Chapter 232: Leslie Tina Burke Repays her debt to the city and makes amends; Reconciliation procession and The Burke’s Complete? Part 3 of 4-3

Continued from Chapter 232 Part 3 of 4-2…

At the Metropolis Hotel…

Room #624…

Christmas Eve…

Leslie was sitting in her room with the wrapping paper and the tape, Wrapping the presents up and prepping them for the Christmas party that she was holding in her room on Christmas. She knew that she had to get the okay from the Hotel Owner. Renee Locksley…

Leslie: *Looking to the side* I was thinking about holding a Christmas party here. I know that it’s totally last moment to ask and all… But i was wondering. Would it be allowed to be held here?

Renee: Leslie, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be okay for there to be a party he here. It is as you said… a last moment request and such. But i don’t see why not. Who all are you expecting to come?

Leslie: My best friend Blossom for one. Zoey, The Blonde twins Sora and Carly. The Rhapsody Trio. The Rusoe Sisters…

Renee: Rhapsody? I know that family. Blossom is one of them, isn’t she?

Leslie: Yes. She’s also my girlfriend.

Renee: Wow… Well… If you’re looking to hold a party for Christmas. Holding it here. Why not hold it in the grand ball room.

Leslie: The grand ball room? You sure?

Renee: Certainly. Besides… There is unfortunately not enough room for a huge crowd in here.

Leslie: You could be right.

Renee: Besides that… It’s not everyday that a huge party is being held. Plus you’ve been like a model resident here. You always came out being so still and so peaceful. Even during the time where you were in the Mob. You never caused any trouble. At all… So… You can hold that party. In the grand ball room. All i ask is one thing…

Leslie: Anything.

Renee: Be sure to pick up and have the grand ball room back to how you found it when you’re done with the party. That’s all i ask. The last group of people that i had use that room… They left it in a bit of a mess. Not that it was a bad bad mess. But some of the people had spilled wine on the carpet and it was a nightmare to get it out. It took 8 hours to get all of the stains out of the carpet floor.

Leslie: I’ll be sure to see that nothing like that happens. I am sure that the guests that i have over… They’ll be respectful of the room.

As Renee was just about to step out…

Renee: *Stopping and looking back* I am sure that they will. If it’s Rhapsody. The others… i don’t really know. However… Any friend of yours… should be just as fine with me.

Leslie: *Curious* How much did it cost for the carpets to be cleaned and steam cleaned in order for it to get the stains out?

Renee: $1,500 dollars. Why?

Leslie: If any damage comes to the carpets or the room. I’ll see to pay for any damage. Any and all damages that befall the room. *Getting up and heading over* Besides… I may be staying here… But if i want to be able to remain here… I got to see that it’s in good shape.

Renee: It’s okay… You don’t have to.

Leslie: It’s not something you want to deal with and worry over. But if it’s a mess that i have made… I want to take the responsibility to pay for it.

Renee: If you like. But… really, You shouldn’t worry about it. Besides, It’s Christmas. All you really should focus on is having a very merry Christmas. That’s really all you need to do.

Leslie: And you should have a Merry Christmas too.

Renee: Merry Christmas, Leslie. And if you need anything during that day or ever… Just let me know. Okay?

A Moment later…

Leslie got back to her present wrapping and made sure that everything was perfect. She wanted to be sure that the Christmas party was gonna be great. As she wrapped the presents, She thought about her girlfriend Blossom and wanted to see her. However realized that Blossom’s brother was in need of Blossom that night. For Moral support. But all was gonna be well… It was all gonna be a happy moment. Christmas was near. It was practically near and only a couple hours away. Just mere hours away and closing in.

Once all the presents were wrapped and labeled, Leslie saw that it was set aside and safe for the presenting and gift giving at the party…

She got herself set for bed and turned on the T.V and surfed to see what was on for a pleasant Christmas movie. She saw that there was a movie called How the Grinch stole Christmas. She was pulled into watching it and watched it as it played…

She watched it and just relaxed for the rest of the night…

Leslie was relaxed and at peace. The night was peaceful and there was nothing going on in the city as the Mob Stigma had by that time finally calmed down and died off. The City was now finally able to restart it’s life of peace. Leslie was thinking about her parents and texted them a wish for a Merry Christmas. She knew that it wasn’t time to meet and reunite back with them yet. But she still wanted to wish them a Merry Christmas. It was the right thing to do and she was gonna do it regardless.

As for the Rhapsody Trio, They were in bed early and were thinking about the Christmas party that was gonna be held by Leslie. It was gonna be wonderful for them. What they couldn’t believe was that Leslie was going through the whole idea of putting together a party for them all. It was like a huge gift from her to all of them.

Holly was on the other hand for as far as they knew… was at that time missing. Nowhere to be seen. No one knew where she was. No one saw where she was and it was not like there was a big search for her as no one missed her for all the hurt that she was trying to spread. Tara was a friend to Leslie now. Blossom and the crew all took her. As did Zoey. The Rusoe trio, Sora and Carly… They accepted her completely. The remaining Marco girls were with no option but to back down from their petty ambitions. Only because they knew that now with Holly missing. They had no fuel. Plus Holly being humiliated and publicly embarrassed as she was… There was no way sign of her and there was no more need for the war. It was over… Holly was destroyed in reputation as what minor shred of influence that she might have had to tear Leslie down… Was eviscerated. The Marco sisters were all gone and had jumped sides. They had all come to their senses and started to see the good in Leslie. Their petty hatred against the father to Zoey was even gone. It became as though all the hate… All the torment and despising repartè vanished.

The city was blanketed with a layer or so of snow. Turned into a winter wonderland. Peaceful and made to look like a dream…

Sora and Carly that night were in their room and they were spending time watching Holiday movies… Resting and aiming to open their gifts that they got for Christmas. It was a tradition to them and they intended to keep it…

Charlie and his girlfriend Krissy were in Charlie’s room and sleeping together. The magic of Christmas overtook them and Charlie was having a moment of teenage Intimacy. Intercourse with Krissy. They were both happy and feeling the romance.

What about Serena and her lover Carly Black…

Serena and her girlfriend Carly were at their apartment and Kissing. Watching holiday movies and drinking Eggnog. The Christmas feeling was touching them and it was with a glorious feeling. Serena and Carly both looked forward to having a moment of sealing the deal right on Christmas. However promised that and gave their word that they’d be there at the Christmas party that was being held by Leslie.

Back at the Metropolis Hotel Leslie was resting as the movie ended and as soon as the movie finished, she shut the T.V off and drifted off to sleep. Sleeping through the rest of the night…

Christmas day…

Metropolis Hotel…

Grand Ball Room…

12 Noon.

The grand Ball room was bristling with Christmas Lights and decorations. A Tree in the center of it with all the gifts set underneath it. Leslie was not there yet… But was there just minutes later…

Although… She wasn’t the only one who was…

Oliver: *Walking in with a crew of chefs* Well… from the looks of it… I think that the party is about to get its start and begin.

Leslie: *Looking to see Oliver* Oliver Queen, You came?

Oliver: Well… of course. Besides, you did contact me. I was on your speed dial.

Leslie: How did you know that?

Oliver: I took a peek at the cellphone there, Leslie. *Pauses* Okay, you caught me on the spot. I had my wife Chloe who is good at getting the goods and intel check it. Plus old Boy scout Clark. He kinda snaked your phone and looked through it. Found out that you’ve been doing a lot of track covering. Repaying debts that you’ve made. Done up while in the Mob. Swift move.

Leslie: You’re thinking to bring that up now? I am trying to forget that life.

Oliver: Yeah. That i figured as it isn’t a leg up in the reprisal of a new image for how the city is to see you. But you know… I can lend a hand and pay off the rest of your debts. How many people do you owe right now? 50? 70? 90? 100? I’ll have a team scout the city and find them. I’ll cut each one of them a check personally on your behalf.

Leslie: *Gasps* Wha- Wait. You’d do that? You’d take my burden and pay the ones who’re left?

Oliver: Why not? Besides, You are a close friend to the New Generation of the fighters. You’ve done enough proving your good nature is still there and that you’re sorry. It’s there and you’re still a good person. Mistakes happen. Who knew that you were gonna be enticed into the sinister sags of the Mobster regime? You probably done it for kicks. Or a Phase. But it takes Sheer will, A Steady conscience and determination to break from those chains. You obviously got that. Not many people have that luck to just pull from the Mob and sever the ties that bind them to it. Usually once a person’s in the Mob or part of the Mob… They’re in it for life. You… On the other hand… happen to be different. You don’t just sit in the pool of Mobster Central and float in it like it’s your own pond. You splash around and make a few waves and shoot off that beaming personality like it’s a search light. But then with a little shake-up of Morality… You see yourself at the point where you crack and you don’t just step in. Oh no… You don’t just step into it… You Jump and take that ride… Slowly breaking off the chains of the Mob persona that you created for yourself. Not a bad way to bleed out the bad name or reputation that was put on you. I would have gone for the year long regimen of Exile and look for myself again. Then come back and regain my life. Earn my stripes for a way back in to the good graces of the quaint and cozy public. But… I think that if anyone’s got the feelers for a second chance and working hand and nail for that spot. It’s you… Not bad for a choice though. Not a common choice… but It’s still a good one. You’re on the right track.

Leslie: Uh… thanks.

Oliver: No prob, Leslie. Any young teen who is trying to make amends for the wrongs they may have had done… Deserves to have some break. And on top of that… It’s Christmas. You’re here. Holding this party. With my considerable influence on setting up a crew to cook up a buffet line of Christmas goodies and Yule time merriment. You’re in good hands Leslie. May not be a hero…. But you’re one of a kind.

Blossom: *Walking in with some of the guests* Merry Christmas, Leslie.

Zoey: *Looking at the room* Wow! This place is so cool. Leslie, You did all this?

Leslie: No. Not by myself. It seems that i had some help from a budding Multi-Billionaire.

Blossom: Who?

Leslie: One guess. Queen.

Blossom: Queen?

Oliver: Leslie kinda rang me this morning and said that she was holding a Christmas Party here. But would be in need of a buffet of food for the party. So… I came in and pitched in with the feast. Plus… She kinda had me on her speed dial.

Blossom: That’s nice. The last we saw you… You were dropping in for a spill. Aiding us to beat down Dorian. It’s a shame that you weren’t around to go after the brother… Darwin. He was more maniacal than the average serial killer.

Oliver: Yeah… well there was clearly no need for me to be around for dark, Maniacal and twisted. Our favorite dark-powered half breed fighter… Raven of Azarath… She handled the serial killing wacko and gave him an exorcism.

Blossom: This place is nice.

Sora and Carly Arriving with cheer.
Sora and Carly Arriving with cheer.

Sora: That’s all since last night. She called you? to do all this? *In Shock*

Carly: *Looking at the room* She must have been busy…

Blossom: *Standing next to Leslie* It’s okay. She is just trying to be in the Christmas spirit. It’s her second Christmas away from her parents and she’s just trying to keep the cheer going so she won’t have to be so upset over not being with her folks. You really think that it’s easy for her to go through life and having to be all alone again? It’s not fun. It’s lonesome and i don’t think that it’s right for Leslie to have to go through that. *Hugging Leslie* But she shouldn’t have to worry anymore. She’s with us. We’ve got her.

Zoey: Plus most people who are all alone and on the street. They’re Hungry and without a place to go. Leslie’s not like that. She’s here where it’s warm. With friends and has people watching her back.

The Rusoe sisters. Nicole, Ellie and Lana Rusoe
The Rusoe sisters. Nicole, Ellie and Lana Rusoe.

Nicole: It’s been a trying year for her.

Ellie: *Walking over* Merry Christmas, Leslie.

Lana: Merry Christmas, Leslie.

Leslie: Merry Christmas, girls.

Penelope Richardson
Penelope Richardson

Penelope: *Walking in with Candy and Cassie* Merry Christmas, Leslie.

Leslie: Merry Christmas, Penelope. Candy… Cassie.

Candy Richardson
Candy Richardson

Candy: It’s snowing outside. It’s like a winter wonderland outside.

Leslie: So i’ve heard. It started early last night. They say that it’s supposed to keep snowing till tomorrow night. But to expect the heaviest of snow to come falling tonight.

Candy: There should be enough snow outside to hold a snowball fight. Horse around a little bit.

Penelope: That sounds like fun.

Cassie Richardson
Cassie Richardson

Cassie: *Grins* A Snowball fight… Sounds like a swell idea. But there is one little dilemma…

Penelope: Which is…?

Cassie: Going out there when we don’t happen to have the needed winter apparel to keep ourselves warm. So we don’t catch the risk of coming up with Hypothermia.

Candy: Cassie, You really do need to start living life in the fast lane a little. Live life free. Not huddled into a corner like a scared schoolgirl afraid of being targeted by social hazing and pretentious taunts of the school dwellers who happen to get the kickers from poking and prodding any sweet common school dweller who shows on the surface… Weakness and wears it like a badge.

Cassie: That is so not making sense… However, I am just being practical. I should think of it as being… Oh… i don’t know, pragmatic. Realistic. Yeah… Realistic. Let’s go with that.


Sapphire: *Stunned* Wow! That’s a heaping mouthful of words and proclamation that you’ve let out, Candy.

Raven: Do you always have the outbursts come just by luck. or is it on command?

Serena: And this is something to think about… on Christmas? *Looking at her sisters and then at Cassie* Does anyone see the irony in any of this… or is it just me?

Carly Black: I think that it could be just you? However… This is Christmas. It’s supposed to be a happy day. A Joyous day. Isn’t it?

Serena: That’s exactly what i was thinking. And that is what i was assuming it would be. But a few of us want to see about going to play in the snow. But Cassie is with the fear of catching Hypothermia.

Cassie: That’s just being cautious. I want to enjoy the holidays in frolic and fun. Not sipping penicillin and eating chicken soup coughing and sneezing like a sick patient.

Penelope: Good call.

Leslie: Calm down, Guys. It’s gonna be alright. There’s sure to be fun and games here just as fun as the snow could be. Just think. There must be something that you guys could create for a game. There is no reason to just be frantic over not going out in the snow.

Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody. The Rhapsody Trio

Janie: What about Charlene? She’s emitting a chill. It isn’t something a person should call happenstance.

Alex: She’s been feeling the Arctic vicegrip for weeks. Over a Month now and it’s not getting any reprisals. She is thinking for fact upon herself that she is a freak. A Freak with the icy kicks for all things frost, Ice, and possibly some Psychic twinkle in her tippy-toes and fingers. Should i list some of the abilities that she’s coming down with?

Charlene: Leslie, I am a freak. I am with the ability of the arctic. And i am sure that our mom will be in colossal denial in every sense. She still denies that i am with super abilities. However… I think that the joke’s long since over. Don’t you?

Leslie: Charlene, You’re no freak. You’re just unique. That’s all. If anyone is the freak… It’s me. I am a rich girl who comes from Brooklyn. I am apart from my family. Emancipated. Looking for all reasons to belong. All reasons to belong in this city and what happens while i try to gain footing? Guess. What happened to me? Wanna know? I’ll enlighten. I join the Mob and think of it as my way to get a place in this city. Belong. But all it did was put me in debt. I hurt a lot of people all for the sake of just trying to gain some footing in the city. I spend a good amount of time alone then finally making one friend. One out of a possible and selfishly expected many. I meet Blossom. She was the only one that cared to first befriend me. The rest… ignored me. Made me feel like i didn’t have any place in the city. What hits later is that i get the vengeful attitude coming at me from Holly Reedy. Who probably still hates me and wants me dead.

Paul: Uh… Leslie, You want to tone that paranoid thought down?

Leslie: Why should i, Paul? Huh, Why? Open the mind… You should be one of the ones who know that Holly Reedy hates me so much that she would rather i die than to be loved by anyone in this city. She doesn’t care about me. You all got on her about trying to tear me down. You all took a while to finally see any good in me. But at least you took that call and saw reason. She couldn’t even bother to try. What’s more than pissing me off about her is that she even tried to screw with my parents and tried to tear them down which may i remind you all that i would so like to deck her and pound her into mince meat over that. Holly hates anyone who friends me and or sides with me. Holly Hates my parents. and they didn’t even do anything to her at all. Holly hates me. Hates all there is about me.

Paul: How is it that you know that, Leslie?

Leslie: How do i not? Holly tried to get me in trouble with the school. Even used Zoey as her own guinea pig and coerce her to hate me as well and find ways to see that i was met with expulsion. However Zoey caught on and came up with the senses to see what Holly was really pulling and ditched her. Zoey’s now another friend to me. She actually liked me and yet was so pulled into Holly’s hatred web that she couldn’t expose that to me. To Blossom. Her best friend… Of ten years. Holly pushed her views on Zoey and got Zoey to fall for it and shoot at screwing up her best friend status of 10 years with Blossom. They recently just got back to at least mutual friends. But the Best friend Status might never be. Courtesy of Holly Reedy.


Theodore: Leslie, Holly does hate you. But that is her loss. You shouldn’t be having to worry with how she thinks of you. You’re a spirited person. Holly is just bad karma. She’s got no love in her. Because if she had any love in her… she would not be trying to vengefully target you.


Rita: That’s right. She’s missing out. Not to leave out that Holly has shown that she’s Evil. The root of all Evil… Total absence of love.  Some say that’s the definition of evil.

Leslie: You’re right. But it isn’t like it’ll change how it is with her. She will never like me. Her father couldn’t make her. Her mom probably couldn’t. Even if she were to try and she has. hasn’t she?

Paul: She has. But failed.

Leslie: And is there gonna be any change in that? No. Why? It’s because i am a loser to her. I am so worthless to her that if i were to fall off the face of the planet… she wouldn’t shed a tear. I could choke on a 24 karat golden nugget and she’d think of it as a hopeful weapon that will kill me as i choke and black out unconscious.


Spencer: Leslie, *Sighs* Holly isn’t important. She’s… She’s missing.

Leslie: *Pauses* Missing?!


Rikku: Yeah. Holly is missing. No one knows where she’s at. She’s alone in the city and with nowhere to go. She was reported to have taken a diaper bag… some wipes and 20-25 Diapers. What her father done to her broke her mind. Plus being humiliated by everyone at school. That sent her over the deep end. She’s gone and isn’t gonna just walk along the beaten path and just come on back.

Leslie: *Looking away* After the attitude and how she’s treated me… For no reason whatsoever… I am supposed to be sympathetic for her… How? *Feeling uncaring about Holly Reedy* I mean… I am sorry that she’s missing. I do happen to think it’s sad. But i am not gonna bend over backwards about it. Besides… think about how she treated Blossom off and on. tried to control her like she was a mother. You really think that Holly’s actions should be in any way condoned?

Perry Mark Rhapsody

Perry: Leslie, *Looking to his sister and towards the girls* None of this was supposed to happen. But it did. Holly is all alone on Christmas. She is all by her lonesome and you are trying to make as if she should die. Leslie. We all know what she did. We really do. We also hate her for it because she was being vengeful and downright vicious. But if she were to die out there in the cold… We would all be feeling really upset and guilty.

Leslie: I would feel guilty.

It was only a minute later when…

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, Did you do all this?

Leslie: No.

Oliver: It was me. Besides… it’s Christmas and it’s been told that spreading Merriment was a joyous gesture for showing good will to others during the Holiday season.


Paige: *Walking in* We made it. Clint and his girlfriend are coming. Clint’s been having some car trouble and he’s not too happy about that.

Clint: *Walking in* Really, Mom? Is that what you’re going towards? Me not being happy about my car… Or Truck? I think that you forgot something… My truck is just with a blown Alternator and a faulting Starter. That’s all. The only problem is that i don’t have the money to get a new Alternator and Starter.

