Chapter 231: Ipkiss and the Mask… One last time. The Fall of Dorian. 2 of 2.

Blossom: *Voice-over* Continued from part one…

“Rina Frost: *Reading the court order* That little shit is contesting against my trying to get 40% of that Pub. We’ll see about that.”

“Rina Frost: *Speaking to her Lawyer* Mr. Tasker… What the hell is this? I thought that i was gonna get a guaranteed 40% of that Pub.

Mr. Tasker: *On the phone* Miss Frost… I can assure you that you are getting that. However you might have seen the documents stating that you are being challenged. It’s not my doing. It’s anything but that. However you should be aware that the defendant side… Which is the side that of which your Ex-Husband is on… His side has a Business Co-runner who happens to be an accountant/defense attorney. Also one with the books of Statutations on Property possessions.

Rina: What?!

Mr. Tasker: It’s no joke. Does the name Gabe Porter… mean anything to you?

Rina: Yeah. It does… Why?

Mr. Tasker: He’s the one that’s sent an appeal of assets. putting a Block on your attempts of getting any percentage of the Pub’s ownership.

Rina: Overturn it.

Mr. Tasker: I understand that you are seeking alimony from him. But vengefulness isn’t the way to do it. It’s only gonna cost you more than grant you money. As it is… This is a stalemate on the procedure of getting control of 40% of the Pub. But this will usually drag out in court. There’ll be court hearings on this kind of Marital battle. Child support. Custody and the legal precedings of what’s in the best of interest to the child or children. Splitting up Assets and dividing accordingly. However… if the other party refuses to give off half of his business or property… There is little you can do. You can fight it. You have the power to fight it as it’s in your right. But in a legal case like this where both parties are in animosity towards one another… All it’s gonna do is cause someone to buckle.

Rina: Let the games begin. *Not backing down* The Prenuptial agreement stated for 40% of the property and therefore… 40% will be mine. If Zeke wants to fight… I’ll just see his ass in court. And if you happen to get a hold of his so called defense attorney and he tries to negotiate and thereby wants to make this out to be ugly… So be it.

Mr. Tasker: If that’s what you feel. it’s still up to you. But be that as it may… again. You have to consider all factors of the legal process in a Divorce case. You’ll be given a case # and likely a Liaison. Assigned to your case. I’m just a Lawyer. But the process of restarting your life and getting it on track… That’s up to the Liaison who will come and address things accordingly in favor of both parties and the children involved. But primarily the party that the liaison is assigned to.”

“Zoey: *In shock* … *Speaking in her mind* Oh my god. oh god… Blossom and Leslie just robbed the store. She robbed the store. Leslie is a crook. She stole from the store. Robbed it. Blossom joined her in the act. This can’t be happening. Leslie’s corrupt. She’s corrupt and has my cousin doing the same as her. *Watching from the shadows; witnessing Blossom and Leslie lighting up and smoking* Oh shit… I can’t believe this. I… i… i… i… Oh god…”

“Leslie: Dad, You can’t be serious? You really want to give in to those Aristocratic people?

Carl: Leslie, You’re our daughter. We endured enough pain. We can take alot of it if we must. But we will not stand to see you getting verbally bashed by the same people who are coming at us. We admire what you’ve done to stick up for us. You have no clear idea as to how grateful we are. But this has to stop.

Leslie: No. You’re my family. My mother and father. i don’t care what they try to do. Shake us if they wish… We are not backing down.”

“Carl: *Nods* You sure that you have everything that you’ll need?

Leslie: I’m sure, dad. I just wish that this wasn’t the way it had to be.

Carl: I know. I wish there to be another way to go about this whole thing. I know that we’re doing the right thing in saving you. Giving you a chance at being safe. A chance at survival from all this. But this is certainly not the way.”

“Leslie: *Sighs* I’ll never get to see my parents again. But at least i still have a picture of them. *Looking at the picture* Sure wish i could see you guys again.”

“Leslie: *On the Phone* Blossom, we need to meet up.

Blossom: *On the Phone* What? Why?

Leslie: Something is going on over at Dorian’s place. He wants everyone there at his office.

Blossom: Want me to call Sora and Carly?

Leslie: Yeah… However… Be discreet. Just tell them that Dorian is with something to discuss and wants to maybe send us on some hits. It’s not what’s really going on… But get them on board as soon as possible.

Blossom: That’s if i can reach them. Their brother Paul is trying to keep them from really joining the Mob.  They already are… however… there are some of my cousins who are trying to ice the attempts.

Leslie: Maybe he’s suspicious. But i don’t think it should stop them. I plan on slowly leaving the Mob myself. Seeing that you and your cousins and possibly soon after seeing your cousin/Best Friend Zoey getting into it while at the same time hesitant on making the official jump. It’s what did it for me… Although i can’t leave it just yet… Not till the timing is right.

Blossom: This is too fast. You are not set to leave it quite yet. Besides… You heard that spirit whatever it was say that i had to become what turned into when you joined the Mob. I have… But i have to really act out. Likely kill. Not literally… But scare someone half to death.

Leslie: *Scoffs* Ugh! Blossom… What the hell? I Never killed anyone. Not ever. Remember i told you that i would not get into killing someone. That’d be left up to the guys. Dorian and the men. Not me… or the girls. Or you. I didn’t bring you into the Mob or entice you to think on joining the mob so you could right off kill.

Blossom: What?!

Leslie: You heard me… You’re my friend… Best friend/Girlfriend. But i am not gonna condone you turning into a killer. I told you several times that i would not ever turn you against your family. Ever. I even like your family. Respect their values. You told me what they were and i respect that alot.”

“Leslie: *Walking in with Blossom, Sora and Carly* Hey. Sorry it took so long. It was almost impossible for Sora and Carly to sneak out of the house. They had to wait till their brother Paul was too preoccupied with something before they could make a run for it.

Sora: We tried to sneak out earlier… but our brother was literally watching the door and he is suspecting that we’re joining the Mob too… There isn’t proof… But the suspicion is enough to raise some curious snooping.

Carly: It’s almost like they’re all against the Mob or something. Pfft! Yeah right. Like they know anything about the Mob. They only know about the Mob through the stories they’ve been read or told.

Blossom: It’s because our family all seem to be spoon fed lies and tales of slandering hearsay.

Leslie: I don’t think so… Your family just happens to see things a certain way.

Sora: You would think that. Because you’re looking from the outside in. Not the inside out.

Leslie: All I’m saying is that you girls are who you are… Not your parents… cousin’s or families.

Sweet Eddy: That’s right. Just follow your hearts. The rest will fall into place. Ain’t that right, Boss?

Dorian: That’s right. You don’t get up to please those around you. You have to please yourselves. That comes first. Your families raised you all right from how you should be raised. It’s made you stronger for it. But when you are on your own… you have to look out for yourselves as no one else will.

Orlando: True… You girls are with big hearts. But there are those out there who will try to take advantage of that. Guard it. Know who to trust.

Sweet Eddy: Hear hear!

Leslie: *Having the girls take a seat* Good thing my parents raised me right. I had to raise myself a little during my time away from my parents. I’m better for it as it’s made me wise to how the street life is like.

Within seconds later…

Dorian: *Looking at the men and the girls* Okay… here’s the deal… There’s word out on a sighting of the green faced son of a bitch that is still out there. Someone has called here and made a pass that she knows who the Mask is and that she plans to bring him to us.

Leslie: Who is the Mask?

Blossom: Ipkiss! He’s the Mask. I heard my cousin Spencer speak of his name. He was talking to his wife Rikku. Speaking about the Mask and what they were gonna do to keep Stanley Ipkiss from wearing the Mask again. From what i managed to hear from them and they don’t know that i was listening as they started to sense that i was not on the same side as they were… Stanley… was and is the Mask. That he as of now…. Had 2 incidences with the Mask. The first grand introduction was where he caused mayhem. Attacked an Autoshop. Jensen’s Auto finishing. After tussling with a gang. giving them a scare. Then the second night… Leslie, You know a bit of what happened. You were there when it happened… The Mask’s antics of that night. Which was only a few nights ago. 3-4 nights ago now…

Leslie: Yeah. Eddy… You and Freeze were there at the bank with me. As were you, Orlando. We were setting up with going into the bank. Breaking in… When the green faced creep happened to bust out. Wearing a Banana yellow Zoot Suit. He had with him 3 big bags of cash. 3 big bags… Before he left or Zipped away he taunted us… with this line…  “Sorry, fellas. Waste not want not!”

Sweet Eddy: Yeah… I remember. It was then that the cops came and saw us… They thought that we were the ones who robbed the bank and technically… we have… But the only thing that clears us… is the fact that none of us was wearing a green mask. That’s the only thing that clears us. However we had a loss. Freeze. The Mask cost us Freeze. He was good at what he did. Real good.

Sora: How do we intend to meet this person or woman who found the Mask and ID’d him?

Carly: Is the person gonna call you guys or do you call the spotter?

Leslie: I don’t think it would matter. Either way… Freeze was like a friend to me… as well as a wonderful friend to Dorian. Even if i do happen to resign from all this… I’ll still join in to avenge Freeze. Freeze didn’t deserve to die. That Mask guy is the reason why he’s dead.

Blossom: I agree. However… I have to stay neutral. I am still teetering between my family’s viewpoint and the Mob world… the life here.

Suddenly Blossom’s phone rings…

Blossom: *Looking at her phone* It’s Sophie Collins. *Sighs* I’ll call her later. Tomorrow. Or We’ll see her at school.

Leslie: She’s got something to say to us… Doesn’t she?

Blossom: I don’t know. But if it’s another conspiracy theory about you, Leslie. She’ll be talking to deaf ears.

Sora: Why would there be a conspiracy theory towards Leslie? There are no rumors.

Blossom: How should i know? The whole school still happens to have some kind of itch against her.

Leslie: How do i clear the air with this… Let’s see… How about: “Metropolis Middle School… Get the heck over yourselves. I am misguided… But i did what i did to survive. I will not be made to apologize for doing as such. If you were in my shoes and lived how i did and saw what i saw… You’d be the same way too”

Sora: Now that’s the way to clear the air.

Dorian: Agreed. However on how we go about the meet… We get called by the Spotter and meet at the basement of the Planet.

Leslie: The Daily Planet?!

Sweet Eddy: Sounds like a good meeting place.

Orlando: Right.”

Dinah: *Getting some groceries for the house* Janie, Alex, Charlene… What’s this i hear about your confronting your cousin Blossom and her friend Leslie?

Janie: Mom, It isn’t like we were confronting her friend. It is just the fact that Leslie Burke is a Mob girl. She’s got Blossom to be a part of the Mob. As well as get Sora and Carly to join. They chose to Join but are using Leslie as their magnetic North.

Alex: Do you really think that we were gonna just stand aside and not stand up to her over that? We are High school… Blossom, Sora and Carly are Middle school. Just as well as Leslie Burke. But we made a stand against them…

Dinah: How were you to do that if while still in school… and they still being in a different school?

Alex: We saw them during break. They were clearly taking off from school during break and going somewhere. Blossom was also smoking too.

Janie: We saw it. Mom, Blossom was smoking.

Alex: Something has to be done about that. Blossom is ruining her health doing that.

Dinah: I get the point. I understand… But starting a fight while in school… is not the way. Blossom’s making her own choices.

Charlene: Yeah… the wrong ones. Mom, She’s in the Mob. So is that girl Leslie. Leslie’s not so bad… But the whole idea of knowing that Blossom’s in the Mob just like Sora and Carly… It’s terrible. What’s worse is that from what we hear… from Zoey Creek… Zoey… our Cousin, Your Niece who is the Daughter to Zeke… She’s also thinking of joining the Mob herself. There’s not much that any of us can do… We can’t stop it. Zoey is still in pain of the reality that her mother Luna… who is now Rina Frost… Abandoned her family. Abandoned her whole family. Left the entire clan and is fighting for a ton of control of Uncle Zeke’s Pub.

Alex: That’s right. That woman’s not liable to stop. Her stripe is malicious and vengeful. To say the least.

Dinah: You girls need to calm down… The Divorce of Luna/Rina Frost and Zeke only happened last week. It’s gonna be a long while before anything starts to occur.

Janie: Things already have begun. Charlie… Uncle Zeke’s Son came to us today and told us that Uncle Zeke was being contested with the control of the Pub of his. How much that the woman is demanding and bent on getting no matter what. That woman is sounding to be a nightmare. Why would Charlie lie? He’s at his house and happens to overhear his father talk about it.

Dinah: With who?

