Chapter 232: Leslie Tina Burke Repays her debt to the city and makes amends; Reconciliation procession and The Burke’s Complete? Part 2 of 4

Continued from Chapter 232 Part 1 of 4 left off…

Outside the Hospital room…

Commissioner Jones: *Sighs and rubbing his nose in shame and frustration* …

A. Denton: This is going on far too long. It’s gotta stop.

Commissioner Jones: You should have thought about it before doing dirty deals and trying to cover up the Mob’s tracks.

A. Denton: What about that Mob girl? She’s no better. She also was doing dirty dealings with the Mob herself. You really think that she’s all innocent?

Commissioner Jones: *Looking at Denton* The girl is in there and unlike those like you… She has the will to step up and make her own life. To make a change and get back to how she once was. Making amends. At least she’s trying. Where do you stand?

A. Denton: I don’t know. However… If you want Darwin that bad… I might know where he should be.

At the old abandoned Oil refinery…


Darwin: *Looking at the large stack of cash* This is where the plot thickens. It thickens. Thus by marking the end of Justice as it stands. The New Generation are old news. I’m the New.

Morris: *Looking at the stack of cash and seeing a trail of oil and gas surrounding the stack* What do you think you are doing? with all that cash. You’re rich. You could buy the city. You would practically own a huge portion of the city.

Darwin: You’re right. I could and that would be a very optimistic way of living. But there is a little problem with that. You know what that problem seems to be?

Morris: No. Not really. What makes you think that there would be one?

Darwin: Because the truth of the matter behind all this is that i never really cared about the Money. I am worse than my brother Dorian… That’s one fact that is certifiable. However… i am not about Money and riches. Flashing my junk around in the open like i am a rock-a-feller… I’m a man of simple tastes. I like gunpowder. Dynamite…

Darwin grabs a can of gasoline from one of his thugs…

Darwin: And my personal all time favorite… good ole’ classic. Gasoline. The best there is. It’s both a necessity and a dangerous weapon. It ignites fast with just a little heat and fire. It never does a person any wrong. *While walking around and contemplating* Did you know that back in the days before gasoline was ever invented and people started using it… for cars and machines that needed it to run and get the common working man the ability to get their honest jobs done? Mowing the lawn. Trimming the bushes and hedges. Before all that… People had to use Hot scolding water or rub two sticks together to create a friction and the friction would spark a fire to use and ignite. Or using the element of nature and pray for a bolt of lightning to strike something and spark a fire… *Walking closer back over to the pile of cash that had Fuji on top and at the center of the Stash; Standing tied to the pole* But now… you got Gasoline to help get the job done for you. You can use it for an honest purpose… or use it solely as a weapon.

Darwin immediately tosses the gasoline and splashing the money with it…

Darwin: Another thing… You wanna know as to why i use Gasoline so much?

Morris: Why’s that?

Darwin: Because it’s cheap. It doesn’t cost you a lot.

Morris: I thought that you said you’d be a man of your word.

Darwin: Oh… I am. You see? I am just burning my half of the cash. However… This half was supposed to go to that Mob girl that came to seek to cut a deal with you and Niko Can. That she’d hand you the Rhapsody New Generation all on a silver platter. Getting them to retire and be iced in traction. However… She’s gone soft and wound up with cold feet. Afraid to get her feet wet. No backbone. However… i got that. I have the desire to mess with people’s minds too…

Morris: The girl would have been doing it if not for that one girl with Mouth on her.

Darwin: Who? Who’s this girl you speak of?

Morris: Some girl who calls herself Electrogal.

Darwin: I think i know who you mean… That name sounds very familiar. *Thinking* That girl wouldn’t happen to be Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody of the Rhapsody Clan… Would it?

Morris: I think so. She say she’s friend of Rita the Hammer.

Darwin: Don’t worry. There’s a few little tricks up the sleeve to settle the score with the fighters. First one to go is Electrogal and her Mobster wannabe friend Rita the Hammer… Leslie T. Burke. *Pauses and catches the look on several faces* Yeah… I know who she is. Dorian thought that his life was gonna be a mystery. Wrongo! His life… I knew about. Always had. He isn’t the only Mobster in the family.

Morris: How is it that you know of him?

Darwin: Because… He’s my Brother. My Peon-brained brother. Always tryin’ to follow in my footsteps. But enough Clowning around. Tell your men… they now work for me. This is my city. It’s past time the fighters were taken out of the equation.

Darwin then pulled out a match and struck it. Lighting it and within seconds after that… Threw it right at the pile and lit it to flames.

Darwin: Everything Burns. Next to burn… The Rhapsody New Generation… If you want to cross me. I’ll feed you to your dogs and then we’ll all see how Loyal a man really is…

Trouble was coming and the trouble had a name. Darwin Tyrell. His sights were set on the New Generation…

Metropolis Hotel…

Room #640…

It was on that day that another doctor’s appointment with a specialist came. Carl and Elizabeth had to get their adopted Transgender daughter ready for the doctor’s appointment. It was quick but needed to be done. Laura was scared somehow as she didn’t know what was gonna happen. She was mostly a girl now… However… the remainder of the check-ups and operations… It was scaring her a little.

Elizabeth Burke: *Getting things together* Laura, You ready to go?

Carl Burke
Carl V. Burke


Carl V. Burke: The appointment is very important. You can’t just decide to not go.

Laura Burke: *Nervous* I know. But i am rather scared to go. I am tired of being poked and prodded all the time. It’s to help me keep from reverting back to being a Male. I am a girl now. I want to stay that way… But isn’t there like a Pill or something to help it?

Carl V. Burke: We’re not sure. But we can ask while we’re there.

Elizabeth: It’s gonna be alright, Laura. We’re gonna be near and close by. We won’t let anything happen to you that shouldn’t happen.

Carl V. Burke: This Specialist that we take you to… She is very scientific and direct in her profession. From the last time we took you to her… She managed to calculate the precise dosage of the estrogen required to inject into the particular part of your body. Where it’d be most effective. This Doctor is a sincere expert in Transgender transitioning. Had 9 other cases going through the same thing which you seem to be going through now. The first one was a little shaky as it was a bit complex. The first one was with a medical situation that was nothing like anything she’d dealt with before. She reached a success though.

Laura Burke: *Nervous*

Elizabeth: It’s gonna be alright, Laura. It’s gonna be alright. We promise you.


Alice’s Psychic House…

It was another day at her work. A heavy work load that day and there was just about no time for a break. But something was bugging Alice and Mr. Olson could tell…

Alice: Sora and Carly have been stressing out… *sighs* The city’s still facing issues and they’re feeling the pressure.

The Dark Knight

Mr. Olson: Failures how?

Alice: *Walking over to grab her Pendulum and Pendant; Reaching over to pick up her Turban and starting to put it on* I don’t know… It’s the Mob Stigma. Plus the whole war of words between Zoey, Holly, Blossom and Leslie has gotten to be so vengeful and petty. They don’t know what to do to get it to die down.

Mr. Olson: Why is there an argument going on?

Alice: One guess and they say it’s because Holly hates Leslie and is stopping for nothing… Stopping at nothing to get people to chase Leslie out of town. Holly doesn’t care what anyone wants. To her… Leslie is nothing more than a loser and should just leave the City and go back to where she came from.

Mr. Olson: *Gasps* My word… That is just awful. What on earth would make her behave in such a way?

Alice: I don’t know… However, Sora and Carly are fed up about it. I over heard them speak of it the other night and they were not happy. All they could do was sulk about it and they didn’t say hardly a word at all.

Mr. Olson: That would get anyone feeling hot under the collar. A war among friends and a petty disagreement.

Alice: Something like that usually does. Not only that… There is the question about the Mob. The Stigma still lingering and with there still being the depression over the Divorce. They’re still unhappy about that and of course happen to want nothing more to do with their father for anything. Since the day that they said that they found the smoking gun exposing their father’s secret life… they haven’t spoken a word to him at all.

Mr. Olson: I don’t blame them. I was just like they were when i caught my Ex-wife in bed with another man. It was a different circumstance… but the concept was still the same. Seeing someone they loved betraying them. What do you think they’ll do?