Kiyoko: We’ll figure something out, Clint. You’ll get it back to work soon.

Clint: Right. I am sure that i can… However… I am no repairman. I am not with hands of the Mechanic.

Kiyoko: You could always try. There could be a new ability in you before you know it.

Annie: Don’t tempt him. He might just take you up on that.

Daria: Really? I could have sworn that he was with the glitters for Fashion. He was all about the fashion brotherhood. So… If he is gonna jump ship and sign up for the S.S Mechanic Fraternity… Shouldn’t he at least have the tools for the kick?

Paige: It’s not too late.

Pearl: If he is looking to get into fashion. I can hire him to work for me. At my Business. Besides Star and I are still trying to revitalize our image and re-breathe the life back into the business. It’s a ongoing process as the Fashion Mogul Legend came and instructed for Star and I to go back to the basics. To re-work and build up the business to its former glory.

Paige: And how is that going?

Pearl: Well… I can’t say it’s a total drag. I mean… It’s not exactly a power-trip. But it’s a definite chance at re-climbing to the ivory tower of all things fashion.

Amy: *With an arm around her mom* Don’t worry, Mom. You’ll get there. Besides… this is your business. That fashion store is yours and Star’s. And as much time that you and she put into it… Some things are totally worth fighting for.

Penny: Fashion is not the whole entire world. But it is sure to be the thing that can bring the beauty to anything. Without Fashion. The world just seems dead.

Leslie: Fashion is great. Maybe i’ll come check out the store and buy some things from there sometime.

Susie: Really? Leslie, You are gonna purchase from our mom’s store?

Leslie: Of course. It is a plan. Besides that i would need a few new outfits.

Christina: Leslie, our mom’s business is barely afloat. It’s gonna take a bit more than just a few new outfits to bring the business from the dark abyss of Bankruptcy lane.

Leslie: Oh… I plan to buy some accessories from there too. I do think that the place may have its heyday before it knows what’s what.


Dinah: Leslie, *Shaking her head* This isn’t some joke. You’re offering to lend a valuable hand to the draw. But Pearl’s business is on it’s last leg. You’re just a 13 year old girl who happens to be wise beyond their time. You’re volunteering to man up and sail into a minefield of business fails. Are you really sure that you wish to pony up and step up for the 11th hour on Pearl’s and Star’s fashion business?

Hikaru Rina Rhapsody
Hikaru Rina Rhapsody

Hikaru: She’s doing a lot more than what Sakura is. She is also gone and has not been home since the other week. It isn’t that far of a coincidence that things are coming up. Leslie is offering to step up and lend a pitch of a hand. But on the Sakura front… Things are the opposite of up. and sinking fast. Sink down anymore and she’s gonna be on the slope to dark alley.


Pamela: Leslie’s a better person than Holly is. Holly has been unruly. Sid filled me in on the vengeful reprimand under Holly’s guns and arsenal.

A moment later…


Rin: *Walking in* I heard that there was a holiday party being held here.

Spencer: There is one. A Christmas party.


Cid: Hey there Young-uns’. Been a long time.

Sora: Not too long. It’s only been a couple months or so.

Rin: You have absolutely no idea. The last time we’ve all been together… It was 4 months ago. Before the Mob Dilemma began.

Carly: And before we found that our dad has been having an affair with another woman. Oh yeah… *Rolling her eyes* Such a happy time.

Blossom: Did you have to remind them of the fact that their father had an affair with another woman and practically destroyed their family?

Rin: My Apologies.

Dan: It’s Christmas… Must we really be all fighting or sparring worries like this?

Roxanne: *Risking her health being at the party* I am in line for having a baby. The tension is not something that i want to go through. Not now. You guys seriously want to get into it… now?

Katie: Come on, guys. Can’t you guys just get along? It’s all about the holiday season. A happy moment in the year. Merriment.

Jacklyn: Leslie, You’re trying to bring everyone together. And seeing us having a bit of a fight about things… It’s not something to be happy over.

Leslie: I don’t mind. I think that it’s a rather needful thing as we’re all getting things off our chest so we can get through the day. Enjoying the festivities and the joyful emotions.

Janie: How can you be so calm about it, Leslie? You put this all together and we’re all bickering.

Alex: Not exactly a rise in the party frenzy.

Charlene: Plus… I am possibly starting to feel rather icy cold. That’s not good. Not something you’d call a means to celebrate. Christmas time is supposed to feel like fun. Not feel as if it’s got drama and tension. Plus unexpected mishaps to boot. *Feeling her body get colder and colder* Just what i predicted would happen. I am starting to emit frost again.

Paul: Shouldn’t someone try to warm her up so she doesn’t go into a frosting shock…

Mr. Olson: *Walking in* There is gonna be one less person here. Alice. The Mother to Paul, Sora and Carly won’t be able to make it. She’s having a very off day today.

Leslie: Something wrong?

Sora: Is our mom okay?

Mr. Olson: Don’t worry. She is quite fine. But it’s just not a good day for her today. She’s just emotional over this day as it tends to remind her of something. Something that may have upset her. But she does wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays.

Ilsa: *Walking in* Zeke is gonna be a little late. Something came up at the Pub this morning and he’s taking care of it.

Arnold: The Radio Station is safe. I’ve got it playing a 700 Song set. With a bunch of Christmas Tunes and tracks. So it’s good.


Rhonda: That’d do you good, dear. However that Radio station has made you lose track of what’s going on with Jenna. She’s been seen with her friend Suzanne Sexton and they’ve been… Changing each other. I already stopped it 5 times already. I caught them starting to do it and was like: “Hell no.” That shit isn’t gonna happen. But i swear… if this continues… Jenna’s gonna be sent to school with nothing but a shirt and a diaper. The whole part of her feeling safer in them because of what happened to her. That’s fine. She can wear them. It’s fine. But to get into changing her friend and her friend changing her… Then it getting to where she’s an adult baby diaper lover? No. That’s just not gonna happen. Not in the least. That’s not gonna be allowed to go on. I don’t know what is going on with Jenna as of recent… But there is no way that the Diaper girl kick is gonna go on. That’s one thing which won’t bite.


Sid: Wish i could say the same about my daughter Holly. She’s missing and i haven’t been able to find her at all since that afternoon when the schools let out for winter break. She was said to be now on the streets alone.


Sheriff Adams: *Looking at Leslie* You sure been stirring up a whole lot of ruckus over this party. Good heavens, young lady. You looking to stir up an uproar?

Leslie: No. I am just trying to hold a peaceful party. That’s all.

Sheriff Adams: Normally… I’d stick upon my lawful abiding instincts and haul your hide to the iron jail cell for disturbing the peace. But… what the heck. It’s Christmas. I got to say though that for a young teen like you… You’re a cunning critter who just is full of energy.


Heinz: That maybe so… Aber Sie sind sicher, dass es gut in immer alle aktiv in der Gebühr für das Fest und die Partei. Jeder, das Rattern und Sprechen auf zahlreichen Themen. (But you’re sure doing well in getting everyone active in gathering for the feast and the party. Everyone’s chattering and speaking upon numerous subjects.)

Gabe: I guess that if you were shooting for a very involved and totally communicating Christmas party… You definitely got it. Wouldn’t it be just expected to have the party getting started?

Leslie: The party has begun. We have a full house. Most of the people who are on the list and are supposed to be here… are here. *Looking at her girlfriend* I am just glad that everyone’s having a good time.

Blossom: I am glad that there’s a party. Leslie, You must have had all this planned.

Leslie: Kinda. I just wanted to spread the holiday cheer around a bit. Not only that… I didn’t want to spend Christmas alone. Christmas is no fun when you’re facing the idea that you’re gonna be all alone during the holidays. It’s just no fun.

Zoey: It’s been a really trying year. Or… At least a trying couple of months.

Sora: Plus the fact that some of us have been facing some hardships. Like a cheating father.

Zoey: A mother who left the family. Changing her name and severing all ties to the family. But was diving into the X-rated Modeling and the Pornography. Doing drugs. Snorting Cocaine, Smoking and posing naked and having sex with any man that came to her. Literally pushing my dad to a state of a drinking binge. Drinking till he got close to a stupor. But he got out from that. Just by luck.

Molly: *Walking in with Michelangelo* Are we too late for the Christmas Party?

Michelangelo: We didn’t miss anything. Did we?

Leslie: No. You’re here on time. Not a problem.


Malachi: That’s good. Gotta say that… my Bro here was talking about the whole idea of you putting together a party for the holiday. I didn’t see any reason as to why we couldn’t come along and join in on the party. Michelangelo here also tells of your building a Massive Stadium. But are in need of Vendors. Funds and the whole shebang.

Leslie: he told you about it?

Malachi: Uh… yeah. He did. I think it’s pretty sick. I like it. Blitzball? Sounds like a little leap of faith and a dip into the avenue of FF-X. But… sounds rather seductive. If there is something to be done… Hell… I’ll pitch in.


Curtis: Blitzball? Something about that is striking a familiarity.

Curtis looks back…

“Tidus grabbed the ball and started swimming over to the goers side of the pool and heading right for the goal… But was blocked by 3 people. He was only a couple feet away but enough where he could shoot and the goalie wouldn’t be able to catch it… Tidus Performed the Jecht shot. Hitting Abus… Doram and then jumping up, Spinning. Within seconds, he Kicked the hard and fast flying to the goalie… It whizzed right on by and flew past the goalie. The goalie couldn’t catch it…

Bobba: Goooaaaal! The Aurochs scored first.  they made the first goal. What a lucky break for the Aurochs.

The next one was grabbed by Bickson and he was not gonna let go of the ball easily. Serena swam off over to him and confronted him. She tackled him hard and with a bit of strength. losing Bickson the Ball. She grabbed the ball and swam hard and made the pass over to Jassu who caught it and swam onwards. He made it over to the spot that was near the goalie and Passed it back to Serena who wasn’t far behind. She grinned and looked at the others before performing her version of the Jecht shot. She performed the “Thunder Star” Shot.

Bobba: Serena hits the ball and it smacks into Balgerda… then into Graav and Bickson. She’s leaping into the air, She Spins… She kicks… Whoa! Look at that kick… The ball flies past Abus and he is unable to catch it… It soars over to the goalie and the goalie is unable to block it… It hits… Gooooooaaaaaaaaaal! The score is unbelievable. The Aurochs are in the lead with the score 2 – o.

A second later…

Bobba: Graav wins the ball…

Spencer: Serena is good. She’s got that shot.

Clint: What about Tidus? He performed that shot. Those Goers didn’t even know what the heck hit them whatsoever.

Annie: They were nearly clueless and without a clue at all.

Luna: Dinah’s got a strong sporting daughter in Serena. She’s quick on the swimming.

Zoey: But those Goers are gonna try to score and take back the court.

Alvin: It’s gonna be okay. Serena and Tidus and the Aurochs will make it.

Paul: That’s right. They’ll make it. They already made two points so far, haven’t they?

Sora: *Watching the game*

Carly: *Watching the game*

Bobba: *Announcing* The Goers scored… it’s getting interesting folks. The Aurochs are holding their own and the Goers are coming in to match points… It’s at the 3 minute mark and the score is Aurochs 2… Goers 1. This championship game has been kicking up with an interesting turn of event. The outcome became different than last year. The goers were dominating the match. But this year… There’s a different outcome. The Aurochs are with a flare of determination like none other.

At the 4 minute 30 second mark of the first half of the finals…

Inside the Sphere pool…

Tidus grabbed the ball and swam for the close range of the goalie. He made it half way there before being blocked… Confronted by 3 of the Goers. He made another attempt at performing the Jecht Shot. He let the ball hit Doram and Abus and then went in for the spin and then the kick….

Bobba: He shoots…. raudy can’t catch it and it…. Gooooooooaaaaaal!”

Curtis: That’s a colossal idea. *Looking at his daughter and nephews* I’m all for it. However… I don’t know if Metropolis is quite ready yet for the Blitzball run. But the idea is pretty darn catchy.

Sora: I agree. The idea is really amazing. But this city is a few years behind on the advancement for anything quite like this.

Erica H.: Not really. I think that this could be the start of something more. Something real. This is a hankering for some fresh blood and fresh entertainment. There’s no mistake. I wouldn’t mind being a part of something like this.

Doralee H.: Same here, young lady. *Looking at Leslie* You might be in need of parts from time to time which will help with the build from time to time. Why not have us be a couple of convoys and we can go and get some of the material that is needed and bring it over to where the construction site is that the Massive Build happens to be at?

Leslie: That’d be nice. However… I don’t think it’d do much good without the funding or the money to help pay for it. Plus… alot of the material is gonna need to be rather unique and customized. Are you sure that you’d be willing to do it?

Doralee H.: Sure… With something like this build… You’re gonna need all the help that you can muster on getting.


At Where Sakura was…

Wade’s Apartment…

Wade: Rowanda, Have you changed your thing yet?

Sakura: *Watching T. V and feeling miserable* It’s Christmas. I feel as if i am missing out on the whole party.

Rowanda Strickland- Wade's younger sister
Rowanda Strickland- Wade’s younger sister

Rowanda: Sakura, You did choose to smoke. Plus you’re also now wearing diapers too. You have one of mines on. How’s it feel?

Sakura: Kinda crinkly.

Rowanda: It will… The feeling takes a little time to get used to.

Sakura: What about how my mom and sisters would see it?

Wade: That… we don’t know. We would like to say one way or the other… but this is something you’re gonna need to find out for yourself.

Rowanda: *Walking into the other room and setting up to change herself* Sakura, I know that you’re having something go on with your parents and sisters. But you should seek on making some type of equal ground with them. With your sisters, how they might feel about you now wearing diapers…That’s gonna be a little hard for them to accept and they’re probably gonna try to control you. force you to stop.

Sakura: You may be right. However… I don’t care. I am through caring about what my mom thinks. Or my sisters for that matter. They want to disregard me and see me as just a mistake as they can’t stand to see that i’ve changed a little… The hell with them. *Sighs* Maybe i am supposed to not have a family. I was born a Rhapsody… But, it doesn’t mean that i have to live as one.

Wade: So you’re gonna just cast out your own mother. Father… Sisters. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandmothers, Grandfathers. All of them. You’re gonna just cast them all off like they’re nothing?

Sakura: No. I just will live my life differently than theirs. They go with their lives… I’ll go with mine.

Wade: That seems to be as if… you’re giving up on your family and going morally rogue.

Rowanda: *Shaking her head* That’s sad to think about when you really take that time to just think about it.

Sakura: Maybe. *Feeling her butt crinkling up* However… What else am i supposed to do? My mother won’t speak to me. She won’t even look at me. Or acknowledge me. Why do i even bother trying anymore to get through to her? Or get through to any of them? It is quite clear that nothing i do will work.

Wade: I feel for you, Sakura. I really do. You have come here to stay for a while… To spare yourself of them for sometime. It isn’t gonna be that hard to tear away from them. You are already on the dark side of them. I think that if it goes on… You could truly go on the dark side of your personality.

Sakura: That’s if i’m not already there as it is…

Sakura was losing hope for ever winning back the love and the care from her sisters and mother. It was as though she was never gonna be loved again by her own mother. It was Christmas. But with the sour treatment that came to her over the last couple or so weeks… the cheer that she felt was just not there. Her mother was believed to not even be thinking of her. As though to her… Sakura didn’t exist. How could Dinah treat her daughter so poorly? Why? Was there more to it than that… More to it than just what was on the surface?

Back at the Metropolis Hotel…

The Grand Ball Room…

There was a huge party going on and music was being played…

The party was really alive with laughter and joy! Leslie looked around and seen all the happy faces of family and friends and was grateful that they had all come together to laugh and enjoy the holiday season. There was nothing better than that and Leslie knew what she did… It wasn’t for her. It wasn’t for face time and or some self-acclaimed reason to pull some charade to fool. This was her holiday fulfillment and something that she wished to share with her friends and allies… Her girlfriend…

Blossom: When is the Present passing gonna happen? The anticipation is just driving everyone so full of excite that they’re itching to burst.

Zoey: Plus… The dancing. It’s amazing. Everyone’s really enjoying themselves.

Leslie: I know that it was like the last minute… and such short notice. But i really didn’t savor in spending christmas all by myself. It just wouldn’t have been a speck of fun at all.

Molly: It doesn’t seem to be the least bit fun knowing that you’re still apart from your parents, Leslie. I mean… You’re better with being the happy one. Not being all depressed and lonesome. You’re supposed to be… you know… Complete.

Leslie: That’s true. I am supposed to be that. I am actually hoping to sometime soon be all in with being back together with my parents. However… I am not quite ready yet.

Paige: *Walking over* You’re missing your parents, aren’t you…Leslie?

Leslie: Yeah. I am. but i am sure that some would know what that is like… if it ever were to happen to them. I am sure that it never would… However, there is one thing that i am curious about.

Paige: What?

Leslie: I see alot of people here. I see the Trio. The Rusoe sisters… you guys. The older fighters of the new Gen. I see a whole bunch of the Allies. But where’s Sakura?

Dinah: Sakura?! *Walking over* Sakura isn’t one of us. She ran away from home and just never bothered to come back. We don’t even know where she’s at. I got her gifts still wrapped. Where ever she is… I just hope that she’s safe.

Molly: *Walking away annoyed* …

Zoey: Molly? *Looking over at Molly; Watching Molly walk off* Molly, What’s up?

Blossom: Was there something bugging you?

Molly: Don’t ask. But look at that woman there.

Leslie: Who?

Molly: Dinah. That’s who. Not long ago. Maybe a few weeks ago… she came out and just made Sakura feel as though she was hated.

Dinah: That’s not true.

Molly: Who’re you trying to bull? It is true as I wasn’t the only one there to hear. Michelangelo was there too… he also heard it.

“Dinah: *Walking out and intervening* Excuse me! She is my daughter and i will be however i choose to be towards her. Right now i am giving her the cold. It’ll give her what for. Our family doesn’t condone smoking and that’s the way it is. I don’t care if it hurts. Until she quits it… She won’t be getting any kindness or compassion. I won’t let up either. She was raised to be a whole lot better than how she’s acting.”

Dinah: Yeah… I said it… But it doesn’t mean that i don’t love her. I am just very disappointed in her. She should have known better and have had better judgement in what she was doing.

Zoey: Like me?

Dinah: Yeah.

Zoey: Aunt Dinah… Sakura is doing it because she is hooked on it. But she didn’t even want to do it. She didn’t think that she’d just go with it and get herself hooked. She only tried one to see on shaking me out of the habit. Which puts me in the drivers seat for guilt. I didn’t even mean for her to get herself hooked. I was just going through Teen Angst. That was all it was. Not rebellion and not for the sole idea to become the family bad girl. I made my own mistake and you know what… I am kinda entitled to do so as i am only like… what… 13 going on 14 soon. I am still young. But i am aware of what i’ve done. However… what the hell do you expect from me? My mom… Luna. She left my father and Me. Left Charlie too. She’s gone. I had to watch her leave and not even beg for her to stay. No amount of begging would make her stay and she was by that time… So deep into the Porn and X-rated modeling the Nudity… that i could feign a little life threatening illness and still not get through to her. Smoking was my only outlet to let out and express my pain and hurt. My heartache.

Blossom: And of course i did the habit because Leslie… She was doing it for a time. Yeah. I didn’t have a good enough reason for it. But i still did it. Leslie did it because she was in the Mob and she had to make the whole thing look good. Convincing. She got hooked on the habit a bit. But got herself cleaned up. As have i. But… Sakura. She was only doing it to shake Zoey from it. Failed at it though… even though she tried to shake it from her. By you giving her that cold shoulder and the lack of compassion, Aunt Dinah… You broke her. Crushed her and she is now with the idea and the belief that you hate her. Hate and want nothing of her. Got the others to feel the same as you.

