Chapter 224: Ipkiss Under capture and Romancers on the trail. Blossom and Leslie hide away at Dorian’s.

Zoey: *Voice-Over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Blossom: *Walking over from the side; Coming from the street* Hey Leslie.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom suddenly* Blossom?! Oh my god… I can’t believe that you’re here… near me at a time like this.

Blossom: What do you mean? *Confused* Why’re you here? You do realize that this is a nightclub, right?

Leslie: I think that i gathered that, Blossom. However… i am involved with someone here.

Blossom: Who? Who has you here? Leslie… You should come with me. We can hang out at my house. I can make an excuse with my dad and you can stay at my house.

Leslie: That’d be nice, Blossom… But, I can’t. I have to stay here.

Blossom: I don’t understand… Why? Why do you have to stay here?

Leslie: It’s not really any business of yours, Blossom. You shouldn’t be here. You should not have come here. Go. Please.

Blossom: Leslie, You can trust me… I won’t tell anyone about your being at the nightclub.

Leslie: Alright. You happen to be a good friend. My only friend from school. So… I have to at least trust you with some of the truth.

Blossom: Truth? Leslie… What is going on?

Leslie: What do you think? I am with Dorian right now.

Blossom: Who?!

Leslie: Dorian Tyrell. He is the big time Crime boss who happens to work under the Crime lord Syndicate known as Niko. But Dorian is trying to get out from under him and over take this city. Out power Niko… if he can. That’s part of the reason why i joined under him. i am involved with the Mob. To help him get one over on Niko. Take him out.

Blossom: What would that do for Dorian? If he is wanting to take control of the city and over throw Niko… Why doesn’t he just try to spread a Rumor or a damaging tale about him and get people to believe it? Fabricate it somehow. He doesn’t necessarily have to… you know… Kill him? does he?

Leslie: That’s what i am trying to get Dorian to consider. I mean… he’s wanting to get above Niko and bring him down… But he’s so set on killing Niko that it’s all he considers. However… He’s wanting to protect me from all that for now. Till he knows that i will have to join in on the fight. I am just worried that he’s gonna bite off more than what he can take on.

Blossom: I don’t know why… but you’re putting yourself in danger, Leslie. You need to get away from the Mob world before it destroys you. I am your friend. Your only friend apparently. But i can’t just stick around seeing you getting in the middle of danger. This location… the glitz and glam. It might be all sweet and cute now… Simple and serene. But eventually those rose-tinted glasses are gonna shatter and break. When they do… You might come to see what a mistake this all was.

Leslie: … What you just said… Blossom, is not really for you to be judging. You don’t really know about the Mob world. You’re not living it. I am. However… I know what i’m doing. I know how to fire a gun. But i really don’t favor in it.

Blossom: *Scoffs* God… Leslie, I wish i knew how i could help you with this mess. I want to be there for you. You need to be careful. All i ask is that you try to think hard on what you’re trying to take on. You’re my friend. Just know that i’m here… if you ever feel like opening up about the Mob world. not like now… but i mean really open up. I’ll be here for you.

Leslie: *Smiles* I appreciate that, Blossom. Thank you.”

Clint: What’re you doing down here?

Stanley: There’s a body down here.

Clint: A Body? *Pauses and in shock* You sure?

Stanley: No lie. I can’t lie about that. it’s never a funny joke when you happen to see something floating in the water and it’s believed to be a body.

Clint: I believe you… *Looking around at the water* Although… if there’s supposed to be a body floating… here. Where is it? There’s nothing here. Except a little bit of debris.

Stanley: That’s what it looks like. But if i didn’t come down here to see and it turned out to really be a body… I’d be feeling guilty.

Clint: Which makes you a good honest person.

Clint: *Looking at the mysterious object being held* What is that thing?

Stanley: Not sure. Looks like a Mask.

Clint: It is a mask. It’s a Mask. But not like any mask i’ve ever seen. Is it even solid?

Stanley: Seems to look as though it is. *Checking the mask out* I wonder where it came from.

Clint: I wish i knew.

Stanley: That makes two of us.”

“Officer: *Calling down* Hey, you! What are you doing down there?

Clint: If you have a cover tale… you better speak it. Now. Because, i think that we’re busted.

Kiyoko: *Calling down* Clint, Is everything okay down there?

Clint: *Replying back* You bet. Things are just peachy…

Stanley: I was just looking for… *holds up Mask* My mask. I got it.”

“Stanley/The Mask: *Looking in the mirror* It’s party time! P-a-r-t-y Why?! Because i gotta! *hearing voices and turning to see a few people looking at him* Looks like we got an audience. Let’s see… We got a couple of good friends. Paul The Comedian, Spencer the Albino/Whiz teen, Rikku the Afghani cutie, Kiyoko the Japanese flower and Clint… The one who looks like the guy who has been watching one too many horror flicks. How Do?!

Clint: This is insane. This is not even a movie… Not even close to a movie.

Spencer: *Looking at Clint* Clint… What’ll we do, man? What do we do? Is he friendly still or is the mask with it’s own agenda?

Clint: I think that’s debatable at the moment. Right now… I rather it be just us trying to keep from tripping out.

Rikku: Spencer… Hon, I think that you might want to change into the alter identity. Be on guard. The Mask might still be friendly… It may still be Stanley… But we never seen the mask come alive… It could be unpredictable…

Spencer: *Transforming* Spiritual Arctic-frost… Power-up!

Clint: Kiyoko… This is something i never told you. But…

Kiyoko: What…

Clint: I’m a fighter. One of the Romancers Z!

Kiyoko: You are?! *In surprise*

Clint: I am. But i was trying to keep that hidden. I didn’t want you to think…

Kiyoko: To think… what?! That you are part of the super powered persuasion.

Clint: That’s right.

Kiyoko: I am not gonna think anything different of you. You are a fighter. So? You’re still you. Still my guy. Still my protector. My heart… Is your heart.”

Blossom: *Speaking to Leslie Through the bathroom stall door* Leslie, what are you doing?

Leslie: *Coming off cold* Does it matter what i am doing, Blossom? Besides… Why do you care anyway? You certainly don’t believe in telling me the truth.

Blossom: What are you talking about? Leslie, Where is that sort of tone coming from?

Leslie: Don’t play dumb, Blossom. I’m new… But i am not stupid. Or should i say oblivious, Electrogal?

Blossom: *Pauses and in shock; Caught off guard* What is your deal, today… Leslie? What did i do to get on your bad side?

Leslie: What do you think, Blossom? Huh? What exactly is it that you think? *Scoffs* You and i Met just yesterday. We spoke about things. Some things that friends would talk about… Like maybe a secret. In confidence. But all that time till now… You didn’t happen to pass off a warning that you were a member of the Super-powered persuasion. Part of the members of the Law. Do-Good’er’s. You didn’t even think to tell me that you were with a heroic identity on the side. That you were this hero that the city know as… Electrogal. I really believed that we would be friends.

Blossom: It’s not for you to know, Leslie. I wanted to spare you from that. You shouldn’t have to worry about that. Leslie, I… *sighs and feeling like she’s placed with no other choice but to come out with the truth*”

“Blossom: Leslie… you’re right. I should have told you about it. Open up… I’ll show you the truth. But only because i don’t want to hide it anymore. You’re with all the right in the world to be mad at me. I should have told you. But, You have to be aware that if i were to tell you… and something happened to you because of it… i would never forgive myself.

Leslie: *Unlocking the door and opening the stall door* Maybe so… But that’s the thing i don’t have figured. Why would you think that i wouldn’t be able to handle it? You seem to not understand something which for a sharp girl like you… it should have been a loud giveaway that there was something more to me than my being new here. I am involved with the Mob and have been for some time now. Briefly so far.  *Sensing a pause* Yeah. I admit it. I am with the Mob. Involved. And something else too. I am also known as “Rita the Hammer”.

“Zoey: Blossom, What are you doing as of late? You’re now smoking. You didn’t do that before.

Blossom: Zoey, I realize that you’re the goody two shoes of the family… but you should really butt out. I am not doing anything that i haven’t done before.

Zoey: You’re not? *Looking to the side and then at Blossom* Prove it. You have been seen hanging with that new girl. Leslie. She’s been hanging with those guys. Mob people. She’s been seen smoking too. I also saw you with her… Yesterday.

Blossom: *Scoffs* You were spying on me? What are you… A Snitch?

Zoey: No. Try… someone who really cares about you. You’re my cousin. In case you happened to forget. And plus… You said that we were like best friends. The best of friends.

Zoey: Remember? Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Aren’t we friends? Aren’t i your Best friend anymore?

Blossom: *In disbelief* You are… but you’re not my warden. Leslie is my friend. She’s with Dorian Tyrell and his gang. I am also. Or at least… i will be sometime soon. She still hasn’t introduced me to him officially yet. But i still am gonna be with Leslie. She’s out right now doing some Mob hits with Dorian. But in a couple hours… I’m gonna be hanging out with her at her hotel room.

Zoey: Why?


Sora: *Walking over with her sister* Hey guys…

Zoey: Hey Sora… Carly. What’s wrong?

Carly: Our mom and dad are having problems.

Blossom: Really? *Curious and concerned* Why? What’s the matter with your parents? Uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice?

Sora: They’re never home much as of late. *Looking down* Our father’s been going out on dates with another woman.

Zoey: Oh… *Gasps* Oh my god… You’re serious? Your father is cheating on your mom? Uncle Alvin is Cheating?

Carly: Uh-huh. Some of this… you and Blossom already know. Paul and Crystal also know. They are hardly around at home as of late because of it.

Sora: Kasey and Hallie are in disarray. or disorder. They have no clue as to what to think or what they should believe.

Blossom: *Hissing at the bad news* Wow! That sucks. Any idea who Uncle Alvin is seeing?

Carly: Not really. We didn’t really get the chance to take a really good look at the woman. But *Disgusted just thinking about it* Ugh! Dad could have gone to someone much better than that. However… i think we would most definitely rather he’d stay with our mom.

Zoey: I agree. Any idea when this all began?

Carly: Sometime around last year. However… when we first heard of it… it was from Hallie and that was on the same day we were back from the BPRD and the same day we learned of the death in the family. She said that it started a day or two before Halloween. However… at first… there was nothing there to wave the white flag.

Blossom: as to now?

Zoey: Plus my mother is also smoking. She’s done it for a while. Since around the same time last year. She’s also posing Nude for the modeling agency. Saying that it’s them who are making her do it. Saying that it was her boss having her do it. But… she has a choice. She could walk from it. She could walk away from that. It’s always been a choice. A Conscious choice that a person can make. Deciding as to whether they want to do something or not. She could choose to not do it.

Blossom: What’s it doing to you?

Zoey: *Sighs* Nothing good. But why do you want to know, Blossom? I was for the last week trying to get in touch with you to talk it over. Maybe get a piece of mind in some way. But you were always gone. Hanging around with… Leslie T. Burke. She’s not even all that safe. The people she hangs with… They’re dangerous.

Sora: She is? Why doesn’t she break from it? Why would your mom smoke, Zoey? She knows what it does to a person. She should also stop the Porn too. Didn’t you even tell her how you felt about it?

Zoey: Till i was blue in the face. I was even striking some tears in trying to seek reason with her. No luck… She just wouldn’t see reason. My dad started drinking because of the stress of it all. The other day or so… He came home with 3 24 packs of Budweiser. Yeah… It’s bad.

Blossom: I don’t know why your mom would do that? Smoke. My father is mostly gone on field work. My sister Mary is with the Drama club at school. Or Choir. She’s a really good singer. I even heard her. She’s got a real clear strong voice. Hearty.

Carly: More than our older Sister and Brother. They’re both with High school groups. Crystal is with the Leadership. Paul is with the Drama club. But does Comedy skits too. At that Comedy shack located downtown.

Zoey: Well… My mom is smoking and i don’t like it. June doesn’t either. She’s not happy. She’s practically my adopted sister.

Carly: We all know that, Zoey. Your mom and dad had practically adopted her in.

Sora: You think that she might be able to help with getting our father and mother back together? Or before they actually split once we tell our mom what our dad has been up to?

Blossom: …

Zoey: She might be able to help. However… June right now is Following up on my mother and father. My father and mother have been rather distant over the last month. Because of what my mom’s been doing. I keep asking my dad about it and he just grunts about it. I don’t think that he wants to talk about it with me.

Blossom: Ugh! Zoey… of course he won’t. He doesn’t believe that you should know of it. He’s trying to protect your mental state.

Sora: *Gasps* Blossom! What was that for?

Blossom: What do you think? For the last month… Zoey’s been on her deep end of stable thinking due to what her mother… The Whore in high heels and moving in sin. What that woman was doing. It was fucking with Zoey’s right mind. causing her to stress out. We all saw it since the first day of the school year of the 8th grade. She would hardly eat. And when she did… She would literally gorge herself with food. stuffing herself senseless. Till she were to literally vomit from over stuffing herself.

Carly: Sora… She’s got a point.

Sora: *To Blossom* Well… At least your dad is around. Ours isn’t. Plus our mother is always at work. She doesn’t even want to stick close to home hardly because being home and also while knowing that our dad’s possibly seeing another woman… It is too hard.

Carly: Maybe joining with the mob… will be better for us. It’d be something to consider.

Blossom: That’s what I’ve done. However… i have not been officially taken in yet. I am still with the basic start of it. I hang with Leslie Burke/Rita the Hammer. She’s a Mobster. A Gangster gal. My mother is always at the planet and never home most of the time and with my Sister Victoria being at the diner and working most of the time… She’s not paying that much attention to me. So i use that to sneak out.

Zoey: Really?! That’s lucky. I sure wish that i could do something like that.

Blossom: Zoey, You’re too much of a goody goody to do that. You wouldn’t do anything like that at all. It isn’t you. However… before you think of it… Just consider all your options. But i am gonna… as a cousin plead that you don’t do it. Please. Just because i’m moving to join the mob… doesn’t mean that you should too… Please don’t do it.

Sora: *Looking at Blossom* What about us?

Carly: Yeah.

