Chapter 231: Ipkiss and the Mask… One last time. The Fall of Dorian. 1 of 2

(Note to the Reader: Take warning of there being a massive and agonizing amount of Past moments and pieces that took part and lead to the finale of the Mob run and of the Mask. But not the end to what’s still to come.)

Blossom: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

“T.V: *Reporting* This just in… Over the last few days… this city’s been ravaged by a Mob Crime boss by the name of  Niko. He his team has been seen taking residence at the Oasis. Turning into a mobsters hangout. His team isn’t the only one this city had taken wind of. only an hour… a Mobster syndicate led by one  Dorian Tyrell… has been seen roaming the streets. officials have no word of his current whereabouts at the moment. But the crime rate has been raised to 40% and climbing. There is more to come. So far… this city has seen the ravaging waves of the Child abductors and seen their end. But there is now the Mob. Crime is now at high risk. Metropolis faces hard times and with the Mobster teams in the city… there will be more hard times to follow. We have received reports on where the Mob crime boss is said to reside. Residing at the Night club: The Coco Bongo club. There is now a Mandatory Curfew for minors. 10:00 PM all Minors and adults are to be indoors and remain in their homes. Anyone caught out… Will be apprehended and questioned.”

“T.V: *Voice-over; As Nick Fred Rhapsody* Alot of people have the concept of trust in me. Can you tell why? It’s because i am just that good. In my life i have worked from being a rookie Lawyer… to a Asst. Prosecutor. to Prosecutor. to District Attorney. I shot myself up to the top by being good at what i do. As a Lawyer i defended Accused Serial Killers who were in risk of being sentenced to spend life in prison. defended a innocent Teen who almost slapped himself into the Criminal system for life. As a prosecutor… i pressed hard and took down vile beatniks. Gluttons, Sex Offenders, Molesters and Murderers. Pedophiles and serial Killers who lived to terrorize the public. Now i am the District Attorney. Nick Harrison The top Dog of serving the people. The undefeated titan of Law. At Large. I am that… because as i said. I am that damn good. I don’t back down from any case. Any Crime lords in the City all want to kill me because i am their end. Their undoing. The Cyanide to their chain of terror. I take any case and i don’t back away. People fear the law when it’s a law that’s done right. I also do public Relations. I don’t have a degree in subtlety. but a degree in being the long arm of the law. I don’t step down from anything. You know the District Attorney that was around before me? Ron Larson. He was the prime. The minister of law and order. In his time he put away many crooks who seek to pillage. He was the master of the trade. his track record at best is 500 to Zip. He never lost a case. I am a tough board to break. When i am on a case. i take no prisoners and i don’t take no for an answer. I can argue to people and do it like the very best of them. I’m not what you call a subtle man. I don’t take any time off to ease up. I hardly ever get to seek a break for the work i do. But that’s because in my profession… i work to be the best and the top of my game. You know the guy… the type of man that can pick up any woman who’s mind is set on being the best at what they do? I’m that guy… On Adrenaline.”

“Ruby S.: *Introducing the new girl as the new girl tends on grabbing a seat* Girls, This is Roxanne Harris. She’s the new girl. All the way from Sunny California. San Francisco, California. Roxanne, *Introducing the gang to her* This is Lana Greens. Sassy but with a load of class. Kasey Rhapsody. Daughter to the hero of the past Flaming Soul. Cousin to our Leader. Erica Harper… The Cowgirl with the knack for riding off into the wide blue yonder and back. Very informative.  Jessica Spelling. The girl with resources that match one Zoey Creek. but works pro-Bono. And the one with the sass and the Leader skills lasting a plenty… Sapphire Rhapsody. Leader of the heroic team The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!”

“Leslie: Hi there. I’m Leslie. Leslie Tina Burke. *Smiling*”

“Charlie: That was the most sickening display I have ever seen.

Stanley: I disagree… I think that i’m wearing her down.”

“Charlie: Stanley… You need a gal. No foolin’  Buddy, you need a little change of pace. Tonight, I’ll take you on a love safari. Deep into the darkest heart of the urban jungle.

Stanley: Tell me more. Bwana!

Charlie: The Coco Bongo Club. Hottest new joint in town. Only the crème de la crème need apply.

Stanley: How do we get in?

Charlie: Are you kidding? Leave it to me. Trust me, buddy. This will be the perfect… night on the town.”

“Dorian: What do you think?

Dr. Freeze: Layout’s not bad. But… the motion detectors are a pain. I do have one question.

Dorian: Which is?

Dr. Freeze: What does Niko have to say about this?

Dorian: Nothin’… this ain’t his grift.

Dr. Freeze: Get real man, everything is his grift. He owns you, he owns this… club he owns this whole stink’in town.

Leslie: I’m new at this… But isn’t that guy… Niko supposed to be the feared Don of the city?

Dr. Freeze: You mess with Niko you end up takin’ a dirt nap.

Leslie: Is that a good thing. Or a bad? *Worried*

Dorian: It’s a bad thing… But, Leslie… there isn’t a thing to worry about.

Leslie: That’s what worries me… if all this is Niko’s domain… Wouldn’t it be risking the veil of discretion if you were to make the plan to rob the bank? I mean… wouldn’t it get back to Niko? He might get wind of this and that could mean trouble for you guys.

Dorian: You could be right, Leslie. But… It’s gonna be okay. Once we pull off this heist. I have a good feeling that Niko will be the one meeting his last curtain call. He’s the only one who’s napping… and I’m about to give him a serious wake-up call. But we need cash… so first we take the bank… then we take Niko… and then, my friend, school is out. And this whole city is our playground.

Leslie: That’s cute… We take the whole city? That’ll be a feat to remember. However… from everything you laid out about Niko… You have to realize. He’s not stupid. A little over the top… but he isn’t stupid. People with billions of dollars have this thing called Paranoia of someone trying to come and pop them off and take over. He’s gonna be watching everything and if he even sniffs a scent of innuendo or subterfuge… he’s gonna come a knockin’. You know what you’re aiming for… But be careful. Not knowing who you’re messing with will spell your end on a rap sheet.”

“Helen Bellman: *Speaking to the people* Ladies and Gentlemen… Your district attorney at law. The Enforcer of the integrity of Metropolis… Nick Rhapsody.

Nick: Ladies and Gentleman… I have come here to set things straight and i want to be direct. In the recent days that passed… We have seen a ravaging climb of aggravated crime and burglaries. Shootings and Injustice being done. The police force has been working without end. But it’s reaching a problem. The New Crime lord Niko… His reign has been rising and it’s been left up for the heroes of the city. to take notice and do what they know to suppress it.

Officer Antoine: What about the Clan that the city depends on? Where are they? Not around to do the job they were entrusted for.

Officer Petrov: Why don’t the Thunderic Force Z! just retire? it’s because of them that the crimes are rising and getting worse. The streets are not safe anymore. There are shootings and mob hits going on in the city and those fighters… They’re not doing anything to stop it. That goes for the Aquatic Force Z! and those girls… The Romancers Z!

Nick: It’s true… They aren’t doing much on stopping it. But there is not that much they can do. They don’t use fire arms. Their only defense is the element that they possess. Two things that i want to ensure the people of the city is that everything that can be done… is being done. Secondly… the stopping of the Mob is what our Vigilante heroes… The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! The Rhapsody Romancers Z! The Esp Elemental Twins… Electrogal and Honolulu Torch… They are doing the best they can with what they got…

Reporter: You rather protect the integrity of a group of Vigilantes than the very lives of the people of Metropolis?

Nick: *Speaking to the people* The Rhapsody new Generation are Vigilantes… They should be made responsible for the crimes rising. The Mob don’t know about them and we kept it that way. Should we give in to the Mob that easily and not fight back? We want the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! The Rhapsody Romancers Z! The Esp Elemental Twins… Electrogal and Honolulu Torch… to retire because we’re scared of what the criminals who ravaged the city may do… We are not wanting them to turn themselves in because we want them to come forward. We are doing so… because we are terrified. The fair heroes have always fought for peace in this city. Just like their mothers and fathers before them.

Press reporter: And now things are worse then ever…

Nick: You all know of their mothers and fathers. The ones you all loved throughout the years… throughout the tears… “Danger Zone” Dinah. She was tough… Hard to beat… and kicked butts all over the city. The Emotional Heart Pearl, The Winged Romance Paige, The Captain of the Enforcers… Alvin, The Watering Fury Arnold, The Plasma-tic temper, Avery and the Electrical current wielder Curtis. Why are the off-springs any different than they are? If they should turn themselves in… Would that help things? Would the crime go away? No. It would only get worse and never better. It’s the darkness. The Night is always darkest before the Dawn. The Dawn is coming. But to force the girls out…it will stir more crime. it will wipe out our only chance to trim Crime down. I ask you… Think about it? Will you be wanting to see crime rise? The law Enforcers that you all see on the streets protect the people. They protect you. The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! The Rhapsody Romancers Z! The Esp Elemental Twins… Electrogal and Honolulu Torch… are the very same. They believe in the law.We should put the trust in them as we do the police. The Men in uniform.”

“Zeke: how did the wood get wrecked to begin with?

Gabe: You mean… Who put bullet holes into the wood? *Chuckles* This is a trip. But you’ll find this really insane. It’s been done by a Kid. A Girl. and a group of men. Likely the Mob.

Zeke: A Girl? You’re kidding. Really?

Gabe: You better believe your bottom buck that it was. Word has it that she’s been seen with the men. Hanging with them. She could have been like the Daughter to one of them. An Innocent bystander or just Misguided. But… No one knows her name.

Zeke: Strange.

Gabe: You can say that again. It gets weirder than that. A contact that i got a hold of… He said something about there being word that the girl was from New York. Emancipated. Plus… Get this. Calling herself a one Rita the Hammer. Prodigiously legit. The girl however acted like she was just joking about the name. Of course… it didn’t stop on ruffling a few shreds of hair.”

“Blossom: *Walking by and catching sight of the girl* Hey… You’re new to this school… Aren’t you?

Leslie: Yeah. *Stopping suddenly and turning to look over at the girl; walking over a bit towards the girl* I am kinda still new. I haven’t been here in this city long. Since the end of last year… However i didn’t know where to go. Or who i could trust.

Blossom: Well… You’re here. It’s got to be a sign for something. I mean, I am usually with my cousins. The ones who go to this school too.

Leslie: Your cousins?

Blossom: Yeah. The 3… or 5 that i hang with are usually with me. But they’re right now at the library. No… They’re at the cafeteria getting something to eat.

Leslie: What about you?

Blossom: Not really hungry. I’ve had something on my mind.

Leslie: Got something going on?

Blossom: Not really. But it’s just the idea that there are these kids. Last name: Marco. They’ve been bugging me and my cousins.

Leslie: They must be really mean. Why do they bug you?

Blossom: I suppose that i can tell you about it… But it’s just between us. *Pauses*

Blossom: You know… You might have trust issues. Because you’re new and no one is really taking to you. But everyone needs a friend here. If there is no one else that you can find here… to trust. You can trust me. Consider me your friend. I’m Blossom. Blossom Rhapsody.

Leslie: That’s a nice name. I’m Leslie. Leslie T. Burke. But… I uh… Don’t take it the wrong way. Even though that’s a nice name… Why do they call you… Blossom?

Blossom: It’s okay. I don’t mind. It’s my parents. They gave me that name when i was… born. I could have been just peachy with being called Angel or Renee or Winifred or something. But Blossom to them is kinda enduring.

Leslie: That’s cool.

Blossom: *Chuckles* I guess so. It is cool, isn’t it? Say… Where you from? You’re not a normal Metropolis girl. You definitely don’t talk like one.

Leslie: New York City. Brooklyn Originally. But the part of Brooklyn i lived in originally was like the edge of Manhattan. Around the cut separating Brooklyn and Manhattan.”

“Rosie: Who are you?

Sophie: Sophie Collins. One of the Bikini Girls and a good friend to the Rhapsody clan. At least to the younger members of the clan. You’re… uh, Rosie. You’re the sister to someone named Roxanne Harris.

Rosie: That’s right. But what is it that you’re after?

Sophie: You were looking into asking about the new girl. The one they call Leslie T. Burke… weren’t you?

Rosie: Yeah. What is the deal with her?

Sophie: I can tell you… but… you have to be real delicate with this kind of info. The girl you are wanting to know about. She’s from New York. She’s Rich. And she is only 12-13 years old. It turns out from a source i know… Erica Harper… She caught wind of the girl coming to Metropolis around the end of last year. During the ending reigns of the Child Abductions and Molestation cases that were hankering about. The new girl… She’s involved with the Mob. The Mob lead by a guy named Dorian Tyrell. He took her in. She’s with his gang. But she is also known as another name. Rita the Hammer. Plus… It turns out that Leslie T. Burke also was caught smoking yesterday.

Rosie: Smoking?!

Sophie: Yeah. She comes to school posing as a normal girl. She is… but when she is with Dorian… She’s under the switch mostly as Rita the Hammer. She’s friendly when living as a normal girl. But when she’s with the Mob… She’s sassy and contentious. Seductive in a way.

Rosie: She goes to this school?

Sophie: You better believe that she does.

Rosie: Is she dangerous?

Sophie: No way… the only thing that is of concern that she does is run some hits for them. She’s quick too. Plus she is also good at talking her way out from being busted on a hit job that she does for Dorian. She works simple but it’s all fast. In… out and done in only a few minutes. She even out runs a Merchant that people know to be sly and swift as a fox. O’aka XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire. Rita the hammer outsmarts even him. And he’s the best salesman with the sharp wit in the whole city. She out does him.

Rosie: She doesn’t sell drugs though, does she?

Sophie: Who knows… It could be in her back pack. But who’s to know… People don’t think twice of it because for a kid with a bag that is a little weighty. Who’d question a Kid. or a young teen. Even one like Leslie T. Burke. She’s sweet and gives no sign of a dark secret that she moves to hide aside to keep others from learning of her other life.

Rosie: What should we do?

Sophie: Do? What can anyone do? Your sister is safe. She’d never target anyone innocent. Ever.

Rosie: What about the others? Do they know?

Sophie: No. It’s best that they don’t know for now. Please… Just what ever you do… Don’t tell anyone. Please. We don’t want a panic. on our conscience… Because if the others were to catch on… and people in this school knew… There would be a fearing panic breaking loose and it would mean trouble for everyone. Exposing the Mob. but also putting those of us who know of her and those of us who manage to befriend the girl… in danger.”

Alice: Something is up with my husband.

Mr. Olson: How do you figure, Alice?

Alice: I don’t know. I just know that something is up. He’s been acting secretive for the last several weeks and i can’t get him to fess up.

Mr. Olson: Do you believe that he might be being unfaithful to you?

Alice: It is possible that he might be and if that is the case… I don’t know what i’ll do. *Sighs and looking down* I just can’t think about anything other than that. It’s driving me nuts. But no matter what… i will never believe that it is real. My Twin daughters could likely come to me and say that it’s true… i’d still deny it.

Mr. Olson: There… you see? Problem solved. If there happens to be anything to it… it’ll come out.

Alice: I don’t know if i’d be willing to learn of it. I’d be more likely trying to deny it.”

“Genevieve: There are reports of a girl in the city that is involved with the Mob.

Tess: What are the details on this mysterious girl?

Genevieve: The info on her is that she’s known as Leslie Tina Burke. She’s got the same name that resembles the character from one of the movies decades ago. But she’s different than that. Much different. Very. She’s from New York. New York and she is Rich. Very Rich. She’s only 12-13 years old and plus… She’s Emancipated.

Tess: She’s a Runaway.

Genevieve: No… She’s not. She is emancipated from her parents. Meaning that she is on her own. All alone and with her Money. $20 Million Dollars on hand. In Hard Cold Cash.

Tess: Is she involved with the Clan? The Fighters?

Genevieve: No. She’s not. Unfortunately… She’s involved with the Mob.

Tess: The Mob?

Genevieve: That’s right.

Mr. Morgan: She’s part of the Mob. Part of Dorian’s team. She’s in Mob Identity known as… Rita the Hammer. But in normal identity… She’s a school girl. A young girl who attends Metropolis Middle school and this is another thing… She’s befriended one of the fighters.

Tess: Who?

Chloe: Electrogal.

Tess: …

Genevieve: *Gasps* You mean… Young Blossom is hanging with her?

Mr. Morgan: Yes. She is…”

“Curtis: *Walking over and sitting next to his daughter* Blossom, You’re seeming to be rather quiet today. Why?

Blossom: Not sure. Why do you ask that, dad?

Curtis: You’re usually the most opinionated person here. The most opinionated kid in the house and always would be chatting. Having conversations with your sister Mary. Your brother Perry.

Blossom: That’s right. But…

Curtis: But what…? Something happen?

Blossom: No. Other than i made a new personal friend today at school.

Curtis: You did, did you? *Curious* Who’s the new friend of yours?

Blossom: Depends… Do you happen to know of there being a girl who seems to be on the tip of a bunch of people’s tongues?

Curtis: Not really. No. What about her, Pumpkin?

Blossom: Well… She’s from New York. Rich and she’s also Emancipated. She’s alone or… seemed to be alone. Only thing is that she was with these guys. I don’t even know who they were. What they were even doing around the school grounds. However… She apparently knew them. Really knew them.

Curtis: They could have been distant family members of hers. Ones from a family she emancipated herself from.

Blossom: I don’t think so. Dad, the men had guns. Semi-Autos. They were like armed and set to fire.

Curtis: As though they were from the Mob?

Blossom: The thought did happen to cross my mind. Although… I didn’t think much about it. The girl… Her name’s Leslie Tina Burke.

Curtis: Leslie Burke… Hmm. *Thinking* That name sounds rather familiar.

Blossom: How so?

Curtis: It’s just that… the name has been spread around quite a bit over the last couple weeks. Talks of there being a young girl shooting up the city. *Reconsidering the statement* Actually… not the city. But certain places. Like that one piece of property that had building materials. It was with the equipment that would ensure your Uncle Zeke’s Pub to get it’s well deserved Expansion. There were a few people catching sight of a young girl there shooting at bottles.

Blossom: *Gasps* What? Nah-uh! You’re making that up. Leslie didn’t do that. Why would she?

Curtis: I don’t know… But she had done it. She’d been spotted by 10 people. Which are associates that i tend to work with from time to time on the field when the Director of the Seismology dept. has me going out on assignments. Or field work. They saw her and also heard her talk about being a best buddy to one the guys she was seen talking with.

Blossom: *Thinking* You are sure that it was her, dad? What if it was someone who appeared to look like Leslie but wasn’t Leslie and was just there to pose and frame her?