Dinah: *Sighs* … What do you want from me, Blossom? What the hell do you want from your Aunt here? You know that i am a certain way with your cousins… the ones who’re my kids. Your Uncle Shingo… he’s a certain way as well. You know that we don’t allow smoking in our family. Never. When your Aunt… or Ex-Aunt Luna was 13… She was smoking… we found out and got on her about it.

Dinah flashes back…

“Luna: *Walking out into the Kitchen* Morning sis. Shingo.

Shingo: *Looking to see Luna* Morning Luna.

Dinah: Sleep well?

Luna: Yeah. I slept rather well… I did however have this strange dream last night.

Dinah: You did? About what?

Luna: Not sure… it was just so weird. I have been having dreams about the demon again. I don’t know why as there is nothing i can do. I am just a normal girl with a not so good secret.

Shingo: The secret? That we know. We know about the habit. I am not happy about it. Dinah’s not happy either. But if nothing else… we’re gonna keep it hushed up. Unless you decide to come out with it. But We want you to at least try to fix it. Somehow.

Dinah: What do you mean that you were having dreams about the Demon? You talking about Scath again… aren’t you?

Luna: Yeah… him. I have been having the dreams about him. I don’t know why. but i  have had these dreams about him. I haven’t told Zeke about the dreams because it’s too early to get him involved with it. He’s not ready and i don’t think that it’s fair to have him in on the issues of ours just yet. I don’t want to go through the same treatment i got from everyone when it came out that i Brought Martin into the situation.

But a second later… Dinah shifted into being hard-Nosed and opened up the one Drawer reaching in and pulling out two packs.  Dinah was disgusted and sore about the idea that her young sister was smoking. Dinah Slammed them on the counter and looked silent at Luna. demanding an explanation.

Luna: *Looking at the packs* What are these? Where did you get them?

Dinah: Oh don’t be playing the dumb card. Sis, I want to know where these came from. Actually i know where. They came from your friend Pamela and the boy Zeke. But i would guess that they belong to you. Don’t they?

Luna: *Sarcastically* Well… The red one does. but the other one… doesn’t. That’s Pamela’s. And it’s true. I took up smoking. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to start it. I was pushed to doing it… I don’t know what came over me. I really don’t.

Dinah: You’re sorry?! SORRY?! That’s not a good enough answer. I want to know what would make you screw yourself up so much. Taking up smoking Cigarettes at age 13. What would make you do that? Don’t you even dare tell me it’s peer pressure from school. Because i never had that happen back then to me. I never had moments like that. Ever. But… You do? Why?

Luna: I don’t know. How do i know? It isn’t like i love the habit.

Shingo: Well… you must love it since you won’t stop it. I know you do it. I placed the pieces together on Valentines day when you had mentioned to Martin that you had a pack of Marlboro. i saw the pack fall out of your pocket. I heard that you also said that they were Zeke’s. I am sure that he smokes. but then you tell Martin that you were holding the pack of Cigarettes for Zeke and didn’t even know that they were in your pocket. When something is in the pocket… you’d know because you would feel it.

Luna: What am i? On trial?

Dinah: *Disappointed* No. You’re not on trial here. But we are very angry with you. We don’t hate you… but we are really not happy. Plus… What is this about you acting out in school?

Luna: *Looking confused and Shocked* What? What are you talking about? I never acted out in school.

Shingo: Wrong. You were acting out in school How do we know? We got calls from the school stating as such. Luna… we got enough to handle. Plus your sisters and the fighters all have a Demon to put out of production at the end of the year here. The V.R.A and other things. they have class. Plus i have work. We can’t be sticking close to you 24/7.

Dinah: Plus… we got calls stating that you were concealing Illegal products in school. Concealing Cigarettes in school. Luna, I maybe just a sister. Not a Mother. to you. but on the front of sisterly love and being a parent… herself to 3 girls. Time for some tough love…

Luna: Why are you blaming me? It’s not like i planned that this would happen.

Dinah: Then Why? Why did it?

Luna: Martin.

Dinah: What about him?

Luna: I don’t know. Things between me and him have gone not so good. Terrible even. But lately… since the middle of last month. he and i have been reaching odds. About Zeke. Ever since i started to help Zeke get a footing in school. Get him friends. and yes. I am gonna admit that i ran into him at the park the next morning after the sleepover and saw that he was smoking.

Shingo: You should have been smart, Luna. You should have taken that as a sign to stay away from him when he’s doing his habit. Not let it rub off on you and you go asking him for a pack.

Luna: Then i guess that’s my problem now… Isn’t it? You have any idea how much sleep i get a night. Every night? Do you?

Dinah: You get plenty of sleep. So don’t go there.

Luna: You would think that i would get alot of sleep… wouldn’t you? Nice thought. I wish it were true. but the truth is that… i don’t.

Shingo: How is that?

Luna: It is because as soon as i start to go into a deep sleep and i just try to get a good night’s sleep. the nightmares of the Ex-Grandmother would start coming in. That’s why. It happens every night. I don’t get the sleep that i need because of it. I toss and turn every night. Fearing that the woman would only threaten to come back. It got to be too much one night and on the night of the Sleepover… I made a decision to change my ways of thinking however i could. I the next morning… found Zeke and saw him smoking a Cigarette. he stopped the minute he saw me. I made him stop. just for that moment. I even asked him for a pack of Marlboro. He was reluctant. But did it in the end.

Dinah: So because of the nightmares… you just happened to go for the habit. You ruined your life. You do know that, right?

Luna: I get that. I messed up. I of course do it to push Martin. away.

Shingo: Why? Why would you do that to him? He loved you.

Luna: I was with nightmares of the Abuse and couldn’t sleep. I asked Zeke for a pack. He did the right thing. He told me to sleep on it and be sure it was what i wanted.

Dinah: And that’s what you should have done. You should have had better sense.

Shingo: That’s right. You should have been more responsible and just thought twice about it. But you went and done it anyway.

Luna: The 14th of February was when i had been smoking for about a week. Martin suspected it at the time but didn’t know till i finally told him the other night. He didn’t take to it well at all. I hurt him with the truth. It was a huge blowout between me, him, Zeke and Pamela. Pamela was not happy with Martin at all for how he was treating Zeke. She wanted to beat him up. I got her to stop. Martin i found out also drinks too.

Shingo: He does?

Luna: Yes. He does. Vincent doesn’t know about it. I didn’t tell him.

Dinah: Why not?

Luna: Because he’s been through enough with the fact that Martin’s broken by the fact that i have a habit. I didn’t want to add to the mess and tell Vincent that Martin’s drinking Alcohol. There is only so much drama and mess and pain a person can deal before they crack. I wasn’t gonna put more on his plate.

Shingo: What else is there?

Dinah: There’s more…. isn’t there?

Luna: Yes… There is. Several people have caught him drinking… Even a girl… Someone named Sam Puckett. She caught sight of him Drinking. Which gets me really mad because Here Martin gets on my case because i happen to smoke. and all the while telling me that he would never do anything to hurt me. He goes out and starts Drinking. Like it’s okay for him. But if i were to do it… It’s wrong. He treats me like dirt too.

Dinah: And…?

Luna: I think that i may be falling out of love with Martin.

Shingo: You are?

Dinah: When did this start going on?

Luna: after i was rescued from the Abductor. These feelings started forming and i just grew to stop feeling much for him. I can’t bother to love him when all he’s done lately since the 15th of January this year… was control me. tell me to stop being around Zeke. Telling me how to live… how to feel. who i should be with. who i should have as friends. He’s become a Womanizer and i can’t take it anymore.

Dinah: Martin, was Womanizing you? Controlling you? This is terrible. Is this the same Martin who’s also a hero… and goes to the same school as you do?

Luna: Yes. it is.

Shingo: If you’ve fallen out of love with him, Luna… You should tell him that you’re gonna break up with him. Not lead him on and think that things are still all peachy. Not leaving him wondering and let him think that things are gonna be okay again and that things will be back to how they once were. If you are wanting to break up with him. Do so… don’t play with his heart. because that’s what a Bitch would do to a guy. How bad has it really gotten between you and Martin?

Luna: Enough where we can’t stand to be in the same place together for long periods of time. That’s how bad it has gotten.

Dinah: It is probably because he sees that you’re self destructing and is trying to help you. But you don’t seem to care. And on the part where you don’t act out in class… I got news for you, Sis. You do act up. You know how i know… i got a couple calls on my cell. Stating as such. Two of them went off while i was in class during a Lecture that my professor was giving. I almost got kicked out of the class because of it. *Opening her cellphone and getting into the Voicemail; Playing the Voicemail and setting it to Speaker*

Dinah’s VoiceMail: *Playing the Message* Message from (618) 524-2645 on March 2nd at 11: 39 AM.: “This is Mr, Wallsberg, Luna’s Science teacher. I am calling on regards to your Daughter’s behavior in class. She’s been coming in the last week wearing make-up and distracting the class with her constant interruptions. She’s been cussing and refusing to listen to the instructions. She got one of the fellow students here feeling hurt by her attitude. I don’t know what has gotten into her. But whatever it is… I suggest it gets dealt with As soon as possible. Thank you.”

Dinah: This one…

Dinah’s Voicemail: *Playing the message* Message from (618) 524-2645 on March 5th at 12:50 P.M.: “Yes, Mrs. Rhapsody. this is Mrs. Wolf. Luna’s Math teacher. I don’t know how to say this without stepping over bounds as this will hurt… but your Daughter is a Disciplinary problem. She comes in fine and ready to work. but the moment she sits down in class… she starts making snide comments on everything that is said. I don’t know what’s gotten into her. But if she keeps it up we will have to meet and take disciplinary actions about it.”

Dinah: There is more than that. But those are just some of the calls we got. Luna, It wouldn’t hurt so bad if we were to be told about it… But we had to find out about your Smoking by seeing the packs laying on the ground in the backyard.

Luna: *Feeling ashamed and starting to get upset* I’m sorry Dinah. I didn’t mean to let this out. I didn’t mean to hide anything or lie.

Dinah: Well… you did. *Angry and hurt* You lied to us. You said that everything would be fine and that you’d never stoop down to taking up a habit like this. That you’d be strong willed. YOU LIED! To me. To everyone.

Luna: But… Dinah. It’s not like that. *Quivering and upset* I’m sorry.

Dinah: Sorry is not gonna cut it. You are messing up and it’s getting us to believe that there isn’t a good person left inside you anymore. Luna, You’re turning into someone we do not recognize anymore. It hurts us because we are seeing it and it is changing how we see you. You’re not like the sweet girl we knew before. You’ve changed. You’re still family. Family is forever… but we can no longer look at you the same way again. Ever.

Luna: *Looking at Dinah as tears start welling up in her eyes and begins to break down* Yeah. that’s right. I get battered by Martin because i help Zeke and he’s the good guy. I crack because of the nightmares and end up smoking because of it… i explain the reasons and i am the bad one. I am always being targeted by everyone. Martin probably hates me and is possibly cheating on me. but he’s the good guy. *Crying* You’re supposed to be my sister. Be there to take away the pain. My Issues that i am going through. *Grabbing her pack and looking at it* So much getting sympathy and understanding. I might as well just continue smoking. since i don’t have the reason to quit. *Running out and taking off to the park* Thanks a lot!”

Dinah: we got on her the same way and it won’t stop. Blossom, You should know that our family has never tolerated the darker side of living. The darker side of ourselves. Ever. Now as for Zoey doing the smoking. She is hurting herself by doing so. She is hurt because of Luna walking and abandoning her and the family. Throwing away the thing that is fundamental to a person. Zoey’s acting out. But smoking… Smoking is not a way to do it. It’s a lead to health issues that only beg to be created.

Leslie: I guess that you’d be aiming at me and telling me that i was being wrong over doing it too. for that short time?

Dinah: No. Leslie, I am not gonna aim at you with that. You’re not a Rhapsody. You’re with your own merits and own path. It is just one that seems to be straggled and tethered to ours. With Blossom as your north. Zoey as an Ally.

Leslie: And i take it that you don’t seem to like me?

Dinah: *Scoffs* Oh god… Please. It isn’t like that at all. You are a good person. It’s what Sid believes. as do others. You’re a good person who only happened to stumble down a side path and just made a few wrong choices. But haven’t lost yourself completely. That you’re trying to fix the wrongs in your life. the wrong choices that you’ve made. It isn’t that i don’t like you, Leslie. Besides… I do happen to like you. Not too sure that i fully trust you. Yet. But i really happen to like you. And i do gather that from how Blossom and the 3 girls speak of you and your fighting prowess. You happen to have a little of that same spirit i once had.

Leslie: I do?

Dinah: You do.

Leslie: *Thinking* Wait… Blossom had told me about her family in some detail once before. Mentioned something about you being this loose wire. Said that you were known as Miss Lightning in a Bottle. *Gasps* …

Leslie pauses for a second and realizes something…

One of my Aunts is the known hero Thunder Mistress. Miss Lightning in a bottle. “Danger Zone” Dinah.”

Leslie: You’re her. You’re “Danger Zone” Dinah. Aren’t you?

Dinah: I am. Or… Let’s say that… i used to be. However… now that i am with kids and am thereby… A Mother. Those days are long time gone. However… I won’t say that it is gonna be forever gone. If ever that need comes of it. But only to come to my Kids rescue. If that time were to ever come. A Mother will do anything and whatever it would take to be there and to come to her kids side. Father’s mean business. But are also fun. But Mother’s… They may be calm over everything. Being Gentle. Being there to comfort their Children. But when someone were to screw and mess with her kids. Putting them in danger… That’s when she fights back. When they are in need of it the most. Even if they’re not. She’s there for them.

Leslie: Just like me being there for my friends and family. And the same going for my parents being there for me. When they let me go to save me from the attacks of the residing upper class… It was like they were sacrificing their hearts. Seeing that i was spared from pain of being the target of the taunts which were coming from the snooty upperclassmen…

As for Janie, Alex and Charlene… They were sitting at a table and enjoying the holiday atmosphere…

Leslie glances around the room which now was full beyond capacity. The music was playing a beautiful holiday melody and there were people dancing as it did. Leslie seen her parents and was overwhelmed with the knowledge that even though they are not completely together yet and all matters have not yet
been resolved the point was that they still came. They came to share this festive occasion with her. The only problem was that she wasn’t ready to be back with them yet. It wasn’t time and that was not about to change at that time. However with it being the holiday season. She didn’t seem to care. Leslie welcomed them to the party. What she didn’t know was that there was one more in the family. But they were gonna keep that a secret till the timing was right. The Party was amazing…

Annie: *Looking at her brother* Great party huh?

Clint: Yeah. Leslie pulled it off somehow. She must have had some deep connections or something as this must have required for a team of 20 people to work out this party and the decorations.

Theodore: I don’t know about you guys though… But i’m gonna get to enjoying the party. It’s a nice peaceful atmosphere and i don’t intend to waste it.

Rita: *Having one of the Holiday cookies* These are good. So is the Music. Kinda makes a person want to dance.

Theodore: *Looking at Rita* Would you like to dance?

Rita: You’re asking for me to have this dance with you, Theodore? *Blushing*

Theodore: Sure. It’s Christmas and i do think that it’s right to be dancing with my girlfriend. You. Dancing with the most charming and alluring girl around. Sweet and innocent. Plus smart.

Rita: *Blushing* Ohhhh! Theodore, you’re romantic. You’re making this girl blush.

Theodore and Rita then got up and went to the center of the ballroom and started to dance. They weren’t the only ones who were dancing…

Raven and her boyfriend Lorenzo were on the beat for dancing. Sapphire and her boyfriend George. Perry and his girlfriend Kirsten Marsh. Charlie Zoey’s Brother and Krissy Caine. Zoey and Michelangelo. Even Blossom and Leslie danced. But while they were dancing to the Music #.

While they danced…

Tess: *Walking in* Holiday cheer takes a whole new meaning.

Genevieve: This place is covered with Christmas Decorations. Every corner is with wreaths and Mistletoe.

Mr. Breslin: Who on Earth could come up with such a festive design such as this?

Mr. Morgan: Whoever’s the mastermind behind this decorative outlay for the Holiday party… really speaks out as someone who’s got a little too much time on their hands. A Normal person would need hours to come up with something this monumental. There’s the planning and the designing. Then the organizing and deciding on what piece goes where and how. Who could have done this?

Chloe: *Grins* I have a likely suspicion on who it could have been.

Tess: There’s one guess and i think it’s already clear as to who it is… *Looking to the side and seeing a Blonde haired girl dancing with one of the fighters* The eye in the sky is spying sight of a Blond Ex-Mob girl in the room.

Chloe: *Spotting the girl dancing with one of the fighters* That’s… Rita the Hammer. Or… is that just plain rich girl Leslie T. Burke. The foretold Founder of the massive stadium people have been reporting to have seen being built or under construction?

Genevieve: I think that it is her. She looks like the same girl foretold in the news reels that we picked up through the Overheads at the Watchtower.

Tess: She’s got a strong resemblance. Too Strong. I think that she is the same girl we keep seeing in the news reels.

Over by the dancing portion of the grand ball room…

Leslie: *Smiles and Slow dancing with Blossom* You’re a sweet dancer. Blossom, Where did… where did you learn to dance?

Blossom: I… Kinda taught myself. I mean… it isn’t that hard to do the disco two-step. Or for one to do a slow dance or what have you. You know that dancing… It’s all about grace and precision. Or so my mom has told me. Rhythm. Rhythm is the most important to any dance as it’s the sole ingredient for romancing a person… and it is the key for the ebb and flow of any dance you can think of.

Leslie: Your mom told you that?

Blossom: Yeah. She playfully danced with me a few times when i was like a very young girl. But when i was like… i think… 8 or 9. She told me about what certain dances are meant for. *Dancing with Leslie* She may be a reporter for the Daily Planet… But she is no dense newspaper rag drone. She knows things just as any.

Leslie: I believe it. I guess that i never really figured that you saw it in such a way. Just as well as seeing it in the very way that your mom had taught you or passed on to you.

Blossom: *Smiles* Oh… It’s okay. I am sure that your parents might have taught you something in relevance to dancing.

Leslie: I wouldn’t know. I guess that they may have. *Dancing* But it’s been a couple years since the last that they’ve shown me how. I can do it. I just was never shown. I practically had to teach myself. *Feeling awkward* That’s kinda awkward… plus sad. Isn’t it?

Blossom: No. Sometimes a self-taught person can be proven to be rather swift and a skillful dancer all on their own. Finding their own Rhythm.

Leslie: *Looking to the side and dancing greatly with Blossom* Wha- Blossom, Who’re those guys that just came through the door?

Blossom: Which ones?

Leslie: There are 3 ladies and 2 guys that are here and i don’t know them. Who’re they?

Blossom: *Turning to see who Leslie was talking about* Watchtower…

Leslie: Watchtower?! *Lost* What’s that? Who’s Watchtower? What’s a Watchtower? You’re not talking about Jehovah Witnesses… are you?

Blossom: Um… No. Try something of a different meaning. A secret official headquarters of people who have special abilities and who are… heroes. That Blonde woman there… That’s the one known as Watchtower herself. A Codename for herself. But that there… She’s known as Chloe Sullivan. Queen. She’s the one who’s known as the most slickest Blonde that anyone’d ever meet.

Leslie: Meaning… What? Exactly.

