Chapter 219: Susie Rhapsody Blows the whistle on Blossom…

(Is there gonna be trouble on Blossom’s behalf?)

Nov. 20th 1944…

Brooklyn, New York…

The Emancipation Proclamation- “President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation can claim equal symbolic importance for modern America as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. Although the Civil War had erupted in 1861 over the question of slave-holding in the new western states, many in the north, including Lincoln, did not intend to abolish slavery for fear of making other states secede.”

It was also said that Emancipation was stated for the end of Slavery… The slavery being stopped was a central aim for the Civil war. However because alot of whites back then depended on the blacks to be their slaves… It didn’t sit finely with them.

Following the Battle of Antietam (September 1862), Lincoln published the Preliminary Emancipation Declaration, announcing the intention to declare slaves free within 100 days. Lincoln signed the final Declaration on 1 January 1863, declaring that all enslaved persons in the seceded states would be freed, making the ending of slavery the central war aim of the Union during the American Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on the 15th of April in 1865. On April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor and Confederate sympathizer, fatally shot President Abraham Lincoln at a play at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. The attack came only five days after Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his massive army at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, effectively ending the American Civil War. It was an attempt to save the confederacy. Booth saw to do just that… After firing a shot into the back of Lincoln’s head… He leaped on to the side of the stage and shouted loud and clear: “Sic Semper tyrannis!” “Thus ever to tyrants!”–the Virginia state motto.

Emancipation from Slavery was the biggest thing back in those times. But…

in 2044… The times were way different. This was emancipation from family. Leslie was having to face Emancipation from her parents. Her parents were in mutual agreement on it as they were at a crossroads.

Burke Household…

Living room…

Leslie: Dad, You can’t be serious? You really want to give in to those Aristocratic people?

Carl: Leslie, You’re our daughter. We endured enough pain. We can take alot of it if we must. But we will not stand to see you getting verbally bashed by the same people who are coming at us. We admire what you’ve done to stick up for us. You have no clear idea as to how grateful we are. But this has to stop.

Leslie: No. You’re my family. My mother and father. i don’t care what they try to do. Shake us if they wish… We are not backing down.

Elizabeth: Leslie, Sweetie… Please. Just get the papers so we can do this. You’re Emancipating from us… It’s the only way to save you. We don’t want you to leave us. We’d want you to stay. However… The prerogative measure of a parent is to protect their young. At any cost. You’re our baby… We seen them kids hounding you and hounding you. Trying to get at us. It’s worked. You’ve been getting in some violent fights trying to stick up for us. You done more than what you should.

Leslie: *Scoffs* I don’t believe this… You two are caving in to those jerks. This is what they are wanting. They want us to be broken up. Doing this… It’s playing into their hand. Doing exactly what they are siring for us to do. By going with this Emancipation… We’re throwing up the white flag of surrender…

From outside…

“We know that you’re still here, you little bitch. You’re sticking up for your parents. You parents are weak and refuse to rub their wealth in the faces of the lower class. We thought that you’d have some smarts and see things our way. But since you want to be weak… Just like your parents… We’re taking you down along with them.”


Leslie: *Annoyed* Typical. Those jerks just never stop… do they?

Carl: It’s all they know, Leslie.

Leslie: Yeah… Well enough’s enough. *Irate and storming out to the front door* We Burke’s have pride. Dignity and Influence. Those brainless idiots want to play? They’re about to get a chance at it.

Moments later…

Leslie battered and bruised for the last time over standing up for her parents and her family.
Leslie battered and bruised for the last time over standing up for her parents and her family.

Leslie: *With tears rolling down her face* Okay. You win. Mom, dad… We’re in this together. I know that you two are unable to leave from here. There is nowhere else for you to go. Not at the moment. But Emancipate me. Save me from this… You two will still be my mom and dad. Even if the Law manages to think otherwise.