Blossom: You two shouldn’t do it either. Your mom and dad… My uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice… They’re going through a rough time… The best thing you guys can do is let it ride its course. For all you might know over the situation… It could be a huge misunderstanding. I am part of the Mob a little bit… At least… I am intending to be a part of the Mob. Not as much as Leslie is. Although Leslie’s already all in. Just give it a couple more days… Keep on watching and see if anything more happens. If it gets worse… I’ll ask Leslie to see if she can call over a favor with Dorian, Eddy and the crew to put a eye or two out for anything going on with Uncle Alvin. See if anything strikes as a concern. But if it gets better and works itself out… It’ll fall into place little by little. However… it’ll take time. It won’t get back to being better all the way. All at once in just one moment.

Sora: Thank you.

Carly: Yeah. We don’t know what else to do and we’re afraid that if they divorce… We might be split up. We don’t want that to happen. Not that it could… Our mom doesn’t know about the details. we haven’t told her and we’re finding it harder and harder each day to come out and let it out. This is gonna break her heart.

Blossom: We’ll fix it somehow. If there is a way for us to fix it… we will. And Your parents won’t divorce. If we happen to know Alvin and Alice really well… and we do. They’ll never just call it quits and say it’s over. Not without a fight. The 4 men… Alvin, Arnold, Avery and my father… Curtis. They’re tough. Very tough willed. When something goes wrong… They don’t ever give up. If anything… They take a few moments to rethink the issue. Consider what they can do to fix it… Remind themselves that a relationship is always worth keeping and then get back on the trail. Trying again. They don’t give in when something tries knocking them down.

Sora: Even if it happens to be something like a mother… or father Cheating.

Blossom: Of course. Granted that they may never feel the same way again as they felt in the beginning. But… the point is… They don’t give up. Ever.

Zoey: I feel as though everyone’s turning to the dark side. My mom… My dad… You guys. Am i the only one who’s willing to stick to being on the good side and keep on the path of honesty?”

“Blossom: Oh… Hey Holly. What’s going on?

Holly: Not much… Except that i now know your secret.

Blossom: You… know? *Pauses in mortification* How? How do you know my secret?

Holly: Zoey. She told me about it and she’s really upset. She needed you to be her friend Sunday and hang with her as she was having issues at her house. Issues going on between her mother and father. But she told me that all you were talking about was this girl… Leslie T. Burke.

Blossom: I was not talking only about her. She happens to be my friend. I’m her only friend. No one else has bothered to try and befriend her.

Holly: Yeah. Why’s that? It’s because she’s with the Mob. Possibly selling drugs for them. She’s involved with the Mob. They’re not in any way… safe.

Blossom: She doesn’t sell drugs, Holly.

Holly: How do you know that? How is it that you know that she doesn’t?

Blossom: Because she told me, Holly. She told me.

Holly: *Scoffs* And you actually believe that?

Blossom: Yeah. Why? Shouldn’t I?

Holly: You should pick your friends better, Blossom. She’s a devious liar. She hangs with the Mob. She smokes and Zoey told me that you now do it too. Your friend Leslie bull-faced lied to you. She lied to you. She is lying. When she told you that she wasn’t selling drugs… She was lying. She was only telling you what you were wanting to hear. She was trying to cover her tracks so you wouldn’t know the truth and that she’d be able to keep you as a friend to her.

Blossom: You don’t have proof. How do you know what she has? None of you want to even try to know her. There is another side to her besides the side of her being involved with the Mob, you know?

Holly: And you spend too much time with her. She’s not an honest person. Zoey is. She never has lied to you. Not even once. You know Zoey alot longer then you had the girl Leslie.

Blossom: *Getting angry* Holly, Back off. Leslie is not a drug seller. She doesn’t do drugs. Where ever you’re getting your Info… You better tell them to go back to the basics. And relearn the art of going on Reconnaissance. Leslie Burke is not doing drugs. Never did.”

“Zoey: That still doesn’t make it right. You are never around with us hardly and I can’t understand why. Why are you so into that girl Leslie? What is it about her that has you so clingy to her?

Blossom: She’s my friend. In case you didn’t pick up that point. She is my friend. My best friend. She’s got so much more class than anyone else here. However… You and I are still forever close. But what gets me infuriated is the fact that Holly called me and told me that you said or had belief that Leslie might be on drugs. Holly told me that you said that i am with Leslie too much and that i might be into the Mob just as well as she is.

Zoey: I didn’t say that to her. I didn’t.

Blossom: Bullshit, Zoey. Bullshit. You did. Holly called me this morning and told me all about it. You and I are friends. Always have been. But things change a little with time. However… Because i’m with Leslie, You think that i’m ditching you and think that i am treating you like you don’t matter. Holly’s full of shit. Saying that Leslie sells Drugs. That she’s also killing people. But since you want to listen to her garbage… Go and hang with her.

Zoey: Blossom, I Just want my best friend/Cousin back. Is that too much to ask? I want it to where we hang out and stick together. We were like inseparable. Always as one. *With tears in her eyes* I Just want my best friend back. Blossom, You’re my best friend and i care about you. I Love you. But ever since you became close to Leslie… You turned into someone i don’t recognize anymore. It hurts. I Just want my friend back. I want my best friend back…  *Running away crying and upset*

Blossom: *Sighs; Feeling bad* Zoey… *feeling guilty* Damn it… Great. Nice Blossom. Very smooth. You start pushing away your Cousin who you deem as your best friend and stuck with for years. What’s next? Putting the friendship you had with her in Vain?”

“Lorenzo: What’s up with the Mob front? You know… The issue circling around that Banker… Ipkiss?

Raven: *Shaking her head* I don’t know. Sapphire and Serena have been looking into the matter and haven’t heard anything more on it. It’s been at a stand still for the last 5 weeks.  No one knows anything.

Lorenzo: How about that Mask character? What’s the deal with him?

Raven: Lorenzo… *Sighs* There is something that you may need to know. The Mask… Is Ipkiss. The mask is just Acting out and exposing the deepest desires of the one who happens to be wearing the mask.

Lorenzo: Huh? How is that possible?

Raven: It’s hard to really explain. But you know how you have these deepest desires yet you can’t let it out without it throwing your life into complete chaos unintentionally?

Lorenzo: Yeah. It’s so we can keep a stable life. and a level social standing on the outside.

Raven: It’s kinda like that… But it’s really because we’re suppressing something called… Our “ids” Which happens to be our deepest felt desires.”

“Curtis: She’s in danger? Blossom, You mean to tell me that she is in danger?

Blossom: Dad, No… She’s in terrible danger… but she’s far enough in that she can’t break. She’s stuck. Plus… to get far in the Mob which she’s involved in… She had to use the fighters and Me as a bargaining chip. To convince them of her loyalty. She had to make a pass with Niko Can. And his Mob squad. But she’s already swore to me that she would not actually do it. However when time came to pony up on her end of the deal… She’d have it only look as if the fighters have all stepped down and retired. But then while they’re not looking… the fighters come out and take them out.

Curtis: She used you as a Bargaining chip?! A BARGAINING CHIP?! You have to be kidding me. You seriously must be kidding me. She used you. Leslie is a good girl… but she not only put her life in danger… She had also put your life in the hot seat too… *Terrified* What on earth will i do? Blossom, I don’t have any Elemental powers left that can protect you. Those days are long since gone and done.

Blossom: Dad, It’s not gonna be that bad. I can get a hold of Rin. Have him fix up some Elemental items for me to have on hand to protect myself. It’s gonna be fine.

Curtis: *In a Panic* Don’t you tell me what’s gonna be fine. I’m your father. I’m supposed to be the one protecting you and the family. I can’t. My power is gone. I’m a retired fighter.

Blossom: Dad…

Curtis: Oh my god… Oh god… *worried and in fear* Blossom, How are you gonna be able to fight? You’re too far in with this… You’re now talking about fighting for the Mob. With them. The Mob… Whoever they are… will kill you. They will start with getting at your friend Leslie who only joined them as it was either that or Foster care… She’s got you in danger. *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, if nothing else… Can you at least assure me that you’re at least gonna be careful. Don’t do anything stupid. If anything happens… You will have to fight for your life the best way that you know how… Because i won’t be able to do anything. I got no elemental fight power left.”

“Freeze: *Looking at Eddy* what’s the E.T.A?

Sweet Eddy: Five minutes.

Rita the Hammer: *Looking over at Eddy* Don’t blow it, Eddy. This is an important hit. We have to make this work. If this gets blown… Dorian is gonna be livid. But this will mean… We’re out. Niko’s given Dorian and me 5 weeks to get out of town. Or he’s gonna kill us. This Hit will get us the money enough to overthrow Niko. Out rule him. But if this falters… We’re through.

Sweet Eddy: Leslie… It’s gonna be fine. We have done this type of stuff plenty of times. It’s a cinch.

Rita the Hammer: Watch with using the normal name for this… When i am working a mob deal… It’s Rita the Hammer.

Freeze: Countdown. Set your time… Now.

Sweet Eddy: *Nods*

A very short moment later…

Dorian: *Voice* How’s it goin’ over there, Freeze?

Freeze: It’s all good, man. It’s goin’ fine. Rita the Hammer is right now arming herself with some heavy firepower to blow down any snags that snuff our hit.

Dorian: *Voice* You’re on your own. I must go downstairs, make sure I’m seen. Guard Rita with your lives. She’s ready for this heist. But she’s still young.

Freeze: Do It! The Doctor… is about to Operate. *Cocking his gun and arming himself*

Rita The Hammer: *Arming her Semi-Auto* Once a goodfella, always a goodfella. Time to Rock!

Rita The Hammer: *Whispers* Let’s get this bank job high and tight… Leslie’s got an endurance run for P.E Tomorrow and she has to be ready to hit.

Freeze: Don’t you worry, Rita. This whole thing will be done before you know it. Just remember what Dorian showed you. What he taught you. No Mercy to the enemies and people who stand in the way.”

Susie: *Looking to see a group of men in front of the bank and possessing guns* What are they doing? Those guys are robbing the bank. *Looking among the men and seeing a young girl with them* Wha- what the heck is that girl doing with those men? Who is she?

Susie: *Gasps* What in the…? That was an… electric Elemental grenade. *Knowing who it was with the men* Blossom.

Only… It wasn’t Blossom. It was one Rita the Hammer. Blossom’s friend Leslie…”

Bouncer #1: You crossed the rope. Never cross the rope.

Stanley: *Trying to keep his pose and not show his fear* My friends are inside. They just went inside the club.

Dorian: *Unimpressed and glaring at Stanley* Lose him.

Leslie: *Suddenly walking over* … *Looking to see the Bouncers with a man in their grips* Hey… Dorian. Who’s that man in the Bouncers grip?

Dorian: Just a wise guy who tried to cross the rope. Thought that he’d be a wise-ass.

Leslie: Does he even have a name?

Dorian: Does it matter?

Leslie: Kinda. I guess…

Stanley: *Being carried away* This isn’t fair. *Feeling manhandled* Watch it, I’m a bleeder. *Kicking loose; trying to break loose* Put me down now, or I am never coming back here.

Stanley: *getting up slowly whilst in a bit of pain* Aghhhh! *Standing up and seeing his suit on the right side soaked* Ah, Jeez!”

“Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Whoa. What happened to you?

Leslie: *Shaking off the disappointment* Don’t ask. I am not in any good mood. The guys and I just got cluster punched by some Whack-Job in a green mask. Thought it be hysterical to toy with us. We lost one.

Blossom: Who?

Leslie: Freeze.

Blossom: Him?! Oh no… Not him. He was a rather nice guy.

Leslie: He didn’t kill him. The Cops shot at him. It was a bust. A total Bust. *Pulling out her lighter and lighting Blossom’s Smoke* Be fast with that smoke. I have to go inside in a couple minutes to do damage control. This is a literal disaster.

Blossom: As will i be. I decided. I’m in. I want to be a Mobster. A Gangster Gal.

Leslie: *Pauses and in surprise* What?! You do?

Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.
Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.

Blossom: *Smoking* Yeah… I gave it some thought and i already know that my life is mainly meaningless as i think that my father is on to me and is trying to press me to confess about my habit. I can’t tell him. I want to… but i can’t. I saw how he saw my Older sister Victoria when she smoked and she wasn’t treated so nice. I have a family that is so against darkness being a part of the lives of the Clan… But. It’s gonna happen eventually sometime. Even if they were to try and stop it. It wasn’t gonna just end.

Leslie: What about your cousins… Zoey, Sora and Carly. What about them?

Blossom: I Think that Zoey’s looking for a start on smoking herself. She’s reached her end on keeping a strong front. She saw what her mother was really doing and Even though my Aunt Soon to be Ex-Aunt Luna which my cousin Zoey said Luna was making like she changed… It didn’t stick as Zoey saw the real Luna. When she got home and saw that her mother wasn’t home yet. She did some digging and found proof that Luna was gonna leave the entire clan and that Luna was indeed on Drugs… Oh and here’s something else. She’s divorcing Zoey’s father Zeke too.

Leslie: Seriously?

Blossom: *Smoking and taking a few drags* Yeah. I don’t know what to say to her about the whole thing. I don’t know what there is for me to say. *Looking to the side* I can’t ask you to speak to her. She isn’t necessarily familiar with you that much. Just that i always spoke of you around her. But that’s it.

Leslie: *Looking down* I’m sorry.

Blossom: What for? You didn’t do anything.

Leslie: I feel bad though… You’re losing everything you used to know because of me.

Blossom: That’s so not true. You’re not making me lose anything. It’s just the fact that i am changing and certain members of my family can’t handle that.”

“Blossom: *Sitting at Dorian’s Table* Hey Dorian.

Dorian: *Wigging out a little* Blossom?! What’re you doing here, Doll face?

Blossom: Not much. Just waiting for Leslie. She told me to come by here tonight. Said that she had to tell me something important.

Dorian: Hmm… Well… You might have to wait around for that one. She’s out right now. Performing on a job that the boys and i have set up and prepared for… for weeks.

Blossom: The Bank thing. I kinda already know. Leslie didn’t tell me about it. But she hinted at it which all i did was just put two and two together.

Dorian: Smart Kid. You’re sharp. I like that. Leslie’s got that same spark and has high honesty.

Blossom: *Pulling out her pack and pulling out a smoke*

Dorian: *Catching Blossom with a pack of cigarettes in possession* Blossom, You shouldn’t be smoking.

