Chapter 220: Blossom Intervention and Leslie Banned by Curtis: “Stay away from My Daughter!”

Monday afternoon…

Oct. 22nd, 2045…

Metropolis High School…

Sapphire: Okay. So we know what we’re to do about young Blossom… Right?

Spencer: We do. This Mob act she’s in… It’s got to stop. She knows how we are about anyone of us just Joining the Mob. We have rules and conditions.

Rikku: Yeah… What does she expect to get from the Mob life anyway? She knows that once you’re in the Mob… You lots of times come to find that you can’t leave.

Clint: Blossom’s a good kid… But she’s making a heavy mistake. A really bad mistake.

Kiyoko: Do we really have to expose Blossom’s secret to her father? This could make Blossom lose all trust in us. She could wind up not being able to have any respect for you guys anymore.

Susie: Kiyoko, We all know that. We are well aware of this… But at this point none of us care. Blossom’s been involved with the Mob… We have to break her. It’s for her own good. Her dad is not in the knowledge of what Blossom is really doing. We have to tell him. No matter what it might do.

Serena: *Sighs* Okay… So who’s gonna lead the Lynch mob against our cousin’s secret life?

Carly Black: It’s probably best that You and your sisters tell her father, Serena. You guys need to man this fort and get her father aware. Get him to take drastic measures. He needs to know… No matter how hard it might seem.

Sapphire: Let’s go.

It was then that the group of fighters and the friends that happened to be there with them at that moment made way over to where Curtis and Megan’s house was. They had to swallow their pride hard and swallow that achy slab of heartfelt pain and let out the truth. What they didn’t know was that the job wasn’t gonna be so easy. Curtis was too into thinking that Blossom was the same sweet princess in his eyes. Opinionated but sparky and always giving her side to things. Never backing down. What ever the cost though… they had to do what was right… for all those who were involved and do right by Blossom. Shattering her secret life and make a means to pull her from the Mob in any way that they knew how to do… Even if that first step was by exposing the secret to her father and mother. It was what had to be done…

At The Metropolis Fairgrounds…

Blossom: Leslie, What will we do about Sophie? She’s siding with Holly and both she and Sophie don’t like you.

Leslie: That’s too bad on them then… I actually like them. I don’t know why they can’t just accept me. I am not a bad person. Just misguided a bit.

Blossom: Misguided as in the words of Kimahri Ronso? Maybe you are… Maybe you’re not… You’re still you.

Leslie: …

Blossom: And just think… You and i didn’t have to have any lights. I think that if we keep on the positive… We’ll be okay.

Leslie: I still have my pack with me… However i plan to quit the crutch soon. It’s getting to be a real pain in the back side.

Blossom: Same here… But for now… All we got is the life we have. Plus we also have the part where we have Sora and Carly. They’re with us.

Leslie: *Walking with Blossom* Yeah. But couldn’t you tell that they were suffering greatly over what was going on with their parents?

Blossom: I noticed… I just noticed that they were suffering and i myself feel bad for them. If only we knew how to help them.

Leslie: I know. But Divorce is something you can’t fix. No matter who is having it and who’s involved. You can only try to be there for the ones who are suffering and lend out the fact that you’re there for them. It’s all that you can do. There’s nothing more that you really do.

Blossom: *Nods*…

Leslie: *Looking to the side and seeing a music store* Hmm… You know what? Maybe some lifting tunes would help…

Blossom: Like what? *Looking at the store* Oh… okay.

Leslie: Plus… to return favor for what you done for me… I’m gonna get you some CD’s. Anything you would like.

Blossom: I can’t put you up for that… My getting you that Laptop was something to cheer you up and from the heart.

Leslie: I know… But this is something to show a sign of friendship. We’re already best friends, right?

Blossom: That’s right.

Leslie: Plus… We’re also getting closer and closer to being definite girlfriend/girlfriend material. Not like as if that thing which young adults do when they have a rush of you know… That’s sick. But we’re just like so connected. Spiritually and mentally. Emotionally and Socially.

Blossom: We happen to get each other.

Leslie: Alot.