Alex: Probably with some of the usual. Who would Uncle Zeke usually speak with concerning those matters? The only ones that we can think of are the German guy… Heinz… What ever his last name is. And or that bulky looking guy Gabe.

Dinah: *Intrigued* Hmm… You girls seem to hear and pick up a whole bunch of Juicy gossip. Nothing can get past your sight.

Janie: It’s because we learned to pay attention to things around us.

Charlene: Anything that revolves the family… no matter what it is… We pay attention to.

Dinah: Which also includes… Anything that revolves the Girl Leslie. Right?

Janie: Right. Because as long as Blossom’s involved with Leslie T. Burke… We’re gonna do whatever we can to be sure that she’s not a danger to Blossom or any of us.”

“Carl: *Over the phone* Yes… This is Carl Burke. I’m calling from West Virginia. at the Wingate by Wyndam Vienna in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Rin: Ah… And how might i be of service to you, Mr. Burke?

Carl: I need a list of good hotels to check in at within the city Limits of Metropolis.

Rin: Of course. Where are you coming from?

Carl: All the way from Brooklyn New York. My Wife and I are moving from Brooklyn and gonna be starting a new in Metropolis. Our daughter… Leslie Burke is already in Metropolis.

Rin: You wouldn’t be talking about the one in the city who goes around the city claiming to be Rita the Hammer, Would you?

Carl: Who? The name doesn’t ring a bell. I only know about my daughter Leslie.

Rin: I see… E ys cunno du pnayg drec du oui. (I am sorry to break this to you.) But Leslie Burke is Rita the Hammer. The gangster gal of Metropolis.

Carl: That’s absolutely preposterous. If it’s true… i want to hear it from her lips. I know my daughter. If there is anything about that… I want to know from her. The Source.

Rin: As you wish. *Giving the list of Hotels* We also have a top 4 star Inn/Hotel. The Metropolis Hotel. It’s owned and founded by a Renee Locksley. She’s said to be friends with a fellow known fighter now retired and In the throws of Motherhood. The Hotel rooms are $200 a night. But the service is reviewed as something second to none. You will have to call direct to book reservations.

Carl: Is there a # to call?

Rin: There is. *Giving the # to the Metropolis Hotel*

A second later…

Rin: When will you and your wife be arriving in Metropolis?

Carl: We’re gonna be arriving at Metropolis in 8 days. As it is… My Wife and I have much business to tend to and much to accomplish.

Rin: I see. Well… I wish to you and your spouse safe journey here to Metropolis.”

“Sapphire: Uncle Curtis, You haven’t noticed anything wrong in Blossom… Have you?

Curtis: No. *Sighs* I have not really noticed anything. It’s not as if i didn’t suspect there being a change in her… However, I happened to think it was just her maturing a little bit.

Susie: She’s maturing wrongly. She’s been seen doing and performing things.

Curtis: What are you trying to say… That Blossom’s gone rogue and is acting out in the worst way?

Spencer: Yes… That’s what we’re trying to tell you. Uncle Curtis, Blossom’s been seen with this new girl Leslie, Smoking.

Clint: We saw her at the Coco Bongo Night Club with Dorian Tyrell’s men and Leslie.

Carly Black: I was there as well with the girls… I was there and i managed to catch sight of something sticking out of Blossom’s pocket. We saw Blossom running off with the girl known as Leslie. But as she ran… there was something sticking out just a hair from her right side pocket. It had the word Marlboro. It was red and white. Blossom might have just had that as an illusion. But i don’t think it was an illusion. I stepped out just to keep a look out for any unwanted trouble seeking on creeping along. It was when i saw two girls. The same ones that were in the club. The Night Club. Leslie and sad revelation… Blossom. Blossom had a pack of cigarettes in her hand and pulled out a stick, placed it on her lips and lit up. Smoking. She didn’t see me. Neither did the girl. but Blossom was doing it.

Curtis: *Not understanding* Wait. You mean that Blossom… My Princess. She’s smoking?!

Susie: That’s what she’s doing.

Rikku: Ed’c dra dnidr. [Blossom] ec ihtan dra ryped. Cra’c paah fedr y ryped vun cusa desa. (It’s the truth. Blossom is under the habit. She’s been with a habit for some time.)

Raven: Plus has been seen going on Mob hits with the Mob girl Leslie. She’s been hanging with Leslie alot and leaves Zoey all alone. She Abandoned Zoey.

Spencer: There has been rumors of Blossom robbing stores. Going under the Alias: “Silvia the Bookie”.

Curtis: *Chuckles a little* You’ve got to be joking me here, Kids. Blossom?! A Mob girl and posing as this… Silvia the Bookie? This must be a script that you’re reading and rehearsed it so you could pop out a private viewing.

Kiyoko: It’s the truth.

Sapphire: Uncle Curtis… This is hard on us already as we’re having to tell you about it which is likely gonna crush Blossom’s faith in us or her trust.

Curtis: Okay… I hear all this about Leslie… How she is so bad. How is it that you are all trying to tag her as the bad seed?

Spencer: That’s because… She is. She’s bad. Leslie is Rita the Hammer. She’s working under Dorian Tyrell and the Mob. She made a deal with Niko’s gang to use Blossom somehow to help her bring us fighters down to our knees. Putting us in traction.

Kiyoko: How did you find that out?

Serena: It’s called the cowgirl member of Sapphire’s gang. Erica Harper… She went out and got the Intel and relayed it to us.

Curtis: *Cutting in* Wait. Just wait a minute… This girl… Leslie Burke… She’s 13. From New York City. Brooklyn area. She’s Emancipated from her parents… Is this the same one doing the things you believe is being done?

Serena: We are sure. We’re positive.

Sapphire: *Secretly Texting Erica Harper*…

Carly Black: We’ve all witnessed bits and pieces of everything that has gone on. There’s no mistake about what was just let out… Blossom’s In the Mob. She’s Smoking and is reported to have initiated Mob Hits.

Curtis: *Walking over to the side and sighs* … *Stopping to face the group* It’s not as though i don’t believe you guys on this. It’s just rather hard to believe. I really can’t picture Blossom as someone who’d do such things. You are trying to goose me with the idea that this girl… Leslie… being the same girl who… was told to be in danger of the Mob. But on the side of that… she was far enough in that she is unable to break from it. Plus… to get far in the Mob which this girl is involved in obviously… She had to use the fighters meaning you guys and Blossom as a bargaining chip. To convince the Mob of her loyalty. She had to make a pass with this guy… Niko Can. And his Mob squad. Even though Blossom managed to have told me that Leslie’d already swore to her that she would not actually do it. But when the time came to pony up on her end of the deal… She’d have it only look as if the fighters… Meaning you guys and Blossom have all stepped down and retired. But then while the Mob happened to not be looking… You’d all come out and take the Mob out.

Raven: *Laughs* That’s the kind of deal Blossom’s friend Leslie’s made with the Mob? HA! As if. If she thinks that we’re bowing down to the Mob… She’s nuts. Princess Nut-case.

Curtis: *Not impressed* I don’t think that i favor in this. What i keep hearing from you guys is that this girl… Leslie. She’s Corrupt and continues serving the Mob. I get what you are all saying and all i can say is that… Whatever it is that she really is about… I don’t want to know. I want to just make my own mind on her. She is not as bad as you are stating. I myself never met this girl and i would think that if you girls had any self control… You’d use the minds that your parents gave you and stop passing Judgment till you’ve actually met the girl.

Clint: How can you trust in the girl. Blossom is doing Mob hits. Zoey… She’s said so.

Susie: She managed to call me last night and right out told me about it. Said that she actually saw both Leslie and Blossom…

Serena: Why would Zoey lie about what it was that she saw… Uncle Curtis? They were seen robbing a store. Then walking out… Smoking. They both were there. Zoey caught sight of them all.

Rikku: We’re not making this up.

Susie: Uncle Curtis, we don’t want to be like this… but if you don’t put a stop to Blossom’s friendship with that girl and see that it’s over… We will expose Leslie to the Law and see to it that she gets put in Juvey. This family does not… and will not condone the idea of anyone joining the Mob.

Curtis: This is a nightmare… *Stressed out and frustrated; in disarray* My own daughter… Blossom… In the Mob and robbing stores with a misguided girl. Smoking. I can’t believe this.”

Curtis: *Pointing to Leslie; Angrily* You! Leslie, You get the hell out of here.

Leslie: What did i do?

Curtis: You lured my daughter into the Mob.

Leslie: No. I didn’t. *Feeling offended* I didn’t Lure her. She choose to join the Mob. I didn’t tell her that she should or force her to. Blossom made that choice. She decided. I was all for having her think about her options a bit.

Curtis: Yeah… Right. I seen how she acted here. I also smelt smoke on her over the last couple days.

Leslie: She could have been just sweating.

Curtis: That’s bull. I know how my daughter is more than you do. I don’t know who the hell you really are. Whether you’re Rita the Hammer or Just Leslie. But this is all your fault.

Blossom: *Walking out suddenly* No it’s not, dad. It is not her fault. It’s my fault. I should have known better than to go with her. But i made the choice. I am her friend and she’s my friend.

Curtis: You should pick better friends, Blossom. She’s no friend of yours. She got you joining the Mob. You never would have done that if she wasn’t around.

Blossom: How do you know?

Curtis: Because i am your father. I know you. Or perhaps… thought that i did.

Leslie: This was all her choice.

Curtis: WHAT?!

Leslie: This was what she wanted.

Blossom: I wanted to join the Mob. It’s what i wanted. Plus. Leslie’s not only my friend. Best friend. She’s also my girlfriend.

Curtis: What?!

Blossom: It’s true.

Leslie: She and I Love each other. We however are keeping it all PG.

Curtis: You fantasized my daughter. Got her to mess her life up.”

“Curtis: *Casting a Ban on Leslie* She’s been doing mob hits and smoking. Which wasn’t till you came here and got to her. Filling her head with mythical notions of how the Mob is good. This is the last time you and she will see one another. Leslie Burke.  STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! GET OUT!

Blossom: Dad, No. She’s my friend.

Curtis: Not anymore. You are not to see her ever again. Blossom, from this day forward… You’re grounded. It is from school to home… Home to school. Unless it’s with us. *Looking at Leslie* If i see you around my daughter again… You will be in jail. I will call the cops on you. Beat it!”

“Curtis: *Through the door* Blossom, Princess… Please open up.

Blossom: *Sore and broken; Through the door* Why should I? So you can try to make the fact that you just took my best friend/Girlfriend away right?

Curtis: *Trying to seek reason* Your best friend is Zoey. Your Cousin. You known Zoey for years. Years, Honey. You only knew that girl Leslie for a month and a couple weeks if that. She’s not as close to you as Zoey is.

Blossom: Zoey’s my friend… Sure. Sure she is… She’s my friend that started this… She is jealous of my friendship and closeness to Leslie. So she goes bitching to Susie and she and a group of others come to you and get you on the band wagon. To target my friend Leslie.

Curtis: She did it to save you. She was seeing the danger you were getting in with the girl Leslie. The Mob. Zoey was doing it to save you.

Blossom: Yeah… *Scoffs; With tears rolling down her face giving clear sign that she was upset* Well congrats to her. She won. I likely lost Leslie. She and I will probably never see one another again and if we do… You’ll call the cops on her. So she’s gonna avoid me.

Curtis: I won’t call the cops on her… I was still pressured into doing what i had to do, Blossom. I actually like that girl. However your Cousin… Susie was making it where there was no choice. I was to either see to it that you and Leslie’s Friendship ended and banned you from seeing her or Susie and the others would gather together and make a report to have Leslie sent right off to Juvey. What was i supposed to do?

Blossom: Tell Susie to piss off. She might be your Niece and My cousin, Dad… *Angry and dearly upset* But she’s still under 18. Still a Minor. It wasn’t her place to tell you what to do.

Curtis: Blossom… I know that. However… She’s not the only one who feels that way. Your cousins Clint, Raven and Spencer also feel that way. Susie was just leading. But they too feel the same as she does. You’re asking me to disregard the facts and details given by the daughters and Son to your Aunts. Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Blossom: *Disgusted* How did they even know about my secret life anyway? Or about Leslie’s whereabouts?

Curtis: One of your cousins… Someone in their gang told them.

Blossom: Probably that Horse riding busybody… Erica Harper. I know. I heard her name get mentioned a few times throughout the few weeks till now.

Curtis: *Groans* She’s an informant. It’s practically what she does… Looking for things that are going on and informing your cousins… And you about what gets found. Not everything is about Leslie.

