Chapter 227: Tina Captured by Dorian’s men and Dorian himself. An Ipkiss Breakout!

That Evening…

Nick and Rikku’s House…

T.V: *Reporting the headlines of the night; As Lester Holt* Tonight on The Nightly News… MASK MAYHEM! The thrashing itinerary of the Green masked prowler. Mobster Chaos in the wake of many. Power control and Dominion between two Mobster factions; Dorian Tyrell Vs. Niko Can. Gangster girl Shakedown. The Veil of petty thefts and charms of One Rita the Hammer. Dual lives of the Mob girl… Rhapsody New Generation on the ropes of the struggle to win back the city from the grips of Mobster Dorian Tyrell. MASK Control Shake-up… Who’s got the Mystical Mask and the question on everyone in Metropolis’s mind: What Now? *As the announcer* Live and from the NBC Headquarters in New York. This is the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt… *As Lester Holt* Good Evening America and to all the Viewers. I’m Lester Holt. Tonight on the Nightly News, we take a look on the ongoing Terror of the Mob and the presence of one green masked wild-mannered Marauder; plus the Gangster Gal deeming herself under the identity Rita the Hammer. Then we take a look on the Mob activities of the Mobster Dorian Tyrell. His reign of terror. His presence and the chaos that follows in his wake…

The T.V plays on…

Nick: This is getting really ridiculous, Rikku. What’s going on with the Law these days?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I don’t know… You tell me. You’re the D.A in this city. I’m just a liaison who’s getting mysterious calls from mysterious callers. Prankers.

Nick: You’re not the only one. I’m getting those calls too. Our kids are fine though. We have them protected and out from harms way. But… that still leaves us with having to put some kind of security around us.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Scoffs* Like what? Huh? Like what? What kind of security can we get for ourselves? The whole city is clearly ravishing all over with the stakeouts and keeping a close watch for the Mask character. The Mask is out there.

Nick: So is that Mob girl. She’s still out there and the longer she’s around… there will be terror in the ranks for everyone. Not just us. But for the innocent Law abiding citizens out there.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: How could it be the Mask though that’s causing the mess? I thought that the police captured the one who was responsible.

Nick: I thought so too… But, I am just not so sure anymore.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Why’s that?

Nick: It’s because i was seen today by Paul and Crystal and they are both with belief that the one that’s in custody… Is innocent.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Do you think he is innocent?

Nick: Actually… I think that i do. *Looking away slightly and thinking* I don’t really know. However even if i were to think that he was… *Looking back towards his wife* It wouldn’t matter one way or the other as the police already believe that they’ve got their suspect. and there is also facts and evidence pointed against him as well. I myself would like to give it all a benefit of a doubt. However the reports and the Evidence that was found… They don’t lie. There is no lying about what the facts prove.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: But… if he’s innocent… Can’t you get the charges overturned?

Nick: I can’t. I want to… But i can’t. No matter my beliefs on whether a person who happened to be accused of something is innocent or not. I took an oath to uphold the Law as firm as i could. If i were to do that for someone like… Ipkiss. I would have to throw away everything i know about the law. I’d have to do it for everyone else.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s the right thing to do.

Nick: *Sighs and groans* Rikku, Love… Don’t you think i know that? I know that it’s the right thing to do… But my hands are tied. The only thing i can suggest to see get done in order to prove that it wasn’t him… is to find the Smoking gun. The item responsible and the person that happens to possess it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What’s the smoking gun though?

Nick: Not sure… But Paul and Crystal both believe it to be some Mask. One that they imply that has mystical powers. Mystical abilities. Imbued with the powers of a Norse god of the Pantheon. An Aesir God. Loki. The Trickster.

Jimmy: *Looking up from reading* Loki?! There’s something that you might not know about yet…

Nick: What’s that, Jimmy?

Jimmy: The Mask… I think that you should look towards the Mob.

Nick: The Mob, Why’s that?

Jimmy: There’s a feeling that it’s not the one in captivity. The city is dangerous… But it was never because of the guy who was apprehended by the police. It’s was due to the guy with ambitions for Dominion.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What makes you say that?

Jimmy: I’ve read some articles from the Newspaper which spoke about the Mask… About the Mob too. Something about the whole thing never really added itself up.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Really? What?

