Chapter 232: Leslie Tina Burke Repays her debt to the city and makes amends; Reconciliation procession and The Burke’s Complete? Part 3 of 4-2

Continued from Chapter 232 Part 3-1

It was then that they had a lot of tie-ups to get done. Leslie and Blossom with the planning towards the build of the Massive Stadium. They were gonna be busy for the next few months. It was time for things to start rolling. Leslie was with the Go ahead on the build and to get things rolling. However… the City counsel and the board of the city didn’t have the funds to sanction it. But there was something they didn’t have pegged. Molly’s parents… chipped into the city Budget and donated 100,000,000 to the city. To help it recover from the Mob Onslaught and the remnants that deemed to follow. It was all soon to come. days later. Because it was that day… That same day… the 4th of December… that year where Leslie and Blossom would start overlooking the huge piece of land where the Massive Stadium was destined to be built.

That Afternoon…

At the Empty plot of land…

Blossom Rhapsody grabbing a hard hat and set to begin construction.
Blossom Rhapsody grabbing a hard hat and set to begin construction.

Blossom: *Looking at the Vacant patch of Land* Well… Leslie, This is where it starts. The Metropolis RE/MAX realtor locked down this huge patch of land for us.


Leslie: Good thing she did. I had to cut a deal of 40 grand to ensure a legal partnership contract with them in order to get this. Not that it’s like a bit towards Extortion. The City is still aching. But wouldn’t you be figuring that the pleading amount for the build to be valid… and with a realtor to be a tad high. You’d think that it’d be only like 25,000 easy as it is alot of land. But 40,000. This huge patch of land must be literally valuable for them to ask that price. Just for the Massive Stadium to be built.

Blossom: Don’t worry so much. A Rich gal like you can handle the lumps. Besides. You do have support. Me. for one…

Nicole: *Walking over with her sisters* Don’t forget us. We’re here supporting you too.

Ellie: We know how it is with trying to attain a clean slate.

Lana: Think of it this way… With us by your side… You’re gonna be getting alot of good fortune.

However that was when Sora and Carly arrived. Bringing Janie, Alex and Charlene with them and seconds later… Zoey. Even Molly and Michelangelo showed up to the scene. But that was where the heated encounter began…

Blossom Is Itching to come unglued and deck Zoey.
Blossom Is Itching to come unglued and deck Zoey.

Blossom: *Cross* What is Zoey doing here? Does she have a difficulty in comprehending the meaning of: “Leslie and I don’t want her here”? Get her the hell out of here. NOW!

Janie: No. *Standing up to Blossom and Pulling Zoey Over towards her* Blossom, The bullshit stops. Today. Sora and Carly. Alex and Charlene… and Me. Molly and Michelangelo… We are all sick of the Animosity. The vengeful cold stares going on between you two. It’s been going on long enough and it’s stopping today.

Alex: Yeah. For the last couple weeks you and Zoey… and You too Leslie. Have been at each other’s throats. Zoey trying to fuck you over, Leslie and Then Blossom and you returning fire and giving her a taste of what for. We’ve had to endure it and watch it. Every day since it began. Every day. We’re done.

Charlene: Blossom, You caused this to begin by just blowing Zoey off. You were her friend first. Then Leslie comes and you’re all about her. She became the only one that seemed to matter to you and you ditching Zoey. Leaving her alone. Sora and Carly were also abandoned. But they came to you and made amends. However… You deem on wanting nothing to do with Zoey. Your best friend of ten years. You known her for 10 FRICKIN’ Years. TEN! We’re done babying your scornful behavior.

Seconds later…

Charlene: *Pulling Leslie forcefully over to the middle* You… Get over here.

Alex: *Pulling Blossom over to the Middle* Blossom. Get over here.

Janie: *Pulling Zoey over to the Middle and Forcing her to look at both Blossom and Leslie*

Rhapsody Trio: *Demanding for the hostility to end* Leslie, Zoey, Blossom… STOW THE DAMN EGO AND TALK IT THE FUCK OUT!


Sora: *Looking at Carly* I think that in order for the reconciliation to work… I think that both Zoey and Leslie have to have a little time to bond. Find common ground. Something that they can both relate to on an equal footing.

Carly: You’re right. We should maybe get them to work together. What can we have them do though?

Sora: Why don’t we have them build something… Something that takes two people to do?

Carly: Yeah.

Sora: *Nods*

It was only then… A Moment later when Sora and Carly made the move to get Zoey and Leslie alone. To get them to work together. So while Janie, Alex and Charlene worked on one side as well as the Rusoe Sisters… Blossom, Sora and Carly worked the front. And on the other side, Zoey and Leslie worked… helping on getting the Metal bars aligned for welding once the Concrete stubs were molded in place…

Zoey Contemplating on how to reach out to Leslie even while knowing that she isn’t entirely ready to reconcile with Leslie or with Blossom.

Zoey: *Walking over with some Metal bars to start lining up the Metal gate* … I know that you don’t want to be around me much as i don’t want to be around you much myself. But your so called Best friend Blossom’s Cousins who are also mine… won’t shut the hell up unless we work together. So… Why don’t we just let bygones be bygones for the time being?

Leslie settles with trying to reach a level equal footing with Zoey.
Leslie settles with trying to reach a level equal footing with Zoey.

Leslie: Fine by me. *Not happy* I know that you don’t even like me. And i am not gonna bother try to get you to. It’s clear that Holly Reedy’s won you. You and her both want me to get the hell out of Metropolis so you can hog Blossom all to yourself. Because you see me as a vagrant. Someone who isn’t worthy to be among the populace of this city.


Zoey: *Looking at Leslie* You’re right. I don’t. I don’t like you much at all. And you know… You didn’t even think to fuckin’ come to me at all, Leslie. If you were looking for friends… You could have just opened up to me as well as Blossom. But no. You just went right for her. Taking her from me. You fucked my 10 year friendship with her. She fucking hates me. Why?! Because of you. You could have come to me. I wasn’t one to judge. I wasn’t even gonna cast you out. I might not have liked the fact that you were in the damn Mob… Were also Smoking for a time as well. But i would have toughed it out.

Leslie: Yeah sure you would. that’s why every time Blossom were to turn her back… She would overhear about you trashing me. Just do yourself the favor and save it. Because all i am getting out of you is a backlash. I didn’t do a thing to make you hate me. Nothing. Blossom didn’t even mention about you to me when she and i first met. She just saw that i was all alone in school and befriended me. She didn’t have to. She could have easily treated me just as you were doing and still are. You talk bad about me. Every time Blossom and i would meet. She’d tell me what you said. Which is almost as though you would rather i run off and never return.

Zoey: *Scoffs* It’s because i was jealous. You are rich. Could buy anything you frickin’ wanted to and not have to feel as if you should wait. You have it all. Money. Prestige. The Status that most would just salivate and drool.. That some would maybe and given how lost the large portion of the city are… They’d kill and abduct and hold for Ransom for. I don’t. You pulled Blossom in. Holly became my new best friend. However she and I had a falling out 6 days before Thanksgiving.

Leslie: Why? Did you decide that she wasn’t good enough either?

Zoey: It’s not that. So stow that outburst. It’s because i took up smoking.

Leslie: When was this?

Zoey: It was a few weeks ago. 11 days before Halloween. But that was days after my mom finally walked out and just left the family. I had to watch as she left. Taking her possessions. Boxes. Personal belongings. Clothes. the whole shebang. Took it all away. Plus it didn’t help any with the shit-face Marco Kids putting the torment on me. Blossom was all for you. I couldn’t get her to be with me at all. When she did… heaven forbid if you weren’t there to jump in. My mother left my family. And me. It was a couple days later when i walked over to the local Liquor store…

Zoey then flashes back…

“Zoey: *Walking into the liquor store* …I need to see Blossom. But i don’t know if i can see her as well as Leslie too. I don’t think that she’s all that bad. but… I can’t confide in her yet. I need to see Blossom. *Sighs* But how will i see her? How?

A minute later…

Cashier: Morning there. *Seeing the items* Is this all? Those got to be rather big candy bars for a young teen like you to be munching on all on your own. You sure that you don’t have someone to share those with? It’d be a good way to open up to someone special. Chocolate bars like those are usually to suggest Romance and Lusting. Luring a sweetheart over to your heart.

Zoey: I wouldn’t know. I don’t have a boyfriend. But it’d be nice to think about. *Looking up* Those are not the only things i’m getting. Can i have a couple packs of Lucky strike reds?

Cashier: A young teen… like you… Smoking? You’re gonna be hurting yourself with that. I really would advise against that and ask for I.D. But You sure that you know what you’re doing?

Zoey: I am not hurting anyone. Besides, It’s not everyday that a person who had just endured watching their own mother walk from their family… react in teen angst by taking up some habit. My mother left my family. My dad is all alone and My brother is hurt. But i happen to hurt most because I happen to be alot like her in a way and the idea that she’s gone… hurts most of all.

Cashier: Wow! Teen angst and teen rebellion. Acting out the hurt of an abandoned teen. That has to be the new age of misguidance if there ever was one. Young lady… I am not gonna judge your choices… I won’t try to talk you out of it either. All i can say is that what ever it is that you’re with intent on doing… You better be careful. I sure don’t want any lawsuits coming this way for selling a young teen a couple packs of cigarettes.

Zoey: Maybe not. But you don’t know my home life. So, not to be so snappy and all… But please don’t get your nose into it. It doesn’t really concern you. At least you have a happy home life. I used to. But i don’t anymore.

Zoey: *Voice-over* I paid for the packs and the items that i went in to buy and left. That was when i made way to find Blossom. Only to find that she was robbing a store. With you. Yeah. I caught sight of you and her and you were calling her Sylvia The Bookie. However i didn’t stop. I looking closer and saw that it was you. And saw that it was Blossom. I hid in the shadows where you two wouldn’t see me. But i would see you two. I watched you light up, Leslie. I caught you smoking. You can’t tell me that it wasn’t you. I was there. I saw you do it. I already know that Blossom did it. Because i saw her at the park one Sunday. A few weeks or so ago and saw that she had a pack of Marlboro sitting next to her. I’m not stuck on stupid. I know what it meant.

The Flashback ends…


Zoey: And that’s what happened. Leslie, I am not gonna even expose you as some kind of two-timing fraud. Because… 1. You apparently are anything but that. Even if Holly Reedy is vengefully convinced that you are and deadset on not stopping till all of Metropolis sees it too. 2. I don’t want to stir you up more trouble. You’re not in the Mob. That’s fine. I don’t care. I just want to know why. Why did Blossom go to you and leave it where she felt that she had to leave me? She knew me and I knew her. We were together for 10 years. Been through alot. Then you show and everything goes to hell between me and her. 000193.png*Looking away a little* Not that i blame you. You’re Rich. You’re from a rich upbringing. Everything looking up. What could you really ask for that you don’t already have?


Leslie: You really don’t have any clue to my life. Do you, Zoey?

Zoey: What clue would i need?

Leslie: Oh… i don’t know. Maybe the clue that points out the fact that i didn’t have any friends till i came here.

Zoey: Of course you did. You had to have had at least a couple friends back in Brooklyn… i mean… Didn’t you?

Leslie: No. I didn’t have any friends. No one wanted a thing to do with me back in Brooklyn. The Kids in the school that i went to back there… They all smeared and revered me as if i was a nobody. As if i happened to be a bastard in their eyes.

Zoey: …

Leslie: Yeah. That’s how it was. So don’t be assuming that i had other friends. I didn’t. I never had. The only friend i had was a Gameboy color. That was my close friend. An inanimate object. It wouldn’t chat with me… But at least i knew for a fact that it never would diss me. Treat me like i didn’t matter.


Zoey: Leslie, *Sighs* I think that i understand how you feel. Not many people liked me at first because i too looked rather out of sorts. People hated me too. It took Blossom, Sora and Carly to get me to cheer up. Got me to try and go out and get a friend. However… I didn’t. For some reason… No one liked me and thought of me as just no good.

Leslie: Why wouldn’t people like you? You were once made out to be this hero. Plus you’re a Rhapsody. Why wouldn’t people like you or adore and yet love and care about the others?

Zoey: I don’t know. I never really figured that out. I guess it’s because there was something about me that made people seem as though they believed that i was some reject.

Leslie: Wait… I think i might have a idea over that.


Zoey: I know… I happen to be the creation of a freak. A Humaniod Abomination. My mother used to be this apparent Senshi. way back when. Someone named Sailor Luna. Then when my sisters and Brothers came around. The theory managed to be where they’d get the part of being a Sailor. But instead… It got to me and i was the one that wound up with it. Till Last year. The end of last year. Dec. 4th… In Moscow on a operation to find Rasputin and kill him. It was while we were in one of the risque tunnels or pathways within the location of Sebastian Plackba #16. Rasputin’s Mausoleum.

She flashes back…


Hellboy and Manning come into a vast chamber: Slavic motifs crown the rugged stone pillars and archways. Water runs down the walls. Across a small stone bridge, light pours from a hexagonal structure. They step onto the bridge. KLANGGG!!! two gears release a steel door from above, forcing them to forge ahead. Somewhere, a massive clockwork is TICKING.

Blossom, Zoey, Sora and Carly… The girls of the Aquatic Force Z! Spencer and Rikku as well… Raven and Serena. were right with them… They took one look around and were as alert as Hellboy and Manning were. Agent Lime had been following right along. Even he was on alert. Something was going to happen…

Sailor Zoey: Something doesn’t seem right. *detecting something*

Sailor June: *Feeling the sides* the walls are wet.

Blossom: What’re you thinking it could mean? Something wrong?

Sailor June: Not sure. Something however… doesn’t make sense. There’s water flowing down the walls. But… there’s no source of a waterfall. There’s no water source anywhere close by.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: Where do you think the water’s coming from?

Thunderic Fury: Where’s the source?

Spiritual Arctic Frost: It’s got to come from somewhere.

Blossom: Where though?

Rikku: *Hearing Ticking* Uh… Spencer?

Spiritual Arctic Frost: Yeah, hon?

Rikku: This place is ticking.

Sailor June: Something moving here. There’s something coming.

Manning: *Overhearing* Huh? What’s coming? Buddha? The Pope? Who?

Lime: Ask your buddy how far this thing goes.

Hellboy: How you doing up there, lvan?

Corpse of Ivan: If I had legs I’d kick your ass!

Hellboy: *Handing Ivan over to Lime* Would you mind holding this guy for a while? He is so negative.

Manning: *Hearing something* What the hell is that?

Hellboy: Something big. *Looking at Lime* Lime, Come with me. Blossom… Zoey, June… you too… We’ve got to move ahead.

Sora: *With Carly* You’re right. We need to move.

Carly: Let’s go.

The door that was behind them was closed… There was no where for them to go… but ahead.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: I think that’s to be our cue to get out of here while we can. Now!

Thunderic Fury: Is there another way out?

Rikku: There should be.

Spiritual Arctic Frost: There’s one up ahead…

Manning: No, no, no. Stay put! Stop! *Walking over to Hellboy* You listen to me… Listen to me!

Blossom: Manning… Cut the bull. This is no time to bark orders. We need to get the hell out of here. Staying here… We’re all sitting ducks. You know that? We’re gonna die.

Manning: I’m in charge. We’re gonna go back. *To Hellboy* You can take that door apart.

Hellboy: Whatever it is, it’s coming for us. Now, we gotta move forward! *To Lime and the girls* Guys, let’s go.

Manning: *To Lime; Barking a command* Stay Put! *To Hellboy*  And you! I am not afraid of you! I’m in charge! We go back!

Rikku: *Groans in annoyance* Ugh! Can this guy ever rest?

Angelic Bubble: Manning, Sir! Take a look around you. We can’t go back. That door won’t budge. Even if Hellboy were to try opening it. That door is jammed shut. There is nothing we can do…

Sora: *Looking at a distance* No time… RUN! Something COMES!

Chic Bubble Gem: Spencer, Rikku… Grab Sora and Carly and get them the heck outta here, Now!

Sailor Zoey: *With June and Blossom* Make way…

The crew made a run for it fast and they hurry as they were about to be knocked off the bridge only seconds later… They made it to safety only barely.

Hellboy yanks Manning just in time. BAMMM!!!! A gigantic metal pendulum swings past and demolishes one third of the bridge a few feet from their feet. It takes Lime and the CORPSE with it.

Corpse of Ivan: *Falling down the chasm* I was better off dead!

Symphonic Bubble: Holy god… That was close.

Shining Bubble: *Panting* Yeah… Too close. We were about to be sent down to our demise.

Blossom: Would you say that this place is safe now?

Sailor Zoey: No. That ship sailed a while ago. This place is a literal danger zone.

Another door on the far end of the bridge shudders downward…

Hellboy: Oh crap!

Blossom: *Looking to see Hellboy running for his life trying to make it over where they were* Hellboy! RUN! Come on… Faster… Faster!

Hellboy runs, but chunks of stone disintegrate under his feet. The pendulum swings back taking out the final piece of the bridge just as Hellboy rolls under the door — — and makes it into the hexagonal building.

Hellboy: *Catching his breath* …

As soon as he stood back up…

Hellboy: How’re you all holding up?

Blossom: We’re fine. Just shook and a little terrified as we could’ve been killed. But other than that… We’re fine.


All was not fine…

Zoey was suddenly losing power and within seconds was normal…

Sora: Zoey?!

Carly: What… You’re back to normal. Why? What’s going on…

Zoey: *Looking down* My powers… My Senshi power is gone… What’s going on?

Sailor June: Zoey… This isn’t a game anymore… Transform. Now!

Zoey: I’ll try…

A second later…

Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Cosmic Power… Make up!


Zoey: *Looking down and at the others* What happened… It didn’t work.

Blossom: Are you saying that you’ve lost the power?

Spiritual Arctic Frost: This can’t be… It just can’t be. You couldn’t have lost the power. Try again. Zoey… Try again.

Zoey: Okay…

Zoey made off with trying again…

Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Cosmic Power… Make up!


Sailor June: *Sighs* This is not good.

Sora: Really? And what was your first clue, June? Zoey’s now Normal. All normal. She’s got no fight power.

Carly: Staying here is unsafe for her. She’ll die here.

Manning: There’s nothing that can be done about it now… We’re gonna have to keep her close. That means two of you will have to sit out on the operation here to guard her. It’s the only way.

Sora: Carly and I’ll sit out and guard her. It’s okay. Although… for the last boast… we’re all gonna have to battle. Zoey will stay here with you, Manning. You’re higher in rank…

Hellboy and Manning find themselves in a very narrow, arched stone corridor. Its walls are lined with endless rows of rusty steel blades. Faint traces of WAGNER can be heard. They cautiously proceed…

Zoey however started feeling weird and even though she had no powers anymore… She felt the fear of what was soon to come…”

Flashback ends…

Zoey: I was a sitting duck.

