe and Heinz were also there…

Ilsa was working the tables.

Zeke: *Wiping the counters a little* …

Gabe: *Serving a customer a glass of Miller Lite Beer* There you are, our good man. A brisking fresh glass… right from the tap.

Heinz: *Handing the order out over to the customer* Chicken Strips and chips. Just as you ordered it.

Ilsa: *Sweeping the floor* Busy day. But very quiet outside in the city. Strange. Usually the city would be bustling.

Zeke: It’s gonna be pretty shaky for the next few weeks as this is gearing off towards the holiday season. Plus with the remnants of the Mob still in the foreplay… we’re gonna expect a coming and going of business coming in for us.

Ilsa: Especially with that Mob girl around. She’s no longer in the Mob but there are still a band of Mobsters who’re gonna be gunning for her. Wanting her to serve with them once again.

Zeke: We’re gonna need to see that it never happens. Although i don’t think we’ll have much to worry over. My Niece Blossom is with her alot. I have a good feeling that with my Niece on the fronts with the girl… Leslie… There won’t be any chance for the Mob to nail Leslie.

Zeke took a look at the picture on the wall and grinned.

Zeke: That girl’s got a lot of determination in her.

Ilsa: Think that she’ll come back?

Zeke: It’s possible. However, she is sure to be rather swamped with things. School, Trying to pay off debts. She’s got a lot to take care as of late.

Ilsa: Don’t forget that there is word that she’s out getting support and the idea across. Someone came in here earlier while you were out and said something about overhearing 3 girls going about helping Leslie spread word and gain support for the funds to build a Massive Stadium.

Zeke: When was this? *Confused* When was this that you heard it?

Ilsa: Earlier in the day. Today. Earlier on in the day. Some guy came in bringing mention to word that Leslie was looking towards building a Blitzball stadium.

Zeke: Blitzball?!

Gabe: Blitzball?! *Pausing and hearing the mention* What?! Are you for certain that… that was what was said to be made and built by Leslie?

Ilsa: It’s true.

Heinz: I seem to find that to be hard to swallow. How exactly will that be done? There is no money in the City. The City’s near Bankrupt all due to the Mob.

The ideas were coming… and more people were taking notice of Leslie’s current ambitions. The only part that derails it is the funds. The City was near broke. There was nothing left for resources. There was also the issue behind Teen Angst and the fact that something was changing in Sakura. Sora and Carly saw. Leslie and Blossom saw. Molly and Michelangelo saw. As did the Rhapsody Trio, Rusoe sisters, Charlie, Krissy, Perry, Kirsten… Multiple people saw.

Of course…

What no one knew was Blossom and Leslie were high up on the Building which was under construction….

Blossom: You got a call from that Mobster dickhead. To come here. But why, Leslie? What the hell are we doing here?

Leslie: I don’t know. But that Mobster Darwin finally got to me. He got a hold of my # and called me. Which to me was impossible as he vanished when we got to where he had taken Zoey and Sakura.

Blossom: And we all just parted a few minutes after everyone had left off for home…

Leslie: That was when he called me. I was just finally at the hotel to call it a day because i was rather tired. When i got a call from someone named Joker. But no actual #. Nothing. However… the guy called me asked for me to meet him up here. Meeting up here where it was secret and private. However the ground is Narrow. Really narrow.

Blossom: Plus… *Looking down* Oh boy… That’s a long way down. A real long way down…

Leslie: I have a bad feeling about this.

Blossom: What makes you say that?

Leslie: I don’t know. I can’t say. However… Whoever that was that called here… knew that i’d be curious enough to find out what was going on and who the caller was. Knew that i’d reply and come.

Blossom: It was a trap.

Leslie: It was a trick. A bad trap… *Petrified and mortified*


Darwin: Very good, Rita the Hammer. You’re keeping up nicely.

Leslie: Darwin?

Darwin: *Calling over for Leslie’s Attention* Over here.

Leslie: *Looking over to the side and walking over soon to see Darwin Standing near the edge* Darwin? You were the one behind the latest Mayhem?

Darwin: Just the way it was meant to happen. The City is my domain now. I’m what you’d call… An Agent of Chaos.

Blossom: *Scoffs* Yeah. That’s what we would have figured. When we heard that some whack-job Mobster man was stirring up trouble plus when we saw you at that Oil Refinery… I should have known that you’d be with your rotten scales and behind this little summons. I knew it seemed familiar.

Leslie: *Finding it hard to conceive* But… But then you’d have to be the…

Darwin: The Mysterious Brother to Dorian Tyrell? *Smirking* Sweet, huh?

Leslie: So then that whole thing… the Mysterious persona, The secretive Agenda, Keeping yourself hidden from Dorian all those years… It was just so you could bide your time before coming out to strike and make your opening move. You were counting on my befriending a heroic family so you could use Dorian in some nature… to get him to use me somehow to bring down my best friend’s family.

Darwin: No. Don’t even venture into that scenario. It’s isn’t like that. The actual intention behind it all was that I would over throw the Mobsters who were actually just schemers. I could have attacked the Rhapsody Clan at any time. See? I am someone who sought to wait for the rats to take the cheese. And like predicted… They did. Trying to end the Mob. Ice it down. Proving that they can’t bare to lose their control of things.

Leslie: You tricked me and tricked my best friend.

Darwin: Ha. *Laughing* Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I didn’t trick you… I just laid out the welcome mat. that’s all.

Blossom: Oh yeah… Sure. You just laid out bread crumbs and banked on our sheer knack for curiosity which would draw us to investigate what’s going on. Plus then getting us up here. in a building under construction and high up in the air. Yeah… You sure didn’t trick us. Did you? You only opened the door and pegged us as fools. This is just another attempt to nail Leslie for what happened to the other guy…

Blossom knew the name. As did Leslie… however they were playing dumb as they wanted to coax the facts from the clearly apparent nut job.

Leslie: Forget about that… I wanna know. Enough deflection. Who are y–

It suddenly dawned on Leslie…

Leslie: Darwin.

Blossom: *Pauses* What did you say, Leslie? Did you say Darwin?

Leslie: The hunger for Domination…

She thought back…

A Flashback:

Leslie: Are you with any family of your own, Dorian?

Dorian: No. I’m a considered Orphan. I however have found that i have a brother. Darwin. But he’s over hellbent on domination that his tactics are on the borderline of Chaos. Mass destruction.

Leslie: Is he that bad?

Dorian: Yeah. No one could control him. Not even the orphanages that had him. He was an unruly child.

Back to current…

Leslie: I should have known when he gave me the guise of being someone was pure and good natured which were cover-ups. Darwin Tyrell. *Scoffs* You’re Dorian Tyrell’s Brother.

Darwin: and good ole’ Rita the Hammer guesses the truth in such elegance.

Blossom: What in the…? You’ve got to be kidding me. He’s Dorian’s Brother.

Darwin: And I guess I share my brother’s attraction to young teens looking for a taste of the mobster lifestyle.

Blossom: I didn’t know Dorian had a Blood relation.

Darwin: *Feeling sore* He didn’t want people to know.
Dorian and I didn’t always agree, but he was the only one that stood in the way of the Rhapsody Clans’ domination of Metropolis.

Blossom: Oh, that’s absurd. That is the biggest load of crap there ever was. The Rhapsody Clan dominate no one. That is not what we are about. You need to get your facts rechecked. We aren’t like that and Leslie is like one of the family. She’s my best friend. Girl friend. There is no way in hell that she’d be in on my family’s intent of Domination. Which… there was no Domination. It isn’t my fault that my family’s reputation and influence had become well known for so many years. Plus… Not everyone happens to love my family. There was the guy Thomas Manning of the BPRD. He didn’t come off as one who loved my family at first till a little down the line when he came out that he secretly admired the clan. He just couldn’t say it. Not everyone has the warm fuzzy feelings for my family.

Leslie: The Clan is about honesty. As am I.

Darwin: Then why’d you join the Mob for a place to belong while the zealot behaving Clan commandeered the city. Making others feel second rate while the Mob… the ones who were somehow decent had to work under the radar to keep from being exposed and humiliated for trying to attain a place to live which they had to keep hidden like sewer rats?

Blossom: There is no good Mobster. The only one that was good was Leslie. She used to be one… But she saw Dorian kill someone… Breaking a promise that was made to her.

Leslie: I didn’t seek to kill him or defeat him. He did that to himself.

Darwin: And when my Brother Dorian tried to give you a good life. A life of power and with control… Rita the Hammer. You got the Annoying Rhapsody clan to join in to take notice of the Mob… They brought everyone against my brother. Then you *Looking at Blossom* Your devious family DESTROYED HIM!

Leslie: So that’s what this is about – revenge. This is revenge for what happened to your brother. You know… You are being really petty and pathetic. They didn’t do anything to him. It was the Mask. Plus Dorian did it to himself. he was trying to reach for power that wasn’t his. Niko was the one that tended to put him in his place. But then he had the mask for a short brief time and as the Mask… he killed Niko. The Mask/Ipkiss. He only made the fountain flush and suck Dorian down the drain. WE DID NOT KILL HIM. HE DID IT TO HIMSELF!

Darwin: Ha! That won’t matter much anymore since the whole city is slowly losing it’s footing. The people are losing their minds.

Blossom: Ha!

Leslie: You’re full of it. The people aren’t losing their minds. All you’re doing is trying to seek for pity.

Blossom: the whole: “OH NO… The good heroes took away my brother. Oh no… it isn’t fair.” Grow up! Your brother Dorian was a power hungry creep.

Blossom flashes back…

“Sweet Eddy and a second thug grab Stanley and hang him over the steel maw of the whirring news press. It was then that Leslie’s seen enough and shook her head at what she was seeing. She was conflicted…

Peggy: What’re you doing? You said you wouldn’t hurt him!

Dorian: Hmm… Well that’s something i should have brief you on. You see… When i said that i would not hurt the guy… You should have picked up the hint that…I lied. *Turning to look up at Stanley who is currently hanging for dear life* Tell me. How’s this mask work?

Stanley: *Strained and unsure; Not knowing what to say* I don’t know. You just… put it on.

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie… Dorian’s got the Mask… He’s got the Mask and…

Leslie: He’s probably gonna seize control…

Sweet Eddy: *Weary* Uh, Boss… be careful, huh?

It was seconds later that Dorian started to try on the mask. However since he had evil in his heart… It developed storm clouds and within it were roar’s of Thunder and menacing roars. Dorian was being covered in dark cloud as he was being changed into…


Unlike Stanley’s transformation, Dorian’s is much more diabolical. He grows and changes within a nimbus of ROARING light. Finally the light dies away and Dorian/Mask rises from a circle of swirling smoke.

While Stanley was a zoot suited bee-bopper in hyper-drive, Dorian/Mask is more like a hulking evil GENIE, fresh out of the lamp and pissed at the world. His diamond earring and touches of his neuvo-gangster look is still apparent, but his huge grin stretches out like a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s under eyes that glow green with wicked power. His voice is a deep inhuman RUMBLE.

Dorian: What a Rush…

Blossom Rhapsody 9

Blossom: *Looking away* Yeah… I think that i’ve seen enough.

Sweet Eddy: Whoa, boss… are you okay?

Dorian: I’m better than ever, you idiot. Now stop the presses. There’ll be a new headline tonight.

Sweet Eddy stands there looking disappointed with Ipkiss still held dangling above the churning presses.

Sweet Eddy: What about that guy?

Dorian/Mask wheels about and ROARS at Sweet Eddy…

Leslie: *Looking at Dorian and weary* This is not… normal.

Dorian/Mask: *Towards Leslie* And What perception might you have to know what normal is? A young girl such as yourself should know that normal is pretentiously over-rated.

Blossom: Over-rated? That is something that i would usually hear from my Aunts. They seem to deal with that outcome quite a bit.

Dorian: So history just comes to repeat itself again. So much for surprises. *Stifles a small laugh* This Kid’s got guts.

Thunderic Fury: *Busting into the room* Time for a shock treatment, Tyrell…

Peggy sheepishly reaches for the suitcase…

Peggy: Ah… excuse me. If you don’t mind, I’ll just take my money and be going. You guys make yourselves at home.

Carly Black: *Bolting in from the side* What? You Bring Stanley here and hand him over to the Mob… For the Money and just Split? Who are you, Lady?

Peggy: A friend of Stanley’s.

Leslie: Yeah… Some friend you are. Would you sell your own mother for money? All for what? A Condominium. A ritzy home? If you are a friend to Stanley… He’s screwed. Because you just sold him to the Mob. Good work. Let us know when you decide to find your heart and start using it to care about your friends and not your selfish needs.

Dorian/Mask slides up to Peggy threateningly.

Dorian/Mask: Must you go? What a shame. You and I could make beautiful headlines together.

Peggy removes his arm from her shoulder.

Peggy: Thanks, anyway. That wasn’t part of the deal.

Peggy snatches the briefcase, but Dorian/Mask blocks her exit…

Thunderic Fury: *Stands in front of Dorian* Okay… Tyrell. two guesses and i would suggest that you think hard. Real hard. Who do you think i am and what might it mean for you?

Dorian/Mask: *Looking at the men* Is this young dame talking tough to me? She does realize that i now have the mask and that nothing can practically hurt me… don’t you figure?

Carly Black: *Grabbing One of the men and Uppercutting into the private parts* Release Ipkiss! Now! Let him go… Right the fuck now!

Orlando: *Starting to lose his grip*

Stanley: *feeling a rush of blood going to his head* Who are you?

Carly Black: Uh, Stanley… This isn’t no introduction session. We’re trying to do work to rescue you. We might fail at this… But we’re giving our best shot. However… You need to stay calm and watch for an opening. Once this guy lets go of you and you can get the heck loose from that spot… See on swinging to the side. To the side and pry yourself back on the walkway here and get yourself outta dodge. Away from this place. We’ll see on handling these men.

Stanley: Easier said than done, But… Okay. If you insist.

Dorian/Mask: *Looking at the teen* You’re here to give me a tickle?

Thunderic Fury: Uh… No. Not quite. Try the answer being: “I’m the Furious Rage of the Thunder… Thunderic Fury. A Member of the Thunderic Force Z! This here… *Showing her weapon* Say hello to my good friends Electro… and Leviathan Thunder. Both of them want to give you some love… Thunder Style. Wanna play?

Dorian/Mask: *Ordering the Men* Nail this Blondie!

Thunderic Fury: *Using her Thunder Chains to produce a Static Cling and pull the guns over to her* I think that i’ll take those!

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Electrogal… What is your cousin doing?

Electrogal: I don’t know… But i think that my cousin’s got a plan of some sort.

Leslie: She better have a plan… Dorian’s getting pissed. Remember i told you that i’ve seen his temper. Dorian’s right now just playing. Evilly as it might appear. But he is right now playing… Pretty soon… He is gonna lose his temper and he’s gonna really unleash. Only difference is now that he’s got the mask… It’s unprecedented. Anything could happen and if he gets pissed. It’s over. Your cousin’s got to be careful.