Alice: I don’t know. I really can’t say. But before i left the house this morning… I overheard them talking about going to see a Movie. a few movies and just unwind. They have had a trying week at school this week and had to deal with a war between Zoey and Holly. Holly trying to re-instate Zoey’s likely shred of hatred of Leslie and Zoey resisting it. Zoey trying to get Holly to stop hating on Leslie T. Burke and getting nowhere on the progress. It stressed them out enough and they’re in no mood to sit and chat among the others about it.

Mr. Olson: You think that they’ll be okay?

Alice: *Unsure* Can’t really say. I would like to say yes. But i would be lying.

Within seconds she was ready to start another session. Serving her wisdom to the customers and clients. But all through that time… She still worried greatly about her twin daughters. Worried for them and their well-being. That week happened to be rather trying for them and Alice feared that with the stress which she knew Sora and Carly were feeling… It wouldn’t take so much to get them set off and come unglued…



As for Zoey…

Metropolis Beach…

Zoey was walking around and thinking about what her ex-best friend Blossom’s problem was and why she was constantly attacking Holly. But she was also starting to resent Holly and started to consider on reconciling with her Ex-best friend and seek to gain status of cousin/friend. However she knew how. Sakura was not far from her and saw that Zoey was lighting up. She almost didn’t approach, although she did say that she and Zoey could meet up and talk. Sakura was likely gonna falter and decide to do the same as Zoey. The only thing stopping her was the idea of what her mother would say and what she would do if Sakura did start up doing as such as Zoey was doing…


Zoey: *Smoking and walking along the beach* I don’t know what Blossom’s problem is anymore. I am getting so sick of her.

Sakura Rhapsody
Sakura Rhapsody

Sakura: *Scoffs* Blossom also happens to be rather sick of you too, Zoey. You weren’t being the least bit kind to Leslie at all. Leslie was trying to reach out to you and maybe seek to be friends with you. However… You managed to spat in her face.


Zoey: I know that i did. But Sakura… How can we even trust in being friends with someone like Leslie? We don’t know her. All we know about her is that she is from New York. She’s Emancipated and she’s Rich. We know that she Joined the Mob and then sometime down the road… Left it. She was on air and gave us the look into her life. But… we still don’t know if she can be trusted. She’s nothing like us. She comes from Brooklyn. That part of New York is said to be considered as really domineering and tough. Ego-tistical and even manipulative. No one we know is like that. No one from here at least.

Sakura: Maybe Leslie is likely to be domineering and i guess Manipulative. But come on… Leslie isn’t like that. That’s Holly talking. Not you. Holly is the one who doesn’t seem to like Leslie.

Zoey: She just can’t seem to find any reason to like or tolerate Leslie.

Sakura: She is likely never gonna take a liking to Leslie. It doesn’t mean that you have to be just like that.

Zoey Rhapsody's Brand of choice.
Zoey Rhapsody’s Brand of choice.

Zoey: *Pulling out a smoke from her pack and placing it on her lips and lighting up* I know. I just don’t know what to refer Leslie to be. *Smoking* Leslie doesn’t seem to be so bad. But… Holly has made it seem as if Leslie was the bad seed. Holly had me believing that Leslie was bad. I went at her on that. I attacked Blossom over it and pushed Blossom to hate me.

Sakura: It did. You brought it upon yourself.

Zoey: *Walking away a little and then looking back; Sighs and suddenly stopping to let off a deep breath in despair* Yeah. I did.

As they were walking…

Zoey: *Looking at Sakura* What do you think i should do?

Sakura: You should try to reconcile.

Zoey: I know.

However it was then that Sakura got up the courage or the attempt of doing something she knew her mother wouldn’t like…

Sakura Rhapsody
Sakura Rhapsody

Sakura: *Reaching for Zoey’s pack and pulling out a smoke; Placing it on her lips and lighting up* You are smoking, Zoey. I am only gonna do this once to shake this habit from you. It’s bad enough knowing that Sora and Carly do it. Blossom does it and so does Leslie. But seeing you… *Smoking* doing it. Someone’s got to stop the habit. It has to stop.

Zoey: No. I will reconcile with Blossom and Leslie…But the habit stays.

Sakura: Then i’ll join you over the habit.

Zoey and Sakura walked on-wards to the edge where the water began and just watched the ocean waves come in and thought about what to do to give Blossom a taste of her own medicine. Humiliation…

Zoey: Sakura… Your mom’s gonna be so pissed at me if she catches you smoking. Just because i do it… Doesn’t mean that you should do it too. I made my choices and i have to live with what choices i have made. However… I will seek to reconcile with Blossom and Leslie. With or without the Consent of Holly.

Sakura: Zoey, why must things be this way with you? You’re not like this. You never used to be like this… Not ever.

Zoey: *Sighs and grinning; Resting a hand on Sakura’s shoulder* Sakura… It’s called time. Time and lots of impeding circumstances. Emotional strife. Emotional Pain. Heartache. Plus the loss of a 10 year friendship. Although i was already smoking a little before i happened to truly lose my 10 year Best friend Status with Blossom. However i got what i deserved. Losing the best friend status. I should have thought better and try to at least open up to Leslie better and try to give her a sporting chance.

Sakura Rhapsody Smoking.
Sakura Rhapsody

Sakura: *Nods* It’s true, i guess. But the habit… You used to never let it get to you. You would never have dived down into doing something like this… *Holding up the lit smoke* This is something you swore to never ever do. Something that you yourself believed would never become you. That you’d never be caught dead doing it.

Zoey: I get it. Sakura. *Curious* Does Hikaru know that you’re here. You’re usually with her… Together.

Sakura: I am. But i think that Hikaru is still debating on whether or not to hang around either you or Blossom right now.

Zoey: Why’s that?

Sakura: Because of the ongoing animosity that seems to be going on.

Zoey: Between me and Blossom, right?

Sakura: Yeah. I am still hanging with you. I remember back in Elementary school. You were scared about letting off the confession that you had these powers of…

Zoey: Senshi.

Sakura: You exposed the secret in order to come to my defense.

Zoey: I would do so again and again. No one messes with my family and lives to get away with it. They hurt my family… I hurt them.

Sakura: What do you think will happen tomorrow or Monday… At School?

Zoey: *Shrugs* I don’t know. I would love to guess that a little satisfaction would be right. Humiliating Blossom. To return the favor for what she did to Holly.

Sakura: You’re kidding… How do we do that?

Zoey: Make people think that Blossom Killed Holly.

Sakura: Huh? *Taking a puff off her smoke* Why? Who’d believe it? Blossom and Leslie would smell that slandor a mile away. I mean… are you sure it’s gonna work?

Zoey: I’m sure of it.

Sakura: How do you want to go about it?

Zoey: We’re gonna need your sister Hikaru to help with this. It’s gonna take 3 people to do this.

Sakura: *Finishing her light* I don’t know if she’s gonna want to be a part of this idea. But i guess that i can at least ask her. She’s bound to consider helping out.

Zoey: Okay. However… this isn’t to be vengeful. Just to shake some sense into Blossom and bring her down a couple pegs. She’s Gotten to be mean and it’s made her violent. Now we know that she didn’t kill Holly. We know. She wouldn’t do that. But… we got to make like we believe that she did and get the crowd there to buy it. Just to get Blossom in a bit of a hot seat.

Sakura: That’s mean. *Giggles* But funny. Let’s do it.

It was then that Zoey and Sakura got to work. There was a lot to do in so little time. Zoey didn’t want to hurt Blossom. Not intentionally. The only problem was that she was seeing the violent change in her…

The change that she did not wish to see. Zoey was feeling hesitant in going anywhere near Blossom. She was still upset and endearingly frustrated with Blossom and was with neutral feelings about Leslie. She didn’t like nor dislike her but she was just tired of seeing how Blossom could go on giving Leslie the immediate time of day and while at the same time discard her like she didn’t even exist. It was as though Leslie was everything to her and she was nothing. Zoey began to wonder if the idea of leaning towards reconciliation was gonna be worth it or if it were to be a rather big mistake…

Sakura didn’t know what to say even though she was starting to get into the same habit as Zoey was and Zoey feared it so as it was likely to get to Dinah and Dinah was gonna be pissed and irate. Zoey gave Sakura the Extra pack that she had with her and a lighter. She also told her to be very careful and keep it hidden deeply…

Blossom and Leslie were off looking for the one ally that they knew could help in looking for the Silent Partner of Dorian’s and aim to bring him down. In any way that they knew how. Leslie was also with other thoughts racing throughout her head. Unsure of what to do… She wanted to build something massive. Big and gigantic however it was gonna be near impossible as so far… there was no big turnout. Although with the sheer support that she was gonna be getting by the influence of the Rusoe trio. Who happened to be her new friends as well as Blossom’s… Something was sure to turn up for the good fortune. Somehow.

