Chapter 230: Incoming arrival… Unexpected help from an old ally.

(Enter a timeless classic Ally from the past…)

Spencer: *Voice-Over* Continued off from Chapter 229: “Serena, Clint, Spencer and Rikku Bust into the fray.”

Stanley: *Looking over to see Milo* Milo!

Milo then ran over to Stanley and hopped into his arms…

Stanley: *Holding Milo* Whoa… This has got to be a new breed. A very new breed.

Milo then wildly and excitedly licked at Stanley. Playfully. Happily even…

Stanley then pulled off the Mask from Milo and freed Milo from the Mask…

Leslie: *Thinking about something* Dorian’s down But… is he really done?

Blossom: I hope so. At least out cold long enough to be apprehended by the cops.

Leslie: Tina’s still tied up and the bomb is still active.

Rikku: What’ll we do?

Spiritual Arctic Frost: Call for reinforcements…

Madame Romance: *With Dancing Heartthrob, Honolulu Torch, Intellectual Thunderic Wonder, Angelic Bubble, Shining Bubble and Chic Bubble Gem* Don’t you worry… Help is on the way…

Thunderic Fury: *Stepping in* I….i…i…i…i am am here too… But i always was here. part of the first t-t-t-t-eam to sh-sh-show u-up. To fight back. You guys are are not a-alone. Do-don’t worry. We’ll… We’ll get him. We’ll get him together.

Majestic Love: *Looking at Serena* Serena, You’re sounding like you’re shorting out. You were electrocuted the last time you went against him.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: Serena, You need to get back home and rest. Sleep off the effects of electrocution. You’re still shook up from the last time.

Thunderic Fury: I am not gonna just sit back and do d-do n-nothing. I am a f-f-fighter t-too. Th-this is wh-where i am to be. W-with you g-g-guys. N-now l-let’s do this. *Ready to fight*

Seconds later…

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Dorian’s Men* Blissful Heart Storm!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Dorian’s Men* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Honolulu Torch: *Launching an attack at Dorian’s Men* Waikiki Inferno Whips!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Dorian’s men with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Shining Bubble: *Firing an attack at Dorian’s men with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Dorian’s men With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Dorian’s Men* Blissful Heart Storm!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Dorian’s Men* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Dorian’s men with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Shining Bubble: *Firing an attack at Dorian’s men with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Dorian’s men With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Thunderic Fury: *With the new forged weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Dorian’s Men; Shocking him* Thundering VICEGRIP!

Sora: *With Carly and Blossom in unison* By the Rhapsody Power of three. Set us free… spark up a surge of thunder and lightning. put Dorian’s men back in traction. *Firing a Shot of Electricity and a surge of thunder at Dorian’s men* Thunder shock by the power of 3…. Thunder CHAIN FLASH!!!

Leslie: *Gasps* Holy geez! Did i just see what i thought that i just saw?

Majestic Love: Yes you did, Leslie. You just saw something that you may not have ever seen before. This is what we truly do. The Rhapsody Clan is full of heroes. The second Generation of fighters are all retired… Or likely dead as they’re old and yet before they went… It passed the buck to the 3rd gen. Which are our parents. Then down the road at some eventual point… The Buck got passed on over to us. But the second Generation of fighters were Aquatic Burn. Which is now Blossom’s sister Mary. There was Arctic Mind. But there is belief that a new generation of that hero is along the horizon somewhere… But when that will come to light… None of us know. There is also Lord Electricmind. He is King John. Our Uncle and the grandfather of our Uncle Alvin, Avery, Arnold and Curtis. The father of your Best friend.

Leslie: How is it that you all can live two lives… knowing that people you hang with… know that you are heroes. Super heroines and heroes of a new breed? Isn’t it ever hard?

Angelic Bubble: Ha! You kidding… We have friends who know all about us. Do they see us as super specials? Not even. To them… We are just as they always had seen us. We’re just good honest friends. Nothing more. But they do vouch to protect our identity from those who seek to place any sort of harm upon us or our family. They’d stand up and defend our honor and pride. No matter.

Leslie: I wish it was like that… all over the world. It’d make things all so much simpler and peaceful.


The Mobsters armed and made ready to make a move…

Sora: Guys… Uh, I think that we better just forget about the history lessons. The Thugs are about to strike and they’re with serious firepower…

Green Arrow: *Dropping in* What do we have here? A Party or a Warzone?

Leslie: *Pauses* W-who are you?

Thunderic Fury: That… Leslie… Is Oliver Queen. Aka… The Emerald Archer himself. Green Arrow. He’s the CEO of Queen Industries.