Blossom: I’ve done it for a couple weeks. I however know that my cousins would not be too thrilled to know of my doing this. Nor Would my father.

Dorian: Then Why are you?

Blossom: Because i have decided to Join the Mob. I want to be part of the Mob.

Dorian: You do? *With a raised eyebrow* Did Leslie Coerce you?

Blossom: She kinda did… But then again she didn’t. She told me certain things about the Mob world and what she said only today at school… She said that if i were to know anymore… I’d have to make a decision on how far involved with the Mob i’d want to be. How deep i wanted to go.

Dorian: And how far do you want to go?

Blossom: As far as i can… But a little at a time. I need a change in my life and i can’t get that with my family and its good mundane life. Not that i don’t appreciate it or anything… But i am hearing constantly of my Best friend/Cousin Zoey struggling and stressing over her mom’s porno run. My cousins Sora and Carly suffering with their  father having an affair and cheating on their mother. I can’t do anything to help them and it has made them think i abandoned them. But what can i do? There is nothing that can be done about it as i told them… families will have their problems. It can’t be stopped. It’s quite normal for things to be shitty. However… they just don’t believe me.

Dorian: It’s not for you to be the fixer. You’re young. like they are. They should know that. It hurts and i am sorry to hear of the fact that your cousins are facing issues. But they can’t be expecting you to help fix what is unfix-able.”

“Dorian: Geez! Freeze, What the heck happened?

Freeze: Someone hit the joint before us.

Blossom: Hey… It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be fine. *Looking to the guys* Someone give him a smoke. He’s needing it bad. Come on.

Leslie: *Pulling out a smoke from her pack and placing it in Freeze’s mouth; Having Dorian light it for the Doc* Suck on that, Freeze. Calm down. We’ll get you some help.

Blossom: *Whispering to Leslie* It looks bad. I really don’t think that he’s gonna make it. He’s dying, Leslie. He’s dying. *Panicked*

Leslie: *Whispering back* I know. But admitting it to him is not gonna make anything better. What’ll we do?

Blossom: I don’t know. Oh god…

Leslie: He’s gone. *Looking down*

Blossom: Oh no!

Dorian: *Picking up his glass Ashtray and throwing it with force across the room; Breaking the Mirror over the bar; Pissed off and Steaming mad* Son of a Bitch!

Dorian: *Grabbing Eddy* Who did this Man? WHO?!

Leslie: *Looking out* Dorian, That’s the guy. That Green masked scumbag out there… He hit the bank before we did and took the money. He stopped and taunted us. That creep. I should have popped that freak with lead.

Dorian: That guy who’s dancing with Tina? *Growls and getting his weapon drawn* That son of a bitch is a dead man. He’s dead.”

“Dorian: *To the Mask* Okay, Twinkle Toes. I want to know where my money is, and I want to know right now.

Rita the Hammer guiding her protege Blossom.
Rita the Hammer guiding her protege Blossom.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* You do know how to use a gun, Right?

Blossom: I can learn. But… I’m with you. It’s not a problem.

Stanley/The Mask: Okay *sitting on stool and taking out an adding machine* You’ve got 17.5% in T-bills amortized over the fiscal year, 8% in stocks and bonds. Carry the 9, divide by the Gross National Product… fortunately, funeral bouquets are deductible.

Dorian: *to henchman* Ice this deadbeat!

Leslie: Gladly, Boss…

Blossom: The Mask is not the problem… But on a night like this… he is pressing buttons where he shouldn’t. *Firing the Gun*”

“Lt. Kellaway: *Spots a piece of Stanley’s pajamas on floor* Ipkiss!

Lieutenant Thunder: That’s impossible. Ipkiss wasn’t here. How could he be? All we saw here was just the Mob shooting up the place and you coming in.

Thunderic Fury: Plus… the reality that our cousin was here.

Lt. Kellaway: An Under aged girl was here… at the Night club? You’re pulling this cop’s leg here and i’m not laughing.

Majestic Love: Hey, Sir… You can believe what you want. We know what we saw. There can’t be two girls who happen to look like our cousin Blossom.

Madame Romance: Unless we got tunnel vision and what we saw… wasn’t exactly what we thought that we saw.

Lt. Kellaway: You Old teens are likely inebriated. Stoned. Go home and sleep off the hallucinogens. *Walking off*

Annie: *Scoffs* That Lieutenant is such a jerk. We were telling him what was going on… Telling him what we saw and he played it like we were just doing X!

Clint: Tell it straight. We know what we saw. Blossom was here. We saw her here.

Sapphire: I think that we all did. But who was she fleeing with?

Serena: A girl that calls herself Rita the Hammer.

Annie: Huh?! *Pauses* Who the heck is that?

Raven: No idea. But i think she’s a Middle school girl who by normal decree is Leslie T. Burke.

Spencer: Leslie T. Burke… As in “Bridge to Terabithia”. The Leslie Burke of Bridge to Terabithia. That Leslie?

Rikku: There is no such person. No one by that name exists…

Serena: Rikku, You really need to check your village idiot act at the door. You think that there is no such person… You will be in for a real surprise as there is a person by that name. That name’s been popping up on the tip of a sizable cluster of people’s tongues like daisies and wildflowers faster than a flash of blinding light. Multiple sightings. Mentions of the Name Rita the Hammer being spread over the airwaves. That’s… Nothing? That’s anything but nothing. That is something you can not deny.

Carly Black: It won’t matter. *Walking over* We’re on our own now. The Cops won’t help us break this lead and get definitive answers.

Spencer: Which means…

Clint: We’re gonna have to do this ourselves and with our allies to get all the details that they can grab at. We need to know 4 things. What’s going on with Blossom and What’s the deal concerning that girl… Leslie. That’s 2. Then there is the issue circling the Mask. What his next appearance will be like. Find out what the Mob’s intentions are. that’s another two. But then to make two issues into one… We’re gonna need to find out how close to one another that Blossom and the girl Leslie really are. Then the 3 into two… Find out Leslie’s involvement with the Mob and where it all began… As well as how Blossom got pulled in and find out how we can pull her from it and break her free of the Mob’s grip.”

“Paige: *Looking at Pearl* What do you mean that you saw Blossom Smoking?

Pearl: What i mean is that i saw her lighting up. She is under the influence of smoking and i also caught her likely kissing the girl she was with.

Paige: This girl… the one you saw her with… She wouldn’t happen to be Leslie T. Burke… Would she?

Pearl: She is. That’s who the girl is and even that girl smokes. I didn’t see her literally do it. But what i did see was that she clearly had the stuff with her. It was there.

Dinah: Okay… So, What are we supposed to do? We can’t really do anything as it’s for her father Curtis to do. We can tell him what’s going on and what we gathered on what Blossom has been doing. But problem behind that is… Would he believe it?

Paige: He’d have to. I know that i’d believe it. Ironically given since i was the one that caught a sighting of Blossom Smoking. Or about to light. I don’t know how she got the pack. Who would get her to do it?

Dinah: Possibly that girl she’s with. She’s not the type of girl who’d just be all in on the habit. There wouldn’t be any self reason for it.

Pearl: I couldn’t really pay too much attention to the girl. But to see Blossom smoking. That’s something we need to have stopped.”

Holly: I happen to care about Blossom’s well being as well as i do her best friend/Cousin Zoey’s. My family cares about their families and a real friend would not get their friends to start smoking. A real true friend would not make their friends walk away from their blood. Their friends and family that clearly are part of them. Part of who they are. You’re not Blossom’s real friend. *Standing up to Leslie* You never will be. Why don’t you go and hang around the Mob, Rita the Hammer? Leave the Innocent teens here… ALONE!”

“Sora: Mom, Dad’s having an affair.

Alice: He what?

Carly: Dad is having an affair with the woman. He was kissing her and hugging her.

Alice: *Feeling her heart Drop* Oh my. Are you sure?

Sora: I am sure. We are both sure. We got the proof. We have Photos to prove it. Plus the Smoking gun.

Carly: *Pulling out the Photos and showing them over to their mother* That was taken by one of the friends we have who are informants. They took the photos and gave them to us. To show you. Dad’s having an affair.

Alice: *Feeling weak and starting to have a shot of heartbreak hit her* Oh no… I… I… This is not possible. Not possible at all.

Sora: It is. Mom. It’s possible. Dad is cheating on you. He has committed adultery. He’s been going out to see her practically every single night and leaving with the guise that he’s just going to cheer her up. He’s been lying to you.

Carly: *Feeling bad about not saying anything about the affair sooner* We would have told you sooner and more earlier. But we didn’t want to say anything unless we knew for sure that it was what we were sure it could have been. If we told you much sooner than this and it turned out to be nothing… It would have made you and dad fight. We were hoping that we would be wrong. We were hoping that we would be just seeing it as a misunderstanding. But…

Sora: It’s not. Mom… Dad had condoms in his one jacket pocket. He’s having intercourse or something with the woman he is seeing. Why else would he have Condoms? For a laugh or just some joke?

Alice: *Looking like she was about to cry* I think that i heard enough. But i kinda already knew about some of the activity being done by your father. I had him secretly followed and just to have a piece of mind. That was all. It just was unable to sink in. I was really unwilling to believe that he could do something like that. However… i suspected for a while. Since last year when it first started going on. Your father was thinking that i wasn’t wanting to have some romantic fling with him because of the fear going on in the city due to the Child Molestations. But i knew that he was doing something. I knew about the other woman. However he then sold me that fluff piece that she was just a Lady friend. Nothing more. He made me believe that it was nothing. But i caught him on the phone with her several times. I studied the signs he would use. the Signals.

Sora: *Gulps* The Signals?

Carly: What signals?

Alice: The phone ringing 3 times then clicking twice. I would catch or over hear him talking to the woman. But make like it was someone else whenever he knew that i was near so i wouldn’t know. I knew. I didn’t want to believe it. But i knew. A Woman knows the signs of a man cheating on her.

Sora: I think that we get your point. Dad is a Player.”

“Blossom: *Reading the text* Blossom, I need you. I know that we haven’t been together much and you were hanging with Leslie Much of the time. But i miss you. I really need you. My mom left us last night and has been moving her things out most of the night. She is gone. My dad hasn’t come home last night. Please… I don’t care if you come to me with Leslie joining you. I’ll get used to it. But… Please. Please… 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥. Blossom, I just want my best friend back. Please… I need you. From Zoey.

Leslie: Wow! Zoey sounds really bad. She doesn’t necessarily like me much. But she is wanting to see you. She’s wanting her best friend.  However… as for your parents and what they expect… You need to live your life. How you feel. You’re loving your family. But you need to take care of your heart. Your feelings. Don’t let them tell you how you’re to feel. Besides… Blossom, You of all people should know that You’re doing what you feel in your heart. It’s all anyone could ever ask. They can’t fathom over how they’d ask for more than that.

Blossom: Well… My best friend Zoey… She’s fine to ask me for help. I will have to help her. It’s what i must do. If i don’t… i may lose her. However… She doesn’t know about my being with you during the night. I don’t think i can tell her. She might never understand. Plus my parents will be asking me what the deal is. They might not like the fact that i was with you all night. My mom doesn’t know. I don’t think. However… My dad might already know.

Leslie: I know that keeping you from coming here last night was not so right. But with what’s gone on at the nightclub last night. I couldn’t risk you walking on your own and getting hurt by some stray gun fire. My place was the only place i could think of bringing you.

Blossom: Leslie, I know that you mean well. You were being pre-cautious. Only problem is… Will my dad understand?”

“Megan: Someone’s got some explaining to do at the house.

John: Who?

Megan: My daughter Blossom. There has been 6 reports coming in that told of a 13-14 year old girl being seen with a group of men. The Mob at the Coco Bongo club.

John: Ha! *Grinning* See?! Told you that the one girl was bad news. Joining the Mob. The Mob taking her in and that girl working with them Mob men. Then she gets to one of our kids… One of our Offspring and fantasizes her and fills her with all sorts of tales of how the Mob is so much better. I’ve seen the reports.

Jennifer: John, That’s enough.

John: *Standing up* Don’t tell me that it’s enough. It will never be enough. I seen the damn reports. The authorities are saying that a young girl was with the mob shooting up the place. But fled before she could be caught. That girl… Leslie is a bad girl. Her joining the Mob made her bad. I warned you that something was gonna happen. I even pleaded for you to ensure that none of our kids would ever come across the girl. You blew it off.

Trixie: That girl is not bad. Just very misguided. Blossom was said to be at the club. But that is always gonna be a mistake. Always. Because Blossom would not be there. Not on a school night.

John: Oh yeah?! Yeah?! *Grabbing the newspaper and shoving the news article in front of the group* What do you call this? A symbol of a joke. *Reading the Article* “Metropolis, Kansas… Last night was a hoppin’ night as the luscious flower Tina Carlyle soothed the club’s patrons with one of her best moves and #’s. Coming in style. But it wasn’t the end of the night at the very least as there was a mysterious patron there that came and stole the show. Dancing with the beautiful flower of the club. Wowing and shocking the crowd with delight and high pulsed Ambiance. Not leaving anything to a chance. But the atmosphere was said to be a shakedown at best as the excitement turned into a classic flamboyant case of a mob shoot’em up incident. There were eyewitnesses there that overheard a voice of a young underage Patron. Hearing the words: “Get the people out of here. Now. Right now. I am not kidding. Neither is Dorian. Move.” and the description they gave of the girl they saw was none other than Leslie Tina Burke. Aka… Rita the Hammer. Another witness also caught the girl’s second statement. Hearing her say to someone close to her… “Blossom, Here. When time calls… Just Aim and shoot. Aim. Then shoot.” The girl was with golden brown hair. frizzy hair. She was standing apprehensively and at attention ready to respond to what the first girl was commanding. The Description of the girl matched the same look as one of the fighters of the city. Eyewitnesses were in denial as they believed it to not be the same girl. However the appearance matched the description of one Electrogal. The hero who in terms is none other than the daughter to the retired hero Electric-Rage. The hero’s normal name: Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody. One patron happened to look during the beginning of the show and swore to have seen the young teen sitting with one Dorian Tyrell and possessing a pack of smokes and was smoking.” *Furious* Now, since you have the scoop… Deny it now? Would you like to now dispense with the bull?