Leslie in disbelief over what she was hearing come out from Zoey…

Leslie: What did you do though? Couldn’t you fight back?

Zoey: With what, Leslie? What the hell could i fight with? I was without any power. There was nothing left for me and it wasn’t like i could have turned back and went back where i started at that location. There was no way out. All i could do was just sitthere and watch as the others went on and fought. The only thing that i could do was just watch the others. Like Blossom, My cousins Serena and Raven. Sora and Carly… You know them… They too were there. As were the young married couple, Rikku and Spencer.

Leslie: Did you get out of there safely?

Zoey: We did. With the help of a reformed woman who originally served Rasputin.

Leslie: Would that be Ilsa?

Zoey: Yeah. But… How did you know?

Leslie: Because Blossom and I paid a visit to Zeke’s place on the same night that i stood up to Dorian and took back my life. Leaving the Mob. Paying 8,500 dollars to make up for the Wood that i without knowing destroyed. Which was wood that was meant for the Pub.

Zoey: That was you?!

Leslie: Yeah.

Zoey: How could you do that though?

Leslie: With a Gun. I know how to use one as i’ve had experience with one. It was merely for survival. But Dorian kinda showed me how to hold and Aim and taught me some lesson that when i come across any enemies. That i were to shoot them for they’d only go after my friends and the people i care about if i were to let them live. However… I couldn’t just take someone’s life. So…. That was one thing that i never got on doing. I wanted to survive. Not become a killer.

Zoey: Did Dorian ever try to force you to kill someone?

Leslie: Nope. Not at all. When he saw the way i looked when he said that i’d have to kill someone sometime along the way… He knew that it was one thing that i would not be willing to do.

Zoey: He was okay with that?

Leslie: Not too well. But he understood and knew that it would be ill-mannered to push the idea on me after knowing how uncomfortable i was over the thought.

Zoey: But… you and Blossom clearly left the mob. Right?

Leslie: Yeah. I left it and since i was there with Blossom and she was with me… Although not too deep into it… I was able to pull her out from the Mob life. She was able to be freed without much effort. I Stood up to Dorian and left. Blossom was almost lost to the Mob and at risk of turning into a mobster monster. I got her out.

Minutes later…

After the first parts of the metal gate were aligned and set to be put up and welded…

Zoey: *Looking at Leslie* I guess that after hearing the truth from you and getting to know you somewhat. Being a subtle ally and a likely friend is should be a start.

Leslie: Tie for friend. I’ll even help you quit the habit. Blossom and i stopped it and it was by doing something inventive.

Zoey: i’m not ready to quit the habit yet. But… *Nods* Deal. I’ll be sure to take you up on the offer when i happen to be finally ready to quit it.

Leslie finally reaching equal terms and understanding Zoey. finally befriending with Zoey.
Leslie finally reaching equal terms and understanding Zoey. finally befriending with Zoey.

Leslie: *Nods* Sounds like a good plan. Let’s get the rest of this side done. We got a lot to build for the border/property line of this Stadium.

Zoey: How long does it have to be?

Leslie: to Cover a square feet of 950,000 Sq. ft.

Zoey: That’s the same size as the Staples center in Downtown L.A. In California. It’s said to be located by the part known and famed as a sector pegged as L.A. Live.

Leslie: What are you saying? Are you saying that i might be stealing the same look and design as the Staples Center?

Zoey: No. I’m saying that you’re plotting to build something that takes the same equivalent size as the Staples Center.

Leslie Standing in a bit of a loss of what Zoey's getting at.
Leslie Standing in a bit of a loss of what Zoey’s getting at.

Leslie: I am seriously not seeming to follow you that good.

Zoey: We’re just barely at the friend status now… But you know what… Why don’t you come over to my place once we’re done here for the day and I’ll show you what i mean.

Leslie: Sure. Since that would make us friends now. That’d be nice. But if it’d be fair… You really should try to patch up some things with your cousin Blossom. Blossom seems to really detest you and that’s not good. I know that there are issues between you guys. But just seeing you guys hating one another. It’s sad.

Zoey: I know. Leslie, I know that there are some issues between me and Blossom and i realize that i kept blaming you. But as i stop to think about it more clearer. I have to realize that it was really me. That it was all my doing. It was my fault for Blossom hating me and not wanting to have anything to do with me. I should have given you a better chance the first time. Instead… I shunned you. Smeared and aimed to just hate you. When… i should have hated myself because i was letting the whole act of petty jealousy get the better of me. *Sighs* For that… I am so sorry.

Seconds later…

Zoey finally showing back the sweet and kind girl she was before.

Zoey: Leslie, It might be a while before you’ll officially forgive me for my solemn disrespect that i showed at you. But maybe… what happens today can be a start.

Leslie: Zoey, *Sighs* There’s no need for that. There’s nothing to forgive. I know that you didn’t mean to be the way you’ve been for the last few weeks. It was all Holly’s doing. You were just being manipulated by her hate. It’s not your fault.

Zoey Rhapsody 2

Zoey Rhapsody 3

Zoey: *Suddenly breaking down a little* How can you say that it wasn’t my fault? Leslie, I was siding all with Holly and letting her get me to believe that you were some bad seed. Getting to the point where i couldn’t see any good in you at all. She got me to fall for hating you and seeing that you were trashed. I even was convinced and made off with doing some stuff to ruin you. All because i had Holly’s Views play into my head about you. What she believed. *Tearing up* I almost got you expelled from school because i was listening to Holly. It is my fault. I was being so insecure that i was allowing Holly’s hatred of you become my hatred of you. Letting her get to me.

Zoey then recalls one of her conversations with Holly which was one that demeaned Leslie and she felt nothing but shame and wanted to quiver in terror and heartache. She knew that she was exposing something that she really wasn’t looking forward to having Leslie hear. But as she told it… She was feeling such embarrassment and shame. She felt ashamed and wanted to die right there…

“Holly: *Looking at Zoey* It’s late. We’ve been talking for the last couple hours about that girl. I really don’t think that quarreling over her is gonna do you much use. I don’t like Leslie Burke. I don’t hate her really. I just can’t stand her. She comes from New York. Brooklyn. She escaped from a painful situation and Emancipated. But also… She’s Rich. 20 Million. She’s been spending a bit of it to cover her stay at the Hotel. She’s lived there for almost a couple months.

Zoey: I don’t know… I really can’t picture the possibility of Blossom being into Leslie so deep that Leslie is Gay and Blossom is converting to being gay as well…

Holly: *Shaking her head in disbelief* You have got to be kidding me, Zoey… You are going over this repeatedly because of the possibility that Blossom could be maturing into a Gay person? I thought that you were just jealous… I had no idea that this was gonna pop out from your mouth. Next… You’ll probably tell me that you are a jealous lover in the early stages of being in love with your own cousin. Not that it’s wrong… Incest is unfortunately a biased commodity. However… I don’t think you’re gonna win many people over with that one.

Zoey: It’s not like that. I am just feeling as if i am not good enough for Blossom anymore. It’s like she hates being around me. As if everything there is about me she finds offensive and repelling.

Holly: *Snapping her fingers left and right at Zoey to snap her out of a delusion* Uh, Zoe… You want to come back to reality and stop the channeling of Robin William’s Character Alan Parrish? You sounded like him for a second there and that is three steps away from the category of one who’s undergoing a Psychotic Episode.

Zoey: *Sighs* Sorry.

Holly: Zoey, It’s okay. This whole thing revolving Blossom and Leslie has got you all mixed and conflicted. I don’t blame you for feeling the way you’re feeling. I also feel it. It’s only the fact that with Leslie around… Blossom isn’t herself. It’s as though Leslie’s the high for Blossom and Blossom is so into her that it makes it out to be as though Leslie’s seen as the equivalent to a couple kilo’s of wacky juice.

Zoey: But how do we force Leslie to leave? This is her city too… Now. It isn’t like she’s gonna be made willing to leave and fly the coop.

Holly: You better think of something. Leslie attends the same school as we all do. If you want to be rid of her… You’re gonna have to find a way to get her expelled from school. With no welcome into the schools here… She’ll have to leave. Because any minor who isn’t in school… Means trouble for them and parents too.”

Leslie: Zoey, It’s okay. I don’t blame you for that. I blame Holly. She was the one that has continuously tried to condemn me. getting me expelled. You might have had a part in that. But you were only being mislead and misguided by a bitch. Holly is no friend of yours and i don’t see as to how she ever was. She should have just accepted you for you. Not for what she could turn you into becoming. *Hugging Zoey* It’s gonna be alright. You made amends and clearly know how to man up. You’re mature. Holly isn’t. *Pauses* Oh… And on the part of my being gay… That is true. I happen to be in love with a girl. It is a lot to ask of you since we’re just barely at that equal level and solid. But please… don’t mention this to anyone. I want to be the one that lets it out when time is right.

Zoey: Yeah… *Sniffles and trying to clear her nose* Not a problem.

Minutes later…

Zoey: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, I don’t mean to walk off for a few minutes… But i kinda need a little smoke break. We did a bit of work on this Iron fence already.

Leslie: I’ll join you. There’s a stack of Wood and Steel beams over on the end over in the back. I kinda need a light too. Blossom and I quit the habit but i am sure that she has been having a few moments of stress and the urge of having a light.

Zoey: *Pause* Seriously?

Leslie: *Sighs* Yeah… Just don’t tell Blossom. She is under the impression that i have quit the habit. If she were to know that i snuck one… It would hurt her.

Zoey: Don’t worry. I won’t say anything about it to her.

It was then that Zoey and Leslie went to the back and had a light. They were finally on equal terms. Seeing an equal understanding. As they had the light, they started to think about what to do about Holly as they knew Holly was not done with her hell raising. Zoey had pulled from Holly and by her being on equal terms with Leslie… It was official. Leslie and Zoey were now friends. However it was not blooming yet.

That night…

At Sid’s diner…

Sid: *Looking at Holly* Holly, You need to stop this. I know that you can hear me and i know that you’re now trying to play some game with people. But enough. The Doctor just said you were fine and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with you. You’re just trying to get me to hate that girl Leslie. Hate Blossom. I was told about what you’ve been doing towards Leslie and Blossom. Enough is enough.

Holly: It is never gonna be enough. I’m not stopping till Leslie leaves this city. I don’t care if the whole city hates me for it. Leslie will leave this city. Or this nightmare will never end.


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Elizabeth A. Burke: *Overhearing* Excuse me?! Young lady… What is your problem with my daughter Leslie?

Holly: I don’t have a problem with her. I just don’t like her. And i am just sick of everyone going around kissing her ass. Because she’s got money. She thinks that having all that money makes her a somebody? She’s still a loser and it’s time that everyone accepts the fact. Leslie is a loser.

Elizabeth A. Burke: *Getting up and standing in defense against Holly* Alright you little ruffian. Where is it that you come off talking like that? huh? You don’t know what Leslie is like. You don’t know a thing about her and yet you feel the audacity to judge her?

Holly: It’s my right and who are you to tell me to back off?

Elizabeth A. Burke: I happen to be the mother to Leslie. That’s who. I don’t know what your problem is… But you better stand down.

Holly: You first. You rich shits are gonna learn your place in this city one way or the other. You think that you can call the shots because you got money. Time for a wake up call. This isn’t your city. It never will be. Why don’t you find your precious girl and get the hell back to Brooklyn and stay there? Because as the Town’s biggest bitch… I am here to tell you. I don’t like you Burkes… I don’t know you Burkes… and from here on… I’m all over you Burkes. You want peace? Get your rich asses packed… Get your Loser Daughter and get your ass back to where it is that you came from. Smear your stench there. Not here… You rich fucks!

Sid: *Looking at Mrs. Burke* Ma’am. I apologize for my daughter’s unruly attitude. You have my word… That it will not happen again. *Looking at Holly* Holly Penny Reedy! Grab your things and get upstairs Now! Right now. After i close up here for the night. I am gonna go to the store and buying you Diapers. You’re being put in them. Since you want to be a baby and throw temper tantrums over Leslie and her family… Acting like a baby. You’re gonna be treated as such.

Holly: *Grabbing her things in an outrage and heading upstairs; Slamming the door behind her hard and with force* I hate those pieces of Shit Burkes. I so hate them. Why couldn’t they just fuck off and stay the fuck back in Brooklyn? Damn shits. GRRRRR! I swear it… First chance i get… I am gonna Kill Leslie the Loser Burke. That’ll get those losers to take the hint to fuck off and get back to where they fuckin’ belong.

Sid: *Ignoring Holly and looking at Mrs. Burke* I deeply apologize for my daughter’s vengeful and malicious attitude.

Elizabeth: It’s alright. It’s nothing new to me or my husband. This type of animosity was dealt with every day back in Brooklyn. for over 3 years. So… I’m used to it more or less. However Leslie was getting beat by the other kids that were there and it just pushed us to face either sending her away to there by saving her from the taunts and ridicule. Or keep her close and see her get beat. It was the only thing we could do.

Sid: I am sorry that you and your husband had to face that kind of environment. I am sure that this city will be better for you.

Elizabeth: I am sure that it will to…

But as they were talking…

Blossom: *Walking in to order a Espresso* Hey Sid. What’s up?

Sid: Evening Blossom. *Seeing the worn out look on Blossom* You okay? You look like you were running a marathon mile.

Blossom: Heh! i wish. But today was the first day of starting the build for the Massive Stadium that is being constructed. The Construction started today. I’m wiped out.

Elizabeth: Oh dear… You poor young lady… You gonna be okay?

Blossom: *Trying to catch her breath and calm down* I guess so. However there was some help. A bit actually. Janie, Alex and Charlene were there. As were the Rusoe sisters. Sora and Carly. They were there. However… They pulled a devil’s advocate on me and Leslie and forced a motion of reconciliation on us. Getting us to reconcile with Zoey. But… Even though i was beyond pissed off about the deliberate act at first. I happen to feel rather glad that it happened. because the animosity was only hurting each other and others and ourselves most of all. I still don’t want much to do with Zoey. However… With what the others had done. It forced the tension to break and detach.

Elizabeth: You know my daughter Leslie?

Blossom: *Scoffs* Know her? Sh— yeah! I know her. She’s my best friend. The closest friend around. She and I would hang out alot.

Elizabeth: That’s nice. I’m glad.

Blossom: *Smiles* …

It was then that something dawned on her and caused her to pause and turn to see someone she didn’t recognize. Not knowing that it was Leslie’s mother…

Blossom: *Stunned and alarmed* W-who are you?

Elizabeth: I’m Elizabeth. Elizabeth Burke. I happen to be the mother to your best friend Leslie.

Blossom: Wh–… Wow! First i meet her father. then now you. Leslie will flip when she hears of this.

Elizabeth: I am sure that she will. but if it wouldn’t be too much to ask. We’d like if you’d not tell her. Her father and I would like to be the ones who tell her when the time is right.

Blossom: Okay.

Elizabeth: By the way… What’s your name?

Blossom: I’m Blossom. Blossom Rhapsody. But Blossom will be fine because that is how people call me.

Sid: She’s a bit of a fire-cracker. So just be a little forewarned on that in case she gets going on a good one.

Blossom: *In disbelief* Hey!

Sid: It’s true. But you might want to finish your purchase and head out. I’m closing up in a few moments and taking a certain someone to the store and that someone’s gonna be put in diapers. For their terrible behavior and attitude towards The Burke’s

Blossom: *Figuring out who Sid meant* Holly was at it again… wasn’t she?

Sid: Yeah. But it’s fine. I am putting her in diapers. Tonight. She wants to act like a baby. She’s gonna be treated as one. Dressed as one and sent to school like one. Blossom, During the day if you see her and want to make fun of her. By all means. Holly is my daughter and as a parent… i am supposed to be standing up for her. However… After what she did tonight. Any future torment and anguish that comes at her. She’s to deal with.

Blossom: Why don’t you just let me give her a good pounding and give her a bloody nose and Black eye… along with a swollen Jaw. I guarantee that she’ll learn to shut up and will regret fucking with me… Or with the Burkes. I warned her before that she’d wish to god she hadn’t… the next time i heard of it. I meant it. She wants to push it… By all means. She’s got it.

Elizabeth: I see what you mean. She’s got to be Leslie from another time. She’s explosive and head strong just like my daughter usually is.

Sid: Leslie’s a good kid. She’s surely made her due of mistakes… but she’s still a good kid. Besides she’s even been paying back a whole bunch of her debts that she’s made with a # of people in the city. She’s taking good effort and doing right by the people.

Elizabeth: *Smiles*

Dec. 12th, 2045…


Metropolis Middle school…



It’s been a few days since the first day of starting on the construction for the Massive Stadium. It was gonna be a long time coming. An average of 4 months given that the funds were gonna be coming right from the proceeds of the Concert that was gonna be in route to go on. Leslie and Blossom were sitting in the cafeteria that cold day in metropolis. Talking about the progress of the Stadium’s build. Leslie realized nothing more than the fact that with only Blossom and herself. Including Zoey, The Rhapsody Trio. The Rusoe sisters and the twins. Sora and Carly… as well as a couple of close friends that were there… They knew that more help was gonna be imperative for them. To get the Stadium in near process of the ground breaking. It was scheduled to be on the 23rd of March in the coming year of 2046. Leslie and Blossom sat there and were confirming that in order to meet that deadline. And meet it full speed ahead on collision… They were gonna need a mass load of assistance. Where they were now… It was only the beginning of the build…

Leslie: *Eating her Cheeseburger* You know… You really need to start making amends with Zoey. Zoey has gotten better over the last couple days.

Blossom: Leslie, I already told you. No. Zoey has lost all hope of me ever forgiving her for what she had done to hurt you. What she almost succeeded in doing. She almost got you expelled from school.

Leslie: But you stopped it. Plus… It wasn’t all her. She was only acting out Holly’s hatred of me.

Blossom: Leslie, please. *Drinking her Chocolate milk* Don’t go there. Zoey knew exactly what it was that she has done.

Leslie: *Sighs* Okay… Have it your way. But if you want the hostility to end… You’re gonna need to shift your feelings and views on her from detesting and malicious to condescending and up front. Because… pretty soon… Zoey’s gonna expect for there to be a peace offering or an olive branch to motion for a cease fire. And if you are still hostile. She’s gonna come a swingin’ at you. Which will throw it all back to square one.

Blossom: You’re right. Leslie. But how can i trust in her? Or believe in her again… after the very things that she’d tried to do to you. Hurting you. She could have gotten you in alot of trouble. I know that you made your peace with her. Reached solid ground with her. But i can’t. I can never forgive her for what she had almost succeeded in doing.

