Chapter 226: A Visit from Tina Carlyle. Paul and Crystal seek Audience with Nick Harrison/Rhapsody.

Tuesday Morning…

Oct.23rd 2045…

Blossom: *Voice-over* “We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.” Author. Tom Stoppard…

It was the next morning. None of the fighters had gotten any rest and each of them were beyond wiped. But the thrush of normal life beckoned them greatly still and with all that went on the previous night. One could only wonder how it was gonna end. Where. But the storm of friendship was upon the few who all circled the embrace of Leslie T. Burke…. This was where the official blow and break up of friendship between Zoey and Blossom was foretold to commence…

Metropolis Middle school…

Front gate…

Everyone was heading in through the halls unaware of the Animosity that was to shine its light. With all that was going on… A fight was the last thing on any of their minds and not what any of them needed. But it was about to erupt…

Zoey: *Walking over to face Blossom and Leslie* Hey.

Blossom: *Scoffs* What do you want, Zoey? Don’t you think that you’ve done enough damage to Leslie and Me?

Zoey: Yeah… Right. Like you haven’t done any damage to me. *Displeased* Right. That’s why every time i turn around… you are always with Leslie. It’s like she’s all you care about. You disregard me. All the time. Ever since she came into our lives… She’s all you wanted to hang with.

Leslie: … *Feeling guilty*

Blossom: Knock it off Zoey. Right now.

Zoey: No. I’m sick of this. Sick of feeling bad for you. Beating myself over the head concerning the crap you’ve done. What you’ve been doing. *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, I am not mad at you. You’re not at fault. Blossom is. She chose to Join the Mob. Join in on the Habit. I know that you may have had some part in it… But you’re not at fault. Blossom is the one who was disregarding others. Me… And it’s not just me that she abandoned. She also been ditching Sakura and Hikaru. They don’t deserve to be treated like they don’t matter.

Blossom: Zoey, *Getting angry* You are just jealous… Jealous of how close Leslie and I am. You can’t take it. All this is just pure and straight Jealousy.

Zoey: *Standing up to Blossom* I have a right to be jealous. For all the times that you and Leslie went out and hung out where ever. You could have asked me if i wanted to join…

Leslie: *Feeling Bad* Zoey… This is my fault.

Zoey: Leslie… No. It isn’t. It never was. Your only crime was ever crossing paths with Blossom to begin with. However… You needed a friend and sometimes it’s hard to make friends when no one is seeming to notice you. Blossom made the choice to blow off her Best friend of ten years. She chose. For all the times you two went out and knowing that i was near and beside you guys… She could have asked me if i wanted to come along. She could have said: “Hey Zoey, Leslie and I were thinking about going to the Mall. Wanna come with?” or “Zoey, Leslie and I were thinking of going to see a movie. Want to come along and Join in?”. She could have done so… But did she? Did she?! NO!

Blossom: It was because they were all ruses. We were going on Mob hits. We couldn’t take you.

Zoey: Not all of them were Mob hits. You were not in the Mob at first when you and Leslie crossed paths. It isn’t enough that you disregard me every chance you were to get… You also pegged me as over dramatic. Clingy and afraid of change. I was not afraid of change. I was just tired of being left out while you went and had your fun. You and I used to do things together. But since you and Leslie became close… All you seemed on wanting to do… Was hang with her. It was as if none of us mattered to you anymore.

Blossom: You are talking paranoia again and making yourself sound really ignorant. Makes me wonder if you even have a brain. Plus… you are still trying to shake me and get me away from Leslie. Stop… It’s not gonna happen.

Zoey: I’ll keep trying to get through to you. I however don’t know why i am bothering. You obviously have made it no secret that you don’t care. I tried everything and nothing worked. Nothing worked and left me to go to the others to get them involved. I had to get them in on it and pull you away from Leslie. That isn’t even working. I have a habit myself. Like you… But you did it because Leslie did it. If she were to start drinking Beer. Would you do it too? Would you?

Blossom: Oh Shut up! I swear… All you do is make Leslie out to be a harbinger of chaos and corruption. She’s not like that. I am sick of it. I’ve heard enough.

Zoey: And i am sick of you. Tired of you abandoning me. You’re to be my best friend. But apparently i am not good enough for you and that your friendship with me and the closeness that we shared together… isn’t worth anything to you. *Hurt* … *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, I am not mad at you. Nor do i hate you. I don’t particularly like you… But i don’t hate you. I in fact find that i am envying you.

Leslie: Envying me… Why?

Zoey: Because you’re making all the wrong decisions in your life. Joining the Mob. Hanging with dangerous people who seek domination. I heard the On-air interview and you sincerely spoke out that you were not one who believed in violence and chaos. That you didn’t believe in shooting and killing which you never had done. Because the News reporters would have had a field day with that and plaster it all over the T.V and the air waves. But you sounded really sweet and kind. Saddened that you had to leave all you knew in New York behind. Still seem as though you are… What i don’t understand is why are you choosing to be with the Mob… Why did you happen to join it to begin with? Status? Protection? *Looking to the sides* Now… Protection… That i can understand as you were all alone in a new city. You didn’t know anyone and knew that you would need some source of protection. I’d likely do the same thing if it were me with those odds. But as for status… You never needed that. You should have known better.

Leslie: What would you possibly know about what it is that i needed? You haven’t lived my life.

Zoey: No. You’re right. I didn’t. I didn’t endure what you’ve endured and therefore i would never understand. Not ever. But i want to. I still break up from my mother leaving me. I feel terrible. Really terrible. However… I don’t want to think about my mother as she left my family. I lost the warm loving family i had. I normally would always come to Blossom because she would always be there to pick me up. But… since she and you got together… I started going to Holly Reedy for comfort as she was apparently more dependable than Blossom had been and i knew Blossom all my life. She and I are cousins and Best friends. You might have no idea how painful it feels to have a friend of 10 years aside from them being family… Betraying or leaving you in the dirt like you didn’t matter anymore. I’m putting most of my pain on the shoulders of Holly who shouldn’t have to be the one fixing or having to always be the one to lift me up. There are some things that are familial matters. She shouldn’t have to be dealing with. She is and she’s been more of a friend… A better friend than Blossom’s been as of late. and I tried all i could. I can’t get through to her. I give up trying.

Leslie: Zoey, You’re Jealous of me. I get it… I came and took away your best friend of 10 years. I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t mean to. However I had no control… Blossom happened to be at the right place at the right time… Did she have to notice me? No. She didn’t. She didn’t have to pay any attention to me. But she did. Even though… You and i Don’t speak… usually ever. But i actually like you. Think that you’re sweet and sincere. Honest. Blossom also is honest. One of the things that i look for in a friend.

Zoey: *Pauses* You like me? How… I’ve literally been anything but kind to you. I revered you. I revered you in every way.

Leslie: I know. I realize that and i should have been offended. However… I can’t really be offended. I happen to understand. You were scared and going through your own emotional strife… it was where that with what you were going through… you didn’t want to have to deal with me trying to come between you and your Best friend Blossom. Afraid of change. I don’t blame you. I too was afraid of change myself before i officially left my parents. But i left them for reasons that were beyond both mines… and their control.

Blossom: …

Leslie: Zoey, I hope that we can someday be friends even if that day isn’t exactly today. *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, You and I will still be best friends and be close… But this quarrel? You’re on your own. I don’t want to be in the middle of this fight. You and Zoey obviously have internal issues to handle and battle through. I don’t want to be involved. I’m gonna head to find Sora and Carly. Break and hang with them. But you… You are to sort this out and not put me in the middle of it…


It was seconds later when…

Holly: *Walking over* Too late for that. Leslie, You are in the middle of it. It’s time that you were told off. Blossom won’t do it because she’s sucked in to your garbage. Zoey won’t do it… Because she’s trying to stay how she was always meant to be. Civil and kind. But i on the other hand am also kind… civil. Devoted and willing to fight for my friends. Also stand up to the ones who hurt my friends. Ones like you. *Getting in Leslie’s face* You came from New York. You can get the F**k back to New York and stay the hell out of Metropolis. You corrupting harlot. Blossom never hurt her best friend of 10 years… till you showed up. Blossom is just to blame herself for what she did to Zoey. Ditching her. Abandoning her. And her cousins.