Megan: *Looking at the picture and gasping* That’s her. Oh my god… My sweet daughter. What’s going on with you, Sweetheart? Why are you doing this? What are you doing with that girl?

John: Think this is funny now? Let me hear you laugh. Laugh if you think it’s funny. Laugh. Come on. *Angry and Irate* Laugh. You seem to think it is all just a big joke. Newsflash: It’s not a joke.”

“Carly: Sora, *Worried* What are we gonna do?

Sora: I don’t know. There is nothing that we can do. Dad is seeing this woman. He has been cheating on mom and unless we make a drastic move… we’re gonna lose all hope of seeing that the affair stops.

Carly: But it won’t end. We can see that it will always go on. Mom is devastated over the news we told her. We’re gonna need to get serious. We need to find that girl Leslie Burke.

Sora: Why? Is she liable to help us?

Carly: No. But she’s been said to be a prodigy for the mob. We’ve seen her with some men with the guns. In suits.

Sora: And she also happens to…

Carly: Happens to what?

Sora: Smoke. Which is a bad thing. Dad would never settle for that.

Carly: Same for mom. She would never stand for that. However, with what dad’s been doing. I don’t think we should worry about listening to him. I don’t want to do it. Neither do you sis. But there is nothing else. Dad is cheating and our mom now just this morning confessed to have always known but was in complete denial. She’s getting really shifty.

Sora: It’s also as mom said… We have to start fending for ourselves now. Because if she does happen to become too upset and broken to do anything… We are gonna be facing a lot of trouble. We need to look after ourselves. *Sighs* Where’s Leslie? Where can we find her?

Carly: She goes to this school too. We’re gonna find her sometime today before school lets out for the day and ask her for help. See what she’s got. Maybe get lucky and catch her sooner…

Sora: Yeah. *Unsure about going down a dangerous and unhealthy path* However… it’s not as if it’s gonna be hard. She hangs in the girls restroom almost all the time during break.”

“Blossom: *Breaking out with an act to make amends* I know that you two feel as if i had abandoned you. Blew you two off. But you should know that it was not my intent. I just couldn’t deal with the constant: “What should we do?” or “Blossom, Our parents are having issues and we fear that our father is having an affair.” It was as though you wanted me to help stop the affair. There was nothing that could be done. It wasn’t that i didn’t want to help. I was trying to ensure that you got your minds off of it so it didn’t necessarily drive you both postal. Zoey’s a mess. More likely a devastated mess. Her mother left the previous night. During the night last night. Zoey’s hurt.

Carly: Oh no! Is she okay?!

Blossom: Yeah… Physically. Socially… Sorta. Mentally and Emotionally… Don’t ask. It’s gonna be awhile before she’s back to stable. However… She’s wanting to Join the Mob as i have.

Sora: It’s apparent that you wanted to not have anything to do with our problem. We were hurt and felt that you didn’t care. But now that we took time to think about it. We had to come to the reality that there wasn’t anything you could have done. Even though we were asking for help. Zoey couldn’t help. She was dealing with her own mess with her mom and the dirty laundry that her mom was spreading upon the city.

Leslie: Why is her mom doing that?

Carly: We don’t know. It’s been happening for about a year now and it’s only gotten more and more frequent and more deeper. Worse. Zoey’s mother abandoned the family and had done drugs. Luna was smoking. Sniffing Cocaine. Smacking the crack pipe. All of it.

Blossom: Luna’s a crack whore, Slut. I am appalled to even know her to be my aunt. What’s worse is that Luna’s the Aunt… and God mother to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. They’re stained with the stigma of having a godmother who resorted to taking drugs and doing them. Doing X.

Leslie: What about you two?

Sora: What do you think, Leslie? You might have heard some of it already. But Carly and I had been dealing with a father that was cheating on our mother. We tried getting help or some insight from Blossom. But every time we turned around… She was always in sight of you. You were the only one she’d speak of. But we get it. Leslie, You got our cousin to be all into you. As a friend… Maybe something more.

Carly: You might feel that we hate you. We don’t. We just don’t understand how you could be all that our cousin Blossom would think and speak about. She’s joined the Mob. Joined you. But… Why did you? Why did you join the mob? Why? What did you get out of it? The prestige… fame… status?

Leslie: I don’t know. It just seemed like the most reasonable thing to do as it was the only thing besides being placed in that thing called foster care. Plus… if i got put in foster care… I would have no control of my money. I would also be with no idea of where i’d end up. *Looking to the side a little and sighs* I should have thought about it a little better. However, I am kinda glad that i made the decisions i have. Because… Sora… Carly, you might want to face facts. You have the most strong hearted, original and dedicated Cousin anyone could ask for. Blossom befriended a lone girl. Like me. She didn’t have to as i didn’t really make any attempt to be trying to fit in much as most of the surrounding kids. Young teens avoided me like i was a nobody. I know that you two happen to not like me much. I don’t blame you. I haven’t really done much to be getting on your good graces.

Carly: That’s true. Leslie… We want to be your friend. We can’t take the idea that you feel like you’re unloved in this school. You belong here. We… have told our mother this morning about our father’s affair. Our mother’s life changing words to us were: “You two might want to consider to start fending for yourselves. I might not be able to do much providing much longer.” As she’d be too upset and broken. We told her about the whole thing and she was so devastated… it took so much for her to not lose it in front of us. We couldn’t just not tell her. It wasn’t fair seeing that our mother was being hurt by our father having an affair with another woman and cheating on our mom.

Blossom: You broke your mom’s psyche. You two of course did what you had to do. You had to expose your father’s dirty secret to her and make her aware before someone else had.

Sora: Actually… Blossom, We didn’t even have to tell her. She kinda confessed that she already had a suspicion about it for a while and never spoke about it. All we did was confirm her fears. She knew of it through the mysterious signals that were going on. The 3 rings and 2 clicks.

Leslie: 3 rings and 2 clicks? That’s a signal?! That seems kinda too suspicious. How many days has that been going on? Did your mother even say how many days it’d gone on?

Carly: No. Not at all. But she was very upset and she sounded like she was about to faint and looking rather palish.

Sora: We want in. In on the Mob. We want to join.

Leslie: You two want in? *Surprised* You sure that you’d want in? It’s not gonna be safe. There will be dangers coming almost on cue. We’re also gonna need to get you two a gun.

Carly: We know how to use one. Firearms… We had to use one while we’ve served working for the BPRD.

Sora: Leslie, We know how to fire a gun. Using one. It’s not that hard to do. We have had some insight and training. as to how it’s done. We wish to Join.

Blossom:  Are we good now?

Carly: Blossom… We’re always gonna be good. We are not gonna lie about this though… We are hurt that you were not around for us when we needed it. But we know the reasons behind it. And after us doing what we had to do on our own… We have to consider it all water under the bridge. We’re still a little mad at you. But we forgive you.”

Sapphire: Okay. *Looking at the group* This is where it gets more difficult. On us. There is something some of you haven’t heard about yet. It’s about one of our own. Our very own.

George: It also rubs me the wrong way. Rocks my world a bit as i got a young sister around the age of 13-14. So this gets to me as much as it could get to you once you hear of it. For those who don’t know. Sapphire, I don’t savor the news of what you caught… But I do appreciate that you wanted to include me in the details here.

Annie: Same here. But i think that we already know. Clint and I do at least. As do Spencer. He was at the club with us and saw what it was that we saw. Rikku was also there and not sure what she really saw… or didn’t see. She was likely in denial and i don’t feel that it would be right to blame her on that. Because none of us want to see or admit the obvious as it is… as Sapphire just said. One of our own that is in question.

Amy: There’s that all aside from the part of Aunt Luna being considered as our Ex-Aunt. She’s now someone known as Rina Frost. Or is said to be soon… Officially. Zoey’s Brother Charlie came and told some of us over the phone quietly as it all went down. He was enraged about it and yet… really stressed for his sister Zoey. Zoey also is under the influence of smoking. What gets me annoyed about it is that she’s letting the careless antics and behavior of Luna… get to her.

Theodore: Well… Amy, Can you really blame her? Her mother just frickin’ left. Abandoned the whole family. All in just one night. Sometime early last night was when Luna started to grab all her things and packed up all that she owned. did a 23-Skidoo and split. Luna… from what Charlie stated set it up so Zoey could watch as it happened. Not the highlight she’d expect. But Luna turned into a whore. And *Looking to see the odd expression on Rita’s face* Rita… No offense. But that’s what Luna is. She’s been as we were told spending money that was not there and overdrawing the bank account that she and Zeke shared and owned as one. It left Zeke having to play damage control and do constant clean up. Not very fair. It’s worse as She’s also the believed godmother to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. They’re with the Stigma of having a whore for a godmother. Yeah… terrible. Isn’t it? That’s Luna.

Rita: Theodore, I don’t find that kind of talk about your Aunt to be kind at all… But i’m not gonna condemn. I get it. You and the entire mass here all trusted her. believed that she’d never stoop to the level she’s in and won’t undo. She betrayed and lied to you. Lied right to you. She has hurt her kids. Emotionally and mentally. Her daughter Zoey is damaged because of her. There is nothing you or anyone else can really do to change it. You know that. She betrayed you all.

Clint: That’s good observation. Rita. That is actually good observation coming from someone who doesn’t really know Luna like we do. There was a lot of trust broken from her and it’s literally tarnished the family a good deal.

Kiyoko: It’s really sad.

Spencer: Not that we find it rhetorical… But how does talking about Luna leaving the family handle the topic at hand. Namely… Blossom.

Rikku: There is something really wrong going on with Blossom. Really troublesome.

Serena: *Looking to the field; not wanting to think about what she saw last night* It was a nightmare. That just couldn’t be Blossom. Blossom would never do this. Never. This is Blossom that we’re talking about. There is no way that it could have been her. *Sighs* Who’re we kidding? It was her. She was with the guys with guns. Also with that young girl. Someone that we heard about for the last several weeks. Leslie T. Burke. She was there with those men and one of them men happened to be the leader. Dorian Tyrell.

Carly Black: Plus some of us saw Blossom running off with the girl known as Leslie. But as she ran… there was something sticking out just a hair from her right side pocket. It had the word Marlboro. It was red and white. Blossom might have just had that as an illusion. But i don’t think it was an illusion. I stepped out just to keep a look out for any unwanted trouble seeking on creeping along. It was when i saw two girls. The same ones that were in the club. The Night Club. Leslie and sad revelation… Blossom. Blossom had a pack of cigarettes in her hand and pulled out a stick, placed it on her lips and lit up. Smoking. She didn’t see me. Neither did the girl. but Blossom was doing it and i’ll be a fool if i were to not see them kissing.

Raven: You have got to be kidding us. She was smoking? Plus Kissing? UGH!

Lorenzo: I don’t think that’s something we should sit around and keep quiet. We should consider on exposing the news to her father. Your Uncle Curtis. He should be told of this.

Katie: But why would your Cousin do that? Doesn’t she know what it can do?

Jacklyn: Yeah… She’s gonna have health problems sometime down the road. It’s gonna ruin her.

Theodore: Really?! Tell us something we don’t know. We need to know why she’s doing this. What’s getting her to do this?


Theodore: *Suddenly realizing something* “One of you fighters will be lured into the Mob. Lured by the girl involved with the Mob.”

Sapphire: Huh?! Theodore, What are you talking about?

Theodore: “One of you will be drawn in by the girl luring herself into the Mob” Remember last year. Around the end of last year after we all battled against the Ogdru Jahad: Behemoth… After the battle we went through… We had some type of spirit approaching us. Calling itself the Hawk of Metropolis. The Screeching bird of Flight. It said something about us being Metropolis’s last hope but said also that more darkness was following. Coming. It also said that: “

Slight Flashback and Memory Relapse…

“A girl by the age of 13 from New York. A Rich girl is getting involved with a Mob. Lead by…

A Mob Hit man. Running a night club…

One of you will be drawn in by the girl luring herself into the Mob… More might follow as time may pass…”

Snap back to reality…

Theodore: So… What if it turns out that Blossom was the one to be drawn to join the Mob. and a couple others soon after. Only a week or two after?

Spencer: You know what… Theodore is right. He’s right. What if what that mysterious spirit said about one of us fighters being drawn into the Mob meant just that it could mean the most susceptible and more upstanding… would be brought right into the Mob.

Rikku: You don’t think that more of us could be drawn into it… Do you?

Lorenzo: Please say no.

Raven: No. I would not believe that more of us would be taken in to the Mob.”

“Dorian: *To the men and the young girls* 70 grand. 70 grand to the man or woman who finds that green-faced son of a bitch before the cops do. I want you to get the word out to every street hustler, to every lowlife in this town, you understand? I want him here, alive. I don’t care in what way he is brought here. But i want that bastard. As long as he’s alive. Leslie, You and Blossom get the word out to anyone you meet. Have them get the word out and keep tabs on that green faced son of a bitch. You two twin girls… if you get a hold of a sighting on that green faced son of a bitch… nail him.

Sora: Burn him?

Carly: Electrocute him?

Blossom: Nail him however possible.

Leslie: That Mask is one of the reasons why one of the men are gone. Freeze was shot at by the cops. during the heist that failed. If it wasn’t for the Mask… Freeze would have still been alive.

Dorian: Freeze was a good man.”

“Majestic Love: Good part is that we don’t have to worry about the Mob girl Rita the Hammer. The friendship between her and our cousin Blossom was severed.

Dancing Heartthrob: That’s good. However… Something about that girl seems odd.

Majestic Love: How so? *Curious*

Dancing Heartthrob: Well… think about it… From everything we heard about the girl. It’s brought us to revere her. To maybe even hate her. But how can we really hate her… If we don’t truly know her. If we’ve never met her?

Majestic Love: What are you getting at, Theo?

Dancing Heartthrob: What i’m getting at is the fact that we heard of the girl being in with the Mob. She’s 13-14 and Emancipated. Rich. She’s got an unfortunate habit and goes to the same school as our younger cousins. She’s posing as Rita the Hammer. But aside from that… What do we really know about her?

Majestic Love: You’ve been tapping into Raven’s brain patterns again. You’re thinking like her. You sure that this is you talking… Not her?

Dancing Heartthrob: As sure as i’ve ever been.”

“Blossom: My older cousins are up there. They’re there and on watch at the front of the Park. They could spot me.

