Chapter 217: The truth behind the Mysterious Mask… “What’s going on with the mask?”

(Sora and Carly Veer off into a habit and it might look like curtains on their good nature)

(Leslie’s Tell all story. The Full behind the person in depth interview.)

It was near the afternoon by that time and Stanley was growing more stressed and panicked. Worried. Concerned about the Mask and what it was doing to him. To his life. There was no denying the reality that the Mob was now with a bounty for the mask. Wanting to nail the Mask to the wall. Dorian wanted the Mask Alive. No matter what.

Stanley was on break and it’s strange how he could be on break when he barely got to work only a short moment prior. He came across a stack of papers. Newspapers with the headlines: “The Mask Robs Metropolis City Bank.” He went to enter a quarter into the one slot and opened the sliding door…

He pulled out the stack and dumped them in the garbage in panic and fright. He was aware that it was him doing it but he was startled… terrified to admit it. He couldn’t look at the Mask in the photo on the newspaper without freaking about it being him that he was looking at. The papers were all in the garbage and he was only about to walk away in a fast hurry when then caught a sight of an advertisement for a book. Showing on the back of the newspaper. Stanley was curious to know what it was, so he grabbed one of the newspapers and took a closer look at the ad and recognized the book. It was the same book he saw being talked about on T.V sometime ago and the Author. He yanks the ad and rips it right from the newspaper and in a scurrying hurry… Hurries down the street and heads over to find Dr. Neuman.

A Moment later…

In Dr. Neuman’s office…

MASKS… Dozens of them line one wall. Tribal masks. Victorian masks. Ceramic masks. Masks from all countries and cultures.

Stanley is there pacing like a caged animal and really antsy. He has no clue as to what is gonna happen. He was also hoping that the dr. would be able to give him some answers about the mask. He didn’t even know as to where else he was to go. He was in a rough spot and had no other idea but to go and see Neuman. If anyone could maybe help him… Stanley thought Neuman would…

Dr. Neuman: This is extremely unusual, Mr. Ipkiss. Barging in without an appointment or…

Stanley: I know…

Dr. Neuman: I ought to be having you escorted out… But i seem to be rather curious as to what brings a guy… like you… in here.

Stanley: … you’re the big expert on masks, right?

Dr. Neuman: in retrospect… Yes. I have written a book on masks. *Feeling a little awkward* Is this going somewhere?

Stanley had suddenly then reached into his briefcase and pulled out the Mask. He was desperate…

Stanley: I’ve got a date Monday night… With the girl of my dreams… only she doesn’t know it’s me… It’s this thing! It’s this Mask that’s seeming to be doing all this.

Dr. Neuman: …

Stanley: *As he hands the Dr. The mask* This is an interesting place. Good looking masks. Kinda creepy though. Some of them are.

Dr. Neuman: Looks like fourth- or fifth-century Scandinavian. Possibly a representation of one of the Norse night gods, maybe Loki.

Stanley at that time was seated and listening to what the doctor was saying… But when the Doctor happened to mention Loki…

Stanley: *Pauses* Loki? Who is Loki?

Dr. Neuman: The Norse god of mischief. Supposedly he caused such trouble that Odin banished him from Valhalla forever.

Stanley:  Then he could have banished him into that mask. Sure wish i knew why… I mean the guys i met… Paul. Being one of the guys i met… Said that he read your book and got it that… Loki was someone or this god who had brought nothing but shame to odin and his brothers.

Dr. Neuman: That’s correct. And i would digest that this friend… Paul is very much a follower of my work.

Stanley: He seems to be. He too has a power. He says it’s fire. But i’ve never seen it.

Dr. Neuman: I’m talking about mythology, Mr. Ipkiss. *Holding up the mask* This is a piece of wood.

Stanley: *Not seeming to understand* but your book…!

Dr. Neuman: My book is about masks as a metaphor. A metaphor,not to be taken literally. My book uses masks as a metaphor for our complex personalities. The masks we must present to the outside world… to suppress the id. To protect our innermost
desires. What You somehow suffer from is nothing more than a mild delusion.

Stanley: *Getting up and adhering to grab the Mask* You really don’t believe that this mask here is possessed. Do you?

Dr. Neuman: No. I don’t. Because the Aesir gods don’t exist. They haven’t existed in physical manifestation for at least 10 centuries.

Stanley: Alright. I’ll prove it to you. But I am not responsible for the consequences. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, Mr. Expert. Just be aware… You’ve been warned.

Dr. Neuman: You don’t scare me. Go right ahead.

Stanley takes a deep breath and shoves the mask onto his face.

Stanley: See you.

Stanley waits for something to happen and starts making sounds as if believing the mask something magical.


Nothing happens. Standing there with no changes seen… Feeling like a total idiot.

Stanley: *Lowering the mask in dismay and not understanding as to why the mask didn’t seem to work* You said Loki was a night god. Maybe it works at night.

Dr. Neuman: I should warn you that I don’t work personally with really sick people. There are private institutions for those things. I can arrange for a safe environment for you tonight, if you want.

Stanley: I must see Tina. But what can I do? Do I go as myself… or *Holding up the Mask* The Mask?

Dr. Neuman: If I tell you, you promise to leave my office right now? *Seeing Stanley Nodding* Go as yourself… and as The Mask. Because they are both one and the same beautiful person.


Not far down the street from where Dr. Neuman’s office Building was…

Lt. Kellaway sitting in an unmarked car and keeping a close watch for a sighting on Stanley. He was very suspicious about Stanley and there wasn’t anything or anyone that could ice the leads making Kellaway thinking that Stanley was the prime suspect in the bank heist. He was… But he truly… and sincerely didn’t remember. He really didn’t remember. That wasn’t good. The mask was acting out the desires of Stanley but the next morning it only left Stanley without a memory of what happened. He had to be left to pick up the pieces…

Kellaway was sitting and watching for signs of Ipkiss and suddenly saw Stanley walking out from the building…

Police Radio: *Speaking; Lt. Wellington* Got the cross-check on the fingerprints. It’s lpkiss.

Lt. Kellaway: *Speaking into the Mic; Looking ahead and watching* I’m looking at him. He’s alone. But we can almost bet that Rita the Hammer is near and biding her pretty time. Waiting for her chance to hit again. Keep the SWAT team standing by. If he’s half as bad as they say, we’ll have a full dance card. With that Mob girl close by holding the gun and twitching to pull the trigger. If she is as predictable as they say she is… There’s gonna be a grandstand with her name on it.


Doyle: *Stopping by the door* Pickle Relish?

Lt. Kellaway: *Looking at Doyle* Get in the car.

Doyle: But i ordered Onion rings.

Lt. Kellaway: Will you get in the car? What is the matter with you? Are you always thinking with your stomach?

At Metropolis Police station…

The Commissioner is seen going through some files and was in the middle of reading through a case when…

Det. Sawyer: *Knocking on the door; Looking into the office and grabbing the Commissioner’s attention* Commissioner, You’re gonna want to see this… We have an abandoned body outside…

Commissioner Jones follows Det.Sawyer through a CROWD of excited cops. On the ground, trussed like a chicken- Fuji. A sign taped to his chest: ‘Please deliver to Commissioner Jones.’

At the Metropolis Police Department Lock-up; Interrogation quarters…

Room one…

Fuji sits next to his sleazy lawyer, Tanner. Helen walks in…

Helen: *Looking at Fuji* Look! Just give us the money or tell us where it is and we’ll deal.

The Dark Knight

Fuji: Money is the only reason I’m still alive.

Helen leans forward suddenly speaking in a softer tone…

Helen: You mean when they hear that you’ve helped us get at their money hoard… they’re going to kill you? Is that what you’re about to tell me?

Tanner: Are you seriously trying to threaten my client?

Helen: No, I’m just assuming your client’s cooperation with this investigation.
As will everyone. Plus… Your client is suspected in dirty dealing. Handling the funds for the Mob. You might want to think twice before trying to cover the assumption up. We take the Law here serious. You want to try to bribe? Do it with the underbellies and the crime lords. You’ll get burned worse than you will here. *moving over to the door* Enjoy your stay in County, Mr. Fuji. Let us know when you’re ready to do right by the law.

Fuji: Wait. *Helen stops* I won’t give you the money, but I’ll give you my clients. All of them.

Helen: *Walking back over to the table* You were a glorified accountant Plus… Your own fortune 500 company, Mr. Fuji.- what could you have on all of them that we could charge?

Fuji: I’m good with calculation- I handled all their investments. One big pot. Every last investment they made… i was made to handle them all. I can give you my clients.

Metropolis Police Lockup Observation room…

Nick: *Hitting the Buzzer* I think i know.

Commissioner Jones: What?

Nick: Rico. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. “The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually commit the crime personally.”

Commissioner Jones: Charge them? How do we charge them?

Helen then entered…

Nick: John… This is a common court case. Rico… In a RICO case if we can charge any
of the conspirators with a felony-

Helen: We can charge all of them with it. Perfect. Perfect… *Walking back out and back into the Interrogation room to Interrogate more with Fuji*

Nick is thereby Excited as he knew that it was a then done deal…

A Minute later…

Interrogation room #1…

Helen: Mr. Fuji, do you have details of this communal fund? Ledgers, notebooks…?

Fuji: *Smiling with a grin* Immunity, protection and a chartered plane back to Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.

Helen: Once you’ve testified in open court. So with your clients locked up, what
happens to all that money? We’re just very curious… That with all your connections and resources to keep doing your type of work and happen to be sooo good with the money… What’s gonna happen to all that? What’s your plan?

Fuji: There isn’t one. Not really. But it’s like i said before… I happen to be very good at calculations.

Back in the Observation room…

Nick Rhapsody and Commissioner Jones stand watching Fuji…

Commissioner Jones: He can’t go to County. I’ll keep him here in the holding cells.

