Chapter 223: Brandt and Ipkiss speak and trouble follows. Serena Rhapsody and Carly Black Intervene against Dorian Tyrell and the Mob.

The Daily Planet…

The streets outside were said to be empty… There was silence throughout the streets. Although something was gonna happen. Blossom didn’t know that she and Leslie were gonna be met by Sora and Carly. The last time anyone seen them… It was at the BurgerJoint. That was almost 3 hours ago…

News Shipping room…

Stanley and Peggy sit on stacks of bound newspapers in the vast shadowy shipping room. In the b.g., a huge machine spews out hundreds of newspapers on an assembly line. Everything’s mechanized: printing, folding, wrapping…

On each of the Newspapers… The Front pages read: “The Mask Robs Bank.”

Peggy: I saw it. I saw the whole thing. What’s happening to you, Stanley? What’s going on?

Stanley: *At a loss for what’s happening* It’s crazy. I’m losing control. When I put that mask on… I can do anything. Be anything. It’s wrecking my life. My life is wrecked. Wrecked. Peggy, I don’t know how to control this Mask character. I’m terrified as to what might happen next time i become this Mask.

Peggy: *Being ?Sincere?* I don’t know what’s happening to you… but I do know this: that letter you sent my column… that was from a guy with more guts… and more heart… than any of the creeps I’ve met in this city. Whatever that mask is… you don’t need it. You… Stanley lpkiss… are already all you’ll ever need to be.

Stanley: *Feeling bashful* Gee, Peggy… do you really mean that?

Peggy: Actually… No.

Stanley: What? *Pauses; lost*

We now hear a door open and footsteps.

Peggy: *Rises* What took you guys so long? I’ve been vamping here for twenty minutes.

Dorian and three of his men stand there with their guns trained on Stanley. Blossom and Leslie followed right behind them and walked in. With their weapons drawn.

Dorian: This is him? Is this the guy you found to be the green guy?

Peggy: You have the Seventy Grand?

Sweet Eddy FLICKS open a briefcase lined with cash.

Peggy: *Nods* Right. When he puts on that mask he becomes that green thingamajig.

Stanley: *Standing Dumbfounded* Peggy, What is this? What are you doing?

Blossom: It’s called… She’s selling you up the river, Ipkiss. She Suckered you like a Stradivarius. She played you for the Cash. Someone should tell you to learn how to better pick your friends.

Leslie: *Watching*

Peggy: Sorry, Stanley. You really are a great guy, but I just can’t lose my condo. You know how hard it is to find an apartment in this city.

Sweet Eddy and a second thug grab Stanley and hang him over the steel maw of the whirring news press. It was then that Leslie’s seen enough and shook her head at what she was seeing. She was conflicted…

Peggy: What’re you doing? You said you wouldn’t hurt him!

Dorian: Hmm… Well that’s something i should have brief you on. You see… When i said that i would not hurt the guy… You should have picked up the hint that…I lied. *Turning to look up at Stanley who is currently hanging for dear life* Tell me. How’s this mask work?

Stanley: *Strained and unsure; Not knowing what to say* I don’t know. You just… put it on.

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie… Dorian’s got the Mask… He’s got the Mask and…

Leslie: He’s probably gonna seize control…

Sweet Eddy: *Weary* Uh, Boss… be careful, huh?

It was seconds later that Dorian started to try on the mask. However since he had evil in his heart… It developed storm clouds and within it were roar’s of Thunder and menacing roars. Dorian was being covered in dark cloud as he was being changed into…

Unlike Stanley’s transformation, Dorian’s is much more diabolical. He grows and changes within a nimbus of ROARING light. Finally the light dies away and Dorian/Mask rises from a circle of swirling smoke.

While Stanley was a zoot suited bee-bopper in hyper-drive, Dorian/Mask is more like a hulking evil GENIE, fresh out of the lamp and pissed at the world. His diamond earring and touches of his neuvo-gangster look is still apparent, but his huge grin stretches out like a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s under eyes that glow green with wicked power. His voice is a deep inhuman RUMBLE.

Dorian: What a Rush…

Blossom: *Looking away* Yeah… I think that i’ve seen enough.

Sweet Eddy: Whoa, boss… are you okay?

Dorian: I’m better than ever, you idiot. Now stop the presses. There’ll be a new headline tonight.

Sweet Eddy stands there looking disappointed with Ipkiss still held dangling above the churning presses.

Sweet Eddy: What about that guy?

Dorian/Mask wheels about and ROARS at Sweet Eddy…

Leslie: *Looking at Dorian and weary* This is not… normal.

Dorian/Mask: *Towards Leslie* And What perception might you have to know what normal is? A young girl such as yourself should know that normal is pretentiously over-rated.