At the Metropolis Supermarket…

Dinah: *Getting some groceries for the house* Janie, Alex, Charlene… What’s this i hear about your confronting your cousin Blossom and her friend Leslie?

Janie: Mom, It isn’t like we were confronting her friend. It is just the fact that Leslie Burke is a Mob girl. She’s got Blossom to be a part of the Mob. As well as get Sora and Carly to join. They chose to Join but are using Leslie as their magnetic North.

Alex: Do you really think that we were gonna just stand aside and not stand up to her over that? We are High school… Blossom, Sora and Carly are Middle school. Just as well as Leslie Burke. But we made a stand against them…

Dinah: How were you to do that if while still in school… and they still being in a different school?

Alex: We saw them during break. They were clearly taking off from school during break and going somewhere. Blossom was also smoking too.

Janie: We saw it. Mom, Blossom was smoking.

Alex: Something has to be done about that. Blossom is ruining her health doing that.

Dinah: I get the point. I understand… But starting a fight while in school… is not the way. Blossom’s making her own choices.

Charlene: Yeah… the wrong ones. Mom, She’s in the Mob. So is that girl Leslie. Leslie’s not so bad… But the whole idea of knowing that Blossom’s in the Mob just like Sora and Carly… It’s terrible. What’s worse is that from what we hear… from Zoey Creek… Zoey… our Cousin, Your Niece who is the Daughter to Zeke… She’s also thinking of joining the Mob herself. There’s not much that any of us can do… We can’t stop it. Zoey is still in pain of the reality that her mother Luna… who is now Rina Frost… Abandoned her family. Abandoned her whole family. Left the entire clan and is fighting for a ton of control of Uncle Zeke’s Pub.

Alex: That’s right. That woman’s not liable to stop. Her stripe is malicious and vengeful. To say the least.

Dinah: You girls need to calm down… The Divorce of Luna/Rina Frost and Zeke only happened last week. It’s be a long while before anything starts to occur.

Janie: Things already have begun. Charlie… Uncle Zeke’s Son came to us today and told us that Uncle Zeke was being contested with the control of the Pub of his. How much that the woman is demanding and bent on getting no matter what. That woman is sounding to be a nightmare. Why would Charlie lie? He’s at his house and happens to overhear his father talk about it.

Dinah: With who?

Alex: Probably with some of the usual. Who would Uncle Zeke usually speak with concerning those matters? The only ones that we can think of are the German guy… Heinz… What ever his last name is. And or that bulky looking guy Gabe.

Dinah: *Intrigued* Hmm… You girls seem to hear and pick up a whole bunch of Juicy gossip. Nothing can get past your sight.

Janie: It’s because we learned to pay attention to things around us.

Charlene: Anything that revolves the family… no matter what it is… We pay attention to.

Dinah: Which also includes… Anything that revolves the Girl Leslie. Right?

Janie: Right. Because as long as Blossom’s involved with Leslie T. Burke… We’re gonna do whatever we can to be sure that she’s not a danger to Blossom or any of us.

Dinah: *Chuckles* Okay… okay. You girls got me. You got me. Let’s get the shopping done so we can get home and i can russle up some dinner for you kids. I have a party to go to tonight at the University. It’s a business like party… Dealing with a bunch of the coaches and sports directors that are there too…

A second later…

Dinah: Janie, go and get 3 gallons of Milk. 1 gallon of Chocolate Milk. Alex, go and get some lunch meat… Cheese and Mayonnaise. 2 jars of it. Charlene, Go and grab 6 boxes of Cereal. 1 cheerios, 1 Golden grahams, 1 Rice Krispies, 1 Corn Flakes, 1 Coco puffs and 1 Honey nut Cheerios. and if you see them… Honey bunches of oats. Maybe a box of Cinnamon toast crunch and Reese’s Puffs too. I’m gonna get the Iced Tea and Coffee. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Bread and work on over to the meat and some Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Maybe Rootbeer or Vanilla Coke. for the house. Okay?

Janie: Okay.

Alex: We got a lot of stuff to buy here… We’re gonna be here a while…


More on the development of the reunification between Mother, Father and Daughter was unfolding…

At the travel Agency…

Rin: *Getting a call on the phone at the desk*

Terry: *Calling over* Rin, Your phone is ringing… Line 3.