Green Arrow: Hmm… I guess that the younger generation of fighters know their heroes after all. Sounds like your mothers have taught you well. Too bad this isn’t a time for catching up. We got a bunch of Mobsters who are asking for a reason to take a nap.

Madame Romance: Nice to see you drop in, Ollie. It’s been a long long time.

Majestic Love: Good point. Let’s get them… Right now.

But as soon as Stanley was about to relish with the Mask again…

Thugs shoot at the Mask… Which was Stanley at first… they shot right in his direction and it was a mad rush of bullets. However as Stanley hopped over the counter… He got his face plastered right into the mask and it turned him right into the Mask. Made him become the Mask.

Stanley/The Mask: Did you miss me? *Taking a drink and the liquid pours out through holes in his body* I GUESS NOT! *In a classy Clint Eastwood voice* Now, you have to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well… do you… punks?

Within seconds he drew out two guns and with the sake of creativity and Zaniness… created multiple guns and rockets. Missiles. With scopes for aiming and Sniping capabilities. It made the whole thing seem like the Mask was about to go world war 3 in total firing re-enactment. It scared even the fighters… However… That was when as soon as the Thugs all went out and ran for the hills… the guns all revealed small banners and signs saying “Bam!” “Boom!” “Bang” “KaBoom” “Kablam!”

The Fighters all saw and couldn’t help but to laugh. Leslie laughed too and giggled. To her… it was a total riot. She finally got the point of Stanley’s Zaniness. His “id”. She finally got to see and witness it…


At the old Abandoned building…

Half hour to Midnight…

Commissioner Jones was getting the info and the facts on what happened. What went down and tried to figure out how the D.A and the D.A’s wife could be brought to an old building. If it weren’t a Mob Hit. But there was proof that it was a hit. A predominantly effective hit…

Commissioner Jones: What’s the status on The D.A?

Officer: Critical. His face on the left side is all burned. Charred up. The one paramedic made mention that he might not be so lucky to make it through. But if he does… Expect to be in pain for quiet a while as his face and head is gonna hurt like a throbbing Headache.

Commissioner Jones: And Denton?

Officer: He’s gone. In the precise chaos of the incident that happened… He slipped out through the back door and fled. He even unlocked the cell to Fuji. He’s also gone.

Commissioner Jones: *Sighs* Denton was being instructed by Tyrell’s silent alarm. Darwin. He planned to be arrested and busted. He planned to be apprehended and taken to the Metropolis Police Station. He knew about Fuji and used all this to get to him.

Sergeant: *Running over suddenly with the news* Commissioner, Nick’s alive. He’s alive. But in bad shape. His face on the left is bad. They’re right now at Met gen… working on him. However… He’s struggling.

Commissioner Jones: Okay… I want everyone back at the station right now to run a fast change in procedure. As of right now… Till Nick is able to give us some insight on the silent partner of Dorian’s… The Deader he is… The safer he is. And if anyone asks… the wife got out and is under a different identity and under federal protection. If Nick ever asks… no one knows. No one is to show any memory or sign that they know something about the wife’s whereabouts.

It was sad and all anyone could do was relent and remorse over what was going on. What had happened to Nick and his wife was a deliberate attack on the Law. The Justice system in Metropolis. With there being no D.A in active status… It left it open for the Mob to sweep in and take command. There was no longer a block on them. Nothing could stop the Mob now. Nothing…

At Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Cleaning up the counters* It’s been another long day.

Zion: Longest one by far. Surprise that we didn’t see D.A or pretty woman that usually come in here… stopping by today.

Sid: It is rather odd as they usually come by to grab some fast coffee. However… today, there was no sign of them anywhere.

Zion: Hope nothing is wrong.

Sid: I’m sure there’s not. However there was sure a whole mess of sirens and police activity going about.

Zion: Crime must have been really on high today.

Sid: Crime in this city never rests. It always has a trigger somewhere that’ll come and set it off. People are going nuts all due to the Mob coming around.

Zion: What about girl? Where is she?

Sid: She’s spending the night at Zoey’s house. It’s the least i could do after all the pain that Holly’s been through and having to repair the peaceful aura that Zoey once had when she was with Blossom all the time. However now that they’re no longer BFF’s and Holly’s having to step up. It’s been a trying week.

Zion: Why Blossom and Zoey break up from being BFF’s?

Sid: Oh… I don’t know… *Shrugs* It’s the winds of change. A lot of things. Disagreements. Arguments. All revolving the girl Leslie.

Zion: Leslie? That Blossom’s friend. Isn’t it?

