Chapter 221: Blossom Rebellion? The Verdict deciding the survival of a ten year Friendship revealed… Night time stand-off at Landfill/Metropolis Park.

Sora: *Voice-over* “Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!”

“Sapphire: Okay. So we know what we’re to do about young Blossom… Right?

Spencer: We do. This Mob act she’s in… It’s got to stop. She knows how we are about anyone of us just Joining the Mob. We have rules and conditions.

Rikku: Yeah… What does she expect to get from the Mob life anyway? She knows that once you’re in the Mob… You lots of times come to find that you can’t leave.

Clint: Blossom’s a good kid… But she’s making a heavy mistake. A really bad mistake.

Kiyoko: Do we really have to expose Blossom’s secret to her father? This could make Blossom lose all trust in us. She could wind up not being able to have any respect for you guys anymore.

Susie: Kiyoko, We all know that. We are well aware of this… But at this point none of us care. Blossom’s been involved with the Mob… We have to break her. It’s for her own good. Her dad is not in the knowledge of what Blossom is really doing. We have to tell him. No matter what it might do.

Serena: *Sighs* Okay… So who’s gonna lead the Lynch mob against our cousin’s secret life?

Carly Black: It’s probably best that You and your sisters tell her father, Serena. You guys need to man this fort and get her father aware. Get him to take drastic measures. He needs to know… No matter how hard it might seem.

Sapphire: Let’s go.”

Dinah: *Getting some groceries for the house* Janie, Alex, Charlene… What’s this i hear about your confronting your cousin Blossom and her friend Leslie?

Janie: Mom, It isn’t like we were confronting her friend. It is just the fact that Leslie Burke is a Mob girl. She’s got Blossom to be a part of the Mob. As well as get Sora and Carly to join. They chose to Join but are using Leslie as their magnetic North.

Alex: Do you really think that we were gonna just stand aside and not stand up to her over that? We are High school… Blossom, Sora and Carly are Middle school. Just as well as Leslie Burke. But we made a stand against them…

Dinah: How were you to do that if while still in school… and they still being in a different school?

Alex: We saw them during break. They were clearly taking off from school during break and going somewhere. Blossom was also smoking too.

Janie: We saw it. Mom, Blossom was smoking.

Alex: Something has to be done about that. Blossom is ruining her health doing that.

Dinah: I get the point. I understand… But starting a fight while in school… is not the way. Blossom’s making her own choices.

Charlene: Yeah… the wrong ones. Mom, She’s in the Mob. So is that girl Leslie. Leslie’s not so bad… But the whole idea of knowing that Blossom’s in the Mob just like Sora and Carly… It’s terrible. What’s worse is that from what we hear… from Zoey Creek… Zoey… our Cousin, Your Niece who is the Daughter to Zeke… She’s also thinking of joining the Mob herself. There’s not much that any of us can do… We can’t stop it. Zoey is still in pain of the reality that her mother Luna… who is now Rina Frost… Abandoned her family. Abandoned her whole family. Left the entire clan and is fighting for a ton of control of Uncle Zeke’s Pub.

Alex: That’s right. That woman’s not liable to stop. Her stripe is malicious and vengeful. To say the least.

Dinah: You girls need to calm down… The Divorce of Luna/Rina Frost and Zeke only happened last week. It’s gonna be a long while before anything starts to occur.

Janie: Things already have begun. Charlie… Uncle Zeke’s Son came to us today and told us that Uncle Zeke was being contested with the control of the Pub of his. How much that the woman is demanding and bent on getting no matter what. That woman is sounding to be a nightmare. Why would Charlie lie? He’s at his house and happens to overhear his father talk about it.

Dinah: With who?

Alex: Probably with some of the usual. Who would Uncle Zeke usually speak with concerning those matters? The only ones that we can think of are the German guy… Heinz… What ever his last name is. And or that bulky looking guy Gabe.

Dinah: *Intrigued* Hmm… You girls seem to hear and pick up a whole bunch of Juicy gossip. Nothing can get past your sight.

Janie: It’s because we learned to pay attention to things around us.

Charlene: Anything that revolves the family… no matter what it is… We pay attention to.

Dinah: Which also includes… Anything that revolves the Girl Leslie. Right?

Janie: Right. Because as long as Blossom’s involved with Leslie T. Burke… We’re gonna do whatever we can to be sure that she’s not a danger to Blossom or any of us.”

“Susie: She’s maturing wrongly. She’s been seen doing and performing things.

Curtis: What are you trying to say… That Blossom’s gone rogue and is acting out in the worst way?

Spencer: Yes… That’s what we’re trying to tell you. Uncle Curtis, Blossom’s been seen with this new girl Leslie, Smoking.

Clint: We saw her at the Coco Bongo Night Club with Dorian Tyrell’s men and Leslie.

Carly Black: I was there as well with the girls… I was there and i managed to catch sight of something sticking out of Blossom’s pocket. We saw Blossom running off with the girl known as Leslie. But as she ran… there was something sticking out just a hair from her right side pocket. It had the word Marlboro. It was red and white. Blossom might have just had that as an illusion. But i don’t think it was an illusion. I stepped out just to keep a look out for any unwanted trouble seeking on creeping along. It was when i saw two girls. The same ones that were in the club. The Night Club. Leslie and sad revelation… Blossom. Blossom had a pack of cigarettes in her hand and pulled out a stick, placed it on her lips and lit up. Smoking. She didn’t see me. Neither did the girl. but Blossom was doing it.

Curtis: *Not understanding* Wait. You mean that Blossom… My Princess. She’s smoking?!

Susie: That’s what she’s doing.

Rikku: Ed’c dra dnidr. [Blossom] ec ihtan dra ryped. Cra’c paah fedr y ryped vun cusa desa. (It’s the truth. Blossom is under the habit. She’s been with a habit for some time.)

Raven: Plus has been seen going on Mob hits with the Mob girl Leslie. She’s been hanging with Leslie alot and leaves Zoey all alone. She Abandoned Zoey.

Spencer: There has been rumors of Blossom robbing stores. Going under the Alias: “Silvia the Bookie”.

Curtis: *Chuckles a little* You’ve got to be joking me here, Kids. Blossom?! A Mob girl and posing as this… Silvia the Bookie? This must be a script that you’re reading and rehearsed it so you could pop out a private viewing.

Kiyoko: It’s the truth.

Sapphire: Uncle Curtis… This is hard on us already as we’re having to tell you about it which is likely gonna crush Blossom’s faith in us or her trust.

Curtis: Okay… I hear all this about Leslie… How she is so bad. How is it that you are all trying to tag her as the bad seed?

Spencer: That’s because… She is. She’s bad. Leslie is Rita the Hammer. She’s working under Dorian Tyrell and the Mob. She made a deal with Niko’s gang to use Blossom somehow to help her bring us fighters down to our knees. Putting us in traction.

Kiyoko: How did you find that out?

Serena: It’s called the cowgirl member of Sapphire’s gang. Erica Harper… She went out and got the Intel and relayed it to us.

Curtis: *Cutting in* Wait. Just wait a minute… This girl… Leslie Burke… She’s 13. From New York City. Brooklyn area. She’s Emancipated from her parents… Is this the same one doing the things you believe is being done?

Serena: We are sure. We’re positive.

Sapphire: *Secretly Texting Erica Harper*…

Carly Black: We’ve all witnessed bits and pieces of everything that has gone on. There’s no mistake about what was just let out… Blossom’s In the Mob. She’s Smoking and is reported to have initiated Mob Hits.

Curtis: *Walking over to the side and sighs* … *Stopping to face the group* It’s not as though i don’t believe you guys on this. It’s just rather hard to believe. I really can’t picture Blossom as someone who’d do such things. You are trying to goose me with the idea that this girl… Leslie… being the same girl who… was told to be in danger of the Mob. But on the side of that… she was far enough in that she is unable to break from it. Plus… to get far in the Mob which this girl is involved in obviously… She had to use the fighters meaning you guys and Blossom as a bargaining chip. To convince the Mob of her loyalty. She had to make a pass with this guy… Niko Can. And his Mob squad. Even though Blossom managed to have told me that Leslie’d already swore to her that she would not actually do it. But when the time came to pony up on her end of the deal… She’d have it only look as if the fighters… Meaning you guys and Blossom have all stepped down and retired. But then while the Mob happened to not be looking… You’d all come out and take the Mob out.

Raven: *Laughs* That’s the kind of deal Blossom’s friend Leslie’s made with the Mob? HA! As if. If she thinks that we’re bowing down to the Mob… She’s nuts. Princess Nut-case.