Leslie: *Sneaking a hit at Holly; Landing a punch to Holly’s face* Back off, Holly. I won’t allow for you to tear at me. I am done. You continually blame me for everything. Blossom is the one that made the choices that lead her to what she’s doing now. She made the choice. I was the one who tried to talk her out from joining the Mob. To ensure that she never got into the same mess that i had. However… even that is my fault.

Blossom: Holly, You’re attacking me… because Leslie’s my friend. If Leslie wasn’t in my life… you’d want nothing to do with me. Not a thing to do with me. You must hate me or something.

Holly: I don’t hate you. But i am just sick of hearing about you hurting your cousin’s. Every time i see Zoey lately… She’s always depressed because you once again had ditched her to go with *Glaring towards Leslie* Her. If it’s not that… It’s the part where she was looking for you and wanting to see you. Spend time with you… Her BEST FRIEND of ten years. TEN! *Enraged and irritated* But every time she would look for you… You were never there. You were never there for her. It was like that since the beginning of the school year and to be quite frank… I am sick of her constant depression. Tired of her hurting because you were not there to lend her a shoulder to lean on or cry on when she was hurting. As a Best friend should do. You were always with Leslie. You Ditched Sakura and Hikaru.

Blossom: And you just can’t find any reason to be decent to Leslie or be civil… can you?

Leslie: *Starting to get angry* …

Holly: No. And i don’t care if you like it or not, Blossom. Your best friend is to be Zoey. Not Leslie. You are gonna learn to be loyal to your family. Family is blood. It’s the ground stone to who you are. Where you primarily begin. Your Origin. Leslie “The Conniving Bitch Harlot” Burke is not your family. She’s a Loser. She’s got no involvement here. You are not to be her friend.

Blossom: *Steamed and suddenly blowing her top* THAT’S IT! I HAVE HAD IT, HOLLY! YOU BITCH! *Grabbing Holly and sending her into the wall hard* You are a bitch. You don’t tell me what to fuckin’ do. Ever. My cousin’s couldn’t tell me who to be friends with… My Ex-Best friend Zoey the Whiny bitch couldn’t. Not even my parents could tell me who to be friends with. So if they couldn’t… What the F**K makes you think that you will be able to? Huh? What?

Holly: *in Pain and slowly turning to face Blossom* … *Glaring at Blossom and aiming to Punch Leslie in the face and then come right for Blossom* …

Blossom: Try it, Holly. Just try it. *Emitting Electricity* You think that i am afraid of you. Think again. I am not afraid of you. Never have been and i never will. You don’t control me. Me and Leslie are together and nothing you say or do will change it. Ever. We have a bond and a closeness that you don’t have the Capacity to understand. She loves me. I love her. Yeah. I said it and i don’t give a shit if the whole damn school has a problem with it. I Love my best friend Leslie Burke and i won’t be made to be ashamed of it. Nor do i regret. I don’t. She’s the best person i know. She’s claimed to be Misguided… So? I don’t care. I still care and love her. Nothing you can say will get me to stop.

Holly: You’re throwing your life away all for a loser like her. She smokes. She’s in the Mob. She robs places. Does Mob Hits. She’s involved with the Mob and you think it’s okay. You’re an idiot. Blossom you want to be with her so bad. Fine. Be a Loser just like her.

Blossom: *Firing a shot of Electricity at Holly* Fuck off. You’re the loser. You think that since your daddy owns a Diner and you’re the daughter to the guy… You’re a somebody? You’re a nobody. That’s all you’ll be. A Nobody who lives to tell people who to be friends with and who people can speak with. Sticking your busybody nose in where it’s not wanted. *Noticing Holly wanting to return punches* Want to fight? Go on! I got all my life to do it. I can be here all millennium… I don’t have any other plans. Let’s brawl. See how far you get. Come on. Let’s see what you do.

Zoey: Blossom! Stop it!

A Moment later…

Blossom: *Watching Holly walk away in tears* Have a nice day. Next time… don’t pick a battle you won’t win. You’ll just fail miserably.

Zoey: *Walking over and Punching Blossom in the face* You’re a real scumbag, Blossom. You respond to people trying to help you get away from Leslie… By attacking them. You ditch me. Abandon me.

Blossom: Stow it, Zoey! *Shoving her down to the ground* I almost lost Leslie last night because you went and cried like a little baby to Susie and the others. I almost lost Leslie. She almost didn’t come back. You are jealous and i am done talking with you. To you. Around you. You’re no longer my Best friend… Zoey. *Taking off her friendship ring that she shared with Zoey and throwing it at her* Take the ring. Go to Holly. Be her little lackey. You and I maybe cousins and i’ll defend you as you’re family… But anything more. It’s done. IT’S OVER! Friendship’s over!

Students: *In shock and disbelief* Ooooooooooooooh!

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie… Come on. Let’s get to class.

Blossom walks off and heads over to class with Leslie…

Zoey was hurt and broken. It was then that she truly faced the loss of her friendship with her cousin Blossom. She blew it and yet it was all on Blossom. Blossom was changing into a cruel person and It hurt those around her. But Blossom was sick of telling Zoey to back off. She wouldn’t. Blossom was with Leslie and was changing… Zoey tried to accept and yet couldn’t. She didn’t want to. She already endured facing her mother Abandoning her and her family. She now had to deal with losing Blossom. She sat there for a minute and allowed for all of it to sink in. It was only seconds later than that when…

Zoey: *Getting up and Looking at everyone; Crying as she grabs her cracked Friendship ring that she gave Blossom and with a broken heart Running away*

Zoey didn’t get too far as she was then confronted by Sora and Carly…

Sora and Carly confront Zoey and tell her off.
Sora and Carly confront Zoey and tell her off.

Sora: *Standing in front of Zoey* Zoey, What is your problem with Leslie?

Carly: *Standing beside Sora* Yeah. Why do you hate her so much? She has not done anything to hurt you.

Zoey: Yeah right. She hurt me by taking my best friend Blossom away. Blossom used to be my best friend till Leslie came around. All Blossom wants to do is be with Leslie. Like as though i don’t matter anymore.

Sora: That is so not true. You lost her all on your own, You drama queen. You’re jealous of Leslie. That’s all it is nothing more.

Zoey: I have a right to be jealous. I have a right to be jealous of Leslie. Blossom is my best friend… Or was.

Carly: Who’s fault is that? Blossom’s or yours, Zoey? *Scoffs and disgusted* All you do is cry and whine. Blossom did right by breaking from you. You may have been her best friend till recent and now truly lost her… But it’s not her fault. It is your fault. Yours alone. Plus Holly’s. She’s the reason behind the fact that you lost Blossom. Even we’re not wanting to be around you anymore.

Zoey: Leslie’s got to you too, didn’t she?

Sora: No. Stop blaming everything on Leslie. This is not her fault. It never was. She has a habit. She’s with the Mob. Or used to be… And we’re not in the Mob either even though we were only in it for about 2-3 days maybe. You are being really selfish and cruel.

Carly: Leslie left the Mob. She’s out.

Zoey: What?!

Zoey still had tears in her eyes and was still showing her hurt. However Sora and Carly weren’t buying it…

Sora: It is what we said… She’s out of the Mob. She’s left it since last night.

Zoey: Why didn’t Blossom say anything?

Carly: How could she… How could she say anything to you about what was going on with Leslie? It was clear that you were listening to Holly Reedy and her hatred spew towards Leslie. Trying to hurt Leslie. You almost cost Blossom her friendship with Leslie. Leslie never hurt you. She’s done nothing to hurt you at all. What cost you the friendship between you and Blossom… is no one other than you. You did it all on your own. Your attitude. Actions.