Blossom: Over-rated? That is something that i would usually hear from my Aunts. They seem to deal with that outcome quite a bit.

Dorian: So history just comes to repeat itself again. So much for surprises. *Stifles a small laugh* This Kid’s got guts.

Thunderic Fury: *Busting into the room* Time for a shock treatment, Tyrell…

Peggy sheepishly reaches for the suitcase…

Peggy: Ah… excuse me. If you don’t mind, I’ll just take my money and be going. You guys make yourselves at home.

Carly Black: *Bolting in from the side* What? You Bring Stanley here and hand him over to the Mob… For the Money and just Split? Who are you, Lady?

Peggy: A friend of Stanley’s.

Leslie: Yeah… Some friend you are. Would you sell your own mother for money? All for what? A Condominium. A ritzy home? If you are a friend to Stanley… He’s screwed. Because you just sold him to the Mob. Good work. Let us know when you decide to find your heart and start using it to care about your friends and not your selfish needs.

Dorian/Mask slides up to Peggy threateningly.

Dorian/Mask: Must you go? What a shame. You and I could make beautiful headlines together.

Peggy removes his arm from her shoulder.

Peggy: Thanks, anyway. That wasn’t part of the deal.

Peggy snatches the briefcase, but Dorian/Mask blocks her exit…

Thunderic Fury: *Stands in front of Dorian* Okay… Tyrell. two guesses and i would suggest that you think hard. Real hard. Who do you think i am and what might it mean for you?

Dorian/Mask: *Looking at the men* Is this young dame talking tough to me? She does realize that i now have the mask and that nothing can practically hurt me… don’t you figure?

Carly Black: *Grabbing One of the men and Uppercutting into the private parts* Release Ipkiss! Now! Let him go… Right the fuck now!

Orlando: *Starting to lose his grip*

Stanley: *feeling a rush of blood going to his head* Who are you?

Carly Black: Uh, Stanley… This isn’t no introduction session. We’re trying to do work to rescue you. We might fail at this… But we’re giving our best shot. However… You need to stay calm and watch for an opening. Once this guy lets go of you and you can get the heck loose from that spot… See on swinging to the side. To the side and pry yourself back on the walkway here and get yourself outta dodge. Away from this place. We’ll see on handling these men.

Stanley: Easier said than done, But… Okay. If you insist.

Dorian/Mask: *Looking at the teen* You’re here to give me a tickle?

Thunderic Fury: Uh… No. Not quite. Try the answer being: “I’m the Furious Rage of the Thunder… Thunderic Fury. A Member of the Thunderic Force Z! This here… *Showing her weapon* Say hello to my good friends Electro… and Leviathan Thunder. Both of them want to give you some love… Thunder Style. Wanna play?

Dorian/Mask: *Ordering the Men* Nail this Blondie!

Thunderic Fury: *Using her Thunder Chains to produce a Static Cling and pull the guns over to her* I think that i’ll take those!

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Electrogal… What is your cousin doing?

Electrogal: I don’t know… But i think that my cousin’s got a plan of some sort.

Leslie: She better have a plan… Dorian’s getting pissed. Remember i told you that i’ve seen his temper. Dorian’s right now just playing. Evilly as it might appear. But he is right now playing… Pretty soon… He is gonna lose his temper and he’s gonna really unleash. Only difference is now that he’s got the mask… It’s unprecedented. Anything could happen and if he gets pissed. It’s over. Your cousin’s got to be careful.

Electrogal: Justice is Justice. My family… they never stand down. When on call to do their heroics… They go all in.

Leslie: *Concerned* …

Peggy once again tried to sneak away and yet again… was blocked…

Dorian/Mask: Of course. You only want what’s coming to you, don’t you?

Peggy: Back off Freakazoid. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Dorian/Mask: Ah… But you forgot something really important. You might die today…

Thunderic Fury: Not with us here to stop it. *With her weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Dorian Tyrell; Shocking him* Thundering WHIPLASH!

Dorian/Mask: *Feeling the Electrical Current and Vibrating hard due to the attack* AHHHHHHH!

Sweet Eddy: *Running over to Aide Dorian* Hold on, Boss!

But as soon as he grabbed for Dorian and made to assist…

Sweet Eddy: *Feeling the Shock* AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!

Leslie: *Gasps* Whoa! Talk about a shocking experience…

Electrogal: That’s my cousin. When she cooks… She really cooks. Leslie, Once all this is over… you will need to be in the loop about Serena. But word of warning… When she gets like this… Do yourself a favor. Obey her. She is with the temper of my Aunt Dinah. When she gets mad… All bets are off. Get her beyond mad… You better just write out your will… Grab a shovel and start digging. Because if she gets a hold of you… You’ll have no time to beg. You be dead where you stand.