Blossom: *Snaps* Bullshit, Dad. Bullshit. It is all about Leslie. Everyone of the fighters all apparently dislike Leslie. She’s done nothing to them. NOTHING! And yet… they find it to be okay that they can just treat her like she’s a bastard… Yeah… That’s some fine example of the belief where everyone deserves a fair shake.

Sounds of things being thrown across the room…

Blossom saw a picture of her best friend Zoey and growled at it before grabbing it and Throwing it across the room and right at the wall…

Blossom: *Pissed and upset* Damn Jealous Bitch, Zoey! I hope you’re happy. I Lost Leslie because of you. This is your Fault, Zoey! ALL YOUR FAULT!

Curtis: *Jumps* What is the matter with you?

Blossom: Just leave me alone… And if Zoey calls… Tell her that i never want to see her again. Ever. NOT EVER!

Curtis: So i guess that you hate your Best friend/Cousin Zoey. And you are calling it quits on a ten year friendship between the two of you?

Blossom: She’s got no one to blame but herself… This might all be the rage and the anger i’m feeling… talking… But right now… Yes. That’s what i am saying. Plus… What do you care? You’re just like the rest… Joining the Bandwagon. I don’t need anyone. Not you… Not Zoey. Not the cousins or the people at school. No one. I’ll just keep to myself and the hell with everyone. GET OUT!”

“Zoey: *Walking over and sitting down* I feel so terrible. Holly, I just ruined my friendship with Blossom. I think Blossom might hate me.

Holly: What? *Pauses and lost* Zoey, What are you talking about? Blossom might hate you? Why would she hate you? You didn’t do anything to make her hate you…

Zoey: I did. I exposed her secret life to the others and they told her father.

Holly: What secret? Wait a minute… You aren’t talking about Blossom’s habit and the fact that she was hanging with that Mob girl… are you?

Zoey: Yeah… I am. The other day… I was walking down the one street. The one with Liquor stores and mini marts. Some jewelry stores as well… Literally close to one another… I only got so far when i happened to see two girls. Running into one of the stores and *Sniffling* one of the girls i recognized… It was Rita the Hammer.

Holly: Leslie?! Leslie Burke?! *In disbelief* You’ve got to be kidding. Her? *Disgusted* Ugh! What the heck is the deal with her?

Zoey: I don’t know… But there is more… The other girl was unrecognizable… At first and i didn’t know who it would have been. But i heard Leslie speak to the girl with her… Calling her: “Silvia”.

Holly: *Catching the name* Silvia. Silvia the Bookie?

Zoey: That’s the one. That could have been anyone. *Sniffling* However i got to the shadows and watched for when they got out of the store. That’s when i saw them. Leslie… A-a-a-a-a-a-and B-b-b-b-b-b-blossom. She was posing as Silvia the Bookie. Plus smoking. I saw them light up and run off.

Holly: *Scoffs in outrage* What?! Oh my god… Zoey, You saw a robbery and didn’t report it?! What is the matter with you? You should have reported it.

Zoey: How? This was my cousin doing it. Plus the girl Leslie. They were the ones doing it. They don’t know i was there. If i were to report it… They’d figure out that i was there and they’d come after me.

Holly: Your cousin Blossom… would attack you. Is that what you’re saying?

Zoey: Yes. That’s what she would have done if she were to know that i was there following her. I wasn’t even following her. I was just at the right place… at the wrong time. I almost was caught by them. However they didn’t happen to see me around. But… *Crying* I told Susie… My older cousin and she told the others. I didn’t want to… But i was just scared for Blossom. That’s all. I was really concerned and worried for her. getting in to danger and there being nothing i could do to stop it.

Holly: It’s that girl Leslie. She is the cause for all that has happened to Blossom. To you. You and Blossom were close till that no good conniving girl Leslie came into our lives. *Growls about the mention of Leslie* Grrrrrrrrrr! I hate that girl. I hate her. Either way… it doesn’t matter, Zoey. When you see a Robbery and know it’s being performed… You report it. No matter who it is that is acting out the robbery and actually perpetrating it. Doing it. You could likely be an accessory to a robbery now. You saw something and didn’t call it in.

Zoey: Holly, Stop it… *Crying* Can’t you see that it’s hurting me enough? I just ruined my friendship with Blossom. I betrayed her. I know it was the right thing for me to tell the others and have something done about what Blossom was doing… But it still hurts.

Holly: Zoey, *Sighs* Come on… Since when has Blossom ever really been a true friend to you? She’s been more into that snot-nosed bitch Leslie. I’m 14 and more mature. I already don’t like Leslie. Now i… i really despise her. And i also dislike Blossom. I really don’t like her at all. She’s to be your friend. Not Leslie’s. Leslie is nothing but a loser.

Zoey: *Breaking down in tears* …

Holly: Hey… Zoey, I’m sorry. *Sighs* … *Reaching out to Zoey and hugging her* I’m sorry that i said that. You’ve been hurt enough by what was going on with your friend Blossom. It’s only just the fact that Blossom used to be with you. Be along side you and you being her world in a close friend. A best friend. But then… That harlot Leslie comes and screws it all over. It’s just so unfair.

Zoey: It’s okay, Holly. *Sniffling* You didn’t know and it isn’t like i was expecting you to know everything. You were just upset about what Blossom was up to and angry about how she was regarding me.”

“Curtis: *Looking to see Leslie Standing there* What are you doing here? I thought that i told you to never come here again.

Leslie: *Standing up to Blossom’s father* You know what? I don’t know what your deal is, Sir… But i am not the problem. I never was. And before you think about pointing fingers at me for Blossom being how she is… You might want to consider this. I didn’t tell her to Join the Mob. She made that choice. I was the one who tried to talk her out of it as i didn’t want my issues becoming hers. Didn’t want her trapped in my mess. There’s only so much a person can do for another. I didn’t get her to take up a habit. She made that choice. I didn’t force it on her or tell her that she should do it. She decided on her own. Yet you are blaming me for her change in personality.

Curtis: Well… what would you expect a father to do when he sees his daughter go from a nice but gutsy and sparky girl to a Mobster gal who has taken up a habit and done mob hits but never did anything like that till a misguided girl or boy came into the works? Leslie, What do you expect me to do? What can i do about it? I am her father. My first and foremost duty is protection. Protecting her from any unnecessary dangers. Unneeded dangers. Just as your father would do with you. Protect you… Would he not?

Leslie: Yeah. But i was kinda doing all the protecting of my parents. I knew how to fight. However their final call was to send me away to safety. They did what was needed. No matter how hard it turned out to be for them and me.

Curtis: Maybe so… But you’re not her parent. I am… Look, I know that you’re not that far off. Plus that you’re not a bad kid. Misguided and foolish maybe for even thinking that the Mob life was the best direction to go… Although you did what you had to do given the circumstances. Still…  You’re not a bad person. But put yourself in my position… A parent. And seeing that your son or daughter was in a dangerous situation or on a threatening path… You’d do whatever you felt that you had to do to protect them. Didn’t matter if it might have caused you to mess up the closeness or Respect and loyalty that you and your Son or daughter had that no one else had. You in the end would see that you did what you knew had to be done. When you have a family… You put your family’s safety first. Because at the end of the day… It’s one of the things you have to hold on to. If nothing else… your family is what you have to hold.

Leslie: That’s what i did with my family… My parents. We were close. Really close and together… Like all the time. I would defend them. I love them and always will. But when it got to be too bad… My parents and I had to make the motion to Emancipate me. Sending me away here. Where i’d be safe… However when i got here… i was lost and some time ago… the month before this one… i Joined the Mob. I had no actual protection even though i could fight. But it was if it were other kids around my age range. I could defend myself. Case in point… What i dealt with where i came from… In Brooklyn. Aside from that… I had no solid protection here and i didn’t want to be in the foster care system. I wouldn’t know of where i’d end up.

Curtis: Foster Care isn’t so bad. It’s not. Alot of people tend to fear it because of the uncertainty of what’ll happen to them. Or the possibility that they’d have to restart their lives all over again and in time coming to forget their roots. Where they began. But it’s really not scary as most make it. Their primary ground stone of operation is reuniting the kids back with their biological parents. Unless the parents were by chance unfit or unable to raise the Child. The Child in question would be opened to adoption. It’s just how they work. It’s not bad. It really isn’t.

Leslie: I guess… However, i already made my mess… I have to live with it. Which means… do whatever means i can to fix it. I have to do right.

Curtis: Making it right. *Nods* Now that’s a mature and good nature teen. I can tell that you’re a responsible person. *Easing up* You’re not Banned from seeing my daughter. I don’t know why i even thought that it’d be better to Ban you. It was not right for me to be doing. You are a good person. Trying to do right and make attempts to set things right again. Leslie, If Blossom is into you and you two are relationship close… It’s alright with me.”

“Blossom: *Walking over* You little Bitch… Backstabber. You don’t like my being with Leslie that much so you go bitching to our cousin Susie…

Zoey: *Turning to the side* Excuse me?! Blossom, What did you say?

Blossom: You heard what i said, Whining baby Zoey… You’re a jealous conniving wimp. Leslie and I hang out together a lot of the time. It’s a problem for you because you think that you can tell me who i can be best friends with and the fact that you are not as close as Leslie is… bugs you. So you go crying to the others. Getting them to step up and stop my friendship with Leslie. Treating her like a bastard. I lost my best friend and girlfriend because of your crying ass.

Zoey: I was trying to save you from making a huge mistake. That’s what a friend would do. We were best friends. However… I don’t even know why i should bother caring about you anymore as a best friend or friend in any way. All you care about is Leslie. It’s Leslie Burke 24/7. If it’s not something to do with Leslie… You just happen to not care.

Blossom: Neither do you. You just can’t find any reason to not try and tear her down. Can you? You are just a jealous girl. Being really stupid and petty. Oh… and Pathetic.

Zoey: Holly, Let’s go. I’m not putting up with her. Not tonight. I’m just ready to punch her lights out because of her obnoxious attitude.

Holly: *Nods* Same here. Let’s go over to the Diner. We can talk more there.

Blossom: That’s right… walk away. Walk away from the truth. You hurt me and cause my heart to be broken and yet… don’t have the decency to stay and man up to what you did.”

“Blossom: *Thankful* Leslie… You’re back.

Leslie: Yeah. I am… *Hugging Blossom and relieved* I came back and i stood up to your dad.

Blossom: *Pauses* You what?! What did you just say you’ve done?

Leslie: I’ve stood up to him. I told him the truth. That i was innocent and that habit and the mob life was your choice and i didn’t lure you. You took the shot and got into it.

Blossom: *Shaking her head* Oh god… Leslie, Why did you do that? Why did you tell him that?

Leslie: Because it was the right thing to do. Plus i also told him how i was trying to talk you out from getting into the mess that i was in. That i was trying to keep you out from making a wrong choice. Although… I think that you and he need to reconcile.”

“Tina: *Gasps* Stanley… What’re you doing here?

Stanley: Nothing really. I suppose that i am a little early. But I wanted to make sure that you two got together all right.

Tina: That’s nice. *Smiles* I hardly ever stop by here. It’s hard to believe it was… dangerous years ago. Child abductions in the early wake.

As they both sat down…

Stanley: *Pauses and at a shock* Child Abductions?

Tina: Yeah. There was a few case files a few years ago speaking of Child snatching. Last year… A Young boy… 12-13 years old. Got abducted in plain sight at the Metropolis Mall… They said it was someone named Zach who had gotten snatched. Last name… It’s gonna be a eerie reminder… But the last name was Rhapsody.

Stanley: Aha! Aha…. *In disbelief* I don’t believe this… Another reference to the Fighters. That Clan. They just keep getting around… Don’t they? What happened to the kid?

Tina: He was Abducted and said to have been Violated.

Stanley: Ew!

Tina: I know. The family learned of it and had to hold a funeral for him. It was a sad season for them. The service took place close to Christmas. Last year.

Stanley: Poor guys. It must have been hard on them.”

“Majestic Love: What are you getting at, Theo?

Dancing Heartthrob: What i’m getting at is the fact that we heard of the girl being in with the Mob. She’s 13-14 and Emancipated. Rich. She’s got an unfortunate habit and goes to the same school as our younger cousins. She’s posing as Rita the Hammer. But aside from that… What do we really know about her?

Majestic Love: You’ve been tapping into Raven’s brain patterns again. You’re thinking like her. You sure that this is you talking… Not her?

Dancing Heartthrob: As sure as i’ve ever been.”

“Tess: *Getting on the scanners and reaching Blossom* Electrogal… This is the Watchtower Command center… respond. Watchtower Command center to Electrogal… Do you read?”