Nick: What is this Jones, your secret fortress?

Jones: You trust them over at County?

Nick: I don’t trust them here.

Jones: Fuji stays.

Nick: It’s your call, Commissioner. Be right.

Jones: I am, Sir.

At Metropolis Middle school…

English class…

Sora: I’m just worried about mom. What if she just happens to give up on life altogether?

Carly: If she does… Paul is not gonna be happy. He’s liable to come unglued at someone.

Sora: Yeah. Us.


Leslie: I don’t think that you two should worry about what happens so much with your mom. If she’s supposed to be as strong as you were saying before… She’ll hold. But i don’t think that your dad will.

Carly: How do you figure, Leslie? You didn’t see the signs.

Leslie: No. I didn’t. But with what you two let out… It’s not that much of difficulty to suggest that if anything were to go on with between your mom and your dad… It’s not gonna be anything you’ll want to be around for. My parents never had problems. Not like that. But it is common sense to know that when a man cheats on a woman or on his wife… He doesn’t last long. Because the first thing that happens is that he gets locked out of the home. that is the first sign which you’ll likely see tonight as the reality hits in and your mom might take initiative. Given from what you might have told her about your father’s affair.

Sora: What about our father?

Leslie: *Thinking* Let’s get to a computer when school lets out for the remainder of the day. when everyone heads home for the weekend. There is a helpful guide to use for insight on Divorce in a family.


Blossom: It’s tragic as to how our families are breaking apart. My mom and dad aren’t splitting or having problems… But the idea that things like this can happen, It’s not putting any smile on my face.

Sora: It’s not doing any good on our end either, Blossom. This is serious. We just crushed our mother’s heart. She’s emotionally hurt.

Carly: It’s our fault.

Blossom: *Looking to the side and sighs; Turning to look at the girls* Why would it be your fault? It’s not like you caused for the divorce to happen. You just told your mom something damaging. It was probably something she wasn’t ready to be told.

Leslie: Maybe. But truth is… With the facts all there… And plus with their mother letting out that she for a while had this sort of suspicion that something was not right. it was liable to start breaking out into the open.

Sora: *Sighs*

Carly: What will happen to us though? We don’t want anything to do with our father as he is the reason all this began. He was having an affair with another woman which was hurting our mom and trying to hide it. He even tried to Bribe us into not saying anything about it to mom. We didn’t take it. We even waited till he was not around and wasn’t there to catch us putting the bribe money back. We stuck it in one of his jackets. The same one that we’ve stumbled upon the Smoking gun. The Condoms. That’s a red flag.

Blossom: You two won’t be split up. I won’t let you two be split up.

Leslie: You two should… Maybe Emancipate. File for it. It might leave you two without a family… But at least you won’t be hurt by what’s going on with your mom and dad. Your dad betrayed you and your mom. He should be ashamed of himself.

Teacher: *Looking over at the girls* Mrs. Burke, girls… Is there something that you’d like to share with the class?

Blossom: Uh… No. It’s not for anyone to know. Unless you’d like to help fix our family issues. *Feeling uncertain about what to do for her cousins*

At the Metropolis Strip Club…


Rina Frost: *Walking down from her new apartment* … *Walking over to a customer looking for a free lay* … *leading the Customer to the back room and getting ready to make the moves*

Man: *Feeling an erection coming* You’re a real hot broad. You’re on fire…

Rina Frost: Don’t get your hopes up too soon. The good parts are only just beginning. In fact… You get to have a blow and use a vibrator to stick in me… Then at the peak… I will give you a nice Slap n’ tickle. Sexual activity. Kissing you all over.

Man: *Feeling oozy* Ohhhhh yeah.

Ivan: *At the bar and watching Rina Frost make way with her first customer* She’s full of energy. She sure loves to give the guys that come a real experience.

Rina Frost was officially Rina Frost. All ties to her family was severed. She still had to deal with the Legal suits and get the assets she wanted from her now Ex-Husband and get the agreement of 40% of the Pub. She didn’t seem aware that it was gonna be contested. However, she already had an attorney and lawyer in play…

The woman who was once Luna Rhapsody… Was no longer Luna. She was now Rina Frost… A Whore, Prostitute and hooker. Stripper Model. She Left her old life with no regrets to her and never looked back. She was hellbent on making sure she got what she wanted. However the Legal battles were only gonna get ugly. Really ugly. The least of what Rina Frost knew… Zeke had his pals on his court who were all ready, standing and able on count of countering her attempts on getting any percentage of the Pub. They were all ready to fight. For Zeke. Zeke on the other hand was in a bit of a stupor and broken. He didn’t know what to do for his kids. He was drunk now as he was spending his days drowning the pain of not knowing of how to raise his remaining kids. Zoey and Charlie. Rina and Natasha. He didn’t even know about Zoey’s now habit and it was never gonna be found out. Zoey was starting to be indeed secretive on that and it was gonna get more exposed. The fact that Zoey was now hiding things from her father. It was gonna be discovered as time went on…

However… as far as Zeke knew… Zoey was just still wallowing in heartache and pain. The pain of enduring the reality that Luna was officially leaving the whole family. Zeke looked at his crew and saw how determined they were to fight for him. In the days ahead there was gonna be a shake up. Zeke being shook back to his senses and being the father he should still be. The only catch to that was… What would he come to his senses again and resume being an actual stable father? Even though he and his now apparent Ex-Wife Luna who is now Rina Frost were constantly fighting back and forth almost every day non-stop… He still clearly loved her in partial as how could he completely and officially just walk away from the woman who he made kids with. A family of 5 kids. 3 girls and 2 boys now one… How was he to truly just shut that off? 17-18 years later… After everything that he had been through with her?

At Sid’s Diner…

Zion: *Serving Coffee to customer* You must like coffee alot.


Dinah: Not really. But it’s kinda like my own form of caffeine. I am seriously addicted to it like a junkie. *Smiles; Chuckles* Why? You’re not trying to ween a gal like me from it, are you?

Zion: No no no… I’m just curious. Sid say you and other various members of family to you come here often. One of them being a fashion store owner.

Dinah: True. we do. Quite a lot actually. My 3 middle Daughters come here a lot. Too much some times. But they consider this to be like their favorite hangout spot. Makes it easy on me since all i have to do when i am home and i don’t see them. 9 times out 10… i’ll most certainly find them here congregating with their friends. Like Zoey Creek. Sid’s girl Holly, among others.

Zion: Sid has Daughter? *Surprised* Why has he not told me this?

Dinah: I don’t know… But… What?! You mean that you didn’t know?

Zion: No. I-i not know this. Why would he not say that he got daughter? I happen to be fond of parents. Actual good parents who care much about family and kids. Faithful to marital partner.

Dinah: You sound really sincere about the spirit of a good family. Do you have a family, Zion?

Zion: Zion is single. But am looking for remarkable lovely woman to love and honor.

Dinah: Well… Don’t worry. You will. If fate is on your side and you’re destined to find one… you will. Everyone’s entitled to having a woman or man in their lives. Someone who will love them and be there for them. Cherish them and always be honorable. Devoted. Plus true.

Zion: Unlike girl Luna. She bad apple.

Dinah: Huh?! What was that for?

Zion: Sid say that Luna is banned from here. Luna who is now Rina Frost. Blew smoke in young girl’s face sometime now ago.

Dinah: *Appalled and Shocked* Oh my god… How awful. Why the hell would Luna do such a dastardly thing like that?

Sid: Other than the fact that Luna’s turned cold and made herself into a careless whoreish woman… Nothing much. *Walking over from the side* As it is… She’s been banned from this Diner. If she comes anywhere near here… She’s gonna be tossed out. You and the others are still welcomed. You don’t have any worries in that. But Luna is not welcome. Pamela wants nothing to do with her. But is still sticking close for the sake of Zoey… And Zeke and the family. But Luna’s dead to her.

Dinah: Is Holly alright?

Sid: *Grins; Chuckles* Yeah… Don’t worry. She’s holding up okay. She’s still got a faint tinge of the stench from the smoke that was blown on her… But, She’s alright considering. How about your husband Shingo? I haven’t seen him here lately.

Dinah: He’s alright. He’s been mostly stationed at the office where he works. He is the owner of that place now. The one that used to own it. The one that he worked for… Retired and passed the torch to him and now my husband runs it.

Zion: Should someone take nourishment over to him?

Dinah: That’d help. He’s got to eat too…

Zion: Where is Work place?

Dinah: from here… it’s a little ways down the road. 4 blocks past the Metropolis University. That’s about 5 blocks from here.

Zion: No problem… Zion take delivery over. Complimentary food for Woman’s Husband. *Going to the back and cooking a hefty sandwich with lettuce, tomato, Avocado, Onion… beef and cheese; Putting a slice of pie and a Cup of coffee to go along with it* Husband shall not be hungry.

Sid: *Grins to Dinah* New guy. Came in today. Actually… i found him here this morning when i came in this morning. I was a little late. When i got here… I found that the place was running and that he was running things. Had everyone seated and happy. Got the customers what they needed and what they asked. Cleaned the counters to a nice shine as well. He just clearly made out with the drive of being a literal Miracle worker. He’s been just so active. Israeli. Plus he’s says that he works for a fresh bottle of something called Fizzy Bubblech! It’s what this Country calls or considers Fanta. But he is assuring that it’s Fizzy Bubblech. He’s still gonna get paid with a paycheck. Money. He has done more than earn it… But has locked down overtime as well… He’s doing more than what i am asking for…

Zion: *Letting out* I serve to please. I do nothing less.

Sid: See?

Dinah: *Laughs* He is a riot. He’s sure a friendly guy… isn’t he?

Sid: You have no idea.

Dinah: Does he have a place to live?

Sid: I think so. At least… that’s what he told me.