Electrogal: Justice is Justice. My family… they never stand down. When on call to do their heroics… They go all in.

Leslie: *Concerned* …

Peggy once again tried to sneak away and yet again… was blocked…

Dorian/Mask: Of course. You only want what’s coming to you, don’t you?

Peggy: Back off Freakazoid. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Dorian/Mask: Ah… But you forgot something really important. You might die today…

Thunderic Fury: Not with us here to stop it. *With her weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Dorian Tyrell; Shocking him* Thundering WHIPLASH!

Dorian/Mask: *Feeling the Electrical Current and Vibrating hard due to the attack* AHHHHHHH!

Sweet Eddy: *Running over to Aide Dorian* Hold on, Boss!

But as soon as he grabbed for Dorian and made to assist…

Sweet Eddy: *Feeling the Shock* AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!

Leslie: *Gasps* Whoa! Talk about a shocking experience…

Electrogal: That’s my cousin. When she cooks… She really cooks. Leslie, Once all this is over… you will need to be in the loop about Serena. But word of warning… When she gets like this… Do yourself a favor. Obey her. She is with the temper of my Aunt Dinah. When she gets mad… All bets are off. Get her beyond mad… You better just write out your will… Grab a shovel and start digging. Because if she gets a hold of you… You’ll have no time to beg. You be dead where you stand.

Leslie: I’ll keep that in mind. *Chuckles* You sure have a whole lot of interesting family members who can fight.

Electrogal: No kidding. *Winks*

However once the shocking sensation subsided and Dorian was standing upright…

Dorian throws the switch and the presses CHURN to life. In a flash he snatches Peggy off her feet…

Dorian/Mask: *Con’t* A girl like you deserves to have her face plastered all over page one.

He tosses her into the grinding mill of steel and paper. Peggy’s feet disappear between the presses’ huge rollers and continues down, down past the whirling gears and hydraulics to finally ENDFRAME on the chute where the newspapers roll out on a conveyor belt.

Headlines in blood red ink now read: “Reporter Killed in Freak Accident” next to a picture of a slightly flattened-looking Peggy, her mouth open in a silent scream.

Leslie T. Burke

Leslie saw the reality of the Mob. The hard cold brutal reality for the first time and from all the times she had been in the Mob… She never saw how brutal it really was. But seeing Dorian as the monster that she was made to believe he wasn’t… She had reached her point. She has had enough and wanted out. This was it. This was her time to decide. Would she stay with the Mob and become the Monster that she saw Dorian become… Thereby losing the innocence that she still had in her… Or Would she break and shed off the Mob Life and become the girl that she’d been once before. Before she joined the Mob?

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Blossom… I feel like a total fool. I am so so sorry. Sorry for everything that i caused you to do. Dragging you into this. This is all my fault. All of it. We Met and it was the best thing that ever happened. I just wish that it could have happened on a better occasion. You’re in the Mob because of me. You chose to join… Made the choices that you’ve made because of me. You joined to save me. To pull me out from the Mob. But i can’t allow you to risk anymore just for the sake of me. I can’t. Blossom, We’re still together… But this Mob life meets an end… Starting tonight.

Blossom: …

Leslie: You turned into a bit of the monster that i was on the way of becoming. You have to stop. This is the same element that i had to face and deal with back in my hometown. But now… seeing it here? This is history repeating itself. It has to stop.

Blossom: What’re you gonna do?

Leslie: Something to lead in the right direction…

It was then that Leslie finally broke. She was on her defining moment. Leslie was making the decision of returning back to the girl she was before the Mob. She was done. With all of the Mob. Seeing what happened confirmed it. She wanted out. She within seconds Grew up the nerve and with an explosive surge of courage… She Walked right up to Dorian and faced him…

Leslie: *Standing up to Dorian and with discontent* I can’t believe this… Dorian. How could you turn into such a power mad monster?

Dorian/Mask: This is who i always was. This was what i hid from you.

Leslie: You betrayed my trust in you. I thought that you were sincerely a person who would never turn against your word. You promised me that you’d never intentionally hurt someone.

Dorian/Mask: I didn’t even make a promise to you. I told you that i never would turn dark.

Leslie: That’s a lie. You did promise me. You gave me your word, Dorian. You lied to me. YOU LIED!

Dorian/Mask: Leslie… It’s not what you think.

Leslie: *Glaring* No… Don’t even snow me. I might be only a 13 year old Girl… But i am not stupid. I know what you are.

Dorian/Mask: And what would that be?

Leslie: A Liar, Murderer and Power hungry CREEP!

From the side…

Thunderic Fury: *Holding the phone up and still active call… On Speaker for the rest of the fighters to hear* …

Leslie: *Still standing up to Dorian* And on the other front… I am stupid. I should have never joined the Mob. I screwed up and i have to spend the rest of my life regretting it. Since i joined the Mob… People around me at school all thought i was on drugs. They all revered me. Hated me. Despised me. Made it where i had no friends and left where i’d have to count it by luck to land a friend at all. I’m done… After the next pickup… I am throwing in my resignation. I’ll take my skills and my weapons and severance pay for my time in the Mob. I’m done. It’s Over. My name is and has… and forever will be. Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… Mob girl… Is dead. If Rita the Hammer comes back… She’s getting a rewrite, Done the right way. *Walking off and leaving the scene*”

Blossom: Dorian made Leslie a promise and he broke his word to her. She was already seeking to leave the Mob when that happened. But still keep him as a friend. But when he broke his word to her… It really pushed her to walk from the Mob. It was the smartest thing to do. She took charge of her life. Your brother was a power hungry Murdering CREEP!

Leslie: And You’re all about Chaos. All you do is cause disaster and Mayhem.

Darwin: That was just a basic plot. But just the first act, Rita the Hammer. Electrogal. The finale is soon to come in the city. or should i say… is already in play.

Blossom: What’re you talking about?

Leslie: What finale?

Darwin: Join me and find out.

Leslie: No way.

Raven: *Shadowing in* Leslie… Blossom. Leave. Get out of here now.

Blossom: This guy is after Leslie. Trying to succumb her to the Mob. He’s got to be stopped.

Raven: Don’t worry about him. I’ll handle him. You two just get out of here. GO!

Blossom and Leslie make way for cover. They got to the ground level and ran off to Blossom’s house. Leslie made sure that she’d have a set of clothes to change into for the next day…

Back at the near top of the building under construction…

It was now between the Dark powered Ally and Darwin Tyrell. More of the Agent of Chaos’s ambitions were coming known. Out and in view.

Raven: What are you planning?

Darwin: I’m not planning anything. I am just simply showing the city how pathetic their attempts at controlling things truly are.

Raven: By spreading your chaos? It is over. You lost. Just as much as your brother. Dorian fell in defeat. So will you.

Darwin: I am not starting anything except for showing people how pathetic their attempts of controlling things really truly are.

Raven:  What were you hoping to prove? That deep down, we’re all as ugly as you? It’s the end of the line for you.

Darwin: You know how I got these scars?

Raven: No. But I know how you get these… *Attacking Darwin with Astral projection* Azarath Metrion… Zinthos!

She attacks Darwin and he staggers back as the attacks were all making impact. Causing him to stagger back to the edge. Raven was freed from the pinning and leaped up. With a thrust of a kick… Kicked Darwin to the edge and sent him toppling down. As he went down enjoying the ride. She used Astral projection on a rope nearby and sent it down to catch him. Tying around the ankles and hanging him upside down. With Telekinesis, she pulled the Rope up and pulled him up.

Darwin: *Woozy; Swinging freely upside down* You… Just couldn’t let me go, could you?

Seconds later…

Darwin: I guess this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You truly are incorruptible,
aren’t you?

Raven: You don’t know what you are saying. You’re Psychotic. Trying to go after innocent Teens. Trying to seduce that girl Leslie into the side of being as deranged as you are. Psychotic.

Darwin is LAUGHING.

Darwin: You won’t kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-
righteousness… and I won’t kill you because you’re too much fun. We’re going to do this forever. You and i have had our rounds before… But this! This is the best encounter yet.

Raven: You’ll be in a padded cell, forever. Left to slip deeper into Madness and Lost in your chaotic mind.

Darwin: Maybe we can share it. They’ll need to double up, the rate this city’s inhabitants are losing their minds… Even those Fighters are slowly and surely losing their minds.

Raven: This city just showed you it’s full of people ready to believe in good. Ready to do what is right. Even if sometimes the process is hard and near impossible.

Darwin looks up at her. A twinkle in his eye.

Darwin: Till their spirit breaks completely. Until they find out what I did with the best of them. Until they get a good look at the real Nick Rhapsody- The beloved District Attorney. and all the heroic things he’s done. *indicates ferry* Then those criminals will be straight back onto the streets and Metropolis
will understand the true nature of heroism. *looking off for a second before looking right back at Raven* You didn’t think I’d risk losing the battle for the soul of Metropolis in a fist fight with you? You’ve got to have an ace in the hole. Mine’s Nick.

Raven hauls Darwin up, nose to nose. Glaring and demanding…

Raven: What did you do? What have you done?

Darwin: I took Metropolis’s white knight. And I brought him down to my level. It wasn’t hard- madness is like
gravity. All it takes is a little push.

Raven: And We’re gonna get through to him… one way or the other.


As for Nick Rhapsody… AKA. DUAL-FACE…

At the Ruins of the Old Abandoned building/Where the loss of his wife came to pass…

This is where the expose comes that Jones had acclaimed himself a family. One of his very own.

Jones: *Walking down the shambled corridor of the ruins of the Old Abandoned building* Nick? No reply. Jones makes his way deeper. Up the stairs as he got deeper still…

Jones spots his wife Tabitha and their two children huddled together. He moves towards them- Tabitha is shaking her head…

WHAM! Nick cracks Jones over the head with his gun which sent Jones down to the ground with a thud. Nick disarms Jones, rolls him over. He turns to look at the ENORMOUS hole in the floor. From this side, in the moonlight, Nick looked completely normal. As if there was nothing wrong about him at all.

Nick: This is where they brought her, John. After your people handed her over. This is where they bound My Wife. This is where she suffered. This is where she died. This is the place where my wife Rikku died. Scared about her life. Scared to die. She didn’t deserve to be killed.

Jones: I know. I was here. Trying to save her.

Nick TURNS, revealing his dark side.

Nick: But you didn’t, did you? *Glaring* DID YOU?!

Jones: I couldn’t.

Nick: Yes, you could. If you’d listened to me- if you’d stood up against corruption instead of doing your deal with the devil.

Jones: I was trying to fight the mob. As were you. And the fighters.

Nick MOVES towards Jones.

Nick: You wouldn’t dare try to justify yourself if you knew what I’d lost. How i felt when i had to listen to my wife’s trembling voice. Afraid. Afraid to die. Have you ever had to talk to the
person you love most, wondering if you’re about to listen to them die? You ever had to lie to that person? Tell them it’s going to be all right, when you know it’s not? Well, you’re
about to find out what that feels like. Then you’ll be able to look
me in the eye and tell me you’re sorry. That you’ll be able to understand what it is that i’ve lost. What it feels like to lose the one thing that means so much to you. That one person who makes you whole.

Nick turns- steps over to Tabitha- puts the gun to her temple-

Jones: Nick. Put the gun down. You’re not going to hurt my family. My god… What the hell is the matter with you?

Nick: No, just the person you need most. *cocking the gun* So is it your wife?

Jones: Put the gun down.

Nick moves the gun to point at Jones’s little girl.

Jones: Please, Nick… don’t. don’t do it.

Nick moves to Lasey Jones. Brushes the hair out of the
boy’s eyes with the muzzle. Jones SNAPS.

Jones: Goddamit. Stop pointing that gun at my family, Nick! STOP IT!

Nick: We have a winner.

Nick pulls the girl away from her mother…

Tabitha: No! John stop him! Don’t let him! Don’t let him hurt our daughter.

Nick walks Lasey past Jones to the edge of the burnt floor.
He touches the raw wood at the edge of the floor.

Jones: I’m sorry, Nick. For everything. But, please. Please don’t hurt her.

Nearby the building…

Sirens were heard coming from only a block away. Getting closer and closer till the cops were just outside. With a task force of their own. Creating a perimeter.

Back inside…

Nick looks at Jones, FURIOUS.

Nick: You brought your cops?

Jones: All they know is there’s a situation. They don’t know who, or what. They’re just creating a perimeter.

Nick: You think I want to escape?! There’s No escape from this- There is no relief to any of this. I lost my wife. She was my heart and soul. I loved her and now she is gone. I lost everything and there is nothing left. You think i want to just evade the cops and get away? I don’t. I want to be seen. Want to be taken out. I rather die than live another minute… Another moment without her.

Nick indicates his face. His suffering.

Jones: No one needs to escape, because no one’s done anything wrong. And nobody has to.

Nick chuckles. A macabre sight.

Nick: I’ve done plenty wrong, Jones. Just not quite enough. Yet.

Nick squeezes the gun a little tighter against the little
girl’s neck. The girl WHIMPERS.

Kimahri: You don’t want to hurt the girl, Nick.

Raven: Think about what you’re doing. This isn’t the right thing to do.

Nick turns. Kimahri steps from the shadows. Raven steps from the shadows from the side…

Nick: It’s not about what I want. It’s about what’s fair! *to Jones, Kimahri and Raven* You thought we could be decent men and people in an indecent world. You thought we could lead by example. You thought the rules could be bent but not break… you were wrong. The world is cruel. *shows his coin* And the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased. Unprejudiced. Fair.

Kimahri: Nothing fair ever came out of the barrel of a gun, Nick.

Nick: *shows the coin* His girl’s got the same chance she
had. Fifty-fifty. My wife Rikku didn’t have to die. But she did and i had to endure that loss like a knife through the heart.

Kimahri steps closer, desperate, trying to reach Nick. Raven tried to get closer…

Kimahri: What happened to The Rhapsody Clan’s Family Matriarch. Your Wife Rikku wasn’t chance.

Raven: None of it was by chance. We decided to act. We four. We knew the risks and we acted as one. We are all responsible for the consequences.

Nick looks at Kimahri and Raven. Pleading. With signs showing that he was in emotional agony and each second that seemed to pass… was getting worse. The sign was there and it was getting more closer to painful anguish. Worse than that.

Nick: If that is the case… Then why was it only me who lost
everything? Why Me?!

Kimahri looks into Nick’s eyes. Emotional.

Kimahri: It wasn’t.

Nick: *furious* Darwin chose me!

Kimahri: Because you were the best of us.

Raven: He wanted to prove that even someone as good as you could fall.

Nick: *bitter* And he was right.

Raven: But you’re fooling yourself if you think you’re letting chance decide. You’re the one pointing the gun, Nick. So point it at the people who were responsible. We all acted as one. John. Kimahri. Me. And you.

Nick is listening, the wheels in his deranged mind turning.

Nick: Fair enough.

Nick eases his grip on the girl.

Nick: -Cont’d- You first.

He points the gun at Raven. FLIPS the coin. TAILS. He
SHOOTS. Raven COLLAPSES to the ground, clutching her gut.