“Leslie: *Speaking through communicator* Hello? Who’s this calling Blossom?

Tess: *Pauses* Tess Mercer of the Watchtower Command Center. Who’s this i’m speaking to?

Leslie: Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer. The Mobster gal soon to be Ex-Mobster gal… I am the friend to the one you’re calling or trying to contact.”

“Leslie: Now do you believe why Blossom is making the choices she’s making? This isn’t easy on her. She’s having to work this on her own. In the same process… she has to likely turn on you guys… In order for it to work. This is hurting her more than you know and you are all antagonizing her. pressuring her and stressing her out. She told me all about how dedicated and amazing you all are. I believe it and i feel that way too. But time for some hard fact… this ordering her around… controlling her and telling her how to live and stay away from me… the one she’s trying to save and thereby risking everything she has… That’s gonna make her really go all in on turning on you guys and being fully against you. Her family. It’s gonna make her revere you. Which will without a doubt hurt her more than you’ll ever realize.

Dancing Heartthrob: How do you know this?

Leslie: It’s because… I left my family and i know how painful it is to be one to make a hard choice. One that should not be made. One that no teen should ever have to be put in the position to make. I want to be a hero someday. A fighter of somekind. However… until i am fully and officially out of the Mob and have repaid all debts i wound myself up with… I will never be able to become a fighter or a plausible hero. I made this mess of mine… It’s up to me to fix it. Blossom’s doing what she’s doing to save me. To pull me out from the Mob. This isn’t easy for her and i agree. This is taking a huge toll on her.”

“Peggy: I saw it. I saw the whole thing. What’s happening to you, Stanley? What’s going on?

Stanley: *At a loss for what’s happening* It’s crazy. I’m losing control. When I put that mask on… I can do anything. Be anything. It’s wrecking my life. My life is wrecked. Wrecked. Peggy, I don’t know how to control this Mask character. I’m terrified as to what might happen next time i become this Mask.

Peggy: *Being ?Sincere?* I don’t know what’s happening to you… but I do know this: that letter you sent my column… that was from a guy with more guts… and more heart… than any of the creeps I’ve met in this city. Whatever that mask is… you don’t need it. You… Stanley lpkiss… are already all you’ll ever need to be.

Stanley: *Feeling bashful* Gee, Peggy… do you really mean that?

Peggy: Actually… No.

Stanley: What? *Pauses; lost*

We now hear a door open and footsteps.

Peggy: *Rises* What took you guys so long? I’ve been vamping here for twenty minutes.

Dorian: This is him? Is this the guy you found to be the green guy?

Peggy: You have the Seventy Grand?

Sweet Eddy FLICKS open a briefcase lined with cash.

Peggy: *Nods* Right. When he puts on that mask he becomes that green thingamajig.

Stanley: *Standing Dumbfounded* Peggy, What is this? What are you doing?

Blossom: It’s called… She’s selling you up the river, Ipkiss. She Suckered you like a Stradivarius. She played you for the Cash. Someone should tell you to learn how to better pick your friends.

Leslie: *Watching*

Peggy: Sorry, Stanley. You really are a great guy, but I just can’t lose my condo. You know how hard it is to find an apartment in this city.”

“Peggy: What’re you doing? You said you wouldn’t hurt him!

Dorian: Hmm… Well that’s something i should have brief you on. You see… When i said that i would not hurt the guy… You should have picked up the hint that…I lied. *Turning to look up at Stanley who is currently hanging for dear life* Tell me. How’s this mask work?

Stanley: *Strained and unsure; Not knowing what to say* I don’t know. You just… put it on.

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie… Dorian’s got the Mask… He’s got the Mask and…

Leslie: He’s probably gonna seize control…”

“Dorian: What a Rush…

Blossom: *Looking away* Yeah… I think that i’ve seen enough.

Sweet Eddy: Whoa, boss… are you okay?

Dorian: I’m better than ever, you idiot. Now stop the presses. There’ll be a new headline tonight.”

“Thunderic Fury: *Stands in front of Dorian* Okay… Tyrell. two guesses and i would suggest that you think hard. Real hard. Who do you think i am and what might it mean for you?

Dorian/Mask: *Looking at the men* Is this young dame talking tough to me? She does realize that i now have the mask and that nothing can practically hurt me… don’t you figure?

Carly Black: *Grabbing One of the men and Uppercutting into the private parts* Release Ipkiss! Now! Let him go… Right the fuck now!

Orlando: *Starting to lose his grip*

Stanley: *feeling a rush of blood going to his head* Who are you?

Carly Black: Uh, Stanley… This isn’t no introduction session. We’re trying to do work to rescue you. We might fail at this… But we’re giving our best shot. However… You need to stay calm and watch for an opening. Once this guy lets go of you and you can get the heck loose from that spot… See on swinging to the side. To the side and pry yourself back on the walkway here and get yourself outta dodge. Away from this place. We’ll see on handling these men.

Stanley: Easier said than done, But… Okay. If you insist.

Dorian/Mask: *Looking at the teen* You’re here to give me a tickle?

Thunderic Fury: Uh… No. Not quite. Try the answer being: “I’m the Furious Rage of the Thunder… Thunderic Fury. A Member of the Thunderic Force Z! This here… *Showing her weapon* Say hello to my good friends Electro… and Leviathan Thunder. Both of them want to give you some love… Thunder Style. Wanna play?

Dorian/Mask: *Ordering the Men* Nail this Blondie!

Thunderic Fury: *Using her Thunder Chains to produce a Static Cling and pull the guns over to her* I think that i’ll take those!

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Electrogal… What is your cousin doing?

Electrogal: I don’t know… But i think that my cousin’s got a plan of some sort.

Leslie: She better have a plan… Dorian’s getting pissed. Remember i told you that i’ve seen his temper. Dorian’s right now just playing. Evilly as it might appear. But he is right now playing… Pretty soon… He is gonna lose his temper and he’s gonna really unleash. Only difference is now that he’s got the mask… It’s unprecedented. Anything could happen and if he gets pissed. It’s over. Your cousin’s got to be careful.

Electrogal: Justice is Justice. My family… they never stand down. When on call to do their heroics… They go all in.”

“Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Blossom… I feel like a total fool. I am so so sorry. Sorry for everything that i caused you to do. Dragging you into this. This is all my fault. All of it. We Met and it was the best thing that ever happened. I just wish that it could have happened on a better occasion. You’re in the Mob because of me. You chose to join… Made the choices that you’ve made because of me. You joined to save me. To pull me out from the Mob. But i can’t allow you to risk anymore just for the sake of me. I can’t.

Leslie: *Standing up to Dorian and with discontent* I can’t believe this… Dorian. How could you turn into such a power mad monster?

Dorian/Mask: This is who i always was. This was what i hid from you.

Leslie: You betrayed my trust in you. I thought that you were sincerely a person who would never turn against your word. You promised me that you’d never intentionally hurt someone.

Dorian/Mask: I didn’t even make a promise to you. I told you that i never would turn dark.

Leslie: That’s a lie. You did promise me. You gave me your word, Dorian. You lied to me. YOU LIED!

Dorian/Mask: Leslie… It’s not what you think.

Leslie: *Glaring* No… Don’t even snow me. I might be only a 13 year old Girl… But i am not stupid. I know what you are.

Dorian/Mask: And what would that be?

Leslie: A Liar, Murderer and Power hungry CREEP!

From the side…

Thunderic Fury: *Holding the phone up and still active call… On Speaker for the rest of the fighters to hear* …

Leslie: *Still standing up to Dorian* And on the other front… I am stupid. I should have never joined the Mob. I screwed up and i have to spend the rest of my life regretting it. Since i joined the Mob… People around me at school all thought i was on drugs. They all revered me. Hated me. Despised me. Made it where i had no friends and left where i’d have to count it by luck to land a friend at all. I’m done… After the next pickup… I am throwing in my resignation. I’ll take my skills and my weapons and severance pay for my time in the Mob. I’m done. It’s Over. My name is and has… and forever will be. Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… Mob girl… Is dead. If Rita the Hammer comes back… She’s getting a rewrite, Done the right way. *Walking off and leaving the scene*”

“Blossom: Hey, Uncle Zeke.

Zeke: Good heavens… It’s after midnight. You should be at your house and asleep. What’re you doing out this late?

Blossom: You don’t want to know… It’s best if you didn’t.

Zeke: Why’s that, Sweetheart? You okay?

Blossom: Yeah. I am just dealing with my unfortunate involvement among the Mob.

Gabe: Huh?!

Ilsa: The Mob? You’re not talking about the Second rate Mobster Dorian Tyrell… are you?

Blossom: Afraid so. But i sure regret it. I only did it to save someone from the Mob. Getting her out from the Mob.

Gabe: Who? Who do you mean?

Blossom: Someone who happens to be my friend. Best friend.

Zeke: Zoey? No. Not my daughter… Please no…

Blossom: *Laughs* Uncle Zeke… Calm down. It’s not Zoey. Honest. She’s not in the Mob at all. She was close to being in the Mob… But she never bit into it. She’s still safe. Free from it.

Heinz: Then who do you consider to be the one you are saving from the Mob?

Leslie: *Walking into view* I think that’d be me. *Smiles* Hi. I’m Leslie.

Gabe: *Shocked and shrieks* R-r-r-r-r-r-r-rita the Hammer?!

Leslie: I guess… you followed the stories about me. Mob stories.

Heinz: We all did. But… we have to ask why a young and upright girl like you would get involved with the mob.

Leslie: Protection. However… I endured my defining moment tonight. I saw the exposing light of Dorian and saw him for who he really was… I gave my resignation to the mob just a moment ago. With the word that i’d do one last hit for them. Then. I was done. I quit the Mob. It’s over.

Gabe: You were the one that shot holes in the special wood that was for this Pub. We had to get an invoice approval for a new shipment. That was about 6,000 dollars, Young lady. I would file charges. Actually Zeke would be all for filing charges… But you do seem to look to be someone who is indeed remorseful and sorry.

Leslie: That’s why i came here to give this… *Handing over an envelope* Inside is 8,500 Dollars. It’s entitled to you guys. I have alot of debts to pay back for what i did. But… This is from me. My Inheritance Money.

Zeke: *At a loss for words* Oh my god… Leslie, You didn’t have to do this. We would have come up with it somehow… It would have taken a while… But we’d come up with the money that was lost over the building material.

Leslie: Please… I want you to have it. I want to make up for what i’ve done. I did wrong by doing what i did. I didn’t know what it was that i’ve done on the wood. But if it weren’t for me… you wouldn’t have lost the Wood to begin with. It’s my fault. I have to make amends. Doing what is right. *Looking down* I can’t go back to my parents with these debts lingering and i miss them. I need to make this right.

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* It’s gonna be alright, Leslie. You’re doing the right thing.”

“Blossom: Leslie, You’re going off to see O’aka the XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire.

Leslie: Yeah. Why? *Pauses* Wait a minute… You know the guy?

Blossom: Well… My family knows him. I do too. There’s a kind of history between him and my family and I.

Leslie: Really? What kind of History?

Blossom: Video game reality kind of history. *Catching the look of shock coming from Leslie* What?!

Leslie: You and your family were inside a Video game? *In disbelief*

Blossom: Yeah. It’s a rather screwball kind of story. You wouldn’t want to know. Time is sadly very short and it’s getting near time for the final Mob hit to be done. There’s no time to get into the story. But if you really want to know… I’ll talk of it over break tomorrow or should i say now… later on in the day. Since it’s now Tuesday… Very Early morning.

Leslie: It’s better than nothing. However… I guess that we better find the guy.

Blossom: *Looking to see a Mini-Van up ahead with some writing* Hmm… I think that we might have already found him. There’s a Mini-Van up ahead.

Leslie: A Mini-Van? What would a Merchant do with that?

Blossom: *Grins and Chuckles* You really are with not a clue… Are you?

Leslie: *Scoffs and a little tense* What would you think, Blossom? I am having to do a lot of damage control because for means of survival… I decided to be stupid enough to join the Mob. I only left them barely an hour ago. An hour. And i only got one debt paid. I have 300 debts to pay in this city. Some are only a couple hundred. But a bunch are in the amount of 5 figures a piece. Ranging from 30,000 to 90,000. But no more than 100,000. By time i am done… I’ll have spent 3 Million dollars easy.

Blossom: 300? Exactly… how many people have you robbed or done hits with?

Leslie: Just 300. And each one of them… i regret doing. More than you could ever know.

Blossom: I think that perhaps we’re gonna need some side help on this.