Rin: Getting it now, Sir. *Answering the Phone* Greetings. Metropolis Travel Agency…Rin Speaking.

Carl: *Over the phone* Yes… This is Carl Burke. I’m calling from West Virginia. at the Wingate by Wyndam Vienna in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Rin: Ah… And how might i be of service to you, Mr. Burke?

Carl: I need a list of good hotels to check in at within the city Limits of Metropolis.

Rin: Of course. Where are you coming from?

Carl: All the way from Brooklyn New York. My Wife and I are moving from Brooklyn and gonna be starting a new in Metropolis. Our daughter… Leslie Burke is already in Metropolis.

Rin: You wouldn’t be talking about the one in the city who goes around the city claiming to be Rita the Hammer, Would you?

Carl: Who? The name doesn’t ring a bell. I only know about my daughter Leslie.

Rin: I see… E ys cunno du pnayg drec du oui. (I am sorry to break this to you.) But Leslie Burke is Rita the Hammer. The gangster gal of Metropolis.

Carl: That’s absolutely preposterous. If it’s true… i want to hear it from her lips. I know my daughter. If there is anything about that… I want to know from her. The Source.

Rin: As you wish. *Giving the list of Hotels* We also have a top 4 star Inn/Hotel. The Metropolis Hotel. It’s owned and founded by a Renee Locksley. She’s said to be friends with a fellow known fighter now retired and In the throws of Motherhood. The Hotel rooms are $200 a night. But the service is reviewed as something second to none. You will have to call direct to book reservations.

Carl: Is there a # to call?

Rin: There is. *Giving the # to the Metropolis Hotel*

A second later…

Rin: When will you and your wife be arriving in Metropolis?

Carl: We’re gonna be arriving at Metropolis in 8 days. As it is… My Wife and I have much business to tend to and much to accomplish.

Rin: I see. Well… I wish to you and your spouse safe journey here to Metropolis.

Carl: Thank you.

A few minutes later as soon as the call was done…

Rin: Something very ominous is nearing. The parents to the Gangster girl are coming to Metropolis… Are they like her or are they normal and unaware of their daughter being one with the Mob?

Terence: It’s hard to tell. But if you’re referring to the girl that was on the Radio… I ought to tell you that she’s been seen doing hits. At least till recently. It’s been seen a little less and less.

Rin: Hmm…

At the Metropolis Hotel…

Owner’s Office…

Renee: *Going over the Payroll and Budget* Hmm… The people in Room #351 have not checked out yet. They were only supposed to be there for a week. It’s been 2 and a half. I’ll have to get one of the Concierges to knock on the door and see what’s up.



Renee: *Answering the Phone* Hello… Metropolis Grand Hotel… Mrs. Locksley Speaking.

Carl: *Over the Phone* Yes… Mrs. Locksley. I am calling about making a month Reservation for room at the Hotel there.

Renee: A Month’s reservation… Can i ask as to what for?

Carl: It’s for my Wife and I. Our Daughter is there in Metropolis.

Renee: Is she now?! *Curious* Who is she?

Carl: Leslie Burke.

Renee: The Girl who’s a part of the Mob… She’s your daughter? How old is she?

Carl: 13.

Renee: She’s been staying at our hotel here for the last 2 Months almost. She was checked in for one of the rooms and it was under the name of someone named Dorian. Dorian Tyrell. He got her checked in and she’s been staying at our hotel since. She’s been a rather model Patron as she’s never raised a problem or anything. She would come and go to her room and relax.

Carl: I would like to call for a reservation…

Renee: Sure… for how long? Starting when?

However something was gonna stir… It was aimed at Blossom… and Leslie.

At Curtis and Megan’s house…

Living room…

Sapphire: Uncle Curtis, You haven’t noticed anything wrong in Blossom… Have you?

Curtis: No. *Sighs* I have not really noticed anything. It’s not as if i didn’t suspect there being a change in her… However, I happened to think it was just her maturing a little bit.

Susie: She’s maturing wrongly. She’s been seen doing and performing things.

