Chapter 225: From Gangster capture to Kellaway Apprehension. Ipkiss in Jail.

Doyle: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z!

“Dorian: What do you think?

Dr. Freeze: Layout’s not bad. But… the motion detectors are a pain. I do have one question.

Dorian: Which is?

Dr. Freeze: What does Niko have to say about this?

Dorian: Nothin’… this ain’t his grift.

Dr. Freeze: Get real man, everything is his grift. He owns you, he owns this… club he owns this whole stink’in town.

Dorian: Things change. *takes drag on cigarette*

Leslie: I’m new at this… But isn’t that guy… Niko supposed to be the feared Don of the city?

Dr. Freeze: You mess with Niko you end up takin’ a dirt nap.

Leslie: Is that a good thing. Or a bad? *Worried*

Dorian: It’s a bad thing… But, Leslie… there isn’t a thing to worry about.

Leslie: That’s what worries me… if all this is Niko’s domain… Wouldn’t it be risking the veil of discretion if you were to make the plan to rob the bank? I mean… wouldn’t it get back to Niko? He might get wind of this and that could mean trouble for you guys.

Dorian: You could be right, Leslie. But… It’s gonna be okay. Once we pull off this heist. I have a good feeling that Niko will be the one meeting his last curtain call. He’s the only one who’s napping… and I’m about to give him a serious wake-up call. But we need cash… so first we take the bank… then we take Niko… and then, my friend, school is out. And this whole city is our playground.

Leslie: That’s cute… We take the whole city? That’ll be a feat to remember. However… from everything you laid out about Niko… You have to realize. He’s not stupid. A little over the top… but he isn’t stupid. People with billions of dollars have this thing called Paranoia of someone trying to come and pop them off and take over. He’s gonna be watching everything and if he even sniffs a scent of innuendo or subterfuge… he’s gonna come a knockin’. You know what you’re aiming for… But be careful. Not knowing who you’re messing with will spell your end on a rap sheet.”

“Zeke: *On the phone* What about the Expansion to the bar?

Gabe: *On the Phone* It isn’t likely to happen at the moment. The whole thing got botched. It’s been derailed.

Zeke: How so? The plans were a go. The construction crew that were doing it… sent us a invoice saying that it would be done.

Gabe: Yeah. well… that was before this morning. Their materials were found to be shot. The wood that was set for the operation… was found to have Bullet holes in it. Multiple bullet holes and they are unable to be found in this city. The Contractors are having to reorder the wood that is required for the Expansion to the Pub. It is gonna take a month.

Zeke: *Shoots up in disbelief* A Month?! What the hell?! Why a month? It’s wood. Not a plasma-screen T.V. Or a Car. It’s Wood. Wood!

Gabe: I know. But this wood is custom made. It was to fit for another 2 feet of property. Including the Aluminum siding. The Stucco. The Electrical cords. Pipes. The works. Because of the wood being damaged… it’s all postponed back a month. But there is a silver lining to all this news…

Zeke: Sure there is. I can hardly wait to hear what that’d be.

Gabe: The Invoice that came in… and i do believe that you might receive it… in about a moment. The Invoice is for immediate service. Which means… that once all the material comes in to them. They’re making it… are you sitting down for this? This is big.

A second later…

Gabe: They are guaranteeing a mandatory first priority operation. Which means that no matter what calls they have to answer to… We’re first. Straight down. Hands on board. We are the first serve.

Zeke: Nice. *With a hearty grin* Now that’s something to look forward to.

Gabe: It sure is, My friend. It’s a look up on the surplus space we’re gonna get. First thing is first though… You got to now decide on what to do with the new expansion. What you’re gonna use it for when it’s finally built. What would benefit us guys and the customers who come to the pub of ours.

Zeke: I’ll start thinking. But there is one thing that gets me…

Gabe: What’s that?

Zeke: how did the wood get wrecked to begin with?

Gabe: You mean… Who put bullet holes into the wood? *Chuckles* This is a trip. But you’ll find this really insane. It’s been done by a Kid. A Girl. and a group of men. Likely the Mob.

Zeke: A Girl? You’re kidding. Really?

Gabe: You better believe your bottom buck that it was. Word has it that she’s been seen with the men. Hanging with them. She could have been like the Daughter to one of them. An Innocent bystander or just Misguided. But… No one knows her name.

Zeke: Strange.

Gabe: You can say that again. It gets weirder than that. A contact that i got a hold of… He said something about there being word that the girl was from New York. Emancipated. Plus… Get this. Calling herself a one Rita the Hammer. Prodigiously legit. The girl however acted like she was just joking about the name. Of course… it didn’t stop on ruffling a few shreds of hair.

Zeke: Hmm… Sounds like this girl is making a bit of a splash. What a way to do it… *Stifling a laugh* What will they come up with next, huh?”

“Sophie: You were looking into asking about the new girl. The one they call Leslie T. Burke… weren’t you?

Rosie: Yeah. What is the deal with her?

Sophie: I can tell you… but… you have to be real delicate with this kind of info. The girl you are wanting to know about. She’s from New York. She’s Rich. And she is only 12-13 years old. It turns out from a source i know… Erica Harper… She caught wind of the girl coming to Metropolis around the end of last year. During the ending reigns of the Child Abductions and Molestation cases that were hankering about. The new girl… She’s involved with the Mob. The Mob lead by a guy named Dorian Tyrell. He took her in. She’s with his gang. But she is also known as another name. Rita the Hammer. Plus… It turns out that Leslie T. Burke also was caught smoking yesterday.

Rosie: Smoking?!

Sophie: Yeah. She comes to school posing as a normal girl. She is… but when she is with Dorian… She’s under the switch mostly as Rita the Hammer. She’s friendly when living as a normal girl. But when she’s with the Mob… She’s sassy and contentious. Seductive in a way.

Rosie: She goes to this school?

Sophie: You better believe that she does.

Rosie: Is she dangerous?

Sophie: No way… the only thing that is of concern that she does is run some hits for them. She’s quick too. Plus she is also good at talking her way out from being busted on a hit job that she does for Dorian. She works simple but it’s all fast. In… out and done in only a few minutes. She even out runs a Merchant that people know to be sly and swift as a fox. O’aka XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire. Rita the hammer outsmarts even him. And he’s the best salesman with the sharp wit in the whole city. She out does him.

Rosie: She doesn’t sell drugs though, does she?

Sophie: Who knows… It could be in her back pack. But who’s to know… People don’t think twice of it because for a kid with a bag that is a little weighty. Who’d question a Kid. or a young teen. Even one like Leslie T. Burke. She’s sweet and gives no sign of a dark secret that she moves to hide aside to keep others from learning of her other life.

Rosie: What should we do?

Sophie: Do? What can anyone do? Your sister is safe. She’d never target anyone innocent. Ever.

Rosie: What about the others? Do they know?

Sophie: No. It’s best that they don’t know for now. Please… Just what ever you do… Don’t tell anyone. Please. We don’t want a panic. on our conscience… Because if the others were to catch on… and people in this school knew… There would be a fearing panic breaking loose and it would mean trouble for everyone. Exposing the Mob. but also putting those of us who know of her and those of us who manage to befriend the girl… in danger.”

“Genevieve: There are reports of a girl in the city that is involved with the Mob.

Tess: What are the details on this mysterious girl?

Genevieve: The info on her is that she’s known as Leslie Tina Burke. She’s got the same name that resembles the character from one of the movies decades ago. But she’s different than that. Much different. Very. She’s from New York. New York and she is Rich. Very Rich. She’s only 12-13 years old and plus… She’s Emancipated.

Tess: She’s a Runaway.

Genevieve: No… She’s not. She is emancipated from her parents. Meaning that she is on her own. All alone and with her Money. $20 Million Dollars on hand. In Hard Cold Cash.

Tess: Is she involved with the Clan? The Fighters?

Genevieve: No. She’s not. Unfortunately… She’s involved with the Mob.

Tess: The Mob?

Genevieve: That’s right. There are details on that.

Mr. Morgan: *Walking in* There is something else… The Mob is lead by a man known as Dorian Tyrell. He’s got a team of men who plan to overthrow the Crime Lord Don. *Putting up the Photo on the Overhead*

Mr. Morgan: Niko. He is the Crime Lord Syndicate. He Happens to now own the whole town. The entire town and that means… he might get wise of this place and seek to own it too.

Genevieve: How does the girl fit in with all this?

Mr. Morgan: She’s part of the Mob. Part of Dorian’s team. She’s in Mob Identity known as… Rita the Hammer. But in normal identity… She’s a school girl. A young girl who attends Metropolis Middle school and this is another thing… She’s befriended one of the fighters.

Tess: Who?

Chloe: Electrogal.

Tess: …

Genevieve: *Gasps* You mean… Young Blossom is hanging with her?

Mr. Morgan: Yes. She is…”

“Nick: Helen, What’s next?

Helen: Not sure. But with that proceeding in the courtroom. You know that we’re never gonna be able to trace it back to Niko. He’s gonna be let go until we can find something that has his prints and it leads right to him.

Nick: What do you mean?

Helen: I happen to have a connection at the Metropolis PD Crime lab.

Nick: *Stops and curiously getting the tell all from his secretary* You do? Who?

Helen: This guy… Charlie Sanderson… *Handing over the lab results* I had him run a trace on that gun. It wasn’t Niko.

Nick: Did he find the lead?

Helen: Yeah. It was matching the prints of someone named Rita the Hammer. But here’s where it gets really strange. It was on top of the prints that belonged to a Dorian Tyrell.

Nick: The small time crime team. The branching Mob gang that is lead pro-Bono?

Helen: The one and very only. However… with that aside… The fact that they’re trying to kill you or get you knocked off… It is a sign that states of you hitting a nerve. It points that you’re getting to them. *Motioning to help straighten Nick’s tie* Mr. Rhapsody…. Nick. You’re Metropolis’s D.A. A 2 star D.A. You should know by now that if you’re not getting shot at… You’re not doing your job right. *Smiles to lead Nick to lighten up*”

“Blossom: What do you mean, Stuck? You told me that you were involved with the mob. You joined the Mob.

Leslie: I did. I am. But at first… i didn’t know what i wanted to do and i knew that i had to have some kind of guardian to represent me for when i were to enroll in school. I had to have someone.

Blossom: *Smoking* And that’s where Dorian comes in.

Leslie: Yeah. I had Dorian Enroll me. But gave him a phantom name to use.

Blossom: A fake name?

Leslie: Yeah. *Smoking*

Blossom: Why?

Leslie: Because if he told the school that he was truly a Mob man. Dorian. I would have been sent right into the foster system. I didn’t want that.

Blossom: Wow! That’s a bummer. I thought that you were happy to be in the Mob. With a form of protection.

Leslie: I am. But i didn’t really think that it’d be with… the Mob.

Blossom: If that’s the case… Why’re you sticking to this guy… Dorian?

Leslie: It’s because…He’s an adult. and laws in Metropolis… or anywhere in this country… state that anyone under the age of 18 need a guardian to represent them. If the Teenage boy or girl is Emancipated. they can live their own life. Anything they want. But if they try to enroll themselves… They need a guardian present. Someone to represent them. Stand for them. Someone to cater for them.

Blossom: However… Now, you’re trapped?

Leslie: *Snaps a little* Hey… Blossom, I am not trapped. I made the choice. I chose to go to him… He was the only one that really noticed me before i managed to start attending school here. No one even cared. Plus… He cares alot about me. I am like a Daughter to him. He’s seeming to see me as like some sort of daughter figure.

Blossom: Sorry, Okay? But what… I mean one minute you tell me that you are not sure that you were making the right choice… going for the Mob. Then you tell me the next minute… that you were on your own and you went for the first guardian or adult that you could get within close proximity to. Not knowing that it was someone tied to the Mob and that this guy… Dorian… saw you as like some kind of Daughter that he wish that he had but knew that he never would. Because of his profession.

Leslie: You sound like a profiler when you say things like that. But you do have a point. I should have thought better.”

“Leslie: *Playfully posing as Rita* Shh! Not so loud, Blossom. I’m trying to keep that under the wire for right now. I may be involved with the Mob… But i am trying to keep a down low on that… only because…

Blossom: Why?

Leslie: Because i am possibly in danger.

Blossom: Danger? In Danger… from who?

Leslie: Niko Can. *Worried and practically concerned; Worried* He knows about me. And if things go south… He’ll get at me to lure and hurt Dorian. He’s gonna kill him. In less than a week now. He’s gonna kill Dorian. Then come for me and off me. If Dorian and I are not out of town.”

“Kasey: We have a little problem. Actually… It’s something that you might want to get some Intel On.

Erica: Intel? *Curious; Listening* What about?

Kasey: A girl that goes to Middle school. The same school as my sisters Sora and Carly. My Cousins Blossom, Zoey, Sakura and Hikaru. Sora.

Erica: Which girl are you talking about, Kasey?

Kasey: One guess. The girl has been reported to be seen with a group of Mysterious men. Possibly the Mob. Sora and Carly overheard Blossom mention something about a name. before they managed to seek a shot at talking with her. The girl in question has spoken of herself to be a Gangster Gal. Name of girl: Burke, Leslie T. Alias: Rita the Hammer.

Erica: Leslie Burke?! *Gasps* You’re not serious… are you? What do you need on her?

Kasey: Intel. What she really is. Where she’s staying. We have to find out more about her and pull Blossom away from her. For Blossom’s own good.”

“Annie: *Sitting with Amy and Susie* What are you talking about? What girl?

Amy: The new girl. The one who attends the Middle school… She’s involved with the Mob.

Susie: We heard about it. People at school are talking all over.

Daria: Are you sure?

Amy: There is no lie about that… What’s worse is that one of our own… Blossom was seen hanging with her yesterday. We’ve seen her.

Susie: Blossom was also… Puffing.

Annie: *Pausing* You sure?

Daria: Tell us that you are just passing off some kind of Joke.

Amy: We wish that we were. We really do wish that it was just some joke. But… sadly… it isn’t.

Susie: Sora and Carly have called us and told us about it. Blossom’s been seen at the park. Smoking. Zoey. She caught her. She even told her friend that her mother originally found for her… Holly. Zoey told Holly and was really frantic about it. all of it. Holly had to calm her down with a couple of cokes and consoling.”

“Blossom: *Sitting down; Thinking* What to do… what to do. Zoey’s gotten wind of what i’ve been doing now… Sora and Carly have also done so. I know that i can’t keep on avoiding them. But i can’t bring them into what i’m getting myself into. I can’t. *Smoking* I don’t think that my parents know about my habit. Yet… i think that my older sister Victoria knows. Either knows… or at least suspects.

Suddenly her phone rings…

Blossom: *Answering the phone* Leslie?