Curtis: *Not impressed* I don’t think that i favor in this. What i keep hearing from you guys is that this girl… Leslie. She’s Corrupt and continues serving the Mob. I get what you are all saying and all i can say is that… Whatever it is that she really is about… I don’t want to know. I want to just make my own mind on her. She is not as bad as you are stating. I myself never met this girl and i would think that if you girls had any self control… You’d use the minds that your parents gave you and stop passing Judgment till you’ve actually met the girl.

Clint: How can you trust in the girl. Blossom is doing Mob hits. Zoey… She’s said so.

Susie: She managed to call me last night and right out told me about it. Said that she actually saw both Leslie and Blossom…

Serena: Why would Zoey lie about what it was that she saw… Uncle Curtis? They were seen robbing a store. Then walking out… Smoking. They both were there. Zoey caught sight of them all.

Rikku: We’re not making this up.

Susie: Uncle Curtis, we don’t want to be like this… but if you don’t put a stop to Blossom’s friendship with that girl and see that it’s over… We will expose Leslie to the Law and see to it that she gets put in Juvey. This family does not… and will not condone the idea of anyone joining the Mob.

Curtis: This is a nightmare… *Stressed out and frustrated; in disarray* My own daughter… Blossom… In the Mob and robbing stores with a misguided girl. Smoking. I can’t believe this.”

Curtis: *Pointing to Leslie; Angrily* You! Leslie, You get the hell out of here.

Leslie: What did i do?

Curtis: You lured my daughter into the Mob.

Leslie: No. I didn’t. *Feeling offended* I didn’t Lure her. She choose to join the Mob. I didn’t tell her that she should or force her to. Blossom made that choice. She decided. I was all for having her think about her options a bit.

Curtis: Yeah… Right. I seen how she acted here. I also smelt smoke on her over the last couple days.

Leslie: She could have been just sweating.

Curtis: That’s bull. I know how my daughter is more than you do. I don’t know who the hell you really are. Whether you’re Rita the Hammer or Just Leslie. But this is all your fault.

Blossom: *Walking out suddenly* No it’s not, dad. It is not her fault. It’s my fault. I should have known better than to go with her. But i made the choice. I am her friend and she’s my friend.

Curtis: You should pick better friends, Blossom. She’s no friend of yours. She got you joining the Mob. You never would have done that if she wasn’t around.

Blossom: How do you know?

Curtis: Because i am your father. I know you. Or perhaps… thought that i did.

Leslie: This was all her choice.

Curtis: WHAT?!

Leslie: This was what she wanted.

Blossom: I wanted to join the Mob. It’s what i wanted. Plus. Leslie’s not only my friend. Best friend. She’s also my girlfriend.

Curtis: What?!

Blossom: It’s true.

Leslie: She and I Love each other. We however are keeping it all PG.

Curtis: You fantasized my daughter. Got her to mess her life up.

The truth was out on the closeness that was there between Blossom and Leslie…It was now known and Curtis was numb from learning of it. He became ill. The only thing that got him to not think more about it was the part that it was said to be all PG. However… Curtis had all the rights of parental law. All the rights as did Blossom’s mother. She was still at work. But… Curtis was home and he had to handle the issue. In whatever way. But he was beyond mad. Mainly at Leslie. He knew all there was about her. Heard the news broadcasts made over the Radio. The on air broadcast the other night was heard by everyone. Everyone everywhere and even the Law. No one saw a mystery in Leslie. The Law… As in Kellaway was gonna see to see it as a sob tale to get people to not condemn her for committing crimes. Mob hits. However… others were seeing it another way. They all were seeing it as something else. Curtis though didn’t think about that. He was not in any way thinking about what the on air broadcast disclosed. From everything he heard from people… The Eyewitnesses seeing Leslie doing wrong. It was all he needed to know… to know that Leslie was bad. Even if he didn’t think so. or if to him or anyone around him that Leslie was bad news. He had to protect his daughter. It was his foremost. His sworn right to do. That was when…

Curtis: *Casting a Ban on Leslie* She’s been doing mob hits and smoking. Which wasn’t till you came here and got to her. Filling her head with mythical notions of how the Mob is good. This is the last time you and she will see one another. Leslie Burke.  STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! GET OUT!

Blossom: Dad, No. She’s my friend.

Curtis: Not anymore. You are not to see her ever again. Blossom, from this day forward… You’re grounded. It is from school to home… Home to school. Unless it’s with us. *Looking at Leslie* If i see you around my daughter again… You will be in jail. I will call the cops on you. Beat it!”

Carly: *Voice-over* And now… Chapter 221 of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “Blossom Rebellion… Night time stand-off at Landfill/Metropolis Park.”

Sid: *Voice-Over* “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw…

Curtis and Megan’s house…

Hallway; Outside Blossom’s room…

Curtis was in the hallway just outside Blossom’s room and just standing there. He was upset and felt that all he did was cause emotional pain. Social strife and deprive his daughter of seeing someone that had meant a lot to her… He started to speak something over to Blossom. In hopes that he could maybe mend whatever rift he believed was formed by him…

Curtis: *Through the door* Blossom, Princess… Please open up.

Blossom: *Sore and broken; Through the door* Why should I? So you can try to make the fact that you just took my best friend/Girlfriend away right?

Curtis: *Trying to seek reason* Your best friend is Zoey. Your Cousin. You known Zoey for years. Years, Honey. You only knew that girl Leslie for a month and a couple weeks if that. She’s not as close to you as Zoey is.

Blossom: Zoey’s my friend… Sure. Sure she is… She’s my friend that started this… She is jealous of my friendship and closeness to Leslie. So she goes bitching to Susie and she and a group of others come to you and get you on the band wagon. To target my friend Leslie.

Curtis: She did it to save you. She was seeing the danger you were getting in with the girl Leslie. The Mob. Zoey was doing it to save you.

Blossom: Yeah… *Scoffs; With tears rolling down her face giving clear sign that she was upset* Well congrats to her. She won. I likely lost Leslie. She and I will probably never see one another again and if we do… You’ll call the cops on her. So she’s gonna avoid me.

Curtis: I won’t call the cops on her… I was still pressured into doing what i had to do, Blossom. I actually like that girl. However your Cousin… Susie was making it where there was no choice. I was to either see to it that you and Leslie’s Friendship ended and banned you from seeing her or Susie and the others would gather together and make a report to have Leslie sent right off to Juvey. What was i supposed to do?

Blossom: Tell Susie to piss off. She might be your Niece and My cousin, Dad… *Angry and dearly upset* But she’s still under 18. Still a Minor. It wasn’t her place to tell you what to do.

Curtis: Blossom… I know that. However… She’s not the only one who feels that way. Your cousins Clint, Raven and Spencer also feel that way. Susie was just leading. But they too feel the same as she does. You’re asking me to disregard the facts and details given by the daughter and Sons to your Aunts. Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Blossom: *Disgusted* How did they even know about my secret life anyway? Or about Leslie’s whereabouts?

Curtis: One of your cousins… Someone in their gang told them.

Blossom: Probably that Horse riding busybody… Erica Harper. I know. I heard her name get mentioned a few times throughout the few weeks till now.

Curtis: *Groans* She’s an informant. It’s practically what she does… Looking for things that are going on and informing your cousins… And you about what gets found. Not everything is about Leslie.

Blossom: *Snaps* Bullshit, Dad. Bullshit. It is all about Leslie. Everyone of the fighters all apparently dislike Leslie. She’s done nothing to them. NOTHING! And yet… they find it to be okay that they can just treat her like she’s a bastard… Yeah… That’s some fine example of the belief where everyone deserves a fair shake.

Sounds of things being thrown across the room…

Blossom saw a picture of her best friend Zoey and growled at it before grabbing it and Throwing it across the room and right at the wall…

Blossom: *Pissed and upset* Damn Jealous Bitch, Zoey! I hope you’re happy. I Lost Leslie because of you. This is your Fault, Zoey! ALL YOUR FAULT!

Curtis: *Jumps* What is the matter with you?

Blossom: Just leave me alone… And if Zoey calls… Tell her that i never want to see her again. Ever. NOT EVER!

Curtis: So i guess that you hate your Best friend/Cousin Zoey. And you are calling it quits on a ten year friendship between the two of you?

Blossom: She’s got no one to blame but herself… This might all be the rage and the anger i’m feeling… talking… But right now… Yes. That’s what i am saying. Plus… What do you care? You’re just like the rest… Joining the Bandwagon. I don’t need anyone. Not you… Not Zoey. Not the cousins or the people at school. No one. I’ll just keep to myself and the hell with everyone. GET OUT!