Leslie: Blossom, i don’t even know what has gotten in to you. But every time i bring up the part of you making amends with Zoey and try to patch things up with her… You avoid it and or dance around it like it’s not something you want to do. As though you want no part of Zoey. *Shaking her head* I don’t understand. I really don’t understand why you don’t want to reconcile with her. Or allow her to reconcile with you. That’s clearly what she intends to do. Of course… How can she do that? How can she do it if she can’t even get through to you?

Blossom: Because i don’t want her near me. *Sighs* I’m sorry. Look… *Looking to the side and finishing her lunch* I will consider meeting with her. But only as a 3-way. You and I call each other and then one of us calls Zoey. By phone. Because i don’t think that i can handle seeing her. Not yet.

Leslie: Okay.

Blossom: *Thinking about her homework* Gah! This homework assignment is a nightmare.

Leslie: What do you mean?

Blossom: The History teacher… You got him too… or her. The Homework… Doesn’t it bother you?

Leslie: The Manhattan project Essay. The truth about the Atom Bomb that hit the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945. No. It doesn’t bother me one bit… Why would it? I have my laptop. It is internet capable, you know. I’ve already done the research on it a little and already know how to do my report. Or Essay. How i’m gonna write mines.

Blossom: Give me the Link to it. I’m gonna need to read it so i can get an idea of how to do mines. I’m gonna need a bit of help.

Leslie: Sure. After school… We’re gonna be doing some work at the site. But once done… We’ll hit for that Diner that you always like. We’ll do our homework there. Figuring that we can talk more about the Construction progress then.

Blossom: And this weekend… Since it’s being convinced in my direction that i must Reconcile with Zoey… We can do the 3-way then. That way we’re not having to worry about school or homework.

Leslie: *Nods; Smiling* Now that’s the Best gal pal i know. Honest and thorough.

Blossom: You enjoy straight honesty alot. Don’t you?

Leslie: It’s the best policy. Lower class people don’t quite have that figured and they have some who manage to be a bit uncivil and dishonest. Not that i’d judge. I have an unsettling reaction to those who are dishonest.

As they were talking…

Nicole: *Walking over to the table* Hey Blossom. Leslie. What’s going on?

Ellie: Yeah. You guys weren’t at the hall this morning. Usually you guys are.

Lana: There was something that we had to tell you.

Leslie: Hey girls. We were just going over some things. Some things that seemed to be… personal.

Blossom: Like reconciliation.

Lana: Oh.

Ellie: That’s gonna take some time of course.

Blossom: *Rolling her eyes feeling beat* Don’t i know it.

Leslie: What’s so important that you guys were just expecting to see us?

Nicole: The Artist. Amy Diamond.

Leslie: What about her?

Nicole: She’s written us back personally after we sent her a letter pleading for support for getting funds for the build and for there to be money for the supplies.

Blossom: What?!

Leslie: *Perking up brightly* You’re kidding! When?

Ellie: Yesterday.

Lana: We tried to reach you yesterday. To tell you of the exciting news.

Nicole: It was something that would brighten up anyone’s day.

Blossom: *Curious about the letter* What it’d say?

Nicole: *Pulling out the letter and reading it* “Dear Nicole, Ellie and Lana Rusoe. I have gotten your letter pleading for support in aide of a friend and i have made it official. I will come to your city and hold a concert to fund raise the efforts for your friend’s Massive Stadium build. It won’t be till after the first of the year. As you know since you 3 follow me and track me for concert dates. I happen to be booked for the rest of the year. But i shall come and hold a concert. To help raise revenue and proceeds for your friend Leslie. It’s for a good cause. Look forward to seeing the concert in January. Yours truly, Amy Diamond.

Blossom: So… She’s coming?

Ellie: Yeah. She sure is. She’s coming. Sometime in January and she’s gonna be doing a super set of 16 #’s.

Leslie: I’ll get online tonight at the Hotel and start buying tickets for us all. This is gonna be the concert that will either help with funding the build or destroying it and losing it all.

Sora: *Walking over from the side with Carly* … Holly’s a Baby.

Carly: Blossom, Leslie… We just saw Holly walking in the hall wearing a diaper.

Blossom: *Grins* Now i have heard it all. Holly wears diapers now… Since when?

Sora: Since the other day. We don’t think that we even mentioned the night that Holly was put in diapers.

Blossom: Was it the first night after we started on the construction of the Massive Stadium?

Carly: Yeah. It was. Why?

Blossom: I think that i may have already known that she was gonna be put in diapers.

Sora: How?

Blossom: Sid. He said that she was gonna be put in one. And it was because Holly was being vengeful towards a fellow customer.

Carly: People are starting to really hate her. She’s gotten a lot of hate mail and messages since the other week.

Sora: She’s been seen running to the girls restroom in tears over it. In tears because of being mocked and teased for looking like a baby.

Leslie: Before we go and laugh at Holly and enjoy the sense that the tables have turned… There is something that you should know.

Carly: Really? What?

Nicole: Amy Diamond. The Norwegian or Swedish Singing Artist is gonna be coming to Metropolis. In January sometime.

Ellie: *Nods*

Sora: Really?! Nah-uh… No way. That’s something you are making up. Amy Diamond is coming… To Metropolis? In January?

Lana: Yeah. She is. The letter came yesterday. Sent by her… Personally. By her. Herself.

Carly: *In shock and at a loss for words*

Leslie: That’s gonna help out with the funding and the sponsoring for the Construction of the Massive Stadium.

Sora: That’s gonna be so cool.

Blossom: You ain’t just whistling on a show tune. It’s gonna be a huge turnout. I think that we can all feel it.

Minutes later…

In the Girls restroom…

Holly: *Crying into her hands and sobbing* …

Leslie: *Looking at Holly wearing a Diaper* Well well… Looks like my Arch-Enemy has finally been dethroned. About time someone put you in your place. But from the looks of it… It doesn’t seem that you’re ever gonna feel the same again.

Blossom: *Snickering* I hear that people here in school are calling you: “Baby Bitch Holly”

Holly: *Crying and enraged* Why don’t you fuck off and Die, Burke? Leave me the fuck alone and enjoy your spoils. This city was bright and sweet till your shitty ass came around. I got Zoey to hate you. But now she’s hating me and going all for you. You even got my father in on your disease. He’s put me in Diapers and has set things up to where he turned my room into a nursery. and replaced my bed… with a crib. You fucked my life over. I don’t have anything to be happy over and you’re to blame. I don’t give a shit if the whole city loves your loser ass, Leslie. To me… You’re a piece of shit. And nothing you do… or say will change it in my book.

Blossom: Oh yeah Holly! Well… Here’s a newsflash for you: YOU’RE A BABY! You act like you own the city and can decide as to who’s welcome in this city and who’s not. Well… Guess what? You’re not the Mayor. You don’t have that power. So get the fuck over yourself.

Holly: Fuck off, Burke Lover. I know that you and Leslie are really close. I also know that you and her have been kissing each other too. Perfect match for a couple of fucking losers. Leslie Tina “The Fucking piece of shit Loser” Burke and Blossom “The Loser Lover who is secretly having a relationship with the Loser Burke” Rhapsody.

Blossom: Holly, *Opening up the stall door and walking over to grab Holly* You are not gonna turn the tables. You got what you deserved. And as for your just rewards… Your dad has given me full rights to knock your ass down a few pegs when you get out of line. So If you knew what was good for you, Baby Bitch Holly… You’d better shut that dirty mouth of yours. Because i can and will lay you out. I told you before and i mean what i say. You fuck with the Burke’s or with Leslie and i hear it… You will be made to wish to sunny god you were dead. So get this through your head. Back off of Leslie and her family… Or i promise you… You will be sorry. Count on it. *Shoving Holly into the wall hard* Baby Bitch!

Holly: *Hitting the wall hard and then falling on the floor; Crying*

Sora and Carly came in and laughed at her. Jeering and laughing at her. They also felt that Holly got what was coming to her…

This was gonna change Holly into something dark and more vengeful. Or maybe push her to run away and never return. As far as Blossom and Leslie could be concerned… it would be a blessing. (Stay tuned to find out)…

That afternoon…

After school…

Metropolis Middle…

Front Gate…

Leslie: Holly’s gonna try to do something to derail our build. *Suspecting something being planned by Holly* It’s just liable. Holly hates me and i happen to believe that she wants me dead.

Blossom: I know. *Looking at Leslie* Holly is a real Bitch. A Baby Bitch. Did you know that during the class before the bell rang she was taken to the girls restroom for a change? I couldn’t really care less about that shit face Baby. She’s a loser. She calls you a Loser. But… if she had any brains. Which she clearly doesn’t. She would know that it’d take one to know one. So… Let’s say it’s true. Let’s say that you are one as she says and she were calling you that. That would mean that she’d have to be one too. However… She’s a Loser. Party of one because you’re not a loser. You’re a successful person. Made mistakes. But you’re making things right. Holly is just too stupid to see it. All she sees is reasons unlimited to hate you. Because she doesn’t want to know you or have a thing one to do with you.

Leslie: That’s not exactly helping, Blossom. *Sighs* But you do have a point. Holly hates me. I never did a thing to her to make her hate me. But she just sees nothing good in me. Good thing is that her father put her in her place.

Blossom: To hurt her… If we were Vengeful… Just like she was… We’d go to where she lived and looked into her room. Take pictures of her room looking like a Nursery and pictures of her crib.

Leslie: *Snaps* Blossom! What are you saying? Are you trying to turn into a spiteful girl? Holly is the monster. She’s the one that was spreading the hate. Don’t be thinking that you’re gonna go and take pictures of her room and Crib and use those against her. You’ll only wind stooping to her level. It’s playing into her hand and it is gonna be just what she wants. She’s the Baby. She’s the one that got what she deserved. Don’t react to her or become like her. It will only press the situation with her to escalate. As it is… She already hates you. She wishes you dead. Blossom, Holly Reedy has marked you for death. She’s gonna kill you. And Me if she ever amasses enough will to do so.

Blossom: What? You telling me to just sit and wait for her to pull the Pin. Is that it?

Leslie: No. And what Pin? There is none. Holly has no influence as no one in this school is wanting her around. No one wants her. She’s burned alot of people on her trying to crucify me and failed at getting at me. People are all turning on her and she’s losing all the supporters that she once had. She ruined herself… Whether she believes it to be true or not. She’s the one who ruined herself. Her Blaming me… Because she’s in Diapers. That’s on her.

Molly: *Walking over; overhearing* I agree.

Blossom: I think that we all would agree.

Leslie: Holly is the bad seed.

Molly: That’s the reigning theory. Sorry… I overheard some of the conversation. What’s all this about Holly?

Leslie: Not much. Just the fact that Holly’s wearing Diapers. People have been talking about it all day. For the last couple of days.

Molly: Wow. What does her apparent best bud Zoey think about it?

Blossom: She doesn’t.

Molly: How so?

Leslie: Zoey’s left Holly’s side and is now seeing an equal level with me. She’s left Holly and pulled out away from Holly’s hate speech and views.

Molly: *Pauses* She left Holly Reedy? When?

Blossom: She left her a few days ago. Officially.

Molly: How’s she taking it?

Leslie: *Scoffs* Heh! How do you think? She’s cast the drums of war on me and Blossom. Me Mainly. She’s with her vengeance aimed at me.

Molly: *Looking down* Then you’re not gonna like what is about to be said. What i found out…

Blossom: What?

Leslie: What did you hear?

Molly: You know about the Marco kids?

Blossom: Yeah. Been a while since last i dealt with them… Why?

Molly: They came up to Holly and swore their support to her. The Marco Kids… Namely Tara and Ginger. Frenchy and Lois as well… They’ve met with Holly and are preparing to raise a stink against you, Leslie. Holly’s already with a name for the Operation that she and those Marco’s are forming. Holly’s with the Operation called: “Operation: ANNIHILATE Leslie T. Burke” This isn’t over.

Blossom: Oh yes it is. Leslie… Holly’s just pulled the Pin. Now it’s our turn. We’re getting those pictures. Tonight.

Leslie: *Sighs; Rolling her eyes in disbelief* Oh brother.

Jessica: *Walking over* Hey guys. *Smiles*

Leslie: *Looking to the side* Who’re you?

Molly: Oh… I almost forgot to mention that i came across a new friend *Introducing the girl* Blossom, Leslie… Meet Jessica Mackenzie Williams. She’s a known Acrobat. She can do aerodynamics and handstands. She’s 13. She is also a gamer too… She’s got multiple Gameboy color games. PlayStation 2 Games. She’s got 4 Metal Gear Solid Games. 3 Pokemon games. 3-4 Final Fantasy games. Won them all. She has a Game Cube. Zelda Twilight Princess, Baten Kaitos. Spider-man 2. She also has Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Leslie: Wow! *Surprised* She’s got all that?

Molly: She sure does…

Jessica: And i am also Rich too… But… I don’t care about Money. I just am very wise in spending. I don’t over spend. Ever. *Chuckles and Smiles*

Leslie: *Chuckles* Sounds a bit like how i am with what i believe in the concept of Money. I don’t care about the money either.

Jessica: But why not? Money is power, you know. A lot of people seem to think so anyway. It’s good to have money and yet not care about whether or not it’s there or if it isn’t. However… Any rich person knows for fact that as time passes… It starts to burn holes in the pockets. Which doesn’t make things any easier.

Leslie: That’s how you might see it. But I however… don’t see it as that at all. Money is the source of greed and it was the very thing that got my parents and me… Teased and set with ridicule. It was not something to enjoy. The people in Brooklyn were trying to bastardize us… because we refused to rub our fortune in the faces of the lower class. Which was not what we were all about. We were the kind of Rich people who cared about all classes of people. Not just ourselves. But… The main vein of Aristocratic people… didn’t like that and saw that if we were not gonna be snooty just as they were… They’d do all in their power to shame us and make us look like laughing stocks. Putting us on the spot and seeing that we were dragged through the Mud.

Jessica: Really? Ouch. That’s terrible. How did you survive?

Leslie: You wouldn’t want to know. You really wouldn’t want to know how it was done. But lets just say that in light of things… It lead to where i had to emancipate from my parents. Where… i wound up here… And they stayed in Brooklyn.

Leslie recalls the very day that she had to depart from her family. The moment when she made her departure…

Carl: *Nods* You sure that you have everything that you’ll need?

Leslie: I’m sure, dad. I just wish that this wasn’t the way it had to be.

Carl: I know. I wish there to be another way to go about this whole thing. I know that we’re doing the right thing in saving you. Giving you a chance at being safe. A chance at survival from all this. But this is certainly not the way.

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Elizabeth: Most certainly not. There is always the option of all of us going to Metropolis… Right now. But… This is sadly a trip that only you can go on right now.

Leslie: I know. *Seeing the Bus pull in* It’s time. *Sighs* Here goes.

Carl: *Pulling out some side money* Wait. You’re gonna need some currency on hand for the trip. It’s gonna be a few days or so before you reach the state of Kansas. You are gonna be getting thirsty and hungry on the way.

Elizabeth: Carl, dear… she’s got her inheritance for that.

Carl: I know… But this is for her trip. It isn’t right to depend on the Inheritance just solely on food and fluids. There are greater things to spend it on than just food. There’s shelter and some furniture to accommodate her comfort. If she’s to be on her own… these things are gonna be important. She can’t solely have food and beverage and not have a place of safety. Warmth. Protection. Those things mean a great deal for someone. Anyone. Survival. It’s key.

Leslie: *Hugging her parents for one final time* I’ll miss you.

That was then when suddenly… In a heartfelt and emotional gesture, they got into a hug and cried as they knew that the moment was possibly gonna be their final moment seeing one another again.


“Bus 423 en route to Metropolis Kansas…Is now boarding.”

But it was then that Leslie’s bags were set into the cargo hold of the bus…

Bus Driver: *Over to Leslie* You’re gonna have to get on board, young lady. We’re about to depart from the station in a moment. if we don’t start off soon… we’ll be behind schedule,

Carl: She knows.

Leslie: *Nods; With tears in her eyes*

All that they could do was well up with tears as the moment was there… With just a final hug and farewell… Carl and Elizabeth let go and watched as their only daughter walked over to the bus and got on. They couldn’t go back on what they’ve done so far. It was their darkest hour on the heart… But in that one moment… knew it being the only way. The only option that they had. The Torment and the ridicule. The taunts and verbal assaults were ongoing. They weren’t about to stop. It was unknown to them that there was an aristocrat close by but at a distance watching. Sneering and chortling with glee that what was taking place was the fractured Burke family. What the snobbish people didn’t catch on to was the fact that things were already in place. Leslie didn’t even catch that there were things in place.

As the bus then pulled away and departed suddenly minutes later…

Carl: *looking at Elizabeth* No matter how hard this decision was… We have to keep in mind that this was the right choice. The only choice.

Elizabeth: If only we didn’t have to resort to doing this. Carl, the world is prejudice and callous. cruel and bitter. We know she’ll be fine. But the outside world… They’re gonna only get to her and use her. They’re gonna hurt her, Carl.

Carl: *Hugging Elizabeth* Hold strong, dear. It’s gonna be alright. We’re still a family. Even if we have to be without our daughter. The heart might be gone. But the essence and the energy that Leslie left us… We’ll get by. She’s gonna make it. She’s a Burke. No matter what the courts say. We’ll be together again someday. We have to believe.

Elizabeth: *With a few tears* They’re gonna hurt her… Our poor precious girl… *Sniffling*…

On the Bus…

Leslie: *Sniffling* Rotten Aristocratic creeps. My parents were torn. Poor mom and dad… *Sniffling*”

Leslie: *Remembering her parents suddenly and worried about ever seeing them again* I’d give anything to see them again. But they’re in Brooklyn. I’ll… 6*Suddenly for some uncontrolled reason shedding tears* never see them again. *Looking down* I just wish that i’d get to see them again. Even if it would be just for a minute.

Jessica: I wish i could take that sort of pain away…

Molly: Oh… *Introducing Jessica to the girls* Jessica, These two are good friends. Amazing strong and courageous girls are Leslie T. Burke. The Retired Mob girl. Just don’t ask on the details. And The Sparky mouth with the Electric kick… Blossom C. Rhapsody. AKA. Electrogal…

Jessica: Really? Wow! That’s such a trip. I love heroes. They’re so exciting. You know… I would love to know about your hero life.

Blossom: *Tilting her head* Uh… Are you high?

Jessica: Huh?!


Jessica: High? No, Why? Why do you ask?

Blossom: You are asking me about my apparent hero life as if you’d look forward to me gloating about it. Boasting over it like i see myself as some god’s gift. You really don’t get out much… do you?