As soon as Leslie was cleaned up a bit and the marks were healed up a little bit…

Carl: You managed to get a bit of shots in to them as we saw through the monitors here. You did good. We are proud of you… More than you’ll ever know. However, this is it. In the next day or two… There will be a Bus-line ticket set for somewhere in Kansas or a state beyond. It’s gonna be to ensure that you are on the way to safety. You need to be safe from here. Laws will state here that you won’t be a Burke anymore. But in our book… You will always be a Burke. Our child. Nothing will change that. Nothing.

Leslie: I hate those aristocratic people. They caused for this to happen. Mom, Dad… Take whatever measures you need to make it here. I don’t want to leave knowing that you two will be struggling. *With tears in her eyes* I’m gonna miss you guys. For the rest of my life.

Elizabeth: We know, sweetie. We know. *Hugging her daughter* We’re gonna miss you too. Everyday.

Nov. 23rd, 2044…

It was the day that Leslie finally was gonna embark on her way to a new place. A state further into the country. Kansas… She had her bags packed. and her lively possessions. The things that she wanted to keep with her as it held something to her. She also saw to take with her… Her Inheritance. What she was able to have given that she was still under age…

She was at the New York Bus Station with her parents as she was saying her last goodbyes???

(Spoiler Alert: Don’t pay attention to the spoiler. What happens sometime in the future past that moment. Draw out your own Conclusions. They reunite back together… In the Future.)

Carl: *Nods* You sure that you have everything that you’ll need?

Leslie: I’m sure, dad. I just wish that this wasn’t the way it had to be.

Carl: I know. I wish there to be another way to go about this whole thing. I know that we’re doing the right thing in saving you. Giving you a chance at being safe. A chance at survival from all this. But this is certainly not the way.

Elizabeth: Most certainly not. There is always the option of all of us going to Metropolis… Right now. But… This is sadly a trip that only you can go on right now.

Leslie: I know. *Seeing the Bus pull in* It’s time. *Sighs* Here goes.

Carl: *Pulling out some side money* Wait. You’re gonna need some currency on hand for the trip. It’s gonna be a few days or so before you reach the state of Kansas. You are gonna be getting thirsty and hungry on the way.

Elizabeth: Carl, dear… she’s got her inheritance for that.

Carl: I know… But this is for her trip. It isn’t right to depend on the Inheritance just solely on food and fluids. There are greater things to spend it on than just food. There’s shelter and some furniture to accommodate her comfort. If she’s to be on her own… these things are gonna be important. She can’t solely have food and beverage and not have a place of safety. Warmth. Protection. Those things mean a great deal for someone. Anyone. Survival. It’s key.

Leslie: *Hugging her parents for one final time* I’ll miss you.

That was then when suddenly… In a heartfelt and emotional gesture, they got into a hug and cried as they knew that the moment was possibly gonna be their final moment seeing one another again.


“Bus 423 en route to Metropolis Kansas…Is now boarding.”

But it was then that Leslie’s bags were set into the cargo hold of the bus…

Bus Driver: *Over to Leslie* You’re gonna have to get onboard, young lady. We’re about to depart from the station in a moment. if we don’t start off soon… we’ll be behind schedule,

Carl: She knows.

Leslie: *Nods; With tears in her eyes*

All that they could do was well up with tears as the moment was there… With just a final hug and farewell… Carl and Elizabeth let go and watched as their only daughter walked over to the bus and got on. They couldn’t go back on what they’ve done so far. It was their darkest hour on the heart… But in that one moment… knew it being the only way. The only option that they had. The Torment and the ridicule. The taunts and verbal assaults were ongoing. They weren’t about to stop. It was unknown to them that there was an aristocrat close by but at a distance watching. Sneering and chortling with glee that what was taking place was the fractured Burke family. What the snobbish people didn’t catch on to was the fact that things were already in place. Leslie didn’t even catch that there were things in place.

As the bus then pulled away and departed suddenly minutes later…

Carl: *looking at Elizabeth* No matter how hard this decision was… We have to keep in mind that this was the right choice. The only choice.