Leslie: *Feeling hopeless* Yeah?! From who? Who’s gonna want to help me? I am a gangster gal. People are still gonna take one look at me and see Rita the Hammer. The Mafioso. Even though i resigned from the mob… People on the outside… Don’t know that. They will still see me as a deviant. They’re not gonna want to help me. They’ll help you. Maybe… But they will never help me. I’m on my own.

Blossom: The hell with that. I’ll help you. As will Sora and Carly. They’ll help too… You’re not doing this alone. *Closer to the Mini-Van* This must be the one… *Reading the Slogan on the Mini-Van* “The Slickest deals that be made… All begin with a deal done by O’aka.” That’s got to be O’aka. That is definitely and most certainly our guy. Come on… This way.”

“Blossom: *Knocking on the side door* Hey… O’aka! You there?”

“O’aka: *Coming to and Rubbing his eyes* What… What… Who’s come to see this slick Merchant at this time of the night?

Blossom: O’aka? It’s one of the fighters.

O’aka: Fighters. Rhapsody Clansmen? *Opening the sliding door and seeing who stood in view* Well I’ll be fancyin’ a surprise to be… Electrogal standing before I… What brings you out to see the likes of me at this hour of the Night?

Blossom: It’s something that I am helping a friend do. A best friend… actually.

O’aka: Oh?! Who?

Blossom: Someone that the whole city is trying to revere… Which i don’t think… is to be the least bit fair. It’s awful.

O’aka: I don’t know if i’m following clear on what you’re saying, Lass. Who would Revere your Cousin, Zoey? Why would the city Revere her?

Blossom: It’s not Zoey. It’s someone else.

Leslie: *Enclosing a wad of cash in the Envelope* … *Walking over and gulps* … I can do this. It’s the right thing to do in order to make amends for what i done. I can do this. I have to. I messed up. I got to make this right.

O’aka: *Catching sight of Leslie* Well… If it isn’t the thief that robbed me like a fox. Rita the Hammer… Did you come to try to steal from the likes of me again?

Leslie: No. Look, What i did was awful. I stole from you and hurt you. I was stupid for doing so. I know that you probably had thoughts of filing a report and turning me in to the police for what i had done… I don’t blame you. I deserve it. I know that nothing can make up for what i did. However… I hope that this will compensate you for what was lost. *Handing over an Envelope to O’aka* There’s 25,000 inside. I know it isn’t much… But It’s a gesture to show that i’m sorry.

O’aka: *Blown away* Dear heavens… Where on earth did you come up with all this money? This must be a bushel of cash i reckon.

Leslie: This comes right from my Inheritance Money. I am paying back all my debts that i made. I left the Mob and i don’t plan on ever going back. I never will go back to the Mob. I’ve reached my end tonight. I was in the Mob and i was promised that i’d never see a murder. Ever. Dorian promised me that none of that would happen. But he lied. I caught him in a lie and he flat out broke his word. I planned to leave the Mob anyway… But seeing the truth and catching Dorian in a lie… That’s what made it real.”

“Sora: *Looking at Carly* How did we get back here?

Carly: I don’t know. We got here just by walking right on through that dangerous part of the area.

Sora: That place is close by to this school.

Carly: Uh-huh. We need to find Leslie and Blossom. They’re out with the Mob. We have to find them.

Sora: We should call them.

Carly: What about finding Zoey?

Sora: Forget Zoey. We’re not to have anything to do with her. She almost cost Blossom her friendship with Leslie. Zoey’s literally hurt Blossom.

Carly: You don’t think that she meant to do it… Do you?

Sora: I think she meant to. You know how Jealous she was of Leslie’s and Blossom’s friendship. She knew that Blossom was changing a little. Blossom told her and we kinda told her a little too. But Zoey just kept coming off insecure.”

“Majestic Love: *Hovering next to Theodore* Theodore… Do you see anything that leads to the getaway car?”

“Majestic Love: *Spotting the dog and recognizing who it was* Milo. That’s Milo.

Dancing Heartthrob: What?!

Majestic Love: Milo. Stanley’s Dog. That’s Stanley’s dog.

Madame Romance: You’re kidding. Seriously? But… W-w-w-w-w-what’s he doing chasing that car?

Passion Galore: I don’t know. But i think that he’s sensing something not right.

Dancing Heartthrob: What’ll we do?

Madame Romance: We follow it… Clint, You and Theodore follow the dog and chase it down. Follow it over to where ever the car Milo’s chasing is leading off to. Follow it and whatever you do… Don’t lose track of it. Not even for a second.

Passion Galore: Right?

Madame Romance: Daria and I will check out Stanley’s apartment. look for any signs of a break in. There is likely to be one knowing the Mob. We know that they have Stanley under their captivity. Serena and Carly were shot back with thunder by Dorian Tyrell…

Dancing Heartthrob: How could that be possible?

Majestic Love: Remember when Stanley had the Mask?

Dancing Heartthrob: Yeah. What about it?

Majestic Love: The Mask was reflecting most of the attacks being done upon him or it. It was as though nothing really did any known damage on the one wearing the Mask. But somehow… Dorian was able to absorb and gather the Thunder that was being shot at him and combine it. now elements don’t work.

Dancing Heartthrob: What the heck do we do now? Since Dorian’s got the Mask now and all it’s mystical splendor… He’s unpredictable. There’s no possible conclusion as to what he could do as the Mask. We kinda thought that it’d be mayhem when Stanley was the Mask. But now… with the fact that Dorian being the New Mask… We’d take Stanley as the Mask… anytime because at least with him… we knew what the heck we were gonna get more or less.

Majestic Love: As to thinking that Dorian is predictable as he’s already Evil. So with him as the Mask… God help us all.

Madame Romance: That could mean trouble for Leslie. She’s probably left the Mob now… Stood up to Dorian and took back her life. Her good nature and everything… But if she were to do all that while Dorian had controls of that Mask…

Passion Galore: We can’t worry about that. Let’s get to finding Stanley and following the dog chasing the mysterious car.”

“Leslie: *Looking for her weapon* Blossom, your weapon is here too… It’s next to mine. We’ve got to find it and get out of here. Those guys will be back soon and if they spot us… there’s no telling what could happen.

Blossom: We’re not gonna be afraid of any Mobster. We got each other and we also have some firepower. Remember the electric grenades?

Leslie: You’re right. But i know Dorian more than you happen to know him. I picked up his mindset and saw how he works. He’s only gone from his office for a limited time at a shot. Then he comes back. He is gonna be back here… soon.”

“Leslie: *Sitting down* Sora, Carly… We came here to get our severance pay for our time with the Mob. We are leaving the Mob.

Sora: Why? I thought that you were fine with being the Mob girl.

Carly: That’s right. What happened?

Blossom: It’s nothing bad. We just reached our limit. Plus Leslie and I Both saw Dorian kill someone. He killed a reporter by throwing her into the grinding gears and machinery in the Newspaper Printing press room and Loading area. Underneath the Daily Planet Building.

Sora: He what?

Blossom: He killed someone. Leslie saw and just decided that enough was most certainly and without a doubt…enough.

Leslie: Plus… It’s about time that i left anyway. Besides… ever since i joined the Mob… all i got were sneers and negative comments coming to me. Rumors being told. People just wanting to have no better fulfillment than to chase me out of the city. I just grew tired of it. So… I am leaving it. I am done with it.

Carly: Where does that happen to leave us?

Leslie: We’re gonna be seeing on pulling you two out of the Mob as well. The habits can stay if you wanna keep them. I would wish that’d go too. But, I am not you. Or am i your parents… I am just suggesting.

Blossom: I too am seeking to leave the Mob and i practically have. I only joined because of Leslie and plus on a confidential note… I had to join and become the person she was turning into… in order to pull her out from the Mob.

Sora: *Not understanding something* Why would you have to join to pull her out, Blossom? Did you have to become what she was… Just to snap her back into sense and then persuade for her to decide to leave the Mob?

Leslie: It’s not exactly like that. Not really. I mean… I… *Sighs* I can’t see to keep this from you guys. I am leaving the Mob and trying to fix my life up because… I think that my parents are coming to Metropolis.

Carly: What?! Your parents?! I thought that you said that you Emancipated from them.

Leslie: I did. But i want them back and if they truly come here… I am gonna rescind the Emancipation. I am gonna reverse it and get back with my parents. That’s why… or one of the reasons why i left the Mob and am seeking to pay back all debts that i’ve made.

Blossom: You also left because of seeing me turning into a monster… You didn’t want me to be suffering through that.

Leslie: That’s right. And the fact that you had to put yourself through a lot of pain to pull me out of the Mob and it’s grip… I can never forgive myself for. I should have never joined the Mob to begin with. Ever.

Sora: That’s gonna be all fine and well… But you will have to still deal with two problems.”

“Leslie: Zoey, You’re Jealous of me. I get it… I came and took away your best friend of 10 years. I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t mean to. However I had no control… Blossom happened to be at the right place at the right time… Did she have to notice me? No. She didn’t. She didn’t have to pay any attention to me. But she did. Even though… You and i Don’t speak… usually ever. But i actually like you. Think that you’re sweet and sincere. Honest. Blossom also is honest. One of the things that i look for in a friend.

Zoey: *Pauses* You like me? How… I’ve literally been anything but kind to you. I revered you. I revered you in every way.

Leslie: I know. I realize that and i should have been offended. However… I can’t really be offended. I happen to understand. You were scared and going through your own emotional strife… it was where that with what you were going through… you didn’t want to have to deal with me trying to come between you and your Best friend Blossom. Afraid of change. I don’t blame you. I too was afraid of change myself before i officially left my parents. But i left them for reasons that were beyond both mines… and their control.

Blossom: …

Leslie: Zoey, I hope that we can someday be friends even if that day isn’t exactly today.”

“Blossom: You are jealous and i am done talking with you. To you. Around you. You’re no longer my Best friend… Zoey. *Taking off her friendship ring that she shared with Zoey and throwing it at her* Take the ring. Go to Holly. Be her little lackey. You and I maybe cousins and i’ll defend you as you’re family… But anything more. It’s done. IT’S OVER! Friendship’s over!”

“Zoey: I have a right to be jealous. I have a right to be jealous of Leslie. Blossom is my best friend… Or was.

Carly: Who’s fault is that? Blossom’s or yours, Zoey? *Scoffs and disgusted* All you do is cry and whine. Blossom did right by breaking from you. You may have been her best friend till recent and now truly lost her… But it’s not her fault. It is your fault. Yours alone. Plus Holly’s. She’s the reason behind the fact that you lost Blossom. Even we’re not wanting to be around you anymore.

Zoey: Leslie’s got to you too, didn’t she?

Sora: No. Stop blaming everything on Leslie. This is not her fault. It never was. She has a habit. She’s with the Mob. Or used to be… And we’re not in the Mob either even though we were only in it for about 2-3 days maybe. You are being really selfish and cruel.

Carly: Leslie left the Mob. She’s out.

Zoey: What?!”

“Spencer: *Looking at Rikku; frustrated* You know what… I think that i am getting rather tired of the constant loose ends we’re having with all this gruff about the Mask.

Rikku: Spencer… I am tired of it too… But we’re the only ones who believe in Stanley. The cops see him as guilty. He kinda is as he’s been the one attacking the Mechanics at that Auto Finishing shop. Then Thwarting a Bank Heist and then getting cornered at the park by the police… A piece of Material from Stanley’s clothes… was found at the club… However… Stanley was not at the Club. Not as himself… But as the Mask.

Spencer: Like that matters, Rikku? We were out for most of the night chasing after the Mask. Monitoring the situation. Tried to create a distraction so that he could get the heck outta dodge. We did all that… and what we have got to show for it… Absolutely nothing. One of our own got hurt by Dorian Tyrell. That Mobster’s now got the Mask and is impervious to any Elemental attack and Gun Fire.

Rikku: What’re we to do about it?

Spencer: *Sighs; Walking ahead and beside his wife* We throw out everything that we know about the Mask and start over from scratch. From the beginning… We go to where the Mask was first found and do some underwater excavating.”

“Tina: Is it true? You’re the Mask?

Stanley: *Whispers* Yeah, but don’t tell anybody. If I get… a good lawyer and a deal… I’ll be out in about 12,000 years.

Tina: What about those girls? Those fighters?

Stanley: The heck with the fighters. What can they do about this? They can’t just come and right out bust me loose of this place. It’d just put them in the same mess as me. Sapphire and Raven… I think two of them were… Stood up to Kellaway in a way that i didn’t see coming. As the Mask… i saw and didn’t think much of it because… I was trying to distract and create a diversion so i could bolt from the scene and get away. Hide. I did… Only to get nabbed by the Mob… Dorian’s men and almost killed. I was betrayed by someone who i thought was my friend.”