Nick: -Cont’d- My turn.

He points the gun at his own head. FLIPS the coin. HEADS. He looks a little disappointed. Finally, he points the gun back at John’s daughter.

Nick: -Cont’d- Your turn, Jones.

Jones: You’re right, Nick. Rikku’s death was my fault. But punish me-

Nick: I’m about to. Tell your daughter it’s going to be all right, Jones. Lie. Like I lied.

John looks up. Pained. Locks eyes with his daughter…

Jones: It’s going to be all right, darling.

Kelly Godson was secretly watching as a spirit and listening in.

Raven miraculously in a risky effort, got up and rammed into Nick. Sending him to the level below and with Larry Jones hanging on the edge. Raven landing hard on the ground only a foot away from Nick…

Jones races down the stairs. Rushes over to Raven.

Lasey: Dad, is she okay?

Jones crouches at Raven’s side. Raven GRASPS Jones’s
arm. STAGGERS to her feet.

Jones: Thank you.

Raven: You don’t have to-

Jones: Yes, I do.

Jones and Raven stare down at Nick’s body. Grave.

Jones: -Cont’d- Darwin won.

Jones stares down at SCARRED SIDE of Nick Rhapsody.

Jones: -Cont’d- Nick’s prosecution, everything he fought for, everything Rikku died for. Undone. Whatever chance Metropolis had of fixing itself… whatever chance you and the fighters gave us of fixing our city… dies with Nick’s reputation. We bet it all on him. Darwin took the best of us and tore him down. People will lose all hope. The fighters will all slowly diminish and fall apart. Fade away because of it.

Raven: No. They won’t. *looking at Jones* They can never know what he did. Never. We have to cover it up. Ensuring that the good that he’d done stays known.

Jones: -incredulous- Five dead? Two of them cops? We
can’t sweep that under-

Raven: No. But Darwin cannot win.

Raven crouches to Nick’s body.

Raven: -Cont’d- Metropolis needs its true hero.

Gently, she turns Nick’s head so the good side of his face is
up. Jones looks from Nick’s face to Raven. Understanding.

Jones: You? You can’t-

Raven: Yes, I can.

Raven stands. Faces Jones.

Raven: -Cont’d- You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I can do those things
because I’m not a hero, like Nick. I killed those people. That’s what I can be. I am not all human. I am half Demon. I can embrace my half demon side. It’s what i have.

Jones: *angry* No, you can’t! You’re not!”

Kelly: *Voice* It never has to be that way. There is something that he doesn’t know. Rikku L. Rhapsody… is Alive.

Raven: *Pauses* Alive? Huh? Who’s there? Who said that?

“The sacred bond of light has been challenged… The mind of heaven in plight. the faithful hearts of god lost and in need of renewed guidance. Where has the light gone for so long? Can it be found again? The mind of heaven has been injusticed for
Many centuries. Will there be peace for Heaven and the children of God? For those in despair… worry no longer. Your reason to believe in the light is here. To remind you of god’s love for you. The warrior of god… fighting for you has finally come. Hark! The Angelic Warrior is here. I am Angelic Kelly!”

Seconds later…

Kelly: *Coming into view* I did.

Jones: How is it that you know about the Matriarch being alive? She is gone. Moments after the Explosion and when we took a look at the ruins here… There were no remains. There was nothing left of Mrs. Rhapsody.

Raven: It doesn’t change anything. Who are you?


Kelly Godson: I am one of you guys. One of the fighters. The new improved Angelic Raven. I had been gone a while as i was taking some time on sharpening up my skills and power. It was a spiritual walk with god. I have been with the Bikini girls gang a lot. With the remaining members. There are not very many left as there was in the beginning as a bit have been adopted. Some have gone to look for a family to adopt them. Some have returned to their biological parents. there are 5 new members coming in soon. Very soon in the next few weeks. I was however with Diamond. at the beach and trying to get her to quit the smoking. Suzanne Sexton is still smoking… However she clearly changed a little. She happens to look like this now…

Suzanne Sexton
Suzanne Sexton
Kelly Godson
Kelly Godson

Kelly: That’s her. Suzanne sexton. She’s older now… However… She refuses to stop the habit. As far as i know… She and Jenna Rhapsody see one another regularly every other day. They hang out a lot. I think that Suzanne is secretly wearing diapers. But that’s because of last year. When she got victimized by the Vile Sex offenders and Rapists. She was really innocent too.

Kimahri: *Shaking his head* Poor young pup.

Jones: How did you know about the family Matriarch…

She then got to explaining…

Kelly: I was only at the beach when i was summoned by god to come to the aid of those were in peril. God endowed me with a vision of the family Matriarch to the clan being in danger. It was just as the Explosives went off I came in… As an angel and Shined the fire away from The Rhapsody Family’s Family Matriarch. I knew that once the explosions were done… People were gonna expect for her to be dead as no one got to her in time and she was destined to be dead. For good. I couldn’t take her back to her place. So i had to take her to the small town. For hiding. If the Mobsters knew that she was alive still… They’d try to go after the younger members of the clan and use them as bait for collateral. She’s at 11912 E 40th Terrace S In… Independence, Missouri. She can’t come back here. Till the Mob is officially gone. It isn’t safe here.

Raven: It won’t do any good for her to return. Nick Rhapsody is dead. The fighters that fought to give this city a chance in fighting this. Fighting for the city. It all died. With the reputation of Nick Rhapsody. There is nothing left.

Jones: The people are gonna lose all hope.

Kelly: No they won’t. It’s gonna be okay. *Leaping down and Walking over to Nick’s body. *Conjuring up a Bible and reading from the book* “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” *Reciting a passing* In the name of the father, the son and the Holy spirit… Amen. *Glowing with Holy light and forming a ball of holy energy; Healing the person in sight from inflicting pains and wounds* Heaven’s healing Grace!

Nick’s body began to rise and respond back to life…

Raven: How can you do that?

Kelly: It’s a first.

Kimahri: *Shaking his head* Kimahri not like what’s being done.

Seconds later…

Nick: *Shaking off the fall* Who’s the one that brought me back to life? I was dead. I was at peace and said to answer for what i had done…

Kelly: It is I, Nick. I brought you back. God loves you and blessed me with the momentary gift to bring you back to life. Your time on Earth isn’t done yet. He forgives you for what you done. You were only misguided. He understands. There’s something else. But you have to better yourself first.

It was then… That a moment later… the others left and knew what had to be done…

The next morning…

It was at a selected place that Nick and Kelly spoke…

At the Local soda shop…

The Dark Knight
Nick Rhapsody Back from the dead sits and speaks with Kelly Godson.
Nick: *Walking over to the back* Okay. To the back. You got something to tell me.

Kelly Godson Speaking with Nick and exposes the truth. Gradually.
Kelly Godson Speaking with Nick and exposes the truth. Gradually.

Kelly: Yeah. Nick. Sir, There is something that you must know.

In the back…

Kelly: I have brought you here for a change in pace. Something that is innocent and friendly. It’s something that you are in need of more than ever. The Mobster Darwin… Lead you astray and turned you into an agent of Chaos. That’s not who you are. It never was.

Nick: How is it that a teenage girl would know what i am?

Kelly: It’s because i am angelic fighter. A Warrior of heaven. God knows who you really are. He knows you from inside out.

Nick: Sure he does. And how is it that you know of my situation?

Kelly: Because i was told. By god. He speaks to me. I am a follower.

Nick: You are wasting your time with me. I am no good to anyone. My wife is dead. My Reputation is gone. Absolutely no one is gonna want to have a D.A that has a face which has been half blown to hell.

Kelly: You are doubting yourself. You shouldn’t do that. There is something that you must know. It’s about the family Matriarch. She’s…

Nick: She’s dead. I already know. She didn’t make it. No one got to her in time.

Kelly Godson Speaking with Nick and exposes the truth. Gradually.
Kelly Godson Speaking with Nick and exposes the truth. Gradually.

Kelly: That is the original story. But… there is something more to it than what you were told. A lot more. She’s not dead.

Nick: *Pauses* … What?

Kelly: She isn’t dead. Your wife Rikku L. Rhapsody isn’t dead.

Nick: How can that be? She’s dead. She died in that Explosion…

Nick flashes back…

“At the Old Abandoned Building…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Nick, in case… I want you to
know something…

Nick Chokes, his emotions overwhelming him. he at that time was now panicking. Panicking and freaking out as he was unable to break loose from the ties that were tying him to the chair and the explosives… that were close by…

Nick: Don’t think like that, Rikku. They’re coming for you.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know, but I don’t want them to… Not without you. *Unable to hide the fact that she was upset and losing it* I don’t want to lose you, Nick. I don’t want to die… Nick… Why didn’t you stop nailing the Mob when the chance was good? Why?! *Sounding as though she was sobbing* How could this happen?

She then looked at the timer and saw that it read 15 seconds left…

Rikku L. Rhapsody:  I don’t want to live without you. Because I do have an answer, and my answer is yes… I will have a biological child with you. I know for the last year… i was a bit hesitant as i didn’t think that i’d be ready or we’d be able to with your over demanding position and us both being unsure. But i want that. I want it with you…

On the Streets…

Commissioner Jones: *Crunching for time* Mount the Curb… NOW! Get to the Scene… NOW!


On the outside of the Old Abandoned building…

Kimahri: *Barreling into building* Matriarch in danger… Kimahri not let die.

Inside the building…

The Dark Knight

Nick: *Looking up in horror to see Kimahri* NO! Not me… Why did you come for me?!

Kimahri stares at Nick and pauses for a second picking up the fact that the sleazy rat that was in police custody lied…

The counter hits 5 Seconds. Kimahri drags Nick out…

Nick FIGHTS to stay…

Nick: *Calling out and crying out in panic and desperation* NO!!! RIKKU!!! RIKKU!!! NOOO!!!!

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Calling out to Nick* Nick? Nick, it’s okay… Don’t fight it. It’s alright. If this is my time… i’ll accept. As long as i know that you’ll always remember me…

Nick: RIKKU!!!

Rikku L. Rhapsody can hear Nick. The counter runs out…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *calm* Somewhere-


The BLAST HURLS Jones backward onto the hood of his car- The Entire Old Abandoned Building is an Explosion. Everything was engulfed in total flames and fire. All of it was consumed in flames and Inferno…

A SECOND EXPLOSION- Kimahri covers Nick as the FIREBALL HITS them- IGNITING the diesel soaking Nick’s left side- he starts BURNING. And stops screaming. Kimahri ROLLS Nick on the wet pavement… The Dark KnightNick SIZZLES. Silent.”

Nick: I was on the ground with half of my face burning. It was the half that was soaked in diesel fuel… It caught fire and i started burning. Becoming what you see now.

Kelly: I was only at the beach when i was summoned by god to come to the aid of those were in peril. God endowed me with a vision of the family Matriarch to the clan being in danger. It was just as the Explosives went off I came in… As an angel and Shined the fire away from The Rhapsody Family’s Family Matriarch. I knew that once the explosions were done… People were gonna expect for her to be dead as no one got to her in time and she was destined to be dead. For good. I couldn’t take her back to her place. So i had to take her to the small town. For hiding. If the Mobsters knew that she was alive still… They’d try to go after the younger members of the clan and use them as bait for collateral.

Nick: So… You protected her? You got to her before the Blast took her?

Kelly: Yes. I have.

Nick: But how could you get inside there so easily. Forget about the part of being this spirit… How could it be likely that you could get inside. So fast. And quick. Then out of there with her without much effort. The fires would have taken you too.

Kelly: True. But then again… I am an angel of heaven. The fires would not scar me.

Nick: Right. But… Where’s my wife?

Kelly: She’s at 11912 E 40th Terrace S In… Independence, Missouri.

Nick: That’s where she is… Why there?

Kelly: It was the best place to put her… for the time being. But she is safe. And in protective harbor. But till you return to your life and gain a stable routine again… It is best that you and her not see each other. Not now. She’s safe and you would like for her to remain that way. Right?

Nick: That is what i ask for.

Kelly: But there is something you’ll need to know… She’s a little paranoid now about any type of Mobster coming close. And seeing you this way… It will terrorize her.

Nick: I should prepare her for the new me then. It’d be the only logical thing. Only thing on the mind is will she be okay with the new me? How i happen to look now…

Kelly: She might be okay with it… But if you love her the way you do and how you really feel about her. Don’t you think that you owe her that chance to decide?

Nick: *Nods* I can’t expect for her to truly understand my pain. How i felt over the reality that she was gone… But then to come and find out that she really wasn’t dead.

Kelly: That’s a hard thing to take into consideration. But if you have faith and patience. Everything will be okay. They’ll all find a balance.

Nick was gonna be getting his life back on track. However it was gonna be a while as he had to do some self healing first. He knew now that his Wife was alive and that she was pulled out from the rigged building just as it was about to go up in flames and fire. No one else knew and it was gonna be kept that way for some time…

Nov. 24th, 2045… 2 days before thanksgiving…

It was a few days after Sakura Rhapsody started taking up smoking. She was by the back yard of her house and just watching the clouds. She didn’t even know that her mother was home or that her sisters Janie, Alex and Charlene were home. But she was laying on the lawn and just minding her own business when she happened to pull out her pack of Marlboro red 100’s and pulled out a cigarette from the pack itself. Lighting up. and Smoking. She didn’t think that her mother would notice and see.

However that was not the case and what happened was that it got the attention of her mother and sisters. The ones that were home at that time. Sakura didn’t pay much attention to them and didn’t let it get to her. What she did was blow it off. Her Mother walked over to her and confronted her.

Dinah: *Stern and cross* Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody. What the hell are you doing? Smoking cigarettes at age 14. What in god’s name is the matter with you? Huh?! How did you even get those anyway? You are 14 and smoking? I raised you and your sisters a hell of a lot better than this. After all that your father and i have taught you and your sisters. You repay us… by doing this. This! Sakura… I don’t know what you’ve been thinking… But i am very disgusted. Deeply disgusted. I will be telling your father about this. You’re however gonna be on your own. You may still live here. But i will not ever look at you the same way again.

That was when Sakura knew that her home life was gonna face a change. However she didn’t realize as to how fast and how immediate it would come. But…

How many times can a human heart be ignored? How much tough love can a teenage girl take before they break and just stop caring? How long does the change in attitude and personality go on once it begins? Sakura didn’t know… But was gonna find out. As was her cousin Zoey. She too was gonna face the change.

Sakura happened to be at the local bar in the back. A Moment later after Which was where she was said and told to meet with Zoey.

Sakura was just walking into the bar and was only 14 years old. She didn’t really seem to notice that the bar was an adult bar although… She didn’t even care. She didn’t care what it was anymore as she happened to feel low and broken. It was only a moment after the huge shocking expose of her mother. Finding out about her habit. Sakura’s habit was exposed and it was where the life change was gonna begin. Her family was soon to slowly but surely shine her on. Starting with her mother and Sakura only could fear the worst to follow. She loved her family. However after what just hit at her house… What was she gonna do? How was she gonna endure the change in her family life where she was soon to be the black sheep. Left out in the cold and forgotten?