Elizabeth: If only we didn’t have to resort to doing this. Carl, the world is prejudice and callous. cruel and bitter. We know she’ll be fine. But the outside world… They’re gonna only get to her and use her. They’re gonna hurt her, Carl.

Carl: *Hugging Elizabeth* Hold strong, dear. It’s gonna be alright. We’re still a family. Even if we have to be without our daughter. The heart might be gone. But the essence and the energy that Leslie left us… We’ll get by. She’s gonna make it. She’s a Burke. No matter what the courts say. We’ll be together again someday. We have to believe.

Elizabeth: *With a few tears* They’re gonna hurt her… Our poor precious girl… *Sniffling*…

On the Bus…

Leslie: *Sniffling* Rotten Aristocratic creeps. My parents were torn. Poor mom and dad… *Sniffling*

Jump to:

Present day…

Oct. 21st. 2045…

Metropolis Hotel…

6th floor, Room # 624…


Leslie: *Going through her things and thinking about her parents* …

Leslie was thinking about her parents more and more. She wanted to be back with her parents where things… All things made sense and weren’t so complicated. The original idea was that she’d embark on her new life. On her own as her parents had wanted. But it was much deeper than that. Much deeper. Leslie was in danger of being scrutinized by the Aristocratic population. At risk of getting the same fate as her parents and it was seen or known that her parents… even though they knew and saw with their own eyes and felt in their hearts that Leslie was able to stand up for herself… against those who were trying to attack the family and defend her family till her last. They couldn’t bare to see and watch as their daughter get torn down too. It was leaving them with pain and Leslie felt their pain greater as she was the youngest and believed herself to be a fighter. She was made to be headstrong and determined to fight for everything she believed in. She settled for none less than that.

She sat around and went through her things and thought about the last moment she had with her parents. The moment that she departed from her hometown of Brooklyn. As she went through her things… She came across a picture of her parents…

Leslie: *Sighs* I’ll never get to see my parents again. But at least i still have a picture of them. *Looking at the picture* Sure wish i could see you guys again.

Suddenly her phone rings…


Leslie: *grabbing the Phone and looking at the name* Who the…?

Leslie read the name and saw that it was Dorian…

At Zeke’s house…

Zoey’s room…

Zoey was at her wits end on Blossom’s gradual change for the not so better. She had a habit herself so in that line she couldn’t condemn Blossom over something that herself was doing. But for the Mob hits and getting involved with the wrong crowd and always being with Leslie. Hanging with her and who’d only know what she was really doing with Leslie. Hanging with the Mob. It was enough to get anyone to crack. Zoey was on the phone with her older cousin Susie. It was at that point where she had to tell about what Blossom was really doing and get it to stop. The transformation of Blossom going from a responsible girl and very devoted friend to someone careless and gradually corrupted. It was breaking Zoey’s heart and it was also gonna break the heart of the parents. In the entire storyline… things were seen and witnessed. But to see someone lose their way and think of the Mob to be the best thing for them. It was a struggle. Because the family… The Entire Clan didn’t believe in having any involvement with the Mob or have any closeness to the Mob. Zoey was scared and worried for her friend Blossom. She didn’t know how else to help her and or reach out to her and she was still in emotional and familial pain due to the fact that the mother now Ex-Mother leaving and in process of making it hard on Zeke and the family. Zoey still wanted to be of help to Blossom and yet… Didn’t know how she could be of any help since nothing was working…

Zoey: *On the Phone* I just don’t understand. *Upset* I really don’t understand why Blossom is doing all this. She never had done anything like this before.

Susie: *On the Phone* Zoey, It’s not your fault. You were there for Blossom. However… there is nothing you can really do. She’s made her choice. You’re probably thinking on Joining the Mob too… It’s no big secret  But What happened?

Zoey: I saw her and Leslie doing a Mob hit. I was just walking down the street minding my own business. Just walking and also deep in my thoughts. There wasn’t anything going on at home as my dad was at work and my brother was Charlie was with his girlfriend Krissy Caine. Left an hour before i had and it was still morning time when i went out and just walked off down the streets. I was only out from the Liquor store after just buying a couple packs of smokes. Something to drink and eat also. I Walked down the street and got to a certain point when i happened to catch sight of a couple girls not too far from where i was.