Blossom: She’s also a hacker too… However… She’s been like a beacon for the heroes. The two ladies that are with her… That’s Tess Mercer.  She used to be CEO of Luthorcorp. But now… She’s revitalized as a valued and resourceful asset to the Watchtower team. She used to be all about selfish gain and suited up for the Kandorians. Like Major Zod and the Kandorian Army. Also was a Checkmate Agent. However she gave all that up and proven time and time again that’s she is on the good side and all for doing what is right. The other lady there is Genevieve Teague. She’s one of the said members of Veritas. A secret society that was formed to watch and protect the one known as the traveler. That’d be Clark. However… She’s not the only one. There was Edward Teague. He was also a member. However… he faked his death to escape the nightmare and that way he’d be safe. Lionel Luthor was also a member of the group. He had all members of the society killed so he could have the Traveler to himself and was called up on it. By a Patricia Swann. The Daughter to renown scientist Virgil Swann. the one who went all howard hughes and pulled a J.D Salinger. devoting all his time to looking for little green men. But kept an eye out for the one everyone knows as Clark… But those close to Clark know him as his Kryptonian name. There was also Mr. and Mrs. Queen. The parents to CEO of Queen Industries. Oliver Queen. They too were members of the group. That’s who she is. But she is also said to be deemed in fact… a direct descendant to the enchanting Duchess Gertrude. One who turned out to be after the 3 stones of power. *Chuckles* A lot of detail… isn’t it?

Leslie: Yeah. *Shaking her head a little* All that detail… It’s making my head a little swimmy.

Blossom: Don’t feel bad. The first time that i heard it all… My head felt it’s own version of 20,000 leagues under the sea. Information wise, that is.

Leslie: That’s saying something. And from the sounds of it… This is like your family was living it’s own version of the show called Smallville.

Blossom: Uh… No. Leslie, that would be suspecting too much. I very well doubt that the guy who normally is all wishy-washy and willing to be certifiably self-righteous and a Martyr… dealt with the likes of a Drule King. A overzealous Queen Beryl. Trigon the Terrible. I doubt that he put up with all that. Then Sin. Then wrestle against the Ogdru Jahad.

Leslie: Sounds like it though. It seems to appear a little too too familiar.

Blossom: It does seem a little too similar. But it’s not like that. It really isn’t.

Leslie: *Looking to see the 3 ladies walking over* They’re coming over…

Tess: *Walking over and Standing beside Chloe and Genevieve* You must be the one they call the Mob girl. Rita the Hammer.

Leslie: *Drawn back* I wouldn’t… i wouldn’t know about that. But i guess that i was. However, I am not that anymore.

Tess: Even so… You made quite a name for yourself. Then to pull away from the Mob and paying off all your debt. Plus Building a massive building. That’s a feat that is clearly way beyond your skill. How are you pulling this off?

Leslie: With help from all my friends.

Blossom: Leslie also has a girlfriend too. Me.

Leslie: *Nods*

Blossom: *Introducing* Leslie, Meet the members of Watchtower. Tess Mercer, Ex-CEO of Luthorcorp and full-time, permanent devoted server of the cause for good. Genevieve Teague. Direct Descendant to the illustrious Duchess Gertrude. She is also said to be a researcher in Elemental powers and Development coordination. Vast resources in the Political aspect in weapons coordination. We also have the Original founder of Watchtower. The one who started it all. Chloe Sullivan-Queen. Technical hacker, The Brain of Watchtower and the Slickest Blonde ever to meet in the hero business. She’s also an Ex-Reporter of the Daily Planet. But the reigning reporter of the School Newspaper of Smallville High. The Torch. Tess, Genevieve… Chloe. Meet officially my best friend and girlfriend, Leslie T. Burke. Rich girl and Ex-Mob girl.

Leslie: *Smiles and waves a little* Hi.

Tess: She’s a nice looking person. Kind and courteous. But rather shy.

Blossom: It’s not you guys. It’s just that her knowing now about the Watchtower somewhat… It’s a little much to take in.

Genevieve: Oh… It’s quite alright. Although… i think that she might already know about the Watchtower as she knows you and the clan.

Blossom: I don’t think so. I never mentioned anything about that to her. The only thing that she might know about it is that its a secret headquarters for those who are of the super powered intent. Plus she once used my communicator. When you tried to reach me on the night where the Mask was at the Park and he was trying to put the cops and swat teams into a type of trans. So he could flee. She only used the communicator on my behalf.

Tess: Oh. We remember. That was the same night where she was said to have broken from the Mob.

Blossom: She broke from the Mob that night and had me follow suit. Which the only irony over that was… I was to save her from the Mob and do so by becoming what she was turning into. However… it turned out that she did the pulling from the Mob and then lead me away from the Mob along with her.

Chloe: Sounds to me that she is a hero. Nice to know of a person’s act of heroism.

Leslie: *In Surprise* A hero? Me?! Uh, Don’t get me on the wrong foot. But i am nothing like a hero. I still have some unresolved demons to wipe away. Besides… I don’t think that i am gonna be anything resembling a hero.

Tess: Anyone can be a hero. All it takes is an act of heroism. A small moment of heroic determination. Doing the right thing and protecting someone. That’s a hero. Saving a person’s life. That’s the mark of a hero.

Blossom: Unlike those who have been there and done it. Ones who happen to have special abilities that most do not.

Chloe: Anyone can be a hero. It just takes that one moment of reaching that point. serving a cause. lifting a friend up when they’re in need. Coming to a person’s aid. Providing an extra hand to a person in need.

It was then that the food was ready for grabbing and feasting upon. Leslie was the one holding the party; however she knew that if it weren’t for Oliver and his influence… there would have been no feast at all. So he was the main server. But aside from him… It was Leslie, Her girlfriend Blossom, Zoey, Sora and Carly, Chloe, Tess and Genevieve. There was Ham, Biscuits. Soft and moist. Mashed Potatoes. Country style made. Black Olives. Cranberry sauce for the season. The food was amazingly cooked. Made in complete country style. With the food all ready… It was a feast to remember. There was indeed smiles spread throughout the entire ballroom. people were lining up in one line. A Production line and there were 10 tables of 8 seats a piece.

Once they were all with food and had all sat down… prepared to dig into the food. They awaited for everyone to be seated and then got to eating. Among one and all, they spoke about many things. Mostly happy things as it was to be a day of great cheer. A day of joyous chorus and good sentimental feelings. Only happiness to be bountiful. Leslie and Blossom both sat among Sora and Carly, The trio, Zoey, The Rusoe sisters. All close by and close in union around her. The tables with the adults were on the left side of the room as the younger guests were on the right. Zoey thought about her Exiled mother and only wondered about what she was doing. Wondered how her abandoning mother was spending her Christmas.

Over at the Metropolis Strip club…

The Apartments above the Strip Club…

Rina Frost.

Rina Frost: *Looking at the new man in her life* Laurel, You’re really hot. Alot better than the man i had before.


Laurel: *Looking at Rina* I’ll be whatever you wish me to be. I only want to please you and fulfill your pleasure. You’re the only hot babe that i want to make love with.

Rina: *Smiles*

Laurel: *Kissing Rina on the lips* I love you. Rina, What say that once we get married. Someday… You and I leave the Sex career. going off to France and live there in gay Parìs?

Rina: Really?

Laurel: You bet. You’re a sexy lady that i wouldn’t dream to ever let go. I’d want to be yours forever.

Rina: Oh my god… I’d love that. I wish to be with you too. Anything to get away from my Ex-husband Zeke and the little whiny baby Zoey.

Laurel: Why would she be the issue? She has mostly your features and your personality. Which you were saying… She’s more yours than she would be your Ex-Husband’s.

Rina Frost

Rina: Yeah. *Sighs* But she happens to act just like her father. And has the part that is most strong in her. That’s the Rhapsody Blood. She’s got too much of that in her.

Laurel: Still… From the picture you have of her still with you… She’s still clearly more yours… than she is his. You filed for custody of her… didn’t you?

Rina: No. I didn’t. I only wanted just half the assets that were between My Ex-Husband…and me. Plus 50% of the ownership of the Pub of his. That i never got… The courts saw to it that i never did.

Laurel: What about child Custody?

Rina: No. I don’t want anything to do with the kids. Or the family. When i walked from them all… i made it clear that i was done. That there was nothing i wanted from them. I am a free woman, you know. free from them and free from being told how to live life. What to do. How to do it. What’s to be expected. I don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s the best thing to know. Not having to worry about that. They’re all my past. You’re my present and future.

Rina had said that in complete heart. It was then that she grabbed for her pack and had a light. She was happy that she was with her new love. As it was… at that time… She had been with him for 2 1/2 weeks. The first couple nights… it was only for a few sessions of the Karma-Sutrá. Several Sexual moments and loving every last second of it like none other. That was the sure clear sign that Rina Frost didn’t care about the fact that she was leaving her past behind. She was happy with her new life and was getting all the intimacy that she wanted. The Pleasure. The Lust and kinky thrills. She was loving it and this was Christmas. She however didn’t even figure that she’d be having much of a Christmas. Of course… She was about to get a few gifts. A Strip-tease. A New Whip. A New Sexy Outfit. A Box full of her favorite brand of lights.

She was also met with a couple of customers that day for a Christmas bonus. But she was no longer with any trace of the past. No trace of being with a huge family. She only had herself… and the new man in her life. Her apartment and her habit. Plus her career. That was all of which she had to herself. Nothing else. In fact… it was said… that; that was all she wanted…

But as for the huge Christmas party…

4 PM…

At the Metropolis Hotel…

The Grand Ball Room…

It was thereby time for the gifts to be given out and delivered to everyone. Leslie had Blossom play as the Santa Diva and she played as Santa. Although anyone would know throughout the whole entire history that Santa Clause was a man. Not a woman. However that was till surprise… surprise… Oliver came forward and vowed to play as Santa. But he did it with style. He bolted out and went to change and then minutes later… Came back as the Green Arrow…

In the back of the grand ball room by the Christmas tree there is a huge red bag full of secret santa gifts. Leslie offers up a silent pray in hopes she has enough for everyone. There are a few faces that she doesn’t recognize and hopes that before the day was over they could all be friends and get to know each other. But in some way or another… They already were in unity or friends due to the clan and Leslie’s closeness to one of their own and how tight they seemed to have been…

“All the lights are coming on now
How I wish that it would snow now
I don’t feel like going home now
I wish that I could stay

All the trees are on display now
And it’s cold now
I don’t feel like going home now
I wish that I could stay

well, I wish that I could waaaalk,
I wish that I could waalk
you home.

All the lights are coming on now
How I wish that it would snow now
I don’t feel like going home now
I wish that I could stay

Santa’s coming to town
With a suitcase in his hand
Santa’s coming to town
With a suitcase in his hand”


Green Arrow: *Looking at the crowd* Santa’s supposed to be wearing red normally. But this year… he’s having a change of apparel and is going green. *Looking at the gifts* Looks as though we’ve got a whole stack of gifts. Lots of gifts and a mass of people. *Walking over to the gifts and randomly grabbing the first gift* First one… *Reading the Name* Molly Luthor. Where’s Molly Luthor?

Molly: That’d be Me. *Waving her hand*

Green Arrow: *Looking over to the side* Nice. *Walking over to Molly* You’re about to be granted a gift from Jolly ole’ Santa Clause Green Arrow. It’s not from me… But the sentiment is still there.

A few seconds later…

Green Arrow: *Picking up another present and reading the name* Sora and Carly Rhapsody. The Esp Twins.

Sora: *With Carly* That’s us.

Green Arrow: *Walking over to the twins and giving them their gift* Merry Christmas, You two.

Carly: Thank you. *Smiles*

Green Arrow: *Walking over back to the presents and grabbing another present; reading the name on it* This one… Hmm… Wow. It’s got some weight on this and it’s a tad heavy. This one… goes to Zoey. Zoey… *Walking over with the Present and giving it to Zoey*

1955 Gretsch White Falcon (Used in Californication)
1955 Gretsch White Falcon (Used in Californication)

Zoey: Thank you… *Opening her present* … *Seeing a Guitar* Oh my god… This… This is a 1955 Gretsch White Falcon Guitar.

Michelangelo: That was used by the Lead singer of the rock band: “The Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

Zoey: Wow! *Excited and in Sincere Awe* Leslie… Where’d you get this? This is a kind of Guitar that hardly anyone can get without it being custom made and there is only a few or less in existence. How did you find this?

Leslie: It’s a story that i’ll be sure to tell you over girls night sometime. But in short… Let’s just say that i got it by luck. I wasn’t even trying to aim for it. I was only looking for a good looking guitar. Something to get you for a Present. Because you clearly were into playing guitar. I had to do something to provide support towards that. It was all Luck.

Green Arrow: *Walking over to the tree and grabbing for another gift in Random* … Next up. *Reading the Name* Mr. Olson… *Walking over to the end* Mr. Olson… This is… for you.

A Minute later…

Green Arrow: *Picking up another Random present* Who’s the next one to get met by Santa’s generous and giving nature? *Reading the name* This is for Both Spencer and Rikku. The Married Couple. *Walking over to Spencer and Rikku* You two are in luck. Whatever this could be in here… It’s big.


Spencer: *With his Wife beside him* As long as it’s from the heart… It could be anything.

Rikku: *Nods*

Seconds later…

Green Arrow: *Picking up a Random Present* Next one… *Reading the names* Carl and Elizabeth Burke. Wow! The Rich couple who are originally from Brooklyn caught the attention of good ole’ Saint Nick. *Looking to see the couple on the other end* You two must be the couple. *Walking over with the Present* The one who gives you this… He or she moves to Wish you… A Merry Christmas.

It was then that the rest of the gifts were passed over to who they were for… Oliver did a swell job at playing Santa. But there was more to come. Because once all the gifts were passed. It was then that everyone thanked Leslie as each gift came from her. Leslie gave Blossom her gift last as it was something special. Because it was given while under a sprig of Mistletoe. She knew that everyone was watching and knew that her secret was gonna come out. However… her parents didn’t see it or know as they couldn’t stay. Seeing Leslie and knowing that she was not quite ready yet to come back to them… It was hurting them and even while they tried to hide it… It was no secret. It was written all over their faces that the pain of not being able to be with their daughter Leslie; It was hurting them and placing them in undeniable agony.

It was only 5:30 when all the gifts were passed and everyone had seen what they were given. The Trio was all for the Criminal Minds. They loved that show. The Rusoe sisters enjoyed their New Mp3 players. Sora and Carly explored their new Laptop/Tablets. Blossom was also enjoying her new Laptop…

Dinah was given a new Personal Organizer. Voice Activated. Pearl was given a new Tablet for her business. Programming it for her business and keeping her business always up to date. Paige was given a romantic book. As well as a laptop. Along with a piece that sparks Inspiration for Romantic Novel writers. The Gifts varied on the person. But everyone got great gifts and they all thanked Leslie. The big revelating surprise was the part where Leslie gifted Tess, Genevieve and Chloe with the Original Watchtower. Redone and made to be like a meeting room. A Hangout center and Medic wing for the injured. With a Kitchen as well. They didn’t even know what to say. It was one gift that managed to surpass all others and more. But the special part was Blossom’s. She made it a memorable day…

6 PM…

It was then that Michelangelo felt something in his heart and he was wanting to reach out to Zoey. On Christmas. This was something which he wanted to do and with all he saw during the year. All that he dealt with. Feeling Zoey’s pain as he loved her and really felt for her… He wanted to make it special…

With that now a reality, Michelangelo got into the mood for a # and let the music take over. He started off the # and Zoey followed right along…

Chorus: *As Sora and Carly, Rhapsody Trio, Rusoe sisters, Perry, Charlie and Molly; Singing* They’re singing deck the halls. But it’s not like Christmas at all. Cause I remember when you were here. And all the fun we had last year.

Michelangelo: *Singing* The snows comin down
I’m watchin it fall
Lots of people around
Baby please come home


Michelangelo: *Walking over to Zoey* Zoey…

Zoey: Michelangelo, What’s up?

Michelangelo: Nothing. But there is something that i have been thinking about and i know that today… of all days is not a day to be speaking of it. But…


Zoey: What… What’re you talking about, Michelangelo? *Chuckles* If you want to know about whether or not i have the same habit… Just ask. But i will however save you the time. I have stopped it. 5 days ago… i gave it up. It is no longer part of me. The Habit is gone.

Michelangelo: That’s great. I am happy about that… however i was not about to ask of that.

Zoey: *Detecting something up* Okay… What’s up?

Michelangelo: since the first time that you and I finally met. I was in love with you. However… when you started pulling away a little. I thought that it might have been something that i had done. I wasn’t even sure of myself till now. I still want you.

Zoey:  You thought that i had left you? Pulled away from you? I never had. But i saw the hurt in your eyes as you heard about my habit. I saw the pain in your eyes. This is clearly the talk of someone in their 20’s or 30’s. But it’s no different. You have been the only guy i fell for.

Michelangelo: That’s why… I want to spend my Christmas knowing you’re near.

Zoey: Why didn’t you say anything?

Michelangelo: I didn’t think that you would actually want me…

The Flashback plays in their minds….

“Michelangelo: *Smiles* I have been wanting to approach you and confess how i felt for a while now. I was just nervous and unsure if you’d notice me. There has been a few times that i came close to just coming over to confront and take a shot at talking with you. I didn’t though because you were normally clouded by a group of girls. A couple Asians. A couple of Blonde Girls and a few others.

Zoey: You didn’t have to be afraid to cross towards me and speak. The girls i usually am with… They’re my cousins. However they are all avoiding me as of late because i am not willing to accept someone in our lives.

Michelangelo: Who?

Zoey: No one special. Just some girl who was once a Mob girl for a time. till recent.

Michelangelo: Would that girl be Leslie?

Zoey: Yeah. It’s Leslie. Why… *Surprised* How did you know it was her?

Michelangelo: I heard the rumors and the gossip that some of the passing guys were giving out. One of them was Holly. I know who she is… She’s a Busy body. *Confused* I don’t quite understand something though…

Zoey: What?

Michelangelo: Why is she trying to encourage people to hate Leslie? I mean… Leslie to me seems to just appear as how she is… Just like everyone else. Maybe Rich. But still just like us. in her own way. Holly just seems to be really vengeful and vicious over Leslie…

Zoey: I don’t know what her problem is. I personally am growing rather sick of it. However, she happens to by my new Best friend since my cousin and Ex-Best friend of 10 years had a huge and dramatic… Emotional blowout. Blossom… She hates me and is not fond of me. I am not too crazy about her as she attacked Holly and left a bruise on her. Holly has a bit of a welt on her left side of the face. It’s not too bad but… It’s bad enough to where it’s a little discolored. Only because it’s still a little Raw.

Michelangelo: Ouch. I take it that you and your cousin will never seek to reconcile.

Zoey: No. We won’t and i don’t really care either way.

Michelangelo: You should care. I mean… 10 years of best friendship is nothing to disregard. You can’t just brush that away as if it don’t matter. It’s major when it comes to a closeness that dates on back to when you were like… really young. Only 3-4 years old. That’s saying something.

Zoey: I know. *Sighs* But… What can i do? Blossom hates me. I messed up and it hasn’t only cost me her… But also Sora and Carly. They don’t want nothing of me.

Michelangelo: Make amends. Would there be anything to say where you might just like or maybe accept the girl Leslie?

Zoey: I think that i do like her. I wanted to befriend her. However… Holly…

Michelangelo: Holly wouldn’t let you and was ensuring that you’d always despise Leslie and not care how others felt as you would see that she’d be feeling unwelcome. Am I right?

Zoey: Yeah. You’re right. I mean… Don’t get me to be just like Holly. It’s not as if i am standing for her. I mean… *Sighs* I kinda am… but i am kinda not. It’s just that She’s very proud of her closeness to my family and to me. She’s just threatened a little because she sees Leslie coming into our lives and at first she was in the Mob and that’s what turned Holly off. Then when Leslie was heard to have left the Mob… It should have broken the veil of animosity and opened for Holly to start taking a liking to her. However… She hasn’t. I don’t condone what Holly does, Michelangelo. I don’t. However… Holly is needing some time to get used to the idea that Leslie is here and set to stay.