Zoey: You’re all standing up for Leslie… You two don’t even know her that much. Besides… *disgusted* You two used to not like Leslie at all either. You were wanting to pull Blossom away from her. Now… you two are all for her. What changed?

Sora: Nothing. *glaring* It’s called giving her a chance and seeking to open up to Leslie.

Zoey: What about Holly? She doesn’t like Leslie…

Carly: And? That’s her problem… Leslie’s got the right to be here too. If Holly doesn’t like it… That’s too bad. *Suddenly spotting Holly walking by in tears and upset*

Sora: Here comes the trouble maker now.

Zoey: Holly isn’t a trouble maker. She just knows what’s what around here. She knows trouble when she sees it. It’s Leslie. Leslie is trouble. But i guess that you two are with your heads up her back side because you believe the stuff that Leslie’s been selling you.

Holly: *Walking by; in tears* …

Zoey: I Quit. You guys want Leslie… Go. She’s all yours. My new best friend is Holly. She’ll be my close friend and bud. And since you believe in Leslie… You can stay around her. We’re not hanging with one another anymore. *Turning to see Holly and making way to join along Holly* Anything you have to say to me… You can say to Holly. Leslie took Blossom away and yet… She’s the innocent one? She comes into our lives and i see the wrong coming from her and I am the one who’s wrong? Holly’s the one who’s just starting stuff? *Scoffs; Sniffles* Whatever… I’m outta here. Have fun being deceived.

Zoey was casting off her involvement with Blossom and even broke away from Sora and Carly. Holly didn’t see any good in Leslie. Zoey didn’t see any good in her either… But as it went on… The assumption would become the past and a reconciliation would occur, But only problem was… the damage was already done. What Zoey didn’t know yet was that the others were all now taking in the fact that Maybe Leslie was not as bad as they figured. They were now in means of accepting her and taking notice of her. She didn’t know about that and she would never know…

As for the fighters…

At Metropolis High School…

Main Hall…

Sapphire: *Shaking off the grogginess* Last night was a pain in the neck.

Lana Greens

Lana: Why’s that? What happened?

Sapphire: Hysterics and chaos in leading headlines. The Mask was at it… again.

Krissy: *In Shock* What?! You’re kidding… The Mask was at it again? What happened?

Sapphire: What do you think happened? I mean… Take a darn good look at me. My hair is tossed. I am still a little wiped out from the heroic duties that went on last night.

Jessica: *Realizing something* You wouldn’t be talking about the grandstand that was seen on the 11 O’clock news… Would you?

Sapphire: I think that’s the basic idea… I was there at the scene as it happened. Both my sister Raven and I. As well as the others.

Krissy: Wow! Did the Mask really do that with the cops and lead a frenzy?

Lana: It must have been a real show.

Erica: I was at home and my mom watched the News broadcast. My Mom made sure to relay it to me when i woke up this morning. I almost fell off my spurs when she told me as i was a little behind schedule this morning. It even blew me away in surprise.

Jessica: Well… All aside from that… Where’s the Mask now?


Carly Black: *Walking over* Sapphire, we got a problem.

Sapphire: *Looking to see Carly Black* What’s the story, Carly?

Carly Black: We need to talk… It’s something that is rather personal. Between us. Your sister’s lover and her sister… you.

Sapphire: Not too personal i hope. Why?

Carly Black: *Whispers* It’s Serena.

Sapphire: *Confused* huh? Uh, Carly… Please… No sidelines. No jokes or little tricks… Not this morning. It’s not exactly a rather swell morning. Last night was a strenuous night. Chasing the Mask. Keeping watch and then almost tangling with the likes of that Jerk-off Lt. Kellaway. Plus the fact that we lost track of the Mask.

Carly Black: That’s what this is about… Serena… She’s uh… There’s a problem. The Mask… The Mask has changed hands.

Sapphire: Changed hands… How?

Carly Black: How do you think… The Mobster Dorian Tyrell captured Stanley over a Drop. That Mob girl Leslie… whoever she is… She was there. As was Blossom. They were there to join in on the drop or to leave the Mob. They left the Mob. Leslie walked from it after standing up to Dorian and telling him off.

Sapphire: That’s one thing. But… Where’s the Mask now?

Carly Black: Dorian. Dorian’s got control of the Mask now. He’s with it.

Krissy: What?! Dorian Tyrell is now the Mask?

Carly Black: Afraid so. He is the Mask. Serena tried to attack Dorian and… Nothing phased him. Nothing. *Looking at Sapphire* Dorian Tyrell is unstoppable. That Mask makes him immune to gunfire and any elemental attack. of any kind.

Sapphire: What do you mean immune to any Elemental attack?

Carly Black: Just what it means… Meaning that any attack that might get unleashed and aimed at Dorian… Fired at him… Won’t make any affect. It will not leave any damage. Like Thunder. Serena tried 4 different Thunder style attacks and got nothing. No signs of any penetration or contact.

Krissy: That’s bad. What’re you gonna do, Sapphire?

Jessica: There must be some way to get that Mask away from Dorian.

Sapphire was at a loss. She didn’t know what to say or suggest. She was without any idea as to how to get at Dorian and take back the Mask…

As for Spencer and his wife Rikku…

Spencer: *Looking at Rikku; frustrated* You know what… I think that i am getting rather tired of the constant loose ends we’re having with all this gruff about the Mask.

Rikku: Spencer… I am tired of it too… But we’re the only ones who believe in Stanley. The cops see him as guilty. He kinda is as he’s been the one attacking the Mechanics at that Auto Finishing shop. Then Thwarting a Bank Heist and then getting cornered at the park by the police… A piece of Material from Stanley’s clothes… was found at the club… However… Stanley was not at the Club. Not as himself… But as the Mask.

Spencer: Like that matters, Rikku? We were out for most of the night chasing after the Mask. Monitoring the situation. Tried to create a distraction so that he could get the heck outta dodge. We did all that… and what we have got to show for it… Absolutely nothing. One of our own got hurt by Dorian Tyrell. That Mobster’s now got the Mask and is impervious to any Elemental attack and Gun Fire.

Rikku: What’re we to do about it?

Spencer: *Sighs; Walking ahead and beside his wife* We throw out everything that we know about the Mask and start over from scratch. From the beginning… We go to where the Mask was first found and do some underwater excavating.

Rikku: Wanna do that after school lets out?

Spencer: Precisely.

Rikku: We’re gonna need some underwater bombs…

Spencer: To get that job done… We need to get a hold of Rin.

Rikku: I’ll give him a call during Break. Begging for him to put a rush on it.

Spencer: *Concerned* We need to also check up on Serena. She’s not doing so hot. She was hurt by her thunder attack.

Rikku: Is she gonna be alright?

Spencer: I don’t know… *Sighs and looking down feeling unsure* I don’t know. None of the others know either. However Aunt Dinah is with her right now. At Carly Black’s and Serena’s apartment…

At Carly Black’s and Serena’s apartment…

Dinah: *Tending to her daughter* Serena… How could you have aimlessly fired off against that Mobster? You know or should have known better than that. Given from the experience you had so far from dealing with that guy Stanley who started out the Mask sightings and appearances. Why Did you do it?

Serena: Good question, Mom. Why did i do it?! *Sore and uptight; Upset and in pain from the Electroshock* Let’s see… I think i did it because… IT’S WHAT A HERO IS SUPPOSED TO DO!

Dinah: Yeah. It is… But not do it to kill yourself. You could have been killed. I don’t want to endure the idea of having to bury one of my darling babies. You’re still my sweet baby. That’s not gonna change.

Serena: Yeah… I’m someone that you gave birth to… who has a bit of a hot temper. Your temper to put it more straighter than i usually would. I also have your itchy trigger finger psyche towards bad ass shit for brains who act like someone with one hell of an ego trip. Dorian is the grand stand for the post master general on Ego-maniacs who now has all the free power he could ever ask for.

Dinah: What are you saying?