Dinah: Hmm… If he’s in need of a place… He can always consider coming to stay… Let’s see… at the apartment building that my Daughter Serena and her girlfriend Carly Black reside in. The Rent there is feasible. Plus… there’s always room for modification and personalization. I couldn’t have him stay with my kids and I. I wouldn’t know where to put him and it wouldn’t be fair to him to be left sleeping on a couch.

Sid: Good point. Good point indeed…

With the new eager worker now being seen and getting acknowledged throughout the day… It was said to really be looking up for the Diner and also people who came. Let’s see Rina Frost try to make her way in with Zion on the roster of the Diner Crew. She’ll be automatically Access denied…

That afternoon…

Metropolis City Hall…

D.A Rhapsody stands in front of a small crowd of reporters.

Reporter:  The Japanese government claim their international rights have been broken.

D.A. Rhapsody: I don’t know about Mr. Fuji’s travel arrangements…

At the Restaurant…

(Metropolis Mystic Bayou)…

Nick’s press conference plays on a TV in the corner.

Nick: *Grins* …But i’m sure glad that he’s back here… with us where he belongs.

Niko and Morris are watching the D.A on the T.V…

The Dark Knight

Morris: I put word out. We take the help of that Gangster girl Rita the Hammer. This is not good. Those fighters are giving that D.A the details and got us cornered. *looking off to the side* She was right. We need to fix a real problem. The Rhapsody new Generation…

Niko shakes his head as he had suddenly realized what was about to happen and was in disbelief. He suddenly spotted Commissioner Jones walking over dangling a pair of handcuffs. Nods at the TV.

Jones: Our good guy looks well and snazzy on the T.V… Don’t you think?

Niko: You sure you want to embarrass me in front of my friends, Commissioner?

Jones: Oh… Don’t worry, they’re coming, too. Niko… You and your band of mobsters are all coming to the Klink together.

Jones then motions over to point right out the window. Showing the Prison Bus. Standing by to escort them all over to the Lock-up.


Prison buses in every neighborhood. COPS load them with CRIMINALS. Stephens puts Crime Boss in a prison bus.

Metropolis Courthouse…

Grand Courtroom…

Judge Greensberg: …870 counts racketeering, 289 counts fraud, 97 counts conspiracy murder…

On the Judge’s bench, The judge turns the page where it reveals an Insignia. besides the insignia was the Identification of: Rita the Hammer. She disregards the insignia and moves on…

Judge Greensberg: …how do the defendants plead?

As that question was asked, An army of Defense Lawyers abruptly started rising and Yelling all at once. Rising and just letting out an uproar.

But would Niko really be behind bars for long or would his men find a way out. Dress up in a different look and take back the control.

Niko: It won’t matter if we get put away for a while. Even if it is short. Our deal maker… Rita the Hammer will be sealing the fate of your beloved fighters. She’s friends with one of them and that one member is gonna ensure the end of the fighters…

Moments later…

Mayor’s office…

The Mayor, Commissioner Jones and Lt. Sawyer look up and nod as Nick Rhapsody walked into the room…

Mayor: Nick Rhapsody… When they told me about what you were seeking on doing i couldn’t believe what it was that i’ve been hearing… *Grins and yet feeling Confused* But… I don’t understand. What is with the Mass circus? There’s a Media circus out there going nuts.

The Dark Knight

Nick: I asked Jones to make a few arrests. He approved and jumped right at the opportunity.

Mayor: Are you blowing some steam up my pants here, Rhapsody? Come on… You mean that you got him to jolt and bite on pinching the grips of the Law on 400 Mobsters?

Nick: Yes sir. There is rumored to be one more out there with a set of mobsters on his roster. Dorian Tyrell. Not to leave out the fact that Dorian’s got a young teen under his wing doing his under hands.

Mayor: You are not about to speak of one Leslie Tina Burke. Are you? She’s not even blowing any smoke of crime up our rears. She’s only stuck to robberies and thefts. The Killing was all on Dorian and the men he’s got.

Nick: She’s not that big of a problem though. Until she makes a kill… we can’t apprehend her and put some grip of the law in her line of sight. Her only crime up till now currently is her knack for being seen robbing a few places. With help from a friend of hers. Don’t know who the friend is though. However some are saying it’s my niece in-law Blossom. But… I don’t believe it as such. No way that a young sparky girl like her would lower her reputation and seep down that direction.

Nick then looks right at Jones who stands approving…

Mayor: But 400? All at once? *Curious* How exactly did you convince Greensberg to hear such a farce like this?

The Dark Knight

Nick: She just happens to share the same enthusiasm as i do for the Law. After all… She is a Judge.

Mayor: Even if you blow enough smoke to get convictions out of Greensberg, you’ll
set a new record at appeals for quickest kick in the ass. You do realize that, Right? I mean… You were a hard pressed Prosecutor and nailed down the law and prosecuted all means of those who were guilty or had a shred of law breaking. Wiped them clean… But that Gene-pool is not as risky. This law tank is a lot bigger. Huge and more outrageous. Nick, You’re not a Prosecutor anymore. Nor a Counselor. You’re not just a D.A. You’re a 2 star D.A. That’s a heavy step up.

Nick: It won’t matter. The head guys make bail, sure… but the mid-level guys, they can’t, and they can’t afford to be off the streets long enough for trial and appeal. They’ll cut deals that include some jail time. Think of all you could do with 18 months of clean streets.

The Mayor waves out Commissioner Jones and Lt. Sawyer.

Mayor: The public likes you, Rhapsody. That’s the only reason this might fly. Not to let it be forgotten of who you are linked to. The fighters that are part of a well known cluster of clansmen. But that means it’s all on you. They’re all coming after you, now. Not just the mob… politicians, journalists, cops-anyone whose wallet’s about to get lighter. Are you up to it?

Nick: Yeah. I’m up for it.

Mayor: You better be. They get anything on you… those criminals will be back on the streets… *Suddenly turning to walk over to the window and quietly* Followed swiftly by you and me… Because the notorious Underbellies will see to that.

At Metropolis Public Library…


Leslie: *Looking at Blossom, Sora and Carly* Are you guys sure that you are wanting to know the signs of there being a Divorce in the family? Blossom, You and I found Zoey in the restroom this morning and she made note of her father and mother divorcing. Her mother severing all ties to the family. She is really devastated.

Blossom: I know. She’s been really distant today. Afraid to really say anything to anyone all day. And just so you know, Leslie… Luna is divorced. It’s just not finalized is all.

Leslie: We can still look up the signs of there being a possible divorce. Although… Some of the things you’ll find… You’re not gonna like.

Sora: Maybe not. But we need to know about what the signs are so we can be prepared for what might come.

Carly: This is hard enough on us to know that our father is out having affairs with other women and our mom is now devastated. We gave her the news of what our dad’s been up to and it broke her. However… she already knew. She already knew much about what was going on anyway.

Leslie: What’re you guys gonna do?

Sora: We have no idea.

It was only minutes later when suddenly Leslie got to a computer and went online to look for helpful signs to detect in teens enduring the possibility of their parents seeking a Divorce. It was not long before something was found…

Leslie: This is the link. The Website. It’s however a PDF File. But the guide is here. Possible signs of there being a Divorce imminent on starting:

Sora and Carly get closer to take a better look and took note of the signs…


Carly: *Looking at the Screen* Dating and Remarriage… Your parents are probably going to start dating again at some point. Seeing your parents dating can be a shock because it ends your hope that maybe they can get back together. It can be weird for teens to see their parents back on the dating scene, because it’s the time in your life when you’re probably starting to think about relationships. It’s strange to know you’re going out on a date the same night as your mom. But it’s healthy for her to be able to get away from the pain and grief of divorce and start searching for a new partner to share her life. Maybe one of your parents has already found a new partner and that’s the reason for the divorce. That can be a really awkward situation because you might feel this new partner is to blame for the end of your parents marriage. But the reasons for the divorce are between your parents, and chances are that you don’t know all the details. You don’t have to treat this new partner like a “new mom” or “new dad.” They won’t ever replace your parents. But be open to this new person in your life. You may like them more than you thought you could.

Sora: Custody… Custody is one of biggest issues in divorce. Most couples are able to work this out themselves without having to go to court. Even when your parents don’t fight over custody, it can be hard for you to accept the arrangement. You might feel rejected if, for example, your dad decides you’ll live full-time with your mom and see him on weekends. Usually, your parents are just looking out for your best interests. It’s not that your dad doesn’t want you to live with him. It could be that maybe your mom is staying in the family home and your dad knows it would be better for you to stay there too. Sometimes parents can’t agree on custody and then they will have to go to court. As older children, you will usually get to have a say about which parent you want to live with. This can be a really stressful situation for teens, who feel like they’re caught in the middle and forced to choose between two parents. A judge will take your wishes into consideration when deciding on custody. But ultimately, the court will try to decide what’s in your best interest – even if it’s not exactly what you wanted. In most cases, children end up living with their mother and seeing their father for regular visits, like on weekends or during the summer. This can be a challenge to keep in touch with your dad if you’re suddenly not seeing him every day like you used to. It might mean you have to change around your schedule a lot. For instance, maybe you’re used to hanging out with your friends on weekends and now you have to go out of town to see your dad. *Looking at Carly* It could also mean the same for if it were mom who had been having the affair.

Leslie: There’s also Finances.

Blossom: That’s never pretty.

Sora: What about the reactions to a divorce?

Carly: Betrayal, Guilt, Divided Loyalties, Confused about Relationships…

Sora: Mistakes that the parents make…

Carly: Badmouthing the other parent, Bribery, Treating the minor/s as a Confidant/s and Don’t Visit or cancel them or treating the children as possible spies. Having them spy on the other parent. Keeping tabs on the other.