Jimmy: If Stanley Ipkiss was the Mask and was supposed to be the one who had been guilty… Wouldn’t he have had the guilty vibe written all over him? He’s no more than a goofy guy… One who was just trying to express himself in ways that he normally couldn’t do.

Nick: Who’s the Mask then? The real Mask?

Jimmy: Don’t know… But that’s the thing… The Mask is anyone who possesses that mysterious Mask and happens to wear it. So anyone could be it. Although it’s not that guy Ipkiss. If it was… Wouldn’t he have possession of the Mask?

Nick: *Thinking* Hmm…

Jimmy: Not only that… If Ipkiss did originally have the mask… But now doesn’t have it… Where did it go and who’d have it? It’d have to be the Mob. They’d do anything for power…

That Saturday…

Walking down the street and walking past the Police Station…

Tina Carlyle was still in town and was hiding out. Hiding away so she wouldn’t be spotted by Dorian’s men. She knew that he would try anything to get her back and stop at nothing to see that it happened. In his eyes… He thought that she was still into him. Still falling for him. It wasn’t the case.

As it was… She was worried about Stanley as she knew that since he was in Jail… He was a sitting duck and that anyone could try to pop him full of lead and not a soul would ever think the wiser. Tina also felt concerned about the young girl Leslie and the girls that she happened to be with. It was not a long thought to consider the probability that Dorian would try to get at Leslie and Blossom just the same as in his mind… They crossed him and he was gonna do whatever possible to get them sent to swim with the fishes…

Warily, Tina slipped past the precinct. She’s about to cross the street, but spots a SUSPICIOUS LIMO, engine idling. Quickly, she doubles back and heads –

Into the Alley that was behind the station. She looks over her shoulder. No one’s there. Tina hurries toward the next street and –

Out of nowhere a Big sedan roars up, cutting her off. She turns and runs back the way she came – but freezes when THE LIMO screeches up, blocking her. Sweet Eddy and Hicks jump out of the limo. She SCREAMS.

The Screams were heard by Stanley who was still in the Jail and Still being held. The charges still stuck to him and there was no change whatsoever. Paul and Crystal were still looking for a smoking gun and thereby had been on the move to follow Dorian and get a hold of that Mask. Only problem around that was… The Mask wasn’t anywhere…

Stanley’s Cell…

The Window- Same time…

Stanley watches helplessly as Tina was being chased and cornered by a couple of men. Likely Dorians’s.
Frantic, Stanley runs to the cell door.

Stanley: *Calling over the Guard* Guard, guard! *Trying to get some assistance sent to save Tina* A woman’s being chased in the alley. She needs help.

Guard: Yeah, Yeah. Keep it down, Ipkiss. No one here wants to hear your tall tales.

Stanley: Come on! Serve and Protect man! What is the matter with You? Don’t you even give a damn about serving and protecting others?

There was no response and Stanley knew that he was on his own. What was he to do? Although… What he didn’t know was that his dog was still outside the station. underneath a russle of papers. It was apparent that he made a home for himself. A Temporary home. He was still loyal to Stanley and was not gonna leave.

Stanley: *Looking down and suddenly calling for Milo* Milo?!


Out from the clump of papers…

Milo came out into view and whined a little before looking up to see Stanley…

Stanley: Good boy. Come on. Jump up. Can you jump up? Remember how I taught you not to jump up on people? Forget that. Come on! Get up here.

It was then that Milo started to make off with Jumping up the wall. Trying to jump up over to the window and over to Stanley…

Stanley: Get up. Get up here! Get up. Get up here. That’s it. You can do it. Come on. Come on!

Milo kept trying…

Stanley: *Desperate* Put some effort into it! Milo… Come on! Try harder… Put those hind legs to use!


A little ways up the Alley…

Dorian: *sarcastically* Baby, there you are… *Embracing her*
I was gettin’ all worried about you.

Tina: I just had to take care of some things.

Dorian: Like What? You talk to the cops?

Tina: Only to see what lpkiss told them.

Dorian: That’s right, you and Stanley. You two are getting awfully close. Bet you helped him with the bank job. Ensuring that he stole the thunder of our girl Leslie/Rita the Hammer.