Molly: Jessica, There is something that you’re gonna need to know about her. And her family. They are right now as of currently… Retired. The Mob’s stigma has made people not want heroes around in the city much.

Jessica: They don’t? Why? *Not understanding* I don’t understand as to why that’d be a problem. I thought that heroes were supposed to have their own set of ethics to live by. Not letting the influence of the law or people hamper them down. Heroes… sometimes have to overstep the bounds. Do things that only a normal person could dream to do but can not.

Leslie: That’s what i would have thought too… But Jessica, Blossom and her family have to press on being under the radar. The people need time to recollect their minds and get used to the idea of there being heroes in the city again. Right now… It’s too soon. This City is hurt and not many people care to know there are heroes around. They’re scared.

Nicole: *Walking over* Hey guys. Molly…

Ellie: You girls will never believe who we just saw…

Lana: It’s Holly’s Nanny.

Blossom: *Pauses* Her what?! Nanny?! Since when did she get a nanny?

Ellie: Just yesterday. I guess. She’s got one.

Leslie: I have a feeling that it was Sid that got one for Holly. He’s really batting a thousand with seeing that Holly is humiliated. I mean that… I know it serves Holly right and that Holly had brought all this upon herself… But this is now starting to seem really harsh and Vengeful.

Lana: Tell that to her father. Her father doesn’t see it that way at all. He may never see it.

Blossom: I Love it. Leslie, This may sound mean… But What do you say to a little blackmail towards Holly?

Leslie: No. I am sick of the tormenting one another.

Leslie is Fed up with the ongoing animosity and cruel intentions.
Leslie is Fed up with the ongoing animosity and cruel intentions.

*Looking at everyone* I am done being mean to Holly. To anyone. Holly wants to frickin’ hate me? That’s fine. Let her hate me. I don’t care. Blossom, You need to grow up. Stop going off on your Vengeance regime against Holly Reedy. Holly Reedy screwed up. Spent her whole life hating those that she didn’t like. That she didn’t accept. She heard of me being in the Mob. And instead of being condescending to me… Knowing that i was new and being mislead. But also that i was just trying to belong… What does she do? What does she do? She gets on a ego-trip. A High-riding attitude and goes through the pull of crucifying me. Making me out to be the bastard of the whole city however possible. Failing at it. Then she gets Zoey. Blossom’s cousin in on the act. Making Zoey and Blossom hate one another. Hate each other and you know what?

Leslie takes a second to let it hit everyone…

Leslie: Good work. They hated one another. Hated their guts from the jump.

Blossom: That’s not true.

Leslie: Bullshit, Blossom. That is bullshit and you know it. You were made to hate each other… Courtesy of Holly and her poisoning Zoey’s Mind. Because she was threatened by me. Being around you. Yeah… Me. I am the Loser of the city. Hated by Holly and she would just love to see me dead on her door. I am only 13. But i am not stupid. I dealt with this sort of crap in Brooklyn. Dealt with it for 3 years. Every single day. Sometimes several times in a single day. I was made to Leave my parents. *Blows up* I Love my parents. I love them and because of the crap that went… I was sent away and never will be able to see them again. Ever. I come here and make no friends at first. Then first day… in school for me… I make one. You, Blossom. You befriend me. And yeah… Like a fool… I believed that you were someone who wouldn’t be vengeful. But you are. You’re vengeful and that’s one thing that really got me looking for a fight. To knock down. Failing at it. And you wanna know the awkward part? I happened to actually fall in love with you. In Love.

Molly: *With Jessica, Nicole, Ellie and Lana; Gasps*

Leslie: Yeah. I said it. I am in love with my best friend Blossom. I am also Gay. What?! You have something to say about it? Say it to me. I don’t care. I am in love with my best friend. But i don’t know why i should be. She isn’t who i thought she was. She is vengeful against Holly even though Holly had made the Jump…

She then recalls the past lash-out that ended with Blossom hating Zoey and severing the 10 year friendship with her…

“Zoey: *Walking over to face Blossom and Leslie* Hey.

Blossom: *Scoffs* What do you want, Zoey? Don’t you think that you’ve done enough damage to Leslie and Me?

Zoey: Yeah… Right. Like you haven’t done any damage to me. *Displeased* Right. That’s why every time i turn around…you are always with Leslie. It’s like she’s all you care about. You disregard me. All the time. Ever since she came into our lives… She is all you wanted to hang with.

Leslie: … *Feeling guilty*

Blossom: Knock it off Zoey. Right now.

Zoey: No. I’m sick of this. Sick of feeling bad for you. Beating myself over the head concerning the crap you’ve done. What you’ve been doing. *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, I am not mad at you. You’re not at fault. Blossom is. She chose to Join the Mob. Join in on the Habit. I know that you may have had some part in it… But you’re not at fault. Blossom is the one who was disregarding others. Me… And it’s not just me that she abandoned. She also been ditching Sakura and Hikaru. They don’t deserve to be treated like they don’t matter.

Blossom: Zoey, *Getting angry* You are just jealous… Jealous of how close Leslie and I am. You can’t take it. All this is just pure and straight Jealousy.

Zoey: *Standing up to Blossom* I have a right to be jealous. For all the times that you and Leslie went out and hung out where ever. You could have asked me if i wanted to join…

Leslie: *Feeling Bad* Zoey… This is my fault.

Zoey: Leslie… No. It isn’t. It never was. Your only crime was ever crossing paths with Blossom to begin with. However… You needed a friend and sometimes it’s hard to make friends when no one is seeming to notice you. Blossom made the choice to blow off her Best friend of ten years. She chose. For all the times you two went out and knowing that i was near and beside you guys… She could have asked me if i wanted to come along. She could have said: “Hey Zoey, Leslie and I were thinking about going to the Mall. Wanna come with?” or “Zoey, Leslie and I were thinking of going to see a movie. Want to come along and Join in?”. She could have done so… But did she? Did she?! NO!

Blossom: It was because they were all ruses. We were going on Mob hits. We couldn’t take you.

Zoey: Not all of them were Mob hits. You were not in the Mob at first when you and Leslie crossed paths. It isn’t enough that you disregard me every chance you were to get… You also pegged me as over dramatic. Clingy and afraid of change. I was not afraid of change. I was just tired of being left out while you went and had your fun. You and I used to do things together. But since you and Leslie became close… All you seemed on wanting to do… Was hang with her. It was as if none of us mattered to you anymore.

Blossom: You are talking paranoia again and making yourself sound really ignorant. Makes me wonder if you even have a brain. Plus… you are still trying to shake me and get me away from Leslie. Stop… It’s not gonna happen.

Zoey: I’ll keep trying to get through to you. I however don’t know why i am bothering. You obviously have made it no secret that you don’t care. I tried everything and nothing worked. Nothing worked and left me to go to the others to get them involved. I had to get them in on it and pull you away from Leslie. That isn’t even working. I have a habit myself. Like you… But you did it because Leslie did it. If she were to start drinking Beer. Would you do it too? Would you?

Blossom: Oh Shut up! I swear… All you do is make Leslie out to be a harbinger of chaos and corruption. She’s not like that. I am sick of it. I’ve heard enough.

Zoey: And i am sick of you. Tired of you abandoning me. You’re to be my best friend. But apparently i am not good enough for you and that your friendship with me and the closeness that we shared together… isn’t worth anything to you. *Hurt* … *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, I am not mad at you. Nor do i hate you. I don’t particularly like you… But i don’t hate you. I in fact find that i am envying you.

Leslie: Envying me… Why?

Zoey: Because you’re making all the wrong decisions in your life. Joining the Mob. Hanging with dangerous people who seek domination. I heard the On-air interview and you sincerely spoke out that you were not one who believed in violence and chaos. That you didn’t believe in shooting and killing which you never had done. Because the News reporters would have had a field day with that and plaster it all over the T.V and the air waves. But you sounded really sweet and kind. Saddened that you had to leave all you knew in New York behind. Still seem as though you are… What i don’t understand is why are you choosing to be with the Mob… Why did you happen to join it to begin with? Status? Protection? *Looking to the sides* Now… Protection… That i can understand as you were all alone in a new city. You didn’t know anyone and knew that you would need some source of protection. I’d likely do the same thing if it were me with those odds. But as for status… You never needed that. You should have known better.

Leslie: What would you possibly know about what it is that i needed? You haven’t lived my life.

Zoey: No. You’re right. I didn’t. I didn’t endure what you’ve endured and therefore i would never understand. Not ever. But i want to. I still break up from my mother leaving me. I feel terrible. Really terrible. However… I don’t want to think about my mother as she left my family. I lost the warm loving family i had. I normally would always come to Blossom because she would always be there to pick me up. But… since she and you got together… I started going to Holly Reedy for comfort as she was apparently more dependable than Blossom had been and i knew Blossom all my life. She and I are cousins and Best friends. You might have no idea how painful it feels to have a friend of 10 years aside from them being family… Betraying or leaving you in the dirt like you didn’t matter anymore. I’m putting most of my pain on the shoulders of Holly who shouldn’t have to be the one fixing or having to always be the one to lift me up. There are some things that are familial matters. She shouldn’t have to be dealing with. She is and she’s been more of a friend… A better friend than Blossom’s been as of late. and I tried all i could. I can’t get through to her. I give up trying.

Leslie: Zoey, You’re Jealous of me. I get it… I came and took away your best friend of 10 years. I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t mean to. However I had no control… Blossom happened to be at the right place at the right time… Did she have to notice me? No. She didn’t. She didn’t have to pay any attention to me. But she did. Even though… You and i Don’t speak… usually ever. But i actually like you. Think that you’re sweet and sincere. Honest. Blossom also is honest. One of the things that i look for in a friend.

Zoey: *Pauses* You like me? How… I’ve literally been anything but kind to you. I revered you. I revered you in every way.

Leslie: I know. I realize that and i should have been offended. However… I can’t really be offended. I happen to understand. You were scared and going through your own emotional strife… it was where that with what you were going through… you didn’t want to have to deal with me trying to come between you and your Best friend Blossom. Afraid of change. I don’t blame you. I too was afraid of change myself before i officially left my parents. But i left them for reasons that were beyond both mines… and their control.

Blossom: …

Leslie: Zoey, I hope that we can someday be friends even if that day isn’t exactly today. *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, You and I will still be best friends and be close… But this quarrel? You’re on your own. I don’t want to be in the middle of this fight. You and Zoey obviously have internal issues to handle and battle through. I don’t want to be involved. I’m gonna head to find Sora and Carly. Break and hang with them. But you… You are to sort this out and not put me in the middle of it…


It was seconds later when…

Holly: *Walking over* Too late for that. Leslie, You are in the middle of it. It’s time that you were told off. Blossom won’t do it because she’s sucked in to your garbage. Zoey won’t do it… Because she’s trying to stay how she was always meant to be. Civil and kind. But i on the other hand am also kind… civil. Devoted and willing to fight for my friends. Also stand up to the ones who hurt my friends. Ones like you. *Getting in Leslie’s face* You came from New York. You can get the F**k back to New York and stay the hell out of Metropolis. You corrupting harlot. Blossom never hurt her best friend of 10 years… till you showed up. Blossom is just to blame herself for what she did to Zoey. Ditching her. Abandoning her. And her cousins.

Leslie: *Sneaking a hit at Holly; Landing a punch to Holly’s face* Back off, Holly. I won’t allow for you to tear at me. I am done. You continually blame me for everything. Blossom is the one that made the choices that lead her to what she’s doing now. She made the choice. I was the one who tried to talk her out from joining the Mob. To ensure that she never got into the same mess that i had. However… even that is my fault.

Blossom: Holly, You’re attacking me… because Leslie’s my friend. If Leslie wasn’t in my life… you’d want nothing to do with me. Not a thing to do with me. You must hate me or something.

Holly: I don’t hate you. But i am just sick of hearing about you hurting your cousin’s. Every time i see Zoey lately… She’s always depressed because you once again had ditched her to go with *Glaring towards Leslie* Her. If it’s not that… It’s the part where she was looking for you and wanting to see you. Spend time with you… Her BEST FRIEND of ten years. TEN! *Enraged and irritated* But every time she would look for you… You were never there. You were never there for her. It was like that since the beginning of the school year and to be quite frank… I am sick of her constant depression. Tired of her hurting because you were not there to lend her a shoulder to lean on or cry on when she was hurting. As a Best friend should do. You were always with Leslie. You Ditched Sakura and Hikaru.

Blossom: And you just can’t find any reason to be decent to Leslie or be civil… can you?

Leslie: *Starting to get angry* …

Holly: No. And i don’t care if you like it or not, Blossom. Your best friend is to be Zoey. Not Leslie. You are gonna learn to be loyal to your family. Family is blood. It’s the ground stone to who you are. Where you primarily begin. Your Origin. Leslie “The Conniving Bitch Harlot” Burke is not your family. She’s a Loser. She’s got no involvement here. You are not to be her friend.

Blossom: *Steamed and suddenly blowing her top* THAT’S IT! I HAVE HAD IT, HOLLY! YOU BITCH! *Grabbing Holly and sending her into the wall hard* You are a bitch. You don’t tell me what to fuckin’ do. Ever. My cousin’s couldn’t tell me who to be friends with… My Ex-Best friend Zoey the Whiny bitch couldn’t. Not even my parents could tell me who to be friends with. So if they couldn’t… What the F**K makes you think that you will be able to? Huh? What?

Holly: *in Pain and slowly turning to face Blossom* … *Glaring at Blossom and aiming to Punch Leslie in the face and then come right for Blossom* …

Blossom: Try it, Holly. Just try it. *Emitting Electricity* You think that i am afraid of you. Think again. I am not afraid of you. Never have been and i never will. You don’t control me. Me and Leslie are together and nothing you say or do will change it. Ever. We have a bond and a closeness that you don’t have the Capacity to understand. She loves me. I love her. Yeah. I said it and i don’t give a shit if the whole damn school has a problem with it. I Love my best friend Leslie Burke and i won’t be made to be ashamed of it. Nor do i regret. I don’t. She’s the best person i know. She’s claimed to be Misguided… So? I don’t care. I still care and love her. Nothing you can say will get me to stop.

Holly: You’re throwing your life away all for a loser like her. She smokes. She’s in the Mob. She robs places. Does Mob Hits. She’sࠠ involved  with the Mob and you think it’s okay. you’re an idiot. Blossom you want to be with her so bad. Fine. Be a Loser just like her.

Blossom: *Firing a shot of Electricity at Holly* Fuck off. You’re the loser. You think that since your daddy owns a Diner and you’re the daughter to the guy… You’re a somebody? You’re a nobody. That’s all you’ll be. A Nobody who lives to tell people who to be friends with and who people can speak with. Sticking your busybody nose in where it’s not wanted. *Noticing Holly wanting to return punches* Want to fight? Go on! I got all my life to do it. I can be here all millennium… I don’t have any other plans. Let’s brawl. See how far you get. Come on. Let’s see what you do.

Zoey: Blossom! Stop it!

A Moment later…

Blossom: *Watching Holly walk away in tears* Have a nice day. Next time… don’t pick a battle you won’t win. You’ll just fail miserably.

Zoey: *Walking over and Punching Blossom in the face* You’re a real scumbag, Blossom. You respond to people trying to help you get away from Leslie… By attacking them. You ditch me. Abandon me.

Blossom: Stow it, Zoey! *Shoving her down to the ground* I almost lost Leslie last night because you went and cried like a little baby to Susie and the others. I almost lost Leslie. She almost didn’t come back. You are jealous and i am done talking with you. To you. Around you. You’re no longer my Best friend… Zoey. *Taking off her friendship ring that she shared with Zoey and throwing it at her* Take the ring. Go to Holly. Be her little lackey. You and I maybe cousins and i’ll defend you as you’re family… But anything more. It’s done. IT’S OVER! Friendship’s over!

Students: *In shock and disbelief* Ooooooooooooooh!

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie… Come on. Let’s get to class.”

Blossom: *Touched and at a loss for words* Leslie…


Leslie: *Shedding tears* Yeah… You heard me, Blossom. I loved you. I didn’t care if it was wrong. I just loved you…for you. You. But you’ve become so Vengeful against Holly that it turned you into a different person and i don’t know if i recognize who you are anymore.

Leslie walked off and as she walked off… sounds of crying could be heard…

Nicole: *Looking at Blossom* Girl… What did you do?

Ellie: Is she really gay? Is she being straight on the revelation… or was that her acting out?

Molly: I think that what just happened was that Leslie’s heart was just broken.

Blossom: By what?!

Lana: By you. What do you think?

Jessica: Blossom, What you were saying about going to find a way to black mail Holly… That was totally uncool. Leslie’s hurt because of you and how you were talking.

Blossom: It’s better me being the vengeful one. I’m only trying to stand by her and get her to fight back. Holly wants to fight. She’s got the Marco Kids in on the fight. Either Leslie starts prepping to fight… Or they’re just gonna attack her and not cease as they’ll think that she’s a sitting duck.

Molly: That’s mean. You would actually make her fight?

Blossom: Yeah. I would. Besides… If she doesn’t fight back… It would only make Holly the winner. Holly won’t just call it over and quit. She’s looking for a fight. Holly even has the Marco kids in her court. They’re vengeful and hateful to the jump. I know because my cousins Zoey, Sora and Carly… plus myself had to deal with them. We know their way of playing. We know how they work. Leslie doesn’t. *Seeing the disgusted looks* Look… I’m just trying to arm Leslie so she’d stand at least some type of fighting chance. She doesn’t know the tricks that those Marco Kids will pull. She never has dealt with them. Not once. I have. I care about her and love her. I Love her deeply and i don’t want to be made to look or feel bad for wanting to arm her. I want her to be safe. Having some shield so she’d be with some fighting power. I don’t want her to be hurt by the baby bitch Holly. I really don’t want that to happen. It just frustrates me that i am failing to get Leslie to see that.

Nicole: What’re you gonna do? You have to go after her and reach out to her.

Blossom: I know… Because the truth is… I love her too. I really love her. I felt that way for a while but didn’t say as i didn’t know how she felt. I didn’t want to scare her away.

Seconds later…

Blossom: *Running after Leslie* Leslie… Wait. Wait up! Please, Wait up!

Over by the corner of school block not far away…


Leslie: *Crying into her hands* ……

Blossom: *Running over to Leslie and walking close to her* Leslie, are you alright?

Leslie: *Crying and sniffling* Does it matter if i am, Blossom?

Blossom: Yeah. It does matter. It matters to me. And it matters to the others.

Leslie: *Looking away in tears* Sure it does. Sure it does. It sure didn’t sound like it back there. You were talking as though you were vengeful and looking for a fight. Against Holly.