Sakura got to the back and had her pack of Marboro red Cigarettes with her in her hand. She Couldn’t really notice that she was gonna be noticed by the adults and older men and women that were inside. However she felt too crummy to care. She sat there and sighed. It was not but a minute later from then that she opened up her pack of cigarettes and pulled out a light. Placing it upon her lips and lit up. She sat there smoking.

Zoey was walking her way back to her place as she didn’t want to see anyone. She didn’t really wish to see Holly and as it was… she had not spoken to her since a few days past. A few days ago… She and Holly happened to have a fight and it was since then that she gave up on her. Holly was never gonna like Leslie T. Burke. And Zoey was trying to see to have Holly see reason. Although… to no avail. Nothing was gonna make that change. Zoey walked on and happened to come across a Bar. One made for adults and did not think that anyone would see her go in. Zoey walked in and as she walked in, She pulled out her pack of smokes and pulled out a stick… Within seconds… Lit up.

Zoey Didn’t know that Sakura was sitting in the back and clearly waiting for her to arrive. To her… she thought that she’d be the one who waited. It was not the case as Zoey saw that Sakura was there before her and saw that she was the one waiting. Zoey walked over to the back with a cigarette hanging from her mouth, Lit. Smoking. Zoey was of course a little out of it as she was worried about whether or not she would ever get a chance to be friends with Leslie as she was intending. She couldn’t even get near her without Blossom being near as Blossom was a sole watch and protector of Leslie. She was aware of it and she missed the days of her and Blossom.

Zoey grabbed a seat and sat close to Sakura and sighed. She looked at the other people who were inside the bar and knew that they would be in big trouble if anyone were to blow the whistle on them. Of course… No one noticed. The people all thought of them as adults with the child like/Teenage form appearances. Which for that… IT was in the clear. For now.”

Sakura sighed and looked to see that her cousin Zoey was there with her. Sitting with her only a few inches or so away. She however didn’t speak much at all as she was too hurt. Sakura had just been caught smoking by her mother. Her mother Dinah caught her smoking and it was the most awkward of moments… But it was also expected. For some reason… She had to have known it was coming. All because for one thing… how long did Sakura really actually believe that she’d be able to keep her habit a secret? It was never gonna be kept a secret as she knew that with so many people that knew her family and or cousins… Allies and all. It was gonna get out to her mother sooner or later and it was all a start.

Sakura: *Smoking* Hey Zoey. I will bet that you came to find out how i am faring as you probably heard about my exposed secret. Heard that my mom found out about it?

Sakura only could sit and be in relent as she was terribly upset. She was going to expose her secret to her mom and sisters. when… She was maybe 16 or 17. But now that it was out… How was she ever gonna attain a happy life in her home? She didn’t want to let Zoey know that her secret was out and yet didn’t wish to say much about it as she didn’t want to break off with trying to accuse Zoey of something that she had chose to do.

Zoey didn’t understand what she was going on about at first as she was still in a stupor of not knowing as to how she could reach through to Blossom… or how she could make amends with Leslie. She just didn’t know what to do to get through to Blossom and Leslie. But as she sat there smoking and thinking in her thoughts about what to do to change the relations between her and Blossom. She couldn’t think of anything that would really help. She didn’t have a clue. Not a one. All she could suggest to herself was that if anything… She had to just let fate hit that she was never gonna get Blossom back with her as she had once done before.

Zoey: *Smoking* It isn’t like that at all. I am just trying to win Blossom back. I want to be friends with Leslie and yet… Blossom is snuffing me. She doesn’t trust me. She doesn’t trust me at all. And i didn’t hear about your sad issue. Aunt Dinah caught you? How did she do that? *Sensing a pause* You didn’t let her just catch you… Did you?

She was sensing that what Sakura was gonna say… was something that she wouldn’t expect. She wasn’t aware of the change that was set to befall her. Zoey only saw that Sakura was feeling crummy about the fact that her secret was out and yet between her closeness to Blossom still in irreparable status… There was little to no hope in it getting repaired. Then the part of now her life in hell as she saw that Sakura’s life was in dire risk of going to hell too; It was not gonna be easy to get her life back together. Plus help Sakura. What was she gonna do to help Sakura? If she couldn’t help herself… There would be no chance of her being liable to provide any help or advice to Sakura. If there was anything to give her cousin.

Sakura sighs…

Sakura: I didn’t let her catch me at all. I didn’t even know that she was home. I was in the back yard having a light and before i could catch a breath of reality… There she was. Scalding me. Scalding me with the stare. She was so angry.

She was clearly showing depression.

Zoey: What are you gonna do about it, Sakura? What will you do about your mom and what will happen at your house now that your secret is out? What do you think will happen?

Sakura: *Smoking* I don’t know. I just… don’t know. She’s likely gonna tell my father. However… My father is hardly ever home. So there is hope that she won’t be able to tell him.

But that is what made her think twice and realize that her mother was gonna expect a call from Shingo.

Sakura: Oh no… Tonight, my mother is expecting a phone call from dad. *Worried* What am i gonna do? It isn’t like i can hide it from him. *Sighs*

Zoey knew that with the possibility that Sakura’s mom was gonna be hearing from the father… There was not gonna be any doubt that if the father was told… What would Sakura’s fate be? What would Sakura do? That was something Zoey was gonna be wondering. What was she gonna say to her?

Zoey: This is not what you planned would happen. You had no intention in having your mom catch you smoking… did you?

Sakura: No… *Looking down* What’ll i do? Dad was never gonna hear of anyone under the habit. If he were to hear of me… smoking… He’s really gonna be nuclear. Or will he? *Sighs* Man… What am i gonna do?

Zoey: I don’t know. I really don’t know what to tell you about it. Sakura, I am worried that my father will find out that i smoke too. I remember that when my older sister Natasha took up smoking for a short while… My mother… whom i consider dead to me and my father didn’t like it much. Actually… They hated it and really got on her case over it. It’s no different at all as i am in that same leap. If my father learns of it… There is no telling what he’ll do.

Sakura: Or say… If only we knew what to do.

Zoey: We don’t know. How are we to know what to do?

Sakura was stressed out. She was also on the brink of breaking down in tears. She was seeking to break down in tears about it. All she could think about was as to how her life was gonna be impacted at home. She clearly wasn’t spotted by just her mother. There was also her sisters Janie, Alex and Charlene. They spotted her and that had grabbed her mother’s attention. Sakura didn’t think that her sister Hikaru would have heard of it.

Sakura was no stranger to the fact that not only was she dealing with her troubles… But the reality was that her cousin Zoey was also going through trouble. Being lectured by her father. Sakura had to worry about her father learning of the plight. She suddenly broke down. She couldn’t deny it. She was ruined.

Zoey felt bad for Sakura. she wanted to just take all the pain away from Sakura and undo the damage that was done on Sakura’s life. However… as she was going over the mess that Sakura was going through; She was also merely focused upon the fact that she was still going after trying to regain some status with her now seeming Ex-Best friend Blossom. Blossom used to be her friend and she was gonna try on getting a shot at befriending Leslie. Something she wanted to do but could not do so due to Holly. But now with Holly being taken out of the Equation and no longer in the Way… It was gonna be possible. If she could just get Blossom to allow it. She sat there and lit up another cigarette and smoked. She wanted to be a voice for Sakura. Somehow.

Sakura: *Sobbing and wanting to just Wither up and dying off; Feeling her life being over* My mom and my sisters are never gonna notice me. They’re all mad at me and upset at what i had done. There is nothing i can do.

Zoey: Sakura, It’s gonna be okay. Besides… I too smoke and my father might even yell at me about that. However… Come on, You know that your mother and your sisters still will see you. Noticing you. I smoke due to the reasons as to which you and everyone may know by now. I mean… Think of it. My mom… who i consider to be dead to me… She subjected me to it which is kinda like bullshit as when my older sister Natasha smoked for a time… My dad and her were not the least bit happy. They both threw such a damn fit. But my mom is dead to me. You know what she did. She was selling drugs. Doing them. Smoking. Having sex with other men in the same bed as my dad would sleep in. She was a slut. Whore and a total skank. if none better or worse.

Sakura didn’t think it would be okay for her anymore. However she knew that she would need to not take the change to heart. There was a chance that maybe… just maybe it would not change things for the worst… but for the better. Sakura looked at her pack of smokes and just thought about what she could do if things did change. However in her tears and delirium… there was nothing coming to mind. Nothing came to mind for her at all. She sat there with a sad expression on her face. Knowing that what her life was gonna be like from there
on… was hell.

Sakura however couldn’t help but wonder what Zoey was thinking of on trying to get a lead in befriending Leslie. She already was a friend to Leslie somewhat as she found herself opening up to Leslie quite a bit. However was staying away from her because of the fact that Blossom was there. Dinah was not too happy with Blossom over the attitude that was being shown by Blossom over the last few weeks or so it may have seemed. There was a huge pull from her. And Dinah made it clear that she didn’t want her or Hikaru near Blossom.
Blossom thought of it to be a crock although it was the habit of smoking that Blossom did which was the prime reason. Only change on that was just the part where Blossom and Leslie were both no longer under that habit. They had just quit it cold turkey just a couple or so days before this incident took root.

Zoey Pulled out another cigarette and sighed. She was deciding on whether to have another and was not sure. She was thinking about how well or how best to be an outlet of some sort for Sakura as she knew that Sakura was going through some terrible mess. She wanted to do something. But nothing was sparking. She fidgeted around with the unlit cigarette and put stock behind her issues… and behind Sakura’s problem.

Zoey: I need to have a moment to think…

A Moment later…

Zoey: *merely Suggesting* You know… Why not stay in my room for a few days. at my place. Just till the heated expose dies down a bit? It would be a bit better than going back to where you live and enduring the sore cold treatment that could be just awaiting for you tonight.

Sakura: That would never work. I already am in trouble as it is, Zoey. If i don’t come back home tonight… She’s gonna know that something is up. She is already with the intent of telling my dad about all this. Doing this… If i were to just not come back home… after the expose hit… She’s gonna smell something rotten being done. I only smoke… However with how my mom acts now over my habit. Which i never intended for her to catch on to and nail me while i was doing it…She might think i am into something else. She could come at you as primary source for blame. She’s already gunned at Blossom. I don’t want her to get at you too.

Zoey: What do you mean she gunned at Blossom?

Sakura: What i mean is that my mom’s forbid Blossom from coming around Hikaru and Me already. Over the smoking and the attitude.

Sakura recalls the conversation that she had with Hikaru not long ago…

“Sakura: Mom seemed pretty mad about Blossom’s recent attitude problem.

Hikaru: She sure did. I don’t know what Blossom’s been thinking… hanging with someone who used to be with the Mob till recent. Blossom’s been also seen smoking too. She and Leslie still do it.

Sakura: The last we heard… they do. But we don’t know and we can’t go over to see them. Mom’s told us to stay away from Blossom and Leslie. I don’t think that she trusts Leslie and is mad at Blossom.

Hikaru: Can you blame her. Blossom’s been really bitchy.

Sakura: I wonder if mom will ever forgive Blossom.

Hikaru: I want to see Blossom. I also think that if Blossom’s gonna keep smoking. Maybe we should think of it. Not do it… But maybe help Blossom and Leslie quit it.

Sakura: They’re not the only ones who do it, sis. Zoey does it too.

Hikaru: I am not worried about Zoey. I don’t like her. She’s mean. She has been trying to hurt Leslie. Late last week… She almost got Leslie Suspended and kicked out of school. If Blossom didn’t catch what was going on in time. and if Sora and Carly didn’t stop Zoey when they did… Leslie would have been suspended from school. Maybe even Expelled.

Sakura: You’ve got a point. But i don’t think that it was her doing it.

Hikaru: What do you mean… Of course it was. Who else could it have been? We both know how much Zoey didn’t like Leslie.

Sakura: What about the Daughter of the Diner?

Hikaru: Holly?!

Sakura: Yeah. She is the one trying to do anything to destroy Leslie.

Hikaru: We should tell mom about that. We should let her know.

Sakura: Do you want to see mom explode again?

Hikaru: No. But we got to tell her the truth.

Sakura: True. We should… But you know how she gets when something ticks her off and sets her off.

Hikaru: So… What are you saying we should do? Nothing? I’d rather risk seeing her get mad and angry with the truth than to see her get pissed off with not being told the truth and her having to hear of it somewhere else.

Sakura: We’ll tell her tonight.”

Sakura: And plus… You were trying to destroy Leslie. But now you wish to make amends with her and Blossom? Zoey. You can’t have it both ways… Blossom hates you. And it’s all on you. You were trying to hurt Leslie. I mean… *Exhaling sharply* I know that you were jealous of the closeness that Leslie and Blossom had and wanted to know why you didn’t have that same level as she had. But… Don’t you even think that vindictive prejudice and Petty personal Vengefulness… is going a little overbearing?

Zoey: I know. I fucked up. I fucked up. But it’s Holly’s doing. Her so called persuasion bit on how Leslie was just a bad seed and that she should be hated. It was not as though… i hated her. But with Holly constantly chattering with the “Leslie is a loser and a reject” spiel; It was as though if i went against her… She not only tear at Leslie… But she’d come on to me because i was maybe sticking up for Leslie. Holly Hates her. I don’t. I never did. I was just jealous. Because… I thought that she was trying to take Blossom away from me. Maybe trying to replace me. That way Blossom would forget about me. Forget about me and go all for Leslie.

Sakura: How are you gonna fix the problem? She still wants nothing of you from the last thing i heard of.

Zoey: It’s gonna be a long time before i can reach through to her… But i’ll figure something out.

Sakura: I just would like to know about what i can do about home. My mom is really mad. I really screwed up. I
really screwed up. The worst thing is that Janie, Alex and Charlene managed to catch notice at me first. Then
it was my mother. I think that they might have blown the whistle on me.

Zoey: How would you know that they were the ones who blew the whistle on you if you said that your back was turned and couldn’t see behind you… till it was too late. You were caught by time you looked.

Sakura had then got that reality where she knew that her hidden secret was blown out and exposed for all to see. All to see. It would be just as it was written and told… What would Sakura do to undo the mess that she had stirred? What could she possibly do? Sakura had one last light only moments later and got prepared to head back to her house and endure the pain that was said to come. But at that time… She had just thought about things and prepared to consider that her life at home… was… gonna be a living black hole. A dark bleak

No one really knew that she and Zoey were there. But as they sat there… a couple people managed to take notice and recognized them. But for the main idea… Didn’t say anything about it. Nothing. All they saw was a couple of girls who were trying to play at being adults. Which wasn’t like that at all. Nothing like that. Sakura looked at Zoey and asked what she planned to do to win Blossom back… Now that Holly was no longer influencing Zoey’s decisions. Her actions. Telling her to seek on ruining Leslie.