Susie: Okay… Is there more?

Zoey: Yeah. There is. there is more to it than that. Alot more. I mean… I was not far from where the two girls were and i got closer to where they were and over heard some name… Rita. But we already know it’s Rita the Hammer. But then i heard another name… One that i haven’t heard before. Silvia. They were running into the store and i couldn’t really see who it was… But i got to the shadows and made sure that they couldn’t see me. But i could see them. I watched out for them and when they came out… I saw the one that Rita called Silvia. It was Blossom. Blossom was with Leslie and doing a Mob hit. She was doing a Mob Hit with Leslie. She Robbed the store with Leslie.

Susie: She was with Leslie and doing Mob Hits?

Zoey: yeah. She was and it is as if she was dead set in doing it. She even spoke about using Elemental grenades.

Susie: We’re gonna need to do something about that. Blossom is hanging with the wrong people. That girl is trouble. Leslie Burke is a trouble maker.

Zoey: I don’t think that it’s Leslie coercing her. I think… or am starting to think that it could be Blossom slowly but surely turning into a Mob girl. Leslie only was one as it was an option besides going into the foster System. The Foster care system in this state sucks. Or so we were told, not to leave out that we never had to endure the foster care system. However… Blossom getting a taste for being a Mobster. It’s turned her. Changed her for the not so better.

Susie: *Concerned* Something will have to be done about it. We already know where the girl resides. The Metropolis Hotel and she’s on the 6th floor. We’ll all get together tomorrow and inform her parents about it. Blossom’s gonna be busted. We’re taking her away from Leslie. I’m gonna call the others and let them know what you told me. Blossom is to never see that girl again. This might hurt her… But we don’t care. There are rules that we have and they will be followed. No one is joining the Mob and getting into spreading any sort of anarchy. That stops.

Zoey: Blossom’s gonna figure out that i told.

Susie: *Scoffs*  And? Zoey… You are doing the right thing. This at first will hurt her and break her trust in you. Given that you and her are like best friends and have been through so much together. This could put a cut into the closeness you two have… However, eventually she’ll likely get over it as time passes. She’ll even thank you for it as she realizes that you were saving her from making a very huge mistake.

Zoey: Maybe… But the other thing is that i haven’t heard from her since yesterday morning and she’s not answering any of my calls. I texted her. She only responded with saying. “I’m busy. Can’t stop to chat.” I don’t even know what she’s doing or what going on.

Susie: Hmm… That’s weird. She was said to be home last night… wasn’t she?

Zoey: I don’t know… *Worried about Blossom* I really don’t know anymore as i hardly get to see her. I don’t hate Leslie. I don’t. But i feel as if Leslie’s all Blossom sees and wants. It’s as though i am the past and Leslie’s the present and future.

Susie: It isn’t like that… She’s just changing a bit and it’s taking a little bit more time for her to level out her still closeness with you and the part where she’s with the girl Leslie. She’s just in a mess. However… her being in the Mob and being seen doing Mob hits. That’s not condoned and will stop.

Zoey: But how? How can we stop it?

Susie: By telling her parents. Which is something that a couple of us intend to do. Tomorrow. We’re gonna lay it on her parents and let them know the details.

Zoey: I just hope that it works and we can get through to Blossom before there ends up being no chance in Blossom ever breaking from the Path she’s going down.


At the Harper Residence…

Erica H.: *Trying to find something on T.V to watch* There is nothing on. How can there be so many channels and not one channel having something that’s worth watching?

Doralee: Must be a dead night. Don’t forget sweetie… There’s alot of crime and mayhem going on in the city. The City is on the lookout for a young girl.

Erica H.: What young girl do you mean?

Doralee: The one that you believed to be under a habit and with the girl who is involved with the Mob.

Erica H.: Blossom.