Blossom: It’s because i know what to expect from those Marco Kids. I’ve dealt with them once or twice before. I know what their tricks will be like. I know that you don’t want to fight. But when it comes to dealing with someone like Holly. You or I might not have a choice.

Leslie: Why do you care about what they do to me?

Blossom: I care about what happens… Because… Because… Because I love you, Leslie. I love you. I knew it for a while but…

Leslie: You Love me?

Blossom: Yeah.

Leslie: *With tears in her eyes* W-w-why didn’t you say anything then?

Blossom: I didn’t know if you’d feel the same way about me.

Leslie: I felt the same way. I didn’t want to scare you away. I was with feelings for you since the first time we met. But i just couldn’t say it. Because at first…I didn’t even think that you’d like me to begin with. That’s why i didn’t express it. I didn’t want you to think that i was some kind of deranged girl.

Blossom: I know. Leslie, I love you.

Leslie: *Gasps in surprise* You do?

Blossom: Uh-huh. *Nods* I do.

Leslie: *Smiles suddenly and feeling a warm sensation* … I Love you too, Blossom. I Love you. *Wiping her tears away*

It was then that Leslie and Blossom held each other and without a second to think otherwise… They Locked in for a Kiss. Right on the Lips and it was the first Kiss. A Romantic Kiss. It was the official kiss between Leslie and Blossom and from that point on… It was sealed. They were then… An official Gay couple. Imagine what her parent’s would say once they were to find out… Blossom’a father already knew. He was told a piece of it on the night that a Blowout hit and Leslie was believed to be Banned from Blossom or so it were to stick… and yet never did. Blossom’s father didn’t know everything. Leslie’s parent’s didn’t know any of it. Blossom’s mother was in the dark because she was never brought in on the converted Sexual orientation of Blossom’s. Only question is… What would they all do once they really caught on and truly knew that Blossom and Leslie were Gay. And… at 13. their innocent Image would forever change…

A Minute later…

Back where the others still stood and waiting…

Molly: I don’t know what Blossom’s obsession with getting after Holly is about… but what ever it is that she’s on… She better stop. Holly will always be a Bitch no matter what Blossom pulls on her. Holly’s been fated to be a real spiteful girl. It’s just the way it is. Period.

Nicole: Don’t say that. You know for sure that if Holly goes after Blossom and Leslie. She could come at us. because we’re around their court. Then if those… Marco Kids get into it… It will spell disaster as it could seep and reach the family of hers. Getting to Leslie’s family… if they’re here in the city too and Holly will be just the one instigating it.

Leslie: *Walking over hand in hand with Blossom* Seriously?! You guys really think that I’m gonna be afraid of Holly?

Ellie: Well… aren’t you? Holly is issuing war on you and Blossom. It’s not gonna stop.

Blossom: Neither are we.

Seconds later…

Sora: *Walking over* You really think so?

Carly: That’s a laugh. We just saw the Marco kids. They were calling up some favors in nailing you, Leslie. They’re gonna nail you. Per the request of Holly. Holly’s already on her way home. OR so it to be believed. Her Nanny is a certified Ms. Etiquette. If Holly is planning to attack you. It won’t make much impact since that Nanny of hers is turning her into a gradual pussycat.

It was then that they turned to see that Sora and Carly were beside them…

Blossom: You really believe that. Carly?

Sora: Uh, have you heard the way that the nanny speaks? She’s got the voice of a Warden… the personality of a southern miss. The Manners of an aristocrat. Plus the Walk of a dancer. She’s really dead set in forcing the rage and vengeance out of Holly. If the progress works… You’ll be seeing Holly as an Adult baby Diaper lover. But also as a prim and proper… Miss manners 3.1. You won’t be able to recognize her as she will be so different and if you were to tell her… about her hatred of you and Leslie… She’d look at you… As if you were nuts.

Leslie: Sid’s pulling the trick of massive reprogramming on Holly. That’s new. But wait! How is it that you know about that? Sora, Carly… What is going on? How did you find that out?

Sora: We got our ways. Plus… We happen to have a source. Don’t worry… The source is on our side. Someone we know…

Penelope Richardson
Penelope Richardson

Penelope: *Walking over* That’d be us. We’re the source. *Looking at Leslie* You must be the one that the masses know as Rita the Hammer. Nice hook-up. Don’t worry. we’re not gonna condemn. Bikini girls… or Ex- Bikini girls do possess that niche of taking secrets to the grave and never telling a soul of a secret. *Grins* The name’s Penelope Richardson. Formerly known as Penelope Pink. Nice to meet you, Leslie Burke.

Candy Richardson
Candy Richardson

Candy: We hear that you made quite a name for yourself, Leslie. You might be the “Loser” to Holly. But not to us. You’re no loser. Besides that if you were… then why would you have a band of good friends? Losers don’t have friends. They have just mere acquaintances if nothing more. Holly is the real loser. The Nanny that she’s got… Let’s just say that if you were to put together Norton the Warden from Shawshank, The lady from Samantha: An American girl movie, The Black Dancer from Fast Forward and Mr. Stepford from the Stepford Wives… You’d have one heck of a Nanny. She’s strong willed. determined. Foresighted. Limber. Decisive and motherly in a sense of that southern hospitality. She’s soft spoken. But if you cross her or question her… You’re just asking for something to regret pushing for. It’s nice to meet you though, Leslie. The name’s Candy Richardson.

Cassie Richardson
Cassie Richardson

Cassie: However… Holly’s planning something devious. Really devious. Leslie, from us girls to you. Watch your back. Holly has something planned to see to it that you’re condemned from the city. Same with your family. She knows that they’re here somewhere and will see to it that you and your family are annihilated. *Grins* Hey… Cassie Richardson. Nice to meet you.

Leslie: Nice to meet you girls too… *Smiles*

But that was when Leslie paused and had it sink in what was said. She knew that she was gonna not like what she would be told. But… She had to ask. It got her curious and she knew that if Holly was planning something… She should know about it.

Leslie: *Curious* Uh… What you guys just said… Wh-What do you mean?

Penelope: Don’t even think about asking. You’re never gonna be able to live it down if you knew.

Leslie: I want to know. This isn’t a game anymore. This is my family we’re now talking about. My mother and father. And Me. A threat to them… is a threat to me. *Standing up and firm* Tell me. Now.

Candy: *Exhales Sharply* Okay. But don’t say we didn’t warn you. Holly’s got the Marco sisters rallied together to shut you down. The Marco sisters are going to start spreading through the city and finding people who will be up for lining up their pitchforks and placing you under citizen’s arrest. Using your past identity as the key. We heard what she said too as we walked by. She said: “That Bitch Leslie is dead. If she won’t leave… I will get at the people. Find ones who hate her and blame her for the Mob stigma and rally up to get the city to exile her. Leslie will leave and i don’t give a shit what her fuck face gay lover Blossom does to me. Blossom… that tough bitch thinks that she’s gonna knock me down a few pegs. We’ll see about that. I’m gonna ruin her sorry ass. She’s gonna learn. No one fucks with Holly Reedy and gets to walk away Scot free. She says that my father gave her rights to torture me. Well… Now it’s my turn. This is gonna mark the end of Blossom the Bitch, Leslie the pathetic mob girl freak and her loser family. I swear it… By the end of this year… Leslie Burke will be cast out and unwelcomed to remain within this city. Her build will never happen. I will see to it that it fails” She’s not gonna back off.

Leslie: *Pulling out her phone* She will. I’m gonna make a call once i get back to my hotel room.

However that was short planned as… Before they could head out to the Construction site for the Massive Stadium for another day of building and construction…


Spencer: *Walking over with his wife* Hey girls. You girls ready to head home?

Blossom: No we’re not, Spencer.

Sora: We got a problem and it starts with the Initials H.R.

Carly: And the Victim… is *Pointing to Leslie* Her.

Spencer: *Looking to see Leslie* Leslie?! What… Why would she be a Victim?

Blossom: Why do you think? It’s called: “Baby Bitch” Holly…

Spencer: What was that? What is this “Baby Bitch” Holly line?

Leslie: Spence… Wake up. It’s Holly Reedy and the lackey squad The Marco Sisters.

Spencer: Leslie… Don’t ever call me Spence again. Only my mom gets to call me that. And or My wife… Sometimes. Only when she’s angry at me and i deserve it.

Leslie: Sorry. I am just so frustrated about the never dying Hostility that keeps coming from Holly.

Nicole: And if you guys really care about Leslie… You better bring out your “A” game. Holly Reedy is gonna try to initiate her Operation: Annihilate Leslie.

Rikku: *Feeling the vicious rumor mills stirring* So… does that mean… There won’t be any parties and good cheers?

Blossom: No. Afraid not. Not unless we can blackmail the Snake Holly Reedy. Holly Reedy is gonna be trying to ruin Leslie.

Paul: You really think that matters one way or another? Blossom, This type of stuff is just the same as if we were in… Say… Spira. The Guado. Their tearing at the Al-Bhed. Remember that bit?

Blossom: Yeah. I also recall the fact that we had to go against that Psychotic Maester 3 or 4 damn times. One time… way too many. Seymour killed his own father. What’s worse is that everyone was glorifying him as if he were some Godsend. Then the second battle against Seymour… I remember how it began…

Blossom recalls that moment.

“Kimahri: *While still Holding Seymour off; Turning his head to look behind at the Rhapsody fighters and The guardians* RUN!!! Protect Yuna!”

Blossom: I remember those days. That was one heck of a ride. But this is not like back then. This is different. Alot different than how it used to be. Holly Reedy is trying to aim towards Annihilating Leslie.

Spencer: That’s just gonna be too bad on her. Because… Holly is not touching Leslie. Leslie is like one of the family of ours. Let her just try to get near Leslie.

Rikku: [Leslie] ec vysemo. Rummo Naato ec y sayh cbenedat kenm. Cra icat du pa naymmo cfaad duu. Macmea syta secdygac… Oayr. Pid cra’c risyh. Risyhc femm syga secdygac. Dryd’c fryd risyhc tu. Pid du pa jahkavim yht cdub yd hudrehk du rind cusauha. Dryd ec fnuhk. Macmea tuach’d tacanja du pa rind po Rummo. Rummo ec zicd yhkno palyica Macmea ec paehk yllabdat po dra baubma. Ran Piemt ec kuhhy pnehk eh cusa haf cbund. Haf Pmuut. Macmea zicd fyhdc du pamuhk. Dryd ech’d y lnesa. Rummo haatc du pa bihecrat. Dygah tufh. ([Leslie] is family. Holly Reedy is a mean spirited girl. She used to be really sweet too. Leslie made mistakes… Yeah. But she’s human. Humans will make mistakes. That’s what humans do. But to be vengeful and stop at nothing to hurt someone. That is wrong. Leslie doesn’t deserve to be hurt by Holly. Holly is just angry because Leslie is being accepted by the people. Her Build is gonna bring in some new sport. New Blood. Leslie just wants to belong. That isn’t a crime. Holly needs to be punished. Taken down.)

Sora: Well… Believe it.

Paul: You better believe it sister… That’s the dark seedy nature of a normal typical vengeful human. Doing all possible to seek harm on another human.

Carly: That’s Just wrong.


Theodore: Where were you guys heading anyway?

Leslie: We were on our way to the construction site where the Massive Stadium is said to be built. Where i am gonna have it be built. Why?

Spencer: We have no homework on our end. So maybe… we can provide some extra assistance.

Penelope: Same here. We would love to help out too…

Candy: Right.

Cassie: There must be things for us to be of assistance to.

Paul: Besides, Leslie… You’re gonna need all the help that you can get on this. Only because if the girl Holly does actually go through with the attacks… You’re gonna need something to fall back on.

Rita: This type of stuff is something that the church considers to be community service and Public relations Outreach.

Spencer: It’s something to give the people here.

Rikku: I think that i know of someone who can assist.

Spencer: Who’s that?

Rikku: Brother. He can help.

Spencer: Hey… Yeah. I haven’t seen him for quite some time.

Paul: I don’t think that anyone has. Why don’t you give him a call. Call him up and see if he’s available.

Benny: What do i get to do, Rita?

Rita: You can help out too.

Benny: I can be of great help. I can help with some planting where it’s needed.

Rita: We all can.

Molly: *Making a call* We’re gonna need some refreshments and food.

Leslie: Molly, It’s My build… I’ll take care of that. It’s okay. *With her Phone* … *Dialing and making a call* … *On the Phone* Yes. Donald, I’d like to order up 150 Sub Sandwiches and 150 2 liters of Coke. Same amount of Coffee as well. Send them over to the construction site residing on Marvel Blvd. along with a good size table. We’ll be there at the site in half an hour.

It was then that they all gathered with their suspicion of Holly attacking Leslie. They gathered with the intent in helping with constructing. Doing some side work and working upon the outer parts. to get a start in on the build where possible.

That night…

Outside Sid Reedy’s house…

Sora feeling unsure about blackmailing Holly.

Sora: I don’t know if doing this is the right thing to do, Carly. Holly likely has got those Marco Kids keeping watch for anyone working with Leslie trying to take her down. Holly isn’t stupid. She knows that Leslie is gonna try to end her and Holly is just as well vengeful enough into seeing to it that Leslie loses. Holly hates Leslie so much. The hate in her eyes tells it all.

Carly: This is why we have to do this. Leslie is in need of help. If we don’t get this for Leslie to use against Holly. Holly’s gonna press on and destroy her. Leslie could lose everything. Be forced to leave Metropolis. I don’t want us to lose Leslie. She’s got the right to stay in Metropolis. Holly’s got to be knocked off her high horse.

Sora: *Sighs* I know. *Exhales deeply* Got the camera?

Carly: I do. We got to get the pictures but to where Holly won’t catch us.

Sora: Turn off the Flash on it.

Carly: *Turning off the flash on the Camera* Let’s go…

They walk over to the side of the house and quietly walk out to the back yard. They were looking for Holly’s room and saw that there was a backyard. But the Backyard was not all that big. And the house was a two story so… They had to find something to climb on to reach the second story.

But the Blackmail attempt was about to begin…

Holly’s Room…

contemporary-modern-girl-nursery-ideas-fresh-in-decoration-ideas luxury-baby-girl-nursery-design-changing-table images

Holly was in her room and doing her homework in tears but was also secretly working out some plans of destroying Leslie. She was thinking about how to start her plans. It was too early to act out the operation as her supporters were still getting things worked out. The Marco Kids were failing to tell Holly that they were all for destroying Leslie as it hid their true intent. Their true intent was to nail Blossom and also go after Zoey. Hurting her for what happened between their father and her mother. (Yeah. It was that line all over again. It was going active once again.)

However it was only a moment later…

Holly was instructed to lie down on the floor as it was time for another change. She didn’t want to endure another change although she was without a choice. This was her penance and would remain till she changed her ways if that were to ever happen. Holly Laid down on the floor and remained still as her nanny got on her knees and undid her pants and pulled them down. She had then unfastened the sides of the diaper and then pulled off the dirty diaper and grabbed for a new fresh one as well as the powder and wipes. Along with tossing the dirty one in the garbage. Holly cried as it happened as she was indeed broken in spirit over the treatment and knew that her father was ordering it. The Nanny then lifted Holly’s hind side up and placed the Diaper underneath before lowing Holly’s hindside on it and using one of the wipes to clean all the areas needed. Placing some powder on the clean diaper before lifting the front part and fastening the sides before having Holly remove her pants for the night. It was her bedtime…

Holly Reedy in Diapers.

Holly: *Laying down in her crib* … *Making baby noises* Goo goo… ga ga. *Dribbling noises and squealing*

Outside the bedroom window…

Sora and Carly were watching Holly and used their phone’s camera. Taking good pictures and it was almost perfect till they happened to be seen by Holly’s Nanny…

Sora: *Ducking under the window sill* Hide. Carly… Hide.

Carly: *Ducking fast* We are risking alot by doing this. This could come back on Rich girl.

Sora: *Pauses and stays still till the coast is clear* Be very quiet. Very Still.

Carly: *Nods* yeah…

Minutes later…

Sora: *Looking in the window* …

Carly: Is she gone?

Sora: *Whispering* Yeah. It’s good. It’s good. Holly’s not looking and she’s asleep. We got the pictures of her being put in diapers. The ones of her in a Diaper and in a crib. You have the Video of Holly getting put in one. Officially. Leslie will be able to get one over on Holly. Holly wants a war. She’s just won herself one. Let’s go.

They immediately climb down and march fast through the side gates of the house…

Sora: We need to get a hold of Leslie. Soon.

Carly: How? She’s got her phone turned off tonight.

Sora: Blossom doesn’t. She’s got hers. She usually does have hers on and on ring.

Carly: These pictures will be the blackmail of the century.

But that was when…

Tara: *Walking by* What pictures?

Sora: …

Carly: *Looking to see Tara Marco* What?! Where did you come from?

Tara: I live just down the block… and i know what you two are up to. It won’t work. Holly is gonna be told of this.

Sora: Wanna bet? She is in a diaper.

Tara: *Not buying it* Not gonna work.

Carly: Well… It will… Because since you’re siding with little “Baby Bitch” Holly Reedy. You can fall just like her. Holly is trying to destroy Leslie. Leslie is our friend and anyone who hurts her… Hurts us.

Tara: Hey… We don’t care about Leslie. We never even spoke to her. We’re just joining Holly to shut her up because she is wanting Leslie out. No one even listens to her anyway. Zoey left her for Leslie.

Sora: That is because Holly is vengeful. Have you even seen the mess that she’s been trying to pull?

Tara: No worse than what Blossom does. Blossom is also a vengeful person. You know for sure that she almost killed Holly. Gave her a concussion. It’s a good thing that she got her memory back. Sid was due to lay a lawsuit on Blossom.

Carly: It was all an act. Holly was trying to play people. That’s what she does. Leslie is being condemned by her and you’re happy about that?

Tara: Actually. Yeah. I am… This city is still stained by the stigma of the Mob. The Mob is still an influence and Leslie was believed to be a part of the Mob for a time. Does Rita the Hammer ring a bell?

Sora: It does. But she left the Mob. She is with no affiliation of the Mob. None.

Carly: We know… Because we were also with a couple day or so Stint and yet… we left it. Blossom got into the Mob. However… Leslie left the Mob and got Blossom out along with her. She even made good with paying off all her debts. She’s paid off 90% of her debts and making good with proving on how sorry she was for all the wrongs she may have done.

Tara: Okay… Fine. Let’s just say that you’re being truthful and i were to actually believe you. What makes you think that i won’t tell Holly. or still be one for trying to condemn Leslie as well as the others are?

Sora: Because… if you don’t back off… we’re gonna plaster all these pictures of Holly in a Diaper all over school. And the City. By time we’re done… Holly won’t be able to show herself without having someone call her: “Baby Bitch” Holly.