Holly: *On the Phone; Confused* Leslie? You’re confused, Blossom. This is Holly Reedy. Zoey’s friend. I guess it would also mean that i am yours as well since Zoey and You used to be inseparable till recent.

Blossom: Oh… Hey Holly. What’s going on?

Holly: Not much… Except that i now know your secret.

Blossom: You… know? *Pauses in mortification* How? How do you know my secret?

Holly: Zoey. She told me about it and she’s really upset. She needed you to be her friend Sunday and hang with her as she was having issues at her house. Issues going on between her mother and father. But she told me that all you were talking about was this girl… Leslie T. Burke.

Blossom: I was not talking only about her. She happens to be my friend. I’m her only friend. No one else has bothered to try and befriend her.

Holly: Yeah. Why’s that? It’s because she’s with the Mob. Possibly selling drugs for them. She’s involved with the Mob. They’re not in any way… safe.

Blossom: She doesn’t sell drugs, Holly.

Holly: How do you know that? How is it that you know that she doesn’t?

Blossom: Because she told me, Holly. She told me.

Holly: *Scoffs* And you actually believe that?

Blossom: Yeah. Why? Shouldn’t I?

Holly: You should pick your friends better, Blossom. She’s a devious liar. She hangs with the Mob. She smokes and Zoey told me that you now do it too. Your friend Leslie bull-faced lied to you. She lied to you. She is lying. When she told you that she wasn’t selling drugs… She was lying. She was only telling you what you were wanting to hear. She was trying to cover her tracks so you wouldn’t know the truth and that she’d be able to keep you as a friend to her.

Blossom: You don’t have proof. How do you know what she has? None of you want to even try to know her. There is another side to her besides the side of her being involved with the Mob, you know?

Holly: And you spend too much time with her. She’s not an honest person. Zoey is. She never has lied to you. Not even once. You know Zoey alot longer then you had the girl Leslie.

Blossom: *Getting angry* Holly, Back off. Leslie is not a drug seller. She doesn’t do drugs. Where ever you’re getting your Info… You better tell them to go back to the basics. And relearn the art of going on Reconnaissance. Leslie Burke is not doing drugs. Never did.

Holly: Find out the hard way then. But… If your friend is such a honest girl… Why not ask her about if it’s true that she came close to killing someone? I’ll bet you that if you were to ask her… She’d tell you she didn’t or she’d try to change the subject.

Blossom: *Hanging up*”

“Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the men* Okay… Now let’s try to go back a year. A year ago…I’d guess you were all fearsome. The cops would not think to attempt their luck in crossing paths with the likes of you. But now… it is one year later. Things have changed and you are all in dire risk of being run out of town. Cleaned out as the cops are now putting the pinch… on your wallets and cash flow. Let me ask you here… Just to be on the equal standing. What happened? Did your Man cards get taken? Your Crown jewels get yanked and pulled off your bodies? Did the silent alarm of trouble from the Law decide to take a bite out of your butts and turn your asses into chewed up steak? A Gangster gal… like me…

Feldstein: A Young ignorant kid… A Know nothing.

The other guys stifle a laugh but abruptly go silent seconds later…

Rita the Hammer was blowing it off as she was used to being judged…

Rita the Hammer: A gangster gal like me… I know why you’re all here… Chatting some plan that will likely fault up and malfunction like a power shortage. holding your little group therapy session in broad daylight which to me is kinda stupid. Smart Mob men would do this during the silence of the night. Where there would be minimal risk of someone on the outside and on the other side…coming to overhear and sell you out up the river. I know why you’re afraid to go out at night. It’s the beloved fighters of the City. The Rhapsody New Generation… They managed to somehow show the city your true colors. Who you really are as they learned the knowhow from those who did it before them. The New Generation has blown your cover wide open. D.A Nick Rhapsody is your cyanide. *Suddenly indicating Fuji* Now… as for that guy’s so called plan. The new generation has no jurisdiction. They go where ever. They’ll find him and make him squeal. *Smiling at Fuji* I can tell the squealers every time. But when it comes to someone who’s got a lot to lose… they set up some back plan and find a gaggle of prospective fall guys to take the fall and the girl or guy in question slips away. Like a rat trying to run from the snake. or escape a burning barn. Afraid to get caught.

Morris: So… What do you propose?

Rita the Hammer: It’s simple. Nothing simpler than what needs to be done. We do in the New Generation of fighters. Make them fade away into the woodwork and push them into retirement. Without them in the way… the city’s up for the taking.

Niko: You’re a kid and are saying it’s easy? You’re a young kid. How do you propose it to be easy?

Rita the Hammer: Because i know of someone who can help in bringing them down. It’s one of their own.

Morris: How much do you wish?

Rita the Hammer: Half. But it’s not for me. Just for funding what needs to be done to put the new Generation in traction.”

“Zoey: That still doesn’t make it right. You are never around with us hardly and I can’t understand why. Why are you so into that girl Leslie? What is it about her that has you so clingy to her?

Blossom: She’s my friend. In case you didn’t pick up that point. She is my friend. My best friend. She’s got so much more class than anyone else here. However… You and I are still forever close. But what gets me infuriated is the fact that Holly called me and told me that you said or had belief that Leslie might be on drugs. Holly told me that you said that i am with Leslie too much and that i might be into the Mob just as well as she is.

Zoey: I didn’t say that to her. I didn’t.

Blossom: Bullshit, Zoey. Bullshit. You did. Holly called me this morning and told me all about it. You and I are friends. Always have been. But things change a little with time. However… Because i’m with Leslie, You think that i’m ditching you and think that i am treating you like you don’t matter. Holly’s full of shit. Saying that Leslie sells Drugs. That she’s also killing people. But since you want to listen to her garbage… Go and hang with her.

Zoey: Blossom, I Just want my best friend/Cousin back. Is that too much to ask? I want it to where we hang out and stick together. We were like inseparable. Always as one. *With tears in her eyes* I Just want my best friend back. Blossom, You’re my best friend and i care about you. I Love you. But ever since you became close to Leslie… You turned into someone i don’t recognize anymore. It hurts. I Just want my friend back. I want my best friend back…  *Running away crying and upset*

Blossom: *Sighs; Feeling bad* Zoey… *feeling guilty* Damn it… Great. Nice Blossom. Very smooth. You start pushing away your Cousin who you deem as your best friend and stuck with for years. What’s next? Putting the friendship you had with her in Vain?”

“Leslie: *A little shaky* Blossom?!

Blossom: Leslie?! What’re you doing here?

Leslie: Hiding.

Blossom: Hiding? Why?

Leslie: Because there are people after me.

Blossom: *Not understanding* After you… *Pulling out a smoke from the pack* What do you mean? Who’d be after you?

Leslie: Niko. Niko’s gang. Feldstein… He’s got a bounty on me. I don’t know if he will act on it or if it were a scare tactic. But…

Blossom: Why would he be after you?

Leslie: Blossom, *In an awkward situation* I got to tell you something. Please, don’t get mad when i explain…

Blossom: *Placing the smoke in her mouth* Leslie, What’s the matter?

Leslie: I snuck out of school for a little bit today and trekked into a Mob conference. Niko was there a long with a group of other Mobsters who were working along side him. There was also this guy… Feldstein. The one i mentioned who put a bounty on my head. He wants me found… dead. Or alive.

Blossom: Why would you do that?

Leslie: Why wouldn’t I? Blossom, You still don’t get the fact that or the clue that… I’m with a Mob persona as well. Known as Rita the Hammer.

Blossom: *Lighting up and Sitting down* That’s not something you should expose here. However… i already knew. I knew about that.

Leslie: How did you find out?

Blossom: Sophie Collins. The other week before i came to find you… She managed to pull me aside and get me in private. She told me about what she heard and told me that you were going around the city posing or using the identity “Rita the Hammer”. That’s all i permitted to hear from her about you because alot of the bologna that is out there… It’s all hearsay and as far as i see it… If what’s being said is the truth. I want to hear it from your lips. The source that all this hearsay is circling around.

Leslie: *Smiles a little* Oh… thanks. At least there’s that, right?

Blossom: There’s more than that, Leslie. You know that.

Leslie: *Nods*

Blossom: So… you were saying about this Mob Conference… You went over to it and Got involved in it. I know you’re one with the Mob. You’re a Gangster Gal. But what i don’t know is… Why did you have to involve yourself with Niko’s web?

Leslie: I was only getting into my Mob persona a little bit. Trying to get some Experience and to slide in and gradually Siphon their funds to bring it over to Dorian. However…

Blossom: It didn’t go out that way… did it?

Leslie: No.

Blossom: What happened?

Leslie: Please don’t be angry…

Leslie then recalls the moment earlier where she was facing the Mob Lead by Niko…

Blossom: You sold my family out. Marked them… *Wanting to explode* Leslie, I can’t believe that you did that.

Leslie: Blossom… It won’t matter because even though i said that to them… i was only pulling a bluff on them. I don’t intend to do any of that and sell your family out nor sell you up the river. To the Mob… I am a Nobody. But unless i used something like that as a bargaining source of leverage… I would never make it. The Mob world is like the Celebrity world. You have to keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Blossom: That explains it, i’d guess…

Leslie: I also referenced you. But didn’t give them your identity. You’re my friend. Best friend and for them to get to you… They’d have to get through to me and as you know… I have no intention on moving. I would stick along defending you. No matter what.

Blossom: *Taking a puff* That’s good. But What about the Mob? The group that is led by Niko whatever his name is? What if he comes to expect you to pay up or really hold up to your end of the bargain that you made among them?

Leslie: I’m gonna have to stage it. Meaning that when it’s time… You will have to get your family… the ones that are fighters to convince the Mob that they’re all retired and in traction. That way… they can take control of the city and think that they won. But only to come right back and fight back when they least expect it. It’s the only thing i can suggest as a penance.

Blossom: It’s gonna be hard to get them on the track as they don’t know about you. Or have met you. Only i have.

Leslie: *Pulling out her pack and pulling out a smoke; Placing it between her lips; Lighting up* You’ll have to work it a little. Which leads me to be direct with you, Blossom. *Suddenly looking at her best friend face to face* This is where it starts getting serious. Tonight if you come to the club… You’re gonna have yourself needing to make a decision. Whether you’re all in with the Mob or not. It will depend on how deep you want to get in on the Mob that i am part of.

Blossom: *Smoking* Are you sure? I am already with you. Your best friend and close Ally. I think that i proved it by sparing you a couple or so Electric grenades that i had remaining from my past operation with the B.P.R.D that i told you about.

Leslie: What about your cousin’s and parents?

Blossom: I’ll have to make amends with them. But… i think i can manage a little.

Leslie: I can take care of them if you need it.

Blossom: Thanks. That’d be nice. But seriously… I can handle them. I will have to be the one to handle them. Because no matter what happens… It’s them. My parents and my siblings. My cousins and Aunts… Uncles that i have to answer to when you happen to get to the bottom of it all.”

Sora:Blossom smokes now. You and I both saw the pack of cigarettes laying next to her. Marlboro Reds. Leslie probably also does too. However… we wouldn’t ever know as we don’t go near where that girl is residing. Nor do we intend to.

Carly: What about Zoey? Zoey hasn’t given up on her.

Sora: I know. I don’t get as to why she still tries to get through to Blossom. Blossom has already decided and made her decision. She’d rather be with Leslie Burke or should we be saying: Rita the Hammer?

Carly: You really don’t like that girl, Do you?

Sora: No. I don’t. All we hear about that girl is everything that tells us that she is bad. Corrupt and up to no good.


Sophie Collins: *Walking over* If you want to tail your cousin Blossom… You might want to catch a look in the girls restroom. She’s there. Talking with that girl Leslie and… Smoking.

Sora: Are you sure, Sophie?

Sophie: Oh yeah. She is. Some of the things that are going on in there… I would suggest that you tell her Mom and dad. Your Aunt Megan and Uncle Curtis.

Carly: Why’s that?

Sophie: One obvious reason. Talks about joining the Mob. Blossom was talking about joining the Mob.

Carly: What?! *Gasps* Oh my god. That’s awful. Why would she want to do that?

Sophie: I don’t know… However… I don’t think that she’s aiming to do it willingly. She’s being manipulated by that girl. Conned.

Macie: *Overhearing* Want for us to run a diversion to lure your cousin Blossom away from Leslie Burke?

Sora: Sure. That girl has got to know to back off.

Carly: Uh-huh!

Amber Sweetly: *Running over suddenly* You guys… You all better come right away. Something is going on.

Sora: What’s up, Amber?

Amber: Trouble in gal pal land. There’s a confrontation going on between 3 girls. Zoey, Holly… and Blossom. And the highlight of the cause is that rich girl who happens to be involved with the Mob.”

“Blossom: *Looking at Holly* Holly, I don’t want to hear it. You are trying to tear Leslie down. You just can’t find any means to be decent… can you?

Holly: No. Leslie Burke is a druggie. She’s a Drug dealing liar. All she does is deceive.

Leslie: That’s not true. I don’t sell drugs, Holly. You are making a vicious rumor and i don’t find that as the least bit funny. I am not a danger to anyone…

Blossom: *To Leslie* Leslie, Back off. Let me handle this. Holly is gonna wish that she backed off. This might hurt my family’s relationship with the Owner of Sid’s Diner. But Enough is enough. Holly is gonna get it. Right in the mouth.

Holly: What are you gonna do?

Blossom: *Landing a Punch into Holly’s face* That. Leave Leslie Burke alone or i swear you will regret it. She’s my friend whether you like it or not. First… you call me this morning to tell me that Leslie is a druggie. Then you pull this shit with me. You must be really ignorant. Where did you get this news that she was some druggie, huh?

Holly: Sophie Collins.

Blossom: Is that the only source?

Holly: No. There’s also Erica Harper… and Zoey Creek. They can confirm it. *Feeling the sting and Wanting to break down*

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, Is this true? If so… Step up to confess. If not… Run. You don’t want to see this.

Leslie: No. I’m staying. I am not a coward. I can fight. *Facing Holly* This is just like back home in New York before i left and Emancipated myself from my parents. The same thing. People bashing my parents and trying to tear them down. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I lost my family. My biological roots. All i got is my habit which sadly… sucks. My alter identity which is a grateful form of protection. And All the belongings that i was capable of bringing with me. Plus all my money. Every dime. Every quarter, dime, nickel and penny. Every dollar i have. *Looking over towards Blossom*Blossom is my only friend. She cares about me here. She befriended me. No questions asked. She came to me and had the decency to give me a chance. Gave me a friend. Herself. Her. There are a group of men lead by someone who i won’t mention. They took me under their wing with them… When no one could bother to look at me or motion to care. I am seen as a vagrant because why? Because i am Emancipated from my parents. My family? What about you? You got a mother. A father. You are with them. Right? Would you like it if i were in your shoes and you were in mine… and it was me Judging you for who you were? Judging you because you were Emancipated?