Serena: Mom… Shake loose some of that Old retired Lightning in the sky… Lightning in a Bottle Thunder Mistress mentality. Think about it. You fought against some of most egotistical psychos back in your day. Think… Dorian Tyrell has an evil mentality that he hides like a dirty bed sheet. But the Mask brought it out for all to see. Dorian Tyrell is now the Mask. He’s Evil and unpredictable.

Dinah: Serena… Those days are the past. I am not like that anymore. I pray every single day to see that you girls start stepping down from the life. The hero life is all swell now. But it’s a life that is not one of equal balance. I had to find out the hard way as every time i would be in the middle of something… a call to duty rang out and i had to respond. The heroics that you do… it’s not a simple life. You’re gonna face moments where you’ll have to make choices. Choices that you shouldn’t have to be made to make. Ever.

Serena: You mean… Choices that the girl Leslie had to make. I wouldn’t compare to that… This is different. *Feeling pain and shaking all over a bit* Mom, Damn it… *Stuttering a little* I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-didn’t have a c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-choice! There wasn’t any choice. I had to do something. Anything. Someone had to fire at that maniac. I was the only one there to fight them or fight that maniac. Who else was there to fight. Carly Black couldn’t fight them… What was there for her to do. She could only use what knowhow she had.

Dinah: *Seeing her daughter shaking a bit* Serena, calm down. It’s okay.

Serena: *Scoffs* Ugh! Mom, Are you kidding me? How exactly can you say that it’s all okay. Nothing’s okay. Look at me. I am shaking like a leaf here. I was electrocuted. By my own attack. I tried to cluster shock that son of a bitch Dorian with a Thunderic Whiplash. Then a Double Thunder-whipper. Both were absorbed by Dorian. He somehow sent it over back to me with double the power.

Dinah: Oh no…

Serena suddenly blacked out…

Dinah: Serena… Serena?! *Shaking her daughter and getting her to snap out of it* Serena… Sweetie, Snap out of it. Wake up. Please wake up.

Serena doesn’t respond and leaves where Dinah dreads the impression of Serena being either in a deep coma, Deeply unconscious or dead. She didn’t know what else to do to tend to Serena. But fortunately saw that Serena was still breathing and that brought some relief to her. Dinah knew that Serena was gonna wake up starving. She called out to Sid’s Diner and called for delivery. She also called up for the local ice cream shop to deliver a tub of Serena’s most favorite flavor of ice cream. As well as bring over a 24 pack of root beer for Serena as well…

Dinah was worried about her daughter and this was new on her as she had never seen any of her kids go through this… Not ever. This was eating at her but it was also something that came outta nowhere to her…

As for Stanley…

Metropolis Police Station…

Stanley was laying down and lying there feeling depressed and as though he was being locked up for the rest of his life.


Guard: *Walking over and tapping at the bars of Stanley’s Cell* Hey you, Looney tune central… With the face.

Stanley: I do have a name, guard. Why don’t you refer to me by my name? *Groans in depression*

Guard: Yeah yeah… You got a visitor.

Stanley looked up to see the guard step aside to reveal Tina…

Stanley: *Gasps* Tina?!

Stanley gets up quick and walks over to the bars of the cell…

Tina: Stanley. *Smiles*

Stanley: *With surprise* Oh my god…. W-what… what’re you doing here?

Tina: Is it true? You’re the Mask?

Stanley: *Whispers* Yeah, but don’t tell anybody. If I get… a good lawyer and a deal… I’ll be out in about 12,000 years.

Tina: What about those girls? Those fighters?

Stanley: The heck with the fighters. What can they do about this? They can’t just come and right out bust me loose of this place. It’d just put them in the same mess as me. Sapphire and Raven… I think two of them were… Stood up to Kellaway in a way that i didn’t see coming. As the Mask… i saw and didn’t think much of it because… I was trying to distract and create a diversion so i could bolt from the scene and get away. Hide. I did… Only to get nabbed by the Mob… Dorian’s men and almost killed. I was betrayed by someone who i thought was my friend.

Tina: Who? You don’t mean… Me, do you?

Stanley: I don’t know. Are you the one that set me up? *Sighs* It’s alright. I already know that it wasn’t you. But i do know who it was. Peggy. Peggy Brandt. She sold me out and all for Money. And a Condo. But Dorian… Killed her. I did happen to feel some solace in the fact that it got someone to wake up and see things as they really were. That girl… Leslie Burke i think you said that girl’s name was… The one you pegged as Dorian’s lapdog. She stood up to him. Told him off…

Stanley recalls the incident even though it was fuzzy as while it happened, he was hanging upside down yet and hanging for dear life…

Leslie: *Standing up to Dorian and with discontent* I can’t believe this… Dorian. How could you turn into such a power mad monster?

Dorian/Mask: This is who i always was. This was what i hid from you.

Leslie: You betrayed my trust in you. I thought that you were sincerely a person who would never turn against your word. You promised me that you’d never intentionally hurt someone.

Dorian/Mask: I didn’t even make a promise to you. I told you that i never would turn dark.

Leslie: That’s a lie. You did promise me. You gave me your word, Dorian. You lied to me. YOU LIED!

Dorian/Mask: Leslie… It’s not what you think.

Leslie: *Glaring* No… Don’t even snow me. I might be only a 13 year old Girl… But i am not stupid. I know what you are.

Dorian/Mask: And what would that be?

Leslie: A Liar, Murderer and Power hungry CREEP!

From the side…

Thunderic Fury: *Holding the phone up and still active call… On Speaker for the rest of the fighters to hear* …

Leslie: *Still standing up to Dorian* And on the other front… I am stupid. I should have never joined the Mob. I screwed up and i have to spend the rest of my life regretting it. Since i joined the Mob… People around me at school all thought i was on drugs. They all revered me. Hated me. Despised me. Made it where i had no friends and left where i’d have to count it by luck to land a friend at all. I’m done… After the next pickup… I am throwing in my resignation. I’ll take my skills and my weapons and severance pay for my time in the Mob. I’m done. It’s Over. My name is and has… and forever will be. Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… Mob girl… Is dead. If Rita the Hammer comes back… She’s getting a rewrite, Done the right way. *Walking off and leaving the scene*”

Stanley: She was there and she gave out her notice. She was leaving the Mob.

Tina: She’s lucky that she’s young. the other one might not be so lucky.

Stanley: Who?

Tina: The girl with the brown frizzy hair.

Stanley: Blossom?

Tina: Yeah. Dorian and the guys might still deem her to be one of them. As well as the new two. The Twins. Sora and Carly… I think their names were.

Stanley: They’ve got to get out of there. Now. It’s not safe for them there.

Tina: I think that they’ve been pulled out of it. They weren’t that deep into it to begin with.

Stanley: Either way… It’s risky, coming here. *About Dorian* Your boyfriend might be upset.

Tina: He’s gonna be at the Charity ball this weekend. This Saturday night. He’s gonna do something really terrible there.

Stanley: Like what? The Lambada? The Horizontal shuffle?

Tina: Half this town will be there Stanley. I tried to tell the cops, but they wouldn’t listen to me.

Stanley: As long as he’s got the mask, there’s nothing they can do to stop him anyway. There’s nothing anyone can do. There’s nothing anyone can do. That one fighter that was at the spot where i was dangling for my life… She tried to fry Dorian with some kind of attack and had it fired back at her two-fold.

Tina: …

Stanley: There was someone with her. Someone who goes by the name Carly. Carly Black.

Tina: Nothing can penetrate Dorian while he’s got the Mask.

Stanley: Unfortunately… no.

Tina: There’s got to be some way to stop him. Something to draw out the real Dorian and not the kind of person that the Mask is showing on the surface. How does it work?

Stanley: *About how the Mask works; About what it can do* I don’t know. It’s like… it brings your innermost desires to life. If deep down inside… you’re a bit repressed and hopelessly romantic… you become some sort of… a love-crazy wild man.

Tina: And if you’re someone like Dorian?

Stanley: Then we’re all in big trouble. And if I were you, I’d get out of town. Fast.