Tara: You wouldn’t dare.

Carly: *Standing her ground* Try us. Because just so you know… We were thinking about just going to Holly and panting her… Exposing her diaper. But we are going at it in this direction. To somewhat spare her of the torment. However if she keeps up… we will pull her pants down and expose her Diaper and humiliate her. Not that we’d like to. But we will do anything to get anyone who messes with Leslie to back off.

A few minutes later…

After some convincing, Tara Marco suddenly realized that she was going along with a needless and senseless war between Holly and Leslie. Seeing that there was no absolute need for it. It was pointless and That was when Tara changed her allegiance and side.

Tara: What would Holly have against Leslie?

Sora: I don’t know. However… Why can’t you Marco’s get along with Blossom? Blossom maybe a bit fiery. Sparky and Mouthy. However… Seeing the hell that she sees… It is all the reason and plausible for why she is that particular way.

Carly: She’s at times a little over bounds. But her hearts in the right place.

Tara: *Sighs* Look. Why don’t we come out with a compromise? The rest of the Marco’s will not listen because they are already convinced that Blossom and Leslie are the enemy. As is Zoey and that Holly is being the Victim. We can agree that she is not a victim. But just a trouble stirrer. Brewing a cauldron of terror. But… You’re right. You’re right. Consider me your new Ally.

Sora: You sure?

Tara: Yeah. I happen to be sick of all the hate. All it does is just make more people upset and angry. Wanting to hurt one another. Let’s end the hell. You have pictures of Holly in a diaper?

Holly Reedy in Diapers.

Sora then showed off the picture and showed the video of Holly being changed. Plus Holly in a crib. Tara looked and laughed at the pictures…

Tara: *Laughs* Oh my god… Holly looks like a total freak. She’s such a freak. This is perfect to nail Holly. You know… We should all meet up and see on mass producing that picture. Make Holly out to be a destroyed girl in school.

Sora: Right.

Tara: *Seeing her sisters nearby* Ginger… Frenchy… These girls have spied on Holly and are plotting to Blackmail her.  *Looking at Sora and Carly; Whispering* If you want me forever on your side… run. Get out of here. Now. If they get here and capture you… there won’t be anything i can do. Go.

Sora: *Looking at Carly* Run!

As they ran off away from the Marcos…

A Black car pulled over and stayed with the car running…

The Door opened…

Doralee: *Calling out* Sora and Carly Rhapsody?! What in the world are you two doing out at this late of a night? It’s almost 10 in the Evening.

Sora: Uh…

Carly: Um…

Doralee: It’s okay. Get in, quick. Gotta get you two where it’s safe out. With the pictures you have that would incriminate and ruin Holly Reedy. There are people who will try to abduct you to shut you up. Get in… I’ll tell you on the way to the Ranch house. Erica Harper… My daughter has the details. As do Jessica Spelling, Ruby Stone and Krissy Caine. They are there waiting and there’s a secret meet going on.

Sora: Right. *Getting into the back of the car fast* Carly, get in. fast.

Carly: Right.

However… At the Metropolis Hotel…

Room #624…

Blossom: *Looking at the laptop computer screen and reading the info for her history paper* “The Manhattan Project was a research and development project that produced the first nuclear weapons during World War II. It was led by the United States with the support of the United Kingdom and Canada. From 1942 to 1946, the project was under the direction of Major General Leslie Groves of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer was the director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory that designed the actual bombs. The Army component of the project was designated the Manhattan District; “Manhattan” gradually superseded the official codename, Development of Substitute Materials, for the entire project. Along the way, the project absorbed its earlier British counterpart, Tube Alloys. The Manhattan Project began modestly in 1939, but grew to employ more than 130,000 people and cost nearly US $2 billion (about $26 billion in 2015 dollars). Over 90% of the cost was for building factories and producing the fissile materials, with less than 10% for development and production of the weapons. Research and production took place at more than 30 sites across the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.”

Leslie: You are doing your homework here.

Blossom: Sure. I can’t do it at home. It’s a real mess over at my house.

Leslie: How’s that?

Blossom: My dad and mom are having some sort of fight. Money troubles. My mom hardly being home. That kind of mess.

Leslie: Your mom is a reporter. That’s what you said. She is likely working long hours. writing the news and all.

Blossom: That’s true. However… My sister’s been acting up again. Victoria. She’s been caught a few days ago… Drinking.

Leslie: Your sister?

Blossom: Victoria. She’s had a relapse of the bad girl phase.

Leslie: Bad girl phase? *Lost on the concept* What do you mean by The bad girl phase? What bad girl phase?

Blossom: You know… Smoking cigarettes and Acting out as the rebellious punk. Acting out their brand of the James Dean persona.

Leslie: You mean… Like we did for a short time?

Blossom: No. All we did was smoke. We didn’t necessary go off with the rebellious punk bit or the James Dean Persona. We were different than that. All on ourselves.

Leslie: Really.

Blossom: Yeah. Really.

Leslie: You have a point. You and I quit the habit. 3 weeks ago and i don’t think we’re in for a spare or a reprisal.

Blossom: In fact… the last light i had was a week and a half ago and i hated it. I only had one hit and tossed it out fast. It made me wanna puke.  Haven’t touched another one since.

Leslie: And me… I had one. With Zoey. On the day that she and I had to talk things out. But it was only one. Plus… i won’t ever do it again. But i’ll help her quit the habit. That… i will do.


Blossom: You think that you should even help her? I don’t trust her. Leslie, This weekend… I am gonna be reconciling with her. However… This is not official. I don’t happen to trust her. She has too much of Holly Reedy’s beliefs in her. Who’s to say that she can be even believed to tell the truth and be straight?

Leslie: *Looking down and grunting a little* This is so annoying. Blossom, I Love you… But your distrust in your own cousin… who may i add is your Ex-Best friend. Which was your best friend for 10 years… It’s getting to be really grating.

Blossom: I am sorry that it has to be this way. But when Zoey did what she did… She lost all trust that i had in her. I will never trust her again. And contrary to what you may likely believe… This is killing me greatly. You have no idea as to how much it is killing me inside.

Leslie: *Sighs* I can gather that. I really do. But… Blossom, why are you holding off from trying to reconcile? We can go over this and over it constantly… But unless you really want the tension to end… You’re gonna have to cave in somewhere and make some move. Some effort. Zoey already has made some shot at making amends. Now… It’s up to you.

Blossom: I know.

A few minutes later…

Blossom: *Working on her History paper* You know… I have been thinking about the topic we had to do our paper on. Why did it have to be on the Manhattan Project?

Leslie: That’s something you’ll have to ask the Teacher tomorrow. But i think that it’s something to think about. The Manhattan project was made to use as a code name to hide the idea that we’ve made the Atom Bomb. The scientists and Physicists couldn’t just call it what it was as it was believed to never finding the capacity to form something so deadly. If they were to just come out and say: “The Atom Bomb”… It would state out a panic as they would feel that the bomb would be used. Used for a different purpose than what it was made for.

Blossom: That still doesn’t make it clear on why we would have to do the history paper on that. I mean… Good topic. But that’s College and University level History assignment-level.

Leslie: They’re preparing us. Next year is High school for us. And for your older cousins… It’s College level next year.

Blossom: Yeah. i know.

Leslie: Plus… the Stadium property is starting to look really full and luscious. The Iron gates are looking shiny. Benny… He’s quite a natural with the gardening tools. He had 15 clusters of plants put in spread all around the gate perimeter. Rita was even festive and suggested Multi-colored Tips for the Gates. One… Red. One Green. Blue. Orange. Yellow. Baby blue. Pink. Like a pattern. Not bad. It’s festive.

Blossom: Don’t forget that Rikku’s Brother and father are pitching in for a 10 day process in turning the gate into something technical. Your Stadium is gonna be so hot. Leslie… You’re gonna have one heck of a superb build. Once the Main Construction happens It’s gonna be a miracle on life and popularity.

The phone rings…

Blossom: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Tara: *On the phone* Hey there, Lightning.

Blossom: *On the phone* Sora?

Tara: No. It’s Tara. Tara Marco.

Blossom: What?! What the hell… What the hell do you want, Marco? You trying to get the goods to hurt Leslie… Give it up. We’re not going down without a fight.

Tara: I know. That’s good. Because Neither are my sisters and Holly. Although i don’t think that Holly will be able to make much of a dent.

Blossom: Save it. I know what you’re trying to do. Nice try.

Tara: I know that you don’t believe me and clearly… you have no reason to believe me as i done nothing to earn it. Nor do i deserve it. But i have caught Sora and Carly coming out from the side of Sid Reedy’s house. They showed me the Picture of Holly in a Diaper.

Blossom: Come again?! They caught Holly in a Diaper. In a real Diaper.

Tara: Yeah. You already may know of it. But they got a picture of her. They took pictures of her in a Diaper. I’ll send you the picture. You’re gonna laugh and bust up over it.

Blossom: Sure i will…

Seconds later…

Holly Reedy in Diapers.

The picture comes through Blossom’s phone and she looks at it. Laughing.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, What is the deal now?

Blossom: *Showing Leslie the picture of Holly in a diaper* Doesn’t she look totally ridiculous?

Leslie: *Looking at the picture and suddenly laughing* Aha! Aha! hahahahahaha! Holly looks like a baby. She’s like an enlarged baby. *Curious* Wait… How did Sora and Carly even get these pictures. or one like this?

Blossom: I don’t know. We’ll have to ask Sora and Carly tomorrow at school. They’re gonna be having something to tell us. Something good.

Leslie: Like how they were able to get these pictures.

Blossom: Yeah.

Tara: I know what exactly my sisters and Holly are planning. Sora and Carly already know about my changing sides and that i’m officially signing on as another Ally to you guys.

Blossom: *Pauses* Since when?

Tara: Tonight. And to thank for that… You can look upon Sora and Carly. They happened to be very convincing. Plus said that you were a bit sparky and Mouthy. Sometime a little over bounds and stuff. But that your heart is in the right place.

Blossom: That’s observant of them. I never claimed to not be any of that. One thing that you’ll learn… it’s that i don’t back off. When i say i’m gonna do something… I’ll do it.

Leslie: *Grins*

Tara: I however got to go. My sisters are gonna be wanting me to be with them in their planning. I have to keep on their belief that i am out to get both you and Leslie. Even though i am on your side. But when they act it out… i won’t be among them. I’m gonna be off somewhere hiding.

Blossom: Okay. But till all this blows over and the hell ends… You’re on watch. Leslie and I are gonna trust you to be straight on your word.

Tara: I understand. I’m gonna do what i can to throw a wrench into their plan. But i’ll have to make it look good. It’s to ensure that they don’t find that i am abetting with their enemy. You guys. Because if they find out… They’ll nail me for it. But then do more to you two… Maybe even worse.

Blossom: Don’t worry. Secret’s safe with us.

Leslie: Right.

Call ends…

Leslie: I guess that settles it. Tara Marco is now one of us. One question though. Can she truly be trusted and believe to not double cross us?

Blossom: Knowing their track record and hers… I wouldn’t think so. But for her to stick her neck out like that and reach us like that. Telling us what’s going on. We’re on the edge here. We’re gonna have to trust in her. She could be our inside link to what’s going on and what Holly could be planning. Stopping her.

The next Morning…


December 13th, 2045…

The Sun Shack…

Leslie: *Looking at Sora and Carly* Okay, You two… Explain.

Blossom: What is the deal with Tara Marco being now our Ally?

Sora: How should we know? We were just barely coming out from the side of Sid’s house when out of nowhere… Tara shows up and somehow figured out what we were doing and we got into it a little. Just a little. Next thing we know… She just changed her hand and started signing up for being our new Ally. Being on our side. She also knows about what Holly is gonna be planning. As well as the Marco sisters. They are planning something. From what Tara could hint at… Holly is seeking to find out the weakness that Leslie’s got and use it against her.

Leslie: The only weakness i got is my parents and they’d never turn against me. Pfft! Those guys have got nothing. Neither does Holly.

Blossom: But it is still a weakness. You are gonna need to find a way to not let it get to you. Otherwise Holly the Baby Bitch will have you under her reigns and she’ll know exactly what to do to control you.

Leslie: No one controls me. Holly doesn’t control me. The only ones i’d allow to control me… are my parents and they do it out of love. That’s about it.

Seconds later…

Tara: *Walking into the Sun Shack* Morning Donald. What’s up?

Donald: Nothing much. Just another day of the work load.

Tara: You sure that you’re okay?

Donald: I’m just fine. Sometimes i have rather slow mornings. But that is expected when the city’s still dealing with the shake down of the Mob aura. It’s a little hard for the whole city to get back from the terror.

Tara: There are a bunch of people out there scattered but in very mini clusters tending to place the blame a little on the Mob girl now Ex-Mob girl Rita the Hammer. Thinking that it’s all her fault.  Which in honest opinion… It kinda is… But then again… How could she amass all the power to cause for all this to befall the city? Plus… She wouldn’t be able to stir this kind of terror. She might have not caused all this to happen. But the momentary robberies that she perpetrated didn’t exactly help things either.

Donald: There are still a bunch of people still seeking to blame the young lady. But she’s innocent. She was being misused and mislead. We all know what that’s like. Been there… 3 times in my life and i know how it is.

Tara: It’s hard. There’s gonna be a lot of shaken people out there.

Donald: Don’t i know it…

Tara then looked over to see Blossom and Leslie close by…

Tara: *Walking over to the girls* So… There you girls are. I look for you and this is where you girls reside. Nice Hangout.

Blossom: Hey… It’s just a place for a small breakfast before school. Sid’s Diner was over crowded this morning. But that was our first stop.

Leslie: Plus… this is the spot i usually come to. During my time with the Mob… This was the place i’d come to in the mornings to have breakfast and then buy a few orders of food for Dorian and his crew.

Tara: Dorian?

Leslie: Yeah. Dorian Tyrell. I used to be with his team and it was at first the best thing. But eventually it became something i would come to find as something I’d regret. I remember one of the times i came in here… It was before i came down on Blossom for the fact that she had a secret that she didn’t even have courtesy to share with me…

“Leslie: *Walking over to the Counter* Morning there… Can i have 6 Breakfast specials please?

Donald: *Recognizing the girl from late last year* Well well well… Aren’t we a sight for sore eyes? It’s been a while since The likes of one Leslie T. Burke came a waltzing on in here for a spill. How’s it goin’, Leslie?

Leslie: Oh… It’s goin’ okay. Just figured that i’d do something for the guys. Like Dorian and his crew.

Donald: *Choking up* What in the—? You know that guy? What brings a sweet charming gal like you to the explicit world of Tyrell?

Leslie: Nothing. *Sighs* It’s not that i willingly just made the choice to join the Mob. I Joined him because when i was new to this city… He was the only one who even noticed me. I know that i trapped myself into his world. But… What could i do? I was a 12-13 girl. still 13 and yeah… Alone and with no family as i emancipated myself from my parents. I Love them… But i couldn’t stay a part of them and watch them suffer anymore. I couldn’t. They were being hurt by these strong aristocratic snobbish people. I didn’t want to be around my parents and watch as they tear themselves apart on count of facing problems and their reputations and careers were going to the crapper. I got myself into several fights with the kids in my old neighborhood as i was standing up for my parents and when I saw the reality that my parents were indeed facing trouble and having issues… That was when I knew that it was time to break. I was being called “Baby face Burke” Not that much of a insulting or hurtful name to be called. But after being called it every time the chance called for it… the kids would chant it and even threw rocks at me. Eggs. I fought back and i was able to pack a bit of a punch… However… I at that time… reached my limit. The last fight that got me to call it over and make the choice of breaking off… Was the one that got me angry. Really angry. I just lost all sense and threw things in every direction. The whole thing made me mad. Angry. But then… it made me sad. Because i knew that with all my devotion to my parents… All the care i had for them. My love for them… I just couldn’t do anything to stop it. It then got me slowly into a state of shock. I saw what my family was going through and all i could do was watch. I was 11 years old when i saw the very worst of it. The very worst of it and it upset me until finally… it had left me undeniably devastated and heart broken. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to break away from there. I had no choice. No choice. It was that or watch as everything i knew of my family… fell to a distant memory.

Donald: Wow! That would be a real Hollywood story if you were like a celebrity. But in all sympathy. Reaching out… I am truly sorry that you had to deal with such hardship. You did what you had to do. Do you ever regret leaving your parents?

Leslie: Half of the time… yes. But that’s when i have to stop and remind myself that i had to do what had to be done to see a better life. I think that my parents would have wanted that for me… No matter what the outcome would have been. My parents were strong. Really strong willed and would not back down. I don’t know anyone other than them who’d be so selfless like that and just give up everything. Just so their children could live on and have a better life. My parents are still in New York and i do call them once a month. Just to keep them in my life even though i emancipated from them.

Donald: That’s the best thing. Because it’s like someone had once said… You don’t know where you’re going… till it is that you know where it is that you’ve been.

Leslie: *Nods* You do happen to be right. However i already chose my path. I know that it isn’t exactly something i’d consider to be recommended for others to get into… Although, It’s given me a way to arm myself. A Way of protection.

Donald: *Sympathetic* A Way of protection? Being part of the Mob world. Leslie, You’re a really good kid. A good Teen. You’re aware of what you are doing. All i can say is that you pray that you know what you’re getting into. The Mob isn’t all that guaranteed to be the most safest clique to be mixed in with. Some people in the Mob do happen to mysteriously vanish with out a trace once every so often. I don’t want one of them Mysteriously Vanish Subjects to be you.

Leslie: It’s okay. I’ll be alright. At least… i know that you happen to care and worry about me. Not many others do. Except for a fellow Girl who goes to the same school that i do and She’s a really cool Girl.

Donald: Who?

Leslie: Blossom.

Donald: Blossom Rhapsody of the Rhapsody clan? Electrogal. I know her. Heard about her at least. She’s a hero. One of the New Generation of fighters. I do know about them as i see the news reels all the time on them. But the one you mentioned… Blossom, She once came in here not too long ago and i think that she was with her cousins . 3 of them to be exact. She always came in a group of 4. She came in with her cousins.000835.pngZoey, Sora and the twin sister of hers, Carly. Sora and Carly are twins. What’s funny about that is the fact that they take the look of the Olsen Twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But they look literally the same almost like a complete mirror image of each other that it’s so hard to tell them apart. Unless you were to break them… apart. then look at them. Those two are known as Esp Elemental twins. They can read your mind and know right off the first thought in your head.

Leslie: Blossom is one of the fighters?

Donald: You bet she is.

Leslie:*In shock* Wow! I didn’t know that. She never even said a word about that.

Donald: That’s weird. one would figure that it’d be something that a couple people who became friends would talk about. You know… Just like sharing a secret among one another. But she never did that… did she?