Sid: *Filling up the Napkin dispenser* Yeah. It is. Holly just is finding no good in Leslie. And has gotten Zoey to feel the same thing. I tried to get Holly to ease up… But she’s so high strung about her that she is not in anyway about give the girl Leslie a time of day or a chance…

However… over the last couple days, one of the 3 girls of Dinah happened to show signs that something was off. Something was very strange and evidence of there being powers within her. Powers of snow and Ice. Psychic. Could there be a new hero in the utter midst and thick of it all?

Janie: Charlene, are you feeling alright? You’re looking rather icy and pasty.

Alex: Seriously. I mean… not to state the obvious or the reality bit on you… But you’ve been acting really odd.

Charlene: *A Little twitchy* Odd, how? I just couldn’t sleep too well the last couple of days. Plus with the Mob still in the city and everyone on edge… like just about every second of every day… Ever since the incident that hit the Nightclub last Thursday. It’s been as though everyone is freaked out and terrified.

Janie: We feel it too… But with the way you’ve been acting the last couple day… It’s no mistake that something is really going on in you. I don’t know if it’s good or if it’s just something to take into warning. All we know is that whatever it is… It’s got the attention of some of our usual friends. Even Mom. She’s noticed it.

Charlene: How’s that? *Not believing* How is she noticing there being something odd about me? She’s mostly involved with the University Football team. It’s all she really does. We don’t see her hardly.

Alex: Yeah we do. We see her enough. She is just really swamped is all. Running the house and then going to work and running the team… It’s alot of work. It’s nowhere near easy. Not even a little.

Charlene: *Suddenly feeling the table move a little bit to the side* What… is going on?

Janie: That was… you. You’re doing it. That’s gotta be the Psychic. It has to be the Psychic part of the super persona coming out.

Alex: What seems very uncommon is the fact that you don’t have anything inside you or any protruding part in you that cries out super hero. And if you had… we would have seen it by now and known of it. We’ve been like inseparable for a long time. 8 years. During our time in that god forsaken corrupt and desolate Orphanage… If you were to have that type of power… That Psycho witch Granny Goodness would have used her psyche power to wipe your mind of all things super. Making you a mindless drone.

Charlene: I suppose. *Sighs; nervous* What’re we gonna tell mom, dad or the others?

Janie: We’ll just have to tell it straight. Plainly and right out forward.

Alex: *Looking out the window* The city’s really looking busy. We’ve been seeing squad cars whizzing by every 3-4 minutes.

Charlie: *Standing by Krissy* The City’s gone nuts. Plus i think that it’s been said all over the News. The D.A is in the hospital. The other one… They don’t know.

Krissy: Plus… They’re not saying. I don’t think that they really know what to do.

Janie: The Mob’s been ruining everything. *Frustrated* GAH! Is nothing safe anymore?

Charlene: I second that.

Charlie: Pfft! Tell that to the fighters. They’re all out on call and off fighting the Mob. Tryin’ to anyway.

Krissy: What about the Nightclub? There’s supposed to be something big going down over there.

Alex: We wouldn’t know. Why?

Charlie: One guess and you’re not gonna like it. No lie. You are not gonna like it.

Krissy: Dorian Tyrell is at that Nightclub. But not like himself. He’s there… as the Mask. He’s got the Mask.

Janie: What?! *Shocked* How is that possible?

Charlene: Stanley Ipkiss is the Mask. Not Dorian. Dorian is just a small time Mob man trying to over throw Niko and take over.

Krissy: Well… Guess what? That is now a reality. Dorian is now the head cheese of the Mob. He did away with Niko. There is a live radio broadcast speaking about it. Someone inside the Nightclub is secretly on the phone and on-air speaking of it. Telling it as it happens. It’s all over the Radio. The Local Radio is speaking of it and carrying it all through the airwaves.

Alex: What about the D.A? What’s he doing about it all?

Charlie: Nothing. He’s in the hospital. in Critical condition. No one is saying anything officially over what happened or put him in the hospital. But… It’s not good.

Suddenly Charlene started to emit a little frost from her breath and it was then that Janie and Alex realized that something was sincerely off. But it was only the very beginning. Just signs of something developing. It was only the beginning…

Zeke’s House…

Zoey’s Room…

Zoey was in her room with Holly, talking and hanging out. They were watching movies too. While they were talking among one another, a movie was playing on. Zoey and Holly were watching Goodfellas. Zoey also had her pack out and yet Holly didn’t seem to notice. She was just all for trying to get Zoey to forget about Blossom since it was clear that Blossom was unreliable and blowing off the needs of being a true best friend to Zoey…

Zoey: *Looking at Holly* Holly, What did i ever see in Blossom? Tell me that?