Leslie: I’ll keep that in mind. *Chuckles* You sure have a whole lot of interesting family members who can fight.

Electrogal: No kidding. *Winks*

However once the shocking sensation subsided and Dorian was standing upright…

Dorian throws the switch and the presses CHURN to life. In a flash he snatches Peggy off her feet…

Dorian/Mask: *Con’t* A girl like you deserves to have her face plastered all over page one.

He tosses her into the grinding mill of steel and paper. Peggy’s feet disappear between the presses’ huge rollers and continues down, down past the whirling gears and hydraulics to finally ENDFRAME on the chute where the newspapers roll out on a conveyor belt.

Headlines in blood red ink now read: “Reporter Killed in Freak Accident” next to a picture of a slightly flattened-looking Peggy, her mouth open in a silent scream.

Leslie saw the reality of the Mob. The hard cold brutal reality for the first time and from all the times she had been in the Mob… She never saw how brutal it really was. But seeing Dorian as the monster that she was made to believe he wasn’t… She had reached her point. She has had enough and wanted out. This was it. This was her time to decide. Would she stay with the Mob and become the Monster that she saw Dorian become… Thereby losing the innocence that she still had in her… Or Would she break and shed off the Mob Life and become the girl that she’d been once before. Before she joined the Mob?

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Blossom… I feel like a total fool. I am so so sorry. Sorry for everything that i caused you to do. Dragging you into this. This is all my fault. All of it. We Met and it was the best thing that ever happened. I just wish that it could have happened on a better occasion. You’re in the Mob because of me. You chose to join… Made the choices that you’ve made because of me. You joined to save me. To pull me out from the Mob. But i can’t allow you to risk anymore just for the sake of me. I can’t. Blossom, We’re still together… But this Mob life meets an end… Starting tonight.

Blossom: …

Leslie: You turned into a bit of the monster that i was on the way of becoming. You have to stop. This is the same element that i had to face and deal with back in my hometown. But now… seeing it here? This is history repeating itself. It has to stop.

Blossom: What’re you gonna do?

Leslie: Something to lead in the right direction…

It was then that Leslie finally broke. She was on her defining moment. Leslie was making the decision of returning back to the girl she was before the Mob. She was done. With all of the Mob. Seeing what happened confirmed it. She wanted out. She within seconds Grew up the nerve and with an explosive surge of courage… She Walked right up to Dorian and faced him…

Leslie: *Standing up to Dorian and with discontent* I can’t believe this… Dorian. How could you turn into such a power mad monster?

Dorian/Mask: This is who i always was. This was what i hid from you.

Leslie: You betrayed my trust in you. I thought that you were sincerely a person who would never turn against your word. You promised me that you’d never intentionally hurt someone.

Dorian/Mask: I didn’t even make a promise to you. I told you that i never would turn dark.

Leslie: That’s a lie. You did promise me. You gave me your word, Dorian. You lied to me. YOU LIED!

Dorian/Mask: Leslie… It’s not what you think.

Leslie: *Glaring* No… Don’t even snow me. I might be only a 13 year old Girl… But i am not stupid. I know what you are.

Dorian/Mask: And what would that be?

Leslie: A Liar, Murderer and Power hungry CREEP!

From the side…

Thunderic Fury: *Holding the phone up and still active call… On Speaker for the rest of the fighters to hear* …

Leslie: *Still standing up to Dorian* And on the other front… I am stupid. I should have never joined the Mob. I screwed up and i have to spend the rest of my life regretting it. Since i joined the Mob… People around me at school all thought i was on drugs. They all revered me. Hated me. Despised me. Made it where i had no friends and left where i’d have to count it by luck to land a friend at all. I’m done… After the next pickup… I am throwing in my resignation. I’ll take my skills and my weapons and severance pay for my time in the Mob. I’m done. It’s Over. My name is and has… and forever will be. Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… Mob girl… Is dead. If Rita the Hammer comes back… She’s getting a rewrite, Done the right way. *Walking off and leaving the scene*

Sweet Eddy: *Watching Leslie walking off* Boss, The girl is walking away. Aren’t you gonna stop her?

Dorian/Mask: No. I’m letting her go. I have to take the pain of losing her. I unfortunately had made a promise to her and i broke it. I broke my word to her… So this is what i must deal with.

It was only minutes later that Blossom had walked off too… She was loyal to Leslie and Leslie’s life was in her hands so… where ever Leslie went… She had to go too. Leslie left Dorian. Walked away. But was still a part of the mob only for just one last hit. One. She was resigning from the Mob and now had to make things right… As much as she could. She knew of where she’d have to go first…

Sweet Eddy: What do we do with Ipkiss?

Dorian/Mask: The police are looking for the mask. So… We’ll give them The Mask.