Blossom was irate and pissed. She felt betrayed and the more she felt… The more upset she became. She broke down in tears and cried in heartache. She didn’t want to see anyone. Blossom didn’t even care if she were to hear from the one she got deprived of again. She had her heart broken and she never was gonna forgive her cousin/Best friend and her other cousins. The only ones she’d care about was Sora and Carly. But the rest of them… Never again.

Metropolis Burger Joint…

Zoey had finally got to the Burger Joint to meet up with Holly. She was in heartache and agony. The reality of what she had just done sunk in and all she could do was shake and cry. She brought her packs with her but kept them in her pockets. Zoey knew that it was one thing that she had to keep as covered as possible. Holly was against smoking… and she was scared that Holly would never understand. Ever. Or if nothing more… she’d probably try to help her kick the habit. But at that moment before anything more were to go… All she could do was cry. She felt terrible. She didn’t even know where to start… or how to let it out… However it would have to come out.

It was only a minute later that Holly arrived and came concerned. Deeply concerned…

Holly: *Walking over to the window and ordering a couple burgers* Two burgers. hold the onions. 2 large Vanilla Cokes. *Walking over to a table and Sighs* Zoey, I came here just as you asked. But… Now i am having to ask… Why?

Zoey: *Walking over and sitting down* I feel so terrible. Holly, I just ruined my friendship with Blossom. I think Blossom might hate me.

Holly: What? *Pauses and lost* Zoey, What are you talking about? Blossom might hate you? Why would she hate you? You didn’t do anything to make her hate you…

Zoey: I did. I exposed her secret life to the others and they told her father.

Holly: What secret? Wait a minute… You aren’t talking about Blossom’s habit and the fact that she was hanging with that Mob girl… are you?

Zoey: Yeah… I am. The other day… I was walking down the one street. The one with Liquor stores and mini marts. Some jewelry stores as well… Literally close to one another… I only got so far when i happened to see two girls. Running into one of the stores and *Sniffling* one of the girls i recognized… It was Rita the Hammer.

Holly: Leslie?! Leslie Burke?! *In disbelief* You’ve got to be kidding. Her? *Disgusted* Ugh! What the heck is the deal with her?

Zoey: I don’t know… But there is more… The other girl was unrecognizable… At first and i didn’t know who it would have been. But i heard Leslie speak to the girl with her… Calling her: “Silvia”.

Holly: *Catching the name* Silvia. Silvia the Bookie?

Zoey: That’s the one. That could have been anyone. *Sniffling* However i got to the shadows and watched for when they got out of the store. That’s when i saw them. Leslie… A-a-a-a-a-a-and B-b-b-b-b-b-blossom. She was posing as Silvia the Bookie. Plus smoking. I saw them light up and run off.

Holly: *Scoffs in outrage* What?! Oh my god… Zoey, You saw a robbery and didn’t report it?! What is the matter with you? You should have reported it.

Zoey: How? This was my cousin doing it. Plus the girl Leslie. They were the ones doing it. They don’t know i was there. If i were to report it… They’d figure out that i was there and they’d come after me.

Holly: Your cousin Blossom… would attack you. Is that what you’re saying?

Zoey: Yes. That’s what she would have done if she were to know that i was there following her. I wasn’t even following her. I was just at the right place… at the wrong time. I almost was caught by them. However they didn’t happen to see me around. But… *Crying* I told Susie… My older cousin and she told the others. I didn’t want to… But i was just scared for Blossom. That’s all. I was really concerned and worried for her. getting in to danger and there being nothing i could do to stop it.

Holly: It’s that girl Leslie. She is the cause for all that has happened to Blossom. To you. You and Blossom were close till that no good conniving girl Leslie came into our lives. *Growls about the mention of Leslie* Grrrrrrrrrr! I hate that girl. I hate her. Either way… it doesn’t matter, Zoey. When you see a Robbery and know it’s being performed… You report it. No matter who it is that is acting out the robbery and actually perpetrating it. Doing it. You could likely be an accessory to a robbery now. You saw something and didn’t call it in.

Zoey: Holly, Stop it… *Crying* Can’t you see that it’s hurting me enough? I just ruined my friendship with Blossom. I betrayed her. I know it was the right thing for me to tell the others and have something done about what Blossom was doing… But it still hurts.

Holly: Zoey, *Sighs* Come on… Since when has Blossom ever really been a true friend to you? She’s been more into that snot-nosed bitch Leslie. I’m 14 and more mature. I already don’t like Leslie. Now i… i really despise her. And i also dislike Blossom. I really don’t like her at all. She’s to be your friend. Not Leslie’s. Leslie is nothing but a loser.

Zoey: *Breaking down in tears* …

Holly: Hey… Zoey, I’m sorry. *Sighs* … *Reaching out to Zoey and hugging her* I’m sorry that i said that. You’ve been hurt enough by what was going on with your friend Blossom. It’s only just the fact that Blossom used to be with you. Be along side you and you being her world in a close friend. A best friend. But then… That harlot Leslie comes and screws it all over. It’s just so unfair.

Zoey: It’s okay, Holly. *Sniffling* You didn’t know and it isn’t like i was expecting you to know everything. You were just upset about what Blossom was up to and angry about how she was regarding me.

Seconds later…

Holly: What do you see in her anyway? Blossom since the beginning of the school year has changed and made out as being someone who wouldn’t even care about the people around her. She started to show signs of pulling away from you. Putting you down… pegging you as someone who is so dramatic. So clingy and afraid of change. Unhinged. Emotionally and socially. Even mentally. She was putting you down.

Zoey: *Wiping her tears* I know. After all that she and I had been through. I didn’t deserve that. Holly, I don’t know how you know this… But i should be thankful to you. Making me remember the attitude that Blossom had been showing me for the last couple months almost.

Holly: You deserve better than that, Zoey. You’re my friend and i would never desert you. Or regard you as garbage or as someone who is a past that should be forgotten. Blossom was treating you poorly.

Zoey: You’re right. *Nods* She was… I just don’t know how i couldn’t see it sooner. I still care about her though. I do. However… Ugh! God, Holly… How am i supposed to help her if she’s not gonna try to consider… how the people around her feel? She’s diving into the Mob. She Joined it and has committed a crime. She Robbed a store and it was not like that before Leslie came. Leslie got her all in to it.

Holly: I know that you feel that Leslie’s the cause. And i also feel it. As much as i would like to place all the blame on that harlot… We’re giving her just way too much credit.

Zoey: how is that possible? That isn’t possible. It couldn’t be…

Holly: …

Zoey: You’re not saying that a bit of this is all on Blossom and that she wanted to get into it… Are you?

Holly: That’s what it is starting to appear to be.

Zoey: *Sighs*

The food was then ready and Holly walked over to get the food. As soon as she got back to the table…

Holly: *Handing a Burger over to Zoey* It’s got everything on it except onions…

Zoey: It’s okay. I never really liked Onions that much anyway. I would eat them every now and then. I just was never big on them. *Smiles a little*

Zoey was feeling resentment towards Blossom now and wanted to go find her and tell her off. It was what she wanted to do… But she then believed that it would be better to just confess about her habit too… Plus to then try to get through to Blossom. No matter what it took. It was then that she believed only that if all else failed… She’d have to be friends with Leslie to be near Blossom again as it came to pass that Blossom and Leslie were gonna be inseparable.

As for Leslie…

She was walking closer back to where Blossom lived to face Blossom’s father. It was at that time that she found herself fed up with being judged. She was gonna fight back. Leslie was gonna fight back and she knew exactly as to where she was gonna start.

A Minute later…

At Curtis and Megan’s house…

Front door…

Leslie stood there and sighed. She didn’t know what she was doing there other than hopelessly expecting for something to change. Leslie Knocked on the door and waited for an answer all the while not knowing that Blossom wasn’t around. Blossom had then snuck out and ran away. She didn’t have anyone at home that would understand her being with Leslie. None of her cousins were bothering to see reason. They just didn’t care as they saw Leslie as bad news. Leslie was there and nervous but not backing down…

The door then opened…

Curtis: *Looking to see Leslie Standing there* What are you doing here? I thought that i told you to never come here again.