Doralee: Yeah. That’s the one. She’s the one people are looking for. Cops are looking for her. She’s been pegged by the Mob girl as Silvia the Bookie.

Erica H.: Leslie is not making her do any of the hits. Blossom’s been found to be choosing on doing it. Leslie’s guilty for being misguided and not knowing better. Being with the Mob. But she’s not a bad person. She’s just making alot of very bad choices. Terrible ones at that.

Doralee: Where does the verdict on Blossom stand? *Curious* Surely you’re not considering the idea that you and a bunch of your girl friends… move against her?

Erica H.: No. We’re not. I am not suggesting anything of the sort. I’m not. What’s going on in the city… It’s terrible. Blossom is falling down. She’s only done one Mob hit and it’s likely just been a minor one. However… now that she’s got the taste for it. It is liable to go on more and more.

Doralee: Interesting. *Thinking* You know… That girl is gonna be getting herself in a bunch of trouble. However… Something isn’t sounding right. I would say let’s go out and find out what’s goin’ on… But It is sadly… a school night. You do have school in the morning and if you’re out riding around through the night… You’re gonna be slumping down in exhaustion.

Erica H.: I can do it… I’ve made due with only 4-5 hours of sleep before. Although the only part that really makes it hard is the fact that i’m gonna need to look for the girl Leslie. She’s got Blossom into this… I’m gonna get her to tell how to stop it before Blossom does something that she won’t be able to come back from.

Doralee: I see. I really shouldn’t be allowing for you to go out looking for trouble. Or being out past the Mandatory curfew. But I will go on a limb here. If i let you do some recon… You will promise me that you’ll be back here by Midnight.

Erica H.: Midnight. Yeah. I’ll be back by then. 12:30 the latest… But whether i find anything or not… Midnight is where i cut. I might even be in a couple minutes before Midnight. With the City being as lively as it is with the Mob Activity… I don’t dare push my luck any further than needed.

As they were talking…

T.V: *Broadcasting a commercial*  After a hard day’s work of Stripping and dancing Nude for the entertainment to the people at the strip club… I Love to relax to the taste of a nice Lucky Strike. It brings out the pleasure in me. One Lucky Strike and i am at peace. One after work… and 2 after sex. Try a Lucky Strike. Feel the Sexual Pleasure taste of a Lucky Strike Cigarette. Lucky Strike Reds. “Smoking with desire.”

At Curtis and Megan’s house…

Blossom’s Room…

Blossom: *Smoking* God… Rina Frost is such a slut. That’s Luna… She can change her name all she likes. We all know it’s her. Luna’s such a whore. She’s flashing her shit like she was Sharon Stone or Audrey Hepburn or something. *Searching through the channels* There is nothing good on the T.V. The T.V is full of news breaks. Geez! T.V News reporters… Give it a rest. We already know that a store was robbed and a search for a new mob girl is going on. We already know that. Why don’t you people turn in and let the T.V play a movie or something…

Suddenly her phone rings…

Blossom on the Phone...

Blossom: *Answering the phone* Hello.

Leslie: *On the Phone* Blossom, we need to meet up.

Blossom: *On the Phone* What? Why?

Leslie: Something is going on over at Dorian’s place. He wants everyone there at his office.

Blossom: Want me to call Sora and Carly?

Leslie: Yeah… However… Be discreet. Just tell them that Dorian is with something to discuss and wants to maybe send us on some hits. It’s not what’s really going on… But get them on board as soon as possible.

Blossom: That’s if i can reach them. Their brother Paul is trying to keep them from really joining the Mob.  They already are… however… there are some of my cousins who are trying to ice the attempts.

Leslie: Maybe he’s suspicious. But i don’t think it should stop them. I plan on slowly leaving the Mob myself. Seeing that you and your cousins and possibly soon after seeing your cousin/Best Friend Zoey getting into it while at the same time hesitant on making the official jump. It’s what did it for me… Although i can’t leave it just yet… Not till the timing is right.