Leslie: does it matter? You already made your choices. They’ll see you. But we’re not there to worry about what they’ll say or do about seeing you with me. We’re there to meet up with Dorian. He could be there.

Blossom: What if he’s not? What if he’s at his office right now?

Leslie: Blossom, He’s not gonna be there tonight. Tonight he’s got the call from the source. The one who found the person who is the Mask.

Blossom: Ipkiss.

Leslie: Yes. You have to keep in mind that this could turn out rather dicey. Unpredictable.

Blossom: That is the life of the Mob. I am risking my good nature doing this type of stuff. Going against my cousins and being with you against their wish. But this is my life. My life is of course in your hands, Leslie. Your hands.

Leslie: That’s the talk of a real friend. Trust. You trust me?

Blossom: Well… Yeah. I always did. Although at the beginning i was privy on some Info. Only because if you were to know and someone came at you… hurting you because of it. I would feel terrible. It’d be hurtful and i’d never forgive myself.”

“Leslie: *Speaking through communicator* Hello? Who’s this calling Blossom?

Tess: *Pauses* Tess Mercer of the Watchtower Command Center. Who’s this i’m speaking to?

Leslie: Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer. The Mobster gal soon to be Ex-Mobster gal… I am the friend to the one you’re calling or trying to contact.

Madame Romance: What the hell? Leslie, Get off this frequency. You’re not a fighter or a hero. You’re a gangster gal who is serving on the wrong side of the Law. You are supposed to be away from Blossom. You better be. Or you can look forward to being put in Juvenile Hall. Your choice.

Electrogal: Annie, Shut up. Leslie is my friend… Whether you like it or not. You don’t like Leslie… That’s your problem. Not mine. Back off. Get on Leslie’s back again and i will fire at you all and won’t regret it. Back off. Now.

Shining Bubble: No. You’re gonna do as you’re told, Blossom. our family has rules and they’re gonna be obeyed… Whether you like it or not. You are gonna stay away from leslie. If you are near her… She’s going to Juvenile hall. And we’ll see to it that it’s your fault. No one in our family is gonna be in the Mob or have anyone involved with the Mob. Don’t like it… tough. It’s called life. deal with it.

Electrogal: Go to hell Susie. You will not tell me who i can or can’t have for friends.

Shining Bubble: We just did. It’s not gonna change.

Leslie: Susie… Why are you being so vicious to your cousin, Blossom? She is my friend and i am hers. I am with the mob… I made that decision… But i am trying to get out from it. Blossom and i have a habit… She’s done hits. As have i… However… What none of you realize is that Blossom is risking everything to save me. To get me out from the Mob. She’s risking everything she has… for me.

Shining Bubble: Doesn’t matter. You’re part of the Mob. You have committed crimes. You have to be held accountable and made to be punished for it.

Dancing heartthrob: That’s right… Although, what i would like to know is how you caught on to us?

Leslie: Blossom. She told me all about you guys. She loves you guys and i think that what it is that you guys do… It’s amazing.

Majestic Love: You think that we’re amazing? Don’t get us fluffed up here. You’re on the side with Dorian Tyrell. The side-stepping mobster. An Underbelly. But you like us?”

“Leslie: Now do you believe why Blossom is making the choices she’s making? This isn’t easy on her. She’s having to work this on her own. In the same process… she has to likely turn on you guys… In order for it to work. This is hurting her more than you know and you are all antagonizing her. pressuring her and stressing her out. She told me all about how dedicated and amazing you all are. I believe it and i feel that way too. But time for some hard fact… this ordering her around… controlling her and telling her how to live and stay away from me… the one she’s trying to save and thereby risking everything she has… That’s gonna make her really go all in on turning on you guys and being fully against you. Her family. It’s gonna make her revere you. Which will without a doubt hurt her more than you’ll ever realize.

Dancing Heartthrob: How do you know this?

Leslie: It’s because… I left my family and i know how painful it is to be one to make a hard choice. One that should not be made. One that no teen should ever have to be put in the position to make. I want to be a hero someday. A fighter of somekind. However… until i am fully and officially out of the Mob and have repaid all debts i wound myself up with… I will never be able to become a fighter or a plausible hero. I made this mess of mine… It’s up to me to fix it. Blossom’s doing what she’s doing to save me. To pull me out from the Mob. This isn’t easy for her and i agree. This is taking a huge toll on her.”

Zoey: *Walking over and sitting down* I feel so terrible. Holly, I just ruined my friendship with Blossom. I think Blossom might hate me.

Holly: What? *Pauses and lost* Zoey, What are you talking about? Blossom might hate you? Why would she hate you? You didn’t do anything to make her hate you…

Zoey: I did. I exposed her secret life to the others and they told her father.

Holly: What secret? Wait a minute… You aren’t talking about Blossom’s habit and the fact that she was hanging with that Mob girl… are you?

Zoey: Yeah… I am. The other day… I was walking down the one street. The one with Liquor stores and mini marts. Some jewelry stores as well… Literally close to one another… I only got so far when i happened to see two girls. Running into one of the stores and *Sniffling* one of the girls i recognized… It was Rita the Hammer.

Holly: Leslie?! Leslie Burke?! *In disbelief* You’ve got to be kidding. Her? *Disgusted* Ugh! What the heck is the deal with her?

Zoey: I don’t know… But there is more… The other girl was unrecognizable… At first and i didn’t know who it would have been. But i heard Leslie speak to the girl with her… Calling her: “Silvia”.

Holly: *Catching the name* Silvia. Silvia the Bookie?

Zoey: That’s the one. That could have been anyone. *Sniffling* However i got to the shadows and watched for when they got out of the store. That’s when i saw them. Leslie… A-a-a-a-a-a-and B-b-b-b-b-b-blossom. She was posing as Silvia the Bookie. Plus smoking. I saw them light up and run off.

Holly: *Scoffs in outrage* What?! Oh my god… Zoey, You saw a robbery and didn’t report it?! What is the matter with you? You should have reported it.

Zoey: How? This was my cousin doing it. Plus the girl Leslie. They were the ones doing it. They don’t know i was there. If i were to report it… They’d figure out that i was there and they’d come after me.

Holly: Your cousin Blossom… would attack you. Is that what you’re saying?

Zoey: Yes. That’s what she would have done if she were to know that i was there following her. I wasn’t even following her. I was just at the right place… at the wrong time. I almost was caught by them. However they didn’t happen to see me around. But… *Crying* I told Susie… My older cousin and she told the others. I didn’t want to… But i was just scared for Blossom. That’s all. I was really concerned and worried for her. getting in to danger and there being nothing i could do to stop it.

Holly: It’s that girl Leslie. She is the cause for all that has happened to Blossom. To you. You and Blossom were close till that no good conniving girl Leslie came into our lives. *Growls about the mention of Leslie* Grrrrrrrrrr! I hate that girl. I hate her. Either way… it doesn’t matter, Zoey. When you see a Robbery and know it’s being performed… You report it. No matter who it is that is acting out the robbery and actually perpetrating it. Doing it. You could likely be an accessory to a robbery now. You saw something and didn’t call it in.

Zoey: Holly, Stop it… *Crying* Can’t you see that it’s hurting me enough? I just ruined my friendship with Blossom. I betrayed her. I know it was the right thing for me to tell the others and have something done about what Blossom was doing… But it still hurts.

Holly: Zoey, *Sighs* Come on… Since when has Blossom ever really been a true friend to you? She’s been more into that snot-nosed bitch Leslie. I’m 14 and more mature. I already don’t like Leslie. Now i… i really despise her. And i also dislike Blossom. I really don’t like her at all. She’s to be your friend. Not Leslie’s. Leslie is nothing but a loser.

Zoey: *Breaking down in tears* …

Holly: Hey… Zoey, I’m sorry. *Sighs* … *Reaching out to Zoey and hugging her* I’m sorry that i said that. You’ve been hurt enough by what was going on with your friend Blossom. It’s only just the fact that Blossom used to be with you. Be along side you and you being her world in a close friend. A best friend. But then… That harlot Leslie comes and screws it all over. It’s just so unfair.

Zoey: It’s okay, Holly. *Sniffling* You didn’t know and it isn’t like i was expecting you to know everything. You were just upset about what Blossom was up to and angry about how she was regarding me.”

Zoey: *Looking at Holly* You really don’t like Leslie at all, Do you?

Holly: Zoey, It’s not about my not liking her. or having any tolerance towards her. It’s the fact that because of her… You were being ditched by Blossom. Blossom is your friend. Best friend of ten years. Since you were like 4 years old as you’ve once told me. It’s not just something you can sweep under the rug and forget. Blossom might have forgotten the friendship you two had. But you haven’t. Although after what she had been doing to you… i can’t see why you’d still want a thing to do with her… Other than know of her being your cousin.

Zoey: I have to keep trying… I hurt because of her. Not Leslie… Leslie is not a issue. I’d like to say that she is… But she didn’t pull Blossom away. Blossom did all the pulling herself. Leslie’s only crime was crossing paths with Blossom. Starting all this. That’s all she’s guilty for. Blossom’s the one who’s at fault.

Holly: That’s right. I however don’t really like Leslie that much… I just never did. However… It’s probably because i never really tried to give her a real chance. I just allowed the rumors to take control and judged her because of false tales of what she was doing. The Drugs… She never did that. I had my facts or the facts that i was given by Sophie Collins and Mindy Silversmith… They were there at school that one day before all this began telling about what was coming from the girl Leslie. The sister to the Pregnant girl Roxanne Harris. She was also seeking to look into it and started asking. Sophie even told her. That’s where the rumors on that first began. But was proven false.

Zoey: Leslie’s not at fault. Blossom is. *Feeling angry about Blossom* All she wanted to be with was Leslie. It was always Leslie. Leslie… Leslie… Leslie. That’s all that she cared about. She even abandoned Sakura and Hikaru. They also were left and cast aside by Blossom. It’s as though we were nothing to her.


Blossom: *Walking over* You little Bitch… Backstabber. You don’t like my being with Leslie that much so you go bitching to our cousin Susie…

Zoey: *Turning to the side* Excuse me?! Blossom, What did you say?

Blossom: You heard what i said, Whining baby Zoey… You’re a jealous conniving wimp. Leslie and I hang out together a lot of the time. It’s a problem for you because you think that you can tell me who i can be best friends with and the fact that you are not as close as Leslie is… bugs you. So you go crying to the others. Getting them to step up and stop my friendship with Leslie. Treating her like a bastard. I lost my best friend and girlfriend because of your crying ass.

Zoey: I was trying to save you from making a huge mistake. That’s what a friend would do. We were best friends. However… I don’t even know why i should bother caring about you anymore as a best friend or friend in any way. All you care about is Leslie. It’s Leslie Burke 24/7. If it’s not something to do with Leslie… You just happen to not care.

Blossom: Neither do you. You just can’t find any reason to not try and tear her down. Can you? You are just a jealous girl. Being really stupid and petty. Oh… and Pathetic.

Zoey: Holly, Let’s go. I’m not putting up with her. Not tonight. I’m just ready to punch her lights out because of her obnoxious attitude.

Holly: *Nods* Same here. Let’s go over to the Diner. We can talk more there.

Blossom: That’s right… walk away. Walk away from the truth. You hurt me and cause my heart to be broken and yet… don’t have the decency to stay and man up to what you did.”

Blossom: *Thankful* Leslie… You’re back.

Leslie: Yeah. I am… *Hugging Blossom and relieved* I came back and i stood up to your dad.

Blossom: *Pauses* You what?! What did you just say you’ve done?

Leslie: I’ve stood up to him. I told him the truth. That i was innocent and that habit and the mob life was your choice and i didn’t lure you. You took the shot and got into it.

Blossom: *Shaking her head* Oh god… Leslie, Why did you do that? Why did you tell him that?

Leslie: Because it was the right thing to do. Plus i also told him how i was trying to talk you out from getting into the mess that i was in. That i was trying to keep you out from making a wrong choice. Although… I think that you and he need to reconcile.

Blossom: *Looking away slightly* Why should I? He was the one who did the move and Banned you and I from seeing one another. If anyone should apologize… It’s him. Or should i say It should be that Ex-Best friend of mines… Zoey. It’s her fault that my dad was lead to place a ban on you. Do you remember how my dad even spoke to you? *Speaking like her father* “She’s been doing mob hits and smoking. Which wasn’t till you came here and got to her. Filling her head with mythical notions of how the Mob is good. This is the last time you and she will see one another. Leslie Burke.  STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!” *Feeling sour* I don’t know about you… But i wouldn’t be one to cave in. Not so easily.

Leslie: He’s feeling bad about how he spoke to you. But not only that… He has a reason to do what he did.

Blossom: What reason did he have?

Leslie: Well… Think about it, Blossom. Before i came around… you were not with a habit and didn’t seek to consort towards joining the Mob. He at first thought that i was the one who got you into it. You made the choices though. I was trying to keep you out of the Mob. All i intended to do was introduce you to Dorian. Not induct you into the Mob. But by you seeing him and meeting him… It got you to think on being part of it.

Blossom: You’re right…. It did. But it’s a mess i made and i am glad to have done so. I needed a change in my life. It’s not the best of change though… However, It got me a friend. You. I don’t care what anyone tries to sell me… I will not be made to regret it. Leslie, You’re my friend… I don’t want that to ever change.

Leslie: I know. *Sighs* But, Blossom… You are losing everything that meant alot to you because of me. I am probably a bad influence.

Blossom: You… *Irritated* Ugh! I can’t believe this… You are letting the surrounding teens we know get to you. I wouldn’t care about what they try… You’re not a bad influence. I just have to focus on getting you away from the Mob. Get Sora and Carly free from the Mob as well. However… they’re not so far in. Not yet. Although… I don’t want to wait and see that they get to that point. I want to get them out from the Mob. Get them free. But first… We need to free ourselves. It’s gonna take a little more time. That’s all.

Leslie: *Thinking* What about your Best friend/Cousin Zoey? Where does she stand in all this?

Blossom: *Cold* I don’t want to even talk about that whining baby.

Leslie: *Feeling the anger* Wow! That’s not good… You sound like you are hurt by her…

Blossom: Gee, Leslie… What the hell do you think? I almost frickin’ lost you because of her, okay?

Leslie: Why would you lose me because of her?