Tina: That’s ridiculous.

Dorian: Is it?

Tina: I didn’t help him in that. I was at the club that night… in case you’ve forgotten.

Sweet Eddy holds up a small suitcase and an overstuffed shoulder bag he got from her car.

Sweet Eddy: Look what I found in her car.

Dorian: Going away alone, baby? *To the Men* Boys, I want you to… get her something pretty to wear. We’re going to a party tonight. And also find out where Blossom and those twins are. They’re gonna be joining us as the grandstand. The Opening act.

Tina: No… You leave them alone. They’re only young teens. You monster! Monster!

Dorian: We’ll have one hell of a time, right?

Tina: In your dreams! It’s gonna be a party of one. With just you enjoying it.

Dorian: Oh dearest Tina… How can you say that? You’re like a gem to me.

Tina was in hot water with Dorian and she was now under the grips of Dorian… Now what?

Although something was going on back at the station that was indeed shocking for some people… Blossom was that day with her family. Her cousins Sora and Carly and leading them out and away from the Mob life even though the girls were not all that far in.

Leslie was at the police station and saw that the guarding Officer was asleep. She knew that it wouldn’t be for long and she was by herself as Blossom had to then reside to saving her cousin’s Sora and Carly. Even Blossom was terrified by Dorian’s new zest of personality. She wanted out from the Mob and so did her cousins. Zoey never fell into the Mob and that was a saving grace…

Leslie: *Walking over and sneaking past the guard* Psst! Hey, Stanley! Or should i say… The Mask? You are that mask character are you not?

Stanley: I think that i was once… or twice. What’s it to you?

Leslie: Nothing. I myself would rather serve you payback for what you caused to happen to Freeze. If i was Rita the Hammer… I would have done that. Shot you right here. But that part of me is gonna get a near future re-write. I am not that person. In fact… i still regret ever becoming that person. Turning into a real creep.

Stanley: That was the Mask… Not me.

Leslie: News flash… It was you. Even though it was not the normal you as you are now… It was still you on the inside of that mask. Behind the Mask… is the person behind it. That’s you. You Stole from the bank. That money was the money that Dorian’s men had planned to steal and loot. Me as well… When i used to be part of Dorian’s team.

Stanley: What changed?

Leslie: I saw Dorian become the Mask and he’s showed that he was hellbent on domination. Evil. Which reminded me of the things i had to go through back in Brooklyn. Defending my parents against the likes of snooty people who thought that they were the Superior Breed. The High class.

Stanley: *Recalling something* Wait… Wait a minute. You wouldn’t be the one that was on the Radio just the other week… would you?

Leslie: Yeah. That was me. Why?

Stanley: I knew it. You’re her. Leslie T. Burke. Aren’t you?

Leslie: Yeah. And you’re Ipkiss. The Drab banker who is pegged as “Nice guys finish last.” But we really can’t talk now. I am not doing this for you… But seeing you as a sitting duck is not something i care to deal with. Dorian doesn’t know that i am here. But it’ll be a matter of time before he gets here once he realizes that i am here.

Stanley was somehow thankful and yet… curious.

Stanley: *Curious* Why aren’t you with him? You are under him, aren’t you?

Leslie: Not anymore. Dorian doesn’t exactly know that i had left the Mob. He still thinks that i am taking a hiatus. I am not taking a hiatus. I really have left the mob and i don’t intend to go back to it. I even told him that i was done. That i would do… one last mob hit and then i would be officially done. However… I never did it. I just Left it and don’t intend on ever going back. I never will. The thing is though… I have seen Dorian act as the Mask and seen what he’s capable of. He’s dangerous.

Stanley: He’s got Tina. *Worried and concerned* I got to go and rescue her.

Leslie: And how are you to do that? You don’t have a weapon… Dorian will open fire just by seeing you. You are his arch-nemesis. You and him are like the ying and yang. The good and then the bad. But as long as Dorian’s got the Mask… He’s unpredictable. If he sees you… he is gonna shoot you dead. You got that? He is gonna shoot you dead.

Stanley: He’s gonna hurt Tina.

Leslie: Not exactly. *Sighs* There are a few people who will run interference and try to stop him.

Stanley: Who?