Michelangelo: She’s got issues. Zoey. She is your best friend. I can’t tell you what you should do about her. But what i can tell you… Is just stay aware of the animosity that is being sent by Holly to Leslie.

Zoey: How did you know about me? I should have asked that right away. But the words wouldn’t form and i couldn’t get it out.

Michelangelo: I saw a picture of you a month ago. Someone had a yearbook of the school here and i saw a picture of you. I fell right in love just by the first time i saw the picture.”

Zoey: Michelangelo… I had no idea that you truly felt that way and that you really were serious. The first time that you said it… and everything… I thought that you were just telling me what you were thinking and that you had a schoolboy crush on me. You really… mean that you have feelings for me. That you love me?

Michelangelo: Yeah. But now i have to ask and wonder if the one i have feelings for… feels the same about me. That it’s not just a schoolgirl crush.

Zoey: Oh… Michelangelo… I think she does. *Walking towards Michelangelo*

A Second later…

Michelangelo and Zoey are face to face and it was then that they made the move and within just seconds Kissed each other.  Locking Lips and made the unity. Zoey was officially in a relationship…

Michelangelo: Come on… Do this #. Let’s do it together.

Zoey: Okay. *Smiles*

Michelangelo: *Singing* The church bells in town
All singing in song
Full of happy sound
Baby please come home… (Cue in-Zoey)

Zoey: They’re singing deck the halls
But it’s not like Christmas at all
Cause I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year

Michelangelo: *With Zoey; Singing* Pretty lights on the tree
I’m watchin them shine You should be here with me Baby please come home

Chorus: *As Sora and Carly, Rhapsody Trio, Rusoe sisters, Perry, Charlie and Molly; Singing* They’re singing deck the halls But it’s not like christmas at all
Cause I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year

Chorus: *As Sora and Carly, Rhapsody Trio, Rusoe sisters, Perry, Charlie and Molly; Singing* *With Michelangelo and Zoey singing strong* If there was a way
I’d hold back these tears
But it’s Christmas Day
Baby please come home
Come home
Baby please
Come on home baby
Baby please come home… (Till fade)

Once the music faded away…

The crowd erupted with applause and cheered. They were moved with delight and smiled. Zoey’s father was there by that time and even he heard… He was unable to contain his demeanor. He cheered and out of emotional outbreak hugged her. The whole time that Zoey could really play Guitar, Zeke… Never realized that Zoey was also able to Sing also and could sing strong and loud.

As for the party…

Everyone gathered around and listened to some music and as they started to enjoy their presents… They couldn’t begin to imagine how Leslie was able to get half the stuff that was there with everyone that very day. It was more than a miracle. But nothing else than a genuine outreach…

The music that played then was the kind that got a few of the guests to have a heart to heart. Zeke conversing with Zoey. Perry conversing with his girl who was there. Kirsten. Charlie; Zoey’s Brother with his girlfriend Krissy. Spencer with his Wife Rikku. Chloe with Oliver. Paige with her Husband Reese. Pearl with her loving Husband, Jack. Leslie with her girlfriend Blossom…

6:50 PM…

By that time the celebration was starting to slowly die down but it didn’t stop Sora and Carly…

They happened to grab a seat and sat down. It was a little strange for them to be singing such a song that spoke about having a Christmas hottie for Christmas and hoping it to maybe be Santa who’d be their love… But maybe it was made to be their way of saying how they adored and cherished Christmas and filled with Joy just thinking of the Holiday…

Sora: *With Carly; Singing with background voices* “If everyday was Christmas
If we could make believe
If everyone would care a little more
There’d be harmony

Sora: *With Carly; Singing* The city is covered in snow tonight
The children fast asleep
I’m waiting for him, but he’s nowhere in sight
And I wonder if he could hear me

Hey, Santa
Hey, Santa… Santa
I wish with all my might
Hey, Santa
Hey, Santa… Santa
Bring my baby home tonight

Sora: *Starting off*Why does it feel like it’s colder than winter
Even by the fireside
Carly: *Joining in* My baby said that he’d be home for Christmas
And now it’s almost midnight
The Christmas lights up and down the street
Are such a sight to see
But all the presents by the tree
They don’t mean a thing till he’s with me

Sora: *With Carly* Hey, Santa
Hey, Santa… Santa
I wish with all my might
Hey, Santa
Hey, Santa… Santa
Bring my baby home tonight

Carly: *singing* I know your sleigh is full inside
But won’t you stop and give my baby a ride
Sora: *Joining in* I’ll be waiting by candlelight this Christmas
The Christmas lights up and down the street
Are such a sight to see
Sora and Carly: *Singing Together* But all the presents by the tree
They don’t mean a thing
Santa please hear me

Hey, Santa
Hey, Santa… Santa
I wish with all my might
Hey, Santa
Hey, Santa… Santa
Bring my baby home tonight


The Christmas lights up and down the street
The presents by the tree
I hear a knock, oh… can it be?
My wish is staring back at me

Hey, Santa
Hey, Santa… Santa
I guess you heard me tonight
Hey, Santa
Hey, Santa… Santa
I’m underneath the mistletoe
With my baby tonight

Sleigh ride…
It’s Christmas time…(Repeat till fading)”

Sora: *Smiling at Carly then at the Audience*

Carly: I love Christmas.

Sora: Yeah right. You love the new Tablet that Leslie got us for Christmas.

Carly: Well… yeah. But that’s just only a part of it. This whole day’s been without a doubt… Exciting. Exciting and really cheerful.

Sora: And this would mean what… Exactly?

Carly: That if this day got any more amazing… I do believe that we would only see ourselves… fainting and collapsing from overload of Christmas cheer.

Sora: Carly, I think that to get an overload on Christmas is to be given it in an I.V and be stuck in a room and see nothing but Christmas. Even that… would be seriously impossible and totally nuts. Because doing that would kill the bravado of Christmas and turn the person into a scrooge. Which… if that were to happen… It would feel like a knife through the heart of the person… that of which loved Christmas. No way.

Carly: Okay… You convinced me.

9:30 PM…

It was then that the party had finally drawn itself to a close. The whole day was put full of celebratory frolic and excitement and it was only one full day. Leslie had a lot to clean up and started with the decorations and the wrapping paper that was scattered throughout the floor. However… she thought as though she would do it all on her own. All the cleaning. But what she didn’t know… was that she was not alone. The Trio, The sisters, Sora and Carly, Zoey, Blossom and Perry-Blossom’s brother stayed to help out with the clean-up detail. They saw that there was a lot to clean up. What they did was go to the back of the ballroom and work their way back to the front slowly but surely as they went for all traces of trash. It with all the cleaning that was in need to have done… took only an hour to do as they got right too the cleaning and didn’t stop till every last strip of trash was picked up and thrown away. But they only turned their backs just for about less than a minute and before they could catch what was going on…

The room was blown clean…

The decorations were taken down. All the trash was gone and the remaining food was wrapped up and sent to whoever it was that wanted it. Everything was cleaned up. Made to be right back to how it was found. It was a real mysterious shock and yet… A surprise and they didn’t know who it was that could have cleaned the place in just one split moment. But whoever it was that did it had their thanks…

Before they all had managed to depart back home to their homes for the rest of the evening and night…

They all thanked Leslie for everything and for a remarkable enjoyable day. They were happy and were very thankful for what she had done…

11 PM…

Leslie’s Hotel Room…

Room #624…

Leslie Burke 28

Leslie: *Watching T.V and Relaxing* I’m so glad that they all had a wonderful time. I hope that they don’t think that i was just trying to buy their respect. That would be like saying that i am only respected because of getting them something for Christmas. Something that was… a bit expensive. *Watching T.V* But Oliver… sure had a bit of Nerve shaking me up like that with telling me that he had me followed and watched. I know that he’s curious. He came out with that insinuation. But really… To be going through my phone like that… Seeing what was on it and the calls that i happened to have made? *Shaking her head* Why do i get the feeling that he’s trying to see if i am for real and not just some pretender who just as well may have something to hide? *Watching T.V; trying to unwind* Trading places…

T.V: *Playing the Movie” “Randolph Duke: Exactly why do you think the price of pork bellies is going to keep going down, William?
Billy Ray Valentine: Okay, pork belly prices have been dropping all morning, which means that everybody is waiting for it to hit rock bottom, so they can buy low. Which means that the people who own the pork belly contracts are saying, “Hey, we’re losing all our damn money, and Christmas is around the corner, and I ain’t gonna have no money to buy my son the G.I. Joe with the kung-fu grip! And my wife ain’t gonna f… my wife ain’t gonna make love to me if I got no money!” So they’re panicking right now, they’re screaming “SELL! SELL!” to get out before the price keeps dropping. They’re panicking out there right now, I can feel it.
Randolph Duke: [on the ticker machine, the price keeps dropping] He’s right, Mortimer! My God, look at it!” -(Trading Places (1983) Starring Dan Akroyd, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche.)

Leslie: Good thing that my Future business and enterprise won’t have to worry about Stocks and bonds. At least not for a while… at first.

Leslie keeps watching the Movie on T.V and was about to turn in when she looked to see that her cell rang…

Leslie: *Walking over to the stand and checking her cellphone* Who’d be calling at this time of the night? It almost Midnight and it couldn’t be Blossom. She’s probably fast asleep by now. It isn’t Zoey. It isn’t Sora and Carly. Hmm…

Seconds later…

Leslie: *On the Phone* Hello?


New Years Eve…

Leslie was in her hotel room on her own that night as it was one of those nights where she didn’t feel like doing much. But she still had a small bottle of sparkling apple Cider to spark the occasion for the New Years. She watched the T.V. and had her phone on speaker. Counting down with her girlfriend Blossom and Zoey. As well as counting down with the Rhapsody Trio, The Rusoe Sisters, Sora and Carly… Just to name a few…

Once the ball dropped and chimed the explosive rush of cheers and celebrations…

Leslie: Happy New Year, Blossom. Zoey. Everyone.

Blossom: Happy New Year, Leslie.

Zoey: Happy New Year.

Sora: Happy New Year, Leslie.

Carly: Happy New Year, Leslie.

The year was now… 2046.

For the beginning of the New Year, Things were at a calm standstill and at peace. It was just after Christmas and New Years and things were at peace. However…

January 6th…


LuthorCorp Plaza…

Oliver: *Looking at the checks* Wow! Leslie’s got alot of people gunning. Most were taken care of so far… by that Merchant with the penchant for the cunning aim of persuasion. But… These are high status debts… not much to pay back to… however… not so understanding.

Seconds later…

Leslie: *Walking into the office* … *Looking around the office* Wow! This is awkward. Being in a office like this. Possibly on dark ground.

Oliver: *Grinning and greeting Leslie* Ah. Well if it isn’t Leslie. How good it is for you to show up. You’ve decided to find out for sure as to how i was gonna help you with your little problem of trying to get the remaining Debts paid off and happy. Go ahead and have a seat. We should talk about your 24 karat stickler problem.

Leslie: *Sighs and grabbing a seat* Yeah. I know that it’s a long shot to get the help that’s needed to wipe off all the debt that i still have to pay. But i don’t know what else to consider. O’aka has helped out a lot and done as much as he could… However for someone like him. With his Status… The higher up’s are not necessarily stopping to pass bread with him and to meet him half way. There’s not much more he can do.

Oliver: *Clicking silently and thinking* Hmm… Well, there is something that can help. It might be wise to tell you that the reason why no one higher up is seeing this Merchant you mention… It’s because… These guys that you owe. They’re not exactly… What you’d call safe and subtle in the retribution angle. These debts that you owe… They’re beat nicks… with hired suits and armed guards. Good thing though is that they work with a little business consorting.

Leslie: But what would that do for me? Will they still come after me?

Oliver: Not unless their debts are left unpaid. However… for a person who turns out to be young and still an adolescent. Something more subtle and discreet would usually be in order. Which of course is not very endearing to someone like you.

Leslie Burke 19

Leslie: *Starting to have a bad feeling about what she’s being told* I don’t think i am liking the sound of that. What do you mean that they’d try to get at me?

Oliver: Nothing. No reason to worry about that really. However… I don’t think that it would be something you’d find concern over. It’s nothing. I’ve dealt with these types of people before and i know their game. You having to worry about the Mob being after you due to their reign going bad… That’s painful enough to have on your shoulders. You don’t need to worry about having the hired guns and suits coming to knock at your door.

Leslie: Why’s that?

Oliver: Over the last few days I’ve been going over the records and overlooking and overseeing the debts that you’ve still had left to seal up and get paid off. It’s not the Mob… That’s the saving grace. For your own piece of mind. But for the higher ups… the ones that you still to this day owe… This could mean trouble for you at a future coming soon. I’ve gone over these debts and for the good of your reputation… as you’d suggest. You’re gonna need a strong hand in settling these debts.

Leslie: You’ve told me about that. At the Christmas party. About how you intend to pitch in and handle these debts for me. no strings attached or anything.

Oliver: Yeah. I did. However… I think that i can give one better. You ever meet up with the Boy scout. Clark?

Leslie: No. I don’t even know him. I never met him and from what Blossom told me about him as she was told by her father and Aunts… He wasn’t very nice to them at all. Holding their one mistake over their heads like a cancer. Whatever mistake that was. Which i don’t think they know of what it was… as any and all records of it… were destroyed and eviscerated.

Oliver: *Grins* That’s rather intriguing. But not something that is new to me. It’s nothing new. Clark might seem rather over-zealous on the Morality lesson. Critical and pushes the lessons of right and wrong pretty hard. But usually because he carries a burden and the weight on his shoulders that others don’t see. Because they might come to find that they’d never understand.

Leslie: Suppose that’s true. But why would the Clan think differently of him due to their past experiences with him?

Oliver: Clark is not always the easiest person to reason with. Sometimes when reasoning with him… You have to hand out some references and connect with an equal level. Showing that he can see reasons to understand. He was known to do that to Lex, Pete, Chloe, Lois, Lionel, Jimmy, Lana. Kara. And Tess. Not to forget… Me. Although when i was said to come out with taking Lex Luthor’s life. I seem to remember that Clark got on me about that.

“It’s a rock.

Clark: Careful with that. It’s a very special meteor rock. It can split the Kryptonian from the human side of Davis.

Oliver: And what if that doesn’t work? What if you end up unleashing a monster that’s unstoppable, that doesn’t have a conscience?

Clark: This is the only option.

Oliver: Well, what about the part of getting rid of a serial killer before he has a chance to beast out? You’ve never wanted to admit it… but there is a darker side to humanity.

Clark: I know there is. I’m looking at it right now.

Oliver: Not everyone’s worth saving. We need to take care of Davis Bloome.

Clark: And by “take care of,” you mean murder?

Okay, dudes, you guys have got, like, some [Chuckles] Some — some serious tension going on here.

Dinah Lance: Ollie, what’s he talking about?

Clark: Oliver crossed the line. He killed Lex Luthor.

Oliver: You’re making a big mistake.

Clark: *Not backing down* You’re not one of us anymore.

Oliver: Is that right?”

Leslie: He sounds like a big huge Jerk.

Oliver: That’s something i tend to believe the same on as well. Or used to. But that was before i took a look at myself and just realized that… I had to change. I had to clean up my view of things and see them from another view. Wasn’t easy as i was always… nail the guilty and dark. Take them out and think twice about it later… However… You do have a point about Clark. He can be a bit of a Jerk. Misunderstood. But he in the end is the one with abilities that no one has. Abilities that many others could only dream of but are unable to believe.

Leslie Burke 19

Leslie: He’s probably got some secrets of his own that he doesn’t want others to know about. But he hides them. However if anyone else has a secret that they happen to have hidden. He judges them. That’s being a hypocrite. People make mistakes. It’s what makes a person human. He should know that. Judging people is like telling them that unless they tell what they’re hiding… They’re dishonest and being deceptive.

Oliver: Kinda like you somewhat. I mean… don’t get me wrong. You’re doing a heck of a job in trying to make up for what ever wrongs and atrocities that you stirred. But you haven’t really told about the actual reason as to why you’re trying so hard in making things right again. That there leads to being a bit dishonest on your part. Don’t you think?

Leslie: Yeah. It does. However… I am not about to just let that out. All anyone should know about that is just that it’s my penance. My burden that i have to deal with. Handle it however i can.

Oliver: Of course. To be spared of being the primal target of the Armed guards and Hired suits… You will need to get the higher up companies paid off. That’s where i come in. I think i might know how this can be all solved in just one day. To undo the debt you made against them… You’ll have to resort to playing as the Mob girl. But with a more convincing outfit.

Seconds later…

Oliver: Come with me, Leslie. Time to get you sized up to earn the final stripes of self-redemption. *Grabbing his coat and communication devices; walking out of the office*

Leslie: Where’re we going? *Following Oliver*

Oliver: You’ll see…

A Moment later…

Metropolis Star Clock tower…

Oliver: *Walking in and heading to the back for a minute* Make yourself at home for a moment, Leslie. While i go and get something from the back. I’ll be right back.

Leslie Burke 40

Leslie: *Looking concerned and getting worried* Okay… *Walking to the nearby sofa and taking a seat*

Leslie was only trying to see about how Oliver was gonna step up and see upon handling the tougher debts that she was having to take care of. But now it was becoming an act and interception. She was gonna be expected to step into the old Identity that she had made for herself but only stripped from since the last few days of October of 2045. What was she gonna do?

While waiting…

Leslie Burke 28

Leslie: *Thinking* What’s Oliver trying to do? he is trying to help. But he doesn’t seem to clearly realize that if i step back into my Ex-Mob girl personality… It could precipitate the tendencies and throw me back to being the reason why all the debt was happening to begin with. I could wind up back to being Rita the Hammer again. *Panicking* Oh god… I got to get out of here. I can’t become the Gangster girl again. I can’t. I left it. I left it and i don’t want to ever go back to being it again.

She was about to make a run for it when…

Oliver: *Walking out from the back and with a carrying case, A bag and Shades* Leslie… *Walking over to the table and placing the stuff on the Table* Start going through and accessorizing. There’s sure to be something that would suit your tastes. Besides… This dilemma of yours… I have good belief that after today… It’s gonna be all over and you’ll never have to worry about another debt ever again.

Leslie: *Unsure* Okay…

It was then that Leslie looked through to put together a disguise to protect herself from the possible danger that would come from the ones left that she had to pay back. Oliver was gonna be there to watch her back but also handle the paybacks and see that no harm would come of Leslie. He however went as the Emerald Archer. It was discreet and yet classy. Leslie was truly unsure about what to do and she didn’t want to get back into the dark life that she had fostered for a time. She didn’t want to expose herself to any of it…

Leslie Burke 27

It was a Moment later when Leslie was ready. She looked like a Gangster Mistress. With shades and a couple of guns and a Fedora hat. She also disguised her voice to throw off suspicion to herself. Not only that… but also was for that moment made where she was working under Oliver. It was a ruse. But the ones that were higher up and with hired suits and Armed guards… didn’t know that and thought nothing of it. There was at least 70 locations and all were scattered. All were scattered. The bright side… the only bright side to it was that for 40 of them… The companies were subsidiaries to a bigger company… So for those… there was 2-3 checks a piece. To issue a payback amount to undo what was lost. By time the 40 paybacks were done… The thought came that the rest would be coming for Leslie anyway. However… due to the massive payoffs. The remaining Debts all dwindled and faded off. It was deemed to be a write off and considered cleared…

Leslie looked at Oliver and smiled and then sighed. She was relieved that it was gonna be finally over. The Debts were finally all paid. From the cheapest… to the most expensive in all things debt. Every last debt was paid and she could only thank Oliver. She was certain that he was sticking his neck out for her. Putting himself on the line for her. It was alot to ask for him. She knew it and knew that things could have gone totally wrong. She was thankful for him and was with luck that Oliver got out unscathed. As did she…

That night…

Leslie was at the Burger Joint and hanging out with her girlfriend. Reflecting on what went on that day…


Leslie: *Sighs* Blossom, what would you say if i were to tell you that i could be reverting back to my mob girl personality?