Leslie: *Standing up to Blossom’s father* You know what? I don’t know what your deal is, Sir… But i am not the problem. I never was. And before you think about pointing fingers at me for Blossom being how she is… You might want to consider this. I didn’t tell her to Join the Mob. She made that choice. I was the one who tried to talk her out of it as i didn’t want my issues becoming hers. Didn’t want her trapped in my mess. There’s only so much a person can do for another. I didn’t get her to take up a habit. She made that choice. I didn’t force it on her or tell her that she should do it. She decided on her own. Yet you are blaming me for her change in personality.

Curtis: Well… what would you expect a father to do when he sees his daughter go from a nice but gutsy and sparky girl to a Mobster gal who has taken up a habit and done mob hits but never did anything like that till a misguided girl or boy came into the works? Leslie, What do you expect me to do? What can i do about it? I am her father. My first and foremost duty is protection. Protecting her from any unnecessary dangers. Unneeded dangers. Just as your father would do with you. Protect you… Would he not?

Leslie: Yeah. But i was kinda doing all the protecting of my parents. I knew how to fight. However their final call was to send me away to safety. They did what was needed. No matter how hard it turned out to be for them and me.

Curtis: Maybe so… But you’re not her parent. I am… Look, I know that you’re not that far off. Plus that you’re not a bad kid. Misguided and foolish maybe for even thinking that the Mob life was the best direction to go… Although you did what you had to do given the circumstances. Still…  You’re not a bad person. But put yourself in my position… A parent. And seeing that your son or daughter was in a dangerous situation or on a threatening path… You’d do whatever you felt that you had to do to protect them. Didn’t matter if it might have caused you to mess up the closeness or Respect and loyalty that you and your Son or daughter had that no one else had. You in the end would see that you did what you knew had to be done. When you have a family… You put your family’s safety first. Because at the end of the day… It’s one of the things you have to hold on to. If nothing else… your family is what you have to hold.

Leslie: That’s what i did with my family… My parents. We were close. Really close and together… Like all the time. I would defend them. I love them and always will. But when it got to be too bad… My parents and I had to make the motion to Emancipate me. Sending me away here. Where i’d be safe… However when i got here… i was lost and some time ago… the month before this one… i Joined the Mob. I had no actual protection even though i could fight. But it was if it were other kids around my age range. I could defend myself. Case in point… What i dealt with where i came from… In Brooklyn. Aside from that… I had no solid protection here and i didn’t want to be in the foster care system. I wouldn’t know of where i’d end up.

Curtis: Foster Care isn’t so bad. It’s not. Alot of people tend to fear it because of the uncertainty of what’ll happen to them. Or the possibility that they’d have to restart their lives all over again and in time coming to forget their roots. Where they began. But it’s really not scary as most make it. Their primary ground stone of operation is reuniting the kids back with their biological parents. Unless the parents were by chance unfit or unable to raise the Child. The Child in question would be opened to adoption. It’s just how they work. It’s not bad. It really isn’t.

Leslie: I guess… However, i already made my mess… I have to live with it. Which means… do whatever means i can to fix it. I have to do right.

Curtis: Making it right. *Nods* Now that’s a mature and good nature teen. I can tell that you’re a responsible person. *Easing up* You’re not Banned from seeing my daughter. I don’t know why i even thought that it’d be better to Ban you. It was not right for me to be doing. You are a good person. Trying to do right and make attempts to set things right again. Leslie, If Blossom is into you and you two are relationship close… It’s alright with me.

Blossom was not there… and didn’t hear what was said. She was broken and wanted nothing to do with her home… it reminded her too much about what she had been deprived of. Or was she still deprived of seeing her friend Leslie again?

Still at the Burger Joint…

Zoey: *Looking at Holly* You really don’t like Leslie at all, Do you?

Holly: Zoey, It’s not about my not liking her. or having any tolerance towards her. It’s the fact that because of her… You were being ditched by Blossom. Blossom is your friend. Best friend of ten years. Since you were like 4 years old as you’ve once told me. It’s not just something you can sweep under the rug and forget. Blossom might have forgotten the friendship you two had. But you haven’t. Although after what she had been doing to you… i can’t see why you’d still want a thing to do with her… Other than know of her being your cousin.

Zoey: I have to keep trying… I hurt because of her. Not Leslie… Leslie is not a issue. I’d like to say that she is… But she didn’t pull Blossom away. Blossom did all the pulling herself. Leslie’s only crime was crossing paths with Blossom. Starting all this. That’s all she’s guilty for. Blossom’s the one who’s at fault.

Holly: That’s right. I however don’t really like Leslie that much… I just never did. However… It’s probably because i never really tried to give her a real chance. I just allowed the rumors to take control and judged her because of false tales of what she was doing. The Drugs… She never did that. I had my facts or the facts that i was given by Sophie Collins and Mindy Silversmith… They were there at school that one day before all this began telling about what was coming from the girl Leslie. The sister to the Pregnant girl Roxanne Harris. She was also seeking to look into it and started asking. Sophie even told her. That’s where the rumors on that first began. But was proven false.

Zoey: Leslie’s not at fault. Blossom is. *Feeling angry about Blossom* All she wanted to be with was Leslie. It was always Leslie. Leslie… Leslie… Leslie. That’s all that she cared about. She even abandoned Sakura and Hikaru. They also were left and cast aside by Blossom. It’s as though we were nothing to her.


Blossom: *Walking over* You little Bitch… Backstabber. You don’t like my being with Leslie that much so you go bitching to our cousin Susie…

Zoey: *Turning to the side* Excuse me?! Blossom, What did you say?

Blossom: You heard what i said, Whining baby Zoey… You’re a jealous conniving wimp. Leslie and I hang out together a lot of the time. It’s a problem for you because you think that you can tell me who i can be best friends with and the fact that you are not as close as Leslie is… bugs you. So you go crying to the others. Getting them to step up and stop my friendship with Leslie. Treating her like a bastard. I lost my best friend and girlfriend because of your crying ass.

Zoey: I was trying to save you from making a huge mistake. That’s what a friend would do. We were best friends. However… I don’t even know why i should bother caring about you anymore as a best friend or friend in any way. All you care about is Leslie. It’s Leslie Burke 24/7. If it’s not something to do with Leslie… You just happen to not care.

Blossom: Neither do you. You just can’t find any reason to not try and tear her down. Can you? You are just a jealous girl. Being really stupid and petty. Oh… and Pathetic.

Zoey: Holly, Let’s go. I’m not putting up with her. Not tonight. I’m just ready to punch her lights out because of her obnoxious attitude.

Holly: *Nods* Same here. Let’s go over to the Diner. We can talk more there.

Blossom: That’s right… walk away. Walk away from the truth. You hurt me and cause my heart to be broken and yet… don’t have the decency to stay and man up to what you did.

Zoey was by then ignoring Blossom’s insults. As it was… Zoey was now against Blossom and thought of her as a faceless person. It might not last long for her however she was done with Blossom’s attitude. She got up and walked off with Holly over to the diner. Away from Blossom…

Blossom stood there sulking and in anger. She grabbed a seat and sighed. She felt bad and all she could do was sulk as she was pissed at her best friend Zoey. The whole situation made her angry and she knew that nothing she said or did was gonna get her back with Leslie. She was grounded and yet broken. Broken and devastated. She was not the only one there… Sora and Carly were not far and saw the incident. They saw and started to not like Zoey much at all. Although… They didn’t know the whole thing. Not as though they were to piece it all together.

Blossom sat there a while and had a light. She needed to think about what to do about her family. Her father and the one who she used to consider her best friend. She didn’t even know about her father surprisingly lifting the ban he had on Leslie. She didn’t even learn of it as she secretly snuck out of her house through her bedroom window. Taking her pack with her and plus her Cell and a thing of clothes to change into. She didn’t have any intention of going back home…

A Moment later…

Leslie: *From across the street* Blossom…

Blossom: *Hearing her name being called and at first blowing it off thinking it to be Zoey* …

Leslie: *Calling over to Blossom* Blossom…

Blossom: *Hearing her name being called again and suddenly turning to see who was calling her* … *Gasps* Leslie?!

Within seconds and without thinking twice about what she was doing grabbed her pack, put it away and grabbed her Cell and carried her bag of clothes. She right then Walked over in a quickened pace and just went right over to her. There was no cars rolling by and it was a silent night considering what was about to take place…

Seconds later…

Blossom: *Thankful* Leslie… You’re back.

Leslie: Yeah. I am… *Hugging Blossom and relieved* I came back and i stood up to your dad.

Blossom: *Pauses* You what?! What did you just say you’ve done?

Leslie: I’ve stood up to him. I told him the truth. That i was innocent and that habit and the mob life was your choice and i didn’t lure you. You took the shot and got into it.