Dorian/Mask throws his head back and lets loose a deep BOOMING LAUGH. It’s unnerving even to Eddy, but he laughs nervously in response and elbows the other thugs to join in…

At Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub


Gabe: Rina Frost is contesting the restriction. She’s gonna want 50% of the Pub. If we push… she’ll up to 60%. But good thing is that i am good at #’s and at what i do aside from this. I can put a file for immunity of being split in ownership on this. So it will protect you and prevent her from getting any of this.

Zeke: What would that do?

Gabe: It means that if she tries to get any of the assets from here… It won’t be going through to her. She’ll be blocked and the funds and papers for ownership… Won’t be able to be split. It’ll be stopped before it can show pending and start processing. It will not be liable to go through. If it does… It’ll ask for your okay. If it doesn’t get your okay… it’ll still show her that she got it… But if she were to use that claim. It will be null in void. It won’t be valid. She can’t touch it.

Zeke: Good. Because she’s not the only one who can play. I told her that i can be loving and sweet. Or i can be the worst person she ever crossed. She pushed me to that point. So she’s gonna get what she asked for. She’s gonna get the worst person she ever crossed.

Gabe: Now that’s the Zeke we know. Fight for what’s yours and don’t let anyone try to snow you.

Ilsa: Besides that… You deserve to keep this place. Not that beastly woman. You gave your heart to her and how did she repay you? She used you. Took from you. Pillaged and sought to leave you hanging high and dry. Spent your money. The money you earned and worked… Slaved over. Zeke, You are better off without her. You spent 16-17 years with her. 5 kids. lost one. Been with her since you were young… But she messed up. Not you. You cleaned up and steered. She had a taste of dark. Only cleaned up till 3 years ago… gradually going back to being dark. But this time worse and more deeper. Corrupt in the wake. Raunchy. Zeke… You don’t need her.

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Heinz: Ilsa… A little off point… But i do think that he understands what you say.

Gabe: Right. But it’s the truth.

“Aunt Luna is a whore anyway… Since when has she truly been a real mother to her family? Uncle Zeke… You’re gonna be fine without her. You’ll be able to find someone new. Better.”

“This Pub looks pretty cool. He owns this place?”

“Yeah. He has a partner who’s helped him out throughout the very beginning of his running the place.”

“Seems nice.”

Zeke: *Looking over to see a shadow walking over from the side; Seeing who’s there* Blossom?

Blossom: Hey, Uncle Zeke.

Zeke: Good heavens… It’s after midnight. You should be at your house and asleep. What’re you doing out this late?

Blossom: You don’t want to know… It’s best if you didn’t.

Zeke: Why’s that, Sweetheart? You okay?

Blossom: Yeah. I am just dealing with my unfortunate involvement among the Mob.

Gabe: Huh?!

Ilsa: The Mob? You’re not talking about the Second rate Mobster Dorian Tyrell… are you?

Blossom: Afraid so. But i sure regret it. I only did it to save someone from the Mob. Getting her out from the Mob.

Gabe: Who? Who do you mean?

Blossom: Someone who happens to be my friend. Best friend.

Zeke: Zoey? No. Not my daughter… Please no…

Blossom: *Laughs* Uncle Zeke… Calm down. It’s not Zoey. Honest. She’s not in the Mob at all. She was close to being in the Mob… But she never bit into it. She’s still safe. Free from it.

Heinz: Then who do you consider to be the one you are saving from the Mob?

Leslie: *Walking into view* I think that’d be me. *Smiles* Hi. I’m Leslie.

Gabe: *Shocked and shrieks* R-r-r-r-r-r-r-rita the Hammer?!

Leslie: I guess… you followed the stories about me. Mob stories.

Heinz: We all did. But… we have to ask why a young and upright girl like you would get involved with the mob.

Leslie: Protection. However… I endured my defining moment tonight. I saw the exposing light of Dorian and saw him for who he really was… I gave my resignation to the mob just a moment ago. With the word that i’d do one last hit for them. Then. I was done. I quit the Mob. It’s over.

Gabe: You were the one that shot holes in the special wood that was for this Pub. We had to get an invoice approval for a new shipment. That was about 6,000 dollars, Young lady. I would file charges. Actually Zeke would be all for filing charges… But you do seem to look to be someone who is indeed remorseful and sorry.

Leslie: That’s why i came here to give this… *Handing over an envelope* Inside is 8,500 Dollars. It’s entitled to you guys. I have alot of debts to pay back for what i did. But… This is from me. My Inheritance Money.

Zeke: *At a loss for words* Oh my god… Leslie, You didn’t have to do this. We would have come up with it somehow… It would have taken a while… But we’d come up with the money that was lost over the building material.