Leslie: There are resources… Like movies. Twilight saga. T.V show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

Sora: What about Teen help?

Leslie: *Thinking* That may also help. If your parents are seeking the Divorce… You’re gonna need to seek any kind of help or insight that you possibly can. From shows that foster some references to what Divorces can do to families. What can happen and what might come next.

As they were talking…


Perry: *Walking over from the door* Blossom… What’re you doing here?

Blossom: *Looking to the side* Perry? Where did you come from? Did you happen to follow us?

Perry: No. But i heard something about the Mob. There’s word that they were contacted by a young girl who calls herself Rita the Hammer. No one knows who she is. But another source is saying that she’s a Middle school Girl. Someone named Leslie.

Blossom: Funny that you say that… Very funny.

Perry: Why is that funny? *Confused* What could be funny about that?

Blossom: It’s because my Best friend here… Her name is Leslie. Leslie Tina Burke.

Perry: *Pauses* Uh… Uh… Oh god. Blossom, You should get the hell away from her. She’s dangerous. She’s Rita the Hammer. There’s word of it being spread… All over the wires. The Mob is looking for her. Niko is looking for her and is expecting her to keep her end of whatever bargain she’s made.


Kirsten: *Walking in* There’s someone from that Mob saying that Rita the Hammer came to them vowing to hand them the Rhapsody New Generation.

Leslie: … *Backing away slowly and feeling the eyes of suspicion looking upon her*

Perry: *Spotting Leslie* Leslie! Get yourself back here. Now! You’re Being spoken about all over the wires. From the Mob… What’s the deal?

Leslie: *Looking down* I can’t tell. But Perry… You’re her brother. I will tell you. But it’s between you and Blossom, Sora and Carly and I. I won’t speak of it around her. No offense… but with people in the city all wanting to point the wrong fingers at me… For things i have not done. I’m running a little low on trust.

Kirsten: Leslie… I am not gonna judge you. some of the things you’re doing… I did something somewhat similar… This was year ago as i was making ends meet. I was alone and with no food. So when i stole… it was for survival. Not really smart… But i had to. The Mob steals for profit. And Money is always good. But it’s also the source of all greed. You can trust me. I won’t openly judge without a reason.

Leslie: *Nods* Alright. Let’s head over to the Sun shack… We’ll all talk there. But i’m younger than you guys… I might be a little shy with the details because it’s really really touchy…

A Moment later…

At the Sun shack…

In the back on the side by the window looking out…


Leslie: *Sighs* Perry, Your sister’s my best friend. I love her dearly. But what i’m about to tell you is not gonna sound so good. It’s about my involvement with the Mob. How deep i am with the Mob. As Blossom may have told you already about me… She only told of the good. None of the bad. That’s how i wanted it. But i can’t hide anymore. It’s got to be told. Perry, You’re Blossom’s brother and if there is anything i can’t deny… it’s this: If i don’t get good standing with you. I won’t have a chance with her.

Perry: I think that i got that now… Leslie, What’s going on?

Leslie: When i was truly just beginning my whole involvement with the Mob… I was in need of Experience. A lot of it. But Dorian was trying to protect me from most of it as he saw me as a young beginner. He didn’t want me to get into danger. Not so fast. But i needed to build up my Mobster Identity. And Yes… You’re right. It is as you hear… Rita the Hammer.

Perry: Okay. That we got. We got that cleared.

Kirsten: But what was this deal that you made about?

Leslie: What the deal was that i have made with them… It was just this: The deal was that i would help bring the fighters to their knees for half of the Funds of the Mob. Niko’s team. That i knew one of the fighters and that i would get that one person to help me get the fighters to surrender and retire. Which means… put them in traction. I told them that the friend i had… Possessed a sparky temper. And had Electric power.

Perry: The only ones i know with Electric power and with a sparky temper are Serena are My sister… Blossom. It wouldn’t be Serena as she doesn’t know about you. So… It’d have to be my sister Blossom.

Leslie: Yeah. However… I said friend with a sparky temper and Electric powers. But i didn’t give the Mob… Niko’s men anything more. Like the name of who i meant. Which puts them in confusion. I knew who i meant. But… They don’t.

Perry: It doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that you told them about the fighters.

Blossom: Perry, It isn’t like that. Not like that at all. She was only getting a hold of their trust is all… However… There is a plan. We get the Mob to think that the Fighters are all retired and in traction. Gone. But that means… The fighters will have to go into hiding. Only for a short time though. Then as soon as the Mob is made aware that the City is theirs for the taking. The fighters come out full frontal and take the Mob out of commission.

Sora: This is not what we were expecting to know. We have to go into hiding? How do we even do that? We can’t go into hiding. There is no way that we can go into hiding. Too many people know us and our habits. We’re too predictable to people and if we were to change track… It’s gonna lead suspicion that something’s wrong. The People will notice.

Carly: They’re gonna be asking questions.

Perry: It isn’t that. Not like what you’re thinking. *To his sister* Blossom, You’re gonna need to find a way to start pulling from her. Little by little.

Blossom: But Perry…

Perry: Blossom, I understand that she’s your friend. She is your friend and you’d do anything to stand up and stick for your friend. However… She’s involved with the Mob. She’s in the Mob world. *To Leslie* Leslie, You’re not a bad person… But our father is gonna be pissed and will more likely than not… Ban you from seeing my sister. I don’t particularly think too highly of you. But with how you are sounding… From what you said so far… You sound like you truly regret the deal of which you’ve made the Mob. *Looking back to his sister* Blossom, You’re involved with the Mob… From how this has sounded. You need to tell dad about this before someone else does. Because if you don’t and he finds out from someone else… the results will be worse and you’ll be denied of being permitted to see your friend again. Leslie will be banned from being near you and you’ll be grounded.


Blossom: *Desperate* Perry… It isn’t that simple. I can’t tell him. He’s gonna want to come out fighting. There is nothing he will be able to do. He has no fighting power left. The Electric elemental powers he once had… Are gone. He will only get killed. I don’t want that… Do you?

Perry: Sis, I don’t know what it is that i want. What it is that you are asking for. But this is dangerous shit. The Mob will retaliate and someone’s gonna get capped. You and Leslie have this plan and it’s all good. But the others won’t fall for it. They’re gonna come out fighting and Leslie is gonna be the one in the crossfire. You know about Leslie’s plan. So does Sora and Carly… i would guess now. But the older fighters… They don’t know about Leslie. *Serious and pleading* Blossom, This is never gonna work. You’re involved now with the Mob. Probably with some habit. Not sure what it is… And i don’t really want to know. However… This is some seriously dangerous mojo.

Leslie: Perry, I won’t let anything come to harm Blossom. She already knows and i am also gonna tell you. I will not allow for the Mob to come at Blossom. To get to her… they will have to get through me and i won’t move so they can.

Kirsten: That’s gonna be fine and well… It’s admirable. But Leslie… Mr. Rhapsody… Curtis has a certain way of looking at things. He’s not gonna be happy. I know him enough to know how he is. Perry told me things about how he sees things.

Perry: Leslie, I don’t know about you much. I really don’t. But for a hunch… I’m gonna see about covering for you. If possible. As will Kirsten. I’ll try to get a couple others to jump in and take part on covering for you where possible. But Since my sister Blossom is involved with you. Really close and likely Relationship involved… You’re responsible for her safety as long as she’s with you. Young girl or not… You cause her any harm or allow for any harm to come at her for any reason… Or if she gets hurt under your watch… You and I will tussle and no gun will keep you from getting it from me.

Blossom: Come on Perry. Stop it. She’s not like that and you should know by now.


Perry: *Sighs* Sorry, But… What do you want me to say? huh? What is it that you expect me to say? Blossom, You’re my sister and I Love you like crazy… But sometimes you can be truly oblivious to what’s really going on.


Blossom: *Looking down* I know. I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. I don’t know what’s really going on half the time… Do I?

Perry: No. Plus… If you were to notice and it might come past you soon as dad would tell you…

Sora: Where is this shift of conversation coming from?

Perry: What do you think, Sora… Carly? Uncle Alvin… Your father…  is getting divorced. Aunt Alice was said to file for it just 4 hours ago. Our Dad just called me… before school let out… Telling me that Alice is filing for Divorce and has already done it. Alvin is gonna be served… If he hasn’t already.

Carly: When was this…? *Panicking* Is Mom crazy? She can’t do that… This is gonna land her with unwanted attention. Dad is gonna only retaliate because he was meaning to keep the affair a secret. He’s gonna be looking for a reason to fight.

Perry: There is nothing you can do, Sora… Carly. It’s done. You can’t stop it.

Blossom: You two should have kept the affair quiet. This is turning into a mess.


Leslie: No worse than my deal with the Mob. I’m dead. I’m so dead. *In dread* I have to hope that the Mob can be over turned. I’m gonna need to find a way to scythe the funds going to the Mob. Without having to be caught by Niko’s men. that way i can get my cut of their money without having to see them expecting for you guys to be all in traction. After tonight i might have to see that i blend in really well with the mass of other school attendees. That way… No one will be hurt.

Sora: How? How are you gonna be able to do that? It’s the weekend now and there is no school on the weekends.

Carly: What we do know… is that we’re gonna have to steer clear of our house tonight. For a few nights. But we don’t know if we’ll be able to sneak away.

Leslie: No. You two should just bide your time. Don’t over act on what’s going on with your mom and dad. The Divorce just happened today… If you react too sudden… It’ll raise a red flag. You two are now in the Mob now. But don’t expose the obvious. The last thing you need is to have people coming on to you about being in the Mob… on top of knowing and enduring the reality that your parents are divorcing.



Donald: *Walking over* Hello there… You guys ready to order? *Spotting Leslie* Leslie, You’re here with The Esp Twins and Electrogal?