Holly: No. But it doesn’t matter. You’re with the Mob. You’re trying to get Blossom Rhapsody to screw her life up. Just because you choose to Emancipate and leave your family… It doesn’t answer for what you’ve been doing. I am sorry that you had to leave all you knew behind. But that doesn’t make you right by doing what you’re doing. Joining the Mob. You should be ashamed of yourself, Burke. Truly.

Leslie: Ugh! Who here died and made you boss?

Holly: No one. But I happen to care about Blossom’s well being as well as i do her best friend/Cousin Zoey’s. My family cares about their families and a real friend would not get their friends to start smoking. A real true friend would not make their friends walk away from their blood. Their friends and family that clearly are part of them. Part of who they are. You’re not Blossom’s real friend. *Standing up to Leslie* You never will be. Why don’t you go and hang around the Mob, Rita the Hammer? Leave the Innocent teens here… ALONE!”

Blossom: *Walking to the corner and catching up with Leslie* Hey Leslie, Heading to your… uh, hotel room?

Leslie: *Looking both ways and then at Blossom* No. I’m heading to the Coco Bongo night club to see Dorian.

Blossom: Him? Why him?

Leslie: Blossom, He’s my Mentor. I know that i told you a little about him already or just a couple things that managed to stick out. But Dorian is my Mentor. When i first came to this city… I knew about nobody. I didn’t know anyone at all. I Lived on the streets but in spots that were feasible and with some sort of protection. It wasn’t till 6-7 weeks ago that i walked around and happened to come across a group of guys who happened to walk into a Diner.

Blossom: Sid’s Diner?

Leslie: *Thinking* Yeah. That’s got to be the one. They were going into that Diner and i got to talking with them and it was there… that things clicked.

Blossom: He took you in and gave you purpose. Something to live for.

Leslie: Yeah. He didn’t have to. But with people seeing him as a bad guy… it wouldn’t be very practical and with good intent to see a Mobster take a young 12-13 years girl under their wings. Making the girl or boy… feel as if they really belonged. Seriously belonged.

Blossom: *Looking to the side* You belong well enough. You’re holding your own.

As Blossom and Leslie walked on the way to the Night club…

Leslie: *Walking along side Blossom* Naturally… I would be. And that’s because i am with Dorian. He turned me into a Mafioso. I don’t know how i could just see myself do anything else. Nothing elso would work for me as i had nowhere to go and at that point it was either that or going into the foster system. Which would mean… we’d never have met. You and I.

Blossom: So, You had to do what you believed was best to ensure you would make it. I know the feeling. Being alone and with no other option. It puts you in a spot that you really don’t want to be in.”

“Leslie: Something that Dorian and his men have been planning for nearly 5 weeks now. There was a lot of planning in what’s gonna take place tonight.

Blossom: Like what?

Leslie: *Stops and sighs* Blossom, Why do you want to know the details? I can’t tell you. I want to. But i can’t. I am in danger as it is. I already screwed up a bit by trying to over play my hand and literally somewhat hand your family over to the Mob. To Niko. He’s gonna want me to fill my end of the bargain. I already am risking alot with bringing you along to meet Dorian for the first time. I don’t plan on turning over your family and you in to the Mob. Niko’s team. I won’t do it. But when the time comes for me to hold up my end… Like i said before… you’re gonna have to get your fighting cousins to make like you’re all retired and put into traction. Going into hiding. Unless i can pull a fast one on them somehow and it doesn’t have to come to you and your family having to make like you’ve all retired.

Blossom: *Nods* I get it.

Leslie: That’s why i can’t for right now tell you too much about what’s going on. Tonight is the night that a big heist is said to happen. Something that I can’t tell you. But it’s something big. I don’t know how far I’m gonna go with it but i think it’s better that you didn’t ask. Just for your own good. Dorian’s gonna have me taking care of some things tonight and i have to be able to see that i can do it.

Blossom: Meaning that you’re gonna need to be sure that you’re at the top of your game.

Leslie: Which means… Tonight is the first big hit done by Rita the Hammer. Rita the Hammer’s Maiden Voyage is tonight.”

“Blossom: *Thinking to herself; Walking into the office* Stay calm. Stay calm. Don’t panic. It’s just the Mob threshold. No problem. *In the Office* … *Sighs* Here goes.

Dorian: That’s your friend, Leslie?

Leslie: Yeah. That’s her. That’s my good friend. *Winks*

Dorian: Not bad for a girl like her. She’s a real charmer.

Blossom: Oh really? *Easing into the moment* Care to wager on that, Sir?

Leslie: *Introducing her friend to her Mentor* Dorian, Meet my friend. My best friend from school. Blossom C. Rhapsody. She’s one of the fighters however… She’s seeking for a little change in her lifestyle. She’s known as Electrogal. She’s pretty cool. Blossom, Meet my mentor. The head of the Mob team. The one and Only… Dorian Tyrell.

Dorian: *Nods and Grins* Pleasure to meet you, Blossom. Leslie told me about you. You’re one of the fighters. But you also are self-reliable.”

“Curtis: She used you as a Bargaining chip?! A BARGAINING CHIP?! You have to be kidding me. You seriously must be kidding me. She used you. Leslie is a good girl… but she not only put her life in danger… She had also put your life in the hot seat too… *Terrified* What on earth will i do? Blossom, I don’t have any Elemental powers left that can protect you. Those days are long since gone and done.

Blossom: Dad, It’s not gonna be that bad. I can get a hold of Rin. Have him fix up some Elemental items for me to have on hand to protect myself. It’s gonna be fine.

Curtis: *In a Panic* Don’t you tell me what’s gonna be fine. I’m your father. I’m supposed to be the one protecting you and the family. I can’t. My power is gone. I’m a retired fighter.

Blossom: Dad…

Curtis: Oh my god… Oh god… *worried and in fear* Blossom, How are you gonna be able to fight? You’re too far in with this… You’re now talking about fighting for the Mob. With them. The Mob… Whoever they are… will kill you. They will start with getting at your friend Leslie who only joined them as it was either that or Foster care… She’s got you in danger. *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, if nothing else… Can you at least assure me that you’re at least gonna be careful. Don’t do anything stupid. If anything happens… You will have to fight for your life the best way that you know how… Because i won’t be able to do anything. I got no elemental fight power left.”

“Freeze: *Looking at Eddy* what’s the E.T.A?

Sweet Eddy: Five minutes.

Rita the Hammer: *Looking over at Eddy* Don’t blow it, Eddy. This is an important hit. We have to make this work. If this gets blown… Dorian is gonna be livid. But this will mean… We’re out. Niko’s given Dorian and me 5 weeks to get out of town. Or he’s gonna kill us. This Hit will get us the money enough to overthrow Niko. Out rule him. But if this falters… We’re through.

Sweet Eddy: Leslie… It’s gonna be fine. We have done this type of stuff plenty of times. It’s a cinch.

Rita the Hammer: Watch with using the normal name for this… When i am working a mob deal… It’s Rita the Hammer.

Freeze: Countdown. Set your time… Now.

Sweet Eddy: *Nods*

A very short moment later…

Dorian: *Voice* How’s it goin’ over there, Freeze?

Freeze: It’s all good, man. It’s goin’ fine. Rita the Hammer is right now arming herself with some heavy firepower to blow down any snags that snuff our hit.

Dorian: *Voice* You’re on your own. I must go downstairs, make sure I’m seen. Guard Rita with your lives. She’s ready for this heist. But she’s still young.

Freeze: Do It! The Doctor… is about to Operate. *Cocking his gun and arming himself*

Rita The Hammer: *Arming her Semi-Auto* Once a goodfella, always a goodfella. Time to Rock!”

“Stanley/The Mask: *Looking at the Mobsters and Gangster Gal* Sorry, fellas. Waste not want not!

Rita the Hammer: *Aiming her Gun* Give that money to us or get your sorry excuse of an ass… Blown away. Your choice!

And ZZZOOM, he’s off again.

Freeze pulls his gun.

Sweet Eddy: *Looking at the others and over at the street* … What the fuck was that?

Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the crew* Hey… get up… No time to snooze. We gotta get out of here. This whole thing’s a bust. That Mask wearing psycho just took all our loot. We got nothing. We are gonna be dead with Dorian. He’s gonna be pissed. *Stressing* Crap! Crap! CRAP!

Freeze: Rita, it’s okay. We were just out beat by the maniac is all. There was nothing that we could have done.

Rita the Hammer: I should have used one of those Electric charged Grenades that my friend gave me. It would have shocked that creep.

Sweet Eddy: But… *Getting up* Wouldn’t that also have fried the cash that were within those bags?

Orlando: I don’t think it would matter either way… *Shaking off the surprise attack* Who or whatever that was… came right from the bank and sure had a huge shit eating grin spread all over the face. *Getting up and Looking both ways* This is bad. We just got hit. Hit by a green masked maniac.

Two cop cars now SQUEAL around the corner, their sirens blaring and ROAR up the street at the bank robbers.

Freeze: Oh shit! The cops!

Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the men* Ice them! *Tossing an Electric grenade at the Cop cars* What are you guys waiting for? Fire!”

“Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Whoa. What happened to you?

Leslie: *Shaking off the disappointment* Don’t ask. I am not in any good mood. The guys and I just got cluster punched by some Whack-Job in a green mask. Thought it be hysterical to toy with us. We lost one.

Blossom: Who?

Leslie: Freeze.

Blossom: Him?! Oh no… Not him. He was a rather nice guy.

Leslie: He didn’t kill him. The Cops shot at him. It was a bust. A total Bust. *Pulling out her lighter and lighting Blossom’s Smoke* Be fast with that smoke. I have to go inside in a couple minutes to do damage control. This is a literal disaster.

Blossom: As will i be. I decided. I’m in. I want to be a Mobster. A Gangster Gal.

Leslie: *Pauses and in surprise* What?! You do?

Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.
Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.

Blossom: *Smoking* Yeah… I gave it some thought and i already know that my life is mainly meaningless as i think that my father is on to me and is trying to press me to confess about my habit. I can’t tell him. I want to… but i can’t. I saw how he saw my Older sister Victoria when she smoked and she wasn’t treated so nice. I have a family that is so against darkness being a part of the lives of the Clan… But. It’s gonna happen eventually sometime. Even if they were to try and stop it. It wasn’t gonna just end.

Leslie: What about your cousins… Zoey, Sora and Carly. What about them?

Blossom: I Think that Zoey’s looking for a start on smoking herself. She’s reached her end on keeping a strong front. She saw what her mother was really doing and Even though my Aunt Soon to be Ex-Aunt Luna which my cousin Zoey said Luna was making like she changed… It didn’t stick as Zoey saw the real Luna. When she got home and saw that her mother wasn’t home yet. She did some digging and found proof that Luna was gonna leave the entire clan and that Luna was indeed on Drugs… Oh and here’s something else. She’s divorcing Zoey’s father Zeke too.

Leslie: Seriously?

Blossom: *Smoking and taking a few drags* Yeah. I don’t know what to say to her about the whole thing. I don’t know what there is for me to say. *Looking to the side* I can’t ask you to speak to her. She isn’t necessarily familiar with you that much. Just that i always spoke of you around her. But that’s it.

Leslie: *Looking down* I’m sorry.

Blossom: What for? You didn’t do anything.

Leslie: I feel bad though… You’re losing everything you used to know because of me.

Blossom: That’s so not true. You’re not making me lose anything. It’s just the fact that i am changing and certain members of my family can’t handle that.”

“Blossom: Because i have decided to Join the Mob. I want to be part of the Mob.

Dorian: You do? *With a raised eyebrow* Did Leslie Coerce you?

Blossom: She kinda did… But then again she didn’t. She told me certain things about the Mob world and what she said only today at school… She said that if i were to know anymore… I’d have to make a decision on how far involved with the Mob i’d want to be. How deep i wanted to go.

Dorian: And how far do you want to go?

Blossom: As far as i can… But a little at a time. I need a change in my life and i can’t get that with my family and its good mundane life. Not that i don’t appreciate it or anything… But i am hearing constantly of my Best friend/Cousin Zoey struggling and stressing over her mom’s porno run. My cousins Sora and Carly suffering with their  father having an affair and cheating on their mother. I can’t do anything to help them and it has made them think i abandoned them. But what can i do? There is nothing that can be done about it as i told them… families will have their problems. It can’t be stopped. It’s quite normal for things to be shitty. However… they just don’t believe me.”

“Leslie: *Tapping Dorian on the side* Dorian…

Sweet Eddy: Boss…

Dorian: *Looking to face Eddy* Why are you here? Leslie, What’s the problem?

Leslie: What’s that problem? Two guesses and both lead to disappointment.

Dorian: Enough with the games, Leslie. Just tell me what the big idea is here.

Leslie: If you wish… But first… i think that coming upstairs will be what’s needed. You’re not gonna whistling a happy tune once you see…

Sweet Eddy: We got a situation. You better come upstairs.

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* What’s going on?

Leslie: The Hit went south. Blossom, You might want to come with us. This is something that you’re gonna want to see. Something that happens every once in a while within the Mob world.

Blossom: *Sighs* damn. *Getting up* Are you sure there’s something going on that can’t wait?

Leslie: I would wish that it could wait. But sadly… it can’t. There’s not much time left before the guy turns over and sleeps with the fishes.”

“Dorian: Geez! Freeze, What the heck happened?

Freeze: Someone hit the joint before us.

Blossom: Hey… It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be fine. *Looking to the guys* Someone give him a smoke. He’s needing it bad. Come on.

Leslie: *Pulling out a smoke from her pack and placing it in Freeze’s mouth; Having Dorian light it for the Doc* Suck on that, Freeze. Calm down. We’ll get you some help.

Blossom: *Whispering to Leslie* It looks bad. I really don’t think that he’s gonna make it. He’s dying, Leslie. He’s dying. *Panicked*

Leslie: *Whispering back* I know. But admitting it to him is not gonna make anything better. What’ll we do?

Blossom: I don’t know. Oh god…

Dorian glances back up and sees that Dr. Freeze’s eyes are glazed over in death.

Leslie: He’s gone. *Looking down*

Blossom: Oh no!

Dorian took a second to let it all marinate in his mind that the doc was gone before he exploded in anger.

Dorian: *Picking up his glass Ashtray and throwing it with force across the room; Breaking the Mirror over the bar; Pissed off and Steaming mad* Son of a Bitch!

Dorian: *Grabbing Eddy* Who did this Man? WHO?!

Sweet Eddy then looked right though the blinds and looked into the Casino/Night club itself and saw The Mask dancing with Tina…

Leslie: *Looking out* Dorian, That’s the guy. That Green masked scumbag out there… He hit the bank before we did and took the money. He stopped and taunted us. That creep. I should have popped that freak with lead.