Leslie: Please… I want you to have it. I want to make up for what i’ve done. I did wrong by doing what i did. I didn’t know what it was that i’ve done on the wood. But if it weren’t for me… you wouldn’t have lost the Wood to begin with. It’s my fault. I have to make amends. Doing what is right. *Looking down* I can’t go back to my parents with these debts lingering and i miss them. I need to make this right.

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* It’s gonna be alright, Leslie. You’re doing the right thing.

Leslie: I am. But i still feel guilty. I should have never joined the Mob to begin with. I Joined it because i needed some kind of protection. A place to belong. But after seeing Dorian actually killing someone. I came to regret it. I don’t know what i was even thinking. How could i have been so blind and foolish?

Blossom: I don’t know. But if you feel that way… I also feel it. We’re in it together. It’s okay though. We’ll get through it. We will get through it all somehow.

Heinz: You shouldn’t worry so much, Leslie. You will get back to normal someday. It’ll be fine.

Gabe: You miss your folks, don’t you?

Leslie: *Sighs* Yeah… I do. I think about them every day. Ever since i parted from them… i missed them. Some days tends to be unbearable. But…I manage as best that i know how.

It was then that Leslie had part from there. But she left with telling them that for what it was worth… She was sorry for what she did and if they feel that charges should be filed… She’d understand as she knew that what she had done… was wrong and she had to face the music somehow. There was no other option. If she wanted to change and become a better person. The person she once was before… She had to answer to what she’d done…

Blossom went with her and followed. She could not let Leslie go out on her own. Not with the Mob still out and roaming about. Leslie had two more places to go for the night before she could get to doing her final mob hit. One of the two places she had to go for the night was to find the Merchant that she regrettably swindled. Blossom happened to ask who it was and got a name that caught her attention.

Blossom Flashes back…

“Sailor Zoey: *Walking over to the Merchant* Hey there, O’aka.

O’aka: Why hello there Lass’s. What brings ye’ to the woods of Macalania?

Blossom: *Walking over from the side* We’re on our way to the temple.

O’aka: The Temple? Ye’ don’t say. Ye be goin’ to the celebration of Maester Seymour’s wedding too, eh?

Miss Bliss: Yeah. You could say that. What about you? You’re thinking about going over to join too?

O’aka: You must be kidding there, Lass. I must go. I am a merchant. I must go wherever there are a heaping bushel of customers. Me can’t run a business without any customers, right?

Sir Love: You got a point. No customers… No Business.

Dancing Heartthrob: What’s new with you this time?

O’aka: Holiday prices on all items in celebration of Maester Seymour Guado’s wedding! Care to take a look at the prices?

Melodic Bubble: *Looking at the prices for the weapons that might have been needed for the upcoming battles* What! You are kidding us? 27,000 gil for some of the items. 16,000. 20,000. 11,000 then the lowest is 9,000.

O’aka: Too Pricey?

Angelic Bubble: Uh, Yeah! Way too high in price. Lower them down a bit. like making them… 10,000. people are not gonna want to pay 27,000 gil for a Baroque sword. That is nuts.

O’aka: Hmm… How about these?

Miss Thunder: *Looking at the changed prices* 12,500. It’s still a tad high… but they’re alot better than 27,000 for some of the weapons and armor. Better by far.

O’aka: I’ll go with these prices for a while!

Sailor Zoey: You might want to go where it’s warmer. It’s kinda chilly out here.

O’aka: That i will. You keep a good head there, Lass.”

“Zoey: *Walking over to O’aka* Hey there, O’aka. You okay?

O’aka: No, Me ain’t okay at all, lass. Not in the least.

Zoey: Why not? You are finding customers, aren’t you?

O’aka: That i am, Lass. But look at this…

Zoey: *Looking at the Building* What?

O’aka: Curse that Rin for taking up a place like this! He’ll be rich by tomorrow all on account of this celebration thing!

Zoey: O’aka, you know that it’s called business… Right?

O’aka: I do.

Zoey: Rin is running a business as well… this is one of his many branches of Travel agencies that reside throughout Spira.

O’aka: *Curious* All over Spira, eh?

Zoey: Yeah. Why?

O’aka: He’s not with one in places like Besaid Isle, Kilika and Luca.

Zoey: *Stops and thinks about What O’aka said* Hmm… you have a good point. He doesn’t. I think that my cousins and Uncles and i noticed it. It’s not that far of a coincidence either.

O’aka: I reckon’ that ye’ should ask him why that is.

Zoey: You have a point, O’aka. You do. I should ask. Next time that we see him we’ll be certain to ask him about that. It’s his business after all. He should be one to know first hand as to why there’s no Travel Agency branch in Besaid, Kilika or Luca. It’s likely that he just didn’t think to place one there or he just didn’t want to. Or because he wasn’t permitted to do so.

O’aka: Perhaps he wasn’t permitted to do as such, Lass.