Leslie: No.

Donald: Maybe she forgot?

Leslie: probably. Or…

Donald: What?

Leslie: She probably doesn’t feel that she can trust me. *Sighs* Those other girls you mentioned… They too go to the same school as Blossom does…

Donald: As far as i know… Yeah.”

Tara: However… You left that life. *Curious and wondering* Do you have thoughts about going back to the mob sometimes?

Leslie: No. Neither does Blossom.

Blossom: My girlfriend and I left it and have no desire to return to the Mob life.

Tara: Your girlfriend?

Leslie: Yeah. I am a coming out gay 13 year old. It’s just how i feel.

Blossom: Leslie and i are gay. Girlfriend/Girlfriend.

Tara: *Shocked* Wow… Uh, that’s… ripped. But i guess that it is true on what they on Love. Love’s a gift. Blind… But very special.

Blossom: Tell that to my parents. My father and Mother met during one night in the middle of the near end of my family going after a evil tyrant…

Blossom then remembers back to when her father told her a bed time story… About how he first met her mother…

“Blossom 6 years old…

Blossom: *In bed; tucked in* What was it like when you and mom met, daddy? Was it love at first sight?

Curtis: Yeah. It sure was love at first sight. However when i first met her… I couldn’t figure as to how i was to let out my feelings. I didn’t even think that she’d feel the same about me. But that night…

Thursday May 16th, 2024…

Prince Curtis was out and just walking the Neighborhood when he suddenly happened to bump into a girl about his age. the Girls looked Pretty and had black hair…

Teen Girl: *stepping back* Whoa! uh…  Sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into you like that.

Prince Curtis: *Waving his hand in surprise* Oh no… it’s quite alright. Really. i guess that i was just a little preoccupied with something is all.

Teen Girl: Oh? Like what?

Prince Curtis: Like the war with the Kandorians, Zod. Zod killed my Aunt Princess Rikku and well… it took a few days for the grieving to subside. but it did.

Teen Girl: *Sighs sympathetically* I’m sorry to hear that.

Prince Curtis: It’s okay. It’s just unfortunate though. I am just worried about my cousins Paige, Pearl and Dinah. They had just finally broken all the way out of their grief… but it’s still pretty sore.

Teen Girl: I can imagine. It must be really sad. My mom and step-father are like really important to me. i would not know what i’d do if anything were to happen to them.

Prince Curtis: *Nods* Let’s just hope that nothing bad ever meets them.

Teen Girl: i agree. What’s your name?

Prince Curtis: Prince Curtis Rhapsody.

Teen Girl: That’s a nice name. Mines Megan. Megan Hart.

Prince Curtis: I find that name to be really cool.

Megan: Thanks. It’s a nice peaceful night out. Want to hang out a little till it’s time for me to head back home?

Prince Curtis: yeah. of course. It’s a nice night out and a little time to hang out would do good. Besides…the upcoming showdown with that Kandorian fruitcake Zod has me feeling a little tense. But with all that has happened… i can’t say as to why i can’t be.

Megan: I don’t blame you for being tense. going through something like that is unfair for you to go through.

Prince Curtis: I wish that the threat would just go away. but that won’t happen. unless we make it go away. we fight it. But Zod is so strong. tough. How can someone like him have that type of power? He is from a distant Planet. Krypton. but it’s not as though he’s a god among men.

Megan: I am sure that it’s gonna be okay. He’ll go down. won’t he?

Prince Curtis: I am sure that he will… but as of right now… i don’t know if it will be very likely. Even with my powers that i have along with my brothers. I got electric powers.

Megan: *Walking with Prince Curtis* Huh?! You do? How is that possible?

Prince Curtis: Because i am a hero. I’m a Rhapsody Brother.

Megan: Nah-uh! you’re kidding.

Prince Curtis: You don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to. I wouldn’t expect for you to understand it. it’s gonna be really hard to explain as it is better to show you than to tell you…”

Curtis: It was like love at first sight between her and me. However… the thing was at first that we had only met by chance. Just chance. That was all. But from that time… I couldn’t get my mind off of her. During the night of the Final Showdown against this Tyrant known as General Zod…

“Prince Curtis was in the Neighborhood of Megan Hart. He didn’t know that she wouldn’t be home but he landed in front of her house and just collapsed. It was about an hour later when he heard someone coming by. It was The girl. Megan…

Prince Curtis: *Coughing in pain*  Damn it… Zod has beaten us. M-m-m-Megan! Help!

Megan: *Worried and panicking* Oh my god, Prince Curtis. Are you okay?

Prince Curtis: *Coughing* ….. Mmm! Mmmmm! *Coughing up blood a little as the pain flares up* AHHHHH!!!! *Passing out*

Megan: I’m gonna call for help… hold on.

Megan then rushed inside and called for help. She was panicking as she didn’t know what much to do. She suddenly got on the phone and called her Brother Drake although she couldn’t get a hold of him. She didn’t know if she could carry him… but she did it anyway. She picked him and carried him to his house. he guided her over to his house…

Prince Curtis: Megan… *Weakly* Megan… Take the key. *Handing her the Key* Use it to unlock the front door. it will unlock the front door. *Groaning a little* Better yet. Take me to My Aunt Rikku’s house. She’s there. Head on over there. it is not far from here…

Megan: *Freaking out* Okay. just hold on…

Prince Curtis: *Weakly* Just for the record though… we met and we were actually in a relationship for a short time… we mainly just texted to one another… but you’re lucky to have met me. and i am lucky to have met you.

Megan: That’s touching and i am happy that we met. i don’t think that i can imagine the idea that i could lose you if worse came to worse yet.

A moment later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Prince Curtis: *in Agony* Owww!

Megan: *Calling out for any sign of inhabitants* Hello?! Anyone here?

Grandma Rikku: *Walking out into the Kitchen* yes?

Megan: I need help. Prince Curtis is hurt. badly. He’s in pain and looks bad.

Prince Curtis: *Coughing* Oh… *Hacking up some flem and Blood* Ack! Ack! Agh! Agh!

Grandma Rikku: Oh dear… *terrified* Come in and bring him in… get him on the couch and lie him there gently…

Megan: *holding on to Prince Curtis as she opens the door with one hand and jolts into the Living room*

it was a minute later when she suddenly made it to the Living room and laid Prince Curtis upon the Couch. He looked pretty bad and as he laid there in pain…

Prince Curtis: *Screaming in terror* Paige… LOOK OUT!!!! PEARL… BEHIND YOU!!!! CAPTAIN… WATCH OUT!!! ZOD…. HE’S COMING AGAIN!!! NOOO!!!!!

Grandma Rikku: *Freaks out* Oh god… Oh no… Prince Curtis… what happened out there. where are the others? Where?

Prince Curtis: *Feeling Bruised up* I wish that i could tell you… but the way you sound, you might want to spare yourself. you’re not gonna be singing any joyous tunes over what you’re gonna hear come from me. I just got my ass handed to me on a silver plate by Zod. Yeah… That’s right, Aunt Rikku. Zod the barbaric little tyrant who loves getting the kicks from the global conquest regime. nothing that you’d like doing the twitch and twinkle… but He beat the 3 girls too… Paige, Pearl and Dinah have been thrown off the Crows nest and i don’t even know if they’re even alive. i barely got away for dear life. It doesn’t look too good. that is for sure. it is terrible all the more a bombarding inconvenience… *With tears in his eyes as pain throbs through him ever so often* It hurts. Damn it! How could Zod be that tough? How the hell can my brothers and i along with Paige, Pearl and Dinah beat that bastard? get them out of Zod’s Reach. He’s gonna just kill them.

Megan: How can we get to them though… we don’t even know where they are.

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling steamed over the situation* It doesn’t matter. We’re gonna get back at Zod. He’s hurt my family again… He took away my baby Princess Rikku. Now he takes away 3 of my granddaughters. What is his problem? Why can’t he just go away and leave us all alone? What about that man of Steel? Wasn’t he supposed to send him away to a different world by now?

Prince Curtis: *Sitting up a little* Hey… Don’t be getting all in steamline heat over the matter. It’s not all that bad. it’s gonna be alright. You’ll see. Prince Alvin is still up there and he’s pulling with the big guns. He’s got it goin’ now.  Plus there are the sisters. However… they are coming and going with their appearances.

Megan: *Staying by Prince Curtis’s side* You’re gonna be okay though, I’m gonna be right here.

Prince Curtis: *Smiles right at Megan* Thank you… *Weakly*”

Curtis: I almost died and the fighting was getting more brutal and desperate. However it was not long before something more came out of the ordeal. Your mom carried me. I was a bit heavy for her and she just picked me up like it was all ease… She carried me over to Grandma Rikku’s house. The New Family Matriarch’s mother. which was the time before she was Exiled. However…. Your mom is one of a kind. total gamer too. Resourceful.”

Blossom: My mom and dad met by chance and it was just like love. At first bump and meet. They’ve been through a lot together since then and it was only gonna get stronger in love. But it’s like me and Leslie. She and I just fell in love. She and I would like to say it was like at first meet. But when she and i first met… She looked so alone. I befriended her and it was like… Love eventually as she and I had quite a bit in common and It just clicked. Besides at the beginning… when she was in the Mob and all when we first met. She was warding me off. Not because she was being defensive. But she was seeking to keep me out of what she was into. To protect me from the danger that she was likely in. That was Love. Care and Love. Which was a first because i was the one with the Hero Mojo. But instead of me doing the protecting… It was Leslie doing the protecting. She was protecting me from the Mob’s grips. Although little down the road… I was in the Mob with her. And soon down the road… She got out from the Mob. Took back her life and got me out. She saved me. And i was with her… Every step of the way.

Tara: Wow. Now that is Love. You really love each other that much and act so connected. As if you two would just about do anything for her. As she would for you.

Leslie: Of course i would. I mean… I know that it’s a little awkward to some people. That there are people out there who wouldn’t likely understand. But… seriously. Love… Is love.

Sora: *Clearing her throat a little* Uh… That’s really sweet and it is something that gives a girl butterflies in their stomach. But… We really should worry about the threat that comes straight from Holly Reedy.

Tara: Right. Holly is the problem. What we need to do is get close to her when we know she’s alone. Panting her. Revealing her Diaper. Humiliating her. But doing it in a way so my sisters won’t find out that i am against them. Because they still think that i am with them. I have to see to it that they still have that idea that i am still with them. Remember… I have to make all this come out good.

Carly: Right.

That weekend…

Dec. 16th, 2045…

Metropolis hotel…

Room #624…

Leslie on her phone

Leslie: *On the Phone* Hey Blossom. Been thinking about us a little. Kinda like well… A couple of innocent sweethearts. Also been thinking about the progress that we were having with the Build.

Blossom on the Phone...

Blossom: *On the Phone* I’ve been thinking about you a bit too, Leslie. I also have started thinking about what you said the other day about the fact that i should try to reconcile with my cousin who used to once upon a time be my best friend of 10 years. I know that i was coming off as insecure over the whole fight that she and I had which was centered around the fact that you and I were together and therefore leaving her in the dust. Unintentionally.

Leslie: I know. It’s been a really hard 3 1/2 months. You lost something that you tore yourself over for since it happened. But with everything that you been through. Everything that i’ve been through… But… I think that we should write a new chapter in our lives. Something that deals with reconnecting with those that are important in our lives.

Blossom: That’s something i’d like to do. *Pauses* But… wait. Does that line lean towards your coming up with the decision of reuniting with your folks?

Leslie: Yeah. I have been thinking about that and considered all my options. I know that they’re in the city. I almost bumped into them yesterday night. I know that they had to have seen me or caught me. I didn’t say anything to them except for good night. I wasn’t ready yet to really face them. However… last night i got to thinking that it’s about time for me to consider going back to my parents.

Blossom: Would you need some help on that? Not that you’re unable to man your own ship on that. But if you need some help… we can do it together. It’s how the level works. We help one another. You help me and i help you… then repeat the cycle.

Leslie: It’s not that easy, Blossom. I have been through so much during the time of my being apart from them that if i were to just go back… It’d throw my life into an complete upheaval. Not that i wouldn’t like to be back with them… I can’t. Even though i want to. What if they don’t accept me back into their lives?

Blossom: They’ll accept you. You’re their daughter after all. Why wouldn’t they accept you? For them to not accept you is like tossing their heart to the four-winds.

Leslie: You got a point. I’m gonna see on getting the Emancipation reversed.

Blossom: It shouldn’t be a problem… Right?

Leslie: Yeah.

A second later…

Leslie: *Exhales sharply* So… Ready to get this reconciliation thing started?

Blossom: I guess. *Sighs* It’s better now or later. Ring her.

Leslie: Okay.

Seconds later…


Zoey: *On the Phone* Hey Leslie. What’s up?

Leslie: Nothing much. Just cleaning up the hotel room a little. It’s gotten a bit messy. However… Blossom is on the line here and i think that it is time that you two talked out your differences. You guys are family and that should always matter most. Plus you two used to be like the best of pals before i came along. But then you two broke apart and started to just Quarrel over the petty things. Like one hanging with someone else for a change and not with each other. You two need to talk it out and patch things up. Making amends.

Blossom: *Sighs* Yeah.

Zoey: I guess. *To Blossom* Hey.

Blossom: Hey.

Zoey: I uh… I was wondering if you’d maybe like to meet somewhere. I am not grounded anymore by my dad. When he learned of my making amends with Leslie… the grounding was rescinded. Apparently it was the condition of my getting the grounding lifted for the thing with Sakura. Her mother called my father and it got me in trouble. I’m still in hot water because of Sakura’s smoking. But at least i’m not grounded anymore. So i’m thinking about going to see a movie. Something that we both might see and mend the rift that is between us.

Blossom: That’d be nice. But we really should talk it out first. Now…

“Blossom: *Watching Holly walk away in tears* Have a nice day. Next time… don’t pick a battle you won’t win. You’ll just fail miserably.

Zoey: *Walking over and Punching Blossom in the face* You’re a real scumbag, Blossom. You respond to people trying to help you get away from Leslie… By attacking them. You ditch me. Abandon me.

Blossom: Stow it, Zoey! *Shoving her down to the ground* I almost lost Leslie last night because you went and cried like a little baby to Susie and the others. I almost lost Leslie. She almost didn’t come back. You are jealous and i am done talking with you. To you. Around you. You’re no longer my Best friend… Zoey. *Taking off her friendship ring that she shared with Zoey and throwing it at her* Take the ring. Go to Holly. Be her little lackey. You and I maybe cousins and i’ll defend you as you’re family… But anything more. It’s done. IT’S OVER! Friendship’s over!”

Blossom: I didn’t mean the things i’ve said back then at school. which was before all the hell revolving the Mob life was over. I guess that i was just so angry at how you were letting Holly brainwash you. You were acting so frickin’ Jealous of me and Leslie that it pushed me to wanna just hate you and beat the crap out of you… Which would have just made things worse than what they already were. Plus the fact that you were hurting over the abandonment of your mother. It didn’t help you any as you were dealing with the taunts that the bullies at school were stirring at you. But then for me to break your heart and humiliate you. That was a shitty thing for me to do. A really shitty thing.

Zoey: It was… I didn’t truly deserve that. Even though i was pushing my luck with the paranoia. I guess that i wasn’t thinking clearly and over-reacting over how you were always with Leslie and not with me like you used to. I allowed for the Jealousy to take me over and it not only hurt you… It also hurt Leslie even if she won’t say so. But it truly hurt me because it costed me my friendship with you.

Blossom: You’re right. It sure did. But how you were acting… Trying to get the crew to be involved and get them to work on separating me from Leslie… Then getting my father involved on the ordeal and then the idea that my father yelled at Leslie. I remember that night still as it’s still pretty fresh…

“Curtis: *Casting a Ban on Leslie* She’s been doing mob hits and smoking. Which wasn’t till you came here and got to her. Filling her head with mythical notions of how the Mob is good. This is the last time you and she will see one another. Leslie Burke.  STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! GET OUT!”

Blossom: You got my father into it all. And it hurt me. Since that night… did you know that he and I didn’t have the same closeness that we had once had. Because of your insecurities. It was your fault over that… But it was also my fault as if i hadn’t ignored you in such a way that i had… You would never have done what you’d done. Not like you did. It wouldn’t have gotten that far. Not at all. It made me want to really hate you…

Blossom remembers her outburst that night after the incident occurred…

“Curtis: *Through the door* Blossom, Princess… Please open up.

Blossom: *Sore and broken; Through the door* Why should I? So you can try to make the fact that you just took my best friend/Girlfriend away right?

Curtis: *Trying to seek reason* Your best friend is Zoey. Your Cousin. You known Zoey for years. Years, Honey. You only knew that girl Leslie for a month and a couple weeks if that. She’s not as close to you as Zoey is.

Blossom: Zoey’s my friend… Sure. Sure she is… She’s my friend that started this… She is jealous of my friendship and closeness to Leslie. So she goes bitching to Susie and she and a group of others come to you and get you on the band wagon. To target my friend Leslie.

Curtis: She did it to save you. She was seeing the danger you were getting in with the girl Leslie. The Mob. Zoey was doing it to save you.

Blossom: Yeah… *Scoffs; With tears rolling down her face giving clear sign that she was upset* Well congrats to her. She won. I likely lost Leslie. She and I will probably never see one another again and if we do… You’ll call the cops on her. So she’s gonna avoid me.

Curtis: I won’t call the cops on her… I was still pressured into doing what i had to do, Blossom. I actually like that girl. However your Cousin… Susie was making it where there was no choice. I was to either see to it that you and Leslie’s Friendship ended and banned you from seeing her or Susie and the others would gather together and make a report to have Leslie sent right off to Juvey. What was i supposed to do?

Blossom: Tell Susie to piss off. She might be your Niece and My cousin, Dad… *Angry and dearly upset* But she’s still under 18. Still a Minor. It wasn’t her place to tell you what to do.

Curtis: Blossom… I know that. However… She’s not the only one who feels that way. Your cousins Clint, Raven and Spencer also feel that way. Susie was just leading. But they too feel the same as she does. You’re asking me to disregard the facts and details given by the daughter and Sons to your Aunts. Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Blossom: *Disgusted* How did they even know about my secret life anyway? Or about Leslie’s whereabouts?

Curtis: One of your cousins… Someone in their gang told them.

Blossom: Probably that Horse riding busybody… Erica Harper. I know. I heard her name get mentioned a few times throughout the few weeks till now.

Curtis: *Groans* She’s an informant. It’s practically what she does… Looking for things that are going on and informing your cousins… And you about what gets found. Not everything is about Leslie.