Dorian: That guy who’s dancing with Tina? *Growls and getting his weapon drawn* That son of a bitch is a dead man. He’s dead.”

“Dorian: *To the Mask* Okay, Twinkle Toes. I want to know where my money is, and I want to know right now.

Rita the Hammer guiding her protege Blossom.
Rita the Hammer guiding her protege Blossom.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* You do know how to use a gun, Right?

Blossom: I can learn. But… I’m with you. It’s not a problem.

Stanley/The Mask: Okay *sitting on stool and taking out an adding machine* You’ve got 17.5% in T-bills amortized over the fiscal year, 8% in stocks and bonds. Carry the 9, divide by the Gross National Product… fortunately, funeral bouquets are deductible.

Dorian: *to henchman* Ice this deadbeat!

Leslie: Gladly, Boss…

Eddy pulls out his .38 and starts blasting BLAM. BLAM. Leslie also fires her semi-Auto at the Mask and Blossom fires at him too. They were annoyed at the mask.

Blossom: The Mask is not the problem… But on a night like this… he is pressing buttons where he shouldn’t. *Firing the Gun*

The Mask dodges the bullets by contorting his cartoon-flexible
body. BLAM. The Mask SPINS once and freezes in a pirouette, now dressed in a tutu. BLAM. The Mask SPINS again and stops dressed as a matador, the bullet whizzes under his cape. BLAM BLAM BLAM A hockey goalie bats the bullet away. A Impersonation of Elvis. moving like the king of Rock. A Cowboy DING! takes the hit.

Blossom: What is up with this guy? Is he trying to psych us out?

Leslie: He’s asking for a cap up his backside.

The Mask staggers back… then forwards in a classic Western death scene. He throws an arm around Leslie for Support…

Blossom: *Laughs* Holy crap! The Mask is holding on to you like a child would hold on to its mother.

Leslie: This guy is psychotic. *Laughs suddenly* For a wacko, He’s a complete trip.

Leslie seems touched by the Mask’s dying words as she holds him in her arms.

Stanley/The Mask: *after being shot* Hold me closer, Ed, it’s getting dark. *cough, cough*

Dorian:*Chuckles lightly and rubbing the top of his nose*

Blossom: This has to be his way of trying to ham us so we’d be too full of laughs to shoot.

Dorian: …

Stanley/The Mask: Tell Auntie Em to let Old Yeller out. *cough cough* Tell Tiny Tim I won’t be coming home this Christmas. *cough, cough*

Leslie: *Not sure what to say*

Stanley/The Mask: Tell Scarlett I do give a damn. *coughs in Leslie’s face, raspberries, then farts* Pardon me.

He dies, And out of nowhere… the Mask gives up the ghost, his pink tongue flops out the side of his mouth. Leslie bursts into tears. Blossom then broke into tears as well… She didn’t know why and couldn’t explain it. But that act really touched her. For special ambience, the Peanut Gallery appears and applauds while The Mask is handed an acting award…

The Mask leaps to his feet and starts taking bows.

Mask: *Thankful* Thank you, you love me, you really love me!

But then the Mask thought about using that as his chance in getting away which he almost did. But just as he started to walk out and make a getaway, Orlando Pointed his gun in the Mask’s face and the Mask turned to go another way only to be blocked by Dorian…

Dorian: *Aiming his gun at the Mask* You’re not going anywhere.

Leslie: Blossom, *Looking at Blossom* We got to get out of here. Dorian’s more equipped and with the experience of dealing with the law. We’re not. We can’t stay here. Not for this.

Blossom: How do we get out of here?

Rita the Hammer helps Blossom escape from possible bust by the cops.
Rita the Hammer helps Blossom escape from possible bust by the cops.

Leslie: *Leading the way* Come on, Follow me. I know the way. There’s a secret way out of here.”

“Lt. Kellaway: What I got is probable cause. A couple of your boys was spotted knocking over Metropolis City Bank.

Doyle was starting to frisk Dorian and check for any hidden weapons…

Dorian: *to Doyle* Easy, junior, you’re close to giving me a Semi.

Majestic Love: You mean… A hard-on? No. I don’t think that the guy swings from the rear and takes deposits. But if you want to go for it with some guy while in the klink… You go right on ahead. No one would stop it if it’s what turns you on.

Lieutenant Thunder: Clint, You need to check your personality and love sick forte at the door.

Lt. Kellaway: And one of ’em was wearing a big green mask. Not to forget a younger shooter who had blond hair and is a middle school Girl.

Dorian: You know, for once, Kellaway, you’re right. Except it wasn’t one of my boys. Maybe if you tried a little actual police work. Plus… A young Kid? You really think that i would have a young Kid working under me? What do you play me for? Some kind of slave driver?

Lt. Kellaway: *to policemen* Cuff ’em. You, Tyrell… are aiming to blow smoke up my police ass. The girl was reported to be seen with your men. Calling herself: “Rita the Hammer.” We can run this all night. Her actual name will pop up and when it does… we’re gonna run a cross check on that and once we match the actual name to the reported name being spread like the Chicago sun times… We’re gonna book her for attempted murder of an officer and for robbing a bank.

Dorian: You’ll never get anything on her as she’s got no record of crimes. Her only crime is trying to fit in.

Lt. Kellaway: Someone should break the ice with the little Mobster prodigy and tell her that she should have picked a better crowd.

Police Officer: Hey, lieutenant, we got a stiff upstairs. It’s one of the guys from the heist.

Lt. Kellaway: Better call that high-priced lawyer of yours, Tyrell. You and I are going downtown for a little chat. Get him out of here! If i happen to find out that you got that girl working for you… Being Locked in Juvey will be the least of her young pretty concerns.”

“Doyle: *Looking at the monitor and then at Kellaway* I’m not too sure, Boss. But i can say that… that’s one helluva rubber mask.

Lt. Kellaway: What does the Lab report say?

Doyle: We got fingerprints on some of the currency, but nothing matches Tyrell’s men. Looks like this guy beat ’em to the punch. Even out worked the new Mobster. The one they call Rita the Hammer. She was the most agile of the bunch. They say that the girl is a domineering Prodigy. There’s said to be some Variety hour tonight that is gonna have the girl normally known as Leslie Burke on and speaking about her life. What her life’s been like since she left her Home state. New York.

Lt. Kellaway: Get the bank’s employee files and run down the prints on a guy named
Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss! And get someone on the prints for the one they call… Rita the Hammer. If that girl is as involved as alot of the bystanders out there are saying… She’s gonna be driving her own one way ticket to the Juvey slammer. From New York and Rich… Emancipated and on her own or not… There are rules here in Metropolis. Laws.

Doyle: You figure that it may just have been a inside job?

Lt. Kellaway: Yeah, and all I need is a couple of prints to lock this wack job up “till doomsday.” And actual evidence of the girl performing a hit for the mob to ship the girl to Juvey central till she cries for mercy…”

“Sora: *Walking over W/Carly* Hey Blossom. *Sighs* Hey uh, Leslie.

Carly: We heard that you are now a part of the Mob, Blossom.

Blossom: Surprised?! I mean… I did happen to change a little bit.

Sora: We know.

Blossom: *Breaking out with an act to make amends* I know that you two feel as if i had abandoned you. Blew you two off. But you should know that it was not my intent. I just couldn’t deal with the constant: “What should we do?” or “Blossom, Our parents are having issues and we fear that our father is having an affair.” It was as though you wanted me to help stop the affair. There was nothing that could be done. It wasn’t that i didn’t want to help. I was trying to ensure that you got your minds off of it so it didn’t necessarily drive you both postal. Zoey’s a mess. More likely a devastated mess. Her mother left the previous night. During the night last night. Zoey’s hurt.

Carly: Oh no! Is she okay?!

Blossom: Yeah… Physically. Socially… Sorta. Mentally and Emotionally… Don’t ask. It’s gonna be awhile before she’s back to stable. However… She’s wanting to Join the Mob as i have.

Sora: It’s apparent that you wanted to not have anything to do with our problem. We were hurt and felt that you didn’t care. But now that we took time to think about it. We had to come to the reality that there wasn’t anything you could have done. Even though we were asking for help. Zoey couldn’t help. She was dealing with her own mess with her mom and the dirty laundry that her mom was spreading upon the city.

Leslie: Why is her mom doing that?

Carly: We don’t know. It’s been happening for about a year now and it’s only gotten more and more frequent and more deeper. Worse. Zoey’s mother abandoned the family and had done drugs. Luna was smoking. Sniffing Cocaine. Smacking the crack pipe. All of it.

Blossom: Luna’s a crack whore, Slut. I am appalled to even know her to be my aunt. What’s worse is that Luna’s the Aunt… and God mother to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. They’re stained with the stigma of having a godmother who resorted to taking drugs and doing them. Doing X.

Leslie: What about you two?

Sora: What do you think, Leslie? You might have heard some of it already. But Carly and I had been dealing with a father that was cheating on our mother. We tried getting help or some insight from Blossom. But every time we turned around… She was always in sight of you. You were the only one she’d speak of. But we get it. Leslie, You got our cousin to be all into you. As a friend… Maybe something more.

Carly: You might feel that we hate you. We don’t. We just don’t understand how you could be all that our cousin Blossom would think and speak about. She’s joined the Mob. Joined you. But… Why did you? Why did you join the mob? Why? What did you get out of it? The prestige… fame… status?

Leslie: I don’t know. It just seemed like the most reasonable thing to do as it was the only thing besides being placed in that thing called foster care. Plus… if i got put in foster care… I would have no control of my money. I would also be with no idea of where i’d end up. *Looking to the side a little and sighs* I should have thought about it a little better. However, I am kinda glad that i made the decisions i have. Because… Sora… Carly, you might want to face facts. You have the most strong hearted, original and dedicated Cousin anyone could ask for. Blossom befriended a lone girl. Like me. She didn’t have to as i didn’t really make any attempt to be trying to fit in much as most of the surrounding kids. Young teens avoided me like i was a nobody. I know that you two happen to not like me much. I don’t blame you. I haven’t really done much to be getting on your good graces.

Carly: That’s true. Leslie… We want to be your friend. We can’t take the idea that you feel like you’re unloved in this school. You belong here. We… have told our mother this morning about our father’s affair. Our mother’s life changing words to us were: “You two might want to consider to start fending for yourselves. I might not be able to do much providing much longer.” As she’d be too upset and broken. We told her about the whole thing and she was so devastated… it took so much for her to not lose it in front of us. We couldn’t just not tell her. It wasn’t fair seeing that our mother was being hurt by our father having an affair with another woman and cheating on our mom.

Blossom: You broke your mom’s psyche. You two of course did what you had to do. You had to expose your father’s dirty secret to her and make her aware before someone else had.

Sora: Actually… Blossom, We didn’t even have to tell her. She kinda confessed that she already had a suspicion about it for a while and never spoke about it. All we did was confirm her fears. She knew of it through the mysterious signals that were going on. The 3 rings and 2 clicks.

Leslie: 3 rings and 2 clicks? That’s a signal?! That seems kinda too suspicious. How many days has that been going on? Did your mother even say how many days it’d gone on?

Carly: No. Not at all. But she was very upset and she sounded like she was about to faint and looking rather palish.

Sora: We want in. In on the Mob. We want to join.

Leslie: You two want in? *Surprised* You sure that you’d want in? It’s not gonna be safe. There will be dangers coming almost on cue. We’re also gonna need to get you two a gun.

Carly: We know how to use one. Firearms… We had to use one while we’ve served working for the BPRD.

Sora: Leslie, We know how to fire a gun. Using one. It’s not that hard to do. We have had some insight and training. as to how it’s done. We wish to Join.

Blossom:  Are we good now?

Carly: Blossom… We’re always gonna be good. We are not gonna lie about this though… We are hurt that you were not around for us when we needed it. But we know the reasons behind it. And after us doing what we had to do on our own… We have to consider it all water under the bridge. We’re still a little mad at you. But we forgive you.”

“Rikku: There is something really wrong going on with Blossom. Really troublesome.

Serena: *Looking to the field; not wanting to think about what she saw last night* It was a nightmare. That just couldn’t be Blossom. Blossom would never do this. Never. This is Blossom that we’re talking about. There is no way that it could have been her. *Sighs* Who’re we kidding? It was her. She was with the guys with guns. Also with that young girl. Someone that we heard about for the last several weeks. Leslie T. Burke. She was there with those men and one of them men happened to be the leader. Dorian Tyrell.

Carly Black: Plus some of us saw Blossom running off with the girl known as Leslie. But as she ran… there was something sticking out just a hair from her right side pocket. It had the word Marlboro. It was red and white. Blossom might have just had that as an illusion. But i don’t think it was an illusion. I stepped out just to keep a look out for any unwanted trouble seeking on creeping along. It was when i saw two girls. The same ones that were in the club. The Night Club. Leslie and sad revelation… Blossom. Blossom had a pack of cigarettes in her hand and pulled out a stick, placed it on her lips and lit up. Smoking. She didn’t see me. Neither did the girl. but Blossom was doing it and i’ll be a fool if i were to not see them kissing.

Raven: You have got to be kidding us. She was smoking? Plus Kissing? UGH!

Lorenzo: I don’t think that’s something we should sit around and keep quiet. We should consider on exposing the news to her father. Your Uncle Curtis. He should be told of this.

Katie: But why would your Cousin do that? Doesn’t she know what it can do?

Jacklyn: Yeah… She’s gonna have health problems sometime down the road. It’s gonna ruin her.

Theodore: Really?! Tell us something we don’t know. We need to know why she’s doing this. What’s getting her to do this?”

“Paul: Blossom, Is with the Mob. She’s hanging with this girl Leslie T. Burke and is smoking?

“Spencer: Afraid so.

Carly Black: I saw the pack slightly popping out of her right pocket and it said Marlboro. A Red Pack. I think it said something more as well… But i barely caught sight of it and that was what it said… Blossom’s smoking. What gasses us is the fact that… well… What if some of the others get into it too? You know… Like Sakura and Hikaru? What about them? They’re like so… So Innocent. But after a while. Of constantly seeing a cousin to them doing something like that and just subjecting them to it… over and over again. They could gain the prospect of getting into doing it as well. Not that they will… But, if you really thought about it… how much can one be subjected to something before they eventually break and just start getting a mind for it. It could be your young sisters Sora and Carly, Paul. They might also join the Mob.