There was unfortunately a untimely and undesired target planted on the heads of the fighters. Darwin Tyrell was out to bring them all down. All of them. The start of it was that Darwin was set to target Blossom and Leslie. They were to get the first strike and that was conspired moments after that warning hit that bared a note. A Warning to all the fighters and Allies therein.

For the remainder of the weekend things seemed to stick upon a stand-off and silent but with still the stigma of the Mob. Alot of people on alert and they were in short supply of tolerance. Patience was growing fatally thin and at a level of defcon 1. Defcon was low. Really low and with all the uncertainty in the air within the city… Trust was far from being had in abundance. When there is danger in the city… what does one do about it? Fight back? Take a stand and put their lives on the line for doing what is right? Or does there need to be more than just a single soul?

The Rhapsody Trio Janie, Alex and Charlene were going through their very own mess… How to cultivate Charlene’s rapidly growing Arctic power Mojo. and the Psychic twinkle that leaped like a preying mantis. Charlene was getting apprehensive. Alex was worried for her but underneath all that… She was a little unnerved about the fact towards Blossom and her petty issue with Holly Reedy. Although with what Holly was pulling… Alex was starting to truly see why Blossom was throwing blows in Holly’s for the last few weeks or more.

Zoey still had to settle one last score with her Ex-Best friend Blossom. It was not something she wanted to do and she really had no intention. The only thing that got her to still go through with dishing a little payback against Blossom and the vengeful treatment done to Holly…


Nov. 20th, 2045…

Metropolis Middle School…



Blossom: *Handing Leslie the paper* You’re not gonna believe this. I found this in my room this morning. It’s a scare. A bad scare. I am not too scared and i don’t think you’d be too scared either… unless it was on the level of defcon 2 and just dreadfully on the edge before descending to defcon 1.


Leslie: *Reading the notice* Blossom… We have a big problem.

Blossom: It’s worse than how it sounds?

Leslie: Really worse. We’re being targeted.

Blossom: By who?

Leslie: Darwin Tyrell.

Blossom: *Pauses* huh?!

Leslie: Darwin Tyrell… He’s out there and he’s aiming to attack the fighters. Your family, Blossom. But he’s gonna start with… *Reading on and getting to a bone-chilling part of the notice* Oh my god… *Dropping the Notice onto the table and standing there in despair* It’s starting…

Blossom: Starting?! *Confused* What’s starting? What is it?

Leslie: Blossom, You need to be on the offense. Fast. Darwin Tyrell’s pointed out the first wave and it’s got the names of two people on it.

Blossom: Who?

Leslie: Us. You and me… It’s us, Blossom. We are on the top of the list. It’s us that Darwin is gonna target first. We have to do something.

Blossom: And What do you suggest we do? *Scoffs* There is nothing that we can do. We are stuck here in school till it lets out for the day. We’re sitting ducks and in case you didn’t pick up the Memo… The whole school thinks that i murdered Holly Reedy.


Leslie: *Gasps in shock in outrage* What?! You have got to be joking, Blossom… You?! Kill Holly Reedy? How would you be able to do that? You don’t have a thing to do with Holly. She and You are mortal enemies and no matter what you were to tell her… She’ll still hate you. Holly hates me. Hates all with the name Burke. She hates me. Hates you for having me in your life. Hates that i exist. Hates that i am even in this city. We want nothing of her. You hate Holly. You don’t even go near her… You avoid her like she’s the walking disease.

Blossom: I am aware of that…


10433704_301433483400251_103340696483584337_n (2)

Michelangelo: *Running over from the side* Hey… Uh, Which one of you is the cousin to Zoey?

Blossom: *Looking up and over towards the side* That’d be me. Why? *Recognizing the face* Michelangelo Trent… What brings the A++ Geek with the shrills of Intel and an I.Q of 150 over to someone like us?

Michelangelo: It’s Zoey… She’s *Panicking* She’s been taken. Taken by a couple of Mobsters. She’s not the only one. Sakura was also taken. Zoey was by the girl’s restroom. Inside the girl’s restroom and smoking. Sakura was also smoking. I didn’t know Sakura smoked.

Leslie: Neither did I. When did this happen?

Blossom: I don’t know. Maybe during the weekend.

Leslie: Must have been. *Looking at Michelangelo* Who caught them smoking?

Molly Christie Luthor

Girl: *Walking over from behind Michelangelo* That’d be me. I caught them. I almost copped out and squealed on them. But i didn’t. I just got out silent and came to find Michelangelo. I told him about it. But that was before your cousins Zoey and Sakura were taken.

Blossom: Who’re you?

Girl: *Walking over closer and Reaching out her hand with means of introducing herself* Molly Christie Luthor.

Blossom: Luthor?! As in Lex and Lionel Luthor of the Luthorcorp Dynasty. That Luthor?

Molly: No. Luthor… As in Samantha and Rick Luthor. They’re Multi-Millionaires… Billionaires who happen to run neck and neck with the sweet Couple. The Burke Family. My family is truly friendly. So… it’s all cake.

Leslie is stunned and in disbelief that another rich girl has encountered her.
Leslie is stunned and in disbelief that another rich girl has encountered her.

Leslie: A Rich girl. You’re Rich. *In shock* This is starting to seem like my old life in Brooklyn. I don’t know if i am liking the idea of facing my old life again.

Molly: My family is with lots of stock in the Metropolis Stock market. My dad and mom have also taken the ship of the fortune 500 company. Luthorcorp. Refurbishing the works. Cleaning up its entire Image. They’re that rich. I just hope that i don’t step on the toes of the Rich girl that happens to attend school here.

Leslie: *Looking up at the girl* Huh? Wanna say that again? Did you say that you hope that you wouldn’t step on the toes of the rich girl that goes here?

Molly: Yeah.

Leslie: Well… That Rich girl is here.

Molly: She is? *Curious* Where?

Leslie: You happen to be looking at her.

Molly: *Looking to the side and spotting Leslie* You?!

Leslie: Yeah. Me. I’m that Rich girl.

Molly: *Taken aback* Uh… Wow! Okay. Sorry. I didn’t know it was you. I just know of it being a Rich girl attending here other than me.

Leslie: I see. It’s alright. *looking to the side*

Blossom: So… The Mobsters… were here? How many were there again… Two? Three?

Molly: 2. Only 2.

Michelangelo: One of the men had makeup on. White makeup. Like warpaint.

Molly: What did it look like?

Michelangelo: *Showing the photo*


Molly: That’s the Joker. It’s got to be. It had to be the Joker… War paint… A wide smile. Large smile. two sides with scars… It has got to be him.

Michelangelo: No. Wish it were him. But it’s not. It’s unfortunately the silent partner to that Mobster who got taken out.

Blossom: Where does that put us?

Leslie: I don’t know. *Looking across the cafeteria* There’s Nicole, Ellie and Lana.

Blossom: They’re still in the train of thought of reaching the celebrity. Who was it again?

Leslie: I think they said something Diamond. Amy… Diamond.

Michelangelo: What’re you needing her for?

Leslie: To hold a concert to provide financial support for the Material to begin building a Massive Stadium.

Molly: Like what?

Leslie: Something for everyone.

Blossom: A Blitzball Stadium. A Massive one. A huge arena.

Michelangelo: Will people notice it? *Curious*

Molly: They’re sure to notice it. You can’t ignore something that is of massive size…

Leslie: We might be on the radar of that Silent partner. However… we have to go and rescue Zoey and Sakura.