Leslie: Uh, Yeah. Blossom’s my best friend. Plus… Just between us… She’s also someone i love alot. *Feeling a little embarrassed*

Donald: Whoa… That’s a revelation. Really. *Recalling something* Hey… I heard that the Radio DJ is holding a 2 hour special edition of “The Lord Arnold Variety hour”. With the special guest being… The girl from New York.

Blossom: That’d be you, Leslie. You’re the one who’s from New York.

Leslie: Huh… Me? Why me?

Blossom: I don’t know… But from the way it sounds to me… us. You’re gonna be on the Air tonight. I say… don’t do it. It seems like a lure to give out something for the fuel of that jerkish Lt. Kellaway to use. Using it to his advantage. I don’t want him to have anymore reason to come at you. He’s an ass. Kellaway is accusing you of things which you haven’t done. It’s heinous.

Sora: It might not be so bad. Maybe this will get all the people to stop spreading all these false rumors about you, Leslie.

Carly: That would help. You being Judged all the time by people and by that one beastly Lt. That’s just wrong…

They had all reached a mutual agreement on the plan for handling the Mob and got to talking about other things. Blossom’s brother was on the same page as she was and He was stepping up to help where he could. He didn’t know about the habits and didn’t ask. All he could do was hope that his sister was gonna be keeping a neutral involvement on the matter. What was being said about the Mob… Leslie’s Involvement… It didn’t sound as good as expected. Leslie now had word of being called out on a On-Air special. Things were gonna go on and Leslie was likely gonna be in the brunt of it all…

That night…

Metropolis Radio Station…

98.6 MRHAP…


Arnold: *On-Air* It’s 7:30 folks. In a half hour from now… we will be having the In depth Radio show Interview with the one and Only Leslie Tina Burke. The City’s now known Gangster gal. We’re gonna hear it all from her. Tonight on this 2 hour special. It’s all gonna be here. Tonight on MRHAP Metropolis, Folks. Don’t go away. Don’t miss it.

A few seconds later…

Music is played from the oldies…

Arnold: *On the Phone* Well… i hope that i’ve got the right #. Is this the one and only girl that a bunch of people revere?


Leslie: *On the Phone* Yeah. It is. Who’s this?

Arnold: Lord Arnold. The head DJ of the Radio Station MRHAP. I am issuing an all out invite. I was the one that sent a song out to you. Not long ago.

Leslie: *Remembering* Oh yeah… That’s… right. Wait. That was you on the Radio. Calling me a “Candy Girl.” Wasn’t it?

Arnold: Guilty. But yes. That was me. I have been following up on the news developments concerning you. I heard that people were calling you the Innocence killer. But i myself… Don’t believe that.

Leslie: I appreciate that. I however wish that others felt the same as you did.

Arnold: They will. after tonight. Because the city knows for fact that i’ve been calling you out. To come on the air at the station here to do an interview. A full on interview about the real Leslie T. Burke. Not the girl they choose to conjure up. But the real girl. You. A Two hour special. You being the special guest on the Lord Arnold Variety Hour.

Metropolis Hotel…

Room #624…

Leslie: *Shocked* You what?! You called me out to do an interview? On your show. At the station… Tonight?

Arnold: That’s right.

Leslie: When?

Arnold: 8 o’clock tonight.

Leslie: I’m not even ready. I’m gonna have to get cleaned up first before coming out over there. *Curious* Not that i don’t appreciate all this though… I am grateful that you’re doing all this. But… Part of me is wanting to ask, Why. Why’re you doing all this just for me?

Arnold: It’s because i am sick of people making up rumors and wild sprung untrue theories about you. Trying to make you seem like the bastard of the city. This is your city too. I know i am not the mayor. I am not the people nor am i a city official. But… whatever things you’ve done in this city. Good… Bad. Doesn’t matter. You’re part of the Mob… Don’t care. As far as i see it. You are part of the city. the people that don’t like it. They can just get off their high horse and deal.

Leslie: *Chuckles and letting off a laugh* You must be related to my best friend Blossom. She gets just as intense and deep as you do.

Arnold: My Niece… She’s been reported by the newspapers to be seen at the Coco Bongo Club last night. Smoking. I believe that it’s your doing. But… Again. I am not gonna Judge. The way i see it… We all have done things in the past that we’re not proud of. It’s just Life.

Leslie: I guess that i can agree with that. I believe that too.

Arnold: We’ll see you here… At 8. You be careful till then. Don’t worry… After tonight… you’ll be getting the civility you’re entitled to. No more untrue rumors are gonna be spread. That’s stopping tonight.

Leslie: Okay.

The call ends…

Leslie: *Freaking out* Oh my god… I’m gonna be on the Air. On the Radio station to tell my story. The real story… *Frantically running to grab a change of clothes and prepping everything* This is so surreal. I have to change. Clean up. Oh god…

It was ten minutes to 8 that night when she was set to go. She made sure that everything was closed up and shut down. She grabbed her pack and her keys. Some money as well. In case that she happened to need it. Leslie was ensuring that she had everything she’d need before heading out. Blossom was out doing a hit on her own and She was training the new Mob girls. Showing them some tricks that she had learned.

At the Radio station…

7:58 PM.

Arnold: *On Air* It’s almost time for the Variety hour. The 2 hour special. It’s been a great pleasure to stay with you all and to be your DJ of the City. Giving you all the light you need to keep hanging on during these dark times courtesy of the Mob. Niko is still out there. But the Law… Is millions strong. *Looking at the time* It’s 8:00 and here is the start of the Variety hour. *Playing a Music track* To start us off… Let’s start off with Mrs. Music. with one of the greats. Beginning the week of September 16, 2000, this song began its four-week streak at #1. Here’s Madonna… With “*Music*” Right here on MRHAP Metropolis… The station that remains hoppin’…


Arnold turned to see Leslie Walking up towards the door…

Arnold: *Grins* Just in time… *Walking to the door and stepping out of the DJ station* Hey there. I was wondering when you’d show. Kinda began to figure you seeming to get mixed up a little.

Leslie: It’s okay. I Kinda took a cab here. The strange thing though is that i didn’t even get to tell the driver where to go. He just drove and somehow knew where it was that i was going. I didn’t mind it or anything… But it did feel eerie. I think the driver must have been psychic. *Walking over suddenly as she finally reaches the last step of the stairs* I guess that this is the place. Nice place. *Smiles*

Arnold: *Looking at the sides* Yeah… Kinda messy isn’t it?

Leslie: Yeah. But it’s probably because you’re in process of redecorating. Remodeling?

Arnold: You could say that. It’s remodeling. Some fresh paint and a little bit of ambiance. It’ll be sweet in no time. Long hours here keeps it hard to do much of any remodeling and it’s not all that pretty to be the only one doing it.

Leslie: You should have some help in the work with remodeling here. It could cut the work load a bit.

Arnold: True. It could. I could really use the help.

Leslie: What color were you planning to paint it?

Arnold: Cherry Blossom. It’s something to use to liven it up a bit. Besides… some of the guests i had on the Variety hour were Asian. One of them asked me: “How come you don’t have something that relates a little to Asians or Koreans. Japanese culture maybe? Do we offend?” I don’t know if they meant it to come out like that… But it wasn’t really good.

Leslie: Sounds like they were trying to put you on the spot.

Arnold: It does, doesn’t it?

Leslie: Sure does.

Arnold: *Hearing the music reaching the end* I better get back on and start the show. However… When i give the signal you come into the DJ Quarters. We’ll get a rollin’.

Leslie: Okay.

A Minute later…

Arnold: *On-Air* This is your Watchdog with a great hit. That was “*Music*” By Madonna. Now… It’s time to get this show on the immediate Roll. *Giving Leslie the signal to come into the Quarters*…

Leslie saw the signal and Walked over to the door and then seconds later…

Arnold: *On-air; Pressing the button for mic #2* Tonight we are gonna get the full on Interview. The real story of one Leslie Tina Burke. As you all know. She’s been here since the end of last year as sources say and since not too long ago. Early Last month she was reported going around calling herself one Rita the Hammer. Not a bad mobster girl name. Don’t really know what my Mobster name would be. But She also has been rumored to be on and selling Drugs for the Mob. Those allegations were false. Shook down and proven false in every way. There’s been since then and even before the allegations being proven false… wild theories and Conspiracy tales that sprung a plenty. Making the young girl originally from New York appear to be a unwanted waste. It’s what makes one feel that Love is in short supply. The girl deserves to have some love too. I don’t know about you avid listeners out there… But i got nothing but love and care for the girl. She’s on her own and surviving with what she knows and what she has. That’s good enough for me.

Arnold: *Seeing Leslie walking in and grabbing a seat by the mic* Here she is… The one and only… Gangster gal sweetheart. The girl from New York. Leslie Tina Burke. *To Leslie* Welcome to the show: “The Lord Arnold Variety Hour”. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Leslie: *On-Air* Thanks Arnold… It’s great to be here.

Arnold: *On-Air* You’re from New York, Aren’t you?

Leslie: That’s right. Originally from New York. But where i lived was Brooklyn near the borderline of Manhattan. The part where it was considered…Snooty.

Arnold: Not too far from the Big Apple, huh?

Leslie: No. it was pretty close. However… where i was… It was still a little distance away from there. I Lived in Brooklyn.

Arnold: Tell us about where you lived. What it was like.