Blossom: What?! *In shock* What do you mean? Why would you be considering on reverting back to that? You got out from that and were doing really good.

Leslie: I don’t know. But today… i was with Oliver Queen. He helped me with the debts that were higher up. like in the 100 thousands. Some of the things he said… I am having trouble shaking off.

Blossom: Things like what?

“Leslie: He sounds like a big huge Jerk.

Oliver: That’s something i tend to believe the same on as well. Or used to. But that was before i took a look at myself and just realized that… I had to change. I had to clean up my view of things and see them from another view. Wasn’t easy as i was always… nail the guilty and dark. Take them out and think twice about it later… However… You do have a point about Clark. He can be a bit of a Jerk. Misunderstood. But he in the end is the one with abilities that no one has. Abilities that many others could only dream of but are unable to believe.

Leslie Burke 19

Leslie: He’s probably got some secrets of his own that he doesn’t want others to know about. But he hides them. However if anyone else has a secret that they happen to have hidden. He judges them. That’s being a hypocrite. People make mistakes. It’s what makes a person human. He should know that. Judging people is like telling them that unless they tell what they’re hiding… They’re dishonest and being deceptive.

Oliver: Kinda like you somewhat. I mean… don’t get me wrong. You’re doing a heck of a job in trying to make up for what ever wrongs and atrocities that you stirred. But you haven’t really told about the actual reason as to why you’re trying so hard in making thing right again. That there leads to being a bit dishonest on your part. Don’t you think?

Leslie: Yeah. It does. However… I am not about to just let that out. All anyone should know about that is just that it’s my penance. My burden that i have to deal with. Handle it however i can.

Oliver: Of course. To be spared of being the primal target of the Armed guards and Hired suits…”

Blossom: You are worried that the act today… what it is that you might have had to do… could have precipitated the Mob Girl persona?

Leslie: Am i that transparent?

Blossom: You tell me, Leslie. I don’t know… Are you? Are you that predictable?

Leslie: Nevermind…

Blossom: Leslie, come on. *Sighs* It’s not that bad. I already told you that i would not let any harm come at you. I still mean that. It didn’t end. It won’t. But what you’re feeling now… That’s called anguish. Anguish- extreme distress of body or mind. Despair. dread and possible shock. That’s gonna last you for a while. You’re in shock. It’s the shock getting to you.

Leslie: You’re right. It’s probably the shock getting me. I mean… *Ecstatic* I only just risked winding up giving myself a PSYCHOTIC BREAK! Did you even think to realize what Oliver had me do? Blossom, Oliver had me pose as my Mobster Personality. Using my Gangster Girl Identity. The one that i had iced.

Blossom: He had you do what? He had you do… what? Pose as your iced Gangster gal Persona? What?! Is he high?!

Leslie: High? Huh?

Blossom: *Scoffs* High? As in like on drugs? Doing reefer. Doing Smack. Smokin’ Dope. High on Pot?

Leslie: I don’t think so. *Pauses* Wait a minute… What’s with the Drug referencing all of a sudden?

Blossom: Nothing. But Oliver has got to be high if he’s seeing to exploit your dark personality out into the open.

Leslie: Blossom, It’s not like he meant to. He was just trying to help. Which he kinda did. You realize now that i am no longer with debt. Any debt. I am debt free. There is nothing there for me to have myself worrying over anymore. It’s all over.

Blossom: What was all the anguish for then? I mean… *Scoffs* Leslie. That’s wonderful. You’ve been working things out and trying to fight tooth and nail for the debts to just go away. You were trying to pay them all away. To end their torment on you.

While they were talking…


Zoey: *Walking over with her boyfriend Michelangelo* Hey there, Leslie. Happy New year.

Leslie: *Looking over to see Zoey* Happy new year, Zoey.

Blossom: What brings you out on a cold night like tonight?

Zoey: I could be asking you guys the same thing. However… Michelangelo and I are actually on a date. So… we can’t say much about it.

Michelangelo: *Smiles* … Hey Leslie. Blossom.


Zoey: You guys should have come wearing your coats or jackets. *Chuckles* You two are gonna be so cold and lucky to not have hypothermia. It’s really chilly out. Cold and frosty.

Leslie: It’d be something up Charlene’s Alley though. The frosty air. She’s got those abilities in her. This’ll be like nothing to her. But It’s nothing to worry over, Zoey. I did happen to bring my thick sweater with me. It’s got good insulation too. To help keep the warmth in.

Zoey: That’s good. Because… that concert is only a week away. It’d really suck if you missed out on it because you’re sick.

Blossom: I agree. That Concert being done by that artist… It’s everything to you. Leslie, You really should be careful that you don’t get sick. That artist… She’s gonna likely expect to see you there. If you get sick… It’ll set everything off.

Michelangelo: Not to be a bit on the nosy side and all… What brings you guys out tonight?

Leslie: Not Much. Just out to get some time away from the hotel. It was getting to be a little too quiet and lonesome. Plus claustrophobic. Plus had to talk with Blossom. Something kinda personal.

Blossom: You guys wouldn’t want to be in on it.

Zoey: Why’s that? *Wondering* It couldn’t be that bad… or… could it?

Leslie: Not unless this was a parallel universe for some reason and the fact that i had to re-enter my Mobster girl persona to pay off the last cluster of Debts was to be a positive experience.

Michelangelo: Mob girl Persona? You were in the Mob for a short time?

Leslie: *Sighs deeply* Yeah. I was. I was in the Mob. As was Blossom. Sora and Carly too. However… I left the Mob… Got Blossom out of it along with me. She got Sora and Carly out of the Mob along with herself. They were in the Mob for only 3-4 days. I was in it for longer than that. Blossom was in it since the night of the second Coco Bongo fiasco. But… yeah. I was in it. Known as Rita the Hammer too.

Michelangelo: That part… i didn’t know about.

He was stunned and as cold as it was outside… It didn’t phase him or repel him from being near Leslie. Leslie knew then that she was accepted and understood. She told off all she knew and explained what happened. Throughout that day and as she told it… She realized that if this was a different circumstance… She’s be shunned away. Once again. However, it turned out that she was taken in and sympathized. Michelangelo was himself… a geek and a proclaimed nerd. Misunderstood and seen to be somewhat a freak in himself. He knew that being misunderstood usually came with the territory of being… not like the others. or part of the common masses. He knew. And he never even came off with telling Zoey that he knew all about her for years as the fact was… Who’d believe him? Who would he tell that’d listen and not laugh and mock him?

Leslie went on and told of the events of that day. What happened and how. What Oliver said to her and how he said it. She was still in shock that her debts were all paid. Every last one of them. Since the moment she had broke and severed all and every tie that she has had with the Mob… She had been clawing and fighting. Biting… going tooth and nail with getting the debts paid. It was in her understanding… Hell. There were many moments where she started to wonder if there would ever be any relief in sight from the misery that was coming over her because of the mess she had been in.

Once everything was out and in the open and everyone knew what happened… Leslie, Blossom, Zoey and Zoey’s boyfriend and date Michelangelo resumed with their dates and decided on going off to see on catching a good movie playing at the cinema. For the rest of the night… they thought about nothing other than what was ahead. There was more prepping of the Massive Stadium to be had.

At Sid’s Diner…

Sid: Pamela, Back off. I am not gonna go out and stress about Holly. Holly doesn’t want to be found by me. Or anyone. When she went missing… I had many moments where i sought to go and tear apart town just looking for her. She’s our daughter… But you know better than any that you can’t find a person who doesn’t want to be located. that doesn’t seek to be found. I even put fliers up. Through a good portion of the city and no one bit into it. No one.

Pamela: So that’s it?! You’re just giving up?

Sid: *Dramatic* You really think that i am all for giving up on her? That i hate her and want nothing of her? You must not think of me highly at all, if that’s what you’re gonna cough out to me, dear. I am still her father. I still love our daughter Holly. I didn’t stop. But if you only could have heard how she was speaking towards the Burkes. To some of the local customers. You would have been livid at her too. Holly’s got total issues, Pamela. She has issues that are hurting others around her. They’re also hurting business here as well. Some of the customers that used to come here… they’re boycotting this place. Because of her. Her issues towards the Burkes has cost me 7 customers. One of the ones that walked let out: “If this is how things go here and how someone holds a business… don’t bother seeing this man coming back.”

Pamela: Where did she even take off to… to begin with?

Sid: *Sighs* I don’t know.

Pamela: She could be anywhere. Alone… cold. hungry. probably sick with pneumonia. She could die.

At Metropolis park…


Holly was hugging herself and crying. She didn’t have any friends or anyone to be with. She was alienated by her father. She felt that she was put under Exile and to never return. Everyone was against her. How much longer was she gonna hold out before she were to have nothing left? Was she soon to face no other alternative than to accept Leslie and start liking her. Respecting her?

Saturday, January 13th, 2046…

Radio: *As the watchdog of the City of Metropolis Lord Arnold* Good morning Metropolis. It’s 7 AM on this glorious Saturday… It’s January 13th, 2046 and for all you beloved avid listeners and devoted fans out there… Here’s what cookin’ for the headlines of the day. It’s officially week 6 of the construction of The Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium. The prepping for the Major build has been going in swift fashion and tall order as the CEO of the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium… The Founder herself has been working tooth and nail on getting things rolling for the big haul. The build however had hit a bit of a snag since the 3rd week. Leslie’s crew have been trying to ring in supporters and sponsors that will finance the build. However the hope has been seeming as though… to be dimming to a blackout? Due to multiple notes and letters to Swedish Singer Amy Diamond… the singer herself has made arrangements to do a fundraising concert for the build of the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium. Replying to a special letter that was thereby written and sent to the singer weeks ago. The Concert is tonight at 7 PM. Located at the Metropolis Fairgrounds. Tickets have been going out over the last two weeks. And from all the tickets being purchased… The tickets are running low. If you want to be one of the concert goers who attend the concert and see it Live tonight at the fairgrounds… go online to www. AMY DIAMOND LIVE. com. and get your tickets now before they’re gone. Ticket booths will be at the entrance of the fairgrounds for those who purchased tickets to attain them and pick them up. Remember folks… that’s 7 PM tonight at the fairgrounds. And as always… your beloved Watchdog will be stationed at the fairgrounds for the event. Where you can meet Amy Diamond herself and get a picture taken with her. She’s one girl that this Watchdog has got to meet. *A second pause* In other news… local commute is moving swiftly this morning with little to no snare ups throughout the interstate. There’s a slight incident in the Promenade district with a lane closure which will harpen the traffic a little. So if any of you drivers are going around that direction… Don’t look forward to it being a smooth transition for a while. It will be a slow ride. *Another pause* For the Entertainment world… The Mega-Multi-plex is scheduled to receive a shake up of movies and new deals. If your lucky… you might get a deal that will keep pulling you in. Today’s weather is chilly. The Highs today will be upper 50’s to lower 60’s. Low’s upper 30’s to lower 40’s. *with another pause* In an hour… your full 7 day forecast report. *With Music suddenly playing* To start off the day and get everyone perky… Let’s start this day with a little Amy Diamond. As we countdown to the moment of her concert… Here’s a song that all the girls and guys might remember… “Don’t cry your heart out.” By Amy Diamond. Here on MRHAP Metropolis… The station that keeps those happy tunes alive and strong.

At Zeke’s Pub…

Zeke: *Turning on the Soda fountain machine* It’s really cold out this morning.

Gabe: It’s gonna be cold out for the next few days.

Zeke: *Shivering a little* That was something which i could have gone without hearing. The house was like ice this morning and it was hard for my daughter Zoey to get warm. The cold was really bugging her.

Gabe: Sounds like the heater might have been acting up or she’s got Hypothermia.

Zeke: Oh god… i sure hope not. That would be the last thing i’d need.

Gabe: Ain’t that a fact.

Zeke: Heinz and Ilsa should be here soon.

Gabe: As well as Warren and Nikolai. *Looking at the log book* I don’t seek to stir a bit of worry. But… I noticed that those two have been as of late… coming in hours after the time their shifts were to begin.

Zeke: I noticed. I am considering on having them under watch and suspicion. They’re good guys. Been keeping the slack when we were under a mass rush of business coming in. So… I can’t say too much. However… You’re right. They have been coming in late as of the last couple weeks or so. It’s not like them to be doing something like that almost constantly.

Gabe: What do you suggest be done?

Zeke: For right now? Let’s play it by ear and see if anything changes. By Monday… if it still persists to go on. We’ll issue a meet with them and find out what’s really going on with them. Then go from there and think of how to handle the problem. I don’t want to just jump the trigger and issue pink slips on them. They’re like family. If we act out on this… we have to be… fair, delicate, diplomatic and be willing to reach a compromise.

Gabe: That’s a president talking. A good one. But… if you wish. I just hope that we know what we’re doing.

Zeke: Join the club.

Of course…

In Smallville…

At the Talon…

Sheriff Adams: *On the Radio* I need a background check on a young teen. Name: Burke, Leslie T. age 13.

Radio: *As Doyle* Something wrong?

Sheriff Adams: I don’t know. Something about that girl sends off a strange feeling. Putting together a party and trying to put up a front of being innocent. She’s hiding something.

Radio: *As Doyle* I don’t think so. *Pulling up the records* She’s got no prior arrests. No reports of a misdemeanor.

Sheriff Adams: It might be nothing. But just to be sure… I’m gonna start heading to the city and tail her. No one is that squeaky clean. That riled up critter has got to be hiding something.

Radio: *As Doyle* Other than her having debts and then before long… coming out flat off clean… Nothing.

Back in Metropolis…

10 AM…

At Wade’s apartment…

Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody
Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody

Sakura: *Smoking* I think that i’m ready to go back home. I can’t stay here anymore. I am sure gonna be regretting it as i know that my mom will still be ignoring me and blowing me off. However… I have to face the music.

Rowanda: You sure that you’re ready to go back to your family?

Sakura: *Sighs* Yeah.  I guess. I have to get back with my family. I have to. I miss them and i know that i will be facing a lot of people asking me questions. I know that i am setting myself up for a whole bunch of trouble. But i have to do it.

Rowanda: What about the new reality? One of which is that you’ve been wearing diapers?

Sakura: If they find out… I’ll have to confess it. But make them aware that it’s their pushing me away because of my habit that pushed me to revolt and verge to start wearing them. If only they would just learn to accept me and give me time to grow out of the Teen Angst and get myself out of the habit… it wouldn’t have come to what it is now.

Wade: I agree. You are risking a lot by doing this. You do realize that… right?

Sakura: *Nods*


At the Sun Shack…

Janie, Alex and Charlene were the last ones to take in the Marco Sisters as plausible friends and close allies to their family. But with the passing of time… Things were better and It came to be known that with all of the hate wiped away. With all the torment iced and sent away… The Marco sisters were now like friends to the clan. What ever Holly had over them was gone. There was no trace left and they were also with no path of following their father’s line of despising the fighters. It was all right with the world again… Janie and her sisters were the final 3 to accept it. To adhere to the fact that The Marco sisters were now close with them. Holding on to their father’s hate was no longer them. They knew the truth of what their father was and it took the issue with Holly trying to destroy Leslie relentlessly for them to see it. Seeing the hate at face value. Seeing Holly hating on Leslie was like seeing their father’s hate being aimed at Zoey’s father Zeke and the mother now Ex-Mother Luna/Rina. It took for them to see that…to be shaken away from carrying on the hatred that was their departed father Martin.

Tara was at the Sun Shack that morning and just hanging out. Having a nice warm breakfast after having a restless night the night before. Even though she was no friend to Holly Reedy and was no fan of what Holly had tried to do to Leslie and saw it being no sweat off the back to hear of Holly being with hypothermia and frozen to death… She still felt rather bad about the idea that Holly could be all alone. Scared and frightened.

The Radio in the background begins playing Garth Brooks “The American Honky-Tonk Bar Association.”


Tara: *Having Breakfast and Reading a book*…

Janie: *Walking into the Sun shack and grabbing a Table* What a night. Last night was a freezing night.

Alexandra Sandy Rhapsody.
Alexandra Sandy Rhapsody.

Alex: Not really. I felt rather warm last night. The heater worked. But you just were so chilly that nothing would warm you till a little later.

Charlene: However… *Smiles; Walking in* It is a rather nice day out. Plus… I think that i might have finally got these frosty chilly abilities under control. I got up rather early this morning and practiced. I got some training in and i think that i finally am ready to accept the fact that i have these abilities and was given them… for a reason.

Alex: You’re okay now, Charlene… right?

Charlene: Yeah. No more being afraid for me. I think that i have better use and control of these powers. It’s still new to me though. But now that i am able to better control them… it’s not so bad. I think that one of the Psychic powers for the Psychic part of the abilities i have… is Esp. Reading minds. Haven’t tried that out yet. But i really don’t think i’d want to. It’s just… not in me to be listening to other people’s inner thoughts. The way i believe to see it… If people were willing to tell what they were thinking on the inside of their minds… they’d do so.

Janie: That’s rather cheesy… at least when it’s coming from you, Charlene. But at least you have your own set of Morals.

Alex: That’s good. You’re getting a hang of this new lease of life of yours.

Tara: *Looking up* What new lease would that be? The one where she isn’t a freak anymore? Because… If she were to stop and think… She never was a freak. Strange… Weird and a little odd. But not a freak.

Janie: *Looking to see Tara Marco* Tara, What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your sisters and Holly… Plotting the downfall of Leslie?

Tara: I would. That would be if i were with Holly and still with the hate in the heart and the will to continue carrying on my father’s hate. Which… i don’t. Neither do the others. We all left Holly and ditched her. My sisters and I are now suiting up for the good side. Leslie and Blossom already know of my change of personality. How i seem to see things now.

Alex: So… does that mean… that you’re now like some type of ally to us or something?

Tara: I’m more likely to be one for Leslie and Blossom. They kinda got in close and it clicked. Sora and Carly were the first ones that happened to win me over. Showing a picture of Holly in a diaper. *Pauses* No… reword that. Not win over. Convince and talk sense into me. Your cousins… Sora and Carly. They may be at times a bit way over their heads. But they’re not stupid. They’re pretty sharp with what they know and they certainly know what’s what. Especially given that they had once stood up to me. Which i will admit. They have absolute guts.

Alex: You might want to look towards their mother and their Ex-father in their eyes and our Ex-Uncle as of the other month… Near the end of October of last year. They raised them well.


Ginger: *Walking in* We’d believe it. Your cousins happen to very persuasive and smart. *Grabbing a seat close to Tara* Hey sis.

Tara: Hey Ginger.

Janie: *Sighs* Let me guess… You are also on our side?

Ginger: No sides. Just the right side. Holly is gone.

Holly Reedy in Diapers.

Ginger looked at her phone and looked at the picture of Holly being in a diaper. She couldn’t contain herself as she right off the impulse… Laughed.

Ginger: Holly looks so ridiculous. She looks like such a total loser. But then she goes off and tries to peg Leslie as the loser. But… Leslie’s not the one in diapers. She is.