Zoey sat there and was not sure about what she could do to help change what was that got her how she was now. What she did to get Blossom to hate her. She wanted to get Blossom to notice her. To get Leslie to befriend her. to heal whatever rift there was between Blossom, Leslie and her. She wanted to fix it. She could not clearly fix Sakura’s problem. But she could do what was possible to fix hers. However she knew how.

Zoey: The thing to consider now… is that how will i be able to talk my way out from getting too much into trouble with my dad. I already suspect that your mom is calling my father and telling him about what’s going on.

Sakura: That’s what i am afraid of.

Zoey: You?! Pbbt! Try it being what i am afraid of. I am the one who has been smoking a lot longer. Longer than you. My father didn’t even know. And Holly knows… She’s not happy. But she still kept with trying to get me to go against Leslie. And go on against Blossom. Getting me to hate Leslie. To ruin her. But i refuse it. I want to be Leslie’s friend. Not her enemy.

Sakura: Does that not sound like you are trying to kiss up to Blossom and Leslie? Why don’t you just stop the desperation. Win them back on your own admission. Win them by being honest. Start small and work up.

Zoey: *Lighting up and having one last smoke* …

Zoey was conflicted. She was thereby wishing to ask Sakura about what her father would do about her smoking. About her sisters. What they would think. Zoey wanted to ask… But the words… just would not come out. She just sat there looking and feeling stupid.

Sakura: *Silent*

Zoey smoked and as she sat there… She got to asking. She knew that if she didn’t ask now… She’d never ask.

Zoey: *Smoking* What would your father do about all this? About your smoking, Sakura. What do you think he’d say about the situation and about the reality that you’re smoking? Do you think that your mom will even tell him. She could have just said what she said just to put some fear into you. Parents do that with kids. It’s how they gain the obedience that should be given by the kids. She could have just said it to see how you’d react.

Sakura: *Scoffs* That’s not true. Take that back right now. That is not true at all. Not TRUE!

Zoey: Why not?! I mean think about it. Why else would she have said such things if it wasn’t true. Or if she wasn’t looking for a reaction?

Sakura: How should i know? Does it look like i know? Zoey, My mom looked at me with such anger. She was really angry. Seriously angry. If you only saw the way she looked at me.

Zoey: Sakura. *Sighs* Come on, Sakura… This is nuts. You know that? Your mom is not out to cast you out like some snaky bastard who can be discarded like a sack of garbage. You’re her daughter. Why would she just single you out and put you on that pedestal. Just to make an example of you. that if anyone in the family smokes… that they’d get the same fate?

She then sighs and huffs a minute thinking of the sheer nerve that her Aunt Dinah would have by attempting that act. Trying to make an example and use it to control others…

Zoey: She’s your mom. But it is your right to decide on rebelling. You’re rebelling. It isn’t a crime. She’s gonna try to use that issue that hit today just earlier as a stepping stool. You know… I am beginning to see why Blossom was showing an attitude towards her.

Sakura: Zoey, *Feeling a little angry* I came for help. or some kind of comfort. Not to hear attempts of insulting me and trying to talk trash about my mother. *Sore* I know that she is angry about my smoking. Knowing about my habit. I don’t like it at all. You know that i don’t like it. I don’t like the idea that my secret is out. Nor do i enjoy the idea that she’s on the idea of telling my father. Hikaru doesn’t know yet and if i know any better… She’s about to know of it and she is not gonna be the least bit happy.

Zoey: *Getting up in outrage* What is up with you? Don’t you even get it? Aunt Dinah… who is your mother… She is trying to control you. Make you feel like shit. However you’re doing a pretty fuckin’ good job of it on your own by letting all of it get to you. You were just caught… only a couple or so hours ago now. Plus… Your sister Hikaru? What will she say about the hell? She might not even know. She probably isn’t thinking a wink of it.

Sakura didn’t believe it. She believed that something was gonna happen. That a life of being seen as an outcast was just soon to begin. Sakura listened to Zoey and the more she heard… the more she figured that she would have to either fight it. Fight against it and become rebellious. OR not fight it. Not fight it and endure the new coming life that was believed to happen just in moments. A life of her trying to get her mother
to pay any attention to her and failing at it in every possible way conceivable.

Zoey with her problems…

Sakura with hers…

What were they to do?

Sakura had then taking the front and took her leave. She knew that it was unavoidable and that she would have to go and face her maker. Her new life at home. She thanked Zoey for what help she was able to let out. Any insight or advice.

She put out her smoke and walked out of the bar before making way back home.

Sakura… Cross you fingers that there may be some relief coming your way…

Dec. 3rd, 2045…

It’s been a few days since Sakura started smoking and it was not found out till a couple days before Thanksgiving that she was caught by her mother Dinah and her sister Hikaru. It was awkward and when the secret was out… They were upset and couldn’t bare to look at her the same way. Sakura was sitting outside her house on a bench. She had her pack of cigarettes next to her and she knew that Zoey… Her cousin was at her own house and was getting a lecture from Zeke. She sat there upset and didn’t know what to do… She thought about having a light. But… wasn’t sure if it would be right. Because being in the line of sight of her mother and sister Hikaru… She didn’t want to start anymore trouble… It was a few days after thanksgiving…

Michelangelo, or Mikey as he preferred, was strolling down the road to visit Zoey. He brought his Game boy along for the road trip and was playing Pokemon furiously. He had only two problems with what seemed like a perfect start to his afternoon: it was cold and cloudy; so he had to tilt his Gameboy awkwardly in order to even make out the screen and to make things worse, it was cold. He hated the cold as a general thing, not that frozen sweets counted. He sighed and wished the sun had an adjustable switch like his lamp did in his room. As he strode along he caught a pair of feet from the corner of his eyes, recognizing Sakura’s favorite shoes instantly. He looked up to smile and say hi to her before his eyes nearly knocked his glasses off rather than the heat. She was smoking? When on Earth had she started doing that? This was worse than when Gara died on Naruto! He quickly crossed the distance between them and nearly dropped his Gameboy as he began to freak out.

Michelangelo: Sakura! When in the name of Thor’s hammer did you start doing that nasty stuff?! Don’t you know that stuff kills your lungs??

Michelangelo protested loudly, his arms waving around in a sense of disbelief.

Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody
Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody

Sakura looked up suddenly and was clearly showing that she had been in tears. She couldn’t really say much as she was really upset. The Habit she was under had been found out by her mother and all she could do was sniffle. Sakura only looked to see Michelangelo and wondered what he was going on about…

Sakura: *Looking to the side and making off to pick up her pack of cigarettes and seeking to light up; holding off and suddenly facing Michelangelo* What are you saying? That i will die? It would be better if i had… My mom is mad at me. I started this habit a few days before Thanksgiving. It was a couple days before Thanksgiving. 2 days before Thanksgiving when my mom walked out and caught me doing it in the back yard. Zoey had been doing it for a couple weeks prior to that. I tried to get her to stop it. She wouldn’t… So i just joined her over it. *Sniffling*

It was then while they spoke that someone else was coming. It was Molly. She was not too far away from where they were and they were trying to talk out the mess that Sakura was in. Molly was not aware that something was going on with Sakura and no one told her.  But She was not so far off from where they were and was only a few houses from where she was now. She saw Sakura and Michelangelo in the front yard of the house that happened to be Sakura’s home. She saw them talking and noticed that Sakura was looking down. Unbeknownst to her that there was something indeed going on. She didn’t know what it was and was wondering what was bugging Sakura. It was then that Molly trotted down towards them with her chin up just slightly. Seeing that her presence was known. Although it already was anyway. Sometime ago her one outfit from Paris came to her. Although she was not one to just rub it in. But she couldn’t help but to be indeed happy. All of which was put on hold as she got closer to where Sakura and Michelangelo were talking. Sakura was depressed. It was clear that something was wrong.

Molly: *Walking over* Hey Sakura. Michelangelo. What’s going on?

Michelangelo: What do you think is going on, Molly? Sakura is going through some personal issues and one of them happens to be… *Pointing at the item that lies in Sakura’s hands* That.

Molly: *Walking a little closer* What? *Catching the item in Sakura’s hand* What’re those?

Michelangelo: One guess. What’d you call an item that is considered and known to be death in a box? *Sighs* She’s smoking. Molly, This is serious. Sakura is smoking and there is also a strain on her sisters and Mother because of it. Her mother won’t notice her or speak with her. Speak to her. Look at her at all. Her sister Hikaru is shining her on as well. She ignore her. Which is clearly certain as for the last few days it’s been going on. We noticed it.

Sakura looked at Michelangelo and sighed She didn’t even know what to say. All she could do was sniffle. But that was when she re-grabbed her pack of cigarettes and pulled one out.

Sakura: *Placing the Cigarette on her lips and pulling out her lighter;Lighting up* This stinks. Really. Michelangelo… What is going on? Why did i feel like i had to take up smoking? Zoey didn’t get me to do it… But she didn’t really seem to stop me either. She did however warn me that my mom was gonna be upset at me over it and… She was right. My mom is angry at me and my sister won’t even speak to me. *Sighs*

Molly: *Whispering urgently* Of course they would be upset. What did you think would happen, that they’d shower you with flowers, no? Sakura, You’re smoking. That isn’t exactly a wise thing to do. Not that we are telling you what to do. But, you really should not be doing stuff like that. It’s just wrong.

Sakura looked up and saw someone standing close. she didn’t know who the girl was and never met her. Although she was then smoking. Smoking her cigarette and only took time to gather her will to respond.

Sakura: Who are you? Do i know you? *Holding out the pack* Light?

Sakura then retracted and sighed…

Sakura: Sorry. I just feel so bad. *Smoking* I didn’t even mean to start this habit. I was just trying to get Zoey to stop.

Michelangelo: Zoey smokes? *Pauses* Wait. I think that i may have already known that. But why would you do something so harmful… just to get someone to quit the habit? The intentions were noble. But… it really didn’t prove to be of any good. All it did was get you hooked. You were… trying to just get Zoey to quit the habit?

Sakura: That’s all it was… I was trying to get her to quit. I thought that trying just one would shake her out of it. I failed. Look at me… I am smoking cigarettes and at 13 years old too… Why did i do it? Why?! *Sniffles and upset* What have i done?!

Molly: *tilting her head to the side* Well it can’t be that bad I mean its not like you’ve been smoking for years now I’m pretty sure you can quit anytime now if you wanted. That is if you wanted to. But why would your mom be so upset at you over it? It was just a slip of Teenage Angst. That was all it was. Nothing else besides that. Right?

Sakura: Right.

Michelangelo: You should think about doing something about it. You know… Like maybe quit the habit and gain back the control. Get your mom to notice you. Get your sister to notice you too.

Sakura: How am i gonna do that? I am addicted to the habit. I have an addiction now and it isn’t like you can just shake it down and sweep it off. *Looking over at Molly* Seriously… Who are you? How do you know me? Or do you know me at all? *Confused*

Molly laughed a little…

Molly: You said you started around thanksgiving so its not an addiction so much as a habit. Oh and we uh don’t know each other I just happened to be passing by when I heard you two talking. *Smiling* Hi. I’m Molly Christie Luthor.

Sakura pauses and looks right at the girl. She happened to recall something. Something that just struck…

Sakura: I started the habit on the 18th of November. It’s now the 3rd of December. And i think i remember you. You were with a couple girls on the 20th when i happened to be abducted for a short time by some Clown wearing war paint on him. You were with the Rich girl… Leslie T. Burke… Weren’t you? *Recalling* They called you… Molly the Rich girl Luthor. That was you?!

She was still depressed and upset. But she had recalled something that just managed to come over her… She wondered if Michelangelo would catch on…

Mickey sat watching the two girls’ conversation with growing intrigue. As Sakura sat conversing with Molly, something clicked with her story.

Sakura: Michelangelo… No. She didn’t get me to smoke. My cousin Zoey did. Or didn’t… I chose it. But again… I was doing it to get Zoey to stop the habit. That was all.

That was when Michelangelo thought about the problem and all that he could come up with was that there was likely another reason why Sakura would even smoke.

“And now you feel stuck with it?” Michelangelo then inquired as his original hypothesis was shot down faster than he’d thought. He still had a hard time believing Zoey would do such a thing, she seemed like the perfect girl to him. To him… Zoey had just seemed to be something rather sweet and special. Unique just as well.

Sakura: Zoey is perfect. I mean… She once came to my rescue when i was being hurt by bullies in Elementary school. She jumped in first and defended me against the ones who were trying to hurt me. But with this smoking… I just don’t know anymore. I just don’t know. My mom won’t speak to me. My sister is upset at me and she’s hurt.

Wade Strickland
Wade Strickland

What none of them knew was that while they were talking a new passing teenage boy came on by. Walking past and just minding his own business. He couldn’t help but wonder what was going on around Sakura. He never even met her. He didn’t even know her. Or did he even speak with her. Not even once. However he was near and listened to everything that was being said. Everything that Sakura was saying he heard and even though… He didn’t say anything… He understood how she felt. He however hid from sight and made certain that they wouldn’t see him. But he’d see them.

Wade: … *texting his sister Rowanda*

Sakura: I already know that tonight is gonna be another bad night as tonight my sisters and mother are gonna be going to the movies. However… I’m not going. I am almost certain that i won’t be going as since this habit… My mom won’t even provide a passing glance.

Molly: You don’t think that your mom is just choosing to hate you. Making you feel outed from the family. Forcing you to quit and make you regret doing the habit. Do you?

Zoey Rhapsody's Brand of choice. Sakura's Brand of Cigarettes
Zoey Rhapsody’s Brand of choice.
Sakura’s Brand of Cigarettes
Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody
Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody

Sakura: *Sniffling; Pulling out a cigarette and lighting up*… I don’t know. But i do know that this sort of treatment really sucks and it hurts. My sister Hikaru ignores me now. As though i am not even related to her or anything. It’s as if i don’t exist. I don’t know if it’s just me. But i really don’t feel good about the way i am being retreated. Zoey’s father is on Zoey’s case. I haven’t seen her since the other day or so. Thanksgiving was not that successful as we didn’t get together with the rest of the clan. Uncle Zeke didn’t show. Charlie and Zoey didn’t come. Blossom didn’t show. Actually… No one did. They all had their own separate Thanksgiving dinners. I was made to sit in a different room. Having Thanksgiving alone. *Smoking and upset*

Michelangelo: *Scoffs in disbelief* That’s just really lame. I mean… What in the name of Heartland is your mom’s problem?

Dinah: *Walking out and intervening* Excuse me! She is my daughter and i will be however i choose to be towards her. Right now i am giving her the cold. It’ll give her what for. Our family doesn’t condone smoking and that’s the way it is. I don’t care if it hurts. Until she quits it… She won’t be getting any kindness or compassion. I won’t let up either. She was raised to be a whole lot better than how she’s acting.

Sakura: *Lowering her head*

Molly: That is really cruel. Someone should report you to the Children services.

Michelangelo: That’s right. She may have made mistakes. And slipped in taking up the habit. But she’s still your daughter. Your Daughter. How can you be so cruel to her? Why’re you so cruel to Sakura? So she made a mistake. Messed up. She’s human. Isn’t she supposed to make mistakes? Isn’t that the normal living for a human being?