Curtis: Like a copycat? Or a Mysterious Twin?

Blossom: Yeah.

Curtis: That could be a possibility, Blossom. It may have had been a copycat. But… the description they gave was exact. Very distinct. I would like to give this all a benefit of a doubt… But ten people caught sight of her. if it was one person… i could likely question it. But not ten. Ten is too many for just a sighting. They couldn’t all be lying.

Blossom: But she’s friendly. She seemed so lost and rather like without a friend in the world.”

“Irv: *Walking over to Stanley* Now, what can I do for you, bub?

Stanley: I’m here to pick up the Civic.

Burt: *Standing up and looking at Stanley* The brake drums are shot and you need a new transmission.

Stanley: *In disbelief* What?! I don’t believe this… All i dropped the car off here for was for an Oil change.

Irv: Lucky we caught these problems before they caused serious trouble. *Sliding over the release form* Sign right here, and press down hard.

Stanley looks at the slip and looks for a price. He doesn’t see one and quickly calls them out on it…

Stanley: There’s no price.

Irv: There will be.

Stanley: I’ve no car. I need a car tonight.

Irv: *Tilting his head and looking back* Hey Burt… Bring out the loaner.

Burt: The Loaner?!

Stanley: *Weary* The Loaner?”

“Sora: Dad is seeing another woman somehow. But he won’t say. If it gets anymore of a secret or a serious predicament… we’re gonna have to tell mom.

Carly: How do we tell her? The last time we told her that something was up… she played it off and said that dad would never do that. That it had something to do with work.

Sora: Work? Really, Carly… Work? Since when did dad’s work include a spunky Zoot suit, a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine and possibly a couple of cuban cigars?

Carly: I don’t know. Maybe it’s something formal.

Sora: No way. Something is up. Dad is seeing another woman and the last i or we checked… it wasn’t with someone that had the caliber of a seducer and possible prostitute milking for a good man with dire motives.

Carly: What do you suggest that we do?

Sora: we go on a spy rendezvous and find out. Dad’s got two tickets to Pierre Twang’s French restaurant. tonight. at 7. So… we’ll make like we got a date and pose as a couple of women going out for a gathering. Catch him off guard. Not confront him… but see what he’s doing.

Carly: Do you think it will work?

Sora: Don’t know. But we have to know for sure. If he really is dating the woman… it’s serious and we’re either gonna have to derail it… or tell mom. I really don’t want to tell mom. This will break her heart. But unless we find out what’s going on… there is no telling when this will stop.

Carly: How do we do it though? it isn’t like dad won’t notice us…

Sora: We have to still try. Come on… Let’s find our formal outfits and see if we can follow him.

Carly: Yeah. *Nods* I smell a rat and that rat has two legs, is wearing a Zoot suit and is acting very suspicious like.”

“Blossom: *Walking over from the side; Coming from the street* Hey Leslie.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom suddenly* Blossom?! Oh my god… I can’t believe that you’re here… near me at a time like this.

Blossom: What do you mean? *Confused* Why’re you here? You do realize that this is a nightclub, right?

Leslie: I think that i gathered that, Blossom. However… i am involved with someone here.

Blossom: Who? Who has you here? Leslie… You should come with me. We can hang out at my house. I can make an excuse with my dad and you can stay at my house.

Leslie: That’d be nice, Blossom… But, I can’t. I have to stay here.

Blossom: I don’t understand… Why? Why do you have to stay here?

Leslie: It’s not really any business of yours, Blossom. You shouldn’t be here. You should not have come here. Go. Please.

Blossom: Leslie, You can trust me… I won’t tell anyone about your being at the nightclub.

Leslie: Alright. You happen to be a good friend. My only friend from school. So… I have to at least trust you with some of the truth.

Blossom: Truth? Leslie… What is going on?

Leslie: What do you think? I am with Dorian right now.”

“Carly: Oh my god… Look at him. He’s holding her hand. He’s totally holding her hand.

Sora: *Whispers* What is dad doing with her? That’s how he used to flirt with mom. He’s grabbing the hand and… *Gasps; Whispering* She’s smiling and returning the gesture. Moving in to kiss.

Carly: They’re kissing. *Looking at Sora and feeling bad* Sora, What’re we gonna do? What’ll we tell mom?

Sora: I don’t know. But we don’t have much to tell her so far. But what ever dad is doing with that lady… I don’t think it’s subtle. It looks like he’s looking to get with her for a one night—

Carly: *Looking cross at Sora* Don’t even say it. Don’t you dare say that he’s seeking a one night stand. Whatever that means. I really don’t want to hear about the possibility of there being a one night run.

Sora: What else could it be? Carly… Dad is flirting with that girl. Romantic like. He used to look at mom like that. He used to do all that with mom and we never knew about it other than secretly standing beside the door to their room one time and watching. We never spoke about it. Because it wasn’t our business. None of it was for us to know. But we saw and these are signs telling about the intention for the one night… you know what.

Carly: I don’t think that i want to see anymore. I think that coming here was a big mistake. A really bad mistake. I think that we should just stay on the outside of the issue and just find out the truth… another way.”

Clint: *Walking into the River and treading over to the Man* Hey… You feeling alright?

Stanley: *Pauses and Jumps in surprise* Huh?! Wha–? Who said that?

Clint: *Suddenly tapping the shoulder slightly to get the man’s attention* hey…

Stanley: *Turning around slowly* …

Seconds later…

Clint: What’re you doing down here?

Stanley: There’s a body down here.

Clint: A Body? *Pauses and in shock* You sure?

Stanley: No lie. I can’t lie about that. it’s never a funny joke when you happen to see something floating in the water and it’s believed to be a body.

Clint: I believe you… *Looking around at the water* Although… if there’s supposed to be a body floating… here. Where is it? There’s nothing here. Except a little bit of debris.

Stanley: That’s what it looks like. But if i didn’t come down here to see and it turned out to really be a body… I’d be feeling guilty.”

“Stanley: I was just looking for… *holds up Mask* My mask. I got it.”

“Paul: “Loki, norse god of mischief. He was also known ” -(the Trickster) – As the youngest son of odin, loki was the black sheep of the norse mythological family. His constant mischievous pranks were an endless source of embarrassment to his father and his siblings. He was, in other words, a bratty little brother. And loki’s ultimate tool of mischief was this, *Pointing to the Mask that rested on the nearby Stand* the mask which he created and tossed down to earth thousands of years ago to create mayhem among the mortals. For, according to legend, the wearer of the mask is imbued with the powers of loki himself. Loki represents the “id,” the suppressed parts of ourselves, and the mask is the tool which unleashes the id. Of all the aesir gods, loki was the only one who could shape shift– change his form, even turn himself into a woman. Anyway, loki brought nothing but shame to odin and his ilk. In fact, loki was such an unruly child that odin ultimately locked him up in chains far beneath the earth.”

“Stanley/The Mask: *Looking in the mirror* It’s party time! P-a-r-t-y Why?! Because i gotta! *hearing voices and turning to see a few people looking at him* Looks like we got an audience. Let’s see… We got a couple of good friends. Paul The Comedian, Spencer the Albino/Whiz teen, Rikku the Afghani cutie, Kiyoko the Japanese flower and Clint… The one who looks like the guy who has been watching one too many horror flicks. How Do?!”

“Serena: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Paul: Serena…

Serena: Paul? What is it?

Paul: *On the Phone; Contacting the girls* Girls… Come in. Hurry…

Serena: What is it?! Paul… i am no mood for games right now. I am still half asleep and really cranky.

Paul: One guess. What’s a drab banker mixed with lonesome living but all the while a hopeless romantic?

Serena: Ipkiss! Why?

Paul: You got it. And there is more. Ipkiss has snapped and gone nuts.”

“Majestic Love: Stanley… What are you doing? This isn’t you… You’ve got to stop this. You just fired a wave of bullets at a gang. We can figure that they were bad news… But you could have murdered someone. You murdering innocent people… That’s not what a hero does. That’s what a villain does. Don’t act like one. Be a hero…

Stanley/The Mask: But that’s what i clearly am, son. I am a hero. Good ole’ Stanley was messed with earlier by those leather heads… So…I flipped the favor and gave them a scare.

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: A scare? That is not what it sounded like to us… Stanley… You’re a good guy. A wildman and romantic seeker… But doing this… Shooting at people; that is not what a wild and zany romantic man would do…

Thunderic Fury: *Closing in along side her sisters* Stanley… What are you after?

Stanley/The Mask: *Shrugs* I don’t know. A little satisfaction… that’s about it. See Ya!”

“Stanley/The Mask: *declaring in a dramatic and performing manner* Hold onto your lug nuts… it’s tiiiiiiiiime for an overhaul!”

“Sapphire: *In conference with the fighters and sisters* Okay… Here is the details of the situation. Yesterday… A bunch of us came in meet with a Stanley Ipkiss. Drab Banker of the Metropolis Savings and Loan Bank. He’s what Paul gathered of Ipkiss… A Love sick… Love crazed man. Nice and peaceful. A Hopeless romantic. But is always getting the block on luck.

Raven: There has to be more to it than that…Last night was really Zany. Not what we would call anything of the description…

Annie: But how did this happen? Is he alright?

Serena: Oh… He’s alright. He’s sleeping it off and is likely one who’s got no recollection of it at all. That’s what Paul tells us at least.

Carly Black: You guys… This is serious. Ipkiss needs help.

Daria: No he doesn’t. What he needs is to be without that mysterious mask.

Clint: Daria… Stop it. That is not gonna help. Ipkiss is not a maniac. He couldn’t help what the hell was going on. The Mask was taking over… Some of it was him… But most of the actions… were all done by the Mask Personality. It was acting out Stanley’s “Id”. His deepest darkest desire.

Amy: His what?! *Lost and confused* What did you say?

Spencer: Amy… IT is just what he said. What Paul said too. We were there at his apartment. At Ipkiss’s apartment… There was this Author on T.V. Arthur Neuman… One of the things or the only thing that he said… was: “We suppress the id, our darkest desires… and adopt a more socially acceptable image.”

Blossom: If that’s the case… we have a problem… I have befriended a gangster girl and the only thing that i can say is that the girl is not like the many others who were young but asinine… Or shall i say… Ego-tistical. The girl i met… Her name is Leslie Tina Burke. This could all be an offset of a Mob throwdown. Ipkiss… He is mr. Nice guy. He is sweet as you are stating. Leslie is also nice too… But Involved on the wrong side. Not by choice… But because the other side took her in when she was new in the city and had thereby… Nowhere else to go. She had nowhere to go and the ones on the other side of this soon to be struggle… just took her in and made her a part of them.

Theodore: What does that mean? What does that even mean? The girl you met… is part… of the Mob?

Blossom: I don’t know… She said she was… With a persona of a Mafioso. However… she wouldn’t specify. I can’t push her to tell me as it would put her in an awkward spot. The other thing is that i am her only friend.. No one else wants to befriend her.

Zoey: Whoever that girl is… Could she be in lines for another friend? No one deserves a life of loneliness. Everyone deserves a friend. No matter who they are.

Annie: What about Ipkiss? Why did he become… this green headed guy? How did this happen?

Clint: One guess and it is found at the Metropolis river. Last night… by time the date i was having with Kiyoko happened to near an end. I happened to drive right along the bridge. On one side of the road of the bridge was a broken down piece of… pardon the language as it might not be for the sensitive ears or the weak in mind. It was a disgraceful piece of Automotive garbage crap that it looked as if someone placed a few things of metal together and molded them into the shape of a car. calling it a car. when it broke down and turned to literal crap. The worst crap ever formed. Ipkiss was given that car by a rip off Auto finishing place. He filled out complaints too… But nothing changed from that. He can’t seem to get his own car back. I pulled over and looked down to see Ipkiss down below. Standing in the river by the River bank.

Penny: What was he doing there?

Clint: Well.. That’s the initiative. The really compromising part. He was said to rescue a believed person which wasn’t a person from drowning. Ipkiss said that he thought it to be a person. A real person. there is a catch though…It was a hunk of garbage. An old tire and other little things bunched up together… He sifted through it… to find… A Mysterious Mask. odd looking one at that. It was very strange. on front there was some kind of engraving on the near top of it. That looked like… Well…

Raven: The Norse god of Mischief. Loki.

Clint: Yeah. But how did you know?

Raven: Uh, Clint… Who are you talking to right now… It’s me… The Family Bookworm. Or… one of the family bookworms. I read. I may not look like a pencil geek. but i am still a book worm who’s itching to read till the eyes went numb.

Clint: Point well taken. But you’re right. It was an engraving like that. Obviously… Imbued with the powers of Loki. Because on the back… There was this green shimmer. Then white… then green again. Stanley tried it on as some kind of spoof or something. He tried it. Within seconds… he turned into this green guy. He tagged me too. As a person who looked like someone who happened to watch one too many Horror movies.

Spencer: That’s nothing. He could tell that i was Albino. I never even told him. I never said anything about being one to Stanley… But the Mask knew. Knew about that just like… *Snapping his fingers* That. No trick. No reading minds… Just knew.

Sapphire: Where is Stanley now?

At Stanley Ipkiss’s Apartment…

Paul: *In a Video conference with the other fighters* I stayed at his apartment and kept his dog Milo happy. It was better than being home to sniff the scent of a father having an affair.

Zoey: What?! Wait… Wait a minute. Uncle Alvin is cheating on his wife. Cheating on Aunt Alice?

Blossom: Welcome to the conference call, Zoey. You okay?

Zoey: Not really… but what can i do? But… did i just hear what i thought that i just heard?

Blossom: I think so.

Paul: It’s true. But please… just let the matter drop. I don’t want to embellish it. *Clearing his throat* I am at the apartment. Stanley’s barely stirring right now… But the incident that hit last night… took a lot out of him. Not that it could be all on him. It was that Mask that was doing most of the Zany Mojo.

Susie: *On screen* I hope you’re right. But what if the situation happens again?

Christina: Smaller units… But a tighter watch. Stanley is what you are telling us he is… A Nice guy. A very down to earth… homely guy who is love-crazed. Love obsessed. Looking for love almost on the fly. But as long as he wears that mask… he’s putting his good standing at risk. Hurting someone unintentionally and himself just the same.

Serena: So… What’ll we do? We can’t even tell our parents. The ones who done it before us. They’re all retired. They stepped down and it’s on our shoulders. Ours alone.”

“Sora: Carly… We’re gonna need to tell mom about this soon. Last night was nothing more other than a nightmare.

Carly: Sora, We can’t tell her. We can’t. This is gonna hurt her.

Sora: We should do something though.

Carly: But what can we do? We can’t just come out and tell mom. What if it’s all just a big misunderstanding and what we saw… was just our minds telling us what we were fearing was happening but in truth… wasn’t?

Sora: Don’t be foolish on that, Carly. You and I both know what it was that we saw. It was no Misunderstanding. This is alot worse than the constant dealing with those Marco Jerks. This could break apart our family and it’s enough to make us feel the constant aggravation of the Marco kids to be a cake walk.

Carly: I guess so. *Sighs* But what’ll we do about the affair that dad is having? He’s cheating on our mom. Paul has spent the night out. He hasn’t even come back last night. Either he’s forgot about coming home here… He’s avoiding the family… He had a fight with dad and or mom about something… or because he knows something and he’s staying away from us so we won’t find out about it.

Sora: Which do you think it is…?

Carly: I think it’s because he happens to know something about the likely affair dad’s having.”

“Radio: *Broadcasting* Good Morning Metropolis… It’s another bright morning this September 15th 2045 and here are the highlights for the day. The gas prices are finally going down. the record high has broken and the prices are estimated to break down to a $2.50. That’s is the song of relief for all drivers and high maintenance vehicle owners. Whew! In the tale of local news… A local Auto-shop has been hit by a reported unknown being. At around 3 in the morning… In the still silent and serene of the night… Jensen’s Auto Finishing was hit. By a Maniac in a distinctive looking Zoot suit. But no word on the whereabouts of the unknown marauder…

Leslie: *Pauses* Huh?! A Zoot suit? Someone attacking an Auto-shop… That’s new. Why would someone stoop to attacking an auto shop? I’ll have to ask Dorian about that. Maybe he’d know. An attack on a Auto shop just seems unheard of. At least… in this city. *Wondering*

Radio: *Continuing* In the Entertainment world… Last night at the Coco Bongo Club of Metropolis… The Musical fox and hot Kitty Tina Carlyle blew the night away with her Musical #. The Club struck a high chord of cheers and bells. Cheers and an explosion of applause. Who in the world would have ever figured that a Hot and attractive woman like her would be the one to wow the crowd? Not to forget there is a new resident with the Mob… Her name… Hold on to your hearts but… She is a 12-13 year old girl. Leslie T. Burke. She’s a real sweetheart. Not like the other Mob members who are sweet and nice till things go south. This girl is someone… We’d send hugs to anytime. *A Slight second pause* And now to start the morning off… Let’s hear a little Frankie Valli and the four seasons… Here’s their song: “Candy Girl”. Leslie’s sweet nature will put someone into a diabetic coma. Leslie, Not many people know you yet… but they will. This song goes out to you… Wherever you are. “Candy Girl”. On MRHAP Metropolis. The Station that has the stuff you want and delivers on the fly…”

“Lt. Kellaway: Ipkiss? Stanley Ipkiss?

Stanley: Yes?

Lt. Kellaway: Lt. Kellaway, city precinct.”

“Paul: B&E… You mean… Breaking and entering. Going into another person’s residence uninvited and without the resident that lives at that spot knowing.

Lt. Kellaway: That’s right. You seem to know the law and what Cop abbreviations are. Who’re you?

Paul: Paul. Paul Charles Alvin Rhapsody.

Lt. Kellaway: You’re Alvin Rhapsody’s kid, aren’t you?

Paul: Yeah. And you’re about to ask me… What am i doing with Stanley?”


“Paul: It’s because… I’m a friend. He’s had a rather rough night last night and was down on luck. We spent the whole night talking and getting things out. We actually played cards and Sprung a tie. Stanley wound up whippin’ my butt. He might have been down on luck… but when it comes to cards… He don’t fool around.”

“Stanley: I’m the Prowler. I did that. It could’ve been me that did it.

Paul: Stanley… It wasn’t all you. It was that Mask persona. The Mask was just acting out your “Id”. Your deepest desire. That’s what it was that did it. You didn’t do anything that you would normally not do. It was just you as that Mask. It was controlling you. Acting out your innermost desire.”

Charlie: Come on, Stanley… You need to forget about her. She’s the type of girl looking for the constant bigger better deal. The BBD in the deal. Who’s got the dìnero in their pockets. Ask her what her sign is and she’ll say dollar. “Cha-Ching!”