“Stanley: She was there and she gave out her notice. She was leaving the Mob.

Tina: She’s lucky that she’s young. the other one might not be so lucky.

Stanley: Who?

Tina: The girl with the brown frizzy hair.

Stanley: Blossom?

Tina: Yeah. Dorian and the guys might still deem her to be one of them. As well as the new two. The Twins. Sora and Carly… I think their names were.

Stanley: They’ve got to get out of there. Now. It’s not safe for them there.

Tina: I think that they’ve been pulled out of it. They weren’t that deep into it to begin with.

Stanley: Either way… It’s risky, coming here. *About Dorian* Your boyfriend might be upset.

Tina: He’s gonna be at the Charity ball this weekend. This Saturday night. He’s gonna do something really terrible there.

Stanley: Like what? The Lambada? The Horizontal shuffle?

Tina: Half this town will be there Stanley. I tried to tell the cops, but they wouldn’t listen to me.

Stanley: As long as he’s got the mask, there’s nothing they can do to stop him anyway. There’s nothing anyone can do. There’s nothing anyone can do. That one fighter that was at the spot where i was dangling for my life… She tried to fry Dorian with some kind of attack and had it fired back at her two-fold.”

“Alice: *Emotional* I don’t want anything of him. He cheated on me, Christie. He had an affair with another woman behind my back and i knew for a while. But i was trying so hard… I begged god to please tell me that it wasn’t so. To tell me that it was not what i was thinking it was. I am divorcing him and i am claiming custody of the twins and Crystal. Paul can go to either one. Kasey and Hallie i’ll settle for half and half. Beverly comes with me. I don’t want Alvin to get around her or the twins. They’ve been hurt enough.

Christie: *Sighs* Do you even have a Lawyer? Attorney?

Alice: Yeah. I think… I think that i do.

Christie: Well… I would likely suggest that you call him or her up. This is right now a legal battle. contesting for assets that’ll be between you and him. Custody of the Children. dividing of property. Finances.

Alice: *Deadset in seeing all ties to Alvin are cut* Very well… Let the games begin. I am not dropping this.”

“Alvin: *Huffs* Whatever… The point is that i haven’t been able to get back in the house. Alice had the locks changed while i was here. She won’t let me in the house and on Sunday… the day before yesterday… I tried to look for a way in and got confronted by Paul. He blocked my path and denied entry.”

“Jimmy: *Looking up from reading* Loki?! There’s something that you might not know about yet…

Nick: What’s that, Jimmy?

Jimmy: The Mask… I think that you should look towards the Mob.

Nick: The Mob, Why’s that?

Jimmy: There’s a feeling that it’s not the one in captivity. The city is dangerous… But it was never because of the guy who was apprehended by the police. It’s was due to the guy with ambitions for Dominion.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What makes you say that?

Jimmy: I’ve read some articles from the Newspaper which spoke about the Mask… About the Mob too. Something about the whole thing never really added itself up.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Really? What?

Jimmy: If Stanley Ipkiss was the Mask and was supposed to be the one who had been guilty… Wouldn’t he have had the guilty vibe written all over him? He’s no more than a goofy guy… One who was just trying to express himself in ways that he normally couldn’t do.

Nick: Who’s the Mask then? The real Mask?

Jimmy: Don’t know… But that’s the thing… The Mask is anyone who possesses that mysterious Mask and happens to wear it. So anyone could be it. Although it’s not that guy Ipkiss. If it was… Wouldn’t he have possession of the Mask?

Nick: *Thinking* Hmm…

Jimmy: Not only that… If Ipkiss did originally have the mask… But now doesn’t have it… Where did it go and who’d have it? It’d have to be the Mob. They’d do anything for power…”

“Leslie: *Walking over and sneaking past the guard* Psst! Hey, Stanley! Or should i say… The Mask? You are that mask character are you not?

Stanley: I think that i was once… or twice. What’s it to you?

Leslie: Nothing. I myself would rather serve you payback for what you caused to happen to Freeze. If i was Rita the Hammer… I would have done that. Shot you right here. But that part of me is gonna get a near future re-write. I am not that person. In fact… i still regret ever becoming that person. Turning into a real creep.

Stanley: That was the Mask… Not me.

Leslie: News flash… It was you. Even though it was not the normal you as you are now… It was still you on the inside of that mask. Behind the Mask… is the person behind it. That’s you. You Stole from the bank. That money was the money that Dorian’s men had planned to steal and loot. Me as well… When i used to be part of Dorian’s team.

Stanley: What changed?

Leslie: I saw Dorian become the Mask and he’s showed that he was hellbent on domination. Evil. Which reminded me of the things i had to go through back in Brooklyn. Defending my parents against the likes of snooty people who thought that they were the Superior Breed. The High class.

Stanley: *Recalling something* Wait… Wait a minute. You wouldn’t be the one that was on the Radio just the other week… would you?

Leslie: Yeah. That was me. Why?

Stanley: I knew it. You’re her. Leslie T. Burke. Aren’t you?

Leslie: Yeah. And you’re Ipkiss. The Drab banker who is pegged as “Nice guys finish last.” But we really can’t talk now. I am not doing this for you… But seeing you as a sitting duck is not something i care to deal with. Dorian doesn’t know that i am here. But it’ll be a matter of time before he gets here once he realizes that i am here.”

“Mrs. Bishop: *Walking over to Helen* Where’s Mrs. Rhapsody?

Helen: *Walking over to find Nick* I don’t know. I’m trying to look for Nick. He hasn’t come in today and he said something last night about having to work some files. Something to do with getting the Mob Shut down.

Mrs. Bishop: The Mob?! I thought that they were already shut.

Helen: So did I. But unfortunately… the whole thing was overturned because someone in the building had happened to be the leak. A Mole. Nick’s been taking every avenue to charge them again. But this time… Making it all stick and unable to be overturned.

Mrs. Bishop: Who’s the Mole?

Helen: No one knows… But who ever it is… made certain that the Mob… Niko’s men would never see the inside of a federal prison.”

“Commissioner Jones: *Walking over and apprehending the Attorney* Angus Denton… You’re under arrest for conspiracy of abducting the Metropolis D.A and his wife. Let’s go… You’re going down.”

“Commissioner Jones: Okay, Denton… Start talking. Where’s Nick Rhapsody? He never made it home last night and no one seems to know where he could be.

Angus: I have no idea what you’re talking about. If he never made it home last night… Something must have happened. But i am not responsible for that.

Commissioner Jones: That’s where you’re wrong. We have recorded tapes of you speaking with a Dorian Tyrell…

Angus: You must be so desperate. Looking for anyway to pin something on somebody like Dorian. Not every crime in the city is Dorian’s doing. There are other crime doers out there you know.

Commissioner Jones: Like who?

Angus: Plus where’re your people? That’s if they’re still… Yours. But seriously… Who did you leave Nick with? Anyone ring a bell or two?

Commissioner Jones: What have you done with him?

Angus: Not me… Someone else. The silent partner…

Commissioner Jones: … And that would be?

Angus: The Brother. Darwin Tyrell. You thought Dorian was bad and evil… Dorian is second rate even on his really forced moments. Acting all big and bad. The Brother… He’s worse. Alot worse than that…

Commissioner Jones: Where is he?

Angus: What time do you think it is now?”

“Raven: You’re scum. One who gets the kicks for helping the Mob get out from being put behind a federal prison.

Angus: Don’t talk like one of them- you’re not, even if you’d like to be. It would never work. To them you’re a freak like me… they just need you right now. All you fighters. This city needs you to clean up the mess that the city happens to cause…

He regards Raven with something approaching pity. Too bad that it doesn’t work with Raven…

Angus: But as soon as they don’t, they’ll cast you out like a leper. You can just wait and see that they don’t. They’ll toss you out because they’ll have no use for the likes of you heroes and fighters.

Angus: Their morals, their code… Whatever it is that the cops and suits have… it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. Although how many of the cops do you know still uphold the law without in secret finding something or someone to grease their palms and sweeten the pot? You’ll see- I’ll show you… when the chips are down, these civilized people… they’ll eat each other. They’ll turn into animals and become hostile. *grins* You See, I’m not a monster… I’m just ahead of the curve. I always will be. I know how to play both sides really well.”

“Angus:  There are just minutes left- so, you’ll have to play Darwin’s little game if you want to save… *Relishing the situation; Enjoying the idea of seeing the fighters and the cops squirm* … one of them.

Raven: *Reverting back to normal and Half-human side* Them?! What do you mean, Them? Who else does this Darwin have under capture?

Angus: For a while I thought you really were Rhapsody… The way that you threw yourself after her- the other week at a Charity. It was then that Darwin really believed that you really were Rhapsody. However… You are nothing like him at all. Throwing fits and thinking that you’ll get far by brute force alone…You are nothing like him. In fact… I don’t think you ever were like him. But i will say this for you. You most certainly played a good game.”

“Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Tied up and calling for help* Can anyone hear me?

Nick: *opening his eyes; Bound to a chair* Rikku, Rikku… Hon, is that you?

Rikku L.Rhapsody: *sobbing* Nick, You’re OK. I thought…

Nick: It’s OK, Rikku. Everything’s going to be just fine.”

“Kellaway: Ipkiss! *Looking over to see Leslie* I knew it… I should have known that you would be here to stick up for Ipkiss. What happened? The Mob no longer a suitable fit?

Leslie: Detective, Ugh! Do you really think we have time to get into the same annoying subject? We are not in the mood. *Seeing Kellaway starting to itch towards apprehending her* You want to arrest me? By all means… But you are trying to put blame on Stanley for the crimes that are going on. Now he might have been the Mask. for a time… Doing what he did to a couple of dishonest Mechanics. Foiling the heist at the Bank. I at first was wanting to see him fry too… Back when i was a Mob girl. I was being rather stupid. But these crimes out there are not Stanley’s doing. It’s the actions of Dorian.

Kellaway: How the hell do you know this?

Leslie: Because i used to be following under Dorian. Till i left him only a few days ago. I left the Mob. But i have been with him enough to know of what he is really like. He’s all about Dominion. Not like Niko. Niko is another sort in his own. Dorian’s the one with the Mask. He’s the one you should be looking towards. Not Stanley. Stanley’s guilty on in the aspect of letting out his hapless romantic side and over doing it a bit. That’s all.”

“Nick: Rikku, Can you move your chair?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No. Nick, we don’t have much time…

The timer connected to the bomb reads 2.47… 2.46…

Nick then started to drag his chair, inching closer to the barrels. Frantically trying to find something… anything that could be used to free himself from the straps and ties that were tying him to the chair…

Nick: Look for something to free yourself.

The chair JAMS against a ridge in the floor. Nick was straining to reach the timer. however wound up being mere Inches shy.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: They said only one of us was going to make it. That they’d let our… *pause* Our friends and allies choose…

Nick strains… the chair tips over and Nick then topples over knocking over a barrel which was full of diesel fuel…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Nick? What’s happening? What’s going on?

Nick: Ugh! *Feeling the sting from the impact of smacking the floor* That’s not very pleasant. Not at all… Rikku, calm down… It’s gonna be fine. I promise you…

Nick, one side of his face pressed against the bare floor, watches as the open barrel is spewing out around him…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What’s happening, Nick. Why’re we here anyway? What was the idea of those men to bring us here?

Nick: I Don’t know. I can’t say. But whoever it was that did this… Must have had been the same one or same group of people that had been following us. keeping tabs on us.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You thinking… the Mob?

Nick: It’d have to be the Mob. There is no other possible reason as to why we were put here.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You don’t think that it was… Niko’s men… Do you?

Nick: No. It couldn’t be his men nor it be Niko. Since the charges that were put on him and his men were overturned… His men have been rearing on the low key and keeping their influences and presence down to a almost nothing. Barely even tapping on the Richter scale of public appearances.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: But… if it wasn’t them… Who was it?

Nick: Hon, You keep asking that. I don’t know. I don’t know about there being anyone else who would be behind this.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What about Dorian or his men?

Nick: Not very likely.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: …

As Nick was trying to struggle…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What’s going on?

Nick:  Nothing. I’m trying to…”

“Commissioner Jones: *On the Official Police band* All units… Respond and station at the old Abandoned building. 5913 Kendrick Highway… All out Rescue of the D.A and Wife… engaged!”