Curtis: What are you trying to say… That Blossom’s gone rogue and is acting out in the worst way?

Spencer: Yes… That’s what we’re trying to tell you. Uncle Curtis, Blossom’s been seen with this new girl Leslie, Smoking.

Clint: We saw her at the Coco Bongo Night Club with Dorian Tyrell’s men and Leslie.

Carly Black: I was there as well with the girls… I was there and i managed to catch sight of something sticking out of Blossom’s pocket. We saw Blossom running off with the girl known as Leslie. But as she ran… there was something sticking out just a hair from her right side pocket. It had the word Marlboro. It was red and white. Blossom might have just had that as an illusion. But i don’t think it was an illusion. I stepped out just to keep a look out for any unwanted trouble seeking on creeping along. It was when i saw two girls. The same ones that were in the club. The Night Club. Leslie and sad revelation… Blossom. Blossom had a pack of cigarettes in her hand and pulled out a stick, placed it on her lips and lit up. Smoking. She didn’t see me. Neither did the girl. but Blossom was doing it.

Curtis: *Not understanding* Wait. You mean that Blossom… My Princess. She’s smoking?!

Susie: That’s what she’s doing.

Rikku: Ed’c dra dnidr. [Blossom] ec ihtan dra ryped. Cra’c paah fedr y ryped vun cusa desa. (It’s the truth. Blossom is under the habit. She’s been with a habit for some time.)

Raven: Plus has been seen going on Mob hits with the Mob girl Leslie. She’s been hanging with Leslie alot and leaves Zoey all alone. She Abandoned Zoey.

Spencer: There has been rumors of Blossom robbing stores. Going under the Alias: “Silvia the Bookie”.

Curtis: *Chuckles a little* You’ve got to be joking me here, Kids. Blossom?! A Mob girl and posing as this… Silvia the Bookie? This must be a script that you’re reading and rehearsed it so you could pop out a private viewing.

Kiyoko: It’s the truth.

Sapphire: Uncle Curtis… This is hard on us already as we’re having to tell you about it which is likely gonna crush Blossom’s faith in us or her trust.

Curtis: Okay… I hear all this about Leslie… How she is so bad. How is it that you are all trying to tag her as the bad seed?

Spencer: That’s because… She is. She’s bad. Leslie is Rita the Hammer. She’s working under Dorian Tyrell and the Mob. She made a deal with Niko’s gang to use Blossom somehow to help her bring us fighters down to our knees. Putting us in traction.

Kiyoko: How did you find that out?

Serena: It’s called the cowgirl member of Sapphire’s gang. Erica Harper… She went out and got the Intel and relayed it to us.

Curtis: *Cutting in* Wait. Just wait a minute… This girl… Leslie Burke… She’s 13. From New York City. Brooklyn area. She’s Emancipated from her parents… Is this the same one doing the things you believe is being done?

Serena: We are sure. We’re positive.

Sapphire: *Secretly Texting Erica Harper*…

Carly Black: We’ve all witnessed bits and pieces of everything that has gone on. There’s no mistake about what was just let out… Blossom’s In the Mob. She’s Smoking and is reported to have initiated Mob Hits.

Curtis: *Walking over to the side and sighs* … *Stopping to face the group* It’s not as though i don’t believe you guys on this. It’s just rather hard to believe. I really can’t picture Blossom as someone who’d do such things. You are trying to goose me with the idea that this girl… Leslie… being the same girl who… was told to be in danger of the Mob. But on the side of that… she was far enough in that she is unable to break from it. Plus… to get far in the Mob which this girl is involved in obviously… She had to use the fighters meaning you guys and Blossom as a bargaining chip. To convince the Mob of her loyalty. She had to make a pass with this guy… Niko Can. And his Mob squad. Even though Blossom managed to have told me that Leslie’d already swore to her that she would not actually do it. But when the time came to pony up on her end of the deal… She’d have it only look as if the fighters… Meaning you guys and Blossom have all stepped down and retired. But then while the Mob happened to not be looking… You’d all come out and take the Mob out.