Blossom: If we don’t… there’ll be a lot of angry people out there just itching to raise some hysterics.

Seconds later…

Leslie and Blossom made their way over to where Zoey and Sakura were last seen…

As for Sora and Carly…

Main Hall…

Sora Ashley Rhapsody 34


Sora: *Standing with Carly* Hikaru, It’s gonna be alright. We’ll find out where Sakura is. She got taken along with Zoey. But we’ll find her and Zoey. Both of them.

Hikaru Rina Rhapsody
Hikaru Rina Rhapsody

Hikaru: *In tears* Where could she be? Why would the Mob take her… Or Zoey?

Sora: I don’t know.

Carly: Neither do I.

Sora: We need to find out what is going on.

Carly: School isn’t really showing much activity… *Looking at Hikaru* We should go and start looking for them. See on rescuing them.

Hikaru: *Through her tears* Okay.

Seconds later…

Molly Christie Luthor

Molly: *Running over with Michelangelo* Hey… girls.

Michelangelo: *Running over with Leslie and Blossom* Zoey and Sakura have been taken. The Mob’s got them.

Leslie looking at the crew and motioning to make a break from the school to go looking for the abducted girls...
Leslie looking at the crew and motioning to make a break from the school to go looking for the abducted girls…

Leslie: *Looking at the girls* Zoey and Sakura are gone. From what we’re told… and what it turns out as… is this: Darwin Tyrell was on school grounds. Here. Just moments ago and was spotted going into the girls restroom posing as a female janitor.

Blossom looking for a reason to knock someone out.
Blossom looking for a reason to knock someone out.

Blossom: The silent partner is trying to pick a fight. Aimed the first wave at us… but managed to nab Zoey and Sakura. Probably thinking that they were us.

Leslie: We’re gonna go and get them…

Molly: Who’s all going?

Leslie: We should all go. But some of you should keep in the shadows. That way you don’t get too close to the danger. Knowing that Silent partner of Dorian’s… It could get really ugly. He could be torturing them right now as we speak.

Blossom: *Emitting a little Electricity* Let’s go.

Sora: *Looking at Carly; looking at Hikaru* come on…

Metropolis High School…

Main Hall…

Sapphire: Thanksgiving is 5 days away. And there is still a threat of the Mob being in the city. *Sighs* I am actually tired of the Mob.

George: So am I, Sapphire. I thought that they were gone. You said that you and your sisters and cousins who were fighters all joined the forces of that green masked man and took the Mob out to the cleaners.

Sapphire: We did.

George: You did. *frustrated* Then what the hell do you call the fact that the so called silent partner of that guy Dorian Tyrell is out there spreading the Mayhem?

Sapphire: I don’t know. I truly don’t know what to say, George. The thing that makes it worse… is the fact that the D.A is still in the hospital.

George: Still in the hospital? *Scoffs* Man… You’d think that he’d be released by now. Right? He should be back on his feet.

Sapphire: He should be. But… he’s not.


Erica H.: *Walking over* Hey… Lady Pink. We gotta talk. Now.

Sapphire: *Looking over to Cowgirl Harper* What’s up?

Erica H.: There’s word out that the Mobster… Darwin Tyrell… He’s got a hit-list bounty on your family.

Sapphire: He What?!

Erica H.: He’s got a hit list aimed at your family and anyone who seeks to help your family. We’re all on the hit list.

Sapphire: Did he try to get at anyone yet? Not that i’d expect it. However… Now that there is a hit list out on the clan. Anyone in the clan could be the target. It’ll be a matter of time before whoever this Silent partner of that Mobster decides to pull the pin and enact on a strike…

Spencer and Rikku suddenly walk over…

Spencer: You want to ask that question now… after word is passed that the Silent partner has a hit-list out naming us. We are his targets.

Rikku: That guy… Whoever he is… He’s worse than Dorian. A lot worse. Plus there is not much that the Law can do. The D.A is still out of commission. Still lying in a hospital bed.

Sapphire: We need to get some help here. And we need that help… Now. *Looking at George* George, You got any connections with the Sports crew. The Basketball team?

George: I have some. The guys are pretty tough. However i think that i told you that i go for football.

Sapphire: You did. Although… You’re a sports fanatic that i pictured you in a little of everything.

George: Sure. I would like to be. However… if i were on every sports team… It would confuse me as to which game i have and what team i need to join up with for practice.

Katie: *Running over with Jacklyn* Sapphire… What’s going on?

Sapphire: Hey you two… What’s the rush?

Jacklyn: *Looking at Katie* We better just tell her. This is bad. Namely since there’s a hit list on her family done by that Psycho who’s out there.

Katie: Two girls from the Middle school were abducted today. Just a moment ago.

Sapphire: Okay… That’s informative. Anything more?

Katie: There’s more. The two girls that were abducted were your younger cousin Blossom and that Ex-Mob girl. They were abducted. Just a moment ago.

Jacklyn: There are witnesses on the News now… They’ve been reporting it on the news. Saying that someone dressed as a School Janitor or nurse… Walking on into the girls restroom and grabbed them… Grabbed the two girls. A crowd of people there all saw and reported it.

Sapphire: What’s the school doing about it?

Spencer: There’s nothing that they can do… But because of the incident… The school is sending everyone home. Pending a news break. The school’s been shut down for the rest of the day. Even for the next couple weeks.

Rikku: What’re you gonna do? What’re we gonna do?

Sapphire: Do? What do you mean… do? What can we do? That Silent partner of Dorian’s is more dangerous than Dorian himself was.

Spencer: Well… we gotta do something.

Katie: Something’s gotta be done. This happens to be your family that we’re talking here.

Jacklyn: What about the others? What’re they gonna do?

Rikku: they don’t know yet.

They were about to catch on… However, there wouldn’t be anything that they could do as school was still in session. Still in…


Raven: *Reading through her homework* This Math assignment is gonna hurt.

Lorenzo: Why? Why is it gonna hurt, Raven? This is Algebra. It’s easy. We’ve been having to do it over the last couple weeks or so. Plus… The teacher… Mrs. Temple… She did offer to help us out with the material.

Raven: That’s not it. It’s not exactly the Math i’m worried about. The Math here is a killer. That’s not deniable. However, There is something else that worries me.

Lorenzo: What? Something a miss?

Raven: Maybe.

Lorenzo: Like what?

Raven: There’s something strange going on with my younger sisters. With one of them…

Lorenzo: Which one?

Raven: Charlene.

Lorenzo: Your sister Charlene? What’s up with her?

Raven: Not sure… However… as of late, she has been showing bizarre signs of being… well, Cold. Producing frost and ice from her fingertips. Breathing out frost. Things would move and without being touched. No one else in the room is doing it. But it doesn’t happen till she walks in to the room or is within range.

Lorenzo: *Thinking* Hmm… That is pretty weird when you really happen to think about it. What do the others say?

Raven: They don’t know what to say. Not sure if they are able to gather what’s going on with her. Janie and Alex think that she’s slowly becoming a fighter. Which to me… seems impossible. Sapphire and Serena think that she’s just trying to fight a cold or something. My mom thinks that she’s losing her sanity a bit. However… i don’t think it’s any of that.

Lorenzo: Why? What do you think it could be?

Raven: I think that it’s possibly the fact that she could possibly wind up being a fighter in waiting. Just by the way the signs are coming out from her. The frost. Mysteriously emitting frost from her fingers and at times looking as if she’s been in the snow and for a mass amount of time. The part where she’s moving things. Without touching them and half the time not even knowing that she’s doing it.

Lorenzo: How can she not know that she she’s doing it? Raven, if she is there… and she’s seeing things move… Plus knowing that she’s the only one in the room that is likely doing it since she’s the one with frost and literally Psychic tendencies… She should know. She is there. She’s there as it happens. If it isn’t Janie… or Alex doing it and they don’t have that kind of power and are normal to begin with… Who else could it be?

Raven: Lorenzo, You don’t get it… Do you? She is there in the room as it happens. But again… she doesn’t know that she’s even doing it. She can’t feel it happening. By time she does feel it… It’s already in the middle of the incident or the Incident happens to be already done. She just doesn’t happen to know that she’s the one who’s doing it. How can she… if she doesn’t even feel herself making it happen or cause for something to come out?

