Chapter 229: Serena, Clint, Spencer and Rikku Bust into the fray.

(Ipkiss sneaks in from the side)

Sapphire: *Voice-over* Continuing from where chapter 228 stopped…

Dorian/The Mask: *Ordering his men to fire at the large massive Vault hanging overhead* Blow it!

Without the seconds to waste, they fired at the vault and broke it in two. Within seconds, the vault broke apart and from it… poured the cash and the bling that was also inside. It came toppling onto the ground. Right onto the floor.

Over by the Palm tree of the Oasis…

Tina: *Getting tied* Bastard.

Dorian/The Mask: What’s the matter, darling? This is your big production number. And you know it’s important… to go out with a big bang.

By the side of the Casino next to a side pathway…

The Thug was keeping watch when suddenly he heard a sound and only looked to see what it was…


The Thug was clobbered and knocked down…

Seconds later…

Stanley and Leslie stepped into view and started to silently lurk about without getting seen…

Leslie: *Whispering* Stanley, You sure about this? This is not gonna be easy for you to get out of if you get caught.

Stanley: I know. *Whispering back* But i have got to do something, Leslie. Tina is in trouble. Dorian is gonna hurt her. I can’t just sit around and do nothing.

Leslie: I know. It’s alright though. We’ll get to her and rescue her from that creep. But we have to be careful. If we get caught by any of Dorian’s men… Let’s just say that it won’t look so good for you. Or me.


Blossom: *Looking to see Leslie* Leslie?! What are you doing here?

Leslie: I’ve come to help with a rescue.

Blossom: What rescue?

Leslie: Well… Tina Carlyle’s for one. But now… Yours and the girls.

Blossom: How did you get here anyway?

Leslie: Stanley. He drove. Must have broken at least 40 different traffic laws just to get here.

Blossom: What do you plan to do? Dorian’s got his men storming the whole nightclub here. If he or his men catch you… *Concerned*

Leslie: It’s gonna be alright. Do you still have your firearm with you?

Blossom: yeah. why?

Leslie: Start using it to get some answers.

Stanley: What about the girls?

Leslie: Same for them.

Blossom: Be careful, Leslie.

Leslie: You too. This is where we have to work and protect ourselves. This is Dorian’s turf now… If we’re together… It’ll be quick work for him to take us all out. As long as he has that Mask… We’re none better than moving targets…

Blossom: I don’t think that i like how that sounds…

Leslie: I know. I don’t either. But keep low key till time calls to bust out with the heavy arm. Don’t do anything that Dorian will expect. All you’ll do is fuel his hunger for luring you into his trap.

It was then that they all parted and spread out to sneak around Dorian’s men…

Stanley crept on closer and got under the green shrubs of a nearby palm tree. That was when he noticed Charlie.

Stanley: *Whispering loud in order to get Charlie’s attention* Hey, Charlie!

Charlie was close-by and heard himself being called and looked to see Stanley trying to hide…

Charlie: *Gasps* Stanley, Why are you here?

Stanley: *Handing a gun to Charlie* Take this gun and start sneaking people out the back.

Leslie: *Nods* And be careful. Dorian is the main issue and he’s got the Mask. There’s no telling as to what he’ll be capable of.

Over by the steps…

Thug: Step back! Now!

Mayor Peters: *Insulted* Excuse me, Do you know who I am? I happen to be the Mayor of the city here… I could have you charged with placing harm on the innocent people here.

Thug: A dead man if you don’t step back. And as for that attempt of intimidation… It won’t work on me. So don’t waste your breath.

Woman: *Outraged* What about some respect? What kind of thug are you?

Thug: The Kind that’ll shoot you if you don’t back up and do as we ask. Now move it… Or you can say, hello to dead by bullet.

At the Oasis portion of the Casino…

Sweet Eddy: *Finished with hooking the Explosives and getting them activated* All set, Dorian.

Dorian/The Mask: That’s it. This party’s over… *Pressing a button on the timer starting the countdown* in 2 hours.

Back over where Stanley was…

He moved silently and careful. He was trying to get closer to where Tina was but he had to be very precise on moving without being caught. He then reached a blackjack table and got onto his knees and watched for a clear shot. It only looked as though he was about to make a move…

Stanley: *With the gun and armed* This is the moment when a man… shows what he’s really made of.

But that was when he was caught and had a gun pointed at him and held right up against his head…

Stanley: Crap.

Orlando: *with the gun drawn on Stanley* Drop it Ipkiss. Now.