Raven: *Laughs* That’s the kind of deal Blossom’s friend Leslie’s made with the Mob? HA! As if. If she thinks that we’re bowing down to the Mob… She’s nuts. Princess Nut-case.

Curtis: *Not impressed* I don’t think that i favor in this. What i keep hearing from you guys is that this girl… Leslie. She’s Corrupt and continues serving the Mob. I get what you are all saying and all i can say is that… Whatever it is that she really is about… I don’t want to know. I want to just make my own mind on her. She is not as bad as you are stating. I myself never met this girl and i would think that if you girls had any self control… You’d use the minds that your parents gave you and stop passing Judgment till you’ve actually met the girl.

Clint: How can you trust in the girl. Blossom is doing Mob hits. Zoey… She’s said so.

Susie: She managed to call me last night and right out told me about it. Said that she actually saw both Leslie and Blossom…

Serena: Why would Zoey lie about what it was that she saw… Uncle Curtis? They were seen robbing a store. Then walking out… Smoking. They both were there. Zoey caught sight of them all.

Rikku: We’re not making this up.

Susie: Uncle Curtis, we don’t want to be like this… but if you don’t put a stop to Blossom’s friendship with that girl and see that it’s over… We will expose Leslie to the Law and see to it that she gets put in Juvey. This family does not… and will not condone the idea of anyone joining the Mob.

Curtis: This is a nightmare… *Stressed out and frustrated; in disarray* My own daughter… Blossom… In the Mob and robbing stores with a misguided girl. Smoking. I can’t believe this.

The truth was out… The secret was exposed and Blossom was gonna be cornered. Leslie was gonna get the brunt of a frontal verbal ultimatum. It was gonna be over for Leslie and Blossom and there was nothing that could stop it. Nothing. Susie Rhapsody was hellbent to see to it that the friendship between Leslie and Blossom came to an end. Out of all the fighters combined… Susie was the only one who was hard-nosed on what was condoned in the family. when if someone did or not join and become a part of the Mob or not was concerned or in question. Why were they all quick to Judge her. They didn’t know her… nor did they meet her. Not even once. None of them even bothered to have given Leslie that time of day. However… Now with the facts all out and told, Curtis had to now reflect on it and think hard. He tried to recall the changes he had seen in Blossom and when it had officially began. Up till current. It was gonna take a little time to sink in and once it did… He’d be furious… Time was without a doubt… against Blossom… and Leslie.

It was 5 hours later…

Blossom and Leslie were just walking over to Blossom’s home. It was a peaceful 5 hours and it’s been with no homework. Blossom and Leslie were thinking about what was gonna be in store with the mob and the police. They knew that the cops were all set to nail Ipkiss. What they didn’t know was how soon it would happen. When…

But the Mob was also after the Mask. After Ipkiss. As it happened to be, the other fighters were all sticking up for the Mask and were putting themselves all in the hot seat with the Law. The Law was not on their side. The Law was gonna see to it that the Mask went down. Kellaway was the type of person who took no sideline. No Jokes. He didn’t believe in shadow of doubts. Nothing. He believed in nothing. But the Law.

Blossom and Leslie were on the wrong side of the struggle and it was gonna face them hard. Blossom and Leslie barely made it to the front of Blossom’s house when the door opened and out came Blossom’s father. Curtis. He was pissed and livid. At Blossom. But directly at Leslie. It was that look of animosity and the expression: “Curse you, You troubling ruffian. You have lured my daughter to start getting into crime and darkness. You rotten no good vagrant.”

Curtis: Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody. Get your ass inside the house. Now! RIGHT NOW!

Blossom: What’s wrong? What happened?

Curtis: MARCH! *Pointing to the front door and ordering Blossom to get inside*

Blossom: I think that i’m in trouble.

Leslie: I wonder why. You didn’t do anything to him. You didn’t have anything to do with he’s probably tryin’ to accuse you of.

Blossom: I know. *Sighs* I Better go. I’ll see you later. Something tells me that my dad’s on a good one tonight. Not sure why though…

Leslie: I’ll see you later. Hopefully nothing goes wrong tonight.