Leslie: The part of Brooklyn that my parents and I Lived in was nice. So we all thought. It had a lot of Aristocratic like people. high people. Brooklyn most of the time when you hear someone say that they’re from Brooklyn, You’d always be thinking that the person was a tough guy. Or a Jerk or a real dirt…. You know the types. But the part of Brooklyn that was my biological home till sometime last year… was full of rich people. Hierarchy like. You had to live and act a certain way. You had to be how the higher people wanted or you were put to shame. My parents were like that. Made a good honest living from it. They weren’t Snooty at all though. They only had to play the part when needed to appease the ones who were. But in truth… were sweet. Kind and well civil Alot of people there were Snooty, regardless. But for the ones who weren’t… Were still rich and managed to hold their own. Not caring about being Judged as in the end. When all was said and done… They had each other and it was all that mattered. Some of the people would ask why they are not raising their noses into the air and acting like the superior breed. But the way it was… The ones who were nice… They didn’t answer to the Snooty ones. They knew who they were and stayed true to the same. Alot of the ones that were nice and did what they did in nature. Staying nice and polite and considerate. were okay. They weren’t aimed at with ridicule or malice. However… for the ones that weren’t so lucky… got the blunt attacks. Verbal. The works.

Arnold: What about your parents? Tell about them. Who were they? What were they like?

Leslie: My parents. Well… My father… Carl Valentine Burke was a Business man/High status Artist. He had a bit of a habit himself like biting his nails. He used to do it 20 times a day and there were times when he would do it and my mom saw… She’d tell him to stop eating his nails. Biting them was just gross. It made him come off as someone who ate his own body. It wasn’t as if he did it to be gross. He just had a nervous tic. He would only do it when he was really nervous about something. He worried about me though… Alot. As did my mother. She also worried about me. But also didn’t smother me. My mother Elizabeth Anne Burke was a Broker. She would sell and trade good art. Also auction it off to prospective buyers. Making about 600,000 a day. Maybe more if she landed more business. But on average… it was about 575,000 Dollars a day. Average. My parents were really rich. Billionaire rich. 3 times over. Throughout that time till i had to leave them. Break. They had managed to set about 400,000 dollars a month aside for me. To build my Inheritance up. I didn’t even know till sometime after i Emancipated from them. I didn’t even know how much it was. They would tell me that it was 20 Million. But then revealed to me that i was honestly entitled to 80 Million. 20 to start. But 60 Million when i turned 21. That would be when i’d be able to get the Main amount of my inheritance.

Arnold: So, You’re a rich person. A Rich Girl?

Leslie: Yes.

Arnold: What was your father like to you?

Leslie: He was really vibrant in how he spoke and how he saw things. He saw class and beauty in everything. Some people would construe that as being something called a “Fag” Only because for guys to see anything with Beauty… It was like saying that they were gay. Really gay. Or… Queer. But my dad wasn’t one who’d be afraid to speak his mind. He once had an art Expo and i remember how he would take me to a few of them and i would recall how he would point out all the different interesting art entries that were done. To him. Each one told a story. No matter how big or small. I remember one that he told me. It was as we managed to come across a picture that foretold the coming of Christ. He told me that story as if he was in it.

Arnold: Like as though he were living it… at that moment as the picture showed?

Leslie: Yeah. He made it seem like it was really happening at that moment. What made it funny was that he imagined the baby a female and pictured me as the child of god. Made the lord a woman. He pictured me as like a divining light. As it was… I kinda already was as i learned how to fight. But it was when i was like 7 that i had to start learning to. Brooklyn throughout the years had changed though.  But at these art shows that my dad would take me to… They were so amazing. Really eventful as every picture we saw would breathe out a tale. Like the one depicting the St. Valentines Massacre. The Battle of Troy. Ones about the great depression and World wars. Pictures that were historical and had value. He would relay every story to me as though he saw himself in it and that he lived it. His imagination in Art was endless. He would always tell me things. I remember him once telling me about how one day in life i would have to stand on my own two feet. But to fight for what was right. He said: “Leslie, the world beyond Brooklyn is treacherous and uncaring. Many things can happen but the best way to survive is to fight. Keep your guard up. Coming to survive means learning to fight.” It helped. Because i learned to defend myself. Had to. I would be dead otherwise. He also told me something else. “To survive on ones own and while on the open road. Look around. Use your surroundings for ways to survive. Anything that can be used as a tool or a useful item… Made into one. Use. Use the Environment around you. It will give you somewhat a fighting chance on the outside.” With that statement, it was as though he believed that the world was dangerous. It’s true. The world is really unsafe now for anyone to travel on their own.

Arnold: But you managed to get here on your own with whatever stuff you could carry in a few bags and then in secret… the inheritance that you could have access to for the time being. That’s a feat which isn’t as common for a 12-13 year old Kid… or teen to have. But you made it work for you.

Leslie: That’s what i did. My father was worried about me and knew that i would be attacked if i ever left on my own. Which later… Last year… I finally had to. For reasons that even now i bear a heavy heart over. My Grandfather, my father’s father served in the Marines for a few years when he was about 20-21. He’s dealt with the dangers of the world. Not just the foreign… but the Domestic. He passed on what he knew about the world… to my father and my father to me. My mother… She was different. She was raised as a socialite.

Arnold: Not to sound edgy or wrong about Socialite sort of people… But. A socialite is a popular person (usually from a wealthy or aristocratic background), who has a largely known reputation and a high social position in upper class society. A socialite spends a significant amount of time participating in social activities and continually attend various social gatherings such as charity events, private parties, fashion shows, fine arts fundraisers, luncheons, festivals and other exclusive events; as well as engaging in conversations with guests or entertaining members who share a similar upper-class social standing. Right?

Leslie: That’s what they are. But my mother was different than the common Socialite. She was preservative and more frugal. She’s a Heiress to the Burke Arts academy and holds all the stocks for every asset of the Burke fortune. But she doesn’t go about it just to flaunt. She does go to all of the Socialite gatherings. Embraces the perks that come along. But just to go and mingle. She goes as she is and dresses to impress. But not to stick out and say: “Hey, Look at me. I’m Elizabeth Burke… I’m Rich and i got all this. Look. Wanna see?” No. She’s kind and polite and very dignified. Alot of times when you think socialite or higher upper crust like people. You somehow think of the decades of the 50’s-70’s… Where there were two types of people. Soc’s and Greasers. Soc’s are mostly stuck up. Perfect hair, Perfect teeth. Perfect body. The whole package. All of it. As for the greasers were different. Tough. Greasy hair, crooked teeth. Greasers were a working class youth subculture that originated in the 1950s among teenagers in the United States. Rock and roll music, especially rockabilly, was a major part of the culture, and styles were influenced by singers. But the part that gets me is that they’re also nice. They’re so into building cars and listening to Doowop sort of music. But they’re like just… Nicer than what alot would expect. My mom was a Socialite but there were those who would mistake her as a soc. She wasn’t. I mean… she may have been one. But she truly never acted like one. To her… She didn’t care about the money. She just wanted to be known for who she was. Not because of her money and what kind of wealth she had. She had connections too. A good amount of them. But she only cared about having friends. Ones who cared about her… for her. for who she was inside. Not what she possessed.

Arnold: But all in all… She was true to herself and stayed true to what she was and didn’t act as someone she knew she wasn’t.

Leslie: Correct. My mom was not like that. She was kind and sweet. However she had to play at both sides. Not to hide that she was nice and sweet. But to attain a social stable footing. In the Aristocratic society… You could not be simply nice. Not around others. That was a no-no. If you had done that… You were seen as garbage or defective. They would scorn you and not want anything to do with you.

Arnold: Wow! Color us as mind-blown and astonished. You must have been privileged.

Leslie: I was. But i was like my mom and dad. I didn’t care about that life. I was just happy for the very air that i breathed. The family i had and just being alive. Living in a posh home. I was safe. I knew it as i was safe. With my mother and father. I didn’t need anything more. I figured that if i were to get it… great. I’d treasure it and be grateful. But i would not be one who’d just get something and expect more. Not like others who were from rich families did. Or like the girl for example from: “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Veruca Salt. A greedy girl who would want more and more and never be satisfied. Crying if she didn’t get what she wanted. In my home neighborhood… I saw a few kids like that and i just felt sickened. Because to me… it was like they were spoiled rotten. and still wanted more and more. thought that if they drew up some tears and or snapped their fingers… Produced a temper tantrum they would get what they wanted. I was different. I got everything… gradually. but i really didn’t care about it. I just was fine with having loving parents. A nice safe home and good air inside my lungs. That’s all that mattered.

Arnold: The spirit of a person who is down to earth and doesn’t let the money and the riches change who they were meant to be. *A second pause* You’re listening to the one and only Leslie Tina Burke’s real story. On the Lord Arnold’s Variety Hour’s 2 hour special. On MRHAP Metropolis. We’re gonna take a music break and when we come back… More on Leslie Tina Burke’s real story. The story coming straight from her lips to all you listeners. As the 2 hour special edition of the Lord Arnold Variety hour continues. Don’t go away…

Music is put on-air…

Leslie: *Hearing the song* That’s Cher. I listen to her songs. That song… Half-Breed. I can relate to as i feel like i am a rich girl who is choosing to live like a normal common person and being judged because of what i am and not what i am choosing not to be. *Remembering the song and singing a little* “My father married a pure Cherokee
My mother’s people were ashamed of me. The Indians said I was white by law,
The White Man always called me “Indian Squaw”. Half-breed, that’s all I ever heard. Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word. Half-breed, she’s no good they warned. Both sides were against me since the day I was born.”

Arnold: That’s pretty good. You’re a good singer. You know… You have a wonderful singing voice.

Leslie: No i don’t. I actually don’t sing all that good. I just do some once in a while. But mostly singing along with the songs as they play. That’s about all.

Arnold: That was still pretty good for someone who just sings along to songs as they play.

Leslie: Thank you.

Arnold: De nada.