Tina: Thanks. *Smiles*

Stanley: For what?

Tina: *Chuckles and Blushing; thankful* Lots of things. Sharing a sunset with me. For being the only guy who treated me like a person, not… a party favor. For being any kind of romantic… even a hopeless one.

Stanley: You’re welcome.

Tina: That night at the club I knew… I’d found someone special.

Stanley: The Mask?

Tina: No… It was the guy inside The Mask. It was you all along.

Guard: *Tapping the bars of the cell* okay Lady… Time’s up. There’s no room for romance here. It’s a jail. Not a hook-up party.

Tina: *Passing a disgusted look towards the guard* Ugh!

Stanley: *Pleading* Can i have… Just one more minute?

Tina: I’ve got to disappear for a while now. Don’t know where but I’ll let you know as soon as I can.

Stanley: *Nods*

Tina: If that girl comes around… Tell her to be careful of Dorian. Dorian knows that she’s out and likely going around town exposing him. She’s young and not experienced to deal with someone like Dorian. She’s been with him and working with him… But not long enough to know how he really gets. She’s only knowing what’s on the surface. That’s all. That girl… Leslie. She’s gonna get hurt.

Stanley: Someone’s got to find her and warn her. *Concerned*

Of course…

Metropolis Courthouse…

Paul and Crystal were taking a day off from class that day as they were in need of some legal satisfaction and some insight on how they could be able to be of any help to Stanley. They needed to get some help…

Paul: We’ve got to find Nick.

Crystal: He’s the only one that can help us overturn the charges on Stanley. What’s been going on isn’t his fault. That Mask was the cause of the events that had been going on. It’s made him do things that he probably never had done at all in his entire life. The Mask brought out the side in him that he was deeming to hide and keep hidden because he probably felt as though he couldn’t contain it and keep it under control.

Paul: Maybe so… Stanley’s life got screwed ever since he found that mask. That night when he first found it. I warned him about messing with it as it may just be very unpredictable. He tried it anyway. He wasn’t at fault for it. He was just curious. It’s just that ever since he tried on that mask for the first time… It became like a obsession. As if he was drawn to it.

Crystal: That’s why we need to do something about this. We have to help him. Get the charges overturned.

They walked on over to find Nick and seek to speak with him…

Minutes later…

Nick: *Sighs* Okay… Let me see if i have this straight. You want me to overturn the charges that were made on the guy Stanley Ipkiss? Because of what? Belief of there being a huge mistake.

Paul: There isn’t that much to consider. But Stanley’s not the one at fault.

Crystal: It’s that mask. That Mask which Stanley had… till recent is what’s at fault. Stanley happens to be a victim to the Mask.

Paul: Not possible. It’s something that brings out the deepest desires of the wearer. So since Stanley’s a Love-crazed wildman. It would bring out the side that he was keeping hidden. The side that he was shy or unable to just allow for the outside world to see. However… Now that Dorian’s the one with it…

Crystal: Who knows what’s gonna happen? If he’s evil minded and deep inside all about the dominating reparté… One can only determine the fact that with the Mask in his possession… He’s gonna be worse than what he is without it. Even though we all know what type of person Dorian is already without the Mask. The Mask just makes it worse.

Nick: That’s all fine. I get the idea that you believe that Dorian Tyrell is Evil. However… There is a file already put on Stanley stating that several incidences pegged him at the scene. The Auto finishing shop. The bank. The Nightclub. The piece of material that matches Stanley’s night time garment. The Mask… Alot of it speaks against Ipkiss. *Seeing the desperate look on the face of Crystal and Paul* Look, i want to give all of this a benefit of a doubt. I would like to just give it all a equal stand on the matter. However my hands are tied. If i were to do it for him… I’d have to overturn the ruling of all cases that the cops do when it comes to just probable cause. It’d take all the credibility of the police away. There’d be instating a rational panic.

Paul: What’ll we do then?

Nick: That’s up to you young fighters. Isn’t it? I mean… I see that you’re certain that Stanley Ipkiss is innocent. Which i am quite positive that it’s fact that he is innocent in every extent of the word. However… The Law has already been told and the charges were hereby made against him. But what i’d do… Is that… If i wanted to ensure that the accused and wrongly persecuted party was proven innocent. I’d find the Smoking gun. The item that is in question. Namely… The Mask.

Paul: We know where it is.

Nick: Okay. But now the dilemma is… trying to get a hold of it and away from Dorian. How will you do it?

Paul: We’re gonna have to find a way to get a hold of it and dispose of it somehow.

Crystal: The only question is will we be able to get the chance to grab it and take it from the guy?

Paul: I don’t know… I don’t know…

However throughout that day there was signs and little details exposing the possibility that someone was stalking Nick. Also Stalking and following the family matriarch. It had to be someone from the Mob. But it was too soon to tell. There wasn’t enough to tell yet. But Nick was being followed. Question was… Who’d be following him?

Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub…

Zeke: That girl has a lot of pressure on her. She’s not a bad kid. It’s a shame that she has to repay all the debt that she’d made.

Gabe: *Looking to the side* Seems like she’s got troubles. I happened to run into some Merchant. He’s copped out the details of aiding the attempts that the girl is doing to pay back each and Every debt she’s made during her time in the Mob.

Zeke: Granted that i am still in the throws of dealing with my Ex-Wife. I think that we should help her. Help her out with some of the repayment of her made debts.

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Heinz: Mein Liege… There is a way that we can maybe help her… Hold a Fundraiser here. Have a High Class auction for a night. Getting some of the highly paying patrons to chip in.

Ilsa: Maybe some Karaoke…

Zeke: That could be a workable and creative idea. Gabe… Can it be done?

Gabe: It’s something new. But given that you are being targeted by the legal fees. It’s gonna be rather tight for us to pull it off. However… It should be able to work and run its course without a hitch. Only question is… Will anyone bite at it and take wing? That’s the only problem. Who will catch on and take part in the move?

Zeke: I am sure that they will. There is no doubt about that as people love doing anything that will lead to the city getting back on its feet once again. I don’t know how my daughter Zoey will take to it though… She doesn’t seem to like Leslie much and i can not help but wonder why. Leslie’s a good kid. Happened to be a bit misguided. But she’s been paying her debt to those she hurt. Maybe only a couple of them. But it’s a good yard stick.

Heinz: That’s right. I think that we should do our part in helping her. It’s the most sensible thing to do. The right thing to do.

Gabe: The Merchant is gonna be making his way here soon.

Zeke: *Pauses and with surprise* He wants to meet?

Gabe: I suppose so.

Ilsa: The city is in a state of turmoil though. The Mob is out and hitting up the city.

Gabe: And we can almost bet the bottom buck that it’s Dorian Tyrell and his gleaming busty browns… Cocking up a kill with the powers of whatever little secret arsenal that he’s got with him.

Heinz: What’ll the fighters do about it though? *Concerned*

Zeke: There is little to nothing that can be done about it. All there is for them to do is bide their time.

Ilsa: There has to be something for them to do to fight back against the Mob.

Zeke: I wish there was. But from what we might already know on the Mob… It’s not gonna be the least bit easy. It won’t be such a walk in the park either.

Gabe: *Seeing the T.V* Wow! there’s gonna be a lot of turned heads.

Ilsa: *Pauses* Huh?! Come again?

Gabe: There’s something going on in this city that isn’t gonna sit well… Tonight… There’s gonna be a Special report. It’s gonna cover the mess taking hold due to the Mob. The Mask too.

Heinz: They won’t be talking about the girl… Will they?

Gabe: Who’s to say… It’s covering all angles of the predicament. A whole lot.

Zeke: That girl’s gonna have no chance of starting a new if the reports bring mention of her to the table.