Paul: After this morning… I wouldn’t really blame them. I got a really emotional call from them this morning. They exposed my father’s secret affair to my mother Alice. Let’s just say… that she’s in a state of shock and gradual depression. But i think that it’s gonna likely hit soon. They were also crying as they told me and it’s bad. They feel as if they caused mom to just finally break. Breaking her heart by that. I think that if they were to join the Mob… Take up some habit… I don’t know what i’ll think about it. I’ll be upset and disappointed. But i’ll also come to understand. They’re in pain. Agony. I mean… They had just dropped a Bombshell on their mother and it hurt them. I myself haven’t been at my home for a while because i wanted nothing to do with dad. Not if he was gonna cheat on mom. I wasn’t gonna be any part of that. I might be part like him… But Cheating on someone? That’s not my idea of fun. It’s not right at all and i just refuse to be with any part of it.

Clint: We don’t blame you. We wouldn’t want to be a part of that either.

Lorenzo: They’ll be alright, won’t they?

Serena: We don’t know. But the very idea that Blossom is now smoking and is with the Mob. That’s bringing a concern to our struggle.

Sapphire: What about seeing the Mob confronting the Mask?

George: That is still in question. isn’t it?

Raven: We know who the Mask is. Don’t we?

Serena: It’s Ipkiss.

Amy: He’s unleashed himself as the mask twice. It’s taken a huge toll on him for the 2nd time. It’s only gonna get worse.

Theodore: How?

Rita: What’s gonna happen to him?

Katie: What about the Police? Do they have any leads?

Clint: No. And even if they did… who cares?

Spencer: That Lt. Kellaway is a real tool. A complete Jerk.

Rikku: He thought that we were all on hallucinogens or something.

Clint: It was as though we were all looking like a bunch of druggies to him.”

“Leslie: *Walking into the office* Hey Dorian. You okay?

Dorian: *Looking to see Leslie coming in* No. I am not okay. Not really. I am still tense and looking for the sorry son of a bitch that has my money. Money that belongs to us. But…

Blossom: What? You’re okay… aren’t you? Will you be able to find the one responsible?

Dorian: I plan on it. I won’t rest till the son of a bitch is apprehended and is made to pay for crossing me. *Pauses suddenly* Wait. What time is it?

Blossom: It’s sometime before 1. We’d believe… Why?

Dorian: You girls should be in school. Did you two just sneak out from school?

Leslie: Yeah. But only to see if you had some early hits for us to do.

Dorian: No. I have nothing for you to do right now, Leslie. You and Blossom are in the clear. *Suddenly seeing two girls close by right behind Leslie and Blossom* Who are those girls behind you?

Leslie: They’re Cousins… to Blossom. Sora Ashley and Carly Athena Rhapsody.

Sora: *Waving* Hey sir.

Carly: Hey. Can we be a part of the Mob? We want to be part of the Mob too.

Sora: We can be useful assets to the gang here.

Leslie: Watch what they can do.”

“Dorian: *To the men and the young girls* 70 grand. 70 grand to the man or woman who finds that green-faced son of a bitch before the cops do. I want you to get the word out to every street hustler, to every lowlife in this town, you understand? I want him here, alive. I don’t care in what way he is brought here. But i want that bastard. As long as he’s alive. Leslie, You and Blossom get the word out to anyone you meet. Have them get the word out and keep tabs on that green faced son of a bitch. You two twin girls… if you get a hold of a sighting on that green faced son of a bitch… nail him.

Sora: Burn him?

Carly: Electrocute him?

Blossom: Nail him however possible.

Leslie: That Mask is one of the reasons why one of the men are gone. Freeze was shot at by the cops. during the heist that failed. If it wasn’t for the Mask… Freeze would have still been alive.”

“Police Radio: *Speaking; Lt. Wellington* Got the cross-check on the fingerprints. It’s lpkiss.

Lt. Kellaway: *Speaking into the Mic; Looking ahead and watching* I’m looking at him. He’s alone. But we can almost bet that Rita the Hammer is near and biding her pretty time. Waiting for her chance to hit again. Keep the SWAT team standing by. If he’s half as bad as they say, we’ll have a full dance card. With that Mob girl close by holding the gun and twitching to pull the trigger. If she is as predictable as they say she is… There’s gonna be a grandstand with her name on it.”

“Nick: *Hitting the Buzzer* I think i know.

Commissioner Jones: What?

Nick: Rico. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. “The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually commit the crime personally.”

Commissioner Jones: Charge them? How do we charge them?

Helen then entered…

Nick: John… This is a common court case. Rico… In a RICO case if we can charge any of the conspirators with a felony-

Helen: We can charge all of them with it.”

“Morris: I put word out. We take the help of that Gangster girl Rita the Hammer. This is not good. Those fighters are giving that D.A the details and got us cornered. *looking off to the side* She was right. We need to fix a real problem. The Rhapsody new Generation…

Niko shakes his head as he had suddenly realized what was about to happen and was in disbelief. He suddenly spotted Commissioner Jones walking over dangling a pair of handcuffs. Nods at the TV.

Jones: Our good guy looks well and snazzy on the T.V… Don’t you think?

Niko: You sure you want to embarrass me in front of my friends, Commissioner?

Jones: Oh… Don’t worry, they’re coming, too. Niko… You and your band of mobsters are all coming to the Klink together.”

“Judge Greensberg: …870 counts racketeering, 289 counts fraud, 97 counts conspiracy murder…”

“Perry: *Walking over from the door* Blossom… What’re you doing here?

Blossom: *Looking to the side* Perry? Where did you come from? Did you happen to follow us?

Perry: No. But i heard something about the Mob. There’s word that they were contacted by a young girl who calls herself Rita the Hammer. No one knows who she is. But another source is saying that she’s a Middle school Girl. Someone named Leslie.

Blossom: Funny that you say that… Very funny.

Perry: Why is that funny? *Confused* What could be funny about that?

Blossom: It’s because my Best friend here… Her name is Leslie. Leslie Tina Burke.

Perry: *Pauses* Uh… Uh… Oh god. Blossom, You should get the hell away from her. She’s dangerous. She’s Rita the Hammer. There’s word of it being spread… All over the wires. The Mob is looking for her. Niko is looking for her and is expecting her to keep her end of whatever bargain she’s made.

Kirsten: *Walking in* There’s someone from that Mob saying that Rita the Hammer came to them vowing to hand them the Rhapsody New Generation.

Leslie: … *Backing away slowly and feeling the eyes of suspicion looking upon her*

Perry: *Spotting Leslie* Leslie! Get yourself back here. Now! You’re Being spoken about all over the wires. From the Mob… What’s the deal?

Leslie: *Looking down* I can’t tell. But Perry… You’re her brother. I will tell you. But it’s between you and Blossom, Sora and Carly and I. I won’t speak of it around her. No offense… but with people in the city all wanting to point the wrong fingers at me… For things i have not done. I’m running a little low on trust.

Kirsten: Leslie… I am not gonna judge you. some of the things you’re doing… I did something somewhat similar… This was year ago as i was making ends meet. I was alone and with no food. So when i stole… it was for survival. Not really smart… But i had to. The Mob steals for profit. And Money is always good. But it’s also the source of all greed. You can trust me. I won’t openly judge without a reason.

Leslie: *Nods* Alright. Let’s head over to the Sun shack… We’ll all talk there. But i’m younger than you guys… I might be a little shy with the details because it’s really really touchy…”

“Leslie: When i was truly just beginning my whole involvement with the Mob… I was in need of Experience. A lot of it. But Dorian was trying to protect me from most of it as he saw me as a young beginner. He didn’t want me to get into danger. Not so fast. But i needed to build up my Mobster Identity. And Yes… You’re right. It is as you hear… Rita the Hammer.

Perry: Okay. That we got. We got that cleared.

Kirsten: But what was this deal that you made about?

Leslie: What the deal was that i have made with them… It was just this: The deal was that i would help bring the fighters to their knees for half of the Funds of the Mob. Niko’s team. That i knew one of the fighters and that i would get that one person to help me get the fighters to surrender and retire. Which means… put them in traction. I told them that the friend i had… Possessed a sparky temper. And had Electric power.

Perry: The only ones i know with Electric power and with a sparky temper are Serena are My sister… Blossom. It wouldn’t be Serena as she doesn’t know about you. So… It’d have to be my sister Blossom.

Leslie: Yeah. However… I said friend with a sparky temper and Electric powers. But i didn’t give the Mob… Niko’s men anything more. Like the name of who i meant. Which puts them in confusion. I knew who i meant. But… They don’t.

Perry: It doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that you told them about the fighters.

Blossom: Perry, It isn’t like that. Not like that at all. She was only getting a hold of their trust is all… However… There is a plan. We get the Mob to think that the Fighters are all retired and in traction. Gone. But that means… The fighters will have to go into hiding. Only for a short time though. Then as soon as the Mob is made aware that the City is theirs for the taking. The fighters come out full frontal and take the Mob out of commission.

Sora: This is not what we were expecting to know. We have to go into hiding? How do we even do that? We can’t go into hiding. There is no way that we can go into hiding. Too many people know us and our habits. We’re too predictable to people and if we were to change track… It’s gonna lead suspicion that something’s wrong. The People will notice.

Carly: They’re gonna be asking questions.

Perry: It isn’t that. Not like what you’re thinking. *To his sister* Blossom, You’re gonna need to find a way to start pulling from her. Little by little.

Blossom: But Perry…

Perry: Blossom, I understand that she’s your friend. She is your friend and you’d do anything to stand up and stick for your friend. However… She’s involved with the Mob. She’s in the Mob world. *To Leslie* Leslie, You’re not a bad person… But our father is gonna be pissed and will more likely than not… Ban you from seeing my sister. I don’t particularly think too highly of you. But with how you are sounding… From what you said so far… You sound like you truly regret the deal of which you’ve made the Mob. *Looking back to his sister* Blossom, You’re involved with the Mob… From how this has sounded. You need to tell dad about this before someone else does. Because if you don’t and he finds out from someone else… the results will be worse and you’ll be denied of being permitted to see your friend again. Leslie will be banned from being near you and you’ll be grounded.

Blossom: *Desperate* Perry… It isn’t that simple. I can’t tell him. He’s gonna want to come out fighting. There is nothing he will be able to do. He has no fighting power left. The Electric elemental powers he once had… Are gone. He will only get killed. I don’t want that… Do you?

Perry: Sis, I don’t know what it is that i want. What it is that you are asking for. But this is dangerous shit. The Mob will retaliate and someone’s gonna get capped. You and Leslie have this plan and it’s all good. But the others won’t fall for it. They’re gonna come out fighting and Leslie is gonna be the one in the crossfire. You know about Leslie’s plan. So does Sora and Carly… i would guess now. But the older fighters… They don’t know about Leslie. *Serious and pleading* Blossom, This is never gonna work. You’re involved now with the Mob. Probably with some habit. Not sure what it is… And i don’t really want to know. However… This is some seriously dangerous mojo.

Leslie: Perry, I won’t let anything come to harm Blossom. She already knows and i am also gonna tell you. I will not allow for the Mob to come at Blossom. To get to her… they will have to get through me and i won’t move so they can.

Kirsten: That’s gonna be fine and well… It’s admirable. But Leslie… Mr. Rhapsody… Curtis has a certain way of looking at things. He’s not gonna be happy. I know him enough to know how he is. Perry told me things about how he sees things.

Perry: Leslie, I don’t know about you much. I really don’t. But for a hunch… I’m gonna see about covering for you. If possible. As will Kirsten. I’ll try to get a couple others to jump in and take part on covering for you where possible. But Since my sister Blossom is involved with you. Really close and likely Relationship involved… You’re responsible for her safety as long as she’s with you. Young girl or not… You cause her any harm or allow for any harm to come at her for any reason… Or if she gets hurt under your watch… You and I will tussle and no gun will keep you from getting it from me.

Blossom: Come on Perry. Stop it. She’s not like that and you should know by now.

Perry: *Sighs* Sorry, But… What do you want me to say? huh? What is it that you expect me to say? Blossom, You’re my sister and I Love you like crazy… But sometimes you can be truly oblivious to what’s really going on.

Blossom: *Looking down* I know. I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. I don’t know what’s really going on half the time… Do I?”

“Leslie: No worse than my deal with the Mob. I’m dead. I’m so dead. *In dread* I have to hope that the Mob can be over turned. I’m gonna need to find a way to scythe the funds going to the Mob. Without having to be caught by Niko’s men. that way i can get my cut of their money without having to see them expecting for you guys to be all in traction. After tonight i might have to see that i blend in really well with the mass of other school attendees. That way… No one will be hurt.

Sora: How? How are you gonna be able to do that? It’s the weekend now and there is no school on the weekends.

Carly: What we do know… is that we’re gonna have to steer clear of our house tonight. For a few nights. But we don’t know if we’ll be able to sneak away.

Leslie: No. You two should just bide your time. Don’t over act on what’s going on with your mom and dad. The Divorce just happened today… If you react too sudden… It’ll raise a red flag. You two are now in the Mob now. But don’t expose the obvious. The last thing you need is to have people coming on to you about being in the Mob… on top of knowing and enduring the reality that your parents are divorcing.”

The Dark Knight

Feldstein: *Holding Leslie Down on the ground* You’re a dead little bitch. Doing that on-Air Interview exposed you as a daughter of an heiress who believes that the world is like her playground. You being a young girl… You think that you can play with the big boys and mess with shit you don’t know shit about.

Leslie: Please don’t do this… It isn’t what you think it is… I had been only practicing this stuff.

Feldstein: Don’t do what? teach you what happens when you try to play with the big boys… Huh? You don’t want it… You should have thought about that before you tried to make that deal to walk off with half of the Mob’s money in exchange of handing the Mob the fighters on a silver platter. You’re a young dumb kid who thinks they know the game. But you’re soon to find that you don’t know a thing. kids are stupid. No matter how smart they claim to be. They come to play with the big boys and think that they can get their way. You’re nothing more than a stupid ignorant child. That’s all you’ll ever be. Joining the Mob and think you are big and bad. You’re pathetic. That’s why… You’re gonna be taught a lesson. Some manners and taught your role.”

“Leslie: I’ll bet that you heard the Interview and all that i said… didn’t you?

Blossom: I did. I also heard you cry on air. You were in pain just by what you were saying and having to relive some painful memories. You also were talking to someone… over the phone on air… Your parents i’d take it.

Leslie: Yeah. However… this whole Emancipation thing stinks. I don’t have my own income. All i got is my Inheritance. What i have left. I also have done crimes that i regret doing. So… When all this is done… I might be having to get into Juvenile hall for a little bit.

Blossom: What? *Not understanding* Leslie, What are you talking about?

Leslie: Nothing. Just that i have to start thinking towards repaying the debt i made. Do right by the city. Sometime in the future. I can’t keep doing this Mob life.

Blossom: Because of being emancipated?

Leslie: Yeah.

Blossom: You know… There’s reference to something about what happens to Emancipated minors who do crime. That even they can’t escape the arms of the law.