Blossom: *Snaps* Bullshit, Dad. Bullshit. It is all about Leslie. Everyone of the fighters all apparently dislike Leslie. She’s done nothing to them. NOTHING! And yet… they find it to be okay that they can just treat her like she’s a bastard… Yeah… That’s some fine example of the belief where everyone deserves a fair shake.

Sounds of things being thrown across the room…

Blossom saw a picture of her best friend Zoey and growled at it before grabbing it and Throwing it across the room and right at the wall…

Blossom: *Pissed and upset* Damn Jealous Bitch, Zoey! I hope you’re happy. I Lost Leslie because of you. This is your Fault, Zoey! ALL YOUR FAULT!

Curtis: *Jumps* What is the matter with you?

Blossom: Just leave me alone… And if Zoey calls… Tell her that i never want to see her again. Ever. NOT EVER!

Curtis: So i guess that you hate your Best friend/Cousin Zoey. And you are calling it quits on a ten year friendship between the two of you?

Blossom: She’s got no one to blame but herself… This might all be the rage and the anger i’m feeling… talking… But right now… Yes. That’s what i am saying. Plus… What do you care? You’re just like the rest… Joining the Bandwagon. I don’t need anyone. Not you… Not Zoey. Not the cousins or the people at school. No one. I’ll just keep to myself and the hell with everyone. GET OUT!”

Blossom: I was really mad that night and i knew that you and I had words that night and i was still so mad and pissed at you… That i didn’t even think about what it was that i was saying. I was belligerent and irate. You could have tried to cry a river and i would not believe you that night. Because i was with the impression that i forever lost Leslie. I almost had and that would have sent me way over the top. But I do want to be the one to say that i’m sorry.

Zoey: So am I. I really didn’t mean to do what i did.

Blossom: Yes you did. But i now realize that i pushed you to doing as such. So… It is my fault. I am to blame for the reason why you were pushed to do what you did.

Zoey: But i should not have done it. I’m so sorry, Blossom.

Blossom: I know. I too am sorry for my abandoning you and everyone at those times.

Zoey: Will you ever forgive me?

Blossom: *Sighs and feeling sincere* Yeah. I forgive you. Although to be straight forward on it… there is nothing to really forgive as you didn’t do anything wrong. You only did what you could think of doing to get through to me and i was evading. I also have come to realize that you didn’t truly mean the things that you did that managed to hurt me and Leslie. I know that a whole mess of it was construed and done courtesy of Holly. She was influencing you to act the way that you were acting towards Leslie and Me of all people. Holly’s the only one who turned out to have a problem with Leslie. But there is also Sophie Collins. However she’s coming around as are Amber Sweetly and that girl Macie Bishop. They too are coming around. They saw the crap that Holly was trying to pull and turned a disgusted eye to her. No one wants a thing to do with her whatsoever.

Zoey: I noticed. The enraging part of it all is the fact that she even got on me about my smoking. Not that i wasn’t surprised. Because of anyone she would converse with… You’d think that she’d at least be someone understanding. Not Judging. However… she started to look down on me. I know that my mom was the issue. She was the one being the whore and the druggie. But Just to have Holly start looking at me in just that way? That was really uncalled for and i most definitely didn’t appreciate it at all.

Blossom: Maybe you had it coming as you may have suspected that Holly was coming out as a very vengeful and over barbaric like person. Acting as though she was the big bad boss. The only part that is fucked up is that of all people… she had to do it to you. Knowing that she always having to console you due to my being distant. But then she does that sort of shit. Really? She was gonna try to control you?

Zoey: Seemed that way… And i still recall that night too when she found out that i smoked…

“Zoey: *Looking at Holly* Holly, What did i ever see in Blossom? Tell me that?

Holly: *Sighs* I don’t know. All i can tell you is that Blossom’s a real snot nosed bitch who thinks that Leslie Tina Burke is some Goddess.

Zoey: I know. I am so sick of Blossom and Leslie. Beyond sick of them. I swear… If i never have to see them again… it’s be a sincere blessing. *growling over the thought that she has to see her in one of her classes*

Holly: It’ll be okay. Just ignore her and pretend that she’s a figure of an illusion. She’ll fade away from your life. She don’t care about your feelings. She don’t matter.


Holly: *Looking to see the items sitting on the table* Zoey, what are those?

Zoey: What’re what?

Holly: Those things on the table.

Zoey: They’re nothing. Just my smokes.

Holly: *Shoots up* WHAT?! Whoa… wh- Wait… You are smoking?

Zoey: Yeah. I happen to do that, Okay? *Scoffs* I happen to smoke. I started it 3 weeks ago. *Sighs and looking away* It was right before my mom left and i was depressed and sad. I didn’t even have any other form of expressing my hurt. I tried for the first couple days trying to get a hold of Blossom. See on trying to get her and maybe hope that she could somehow comfort me. However… I couldn’t get to her. Every time i tried… She was always with Leslie. Then that one Sunday that i saw her at the park. Saw her smoking… It just stung me and i realized that it was no longer worth trying to get through to her. Sora and Carly tried and got nowhere…

Holly: I know all that, Zoey. But… *Outraged* Smoking?! Smoking?!?!?!?! Why? Zoey, Why would you do something like that? It’s not even a choice to consider on. You’re smoking. I don’t understand… Your mother left you. Left your brother. Walked out on your father. You respond to it by smoking. Do you really have no common intellect?

Zoey: No. I don’t. Blossom happened to be my best friend. Now as of recent… Ex-best friend. She hates me. And i got nothing by regret. I don’t even like this habit. I hate it and wish that i never even started. But i now am with it and am not gonna just stop it. This is the new me.

Holly: You’re sure that you don’t want to reconsider? What about the others?

Zoey: Who cares? They’re all for the girl. It’s like they see her as something special.

Holly: I didn’t ask for you to turn against your family. Don’t give up on them. Not because of me.

Zoey: Okay. I just don’t know anymore what to do… Blossom and I hate each other. Yesterday at school… i tried talking to her and she blew me off. The only thing that she would even say to me was: “Zoey, Just drop the crap. You already said your piece and have made known that you don’t want anything to do with Leslie or me. So… get lost. Leave me alone. We’re not friends anymore or best friends. That was your choice. why don’t you grow up and deal with it? Bug me again… I’ll go to the counselors office. Telling them to make you leave me alone. Get the hell away from me. Stay away.”

Holly: *Feeling bad* That’s awful.

Zoey: No duh… But there is nothing that can be done now. Nothing. I lost her and no amount of reconciliation will get her back. She hates me. The only thing we have in common now is that we’re cousins. Her and I. That’s it.

Holly: Is there anything you can do to fix it?

Zoey: *Watching the Movie* Like what? What can i do? Blossom wants nothing to do with me.

Holly: What about your dad?

Zoey: He’s all for that girl too. *Looking down and feeling beat* I don’t know what to believe about that girl. You don’t like her. I saw some good in her. However with her involvement in the Mob till recent. Like only a few days ago… I don’t know.

Holly: Everyone is growing to like that girl. That girl should just leave this city.

Zoey: *Scoffs in disbelief* Holly… I can’t believe this. You hate that girl that much… where you would see nothing other than to see that girl get shipped off out of this city. This is like a Marco Vs. Mansfield/Rhapsody scenario. Only it’s this time… a Reedy Vs. Burke. Do you even see the similarities? Do you?

Holly: That was then… This is now.

Zoey: No it’s not. It’s the same thing. Just different circumstances.”

Zoey: That was my conversation between Holly and I. But i swear… She at that time… was trying to keep me on loving the entire family. After i was fed up due to everyone adoring Leslie as if she were the Hippest person around. But that there was my insecurity. Of course that since the other day or so… I changed. I can not stand Holly’s Bull. She’s so annoying. It was then that i suspected something off about Holly. Something that got me to think that she was hiding something. Why would she Judge me? Why would she be so into seeing that i stuck with everyone so much when i was clearly hurting and fed up with everyone going for the one person that they at first… couldn’t stand? Holly was then contemplating something and for the life of me… I don’t know what the hell it could be. I don’t know. But I at that time… got to the point where i just started to walk from Holly. Hung with her less and less.

Blossom: But you were nearby… on the day that Holly got pants’d.

Blossom then remembers…

“Holly’s Wearing diapers. Those are Pampers. Pampers Diapers. She’s such a freak… Holly… The Baby freak.

Crowd: Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly! Baby bitch Holly!

Holly: *Sobbing and running to the restroom to hide in humiliation and shame*”

Zoey: That was me that said that. Calling Holly the baby freak.

Blossom: We destroyed her.

Zoey: I know. She deserved it.

Minutes later…

Blossom: I forgive you. I am also sorry.

Zoey: would it be okay if we were to settle for Close Companions to start. It’s a good start, right?

Blossom: Yeah.

Leslie: So… we all friends now? Everyone now on an equal level again and done with the hostility?


Zoey: Yeah.

Blossom: Yeah. Leslie… I should put you in a submission or something for pulling this. But i won’t…because i am glad that you pushed and forced us to reconcile. It’s the best thing to do. I think that with us together… we can all completely shut down Holly and her “Let’s destroy and hate Leslie” Regime.

Zoey: Yeah. Let’s shut her down. It’s time to end Holly’s nagging hate B.S.

That night…

At Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Pouring some coffee for Dinah* Hey, Dinah.

Dinah: Hey Sid. Another cold night?

Sid: How should i know? *Feeling sour* I’ve been in here all day. Plus i got a daughter who hates me because i am showing courtesy and civility to The Burke’s.

Dinah: The Burke’s?

Sid: Yeah. The Burke’s as in Carl and Elizabeth Burke.

Dinah: You’re kidding! The Burke’s? I’ve run into them at the market earlier. They seemed like the most direct and sweetest couple you could ever meet.

Sid: Tell that to my Daughter. The one who i am sorry to say not my favorite of pupils at all now. Not even one to think about. She’s been put in diapers since the last week. She’s been vindictive and harsh to the Burke’s and has been trying to show vengeful distastefulness against Leslie. And against Blossom too.

Dinah: I don’t know if that’s a bad thing if she is getting at Blossom. Blossom’s attitude has been unruly. So for her to be put in her place… It’d teach her a little lesson to being obedient.

Sid: Hey… Blossom’s a good Kid. If anyone is unruly… it’s Holly. She’s been disrespectful to the customers here. She’s been badmouthing people. being Vicious towards anyone named Burke. Blossom never did that.

Dinah: Then what would that make my Daughter Sakura. She is smoking and it is because of Zoey. But Blossom didn’t help anything by doing the Habit herself. Zoey got my daughter Sakura to take up the habit. I heard that her father reversed the grounding on her.

Sid: Well… That is her father’s choice, Dinah. Your daughter may have lost her way a bit… But she’s still a good kid. She is just going through some phase in her life. That’s all. Holly though is something else. Vengefully hurting others. Trying to hurt Leslie. For no clear reason. Other than to force others to hate her too. But it hasn’t worked.

Dinah: Maybe not… But she sure tried. Why is Holly in diapers though?

Sid: Because i put her in them. I like Leslie. Sure she’s made a few mistakes. Done a few things that were not so good… But she took charge and at least tried. And Dinah… Before you think about going off and trying to put blame on Blossom… You might want to think about the part where she was said to risk everything to save Leslie from the Mob. Getting her out. But all the while sticking her neck into the danger in order to do so… but in the end things turned to where it was Leslie who got her self out and lead Blossom to safe harbor. Leslie Burke… is a good kid. As is Blossom. And Zoey. And Sakura. Sure… they can get a little misguided sometimes and make the wrong choices… But they are also trying to do what is right. Trying to fix up their life. You should take into account that Sakura was here earlier and she had a bag full of clothes with her.

Dinah: She did? *Pauses* Sakura was here?

Sid: She was. And she said something about going off somewhere. Staying with someone… But wouldn’t say who it was. Wouldn’t say a word about who that someone was. I think that she was on the run and i did ask who it was that she was running from. She said that she was running from you.

Dinah: Me? *In Shock* Why would she run from me?

Sid: You tell me… Why would a 13 year old girl run from her own mother. Run away from her own family?

Dinah: I don’t know.

Sid: She sounded off as someone who was hated by their own parents. Sakura made a mention where she thought that you hated her.

Dinah: *Sighs*


The phone rings…

Sid: *Answering the phone* Sid’s.

Minutes later…

Sid: *Looking down and sharply exhales* Holly ran away from home.

Dinah: She what?! *In disbelief* When? Why?

Sid: She ran away. Sometime earlier in the day. Why did she do it? *In anguish and in disbelief* Because of Leslie. She’s blaming her misfortune and torture on Leslie. *Sighs* I consider myself without a daughter. Because anyone who would blame Leslie for everything that happens to them and for any heartache or hardship that comes their way… is no Daughter of mine. However… if i don’t at least try to look for her… It’d make me out to be the heartless bastard.

Dinah: Who discovered her missing?

Sid: The Nanny that i had hired for Holly. Holly’s taken her Diaper bag. The wipes. Powder. A bag of Clothes and 20 diapers.

Dinah: Was there a Note?

Sid: I don’t know. The Nanny didn’t happen to find one. But Holly is gone.

Dinah: What’re you gonna do?

Sid: I’m gonna go find her. Even though she’s been nothing but a total witch towards Leslie and her family.

A Moment Later…

Sid was on his way back to his place to look for any traces of Holly. The nightmare that Holly was now gone and has clearly ran away from home… It was Sid’s Torment. Holly was also humiliated in front of everyone at school during the last couple days till School let out for Christmas vacation and it was then that she realized that no matter what she did to try and get rid of Leslie… She was gonna only fail tenfold. That was when she realized that it was indeed time for her to go. Run away from home as it was in her eyes clear that no one wanted her around and wanted Leslie. She hated Leslie and it was no secret that she was thinking of firing a gun at Leslie and killing her. But it would never work…

At the Metropolis Movie theater…

Walking with her Girlfriend Blossom and friend Zoey. Thinking about what to do for Christmas.
Walking with her Girlfriend Blossom and friend Zoey. Thinking about what to do for Christmas.

Leslie: *Walking out from seeing the movie* That was a really sappy but touching movie. I am just glad that we got to see it. However… It nothing like the first one we saw. Something called San Andreas. That was really a thrilling movie to see. All that shaking going on.

Blossom: You actually like that? All that devastation?

Leslie: No. I don’t like all that devastation. It’s just captivating to see how all that in a movie. About a Massive Earthquake rocking the Entire California Coast.  It’s as though California is a boiler that is just waiting for someone to ignite it and pop the lid off.

Zoey: What about the Return to Nim’s Island?

Leslie: That was an okay movie. I actually liked it. However… that girl Nim. She came off as someone who’s completely mistrusting.

Blossom: It’s because she was trying to protect her home.

Leslie: Protection. That’s a good reason as any i’d guess.

However while Leslie was outside waiting for Blossom and Zoey to come out from using the facilities inside the theater…

Leslie: That was a good movie. A teenage girl trying to protect her home. That’s the kind of movie of which i wouldn’t mind seeing over again.

“It’s just like you and how you were with trying to defend your family.”

Leslie: *Pauses and suddenly turning to see her mother* …

seconds later…

Leslie: Mom?! *Stunned and surprised* Wh-what are you doing here? How… How did you get to Metropolis?


Elizabeth: Your father and I traveled the road from Brooklyn to Metropolis. We were here for the last few weeks. Staying at the Hotel. Same floor as you.

Leslie: But that’s not possible. The last time that i saw you and dad… You were both at the Bus station in Brooklyn waving me off. Seeing me pull away and make way to Metropolis.

Elizabeth: That’s right. We were there. But we really didn’t want to bare the idea of seeing you going away from us. That was the hardest thing we ever have had to do. Emancipating you from us to protect you. We didn’t know of any other way but to do that.

Leslie: Well… Congrats. It made me feel alone. Leaving you guys was the most heartbreaking.

Elizabeth: I know. I am so so sorry. As is your father.

Leslie: *Not understanding* I don’t understand though… How did you know that i was here?

Elizabeth: *Smiles* Someone mentioned about you going out to catch a couple movies or so. This was the only place that was open. So…

Leslie: I am still Emancipated, you know. Even though i am wanting to do something about it. However… I can’t get it reversed.

Elizabeth: However… Your father and I can.

Leslie: What are you talking about, Mom?

Elizabeth: Your father and I have gone to the courthouse earlier in the week and filed in the papers to have your Emancipation rescinded. By the 10th of next month… it will be official and you’d be able to come back to us. We’ll be a family again.

Leslie stood there and was in shock. What she has just heard her mother say… had her more than at a pause. She was in total freakout mode. She wanted for the Emancipation to end and be reversed. Wanted to go back to her mother and father. However… When she tried to do it… She was told systematically. from the top down… That there was no way for the Emancipation to be undone and turned over. It could not be rescinded. So Leslie was in a daze as to how it could have been undone and rescinded when she tried and was unable to get it done. Being told from every higher law official about it being futile on getting it to be overturned.

Leslie: Mom, That’s not possible… How could you and dad have rescinded the Emancipation? Don’t you need the signature of the other party to have it overturned? Not that i don’t want it rescinded… However… it’s not possible for the process to be rescinded. There must be some mistake. No courts are aware of this. I even went to the courts to see if it could be rescinded. They told me that the process was permanent. Everyone from the D.A up and then all the way down. It can’t be done. Not that it shouldn’t be done… It can’t be done.

Elizabeth: That in this city… we couldn’t do it. However… Your father and I made a few calls and pull in a couple of favors.

Leslie: What kind of favors?

Elizabeth: Don’t worry. It’s nothing to worry over. Just know that when you’re ready to come back to us… We’ll be there.

Leslie: I will be sure to call. I really would like to see this Emancipation at its end. Officially. But the only thing that stops me on that is a Massive build that is underway.

Elizabeth: We heard. And no matter what… We will be cheering for your project to be done and a success.

Moments later…

At the Local Burger joint

The girls all sat at the tables of the Burger Joint and ate a Burger. Spoke about their plans for Christmas and it came out that Leslie didn’t get to gift purchasing yet. It was making her feel terrible. However…. She knew what to get for her love Blossom. A Laptop of her own in surprise for all that she had done for her and more. Plus also a Christmas Kiss. But that was for Christmas. She was gonna get Zoey a Guitar. She didn’t know for sure that Zoey could play guitar. However she knew that Zoey had a musical talent. She felt it. Leslie was thinking about getting Sora and Carly A Laptop/Tablet. For the Rusoe Sisters… A Mp3 player. The Rhapsody Trio The complete Series of Criminal Minds as they wanted. Michelangelo got a new Game system. Molly got a new Glittery wardrobe. She would have to work quick and It was gonna be fast….

To be Continued in Chapter 232 Part 3 of 4-3…


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