Blossom: Come on… Like you don’t know. My so called Ex-Best friend… has made it no secret that she doesn’t necessarily like you. What she pulled… Made it clear that she doesn’t like you at all or the fact that our friendship and closeness is stronger and one that she can not understand. She’s Jealous of our closeness and figures that since she can’t pull me away from you… She’d go crying to our older cousins and get them to get my father involved. *Growling* As far as i am concerned… She and I are no longer BFF’s. No longer. All she is… Is just a cousin. That’s it.”

“Leslie: *Nearby* Hey! Kellaway, Just because you are too tightly wound and don’t know how to be loose doesn’t give you the right to deny your partner a little fun.

Lt. Kellaway: *Overhearing the comment* Watch it, Rita the Hammer. You are 2 steps away from being locked in the slammer.

Leslie: Hey… Lt. Jerk. In case you didn’t hear what i said about you on air… During my Real life story being told… I’ll repeat it! “Kellaway, You think that you know a thing about me. What i am like. Who i am… try getting a better job. Because your profiling skills are pathetic at best. You think that i wanted to be a mob girl and that i am happy being one? You’re ignorant as… the truth is… I’m not. You try being a young teen who’s rich and in a new city far away from the home you knew. Being emancipated from your parents out of having no other choice but to emancipate and save yourself thereby making the hardest choice…you shouldn’t have to make… EVER and with nowhere to go. Then tell me that i was doing wrong. It’s called Survival. Learn it.”

Lt. Kellaway: The Law is the Law. You can say what you want. But break the law in my city… You’re gonna get slapped into the Slammer. End of story.

Leslie: Who are you trying to impress? Yourself? You are a jerk. No one even likes you because you are cruel. You don’t have any compassion. In fact… If i can be frank on this… I feel sorry for Doyle. You disrespect him. Order him around. Treating him like he was just an idiot in your eyes… You are lucky that he doesn’t try to fight back. Because if it were me… I’d file for transfer.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Stepping up* Easy there, Jellybean. Calm down. You are right about him. But don’t antagonize him. It won’t serve any good. But… *To Kellaway* She’s right. You are nothing but a creep. Why don’t you just retire and let someone else… Someone who’s really good at their job as well as one with a heart and a bit of compassion work this?

Kellaway: That’s it. After this all done… I’m filing a report on you kids. This city may admire you. But to me… You’re all nothing but Glory seekers. Taking the law into your own hands. so… Young lady… STUFF IT!

Electrogal: *Firing a shot of electricity at Kellaway* Fuck you, asshole! Screw with my family and your ass will regret it. Bottom line.”

“Dorian: What a Rush…

Blossom: *Looking away* Yeah… I think that i’ve seen enough.

Sweet Eddy: Whoa, boss… are you okay?

Dorian: I’m better than ever, you idiot. Now stop the presses. There’ll be a new headline tonight.

Sweet Eddy stands there looking disappointed with Ipkiss still held dangling above the churning presses.

Sweet Eddy: What about that guy?

Dorian/Mask wheels about and ROARS at Sweet Eddy…

Leslie: *Looking at Dorian and weary* This is not… normal.

Dorian/Mask: *Towards Leslie* And What perception might you have to know what normal is? A young girl such as yourself should know that normal is pretentiously over-rated.

Blossom: Over-rated? That is something that i would usually hear from my Aunts. They seem to deal with that outcome quite a bit.

Dorian: So history just comes to repeat itself again. So much for surprises. *Stifles a small laugh* This Kid’s got guts.”

“Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Blossom… I feel like a total fool. I am so so sorry. Sorry for everything that i caused you to do. Dragging you into this. This is all my fault. All of it. We Met and it was the best thing that ever happened. I just wish that it could have happened on a better occasion. You’re in the Mob because of me. You chose to join… Made the choices that you’ve made because of me. You joined to save me. To pull me out from the Mob. But i can’t allow you to risk anymore just for the sake of me. I can’t. Blossom, We’re still together… But this Mob life meets an end… Starting tonight.

Blossom: …

Leslie: You turned into a bit of the monster that i was on the way of becoming. You have to stop. This is the same element that i had to face and deal with back in my hometown. But now… seeing it here? This is history repeating itself. It has to stop.

Blossom: What’re you gonna do?

Leslie: Something to lead in the right direction…

Leslie: *Standing up to Dorian and with discontent* I can’t believe this… Dorian. How could you turn into such a power mad monster?

Dorian/Mask: This is who i always was. This was what i hid from you.

Leslie: You betrayed my trust in you. I thought that you were sincerely a person who would never turn against your word. You promised me that you’d never intentionally hurt someone.

Dorian/Mask: I didn’t even make a promise to you. I told you that i never would turn dark.

Leslie: That’s a lie. You did promise me. You gave me your word, Dorian. You lied to me. YOU LIED!

Dorian/Mask: Leslie… It’s not what you think.

Leslie: *Glaring* No… Don’t even snow me. I might be only a 13 year old Girl… But i am not stupid. I know what you are.

Dorian/Mask: And what would that be?

Leslie: A Liar, Murderer and Power hungry CREEP!

From the side…

Thunderic Fury: *Holding the phone up and still active call… On Speaker for the rest of the fighters to hear* …

Leslie: *Still standing up to Dorian* And on the other front… I am stupid. I should have never joined the Mob. I screwed up and i have to spend the rest of my life regretting it. Since i joined the Mob… People around me at school all thought i was on drugs. They all revered me. Hated me. Despised me. Made it where i had no friends and left where i’d have to count it by luck to land a friend at all. I’m done… After the next pickup… I am throwing in my resignation. I’ll take my skills and my weapons and severance pay for my time in the Mob. I’m done. It’s Over. My name is and has… and forever will be. Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… Mob girl… Is dead. If Rita the Hammer comes back… She’s getting a rewrite, Done the right way. *Walking off and leaving the scene*”

“Blossom: Hey, Uncle Zeke.

Zeke: Good heavens… It’s after midnight. You should be at your house and asleep. What’re you doing out this late?

Blossom: You don’t want to know… It’s best if you didn’t.

Zeke: Why’s that, Sweetheart? You okay?

Blossom: Yeah. I am just dealing with my unfortunate involvement among the Mob.

Gabe: Huh?!

Ilsa: The Mob? You’re not talking about the Second rate Mobster Dorian Tyrell… are you?

Blossom: Afraid so. But i sure regret it. I only did it to save someone from the Mob. Getting her out from the Mob.

Gabe: Who? Who do you mean?

Blossom: Someone who happens to be my friend. Best friend.

Zeke: Zoey? No. Not my daughter… Please no…

Blossom: *Laughs* Uncle Zeke… Calm down. It’s not Zoey. Honest. She’s not in the Mob at all. She was close to being in the Mob… But she never bit into it. She’s still safe. Free from it.

Heinz: Then who do you consider to be the one you are saving from the Mob?

Leslie: *Walking into view* I think that’d be me. *Smiles* Hi. I’m Leslie.

Gabe: *Shocked and shrieks* R-r-r-r-r-r-r-rita the Hammer?!

Leslie: I guess… you followed the stories about me. Mob stories.

Heinz: We all did. But… we have to ask why a young and upright girl like you would get involved with the mob.

Leslie: Protection. However… I endured my defining moment tonight. I saw the exposing light of Dorian and saw him for who he really was… I gave my resignation to the mob just a moment ago. With the word that i’d do one last hit for them. Then. I was done. I quit the Mob. It’s over.

Gabe: You were the one that shot holes in the special wood that was for this Pub. We had to get an invoice approval for a new shipment. That was about 6,000 dollars, Young lady. I would file charges. Actually Zeke would be all for filing charges… But you do seem to look to be someone who is indeed remorseful and sorry.

Leslie: That’s why i came here to give this… *Handing over an envelope* Inside is 8,500 Dollars. It’s entitled to you guys. I have alot of debts to pay back for what i did. But… This is from me. My Inheritance Money.

Zeke: *At a loss for words* Oh my god… Leslie, You didn’t have to do this. We would have come up with it somehow… It would have taken a while… But we’d come up with the money that was lost over the building material.

Leslie: Please… I want you to have it. I want to make up for what i’ve done. I did wrong by doing what i did. I didn’t know what it was that i’ve done on the wood. But if it weren’t for me… you wouldn’t have lost the Wood to begin with. It’s my fault. I have to make amends. Doing what is right. *Looking down* I can’t go back to my parents with these debts lingering and i miss them. I need to make this right.

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* It’s gonna be alright, Leslie. You’re doing the right thing.

Leslie: I am. But i still feel guilty. I should have never joined the Mob to begin with. I Joined it because i needed some kind of protection. A place to belong. But after seeing Dorian actually killing someone. I came to regret it. I don’t know what i was even thinking. How could i have been so blind and foolish?”

O’aka: *Coming to and Rubbing his eyes* What… What… Who’s come to see this slick Merchant at this time of the night?

Blossom: O’aka? It’s one of the fighters.

O’aka: Fighters. Rhapsody Clansmen? *Opening the sliding door and seeing who stood in view* Well I’ll be fancyin’ a surprise to be… Electrogal standing before I… What brings you out to see the likes of me at this hour of the Night?

Blossom: It’s something that I am helping a friend do. A best friend… actually.

O’aka: Oh?! Who?

Blossom: Someone that the whole city is trying to revere… Which i don’t think… is to be the least bit fair. It’s awful.

O’aka: I don’t know if i’m following clear on what you’re saying, Lass. Who would Revere your Cousin, Zoey? Why would the city Revere her?

Blossom: It’s not Zoey. It’s someone else.

Leslie: *Enclosing a wad of cash in the Envelope* … *Walking over and gulps* … I can do this. It’s the right thing to do in order to make amends for what i done. I can do this. I have to. I messed up. I got to make this right.

O’aka: *Catching sight of Leslie* Well… If it isn’t the thief that robbed me like a fox. Rita the Hammer… Did you come to try to steal from the likes of me again?

Leslie: No. Look, What i did was awful. I stole from you and hurt you. I was stupid for doing so. I know that you probably had thoughts of filing a report and turning me in to the police for what i had done… I don’t blame you. I deserve it. I know that nothing can make up for what i did. However… I hope that this will compensate you for what was lost. *Handing over an Envelope to O’aka* There’s 25,000 inside. I know it isn’t much… But It’s a gesture to show that i’m sorry.

O’aka: *Blown away* Dear heavens… Where on earth did you come up with all this money? This must be a bushel of cash i reckon.

Leslie: This comes right from my Inheritance Money. I am paying back all my debts that i made. I left the Mob and i don’t plan on ever going back. I never will go back to the Mob. I’ve reached my end tonight. I was in the Mob and i was promised that i’d never see a murder. Ever. Dorian promised me that none of that would happen. But he lied. I caught him in a lie and he flat out broke his word. I planned to leave the Mob anyway… But seeing the truth and catching Dorian in a lie… That’s what made it real.

O’aka: You’re trying to pay off all your debts… How will you manage to do that?

Leslie: I don’t know. It’s gonna take a lot from me. But i have to do this. I don’t want to be upon that Jerk Lt. Kellaway’s Radar. He’s been one step away from having me in the slammer. I don’t want to be put there and the only way that i can prevent from ending up in the slammer.

O’aka: You figure he just doesn’t like you?

Leslie: Not only that… He even disrespected the fighters and called them glory seekers. It was like a total slap in the face.

O’aka: That guy is no one’s friend.

Leslie: I can’t begin to wonder how he managed to stay wed for as long as he did.

O’aka: Aye… I know that you don’t like the guy. And a lot of people don’t favor him to say the least… But that was indeed a low blow. You’re like 13 and already speak like that… You must be one of a kind. Too rich for this cunning Merchant which i be.

Leslie: I am not that rich. I just am a daughter of an Heiress. But i am the type of rich girl… who doesn’t really care about Money. All i truly care about is my family… A good home that is safe and a good friend. Money is great… But in the end it doesn’t bring a person happiness. Just unseen misery. The only thing that money can really do is show you who your real friends are. That’s all.

O’aka: *Chuckles* Blossom… Where did you find this Lass? She’s not like the usual crowd you hang with. She’s different. But I must say… This girl… is one that ye… can depend on. But watch her. She’s got some tricks she do…

Blossom: This might be something that will be risky… But can you help us? Leslie needs to repay all her debts. But there are too many of them. She can’t very well get to all of them on her own…

O’aka: Debt is a vile and treacherous thing it is… But you are asking me to help locate all the ones that she needs to pay back.

Blossom: This is huge. Please… We can’t ask the others. They’d never understand.

Leslie: *Feeling stressed*

O’aka: For all the times you and the crew been there for O’aka. This is something which i shall find a way to do. How do i reach ye’?

Leslie: I got a cell. *Giving out her #* This is my personal #.

Blossom: *Giving out her Cell #* You can call me too… Either her or me. We’ll be listening.

O’aka: Will do. And sorry about the suspicion earlier. But after all the run in’s with the mob and the slight brush that your friend Leslie had done on good ole’ O’aka. I am a little weary. However… I know that she be sorry. If there is any leads to anyone who has been looking for a score to settle and a Debt be needing to be paid back by her… O’aka’ll let ye’ know… That he will.”

Zoey: *Voice-Over* And now Chapter 224 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Leslie: *Voice-over* Author Dale Turner once Mused: ““Some of the best lessons are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom of the future.”

It was getting later at night and there was still activity going on throughout the streets. Leslie and Blossom were on their way to square away the second Debt payback for that night. To start off the chance in Leslie. The Mob was no longer a suited fit for her and she was done with it. Blossom was losing herself and Leslie saw it. She saw the awful truth coming from Dorian and it broke her trust. She would have gradually left the Mob on her own merits as time passed… But after seeing what she saw Dorian do… It was the straw that broke her back. The last straw and she called it quits. She called it Quits on the Mob. Vowing to take her severance pay… What she earned from her time in the Mob and her weapons. Which was only a Semi-Auto of her own. She had to get a license for that and it would be hard as she was under 18. But she was making the Change. She already had done right by Zeke. Blossom’s Uncle. She has done right by O’aka. But there were 299-300 more Debts to pay and she was only with two down. It didn’t seem as though there would be much relief coming to her… But good fortune would eventually come. Blossom and Leslie were gonna be listening in for calls from O’aka. He was gonna keep his eyes and ears out for any leads to repaying the debts that were indeed made by Leslie. Blossom had no debts. But in all fault and delay… she was with Leslie on a bit of the Hits… so she was in the same boat technically.