It was getting to be a nightmare for Sakura and gradually… as she was adhering to listen on more of how her mother was in detest sensibility on how She was changing. She began to lose all hope that anything would be better. She knew that her sister was near and as she was listening… She noticed that her sister Hikaru was out and looking at her. Sakura tried to talk to her and got nowhere. Molly sighed and looked at Michelangelo.

Sakura’s home life was taking a drastic nightmarish turn. Her mother was relishing in giving Sakura no desire to love the home life as she had once had. What was Sakura ever gonna do? How much further was she intending to fall? Was she gonna be able to claw back? How? Was her sister gonna be forever distant of her? The fate of Sakura’s Home life… was in peril and Sakura was thus far… Losing.

Sakura walks through the park that night and has a light. She was alone and had to make some changes. But she didn’t know what to do. She was with a habit and with her mother and sister mad at her… She didn’t really feel as if she had anyone to speak to.

Sakura walked around and went along smoking. She was lost on what she could do to get her mother to acknowledge her. She had been trying to get some attention from her mother and sister since the other day and nothing was working. Since the other day when the secret had came out and was found by her mother. Her sister Hikaru since that night of that day when it came out ignored her and refused to even notice her. It was as
though she was indeed being singled out. It was hurting her. Alot.

Wade Strickland was a teenage boy who also smoked. But kept it all under the downlow as he was trying to refrain from letting others know that he was hurt badly when he was younger. In the worst way. He was stripped of his innocence when he was 6. It was horrible. Some say it was another Zeke Mansfield possibility. Another outcome of what Zeke went through and then being hated by Martin Marco. The scenario that was the same as the Luna Rhapsody/Martin Marco/Zeke Mansfield scenario.

Wade happened to walk on through the park from the side and thought of the girl he spoke to earlier. He didn’t know how it was possible however he clearly was having feelings for her. He was somehow smitten by Sakura and yet… Couldn’t say it. He probably was afraid of being shot down. or so it were to seem.

Sakura looked around and just stayed in her thoughts. She didn’t seem to notice that a teenage boy was closeby and walking almost side by side with her. She didn’t see him at first… Till…

Wade Strickland
Wade Strickland

Wade: *Backs up a little* Whoa! Hey. Watch where you’re going, Stella. Didn’t you see me here walking?

Sakura: *Pauses and stands up humiliated* Uh… Um… Sorry. I didn’t even see you there. Not really. I was lost in thought about something. But i think that you already knew that. Remember that you were among the others. earlier today. The things that were said by Hikaru… Molly. Others. Michelangelo. they were there… Zoey didn’t show though. Probably couldn’t make it… But you were there… My sister is angry at me. She won’t even speak to me. My mom won’t even look at me.

Wade: *Grins; Dusting himself off* I’ll believe that. You may have been too deep in thought if you weren’t able to watch where you were walking. *Hugging Sakura* I’m sorry.

Sakura: At least you’re talking to me… No one else is. I just feel as though i’m considered as an outcast by my mother and sister Hikaru.

Wade: What do you mean? Of course i’d speak to you. Why wouldn’t i? And what is this about you not having any attention from your mother and Sisters… or your father? You said something earlier with the others about being ignored and blown off by them. What was that about?

Seconds later…

Sakura: *Lifting up her left hand showing off her lit cigarette* This. Cigarettes. I smoke. That’s why. My mom since then hasn’t even spoken to me. They won’t even look at me. My older sisters Sapphire and Raven… They only walk off and briefly sneer at me. I don’t even want to think about it. My mom tonight… Made dinner… however had me sit by myself in a different room. She wouldn’t even allow for me to sit with the others. My sister didn’t even step in. She was ignoring me. the whole time. *On the verge of crying*

Wade: All because of a Cigarette? That’s pretty stupid. Really stupid. So what? You smoke. Big whoop. It isn’t like they didn’t do it once. Like your mom never tried it. Once when she was that age? Or your dad? All that from just smoking? I don’t get it. You were only smoking. Not having intercourse. It was not like you were with raging hormones and looking for someone to put your fire out. There shouldn’t have been a problem.

Sakura: Well… It isn’t like it would matter. Sapphire and Raven never had and they’re like model examples.

Wade: the others?

Sakura: Yeah. *Smoking* I need some time to think about what to do. I just feel like as though my mom hates me and that my sister Hikaru wants nothing to really do with me. She won’t even talk to me. She just shines me on and sees that i don’t matter. I know that i made a mistake and that it was a terrible move… But don’t you think that unit out-casting is a little old fashioned? Plus… The others? As in Janie, Alex and Charlene? *Scoffs* Yeah… Right. They’re the ones who blew the whistle on me. They’d never do it.

Sakura took another puff of her cigarette and sighed. She really didn’t know what to do. She felt so alone and was close to just running away from home. However… couldn’t face doing it. She knew that it would only make things worse than what they already were.

Wade looked at Sakura and felt bad for her. He wanted to help her. The problem was that he just didn’t have a clue as to what he could do to help. Wade also had a secret himself. But from everything that was going on… either with his own life or the issue he sensed that Sakura was going through… He couldn’t bare to let out that he was a victim of Child M—–ation. Being hurt in the most possible way when he was just 6. He wanted help. But now he saw that he’d have to be of help to Sakura. If only he knew how…

Sakura: What’ll i do?

Wade: I would say… Run away. But that would only make your problems even more than what they were to start. I wouldn’t run away. I won’t even try. Even though some times i find that it would be just so damn easy if i were to do so. Being hurt in the way that i was… Back when i was only 6. I was violated. I was violated in the worst way you could think of.

Sakura: *Pausing and shocked* What do you mean? Worst way… What happened?

Wade: Ever heard of a parent who was so obsessed with sex that they’d get it from anything or anyone. No matter the age bracket?

Sakura: Not really. I never heard of something like that before. Why?

Wade: Well… Let’s just say that an occurrence like that had befallen me. It’s befallen me. I was 6 years old when it happened to me and i never even saw it coming. I was asleep when it all happened. I deep sleep. Had that flaw ever since i was a baby. There were at times when i did that and my parents thought me to be dead. I wasn’t. I was just a deep sleeper. A sound sleeper. However… anyway, It was one night when i was only 6 years old. *Suddenly as he is going on pulling out his pack of Pyramid red Cigarettes and pulling out a smoke; placing it on his lips and lighting up* When it hit. I was a deeply asleep and soundly. You could drop a bomb outside the house and it be really loud. I’d never hear it. My father walked into the room and without making a sound… Reached for me and made like he was checking up on me. As a loving father should do and always do. However… I won’t go all in on the details… But if you ever read up on Child/father sex acts… Involuntary and against the Child’s knowledge and/or consent. You’d know what happened in a nutshell. Hence, The truth. The reason for my smoking. I fought back for control when i was 10. By that time…i had all the details of what happened and fought for my Emancipation. My freedom. I Live on my own and with a Benefactor. But i was not the only one that it happened to. My father even tried doing it my sister who is 14. Rowanda. She’s constantly having to wear depends as her torture was deeper than mine was. She changes herself which is rare for a 14 year old teen to do that. At least to me it is. However… Yeah. *Smoking* That is why i smoke.

Wade was really uncomfortable talking about his dark vulgar plight. But since he was with Sakura and wanted to show that he understood her pain of why she’d be smoking. Seeing that she was being smeared by her mother and sisters. Possibly the father too… He had to give her something. To let her know… That she was not facing the Teenage Angst alone.

Sakura felt bad for Wade and wanted to hug him. Sharing his anguish. But for the fact that she never faced that outcome… How could she ever understand what he was really going through? She was par for the course dealing with her own grief. The new unhappy life and living that she was faced with at her house. It was then where she knew things were worse. Worse than she thought. She listened to Wade and felt her heart drop as he told all about what he endured.

Sakura: That’s worse than what i have been going through. The part that gets me is that why is this happening. To us? To you. You with your morbid past. A father trying to get jiggy with you. Me and my mess. Dealing with a mother and sisters who won’t even look at me, Notice… Speak or acknowledge me. *Sighs before groaning* God… My mom is griping at me because of one frickin’ cigarette. ONE! What the hell?! It’s upsetting to me because i love my sisters… My mom. My dad. However the thing that really hurts is that i am still wanting to
be around them… But they avoid me. Act as if i am not even there.

Wade: *Walking with Sakura* You should be lucky then. You can do what you like without the pressures of them being contradicting. Your parents are a lot better and more hard in value than my father was. He was like a fuckin’ sex machine. All he wanted was that. It was all he knew or understood. You though… Sakura, You have a loving family. More than i ever had. My sister and I… We only got each other.

Sakura: What do you suggest i do then, Wade? What am i to do to fight back? *Walking with Wade*

Wade: Revolt. Rebel! Heck… Live with me and my sister for a while till this whole matter with your family boils over. If it ever does manage to boil over and cease. You love your family. And that makes you unique. Lots of girls besides you who likely had something similar to what you’re going through now… they’d just cower and back away. Turn bad and dark on their families and just not care. You’re different. You refuse to give it all up.

Sakura: I guess so.

Wade: *Suddenly thinking* Not to get off the track here… But what’s with the girls that were around earlier in the week.

Sakura: Who do you mean?

Wade: The two Blonde girls.

Sakura: Sora and Carly? They’re my cousins.

Wade: Pbbt! That i figured. *Chuckles* But what would their story be? Why do they smoke?

Sakura: It’s because of their father and mother. Their father was discovered to be cheating on their mother. and let’s just say that because of the heartache that they saw their mother going through and all… seeing as there would be nothing that they could do to fix what was going on and having to have told their mother about their father’s dirty laundry. They took up the habit. A bunch are saying it’s because of Leslie and Blossom. However… What seems off is that both Leslie and Blossom had quit the habit. Cold turkey. I haven’t even caught notice of them even having a cigarette more. However… Zoey… Who is another cousin of mines… She smokes.

Wade: I hear that Michelangelo has kinda fallen for your cousin Zoey.

Sakura: He sure has. He’s spoken about her hours ago when he and Molly were around. As well as you… and we all spoke about what i was going through. And it seems as though we will be going over it… over and over again as we’re just miserable. The whole thing with my being blown off and ignored. All because my smoking cigarettes at 14.

Wade: That’s true. However… I think that with time passing… Time going on and all… If Zoey is smitten enough by him and he smitten enough by her… Let’s just say… Possibly that Zoey could break and quit the habit on terms of being cleaned up and turning a new leaf. It’s a maybe. Just maybe. It could happen.

Sakura: *Suddenly thinking back* Wait… Remember a few minutes ago… *Walking on along with Wade* You mentioned that your sister was wearing diapers. What kind would they be?

Wade: Pampers. She loves those best. As Huggies were giving her diaper rashes and the Luvs brand was suffocating her personal area. Don’t ask. Just leave it as that. Why do you want to know about that though?

Sakura: I was thinking that since i am being ignored. By my parents. I could just revolt by wearing Diapers myself. I know that i’d never actually stoop to something like that. The only one that does that in my family is Jenna Rhapsody and she’s maturing into a Diaper lover. Don’t ask. I don’t know. But she’s met this guy… Someone named Malachi Trent.

Suddenly as she mentioned that last name… Something came over her…

Sakura: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Malachi Trent. Didn’t Michelangelo say his last name was Trent?

Wade: Yeah, And?

Sakura: Well… uh…

Wade: You’re not thinking that the two could be related or are like brothers… are you?

Sakura: It’s possible. Relation by name.

Wade: No… Not even. However… You could ask Michelangelo tomorrow and find out. It’d be a good idea for you to do that. That way you’ll know for sure. As it is right now. That thought which you just came up with… If you’re thinking of it like that now… It’s only gonna eat at you till you find out for yourself and go to the source.

Sakura agreed to what Wade was saying. She was feeling bad about her changed life. She was feeling awful over the life and what was done on Wade. But with that talking between one another… It helped her out and got her some slight insight to take in and consider what her options were. Whether they be good or bad. Sakura had to get back home even though she didn’t exactly know what for. She gave Wade a friendly Kiss and went back home. Making sure that she at least wished him a good night before heading off.

During the night…

Zoey Laid in her bed smoking and thinking about the possibility that her life might be over. She was grounded and got to the point where she just didn’t care anymore. She didn’t have a mother as she had cast her mother off for dead. Her father was a drunk. Her brother was with Krissy. and Zoey didn’t really have anyone as she didn’t really get to see Michelangelo hardly. It might have been because of her habit… Or because he had things that he had to do. But She was wishing to see him. Bad part about it now was that because she was refusing to quit smoking… She was on the risk of losing the only boy that would possibly ever fall for her. Zoey was slipping and it was getting worse. Sakura was in trouble and Zoey was getting the flow of accusations and the blame…

At Michelangelo Trent’s house…

Living room…

Michelangelo: *Looking at Malachi* I know that i am gonna get the same answer every time i ask this… But why are you always wearing those things? You have any idea how embarrassing it is to be going around and wearing diapers in public?

Malachi: Michelangelo, It’s not embarrassing unless you were to make it embarrassing. It’s called keeping your mouth closed about shit you know nothing about. I am not out killing people. I am not some frickin’ bed wetter. You are. I am the one having to change your sheets every other day. But that would be if you really were a bed wetter. Which you’re not. But i wear diapers because they feel better for me. You seen the Underwear out there for boys and men lately. They’re so tight… that anyone could see your package. I mean… what if you didn’t want anyone to see that? Huh? What if you wanted to leave your girl guessing? With the new underwear they have out now… everything would be seen. You could tell what the man has as it’s so tight… that the details would show. There’d be no mystery or anything. Nothing.

Michelangelo: It’s still embarrassing. If only Mom and dad were around….

Malachi: *Sighs* I know, Bro. I know. I miss them too. the house was entrusted to us in the will of our parents. They left us everything. But it’s not the same without them.

Michelangelo: *Looking down* Why did they have to die? They didn’t deserve that.

Malachi: I agree. They didn’t deserve that at all. If it weren’t for those pricks who broke in last year. *Exhaling sharply* Fuck! We should have seen the shit coming. We should have seen it coming that something was gonna happen. Our parent’s had real bad ass nemesis’s. Real mean cusses. I still remember how you got on the night that it happened. You were on a destructive wave.

Michelangelo: Why shouldn’t i have been? They were our mom and dad. I didn’t even tell Zoey about my home life and i don’t think that i ever will be able to. It’s not like she’d be able to do anything.

Malachi: No one can do anything about it… It’s just a loss. We have to just do the best we can.

Michelangelo: *Sighs* Yeah…

The next morning…


Dec. 4th, 2045… 7 days after Thanksgiving…

At Metropolis Middle school…

Molly Christie Luthor and Michelangelo were talking in the cafeteria and trying to figure out how to help Sakura and Zoey with their troubles…

Molly: *Sitting down and sighs* We have to do something. Zoey is smoking and so is Sakura. Sakura appears to have Asthma. But no one knew about that. You yesterday said something… i don’t know what it was exactly… but it was something to do with what her sister Hikaru was saying. Something about Sakura having Asthma. you know her more than i do as you are involved with Zoey… What do you know?