When the Song ended…

Arnold: *On-Air* We’re back, folks. You’re listening to the Lord Arnold’s Variety Hour’s special edition. As you heard from Leslie Burke… My special guest tonight. She’s from Brooklyn and she’s come out with the reality that she’s an Heiress. But she’s more keen on living normal and not flashing her riches all over town. She’s the kind who stays simple and casual. People have judged her in this city and Tonight is the night that the records of who she is… gets set straight. Right here on MRHAP Metropolis… *Giving a second pause* So far… We heard about the kind of family she’s got. Who they were. What they did. The types of people they associated with… But how they choose to live. But now we will hear about her and the events that lead to her having to make the toughest choice. Emancipation. *To Leslie* So… Leslie. Your parents are still in Brooklyn. Where your biological roots reside. Tell us about yourself. What are you like?

Leslie: *On-Air* What i’m like… Well, i like running and also reading. I happen to read a good book sometimes when i am alone. I read books about world wars and fantasy novels. It always relaxes me as when you read too much reality. You start to feel as if all there is… is reality. Bloodshed. Famine, War… Poverty. Disaster. It depresses you and makes you believe that the world’s got nothing good going for it. I read Harry Potter books. I have all 7 books of the series. Alot of the books i have that are fantasy… I would always keep close and read them to cheer myself up when i feel like everything and everyone has hurt me.

Arnold: It’s like your safety net. No harm in that. Everyone tends to have one that they get into when they feel as though the world around them has just once again let them down.

Leslie: Exactly. I don’t have much to be into. I read the books sometimes at night before i turn in. I don’t think that i even told my best friend Blossom that. Actually considering how things turned out… The only actual friends i have is my best friend that i made which is Blossom. Then there are Sora and Carly. They’re also my friends. I have never told them about the books. I am sure that they’d like hearing about that. *Chuckles* But yeah… I read the books and i actually have the movies too. Not many people know that i have been among them since last year here and yet… kept mainly to myself. But that’s not the only thing that i do. I also hang out at the park sometimes and watch the stars. I used to do that sometimes back in Brooklyn. During the cool summer nights. When it would be so peaceful and serene. That you could look up and even with all the lights around you… You could look up and just see the stars. Seeing them just glistening so freely. With not a care or a worry. They’d just glisten and twinkle so vibrant. Free. I haven’t been able to do that yet here in Metropolis. But i’d so want to. Sometime. It’d be great to just look up at the sky and see the stars. sitting and not caring about the world for just that moment. Letting all your worry float away. Not living in fear… in panic. It’s like nothing matters for just that one moment. Time is still. And there you have that feeling that you’re free. unrestrained and able to lift up and fly.

Arnold: I think that alot of us would give anything to have that moment where we all fly away and just be free. Just having that moment where all there is… is freedom. Peace and serenity. Not having to worry about the world and its spinning out of control for that one moment.

Leslie: What do you think? It would be better than always being surrounded by the constant disappointments of the world around you. We know that the world just rots a lot because there is just so much sadness. Pain. Misfortune. People judging one another. Not only that… It is also a good outlet for just letting out all your hurt. and sending it up to the sky. and letting the peace of the glistening stars fill you with serenity and calm.

Arnold: There must be other things that you like to do as well.

Leslie: Actually… There’s not really all that much that i do for fun on my own. I usually spend all my fun time and down time with my family. Or did before last year. However… there is something else that i like to do. I also like to go shopping. I don’t do it all the time though. Just every other month. Since i got here in this city. Although it’s just one of the things that i disguise myself while doing. I happen to have a couple disguises that i use. Like the goth girl ensemble. With the Black wig and the Black lipstick, Black Nail polish. Legging’s and the black shoes too… It makes me look a bit like Cher had done for one of her movie roles. She didn’t look that much of a goth. But her hair style was frizzy. But my wig is Black and frizzy. I made it myself.

Arnold: Well well well… Sounds like there is something new about the real Leslie that none of us knew about before. How about that? But why do you need disguises to go out and enjoy your life? You’re a sporting girl and like a lot of others who enjoy shopping and being… well free. You shouldn’t have to hide…

During the Interview…

As it was going on…

In an Unmarked Detective car…

Lt. Kellaway: *Listening in on the Interview* Is this for real? That girl is seriously trying to mull one over on us to keep from being sighted for her mob hits that she’s been doing. Tyrell’s taught her well.

Doyle: Come on Boss… That girl is telling it straight. Tyrell wouldn’t know a thing about the girl’s parents and what they were really like or not like.

Lt. Kellaway: It don’t matter. She’s trying to blow smoke up our asses and is using her whole home life pariah tale to act like the tickler and tickle our bottoms. Trying to get a rise.

Doyle: You’re just being really suspicious about that girl. She’s not doing anything bad and you know it, Boss. She’s actually pretty sweet and serene.

At Curtis and Megan’s house…

In Blossom’s room…


Blossom: *Listening to the Radio and Listening to Leslie’s real story* Leslie’s rich. But is acting like she just doesn’t care about the money. She’s got like so much strength in her that it’s as if she doesn’t have any known weakness. But what is she doing? She’s likely without knowing giving those cops fuel for their hellbent fire. *Sighs; Looking up at the sky* Leslie, What’re you doing?

Back at the Radio Station…

Arnold: *On-Air* You have so much going for you. Alot to live for. However… to the sweet… soon comes the sour as many would say… What led you to Emancipate from your parents. The life that you knew in Brooklyn? What some of the listeners… Like me and i am quite sure that my Niece… Your Best friend Blossom and friends Sora and Carly who are also my nieces… would like to know is what made you leave your family. The ones who brought a wonderful… Loving and highly spirited girl into the world? What made you do it?

Leslie: *On-Air* I was a 12-13 girl. still 13. I didn’t happen to see much of any other choice than to cut loose. It wasn’t as if I wanted to just break from them. *Feeling a little down and upset as she had to think back to why she left her parents* I Love them… But i couldn’t stay a part of them and watch them suffer anymore. I couldn’t.

Arnold: Why? What was so bad that you had to leave and Emancipate from them?

Leslie: I don’t know. I don’t want to really think about it as it is just really sad. But it started 2 years ago. I guess… When i was 11. That was when it started getting worse from what was being done to them.

Arnold: What was going on? What started?

Leslie: It was four years ago. It was around noon. I was in the 4th grade and it was 4 years ago from the week before last. I came home to a broken window and a door. School that day happened to conclude very early that day. I guess that it was where it began as my parents came home angry. I asked them what happened and for no apparent reason… They broke down in tears. It took them 4 hours to stop crying. When they were able to stop the crying and come to their senses… They told me what had happened. That’s when i started to cry. I was only 9 and i was still a bit young and didn’t really have much use to really let out my thoughts about what was being said. I believed it to be all just a mistake and thought it would be just something which would blow over. I actually thought that it would have blown over. But…

Arnold: It never did. Did it? From the way it sounds… it just was the start of the ongoing attacks that pushed you to do something which was the hardest thing you ever thought you would have to do.

Leslie: *Feeling her eyes starting to well up a little* Yeah. It started at work. My father’s work. A rumor started that he was laundering money from his own company. Or the company that he was working for. He was a partner to someone higher up in the Art world. Someone who was really big in fame in the Art world. My dad was like a partner plus Business man for him. But the rumor that got spread and it even crossed his boss who was in fact his partner. The one he was a partner to. Someone who was indeed Jealous of how popular my father was that he wanted to tear him down. The guy my dad said that started it was Steve. Steve. There was never a last name to the guy as that jerk never let it out. But He spread this truly false rumor and it nearly ruined my father. My father was thereby frowned upon by the community. Plus it even reached the kids at the school i went to. The John Wayne Elementary. John Wayne was one of the Idols of mine. How he was fair and direct. Caring and outgoing. The incident got to where my school was and that was when i started getting the brunt of the attacks. The name calling. The teasing and the mocking. I didn’t really get the idea at first. But as it went on i just slowly grew tired of it. It took a while because i was one of the ones who didn’t let it get them down. I didn’t even let it bug me. However there isn’t a whole lot of people who are like that in Brooklyn. As i know of at least. There are few who are like that. Me being one of the few that i know of who get called names and doesn’t let it get to them. Me? It unfortunately… wasn’t the case. It got to me. It got me to start fighting back. That was a year and a half later.

Arnold: That was where you had to do something. If anything to stand up for yourself. It wasn’t easy though… was it?

Leslie: No. It wasn’t. However… As it was, The kids were all picking on me. I would get tormented till that moment where i finally decided to just break out and lash back. It even got to my mother as she started getting attacked. The snobbish people… The Aristocratic people… caught on that she wasn’t all in on being like she was a superior breed and one to treat others like they were nothing. She was expected to be snooty like them and when she wouldn’t do it… They all retaliated. Made it to where people avoided her like the plague. She still had her connections and crowds. But she could not hold any big charity events or gatherings. Because of the stigma that was going around. Actually restate that last statement. She could… But hardly anyone came. Only 10 people came compared to the normal 500 people easy. Yeah. It was that bad. It was that bad and it would only be worse in the long run.

Arnold: Did they survive?

Leslie: They did… But their social standing took a big hit. Which came to hurt me most of all… My parents were facing problems and their reputations and careers were going to the garbage chute. I was 11 when it got to be so bad that i had to start fighting back. With that… i mean. That’s where the nickname that the kids at the school started and began.

Arnold: What was the nickname that they had made?

Leslie: “Baby face” Burke… I got myself into several fights with the kids in my old neighborhood as i was standing up for my parents and when I saw the reality that my parents were indeed facing trouble and having issues… Harder issues than the ones that were there when all the torment began… That was when I knew that it was time to break. I was being called “Baby face Burke” Not that much of a insulting or hurtful name to be called. But after being called it every time the chance called for it… It got to the point that i was coming home from school in tears. It was not that bad… But it was just so hurtful.

Arnold: That’s terrible. What do you think made them want to call you that?