Ilsa: I feel sorry for her parents. They might catch word of the situation and will be literally unable to stomach it. Whoever her parents are…

Heinz: *Sighs and feeling concerned*


At the Metropolis Radio Station…

98.6 MRHAP…

11 AM…

Arnold: *On-Air* Broadcasting from the once beacon in the sky… The once long ago location known as the Watchtower… This is your beloved Station of the City MRHAP Metropolis. *A second pause* This is your Watchdog of the city Lord Arnold. Bringing you the best of the best. We have been following the news on the Mob and the Mask. It seems that a shake-up has been initiated and now… The Mask has a new captain. Say hello to Dorian Tyrell. The new Mask? Rumors of his being the Mask has greatly been circulated and mass produced. However last night’s fiasco with the Mask… commandeered by a hapless romantic named Ipkiss…Stirred up a bang up performance among the masses of law enforcement. The Task force, Swat teams and cops abound. All were lead into a frenzy last night and it gets better… the local brethren of the city. The Fighters… A majority of them were there to assess the mess and almost got planted in the shaken radar of one Lt. Kellaway. That guy’s got no respect for our local heroes. He calls them glory seekers. But he better take a back seat on that. If it weren’t for the fighters being around and doing what they do… He wouldn’t be with a fortunate career. There’d be chaos all through the city and neither high officials nor local Police officers would be able to obtain order and stability. In other news… It’s gonna be a hoppin’ weekend. This weekend is the Charity ball fundraiser at the Coco Bongo Club. Being held by perspective fat cats. multi-millionaires and Billionaires. Half of the people within the city will be there. So if you got nothing to do and want a night to remember in fun and excitement… Come on over to the Coco Bongo club. This Saturday evening and take in some fun. *Playing music leading to more Music* John wrote this song “After going to a Coldplay concert and feeling inspired to not only make music equally as moving, but to explain that feeling in words.” Here’s John Mayer with his song speaking strong… “Bigger than my Body”. Right here on MRHAP Metropolis. The Station with it all. Bigger than ever and growing by the moment.

Metropolis Travel Agency…

Rin: *On the Phone* Rikku, What is it that you’re needing?

Rikku: *On The Phone* We need some bombs made. Underwater Bombs.

Rin: Oh… How come? Something happen?

Rikku: Not really. But Spencer and I are gonna be swimming in the Metropolis City River.

Rin: Why? Is there something in the River?

Rikku: We’re not sure. But we need to check the river by the Bridge that is under construction. That’s where all the troubles began with the Mask. The Mask was found there.

Rin: The Mask?! It came from the river?

Rikku: Yeah. It did. It was first found in the river by the bridge under construction. Stanley Ipkiss was there. He was the one that had found it first. It was that night… 6-7 weeks ago. Stanley was at the bridge and stranded with a beaten up car that was a literal hunk of Junked Machina. It was falling apart everywhere.

Rin: And he walked over to the side and looked down to see something floating in the river…

Rikku: Yeah. Although Spencer and I that night weren’t the first ones to encounter him. Clint and his girl Kiyoko were the ones. They saw him there and It was there moments later that Stanley found a weird mask that shined a bit of a glimmering white and green light on the inside. He took it and moments later… during the night at his place… he tried it on and within seconds… he was this strange acting man. He was the Mask. That Mask was enchanted.

Rin: Enchanted? Hmm… But you are wondering where the mask came from and where it was originally found… right?

Rikku: Yes.

Rin: I admire the take charge attitude in getting some answers behind the Mask and where it came from. Rikku, If you really want some answers… You and Spencer have to talk with the first person who had found the Mask. Stanley. But I’ll see what i can do on making a couple batches of Underwater bombs.

Rikku: Where do we meet?

Rin: By the Metropolis River. by the under construction bridge. But for something like this… you might need to have someone extra with you.

Rikku: There’s Spencer.

Rin: What about Brother?

Rikku: Yeah. I can bring him. It’s been a while since i’ve spoken to him. He was off somewhere building something. But that was a few months ago. I haven’t really seen or heard from him since.

Rin: It’s okay. Just get a hold of him. I’ll have the underwater bombs ready by this afternoon…

Seconds later…

Terry: *Walking over* Well… What on earth was that about? Underwater bombs? What would you need those things for?

Rin: It’s not for me. It’s for a friend. Rikku. Cid’s daughter and Spencer… Rikku’s husband. It’s for them. They’re gonna be diving and exploring a part of the Metropolis River where they originally met the guy Stanley Ipkiss and picked up a strange mysterious mask.

Terry: The Mask? You’ve got to be pulling this guy’s chain here. What Mask?

Rin: I’m not sure. Not really. But Rikku and her husband Spencer have belief that the Metropolis River over by the part where the bridge that’s under construction resides… is where the leading events revolving the Mask started.

Terry: Hmm… You don’t say. Well… I guess there is someone out there who’s taking the effort on getting some answers. Maybe… it can wrap the matter up and put it at a close.

Rin: Right. I got to get to making the stuff for them though. I’m having to meet them at the Bridge this afternoon.

Terry: of course. Any more word on the ones that called here yesterday?

Rin: No. Nothing further unfortunately.

Terry: …

As for the Family Matriarch…

Court Liaison’s offices…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Filing out some paperwork*

Minutes later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at the T.V in the room* Hmm… The Mask at large… Again? Are they ever gonna catch that maniac? *Sighs* … *Watching the T.V as it goes on about the Mask and the Mob* Rita the Hammer… Who on earth would that be?

It was then as she sat there and took care of some paperwork that a sense of strangeness came over her. That morning was a strange morning and she didn’t know what to believe was going on. Waking up to strange calls and a sense of someone following her. She wasn’t the only one feeling it. Her husband Nick was also getting the same feeling. It was strange and a bit unnerving.

A Moment later…

Mrs. Bishop: *Walking over with a package* Rikku, Someone left a package here for you. Something important.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: A package? For me? *surprised* I wonder who’d be sending me something here… I didn’t order anything.

Mrs. Bishop: You didn’t?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Not that i know of… I mean, if i had… i think that i would certainly remember. *reaching for the package suddenly feeling curious* Let’s see what it is. It is probably some sort of prank.

Seconds later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at the contents* Oh… Looks like a immature prankster decided to get a little crafty. Hmm… *Digging through the package* And look at what we got here… A Note. Let’s see what it says… *Reading the note* “The courts will overturn the charges… Or face a personal attack. D.A Nick will fall in 5 days unless the charges against us are overturned. Deepest regards… Niko Can, Crime Don of Metropolis.” *Grins* Oh really?! So that Mobster thinks he can intimidate me into getting over to the courts and the Judge… seeing to it that she overturns all the charges that were pressed upon him. Well… It’s gonna be a cold day in hades before that will happen. I’ll do it when hades starts receiving a white christmas. We all know that… that is certainly not the least bit likely to happen. It will never happen as Hades is another way of saying heck… or Hell. Hell is too hot and will never have Ice. So… *Rolling over to the Phone* here’s a message back to Niko. “NO OVERTURN OF CHARGES! CHARGES REMAIN!”

Seconds later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *On the Phone* Hey hon, Nick.

Nick: Hey Love. What’s up?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Not much. Just two things. One… Just checking to see if you’re free for Lunch.

Nick: Of course. When do you want to go?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: in a half hour. However we also need to talk and i can’t say it now… But you’re not gonna believe it.

Nick: So… you want to speak of it over lunch?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. But what it’s about… You might not like to hear too much of it.

Nick: We really should talk about it now. It must sound serious enough when you sound like you were just given a case of the bad news syndrome.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You’re right. I have been given a case of that and i can be right out about it… I don’t find it amusing. *Sighs and sharply exhaling with unease* I just got a package sent to me today with some weird content. A small container of Gasoline. A Metal Tin, Rope and time bomb that isn’t armed or set. With a Note. *Reading the Note* “The courts will overturn the charges… Or face a personal attack. D.A Nick will fall in 5 days unless the charges against us are overturned. Deepest regards… Niko Can, Crime Don of Metropolis.”

Nick: *sounding sore and annoyed suddenly* You have got to be kidding me, dear. He sent that to you?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. He did. I don’t know what’s going on here… But i am starting to get really aggravated and worried. Nick, What the heck is going on here?