Alex: Sounds like Holly’s now the most humiliated girl in the city. That’d be more than enough and the sole reason why i’d run away and go into likely Exile. Total and complete Humiliation. But it’s also rather sad. Knowing that she’s out there… all alone and with no home. No warm bed. gone without a warm meal.

Charlene: where do you think she could be?

Janie: Who cares? After the harm she tried to stir and cause Leslie and the Burkes… It wouldn’t be a loss if Holly was found dead somewhere. It’s shitty to see it that way. But Think about what Holly had done. The pain that she caused…not only just to the Burkes. But to multiple others as well… Her malicious attitude that she showed. That’s all the more good enough reason to not care about what happens to her. It’d be no different if she were to do that to us. Or to you guys. Do you really think that you’d want anything to do with her after that?

Ginger: Not really. No. I wouldn’t want anything to do with her. However… This is the daughter to the owner of the Diner. Despite how we might feel about her… we have to do right by him. He misses her. He feels a lot of remorse over pushing her to feel that she wasn’t loved by him anymore and that he turned on her. When that was not the case. He was only trying to get her to stand down from her unruly behavior as it wasn’t her at all. It wasn’t like her to be the way she was. He knew it and was only trying to save her. Even if she was showing such hate over the idea that Leslie and the Burkes were in Metropolis. He loves her. Plus what’s worse is that the humiliation that came to her when the whole school saw that she was in Holly Reedy in Diapers.Diapers…

Alex: *Not seeing the problem* And?

Ginger: You see how damaging that was? For the whole school to know that Holly Reedy wore Pampers Diapers… Not to mention the fact that she was gonna try to make people think that Leslie was wearing diapers. To throw off the trail leading to where everyone figuring out that it was not Leslie who wore them… But it being Holly. That’s damaging.

Charlene: *Scoffs* Holly did it to herself. She was being harsh to Leslie. Leslie never did a thing to Holly that would insist that Holly should hate her. Nothing. But every time we turned our backs. As well as the others. What did we hear mention of? Holly Reedy trying to tear down Leslie. For what? Huh? What? Leslie was just misguided in her ways during the time she was in the Mob. But did that stop Holly? No. She just kept on coming. Kept on attacking Leslie. Socially, Emotionally and Mentally. Trying to work her dirty schemes to get the whole city to hate Leslie and chase her out. Holly was trying to pose as the boss of the City and make where she had all rights to decide who is welcomed in this city… and who wasn’t. Is that fair? Is it?

Tara: Ginger, She’s right. It wasn’t fair. Holly was mean towards Leslie. Granted that Holly is the daughter to the Diner owner Sid. Holly is the Bully. She’s the problem. Not Leslie. Leslie never had been the problem. Other than her being in the Mob for a while. But that was it. There wasn’t anything else that would put a stain on her. Making her as bad as Holly was trying to get people to believe.

As they were talking…


Leslie: *Walking into the Sun shack* … *Checking her messages and seeming confused about the mysterious caller* Who is this B.A? I don’t even know her.

Minutes later…

Leslie: *Walking over to the table* Hey Janie, Alex, Charlene. Tara. Ginger. *Trying to hide the fact that something was bugging her*

Janie: Hey Leslie. What’s up?

Leslie: Nothing. At least not now. It’s almost time to do some work on the Property where the Stadium’s gonna be built. But that’s about it. *Sighs a bit*

Alex: *Noticing something bugging Leslie* Hey… Leslie, sit down. calm down a bit. You look like you’re about to faint or something. You feeling okay?

Leslie only sat down a second or so later…

Charlene: You look like you were running a marathon mile. What’s the matter?

Leslie: *Shaking her head* Not sure… I keep getting strange calls and messages from someone with the Initials B.A.

Tara: B.A? *Thinking* Think that it’s a stalker or a possible fan trying to reach you?

Leslie: A Fan? *Pauses and with a strange look on her face* You’re joking. Really. Why would there be a fan trying to contact me? Why now? If i really had a fan… Why did this mysterious person or fan wait till now to start trying to send these messages and or calls? What is this person trying to get out?

Tara: You don’t think that it could be a psychopath who just is unabashed and just sexually active. There are people out there who’re like that. It’s a sick world.

Leslie: I hope not.

Janie: There’s also something else.

Leslie: Like what?

Ginger: Holly. We have to consider finding her. For Sid.

Leslie is displeased over hearing about Holly.

Leslie: Why? Holly’s not important. No one loves her. She’s hurt my parents. At the Christmas party… My parents and I spoke for about a couple minutes and this is aside from the fact that i am not officially with them again yet. They told me of the hurtful things that Holly was saying to them and as far as i am concerned… Holly better stay gone. I see her. She’s dead girl walking.

Janie: *With Alex and Charlene* Leslie!

Leslie: *Snaps a little* No. I don’t want to hear it. Look… You are all my friends and some of you didn’t get told this by me yet. But now… it’s time to have it out and heard. Even… *Looking at Tara and Ginger* To you guys. You could all say whatever you like about me. To me or behind my back and i find out… I take a moment to have my time of coping with the fact that my feelings were hurt. But then come at you about it and give a piece of my mind over it. But also… you all could seek to hurt me physically. I wouldn’t care too much. It’d hurt. But i’d fight back as time passed and return favor as i usually do. That’s fine. That i won’t be vengeful over and turn def-con 1. Now… If you were to go after my family. My mom and Dad. And i heard of it. Learned about it and ever caught you inflicting harm on them… You had better pray that i don’t get at you. Because… If i do… You’ll wish that we never met.

Tara: Duly noted. However… If you truly love your parents that much… and deeply. How come you’re not with them now?

Ginger: Yeah. That part… We don’t seem to understand. Why aren’t you back with them?

Leslie: Because… I’m not ready. That’s why. I am not emotionally and mentally ready yet. There are still a few things that i still have to do before i can be back with them. I want to be with them again… But i am just not ready yet.


Tara: Leslie, You’re ready. You are only stalling because you’re afraid. It’s not a crime nor is it an issue. I know that us Marco girls… we’re not exactly qualified enough or even right to give sage advice as we used to be enemies and hateful people. But it’s not deniable. You have always been ready. Since the end of this Mob stigma and its official collapse coming due to the fall of the guy who claimed to be the brother to the one who was sucked down the fountain’s drain at the Coco Bongo club a couple months ago. You’re just prolonging the process as you’re scared about what your parents would find out about you. You’re scared to be back with them and have them knowing of the mess that you were in the middle of.

Leslie: It’s a little bit of that. But it’s also because they’re in the same hotel as i am. And if i were to get back with them… I’d have to put my stuff… what i accumulated since i first departed from them because of what happened back in Brooklyn. till now. My stuff won’t fit in their room as well as theirs. And then having me in the same room. With them. There’s only so much room in each Hotel room. *Looking to the side* But… Tara. You’re right. You have to be with a good point. In a month or two… I’ll think to get back with them. I’ll be ready then. I just need time. As do they. From what they told me… at the party… before they had to head out and take care of a few things that day… they were having a Mansion built in this city. That it was not done yet and they had to deal with some snags that hit with it. So… I am sure that even if i were ready now… They wouldn’t be. It wouldn’t be fair on them for me to return to them during their time of duress and chaos. I love them too much to put them through that.

That evening…

It was 6 in the evening and The Radio station MRHAP had it’s mobile station all set and hooked up to go.

Arnold: *Broadcasting live at the Fairgrounds* Alright… Here we go. We are just an hour away from the Live concert of the one and only Amy Diamond herself. We’ve been hearing a list of the best music to help countdown to the exciting event. throughout the day the sound crew and workers have been building the stage for the artist to enter and sing. In just one Hour… We will hear Amy Diamond… here LIVE! And that won’t be all as following the Concert… there will be a Special edition of the Lord Arnold Variety Hour. Where we will be having a delighted Interview with the Artist herself. Right here on MRHAP Metropolis.

Inside the fairgrounds…


Leslie: The Concert is gonna begin soon. The whole event is considered to be a fundraising concert.

Blossom: It’s gonna help out with the funds for the Build. The build is gonna be colossal.


Zoey: Nicole, Ellie and Lana really pulled out a miracle with this. *Smiles* The thing that gets me is just… What if the Artist spots you and calls you up, Leslie? Are you gonna be prepared to be on stage and having to face a huge crowd?

Leslie: I don’t know. *Looking ahead at the stage* I really don’t know. I guess that anything is likely. We got a lot done on the build.


Tara: And of course… With help from me and Ginger.

Leslie: Right. You and Ginger stood guard to keep unauthorized civilians from coming inside to spring a peek.

Ginger Marco

Ginger: Not as if they’d hurt anything. But they would only have gotten in the way of everything.

Zoey: No big deal. They’re probably only curious. Curiosity is contagious.

Blossom: What about the reporters? What if they were to look inside and see the progress ahead of time? It could give the city false hope of the build being done. We don’t know if it would be done… It’s still in the very very early stages and position of the build. There’s still way too much to be done…

Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody. The Rhapsody Trio

Janie: *Walking alongside* Where do you suppose the artist will appear from? The right side… or the left.

Alex: I am guessing… on the left.

Charlene: And it’s a nice night out. It’s pleasant. Not cold… not too warm. But… comfortable.

Leslie: Of course. *Looking to suddenly see Nicole, Ellie and Lana up ahead* There’s Nicole, Ellie and Lana. They’re up ahead.

Zoey: They must have beaten us here. Because we all left the construction site around the same time.

Blossom: Either that… or they’re just really fast walkers and were packin’ some serious headwinds in getting here.

Tara: They had to have double timed it here. Come on… Let’s go and grab a good seat. up with them. Since they’re here… Might as well be together on it… right?

Leslie: Yeah.

Janie: They look happy about something.

Alex: What about?

Janie: One guess. Who’s here holding the concert?

Alex: Amy Diamond. They probably were able to meet her and get a picture taken with her.

Charlene: I don’t think it matters really. I have a feeling that if nothing else good comes of this night… the picture they had with Amy Diamond will be the very part that makes up their entire night.

Zoey: *Scoffs; Chuckles* Yeah… That’ll be the highlight of their night… any night. Just yesterday… during break. I walked by in the hall and overheard them singing off to Amy Diamond’s song: “Stay my baby.” They’re gaga over her. Hearing her sing is like their high.

Blossom: *Laughing* Oh my god… You serious?

Zoey: No foolin’. Michelangelo even told me that he walked by them during break… Minutes after i had… hearing as they sang… Amy Diamond’s song: “Hello”. Literally. He was in a trans by the singing that he felt himself dancing to it a bit.

Leslie: I’m already drawn to it. Plus… i secretly am a fan of Amy Diamond’s too. I just don’t like to brag. I have all her CD’S too. I listen to her songs every so often. But only while i am cleaning up and getting cleaned up. Showering and everything. It kinda moves me a bit. That’s something i never even told Dorian. Which is irrelevant. Given since the Mob is the past and one that i wish to keep buried and dead.

Blossom: *With Zoey* AMEN!

Kelly Godson.
Kelly Godson.

Kelly: *Appearing* Hey guys.

Janie: Kelly?!

Alex: What’re you doing here?

Kelly: Not much. Just here to see the concert. I heard that there was gonna be a concert held here and it was to be a Fundraiser for a massive build.

Charlene: News gets around fast… doesn’t it?

Tara: You don’t know how fast.

Kelly: After the Concert… there is something that i must tell you. Something that you need to know.

Alex: Such as?

Kelly: Things about the family. Like the whereabouts of the Matriarch. And the new change in the D.A. Nick. There’s something about him which you’ll want to know. That way… when you happen to come face to face with him… it won’t be too much of a freak out. The way he looks now… It’s gonna take a long time before he’ll be back to how he once looked before.

6: 50 PM…

Arnold: *Broadcasting* We are just 10 minutes away from the first concert of the year. Located at the Metropolis Fairgrounds. Just minutes ago… We managed to get a statement from the beautiful artist…

The recording plays back…

Amy Diamond: *In a Swedish accent* I am excited to be here in Metropolis Kansas… I really haven’t felt so much love in one city before coming here. There’s just so much love. Devotion and people who are hardworking. This Concert is as a special occasion. It’s for a fundraiser that goes towards the build of a Massive Stadium in the city. Founded by a 13 year old Ex-Mob girl. Leslie T. Burke. I never met her but from the letter that i had gotten from 3 girls who go by Nicole, Ellie and Lana Rusoe… She’s gotta be the most spirited and strong-willed girl there is. I must have gotten many letters. From so many fans. But when i had gotten this letter from those 3 girls… I immediately felt the love and devotion. the utter sincerity that was being shown. Hopefully this concert will help raise the funds for the Building construction of the Massive Stadium.

Arnold: *On-Air* What a sweetheart! With a sweet kind artist like her… What more could anyone ask for? It’s only minutes away now till the concert. People have been pouring in from every direction… near and far. For all those who have bought tickets for the concert… You’re about to be in for a real treat. But for those of you listeners who have not bought yourself a ticket to come attend the concert. Don’t be blue… Don’t be Glum… Because your faithful Watchdog is gonna be live streaming the Concert for you all to watch it online and right from the internet. So for those who couldn’t come to the concert can watch right from their computer screens or tablets… Cellphones or Laptops but at a place of your choosing and be sitting pretty in a sense of comfort.

7 PM…

The Music starts and before going silent and within seconds…

Amy Diamond: *Walking on stage* …

The crowd cheers and jeer wildly…

Amy Diamond: *Jumping around and waving* Hello Metropolis, Kansas! How’re you all tonight?

The crowd cheers on…

Amy Diamond: On behalf of a special request… I want to just say that it’s an honor to be here. This concert is a fundraiser for a wealthy cause. All the proceeds made tonight go to the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium Fund. God Bless you all…

The crowd Cheers as the Music starts…

Amy Diamond: *To the crowd* This one is rather special and goes a little something like this…

Seconds later…

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “I’d like to tell you ’bout my problem last night
I’d tell you ’bout it if I wasn’t so shy
My sister says that I’m the bungling kind
I would be lying if I said she wasn’t right

Ooo yeah – it’s jumping so hard
Ooo yeah – my tumblin’ heart
Ooo yeah – I’m fallin’ apart
Ooo yeah – don’t know where to start

(Yeah, yeah)
Well maybe I could use a lucky star
So I don’t need to feel so confused, yeah
(Yeah, yeah)
Stuck with my fingers in the cookie jar
And getting busted for things I do, yeah

Oh gosh I think I am in trouble this time
Too many butterflies are crossing my way
My my my thoughts are like all over the place
Telling me I should be where time is not a waste

Ooo yeah – it’s jumping so hard
Ooo yeah – my tumblin’ heart
Ooo yeah – I’m fallin’ apart
Ooo yeah – don’t know where to start

(Yeah, yeah)
Well maybe I could use a lucky star
So I don’t need to feel so confused, yeah
(Yeah, yeah)
Stuck with my fingers in the cookie jar
And getting busted for things I do

I’m so confused
for things I do
I’m so confused
for things I do

Oh… can I get some help in here?
Cause I feel a little weird
I’m feeling so – o – o – oh

Oh… cause I really do this time
I’m about to lose my mind
I’m feeling so – o – o – oh

(Yeah, yeah)
Well maybe I could use a lucky star
So I don’t need to feel so confused, yeah
(Yeah, yeah)
Stuck with my fingers in the cookie jar
And getting busted for things I do

(Yeah, yeah)
Well maybe I could use a lucky star
So I don’t need to feel so confused, yeah
(Yeah, yeah)
Stuck with my fingers in the cookie jar
And getting busted for things I do

Well maybe I could use a lucky star
So I don’t need to feel so confused, yeah
Stuck with my fingers in the cookie jar
And getting busted for things I do, yeah”

The Crowd cheered… They were loving every sound and wave. To some of them… They were becoming like putty to the hands of the music that was coming from the singing artist…

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “(Baby when you’re gone)
It’s like a bomb
Set off in my heart, in my heart
(Baby when you’re gone)
I’m holding on
To love in my heart, in my heart
(Baby when you’re gone)

I won’t wait
So impatient for you to be with me
And time is running so slow
I just want you to know

(Ooh Ooh Ooh)

Cause baby I know it’s crazy
How it’s been lately
I just wanna fast forward to you
I know it’s been raining
But we can make it
I just wanna fast forward to you

to, to you, aaah
to, to you, aaah
to, to you

(Baby when you’re gone)
There is no one
Replacing your heart, your heart
(Baby when you’re gone)
I come undone
I just fall apart, fall apart

I won’t wait
So impatient for you to be with me
And time is running so slow
I just want you to know

Cause baby I know it’s crazy
How it’s been lately
I just wanna fast forward to you
I know it’s been raining
But we can make it
I just wanna fast forward to you

To, to you, haaah
To, to you, haaah
To, to you

Haaah, to, to you, haaah
To, to you, haaah
To, to you

Cause baby I know it’s crazy
How it’s been lately
I just wanna fast forward to you
I know it’s been raining
But we can make it
I just wanna fast forward
I just wanna fast forward to you
Fast forward to you

To, to you, haaah
To, to you, haaah
To, to you

Haaah, to, to you, haaah
To, to you, haaah
To, to you”

The Crowd Cheers…

Amy Diamond: *Smiles* You guys are so amazing. I never had a crowd that were so moved by the music that they’d start dancing and singing to the beat… For the next #… let’s have some dancers up here. How about… *Looking to see Zoey, The Rusoe Trio, Janie, Alex and Charlene; Seeing Leslie.* You guys…

Nicole: *Looking at everyone and then each other* Oh my god… Oh my god… Amy Diamond is asking us to come up to the stage…

Ellie: What are we waiting for? Let’s go.

Lana: shift into gear… Come on.

Once they got on stage…

Amy Diamond: *To the crowd* let’s hear it for my #1 fans!

The crowd were all ecstatic…

Amy Diamond: *Looking at the girls* Ready?

Zoey: *Nods while in near shock and feeling a bit Numb* Yeah. Some of us are just rather excited and yet nervous at the same time.

Amy Diamond: It’s okay… Just let the beat of the music carry you and move you. It’ll be alright.

Janie: *Nods*

Leslie: That’s a good enough answer for me.