Back outside and inside the unmarked car that Stanley used to get to the nightclub…

Kellaway: Those fighters are not here yet. Leslie called them, My butt. Where are they? What could be taking them so long to get here…

Milo finally manages to pop the lock and the car door opens. He scurries off towards the casino…

Kellaway: *Grins and amazed* Smart dog. Ipkiss had to have trained that dog well. Either that… or that dog is intelligent.

Inside the Nightclub…

Orlando: *With Stanley in his grips and walking over to Dorian* Boss, look who decided to crash the party.

Dorian looks to see Stanley and is suddenly reposed…

Dorian/The Mask: *Gasps*

Stanley: *Shyly smiling and innocently* H-hey Dorian. How’s it going?

Dorian/The Mask: *Growling* Bring him up here!

Tina: *Begging and pleading* Wait! No! Dorian, Don’t do it. Please.

Dorian/The Mask: This is no time for last requests. Dear… This guy was not part of the party favor… He’s got to go. He’s only gonna ruin the whole show.

Tina: But all I wanted was a kiss.

Dorian couldn’t help but pause. He never had been able to be allowed to Kiss Tina in such a long time that it got to be as if it would never ever happen. However… when he heard her ask for a Kiss… It took him by shock as he was left with utter surprise.

Dorian/The Mask: A kiss?

Tina: Just one… Iast kiss.

By that time it was changing since Now Eddy was seeking to turn off the explosives and de-activate them…

Sweet Eddy: *Trying to unwire the Explosives* Boss, I can’t shut it off!

Dorian/The Mask: *Being considerate* There’s always time… for one last kiss.

Dorian/Mask sticks out his slimy TWO-FOOT TONGUE, and stick his eyebrows back. Hiss massive lips flutter as he puckers up. But Tina turns her head way.

Tina: No! From the real Dorian. *Reaching through to Dorian* The one I used to love. Nobody ever kissed me like Dorian Tyrel used to kiss me.

Sweet Eddy: *Exclaiming* Romeo! This place will blow!

Dorian/The Mask: *Bellowing a little towards Eddy* Just wait! *Considering* I’ve decided… *Pulling off the Mask and returning back to normal* to give her one last thrill. *Moving in to Kiss Tina*

As they were kissing…

Thunderic Fury: This is for last time, You SON OF A BITCH! *With the new forged weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Dorian; Shocking him* Thundering VICEGRIP!

Majestic Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Dorian* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *With his new weapon- The Holy Crosses of Frost; Aiming at the Dorian and Firing a Charged Blast of Ice and Cold frost At Dorian* Ice Cross CHARGES!

Rikku: *Tossing a customized Grenade* Hey, Dorian… Wanna play?! Take this! Eat it!


Leslie: *Running over to the fighters* Guys… Hold your fire. Hold your fire… What are you doing?

Thunderic Fury: *Looking to see Leslie* Leslie?! What’re you doing here?

Leslie: I’m here to see that Stanley can get to rescuing Tina Carlyle. Dorian’s got her tied up as you can see… But he’s so close to her right now… that by hitting Dorian… You’re also getting her.

Majestic Love: What’re we supposed to do then? We’ve got to do something.

Blossom: *Walking over from the other side* Don’t worry. Dorian’s still thinking that Sora and Carly as well as i are part of him… But if we can trick him and make him think that i am giving you guys over to him… It’ll lure him away from Tina Carlyle and you’ll be able to attack him without hurting Tina in the process.

Sora: *Looking to the side* Wait… Look!

Carly: Tina’s planning something. Look at her legs…

Dorian plants his mouth on Tina’s — kissing her roughly. Tina really gets into it. But Stanley watches as Tina slyly positions the leg that he freed up. And…

Tina drop-kicks the mask right out of Dorian’s hand. It flies into the air. A series of slo-mo shots as… The Mask soars through the air.

Dorian, Orlando and Sweet Eddy are on the run and chasing after the Mask… The Mask reaches its Summit then tumbles down through the air… Hands reach high… Fingertips graze at it… But then suddenly… shockingly… A snout, flapping tongue and bare teeth… soar straight up through thr human hands and…

Milo grabs the Mask… as though it were a Frisbee. Everyone’s stunned.

Normal time… The dog lands back on the ground — the mask firmly in his mouth.

Stanley: *Excited* RUN MILO!!!


Leslie: *Looking at Stanley* Stanley, Now… Go. Now’s your chance. Untie Tina and get her out of there… Hurry.

Stanley: *Nods* …

Stanley got over to where Tina was and started to work on untying the ropes and getting the tape off from her…


Leslie: *Spotting Dorian reaching back over to Stanley* Stanley, Look out!

Rikku: What’re we gonna do?