“Rikku L. Rhapsody: Nick, in case… I want you to
know something…

Nick Chokes, his emotions overwhelming him. he at that time was now panicking. Panicking and freaking out as he was unable to break loose from the ties that were tying him to the chair and the explosives… that were close by…

Nick: Don’t think like that, Rikku. They’re coming for you.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know, but I don’t want them to… Not without you. *Unable to hide the fact that she was upset and losing it* I don’t want to lose you, Nick. I don’t want to die… Nick… Why didn’t you stop nailing the Mob when the chance was good? Why?! *Sounding as though she was sobbing* How could this happen?

She then looked at the timer and saw that it read 15 seconds left…

Rikku L. Rhapsody:  I don’t want to live without you. Because I do have an answer, and my answer is yes… I will have a biological child with you. I know for the last year… i was a bit hesitant as i didn’t think that i’d be ready or we’d be able to with your over demanding position and us both being unsure. But i want that. I want it with you…”

“Nick: *Looking up in horror to see Kimahri* NO! Not me… Why did you come for me?!

Kimahri stares at Nick and pauses for a second picking up the fact that the sleazy rat that was in police custody lied…

The counter hits 5 Seconds. Kimahri drags Nick out…

Nick FIGHTS to stay…

Nick: *Calling out and crying out in panic and desperation* NO!!! RIKKU!!! RIKKU!!! NOOO!!!!

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Calling out to Nick* Nick? Nick, it’s okay… Don’t fight it. It’s alright. If this is my time… i’ll accept. As long as i know that you’ll always remember me…

Nick: RIKKU!!!

Rikku L. Rhapsody can hear Nick. The counter runs out…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *calm* Somewhere-


The BLAST HURLS Nick backward onto the hood of his car- The Entire Old Abandoned Building is an Explosion. Everything was engulfed in total flames and fire. All of it was consumed in flames and Inferno…

A SECOND EXPLOSION- Kimahri covers Nick as the FIREBALL HITS them- IGNITING the diesel soaking Nick’s left side- he starts BURNING. And stops screaming. Kimahri ROLLS Nick on the wet pavement… The Dark KnightNick SIZZLES. Silent.”

“Dorian/The Mask: *To the people within the Nightclub* Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be your host for the remainder of the evening.”

“Leslie: I’ve come to help with a rescue.

Blossom: What rescue?

Leslie: Well… Tina Carlyle’s for one. But now… Yours and the girls.

Blossom: How did you get here anyway?

Leslie: Stanley. He drove. Must have broken at least 40 different traffic laws just to get here.

Blossom: What do you plan to do? Dorian’s got his men storming the whole nightclub here. If he or his men catch you… *Concerned*

Leslie: It’s gonna be alright. Do you still have your firearm with you?

Blossom: yeah. why?

Leslie: Start using it to get some answers.

Stanley: What about the girls?

Leslie: Same for them.

Blossom: Be careful, Leslie.

Leslie: You too. This is where we have to work and protect ourselves. This is Dorian’s turf now… If we’re together… It’ll be quick work for him to take us all out. As long as he has that Mask… We’re none better than moving targets…”

“Sora: *With Carly and Blossom in unison* By the Rhapsody Power of three. Set us free… spark up a surge of thunder and lightning. put Dorian’s men back in traction. *Firing a Shot of Electricity and a surge of thunder at Dorian’s men* Thunder shock by the power of 3…. Thunder CHAIN FLASH!!!

Leslie: *Gasps* Holy geez! Did i just see what i thought that i just saw?

Majestic Love: Yes you did, Leslie. You just saw something that you may not have ever seen before. This is what we truly do. The Rhapsody Clan is full of heroes. The second Generation of fighters are all retired… Or likely dead as they’re old and yet before they went… It passed the buck to the 3rd gen. Which are our parents. Then down the road at some eventual point… The Buck got passed on over to us. But the second Generation of fighters were Aquatic Burn. Which is now Blossom’s sister Mary. There was Arctic Mind. But there is belief that a new generation of that hero is along the horizon somewhere… But when that will come to light… None of us know. There is also Lord Electricmind. He is King John. Our Uncle and the grandfather of our Uncle Alvin, Avery, Arnold and Curtis. The father of your Best friend.

Leslie: How is it that you all can live two lives… knowing that people you hang with… know that you are heroes. Super heroines and heroes of a new breed? Isn’t it ever hard?

Angelic Bubble: Ha! You kidding… We have friends who know all about us. Do they see us as super specials? Not even. To them… We are just as they always had seen us. We’re just good honest friends. Nothing more. But they do vouch to protect our identity from those who seek to place any sort of harm upon us or our family. They’d stand up and defend our honor and pride. No matter.”

“Green Arrow: *Dropping in* What do we have here? A Party or a Warzone?

Leslie: *Pauses* W-who are you?

Thunderic Fury: That… Leslie… Is Oliver Queen. Aka… The Emerald Archer himself. Green Arrow. He’s the CEO of Queen Industries.

Green Arrow: Hmm… I guess that the younger generation of fighters know their heroes after all. Sounds like your mothers have taught you well. Too bad this isn’t a time for catching up. We got a bunch of Mobsters who are asking for a reason to take a nap.”

“Stanley/The Mask: Did you miss me? *Taking a drink and the liquid pours out through holes in his body* I GUESS NOT! *In a classy Clint Eastwood voice* Now, you have to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well… do you… punks?”

“Commissioner Jones: What’s the status on The D.A?

Officer: Critical. His face on the left side is all burned. Charred up. The one paramedic made mention that he might not be so lucky to make it through. But if he does… Expect to be in pain for quiet a while as his face and head is gonna hurt like a throbbing Headache.

Commissioner Jones: And Denton?

Officer: He’s gone. In the precise chaos of the incident that happened… He slipped out through the back door and fled. He even unlocked the cell to Fuji. He’s also gone.

Commissioner Jones: *Sighs* Denton was being instructed by Tyrell’s silent alarm. Darwin. He planned to be arrested and busted. He planned to be apprehended and taken to the Metropolis Police Station. He knew about Fuji and used all this to get to him.”

“Sergeant: *Running over suddenly with the news* Commissioner, Nick’s alive. He’s alive. But in bad shape. His face on the left is bad. They’re right now at Met gen… working on him. However… He’s struggling.

Commissioner Jones: Okay… I want everyone back at the station right now to run a fast change in procedure. As of right now… Till Nick is able to give us some insight on the silent partner of Dorian’s… The Deader he is… The safer he is. And if anyone asks… the wife got out and is under a different identity and under federal protection. If Nick ever asks… no one knows. No one is to show any memory or sign that they know something about the wife’s whereabouts.”

Janie: Charlene, are you feeling alright? You’re looking rather icy and pasty.

Alex: Seriously. I mean… not to state the obvious or the reality bit on you… But you’ve been acting really odd.

Charlene: *A Little twitchy* Odd, how? I just couldn’t sleep too well the last couple of days. Plus with the Mob still in the city and everyone on edge… like just about every second of every day… Ever since the incident that hit the Nightclub last Thursday. It’s been as though everyone is freaked out and terrified.

Janie: We feel it too… But with the way you’ve been acting the last couple day… It’s no mistake that something is really going on in you. I don’t know if it’s good or if it’s just something to take into warning. All we know is that whatever it is… It’s got the attention of some of our usual friends. Even Mom. She’s noticed it.

Charlene: How’s that? *Not believing* How is she noticing there being something odd about me? She’s mostly involved with the University Football team. It’s all she really does. We don’t see her hardly.

Alex: Yeah we do. We see her enough. She is just really swamped is all. Running the house and then going to work and running the team… It’s alot of work. It’s nowhere near easy. Not even a little.

Charlene: *Suddenly feeling the table move a little bit to the side* What… is going on?

Janie: That was… you. You’re doing it. That’s gotta be the Psychic. It has to be the Psychic part of the super persona coming out.

Alex: What seems very uncommon is the fact that you don’t have anything inside you or any protruding part in you that cries out super hero. And if you had… we would have seen it by now and known of it. We’ve been like inseparable for a long time. 8 years. During our time in that god forsaken corrupt and desolate Orphanage… If you were to have that type of power… That Psycho witch Granny Goodness would have used her psyche power to wipe your mind of all things super. Making you a mindless drone.

Charlene: I suppose. *Sighs; nervous* What’re we gonna tell mom, dad or the others?

Janie: We’ll just have to tell it straight. Plainly and right out forward.

Alex: *Looking out the window* The city’s really looking busy. We’ve been seeing squad cars whizzing by every 3-4 minutes.

Charlie: *Standing by Krissy* The City’s gone nuts. Plus i think that it’s been said all over the News. The D.A is in the hospital. The other one… They don’t know.

Krissy: Plus… They’re not saying. I don’t think that they really know what to do.

Janie: The Mob’s been ruining everything. *Frustrated* GAH! Is nothing safe anymore?

Charlene: I second that.

Charlie: Pfft! Tell that to the fighters. They’re all out on call and off fighting the Mob. Tryin’ to anyway.

Krissy: What about the Nightclub? There’s supposed to be something big going down over there.

Alex: We wouldn’t know. Why?

Charlie: One guess and you’re not gonna like it. No lie. You are not gonna like it.

Krissy: Dorian Tyrell is at that Nightclub. But not like himself. He’s there… as the Mask. He’s got the Mask.

Janie: What?! *Shocked* How is that possible?

Charlene: Stanley Ipkiss is the Mask. Not Dorian. Dorian is just a small time Mob man trying to over throw Niko and take over.

Krissy: Well… Guess what? That is now a reality. Dorian is now the head cheese of the Mob. He did away with Niko. There is a live radio broadcast speaking about it. Someone inside the Nightclub is secretly on the phone and on-air speaking of it. Telling it as it happens. It’s all over the Radio. The Local Radio is speaking of it and carrying it all through the airwaves.

Alex: What about the D.A? What’s he doing about it all?

Charlie: Nothing. He’s in the hospital. in Critical condition. No one is saying anything officially over what happened or put him in the hospital. But… It’s not good.”

“Zoey: *Looking at Holly* Holly, What did i ever see in Blossom? Tell me that?

Holly: *Sighs* I don’t know. All i can tell you is that Blossom’s a real snot nosed bitch who thinks that Leslie Tina Burke is some Goddess.

Zoey: I know. I am so sick of Blossom and Leslie. Beyond sick of them. I swear… If i never have to see them again… it’s be a sincere blessing. *growling over the thought that she has to see her in one of her classes*

Holly: It’ll be okay. Just ignore her and pretend that she’s a figure of an illusion. She’ll fade away from your life. She don’t care about your feelings. She don’t matter.”

“Tess: *Looking at the screens* I can’t believe that i didn’t see this coming. We didn’t see this coming. The D.A was abducted by the Mob. However he was rescued by our resident blue muscle bound hybrid with the sense of surveying the city from on top of buildings in a single bound.

Genevieve: That’s a relief. What happened to the D.A though? Is the poor man alright?

Tess: No. His face is burnt. The left side of his face is all burnt up and charred. The D.A has been taken to the Metropolis Gen. It doesn’t look good. Not at all.

Genevieve: What’ll the people do now? They’re gonna need their White Knight.

Tess: We all will. But there is some light to the matter in question. The Mob girl has left the Mob and had been repaying some of her debts to society. Paying back what she owe.

Genevieve: *Gasps* You surely are kidding, Tess. You must be kidding. The girl who’s out there and been in with the Mob… Left it and is taking on repaying her debts which she’d made?

Tess: The reports came in an hour ago.

Chloe: *Walking in* As did Ollie. He is at the Nightclub now taking assist to the fighters. They’re handling the Mob scene there and it’s getting pretty grainy there. A fight for control and for possession of the Mask.”

Mr. Newton: *Walking into the Reporters Den* Okay everyone… Listen up. Word’s just come in from the main office. The D.A Nick Rhapsody… is in the Hospital. As a result of an aggravated Mob Hit that was believed to be a few weeks in the making. 3 weeks in the making. I know that a few of you are tapped and want to split for your families and just get some R&R. But till the next Nightfall and facts come out on the situation that has just bombed through the airwaves like a sonic boom… There is gonna be no relief in sight. We’re gonna need all hands on deck.”

“Blossom: That Mask is turning him superhuman. Invincible.

Rikku: Wait… If the mask was off… it would have killed him. But… How? How could he withstand that type of blast? It’s just not possible.

Sora: That Mask is just completely psycho. He is taking that blast like it’s nothing. How could he just withstand that kind of blast with no signs of damage?

Majestic Love: It’s got to be a godly item then. Because a normal item… wouldn’t be able to withstand something like that. Not ever.”