Zoey: Maybe. But you shouldn’t be too uptight about one being here… the event that is likely to go on at the temple is hard to be sure of. We are kinda hoping that there isn’t. Although… with the Guado being relentless… it’s gonna happen whether we want it to or not. And it seems that the Al Bhed and the Guado are not liking each other.

O’aka: Ah… That there ’tis a shame to hear. It seems mighty like a struggle between the two races.

Zoey: My cousins are also starting to get a whiff of it and they’re not liking it at all.

O’aka: Me don’t blame them. I feel the same way.

Zoey: I just wish that Racism and hatred could just stop. It makes me feel really upset knowing that there is racism and hatred going on in Spira. The Al Bhed are hated. and the Guado are just loving it. They’re all for seeing to it that the Al Bhed are ridiculed and persecuted for even living or existing.

O’aka: ’tis a sad thing indeed, Lass. It is truly a sad thing.”

Blossom: Leslie, You’re going off to see O’aka the XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire.

Leslie: Yeah. Why? *Pauses* Wait a minute… You know the guy?

Blossom: Well… My family knows him. I do too. There’s a kind of history between him and my family and I.

Leslie: Really? What kind of History?

Blossom: Video game reality kind of history. *Catching the look of shock coming from Leslie* What?!

Leslie: You and your family were inside a Video game? *In disbelief*

Blossom: Yeah. It’s a rather screwball kind of story. You wouldn’t want to know. Time is sadly very short and it’s getting near time for the final Mob hit to be done. There’s no time to get into the story. But if you really want to know… I’ll talk of it over break tomorrow or should i say now… later on in the day. Since it’s now Tuesday… Very Early morning.

Leslie: It’s better than nothing. However… I guess that we better find the guy.

Blossom: *Looking to see a Mini-Van up ahead with some writing* Hmm… I think that we might have already found him. There’s a Mini-Van up ahead.

Leslie: A Mini-Van? What would a Merchant do with that?

Blossom: *Grins and Chuckles* You really are with not a clue… Are you?

Leslie: *Scoffs and a little tense* What would you think, Blossom? I am having to do a lot of damage control because for means of survival… I decided to be stupid enough to join the Mob. I only left them barely an hour ago. An hour. And i only got one debt paid. I have 300 debts to pay in this city. Some are only a couple hundred. But a bunch are in the amount of 5 figures a piece. Ranging from 30,000 to 90,000. But no more than 100,000. By time i am done… I’ll have spent 3 Million dollars easy.

Blossom: 300? Exactly… how many people have you robbed or done hits with?

Leslie: Just 300. And each one of them… i regret doing. More than you could ever know.

Blossom: I think that perhaps we’re gonna need some side help on this.

Leslie: *Feeling hopeless* Yeah?! From who? Who’s gonna want to help me? I am a gangster gal. People are still gonna take one look at me and see Rita the Hammer. The Mafioso. Even though i resigned from the mob… People on the outside… Don’t know that. They will still see me as a deviant. They’re not gonna want to help me. They’ll help you. Maybe… But they will never help me. I’m on my own.

Blossom: The hell with that. I’ll help you. As will Sora and Carly. They’ll help too… You’re not doing this alone. *Closer to the Mini-Van* This must be the one… *Reading the Slogan on the Mini-Van* “The Slickest deals that be made… All begin with a deal done by O’aka.” That’s got to be O’aka. That is definitely and most certainly our guy. Come on… This way.

Seconds later…

Blossom: *Knocking on the side door* Hey… O’aka! You there?

Leslie: He’s probably not there. Not home.

Blossom: He is there. This is his Van. He’s got to be there. He’s got to be… *Knocking on the door* …


O’aka: *Coming to and Rubbing his eyes* What… What… Who’s come to see this slick Merchant at this time of the night?

Blossom: O’aka? It’s one of the fighters.

O’aka: Fighters. Rhapsody Clansmen? *Opening the sliding door and seeing who stood in view* Well I’ll be fancyin’ a surprise to be… Electrogal standing before I… What brings you out to see the likes of me at this hour of the Night?

Blossom: It’s something that I am helping a friend do. A best friend… actually.

O’aka: Oh?! Who?

Blossom: Someone that the whole city is trying to revere… Which i don’t think… is to be the least bit fair. It’s awful.

O’aka: I don’t know if i’m following clear on what you’re saying, Lass. Who would Revere your Cousin, Zoey? Why would the city Revere her?

Blossom: It’s not Zoey. It’s someone else.

Leslie: *Enclosing a wad of cash in the Envelope* … *Walking over and gulps* … I can do this. It’s the right thing to do in order to make amends for what i done. I can do this. I have to. I messed up. I got to make this right.

O’aka: *Catching sight of Leslie* Well… If it isn’t the thief that robbed me like a fox. Rita the Hammer… Did you come to try to steal from the likes of me again?