Nick: I don’t know. I haven’t got any mysterious occurrences coming on my end. Not that i know of… However there is the feeling that i am being stalked or wiretapped by someone. However… I don’t think you should worry too much about it. It’s probably nothing. Just keep your eyes open and stay alert. Monitor your surroundings. If anything new breaks out revolving the mysterious occurrences… We’ll seek getting some Police protection and a private investigator.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What about our kids. Sandy and Jimmy? They’re gonna be caught in the middle of this. They’ll be in the crossfire.

Nick: I’ll call for a private detective. Special orders. That if they see anyone of the mob or anyone associated with the Mob coming anywhere near our kids… Cap them and or detain them. Whichever comes first.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Where would you like to go for Lunch?

Nick: Hmm… Sid’s Diner isn’t bad. There’s that… Or we could try that Restaurant, Metropolis Mystic Bayou. It usually has that soup of the day and it being the 4 cheese Broccoli and Cheese. You happen to like that.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Chuckles* Yeah… I do. And the idea that you felt that you had to remind me… It’s sweet.

Nick: Wanna try that?

Rikku L, Rhapsody: Sure.

Nick: *Smiles* Okay. I’ll see you then…

Metropolis Promenade…

O’aka was doing more business with the passing people that were walking on along the streets. Walking and looking for what they wished to buy. But a few of the people walking along caught a picture of someone that looked familiar to them. That was what got some of them to stop and find out what was going on. Which turned out being that they were some of the ones that claimed to have been robbed by Leslie…

O’aka: *To the side of his traveling Market* You 6 business brethren claim to have been robbed by the Ex-Mob girl Leslie T. Burke.

Mr. Rochelle: *With French accent* Yes. She cost my store 55 thousand. Funds that can’t be replaced.

O’aka: It’s gonna be okay, I promise ye’ I got her #. Write down the Information and i’ll relay it to her so she can pay it back. She’s seeking to turn a new leaf and seeks to make amends.

Mrs. Francis: She’s Lucky that i am tolerant over all this. I could be pressing charges.

O’aka: I know the feeling, Lass. I do. i had felt up to doing so myself. But when she came to O’aka… With the Money she owed me… I couldn’t bring myself to just stick on to press charges. It’s kinda like a favor and a lending hand i do this for. She’s friends to someone who’s part of a clan i know and respect tons for all the times they gave me a leg up they did.

Mrs. Francis: It’s a risk. The girl though owes me 15, 000. 15,000 dollars. It’s not a whole lot considering. However it’s still enough to notice yourself being a victim of robbery.

O’aka: Right.

Mrs. Allison: She owes me 300,000 Some of the merchandise she’d stolen… They were part of a large collection. Part of the Manhattan showcase collection. It was a shipment from New York and a sign of good faith for strong partnership with the Jeweler that ran one of the pricey Jewelry outlets in Manhattan.

Dwayne Stampler: Well… That’s all fine and well… That girl doesn’t owe me much. Only 20,000 Plus Some material. She took a Hygienic kit. Which only sold for 10 bucks a pop.

O’aka: You guys stick around here for a little bit. I’m gonna notify the girl and her friend.

Aaron Oliver: How can we be sure that the girl is willing to turn over a new leaf and pay back what money that she stole?

O’aka: Because she returned what money she stole from me. I’m a witness.

A Minute later…

O’aka: The young lass is on her way to her hotel room to get a bit of the money and making sure that she repays all debts that she owes you Merchant brethren.

Mr. Rochelle: *Grins*

Metropolis Hotel…

Aside from all the edged activity that had been going on, Renee Locksley was holding a 5 week Asian Model meet. It was gonna help bring some excess cashflow and it would provide a service to the entertainment world. Celebs and the artists. She was walking around making her rounds and seeing that everything went as expected. She was expecting to meet some of the model and Asian beauties…

Renee: *Walking over to the Lounge* Time to make the announcement. The new Model is arriving in a few minutes and will be promoting the Hotel. As will the other Models. They’re gonna be fostering the Asian and Eastern relations for us.

At the Lounge…


Arakaki Tomoe: Kono raunji wa hontōni rirakkusu sa rete imasu. (This Lounge is really relaxing.)


Kitagawa Hami: Shitte imasu. Kono machi ni kite totemo kanpekidesu. Kiken’na katsudō no ōku wa, kono toshi de okonawa rete iruga aru yō ni hyōji sa reruga, sore wa zan’nendesu. (I know. Coming to this city is so perfect. But it’s a shame as there appears to be a lot of dangerous activity being done in this city.)

Azusa Yoshizuki II

Maki Hotaru: Bōto no kaori ga arimasu. Sore wa hidoidesu. Wareware wa… Sore o suishin shi, kono hoteru to, kono toshi no tame ni ikutsu ka no yobun’na shūnyū o ageru koto ni kōken shite kuru. Kono hoterude ga. (There is the scent of Mob. it’s terrible. Although with this Hotel that we come to… Promoting it and helping with raising some extra revenue for this Hotel and this City.)


Soda Rio: Dōi shimasu. (agree.) *Looking at the Lounge and feeling excited*


Anno Saito: Kono raunji wa hontōni hirobiro to shite tanoshīdesu. Otona no tame no bā ga arimasu. Hawaiantiki-zō. Wakai hito-tachi no tame no sekushon. Sutēji. Dono hoteru de hako no subete o jikkō suru nodesu ka? (This Lounge is really spacious and delightful. There’s a Bar for the adults. A hawaiian tiki statue. A section for the young people. A Stage. How does the hotel run all this?)


Tanimoto Katsumi: *Lighting up; Smoking; walking over to the bar* Watashi wa kyūka no tame koko ni imasu yo. Shikashi, watashi wa, hoteru no tame ni… Karera ga sono yōna kawaiisābisu o motte iru koto o shitatamerudearou. Watashi wa kono basho o aishimasu. Kono basho o sokushin suru koto wa, warui kotode wanaideshou. Watashi wa itsumo no toshi no yōdeshita. Metoroporisu wa, mobu wreaking dai konran o motte iru nimokakawarazu, dore mo kotonatte imasu. (I’m here for just a vacation. But i will admit that for a hotel… They have such kawaii service. I Love this place. Promoting this place wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I always did like cities. Metropolis is none different even though it’s got the Mob wreaking havoc.)

Seconds later…

Renee: *Walking over to the Asian Models* Gurītinguredīsu. Kon’nichiwa. (Greetings Ladies. Hello.) *Initiating a form of salutation* Renee Locksley. You must be…

Arakaki Tomoe: Arakaki Tomoe.

Kitagawa Hami: Kitagawa Hami.

Maki Hotaru: Maki Hotaru.

Soda Rio: Soda Rio.

Anno Saito: Anno Saito.

Tanimoto Katsumi: Tanimoto Katsumi.

Renee: Welcome to the Metropolis Hotel. *Seeing the bags in front of the girls and Nods* I’ll have someone take your bags to your room. Tanimoto, Your room is a smoking room. So feel free to have a light. while in your room. It’s fine. All that’s asked is that you spray after so the room remains fresh. That way you’re not choked by the stench of smoke. It wouldn’t be fair to either you or those around. Anno Saito, Your room is decorated into a traditional japanese bamboo suite. To better suit your devotion.

Arakaki Tomoe: We’re okay with whatever accommodations there are. Really.

Kitagawa Hami: What’s the Hotel like?

Renee: It’s okay… Come follow me. Time for a tour of the Hotel and the hotel grounds…

Metropolis Law Firm…

Christie: *Looking at Alice* Alice, Look… I am gonna level with you here and just say that this move towards full custody of the kids is gonna stir a bit of spousal whiplash. The father of the kids will contest against it. It’s gonna be a legal battle. *Sighs* Have you even tried to sit down with him and discuss arrangements and decide on who gets who and who gets custody of which child?

Alice: No.