“Peggy Brandt: *Shaking hands in greeting* Hi, I’m Peggy Brandt from the Tribune/Daily Planet.

Stanley: *Shaking hands before sitting back down* Oh, hi. Look, I cancelled my subscription because they kept stealing my paper from the…

Peggy: *Sitting down in front of Stanley; ready to ask questions* Oh, no, actually, I just want to ask you a few questions.

Stanley: Really? About what?

Peggy: Jensen’s Auto Finishing. You’re a customer of theirs, aren’t you?

Stanley: Me? No. I don’t even have a car. You know, ’cause they pollute.

Peggy: You don’t own an ’89 Civic?

Stanley: Oh, that car, yeah. Yeah. It’s all coming back to me. Miss… *not knowing the name* What was your name?

Peggy: Peggy Brandt.”

“Niko: I’m fed up with you, Dorian. But I’m gonna cut you a break. Five weeks to get out of town. Same goes for that Girl too… *brushing Dorian’s cheek with the club. Dorian smacks it away* After that, I’ll use your empty little skull to break in my brand new 9-iron. I will also see that your young pet sees as her life is cut short in an untimely fall.

Dorian: *barking back* You stay away from Leslie. You touch her… You’re dead where you stand. Not even your influence here will be able to protect you.

Niko: Strong words… But when coming from you… I don’t have much to worry about…”

“Nick: It’s a shame that this guy… Dorian Tyrell is gonna slip away squeaky clean. There was nothing but a few scraps of cash and a dirty pair of boots.

Commissioner Jones: He’s not the big concern. Niko’s the big fish.

Nick: It’s what makes the job hard. However the good thing about the Mob… When dealing with them… You get second chances and the chance to find something that sticks.”

Nick: *Looking at the stack of dollar bills before tossing them back onto the desk* Unscathed lightly irradiated bills. Clean and glossy. Customized for a special purpose. This is fancy stuff for a common city cop who works best with beating the streets. Not to mention the fancy work of a blue being with white hair and a tail clawing down crime where possible. Have help coming to you from somewhere?

Commissioner Jones: we join in with different agencies who follow the reigns of Justice.

Nick: Save it, Jones. I want to meet this blue being and meet face to face with these super sleuths. I know about them already… But i want to have an audience with them. Sometime soon.

Commissioner Jones: Maybe so… But in their line of work given that they’re young heroes… It’s best that they work under the radar as much as possible.

Nick: What about that Place they go to… the Watchtower command center as they refer it?

Commissioner Jones: It’s a secret base of operations. But it’s found best if i remain unknowing of it.

Nick: I’ve put all the outer sources of the mob’s cash flow behind the bars. Locked up many of their secret resource providers. But somehow… they’re still getting their money and it’s from someone that has nothing to lose off hand. Whoever this blue friend of yours is and you have seemed to find the last link to their money… Their wallets. Pinching them where it will hurt the most. It’s a bold move. *Curious* You gonna cut me in?

Commissioner Jones: In an operation like this… the fewer people that know about it… the better.

Nick: John, I don’t like the fact that you happen to have your own personal team. Not only that… but i am not too savvy over the idea that it’s consisting the ones i had once investigated in the Internal affairs once before on an slight injunction.

Commissioner Jones: Nick, You’re doing the best you can with what you got. I am too. We’re following the same line of Justice. Bring the veins of crime down to its knees. But in the honest truth and the hard reality of the matter here… If I didn’t work with cops you investigated while you were making your name at I.A. 20 years ago… I’d be working alone. I don’t get political points for being an idealist, I have to do the best I can with what I have. Plus i also have Martian powers. Which i am certain that you know of them.

Nick: True. I suppose that i do know of them. My wife seems to know of your alter identity. Said that you were working with her family for a long time. With her daughters who were the original girls of Love, Grace and Fury. And the Original Enforcers of Justice. who were Sons to someone named John Drake Rhapsody Son to John Walter Rhapsody. I am part of that family… so i can’t really be too shocked as my wife seems to know of the service that you fulfilled while veining morally on the Superhero beat. *Looking down and considering* Okay… What i am hearing is that you want me to provide backing on the search and Leisures on 4 different banks. Without briefing on what we’re after…”

“Nick: Hmm… *Considering* Well… that’s a start. I’ll get you, your warrants. But i want your trust.

Commissioner Jones: *Grins; to Nick* you don’t have to sell me, Mr. Rhapsody. Everyone knows you’re Metropolis’s Shining Knight.

Nick: *A little unsure of being deserving to be called the Shining knight* I hear that they have a different name for me at the I.A. department.

Commissioner Jones: *Denying it* I wouldn’t really know about that.”

“Dan: Roxanne Harris. Will you Marry me?”

“Roxanne: *Looking at Dan* I am so stupid. Dan, I lied to you… I had sex with Harry. It was awful sex, though. I mean, it only lasted, like, two seconds, and I wasn’t even sure it was sex until this happened.”

“Zoey: *Recognizing who the girl is* Blossom?! *Walking over to her cousin* Blossom?! What are you doing?

Blossom: *Looking up and over towards Zoey; putting out her light* What does it look like, Zoey? What… You never saw a family member smoke before? My sister Victoria… She smoked. Jenna Rhapsody… Our Cousin… Uncle Arnold’s daughter. She smokes.

Zoey: But… not you. *Not understanding* I don’t get it. Why are you doing this?

Blossom: Doing what? *Feeling as though she’s being questioned*

Zoey: You know what it is… You’re never around Sora, Carly and me anymore hardly. Everyday at school for the last 5 weeks…

Blossom: So? I was with that new girl. Leslie. She’s got no friends at all. I am her only friend. The only one who’s willing to give a damn about her. I took time to befriend her. You know what else? She knows about us. What my power is. Knows about who you used to be. She knows.

Zoey: How is it that she knows? We never met her. Who told her?

Blossom: Who told her… Uh, Let’s see. It would have to be the guy at the Sun Shack that seems to like squawking little tell all’s.

Zoey: Oh… yeah. That’s right. he likes spreading secrets. *Scoffs* That still doesn’t explain what you’re doing… What you’ve been doing as of late.”

“Zoey: Blossom, What are you doing as of late? You’re now smoking. You didn’t do that before.

Blossom: Zoey, I realize that you’re the goody two shoes of the family… but you should really butt out. I am not doing anything that i haven’t done before.

Zoey: You’re not? *Looking to the side and then at Blossom* Prove it. You have been seen hanging with that new girl. Leslie. She’s been hanging with those guys. Mob people. She’s been seen smoking too. I also saw you with her…”

“Nick: Helen, What’s next?

Helen: Not sure. But with that proceeding in the courtroom. You know that we’re never gonna be able to trace it back to Niko. He’s gonna be let go until we can find something that has his prints and it leads right to him.

Nick: What do you mean?

Helen: I happen to have a connection at the Metropolis PD Crime lab.

Nick: *Stops and curiously getting the tell all from his secretary* You do? Who?

Helen: This guy… Charlie Sanderson… *Handing over the lab results* I had him run a trace on that gun. It wasn’t Niko.

Nick: Did he find the lead?

Helen: Yeah. It was matching the prints of someone named Rita the Hammer. But here’s where it gets really strange. It was on top of the prints that belonged to a Dorian Tyrell.

Nick: The small time crime team. The branching Mob gang that is lead pro-Bono?

Helen: The one and very only. However… with that aside… The fact that they’re trying to kill you or get you knocked off… It is a sign that states of you hitting a nerve. It points that you’re getting to them. *Motioning to help straighten Nick’s tie* Mr. Rhapsody…. Nick. You’re Metropolis’s D.A. A 2 star D.A. You should know by now that if you’re not getting shot at… You’re not doing your job right. *Smiles to lead Nick to lighten up*

Nick: You’re right. But i have to tread careful. I am a married man and plus i also am a recent father of 2. I can’t be getting too close to the danger’s vest. No matter how good i am. I’m good. But… I’m now a father. I have to delegate a little.”

“Kasey: We have a little problem. Actually… It’s something that you might want to get some Intel On.

Erica: Intel? *Curious; Listening* What about?

Kasey: A girl that goes to Middle school. The same school as my sisters Sora and Carly. My Cousins Blossom, Zoey, Sakura and Hikaru. Sora.

Erica: Which girl are you talking about, Kasey?

Kasey: One guess. The girl has been reported to be seen with a group of Mysterious men. Possibly the Mob. Sora and Carly overheard Blossom mention something about a name. before they managed to seek a shot at talking with her. The girl in question has spoken of herself to be a Gangster Gal. Name of girl: Burke, Leslie T. Alias: Rita the Hammer.

Erica: Leslie Burke?! *Gasps* You’re not serious… are you? What do you need on her?

Kasey: Intel. What she really is. Where she’s staying. We have to find out more about her and pull Blossom away from her. For Blossom’s own good.”

Holly: *On the Phone; Confused* Leslie? You’re confused, Blossom. This is Holly Reedy. Zoey’s friend. I guess it would also mean that i am yours as well since Zoey and You used to be inseparable till recent.

Blossom: Oh… Hey Holly. What’s going on?

Holly: Not much… Except that i now know your secret.

Blossom: You… know? *Pauses in mortification* How? How do you know my secret?

Holly: Zoey. She told me about it and she’s really upset. She needed you to be her friend Sunday and hang with her as she was having issues at her house. Issues going on between her mother and father. But she told me that all you were talking about was this girl… Leslie T. Burke.

Blossom: I was not talking only about her. She happens to be my friend. I’m her only friend. No one else has bothered to try and befriend her.

Holly: Yeah. Why’s that? It’s because she’s with the Mob. Possibly selling drugs for them. She’s involved with the Mob. They’re not in any way… safe.

Blossom: She doesn’t sell drugs, Holly.

Holly: How do you know that? How is it that you know that she doesn’t?

Blossom: Because she told me, Holly. She told me.

Holly: *Scoffs* And you actually believe that?

Blossom: Yeah. Why? Shouldn’t I?

Holly: You should pick your friends better, Blossom. She’s a devious liar. She hangs with the Mob. She smokes and Zoey told me that you now do it too. Your friend Leslie bull-faced lied to you. She lied to you. She is lying. When she told you that she wasn’t selling drugs… She was lying. She was only telling you what you were wanting to hear. She was trying to cover her tracks so you wouldn’t know the truth and that she’d be able to keep you as a friend to her.

Blossom: You don’t have proof. How do you know what she has? None of you want to even try to know her. There is another side to her besides the side of her being involved with the Mob, you know?

Holly: And you spend too much time with her. She’s not an honest person. Zoey is. She never has lied to you. Not even once. You know Zoey alot longer then you had the girl Leslie.

Blossom: *Getting angry* Holly, Back off. Leslie is not a drug seller. She doesn’t do drugs. Where ever you’re getting your Info… You better tell them to go back to the basics. And relearn the art of going on Reconnaissance. Leslie Burke is not doing drugs. Never did.

Holly: Find out the hard way then. But… If your friend is such a honest girl… Why not ask her about if it’s true that she came close to killing someone? I’ll bet you that if you were to ask her… She’d tell you she didn’t or she’d try to change the subject.”

“Carly: *Looking at the stuff that came from the pockets of the Jacket* Oh… my god… Don’t tell me that those are what we think they are?

Sora: They are. *Sighs and in dismay* Condoms. Trojans.  TROJAN Fire and Ice. *Looking at Carly* Do you know what this means, Carly?

Carly: Yeah… No. What?

Sora: This means… we’ve found our smoking gun. The proof that was missing. Dad’s having sex with another woman. He’s cheating on our mom.

Carly: What’ll we do?

Sora: Not sure… However… First thing’s first. We take a picture of the Evidence and then see that the Picture is kept safe. We have to figure on how how to break all this to mom. One last time and while at the same time lay it on her delicately.”

“Nick: *Doing some paperwork* This bust better work. This is using alot of law resources.

Helen: I am just primarily amazed as to how the Mob could be having all this money. Close to about 90 million dollars which is unsound as it’s not even their money. The money belongs to the city and the Mob… Led by Niko… customized the large bills to fit them and their way of life.

Nick: That’s the problem… We don’t know who their backer is. It could be a young kid; a girl. But why would she back them? What does she get out of it?

Helen: Maybe it’s not a kid. Do you suspect that it could be an outside source. Someone from a link originating from another country?

Nick: *Looking at the papers and files again* It is. It’s got to be. Why else would they have all that money? 90+ million dollars and more than that in stocks and bonds. However that’s Niko. Dorian is the lower man on the link. He’s hurting for Money. If there is a young kid under his wing… it’d have to be a rich kid or one with a serious trust fund. one that would be used to their advantage. Then once the funds are dried out… the source is wiped.

Helen: It might still be an outside source. A foreign endeavor.

Nick: *Looking at the names again* Fujiyama Enterprises… Tochigi Perfecture.

Helen: Kenneth Fuji.

Nick: Kenneth Fuji. A Multi-million Entrepreneur from Japan. Happens to partner up with big fortune 500 Companies. Local contractors.

Helen: Who’s the Biggest Fortune 500 company that we have in Metropolis?”

“Mr. Fuji: *On T.V* Gentleman, Please. As you may all be aware… one of our deposits were stolen. A Relatively small amount… 90 Million dollars.

Morris: Who the heck would be so bloody stupid to think on stealing from us?

Mr. Fuji: I believe that the girl who has orchestrated this heist that aims to pilfer the funds calls herself Rita the Hammer.

Morris: Who the hell is Rita the Hammer?

Niko: Some young kid who is a Middle-schooler and sticks close to the Vest of Dorian and his crew. She’s not our problem… She’s a nobody. *Looking at Fuji* Our problem is that our money’s being tracked and traced by the cops.

The room fills with a rush of surprise…

Mr. Fuji: Thanks to Mr. Niko’s well placed sources at the court house and Police Bureau… We know that the police have thereby identified the marked bills and are said to seize your funds… tomorrow. at Noon. however… with the cops it could happen before noon or after noon.

Morris: You promised safe, clean money Fuji…

Mr. Fuji: With the ongoing investigation none of you can risk hanging on to your
own proceeds. And since the Strict Law enforcing D.A. has moved to put all my
competitors out of business, I’m your only option.

Niko: What is it that you propose, Mr. Fuji?

Mr. Fuji: Moving all deposits to one secure location. Not a bank.

Feldstein: Where then? Where will you put it?

Mr. Fuji: Obviously, no one can know but me. If the police were to gain leverage over one of you everyone’s money would be at stake. All of you would lose the money.

Morris: What stops them from reaching to you?

Mr. Fuji: As the money is moved I go to Tokyo. Far from Rhapsody’s Jurisdiction. The Japanese won’t Extradite one of their own.

Rita the Hammer: *Appearing; Groans* Geez! And here i thought that i would be with the bad cover-up. He’s worse and you enjoy listening to his droning?

Feldstein: *Standing up and in an annoyed voice* Hey Kid, Why don’t you shut up and go back to playing with dolls? This is not your place.

Rita the Hammer: *Pulling out her Gun* Wanna bet, Shoeshine? *Pointing her gun* Don’t test me. I might look like a Kid. But i know how to use this Semi-Auto. Don’t think that i will not use it.

Rita The Hammer: Who’s next? Any takers? I am a Young teen. But i don’t play when there’s business to be a dealing. However… If anyone cares to be generous. I’m all ears. I can be fair. Besides… Some of this attire came from my money. Although alot came from you. Don’t ask how. But i will say that i found my ways to nab a piece of your cash…. or did i?

Feldstein stands infuriated. He was growing pissed…

Morris: Sit. Let’s hear her piece. What she’s seeking from us…

Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the men* Okay… Now let’s try to go back a year. A year ago…I’d guess you were all fearsome. The cops would not think to attempt their luck in crossing paths with the likes of you. But now… it is one year later. Things have changed and you are all in dire risk of being run out of town. Cleaned out as the cops are now putting the pinch… on your wallets and cash flow. Let me ask you here… Just to be on the equal standing. What happened? Did your Man cards get taken? Your Crown jewels get yanked and pulled off your bodies? Did the silent alarm of trouble from the Law decide to take a bite out of your butts and turn your asses into chewed up steak? A Gangster gal… like me…

Feldstein: A Young ignorant kid… A Know nothing.

The other guys stifle a laugh but abruptly go silent seconds later…

Rita the Hammer was blowing it off as she was used to being judged…

Rita the Hammer: A gangster gal like me… I know why you’re all here… Chatting some plan that will likely fault up and malfunction like a power shortage. holding your little group therapy session in broad daylight which to me is kinda stupid. Smart Mob men would do this during the silence of the night. Where there would be minimal risk of someone on the outside and on the other side…coming to overhear and sell you out up the river. I know why you’re afraid to go out at night. It’s the beloved fighters of the City. The Rhapsody New Generation… They managed to somehow show the city your true colors. Who you really are as they learned the knowhow from those who did it before them. The New Generation has blown your cover wide open. D.A Nick Rhapsody is your cyanide. *Suddenly indicating Fuji* Now… as for that guy’s so called plan. The new generation has no jurisdiction. They go where ever. They’ll find him and make him squeal. *Smiling at Fuji* I can tell the squealers every time. But when it comes to someone who’s got a lot to lose… they set up some back plan and find a gaggle of prospective fall guys to take the fall and the girl or guy in question slips away. Like a rat trying to run from the snake. or escape a burning barn. Afraid to get caught.

Morris: So… What do you propose?

Rita the Hammer: It’s simple. Nothing simpler than what needs to be done. We do in the New Generation of fighters. Make them fade away into the woodwork and push them into retirement. Without them in the way… the city’s up for the taking.

Niko: You’re a kid and are saying it’s easy? You’re a young kid. How do you propose it to be easy?

Rita the Hammer: Because i know of someone who can help in bringing them down. It’s one of their own.

Morris: How much do you wish?

Rita the Hammer: Half. But it’s not for me. Just for funding what needs to be done to put the new Generation in traction.

Morris: You gonna take the charge in bringing the rising fighters down? *Laughs* Yeah. You… A Young Teen think that you can bring down such fighters? Heh heh heh heh.

Rita the Hammer then rises… But mind it all that it’s hologram. She rises…

Rita the Hammer: You guys might want to consider on getting this resolved. But pretty soon… if you don’t and the fighters happen to take the charge in going after your funds. All of your funds… Feldstein the nice but hot tempered Shoeshine boy won’t be with even a nickel or couple cents to pinch together or give his granny.

Feldstein: *Slams his fist on to the table before then rising* ENOUGH FROM THIS STUPID IGNORANT KID!