Holly: *Sighs* I don’t know. All i can tell you is that Blossom’s a real snot nosed bitch who thinks that Leslie Tina Burke is some Goddess.

Zoey: I know. I am so sick of Blossom and Leslie. Beyond sick of them. I swear… If i never have to see them again… it’s be a sincere blessing. *growling over the thought that she has to see her in one of her classes*

Holly: It’ll be okay. Just ignore her and pretend that she’s a figure of an illusion. She’ll fade away from your life. She don’t care about your feelings. She don’t matter.


Holly: *Looking to see the items sitting on the table* Zoey, what are those?

Zoey: What’re what?

Holly: Those things on the table.

Zoey: They’re nothing. Just my smokes.

Holly: *Shoots up* WHAT?! Whoa… wh- Wait… You are smoking?

Zoey: Yeah. I happen to do that, Okay? *Scoffs* I happen to smoke. I started it 3 weeks ago. *Sighs and looking away* It was right before my mom left and i was depressed and sad. I didn’t even have any other form of expressing my hurt. I tried for the first couple days trying to get a hold of Blossom. See on trying to get her and maybe hope that she could somehow comfort me. However… I couldn’t get to her. Every time i tried… She was always with Leslie. Then that one Sunday that i saw her at the park. Saw her smoking… It just stung me and i realized that it was no longer worth trying to get through to her. Sora and Carly tried and got nowhere…

Holly: I know all that, Zoey. But… *Outraged* Smoking?! Smoking?!?!?!?! Why? Zoey, Why would you do something like that? It’s not even a choice to consider on. You’re smoking. I don’t understand… Your mother left you. Left your brother. Walked out on your father. You respond to it by smoking. Do you really have no common intellect?

Zoey: No. I don’t. Blossom happened to be my best friend. Now as of recent… Ex-best friend. She hates me. And i got nothing by regret. I don’t even like this habit. I hate it and wish that i never even started. But i now am with it and am not gonna just stop it. This is the new me.

Holly: You’re sure that you don’t want to reconsider? What about the others?

Zoey: Who cares? They’re all for the girl. It’s like they see her as something special.

Holly: I didn’t ask for you to turn against your family. Don’t give up on them. Not because of me.

Zoey: Okay. I just don’t know anymore what to do… Blossom and I hate each other. Yesterday at school… i tried talking to her and she blew me off. The only thing that she would even say to me was: “Zoey, Just drop the crap. You already said your piece and have made known that you don’t want anything to do with Leslie or me. So… get lost. Leave me alone. We’re not friends anymore or best friends. That was your choice. why don’t you grow up and deal with it? Bug me again… I’ll go to the counselors office. Telling them to make you leave me alone. Get the hell away from me. Stay away.”

Holly: *Feeling bad* That’s awful.

Zoey: No duh… But there is nothing that can be done now. Nothing. I lost her and no amount of reconciliation will get her back. She hates me. The only thing we have in common now is that we’re cousins. Her and I. That’s it.

Holly: Is there anything you can do to fix it?

Zoey: *Watching the Movie* Like what? What can i do? Blossom wants nothing to do with me.

Holly: What about your dad?

Zoey: He’s all for that girl too. *Looking down and feeling beat* I don’t know what to believe about that girl. You don’t like her. I saw some good in her. However with her involvement in the Mob till recent. Like only a few days ago… I don’t know.

Holly: Everyone is growing to like that girl. That girl should just leave this city.

Zoey: *Scoffs in disbelief* Holly… I can’t believe this. You hate that girl that much… where you would see nothing other than to see that girl get shipped off out of this city. This is like a Marco Vs. Mansfield/Rhapsody scenario. Only it’s this time… a Reedy Vs. Burke. Do you even see the similarities? Do you?

Holly: That was then… This is now.

Zoey: No it’s not. It’s the same thing. Just different circumstances.

Zoey was still having problems with accepting the fact that Blossom was all for Leslie. She knew that she had lost her and it was no one’s fault but her own. She knew it and even though she wanted to fight back… There was nothing she could do. She and her friend/Best friend Holly just sat there and got back to watching the movie and let the matter go. All that the mess was doing… was getting them both worked up and upset. Holly was still unwilling to open up to Leslie. But Zoey was starting to see reason and began to feel as though she could befriend her. But given since she was in bad terms with Blossom… there was gonna be alot of doubt over whether she’d ever get that chance to be able to make amends with her. Only because where ever Leslie was… Blossom was more than likely to be there close by just the very same…

But while they were sitting there watching the movie, they got into talking about School and anything that didn’t relate or remind them of Leslie… or Blossom. Just for the time being. Unaware of the situation that was befalling the Nightclub…

At Watchtower Command center…

Tess: *Looking at the screens* I can’t believe that i didn’t see this coming. We didn’t see this coming. The D.A was abducted by the Mob. However he was rescued by our resident blue muscle bound hybrid with the sense of surveying the city from on top of buildings in a single bound.