Leslie: The fighters that you know about… Spencer and his wife Rikku, The Thunderic Force Z! and the Romancers Z! Them. They’re gonna be there to prolong the Mess. Keeping Dorian from harming Tina.

Stanley: What’re you gonna do?

Leslie: I’m busting you out of here. I am only 13 and i know that i have been rather misguided. But i can’t stand Lt. Kellaway. He is a real Jerk and i can’t let Dorian find out that i am here. If he knows that i am here busting you out of here… He’ll kill you. Dorian wouldn’t hesitate as he sees it where you swooned Tina over to you. In Dorian’s right state of mind… Tina is still his.

Stanley: How do you know all this?

Leslie: Because i used to be around him and i read how he operates. I know his end game… He’s gonna blow up the Casino.

Stanley: Oh no…

Leslie: *Nods* Yeah.

Stanley then went to the window and called for his dog Milo who happened to still be hanging around and had never left. Milo tried to Jump up once before and tried till he tired out a little. But now Stanley needed him to try again…

Milo seconds later tried again…

Stanley: *Pleading to Milo* Jump up. Get up. Come on. Come on, Milo. Jump, please. *Begging and pleading to Milo* Do it for Daddy.

That was when Milo… With a built up burst of jump power… Got down on his hind legs and Burst his way up with a explosion of energy. Jumped and leaped up as high as he ever could and got to where he literally touched the Window.

Stanley: *Grabbing hold of Milo and pleased* That’s it! God, I can’t believe it. Good boy. Good boy.

Leslie: *Chuckles* That’s Milo?!

Stanley: Yeah.

Leslie: Wow! I happen to love dogs. I always wanted to have a dog but since i live in a hotel room… At a hotel. I can’t get one. But i love dogs. They’re so amazing.

Stanley: Something’ll turn up for you.

Leslie: I hope so. But for right now… we should get with trying to break you out from this place. You’re innocent. You might have foiled the heist at the bank which i was part of when i was a mob girl… But You’re not Violent. Nor a killer. Dorian is.

Stanley: I don’t get it though… Why would you be involved with the Mob in the first place? You’re nothing like a Mobster. Mobsters are mostly mean and cruel. Plus all about money, drugs and power. You weren’t. Just as you said… Misguided. That was about all.

Leslie: It’s not so easy to explain until you were to know exactly how i was lead to join the Mob for a while. What i had gone through. Stanley… There isn’t time for talking. We need to get you out of here. Milo come with me… Let’s see on getting the keys from the guard and freeing Stanley from this cage. He’s been punished and tortured enough. Plus halfway here… I caught sight of Lt. Kellaway close.

Stanley: Uh-oh…

Leslie: We got to move.

Leslie and Milo went to search for the keys and move to free Stanley from the cell. They looked all over and didn’t see any sign of the keys till Leslie managed to look towards the guard and caught sight of a set of keys. There must have been at least 20 keys. Although they were hooked to the guard’s belt and since the guard was fortunately asleep… It was likely gonna be easy… So it appeared.

Leslie: *Walking over and Gently unhooking the key ring from the Guard’s belt* This shouldn’t be too hard to do. These keys are kinda loose anyway. *Pulling off the Keys suddenly as the key ring weakens and starts to slip* I think that i got it.

The keys then slip and fall on the floor and freely…

Leslie grabs the keys and picks them up.

Leslie: I have the keys now. *Handing the keys over to Milo* Milo… Take these keys to Stanley. He’s gonna need these to break loose. Go. You can do it… Help your master. We got to hurry before Kellaway makes a showing here.

Stanley: You do know that you’re risking alot in doing this, right?

Leslie: Yeah, and? I risked alot since the exact moment that i joined the Mob to begin with. I left it and have to fix my life up. This is one of the steps of which i can reclaim the reputation and the good nature that i once had before i got entangled by the Mob life. *Nods* … *Looking at Stanley* I’m in your court. As is Blossom. She’s with her cousins Sora and Carly… But they’re in your court.

Over at the Metropolis Courthouse…

Mrs. Bishop: *Walking over to Helen* Where’s Mrs. Rhapsody?