Rita the Hammer: *Aiming the gun at Feldstein* You wanna kill a young kid? By all means. But i do think that if you want to ensure that you continue living… You’d back off. There is a friend of mine that i know and respect. She’s also someone that i care about very much. One call and let’s just say that she’s with a shocking temper. She even gave me a few of these Electric grenades. I press this… this whole room goes with it.”

“Blossom: *Breaking out with what’s bugging her* What i know as personal is that you think that i am with Leslie too much and that she is selling drugs for the Mob.

Zoey: Huh?!

Blossom: *Not buying the Dumb act* Don’t play dumb, Zoey. You know exactly what i am talking about. Holly called me this morning and told me the whole thing. You think that i am spending time with a druggie. That Leslie is just some bad person who literally sucked me into her lies.

Zoey: I don’t think that. I never said that. All i said to her was that i felt as though Leslie was the only one that would have mattered to you. Sora and Carly have likely given up coming to you. They needed some comfort. Something. Anything. Sunday was the only time in the last 5 weeks that they’ve got to speak to you. Speak with you.

Blossom: As if i would really know what to tell them. Families break apart. It isn’t something you can fix. All they can do is let it run its course and keep on the hope that it will revert back and be back to how it once was. Other than that… there is nothing to be done. It sucks. If it were my mother and father having problems… I’d be having to ask for help too… However… I would have to bring myself to understand that families will have their issues. No family is perfect. No matter how good or clean and prim and proper they seem to be. Underneath… a cesspool of issues could be just itching to bubble up.

Zoey: Blossom. *Groans* Ugh! Seriously… Are you really trying to tell me that they should just suck it up and learn to live with what’s going on between Uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice?

Blossom: It’s the only thing they can do. Anything else would literally be self torture.

Zoey: That still doesn’t make it right. You are never around with us hardly and I can’t understand why. Why are you so into that girl Leslie? What is it about her that has you so clingy to her?

Blossom: She’s my friend. In case you didn’t pick up that point. She is my friend. My best friend. She’s got so much more class than anyone else here. However… You and I are still forever close. But what gets me infuriated is the fact that Holly called me and told me that you said or had belief that Leslie might be on drugs. Holly told me that you said that i am with Leslie too much and that i might be into the Mob just as well as she is.

Zoey: I didn’t say that to her. I didn’t.

Blossom: Bullshit, Zoey. Bullshit. You did. Holly called me this morning and told me all about it. You and I are friends. Always have been. But things change a little with time. However… Because i’m with Leslie, You think that i’m ditching you and think that i am treating you like you don’t matter. Holly’s full of shit. Saying that Leslie sells Drugs. That she’s also killing people. But since you want to listen to her garbage… Go and hang with her.”

Blossom: *Looking at Holly* Holly, I don’t want to hear it. You are trying to tear Leslie down. You just can’t find any means to be decent… can you?

Holly: No. Leslie Burke is a druggie. She’s a Drug dealing liar. All she does is deceive.

Leslie: That’s not true. I don’t sell drugs, Holly. You are making a vicious rumor and i don’t find that as the least bit funny. I am not a danger to anyone…

Blossom: *To Leslie* Leslie, Back off. Let me handle this. Holly is gonna wish that she backed off. This might hurt my family’s relationship with the Owner of Sid’s Diner. But Enough is enough. Holly is gonna get it. Right in the mouth.

Holly: What are you gonna do?

Blossom: *Landing a Punch into Holly’s face* That. Leave Leslie Burke alone or i swear you will regret it. She’s my friend whether you like it or not. First… you call me this morning to tell me that Leslie is a druggie. Then you pull this shit with me. You must be really ignorant. Where did you get this news that she was some druggie, huh?

Holly: Sophie Collins.

Blossom: Is that the only source?

Holly: No. There’s also Erica Harper… and Zoey Creek. They can confirm it. *Feeling the sting and Wanting to break down*

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, Is this true? If so… Step up to confess. If not… Run. You don’t want to see this.

Leslie: No. I’m staying. I am not a coward. I can fight. *Facing Holly* This is just like back home in New York before i left and Emancipated myself from my parents. The same thing. People bashing my parents and trying to tear them down. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I lost my family. My biological roots. All i got is my habit which sadly… sucks. My alter identity which is a grateful form of protection. And All the belongings that i was capable of bringing with me. Plus all my money. Every dime. Every quarter, dime, nickel and penny. Every dollar i have. *Looking over towards Blossom*Blossom is my only friend. She cares about me here. She befriended me. No questions asked. She came to me and had the decency to give me a chance. Gave me a friend. Herself. Her. There are a group of men lead by someone who i won’t mention. They took me under their wing with them… When no one could bother to look at me or motion to care. I am seen as a vagrant because why? Because i am Emancipated from my parents. My family? What about you? You got a mother. A father. You are with them. Right? Would you like it if i were in your shoes and you were in mine… and it was me Judging you for who you were? Judging you because you were Emancipated?

Holly: No. But it doesn’t matter. You’re with the Mob. You’re trying to get Blossom Rhapsody to screw her life up. Just because you choose to Emancipate and leave your family… It doesn’t answer for what you’ve been doing. I am sorry that you had to leave all you knew behind. But that doesn’t make you right by doing what you’re doing. Joining the Mob. You should be ashamed of yourself, Burke. Truly.

Leslie: Ugh! Who here died and made you boss?

Holly: No one. But I happen to care about Blossom’s well being as well as i do her best friend/Cousin Zoey’s. My family cares about their families and a real friend would not get their friends to start smoking. A real true friend would not make their friends walk away from their blood. Their friends and family that clearly are part of them. Part of who they are. You’re not Blossom’s real friend. *Standing up to Leslie* You never will be. Why don’t you go and hang around the Mob, Rita the Hammer? Leave the Innocent teens here… ALONE!”

Katie: *Running over to Roxanne with Jacklyn* We saw you talking to Dan? We didn’t want to interrupt. It seemed to look like it was totally important.

Jacklyn: Did you tell Dan about the baby?

Roxanne: Yes i told him and…

Jacklyn: What did he say?

Roxanne: Did you tell anyone about what was going on with me?

Katie: No. I didn’t.

Jacklyn: Same with me. I didn’t tell anyone about it either.

Katie: What about those girls you see? The Rhapsody Pink Ladies? Do they know?

Roxanne: No. I haven’t told them and i don’t really think that i should. I can’t. The whole thing about the gang is that they’re all with raging hormones… but they keep it controlled. But if any member happened to get… well pregnant. It would ruin things for the whole gang. Everyone. I can’t tell them. Are you sure that you two didn’t say anything?

Jacklyn: Roxanne, you’re gaining weight.

Roxanne: And? *Not seeing the point* What’s your point, Jacklyn?

Jacklyn: My point is that if people think you’re pregnant, that’s not our fault.

Katie: That is if they even think that. We don’t even know if they think that. They could still be oblivious to all of it.

Roxanne: Wait. Are people saying that? Are people saying that I’m you know…

Katie: We’re not in the popular group exactly, so we really don’t know what they’re saying, but, uh, we have heard some people talk and…

Jacklyn: Yes.

Katie: Maybe you should just go on home, Roxanne…

Roxanne: Yeah, maybe I should just go home, stay home. I mean that’s what would happen. That is what would be likely to happen if i were to leave for home right now. I’d never be able to come back and face anyone again. The Rhapsody Pink ladies will be not willing to take me back. *Sighs* If I left right now in the middle of the day, I don’t think I could ever come back. Of course… then again… You know, if I stay and nothing ever happens, then, maybe people will just think it was like a rumor and that it wasn’t true or anything. Right?

Katie: OK, what are you talking about? Are you talking about what I think you’re talking about, because I’m Catholic.

Jacklyn: Yeah… well, she’s not talking about it. At least that’s what we hope you’re not speaking about it.

Roxanne: Help me. Please. I can’t have this baby.

Jacklyn: I can’t. I don’t even know anything about it. I wouldn’t know where it could be done. What about the father of the baby? Does he even know yet? He’s gonna want to be kept in the loop here.

Katie: Roxanne, You can’t be thinking to do it… are you?

Roxanne: i have to. I mean… are you two gonna help me or not?

Katie: How? How are we able to help you?

Roxanne: *Scoffs* I don’t know where to go. Where to get it done… How to get it done.

Katie: By “It”… you mean… an Abortion?

Jacklyn: It’s her choice, Katie, and it’s a valid choice considering her age and the father.”

“Jacklyn: Tell your mother. Tell her today.

Katie: Yeah. Maybe at this point, maybe you really should tell your mom.

Roxanne: So… that’s it. That’s how you’re gonna help me? *Suddenly getting upset* By telling me that I need to tell my mother? *Voice breaking suddenly as she finally closes her locker again all the way* I can’t tell my mother. You guys, my dad left us last night.”

“Katie: *Worried* A Divorce? An Abortion? What’s next?

Jacklyn: I don’t know… But what i do know… is that this is not what I wanted my high-school experience to be.

Zoey Creek: You two aren’t the only ones who feel it that way. There’s another family that’s got a father having an affair with another woman and the mother… won’t seek reason and do something.

Katie: Who do you mean?

Zoey Creek: Sora and Carly Rhapsody’s Mother. The father is having an affair with another woman and their mother won’t open her eyes and see reason. She doesn’t believe that her husband would be cheating on her.

Jacklyn: Why would he do that?

Zoey Creek: I have not an idea as to why… but i would guess that… if there is a possible theory… it’s because he’s grown into digging for forbidden fruit and or he’s tired of not getting any from his better half that he’s ventured to getting it from the woman he’s seeing. Which is like saying that the mother… Alice. She’s being cheated on. The Son Paul heard about it and he is not pleased.

Jacklyn: That’s wrong. Why would the father do that to the mother of his kids? That’s like saying he’s unhappy with his life. His wife.

Katie: He might need therapy.”

Daniel: *With disbelief* Give her a ride? Why? Why should you give that girl a ride? Why can’t someone else do it?

Marcy: Maybe I wanna give her a ride. *Going through her locker and straightening it out a little* Is there a problem over that?

Daniel: You shouldn’t hang out with girls like that. You really shouldn’t have anything to do with girls like that.

Marcy: Girls like who, Daniel?

Daniel: Girls like Roxanne Harris.

Marcy: You know… if i didn’t know any better… i would figure that you are a little thing called Jealous. You can’t be that jealous… can you?

Marcy: What’s wrong with Roxanne Harris?

Daniel: Come on, you haven’t heard the news concerning her?

Marcy: Heard what News? Daniel, what is it that you’re trying to tell me that i may already know?

Daniel: Don’t you have any girlfriends?

Marcy: No, I don’t. I don’t want any girlfriends.

Daniel: You’re not even friends with the other majorettes in this school?

Marcy: Not really, no. They’re not as good as I am, and they know it. They’re jealous, they’re petty, and they’re mean. You never notice how much better I am? You never notice I do all the solo performances?

Daniel: You know, I really don’t pay attention to the baton twirling. I’m kind of paying attention to the game, you know?

Marcy: What’s wrong with Roxanne Harris?

Daniel: She’s pregnant. She’s having a baby.

Marcy: *Shocked and in surprise* Roxanne Harris?! You’re kidding me… aren’t you? How can that be? You are not talking about the french horn player who is hanging with some love toy named Dan Rhapsody and is a member of the Rhapsody Pink Ladies are you?

Daniel: I’m not lyin’. Roxanne Harris is pregnant.

Rita: Don’t run away from me. I’ll just run after you, both of you. *Still walking fast towards Daniel and Marcy*

Marcy: *Stopping and turning to face Rita; Laughing it off* Who’s running?

Rita: I can’t believe I was so stupid to think that the two of you just kissed. Nothing else.

Marcy: Me neither.

Rita: He told me, he told me that’s all that was going on, just kissing. *Feeling Disgust*

Marcy: *Feeling unimpressed* Oh please… this is so boring.

Rita: Is it? It’s boring to you when you ruin somebody else’s life? Marcy? You are so used to getting what you want. You don’t seem to care if you end up ruining another person’s life?

Marcy: Did someone ruin your life?

Rita: Yeah, he did. Daniel did. He was my boyfriend, my first boyfriend, and he cheated on me and lied to me, and I in turn had to lie to my parents, and now I don’t know if they’re ever gonna trust me again or if I’m ever gonna trust another guy ever again. You have any idea how that makes someone like me feel?

Daniel: Yeah… Right. Rita. Tell another sob tale. You’re friends with Harry Waller. You trust him?

Rita: *Disgusted at Daniel* At least Harry’s honest.

Daniel: Is he? You really think that he is so honest and that he would never lie about anything? Okay… If you think that… Ask him if he’s the father of Roxanne Harris’ baby.

A fellow Band member walks by suddenly and Marcy snatches a hold of him and questions him.

Marcy: Have you seen Roxanne? Harris. Roxanne Harris, the french horn player.

Band member: She didn’t show up for practice. *Walking away*

Rita: *In shock and dread* So, Roxanne Harris is really having a baby?

Daniel: *Harshly* Yeah. She is. So run along and tell mommy. You win, Rita. You’re the good girl, and Roxanne isn’t. Although when you tell your parents, I doubt you’ll be able to see Harry anymore, huh?

Marcy: This is so pathetic. I mean… It has to be Dan’s. Harry would never bring himself to make a mistake like that. I would know. *Turning and walking away annoyed*

Rita: *To Daniel* I guess that you would know about her too, huh? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Daniel: *Annoyed and fed up* You know what, Rita? Why don’t you just shut up? Shut up. I’m tired of being ashamed of myself. I’ve been ashamed of myself my whole life, so just shut up.”

Sapphire: So… What are you two gossiping about?

Katie: What do you mean?

Jacklyn: Yeah.

Sapphire: Come on… don’t play the village dum-dum card on the 11th hour. What do you know about The Musical Roxy. Roxanne?

Katie: Jacklyn, We need to tell her. She’s gonna find out eventually anyway.

Jacklyn: It’s gonna not sit so good with Roxanne. But, we do owe her gang’s leader the truth.

Katie: Sapphire, Roxanne is pregnant. She is having a baby.

Sapphire: Huh? Okay. please relay that again… You’re telling me that she’s pregnant? By who?

Katie: Harry Waller. The Drummer.

Jacklyn: That guy is a real slime. He has been going all over school bragging about how he met this shy and timid band player. Roxanne. She had sex with him. Bad Sex with him. She didn’t even know that it was sex till two seconds after it was all done.

Sapphire: Hmm… Interesting. So, Roxanne is Pregnant because of this guy Harry Waller. I guess that means just that Musical Roxy’s got a Symphonic bun in the oven. Not one that she’d want and not one that she want to have where it ties her to Harry. She seeking for any help?

Katie: Yeah. She is asking to have an abortion. She wants one. But… I really don’t think that it’s a good idea for her.

Jacklyn: She needs to tell her mother. It’s not an option. Her mother… father… parents are gonna find out eventually. They’re gonna want to see her and hear the truth. She can’t keep this a secret for much longer as it’s gonna be harder and harder for her to hide it as time goes on.

Sapphire: *Thinking* Where is she now?

Katie: She’s probably left for home now. Since lunch break… we haven’t seen her anywhere in school.”

“Leslie: *Introducing her friend to her Mentor* Dorian, Meet my friend. My best friend from school. Blossom C. Rhapsody. She’s one of the fighters however… She’s seeking for a little change in her lifestyle. She’s known as Electrogal. She’s pretty cool. Blossom, Meet my mentor. The head of the Mob team. The one and Only… Dorian Tyrell.

Dorian: *Nods and Grins* Pleasure to meet you, Blossom.”

“Holly: *Drinking some Espresso* Dad, I don’t know what Blossom’s deal is with that girl Leslie. I really don’t know and i am for one… gonna find out one way or the other. She’s blowing off her cousins, Zoey, Sora and Carly, Sakura and Hikaru. She’s just spending more time with that girl Leslie.

Sid: Is that girl… really all that bad or is it starting to sound like you just blowing off steam as you just find that you can’t stand her and want others to feel the same as you… but are frustrated because no one else is seeing things the same as you are seeing them?

Holly: I don’t know… I just don’t get what Blossom sees in her that others are not seeing. I mean… Blossom is so attracted to her that it’s as if she’s in love with her or something.

Sid: *Feeling disturbed* I hope you mean the attracted as in Idolizing another person.

Holly: I wish that it was that. It sure seems that way… but it’s looking like something else. The reason why i say that is because… All Blossom seems to speak about is Leslie. If it’s not Leslie… It’s something that concerns her. Maybe… Leslie isn’t so bad… But after hearing about her almost all the time… it’s as if she’s the #1 person of interest.

Sid: Holly, You really need to calm down. She’s not that bad. No one is truly all bad until they are deemed and labeled as such because of the actions they perform.”

“Curtis: She’s in danger? Blossom, You mean to tell me that she is in danger?

Blossom: Dad, No… She’s in terrible danger… but she’s far enough in that she can’t break. She’s stuck. Plus… to get far in the Mob which she’s involved in… She had to use the fighters and Me as a bargaining chip. To convince them of her loyalty. She had to make a pass with Niko Can. And his Mob squad. But she’s already swore to me that she would not actually do it. However when time came to pony up on her end of the deal… She’d have it only look as if the fighters have all stepped down and retired. But then while they’re not looking… the fighters come out and take them out.

Curtis: She used you as a Bargaining chip?! A BARGAINING CHIP?! You have to be kidding me. You seriously must be kidding me. She used you. Leslie is a good girl… but she not only put her life in danger… She had also put your life in the hot seat too… *Terrified* What on earth will i do? Blossom, I don’t have any Elemental powers left that can protect you. Those days are long since gone and done.

Blossom: Dad, It’s not gonna be that bad. I can get a hold of Rin. Have him fix up some Elemental items for me to have on hand to protect myself. It’s gonna be fine.

Curtis: *In a Panic* Don’t you tell me what’s gonna be fine. I’m your father. I’m supposed to be the one protecting you and the family. I can’t. My power is gone. I’m a retired fighter.

Blossom: Dad…

Curtis: Oh my god… Oh god… *worried and in fear* Blossom, How are you gonna be able to fight? You’re too far in with this… You’re now talking about fighting for the Mob. With them. The Mob… Whoever they are… will kill you. They will start with getting at your friend Leslie who only joined them as it was either that or Foster care… She’s got you in danger. *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, if nothing else… Can you at least assure me that you’re at least gonna be careful. Don’t do anything stupid. If anything happens… You will have to fight for your life the best way that you know how… Because i won’t be able to do anything. I got no elemental fight power left.”