Blossom: This is too fast. You are not set to leave it quite yet. Besides… You heard that spirit whatever it was say that i had to become what turned into when you joined the Mob. I have… But i have to really act out. Likely kill. Not literally… But scare someone half to death.

Leslie: *Scoffs* Ugh! Blossom… What the hell? I Never killed anyone. Not ever. Remember i told you that i would not get into killing someone. That’d be left up to the guys. Dorian and the men. Not me… or the girls. Or you. I didn’t bring you into the Mob or entice you to think on joining the mob so you could right off kill.

Blossom: What?!

Leslie: You heard me… You’re my friend… Best friend/Girlfriend. But i am not gonna condone you turning into a killer. I told you several times that i would not ever turn you against your family. Ever. I even like your family. Respect their values. You told me what they were and i respect that alot.

Blossom: *Defensive* Like i don’t know that… Leslie… I am doing all this to save you. Remember that i told you and i quote: “the glitz and glam. It might be all sweet and cute now… Simple and serene. But eventually those rose-tinted glasses are gonna shatter and break. When they do… You might come to see what a mistake this all was.”. Remember? I was worried and concerned for you then…  And as it stands… I still am and always will be. But i am doing this all to save you.

Leslie: I remember. You’re right. But… Blossom, Just be careful. Don’t let my mistake become yours. It’s bad enough that i am in a rut. I don’t want to see you wind up in the same mess as i am in. Call the girls. Come over to Dorian’s. as soon as you can. Please.

Blossom: It’s gonna be alright. I’ll be there soon.

As soon as the Call ended…

Blossom called her cousins Sora and Carly and informed them of the situation. She relayed the message as Leslie said and made sure it was discreet. Blossom was now starting to lose herself a bit and was sinking down into a dark persona. She wasn’t too far gone at that moment, but far enough where her cousins and her parents were noticing and fearing for her. They knew that what Blossom was getting into was a path to losing herself. They were afraid of what Blossom was gonna do. But at that time all their eyes were in the direction of Leslie. They didn’t blame her… But since she was the one involved with the Mob… She was the only one who’d know what to do. Blossom was in the Mob to save Leslie as the Spirit prophesied to her and Blossom was bent on being in the mob in order to show Leslie the person that Leslie was heading towards becoming. She had to show Leslie the real world of the Mob or show how risque Leslie was being. She cared about her and loved her. But when all else was failing… There was nothing else for her but to jump and take the Mob road.

What the Fighters didn’t even know was that Leslie admired them. She admired them and yet… didn’t know how to tell them. She couldn’t as she was still deep in the Mob world and couldn’t show that she was being unfaithful and disobedient to the Mob. She also had to make right and do right by her life. Ensure she lived. taking measures in setting things right. It was not an overnight move. It was gonna be some time before things were made better. She had to create a list of all the stores she robbed. All the people she might have hurt and go to each one and make amends. Make amends in anyway possible…

At the Coco Bongo Night Club…

Dorian’s Office…

Dorian stood waiting for the girls to show as the men were all sitting and Drinking coffee plus also talking shop. Discussing over performing more mob hits throughout the city. At places that had high sources of cash.

Dorian: *Looking at the time* Come on, Leslie… We don’t have all night. There are places that we’ve got to be.


Leslie: *Walking in with Blossom, Sora and Carly* Hey. Sorry it took so long. It was almost impossible for Sora and Carly to sneak out of the house. They had to wait till their brother Paul was too preoccupied with something before they could make a run for it.

Sora: We tried to sneak out earlier… but our brother was literally watching the door and he is suspecting that we’re joining the Mob too… There isn’t proof… But the suspicion is enough to raise some curious snooping.

Carly: It’s almost like they’re all against the Mob or something. Pfft! Yeah right. Like they know anything about the Mob. They only know about the Mob through the stories they’ve been read or told.

Blossom: It’s because our family all seem to be spoon fed lies and tales of slandering hearsay.

Leslie: I don’t think so… Your family just happens to see things a certain way.

Sora: You would think that. Because you’re looking from the outside in. Not the inside out.