Sora and Carly were starting to dive a bit into the Mob world and with the impressions that it was gonna be all fun and games. The girls were hurting and in emotional strife deep inside as they worried about their mother. Worried about how she was gonna pull through and began to gather the reality that things were gonna get worse. They still couldn’t reach where Leslie and Blossom were. There was no word from them and it began to worry the girls. Sora didn’t mention about Zoey. She was not happy with Zoey or about what Zoey had been doing. Carly was feeling the same way as Sora however she didn’t want to consider the option where they’d have to show animosity to her. They couldn’t. Sora and Carly were able to sneak into a lounge… Unseen and just lit. They were stressing about their mother and angry about their father and very displeased over how their Cousin Zoey was behaving in regards to Blossom and Leslie. What they didn’t seem to notice was that they were spotted by someone who recognized them. They were spotted by their mother’s work associate. Mr. Olson…

The Dark Knight

Mr. Olson: *Asking the Bartender* I am not one to start a stink or a fuss… But aren’t those two girls Alice Rhapsody’s Twin Daughters?

Bartender: I’m not sure. I can’t say. I guess so. Why? You know their mother?

Mr. Olson: I do. I’m a work partner to their mother. Psychic lady. Mrs. Divine Light. That’s who she goes by when working and on duty.

Bartender: Hmm… You don’t say. *Looking to see the girls* I think that would be them… People have been seeing feats being done by a group of fighters. Two of them being those girls right there.

Mr. Olson: It’s late at night and they’re out roaming… Someone should do something.

Bartender: It’s also dangerous out. The Mob running about and then there’s the cops. The whole city’s gone plum-loco.

Mr. Olson: *Nods* I totally agree. However… in the midst of darkness… Dawn usually would down the road… cometh.

Bartender: Hey… That’s close to something which the D.A had once said. He said something close to that line.

Seconds later…

Mr. Olson: *Getting up and walking over to the girls* …

The girls weren’t paying much mind to anyone… They were buried in their thoughts and were just conflicted by what was going on around them. They had an upset and broken mother due to their father having an affair with another woman. They were also in the Mob too… Then there was the whole part of their Cousin Zoey being insecure and jealous of Leslie and Blossom. However…

Sora: *Puffing* This stinks. We have no idea as to what we’re to do about Mom. She’s broken. We haven’t really had much to eat… We’re stressed out. Our Cousin Zoey is being insecure about Blossom being with Leslie.

Carly: Plus the suspicion that the one fueling the tension and the hatred between Zoey and Blossom… Holly. She’s probably not gonna rest till people all over come to dislike and scorn Leslie. Making her out to be the most hated person in the city. *Blowing smoke*

Mr. Olson: *Walking over to the girls* What on earth are you two girls doing? Sora… Carly?

Sora: *Looking up at the man* W-w-w-w-who are you?

Mr. Olson: Mr. Olson. I happen to work along side your mom in the Psychic house. I happen to be her… Assistant. groundskeeper as it were.

Carly: Good for you. *Feeling depressed*

Mr. Olson: Come on now… *Grabbing a seat near them and showing compassion* What’s the matter?

Sora: Nothing. There’s nothing you could possibly do to change anything that has happened.

Mr. Olson: I probably understand how you two might feel over what’s occurred between your mom and dad.

Carly: And how’s that? *Feeling stressed out and hurt* How could you possibly understand how we are feeling about our dad cheating on our mom?

Mr. Olson: *Grins and coming off being consoling* Because the same kind of thing happened to me. 15 years ago. I had a wife. She was as cute as a fox and as sharp as a blade. She was also quick witted and very Predominant. Intelligent to last. I had the most desired love for her.

Sora: Do you still have her?

Mr. Olson: Sadly… No.

Carly: *Curious and wondering* How come… What happened?

Sora: You didn’t have a fight with her… Did you?

Mr. Olson: No. It’s not quite like that… What happened was… i happened to come home and it was earlier than i normally would come home from where i was. I would happen to find the house to be really quiet mostly. But i happened to come home early that day to surprise my wife. Which i would say that i was surprised and also crushed most of all… I came to the one room. only to see something that i wished i never had to see…

Sora: *Taking a puff and trying to keep from losing it as sadly…it was turning to be a bad night for both her and her sister Carly* What went wrong? Was it bad?

Mr. Olson: Affairs usually are, Sora. They’re never pleasing. I had come to find that not only that i witnessed before my eyes… my wife in bed with another man. But… it was with my old friend Richie Samson. I didn’t even say a word. I just walked out… Waited till she was not around and would be gone a while… I packed up all my things and left. Divorced her a week later and never spoken to her… or with her since. But for 7 years since then… i was never the same. I would come to cry in my sleep every night. Till… i finally one day decided to provide closure and reach her… one last time. She and I spoke and said our sorry’s and good-byes. I wished her the best and stopped it with that. Closing the book on that point of my life.

Carly: I guess that you do know how it is that we are to feel. But it doesn’t necessarily cheer us up. We still feel like crap. We broke our mom’s heart. We told her about our dad’s dirty laundry. we spilled it out to her and what happened… it broke her heart. She filed for divorce on dad… and yet is broken. It’s all our fault.

Sora and Carly barely put out their light seconds before they felt themselves break down and just let out their heavy hearts and heartache…

Mr. Olson: *Reaching over to the girls and hugging them* It’s not your fault. There was liable to be nothing you could have done to know what was gonna happen. You did right by letting out what it was that you knew.

Sora: *With tears and sobbing* Yeah… And look what it got us.

Carly: It got us to be alone and with a father who has been divorced and a mother who is broken and sinking further into depression. It’s getting worse.

Mr. Olson: I seriously doubt that.

Sora: *Sniffling* Why would you doubt that? It’s exactly what is going on. Our mom is slowly dying of a broken heart. It is our fault. She’s going through all this pain because of what we told her. What we spilled out to her.

Mr. Olson: Maybe so. But what if i were to tell you that she’s forgotten all about your father and is looking to start a new life. Without him in it?

Carly: So soon?

As for Zoey…

At Sid’s Diner…

Holly: *Looking at Zoey* It’s late. We’ve been talking for the last couple hours about that girl. I really don’t think that quarreling over her is gonna do you much use. I don’t like Leslie Burke. I don’t hate her really. I just can’t stand her. She comes from New York. Brooklyn. She escaped from a painful situation and Emancipated. But also… She’s Rich. 20 Million. She’s been spending a bit of it to cover her stay at the Hotel. She’s lived there for almost a couple months.

Zoey: I don’t know… I really can’t picture the possibility of Blossom being into Leslie so deep that Leslie is Gay and Blossom is converting to being gay as well…

Holly: *Shaking her head in disbelief* You have got to be kidding me, Zoey… You are going over this repeatedly because of the possibility that Blossom could be maturing into a Gay person? I thought that you were just jealous… I had no idea that this was gonna pop out from your mouth. Next… You’ll probably tell me that you are a jealous lover in the early stages of being in love with your own cousin. Not that it’s wrong… Incest is unfortunately a biased commodity. However… I don’t think you’re gonna win many people over with that one.

Zoey: It’s not like that. I am just feeling as if i am not good enough for Blossom anymore. It’s like she hates being around me. As if everything there is about me she finds offensive and repelling.

Holly: *Snapping her fingers left and right at Zoey to snap her out of a delusion* Uh, Zoe… You want to come back to reality and stop the channeling of Robin William’s Character Alan Parrish? You sounded like him for a second there and that is three steps away from the category of one who’s undergoing a Psychotic Episode.

Zoey: *Sighs* Sorry.

Holly: Zoey, It’s okay. This whole thing revolving Blossom and Leslie has got you all mixed and conflicted. I don’t blame you for feeling the way you’re feeling. I also feel it. It’s only the fact that with Leslie around… Blossom isn’t herself. It’s as though Leslie’s the high for Blossom and Blossom is so into her that it makes it out to be as though Leslie’s seen as the equivalent to a couple kilo’s of wacky juice.

Zoey: But how do we force Leslie to leave? This is her city too… Now. It isn’t like she’s gonna be made willing to leave and fly the coop.

Holly: You better think of something. Leslie attends the same school as we all do. If you want to be rid of her… You’re gonna have to find a way to get her expelled from school. With no welcome into the schools here… She’ll have to leave. Because any minor who isn’t in school… Means trouble for them and parents too.

Zoey was starting to become vicious and mean about Leslie hanging around her cousin and best friend Blossom. Zoey wasn’t the type of person to single handed… Come out to attack someone… But she was sick of not being with Blossom. She wanted Blossom back to being her best friend and she was determined to get things back to how they were before…

She saw the time and realized that it was getting to be indeed very late at night. Zoey smiled at Holly and thanked her for sitting with her and comforting her. From what they discussed and what they felt… She truly felt that she could go on without Blossom in her life. Although she believed that if there was even a shred of chance that she could break Blossom loose from Leslie… She had to try. She had to try one final… last time. Only problem was that it was too late. It was late at night and there was no way that she’d be able to reach Blossom. Plus Blossom… Being the way that she was… She wasn’t gonna just stop and have a little phone talk Chin-wag with Zoey. She was still angry and pissed at Zoey and there was nothing to be done to change that. Nothing.

Zoey got home back to her house and got to her room only minutes before her father returned back home. Zoey didn’t let off to Holly that she was under the influence of smoking. Zoey had her bedroom door closed and locked. She felt somewhat better that she got out all her concerns and shared them with Holly. But she still felt pain. She didn’t only have her best friend Blossom ditching her and she feeling the need to do what she could to break Blossom away from Leslie… She also was dealing with the pain of the fact that her mother left. She didn’t have anything to be really happy about. She pulled out her pack of Lucky strike and lit up a light. She just didn’t care anymore. She didn’t even really care about school anymore. To her… It was just one huge disappointment. She figured that she no long had a best friend anymore. Even though her heart and mind told her something else.

She had her smoke and then got changed into her night clothes and turned in. She didn’t even hear from her adopted sister June which she didn’t really seem to care anymore. She took one look at her cell and saw no text or missed calls. The thing that she didn’t get or know was that someone out there was with a crush on her. But she was too depressed and too hurt inside to even consider any possibility that someone would want her. Zoey went right to bed and just fell asleep. She Cried in her sleep and wondered if for any chance or for any reason… that Blossom would be thinking of her. Although Zoey had to stop kidding herself and get the idea that her best friend Blossom didn’t want her…

Somewhere down the block from where she lived…

Michelangelo: *Looking at the picture of the girl he’s infatuated with*   Whoever you are… You’re the most beautiful girl in the world. I must find you and meet you. Someday… I will find you and confess my feelings to you. *Sighs in a lovesick manner*

As for the fighters…

as the night rolled on…

Stanley’s apartment…

The door is kicked open and two of Dorian’s henchmen burst into the room. Milo leaps off the couch and scrambles behind the curtains. They yank open the closet door and start scooping the cash into plastic garbage bags.

Outside the Apartment building where Stanley’s home resided…

Mob getaway car…

Stanley was tied up and gagged. He couldn’t move too well and he was also unable to speak as the thing around his mouth was keeping him from speaking. He was only able to whimper. That was by far… the only thing that he could do…

In his mind he started praying for someone to come and rescue him from the Mob’s clutches…

Fighters… WHERE ARE YOU?! Ipkiss is in peril and needs your help. Help him… Hurry!

Sweet Eddy: *Holding the gun towards Stanley and aiming to shoot* That money better be where you said it was, Ipkiss or you can Ipkiss your ass goodbye.

Inside Stanley’s Apartment…

Milo peeks out from behind the curtain as the henchmen finish their job. He ducks behind the curtain and looks out the window.

Of the henchmen’s car. Stanley can barely be seen peeking out the car window. The henchmen pushes him back down. Milo then knew that something was up and that his master was in serious peril. He couldn’t just stick and not do anything… Milo got out without any of the henchmen seeing him. Although he had to move quietly and silently…

His ears perk up. The boss is in trouble! He checks back outside the curtain…

The Henchmen finish up and start out the door carrying the trash bags. Milo races right by them, just out of sight.

The henchmen hop in and start the engine. As the car peels out into traffic, Milo appears, valiantly racing along the sidewalk, dodging pedestrians and cross-traffic to keep the car in sight.

However… not far behind was…

Majestic Love: *Hovering next to Theodore* Theodore… Do you see anything that leads to the getaway car?

Dancing Heartthrob: No. I don’t think i can see anything.

Madame Romance: Maybe we are without a lead…


They see a Dog popping out into view…

Passions Galore: *Getting their attention* hey… guys… Look over in the center of the street…

Majestic Love: *Spotting the dog and recognizing who it was* Milo. That’s Milo.

Dancing Heartthrob: What?!

Majestic Love: Milo. Stanley’s Dog. That’s Stanley’s dog.

Madame Romance: You’re kidding. Seriously? But… W-w-w-w-w-what’s he doing chasing that car?

Passion Galore: I don’t know. But i think that he’s sensing something not right.

Dancing Heartthrob: What’ll we do?

Madame Romance: We follow it… Clint, You and Theodore follow the dog and chase it down. Follow it over to where ever the car Milo’s chasing is leading off to. Follow it and whatever you do… Don’t lose track of it. Not even for a second.

Passion Galore: Right?

Madame Romance: Daria and I will check out Stanley’s apartment. look for any signs of a break in. There is likely to be one knowing the Mob. We know that they have Stanley under their captivity. Serena and Carly were shot back with thunder by Dorian Tyrell…

Dancing Heartthrob: How could that be possible?

Majestic Love: Remember when Stanley had the Mask?

Dancing Heartthrob: Yeah. What about it?

Majestic Love: The Mask was reflecting most of the attacks being done upon him or it. It was as though nothing really did any known damage on the one wearing the Mask. But somehow… Dorian was able to absorb and gather the Thunder that was being shot at him and combine it. now elements don’t work.