“Sapphire: *Looking at the gang* Girls… earlier in the day i gave you the heads up and spoke of there being something going on with one of our own. It’s also been forwarded among one another that something was going on and that it was Roxanne who was in question. Setting something up for her… But we now have two girls here who are closest to her and are with some vital info we all need to know about Roxanne Harris. She’s a Rhapsody Pink Lady. A Newbie… but a member. Her well-being is Vital to us as it is vital to her parents. Katie and Jacklyn have the Intel on what’s shaking Roxanne’s teen World living…

Katie: *Looking at the girls* There is a problem… It’s with one of your members. There is something going on and it’s all on Roxanne.

Jacklyn: Yeah. During the Summer. The past Summer Roxanne went at Band Camp. Her parents permitted her to go to band camp. A Summer Music Program. What happened there was she performed and practiced playing. Doing Music drills. While she was there… during her time at Band Camp, She met this boy… This guy who was the Drummer for the Band. His name: Harry Waller.

Katie: He and Roxanne met and crossed paths multiple times. One of those times… was at night and before she knew what happened. She had the one night stand. Sex. With Harry Waller. Harry Waller on the other hand has since that passing time… been seen with the school Majorette Marcy Garcia. She’s into getting sex from anyone… anywhere. The whole school knows it. But she works all for herself.

Jacklyn: Roxanne has already told the one she’s in love with. Dan. He’s alright with it… But issue behind that is just that he doesn’t know the impact it’s gonna have on him. He’s not ready for it. Neither Is Roxanne. It’s a life long commitment that a 15 year old isn’t prepared for. Not now.

Katie: She has also been talking about getting an Abortion. I myself am all against it. I’m Catholic. Catholics are as you know… not understanding of people wanting to get an abortion to prevent having a baby that they are not ready or willing to have…”

Theodore: *Looking at Clint* Clint, I got some girl tailing me.

Clint: Who?

Theodore: Does the name… Rita Massey ring a chiming bell to you?

Clint: No. Not really. Why? *Thinking* Wait. Would this be Rita Massey of Tom and Melissa Massey. The same girl that we encountered only a few weeks ago at that Church fellowship party?

Theodore: I don’t know. How the hell should i know? I don’t know. I haven’t met her. But that girl is tailing me. Asking me if i want to be her new relationship target. New Boyfriend. *High-strung* I don’t even like her. I don’t know a thing about her.

Clint: *Feeling as though blame was being aimed at him* Don’t look at me. I didn’t lead her to you. That was Spencer and Rikku’s doing. I had no part in getting her to pose sights towards you. But if i were you… I’d like her. Just a little. Get to know her a little and see what she wants. She’s probably just lonely since she rather broke up from some guy named Daniel. Spencer and Rikku overheard the whole thing and from what they heard… They were itching to put Daniel through a wall.

Theodore: Daniel… Sands?

Clint: Yeah. That guy’s so obsessed with Sex that he only wanted that and nothing else. Knowing it’s a sin to have it before marriage. But then again if nothing else… make sure that it was safe and protected before having it. Daniel though just wanted it. That was it. Rita’s family… i heard is very frugal and very devout. They are all about abstinence and making a promise before the lord and Savior to save their virginity and vanity. Waiting till after marriage and after one’s had time to form a career and build some kind of life. Not all are like that and Her family don’t see those kinds as equals. Rita is like that… But she’s also one to follow her own path. Her own Heart. However… Her Brother Benny and her parents have a certain lifestyle that they want her to follow and won’t accept any alterations.

Theodore: Perfect wannabe snobs if you ask me… *Rolling his eyes* Is Rita really trying to make her own choices and path or is it just what she is trying to get everyone to think?

Clint: I think that it’s what she’s wanting. However… Her family… They got different plans for her and i don’t think it’s apt to change.

Theodore: I only need one answer now. How is it that you know this?

Clint: Kiyoko. She happened to tell me only last week that she had a talk with Rita and got the whole lowdown on how her family is and what they’re like. This is what she was told and Kiyoko told me and yeah… Even i couldn’t believe it. I just found it to be really asinine.

Theodore: What do i do about her?

Clint: Give her a shot. What’s the worst that can happen? Plus… think of it this way… If you’re with her… You can get into her parents minds and shake them of their holier than thou attitudes.”

“Stanley/The Mask: *Picking up the Clipping and looking at the picture of Tina Carlyle* Hold on, Sugar! Daddy’s got a sweet tooth tonight!”

“Stanley/The Mask: *Looking at the Mobsters and Gangster Gal* Sorry, fellas. Waste not want not!

Rita the Hammer: *Aiming her Gun* Give that money to us or get your sorry excuse of an ass… Blown away. Your choice!

Sweet Eddy: *Looking at the others and over at the street* … What the fuck was that?

Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the crew* Hey… get up… No time to snooze. We gotta get out of here. This whole thing’s a bust. That Mask wearing psycho just took all our loot. We got nothing. We are gonna be dead with Dorian. He’s gonna be pissed. *Stressing* Crap! Crap! CRAP!

Freeze: Rita, it’s okay. We were just out beat by the maniac is all. There was nothing that we could have done.

Rita the Hammer: I should have used one of those Electric charged Grenades that my friend gave me. It would have shocked that creep.

Sweet Eddy: But… *Getting up* Wouldn’t that also have fried the cash that were within those bags?

Orlando: I don’t think it would matter either way… *Shaking off the surprise attack* Who or whatever that was… came right from the bank and sure had a huge shit eating grin spread all over the face. *Getting up and Looking both ways* This is bad. We just got hit. Hit by a green masked maniac.”

“Nick: *Seeing the Mysterious Ally* You’re a rather near impossible person to reach.

Kimahri: Raven not hard to reach. Just very Solo.


Commissioner Jones came bursting through the door and with his weapon drawn. He he sees Nick and huffs in disbelief…

Nick: Fuji’s halfway to Tochigi Prefecture, Japan- if you’d asked, I could have issued a Mandatory court order and request that his passport be taken away- I told you to keep me in the loop. Keep me up to speed on the procedure!

Commissioner Jones: Yeah? All that was left in the vaults were the Customized marked bills- With glitter and that special made blue dye. they knew that we were coming coming for the Mobs Loot! As soon as your office got involved, there’s a leak…

D.A Rhapsody: *Irate* Excuse Me?! My office?! My office?! You’re sitting down here with scum like Vance and Antoine… *Giving over an annoyed look of discontent* Oh, yeah, John- I almost had your rookie cold on a racketeering beat.

Jones: Don’t try to cloud the fact that clearly Niko’s got people in your office, Rhapsody. He’s got someone on the inside of the court house listening in on any of the busts that are made against his Armada of supporters.

Nick then turns to the Mysterious Ally…

D.A Rhapsody: *Looking to the side* We need Fuji back, but the Japanese won’t extradite a national under any circumstances.

Raven: If I get him to you, can you get him to talk?

D.A Rhapsody: I’ll get him to sing. Soprano. Alto and Falsetto. By time i’m done with him… He’ll be singing a chorus.

Jones: We’ll be going after the Mob’s life savings. It’s gonna get ugly. Real quick. They will retaliate.

Kimahri: Mob not problem… Young one with Mob… Misguided.

Nick: If the girl people have named Rita the Hammer is with them… She’s gonna have no other choice but face the consequences.

Raven: I can fly. I’ll bring him back to this country. He’s gonna find that no one escapes Justice. Not even those who back up the Mob.

Kimahri: Kimahri come too… Mob need know… Crime and injustice… Mustn’t stand.

Nick: That’s fine and just the same to me. But i take the Law very seriously. I don’t allow for anything to slide. *To the Cloaked Ally* How do you intend to bring him back anyway?

Within seconds… She was gone…

Commissioner Jones: She does that. Ask the fighters who had her as an ally for a time…

“Serena: Raven, What’s going on?

Raven: Nothing but me on another date… Why?

Serena: Turn on the Radio. Fast. We just got trumped with a call. There’s a reported sighting of a man in a Zoot suit and the guy’s in a green mask.

Raven: Green Mask? *Pauses; Stomping on the brake in shock* What?

Lorenzo: *Freaking out* Whoa! Holy crap! Raven, what’s the big idea just stomping on the break like that? Are you trying to give me a heart attack or something? I nearly jumped out of my skins here…

Serena: *Over the phone* Calm down. this is just a summons and news flash. However… i think that the Job of the Thunderic Force is needed. There is something else too… I got a call from our cousin Susie. She reports seeing a group of men firing at the cops and it was going on in front of the bank.

Raven: When was this?

Serena: Only about a moment or so ago. It just happened not so long ago. One of the shooters on the other hand was in fact a young one. Looked like a girl.

Raven: One from our school… or one from another?

Serena: Ours. However… It was A Middle school girl and Our cousin Susie tells to have heard one of them spill out the name Rita the Hammer. But here is the strange part… The girl had an Electric Charged Grenade with her. How could that be possible for her to have one of those?

Raven: I don’t know.

Serena: Susie at first thought that the girl was our Cousin Blossom. But that was till the name Rita the Hammer was spoken. That was when it changed. The only thing that doesn’t make a load of sense… is what would she be doing with Electrical Charged Grenades? How did she get them?

Raven: You don’t think that she’s got a hold of someone we know and had them made for her?

Serena: It could be Blossom’s friend. We don’t know. It’s the first time that we heard of her.”

Katie: Change into what?

Jacklyn: What do you mean… change?

Sapphire: Sworn to secrecy time with you two… Outside. I’ll explain.”

Katie: What’s going on?

Jacklyn: What gives on the secrecy, Sapphire? We’re not really getting the reason behind this…

Sapphire: I’ll explain. Remember how you two have heard your close friend… Best friend Roxanne Harris mentioned that i was the leader of the Rhapsody Pink Ladies?

Katie: Sure. We remember. But She also told us something that you were a leader to another team. Something Thunderic… or Electric.

Jacklyn: Yeah. What was that about?

Sapphire: I am not just a leader to the gang that i made you official informants to. I am also known as the leader to a heroic team. Known as the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! I’m known as the leader: Lieutenant Thunder.

Katie: Huh?!

Jacklyn: *In shock* You serious? Holy Crap…

Sapphire: Time for me to do it. Cover this clearing. I’m gonna take a few steps over into the Walkway here and get changed.”

“Lieutenant Thunder: *Posing* Thunder and Lightning coming to charge the defenseless with power and strength. Guiding the way to unleash the fury within. Need a symbol to lead you to fighting back for control and take down those who seek to do harm… Look no further… The Laws of thunder have come. Lieutenant Thunder… Leading the army of Evil doers to their Power shortage. Evil… time to meet a discontinuation of Electricity. and Hello to Thunderic Justice.

Katie: *With Wide eyes* Wow! That’s so outstanding…

Lieutenant Thunder: This is where i must take my leave. Duty calls and i must answer. Katie, Jacklyn… You two are part of the gang. Keep your nose clean. You’ll be alright.”

“Leslie: Blossom, Can i confess something to you?

Blossom: Sure. What is it?

Leslie: *Feeling unsure of how to let out her feelings for her Best friend* I think that i Like you. Alot.

Blossom: And I feel the same towards you.

Leslie: No… Listen. I have been thinking about things and for the last couple of so weeks… After you left for the remainder of the day. I felt as though my heart was breaking. Really weird though as that would mean i’d be like… in Love. I think that i could be Gay.

Blossom: *Weirded out but seeming to understand* Leslie… *Laughs a little; Chuckling* Leslie… If you have feelings for me… And are gay. Just say it. Just tell me. I wouldn’t be scared off. I was a little nervous when i first met Dorian. But i still stuck to you. So… There is nothing that can scare me away from you. I mean… If i were the least bit scared of what you were trying to tell me… You really think that i would still be hanging around and sticking to you. I would be avoiding you. However… You coming out with telling me that you were likely a little gay kinda has me a little weirded out.

Leslie: …

Blossom: It’s not really a bad thing… Because now at least i know that you happen to feel rather close to someone… like me. You’re a rich girl from New York. Resourceful. Seen a bit of the country. More than i have. I’m a 4th Generation Fighter from a Clan that’s been with powers since who knows when. I’m with a family that’s loved by like the whole world. Because of some major feats that were attained over the course of at least 30 years or more. I got myself Money as well… But it’s government money. Pay for my service with the BPRD. Two worlds… Collide. I’m not Rich… Not even close. But for a young girl to be paid… close to 6 thousand dollars… That’s saying something. A lot of something.

Leslie: That’s good. I mean… i was worried that you’d be scared off.

Blossom: The only thing that scares me is what i faced 4 years ago in this one literal far out quest that took place in another world. I hearing about people becoming fiends over time. Vengeful fiends. Damned souls to be exact. That had me really terrified. It shook me. But that was the only thing i know to have scared me.

Leslie: Nothing really scares you, does it?

Blossom: No.”

“Blossom: *Sitting at Dorian’s Table* Hey Dorian.

Dorian: *Wigging out a little* Blossom?! What’re you doing here, Doll face?

Blossom: Not much. Just waiting for Leslie. She told me to come by here tonight. Said that she had to tell me something important.

Dorian: Hmm… Well… You might have to wait around for that one. She’s out right now. Performing on a job that the boys and i have set up and prepared for… for weeks.

Blossom: The Bank thing. I kinda already know. Leslie didn’t tell me about it. But she hinted at it which all i did was just put two and two together.

Dorian: Smart Kid. You’re sharp. I like that. Leslie’s got that same spark and has high honesty.

Blossom: *Pulling out her pack and pulling out a smoke*

Dorian: *Catching Blossom with a pack of cigarettes in possession* Blossom, You shouldn’t be smoking.

Blossom: I’ve done it for a couple weeks. I however know that my cousins would not be too thrilled to know of my doing this. Nor Would my father.

Dorian: Then Why are you?

Blossom: Because i have decided to Join the Mob. I want to be part of the Mob.

Dorian: You do? *With a raised eyebrow* Did Leslie Coerce you?

Blossom: She kinda did… But then again she didn’t. She told me certain things about the Mob world and what she said only today at school… She said that if i were to know anymore… I’d have to make a decision on how far involved with the Mob i’d want to be. How deep i wanted to go.

Dorian: And how far do you want to go?

Blossom: As far as i can… But a little at a time. I need a change in my life and i can’t get that with my family and its good mundane life. Not that i don’t appreciate it or anything… But i am hearing constantly of my Best friend/Cousin Zoey struggling and stressing over her mom’s porno run. My cousins Sora and Carly suffering with their  father having an affair and cheating on their mother. I can’t do anything to help them and it has made them think i abandoned them. But what can i do? There is nothing that can be done about it as i told them… families will have their problems. It can’t be stopped. It’s quite normal for things to be shitty. However… they just don’t believe me.

Dorian: It’s not for you to be the fixer. You’re young. like they are. They should know that. It hurts and i am sorry to hear of the fact that your cousins are facing issues. But they can’t be expecting you to help fix what is unfix-able. *Watching as Blossom placed the smoke on her lips* … *Offering to light Blossom’s smoke* Need a light, Doll?

Blossom: Sure. My lighter isn’t wanting to work like it’s supposed to.

Dorian: *Lighting Blossom’s smoke*

Blossom: *Smiles as her smoke is lit* Thank you, Dorian.

Dorian: Anytime, Blossom. You’re one of us now… Whether people believe that or not… we take care of our own.”

“Dorian: Geez! Freeze, What the heck happened?

Freeze: Someone hit the joint before us.

Blossom: Hey… It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be fine. *Looking to the guys* Someone give him a smoke. He’s needing it bad. Come on.

Leslie: *Pulling out a smoke from her pack and placing it in Freeze’s mouth; Having Dorian light it for the Doc* Suck on that, Freeze. Calm down. We’ll get you some help.

Blossom: *Whispering to Leslie* It looks bad. I really don’t think that he’s gonna make it. He’s dying, Leslie. He’s dying. *Panicked*

Leslie: *Whispering back* I know. But admitting it to him is not gonna make anything better. What’ll we do?

Blossom: I don’t know. Oh god…

Dorian glances back up and sees that Dr. Freeze’s eyes are glazed over in death.

Leslie: He’s gone. *Looking down*

Blossom: Oh no!

Dorian took a second to let it all marinate in his mind that the doc was gone before he exploded in anger.

Dorian: *Picking up his glass Ashtray and throwing it with force across the room; Breaking the Mirror over the bar; Pissed off and Steaming mad* Son of a Bitch!

Dorian: *Grabbing Eddy* Who did this Man? WHO?!

Sweet Eddy then looked right though the blinds and looked into the Casino/Night club itself and saw The Mask dancing with Tina…

Leslie: *Looking out* Dorian, That’s the guy. That Green masked scumbag out there… He hit the bank before we did and took the money. He stopped and taunted us. That creep. I should have popped that freak with lead.

Dorian: That guy who’s dancing with Tina? *Growls and getting his weapon drawn* That son of a bitch is a dead man. He’s dead.”

“Madame Romance: *Spotting Blossom standing with the Mob* Oh my god… That’s Blossom. What is she doing with those guys?

Majestic Love: I don’t know. But i’m sending a text to Spencer and Rikku to stake out the hotel where that girl stays at.

Madame Romance: Forget about that… Notify the cousins… The Aquatic Force and the Thunderic Force. They need to know that our cause has just met a twist. A Huge conflicting twist in the battlefield.”

““Blossom, I don’t know if going home would be the best thing tonight.”

“Why not? My parents are gonna wonder where i’m at.”

“You were almost caught by the cops.”

“I know. But so were you. I mean… Shit, Leslie… The whole thing was a bit risky. A dead Mobster. You nearly getting clipped yourself.”

“That’s the risk of being a gangster gal. A Mafioso.”

“Yeah, Right… Leslie. like it’s fun getting shot at and risking being dead. Getting dead is not exactly my idea of a power trip.”

“This coming from a girl who worries about what her cousins would think about your habit. Blossom, You worry too much. I’ve had some experience in this. It’s not the only time i came close to swimmin’ with the fishes. But it’s just one time you know about. There’s been 4 other times when i got myself close to meeting the curtain call.”


“What do you mean “what?”, Blossom? It’s just how i said it?”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t want to freak you out. In case you happen to have forgotten what you saw in Dorian’s office. A Mobster dead from a heist going south… I would say it’d be pretty good foresight.”

“I know. That wasn’t what i was thrilled to see. I just… can’t believe you didn’t tell me.”

“I did it to protect you, Blossom. I love you. You’re my best friend. i would not be one to forgive myself if anything were to happen to you. It would be unable to be bared. I wouldn’t be able to bare it.”