Michelangelo: *looks around this cafeteria* I know. But now the question is…how do we do it? *frowns slightly* What I said yesterday? I can’t remember, I had a lot of things going on. I may be involved with Zoey but that doesn’t mean that I know everything. If Sakura has asthma what is she doing smoking in the first place?

Molly: That’s what i am asking you. I mean… I just don’t know what Sakura is doing. I would like to say that it’s the Teenage Angst. But a rich girl… like me. I don’t really do Teen Angst. I wouldn’t want to. her sister Hikaru on the other hand worries a lot about Sakura. She is just upset at her because Sakura is hurting herself. Smoking. How could Zoey get her to even do it? Was it Sakura who chose to do it? What?

Michelangelo: *sighs rubbing his head lightly* I don’t know, have you tried asking her perhaps? Maybe she would tell you something she hasn’t told me before. Do you think maybe Hikaru had something to do to push Sakura over the edge like that? Maybe they got in another fight or something like sisters do?

Molly: I don’t know. As far as i know from what Leslie said after we all rescued Sakura and Zoey from those mobsters… She said that Sakura and Hikaru would usually be sticking close together. Almost as tight as Sora and Carly Rhapsody are. However how Sakura could even smoke… It’s just really awkward. Plus… what the strangest thing is… Leslie was pretentiously shocked and surprised learning of Sakura Smoking. As was Blossom. They were both surprised. Sincerely taken by shock. It definitely wasn’t any fight. We’d hear something of it by now… if there was. Wouldn’t you think?

Michelangelo: this is all so confusing, to think that after what happened they would take better care of themselves and it seems that it had the opposite affect.

He sighed as he drank his milk carton.

Michelangelo: have you had a chance to talk to her parents about it? Or don’t they know that she’s smoking too?

He asked as he took a bite out of his Apple thinking on how to best solve the conflict.

Molly: All this is… is just a total nightmare. Michelangelo… Sakura is smoking. The same brand as Zoey. Zoey’s smoking Marlboro red 100’s. Sakura is too… *Seeing the strange look coming from Michelangelo* Oh come on… I am rich… but not dense. I know the brands of cigarettes that are out there. Sakura is smoking that brand. Hikaru had only recently learned of it. and she’s been none too happy. She’s even started to avoid Sakura. That’s sad. Now… is she still worried about Sakura… Maybe. Maybe not… However… We may never know. Because Hikaru is not one to gossip openly.

Michelangelo: *lifts an eyebrow at Molly calls off the brands* I never said you were dense, I’m just surprised and kinda suspicious on how you know the brand their both smoking. How do you know by the way? *suspicious then shrugs* well we gotta find a way for Hikaru to talk, we can’t let this just stay by. They might just be smoking today… but what then? What’s from stopping them to get worse?

Molly: I wish i knew. But i did say that i snuck in without them seeing and caught them smoking. I caught the pack too. Believe me… it wasn’t a sight that i’d wish to remember. *Thinking* But now that you mention it. We have to get Hikaru to speak and do something to get Sakura to break and quit smoking. The only thing is… She’s lately been with her own life. And some think… it’s something to do with her now thrill of being with a renegade. But that is only one theory. But there is another possibility. Hikaru going off to find her passion. Something that she can really do. What she really wants to do with her life… Want to really know… Ask Sora and Carly… They were the ones to overhear the secret tell-all.

A second later…

Molly: Michelangelo… you are right. This could all get worse. We’ve got to stop this. But our first move… is one thing… and one thing only. I think we both know what that move is… don’t we? It’s clear. isn’t it?

Michelangelo: *munches on a Apple* possibly….but do we really have no choice? It’s kinda a drastic move on our sort too. I don’t want them to think we betrayed their trust or something. But…we might not have a choice after all. *bells rings* well, it’s time for class, let me know what you actually plan to do. I’ll see you around, I’ve gotta go see a teacher about some homework I missed. See ya.

Molly: Don’t worry. We’ll get it done. I’ll be sure of what to do by this afternoon. See you by the front gates. We’ll issue a plan of attack by then. It’ll be clear by then. If you see the twins… Fill them in. They’re gonna want a part of this. *Nods*

Molly then heads for her class…

Michelangelo: *nods as he walks away* all right then, I have them next period. I’ll be sure they know also. If we’re gonna do it we’ll need all the help we can get for it.

Michelangelo leaves to the restroom.

As for Sakura and Zoey…

In the girls restroom…

Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody
Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody

Sakura: *Lighting up* Zoey, The least you could do is just talk to me.

Zoey: *Shining Sakura on some* Why? It’s bad enough that i smoke. Then you joined in. But because you did it at a moment where your mother was somehow near and caught you… She called my father and my father came home that night. Came home and grounded me. I haven’t been allowed to go anywhere and hang out. since. After school i head to the Pub where my dad works for a while and just sit there. Because of your mom.

Sakura: I’m sorry.

Zoey: Well… that’s all fine and good, Sakura. But sorry is not good enough. You got me in trouble. I am not ready to reconcile with Blossom yet. However… My dad says that the only way out of being grounded is to reconcile with her. To make amends with her and Leslie.

Sakura: Then do so! *Smoking*

Zoey: *Snaps* Hello, Earth to meat face. I am not ready to reconcile with her yet. I am not ready to even deal with them. *Smoking*

Zoey was struggling now herself as she was facing the pressure. She was grounded and she primarily held Sakura responsible for the fact that she was grounded by her father. Her brother was trying to help her and yet… couldn’t help as he knew that their father Zeke had laid out the ruling. There was nothing that could be done to change what was. The only out was to reconcile with Blossom and make amends with Leslie. Officially.

Sakura: What is your problem, Zoey? *a little annoyed* Why won’t you make amends with them? It isn’t as though you don’t know where they are at. Just look for Blossom. You’ll see Leslie close by.

Zoey: I know that… Damn it. Don’t you think that i had already figured that part out? I am not ready to reconcile. I am being forced to reconcile. It’s not right. I already told you that i wasn’t ready. The fact stands. I am not ready. Plus… Why should i bother? You know damn well that they won’t want to see me. Blossom has made it no secret that she hates me and wishes to never see me again around her or Leslie.

Sakura: *With a bit of attitude* And who’s fault is that?! Huh?! Who’s? You were the one who was trying to tear Blossom and Leslie apart. All because it was what Holly Reedy wanted. Because it was what she expected. You’re the one who chose to do it. Holly Reedy is a bitch. And you happen to be one too. All because you just happen to agree with what Holly says.

Zoey: *Scoffs* And this is how you get someone to talk to you? Boy… You sure suck at trying to mend rifts that get made by you or others.

Sakura: No i am not doing this to put you in the fault. But… *Standing her ground* Point check… You did it to yourself. It’s not a mystery that you are hurt over your mother leaving you. It sucks. But just because your mother decided to turn into a slut whore. Doesn’t mean that you should follow in her footsteps or take out your pain on others. All the while using Holly Reedy as your magnetic North.

Zoey: *Turning away* Just leave me alone, Sakura. You’re turning into a real bitch and i really don’t like it.

Sakura: And you’re not? You’re not exactly being sweet and pleasing either. You think that everyone’s out to get you. When are you gonna wake up and admit to what you’ve been doing? Your mom isn’t the one doing this shit. Treating Blossom like crap because she is with Leslie. You are. A few days ago… I would have still wondered if it was your mom’s influence. But not anymore. Zoey, You need to grow up. Find yourself again and decide who it is that you wanna be. Because right now… You’re not being very pleasant.


Zoey: *Getting up and Putting out her light* I’m not staying for this.


Sora and Carly arrive…

Sora: *Walking in with Carly; With her pack in hand* Yes you are, Zoey.

Carly: Yeah. *About to light up but then changing her mind* This whole act of yours… It’s gonna stop.

Zoey: What’re you gonna do about it? Sora, Carly. Last time i heard… Your dad was having an affair with another woman and leaving you two in the dust.

Sora: Yeah. He did. But it doesn’t matter to us. We wrote him out of our lives. However we haven’t written you out of our lives yet. But we’re about to. If you don’t start shaping up.

Zoey: You’re my cousins! Not my Warden. BACK OFF!

Carly: No. We’re sick of you being so moody and with this ego. Walking around as if you have a major damn chip up your ass. we’re sick of it. We’re beyond sick of it. Tired of seeing you walking like a zombie. Hurt because you don’t have Blossom in your life and because you want to make others feel the same pain as you. You want Blossom. But don’t want to take Leslie as the bonus. You’re jealous of Leslie. And you know what… We’re done babying your hurt feelings. Babying your crap because your mom… left you and became Rina Frost.

She then showed off the picture…

Carly: That’s her. The Whore. Your mom is a Whore. And she was smoking… Having sex with other men in your dad’s bed. As you kept saying. She was also doing drugs. Plus she was producing a rotten attitude. You’re starting to turn out like her. And that isn’t you. Nothing like that at all. You want Blossom back? Then start being fair to Leslie. Leslie is part of Blossom’s life whether you like it or not.

Zoey: *Glaring and making a motion to land a punch towards Carly* I am gonna pound you.

Carly: *Pushing Zoey into the wall* Don’t you start with the fighting. Don’t be getting in my face either. You are not getting out of this.

Sora: Not anymore. We don’t care if you get pissed. You’re gonna stow that Ego and TAKE BLOSSOM BACK! Make amends with Leslie. You’re gonna reconcile with them. Soon.

Zoey: *Growls* Fine. Fine. If it’ll get you two to shut up. How do i find them?

Carly: There’s something going on at the opened plot of land. A massive plot of land. Blossom and Leslie are said to be there as construction for the Massive Stadium starts… Today. You wanna reconcile. Go there. Meet with them. Make amends.

Zoey: …

Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody
Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody

Sakura: Now what do you think about going and mending the rift that is between you, Blossom and Leslie?

Sora: I’d say that it’s a good idea.

Carly: Right…

Zoey: *Looking away*

At Metropolis High school…


Suzanne Sexton
Suzanne Sexton

Suzanne: *Looking at Jenna while eating her Slice of Pizza* Jenna… Wanna hang out after school?

Jenna Rhapsody.
Jenna Rhapsody.

Jenna: *Smiles* Sure. Why not. Besides i got about 4 diapers with me in my bag with some stuff to change myself when needed. I haven’t been able to fight the need for wearing these things. But they’re sure a lot safer. More comfortable.

Suzanne: Same here. I’ve started wearing them 3 months after the incident last year. As well as went on with smoking. I can’t help the idea that i can’t kick it. I just am scarred.

Jenna: I think that we both feel the same. *Eating her Cheesy bread* Plus… It doesn’t really help the fact that my cousins. Aunt Dinah’s kids are hounding around with some kind of bee up their butts.

Suzanne: *Pauses* What do you mean?

Jenna: From what i heard… as of late… Charlene… One of the trio of sisters; She’s been undergoing some freaky change. She started Emitting Telekinesis and Emitting frost from her fingertips. Breath and body. From what my sister Danielle says as she gets it right from Alex who is the sister to Charlene… there had been moments where you couldn’t be near Charlene without feeling as though you were in the arctic. or in an icy room. Because you’d freeze. She would also be literally cold to the touch.

Suzanne: That’s the same sign for Vampirism.

Jenna: Pfft! What?! *Scoffs* Get real. No way. Because… If that was the case… How is Charlene able to still be in the sunlight without burning?

Suzanne: Because in every legend of Vampirism… To be turned into a Vampire. A Blood-sucker. The Victim has to be bitten 3 times.

Jenna: You’re right. But she’s not no creature of the night. Not even close. However… she is mostly cold. Emitting cold frost and At times… Even Snow. That’s not something you’d normally see.

Suzanne: I would say not. But… that wouldn’t be the only thing. There’s also talk about the Mob finally dying. Someone on Thanksgiving… claimed to have seen someone who resembled the Mobster Mastermind. Brother to the guy that met an end at the Coco Bongo sometime ago.

Jenna: *Curious and at attention* Where’d you hear this?

Suzanne: I heard it from Bridgette. She found it out. And when she came to tell Margaret. Margaret informed the crew and got everyone on the up and up of it. Getting us all in the know.

Jenna: God… *In disbelief and shock* Did they say where the guy was found originally?

Suzanne: They found him on the ground level of the site where the building under construction resides. He was found lying in the scraps bin.

Jenna: So… he’s dead. He is dead, right?

Suzanne: Of course he is. I mean… Why wouldn’t he be? Jenna, he fell 40 stories down. Hanging upside down. I don’t care how much you try to water it down or try to insist that maybe he still is alive. He’s not. That guys dead. There is no way that a person can survive a fall at that high a distance. That high up.

Jenna Rhapsody.
Jenna Rhapsody.

Jenna: *Feeling a Kink in her butt while starting on scarfing down the desert portion of the Lunch* Maybe. Maybe… But i really don’t know. This city’s said to be hurting bad because they saw the D.A and he’s looking like someone who’s half dead.

Suzanne: Half dead. Half alive. How could that happen?

Jenna: It’s called. Being in capture of the Mob. And likely being blown up. However… He got out. The other captive… didn’t.

Suzanne: Who?

Jenna: His wife. The family Matriarch of my family.

Suzanne: *Gasps* Wha-… Oh my god… You mean that Rikku L. Rhapsody is dead? *In Shock* Oh god… How’s the crew all taking it?

Jenna: How do you think they’re taking it?

Suzanne: I don’t know… But i take it… that it’s not being taken so well.

Jenna: *Sighs* No.

Seconds later…

Jenna Rhapsody.
Jenna Rhapsody.

Jenna: *Feeling a cramp* Ugh! Suzanne, I need to use to girls restroom.

Suzanne: That makes the two of us. I think for the same reason.

Jenna: Diaper change?

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jenna: When did you start wearing diapers? Oh… never mind… I know. 3 months after the incident that hit you last year. What do you wear?

Suzanne: Pampers Underjams. I sometimes wear Luvs Diapers. Or Nappies.

Jenna: Wanna change each other?

Suzanne: Sure. However for privacy… Let’s do each other after school. Too many people could catch us.

Jenna: *Looking at the passing by school teens* …

But over where her sisters were…

Danielle Rhapsody
Danielle Rhapsody

Danielle: *Sighs* I think that we’re gonna be seeing Jenna dive down into being an Adult baby diaper lover when she gets older.

Nicki Rhapsody
Nicki Rhapsody

Nicki: We noticed that, Danielle. But it isn’t something we can cure. She’s deep in it now. Ever since that time when she was victimized by a couple of rapists. She’s been like this. I think that this is going to be a never ending thing with her. Ever.

Brenda Rhapsody
Brenda Rhapsody

Brenda: That is a complete no brainer. Just like…

Rain Castle.
Rain Castle.