Leslie: No. Look, What i did was awful. I stole from you and hurt you. I was stupid for doing so. I know that you probably had thoughts of filing a report and turning me in to the police for what i had done… I don’t blame you. I deserve it. I know that nothing can make up for what i did. However… I hope that this will compensate you for what was lost. *Handing over an Envelope to O’aka* There’s 25,000 inside. I know it isn’t much… But It’s a gesture to show that i’m sorry.

O’aka: *Blown away* Dear heavens… Where on earth did you come up with all this money? This must be a bushel of cash i reckon.

Leslie: This comes right from my Inheritance Money. I am paying back all my debts that i made. I left the Mob and i don’t plan on ever going back. I never will go back to the Mob. I’ve reached my end tonight. I was in the Mob and i was promised that i’d never see a murder. Ever. Dorian promised me that none of that would happen. But he lied. I caught him in a lie and he flat out broke his word. I planned to leave the Mob anyway… But seeing the truth and catching Dorian in a lie… That’s what made it real.

O’aka: You’re trying to pay off all your debts… How will you manage to do that?

Leslie: I don’t know. It’s gonna take a lot from me. But i have to do this. I don’t want to be upon that Jerk Lt. Kellaway’s Radar. He’s been one step away from having me in the slammer. I don’t want to be put there and the only way that i can prevent from ending up in the slammer.

O’aka: You figure he just doesn’t like you?

Leslie: Not only that… He even disrespected the fighters and called them glory seekers. It was like a total slap in the face.

O’aka: That guy is no one’s friend.

Leslie: I can’t begin to wonder how he managed to stay wed for as long as he did.

O’aka: Aye… I know that you don’t like the guy. And a lot of people don’t favor him to say the least… But that was indeed a low blow. You’re like 13 and already speak like that… You must be one of a kind. Too rich for this cunning Merchant which i be.

Leslie: I am not that rich. I just am a daughter of an Heiress. But i am the type of rich girl… who doesn’t really care about Money. All i truly care about is my family… A good home that is safe and a good friend. Money is great… But in the end it doesn’t bring a person happiness. Just unseen misery. The only thing that money can really do is show you who your real friends are. That’s all.

O’aka: *Chuckles* Blossom… Where did you find this Lass? She’s not like the usual crowd you hand with. She’s different. But I must say… This girl… is one that ye… can depend on. But watch her. She’s got some tricks she do…

Blossom: This might be something that will be risky… But can you help us? Leslie needs to repay all her debts. But there are too many of them. She can’t very well get to all of them on her own…

O’aka: Debt is a vile and treacherous thing it is… But you are asking me to help locate all the ones that she needs to pay back.

Blossom: This is huge. Please… We can’t ask the others. They’d never understand.

Leslie: *Feeling stressed*

O’aka: For all the times you and the crew been there for O’aka. This is something which i shall find a way to do. How do i reach ye’?

Leslie: I got a cell. *Giving out her #* This is my personal #.

Blossom: *Giving out her Cell #* You can call me too… Either her or me. We’ll be listening.

O’aka: Will do. And sorry about the suspicion earlier. But after all the run in’s with the mob and the slight brush that your friend Leslie had done on good ole’ O’aka. I am a little weary. However… I know that she be sorry. If there is any leads to anyone who has been looking for a score to settle and a Debt be needing to be paid back by her… O’aka’ll let ye’ know… That he will.

It was then that Leslie felt her life going shakily in the right direction. This was hard on her as there was a lot of debts to paid back for all she did while being one with the Mob. She and Blossom then took their leave and felt relief that there was gonna be some help. However… there was gonna be extra needed help. But there was a problem… Where were they to go? Leslie was on the way to returning to who she was before the Mob and she was gonna need a lot of help. She had to do one more hit in repaying her debts to the city. To last till a little after the final Mob hit. She had to get on it.

As for Sora and Carly…

They were still out and looking for both Leslie and Blossom. The girls didn’t know where Leslie and Blossom were and started to get lost. Sora and Carly both lit up and sighed as they started giving up. However they were going over the anger they felt towards Zoey. How Zoey was talking to Blossom and trying to cause trouble for Blossom and Leslie. There was danger coming for them as they happened to accidentally walk by the cutthroat part of the City. Suicide Slums. (Been a while since that’s been mentioned.) The saving grace for them was the fact that they had something to protect them. The Elemental firepower. Sora and Carly although walked fast through that part and got to where it was safer. It put them right at their school…

Sora: *Looking at Carly* How did we get back here?

Carly: I don’t know. We got here just by walking right on through that dangerous part of the area.

Sora: That place is close by to this school.

Carly: Uh-huh. We need to find Leslie and Blossom. They’re out with the Mob. We have to find them.