“Same here. This Mob life is risky stuff. I can’t just sit and allow for you to get yourself in danger. I’m gonna follow you anywhere. Where you go… I go. You’re really important to me. I’m not gonna lose you.””

“The sacred bond of light has been challenged…
The mind of heaven in plight. the faithful hearts of god lost
and in need of renewed guidance. Where has the light gone for so long? Can it be found again? The mind of heaven has been injusticed for Many centuries. Will there be peace for Heaven and the children of God? For those in despair… worry no longer. Your reason to believe in the light is here. To remind you of god’s love for you. The warrior of god… fighting for you has finally come. Hark! The Angelic Warrior is here. I am Angelic Kelly!”

Sweet Eddy: Who… Who said that? *Tweaking* Was that the Voice of… God?

Dorian: Don’t be a moron… That wasn’t god. That was a kid’s voice. A young girl who is playing at god.

Orlando: I don’t think so, Boss. That voice was godly. It was speaking of heaven and Justice. Light. That wasn’t a kid.

Angelic Kelly: *Appearing; As an angel of heaven* That’s right! You are bad men. Causing trouble and pain. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Dorian: *Playing innocent* Who are you, Doll?

Angelic Kelly: I’m not your doll! *Focusing her energy and holding her hands together; Blowing light energy into her hands; Forming a holy grenade and chanting an incantation turning the one Holy Grenade into several “Sacred power of the lord. take thee power and turn one into many.”; Sending them up into the sky and spinning them around in a fast motion; Pointing her fingers up into the air making them into guns filled with Light bullets and shooting them at the Holy grenades in the sky; Launching
the attack at (The Mob/Dorian and his men)* Heaven’s Burning Holy Flash!”

“Lt. Kellaway: *Barking up a command* Drop it, Tyrell!

Dorian: Hey, Kellaway!

Lt. Kellaway: Drop it!

Dorian: A’right. *drops gun* So, you got a warrant this time? Or’d you just stop by for a nightcap?

Majestic Love: What he’s here for is to likely Bust the whole lot of you, Dorian. You’re a bad man.

Thunderic Fury: Cut the Crap! Where’s our Cousin Blossom, You Law-breaking sleasze?

Lt. Kellaway: What I got is probable cause. A couple of your boys was spotted knocking over Metropolis City Bank.

Doyle was starting to frisk Dorian and check for any hidden weapons…

Dorian: *to Doyle* Easy, junior, you’re close to giving me a Semi.

Majestic Love: You mean… A hard-on? No. I don’t think that the guy swings from the rear and takes deposits. But if you want to go for it with some guy while in the klink… You go right on ahead. No one would stop it if it’s what turns you on.

Lieutenant Thunder: Clint, You need to check your personality and love sick forte at the door.

Lt. Kellaway: And one of ’em was wearing a big green mask. Not to forget a younger shooter who had blond hair and is a middle school Girl.

Dorian: You know, for once, Kellaway, you’re right. Except it wasn’t one of my boys. Maybe if you tried a little actual police work. Plus… A young Kid? You really think that i would have a young Kid working under me? What do you play me for? Some kind of slave driver?

Lt. Kellaway: *to policemen* Cuff ’em. You, Tyrell… are aiming to blow smoke up my police ass. The girl was reported to be seen with your men. Calling herself: “Rita the Hammer.” We can run this all night. Her actual name will pop up and when it does… we’re gonna run a cross check on that and once we match the actual name to the reported name being spread like the Chicago sun times… We’re gonna book her for attempted murder of an officer and for robbing a bank.

Dorian: You’ll never get anything on her as she’s got no record of crimes. Her only crime is trying to fit in.

Lt. Kellaway: Someone should break the ice with the little Mobster prodigy and tell her that she should have picked a better crowd.

Police Officer: Hey, lieutenant, we got a stiff upstairs. It’s one of the guys from the heist.

Lt. Kellaway: Better call that high-priced lawyer of yours, Tyrell. You and I are going downtown for a little chat. Get him out of here! If i happen to find out that you got that girl working for you… Being Locked in Juvey will be the least of her young pretty concerns.

Dorian: I’ll be back on the streets before sunrise and you know it.

Madame Romance: We’ll be sure to send the police a condolence card for having to endure you walking free.”

“Lt. Kellaway: *Spots a piece of Stanley’s pajamas on floor* Ipkiss!

Lieutenant Thunder: That’s impossible. Ipkiss wasn’t here. How could he be? All we saw here was just the Mob shooting up the place and you coming in.

Thunderic Fury: Plus… the reality that our cousin was here.

Lt. Kellaway: An Under aged girl was here… at the Night club? You’re pulling this cop’s leg here and i’m not laughing.

Majestic Love: Hey, Sir… You can believe what you want. We know what we saw. There can’t be two girls who happen to look like our cousin Blossom.

Madame Romance: Unless we got tunnel vision and what we saw… wasn’t exactly what we thought that we saw.

Lt. Kellaway: You Old teens are likely inebriated. Stoned. Go home and sleep off the hallucinogens. *Walking off*

As soon as he was out of sight and the coast was clear…

Annie: *Scoffs* That Lieutenant is such a jerk. We were telling him what was going on… Telling him what we saw and he played it like we were just doing X!

Clint: Tell it straight. We know what we saw. Blossom was here. We saw her here.

Sapphire: I think that we all did. But who was she fleeing with?

Serena: A girl that calls herself Rita the Hammer.

Annie: Huh?! *Pauses* Who the heck is that?

Raven: No idea. But i think she’s a Middle school girl who by normal decree is Leslie T. Burke.

Spencer: Leslie T. Burke… As in “Bridge to Terabithia”. The Leslie Burke of Bridge to Terabithia. That Leslie?

Rikku: There is no such person. No one by that name exists…

Serena: Rikku, You really need to check your village idiot act at the door. You think that there is no such person… You will be in for a real surprise as there is a person by that name. That name’s been popping up on the tip of a sizable cluster of people’s tongues like daisies and wildflowers faster than a flash of blinding light. Multiple sightings. Mentions of the Name Rita the Hammer being spread over the airwaves. That’s… Nothing? That’s anything but nothing. That is something you can not deny.

Carly Black: It won’t matter. *Walking over* We’re on our own now. The Cops won’t help us break this lead and get definitive answers.

Spencer: Which means…

Clint: We’re gonna have to do this ourselves and with our allies to get all the details that they can grab at. We need to know 4 things. What’s going on with Blossom and What’s the deal concerning that girl… Leslie. That’s 2. Then there is the issue circling the Mask. What his next appearance will be like. Find out what the Mob’s intentions are. that’s another two. But then to make two issues into one… We’re gonna need to find out how close to one another that Blossom and the girl Leslie really are. Then the 3 into two… Find out Leslie’s involvement with the Mob and where it all began… As well as how Blossom got pulled in and find out how we can pull her from it and break her free of the Mob’s grip.

Sapphire: We got a lot of work to do and this means… only one thing.

Spencer: What?!

Raven: One obvious answer.

Sapphire: We begin at dawn.”

“Paige: *Looking at Pearl* What do you mean that you saw Blossom Smoking?

Pearl: What i mean is that i saw her lighting up. She is under the influence of smoking and i also caught her likely kissing the girl she was with.

Paige: This girl… the one you saw her with… She wouldn’t happen to be Leslie T. Burke… Would she?

Pearl: She is. That’s who the girl is and even that girl smokes. I didn’t see her literally do it. But what i did see was that she clearly had the stuff with her. It was there.

Dinah: Okay… So, What are we supposed to do? We can’t really do anything as it’s for her father Curtis to do. We can tell him what’s going on and what we gathered on what Blossom has been doing. But problem behind that is… Would he believe it?

Paige: He’d have to. I know that i’d believe it. Ironically given since i was the one that caught a sighting of Blossom Smoking. Or about to light. I don’t know how she got the pack. Who would get her to do it?

Dinah: Possibly that girl she’s with. She’s not the type of girl who’d just be all in on the habit. There wouldn’t be any self reason for it.

Pearl: I couldn’t really pay too much attention to the girl. But to see Blossom smoking. That’s something we need to have stopped.

Paige: Meaning… Telling her father. Blossom’s a sweet, opinionated and downright hearty girl. Seeing her do something like this is just not like her to do. She will likely say it is who she is and she’s gonna be trying to find her own self identity… But not this. This isn’t something she’d want to get into. Plus… It’s bad enough to know that Luna’s leaving this Clan. It’s all over the Family gossiping circle. Luna’s Divorcing Zeke and for the pre-nupt… She’s wanting half the assets that were made between her and Zeke over the course of 18 years.

Dinah: What?!

Pearl: You’re not being funny, Paige. That’s not funny.

Paige: I am not saying this to be funny, Pearl. It’s true. The girl we knew who got pregnant at 14… Is shooting for all that. She’s shooting for it. She also wants 40% of the Pub that Zeke has for a business.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Is it just me talking here… or feeling this… or does it seem like Luna’s become a greedy whiny brat?

Dinah: She’s selfish. That’s what she is. Nothing more. Nothing but that.

Paige: Plus… Luna’s not gonna be Luna anymore from what was heard. She’s soon gonna be the Exotic Stripper and Prostitute slut: “Rina Frost”.

Pearl: What’s Zoey gonna do?

Dinah: Does she know?

Paige: Oh yeah. She knows… She found all the proof she’d ever need and now knows what it’s all about. She came over to see me this afternoon… or Evening. Telling me all about what she found.

Dinah: The poor girl… She’s got to be all screwed up over it.

Pearl: My only worry is what if she slips into the same habit as Blossom and loses her way?

Dinah: That’s gonna be hard to say… I would think that if anything… She’d play guitar.

Pearl: She can play. We did manage to hear her play. But that was what… Last week though. She was playing something from a movie. Or Maybe not from a movie exactly… but just a version of a song that was heard in a movie…

Paige: Like?”

“Zoey: *Singing; Playing guitar* “There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I’m one

My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new bluejeans
My father was a gamblin’ man
Down in New Orleans

Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and trunk
And the only time he’s satisfied
Is when he’s on a drunk

Oh mother tell your children
Not to do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the House of the Rising Sun””

“Paige: I thought that she and Blossom would be hanging out.

Pearl: They usually do… but as of the recent weeks and growing into a month… over that by now… Blossom’s blown her off. Hanging solely with Leslie Burke. The Rich girl from New York… *Pauses* Wait a minute… how did i know that?

Dinah: I can’t tell you. But… What Blossom’s been doing… I don’t think that i would want my daughters Sakura and Hikaru to be in anyway subjected to that.”

“Blossom: Leslie, i really wouldn’t give two shits if you made some kind of deal with a satanic priest. I am not gonna give you up. I fight for my friends and for my family. You are my friend. My best friend and i will not… Not have it any other way.”

“Roxanne: *Softly* I’m having a baby.

Miranda: *Taken aback at what she was hearing Roxanne say*What? I’m sorry, I just woke up. What?

It was visible to see that Mrs. Harris was still half asleep and the sense of alertness was not quite running yet.

Roxanne: *Softly and in an upset voice* I’m having a baby.

Miranda: What?

Roxanne: *Looking at her mom; Feeling scared and ashamed* I’m having a baby.

Miranda: *Walking over to her daughter and sitting at the table with Roxanne* What do you mean, you’re having a baby? Is this is this some kind of school assignment?

Roxanne: *Shaking her head as she is about to lay out the bombshell* No.
I’m pregnant?

Miranda: Roxanne *scoffs and in disbelief*, you can’t be pregnant. That’s impossible. Seriously impossible. There is no way that you can be… Pregnant.

Roxanne: Yeah, that’s what I thought. *Wiping away her tears a bit* But I am. The Doctor told me. And even i can’t believe it.

Miranda: *Not understanding* What doctor?

Roxanne: Dr. Zuko.

Miranda: Dr. Zuko told you you’re having a baby?

Roxanne: Yeah.

Miranda: When? When did she tell you that?

Roxanne: *Having a hard time with talking about her dilemma even while knowing that it had to be said* Um, I don’t know. Maybe, like, six weeks ago or something.

Miranda: You went to see her six weeks ago, and she told you you’re having a baby? I-I don’t understand. I can’t fathom the thought that a doctor would tell you that you were… Having a baby just from seeing you. Did she even give you a check-up?

Roxanne: Yeah.

Miranda: Did you go and see her on your own? Because you thought you were *Scoffs and in shock with what more she was being told by her daughter* Y-You can’t be pregnant. How could this possibly have happened?

Roxanne: *Scoffs; Unable to shake off the life changing reality* I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just kinda happened.

Miranda: *Suspecting that the idea of Roxanne being pregnant or saying she was; was out to be some kind of joke or act* Is this something you and your sister have come up with? Is this some kind of conspiracy to get my mind off of your father? You want me to think you’re pregnant so whatever’s really happening isn’t so bad. Is that it? *Looking away and trying to not feel tense* I don’t like where this is going and i also don’t find it funny. Roxanne, I know that you’re thinking on protecting my sanity so i don’t lose it when i find out what’s going on with your father… But, Sweetie. This is not the way to be doing it. There is no way that you could be… Pregnant. This is not real. Plus… It’s bad enough to know that there is no money coming in as the Bank’s been robbed. By what reports are saying… A guy in a green mask but with others joining. One being a young girl. 12-13 years of age. Hearing a Joke like this… It’s not something i need right now.

Roxanne: Mom, I’m really pregnant.

Miranda: *Standing up and choking on the idea that something was going on and was somehow being covered up* No, seriously. Roxanne, tell me the truth. OK, look at me and tell me the truth. This is no joking matter. I need the truth.

Roxanne: I am telling you the truth.

Miranda: *Emotionally dramatic and a little frantic* You can’t be having a baby at 15 years old. This is just insane. Unheard of. Sincerely unheard of and by far outrageously far-fetch’d.”

“Rosie: *Not aware of what’s going on* What’s going on?

Miranda: *Looking to the side; turning around and seeing Rosie* Rosie? *Catching Rosie trying to make a break from the room* Rosie! Did you know anything about this?

Rosie: Uh, I’m not sure. *Looking unsure what to say*

Roxanne: *confessing* Yes, she knows.

Miranda: *Outraged* She knows?

Roxanne: She just kind of found out. Mom, I didn’t mean for it to happen. I really didn’t.

Miranda: *Now finally hysterical and ecstatic* You didn’t mean for what to happen? You didn’t mean to have sex? You didn’t mean to get pregnant?

Rosie: You know, it could’ve been an alien abduction. I hear there’s a lot of that happening. It’s apparently the new thing in popularity. Weird and a bit extreme if you ask me.

Roxanne: I think I want an abortion.

Miranda: *Excusing Rosie from the room* OK, you can run now. Go.

Rosie: I didn’t do anything.

Miranda: *Barking* Just go to your room, Rosie!

Rosie: *Leaving the room in a huffy manner* All right. She’s the one that’s having a baby.

Miranda: *Sitting down* An abortion?

Roxanne: I don’t wanna have a baby.

Miranda: *Sitting down and unsure of what to necessarily suggest for her daughter* Uh I don’t know, Roxanne. I just I don’t know. L-Let’s just think about this, OK? Let’s think about all of the options.

Roxanne: *Upset* Mom, if you don’t let me get an abortion, I wanna leave.
Go somewhere. Aren’t there, like, homes for teenage mothers? Find me a home. away from here. As it is… I already hurt the guy i loved by telling him that i was pregnant. He’s been okay with knowing but once it sinks it and hits home… He might change how he feels about me and hate me. I can’t face that.

Miranda: *Upset and with a voice of Devastation* But, honey, this is your home. Please, Roxanne… Don’t do this. I can’t go through seeing you living somewhere else. I can’t. You’re meant for here. Please… If not for anyone… Do it for the one you have feelings for. Yourself. For your father and I. *Pleading*

Roxanne: *Upset; Crying* I can’t stay here and have a baby. *Sniffling*

“Sora: Mom, Dad’s having an affair.

Alice: He what?

Carly: Dad is having an affair with the woman. He was kissing her and hugging her.

Alice: *Feeling her heart Drop* Oh my. Are you sure?

Sora: I am sure. We are both sure. We got the proof. We have Photos to prove it. Plus the Smoking gun.

Carly: *Pulling out the Photos and showing them over to their mother* That was taken by one of the friends we have who are informants. They took the photos and gave them to us. To show you. Dad’s having an affair.”

“Blossom: *Lighting up and looking out the window* Leslie, I wanna thank you for letting me stay the night like this. I guess that the whole idea of me actually trying to get home when there was a lot of activity going on last night  happened to come off as being pretty foolish.

Leslie: It’s okay. You were just worried about your parents. It’s not a bad thing. I’d be worried if you weren’t the least bit worried about your folks.

Blossom: I know. I happen to know that there’s gonna be alot of questions asked.

Leslie: Like about the others?

Blossom: *Nods* Like my cousin and best friend Zoey. I just know that i screwed up with her and if i don’t do something to fix the mess i made with her… I’ll lose her. *Smoking*

Leslie: That’s not what you would want though. Losing her. After all those times together. You need to see on keeping her close.”

“Israeli Man: *With Accent* s’cuse me… You must be boss. Owner of Diner, yes?

Sid: Yes. But who are you? How did you get in here?

Israeli Man: I apologize for surprise like this. I am Zion Lateaz. Isreali native by blood.”

“Alice: *Walking into the shop with tears in her eyes* …

Cid: *Looking to see a woman walking into the Auto-shop and recognizing who the woman is* Hey… Alvin… I think that you got yourself some company.

Alvin: *Pauses* … Huh? Who could it be this time? I can’t have any visitors coming right now. I got this car to do and if i don’t get it done… There won’t be any money.

Alice: Or don’t you mean money for you to get things to use for your booty call?

Alvin: *Hearing his wife’s voice* Alice?!

Alice: Don’t you Alice me… You son of a bitch! *Angry and emotionally hurt; Crushed*

“Alice: *Pulling off her wedding ring and walking over to give it to Alvin* You and I are through. I am done with you and i will not have anything to do with you. The only thing that ties us together are the kids.

Alvin: Alice, what on Earth are you talking about?

Alice: Don’t play stupid with me. *Hurt and devastated* You know what i am talking about and if you can’t figure it out. Try getting into the house tonight. You two-timing hussy! I know about the kink you have been getting.

Alvin: Kink?! Wait a minute! *figuring out what’s going on* i get it… You’re here on a hunch revolving what our twin daughters came up with. They’re thinking that i am cheating on you and told you that i was having sex with another woman. Am i Right?