Helen: *Walking over to find Nick* I don’t know. I’m trying to look for Nick. He hasn’t come in today and he said something last night about having to work some files. Something to do with getting the Mob Shut down.

Mrs. Bishop: The Mob?! I thought that they were already shut.

Helen: So did I. But unfortunately… the whole thing was overturned because someone in the building had happened to be the leak. A Mole. Nick’s been taking every avenue to charge them again. But this time… Making it all stick and unable to be overturned.

Mrs. Bishop: Who’s the Mole?

Helen: No one knows… But who ever it is… made certain that the Mob… Niko’s men would never see the inside of a federal prison.

Mrs. Bishop: It seems that Rikku’s with the same trouble i guess. She’s not here. She was scheduled to meet with a couple of clients today as they called to meet up with her. But she didn’t show.

Helen: Where could they be?

Mrs. Bishop: *Sighs* I’m not sure.

Suddenly a suited man walked by and letting out a smirk upon his face…

Attorney: Morning Ladies. Shame that the D.A isn’t around. He would normally be preparing to handle another case about now. I guess the tough D.A finally got taken out. He knew the risks. The Mob was gonna take notice of what he tried to do to mettle with them. I even warned him. He just wouldn’t believe me.

Helen: *Walking over to the Attorney* You son of a bitch… Are you the one who had something to do with Nick and Mrs. Rhapsody disappearing?

Attorney: What? *Covering it up* No… I don’t even know about what happened. all i know is that he left here last night and was on his way home.

Helen: That’s funny. *Faking a laugh* That’s cute… you have no idea on what happened to him. Or to his wife? They’re both missing.

Mrs. Bishop: The Judge is calling for her right now. What the hell are we supposed to say to greensburg? You know that she’s gonna want an explanation as to why Mrs. Rhapsody isn’t here…

Helen: Where are they?

Attorney: I don’t know.

Helen: I don’t buy it.

Commissioner Jones: *Walking over and apprehending the Attorney* Angus Denton… You’re under arrest for conspiracy of abducting the Metropolis D.A and his wife. Let’s go… You’re going down.

Moments later…

At the Metropolis Police Station…

Interrogation room…

Commissioner Jones: Okay, Denton… Start talking. Where’s Nick Rhapsody? He never made it home last night and no one seems to know where he could be.

Angus: I have no idea what you’re talking about. If he never made it home last night… Something must have happened. But i am not responsible for that.

Commissioner Jones: That’s where you’re wrong. We have recorded tapes of you speaking with a Dorian Tyrell…

Angus: You must be so desperate. Looking for anyway to pin something on somebody like Dorian. Not every crime in the city is Dorian’s doing. There are other crime doers out there you know.

Commissioner Jones: Like who?

Angus: Plus where’re your people? That’s if they’re still… Yours. But seriously… Who did you leave Nick with? Anyone ring a bell or two?

Commissioner Jones: What have you done with him?

Angus: Not me… Someone else. The silent partner…

Commissioner Jones: … And that would be?

Angus: The Brother. Darwin Tyrell. You thought Dorian was bad and evil… Dorian is second rate even on his really forced moments. Acting all big and bad. The Brother… He’s worse. Alot worse than that…

Commissioner Jones: Where is he?

Angus: What time do you think it is now?

Commissioner Jones: What’s important about the time?

Angus: Depending on the time, he might be in one spot. Or several.

Commissioner Jones: If you’re seeking to play games and blow some smoke up our backs…

Jones then walked over and undid the cuffs…

Angus: So… I guess that this means just one thing. We’re about to play the good cop/Bad cop routine. Am i right?

Commissioner Jones: I don’t think so. It isn’t quite like that.

The Commissioner Walks out of the room and seconds later the overhead goes dark and the room goes totally dim to no light…

Raven: *Suddenly appearing from the dark shadows* …

The lights then come on and reveals the dark angel…

It was then that the interrogation started and there was one thing that the seedy attorney didn’t want to do. That was to get Raven pissed. The interrogation went and the guy kept trying to dodge the bullets. he wouldn’t speak. But Raven let him have it and sent him flying into the walls a few times to shake some sense from him. Still nothing…

Till suddenly…

Raven: You wanted a fighter… Here’s one for you.