Lorenzo: And i am betting that she sold you that piece of tall tale… right? Raven… I am wanting to believe you on this. I am wanting to believe that there might be something more to this than what is being told… But come on… This is insane. To think that someone who might just as well be developing powers and or undergoing some type of change… Not knowing that they are with something not quite so right. It’s sincerely unsound.

Raven: *Looking down* You’re telling me. My mother is at her wits end on the matter. She has no idea of what to do. She would like to think it being that Charlene is crazy…But now… She is just not so sure.

Lorenzo: However… Now that the subject is hot on the tips… Where do you think your sisters Janie, Alex and Charlene are?

Raven: If only i knew… However… They have their own lives aside from… well… ours.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Although they didn’t gather the possibility that there was a hit list on post and had listed them… by name, occupation and affiliation. It was listing them one by one and even though some of them were catching on to the dreadful news of their heads being marked… There were those who did not know and were likely to never ever know… Or were they?


Janie: *Sighs* Things are still the same. You haven’t shown anymore of the ice and frost releasing from you. Which is good. But now other people here are starting to really notice. Not sure if it’s a good thing… or a bad thing.

Alex: I would think that it’d be a bad thing. *Taking a couple bites of her slice of pizza* … *Drinking some of her Wild Cherry Pepsi* … *Looking at the spectators from a table away from them* You might want to take a look at the bystanders over at the table there close by.

Charlene: *Looking at the crowd* They’re looking at us… Why?

Janie: I think that they’re looking at you. Seeing something that we’re not. Or are showing off their suspicion that there is something going on with you.

Alex: What is it that they expect to see?

Charlene: Probably waiting to see if i crack. But it won’t be a long wait. I’m getting there… I’m getting there fast.

Janie: *Comforting her sister* Don’t worry about it. Don’t pay no attention to them. It isn’t gonna do any good to worry about what they’re looking at or what they’re saying about you. It isn’t worth it. You should just try to not let it get to you.

Charlene: It’s probably a little late for that. I already am a freak.

Alex: Oh come on… *Scoffs* You’re not a freak. I… If you’re a freak…  then i’m the hot chick.

Janie: Alex, No one is calling anyone a freak.

Alex: You care to recant, Janie?

Janie: *Pauses* Recant? Why?

Alex: One guess… *Making eye gestures to look towards the side at the group of school teens* Them.

Charlene: What would get them to think i was a freak?

Alex: What would get them to think that you were a freak? I don’t know… Maybe it’s because you are emitting frost almost on a flip of a script.  You’re moving things and not even touching anything. They don’t seem to understand it and think of you to be a freak. Yeah. That’s really saying something.

Charlene: *Accidentally releasing some frost and aiming it at the crowd sitting at the table ahead of her* Oh no…

Janie: *Gasps* Charlene… No. Don’t do it. What’re you doing?

Charlene: What are you talking about? What am i doing? I’m freezing. That’s what.

Alex: *Looking at Charlene’s hands* Charlene… Look at your hands.

Charlene: Why? What for?

Alex: Just look at them… What the heck is going on with your hands, Charlene?

Charlene only looked down just that second at her hands and caught on that her hands were turning ice cold. Freezing cold and starting to turn to a baby ice blue hue. She was starting to grow awkwardly embarrassed…

As embarrassed as she got… it was then that she knew… something was coming over her. She was showing more and more of the signs that she was changing into a fighter. A Superheroine. The problem was… the nearby teens from the nearby surrounding tables were watching her and producing the eye. The disapproving eye. the Uncomfortable eye stare. Charlene took one look at that and just ran off. What was she gonna do? The signs were getting more and more common and the changes were getting worse and worse….


At the Metropolis Hotel…

Room #640…

Laura: *Looking out the window; Sighs* Will i ever get to see my sister?

Carl V. Burke: Of course you’ll get to see her. Someday. It’s just gonna be some time till that actually happens. Leslie’s out there in the city… She’s not ready yet to be seen by us. She clearly misses us… However there are things that she’s still got to get accomplished before we can ever reunite with her. And her with us.

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Elizabeth A. Burke: Plus… we still have some things to do for you… And the huge move… into our new home. The Mansion isn’t ready yet. But is close to being set and all done waiting for us to move into it. Turning it into a suitable and cozy home. For us all. For you… And for Leslie. Although… Till she’s ready to meet and reunite with us and we are all set to move into our new home… It’s not gonna be possible.

Laura: I don’t know if i can wait that long. I was hoping that we would get to see her by now.

Carl: Same here. We all wish to see her…

Suddenly the T.V presents a movie…


Elizabeth: Hmm… Laura, An interesting movie is coming on.

Laura: *Looking over to see the T.V playing a movie* Wow! I know that movie… I’ve seen it and i love it. *Immediately becoming docile and sitting to watch the movie on T.V*

Carl: *Looking at the picture of their daughter Leslie* We’ll see her someday. It’ll happen.

Laura wanted to see her sister. She was hearing alot about her sister and was growing itchy over not being able to see her sister yet. Each day it was getting more unbearable although Laura was seeing to it that she held on as much as she could and make the best of what was going on till that moment came where they would all reunite…

Metropolis University…

Another day at the Bulldog stadium...
Another day at the Bulldog stadium…

Bulldog Stadium…

Dinah: *Blowing her whistle* Hold it… Hold it! *Coaching the boys* Boys… Come on, What are you doing. You’re supposed to be practicing the Statue of Liberty play. What’re you doing? Playing horse?! You boys have been working the play for the week. Playing with perfection. What the hell happened?

Coach Garland: *Looking at Dinah* I think the boys are not liking the play too much. Or they’re having a really sluggish day.

Dinah: *In disbelief* Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. A sluggish day? Seriously?! Now… that is just something to bring me a really cheery disposition. All this work and they pick today… to be sluggish. I get it. It’s a slow day. But… some people have no luxury in being sluggish. This Friday is a vital game… We’re going head to head against the team from Cleveland. This is gonna be a very important game. Very important.

Coach Garland: I am sure that it is… I am sure that you prepped them well… But look at them. Dinah, Look at them. They’re bushed. Tired and exhausted. They have been at it with the same play… For a week straight. With hardly a speck or wink of sleep. They pushed… Pulled and strapped themselves up with everything. They got no practice Umph! Left. They’re spent. Best thing for them is to get some sleep. You need it too. We all do.

Dinah: *Groans* How are we gonna be able to relax? We have a ton riding this week’s game. Since the last year… we came close to losing the shot at playing the super bowl. Playing in the super bowl. I since then… busted all my energy getting them ready. I didn’t sleep. Didn’t even take much break. *Sighs* Shit… What the hell am i gonna do?

Coach Garland: You shouldn’t have to worry about that. We’ll get they ready. It’ll happen. We just have to go another way. But we will get them all set for this friday’s game. The team needs to get some rest. With some rest… they’ll be able to go on and continue. However, right now… there is no way that they can keep going. They’re all bushed and worn out.

But as for the Metropolis D.A…

Metropolis Gen…

Room # 322…

The D.A had finally come to and was more alert than anything…

The first thing that he was to notice was a strange looking nurse in his room and fastening the straps a little. It was…

Darwin Tyrell in disguise…

Darwin: *Smiles with awkwardness* heh! Hi…

Darwin Tyrell suddenly start drawing closer to Nick’s bed. Nick strains at the leather cuffs binding him to the bed.

Darwin: I don’t want there to be any hard feelings between us, Nick.

Darwin Tyrell suddenly loosens Nick’s restraints.

Darwin: When you and your sweet love squeeze Rikku were being abducted I was sitting in a hideout. I didn’t rig those charges-

Nick: Your men. Your plan.

Darwin: *Looking at Nick Optimistically* Do I really look like a guy with a plan, Nick? I don’t have a plan…The mob has plans, the cops have plans. You know what I am, Nick?

Rhapsody’s hand is TREMBLING.