Alice: It’s not their fault. Don’t be thinking to blame them for your dirty laundry. Their only crime is not telling me sooner. You were going out and going on dates with that woman. The same one that you told me you were just seeing as a friend. Nothing more. You were telling me that she was someone you’d console. *Emotional* I didn’t think that your being consoling with the woman… that you were actually talking to her and being a supporting friend meant that you were also having some kinky interaction and steamy sex from her as well… Just as a bonus. *With tears in her eyes and with the sense to start sobbing*

Alvin: It’s a Lie. All of it. I never did that.

Alice: That is a bull-faced lie. You have. I have the photos that prove it. Plus the Condoms. *Wanting to break down* Those were the major giveaways that you were having sex. With another woman. You were cheating on me.

Alvin: That is not true. I would never have sex with her. Never. *Wearing a poker face* There is nothing there. Besides how would the girls know about what i was doing unless they were to follow me. Stalking me. I don’t think that they even saw what it was that they thought that they saw. They are the children. The Minors… We’re the adults. We don’t answer to them… They answer to us. Now, what they were trying to start… It’s being derailed. There will be no more rumors going on.

Alice: Oh cut the bullshit, Alvin. You are a cheating… Womanizing son of a bitch. You can’t even lie right. You cheating on me is a sign that you broke one of the sacred vows. To honor and Obey. To Cherish and to hold. You were out slapping the painted mules with another woman.

Alvin: I cherish you.

Alice: Like hell you do. You sure have a screwed up way of showing it. When we got married. You said that you would never do anything unfaithful. Nothing to hurt me. But guess what? You did. The girls didn’t have to tell me a thing and they didn’t. I saw the hurt look in their eyes and knew that what they were gonna say… made it all clear. Plus… The Condoms. The condoms are also a giveaway. I don’t know where my father is. He is likely dead. Not that i care because of what he tried to do to me. However… There’s a friend or colleague that i have working with me. I’m gonna start seeing him.

Alvin: No…

Alice: Why not? You’ve done it. You were having an affair and it went on for months. I never questioned it. Never thought about it. I blame myself for being that fool who believed that it was just a figment of my imagination. You are the worst. *Seeing Alvin wanting to speak* Don’t! I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear any more excuses from you. Unless it’s the truth. You also want to know how else i know… don’t you? Try the signals. The mysterious phone calls that were coming in. The 3 rings and 2 clicks. *Breaking down in tears* I even found evidence of you having sex with her… in our bed. In our bed! I didn’t tell the girls that. But i knew all there was. I was denying it. Denying that there was anything there. But i knew. Alvin, How could you?! How could you?! HOW COULD YOU?!!!

Alvin: Alice… It’s not what you think.

Alice: *Sobs* You liar!”

“Stanley: *opens the door* Hi, Lieutenant. This isn’t a good time right now, so… *Kellaway enters* Won’t you come in?

Lt. Kellaway: Where were you last night, Ipkiss?

Stanley: Here, mostly.

Lt. Kellaway: Got someone to vouch for you on that? Like your pal Paul Rhapsody. He was here the last time. Covering for you and providing a very fast and plausible alibi for you.

Stanley: Is something wrong?

Lt. Kellaway: You tell me, Ipkiss. Should there be something wrong? What do you know about this Mask character?

Stanley: *chuckles* Mask? Who’s that? Is he a friend of yours, Lieutenant?

Lt. Kellaway: Don’t insult my intelligence, Ipkiss. He robs the bank that you work in and then I find this in the Coco Bongo. *shows Stanley a piece of his pajamas* I already know that you don’t show as a sharp tool in the shed to cover up something like this. Not this easily. The Mask was there at the Coco Bongo and your friends… The Thunderic Force Z! as they appeared to be. covered for you Saying that the mask was not there. And neither was you. Ipkiss, You are aware that it isn’t smart to blow smoke up a cop’s ass. There can’t be 2 idiots with pajamas like these. *Milo is trying to open the door to the closet where the money is stashed away*

Stanley: Milo, no!

Lt. Kellaway: May I see those pajamas, Mr. Ipkiss?

Stanley: Those, uh, those pajamas were, uh… stolen.

Lt. Kellaway: Somebody stole your pajamas?

Stanley: *grabs Milo* Yeah. I mean, what is the city coming to when a man’s pajama drawer is no longer safe?”

“John: *Grabbing the newspaper and shoving the news article in front of the group* What do you call this? A symbol of a joke. *Reading the Article* “Metropolis, Kansas… Last night was a hoppin’ night as the luscious flower Tina Carlyle soothed the club’s patrons with one of her best moves and #’s. Coming in style. But it wasn’t the end of the night at the very least as there was a mysterious patron there that came and stole the show. Dancing with the beautiful flower of the club. Wowing and shocking the crowd with delight and high pulsed Ambiance. Not leaving anything to a chance. But the atmosphere was said to be a shakedown at best as the excitement turned into a classic flamboyant case of a mob shoot’em up incident. There were eyewitnesses there that overheard a voice of a young underage Patron. Hearing the words: “Get the people out of here. Now. Right now. I am not kidding. Neither is Dorian. Move.” and the description they gave of the girl they saw was none other than Leslie Tina Burke. Aka… Rita the Hammer. Another witness also caught the girl’s second statement. Hearing her say to someone close to her… “Blossom, Here. When time calls… Just Aim and shoot. Aim. Then shoot.” The girl was with golden brown hair. frizzy hair. She was standing apprehensively and at attention ready to respond to what the first girl was commanding. The Description of the girl matched the same look as one of the fighters of the city. Eyewitnesses were in denial as they believed it to not be the same girl. However the appearance matched the description of one Electrogal. The hero who in terms is none other than the daughter to the retired hero Electric-Rage. The hero’s normal name: Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody. One patron happened to look during the beginning of the show and swore to have seen the young teen sitting with one Dorian Tyrell and possessing a pack of smokes and was smoking.” *Furious* Now, since you have the scoop… Deny it now? Would you like to now dispense with the bull?

Megan: *Looking at the picture and gasping* That’s her. Oh my god… My sweet daughter. What’s going on with you, Sweetheart? Why are you doing this? What are you doing with that girl?

John: Think this is funny now? Let me hear you laugh. Laugh if you think it’s funny. Laugh. Come on. *Angry and Irate* Laugh. You seem to think it is all just a big joke. Newsflash: It’s not a joke.”

“Blossom: Luna’s a crack whore, Slut. I am appalled to even know her to be my aunt. What’s worse is that Luna’s the Aunt… and God mother to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. They’re stained with the stigma of having a godmother who resorted to taking drugs and doing them. Doing X.

Leslie: What about you two?

Sora: What do you think, Leslie? You might have heard some of it already. But Carly and I had been dealing with a father that was cheating on our mother. We tried getting help or some insight from Blossom. But every time we turned around… She was always in sight of you. You were the only one she’d speak of. But we get it. Leslie, You got our cousin to be all into you. As a friend… Maybe something more.

Carly: You might feel that we hate you. We don’t. We just don’t understand how you could be all that our cousin Blossom would think and speak about. She’s joined the Mob. Joined you. But… Why did you? Why did you join the mob? Why? What did you get out of it? The prestige… fame… status?

Leslie: I don’t know. It just seemed like the most reasonable thing to do as it was the only thing besides being placed in that thing called foster care. Plus… if i got put in foster care… I would have no control of my money. I would also be with no idea of where i’d end up. *Looking to the side a little and sighs* I should have thought about it a little better. However, I am kinda glad that i made the decisions i have. Because… Sora… Carly, you might want to face facts. You have the most strong hearted, original and dedicated Cousin anyone could ask for. Blossom befriended a lone girl. Like me. She didn’t have to as i didn’t really make any attempt to be trying to fit in much as most of the surrounding kids. Young teens avoided me like i was a nobody. I know that you two happen to not like me much. I don’t blame you. I haven’t really done much to be getting on your good graces.

Carly: That’s true. Leslie… We want to be your friend. We can’t take the idea that you feel like you’re unloved in this school. You belong here. We… have told our mother this morning about our father’s affair. Our mother’s life changing words to us were: “You two might want to consider to start fending for yourselves. I might not be able to do much providing much longer.” As she’d be too upset and broken. We told her about the whole thing and she was so devastated… it took so much for her to not lose it in front of us. We couldn’t just not tell her. It wasn’t fair seeing that our mother was being hurt by our father having an affair with another woman and cheating on our mom.

Blossom: You broke your mom’s psyche. You two of course did what you had to do. You had to expose your father’s dirty secret to her and make her aware before someone else had.

Sora: Actually… Blossom, We didn’t even have to tell her. She kinda confessed that she already had a suspicion about it for a while and never spoke about it. All we did was confirm her fears. She knew of it through the mysterious signals that were going on. The 3 rings and 2 clicks.

Leslie: 3 rings and 2 clicks? That’s a signal?! That seems kinda too suspicious. How many days has that been going on? Did your mother even say how many days it’d gone on?

Carly: No. Not at all. But she was very upset and she sounded like she was about to faint and looking rather palish.

Sora: We want in. In on the Mob. We want to join.

Leslie: You two want in? *Surprised* You sure that you’d want in? It’s not gonna be safe. There will be dangers coming almost on cue. We’re also gonna need to get you two a gun.

Carly: We know how to use one. Firearms… We had to use one while we’ve served working for the BPRD.

Sora: Leslie, We know how to fire a gun. Using one. It’s not that hard to do. We have had some insight and training. as to how it’s done. We wish to Join.”

Rikku: There is something really wrong going on with Blossom. Really troublesome.

Serena: *Looking to the field; not wanting to think about what she saw last night* It was a nightmare. That just couldn’t be Blossom. Blossom would never do this. Never. This is Blossom that we’re talking about. There is no way that it could have been her. *Sighs* Who’re we kidding? It was her. She was with the guys with guns. Also with that young girl. Someone that we heard about for the last several weeks. Leslie T. Burke. She was there with those men and one of them men happened to be the leader. Dorian Tyrell.

Carly Black: Plus some of us saw Blossom running off with the girl known as Leslie. But as she ran… there was something sticking out just a hair from her right side pocket. It had the word Marlboro. It was red and white. Blossom might have just had that as an illusion. But i don’t think it was an illusion. I stepped out just to keep a look out for any unwanted trouble seeking on creeping along. It was when i saw two girls. The same ones that were in the club. The Night Club. Leslie and sad revelation… Blossom. Blossom had a pack of cigarettes in her hand and pulled out a stick, placed it on her lips and lit up. Smoking. She didn’t see me. Neither did the girl. but Blossom was doing it and i’ll be a fool if i were to not see them kissing.

Raven: You have got to be kidding us. She was smoking? Plus Kissing? UGH!

Lorenzo: I don’t think that’s something we should sit around and keep quiet. We should consider on exposing the news to her father. Your Uncle Curtis. He should be told of this.

Katie: But why would your Cousin do that? Doesn’t she know what it can do?

Jacklyn: Yeah… She’s gonna have health problems sometime down the road. It’s gonna ruin her.

Theodore: Really?! Tell us something we don’t know. We need to know why she’s doing this. What’s getting her to do this?


Theodore: *Suddenly realizing something* “One of you fighters will be lured into the Mob. Lured by the girl involved with the Mob.”

Sapphire: Huh?! Theodore, What are you talking about?

Theodore: “One of you will be drawn in by the girl luring herself into the Mob” Remember last year. Around the end of last year after we all battled against the Ogdru Jahad: Behemoth… After the battle we went through… We had some type of spirit approaching us. Calling itself the Hawk of Metropolis. The Screeching bird of Flight. It said something about us being Metropolis’s last hope but said also that more darkness was following. Coming. It also said that: “

Slight Flashback and Memory Relapse…

“A girl by the age of 13 from New York. A Rich girl is getting involved with a Mob. Lead by…

A Mob Hit man. Running a night club…

One of you will be drawn in by the girl luring herself into the Mob… More might follow as time may pass…”

Snap back to reality…

Theodore: So… What if it turns out that Blossom was the one to be drawn to join the Mob. and a couple others soon after. Only a week or two after?

Spencer: You know what… Theodore is right. He’s right. What if what that mysterious spirit said about one of us fighters being drawn into the Mob meant just that it could mean the most susceptible and more upstanding… would be brought right into the Mob.

Carly Black: I saw the pack slightly popping out of her right pocket and it said Marlboro. A Red Pack. I think it said something more as well… But i barely caught sight of it and that was what it said… Blossom’s smoking. What gasses us is the fact that… well… What if some of the others get into it too? You know… Like Sakura and Hikaru? What about them? They’re like so… So Innocent. But after a while. Of constantly seeing a cousin to them doing something like that and just subjecting them to it… over and over again. They could gain the prospect of getting into doing it as well. Not that they will… But, if you really thought about it… how much can one be subjected to something before they eventually break and just start getting a mind for it. It could be your young sisters Sora and Carly, Paul. They might also join the Mob.

Paul: After this morning… I wouldn’t really blame them. I got a really emotional call from them this morning. They exposed my father’s secret affair to my mother Alice. Let’s just say… that she’s in a state of shock and gradual depression. But i think that it’s gonna likely hit soon. They were also crying as they told me and it’s bad. They feel as if they caused mom to just finally break. Breaking her heart by that. I think that if they were to join the Mob… Take up some habit… I don’t know what i’ll think about it. I’ll be upset and disappointed. But i’ll also come to understand. They’re in pain. Agony. I mean… They had just dropped a Bombshell on their mother and it hurt them. I myself haven’t been at my home for a while because i wanted nothing to do with dad. Not if he was gonna cheat on mom. I wasn’t gonna be any part of that. I might be part like him… But Cheating on someone? That’s not my idea of fun. It’s not right at all and i just refuse to be with any part of it.”

Leslie: They’re Cousins… to Blossom. Sora Ashley and Carly Athena Rhapsody.

Sora: *Waving* Hey sir.

Carly: Hey. Can we be a part of the Mob? We want to be part of the Mob too.

Sora: We can be useful assets to the gang here.

Leslie: Watch what they can do.”

“Dorian: *To the men and the young girls* 70 grand. 70 grand to the man or woman who finds that green-faced son of a bitch before the cops do. I want you to get the word out to every street hustler, to every lowlife in this town, you understand? I want him here, alive. I don’t care in what way he is brought here. But i want that bastard. As long as he’s alive. Leslie, You and Blossom get the word out to anyone you meet. Have them get the word out and keep tabs on that green faced son of a bitch. You two twin girls… if you get a hold of a sighting on that green faced son of a bitch… nail him.”

“Charlie: You don’t look so good.

Stanley: Really, do I look bad?

Charlie: Don’t worry. This’ll put the color back in your cheeks. *Suddenly holding up a couple ticket* 2 tickets to the charity ball at the Coco Bongo Club, Saturday. Next Weekend. Anybody… who’s anybody… will be there. Who’s to know? The guy Paul Rhapsody could also be there too… But the Coco Bongo Club has rules about Minors being in a casino. The Club could lose their luster and their license if a Minor was spotted there. Want to be my date? *Winks*”

“Dr. Neuman: Looks like fourth- or fifth-century Scandinavian. Possibly a representation of one of the Norse night gods, maybe Loki.

Stanley at that time was seated and listening to what the doctor was saying… But when the Doctor happened to mention Loki…

Stanley: *Pauses* Loki? Who is Loki?

Dr. Neuman: The Norse god of mischief. Supposedly he caused such trouble that Odin banished him from Valhalla forever.

Stanley:  Then he could have banished him into that mask. Sure wish i knew why… I mean the guys i met… Paul. Being one of the guys i met… Said that he read your book and got it that… Loki was someone or this god who had brought nothing but shame to odin and his brothers.

Dr. Neuman: That’s correct. And i would digest that this friend… Paul is very much a follower of my work.

Stanley: He seems to be. He too has a power. He says it’s fire. But i’ve never seen it.

Dr. Neuman: I’m talking about mythology, Mr. Ipkiss. *Holding up the mask* This is a piece of wood.

Stanley: *Not seeming to understand* but your book…!

Dr. Neuman: My book is about masks as a metaphor. A metaphor,not to be taken literally. My book uses masks as a metaphor for our complex personalities. The masks we must present to the outside world… to suppress the id. To protect our innermost
desires. What You somehow suffer from is nothing more than a mild delusion.

Stanley: *Getting up and adhering to grab the Mask* You really don’t believe that this mask here is possessed. Do you?

Dr. Neuman: No. I don’t. Because the Aesir gods don’t exist. They haven’t existed in physical manifestation for at least 10 centuries.”

“Helen: *Looking at Fuji* Look! Just give us the money or tell us where it is and we’ll deal.

The Dark Knight

Fuji: Money is the only reason I’m still alive.

Helen leans forward suddenly speaking in a softer tone…

Helen: You mean when they hear that you’ve helped us get at their money hoard… they’re going to kill you? Is that what you’re about to tell me?

Tanner: Are you seriously trying to threaten my client?

Helen: No, I’m just assuming your client’s cooperation with this investigation.
As will everyone. Plus… Your client is suspected in dirty dealing. Handling the funds for the Mob. You might want to think twice before trying to cover the assumption up. We take the Law here serious. You want to try to bribe? Do it with the underbellies and the crime lords. You’ll get burned worse than you will here. *moving over to the door* Enjoy your stay in County, Mr. Fuji. Let us know when you’re ready to do right by the law.

Fuji: Wait. *Helen stops* I won’t give you the money, but I’ll give you my clients. All of them.

Helen: *Walking back over to the table* You were a glorified accountant Plus… Your own fortune 500 company, Mr. Fuji.- what could you have on all of them that we could charge?

Fuji: I’m good with calculation- I handled all their investments. One big pot. Every last investment they made… i was made to handle them all. I can give you my clients.”

“Nick: Rico. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. “The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually commit the crime personally.”

“Helen: Mr. Fuji, do you have details of this communal fund? Ledgers, notebooks…?

Fuji: *Smiling with a grin* Immunity, protection and a chartered plane back to Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.”

“Sora: I’m just worried about mom. What if she just happens to give up on life altogether?

Carly: If she does… Paul is not gonna be happy. He’s liable to come unglued at someone.

Sora: Yeah. Us.”

“Blossom: It’s tragic as to how our families are breaking apart. My mom and dad aren’t splitting or having problems… But the idea that things like this can happen, It’s not putting any smile on my face.

Sora: It’s not doing any good on our end either, Blossom. This is serious. We just crushed our mother’s heart. She’s emotionally hurt.

Carly: It’s our fault.

Blossom: *Looking to the side and sighs; Turning to look at the girls* Why would it be your fault? It’s not like you caused for the divorce to happen. You just told your mom something damaging. It was probably something she wasn’t ready to be told.