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: We attack Dorian and any of his floozies that try to thwart our attempts.

Majestic Love: Hold your fires of Ice there Spencer. We can’t do anything to him. He is normal… Hurting him and wind up killing him… It’ll make us no better than the ones we fight everyday.

Thunderic Fury: So… now what? Watch as Stanley’s a sitting duck?

Milo starts to run away but… Sweet Eddy grabbed at Milo’s hind legs and held on…

Milo legs pumping frantically, is losing ground. At the last second, he drops the mask and jams his muzzle into it. Lightning then Flashes…

Rikku: What is that?

Majestic Love: I don’t know… But i think that it came from over on the left side.

Leslie: *Looking to see Milo and Sweet Eddy holding on to the hind legs* Oh… my.

Sweet Eddy eyes widen as…

Milo transforms into — Dog/Mask!

His pint-sized doggy body now has a giant-sized GREEN HEAD with a double-row of Jagged Canine Teeth. The plain collar now sparkles with Gleaming studs. Razor-toenails distend. The eyes glow hell fire green.

Reflexively, Sweet Eddy lets go. Dog/Mask unleashes an incredibly loud SONIC WOOF that explodes glass front slot machines all around them.

Dorian Punches at Stanley… Stanley punches back and Dorian shoves back. Stanley however got ready to battery ram at Dorian. Knocking him down for the count which did… It sent Dorian into the nearby backarat table and toppled it. But it didn’t stop Dorian… Not in the very least… Dorian got back up and went at Stanley again…

Dorian: *Getting ready to punch Stanley* I am gonna tear your ass apart, Ipkiss.

Stanley: Well… Good luck. I hope you can enjoy your victory with one freakin’ eye! *Punching at Dorian and knocking him down*

Stanley grabbed at Dorian and Shoved him right into the nearby slot machines. Then barreling right into another Table. It was then that he laid punches left and right at Dorian. Punching him hard and fast…

Stanley: You’re causing trouble and the cops think it was me. Not anymore. I’m taking my life back. Tonight.

He kept punching left and right. Left… and right. Back and forth. but suddenly stopped. Thinking that he won.

Stanley: *Panting* I’m winning.

Not! Dorian returned the punch…

Majestic Love: *Looking up on the hanging lights* Hey… Look. There’s the Dog.

Leslie: Milo… What is he doing up there and what is up with him?

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: Care to ask the dog?

Blossom: I rather not. But, I think that if we were wise… We’d get the heck on with trying to beat the Mob…

Sora: Let’s go.

While Stanley and Dorian go at it…

Milo, as the Mask currently was going at it with tearing into the Mob. Getting behind one of the Men and biting the ass of… Orlando. He grabbed a hold of the back side and shook him a bit and while doing so ripping off a portion of the back side. There was a hole on the backside now and Milo couldn’t help but let off a laugh. It was funny.

But by time Milo had his run with the Mob and biting at them. Toying with them… Stanley was on a streak and landed a Punch at Dorian with a fast desperate Jab and Knocked him flying right into a Slot Machine and down to the floor.

Dorian was out cold…

Thankfully and in relief…

Stanley: *Looking over to see Milo* Milo!

Milo then ran over to Stanley and hopped into his arms…

Stanley: *Holding Milo* Whoa… This has got to be a new breed. A very new breed.

Milo then wildly and excitedly licked at Stanley. Playfully. Happily even…

Stanley then pulled off the Mask from Milo and freed Milo from the Mask…

Leslie: *Thinking about something* Dorian’s down But… is he really done?

Blossom: I hope so. At least out cold long enough to be apprehended by the cops.

Leslie: Tina’s still tied up and the bomb is still active.

Rikku: What’ll we do?

Spiritual Arctic Frost: Call for reinforcements…

Madame Romance: *With Dancing Heartthrob, Honolulu Torch, Intellectual Thunderic Wonder, Angelic Bubble, Shining Bubble and Chic Bubble Gem* Don’t you worry… Help is on the way…

To be continued in chapter 230: Incoming arrival… Unexpected help from an old ally.

Green Arrow: *Dropping in* What do we have here? A Party or a Warzone?

Leslie: *Pauses* W-who are you?

Thunderic Fury: That… Leslie… Is Oliver Queen. Aka… The Emerald Archer himself. Green Arrow. He’s the CEO of Queen Industries.

Green Arrow: Hmm… I guess that the younger generation of fighters know their heroes after all. Sounds like your mothers have taught you well. Too bad this isn’t a time for catching up. We got a bunch of Mobsters who are asking for a reason to take a nap.


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