Blossom: I agree. *Walking over to her house and heading inside*

Curtis: *Pointing to Leslie; Angrily* You! Leslie, You get the hell out of here.

Leslie: What did i do?

Curtis: You lured my daughter into the Mob.

Leslie: No. I didn’t. *Feeling offended* I didn’t Lure her. She choose to join the Mob. I didn’t tell her that she should or force her to. Blossom made that choice. She decided. I was all for having her think about her options a bit.

Curtis: Yeah… Right. I seen how she acted here. I also smelt smoke on her over the last couple days.

Leslie: She could have been just sweating.

Curtis: That’s bull. I know how my daughter is more than you do. I don’t know who the hell you really are. Whether you’re Rita the Hammer or Just Leslie. But this is all your fault.

Blossom: *Walking out suddenly* No it’s not, dad. It is not her fault. It’s my fault. I should have known better than to go with her. But i made the choice. I am her friend and she’s my friend.

Curtis: You should pick better friends, Blossom. She’s no friend of yours. She got you joining the Mob. You never would have done that if she wasn’t around.

Blossom: How do you know?

Curtis: Because i am your father. I know you. Or perhaps… thought that i did.

Leslie: This was all her choice.

Curtis: WHAT?!

Leslie: This was what she wanted.

Blossom: I wanted to join the Mob. It’s what i wanted. Plus. Leslie’s not only my friend. Best friend. She’s also my girlfriend.

Curtis: What?!

Blossom: It’s true.

Leslie: She and I Love each other. We however are keeping it all PG.

Curtis: You fantasized my daughter. Got her to mess her life up.

The truth was out on the closeness that was there between Blossom and Leslie…It was now known and Curtis was numb from learning of it. He became ill. The only thing that got him to not think more about it was the part that it was said to be all PG. However… Curtis had all the rights of parental law. All the rights as did Blossom’s mother. She was still at work. But… Curtis was home and he had to handle the issue. In whatever way. But he was beyond mad. Mainly at Leslie. He knew all there was about her. Heard the news broadcasts made over the Radio. The on air broadcast the other night was heard by everyone. Everyone everywhere and even the Law. No one saw a mystery in Leslie. The Law… As in Kellaway was gonna see to see it as a sob tale to get people to not condemn her for committing crimes. Mob hits. However… others were seeing it another way. They all were seeing it as something else. Curtis though didn’t think about that. He was not in any way thinking about what the on air broadcast disclosed. From everything he heard from people… The Eyewitnesses seeing Leslie doing wrong. It was all he needed to know… to know that Leslie was bad. Even if he didn’t think so. or if to him or anyone around him that Leslie was bad news. He had to protect his daughter. It was his foremost. His sworn right to do. That was when…

Curtis: *Casting a Ban on Leslie* She’s been doing mob hits and smoking. Which wasn’t till you came here and got to her. Filling her head with mythical notions of how the Mob is good. This is the last time you and she will see one another. Leslie Burke.  STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! GET OUT!

Blossom: Dad, No. She’s my friend.

Curtis: Not anymore. You are not to see her ever again. Blossom, from this day forward… You’re grounded. It is from school to home… Home to school. Unless it’s with us. *Looking at Leslie* If i see you around my daughter again… You will be in jail. I will call the cops on you. Beat it!

It was then that Blossom watched as her best friend Leslie walked away. With tears. The sadness was then set.  Blossom cried. She felt that her heart was breaking as she was pulled away from her best friend and saw as her father chased away the one friend that meant so much to her than anything other. She missed her friend Zoey. Saw her friend Zoey a few times and spent a bunch of time with her over the last week. But with all that had been going on over the last few days… She couldn’t bare to see Zoey. Zoey was smoking and Blossom knew that she was partially to blame for it. She knew that Leslie was taking a bit of the blame….