Angus: I wanted to see what you pathetic fighters would do… And from how i see it. You once again failed miserably on trying to disappoint. You didn’t disappoint one bit. I mean… *Scoffs and chuckles*  You let several people die. Then you let Rhapsody take your place instead. Even to a guy like Dorian’s Brother… that’s cold- That’s cold… even for the likes of freaks like you. Any colder and you wouldn’t need an air conditioner as any room that you freaks are in… will be cold enough.

Raven: Where’s Nick Rhapsody? Where is he?

Angus: Those mob fools want you fighters gone so they can get back to the way things were. Back to how it used to be back in the day. But I know the truth- there’s no going back. You’ve changed things. Forever. The entire Mob has constantly proven to take notice of how much you annoying fighters changed things.

Raven: Then what is with the Attempts of the Mob trying to see to the death and end of the fighters?

Angus: Ha! You’re kidding, right?! Is that what you’re claiming? That the Mob would want you all dead? Why? You fighters are just too much fun. Too much fun and they wouldn’t know what to do without the likes of you.

Raven: You’re scum. One who gets the kicks for helping the Mob get out from being put behind a federal prison.

Angus: Don’t talk like one of them- you’re not, even if you’d like to be. It would never work. To them you’re a freak like me… they
just need you right now. All you fighters. This city needs you to clean up the mess that the city happens to cause…

He regards Raven with something approaching pity. Too bad that it doesn’t work with Raven…

Angus: But as soon as they don’t, they’ll cast you out like a leper. You can just wait and see that they don’t. They’ll toss you out because they’ll have no use for the likes of you heroes and fighters.

The Man representing the Mob then looked into Raven’s eyes and saw a clash of fury just tipping to break loose. He looked into her eyes as if searching. Searching for something to use in order to shake her down just the same…

Angus: Their morals, their code… Whatever it is that the cops and suits have… it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. Although how many of the cops do you know still uphold the law without in secret finding something or someone to grease their palms and sweeten the pot? You’ll see- I’ll show you… when the chips are down, these civilized people… they’ll eat each other. They’ll turn into animals and become hostile. *grins* You See, I’m not a monster… I’m just ahead of the curve. I always will be. I know how to play both sides really well.

Raven then used Astral Projection on the coming out rat and knocked him into the wall and bounced him all over the room a bit to shake some info out of him. She was getting close to being angry and losing a little control. She hasn’t even shown her half-Demon side in such a long time. All she had was hope that she’d never have to.

Observation Room…

One of the detectives move for the door. Jones stops the detective…

Commissioner Jones: Doyle, Don’t… The dark angel is under control. She’s got this all tied.

Interrogation room…

Raven: *Using Dark Energy Construct* Where’s Nick Rhapsody? WHERE?!

Angus: You seriously have all these rules and obliviously believe that the rules are gonna save you. And your friends. *Laughs as if mocking*

Raven: We only have one rule when it comes to Justice and dealing with insignificant mortals like you… *Feeling her Dark half come out*

Angus: Well i guess it gets simple on both sides now… doesn’t it? It’s the one rule you’ll have to break. To know the truth, that is.

Raven: What is the truth? Everything that comes from your mouth only gets twisted by you to make you look clean. You’re dirt.

Angus: The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules. Tonight you’re going to break your one rule…

Raven: *With a sinister tone* I’m considering it!

Angus:  There are just minutes left- so, you’ll have to play Darwin’s little game if you want to save… *Relishing the situation; Enjoying the idea of seeing the fighters and the cops Quirm* …one of them.

Raven: *Reverting back to normal and Half-human side* Them?! What do you mean, Them? Who else does this Darwin have under capture?

Angus: For a while I thought you really were Rhapsody… The way that you threw yourself after her- the other week at a Charity. It was then that Darwin really believed that you really were Rhapsody. However… You are nothing like him at all. Throwing fits and thinking that you’ll get far by brute force alone…You are nothing like him. In fact… I don’t think you ever were like him. But i will say this for you. You most certainly played a good game.

Raven uses a little astral projection and rips off a chair from the floor and throws it across the room in fury. She was outraged and wanted to lash out…

Angus: *Laughs covering up the fact that he’s in pain* Look at you go with that rage again. Question: Does Rhapsody know about you and his wife? Does he? I would think that if he ever knew that there was something more between you two… He’d hammer you like a railroad spike.