Blossom: *Shaking her head* Oh god… Leslie, Why did you do that? Why did you tell him that?

Leslie: Because it was the right thing to do. Plus i also told him how i was trying to talk you out from getting into the mess that i was in. That i was trying to keep you out from making a wrong choice. Although… I think that you and he need to reconcile.

Blossom: *Looking away slightly* Why should I? He was the one who did the move and Banned you and I from seeing one another. If anyone should apologize… It’s him. Or should i say It should be that Ex-Best friend of mines… Zoey. It’s her fault that my dad was lead to place a ban on you. Do you remember how my dad even spoke to you? *Speaking like her father* “She’s been doing mob hits and smoking. Which wasn’t till you came here and got to her. Filling her head with mythical notions of how the Mob is good. This is the last time you and she will see one another. Leslie Burke.  STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!” *Feeling sour* I don’t know about you… But i wouldn’t be one to cave in. Not so easily.

Leslie: He’s feeling bad about how he spoke to you. But not only that… He has a reason to do what he did.

Blossom: What reason did he have?

Leslie: Well… Think about it, Blossom. Before i came around… you were not with a habit and didn’t seek to consort towards joining the Mob. He at first thought that i was the one who got you into it. You made the choices though. I was trying to keep you out of the Mob. All i intended to do was introduce you to Dorian. Not induct you into the Mob. But by you seeing him and meeting him… It got you to think on being part of it.

Blossom: You’re right…. It did. But it’s a mess i made and i am glad to have done so. I needed a change in my life. It’s not the best of change though… However, It got me a friend. You. I don’t care what anyone tries to sell me… I will not be made to regret it. Leslie, You’re my friend… I don’t want that to ever change.

Leslie: I know. *Sighs* But, Blossom… You are losing everything that meant alot to you because of me. I am probably a bad influence.

Blossom: You… *Irritated* Ugh! I can’t believe this… You are letting the surrounding teens we know get to you. I wouldn’t care about what they try… You’re not a bad influence. I just have to focus on getting you away from the Mob. Get Sora and Carly free from the Mob as well. However… they’re not so far in. Not yet. Although… I don’t want to wait and see that they get to that point. I want to get them out from the Mob. Get them free. But first… We need to free ourselves. It’s gonna take a little more time. That’s all.

Leslie: *Thinking* What about your Best friend/Cousin Zoey? Where does she stand in all this?

Blossom: *Cold* I don’t want to even talk about that whining baby.

Leslie: *Feeling the anger* Wow! That’s not good… You sound like you are hurt by her…

Blossom: Gee, Leslie… What the hell do you think? I almost frickin’ lost you because of her, okay?

Leslie: Why would you lose me because of her?

Blossom: Come on… Like you don’t know. My so called Ex-Best friend… has made it no secret that she doesn’t necessarily like you. What she pulled… Made it clear that she doesn’t like you at all or the fact that our friendship and closeness is stronger and one that she can not understand. She’s Jealous of our closeness and figures that since she can’t pull me away from you… She’d go crying to our older cousins and get them to get my father involved. *Growling* As far as i am concerned… She and I are no longer BFF’s. No longer. All she is… Is just a cousin. That’s it.

Leslie: *Feeling the tension and Animosity* Uh… Blossom…. Angry much?

Blossom: *Taking a deep breath* Sorry. I’m sorry. Let’s go over to the Park. Something is said to take place tonight.

Leslie: Yeah.

As for the older fighters…

Not far from the Metropolis City Park…

Lieutenant Thunder: *Looking towards Clint and Theodore* You two… Cast off on the west side of the park. Spencer and Rikku have the lake bridge… Amy and Penny have the back side looking in. To keep watch for any signs of the Mask trying to bust out the back side of the park.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: I guess that leaves us with the front.

Shining Bubble: What of Serena and Carly Black?

Lieutenant Thunder: They’re on standby. If there is anything popping up from the Mask… they’ll follow and be thorough.

Chloe: *Through Communicator* Fighters… Proceed with caution. You’re not the only ones who’ll be staking the park out.

As for Stanley Ipkiss…

Metropolis park…

Stanley passes through a stand of trees and nearly bumps into Tina.

Tina: *Gasps* Stanley… What’re you doing here?

Stanley: Nothing really. I suppose that i am a little early. But I wanted to make sure that you two got together all right.

Tina: That’s nice. *Smiles* I hardly ever stop by here. It’s hard to believe it was… dangerous years ago. Child abductions in the early wake.

As they both sat down…

Stanley: *Pauses and at a shock* Child Abductions?

Tina: Yeah. There was a few case files a few years ago speaking of Child snatching. Last year… A Young boy… 12-13 years old. Got abducted in plain sight at the Metropolis Mall… They said it was someone named Zach who had gotten snatched. Last name… It’s gonna be a eerie reminder… But the last name was Rhapsody.

Stanley: Aha! Aha…. *In disbelief* I don’t believe this… Another reference to the Fighters. That Clan. They just keep getting around… Don’t they? What happened to the kid?

Tina: He was Abducted and said to have been Violated.

Stanley: Ew!

Tina: I know. The family learned of it and had to hold a funeral for him. It was a sad season for them. The service took place close to Christmas. Last year.

Stanley: Poor guys. It must have been hard on them.

A second later…

Tina: It nice out tonight…

Stanley: It’s always beautiful at sunset. The faint Methane emission really pick up the colors of the peaceful sunset.

Tina: All those Pinks and greens.

Stanley: *Looking at the time* My friend will be along here any minute. I better go.

Tina: No, Stanley. Stay for a second. I was thinking about what you said and I, uh, I want you to know I appreciate it. Maybe you’re right. If I believed in myself a little more I wouldn’t rely on guys like Dorian.

Stanley: *Trying to picture the face to the name* Dorian… You mean Dorian Tyrel?

Tina: Yeah. He’s sort of my manager.

Stanley: Tina, you’ve got to be careful of that guy. He’s a dangerous criminal. There is no telling as to what he’ll do.

Tina: You really mean that, don’t you?

Stanley: Absolutely. You ought to hear the stories…

Tina: No, I mean, you’re really worried about me. That’s… real sweet, Stanley. *Touched*

Stanley: *Clearly worried and concerned* C’mon, Tina this is serious. How involved are you with this guy?

Tina:  I can take care of myself, Stanley. I always have.

Stanley: Oh, really? People close to Tyrel have a nasty habit of turning up dead, or haven’t you noticed?

Tina:  Look, this may sound a little cold but I do what I have to do to get by, okay? I’m nobody in this town without Dorian.

Stanley:  And who are you with him Tina? I’m not exactly sure who I am anymore but at least I’m trying to find out. If you really had any faith in yourself, you wouldn’t be hanging on to some kind of free ride. You’re a lot better than that. Dorian is trying to trap you. Start doing the right thing. Lose that guy.  The longer you are with him… The more dangerous your life will turn out.

It was then that Stanley stopped a second before getting up and letting the mysterious friend show… He knew that what he said was a little harsh and stung. But he was very concerned and worried for Tina and each time he spoke as though he was reaching out… it showed.

Seconds later…

Stanley was gone…

Tina: Stanley, Wait… Wait!

But he’s already disappeared. Tina starts to follow after when she hears a strange WHOOOSH. A whirlwind begins to kick up the leaves all around her. The Mask leaps out from behind a stand of trees in all his glory and literally sweeps her off her feet. With his lower lip thrust out he romances Tina in a deep syrupy French voice.

Stanley/The Mask: Cher! Ce moi! Je’taime, Je’ taime, Je any old tame! At last we are together mon petite bon bon!

Seconds later…

As Tina Carlyle stood in bewilderment…

Stanley/The Mask: *in a thick French accent* Hello, Cherie. We meet again. Is it fate? Is it meant to be? Is it written in the stars that we are destined to fraternize? *Normal voice* I’d like to think so. Ha, ha ha!


Stanley/The Mask: *to Tina* Kiss me, my dear, and I will reveal my croissant. I will spread your pate. I will dip my ladle in your vichyssoise.

Tina kicks him and scampers away

Stanley/The Mask: *squeaky voice* She is so coy. *deep voice* I love it!


Stanley/The Mask: *Chortling a little to start* Our love is like a red, red rose… and I am a little thorny. Je t’adore. Je t’window. I don’t care! *illusion-ed to appear as though he was attacking; Psychotically love crazed*

Over by the bushes at a distance…

Kellaway: This is Kellaway. I need back-up.