At the Burger Joint not but a few minutes or so away…  Sora and Carly were sitting and they were eating a burger. Plus were now smoking. But they were depressed about their mother most of all as their mother for the last couple days had been in bed and unwilling to get up. Sora was worried. So was Carly. They were both concerned and worried about what their mother was gonna become. It was sad and all they could do was sigh. The pain of what they stirred with their mother made them feel unsafe and scared as they never saw their mom as upset as she looked to them. Sora lit up and Looked at the sky wondering. There was nothing she could suggest. Carly lit up and felt as though she was about to cry. What got them to stop tearing up was the sight of their Uncle Avery. They didn’t think that he’d notice them from where he was standing and they didn’t want to invite trouble. Their father was driving by just then and saw Sora and Carly sitting there. He didn’t bother to look at them at first because he no matter what his now Ex-Wife said… held them accountable. But saw them undergoing a habit and felt ill. It was then that he pulled over and got out of his car and looked at them. Alvin immediately walked over to them and saw that they were under the influence of smoking. As soon as they saw him, Sora and Carly turned and got up. Grabbing their stuff and walked away. They didn’t want to even see him.

Sora: *Angry and broken* Get away from us, Player. Why don’t you go find another woman to be with and leave mom alone? You cheated on mom and really thought that she’d never know… She knew. And we caught on to it…

They blamed him for hurting their mother. All they could feel from even seeing him was hate and discontent. In their minds… “How could he hurt our mother? Where is the shame? Where does he get off cheating on our mom and then go around and make as if everything is still alright?”

Leslie walked around with a light lit and sighed. She was banned from her best friend and knew that there no one else to see other than Dorian. Dorian was preoccupied of course with the possible meet with the one that claimed to have seen the mask and arranged to make the trade and get the cash reward. Leslie thought about just leaving the city as she believed that with her best friend being taken from her; there was nothing happy going for her. She walked on her way over to the hotel. She couldn’t remember why she started to suddenly shed tears silently. All she could do was just sigh and puff in sadness. It was sad to her as she was just deprived of her best friend. All she could do about it was just endure the loss. She didn’t know that Blossom’s father was gonna be that mad and she didn’t comprehend as to why Blossom never told about how her father would sometimes get. Leslie walked on to the Hotel and just looked up; Down and upset. In her mind she couldn’t help but think: “Blossom’s father hates me. Believes that i harmed his daughter. Blossom’s my friend and he should know that. He should have known that i would protect and stand up for her all the time.” As she thought about it and had all these thoughts coming over her and soaring around her mind. She began feeling her heart pound and yet then break. Breaking as she then cried for Blossom. She couldn’t bring herself to wonder why she was crying for her friend. She was called out upon as the reason that Blossom started smoking. Doing as so for nearly a month. But she came to realize that it wasn’t her fault. Blossom choose to start the habit and she was being the one held for blame. That was when she knew it was now… No more playing it off. She was done being judged. All she got since coming to Metropolis was people judging her. telling her that she wasn’t good enough because she wasn’t a certain way. She was at the hotel by time she came to that realization.

Leslie: My parents were right… Everywhere i could go… would have it’s share of judging people. But this city’s been judging me ever since. *Angry* That’s it. I am done being nice about all this. People want to Judge me… Fine. If Blossom’s father wants to hold me responsible for what’s going on with Blossom… He better show me the proof. I’m gonna face him Right now! *Starting to head back to her best friend’s house*

Zoey was at her house. In her room and smoking. She didn’t really care about school as much as she used to anymore. She figured that why should she even bother. Her family was going to the crapper and since she had no actual family… She didn’t really care what happened. She didn’t get to see her other cousins as they were apparently too busy. However managed to reach one of them and expose what she knew of Blossom’s strange sudden drastic change. She Missed how things used to be. It was then that she was also sitting in her room crying and playing her guitar. She sang something from Taylor swift. Sad and hurt. She knew that she helped her cousin Susie blow the whistle on Blossom and got Blossom in trouble. She also knew that she did it to in the end save Blossom however all it did was hurt her and ruin things. Zoey was sitting there just thinking about running away. Never to return as she just couldn’t stick to the idea that her life where she was … Just blew. Her brother although was there for her and no matter how much he wanted to ease her pain and wished that he could… There was nothing he could do. It was hurting him as much as it was hurting her and he knew it. Zoey couldn’t stick to home and feel herself get more broken as all that she was seeing herself go through took her to a dark place in her mind that she couldn’t escape. She didn’t want to do anymore sobbing and heartache. She grabbed the phone and dialed for her friend Holly Reedy’s # and called her. She had to speak with her. On the Phone, Zoey got to her friend and asked if she and Holly could meet and just hang out. Holly was realizing that Zoey was unstable, emotionally. Knowing that everything was centered right on her heart and how she was feeling about Blossom. Zoey was feeling guilty for getting her Best friend/Cousin in trouble. Holly could tell that Zoey was feeling shitty. She didn’t know about the smoking and was gonna find out. She didn’t think that it’d matter because as she knew that Blossom, Sora and Carly all smoked not too long ago and seriously realized that Blossom recently started and done it for almost a couple weeks by that time… She was gonna be unprepared to see Zoey doing it too. She agreed to meet Zoey at the Nearby Burger Joint. Something about what Zoey was gonna let out… made Holly feel as though it was more than just dramatic; It was serious.