Raven: *Bellowing at Angus* WHERE ARE THEY?!

Angus: Taking a life is by making a choice…

Raven: *With a Booming voice of Fury* WHERE ARE THEY?!

The twisted and corrupt Attorney was laughing and loving it. Taking in all contacts done by Raven…

Angus: You choose between the hot shot and professional D.A Nick over his Wife Mrs. Rhapsody…  You have nothing. Nothing to threaten me with. Nothing to do with all your strength…
*Suddenly spitting out a couple of teeth* But don’t worry, I’m going to tell you where they are. Both of them, and that’s the point- you’ll have to choose. There’s an old abandoned building. An Old building filled with unused oil and fuel. The woman is on the far right side of the building. It’s hell trying to reach it as it’s been considered a literal death trap deemed hazardous to one’s health. The high rising D.A is on the left side. Easier to get to. But with a bit of a maze anyway.

It was now a race against time and Time… was out. Hurry!

Commissioner Jones: Raven, Where’re you going?

Raven: I’m gonna go and find them. Paige, Pearl and Dinah went through the loss of their mother once before… You saw how they were the first time. This time is gonna be no different. *Turning into a shadow and leaving*

At the old Abandoned building…

On the far right side…

Rikku L. Rhapsody was strapped to a chair rigged with high explosives and the wires were connected to a cluster of Oil drums. From how it appeared, she’d been there for a while as she was mostly out of it from the knockout drugs that were injected into her. However, she slowly started to come to and realize that she was not at work… nor at home. She tried to get loose and couldn’t. Things were looking dim for her…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Tied up and calling for help* Can anyone hear me?

On the Left side of the Abandoned building…

Nick was tied up the same way as his wife was… But he was more alert and lucid than normal. Trying to figure out a way to get loose…

There was at least a microphone and a speaker near them both so they could at least speak with one another…

Nick: *opening his eyes; Bound to a chair* Rikku, Rikku… Hon, is that you?

Rikku L.Rhapsody: *sobbing* Nick, You’re OK. I thought…

Her voice is coming from a speakerphone on the floor…

Nick: It’s OK, Rikku. Everything’s going to be just fine.

Nick then started looking around the room and notices something behind him… Behind him, metal BARRELS, hooked up to a car battery, with a TIMER counting down: five minutes. Which meant that the place was rigged to go. Taking both Nick and Rikku out in one shot and made to look like an accident…

Things were grim indeed. Would they be rescued in time? Were they about to meet their untimely end? Ipkiss was on the way of busting out from the cells and getting free. But was he really gonna be free or was he gonna be intercepted by Kellaway? What about the Fighters? Were they gonna be able to take back the City and reel in their focus and concentration once they were to learn of their Grandmother’s possible tragic end? Would Leslie be able to stand up and fight the main event against Dorian? What about her parents? Were they ever closer to Metropolis? Would Leslie encounter them before much more time passed? Find out in the next chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

The Dark Knight

Nick: *Voice-over* Nooo! Rikku! NOOOOO!!!! On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s now the final moments before the showdown against Dorian Tyrell. The fighters all rear up and prepare to face Dorian. It’s not the only thing going on as Leslie… the now Ex-Mob girl also gets into the fighting and aids the fighters too… I think that there’s a hero to come from her yet. The fighters also see it coming out in Leslie. Impressive sight for them to see… But with the sweet and the lifting… comes the bitter and sour in waiting as I am now with my face burned halfway to hell. Yeah. I am burned and it’s not good. I am gonna be going rogue dishing out payback to those who were involved in the death of my wife??? Or i would think she’d be dead. Plus… Leslie’s debts are getting more progress in being paid off and rectified. All while her parents were getting ever closer to Metropolis. It’s spills, anticipation and more developments unfold along with the moment of reunion between Daughter, Mother and Father getting a little closer yet on the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 228: “Chindig at Coco Bongo Club. Fundraiser success?! NOT! Say hello to Dorian, The new Model.”

(Possible Death of Rikku L. Rhapsody. NOOOO! Not Again!)

(Likely surprise in Dayton Ohio for the nearing Burke family.)


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