Leslie: All I’m saying is that you girls are who you are… Not your parents… cousin’s or families.

Sweet Eddy: That’s right. Just follow your hearts. The rest will fall into place. Ain’t that right, Boss?

Dorian: That’s right. You don’t get up to please those around you. You have to please yourselves. That comes first. Your families raised you all right from how you should be raised. It’s made you stronger for it. But when you are on your own… you have to look out for yourselves as no one else will.

Orlando: True… You girls are with big hearts. But there are those out there who will try to take advantage of that. Guard it. Know who to trust.

Sweet Eddy: Hear hear!

Leslie: *Having the girls take a seat* Good thing my parents raised me right. I had to raise myself a little during my time away from my parents. I’m better for it as it’s made me wise to how the street life is like.

Within seconds later…

Dorian: *Looking at the men and the girls* Okay… here’s the deal… There’s word out on a sighting of the green faced son of a bitch that is still out there. Someone has called here and made a pass that she knows who the Mask is and that she plans to bring him to us.

Leslie: Who is the Mask?

Blossom: Ipkiss! He’s the Mask. I heard my cousin Spencer speak of his name. He was talking to his wife Rikku. Speaking about the Mask and what they were gonna do to keep Stanley Ipkiss from wearing the Mask again. From what i managed to hear from them and they don’t know that i was listening as they started to sense that i was not on the same side as they were… Stanley… was and is the Mask. That he as of now…. Had 2 incidences with the Mask. The first grand introduction was where he caused mayhem. Attacked an Autoshop. Jensen’s Auto finishing. After tussling with a gang. giving them a scare. Then the second night… Leslie, You know a bit of what happened. You were there when it happened… The Mask’s antics of that night. Which was only a few nights ago. 3-4 nights ago now…

Leslie: Yeah. Eddy… You and Freeze were there at the bank with me. As were you, Orlando. We were setting up with going into the bank. Breaking in… When the green faced creep happened to bust out. Wearing a Banana yellow Zoot Suit. He had with him 3 big bags of cash. 3 big bags… Before he left or Zipped away he taunted us… with this line…  “Sorry, fellas. Waste not want not!”

Sweet Eddy: Yeah… I remember. It was then that the cops came and saw us… They thought that we were the ones who robbed the bank and technically… we have… But the only thing that clears us… is the fact that none of us was wearing a green mask. That’s the only thing that clears us. However we had a loss. Freeze. The Mask cost us Freeze. He was good at what he did. Real good.

Sora: How do we intend to meet this person or woman who found the Mask and ID’d him?

Carly: Is the person gonna call you guys or do you call the spotter?

Leslie: I don’t think it would matter. Either way… Freeze was like a friend to me… as well as a wonderful friend to Dorian. Even if i do happen to resign from all this… I’ll still join in to avenge Freeze. Freeze didn’t deserve to die. That Mask guy is the reason why he’s dead.

Blossom: I agree. However… I have to stay neutral. I am still teetering between my family’s viewpoint and the Mob world… the life here.

Suddenly Blossom’s phone rings…

Blossom: *Looking at her phone* It’s Sophie Collins. *Sighs* I’ll call her later. Tomorrow. Or We’ll see her at school.

Leslie: She’s got something to say to us… Doesn’t she?

Blossom: I don’t know. But if it’s another conspiracy theory about you, Leslie. She’ll be talking to deaf ears.

Sora: Why would there be a conspiracy theory towards Leslie? There are no rumors.

Blossom: How should i know? The whole school still happens to have some kind of itch against her.

Leslie: How do i clear the air with this… Let’s see… How about: “Metropolis Middle School… Get the heck over yourselves. I am misguided… But i did what i did to survive. I will not be made to apologize for doing as such. If you were in my shoes and lived how i did and saw what i saw… You’d be the same way too”

Sora: Now that’s the way to clear the air.

Dorian: Agreed. However on how we go about the meet… We get called by the Spotter and meet at the basement of the Planet.

Leslie: The Daily Planet?!

Sweet Eddy: Sounds like a good meeting place.