Genevieve: That’s a relief. What happened to the D.A though? Is the poor man alright?

Tess: No. His face is burnt. The left side of his face is all burnt up and charred. The D.A has been taken to the Metropolis Gen. It doesn’t look good. Not at all.

Genevieve: What’ll the people do now? They’re gonna need their White Knight.

Tess: We all will. But there is some light to the matter in question. The Mob girl has left the Mob and had been repaying some of her debts to society. Paying back what she owe.

Genevieve: *Gasps* You surely are kidding, Tess. You must be kidding. The girl who’s out there and been in with the Mob… Left it and is taking on repaying her debts which she’d made?

Tess: The reports came in an hour ago.

Chloe: *Walking in* As did Ollie. He is at the Nightclub now taking assist to the fighters. They’re handling the Mob scene there and it’s getting pretty grainy there. A fight for control and for possession of the Mask.

Tess: We should send some extra reinforcements.

Genevieve: We can’t possibly send anymore people over there.

Cyborg: *Walking in from the side* Did someone order up some cybernetic arms?

Tess: Someone needs to go and check up on the D.A. We need to see that he’s assured to know that we’re in his corner and with him.

Chloe: He’ll know. Mr. Morgan and Mr. Breslin are on their way there now.

Tess: To get back law and order in this city and restore the Justice system…

Chloe: We’re gonna need a miracle…

Daily Planet…

It was a busy night and the reporters were running every which way and direction. There was a brush of mass hysteria as the bulletins were coming in about the D.A. None official… It was very busy. The Reporters were sticking glued to the direct path of the T.V in the room. None of them would move… flinch or twitch.

Mr. Newton: *Walking into the Reporters Den* Okay everyone… Listen up. Word’s just come in from the main office. The D.A Nick Rhapsody… is in the Hospital. As a result of an aggravated Mob Hit that was believed to be a few weeks in the making. 3 weeks in the making. I know that a few of you are tapped and want to split for your families and just get some R&R. But till the next Nightfall and facts come out on the situation that has just bombed through the airwaves like a sonic boom… There is gonna be no relief in sight. We’re gonna need all hands on deck.

At the Coco Bongo Nightclub…

The Thugs were just scared off and taking cover. It was close to being over. But only question was… Was it really over? Tina was still strapped to the palm tree of the Oasis that was the centerpiece of the Casino outlay…

Tina: *Panicking and desperate* Stanley!

The Mask heard the call and with a fast flash… He zipped on over to where Tina was and saw that the Timer was beating down to it’s last minutes and yet getting ever so closer to Zero. The timer was rearing down and with the tension building… It had even the fighters all in panic. “What if the Bomb can’t be deactivated?” “What if it exploded and took out the whole Casino, and them along with it?” The fear was setting and it put all the hope on the Mask. What was he gonna do?

Stanley/The Mask took one look at the timer and gasped. He wasn’t sure how to get the timer to stop and had to think fast. He grabbed and with a mustering attempt to take the bullet and victimize himself with the Explosive… He opened his mouth and expanded his jaw wide and long to ensure that the Explosives fit and took it in… Swallowed it whole. Pushing it all the way down…



A bomb has just exploded inside The Mask, leading to a fiery belch…

Stanley/ The Mask: *With Italian accent* THAT’S A SPICY MEATBALL!

Leslie: *Gasps* What… in the… Oh you’ve got to be kidding. He just swallowed that chunk of Explosives and just devoured it. He ate it! He seriously ate the Explosives and took the blast full on.

Blossom: That Mask is turning him superhuman. Invincible.

Rikku: Wait… If the mask was off… it would have killed him. But… How? How could he withstand that type of blast? It’s just not possible.

Sora: That Mask is just completely psycho. He is taking that blast like it’s nothing. How could he just withstand that kind of blast with no signs of damage?

Majestic Love: It’s got to be a godly item then. Because a normal item… wouldn’t be able to withstand something like that. Not ever.

To be continued in chapter 231: “Ipkiss and the Mask… One last time. The Fall of Dorian.”


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