Leslie: Why?

Blossom: You may be tried as an adult if you commit a crime. Emancipated minors are still subject to Juvenile Court jurisdiction, unless the judge orders you to be tried as an adult. Whether or not you are emancipated has no bearing on being tried as an adult.

Leslie: How did you know that?

Blossom: Read it once. Somewhere. When you and i first met… i didn’t realize all that much about the idea that you were emancipated. I thought that you may have been… well… A run away. You kinda sorta looked it because you looked lost. At least… you did at first. But then i was told you were emancipated. I didn’t believe it at first and didn’t buy into it. But then i started to wonder. Started thinking… What does it mean or what can Emancipated people… Kids… Teens do that others can’t? I looked into it and saw something that said that if you committed a crime as a Minor… Emancipated. You could be tried as an adult…

Leslie: Unless i were to give back to the city and repaid all debts to society. Would that work?

Blossom: I’m sure that it could. I mean… If you just repay the city and pay all your debts… showing that you were sorry. You’d be taken in as someone who has remorse. You might not even have to deal with Juvenile hall. It might not even happen.

Leslie: Is Emancipation forever?

Blossom: *Scoffs* You kidding… God, no. Leslie, it isn’t forever. You could get it rescinded.

Leslie: Rescinded… as in reversed?

Blossom: Well… Duh, Silly. Of course you can. You’re a smart person. Driven. But yet, you don’t know that you could have Emancipation rescinded?

Leslie: No… I didn’t know. I never even thought about it and didn’t even think that it could. I had the impression or belief that once you had Emancipated… It was permanent. Unable to be reversed.”

“Carl: *Nods* You sure that you have everything that you’ll need?

Leslie: I’m sure, dad. I just wish that this wasn’t the way it had to be.

Carl: I know. I wish there to be another way to go about this whole thing. I know that we’re doing the right thing in saving you. Giving you a chance at being safe. A chance at survival from all this. But this is certainly not the way.

Elizabeth: Most certainly not. There is always the option of all of us going to Metropolis… Right now. But… This is sadly a trip that only you can go on right now.

Leslie: I know. *Seeing the Bus pull in* It’s time. *Sighs* Here goes.

Carl: *Pulling out some side money* Wait. You’re gonna need some currency on hand for the trip. It’s gonna be a few days or so before you reach the state of Kansas. You are gonna be getting thirsty and hungry on the way.

Elizabeth: Carl, dear… she’s got her inheritance for that.

Carl: I know… But this is for her trip. It isn’t right to depend on the Inheritance just solely on food and fluids. There are greater things to spend it on than just food. There’s shelter and some furniture to accommodate her comfort. If she’s to be on her own… these things are gonna be important. She can’t solely have food and beverage and not have a place of safety. Warmth. Protection. Those things mean a great deal for someone. Anyone. Survival. It’s key.

Leslie: *Hugging her parents for one final time* I’ll miss you.”

“Zoey: *On the Phone* I just don’t understand. *Upset* I really don’t understand why Blossom is doing all this. She never had done anything like this before.

Susie: *On the Phone* Zoey, It’s not your fault. You were there for Blossom. However… there is nothing you can really do. She’s made her choice. You’re probably thinking on Joining the Mob too… It’s no big secret  But What happened?

Zoey: I saw her and Leslie doing a Mob hit. I was just walking down the street minding my own business. Just walking and also deep in my thoughts. There wasn’t anything going on at home as my dad was at work and my brother was Charlie was with his girlfriend Krissy Caine. Left an hour before i had and it was still morning time when i went out and just walked off down the streets. I was only out from the Liquor store after just buying a couple packs of smokes. Something to drink and eat also. I Walked down the street and got to a certain point when i happened to catch sight of a couple girls not too far from where i was.

Susie: Okay… Is there more?

Zoey: Yeah. There is. there is more to it than that. Alot more. I mean… I was not far from where the two girls were and i got closer to where they were and over heard some name… Rita. But we already know it’s Rita the Hammer. But then i heard another name… One that i haven’t heard before. Silvia. They were running into the store and i couldn’t really see who it was… But i got to the shadows and made sure that they couldn’t see me. But i could see them. I watched out for them and when they came out… I saw the one that Rita called Silvia. It was Blossom. Blossom was with Leslie and doing a Mob hit. She was doing a Mob Hit with Leslie. She Robbed the store with Leslie.

Susie: She was with Leslie and doing Mob Hits?

Zoey: yeah. She was and it is as if she was dead set in doing it. She even spoke about using Elemental grenades.

Susie: We’re gonna need to do something about that. Blossom is hanging with the wrong people. That girl is trouble. Leslie Burke is a trouble maker.”

“Leslie: *On the Phone* Blossom, we need to meet up.

Blossom: *On the Phone* What? Why?

Leslie: Something is going on over at Dorian’s place. He wants everyone there at his office.

Blossom: Want me to call Sora and Carly?

Leslie: Yeah… However… Be discreet. Just tell them that Dorian is with something to discuss and wants to maybe send us on some hits. It’s not what’s really going on… But get them on board as soon as possible.

Blossom: That’s if i can reach them. Their brother Paul is trying to keep them from really joining the Mob.  They already are… however… there are some of my cousins who are trying to ice the attempts.

Leslie: Maybe he’s suspicious. But i don’t think it should stop them. I plan on slowly leaving the Mob myself. Seeing that you and your cousins and possibly soon after seeing your cousin/Best Friend Zoey getting into it while at the same time hesitant on making the official jump. It’s what did it for me… Although i can’t leave it just yet… Not till the timing is right.

Blossom: This is too fast. You are not set to leave it quite yet. Besides… You heard that spirit whatever it was say that i had to become what turned into when you joined the Mob. I have… But i have to really act out. Likely kill. Not literally… But scare someone half to death.

Leslie: *Scoffs* Ugh! Blossom… What the hell? I Never killed anyone. Not ever. Remember i told you that i would not get into killing someone. That’d be left up to the guys. Dorian and the men. Not me… or the girls. Or you. I didn’t bring you into the Mob or entice you to think on joining the mob so you could right off kill.

Blossom: What?!

Leslie: You heard me… You’re my friend… Best friend/Girlfriend. But i am not gonna condone you turning into a killer. I told you several times that i would not ever turn you against your family. Ever. I even like your family. Respect their values. You told me what they were and i respect that alot.”

“Curtis: *Casting a Ban on Leslie* She’s been doing mob hits and smoking. Which wasn’t till you came here and got to her. Filling her head with mythical notions of how the Mob is good. This is the last time you and she will see one another. Leslie Burke.  STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! GET OUT!

Blossom: Dad, No. She’s my friend.

Curtis: Not anymore. You are not to see her ever again. Blossom, from this day forward… You’re grounded. It is from school to home… Home to school. Unless it’s with us. *Looking at Leslie* If i see you around my daughter again… You will be in jail. I will call the cops on you. Beat it!”

“Zoey: *Walking over and sitting down* I feel so terrible. Holly, I just ruined my friendship with Blossom. I think Blossom might hate me.

Holly: What? *Pauses and lost* Zoey, What are you talking about? Blossom might hate you? Why would she hate you? You didn’t do anything to make her hate you…

Zoey: I did. I exposed her secret life to the others and they told her father.

Holly: What secret? Wait a minute… You aren’t talking about Blossom’s habit and the fact that she was hanging with that Mob girl… are you?

Zoey: Yeah… I am. The other day… I was walking down the one street. The one with Liquor stores and mini marts. Some jewelry stores as well… Literally close to one another… I only got so far when i happened to see two girls. Running into one of the stores and *Sniffling* one of the girls i recognized… It was Rita the Hammer.

Holly: Leslie?! Leslie Burke?! *In disbelief* You’ve got to be kidding. Her? *Disgusted* Ugh! What the heck is the deal with her?

Zoey: I don’t know… But there is more… The other girl was unrecognizable… At first and i didn’t know who it would have been. But i heard Leslie speak to the girl with her… Calling her: “Silvia”.

Holly: *Catching the name* Silvia. Silvia the Bookie?

Zoey: That’s the one. That could have been anyone. *Sniffling* However i got to the shadows and watched for when they got out of the store. That’s when i saw them. Leslie… A-a-a-a-a-a-and B-b-b-b-b-b-blossom. She was posing as Silvia the Bookie. Plus smoking. I saw them light up and run off.

Holly: *Scoffs in outrage* What?! Oh my god… Zoey, You saw a robbery and didn’t report it?! What is the matter with you? You should have reported it.

Zoey: How? This was my cousin doing it. Plus the girl Leslie. They were the ones doing it. They don’t know i was there. If i were to report it… They’d figure out that i was there and they’d come after me.

Holly: Your cousin Blossom… would attack you. Is that what you’re saying?

Zoey: Yes. That’s what she would have done if she were to know that i was there following her. I wasn’t even following her. I was just at the right place… at the wrong time. I almost was caught by them. However they didn’t happen to see me around. But… *Crying* I told Susie… My older cousin and she told the others. I didn’t want to… But i was just scared for Blossom. That’s all. I was really concerned and worried for her. getting in to danger and there being nothing i could do to stop it.

Holly: It’s that girl Leslie. She is the cause for all that has happened to Blossom. To you. You and Blossom were close till that no good conniving girl Leslie came into our lives. *Growls about the mention of Leslie* Grrrrrrrrrr! I hate that girl. I hate her. Either way… it doesn’t matter, Zoey. When you see a Robbery and know it’s being performed… You report it. No matter who it is that is acting out the robbery and actually perpetrating it. Doing it. You could likely be an accessory to a robbery now. You saw something and didn’t call it in.

Zoey: Holly, Stop it… *Crying* Can’t you see that it’s hurting me enough? I just ruined my friendship with Blossom. I betrayed her. I know it was the right thing for me to tell the others and have something done about what Blossom was doing… But it still hurts.

Holly: Zoey, *Sighs* Come on… Since when has Blossom ever really been a true friend to you? She’s been more into that snot-nosed bitch Leslie. I’m 14 and more mature. I already don’t like Leslie. Now i… i really despise her. And i also dislike Blossom. I really don’t like her at all. She’s to be your friend. Not Leslie’s. Leslie is nothing but a loser.”

“Leslie: Now do you believe why Blossom is making the choices she’s making? This isn’t easy on her. She’s having to work this on her own. In the same process… she has to likely turn on you guys… In order for it to work. This is hurting her more than you know and you are all antagonizing her. pressuring her and stressing her out. She told me all about how dedicated and amazing you all are. I believe it and i feel that way too. But time for some hard fact… this ordering her around… controlling her and telling her how to live and stay away from me… the one she’s trying to save and thereby risking everything she has… That’s gonna make her really go all in on turning on you guys and being fully against you. Her family. It’s gonna make her revere you. Which will without a doubt hurt her more than you’ll ever realize.

Dancing Heartthrob: How do you know this?

Leslie: It’s because… I left my family and i know how painful it is to be one to make a hard choice. One that should not be made. One that no teen should ever have to be put in the position to make. I want to be a hero someday. A fighter of somekind. However… until i am fully and officially out of the Mob and have repaid all debts i wound myself up with… I will never be able to become a fighter or a plausible hero. I made this mess of mine… It’s up to me to fix it. Blossom’s doing what she’s doing to save me. To pull me out from the Mob. This isn’t easy for her and i agree. This is taking a huge toll on her.”

“Leslie: *Nearby* Hey! Kellaway, Just because you are too tightly wound and don’t know how to be loose doesn’t give you the right to deny your partner a little fun.

Lt. Kellaway: *Overhearing the comment* Watch it, Rita the Hammer. You are 2 steps away from being locked in the slammer.”

“Thunderic Fury: *Stands in front of Dorian* Okay… Tyrell. two guesses and i would suggest that you think hard. Real hard. Who do you think i am and what might it mean for you?

Dorian/Mask: *Looking at the men* Is this young dame talking tough to me? She does realize that i now have the mask and that nothing can practically hurt me… don’t you figure?

Carly Black: *Grabbing One of the men and Uppercutting into the private parts* Release Ipkiss! Now! Let him go… Right the fuck now!

Orlando: *Starting to lose his grip*

Dorian/Mask: *Looking at the teen* You’re here to give me a tickle?

Thunderic Fury: Uh… No. Not quite. Try the answer being: “I’m the Furious Rage of the Thunder… Thunderic Fury. A Member of the Thunderic Force Z! This here… *Showing her weapon* Say hello to my good friends Electro… and Leviathan Thunder. Both of them want to give you some love… Thunder Style. Wanna play?

Dorian/Mask: *Ordering the Men* Nail this Blondie!

Thunderic Fury: *Using her Thunder Chains to produce a Static Cling and pull the guns over to her* I think that i’ll take those!

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Electrogal… What is your cousin doing?

Electrogal: I don’t know… But i think that my cousin’s got a plan of some sort.

Leslie: She better have a plan… Dorian’s getting pissed. Remember i told you that i’ve seen his temper. Dorian’s right now just playing. Evilly as it might appear. But he is right now playing… Pretty soon… He is gonna lose his temper and he’s gonna really unleash. Only difference is now that he’s got the mask… It’s unprecedented. Anything could happen and if he gets pissed. It’s over. Your cousin’s got to be careful.

Electrogal: Justice is Justice. My family… they never stand down. When on call to do their heroics… They go all in.

Leslie: *Concerned* …

Peggy once again tried to sneak away and yet again… was blocked…

Dorian/Mask: Of course. You only want what’s coming to you, don’t you?

Peggy: Back off Freakazoid. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Dorian/Mask: Ah… But you forgot something really important. You might die today…

Thunderic Fury: Not with us here to stop it. *With her weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Dorian Tyrell; Shocking him* Thundering WHIPLASH!

Dorian/Mask: *Feeling the Electrical Current and Vibrating hard due to the attack* AHHHHHHH!

Sweet Eddy: *Running over to Aide Dorian* Hold on, Boss!

But as soon as he grabbed for Dorian and made to assist…

Sweet Eddy: *Feeling the Shock* AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!

Leslie: *Gasps* Whoa! Talk about a shocking experience…

Electrogal: That’s my cousin. When she cooks… She really cooks. Leslie, Once all this is over… you will need to be in the loop about Serena. But word of warning… When she gets like this… Do yourself a favor. Obey her. She is with the temper of my Aunt Dinah. When she gets mad… All bets are off. Get her beyond mad… You better just write out your will… Grab a shovel and start digging. Because if she gets a hold of you… You’ll have no time to beg. You be dead where you stand.

Leslie: I’ll keep that in mind. *Chuckles* You sure have a whole lot of interesting family members who can fight.