From the West side…

Majestic Love: *Looking at Theodore* What is his deal?

Dancing Heartthrob: I don’t know. But i think that the guy is losing his senses. He’s totally lost his mind. Is this guy… seriously… the same guy that the Mob is itching to get their greasy hands on?

Majestic Love: It appears to be that way. It looks just like that. Good part is that we don’t have to worry about the Mob girl Rita the Hammer. The friendship between her and our cousin Blossom was severed.

Dancing Heartthrob: That’s good. However… Something about that girl seems odd.

Majestic Love: How so? *Curious*

Dancing Heartthrob: Well… think about it… From everything we heard about the girl. It’s brought us to revere her. To maybe even hate her. But how can we really hate her… If we don’t truly know her. If we’ve never met her?

Majestic Love: What are you getting at, Theo?

Dancing Heartthrob: What i’m getting at is the fact that we heard of the girl being in with the Mob. She’s 13-14 and Emancipated. Rich. She’s got an unfortunate habit and goes to the same school as our younger cousins. She’s posing as Rita the Hammer. But aside from that… What do we really know about her?

Majestic Love: You’ve been tapping into Raven’s brain patterns again. You’re thinking like her. You sure that this is you talking… Not her?

Dancing Heartthrob: As sure as i’ve ever been.

Honolulu Torch Paul: *Appearing in mysterious flame* You two need to keep your chatter to a minimum. This isn’t a social event. This is a stake out. Something is said to transpire here tonight and depending on what happens… Someone’s likely gonna get caught in the cross-hairs and it could be us. The cops are outside surrounding the front gates and are aimed to shoot. Stay alert. wait till we’re out from the scene in question before going off about this Mob girl. Now’s not the time.

Majestic Love: Duly noted… Honolulu Torch. However… We have this. This is a possible high risk assignment.

Over by the Bridge that crossed the Lake…

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *Watching the scene* Rikku, You have your Al-Bhed flashbombs with you?

Rikku: You are asking a very senseless question dear. I’ve always got a few Al-Bhed Flashbombs with me just for an occasion such as this.

Spiritual Arctic frost: Just thought that i’d ask. Sometimes it never hurts to ask.

Rikku: Okay. You got me. You got me… *Looking to see the Mask Character* We better contact the others… The cops are about to capture Ipkiss. That Lt. has his sights on him and there are officers…

Over on the bench…

Stanley/ The Mask: Cigarette? *Pauses* No?

It was then that The Mask took a drag and with a trick laid up his pretty sleeves… He exhaled a plume of smoke and formed a heart frame and then with a finger closed the left nose/Nostril and Shot a line of smoke in the shape of an Arrow at the heart. It was a nice side act… However Tina was Amazed.

The Hard-ass Cop… Wasn’t. He was ever itching for his shot to strike and move in for the apprehension…

Stanley/The Mask: And now, like Napoleon, I will divide and conquer.* about to kiss Tina*


Before the Mask was about to move in for the hug and the smacking kiss…

Lt. Kellaway: *Moving in* Ipkiss! Police!

The Mask: Merde.

It was seconds later when…

Lt. Kellaway: Ipkiss! Police! Freeze! *Watches as the Mask froze in mid-air* Put your hands up.

The Mask: *his teeth are frozen together* But you told me to freeze!

Lt. Kellaway: All right, all right. Un-freeze.

the Mask un-freezes and falls to the ground…

Lt. Kellaway: You’re under arrest. *pulling out his cuffs*

The Mask: No! It wasn’t me! It was the One-Armed Man! *regular voice* All right, I confess! I did it, ya hear? And I’m glad! GLAD, I TELL YA! *getting down on his knees and putting his hands up together* What are they gonna do to me, Sarg.? WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO?

Lt. Kellaway: *putting the cuffs on The Mask’s wrists* Sorry, son. That’s not my department. Search him.

Stanley/The Mask: *the cops bring The Mask to his feet* Ow! Where’s a cam-corder when you need one? *snorting in laughter*

On the East side…

Madame Romance: *Listening to the Communicator*

New Aquatic Burn: So far… There is no change… *Looking in* Uh-oh… We got a problem… The cops have the Mask cornered. Kellaway has him. There’s Kellaway… Doyle, and 3 officers.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Speaking through Communicator* Spencer and Rikku… Frost and spouse… Move in. Launch off a frost and flash…

Rikku: *Over speaker* We’re on it.

New Aquatic Burn: *Over speaker* I’m going in.

Lieutenant Thunder: Mary… Stand down. Stand down…

New Aquatic Burn: They’re gonna need a diversion.

Lieutenant Thunder: No! Spencer and Rikku know what to do. Remember the Flash bombs… They’ll create a blind flash and open the door to get the Mask out of there. Stand down. That’s an order.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Through Communicator* We’re by the front gates…

The fighters all were in position and so far… Spencer and Rikku were the first two to make a move. But they’d have to move fast…

At the Daily Planet…

It was a really electrical night of activity again… Another night of high activity… There was a swarm of cops just outside the front gates or entrance of Metropolis Park and the Mob was also out as well… Activity on both sides of the struggle were out and the newspapers were dishing out the reporters mettle. The ones still at the Daily Planet’s Reporters Den… Were Peggy Brandt… and Jennifer…

Jennifer: *Walking in* This is gonna be a long night. My husband is not gonna be whistling a happy beat.

Peggy: Why? What’s going on?

Jennifer: *Sighs; In Disbelief* You know… I was actually hoping that you’d never ask that and be already on your way over to grab the caper… But you might have a friend out there. Someone who’s categorized as Mr. Nice Guy.

Peggy: *Recognizes the name* Stanley?!

Jennifer: Yeah. That’s who it is… A bunch of cops have him staked out at the Metropolis City Park. There are also a bunch of city avengers…

Peggy: *Getting up and grabbing her cell and notepad; and camera* Let me cover it. I really need this story. You go on ahead and go home to your kids and man.

Jennifer: You sure? I’m not too sure if the Editor is gonna be okay with it… He’s issuing for everyone to be on call to report this news outbreak…

Peggy: It’s okay. I’ll take care of the Editor. It’ll be fine.

Jennifer: *Grateful* Thank you. I don’t know what to say or as to how to thank you. I’m gonna owe you one.

Jennifer heads home and Peggy prepares to head out to get the scoop…


Back at the Metropolis City park…

The officers were surrounding The Mask and making sure as to which Stanley couldn’t get away…. Doyle reaches into the Mask’s zoot suit and starts tossing stuff on the ground.

Doyle: Really big sunglasses.

Park Policeman: Bike horn.

Doyle: Small mouth bass

Park Policeman: Bowling Pin

Doyle: *Yells in pain* Mouse Trap.

Park Policeman: Rubber Chicken.

Mask: A little to the left… that’s it.

Doyle: *squeezes a stress reliever toy a few times* mmmm, I don’t know.

A second later…

Doyle: Funny eyeball glasses?

Mask: I’ve never seen those before in my life.

Park Policeman: Bazooka?

Mask: I have a permit for that.

Doyle: *going through The Mask’s pocket* Picture of Kellaway’s wife.

Lt. Kellaway: What?

Mask: Uh-oh.

Lt. Kellaway: Margaret! You son-of-a-bitch!

Mask: Geez I thought you would have a sense of humor. After all – you married her! *slapping both Kellaway and Doyle in the face repeatedly* That’s gotta hurt.

Lt. Kellaway: Get’em!

Kellaway had suddenly looked down to see that his and Doyle’s Wrists were handcuffed to one another…

Lt. Kellaway: Doyle!

Only a block away from the Park…

Blossom: *Looking ahead* Oh no…

Leslie walking with Blossom and heading to meet up with Dorian.
Leslie walking with Blossom and heading to meet up with Dorian.

Leslie: What?

Blossom: My older cousins are up there. They’re there and on watch at the front of the Park. They could spot me.

Leslie: does it matter? You already made your choices. They’ll see you. But we’re not there to worry about what they’ll say or do about seeing you with me. We’re there to meet up with Dorian. He could be there.

Blossom: What if he’s not? What if he’s at his office right now?

Leslie: Blossom, He’s not gonna be there tonight. Tonight he’s got the call from the source. The one who found the person who is the Mask.

Blossom: Ipkiss.

Leslie: Yes. You have to keep in mind that this could turn out rather dicey. Unpredictable.

Blossom: That is the life of the Mob. I am risking my good nature doing this type of stuff. Going against my cousins and being with you against their wish. But this is my life. My life is of course in your hands, Leslie. Your hands.