Blossom sat in her room crying and in agony. She couldn’t believe that her father was being so harsh as he was being to not only her… But to Leslie. She started to grow a sense of resentment and distrust to her father right then as the feelings of hurt brewed in her. She was with tears in her eyes and all she could do was look at her phone and pray to her heart that she would hear from her secret but slowly forming innocent lover Leslie again. Blossom realized that her father knew then about her smoking and grew then to not care. She had her bedroom door closed and refused to open it. Or unlock it. She suddenly grew to wanting nothing to do with her father. She cried in her arms alone out for her friend Leslie. Curtis was outside the room and in the hall. Overhearing the sobs that were coming from his daughter and couldn’t help but feel terrible and hurt himself for having to do what he done. However… he was tired of standing down and allowing for Blossom to get herself hurt by the girl Leslie. Which is clearly how he saw it. He felt bad for taking away his daughter’s best friend. One that was outside of the family and he also felt terrible for yelling at the girl Leslie. He just didn’t know what he should have done to rectify the mess that his young sparky daughter was involved in. The Mob. A habit. All due to a misguided girl. He didn’t hate the girl. But he didn’t know how to regard her. He was in fear of his daughter and as much as his daughter Blossom couldn’t consider that… It was just how her father saw it. Her father was scared for her. Paranoid maybe… but most definitely scared. Plus now learning that Blossom was in love with Leslie… Curtis was startled. He had no idea as to how he could react to that.

It was punishment for Blossom in the direct sense and it hurt her. She was gonna rebel over it. Curtis could only feel and sense it coming and he knew that there was nothing that he could do to prevent what was. He listened to Blossom’s sobbing and grew with a heavy heart. The heart was heavy and with sadness. He knew that he had hurt his daughter’s heart and knew that he would not be forgiven. However there was more on the Mob to follow. More on Ipkiss and what the fighters were gonna do. As it turned out… Ipkiss was in the sights of the cops and the law. There was no denying it. He was in the line of sight of Kellaway and it was courtesy of the Mask. The Mask was the sole cause. It wasn’t going down yet. But it was gonna happen before the night was out. Were the fighters gonna be able to defuse the dramatics? Would it be done in time? Would Blossom turn on all of them and start going in for being all in… hard with the Mob and have herself be placed in danger? What about Zoey? Was she gonna be able to achieve a stable train of mind? Would her habit harm the friendship between her and Holly? What was going on at Metropolis City Park? Was there gonna be a dance # in store for the cops? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Blossom is gonna go all in on the Mob now and rebel… The fighters are gonna be in a bind as they won’t be able to do much without hurting Blossom in the same process. As the struggle goes on… There will be more than just a little pain in the fold. Blossom’s new life lights up with Leslie. Or is there gonna be more developments of Leslie and Blossom Pulling from the Mob as time passed and be free again? Sora and Carly become Mobster gals too… Full time. Or do they? With the fact that their mother is sinking further and further down a depression slump. Plus a dance # Possibly done by the Mask… By Ipkiss… A struggle is in store and Imminent. The fighters are in for a shaky situation in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 221: “Blossom Rebellion…The Verdict deciding the survival of a ten year Friendship revealed… Night time stand-off at Landfill/Metropolis Park.”


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