Sora: We should call them.

Carly: What about finding Zoey?

Sora: Forget Zoey. We’re not to have anything to do with her. She almost cost Blossom her friendship with Leslie. Zoey’s literally hurt Blossom.

Carly: You don’t think that she meant to do it… Do you?

Sora: I think she meant to. You know how Jealous she was of Leslie’s and Blossom’s friendship. She knew that Blossom was changing a little. Blossom told her and we kinda told her a little too. But Zoey just kept coming off insecure.

Carly: Yeah… But she’s our cousin. She’s been just scared for Blossom. We were too…

Sora: We still are. However, we are now in the Mob.

Carly: So… What’ll we do? We can’t just shine Zoey away. She’s gonna know something is up. She already lost Blossom because of her insecurity… Do you really want to have it where she loses us too?

Sora: No. I don’t. But, sis… We can’t just allow for Zoey to keep referring to Leslie as though Leslie’s the bad seed. Leslie’s not a bad person. She’s just misunderstood. That’s all.

Carly: That we know. *Sighs* I just feel that we are letting our anger that we feel towards our father for hurting mom like he did… influence our emotions. Zoey’s the Jealous one. But Why does she feel that she’s got to be the Jealous type?

Sora: Not sure. Of course i would think that the answer would be found with finding Holly and get her side. Something feels wrong and if it’s what it might feel like.. I think that Holly is the one that is causing for Zoey and Blossom to fight about Leslie being in the picture.

Carly: *Putting out her light* Let’s try to contact Blossom and Leslie.

Sora: Right.

As they were about to contact their cousin Blossom, their phone started to ring and got their attention. It was their father. They ignored it and sent a text over saying: “Leave us alone. Haven’t you hurt us enough by hurting mom? You crushed her. Cheating on her by having an affair with another woman. You hurt mom and she’s depressed. Devastated. We’re hurt enough by you. Mom could slowly be dying from a broken heart because of you. This is all your fault. Your fault. go away.” They were mad at him and they had every right to be mad. For what he had done. They had to fend for themselves and it was hard. They put themselves in with the Mob. Although… They had no idea that Blossom and Leslie were as of that night pulling from the Mob.

The Fighters were still on the operation and at that time… With no idea of the Mask changing controls from Ipkiss to Dorian. They were with the impression that Ipkiss was still the Mask and were searching for the Mask. Searching for Stanley. Would the fighters find Stanley in time and be able to prevent him from wrongly being locked up? Would Sora and Carly finally catch up with Blossom and Leslie? With two debts paid to start… Would it catch on and get easier for her as time passes? What about the Friendship between Zoey and Blossom? Was it gonna officially break apart and make Zoey out to be the one in the Hot seat? Find out in the Next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Annie: *Voice-Over* Well… I guess that the distrust and the negative feelings we have had about Leslie are gone. We can actually now say that Leslie isn’t as bad as we thought. She’s actually very honest and courageous for someone that was… Involved with the Mob. Leslie’s not so bad. A bunch of us seem to grow on to liking her. We don’t know whether she’s left the Mob or not. But She sure looked like she had a huge chip on her shoulders. Of course… we are still on the trail. Going after Stanley. To catch up to him and get him out of danger. We however somehow fail… We were out almost all night. However… We are out all night as it is… It’s after midnight. On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It is a series of bad fortune for Stanley. He’s under capture of the Mob. Gagged and tied up. Held for some Ransom of the money for the heist that flopped less than a week prior. It’s up to the fighters who are on duty. The Romancers Z! Which means myself, Clint, Theodore… Daria too… We are on the trail and it’s a race against time. However we barely get to Stanley’s apartment to see a car pulling away and driving off. Next we see a dog popping out and mysteriously chasing after the car. Sensing that Stanley was inside the car. It’s dawns on Clint and it leads to being back on the trail again. Now chasing the car… and the Dog. But while that’s going on… Our cousin Blossom and Leslie seek to take refuge at Dorian’s place. in his office. To get what belonged to them. Leslie was there to collect and wanted her severance pay. As did Blossom. They hide away and get Leslie’s weapons… They’re not alone… Sora and Carly finally reach them and they all meet and talk. Plus… on the outside… Zoey and Holly are up still talking about Blossom and Leslie. They don’t seem happy. Zoey happens to express more of her jealousy and Holly adds on how much she can’t stand Leslie. But i think that the cats gonna be out of the bag when it comes out by Leslie that the Mob life is officially over and that she’s on track of repaying all her debts to those that she sadly hurt during her time in the Mob. It’s the Search for Stanley… the Chase… A refuge and a chat… Plus more liable insecurity on the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 224: “Ipkiss Under capture and Romancers on the trail. Blossom and Leslie hide away at Dorian’s.”


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