Rain Castle. Remember her? She was one of the ones that got molested. She was nailed just a couple hours before Jenna did. We didn’t even know of it till after New years this year. She’s been wearing Diapers since. People make fun of her. They call her names like Baby freak Castle.

Danielle: Whoa! So it was like fate. She gets it. Then our sister Jenna gets it right after. That is really terrible. But what is even more upstanding is the fact that Jenna for a while was smoking. But then just a few or so weeks before now… She gives it all up and doesn’t have that habit. But she has the Diaper fetish. Now that is a partial miracle.

Nicki: I guess. But dad is feeling rather embarrassed over it all. He is having a bit of a rough time handling the fact that Jenna is getting into being a Diaper lover.

Brenda: Just like her boyfriend Malachi Trent.

Nicki: *Realizing something* Isn’t he the brother to the boy who is with a crush on our cousin Zoey?

Danielle: Michelangelo. Yeah. He is.

Brenda: Nicki, Have you heard from your friend Patti Marlborough lately?

Nicki: No. I haven’t heard from her for some time. Last time i heard from her… She was adopted. By some Guy who’s a government agent. I think the guy was Wally Sweetly. It was her, Amber, Caroline and Susie. They are now the 4 sweetly’s.

Brenda: You should go and find her.


Patti Marlborough
Patti Marlborough

Patti: *Walking over* Hey guys. What’s up?

Nicki: Hey Patti. It’s been a while since we last seen you.

Patti: It’s been a while. But i just got word of something. Did you guys happen to hear about there being a Massive Stadium being Built?

Danielle: What?! Where did you hear this?

Patti: My dad. He got word from his office that learned of there being news of a Massive Stadium being built. On Thanksgiving day.

Brenda: Whoa! *In shock* Who’s building it?

Patti: One girl and you will not begin to fathom the possibility of it being her. However… Do you by chance know of the girl… Leslie T. Burke?

Nicki: Who?

Patti: Leslie T. Burke… the girl who had been working with the Mob and going under the Alias: “Rita the Hammer.”

Danielle: Not really.

Brenda: *Thinking* Isn’t that the one who our cousin Blossom was hanging with and seen kissing once?

Nicki: Plus smoking with for a time or so?

Danielle: Sounds familiar.

Patti: That’s the same one. She’s got something going on. However… the build is going on. Only problem is… The city is near bankrupt. There isn’t any money to lend out for the supplies and the building Material.

Nicki: How’ll she do it then?

Patti: No one knows. But she’s getting a lending hand. There are these 3 girls. They’re known as the Rusoe Sisters. They’ve been helping out where they could for Leslie. Helping out with the Fliers and the ads for the passing of the word towards the Build and the planning for the construction of the Massive Stadium.

Brenda: Do you think that she’ll be able to get it done?

Danielle: She’s gonna need a lot of help.

Patti: She sure is…

As for Sapphire and Raven…

Sapphire: *Walking with Raven* Have you noticed the change in our young sister Sakura?

Raven: I have. *Sighs* Something has changed about her and the whole act of Mom’s… giving her the silent treatment and making her regret the path she’d taken… It’s not gonna help. It’s only making everything worse than what they are.

Sapphire: It’s not Sakura’s fault. It’s all the doing of our Cousin Zoey. Zoey’s smoking and it is because of the sickening lifestyle of that women. Rina Frost. Her sexual escapade. The Drugs and smoking. Posing Nude and the X-rated photo shoots.

Raven: It is getting ridiculous now with how Zoey is behaving.

Sapphire: It’s no better or worse than how Sakura is becoming.

Raven: It isn’t like Mom to just blow her off… But Sakura… Smoking at 13? Sakura is with teen Angst. Zoey is the reason for it. I know that Luna fucked up and hurt the family. Hurt her mentally and Psychologically. Even socially perhaps. But seriously? You seriously tryin’ to tell me that this is to be expected? Luna left the whole family. *Pulling out the Magazine that her boyfriend Lorenzo handed her and showed off some* This is what she’s doing…




Raven: She even did some nudes. Lorenzo did not see those and i didn’t see them. But there is something else too. Lorenzo caught sight of her the other day at the front of the Metropolis Strip club. Gentleman’s club. Talking with some guy named Ivan Kandinsky. That’s the name that Lorenzo caught. It seems that Ivan’s been setting her up to be raped. But Luna, Rina Frost… Enjoys it. She was not rolling any stink about it.

Sapphire: *Feeling Nauseated* Ugh! Okay… now i feel sick.

Raven: Zoey’s starting to get the attitude as Rina’s got. Sakura is now with teen Angst and is possibly getting corrupt. I think that if the chip isn’t removed… soon… She could dive down into a dark life.

Sapphire: Dark life my buttocks, Raven. Sakura is the cleanest person there is. It is because of Zoey that she’s been doing what she’s been doing and Mom isn’t helping matters any by brushing her off like she don’t matter. It’s making Sakura give up on trying to be better… somehow. Sakura is gonna wind up just sticking with smoking. Mom isn’t being helpful on the matter. Sakura isn’t making the smartest choice by smoking… But mom… treating her the way she has… Is gonna push Sakura further and further away.

Raven: *Sighs* You’re right.

As they were walking and talking through the main hall…

Erica H.: *Walking over* Hey Sapphire.

Sapphire: Hey there, Erica. What’s the buzz?

Erica H.: Not much. Just came to find you.

Sapphire: I can see that, Cowgirl… But what’s snakin’ ya?

Erica H.: The two girls are coming. They’ve got something that you might want to know about.

Sapphire: Well… It can be said around my sister Raven here as well…

Erica H.: That’s fine. Because it’s something that she may like to know of also.

Sapphire: …

Katie: Sapphire, *Walking fast over to Sapphire* You’re not gonna believe this.

Sapphire: Not believe what? What’s the news?

Katie: 3 things.

Jacklyn: The D.A… He’s back. And he’s different than he was before.

Katie: Yeah. Way different. He’s got half of his face looking charred up. He’s still one for the City and one for the side of the Law. But he’s also aiming to get the woman he married back.

Sapphire: *Pauses* What…

Raven: Come again on that last part… Did you girls just say what we believe you said?

Jacklyn: Yeah. *Looking at Raven* You guys… Your Clan’s family Matriarch… Is alive.

Sapphire: How do you know this?

Katie: Do you know of someone named Kelly Godson?

Raven: We awkwardly know of the name. She’s one of the Bikini Girls. Why?

Jacklyn: She’s the one that told us. And this is something else. She says that she single-handedly saved her. Ensured that she wouldn’t be killed in that Mob hit that hit just a couple weeks or so ago.

Sapphire: How is that possible? Unless… *Gasps* Wait! Wait…

Sapphire Flashes back…

“Zoey: *Looking up* Angelic Kelly?!

Sora: *With Carly; Looking up* Huh?! H-h-h-h-how did she get here?

Angelic Kelly: I teleported here. It’s one of the abilities that i have. An Angel of heaven has a lot of abilities. But… to unlock them… Some Experience is required.

Blossom: Not too much i hope…

Angelic Kelly: Depends on the person, Electrogal. Each person who manages to have these type of powers…work and learn differently. Not everyone is the same.

Zoey: That’s a good point. That’s true. There are never 2 of the same person. There may be a look alike. But never 2 of the same person… Unless there was a clone or mirror Image.

Angelic Kelly: *Looking to the side* Who’s that dangling high in the air?

Paul: That’s the fighter with the red right hand. Hellboy.

Angelic Kelly: *With eyes widened* Anung Un Rama… Son of the fallen one. He’s the one you’re helping and assisting?

Majestic Love: That’s right. He is. He’s one of the good guys. None better. We tore ourselves up for him.

Angelic Kelly: Good enough for me.

Seconds later…

Angelic Kelly: *Glowing with Holy energy and charging up to multiply into a million copies of herself; Holding out her hands and forming balls of Holy energy; Aiming at the target in sight; striking at the target and Launching at the Target* Holy Blitzkrieg! (Striking and firing at the enemy at full speed; performing an onslaught of Holy energy)

The beast was taking the hits and screeching in pain. But even though it was taking in damage and being hammered with the attacks… It still kept Hellboy in its grip and hanging above its mouth…

Spiritual Arctic Frost: *Booming up at Hellboy* Hellboy… Now! The Pin. The Pin on the grenades… PULL THE PIN! PULL IT! NOW! HURRY! PULL IT!

Hellboy: *In Mid-air and about to be dropped into the jaws of the beast* Oh… This is gonna hurt.

He pulls the pin on all the explosives. BEHEMOTH drops him into a squid-like beak and gulps him down.

Blossom: *Cries out* NO!!! Oh my god… Oh god… The beast ate Hellboy… It ate Hellboy.

Lieutenant Thunder: Don’t feel too bad. Because… it’s about to think on making us it’s next course. Question is… Which of us will be first to be snatched by it’s tentacle and hung above its Jaw and then dropped into them and Gulped on down into its stomach…

Thunderic Fury: We have to get him out… We have to get him out of that beast.

Angelic Kelly: *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (Ogdru Jahad Behemoth)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM!

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Blissful Heart Storm!

Passion Galore: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Majestic Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Passion Galore: *Launching a hinky sneak attack on Ogdru Jihad Behemoth* Passion’s Kiss! *The attack consisted of a mass swarm of hearts and kissing lips surrounded by burning love*

Lieutenant Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *With her new weapon- The Thunderstorm Fan; Firing a Gust of Thunder at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Raging Winds of Thunder!

Thunderic Fury: *With the new forged weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth; Shocking him* Thundering VICEGRIP!

Thunderic Force Z!: *With the Thunder energy combined into one* combined. Thunder one… Thunder All… Let’s Shock the Ogdru Jahad after all! *Launching the Thunder blast at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Thunder Dragon FORCE!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Shining Bubble: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Symphonic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *With his new weapon- The Holy Crosses of Frost; Aiming at the Ogdru Jahad Behemoth and Firing a Charged Blast of Ice and Cold frost At Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Ice Cross CHARGES!

Sora: *With Carly and Blossom in unison* By the Rhapsody Power of three. Set us free… spark up a surge of thunder and lightning. put Ogdru Jahad Behemoth back in traction. *Firing a Shot of Electricity and a surge of thunder at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Thunder shock by the power of 3…. Thunder CHAIN FLASH!!!

Sailor June: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Mercury Aqua Heart Jet FLASH!”

Sapphire: She was there with us last year when we were going against the Ogdru Jahad. That Behemoth…

Raven: She’s the same one?!

Sapphire: God…

Erica H.: I don’t quite follow on that. But yes.

Katie: She’s saved the Family Matriarch. She’s alive. But resides at this time in Independence, Missouri. Kelly came right out and told us.

Jacklyn: So… the family Matriarch is alive. So is the D.A. Even if he’s got the face that makes him look rather disfigured.

Erica H: There’s more. Isn’t there?

Katie: Yeah. Did you catch the news about there being a Massive Stadium scheduled and approved to be built in the city?

Raven: What? A Massive Stadium? Here? In this city?

Sapphire: Uh, You’re gonna have to reiterate that part. Did you say that there is gonna be a massive stadium built in this City?

Katie: yeah… There is talk about it going on through some of the crew. Ruby, Jessica, Lana. They’re all talking of it. Kasey, Krissy. Them too.

Jacklyn: It’s being in the works. And they heard a few people speak of it. One being that guy… Malachi trent. He’s heard his brother speaking with a Molly Luthor last night. They’ve been speaking of it for the last couple days.

Sapphire: Who’s the one behind the whole idea?

Katie: One rich girl who originated from Brooklyn and was part of the Mob for a while.

Raven: Leslie?!

Sapphire: Leslie T. Burke is planning the construction of a Major Build?

Jacklyn: That’s right. She and your cousin Blossom are meeting at the site this afternoon.

Raven: Who else knows about this?

Katie: Tons. Your cousin’s Sora and Carly, There’s Michelangelo, Molly. The Rusoe Sisters, Janie, Alex and Charlene have caught on some few days or so ago. Alex and Janie tore into Blossom over the petty animosity that was felt over towards Holly Reedy. Setting her straight. There are others chomping at the bit at getting the word of it.

Jacklyn: The whole build begins… Today. This afternoon.

Erica H.: There’s more.

Katie: That’s right. We also heard something about the rich girl’s parents being within the city.

Raven: Huh?!

Sapphire: Her parents? How so, Jellybean?

Katie: They came in the day after the fall of the Mob lead by the guy Dorian. We got the pictures of them as we saw them just the other day.

Katie and Jacklyn get out the pictures and show them…

Sapphire: They look like the Actor Erick Avari and Actress Sigourney Weaver.

Katie: That’s… because they’re construed as those same people. But they’re not. Elizabeth Burke… Is an Heiress of the Burke Arts academy in Brooklyn, New York. Leslie… Their daughter is said to be the future Heiress in line for the inheritance of the deed of the property.

Raven: Leslie’s loaded.

Jacklyn: Yeah. She’s really loaded. Mondo-loaded. The Burke’s are Uber-loaded and Rich. As Rich as the Luthors. Maybe even Richer in the same caliber as “The Trump” Donald Trump. They have Stocks and Bonds. Swiss currency. Not that they’d say. But if you press Leslie to confess on her family… She’ll lock up and shy away. It’s not like she doesn’t wish to speak of her family’s fortune. But you can only ask a rich girl about so much before they either turn snobbish. Or if they’re the nice and sweet type… Shy off like they’re hesitant.

Sapphire: Now that is classifying the type of richie rich and overly privileged girl or boy.

Raven: It tends to work… Every time. It’s like prediction.

Erica H.: And how…

Katie: There’s one more thing…

Sapphire: Which would be…

Jacklyn: The Mobster Psychotic Mastermind… Darwin. He’s been reported to be dead.

Raven: You’re kidding! *Gasps* Where was he found?

Jacklyn: Katie, Spill it. You heard more of the details of that than i did.

Katie: That guy… Darwin Tyrell… He was found a day after Thanksgiving… dead lying in the scraps bin. on the property where there was said to be a major high rise going up. He was said to have fallen 40 stories down.

Sapphire: Would this High rise be the same one that you said Leslie was gonna build her Massive Stadium?

Jacklyn: This is a different spot. But the guy… Darwin. He’s dead. He is out of the equation now.

Raven: Good. That means just one thing. The rest of the fighters and we can get back into saving the day where needed.

Erica H.: That’s a relief. However… The City’s gonna need a lot of repairs done on it. The Mob’s made a total mess of everything.

Sapphire: *Thinking over something* Right. Say… What’s new with the Musical Roxy? How’s she faring?

Katie: She’s good. She’s trying to take things one day at a time and trying to adjust to being pregnant.

Jacklyn: We just saw her yesterday. She’s asking if you’d like to be her baby’s godmother. when that day ever does arrive.

Sapphire: The Musical Roxy’s wanting to know if i’d be willing to be the Godmother to her future newborn… Hmm… Sure. If that’s what she wants. I’d be more than happy. It’d be a privilege and an honor to be a godmother.

To be continued in Part 3-2 of Chapter 232…


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