Dancing Heartthrob: What the heck do we do now? Since Dorian’s got the Mask now and all it’s mystical splendor… He’s unpredictable. There’s no possible conclusion as to what he could do as the Mask. We kinda thought that it’d be mayhem when Stanley was the Mask. But now… with the fact that Dorian being the New Mask… We’d take Stanley as the Mask… anytime because at least with him… we knew what the heck we were gonna get more or less.

Majestic Love: As to thinking that Dorian is predictable as he’s already Evil. So with him as the Mask… God help us all.

Madame Romance: That could mean trouble for Leslie. She’s probably left the Mob now… Stood up to Dorian and took back her life. Her good nature and everything… But if she were to do all that while Dorian had controls of that Mask…

Passion Galore: We can’t worry about that. Let’s get to finding Stanley and following the dog chasing the mysterious car.

Seconds later…

Clint and Theodore left on the way and started tailing the dog and following the mystery car. The likely car that was being driven and ran by the Mob. Dorian’s henchmen. Annie and Daria went to check out Stanley’s apartment. They had to find Stanley. Something went on in Stanley’s apartment and as much as they didn’t want to admit it… They were late getting to where they had to be. Time was running against them and the more that they stood there… time would be running out quicker and faster. They had to move… fast.

On the trail…


Dancing Heartthrob: *Flying off and following the dog chasing the getaway car* So… Clint, What do you think is gonna happen to that girl Leslie?

Majestic Love: *Flying alongside Theodore* How do you figure, Theodore?

Dancing Heartthrob: You know what i mean? That girl… Leaving the Mob. Do you think that she’ll get out completely unscathed?

Majestic Love: Why do you worry about the girl? Leslie’s young. She’s apparently very bright. Granted that she’s a bit rich and too straightforward on how she sees things revolving what she’s done and what she is going through. But she’s gonna make it. At least she should be able to pull all the way from the Mob.

Dancing Heartthrob: No arguments there… However…

Majestic Love: However… What?

Dancing Heartthrob: What about Dorian? Do you think that he’ll make it easy for her to do?

Majestic Love: *Shrugs* I don’t know. I don’t see how Leslie would be stopped from trying to leave. However… With Dorian in clear possession of the Mask that’s imbued with the mystical powers of Loki… Who’s to say as to what could happen? Dorian could very well just not do anything and just allow her to walk. Unscathed and free. However there is always that other option. That other alternative.

Dancing Heartthrob: Which is? *Sensing worrisome news coming*

Majestic Love: Dorian could bide his time then when she’s not looking and or least expecting for a sneak attack and abduct her… Do her in. Evil Mobsters usually do. Because they happen to believe that once you Join the Mob… You are in and can never leave. And if you do… There’s only one way out.

Dancing Heartthrob: Meaning that he’ll likely kill her?

Majestic Love: He could. However, Leslie might know him better than we do from the time she’s been in the Mob and hanging with him.

Dancing Heartthrob: You think she’ll say?

Majestic Love: She might.

Dancing Heartthrob: *Flying onwards* Leslie is in alot of danger and unless we find some way to help her…

Majestic Love: We will… But for right now… This is something that only Blossom can do. She’s the only one who can break her away from the Mob and then also yank Sora and Carly away from the Mob if by chance that they too have gone into the Mob.

Dancing Heartthrob: Someone’s got to help her.

Majestic Love: The only ones who can really help Leslie… Other than Blossom… Is either Kimahri… Or possibly the guy who’s the D.A

Dancing Heartthrob: Nick Rhapsody. The one who’s married our family’s matriarch.

Majestic Love: There is no one else who can really help.

Dancing Heartthrob: We’re not even sure that he can help. He happens to be in the Public Eye. Everything he does is under a thick lens Microscope.

Majestic Love: Maybe she’ll get lucky and there will be someone standing up for her. Blossom being one. That we know of. She and Leslie are like close. Tight.

Dancing Heartthrob: Like Laverne and Shirley tight or like Romantic couple tight?

Majestic Love: I don’t know. I really am not sure exactly. But just for the sake of conversation or reference… We’ll stick with the “Laverne and Shirley” Tight. It’s more fitting.

Dancing Heartthrob: *Catching sight of the Car close by and reaching to the point where the dog was* There’s Milo. Clint… grab the dog.

Majestic Love: Save it from being unnecessary examples of roadkill? Yeah. *Flying over and reaching for the dog* Almost got it. Almost have him… *gaining grip of the dog and picking him up* Hold on Milo. We got you. It’s okay now, boy. *Looking ahead* Milo… Hold on tight. We’re gonna follow that car and find out where they’re off to. Don’t worry… We’ll get your master back. We won’t rest till you are back into his arms again.

Off they went and chasing after the car. Clint holding Stanley’s dog close and making way following the car. gaining up on the car and not letting go of the car’s sight. They followed it… Milo was more apt to barking towards the car. He wanted his master…


While all that was going on…

At the Coco Bongo Night club…

Dorian’s office…

Leslie: *Looking for her weapon* Blossom, your weapon is here too… It’s next to mine. We’ve got to find it and get out of here. Those guys will be back soon and if they spot us… there’s no telling what could happen.

Blossom: We’re not gonna be afraid of any Mobster. We got each other and we also have some firepower. Remember the electric grenades?

Leslie: You’re right. But i know Dorian more than you happen to know him. I picked up his mindset and saw how he works. He’s only gone from his office for a limited time at a shot. Then he comes back. He is gonna be back here… soon.

Blossom: *Creeped out* Now i’m disturbed. Let’s get to the weapons and get out of here.

Leslie: Gladly. The less we stick where Dorian is liable to be… the better.

Although they didn’t know where Dorian was. Dorian wasn’t gonna be at the office. Now that he had the mask… He was able to do as he wished and nothing could stop him. Leslie stopped to think about the realization that since Dorian now had all control of the Mask, it would be morning light before Dorian would spark a return to the office for any reason…

Leslie: He’s got the Mask. Doesn’t he?

Blossom: Doesn’t he who? Dorian?! Yeah. I suppose so. He did look rather different. A green face. Plus the face looked like a troll or a deranged Tyrannosaurus or something. It makes Ipkiss seem like some kind of tamed lion or pussycat.

Leslie: Very. I am just glad to be out from the Mob. I do have you to thank for that. Believed in me when no one else would.

As they were looking for their weapons…

Blossom: Where do you suppose they keep the stuff locked?

Leslie: I don’t know. *Trying to think* It’s here somewhere. Check over on the other side of the room and look everywhere. Don’t leave anything unchecked.


“Our Mom’s work assistant is really nice.”

“I know. I like him. He’s old enough to be like our grandpa. But he is really kind. He understands how we feel about the issue going on between our mom and dad.”

“At least he’s someone who understands. We would go and talk to Zoey… But how she almost cost Blossom her friendship with Leslie… I don’t think we can ever socialize with Zoey again.”

“Maybe we can… But just be very picky and choosey towards what we let out around her.”

“I guess. At least we got some of the stress and pain lifted from our shoulders.”

“Yeah. No help from Zoey. Pbbbbt!”

“What’re we doing here though? You don’t think that maybe Leslie and Blossom could be here… Do you?”

“They should be. They’re still in the Mob. This is like a safe haven for them to hide away from the Police and the dangerous men that are out there. It’s really dangerous out there.”

As soon as they got to the door leading to Dorian’s office…

Leslie: *Opening the door* Hey you two… What brings you two here? It’s dangerous outside tonight.

Sora: We know. But we figured that since you were gonna be here. We’d meet here.

Carly: We were meeting… weren’t we?

Leslie: Kinda. However… there is something you two should know.

Sora: Like what?

Carly: *Lost* What do you mean? Did something happen?

Leslie: Come on inside. We 4 need to talk. *Looking at Sora and Carly*

Sora: 4? *Pauses and gasps* 4? Wh-wh-what… Blossom’s here too?

Leslie: Of course. You think that i’d be here on my own?

Carly: *Shrugs* We suppose so…

A Minute later…

Leslie: *Sitting down* Sora, Carly… We came here to get our severance pay for our time with the Mob. We are leaving the Mob.

Sora: Why? I thought that you were fine with being the Mob girl.

Carly: That’s right. What happened?

Blossom: It’s nothing bad. We just reached our limit. Plus Leslie and I Both saw Dorian kill someone. He killed a reporter by throwing her into the grinding gears and machinery in the Newspaper Printing press room and Loading area. Underneath the Daily Planet Building.

Sora: He what?

Blossom: He killed someone. Leslie saw and just decided that enough was most certainly and without a doubt…enough.

Leslie: Plus… It’s about time that i left anyway. Besides… ever since i joined the Mob… all i got were sneers and negative comments coming to me. Rumors being told. People just wanting to have no better fulfillment than to chase me out of the city. I just grew tired of it. So… I am leaving it. I am done with it.

Carly: Where does that happen to leave us?

Leslie: We’re gonna be seeing on pulling you two out of the Mob as well. The habits can stay if you wanna keep them. I would wish that’d go too. But, I am not you. Or am i your parents… I am just suggesting.

Blossom: I too am seeking to leave the Mob and i practically have. I only joined because of Leslie and plus on a confidential note… I had to join and become the person she was turning into… in order to pull her out from the Mob.

Sora: *Not understanding something* Why would you have to join to pull her out, Blossom? Did you have to become what she was… Just to snap her back into sense and then persuade for her to decide to leave the Mob?

Leslie: It’s not exactly like that. Not really. I mean… I… *Sighs* I can’t see to keep this from you guys. I am leaving the Mob and trying to fix my life up because… I think that my parents are coming to Metropolis.

Carly: What?! Your parents?! I thought that you said that you Emancipated from them.

Leslie: I did. But i want them back and if they truly come here… I am gonna rescind the Emancipation. I am gonna reverse it and get back with my parents. That’s why… or one of the reasons why i left the Mob and am seeking to pay back all debts that i’ve made.

Blossom: You also left because of seeing me turning into a monster… You didn’t want me to be suffering through that.

Leslie: That’s right. And the fact that you had to put yourself through a lot of pain to pull me out of the Mob and it’s grip… I can never forgive myself for. I should have never joined the Mob to begin with. Ever.

Sora: That’s gonna be all fine and well… But you will have to still deal with two problems.

Carly: Holly Reedy and unfortunately our cousin Zoey. Zoey’s gonna be persistent on trying to tear you and Blossom apart. permanently. Either her or Holly Reedy. Zoey’s dead set in forcing Blossom to be her best friend and see that you and her are pulled far away from one another. *Groans* She’s such a drama Queen. Zoey’s gonna try to come and hurt you, Leslie.

Leslie: I’m not scared. I’m not even worried.

Blossom: Don’t worry. If Zoey tries anything… I’ll give her something to make her think twice.

Sora: So what’re we doing here tonight?

Carly: Something going on?

Leslie: Yeah. We’re getting our weapons. Our severance pay too.

Blossom: However… we don’t really have all that much time here. With Dorian out there and with the Mask in his possession, he is unpredictable. No telling what may happen because of him.

Sora: Let’s get to searching for the weapons and the Money.

Carly: Right.

It was then that the 4 girls got to searching the office for the 4 weapons and the severance pay that belonged to both Leslie and Blossom. They searched through everything and left nothing unturned. While they were searching the office for the stuff, they had to consider that there was gonna be unavoidable animosity coming from Zoey and Holly. Zoey’s insecurity was getting on the last nerve of Blossom, Sora and Carly. They didn’t want to fight with her… But with each small act of insecurity… growing to be a little more of an issue… There was little to no option than to confront her. What were they to really do? Fight with her? Not fight with her and just shine her on? Confront her and tell her to shape up? What were they to do about Zoey… and how could they fix the situation… if there was a way to thereby fix the problem that still hovered around the presence of Blossom… and Leslie?

The fighters were still in leads of coming for Stanley’s rescue. It was still in the heat of the night and more mayhem was springing a leak. but now it wasn’t Stanley being the cause… It was Dorian. What was gonna happen next with Dorian while being the Mask? Would the fighters catch on? What was gonna happen between Zoey and Blossom… Leslie and Holly… Plus likely Sora and Carly… Hours later at school? Would a fight ensue or a scene of the atom bomb being detonated on the friendship that had been between Blossom and Zoey? How about the developments of Leslie’s Parents… How much closer were her parents? Would Leslie get her debts all paid off in time before she and her parents were to someday unite and be one again? Did Leslie truly know that her parents were coming to Metropolis… Or was she just letting off her subtle feeling which made her believe or feel that her parents were on their way? More revelations were being exposed… Find out what happens in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Doyle: *Voice-over* Hey, Doyle here. What are you readers doing up past curfew? It’s late and you’re all up reading. I can tell that you’re into the tale here… But it’s past curfew. You’re lucky that my colleague isn’t here catching you guys still up. He’d through the book at you. Or Lay the law down on you. However… I won’t do that. I am not like that. I tend to understand how enticing it can be to read something like this. It grabs you and just leaves you wanting more. Alot more because you always get left feeling that there is bound to be more coming along. I myself am all for the heroes and their heroics. Fighting the good fight and fighting for the city. Protecting the city as they want to protect their home. Kellaway doesn’t believe in them. He doesn’t see anything useful coming from them… But it’s probably because of the pressures he’s under due to dealing with the Mayor, The Chief and the Media. Plus the Public bystanders… reporters as well. It’s the stress. He’ll come around… Maybe once all the pressure is released and let go. It’ll be better again. It just will take some time. On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s the heat of the night and the aftermath of what happened with the Mask and Ipkiss… Creating a Sideshow grandstand performance. Kellaway is humiliated and feels like all eyes are on him and is stung. But all doesn’t seem lost as something comes his way. Or should we say comes falling right into Kellaway’s lap and partially knocking me down… but primarily knocking Kellaway down. Ouch. Courtesy of a fast speeding car that likely could have been the Mob. A getaway car. Too bad we didn’t catch on to that. Plus Revelations come and more truth be told. On both sides as i’ve secretly been getting phone calls while at home. from the now Ex-Mob girl Rita the Hammer. Of course she’s currently is going under the name Leslie. No other name or Alias… or affiliation. It keeps me in the know of the what’s going on with the Mob… and i relay it on back to Kellaway. It’s revelation… Secret Phone calls foretold and a surprise falling into the apprehension of the cops. On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 225: “From Gangster capture to Kellaway Apprehension. Ipkiss in Jail.”


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