Darwin: I’m what most people would call… a dog chasing cars… I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I were to catch one. Here’s the thing about me that you should realize. I’m the type of guy who just does things. I’m just the wrench in the gears. That’s what i am… I happen to hate plans. I never plan anything. It never works out. The best trick to get things done… is to just do them. But Plans… I hate them. Yours, theirs, everyone’s. Niko… He had plans and look where that got him… Killed off by my brother Dorian. Commissioner Jones has plans. And guess what? Those plans fail more than half the time. They’re schemers trying to control their pathetic little worlds. Even those fighters… The Rhapsody New Generation…. Even they’re schemers. Schemers trying to take control of the city. Running the show. Me. I’m not a schemer, I am just a common dog that just works to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are. So when I say that you and your girlfriend was nothing personal, you know I’m telling the truth…

Nick: She was my *Barking* WIFE!

Darwin: Okay… okay. Sorry. Your Wife.

Darwin then hand him the pistol. Nick holds it to Darwin’s head.

Darwin leans in, pressing his head to the gun’s barrel.

Darwin: It’s the schemers who put you where
you are. You were a schemer. And so were those fighters. They killed my brother. I am just aiming to take them down one by one. Already got two of the fighters. More will follow. Although as for you… You had plans. Look where it got you.
I just did what I do best- I took your ready made plan, and I turned it on itself. Look what I’ve done to this city with a few drums of gas and maybe a couple of bullets. Nobody panics when the expected people get killed and they never would expose their emotions. They would never care. You see? Nobody happens to panic when everything goes according to
plan, even if the plan is horrifying. Ask the Clan. They would know. Some of their attempts are self-righteous. You know of them yourself… You’re part of their family. Covering up their little secret plans. Their flaws… If I tell the press that tomorrow a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics. Because it’s all part of the plan. But when I say that one little old mayor will die, everybody loses their minds! They go Psycho. The fighters can handle a group of people losing their minds… But they can’t get them all.

Darwin then hands over a gun and pulls Nick into turning corrupt…

Darwin: You know the thing about chaos… Nick? It’s fair. I’m like what people like you’d call… An agent of Chaos. Upset the national order. Introduce a little Chaos.

Darwin held his head against the barrel of the gun that was now in Nick’s hand. With Nick having his finger on the trigger.

Nick: *Holding up his Lucky Silver Dollar* Heads… You get to live. Tails… You say lights out!

Darwin: Now there’s the avenger everyone wondered about… Welcome to the new world order…

Daily Planet…

John: *Drinking some coffee* This is gonna be a really crappy day.

Megan: Why’s that? *Curious*

John: The Family Matriarch is dead… We already know about that… however…

Megan: However… what?

John: There’s word that the Metropolis Inquisitor caught on to the news break and are in process of creating half baked theories to how our family Matriarch got taken out.

Megan: What?!

Jennifer: *Walking into the Reporters Den suddenly* … *Grabbing her Cellphone and her Jacket; Grabbing for her Notepad and her Keys* You guys better turn on your gazing peepers towards the T.V.

Megan: *Turning to see Jennifer* Why? What’s going on?

Jennifer: A Bomb scare was just initiated at the Metropolis Gen. There are several News people blaring on over there and stationing a block away from the Hospital itself. There’s also a swarm of reporters heading over there now.

Megan: You’re kidding… Seriously?!

John: Since when did this start going on?

Jennifer: Just now. *Looking at John and Megan* It just came across the News wires and the Editor in chief is going nuts. He’s wanting all available reporters over to the scene right away.

John: And this is supposed to be a Bomb scare? Is that all?

Jennifer: Not quite. There’s also word that people have seen sightings of the supposed Silent Partner to Dorian Tyrell.

Megan: Who?

Jennifer: Not sure. The actual identity of the guy is still a mystery.

John: Who’s all supposed to go and cover the story?

Jennifer: All Available reporters.

John: So… I guess that we go too.

Megan: Of course. *Grins* You should have figured by now… News waits for no one. In this profession… You either scoop the story… or the story scoops you.


The Fashion store…

Madame Pearl’s/Mystic Stars…

It’s been almost a month and a half since the last we have heard of how Pearl Rhapsody and her business was going along. Last time… they were facing late shipments coming in. But since then… Things were going a bit rough. Sales were down… Profits were a little low and customers… were not happy. It’s been to the point where some crossroads were gonna be met. Someone was gonna be let go. Or there was gonna be talks of filing for a chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Unless something came through for them. Something to rise their sales and business margin. But What? However that day… was gonna be the start of what changes were gonna begin.

Pearl: Star, We are losing money here.

Star: What do you want me to do about it? I got no fresh ideas. I am tapped. We used all the ideas that we had. Nothing worked. Plus we have had less customers coming in and the delivery service is as of the last couple months… been late. a couple days to a week late. Hurting the business here. Costing us paying visitors. Plus… Not to add to the impeding let downs that we are now experiencing… We are at risk of losing a couple of the sponsors that we have had promoting our business.

Pearl: We can’t just give up. This business is the only thing we have here.

Star: I know. But there is nothing going on. We hardly have had any business. The usual customers have been leaving. At this rate from now… we are gonna be facing that possibility of having to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Pearl: *Sitting down and sighs* Great. That’s wonderful. We’re gonna lose everything. My kids are gonna come to suffer for this. My husband’s a School teacher. Teacher’s salary doesn’t give much.

Star: Maybe not. *Getting up and heading to the door as she had suddenly noticed a paper of some sort sticking out the door* There’s something hanging on the door.

A Minute later…

Star: *Sitting down and reading* I don’t think we’re gonna be out of the business just yet.

Pearl: How do you know that? We don’t have the sponsors that we should have. We are losing customers and the sales are plummeting. Deliveries are constantly late and shouldn’t be.

Star: The Metropolis Fashion Mogul… Cheryl Ann Miller. She’s scheduled to visit all the Fashion boutiques and stores. Including… This one.

Pearl: This one?

Star: Yeah. What gets me though is that she hasn’t made a visit to any stores in 5 years running. With all the rising ranks that she’d done. So… Question is… Why the sudden desire to visit all the fashion stores?

Pearl: You think that she might be the saving grace that will ensure that we don’t falter?

Star: We can only pray and hope.

But that was when suddenly…

Cheryl Ann Miller.

Woman: *Walking in* Excuse me…

Star: *Turning to look* Yes… *Seeing the woman* Oh my god… It’s… It’s you. Cheryl Ann Miller.

Cheryl: Yes, It is the Fashion Mogul. I have come to provide the resources to return to your former glories. These new designs are not selling. It is pulling you under. I don’t value to see to that happen.

Pearl: How did you learn of us?

Cheryl: It doesn’t matter how it is that i’ve heard of you and your business. Being a well known legend and Fashion Mogul… happens to open many doors to many fashion businesses and resources.

A moment later…

Cheryl: The first thing to do is go back to the very basics. Working your way back up to former glory. It may be hard to do… But in order to revitalize your whole image… You got to make cuts where the dead weight reside. You might feel as if your business is bleeding to death. However… it’s not to cut the business apart. But to recharge your ebb and flow. Your business is a high rank. It should be stabilized to exist as such.

Star: *Nods* Sounds logical to me.

Pearl: I’m sold.

The Fashion Mogul was gonna help them out and it was gonna be the thing that could somehow save their business. It was the final leg up and they knew that they would have to abide the rule of the Fashion Mogul. She’d been through it all before and seen the rises and falls of the Fashion business. This was gonna be a hard struggle for them and they saw that to be back to doing great as they had before… They’d have to go back to the basics. The very beginning. This was where the road for their businesses recovery… would begin…

At the Metropolis Abandoned Oil factory…

The sun was setting over the hills, Zoey and Sakura were gagged and tied up to the post in the basement of the oil factory, they had barrels of oil around them. Wires ran through them. Packs of C-4 could be seen a long with a fertilizer bomb sitting between the to girls, wires ran to there wrist, if the wrong wire was cut it would blow. It was also rigged to blow and a timer was placed on it. It had a counter of 4 hours. which had been running for a while and all that was left… was 40 minutes left. Zoey and Sakura were scared as hell and terrified.

Some drums are the size equivalency of 5 gallons and range up to 10. The Explosives are Sticks of Dynamite. Fire-crackers. and then a bit of it… a stash of C-4’s All rigged. Connected and wired to a timer.