Seconds later…

The music began and started getting into the beat…

Amy Diamond: *Singing and dancing* “I just want you to be around
Call you pretty things
Baby I don’t know about you
But I don’t like to be the one hanging on the wall

Baby like I always do
And I’d so like to go crazy
I’m so tired of this waiting around
And I’d so like to go crazy
I’m so sick of this state of mind

So many things I’d like to say
I just don’t know, I just don’t know
How many times I tried today
To let it show, I just don’t know
So many things I’d like to say
I just don’t know, I just don’t know
How many times I tried today
To let it show, I just don’t know

Du, du du du du
Du, du du du
Du, du du du du du du daa daa

Du, du du du du
Du, du du du
Du, du du du du du du daa daa

I just want you to understand why
I’m in band writing all these songs for you
Cause I don’t think that I can wait
Leave it Up to fate, baby like I always do

And I’d so like to go crazy
I’m so tired of this waiting around
And I’d so like to go crazy
I’m so sick of this state of mind

So many things I’d like to say
I just don’t know, I just don’t know
How many times I tried today
To let it show, I just don’t know

So many things I’d like to say
I just don’t know, I just don’t know
How many times I tried today
To let it show, I just don’t know

Oh baby maybe I’m a little extreme
Or just a teeny little more than it seems
But I just need to show the whole world that
I’m so sick of this state of mind

So many things I’d like to say
I just don’t know, I just don’t know
How many times I tried today
To let it show, I just don’t know

So many things I’d like to say
I just don’t know, I just don’t know
How many times I tried today
To let it show, I just don’t know

Du, du du du du
Du, du du du
Du, du du du du du du daa daa

Du, du du du du
Du, du du du
Du, du du du du du du daa daa”


Amy Diamond: *Singing* “Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh oooh oooh

Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh oooh oooh

Sometimes it feels like I am dreaming
And I am somewhere else far, far away
It’s like I’m standing upon a mountain
And for a minute I’m gone for the day
Looking for an air balloon
That could take me up this afternoon
Leave before it get’s too dark
Here in my heart

Come run away now
Keep trying, keep flying
To the mighty rainbow
Keep hunting high and low
Come fly away now
Together, forever
You know that nothing’s gonna keep us down
Let’s fly away into a higher ground

Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Into a higher ground

Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh oooh oooh

The grass is greener
The air is cleaner
Or so it seems to be
On the other side
You know it’s different
Summer like winter
But it doesn’t have to be
As two worlds collide

Everything is beautiful
And nothing should be impossible, no no
Leave before it get’s too dark
Here in my heart

Come run away now
Keep trying, keep flying
To the mighty rainbow
Keep hunting high and low
Come fly away now
Together, forever
You know that nothing’s gonna keep us down
Let’s fly away into a higher ground

Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Into a higher ground

Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh oooh oooh

It’s getting late
And you’re not alone
Come on let’s take a ride
Into the great unknown
I know it’s hard
To be worlds apart
But I will show you the way
To a higher ground
To a higher ground

Come run away now
Keep trying, keep flying
To the mighty rainbow
Keep hunting high and low
Come fly away now
Together, forever
You know that nothing’s gonna keep us down
Let’s fly away into a higher ground

Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Into a higher ground

Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh
Oh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Into a higher ground”


Amy Diamond: *Singing* “Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh

How come we feel so alone
An endless road we’re so used to travel
But in the rearview mirror
Things get clearer
We start to know when it’s too late
Let go and make your own fate

And just dance like nobody’s watching
Close your eyes, roll the dice, let go for a moment
And just dance like nobody’s watching
Make everyday count, get up when you’re down
And just dance, come on and just dance

So long we lived beneath the vail
So afraid to make a wrong turn
But in the rearview mirror
Things get clearer
We start to know when it’s too late
Why be good when we can be great

And just dance like nobody’s watching
Close your eyes, roll the dice, let go for a moment
And just dance like nobody’s watching
Make everyday count, get up when you’re down
And just dance, come on and just dance

Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh
oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh

And just dance like nobody’s watching
Close your eyes, roll the dice, let go for a moment
And just dance like nobody’s watching
Make everyday count, get up when you’re down
And just dance, come on and just dance

Woah, come on and just dance
Come on and just dance”


Amy Diamond: *Singing* “(Up u-u-up, up up, u-u-up, up up)

All set, you bet, ready to go
Anything can happen, nobody knows
One step, two steps, we’re getting close
To our destination gonna put on a show

Tonight can be all that we imagine
Everything we want and more
As long as the music keeps on playing

Now won’t you turn it up, up, up
Louder, don’t stop!
Take me over, lift me up high
You need to turn it up, up, up
We’re ready, ready for this evening
Ready for the feeling, won’t you turn it up

(Up u-u-up, up up, u-u-up, up up)

Don’t you hold back, no no no
Let the rythm lead you, anything goes
Dance or don’t dance, do what you like
Let the music elevate you
Don’t put up a fight

Tonight can be all that we imagine
Everything we want and more
As long as the music keeps on playing

Now won’t you turn it up, up, up
Louder, don’t stop!
Take me over, lift me up high
You need to turn it up, up, up
We’re ready, ready for this evening
Ready for the feeling, won’t you turn it up

I wanna get lost in the night (in the night)
I wanna get lost in the feeling (in the feeling)
I wanna get lost in the night (in the night)
In music, in music

Now won’t you turn it up, up, up
Louder, don’t stop!
Take me over, lift me up high
You need to turn it up, up, up
We’re ready, ready for this evening
Ready for the feeling…

Now won’t you turn it up, up, up
Louder, don’t stop!
Take me over, lift me up high
You need to turn it up, up, up
We’re ready, ready for this evening
Ready for the feeling, won’t you turn it up

(Up u-u-up, up up, u-u-up, up up)
Won’t you turn it up
(Up u-u-up, up up, u-u-up, up up)
Won’t you turn it up”

The crowd cheers…

Amy Diamond: It’s been a wonderful night so far… But let’s shift a little with a little # that goes… Like this…

The music starts up again…

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “Daa daa daa dao

I know what she wants
She doesn’t like you
You say it’s crazy talk
It’s not what you do
You see my head is spinning
I don’t know what to say
Except nobody’s winning
And I will pay

So now I’m caught in the middle of it
Accusations flying left and right
And it’s always me that ends up in the crossfire
In the crossfire
Every little time I try to make it alright a-ha
I’m in the crossfire

I’ll make it simple
Here’s what you gotta know
No need to drag it on
Don’t spin this vertigo
We’re in nasty weather
A verbal hurricane
Unless you fess it up and
Admit you’ve lost the game

I am caught in the middle of it
Accusations flying left and right
And it’s always me that ends up in the crossfire
In the crossfire
Every little time I try to make it alright a-ha
I’m in the crossfire

She’s saying this, she’s saying that
Just stop you freaking me out
Don’t need to take this anymore
Don’t wanna preach, don’t wanna teach you how to live your life
Stop your fuzzing and your fighting
Cause it’s such a bore


Accusations flying left and right
And it’s always me… the crossfire, the crossfire
Every little time I try to make it alright a-ha
I’m in the crossfire
Always me that ends up in the crossfire, in the crossfire
Every little time I try to make it alright a-ha
I’m in the crossfire

In the crossfire
Daa daa daa dao
In the crossfire
Daa daa daa dao”

Amy Diamond: How about this one?

Music starts and it was then that she sang with heart…

“I’m always a millions things at once
A hundred thousand feelings at the same time
I get a little insecure
I get a little complicated
I get a little immature

Head over heels
I’ll be laughing on the floor
I can get so frustrated
I can act like I’m five years old

But not today
Cause it’s a good day
I just want to say
It’s a good day
No clouds or rain in my way
Hope it’s here to stay
What a good day
Hear me say

It’s ok
No clouds or rain in my way
I feel like I can say
It’s a good day

Oooh oooh oooh
Ooh ooh
Oooh oooh oooh
Ooh ooh

Nothin’ in my world gets me down, no no
I put a smile on my face and laugh out loud
I can feel like I’m always up
I can feel so inspired
I can feel like I’m out of luck

Head over heels
I’ll be laughing on the floor
I can get a little tired
I can act like I’m five years old

But not today
Cause it’s a good day
I just want to say
It’s a good day
No clouds or rain in my way
Hope it’s here to stay
What a good day
Hear me say

It’s ok
No clouds or rain in my way
I feel like I can say
It’s a good day

Oooh oooh oooh
Ooh ooh
Oooh oooh oooh
Ooh ooh

I can feel it
There’s something in the air
Just got to grab it, and hold it here

What a good day
I just want to say
It’s a good day
No clouds or rain in my way
Hope it’s here to stay
What a good day
Hear me say

It’s ok
No clouds or rain in my way
I feel like I can say
It’s a good day

Oooh oooh oooh
Ooh ooh
It’s a good day
Oooh oooh oooh
Ooh ooh
It’s a good day
Oooh oooh oooh
Ooh ooh
It’s a good day
Oooh oooh oooh
Ooh ooh
It’s a good day”

The Crowd Cheers. The crowd cheers wildly and scream: “We Love you, Amy!”

But in the hype of the Concert…

two people came in to the crowd. It was the parents to Leslie. They came and took note of the concert. But all the while being there… they had to be in disguise as they could not be seen by Leslie. Not yet… Not officially. So they had to Wear hats that were unlike their usual apparel and keep a low profile. Just for that time being. Carl saw Leslie sitting up front and smiled at how independent she seemed to appear. Elizabeth smiled at the sight of their daughter Leslie. Smiled at how lovely she looked. It was heartening.

As for the Concert…

It was in still full Swing…

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “We took the heat — We stood the pressure
We had ’em beat — We stuck together

The hard times, the bad signs — only made us
They wrote us off — We never listened
We flipped the odds — We went the distance
We stayed true, cause we knew — all that we’d
be missing

The said better safe than sorry
We wrote a different story
We sure made something out of nothing

All right now — We managed somehow
The troubles are done ‘n
Happiness won

Ohh…….. Looks like we made it

The tried to plot — That didn’t play out
The dug a hole — We dug our way out
We’re still here, the smoke’s cleared — that’s all
we’ve got to say now
We really stood the pressure
Yeah we stuck together
I’m so glad we did that, so glad we did that

All right now — We managed somehow
The troubles are done ‘n
Happiness won

Ohh…….. Looks like we made it

Look at us together — still going strong
Who could do it better
Look at us together — we sure proved them

Looks like we made it……
Looks like we made it…

All right now — We managed somehow
The troubles are done ‘n
Happiness won. (2x)

Looks like we made it…”

Seconds later…

Amy Diamond: This one goes to the founder of the future Stadium… From us to you… Leslie. *To everyone* Come on everyone… Sing along with me… You know the words to this. Let it come from the heart!

A second later…

The Music begins…

Amy Diamond: *Singing* “La la
La la la
La la la la
La la la la

La la
La la la
La la la la
La la la la

You should have known
You should have seen it
You’ve been moving too slow
Trying to stay in control
You better jump
Gotta risk it
Can’t be playing it safe
Take a risk for a change
This is what you do, you gotta let go
You can be whatever you like

Amy Diamond: *To the crowd* Come on… Sing.

*With the Crowd* A brand new day
Come out and play
Let the devil you know fade away a-ah
A brand new day
The feeling is great
Don’t you ever look back
You might miss tomorrow coming your way

La la
La la la
La la la la
La la la la

I rule the world
You see me dancing
Think I’m one of a kind
Don’t go out of your mind
I’m only a girl who’s taken chances
And I’d do it all again
Cause the party never ends
Gotta let me prove it
I’ll show you the way
This could be time of your life

A brand new day
Come out and play
Let the devil you know fade away a-ah
A brand new day
The feeling is great
Don’t you ever look back
You might miss tomorrow coming your way

You shouldn’t lose another day
Nothing comes to those who wait
You don’t have to be afraid anymore

La la
La la la
La la la la
La la la la

La la
La la la
La la la la
La la la la

A brand new day
Come out and play
Let the devil you know fade away a-ah
A brand new day
The feeling is great
Don’t you ever look back
You might miss tomorrow coming your way

A brand new day
Come out and play
Let the devil you know fade away a-ah
I said a brand new day
The feeling is great
Don’t you ever look back
You might miss tomorrow coming your way

La la
La la la
La la la la
La la la la

La la
La la la
La la la la
La la la la”


Amy Diamond: *Singing* “(uuuuuuuuuuh, uuuhyaay uuhyay)

Sun’s bursting in
Through the drapes,
I awake as a new day starts
Feeling I am clear in my mind I´m alive, I´m in love
It in my heart
The day opens up on the world like a
And I start to smile

This thing I have
With yous not a feeling,
A sense it is more like a state
Of mind

Wherever you go I will follow
I just
Wanna be where you are
Like a shooting star, you shine
Brightest of them all
Wherever you go I will follow
And it doesnt matter how far
Like a shooting star, you
Shine brightest of them all

Once I was torn, I was
Lost, I felt weak until I found you
You hit me with the
Spark of a light in your eyes
Keep me cool and I feel brand
Like a breath of fresh air like a natural high
I Lose sense of time

This thing I have with yous not a
A sense it is more like a state of mind

Wherever you go I will follow
I just wanna be where you
Like a shooting star, you shine brightest of them
Wherever you go I will follow
And it doesnt
Matter how far
Like a shooting star, you shine brightest of
Them all

Love is just like
Flashes of light
Streaming throughout my heart”

Some of the songs that were sung… were moving and some were sad and actual tearjerkers. But the concert was a total hit. Every song rang with a clear message. Each one with a message of its own. The crowd was cheering and going nuts with excite. They wanted more. It was producing lots of love for Amy Diamond and it was also producing love for Leslie as well. The Concert went on till 9:30 that night and throughout that time the concert proceeds accumulated to a grand total of 900,000 dollars. A part of the Proceeds came right from Amy Diamond herself. She supported the funding most of all…

What happened from then on was nothing more than alot of time being consumed over doing the construction of the Massive Stadium. However there was one thing that they did not expect. The money went fast… and they ran dry in a hurry. The only way they’d have the money that was needed for the build now was to take out a loan and there was no one out there to help them. No one left that had that kind of Pull and there was no way Blossom would look towards Oliver. To this… Oliver had done enough. Took care of Leslie’s last remaining debts. Which was more than enough for anyone. Blossom then did the one thing that she knew she would never be able to tell Leslie. Not in any near future. She made an arrangement to meet up with Mr. Burke. Leslie’s father in private and called him by his codename: “Dollar Valentine Riches”. It was to make the secret transfer of funds. She was given 25 million straight and it was given to the major Construction Company. Paying for the Electrical wires, Pipes, Stucco. The Steel Beams, The Cement and wood. The Glass. Wire fences and the Fuse boxes. The transformers. There was also assistance from Rikku’s father’s group. The Al-Bhed/Afghani’s.

The build was going on and it went on for a strong progress throughout the next 3 and a half months. There was a mass load of construction workers and Demolition men. there to demolish the parts that were not needed. But there were numerous contractors and heavy machinery at the site building it and forming the Stadium to a work of art. Leslie had her friends all there helping out. But during that time… started to wonder how all this was possible as there wasn’t the money to cover all of what was going on. Something to her didn’t seem right and she began to get curious. Although there was another front to worry about… or not worry about. It was Holly Reedy. Throughout the time passing… Holly Reedy started to become a Diaper girl and also a different person. She had come back and ruled out the Emancipation papers from Sid and insisted for Emancipation due to irreconcilable issues and choices upon both sides. Holly was now a free person but she also was nicer and more pleasant. Something about her time away from everyone and apart from all… Made her into someone who no one knew of anymore. Not even Leslie…

Amy Diamond stuck around in the city of Metropolis to come see Leslie. She was intrigued by how far everything was coming along.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2046…

The Sun Shack…

Amy Diamond: *Sitting while drinking her cappuccino* This place is nice. you come here?

Leslie Burke 42

Leslie: Quite a bit. *Drinking her Espresso* I actually came here as the first place of interest when i first came to this city. Which was the end of 2044. However… that was before i went through a life of the mob and then getting out from the Mob’s clutches. I’ve been here alot. It just feels… so calming.

Amy Diamond: It must have been like a safe haven for you. Where’re you from originally?

Leslie: Brooklyn.

Amy Diamond: Brooklyn. I never’d been there before. What was it like living there?

Leslie: It was actually… really sweet. Living in Brooklyn. It was safe… Or it was… till i was like 7 or 8. That was when it all changed. My parents were getting attacked one day during my 7th year of life. it just got worse from there as time went… I rather not talk about it. It’s just too sad and i really don’t want to bring it back up.

Amy Diamond: Oh… Sorry.

Leslie: It’s okay. It’s not your fault. It’s just a rather bad memory of what i went through while there and then the moments where i had to emancipate from my parents and come here. It was the hardest thing that they had to do. But they had to protect me from the pain of being targeted by the kids who were coming at me. They were kids of the sole people who were coming at my parents and attacking them. Socially. More because we were rich and just like they were… however we were the type who didn’t care about the money. We were just seeing it as just extra. Nothing more. But the Aristocratic people back in Brooklyn… They believed that we were to spread our wealth and rub it in the faces of the lower class. We didn’t. That’s the one main reason as to why we were attacked on a constant never-ending line. Plus also because of the false rumor that was being spread that my father was laundering money from his company that he had worked for. He never laundered any money. Ever. But because of the rumor… people started believing it and just started attacking him. Then got at my mother. My mother… She’s an Heiress. Of the Burke Arts academy. Passed down from her mother and her mother’s mother. One day in the future… Several… several years from now… I’ll inherit it. She’ll pass it to me. So i have that to fall back on if the build happens to flop. Which i really hope that it doesn’t flop.

Amy Diamond: Where’re your parents now? Still in Brooklyn?

Leslie: No. They’re here in this city. But… we’ve yet to get back and reunite as one. They’re not quite ready yet and neither am I. But i think that i might be ready. I just need to be sure that it’s the right thing. Only because… from the time i was away from them… till current. They might have attained a life again but only without me. I don’t want to get back and find that i might have interfered with their lives. It wouldn’t be fair to them.

Amy Diamond: *Understanding* True… It wouldn’t. But you are their daughter. Don’t you think that they’d at least have the right to know? They’re your parents. You’re their daughter. They belong with you… you belong to them. Family is everything to a person.

Leslie: You’ve got a point. Amy, as much as you don’t know all the facts behind the situation… You’ve got a point. I should owe it to them and see on getting back with them.

Amy Diamond: What’s the rest of the town… or city like?

Leslie: It’s got its friendly points. Like Sid’s Diner. It’s got a friendly atmosphere. Sid. The owner… He’s really friendly. Caring about his customers. I’ve been there a couple or so times… But that was only when the hateful girl Holly Reedy wasn’t around. I still want to nail her for what she said to my parents once. When i wasn’t around to hear of it… Although when i had the Christmas party last year… My parents made the effort and from the bottom of their hearts… to come to the party for a little bit. They told me of what Holly said and that really pisses me off.

Amy Diamond: Wow! I am shocked. You’re okay though… right?

Leslie: Yeah. I will be.

Donald: *Walking over with a refill* Here’re your refills. Leslie… Mrs. Diamond.

Amy Diamond: *Smiles* Thank you.

Leslie: Thank you Donald. Amy Diamond is a good friend and she’s been here for the last couple months. She’s planning to move here to this city.

Donald: You don’t say… Well now… *in surprise* That’d be a wonderful blessing for the city. Lovely.

Leslie: It is…

The arrangements for Leslie to meet her parents were in place only days later. She was gonna meet them in a few weeks. It was time. She had to be now ready. It was months later after the heaviest part of the build was started and done within only a few solid weeks. The Mansion was built and done up to code. Done up well and everything was in place. The only thing left was to prepare for the next chapter in her life. The new chapter in her life that would shake things… but also set her for what was to come in the weeks… months ahead. She had a new friend in the Pop singer. There was no hate and Holly was no longer a problem. Although Leslie had yet to see her…

As for the new generation…

They during that time started going through some changes of their own. The older daughters of Dinah’s were settling up for Prom and graduation. The College Dilemma was coming to a future near them and that meant only that Playtime was nearing a clashing end. Spencer and Rikku were also thinking about their future. Knowing that there was gonna be more pressure coming to them soon. Janie, Alex and Charlene were prepping for their second year of High school. Zoey, Hikaru, Sora and Carly… Sakura… Blossom and of course Leslie… were prepping to embark on a clash encounter towards High school. The Freshman Year. As were their friends and Allies. There was gonna be changes coming to them. However there was at that time… Still some time before all that were to come into the front row center. There was still some time. However… for their being able to gather up all that they went through and be prepared for what was next. Time… Was running out.

Leslie and Blossom during that period… Had 9 more dates openly. Then there was the mysterious calls and texts from some mystery person with the Initials B.A. She didn’t know who that was. No one did and the more they thought about it… The more the Mystery thickened. That was not the only front… There was also the surprises that were coming soon to Leslie. When she were to finally come and reunite with her parents. A Likely new home… A New life and a Whole new Change…

To Be continued in Chapter 232 Part 4 of 4… The epic Conclusion to Leslie Tina Burke Repays her debt to the city and makes amends; Reconciliation procession and The Burke’s Complete…


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