Christie: Then you need to speak with him first. Sit down and communicate over the arrangements. Take it forward from there. But unless you at least sit with him and give him a chance to address what arrangements he’s got in mind… There won’t be any relief. It’s just gonna create tension if you move ahead and he comes to just contest against it.

Alice: *Emotional* I don’t want anything of him. He cheated on me, Christie. He had an affair with another woman behind my back and i knew for a while. But i was trying so hard… I begged god to please tell me that it wasn’t so. To tell me that it was not what i was thinking it was. You know what the result was… Do you? It was exposed to me by my twin daughters Sora and Carly. They told me about it and showed me the photos and the smoking gun. You’re expect me to face him after he did all that. I am divorcing him and i am claiming custody of the twins and Crystal. Paul can go to either one. Kasey and Hallie i’ll settle for half and half. Beverly comes with me. I don’t want Alvin to get around her or the twins. They’ve been hurt enough. I won’t put them in anymore strife than what they’ve already had been.

Christie: *Sighs* Do you even have a Lawyer? Attorney?

Alice: Yeah. I think… I think that i do.

Christie: Well… I would likely suggest that you call him or her up. Because with a quarrel like this and as hard as it’s been for both you… and your now Ex-Husband… This is not gonna end anytime soon. This is right now a legal battle. contesting for assets that’ll be between you and him. Custody of the Children. dividing of property. Finances.

Alice: *Deadset in seeing all ties to Alvin are cut* Very well… Let the games begin. I am not dropping this. I was cheated on and i won’t stand aside and let this go without putting him through the same hell as i went through while i had been living with the fear that he’d been having an affair. But at the same time as trying to masquerade it as something else.

Alice was still in the throws of the Divorce and legal battle process. It was only since the end of the previous week that all of it began. It was meant to go quick and brief. With just as little hurt as possible. However… This is where the reality kicks it’s high end heels as anyone knows… That Divorces never go so quick. There are processes and steps in the journey to divorce. This was only gonna be the beginning…

Metropolis Auto shop…

Alvin was miserable and had no ambition to care about another relationship. He lost his family and lost his involvement with the kids. He lost his son’s respect and acknowledgement. The Twins wanted nothing to do with him. He didn’t care anymore. As far as he was concerned, He didn’t have a family. He was hurt. No matter what anyone said… He was holding the twins responsible for the reasons to his throwing in the towel on family.

He was at the Shop and working on another car. Twitchy and set to pop at anyone who spoke of his ended family life…

Alvin: *Working on a car* This car is more trouble than what it’s worth. The fuel line is not snapping on like it should. The opening on the end is not locking where it should. *Growls* Damn it!

Cid: What’s the deal, Alvin? That car giving you a hard time?

Alvin: Yeah. I am getting really close to just saying the hell with it and let someone else handle it.

Cid: Why? You usually never let it get you down. But the last few days… you’ve been short tempered and aggravated. Ever since your now Ex-wife filed divorce on you.

Alvin: *Glaring towards Cid* Don’t you mention about my Ex-Wife. I don’t even want to hear of her or know about the kids.

Cid: Since when? You used to be all for your young ones. Thinking of them constantly. What the blue blazes… changed?

Alvin: What changed? What… Changed? *Slamming the clamp down and turning to face Cid* You want to know what changed on that? Well… Let me fill you in on the blatantly clear. The twin girls opened their mouths and inadvertently destroyed the family. My only son Paul wants nothing to f***in’ do me. He hasn’t spoken to me since the bombshell last thursday…

Cid: You mean Friday.

Alvin: What?!

Cid: Friday. It was last friday when it all hit and you were encountered by your wife and facing the beginning of Divorce.

Alvin: *Huffs* Whatever… The point is that i haven’t been able to get back in the house. Alice had the locks changed while i was here. She won’t let me in the house and on Sunday… the day before yesterday… I tried to look for a way in and got confronted by Paul. He blocked my path and denied entry.

Alvin recalled the incident…

Paul: *Guarding the door* Where do you think you’re going, Pops?

Alvin: Inside the house to get some of my stuff.

Paul: Uh-uh. I don’t think so. You’re not getting anywhere near the inside of the house.

Alvin: Excuse me… Son. But i am still entitled to my things. I’m still your father.

Paul: I get that. You’re my father. My father who cheated on the woman that should have meant the whole world to him. You had an affair with another woman and broke mom’s heart. She’s been upset and depressed off and on since the bombshell was let out.

Alvin: I know. It’s because your young twin sisters couldn’t keep their mouths shut and decided to blab something that had nothing to do with them. It was none of their business.

Paul: *Hearing the confession* Aha! I knew it. It is true. You’ve been having an affair and were looking for a way to cover it up. *Annoyed* Well… congrats. You won on breaking the heart of our mother. Of all the things to do… Why have an affair and then try to cover it up and lie about it? Huh? Why?! You call yourself a gentleman? Right. Some gentleman.

Alvin: What? You actually dare to speak to your father like that? You do forget that i am older. I am the Adult or do you forget?

Paul: I didn’t forget. Although the idea of it is lost to me. But you are being very immature for doing what it is that you’ve done. You broke mom’s heart and you then come back to seek admittance into the house. Mom’s orders were to keep you out of the house and to not let you step a foot into the house without her consent.

Alvin: *Growls and frustrated* Damn that mother of yours. I screwed up universally and deeply. I can’t ever undo what was done. But now she’s being really overzealous with the Process of Divorce. It’s frickin’ ridiculous. I don’t want anything out of the settlement anyway. Besides… The Twins are dead to me. If they didn’t open their mouths and bring up something that didn’t concern them… None of this would have happened. I was gonna be the one who would be asking for a Divorce as it was clear that things between her and I weren’t working anymore. I was gonna leave peacefully and give her everything. It was hers to start with. But because of your Young twin sisters. It’s turned into something that was not the least bit necessary. If i get custody of a couple of you Kids… Fine. Maybe i’ll seek for you and I to spend time. Maybe i won’t. But if i don’t get half custody and you go all to her… Then… I’ll have to live with it. However… With what your Mother’s doing… IT’S DAMN MALICIOUS! I’M SICK OF IT!”

Alvin: From there it just got heated and i ended up saying something that i will never live down. Ever.

Cid: It’s that bad, eh?

Alvin: Yeah. But just drop it. I don’t want to discuss it. I want to forget about the whole damn thing. I lost my desire to feel for another woman. I’m done with Love. I was never meant for romance to begin with. I knew it. But for the sake of my brothers… I was siring to pull through it. However… Now since i am in the process of being divorced completely from my now Ex-Wife… I am gonna redo my life. Get my mindset back to how i was before i got with Alice. Romance is clearly not and definitely not for me. It never was and never will be.

Alvin got back to working on the car and tried to block all the memories he had with Alice out. He wanted to forget all about her and the kids. He was done with all of it and yet he knew that it was his doing as he was caught and exposed for what he had been doing behind the closed doors. Alvin was broken himself and his psyche was shattered…

Raven: *Voice-over* Albert Einstein Quotes: “In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”
Blossom: *Voice-Over* author Wayne W. Dyer once said: “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

Leslie was in the process of taking measures to pay back all debts. All the wrongs that she had done… She was aiming to make right. However possible. Blossom was also gonna be helping her as was the Merchant O’aka. Plus now it seemed that Zeke was gonna chip in and try to help out. Under the radar of Zoey because as it was… Zoey didn’t really like Leslie and neither did Holly. Holly was on a vengeful perception and was seeing that Leslie’s time in school and around the general public of school was uncomfortable. In every way. At least that was what it was gonna be like for the time being… However things were always in sight to change. But now there was the dilemma with the Mask. Dorian and then there was also the situation or the mysterious throws of the D.A being followed and targeted. Stalked by a possible Mobster. It was getting close to the wire. Very close to the wire and it’s getting very near the final showdown. What was next for the fighters? What was set to unfold next? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Annie: *Voice-over* Next chapter- Chapter 227: “Tina Captured by Dorian’s men and Dorian himself. An Ipkiss Breakout!”


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