Leslie: That’s the talk of a real friend. Trust. You trust me?

Blossom: Well… Yeah. I always did. Although at the beginning i was privy on some Info. Only because if you were to know and someone came at you… hurting you because of it. I would feel terrible. It’d be hurtful and i’d never forgive myself.

Leslie: I feel the same. However… we can’t think about that right now… We got work to do and little time to do it in.

The Stand off was about to happen and all forces were in place. Leslie and Blossom were on their way to meet up with Dorian. The fighters were making their moves to see on helping the Mask… But there was little to nothing they could do. Rikku unleashed a Flashbomb and opened it for the Mask to make a break for it.

At the front of the Park gate,,,

Lieutenant Thunder: *Looking to see the Mask* Here he comes… Here he comes. Raven… Arm your weapon. Prepare to fire on the mark.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Nods*

At the Watchtower Command center…

Genevieve Teague 1

Genevieve: *Looking at the Monitors* What on earth is Lieutenant Thunder thinking? Those are police officers. Officers of the Law. She can’t seriously be thinking of firing at the men in uniform… *Speaking into the Microphone and contacting the fighters* Sapphire, Raven… What are you two thinking to do? You’re both about to fire at the Men in uniform.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Through the Communicator* We are doing what we must. The Mask is Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss is the Mask and we’re trying to provide some assistance to get him the heck out from this predicament. The Mask is making Ipkiss do things he normally wouldn’t do. Ipkiss is unleashing the “id” of his for everyone to see. But it’s placed him in the hot seat. It placed him right in the hot seat and on Lt. Kellaway’s radar. He’s not the only problem. There is also Dorian Tyrell. He too is an issue and our young cousin Blossom is constantly putting herself in the middle. Getting on the wrong side of the battle.

Genevieve: *Looking towards Tess* Tess… Is there a fix on Electrogal?

Tess: *Getting on the scanners and reaching Blossom* Electrogal… This is the Watchtower Command center… respond. Watchtower Command center to Electrogal… Do you read?


Leslie: *Speaking through communicator* Hello? Who’s this calling Blossom?

Tess: *Pauses* Tess Mercer of the Watchtower Command Center. Who’s this i’m speaking to?

Leslie: Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer. The Mobster gal soon to be Ex-Mobster gal… I am the friend to the one you’re calling or trying to contact.

Madame Romance: What the hell? Leslie, Get off this frequency. You’re not a fighter or a hero. You’re a gangster gal who is serving on the wrong side of the Law. You are supposed to be away from Blossom. You better be. Or you can look forward to being put in Juvenile Hall. Your choice.

Electrogal: Annie, Shut up. Leslie is my friend… Whether you like it or not. You don’t like Leslie… That’s your problem. Not mine. Back off. Get on Leslie’s back again and i will fire at you all and won’t regret it. Back off. Now.

Shining Bubble: No. You’re gonna do as you’re told, Blossom. our family has rules and they’re gonna be obeyed… Whether you like it or not. You are gonna stay away from leslie. If you are near her… She’s going to Juvenile hall. And we’ll see to it that it’s your fault. No one in our family is gonna be in the Mob or have anyone involved with the Mob. Don’t like it… tough. It’s called life. deal with it.

Electrogal: Go to hell Susie. You will not tell me who i can or can’t have for friends.

Shining Bubble: We just did. It’s not gonna change.

Leslie: Susie… Why are you being so vicious to your cousin, Blossom? She is my friend and i am hers. I am with the mob… I made that decision… But i am trying to get out from it. Blossom and i have a habit… She’s done hits. As have i… However… What none of you realize is that Blossom is risking everything to save me. To get me out from the Mob. She’s risking everything she has… for me.

Shining Bubble: Doesn’t matter. You’re part of the Mob. You have committed crimes. You have to be held accountable and made to be punished for it.

Dancing heartthrob: That’s right… Although, what i would like to know is how you caught on to us?

Leslie: Blossom. She told me all about you guys. She loves you guys and i think that what it is that you guys do… It’s amazing.

Majestic Love: You think that we’re amazing? Don’t get us fluffed up here. You’re on the side with Dorian Tyrell. The side-stepping mobster. An Underbelly. But you like us?

Leslie: Yeah. Blossom is trying to get me out from the Mob… Sometime ago… Something happened.

Symphonic Bubble: What do you mean? What happened…

Leslie: *Recalling the incident* …

The Dark Knight

Feldstein: *Holding Leslie Down on the ground* You’re a dead little bitch. Doing that on-Air Interview exposed you as a daughter of an heiress who believes that the world is like her playground. You being a young girl… You think that you can play with the big boys and mess with shit you don’t know shit about.

Leslie: Please don’t do this… It isn’t what you think it is… I had been only practicing this stuff.

Feldstein: Don’t do what? teach you what happens when you try to play with the big boys… Huh? You don’t want it… You should have thought about that before you tried to make that deal to walk off with half of the Mob’s money in exchange of handing the Mob the fighters on a silver platter. You’re a young dumb kid who thinks they know the game. But you’re soon to find that you don’t know a thing. kids are stupid. No matter how smart they claim to be. They come to play with the big boys and think that they can get their way. You’re nothing more than a stupid ignorant child. That’s all you’ll ever be. Joining the Mob and think you are big and bad. You’re pathetic. That’s why… You’re gonna be taught a lesson. Some manners and taught your role.

Blossom: *Suddenly busting into the room; With Zion beside her* Wanna bet, You black ass son of a bitch?

Feldstein: *Lifting up and looking over to see a young Teen standing close by* Who do you suppose you are, White bred?

Blossom: None of your business, You Shit stained fucktard! You want to fight someone… Try on one of the fighters. You wanted a fighter… You got one asshole.  *Drawing some Electricity from the power sources in the room* You might want to call for a Medic and i do mean right now. Because i promise you… One shot of Electrical charge at the chest is said to be enough to stop the heart. If the Voltage is high enough. Higher than that… The heart will be paused and it’d stop. The heart would stop beating and if it doesn’t beat after a few seconds… the person is liable to die. I don’t think you want to die. You’d want to live… If that is the case… Step away from Leslie. Otherwise… Nice knowing you.

Feldstein: Who the shit are you, Freak?

Leslie: She’s not a freak. She’s my best friend. My girlfriend. Blossom. Electrogal!

Feldstein: She’s one of the fighters and She’s your friend… *Licking his lips and salivating over having the chance of popping both girls off* This is even better. Two shit for brains know nothing kids for the sole price of one. *Drawing his gun* … *To Leslie* Stay right here, you young bitch… I’ll handle your white bred friend with the electric light show then i’ll come back  Finish you off. You’re a dead Kid. I don’t care what your connections are.

Leslie: *Scared* … *Shaken* … don’t hurry.

Leslie Played a good game… She made like she was scared. But she in truth… was nowhere near scared. She wasn’t the least bit scared at all… Feldstein didn’t know that Leslie was planning something. All he knew was that he was having way with her. He had finally got to her and was gonna kill… or do her in. That’s what he sought out to do… However, there was a secret surprise in store for him and Leslie was just biding her time. Biding her time and waiting for the perfect chance to act.

He got to his feet and stood up facing Blossom before walking over with his gun drawn. He had the intent on shooting at her and wounding her. Blossom however saw him coming at her and was about to freak when suddenly… She started glowing and shone brightly. She was glowing as bright as a light bright and even brighter than that. Blossom felt her elemental power surge with strength as she was getting stronger.

It wasn’t long before the room started glowing brighter and brighter at first… Then suddenly it went back to normal and then formed out of nowhere… 

Spirit of Metropolis (Hawk): *Appearing and taking form* …

Blossom: *Looking at the spirit* What do you want?

Spirit of Metropolis (Hawk): *Speaking* Fighter of the New Generation… Electrogal, You are losing yourself into the world of the Mob. Just as lost as the girl who has dwelled in their world. The girl is Leslie T. Burke. Rita the Hammer… She is one with the Mob. But her involvement now is torn. The mob world is sensing the doubt of her loyalty to them…

Blossom: How is it that you know? Not that you don’t know… But if that is true… What can i do to help her? I too am in the Mob. As she is. She’s with Dorian. As am I… Plus Sora and Carly. Soon… Zoey. How can i save her from the Mob on my own? I’m only one person… Plus… The others won’t want to help. To them… She’s guilty.