They sat pressed against the rigs and were shaking in terror. Terror and panic. Sakura was not ready to die and was not even with a will. There was no will. Zoey didn’t exactly have one either. At 13-14 years old… Who would really need a will?

Zoey managed to get the gag to loosen on her and tried to call for help. Sounding off a cry for help.

Zoey: *She cries out.* Help! Someone… Anyone… *Scared* Can anyone hear us?!

Darwin: *He began to speak throw the speaker his creepy voice could be heard, a slight wisp and crackle made up his voice* Cry as you like. Cry as you may… No one is gonna hear you, Electrogal. Rita the Hammer. You meddlers have ran this city for way too long. But now… it’s time to take you out of the equation. This is the first execution of many. I’m a man of my word. Either you Rhapsody fighter backed down and surrender… or someone close would be targeted. You two were at the top of my list.

Zoey: Who the hell do you think you are? You’re a demented nut. And on your little expose… You failed. Failed… as you didn’t abduct the ones you mentioned. I’m Zoey. and the other one you grabbed is Sakura.

She was then Looking to Sakura with a tears in her eyes, the bomb ticked closer. Sakura couldn’t stop crying plus was scared shit-less.

Darwin: *He Pauses, and thinks.* Oh.. Wait… What?!?!?

Zoey: What… you know names… but not faces. What kind of silent partner of Dorian are you? We don’t even know who you are.

She chuckles, tear stains could be seen in as the light flicked. The girl then smiled.

Darwin: How could you not be the ones? The one with the sparky temper and the Mob girl… you two are the ones. There is no lie. You two will be the first of the list of fighters to go. You two are the top of the list. *He scratches his head and then shakes it, putting what the girl said out of his mind*

Zoey: But we’re not them. We’re not! If you even knew about the Rhapsody clan… you would know the faces. and who they were tied to. The fighters. Electrogal is Blossom. Do i look like a Blossom to you? DO I?! *She leans forward into the light, letting him see her face. Her arms pull tight. Her hair falls down in her face as she pleads.*

Sakura had then finally got the gag on her loosened… She then talks, pleading too.

Sakura: We are not Blossom and Leslie. I am an asian. Leslie Burke isn’t Asian. You got the wrong ones. The wrong people. Why are you trying to rid the city of us Fighters? We didn’t even do anything to you? We didn’t even come at you…

The bomb ticks and time slowly runs down. The girls hope for help but nothing yet.

Darwin: *Sounds of lips smacking are then heard, he then rolls his neck. Cracking sounds echoed* Ah. Now… you see? That’s the thing. That’s what i would have thought at first. But that’s what gets me to rethink. rethinking about that type of foresight. You are the hero Electrogal. You sound as though you’re gutsy. Brutal. Defiant. Questioning. Over acting. Sparky tempered. All the things that a person with Electricity flowing through them would have. For the sake of a personality. And the one with you… She’s got to be the Ex-Mob girl. Appears to be rich. Speaks as if she’s got money to burn. It’s all the proof to have… telling me that you two are those two girls.

Suddenly Darwin comes out from the shadows and kneeled before Zoey, he runs his hand along her cheek. The girl backed up away from his touch and growled. He then chuckles and stands up.

Darwin: It’s fun seeing how you fighters squirm when you are the ones not in control. Seeing you squirm as you are knowing that it’s about to all end. Your control of the city. The disease that you call Justice… You should know… Is cancerous. People die from it everyday. People get shot. Killed. Stabbed. Infected and contaminated. Every day. But the presense of you fighters… keeps people from losing it. Keeps them hanging on till the bitter end. *Laughing maniacally and walks towards the door* It’s priceless to know that it takes the extermination of a group of pesky meddling kids to force the veil of Justice to fall apart and end.

Zoey: *She had tears running down her face as she looked at Sakura* Sakura…

Sakura: Yeah?

Zoey: I think that this is the end. We’re gonna die.

Sakura: I know. I want my mom. My sister. *She breaks down crying.*

Zoey: In case we don’t make it… I want you to know… that I accepted the fact that Leslie was in Blossom’s life. And that I didn’t mean to hurt her or Blossom.

Sakura: I knew that you didn’t mean to hurt her… It was all Holly trying to push you to do it.

Darwin: *Counting down the timer* 25 minutes left. I wonder who’s gonna try and save you. Would they get here in time?

The Silent partner was basking in the victory he was about to have…

But that was when…

Blossom/Electrogal: *Firing an attack at Darwin* Electroball!

Sora: *With Carly; Casting Doublecast on Darwin* Let our cousins go. Let them go… Now! *Casting Flare on Darwin* Now… Let’s do a chain reaction move on the vengeful Mobster.

Darwin dodge the attacks, both landing in front of him as he dives to the side. He then rolled and landed on his feet. He let out a smirk and chuckled.

Blossom: *Looking at the Mobster* Word on the city is that you’re looking to kill the fighters one by one. Your first target happened to be Electrogal. Well… Psycho circus reject, Here i am. Come and get me.

Darwin: So you’re the one with Electric power… *He grinned from the pleasure* Now there’s the meddling brats

Leslie: *She growls* Shut up! Why don’t you just back off, Darwin. Yeah… I think we happen to know who you are. And for your little tell all… I am not Rita the Hammer. Not anymore. Haven’t been for a while now. The Identity of Rita the Hammer is gonna soon be back with a rewrite. Done the right way. Not in the way of being a Mafioso. Joining the Mob was a mistake. One that I regret doing.

She then rolled her shoulder, placing her hand on it as does so. She the smiled and looked down at him, she was standing at the edge of the hole in the floor.

Molly: *Heading over to tend to the captives*

Michelangelo: *Working on untying Zoey* Zoey, what in The name of Mitsune is going on here? You’re not a fighter… But you’re being targeted like this… Why?

Zoey: How should i know? I don’t know. I was in the girls restroom with Sakura the last i remember. Next thing i know… I’m here… Tied up. Strapped to explosives ready to blow up.

Michelangelo: Yeah… I know. Smoking. Molly told me and you know what? I am not mad. I understand. You are who you are and i don’t expect you to change for anyone. Other than yourself. But *Getting the ties and knots undone* Got it. What did that mobster use for ties and ropes? Hemp and Docking lines? I almost couldn’t get these ties loosened.

Zoey: I don’t know. But it sure hurts. *Feeling the pain* Ouch.

Michelangelo: It’s okay now. *He hugs Zoey tightly, reassuring her.* It’s alright. Let’s finish getting Sakura untied and then get ourselves out of here.

Zoey: What about Blossom and the two girls?

Molly: *She sighs looking at the knots, she then tries to untie Sakura;She looked up.*Don’t worry about them. They have that Mobster handled. They got that front. We should just focus on getting out of here.

Hikaru walked over and tried to loosen the ties on her sister as well. It took a little work and it was gonna be near impossible. But they’d loosen it. Somehow. But they had to hurry. Time was running out.

As they tried to get loose…

Sora and Carly as well as Blossom were aiming right at the Mobster. Taking no breaks… Lights flashed, attack cracked against the floor and walls as the mobster dodges them. The fight raged.

Sora: Darwin, It’s time for you to take a trip down subzero temps… *Launching an attack* Blizzaga!

Carly: Here’s some more… In case you’re hungry for more. *Launching an attack* Blizzaga!

Blossom: *Launching an attack and Charging at Darwin* Electrogal VOLTAGE STAMPEDE!!! *Shooting straight at Darwin and covered by electricity and Thunder charges* … *Ramming into him*

Darwin:*The attack so from Sora and Carly land, taking out Darwin’s right arm, he jumps after, just barely dodging the attack. He stickers in pain and then smiles.* Until next time ladies. *He then jumps through a hole in the wall of the basement leading into tunnels under the ground. Escaping.*

Sora: *Launching an attack* Firaga!

Carly: *Launching an attack* Firaga!

The two attacks crack off the wall, missing him.

Michelangelo: *Watching from a distance* Whoa! What in the …?

The timer on the Explosives suddenly read 5 minutes remaining…

Time was almost out…

Molly: *Looking at the timer and seeing it nearing the end* Blossom, Sora… Carly! Fall back. We got to get out of here. This place is gonna go.