Electrogal: No kidding. *Winks*

However once the shocking sensation subsided and Dorian was standing upright…

Dorian throws the switch and the presses CHURN to life. In a flash he snatches Peggy off her feet…

Dorian/Mask: *Con’t* A girl like you deserves to have her face plastered all over page one.”

“Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Blossom… I feel like a total fool. I am so so sorry. Sorry for everything that i caused you to do. Dragging you into this. This is all my fault. All of it. We Met and it was the best thing that ever happened. I just wish that it could have happened on a better occasion. You’re in the Mob because of me. You chose to join… Made the choices that you’ve made because of me. You joined to save me. To pull me out from the Mob. But i can’t allow you to risk anymore just for the sake of me. I can’t. Blossom, We’re still together… But this Mob life meets an end… Starting tonight.

Blossom: …

Leslie: You turned into a bit of the monster that i was on the way of becoming. You have to stop. This is the same element that i had to face and deal with back in my hometown. But now… seeing it here? This is history repeating itself. It has to stop.

Blossom: What’re you gonna do?

Leslie: Something to lead in the right direction…

It was then that Leslie finally broke. She was on her defining moment. Leslie was making the decision of returning back to the girl she was before the Mob. She was done. With all of the Mob. Seeing what happened confirmed it. She wanted out. She within seconds Grew up the nerve and with an explosive surge of courage… She Walked right up to Dorian and faced him…

Leslie: *Standing up to Dorian and with discontent* I can’t believe this… Dorian. How could you turn into such a power mad monster?

Dorian/Mask: This is who i always was. This was what i hid from you.

Leslie: You betrayed my trust in you. I thought that you were sincerely a person who would never turn against your word. You promised me that you’d never intentionally hurt someone.

Dorian/Mask: I didn’t even make a promise to you. I told you that i never would turn dark.

Leslie: That’s a lie. You did promise me. You gave me your word, Dorian. You lied to me. YOU LIED!

Dorian/Mask: Leslie… It’s not what you think.

Leslie: *Glaring* No… Don’t even snow me. I might be only a 13 year old Girl… But i am not stupid. I know what you are.

Dorian/Mask: And what would that be?

Leslie: A Liar, Murderer and Power hungry CREEP!

From the side…

Thunderic Fury: *Holding the phone up and still active call… On Speaker for the rest of the fighters to hear* …

Leslie: *Still standing up to Dorian* And on the other front… I am stupid. I should have never joined the Mob. I screwed up and i have to spend the rest of my life regretting it. Since i joined the Mob… People around me at school all thought i was on drugs. They all revered me. Hated me. Despised me. Made it where i had no friends and left where i’d have to count it by luck to land a friend at all. I’m done… After the next pickup… I am throwing in my resignation. I’ll take my skills and my weapons and severance pay for my time in the Mob. I’m done. It’s Over. My name is and has… and forever will be. Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… Mob girl… Is dead. If Rita the Hammer comes back… She’s getting a rewrite, Done the right way. *Walking off and leaving the scene*

Sweet Eddy: *Watching Leslie walking off* Boss, The girl is walking away. Aren’t you gonna stop her?

Dorian/Mask: No. I’m letting her go.”

“Aunt Luna is a whore anyway… Since when has she truly been a real mother to her family? Uncle Zeke… You’re gonna be fine without her. You’ll be able to find someone new. Better.”

“This Pub looks pretty cool. He owns this place?”

“Yeah. He has a partner who’s helped him out throughout the very beginning of his running the place.”

“Seems nice.”

“Zeke: *Looking over to see a shadow walking over from the side; Seeing who’s there* Blossom?

Blossom: Hey, Uncle Zeke.

Zeke: Good heavens… It’s after midnight. You should be at your house and asleep. What’re you doing out this late?

Blossom: You don’t want to know… It’s best if you didn’t.

Zeke: Why’s that, Sweetheart? You okay?

Blossom: Yeah. I am just dealing with my unfortunate involvement among the Mob.

Gabe: Huh?!

Ilsa: The Mob? You’re not talking about the Second rate Mobster Dorian Tyrell… are you?

Blossom: Afraid so. But i sure regret it. I only did it to save someone from the Mob. Getting her out from the Mob.

Gabe: Who? Who do you mean?

Blossom: Someone who happens to be my friend. Best friend.

Zeke: Zoey? No. Not my daughter… Please no…

Blossom: *Laughs* Uncle Zeke… Calm down. It’s not Zoey. Honest. She’s not in the Mob at all. She was close to being in the Mob… But she never bit into it. She’s still safe. Free from it.

Heinz: Then who do you consider to be the one you are saving from the Mob?

Leslie: *Walking into view* I think that’d be me. *Smiles* Hi. I’m Leslie.

Gabe: *Shocked and shrieks* R-r-r-r-r-r-r-rita the Hammer?!

Leslie: I guess… you followed the stories about me. Mob stories.

Heinz: We all did. But… we have to ask why a young and upright girl like you would get involved with the mob.

Leslie: Protection. However… I endured my defining moment tonight. I saw the exposing light of Dorian and saw him for who he really was… I gave my resignation to the mob just a moment ago. With the word that i’d do one last hit for them. Then. I was done. I quit the Mob. It’s over.

Gabe: You were the one that shot holes in the special wood that was for this Pub. We had to get an invoice approval for a new shipment. That was about 6,000 dollars, Young lady. I would file charges. Actually Zeke would be all for filing charges… But you do seem to look to be someone who is indeed remorseful and sorry.

Leslie: That’s why i came here to give this… *Handing over an envelope* Inside is 8,500 Dollars. It’s entitled to you guys. I have alot of debts to pay back for what i did. But… This is from me. My Inheritance Money.

Zeke: *At a loss for words* Oh my god… Leslie, You didn’t have to do this. We would have come up with it somehow… It would have taken a while… But we’d come up with the money that was lost over the building material.

Leslie: Please… I want you to have it. I want to make up for what i’ve done. I did wrong by doing what i did. I didn’t know what it was that i’ve done on the wood. But if it weren’t for me… you wouldn’t have lost the Wood to begin with. It’s my fault. I have to make amends. Doing what is right. *Looking down* I can’t go back to my parents with these debts lingering and i miss them. I need to make this right.

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* It’s gonna be alright, Leslie. You’re doing the right thing.

Leslie: I am. But i still feel guilty. I should have never joined the Mob to begin with. I Joined it because i needed some kind of protection. A place to belong. But after seeing Dorian actually killing someone. I came to regret it. I don’t know what i was even thinking. How could i have been so blind and foolish?”

O’aka: *Coming to and Rubbing his eyes* What… What… Who’s come to see this slick Merchant at this time of the night?

Blossom: O’aka? It’s one of the fighters.

O’aka: Fighters. Rhapsody Clansmen? *Opening the sliding door and seeing who stood in view* Well I’ll be fancyin’ a surprise to be… Electrogal standing before I… What brings you out to see the likes of me at this hour of the Night?

Blossom: It’s something that I am helping a friend do. A best friend… actually.

O’aka: Oh?! Who?

Blossom: Someone that the whole city is trying to revere… Which i don’t think… is to be the least bit fair. It’s awful.

O’aka: I don’t know if i’m following clear on what you’re saying, Lass. Who would Revere your Cousin, Zoey? Why would the city Revere her?

Blossom: It’s not Zoey. It’s someone else.

Leslie: *Enclosing a wad of cash in the Envelope* … *Walking over and gulps* … I can do this. It’s the right thing to do in order to make amends for what i done. I can do this. I have to. I messed up. I got to make this right.

O’aka: *Catching sight of Leslie* Well… If it isn’t the thief that robbed me like a fox. Rita the Hammer… Did you come to try to steal from the likes of me again?

Leslie: No. Look, What i did was awful. I stole from you and hurt you. I was stupid for doing so. I know that you probably had thoughts of filing a report and turning me in to the police for what i had done… I don’t blame you. I deserve it. I know that nothing can make up for what i did. However… I hope that this will compensate you for what was lost. *Handing over an Envelope to O’aka* There’s 25,000 inside. I know it isn’t much… But It’s a gesture to show that i’m sorry.

O’aka: *Blown away* Dear heavens… Where on earth did you come up with all this money? This must be a bushel of cash i reckon.

Leslie: This comes right from my Inheritance Money. I am paying back all my debts that i made. I left the Mob and i don’t plan on ever going back. I never will go back to the Mob. I’ve reached my end tonight. I was in the Mob and i was promised that i’d never see a murder. Ever. Dorian promised me that none of that would happen. But he lied. I caught him in a lie and he flat out broke his word. I planned to leave the Mob anyway… But seeing the truth and catching Dorian in a lie… That’s what made it real.

O’aka: You’re trying to pay off all your debts… How will you manage to do that?

Leslie: I don’t know. It’s gonna take a lot from me. But i have to do this. I don’t want to be upon that Jerk Lt. Kellaway’s Radar. He’s been one step away from having me in the slammer. I don’t want to be put there and the only way that i can prevent from ending up in the slammer.

O’aka: You figure he just doesn’t like you?

Leslie: Not only that… He even disrespected the fighters and called them glory seekers. It was like a total slap in the face.

O’aka: That guy is no one’s friend.

Leslie: I can’t begin to wonder how he managed to stay wed for as long as he did.

O’aka: Aye… I know that you don’t like the guy. And a lot of people don’t favor him to say the least… But that was indeed a low blow. You’re like 13 and already speak like that… You must be one of a kind. Too rich for this cunning Merchant which i be.

Leslie: I am not that rich. I just am a daughter of an Heiress. But i am the type of rich girl… who doesn’t really care about Money. All i truly care about is my family… A good home that is safe and a good friend. Money is great… But in the end it doesn’t bring a person happiness. Just unseen misery. The only thing that money can really do is show you who your real friends are. That’s all.

O’aka: *Chuckles* Blossom… Where did you find this Lass? She’s not like the usual crowd you hand with. She’s different. But I must say… This girl… is one that ye… can depend on. But watch her. She’s got some tricks she do…

Blossom: This might be something that will be risky… But can you help us? Leslie needs to repay all her debts. But there are too many of them. She can’t very well get to all of them on her own…

O’aka: Debt is a vile and treacherous thing it is… But you are asking me to help locate all the ones that she needs to pay back.

Blossom: This is huge. Please… We can’t ask the others. They’d never understand.

Leslie: *Feeling stressed*

O’aka: For all the times you and the crew been there for O’aka. This is something which i shall find a way to do. How do i reach ye’?

Leslie: I got a cell. *Giving out her #* This is my personal #.

Blossom: *Giving out her Cell #* You can call me too… Either her or me. We’ll be listening.

O’aka: Will do. And sorry about the suspicion earlier. But after all the run in’s with the mob and the slight brush that your friend Leslie had done on good ole’ O’aka. I am a little weary. However… I know that she be sorry. If there is any leads to anyone who has been looking for a score to settle and a Debt be needing to be paid back by her… O’aka’ll let ye’ know… That he will.”

“Leslie: *Sitting down* Sora, Carly… We came here to get our severance pay for our time with the Mob. We are leaving the Mob.

Sora: Why? I thought that you were fine with being the Mob girl.

Carly: That’s right. What happened?

Blossom: It’s nothing bad. We just reached our limit. Plus Leslie and I Both saw Dorian kill someone. He killed a reporter by throwing her into the grinding gears and machinery in the Newspaper Printing press room and Loading area. Underneath the Daily Planet Building.

Sora: He what?

Blossom: He killed someone. Leslie saw and just decided that enough was most certainly and without a doubt…enough.

Leslie: Plus… It’s about time that i left anyway. Besides… ever since i joined the Mob… all i got were sneers and negative comments coming to me. Rumors being told. People just wanting to have no better fulfillment than to chase me out of the city. I just grew tired of it. So… I am leaving it. I am done with it.

Carly: Where does that happen to leave us?

Leslie: We’re gonna be seeing on pulling you two out of the Mob as well. The habits can stay if you wanna keep them. I would wish that’d go too. But, I am not you. Or am i your parents… I am just suggesting.

Blossom: I too am seeking to leave the Mob and i practically have. I only joined because of Leslie and plus on a confidential note… I had to join and become the person she was turning into… in order to pull her out from the Mob.

Sora: *Not understanding something* Why would you have to join to pull her out, Blossom? Did you have to become what she was… Just to snap her back into sense and then persuade for her to decide to leave the Mob?

Leslie: It’s not exactly like that. Not really. I mean… I… *Sighs* I can’t see to keep this from you guys. I am leaving the Mob and trying to fix my life up because… I think that my parents are coming to Metropolis.

Carly: What?! Your parents?! I thought that you said that you Emancipated from them.

Leslie: I did. But i want them back and if they truly come here… I am gonna rescind the Emancipation. I am gonna reverse it and get back with my parents. That’s why… or one of the reasons why i left the Mob and am seeking to pay back all debts that i’ve made.

Blossom: You also left because of seeing me turning into a monster… You didn’t want me to be suffering through that.

Leslie: That’s right. And the fact that you had to put yourself through a lot of pain to pull me out of the Mob and it’s grip… I can never forgive myself for. I should have never joined the Mob to begin with. Ever.”

Doyle: *Voice-Over* And Now… The next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

Carl V. Burke: *Voice-Over* ““I’m for truth no matter who tells it. I’m for justice no matter who it’s for or against.” Malcolm X.

At the Metropolis Police Station…

Kellaway was walking out of the Police station in humiliation and despair over the embarrassing display that transpired earlier that night and was walking right next to Doyle…

Kellaway: *Feeling the pressure and the stress* I can’t believe this… Of all the most humiliating things to happen. Hardened cops… Cops who were on top of their game… caught dancing in the spotlight and it being caught all over the 11:00 News. Plastered for all the people watching the News to see.

Doyle: The SWAT team got an offer to open for Kenny Chesney. I guess something turned up in good fortune for them.

Kellaway: That’s just great… They get the fortune and i get the ridicule and the pressure. Made responsible for the fowl-up! *In outrage* And i am just betting that someone out there… that the Mob Girl Rita the Hammer is watching and Laughing her ass off. Having a round of laughs and ripping a seam in cheers. Thinking it’s funny. *Scoffs* Yeah… Sure relieved that she’s happy. *Stressed and Tense*

Doyle: She’s not laughing. She’s sure not about to laugh at you…

Kellaway: I’m History. The Captain’s going to have my badge for breakfast. With a little pension on top. By tomorrow… I’m gonna be lucky to have a job as a desk informant. I’m finished.

Doyle: C’mon Lieutenant, it wasn’t your fault. Something will turn up. It’s not exactly a complete loss…

Kellaway: *Scoffs* Yeah. Stanley Ipkiss is gonna come falling right into my lap…

Just then as if it were a matter of fate or chance… A car SCREECHES BY. The back passenger door of the car immediately flies open and within just seconds a BODY comes tumbling out – knocking Kellaway down. He looks up at the body sitting in his lap –

It also knocked Doyle down but just slightly…

Kellaway: Ipkiss!