Spirit of Metropolis: This is a battle that you must face and overcome on your own. No matter how hard it may be. The Innocent girl is trapped within their world. In order to save her… You must become what she turned into. To return her to the girl she once was… You must become who she has turned into…Before the innocence that once was in Leslie… Is forever lost. Fighter of the New Generation… Chosen warrior of the powers that be… That girl’s fate… lies in your hands.

Leslie: *A little raspy from being pinned* Oh… So not only are you joining me in the Mob… You’re on top of being like my girlfriend… Best friend… But also are my secret hero? Great… Blossom, My secret hero. Girlfriend and best friend.

The Spirit vanishes away…

Leslie: Blossom, Take care of this mess here… Then once you and I are alone. We need to talk. *Still unable to get loose; Playing an act* Ugh!

Blossom: *Emitting Lightning and Electricity* Electricity and lightning gather your power… static remnants build up and mold strong. Gather light and energy. Power come to me and flare up brighter still. Lightning’s spark of energy and Electricity’s flow of life. Ball up strength and build strong. *Forming balls of Light and Electricity*… *Launching her overdrive* ELECTRICAL BALLS OF LIGHT!

Blossom fired the attack at the Mob who was in the room and shocked them all numb. Zion walked over to the Mobster and took him out.

Zion: I shall go now. No worry. I will dispose of Mob man and make him into pretzel.

Blossom: Thanks Zion. Thanks for the help… You take care of yourself.

A few minutes later…

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom and curious* What was that back there?

Blossom: What do you mean?

Leslie: You know what i mean… That mysterious spirit that appeared in the room and spoke to you. It spoke like it knew you. Not only that… Knew about… Me.

Blossom: Leslie, There are certain things that i can not let out. However… I will let them out anyway because it’s something you might benefit in knowing. You already know the fact that i am a fighter. Right?

Leslie: That is something we already covered up. I know about that. Although i had to put the guilt trip on you in order to know of it.

Blossom: I know. There’s more. *Explaining* I am the next Generation of what my father used to be. He before me… was a member of the 4 enforcers of Justice. The Rhapsody Brothers. However… They’re all retired. The ones who are in the act of fighting and dealing with the hero business… are the offspring. My Cousins Paul and Crystal. The first son and daughter to my Uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice. My Uncle Alvin… the same one who had an affair with another woman and cheated on his wife who is Alice… Used to be know as the Captain of the brothers. Flaming Soul. There was also my Uncle Arnold. The same one you were a special guest to last night. He’s the DJ. But back then… He used to be the hero Water Lord. My Uncle Avery… The one you didn’t meet yet… He’s a secret Agent for the British Intelligence. A Double 00. He back then in the past… Was the hero… Plasma-Core. The power of Plasma. He was the one who’d stake out locations and give Intel on what he found. When it was needed for what the fighters had going on and to help them gain some insight on what was taking place.

Leslie: Okay… So You’re… You’re like what… The next generation or the future Electric hero. One of which your father once was but is now no longer?

Blossom: Yeah. *Nods* I am that. Remember that i told you that Zoey used to be a Sailor?

Leslie: Of course. How could i ever forget?

Blossom: Her powers… They were not always her.

Leslie: They weren’t? Whose were they then?

Blossom: The powers were once long ago… belonging to the woman who is now as far as i am concerned… An Ex-Aunt. Someone who has left the whole entire clan. Luna/Rina Frost. She was once the senshi… Sailor Luna. (That’s a name which hasn’t been spoken of or mentioned in such a long time) Sora and Carly… They’re with Esp. You know that. But that is from their mother’s side. The part where they have the elemental powers. It was from someone we know that practiced the arts of black magic.

Leslie: And i guess that the story’s liable to be the same with your cousins… the ones that the city talks about. The Thunderic, Aquatic and Romancers Z! Right?

Blossom: Pretty much. Their powers are the New generation of the ones that had done the fighting before them.

Leslie: Oh… Is everyone in your family a fighter… or are there just certain ones?

Blossom: Just certain ones… I mean… are you kidding, Leslie? If all my cousins were fighters. There would be a near impossibility of there being any possible control as there would be no control. my parents would not know how to contain. Plus my cousins… The ones who don’t have the powers… They’d be overwhelmed. My Aunts could never keep track of there being more than a couple with powers and none being normal. My Aunts would go nuts.

Leslie: *Laughs* You serious? A family that have powers… They could just about do anything. The city would just kiss the ground they walked on.

Blossom: That’d make them egotistical. That’s not the code of heroics that my family follows. We do what is right. No matter what the cost may be. Or how hard it seems.

Leslie: I know… But… just the idea of it all… That’s better than being a Mobster. Or a gangster girl. More better than that.

Blossom: Good point. Really. However… first thing is first. That spirit said that i had to help you. Becoming the person you’ve turned into with the Mob. To get you to return to being the person that you were before you joined the Mob. So… if anything were to happen to you… I would fail. I’d protect and stand up for you no matter what. It would not change because of some heroic foreplay. or objective. Friends are there for one another. no matter what. If it means that i got to turn on my other cousins… be all with the Mob to save you and turn you back to being the person you were before the Mob. So be it. I’ll do it. I won’t consider anything other.

Leslie: *Smiles* Thanks. But you really don’t have to. Really. I wouldn’t want you to ruin your life… all for me. That’d be just really unfair to you.

Blossom: Maybe. But i wouldn’t worry. I really wouldn’t.”

Angelic Bubble: That’s what happened?

Romancers Z!: *Gasp*

Aquatic Force Z!: *Gasp*

Leslie: Now do you believe why Blossom is making the choices she’s making? This isn’t easy on her. She’s having to work this on her own. In the same process… she has to likely turn on you guys… In order for it to work. This is hurting her more than you know and you are all antagonizing her. pressuring her and stressing her out. She told me all about how dedicated and amazing you all are. I believe it and i feel that way too. But time for some hard fact… this ordering her around… controlling her and telling her how to live and stay away from me… the one she’s trying to save and thereby risking everything she has… That’s gonna make her really go all in on turning on you guys and being fully against you. Her family. It’s gonna make her revere you. Which will without a doubt hurt her more than you’ll ever realize.

Dancing Heartthrob: How do you know this?

Leslie: It’s because… I left my family and i know how painful it is to be one to make a hard choice. One that should not be made. One that no teen should ever have to be put in the position to make. I want to be a hero someday. A fighter of somekind. However… until i am fully and officially out of the Mob and have repaid all debts i wound myself up with… I will never be able to become a fighter or a plausible hero. I made this mess of mine… It’s up to me to fix it. Blossom’s doing what she’s doing to save me. To pull me out from the Mob. This isn’t easy for her and i agree. This is taking a huge toll on her.

With that being said… They all had to come with the terms that… even though they didn’t like the situation at all… They had to stand aside on trying to pull Blossom away from Leslie. The fighters also had to re-evaluate how they saw and what they felt about Leslie. It was then that a bunch of the fighters had started to like Leslie. Even respect her. There was not much that they could do about Blossom. After hearing about the assignment that was set upon Blossom… they could feel nothing but the pain of not being liable to help. There was more to come… The Mask had also busted out from the Park and was in the brink of believing himself to be safe and in the clear. Although there was gonna be a unfortunate snag that not even the fighters could do away with. What was gonna happen upon their struggle against the Mob and setting things right? Would they be caught between the Mask, The Mob and the Law? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Stanley/The Mask: *Voice-over;Singing a dance #* “They call me Cuban Pete. I’m the king of the rumba beat. When I play the maracas I go chick-chicky-boom, chick-chicky boom Yessir, I’m Cuban Pete. I’m the craze of my native street. When I start to dance, everything goes chick-chicky-boom, chick-chicky boom The senoritas they sing and they swing with terampero- It’s very nice, so full of spice. And when they dance in they bring a happy ring that era keros- Singin’ a song, all the day long. So if you like the beat, take a lesson from Cuban Pete And I’ll teach you to chick-chicky-boom, chick-chicky-boom. Ole’! On the Next adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s the beat of Cuban pete as i put the spell on the cops so they are distracted. It grabs the attention of the zesty fighters and some of them start dancing to the beat. Uh-oh! I think that i got them Hypnotized. However… the # don’t last as the Law hound Lt. Kellaway comes and snaps the cops out from my spell… Buzzkill. I Flee into the night and it’s a chase… or is it? Plus a little more light on the Mob girl leading on to fully leave the Mob. Gradually. I don’t think that Dorian is gonna be tickled about that. People walking from him… Looks like Dorian will be feeling oh so sad. Poor thing. which is later… But it’s the Dance # and the chase into the night. All on the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 222: “The Mask makes a scene & Flees into the night.”


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