Leslie: *She panics and slips, falling back on her ass.* Does anyone have a way to deactivate the explosives? This is gonna destroy a large portion of the city if this goes off. We have to de-activate it.

Michelangelo: How? How do we do that? We don’t know a thing about explosives.

Molly: We’ve got to do something.

Hikaru: Yeah. That’s getting out of here while we can.

What they didn’t catch was the part where they had company… Someone on their side…

They took that as the opening to make a run for it. With only seconds to spare… Whoever it was that came to the forefront… saved them just in the nick of time. If it were a minute later… it would have been too late and they’d all be dead as well as a whole large portion of Metropolis…

As for Nick Rhapsody AKA… Dual-Face…

He was later on that day… Spotted at a local bar. The bar was slow running and was with literally no customers coming in.

The T.V was playing and showing reports of the D.A gone missing and AWOL.

Van Burke: *Drinking some Scotch* Typical. The whole city’s come and gone to literal hell.

Bartender: Well… What do you expect, hot shot? The D.A was moving to shut the Mob up. But the Mob didn’t like it. Not even this new whack job in a clown like make-up. He didn’t like it and shut him down. The D.A… If he’s alive… And i do mean if he’s alive… His face and body is most likely gonna take the appearance of someone who’s been blown halfway to hades. Weird, A person surviving those kind of odds. Who ever he is… He’s gotta be the luckiest son of a bitch in the city. Kudos to him…

The Bartender shuts the register…

Bartender: I gotta take a leak, keep an eye on
things, will ya?

The Bartender steps out. The back door OPENS again.

Van Burke: What? You need me to shake it for-

He TRAILS off as someone sticks a gun in his face; Nick Rhapsody. Standing in shadow. He sits.

Nick: Hello. Fernando.

Van Burke: *Gasps* Rhapsody, I thought you was…dead…

Nick leans into the light. The left side of his face is
HIDEOUSLY BURNED, cheek gone, blackened teeth and gums.

Nick: Half.

Nick picks up Wuertz’s drink. Takes a SIP. Van Burke watches
the bare muscles RETRACT as Nick SWALLOWS.

Nick: (CONT’D) Who picked up Rikku My wife, Van Burke?

Van Burke: It must’ve been Dalton’s men-

Nick SLAMS the glass back on the table- Van Burke FLINCHES.

Nick: *Growls and Snaps* SHUT UP! You, of all people, are gonna protect the other traitor in Jones’s unit?

Van Burke: I don’t know- he’d never tell me. *stares at Nick* I swear to God, I didn’t know what they were gonna do to you-

Nick: Funny, I don’t know what’s going to happen to you, either. Consider this as your final rites. Payback for what was done to me and for the loss of my dearly departed Wife Rikku L. Rhapsody. She’s dead and all i got left is memories of her. I’ll never be able to see her face again.

Nick pulls his Lucky Silver Dollar from his pocket. FLIPS it. Van Burke watches it SPIN. It lands on the table. Scarred side up.

The drunk at the bar STIRS at the GUNSHOT.

Back at Metropolis Gen…

The Hospital was facing mayhem as a part of it was just blown up. It was gonna take several million dollars to rebuild the parts of the hospital that was lost.

Jones: *Manning the Command center just outside the Hospital. Only a Block away.* Okay… I want all the possible exits covered. Rescue any of the surviving civilians that are inside. *Looking at Doyle and Kellaway* You two… You keep the reporters back. If anyone asks about the D.A Nick Rhapsody… You are to tell them that we got him out of there before the bombs detonated.

Kellaway: Yes, Commissioner. *Heading to handle the reporters* Come on, Doyle.

Carl V. Burke feeling bewildered over the devastation.
Carl V. Burke feeling bewildered over the devastation.

Carl V. Burke: *Walking over from the side* Excuse me, my good man. But what on earth is going on here?

Commissioner Jones: Nothing to see here. I’m gonna have to ask for you to break it up.

Carl V. Burke: Doesn’t appear to be nothing to us. There’s a command post here. Why?

Commissioner Jones: Who are you?

Carl V. Burke: I am Carl V. Burke. The father of Leslie T. Burke.

Commissioner Jones: Leslie Burke?!

Kellaway: *Overhearing the name* Leslie T. Burke?! *Stopping and suddenly turning to face the man known as the father to the Mob girl* You’re her father?

Carl V. Burke: Yes. That’s Correct. I am the father to Leslie Tina Burke. The one that you law men and Men in Uniform dare to call the Mob girl Rita the Hammer.

Kellaway: Well… That girl you claim to be your Daughter is a Juvenile deliquent. She’s been seen performing hits for the Mob. Serving a small time slime ball named Dorian Tyrell. The case is however tossed out because of her act of doing right by the law. however… i got her prints on record. If she just so happens to perform any crimes in this city… I’m gonna see to it that her next little kick is with a one way trip to the Juvenile Hall slammer. No amount of money is gonna be able to save her ass from the Law.

Commissioner Jones: Kellaway. That’s enough. Go and take care of the reporters.

Kellaway: Sorry if i step on some toes Commissioner. But i have no tolerance for those rich kids who do wrong and see to it that they can just sprinkle some money and pay off the law and get out from being punished. I know the things that she’d done. part of a hit to Rob the Metropolis savings and loans. The Bank’s outside security camera’s caught her at the bank with Tyrell’s crew attempting to bust into the vault. She may have also caused some Mayhem side by side with the wacko who wore a green mask. She might be a rich Kid with privileges. But no way is she escaping from the hands of the law. Rita the Hammer is who she is… and she even tried to question me. But i shut her down. This is Metropolis. Not the ritzy parts of brooklyn. Wanna call the shots? Go the hell back to Brooklyn and stay there.

Kellaway remembers how Leslie once spoke to him…

Kellaway and Doyle climb over the park wall, to find the Mask leading a big dance number…

Doyle: *Impressed* That guy’s good. He definitely knows how to dance.

Lt. Kellaway: Shut up and help me out here!…

Leslie: *Nearby* Hey! Kellaway, Just because you are too tightly wound and don’t know how to be loose doesn’t give you the right to deny your partner a little fun.

Lt. Kellaway: *Overhearing the comment* Watch it, Rita the Hammer. You are 2 steps away from being locked in the slammer.

Leslie: Hey… Lt. Jerk. In case you didn’t hear what i said about you on air… During my Real life story being told… I’ll repeat it! “Kellaway, You think that you know a thing about me. What i am like. Who i am… try getting a better job. Because your profiling skills are pathetic at best. You think that i wanted to be a mob girl and that i am happy being one? You’re ignorant as… the truth is… I’m not. You try being a young teen who’s rich and in a new city far away from the home you knew. Being emancipated from your parents out of having no other choice but to emancipate and save yourself thereby making the hardest choice…you shouldn’t have to make… EVER and with nowhere to go. Then tell me that i was doing wrong. It’s called Survival. Learn it.

Lt. Kellaway: The Law is the Law. You can say what you want. But break the law in my city… You’re gonna get slapped into the Slammer. End of story.

Leslie: Who are you trying to impress? Yourself? You are a jerk. No one even likes you because you are cruel. You don’t have any compassion. In fact… If i can be frank on this… I feel sorry for Doyle. You disrespect him. Order him around. Treating him like he was just an idiot in your eyes… You are lucky that he doesn’t try to fight back. Because if it were me… I’d file for transfer.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Stepping up* Easy there, Jellybean. Calm down. You are right about him. But don’t antagonize him. It won’t serve any good. But… *To Kellaway* She’s right. You are nothing but a creep. Why don’t you just retire and let someone else… Someone who’s really good at their job as well as one with a heart and a bit of compassion work this?

Kellaway: That’s it. After this all done… I’m filing a report on you kids. This city may admire you. But to me… You’re all nothing but Glory seekers. Taking the law into your own hands. so… Young lady… STUFF IT!”

Kellaway: What’s worse is that she got those glory hounds to butt in. And that sparky girl fired at me… I’ve got her on report. If she tries it again… She’s going to Juvey.

To be Continued in Chapter 232 Part 3…


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