Doyle: Ipkiss… What… This is the one that’s the Mask? *Lost for words* Wh-wh-wh-what?!

Kellaway: Get him off of me!

Kellaway saw that the gag was still on Stanley and removed it so Stanley could be heard to say something…

Stanley: *Gasps and coughing for air* … You’re making a mistake. I can explain. I can explain… Everything. It isn’t what you think.

Kellaway: You can explain everything? Explain this! *Yanking out a rubber green mask* Explain this…

Stanley looks confused and very at a loss for words…

However not far from where they were…

Majestic Love: *Seeing Stanley in Police Custody* Shit… Damn it all! We’re too late. Stanley’s been delivered to the cops on a silver platter and Dorian’s now out there spreading possible Chaos.

Dancing Heartthrob: What’ll we do?

Majestic Love: We fall back and find out some lead to prove Stanley’s innocent. Somehow… This is a mistake.

Back over in front of the Police station…

Kellaway: *With force* Get him up! Let’s go! I got a cell for you, pal. It’s the slammer. I know that you’ve got some help from that girl Rita the Hammer. She’s likely your accomplice. If i see her… It’s to the Youth detention center for her. Let’s go!

It was a moment later when Stanley was locked up behind bars and put in a cell. It was curtains for him… The Police have got their man… Or so they’ve thought. However they were gonna soon find out that Stanley… was not their man. Not in the least. He might have been tied to the heist. The robbery and the stint at the Coco Bongo a few nights prior… But for the wave that seemed to be going on now… He was with no recollection. There was no way that it would turn out to be him and yet still be behind bars. Something was gonna sound way off…

An hour later…

At Doyle’s residence…

Doyle: *Walking into the front door and greeting his Cat* Hey Sylvester… How’re you doing? *Walking over to the Kitchen* What’s the matter? You hungry? *Watching his cat purr and meowing* Okay… I’ll get you something to eat. Hold on. It’s coming.

Minutes later…

The Phone rings…

Doyle: *Looking at the time* 1:45 in the morning… Who’d be calling at this time of the night? It couldn’t be Kellaway. He’s probably asleep already at his place. *Walking over to the phone and suddenly answering it* Hello… Doyle speaking… Who’s this?

Leslie on the phone with the Sgt.
Leslie on the phone with the Sgt.

Leslie: *On the Phone* Sgt. Doyle… It’s Leslie.

Doyle: *On the Phone* Leslie… Rita the Hammer?

Leslie: Actually. It’s Ex-Rita the Hammer. I am not in the Mob anymore. Rita the Hammer is a dead identity. At least for now. It’ll be back… in the future with a rewrite. But i am calling to let you in on something. I’m taking measures into my own hands and I’m leading to repay my debts to society.

Doyle: That’s a step up, Leslie. But the law is the law. There might be still some time in Juvey involved.

Leslie: Unless i pay back all debts that i made, right? Wouldn’t that show that i am sorry and am for doing the right thing?

Doyle: Well… Yeah. Although in some states.., or counties… The Laws may differ from one to another. But if you repay your debts to society… If you turn yourself in… and prove your case… As well as show the Juvenile court system that you’re sorry… You might get off with a Verbal Warning. Possibly some counseling  for a given amount of time and some possible Community service. Unless you were to… let’s say… Volunteer to help repair a location or do part in helping on fixing a place in question. It could show the courts good faith that you’re giving back to the city.

Leslie: That’s what i wish to do. I know you’re likely gonna relay this to Kellaway that we spoke. I don’t blame you as you’re like usually with him all the time on duty. I want to do my part. I’ve already took measures in paying back 2-3 of 300 Debts that i had made. I intend to do more paybacks. Every cent that i owe.

Doyle: *Nods while listening* Mmhmm… That’s being a model citizen.

Leslie: I am also gaining the help of a Merchant. O’aka XXIII. He’s gonna keep his eyes and ears open for anyone coming forward mentioning they were hurt by my robbing them. So i can pay the person back. Each one that comes up.

Doyle: What does your partner… Silvia the Bookie think?

Leslie: Blossom? She’s not Silvia. That name never really stuck to her. She’s only done a few hits. and they were ones with me. So the Debts that i owe that are a little more than 40,000… I’ll handle on behalf of her and me.

Doyle: It’s a debt that she has to pay too…

Leslie: Sgt… No. She’s not liable to pay them. I am. She might have done them with me… But i was the one that did most of the lifting. It’s my mess. Besides… It’s my fault that she’s tied to some of this. I Joined the Mob and that has turned out to be nothing more than a mistake. A huge mistake and i left it just hours ago.

Doyle: How were you able to do that?

Leslie: I stood up to Dorian and broke off my involvement with him. I left the Mob and i don’t ever intend to return to the Mob. Ever.

Doyle: That’s good.

Leslie: However this isn’t exactly why i called. There is something that you need to know.

Doyle: *Pauses and Sitting down; Listening* Okay… I’m listening. What’s the news?

Leslie: Dorian’s got the Mask. He got to Ipkiss earlier and it was due to a hit. A drop off of the Mask and the man who was behind it.

Doyle: A Drop off by who?

Leslie: I don’t know… It was a woman. Some reporter of the Daily Planet. Peggy Brandt. She was there and she handed Stanley over to Dorian and presented the Mask over to Dorian too. For 70 G’s.

Doyle: You were there… and saw this?

Leslie: Yes. I was. That was where i reached my point and broke off from the Mob. I Broke away and never saw to look back. Dorian killed Peggy.

Doyle: He killed her?

Leslie: Yeah. He did. He threw her into the churning gears of the printing press in the Pressing room. Below the Daily Planet. A couple of the fighters were there. Blossom, she was there… But she was with me. There was also another… A Member of the team known as the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!. Thunderic Fury. She was there to try and rescue Stanley… However Dorian was unaffected by the attacks done on him.

Doyle: How’s that possible? If the fighter attacked him… Wouldn’t he have had marks on him?

Leslie: No… That’s just it. Thunderic Fury did attack. She fired at him and unleashed a Thunder attack on Dorian. Dorian had the Mask on at that time and likely still does. He’s got it on him and is wearing it. But Thunderic Fury attacked him with a Thunder attack. The attack didn’t do hardly anything to him. It Shocked him. Electrocuted him a bit and gave him a heavy shock treatment. But the freakiest thing about it is… There were no marks. Nothing. There were no singe marks. Electrical penetrations or anything.

Doyle: Almost as though…

Leslie: Nothing phased him. He stood there as though nothing happened.

Doyle: What about the others who were there?

Leslie: No. They weren’t even affected. The Fighter didn’t attack them. Just Dorian. Dorian took it. He took it all.

Doyle: Where’s Tyrell now?

Leslie: I don’t know… I mean… The last thing that i heard him say was… “And What perception might you have to know what normal is? A young girl such as yourself should know that normal is pretentiously over-rated.” That was before i stood up to him and after i stood up to him… I started to leave and Blossom, My best friend was with me. We both left and Blossom might have heard what was said by him before she and I were too far to catch the sound of his voice… The booming voice that was not his… but the Mask’s version of his voice. Hearing him say: “The police are looking for the mask. So… We’ll give them The Mask.”

Doyle: That’s what Stanley had. He had the mask with him. So… How is Dorian still with it?

Leslie: It’s because Dorian planted a fake green rubber Mask. Trying to pass that off as the same Mask that you all saw Stanley with and wearing. But that was the mask that was…

Suddenly sounds of keys clacking are heard as Leslie on her end was getting on her laptop and getting online to look up the Mask…

A minute later…

Leslie: You have a Cell?

Doyle: Yeah.

Leslie: What’s the Number? I’ve got the picture of the actual mask. The Real Item of Interest. I’ll send it over the phone to you.

Doyle: Okay…

A few seconds later…

Doyle’s Cell rings and beeps with a notification. He picks it up and looks at the Phone…

Leslie: Did you see it?

Doyle: Yeah. I see it. What is it?

Leslie: It’s the Mask. The real Mask that Stanley had wore… Till it changed hands from him… To Dorian. Dorian’s got it now. That Mask… Is the item which is Imbued with the powers of a Norse god. A Norse god of Mischief. Loki. It was considered to be a blasphemous thing among the Norse gods and gods of the Pantheon. The aesir gods… were all shamed over it. Plus the All father… Odin. Since Loki happened to be a rather unruly god… Odin had to cast him into Exile. Thereby banishing Loki from Valhalla forever. Some say that Loki was locked up Chained and placed far beneath the earth itself.

Doyle: So… Whoever wears the mask… Has the powers of this Norse God?

Leslie: Yes. Stanley was the Goofy one. Love-crazed and insane. Believe me… I have seen some of the hysterics that he pulled. At the nightclub a few nights ago.

Doyle: How? You were not there by time Kellaway and i showed up.

Leslie: That’s because… I snuck out the back before you and the guy Kellaway could spot me. But i was there. With Dorian that night. As was Blossom. We were both there.

Doyle: What do you think he’s gonna do?

Leslie: I don’t know. However… With his evil intentions and Evil Ambitions… It’s bad. Terrible.

Doyle: Don’t worry. You just keep away from him. You pulled out from the Mob. Let Kellaway and the cops handle it. Plus… The fighters too. Let them worry about it.

Leslie: I will. I have to stick to focusing on blending in with the normal people. The school… and then also repaying my debts as well…

The call ended minutes later and Leslie felt that she either had helped the cops get to the bottom of what was going on and gave them some insight on what was causing the mess that had been going on. Or that she without thinking… placed a bigger and more deadlier target upon Stanley Ipkiss’s head…

At the Metropolis Hotel…

Room #624…

Leslie: *Watching T.V and slowly dozing off* I hope that i can get my life back to how it was before all this started. I can’t take much more pressure. As it is… I’m likely still gonna be facing time in Juvey. Non-Incarceration… But… Doyle does have a point. He’s right. The Law’s the Law. I can’t pay to have it swept under the rug. I have to face it. *Yawning and suddenly falling asleep* I need help.


at the Metropolis Police Station Prison…

Stanley was behind bars and in a Jail cell. There was nowhere for him to. As it was now, Kellaway believed him to be the man responsible for the mayhem that was going on in the city. The facts spoke out… The incident with a street gang. A dishonest runned Auto finishing. The Bank… Foiling a Mob Heist. A Piece of fabric spotted at the Night Club. The Park and the zany sideshow… All of those things played heavy in the mess that was pegged towards him. Towards Stanley. Stanley was being made the scapegoat. The target. but now… there was another issue. An entirely different issue and it revolved all on Dorian. He had the Mask and the powers of Loki. Dorian was evil already… But now… He’s sinister. His crew or henchmen were seeing it and were in fact… with feelings of uncertainty. When Dorian was back to normal… They’d know what to expect and be able to follow him without any cause for intimidation. But they knew right off that as long as Dorian was wearing that mysterious mask… All bets were gonna be off. There was no predicting what was gonna happen. It was only the first night of Dorian wearing the Mask. Only the first night… and already… things were starting to look concerning. Worrisome.

Stanley was in his cell and as he sat there in despair… He heard barks coming from the outside of the station. He didn’t know where they were coming from. However, Stanley needed to know. He had to know…

Stanley: *Looking out the window from his Cell; Spotting Milo* Forget about me, buddy. Find a new place to live. I’ll be in here for a long, long time.

Milo whined and whimpered as he felt that he was gonna be without a home. He didn’t want to leave Stanley and could only wish that there was something which could be done…

How were things gonna turn out now since Dorian was as of that past night… in possession of the Mask? What was gonna happen to Leslie later on in the road as things were now gonna be cutting down to the wire itself? There was now more to worry over. The Mob and the new profound unpredicted power of the Mask which was in Dorian’s control. Leslie’s parents were gonna get closer. A lot closer and it meant that Leslie was running out of time to fix her life. She didn’t want for her parents to find out about the mess she was in. Although she didn’t know that her parents were on their way to Metropolis. She didn’t know. How were the fighters gonna press on and go facing off against Dorian… and the Mob when time called for the final showdown? Serena Rhapsody and Carly Black knew about Dorian’s new model. The others… did not. There was gonna be hell for them all now that Dorian was with the Mask. The Mob was gonna flare up with going after the D.A of the city. The only question was… When? How? and Where? Plus… The fated developments of the friendship between Zoey and Blossom. Would it soon officially crumble and collapse? Or would there by the grace of god… be a way for it to hold on tight? Find out what comes next… on the Next Chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Holly: *Voice-Over* Hey… Holly Reedy here again. Now this is where things get really dramatic and tense. A 10 year friendship meets an end.  Courtesy of Zoey… Or Blossom. She cuts it off. As far as i am concerned… She’s making a big mistake. A huge mistake. Zoey is the only one she’s gonna be with. However she still chooses Leslie. Damn you, Leslie… Why must you ruin things. Zoey and Blossom were really close. Inseparable. There was nothing that could pull them apart. But then you show up and screw everything up. I am getting really sick and tired of you. Beyond sick and fed up. On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s the morning hours and things go from tense to more stressful. For all involved. It cuts right off to the wire and gets closer and closer to D-day… A Final showdown to retake the city. The heroic fighters Vs. The Mob. It gets even more tense as there is a humiliating scene revolving Zoey, Blossom, Leslie and Me. All with the concern of the ten year friendship. The break-up and the tearful goodbye to Zoey’s sweet disposition. She shatters and is never the same again. What’s worse is that Sora and Carly let her have it as well. Leslie walks off and backs out. About time she left us alone… We hope. That’s not all… She gets calls from the famed Merchant on some potential sources for repaying debts. Paying back the Debts that were done while she was one with the Mob. She might have left it and is no longer with the Mob but it don’t mean that the Mob left her. I don’t trust her. I never will till i decide. The heat is on for the D.A as he starts getting followed by mysterious stalkers. The family Matriarch also gets targeted by stalkers and it gets down to the point where a lead is believed to aim right for… Niko. or… Dorian/The Mask? More developments on the closely approaching progress of a couple who happen to be the parents to that girl Leslie… Great. I’m stuck with her in this city. Things unfold and open up as it reaches the final moments of the Mob’s reign. Just wait till they all see the new Model of Dorian. Later… just when i thought that i had that girl Leslie Tina Burke pegged and all figured… She does something that not even i’ll be understand. Leslie sneaks off and goes to the police station… To bust Stanley out. To break him loose from the Jail and open it for him to get a chance to take back his life… Surprises, An Emotional break, A progressive step to right the wrongs made by Leslie, A twist in the plot and developments unfolding ever forward on the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 226: “A Visit from Tina Carlyle. Paul and Crystal seek Audience with Nick Harrison/Rhapsody.”


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