Blossom: *Voice-Over* And now… Without further ado… Presiding… The Finale of the Mask and Mob Mayhem period of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

The Coco Bongo Club…

The Mask was working to get Tina loose and was near done when suddenly…

Dorian: *Getting up and pulling out a Knife*

Dorian was back up and he was stepping closer to the Oasis…

Green Arrow: *Stepping in front of Dorian* Hold it right there, Mobster in waiting… where do you think you’re going?

Dorian: Outta my way, William Tell.

Green Arrow: Oh… So you’re resorting to name calling. What are we… in Elementary school? You can’t think of something better to use for an insult or a name call?

Dorian: Get lost. Unless you want to tassle with me.

Green Arrow: Tussle?! Uh… I think that someone here needs to go night-night. You’re sounding edgy and very cranky.

Dorian: It’s also about to be aimed at you. Get outta my way. That Mask is mine.

Green Arrow: I don’t think so. I think that what you want is a nice comfy cell and a nice roommate named Frankie.

Dorian: *Lounging towards Oliver*

Green Arrow: *Aiming his Crossbow at Dorian* I wouldn’t think about it if i were you.

Dorian took one look at him and sneered with a jerking aggravating expression. He was getting annoyed. The signs were there and the tone and attitude was definitely there…

Stanley/The Mask: *looking to the side and seeing Dorian coming closer* This guy’s incorrigible…

The Mask thought fast and with just a thrust of air out of nowhere, made appear a paint palette and a paint brush. He whisked fast with several colors and speedily painted a toilet flush lever on the one side of the Palm tree and grabbed it. Flushing the water fountain as if it were a large toilet. It took Dorian into its hold. The Current became like a whirlpool and started to immediately suck him down… Down the drain and it was only moments later when the water drain gave off a last final gurgle and with the pull… Dorian threw the knife he had into the air as he was waving for anyone to help… Anyone to assist. No one came to him. No one. Once Dorian was sucked all the way down the drain… It was seconds later from there that the knife turned and pointed down and plummeted down into the drain. Ouch!…

seconds later…

with a whisk of a hand forming a Cigar and taking a quick puff and with gangster repose and format…

Stanley/The Mask: *while next to Tina; to Dorian, with Eddie G. Robinson’s voice* You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I’m around, you’ll always be second best, see?

The Mask then flicks away the cigar and within seconds reached back and pulled apart the Mask. Taking it off and returning back… for one final time… and permanently just normal casual Stanley…

Stanley: *Panting in relief*

Leslie: *Laughs and amazed* Stanley beat the Mob. Dorian’s gone and Stanley won the girl. He’s done it. I can’t believe it… He truly has won against Dorian Tyrell.

Blossom: He sure did. *Smiles* But the best thing now is that it’s all over. It’s over and the Mob can’t take over anymore.

Spencer: You ain’t just whistling a happy tune of victory there, Blossom.

Green Arrow: The Mob’s been licked. They’re done for. The ones remaining yet are tapering off and fading fast. There’s no influence for them to use. Can’t say much for Boy scout. He would have just waited for trouble to come banging up on the doorstep before doing something. Yeah. Memories of that never fade.

Theodore: It’s okay… As far as we’re concerned… the city is safe again.


Or was it?

Suddenly Stanley was about to land a kiss on Tina after gently pulling on the ropes and freeing Tina from the ties which were now loose…


After Stanley defeats Dorian, Charlie runs in with police reinforcements…

Police: Police! Hands up…

Charlie Schumacher: Officers, arrest those men! I always wanted to say that.

Paul: *Looking over at Charlie* Wow… Leave it to you to go out and get the big guns and bring a swarm of police back here with you to make the bust.

Charlie: Hey… Come on, You know that i couldn’t sit and watch you good fighters have all the fun and action, right?

Leslie: Couldn’t? Or Wouldn’t?

Blossom: It doesn’t matter. We now get to see the Mob squirm as they’re being taken away.

The Police then waltz in and grab for the remaining Mob in the club and apprehend them one by one. Each cop taking a man a piece. One of the police officers reached over and started to grab and arrest Leslie…

Stanley: Hey… Officer. Release that girl. She’s not part of the Mob.

Officer: She’s been spotted all over town as the Mob girl Rita the Hammer.

Blossom: True. But she’s walked from the Mob. She’s not in the Mob. Nor am i. She’s been trying to make amends and get her debts paid.

O’aka: *Suddenly coming into scene* That be the truth. She stole from me and could have kept going on robbing people. But she didn’t. She came to me and paid me the 25,000 dollars that she owed me. It was actually only 20,000 but when she came to pay me back… She showed that she felt really bad for doing what she had done and slapped in 5 thousand extra.

Blossom: Also paid back my Uncle Zeke. 8,500 dollars. She paid back several others that she had robbed. there are still close to 300 debts to be paid. But she’s been busting herself to repay everything that she’s owed the victims of her robbing.

Annie: Leslie’s sorry. Officer, can’t you tell or see how sorry she is? If she wasn’t sorry… do you really think that she’d be aiming to repay all that she owed people and show that she was sorry?

Officer: *Releasing Leslie* Okay. But it better not happen again. She even robs someone for a stick of gum… one time… It’s the slammer for her.

Clint: Hey… She’s more than learned her lesson. I think that the actions of what she’s done here to help fight the Mob is more than enough to give a sign that she is indeed sorry. Plus we really don’t think that i can be condemned to say that when she was part of the Mob… She was in fact… Well… Misguided. That’s about it. She was just seeking for means of self survival and that’s to be good enough a reason as any. However… joining the Mob wasn’t the best way. But being alone in the city and nowhere to really belong. She had to do what she felt right.

Theodore: I agree.

As soon as they were outside and standing on two sides of the walkway just outside the front door of the Nightclub…

It was the end of the dilemma. The end of the Mayhem and yet… Nothing was quieting down just yet. There was still more to go. More to do…

Stanley and Tina stood on one side.

Patron: He stole all our jewelry. Take me to headquarters…

Kellaway: *Coming out for Stanley* Stop that man! I’ve got you now.

But then came the Mayor…

Kellaway: *Bumping into the Mayor* Hey… Watch it Skinny stick! *Stopping to look and recognizing who it was* Mayor Peters… I’m so…

Mayor: Lt. Kellaway, Just answer me this question. Please. Just give me that. What’s wrong with you? What the heck is your deal against that innocent man?

Kellaway: *Referring to Stanley* That man is The Mask.

Rikku: Which Mask would you think? The good one… The one that was a hapless zany romantic wildman. Or an Evil dominating man who wanted total domination?

Kellaway: It was that one. The one next to the lady.

Raven: She does happen to have a name, you know? Plus… Stanley? The Mask? I don’t think so.

Mayor: No. Dorian Tyrel was The Mask. I saw it with my own eyes. *Pointing at Stanley* This man here saved our lives.

Charlie Schumacher: With a little help. from his friends.

Stanley: Plus a tag along informant who gave some info on the villain. *Looking towards Leslie* Couldn’t have gotten an upper hand without her. *Looking towards the fighters* Nor could i have done it without the fighters of the City. They’re one of a kind.

Doyle: *Grateful* You’re a real hero.

Kellaway: Doyle!

Stanley: It’s nothing… any American with… balls of steel wouldn’t do for his community. *To Milo* Milo! Come on.

Stanley then heads off and makes off for his place. He was very relieved to know that the hell was over. It was finally… Finally all over. The only thing left was to be rid of the Mask. Soon…

Milo then followed up and carrying the Mask with his lips and Jaw…

Kellaway: *While looking towards the dog* Mayor Peters, did you see that dog?

Mayor: *Pointing a finger at Kellaway* Leave the dog alone. I want you in my office first thing tomorrow. You and i are gonna have a long talk and i guarantee… You’re gonna be thinking twice about going after an innocent man and his dog.

As the Mayor walks off and heads out into the crowd to speak with the press…

Kellaway: Yes, Your Honor.

Doyle: That doesn’t sound good at all.

Kellaway: *Disgusted* No, it doesn’t. What would sound good to you? You’re not the one that just got shafted. Again!

Doyle: Breakfast.

Kellaway: *Walking away* Shut up!

As Kellaway was walking away…

Leslie: Kellaway looks really angry. I think that he is gonna be itching to explode.

Sora: Yeah. I think that the fact that he just got shafted by the Mayor… It isn’t making him a happy camper. He doesn’t look pleased one bit.

Carly: Someone should ice him. cool him off. He looks like he’s about to explode or something.

Serena: R-r-r-r-r-right… right.

Annie: Serena, You should go back home. Rest off the pain. You’ve been through enough.

Sapphire: I think that we all have. We all have gone through this and it took a lot out of us.

Green Arrow: There’s still more out there. Like the D.A. He’s gonna be damaged. Fractured.

Spencer: Fractured… how?

Green Arrow:  He’s got his face blown half to hades.

Paul: What? *Shocked and dumbfounded* What are you talking about?

Green Arrow: Nick Rhapsody’s got hurt and it was due to being pinned by the Mob. The Mob took him and the wife. Placed them into an old abandoned building. The Woman you might know or recognize as the Family Matriarch of your family. She’s dead. The Explosion killed her… but only burned Nick’s face. The left side. Blown his face half to hell.

Rikku: *Gasps* Oh my god. Is he gonna be alright?

Amy: He’s alive, right?

Green Arrow: Oh… yeah. He’s still alive. Just in a lot of pain. But he’s still in the game.

It was then that they all mourned a loss or what they were made to believe was a loss and without knowing that there was no loss. There was no loss.

Annie Rhapsody                                                       Daria Rhapsody


Clint Rhapsody                                                         Theodore Rhapsody

The Romancers Z!

Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer Rhapsody- The Aquatic Force Z!

Sapphire, Raven and Serena Rhapsody… The Thunderic Force Z!

Blossom Rhapsody

Zoey Rhapsody

Sora and Carly Rhapsody


Leslie Burke

Holly Reedy

Rikku L. Rhapsody

Nick Rhapsody

Roxanne Harris


Stanley Ipkiss

Charlie Schumacher

Lt. Kellaway


Dorian Tyrell


Tina Carlyle

Tess Mercer

Genevieve Teague

Chloe Sullivan-Queen

Janie Rhapsody

Alexandra “Alex” Rhapsody

Charlene Rhapsody

Sid Reedy


Zion Lateaz



Carl Valentine Burke

Elizabeth Annie Burke



The End…

Leslie: *Voice-over* Ha! Just kidding… Thought that it was really the end… didn’t you? Well… There are still a load more of adventures. This is not the end… Just the start of yet… A New Beginning…

But as for Stanley…

The next Evening…

Metropolis Bridge…

A car came up across the bridge and driving down the road. The Road was silent and quiet..

Driving the car was Charlie and in the Middle was Tina and in the passenger seat was Stanley. He was holding onto the Mask. It was that time where he was finally gonna be rid of it.

Charlie: *Looking at Stanley* You sure that you know what it is that you’re about to do?

Stanley: I’m sure. I don’t think that the city was quite ready for the Mask character anyway.

Charlie: Then go and do what you must. It’s okay.

Tina: What about that girl, Leslie?

Stanley: I don’t really know. But after last night… She’s been tied up. Said something about repaying debts that were made by her days with the Mob. Having to make everything right.

Tina: You think she’ll be okay?

Stanley: Yeah. Besides… She’s got her Best friend. Blossom with her. The Fighters are pitching in to lend a hand where they can.

Tina: Isn’t there something we can do?

Stanley: Maybe.

As soon as Stanley and Tina were by the edge of the Bridge…

Stanley: *on a bridge with Tina, holding the mask in his hand* You sure you’re not gonna miss this guy? Once he’s gone, all that’s left is me.

Without a word, Tina takes it from him and throws it into the water, then grabs and kisses him.

Meanwhile, Charlie, watching them, gets out of the car and rushes over to the edge of the bridge to look for the mask. It’s floating in the water, so he climbs over the railing and jumps in…

Charlie Schumacher: *seeing Milo swimming off with the mask* MILO!


Stanley: *a wide grin on his face* SSSMOKIN’!

He grabs Tina and kisses her…

The Mask: *Voice-over; Laughs* Yeh—-heh heh hehhhh!

Sounds of the Mask Zipping off are heard…

What’s next for the fighters? What’s the result of the D.A? Will he go rogue? Will Leslie’s parents and her finally reunite? Will Zoey and Blossom ever Reconcile and get back to a stable position? Plus more on the developments of Charlene Rhapsody sudden change and signs of powers awakening within… Next on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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