Leslie: Maybe. But truth is… With the facts all there… And plus with their mother letting out that she for a while had this sort of suspicion that something was not right. it was liable to start breaking out into the open.

Sora: *Sighs*

Carly: What will happen to us though? We don’t want anything to do with our father as he is the reason all this began. He was having an affair with another woman which was hurting our mom and trying to hide it. He even tried to Bribe us into not saying anything about it to mom. We didn’t take it. We even waited till he was not around and wasn’t there to catch us putting the bribe money back. We stuck it in one of his jackets. The same one that we’ve stumbled upon the Smoking gun. The Condoms. That’s a red flag.”

“Zion: *Serving Coffee to customer* You must like coffee alot.

Dinah: Not really. But it’s kinda like my own form of caffeine. I am seriously addicted to it like a junkie. *Smiles; Chuckles* Why? You’re not trying to ween a gal like me from it, are you?

Zion: No no no… I’m just curious. Sid say you and other various members of family to you come here often. One of them being a fashion store owner.

Dinah: True. we do. Quite a lot actually. My 3 middle Daughters come here a lot. Too much some times. But they consider this to be like their favorite hangout spot. Makes it easy on me since all i have to do when i am home and i don’t see them. 9 times out 10… i’ll most certainly find them here congregating with their friends. Like Zoey Creek. Sid’s girl Holly, among others.

Zion: Sid has Daughter? *Surprised* Why has he not told me this?

Dinah: I don’t know… But… What?! You mean that you didn’t know?

Zion: No. I-i not know this. Why would he not say that he got daughter? I happen to be fond of parents. Actual good parents who care much about family and kids. Faithful to marital partner.

Dinah: You sound really sincere about the spirit of a good family. Do you have a family, Zion?

Zion: Zion is single. But am looking for remarkable lovely woman to love and honor.

Dinah: Well… Don’t worry. You will. If fate is on your side and you’re destined to find one… you will. Everyone’s entitled to having a woman or man in their lives. Someone who will love them and be there for them. Cherish them and always be honorable. Devoted. Plus true.

Zion: Unlike girl Luna. She bad apple.

Dinah: Huh?! What was that for?

Zion: Sid say that Luna is banned from here. Luna who is now Rina Frost. Blew smoke in young girl’s face sometime now ago.

Dinah: *Appalled and Shocked* Oh my god… How awful. Why the hell would Luna do such a dastardly thing like that?

Sid: Other than the fact that Luna’s turned cold and made herself into a careless whoreish woman… Nothing much. *Walking over from the side* As it is… She’s been banned from this Diner. If she comes anywhere near here… She’s gonna be tossed out. You and the others are still welcomed. You don’t have any worries in that. But Luna is not welcome. Pamela wants nothing to do with her. But is still sticking close for the sake of Zoey… And Zeke and the family. But Luna’s dead to her.

Dinah: Is Holly alright?

Sid: *Grins; Chuckles* Yeah… Don’t worry. She’s holding up okay. She’s still got a faint tinge of the stench from the smoke that was blown on her… But, She’s alright considering. How about your husband Shingo? I haven’t seen him here lately.

Dinah: He’s alright. He’s been mostly stationed at the office where he works. He is the owner of that place now. The one that used to own it. The one that he worked for… Retired and passed the torch to him and now my husband runs it.

Zion: Should someone take nourishment over to him?

Dinah: That’d help. He’s got to eat too…

Zion: Where is Work place?

Dinah: from here… it’s a little ways down the road. 4 blocks past the Metropolis University. That’s about 5 blocks from here.

Zion: No problem… Zion take delivery over. Complimentary food for Woman’s Husband. *Going to the back and cooking a hefty sandwich with lettuce, tomato, Avocado, Onion… beef and cheese; Putting a slice of pie and a Cup of coffee to go along with it* Husband shall not be hungry.

Sid: *Grins to Dinah* New guy. Came in today. Actually… i found him here this morning when i came in this morning. I was a little late. When i got here… I found that the place was running and that he was running things. Had everyone seated and happy. Got the customers what they needed and what they asked. Cleaned the counters to a nice shine as well. He just clearly made out with the drive of being a literal Miracle worker. He’s been just so active. Israeli. Plus he’s says that he works for a fresh bottle of something called Fizzy Bubblech! It’s what this Country calls or considers Fanta. But he is assuring that it’s Fizzy Bubblech. He’s still gonna get paid with a paycheck. Money. He has done more than earn it… But has locked down overtime as well… He’s doing more than what i am asking for…

Zion: *Letting out* I serve to please. I do nothing less.

Sid: See?

Dinah: *Laughs* He is a riot. He’s sure a friendly guy… isn’t he?

Sid: You have no idea.

Dinah: Does he have a place to live?

Sid: I think so. At least… that’s what he told me.

Dinah: Hmm… If he’s in need of a place… He can always consider coming to stay… Let’s see… at the apartment building that my Daughter Serena and her girlfriend Carly Black reside in. The Rent there is feasible. Plus… there’s always room for modification and personalization. I couldn’t have him stay with my kids and I. I wouldn’t know where to put him and it wouldn’t be fair to him to be left sleeping on a couch.

Sid: Good point. Good point indeed…”

“Perry: *Walking over from the door* Blossom… What’re you doing here?

Blossom: *Looking to the side* Perry? Where did you come from? Did you happen to follow us?

Perry: No. But i heard something about the Mob. There’s word that they were contacted by a young girl who calls herself Rita the Hammer. No one knows who she is. But another source is saying that she’s a Middle school Girl. Someone named Leslie.

Blossom: Funny that you say that… Very funny.

Perry: Why is that funny? *Confused* What could be funny about that?

Blossom: It’s because my Best friend here… Her name is Leslie. Leslie Tina Burke.

Perry: *Pauses* Uh… Uh… Oh god. Blossom, You should get the hell away from her. She’s dangerous. She’s Rita the Hammer. There’s word of it being spread… All over the wires. The Mob is looking for her. Niko is looking for her and is expecting her to keep her end of whatever bargain she’s made.”

“Leslie: *Sighs* Perry, Your sister’s my best friend. I love her dearly. But what i’m about to tell you is not gonna sound so good. It’s about my involvement with the Mob. How deep i am with the Mob. As Blossom may have told you already about me… She only told of the good. None of the bad. That’s how i wanted it. But i can’t hide anymore. It’s got to be told. Perry, You’re Blossom’s brother and if there is anything i can’t deny… it’s this: If i don’t get good standing with you. I won’t have a chance with her.

Perry: I think that i got that now… Leslie, What’s going on?

Leslie: When i was truly just beginning my whole involvement with the Mob… I was in need of Experience. A lot of it. But Dorian was trying to protect me from most of it as he saw me as a young beginner. He didn’t want me to get into danger. Not so fast. But i needed to build up my Mobster Identity. And Yes… You’re right. It is as you hear… Rita the Hammer.

Perry: Okay. That we got. We got that cleared.

Kirsten: But what was this deal that you made about?

Leslie: What the deal was that i have made with them… It was just this: The deal was that i would help bring the fighters to their knees for half of the Funds of the Mob. Niko’s team. That i knew one of the fighters and that i would get that one person to help me get the fighters to surrender and retire. Which means… put them in traction. I told them that the friend i had… Possessed a sparky temper. And had Electric power.

Perry: The only ones i know with Electric power and with a sparky temper are Serena are My sister… Blossom. It wouldn’t be Serena as she doesn’t know about you. So… It’d have to be my sister Blossom.

Leslie: Yeah. However… I said friend with a sparky temper and Electric powers. But i didn’t give the Mob… Niko’s men anything more. Like the name of who i meant. Which puts them in confusion. I knew who i meant. But… They don’t.

Perry: It doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that you told them about the fighters.

Blossom: Perry, It isn’t like that. Not like that at all. She was only getting a hold of their trust is all… However… There is a plan. We get the Mob to think that the Fighters are all retired and in traction. Gone. But that means… The fighters will have to go into hiding. Only for a short time though. Then as soon as the Mob is made aware that the City is theirs for the taking. The fighters come out full frontal and take the Mob out of commission.

Sora: This is not what we were expecting to know. We have to go into hiding? How do we even do that? We can’t go into hiding. There is no way that we can go into hiding. Too many people know us and our habits. We’re too predictable to people and if we were to change track… It’s gonna lead suspicion that something’s wrong. The People will notice.

Carly: They’re gonna be asking questions.

Perry: It isn’t that. Not like what you’re thinking. *To his sister* Blossom, You’re gonna need to find a way to start pulling from her. Little by little.

Blossom: But Perry…

Perry: Blossom, I understand that she’s your friend. She is your friend and you’d do anything to stand up and stick for your friend. However… She’s involved with the Mob. She’s in the Mob world. *To Leslie* Leslie, You’re not a bad person… But our father is gonna be pissed and will more likely than not… Ban you from seeing my sister. I don’t particularly think too highly of you. But with how you are sounding… From what you said so far… You sound like you truly regret the deal of which you’ve made the Mob. *Looking back to his sister* Blossom, You’re involved with the Mob… From how this has sounded. You need to tell dad about this before someone else does. Because if you don’t and he finds out from someone else… the results will be worse and you’ll be denied of being permitted to see your friend again. Leslie will be banned from being near you and you’ll be grounded.

Blossom: *Desperate* Perry… It isn’t that simple. I can’t tell him. He’s gonna want to come out fighting. There is nothing he will be able to do. He has no fighting power left. The Electric elemental powers he once had… Are gone. He will only get killed. I don’t want that… Do you?

Perry: Sis, I don’t know what it is that i want. What it is that you are asking for. But this is dangerous shit. The Mob will retaliate and someone’s gonna get capped. You and Leslie have this plan and it’s all good. But the others won’t fall for it. They’re gonna come out fighting and Leslie is gonna be the one in the crossfire. You know about Leslie’s plan. So does Sora and Carly… i would guess now. But the older fighters… They don’t know about Leslie. *Serious and pleading* Blossom, This is never gonna work. You’re involved now with the Mob. Probably with some habit. Not sure what it is… And i don’t really want to know. However… This is some seriously dangerous mojo.

Leslie: Perry, I won’t let anything come to harm Blossom. She already knows and i am also gonna tell you. I will not allow for the Mob to come at Blossom. To get to her… they will have to get through me and i won’t move so they can.

Kirsten: That’s gonna be fine and well… It’s admirable. But Leslie… Mr. Rhapsody… Curtis has a certain way of looking at things. He’s not gonna be happy. I know him enough to know how he is. Perry told me things about how he sees things.

Perry: Leslie, I don’t know about you much. I really don’t. But for a hunch… I’m gonna see about covering for you. If possible. As will Kirsten. I’ll try to get a couple others to jump in and take part on covering for you where possible. But Since my sister Blossom is involved with you. Really close and likely Relationship involved… You’re responsible for her safety as long as she’s with you. Young girl or not… You cause her any harm or allow for any harm to come at her for any reason… Or if she gets hurt under your watch… You and I will tussle and no gun will keep you from getting it from me.”

“Donald: *Walking over* Hello there… You guys ready to order? *Spotting Leslie* Leslie, You’re here with The Esp Twins and Electrogal?

Leslie: Uh, Yeah. Blossom’s my best friend. Plus… Just between us… She’s also someone i love alot. *Feeling a little embarrassed*

Donald: Whoa… That’s a revelation. Really. *Recalling something* Hey… I heard that the Radio DJ is holding a 2 hour special edition of “The Lord Arnold Variety hour”. With the special guest being… The girl from New York.

Blossom: That’d be you, Leslie. You’re the one who’s from New York.”

“Caller: Leslie, This is your father. Your mother and I have heard the Radio and you speaking over the Radio. The things you were saying… Were expressive and very beyond your years… But we are proud of you for what you done. We’re saddened that you had to break from us. But No matter what. You’re still our daughter. That won’t change, Sweet girl. Your mother and I Love you very much and no matter what… There’s a place for you with us. Your mother and i feel your pain greatly. Having to had done the only thing that could be done. You might believe that we may be mad. We’re not. We understand that the circumstances were grave and we would have signed the papers sooner to Emancipate you thereby protecting you from the pain that was being inflicted. But we just couldn’t bare losing you. You signed them and we agreed. But only to ship you away… Where it was safer for you. Your new home is Metropolis. It’s where you’re safer. Just know that… Your mother and I are very proud of you. We love you and We’re holding on to you in our hearts. Leslie, You be a good girl. We’ll be with you again someday. *Changing to a woman’s voice* Leslie, Sweetie… We miss you. We understand the pain you’re in for what had to be done. But it was the only way. But we have never stopped loving you. We never will. You’re our daughter no matter what. Leslie, Your mother loves you. All that matters is that you’re happy and safe. You can always come home anytime you want. We miss you so much.”

“Morris: *Spotting a young girl emitting power* Hey… Where do you think you’re going?

Blossom: To see my Best friend/Girlfriend Leslie.

Morris: You Know girl?

Blossom: Yeah. I do and i also know the Mob side as well. Rita the Hammer. I know all about you and the bastards who seek to come and do my friend in. All on count of a deal… That if Leslie had me help her get my family to surrender and help put them in traction… Niko and you guys would take control of the city.

Morris: You know of deal? Rita the Hammer tell you about deal, Why?

Blossom: *Taking a defensive stance* Because… I am one of the fighters. *Emitting some Electricity* You either back off and leave my girlfriend Leslie alone… Or get sparked by lightning. Take your pick.

Morris: Who do you think you are… telling the Mob… what to do?

Blossom: *Drawing some Electricity from the nearby lights and Shooting it Right at Morris* I’m a Member of the Rhapsody New Generation. The one with the Sparky temper and electricity flowing all within… They call me, Electrogal.”

Zion: *Walking over to the scene* You should leave young girl alone.

Morris: Why do that? You don’t have mind to speak here.

Zion: She is young kid. She only a kid. Why you messing with girl?

Alfonso: Mind your own business, Mountain hair.

Zion: Why you call me mountain hair? That’s not what i am.

Alfonso: *scoffs* Whatever. Morris, take care of that hobo! Salami, Bologna… so What?!

Zion: You should change the tone. Avoid the pain…

Morris: *Walking over to the man* Hairy man got to leave.

Zion: *Grabbing for the pinky on Morris right hand as Morris was trying to make a move* See… Look what i got.

Morris: *Feeling the pinch* What are you doing? Ouch… Ouch! Let me go, Let me go Middle-eastern hairball.

Zion: You like to insult people and intimidate young innocent minor…

Out of nowhere…

Zion’s feet rose and kicked Morris in the head. One with the right then the left…

Morris: *Wigging out* What the… Was that your feet? You just kicked at me with feet.

Blossom: *With her mouth dropped and held wide open*

Zion: Yeah. It was the feet. The feet uppercut.

A few more hits with the feet as Zion lets the mob man have it coming to him…

Zion: Here’s the double foot.

Zion: *While still holding pinky and now with left foot in front of Morris’s face; exposed foot* Smell it, Smell it! Smell it! Now take it… *Kicking Morris in the side of the head* That’s for you.”

The Dark Knight

Feldstein: *Holding Leslie Down on the ground* You’re a dead little bitch. Doing that on-Air Interview exposed you as a daughter of an heiress who believes that the world is like her playground. You being a young girl… You think that you can play with the big boys and mess with shit you don’t know shit about.

Leslie: Please don’t do this… It isn’t what you think it is… I had been only practicing this stuff.

Feldstein: Don’t do what? teach you what happens when you try to play with the big boys… Huh? You don’t want it… You should have thought about that before you tried to make that deal to walk off with half of the Mob’s money in exchange of handing the Mob the fighters on a silver platter. You’re a young dumb kid who thinks they know the game. But you’re soon to find that you don’t know a thing. kids are stupid. No matter how smart they claim to be. They come to play with the big boys and think that they can get their way. You’re nothing more than a stupid ignorant child. That’s all you’ll ever be. Joining the Mob and think you are big and bad. You’re pathetic.”

“Spirit of Metropolis (Hawk): *Speaking* Fighter of the New Generation… Electrogal, You are losing yourself into the world of the Mob. Just as lost as the girl who has dwelled in their world. The girl is Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… She is one with the Mob. But her involvement now is torn. The mob world is sensing the doubt of her loyalty to them…

Blossom: How is it that you know? Not that you don’t know… But if that is true… What can i do to help her? I too am in the Mob. As she is. She’s with Dorian. As am I… Plus Sora and Carly. Soon… Zoey. How can i save her from the Mob on my own? I’m only one person… Plus… The others won’t want to help. To them… She’s guilty.

Spirit of Metropolis: This is a battle that you must face and overcome on your own. No matter how hard it may be. The Innocent girl is trapped within their world. In order to save her… You must become what she turned into. To return her to the girl she once was… You must become who she has turned into…Before the innocence that once was in Leslie… Is forever lost. Fighter of the New Generation… Chosen warrior of the powers that be… That girl’s fate… lies in your hands.”

“Carl: *getting off the phone* I think that we might have found a place. In Metropolis.

Elizabeth: So soon? *Curious* Where in Metropolis?

Carl: It’s in the Villa part of the Residential district of Metropolis. Lace Lane. It’s on the front of center of the Villa portion of the Residential district in Metropolis. It’s on sale for 100,000 Dollars. Flat. It will take a couple weeks or so to have it refurbished. With the works. Remodeling the floors and to make it memorable… I had them use the Hawaiian and Italian motif. With candy lime green paint for the walls and the carpet being the Classy red. The Mansion is a 5 bedroom 4 bath. Leslie’s new room will be a huge room. The floors will be with a Royal Purple carpet.  *Showing the example* Like that. I also have pictures of her room as it still looks here. Minus the things that she’d taken with her. But the new room is gonna look almost identical to the one here. Once all of the house… Mansion is done. They’re gonna notify us and we’ll make way over within days after. Tomorrow we’ll start getting boxes and getting things packed, Closed up here and stripped down. We had to send Leslie away. But we’re not gonna lose her. We’re getting her back.

Elizabeth: I have a few connections left in this part of the community. I’ll get someone to pick up some boxes and crates. *Looking at their daughter’s picture on the wall* We’re gonna be a family again soon, Leslie. One way or another we will be together again, sweetie.

Carl: *Listening to the Radio and Sighs* I think that we should call in a song request to the radio station.

Elizabeth: What song?

Carl: Woodstock.

Elizabeth: That’s a good song to request and send to our baby. I think she’ll love it….”

To be continued in second parter of Chapter 231: Ipkiss and the Mask… One last time. The Fall of Dorian. 2 of 2.


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