Orlando: Right.

It was discussed for the moment and planned. They were closing in on getting to the mask and getting a hold of the one who’d been behind the mask. Dorian wanted to pay him back. Leslie wanted to serve payback too… Blossom was on the teetering edge. Sora and Carly were rather hesitant on the act. They were still with family strife as the reality of their mother and father getting a divorce… Stung them. They wanted to be all in on the act… But they were focused too much at the reality of the fact that their parents were splitting. There were the financial portion of the divorce settlement. Custody and multiple others. Their sisters were more prone to be sure on making it. Sora and Carly were gonna struggle. Zoey was on the path of self despair. She knew that her mother was no longer her mother. No longer part of the family. She had her music and that was about it… There wasn’t anything more to her than that as she still felt hurt over the abandonment of her mother who was now an Ex-Mother…

The heat was on and the pressure of an Intervention was on. It was gonna come to Blossom and Leslie was gonna be the target and not know it… till it happened. What was the intervention gonna be for Blossom? Was it gonna be the cousins, her parents and siblings against her? Was it gonna be them plus the Aunts and Uncles? It was getting closer and closer to the Stand-off at Metropolis Park. Closer to the climax of the struggle between the fighters, The Mask Vs. the Mob. There was more to follow on the path to reuniting a girl with her parents. Leslie slowly breaking from the Mob. Blossom following soon after as the dangers are thickening ever so deeper. What were the fighters gonna do about the Mob? Was Niko still out to watch for his chance to strike at the fighters? Find out on the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Holly Reedy: *Voice-over* I can’t believe this… It’s bad enough that Blossom’s joined the Mob. But she’s also got Sora and Carly to join… They are in the Mob and with a habit just as Blossom is and including Leslie. I always knew that Leslie was trouble… I just knew it. You know… I am starting to get really sick of her. Blossom is hanging with a troubled rich girl. Diving down a dangerous path. It’s almost as if she doesn’t care. Leslie… Why don’t you leave us all alone? Go back to your hometown of Brooklyn and Stay there… All you do here in Metropolis is make trouble. Bringing good innocent Girls and guys down a harmful path. Blossom was innocent and brighter till she met you. You corrupted her with your habits and lifestyle. *Growls* Ugh! God i can’t stand her… Leslie is a total annoyance… *Sighs* … On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s confession time and the banning of Leslie Burke. HA! How does it feel to be banned from the Rhapsody Clan, Burke? Serves you right. Maybe now you’ll get the hint to leave and find someone else to corrupt. That’s not all that happens. Zoey comes to find me for a chance to talk to someone. She turns out to be in need of someone to speak to. Sora and Carly are at the burger joint in mourn as they faced the further reality of their mother not coming home that night… Their Brother and Older Sister are out for that night and spending the night camping at the far side of the Park. Oblivious to what was going on and their father driving by Sora and Carly… but ditched by them as they wanted nothing to do with him for cheating on their mother. The Divorce was getting sour and plus their father was sticking around their Uncle Avery’s… however Their Uncle had no clue as to what their father Alvin had done. He never would ask… Because Family stuck together no matter what. However when you are a family man and your kids happen to not want anything to do with you for the crimes you committed… It is hard to say that you technically even have a family. Everyone would know it. The fighters all rear up on the standby as they keep watch for the possibility that they could be needed to respond. Although… With the Mob out there and with their fingers on the trigger to fire… they’d have to be drastically careful as to where they stepped. Blossom’s father drags in forlorn anguish as he feels bad for winding up having to lay a ban on her friend Leslie but with the things that he was told which Blossom was doing… He had to do what he must to shake her. Even if it hurt. One can only wonder what was gonna be next for the fighters and for the ongoing struggle between the fighters and the Mask against the Mob. Both Niko’s and Dorian Tyrell’s. It was Intervention time, Sadness and reflection plus the start of a very likely stand-off at Metropolis Park on the next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 220: “Blossom Intervention and Leslie Banned by Curtis: “Stay away from My Daughter!”


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