Leslie: I never really figured it out. I don’t even recall being one to stop and wonder about why it was that they called me that. I guess it was the stigma of what my parents were being put through that just got them set off. Making them just find some justification in calling me that. Maybe for a joke. Insult. A Laugh. Or because they wanted me to feel just as bad as my parents did or worse. I took it in however… the kids would chant it and even threw rocks at me. Eggs. I fought back and i was able to pack a bit of a punch. I returned the insults back at them and made them recant. It only worked to a certain point.

Arnold: You fought back?

Leslie: Had to. I mentioned that i taught myself how to fight. It was one of the things that i knew i had to do. I had to take a stand somewhere. I was seeing my parents getting trashed by Innuendo and malicious rumors. They made as though they could do their own fighting. But seeing them getting hurt and treated poorly by the Socialite community… I didn’t want to just stand aside and watch. I had to do something to get it to die down a little somehow. If there was any possibility in my helping in getting things to stop. I had to chance it.

Arnold: Did it work?

Leslie: Only for a week and a half. Each time that i managed to fight back. However… I at that time… reached my limit. The last fight i was involved in…

Arnold: It did something to you. Didn’t it?

Leslie: Yeah.

Arnold: What did it do?

Leslie: It pushed me to make the hardest choice that i never wanted to make. A choice that no 13 year should ever have to make. Ever…

Arnold: It was where you had to either make the hardest choice… Emancipate. Or stick around and see as the nightmare pressed onwards.

Leslie: Yeah… How did you know though?

Arnold: It kinda relates to something i faced 2 decades ago. The time when my family and i all had to battle against a Demon Tyrant. One: Scath/Trigon the Terrible. Back in the day… I was a hero. I had to fight for the world to be changed back to how it was before the Demon came and turned all before him into a desolate wasteland.

Leslie: You used to be one of the heroes back then?

Arnold: That’s right. back when i was a hero or fighter… Before i stepped down officially and retired… I had 9 times or moments where i came close to quitting the Hero Shtick. But in the end… i still stuck to it. But it didn’t change. I had to handle the matter at hand. As did the other fighters. It was fate. But that was back in the day. 2 decades ago. However… You. You had to make a choice. And it was a hard one. The toughest one to ever make.

Leslie: Yeah. What did it was the last fight i had gotten myself in. But just to take a stand and stand up for my parents.  The worst one that was also the very fight which got me to call it over and make the choice of breaking off… It was the one that got me angry. Really angry. Because what happened was that the guy that made that rumor. His wife or woman friend had these kids who were part of the Socialite community and were just as mean as the woman was. Just as mean as that guy was even worse than that. They came over a week later and just confronted me. Telling me: “We people have a certain way of acting. You and your family have all that money and should be smearing the wealth in the faces of the Lower class. Make them miserable because you have the type of money that they know they’re never gonna have. But you and your family don’t even care about the money. You’re weak. No backbone. You and your family should just sell off all your assets and give up the money. Be with the poor since you and your pathetic family can’t embellish the perks of being rich and one with the Socialite community” I just lost all sense and threw things in every direction. The whole thing made me mad. Angry. But then… it made me sad. Because i knew that with all my devotion to my parents… All the care i had for them. My love for them… I just couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Arnold: The greatest pain to a son or daughter who cares and loves their family so much that they would stand and stick up for them with out question. Seeing that no matter how hard they may try to stop the torment and the harassment that’s being done towards a loved one or family… There is nothing that can be done.

Leslie: It’s just not fair. It really isn’t fair at all. My parents didn’t deserve to be treated like that. With what was being done… It then got me slowly into a state of shock. I saw what my family was going through and all i could do was watch. I was 11 years old when i saw the very worst of it. The very worst of it and it upset me until finally… it had left me undeniably devastated and heart broken.

Arnold: You hung in there as much as you could. You did more than any loving devoted Daughter or son could have ever done. I am a parent myself. Leslie, I have no doubt. No doubt at all that your mom and dad are eternally thankful to you. Proud and grateful for all the effort you gave to stand up for them.

Leslie: *Sobbing a little* I’m sorry. I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to break away from there. I had no choice. No choice. It was that or watch as everything i knew of my family… fell to a distant memory. I am actually with the confession that i am terrified that i may have shamed them by breaking from them. They lost alot as it was… Then they face me Emancipating from them?

It was heard… All over the Airwaves.

Leslie was crying as she remembered what it was like to have no alternative choice but to file Emancipation. Breaking from her parents. Never being able to get back with her parents again.

The cries were heard by the listeners in New York. In Brooklyn…

At the Burke household…


Carl Valentine Burke: *Listening to the Radio* Our dear daughter is feeling the heartache. She should know that she did what she had to do. It wasn’t exactly the best thing… Although. As we were being torn apart… It wasn’t right to see her getting attacked as well. Circumstances called for Emancipation.


Elizabeth Anne Burke: Carl, Sweetie… Come on. She is always gonna be our daughter. Laws rule out that she’s no longer a Burke. But she’s still one by blood. She’s automatically entitled to the inheritance set for her. I just want our daughter to be happy. I know she did what she had to do to spare herself the pain of seeing us hurt. Emancipation was the only way. The only way.

Carl: How is it that she still knew or remembered all about what happened. From the beginning. Till now?

Elizabeth: How could she not? She’s still a young girl A young person. Now a teen but no matter what… She’s always gonna be our baby.

Carl: Liz’, She knows that. We would like her to come back. But the Socialite community would only eat her up. We can never have her back here. We can move and with the connections we still have, We can reverse the Emancipation. But she is likely with a new life for herself. If we were to go there… to Metropolis, Right now… It would throw her back.

Elizabeth: *Listening to the Radio* Are you hearing her? I mean… Really hearing her? She’s crying. The sound of her voice now… It’s her crying for her parents. A Mother always knows what her child feels. I been made aware of how she feels through the phone conversations that we’ve had with her.

Carl: We should consider on leaving to Metropolis then. Sometime soon. *To the Radio* We’re coming, Leslie.

Elizabeth: What do we do? We can’t just leave. It’ll take us days to get the boxes and get everything packed.

Carl: Don’t worry too greatly about anything. I shall make some calls and get us a house in Metropolis. Family is important. We can’t stay here. We can start a new in Metropolis. Find a socialite part of the city there and regain what we lost. But also reconnect with our girl.

Elizabeth: I know, Carl. But you should be careful. You know what the doctor said.

Carl: I know. I’m gonna be fine though. As long as i don’t over do it. *Feeling a Crink in his back* Agh!

Radio: *Broadcasting; As Lord Arnold.* This your Watchdog of the City, Lord Arnold The high master of the waves of sound in Metropolis. You’re listening to the 2 hour special edition of the Lord Arnold Variety Hour. We’re here to hear the true story of the one and Only Leslie Tina Burke. The City Gangster gal. We heard about her family… Her. What her favorite pastimes were and just now… the heartbreaking tale of the events that lead her to make the hardest choice that no young teen should ever have to make. When we come back… we will hear about the first moments of her arrival in Metropolis. And her means of survival. What measures she had to take to ensure her survival in a new city. Plus… we now take musical requests and call outs. For calling in a musical request and request a song. Dial 1-219-591-4918. Or you can write to the radio station personally at the website:


Arnold: *On-air; Con’t* All requests are screened and monitored on the fly. If you got a request or want to write a message. A Shout out to someone you know or love. Dedicate something to a special someone… Just go to


Arnold: *On-Air; Con’t* … *A seconds pause* To bring a little cheer to the atmosphere and wipe away any stray tears as many of you listeners out there must have been crying your achy-breaky hearts out… Here’s the Beach boys with: “Don’t worry baby.” Right here on MRHAP Metropolis. The Station that keeps on coming back. *Playing the Music*

In Metropolis…

At the Radio Station…

MRHAP Metropolis…

Arnold: *Looking at the phones ringing like Mad* Holy geez! The lines are ringing off the hooks. There’s calls coming in left and right. Good thing i got a crew down on floor below here getting to the phones and monitoring the incoming calls that come in. You’re one famous girl, Leslie. That sad part of the story has people calling like it’s world war 3.


Leslie: *Sniffling and wiping her tears* Good for them. What do they want… another moment of my bawling in heartache? I just ripped my heart out. Crying because i had to relive the memories of what made me leave my parents. I left my life behind. My parents probably think that i hated them and want nothing of them.

Arnold: Hold on there. Your parents are sure to understand. Leslie, There was nothing you could have done. Nothing that you could have done to stop what had to happen. You did the only thing that you could think about doing. It may not have been the most wisest thing to have done. But… You did say in your story a moment ago that you were faced with little to no option. You were on the ropes. I myself never went through the same issues as you had. But i think that you should rest assured that if there was anything that could have been done to undo all that pain. It would’ve been done in a New York Minute. No Pun intended.


As soon as the music concluded…

Arnold: *On the Air*… And We’re back with more of the 2 hour special Edition of the Lord Arnold Variety Hour. As we hear the true story. The real accounts of the life of Leslie Tina Burke. The Metropolis City’s own… Gangster Gal. Innocent and free. That’s how i see it. *Seeing one of lights flashing* We got a caller. All the way from… Brooklyn, New York. *Pressing a Button and turning on the Audio for the phone* Speak your voice and words, Caller. You’re on the Air.

Caller: *On-Air; Over the phone* Hey… This is her father, Carl. Is Leslie there?

Arnold: Yes she is. She’s here in this room as we speak.

Caller: Leslie, This is your father. Your mother and I have heard the Radio and you speaking over the Radio. The things you were saying… Were expressive and very beyond your years… But we are proud of you for what you done. We’re saddened that you had to break from us. But No matter what. You’re still our daughter. That won’t change, Sweet girl. Your mother and I Love you very much and no matter what… There’s a place for you with us. Your mother and i feel your pain greatly. Having to had done the only thing that could be done. You might believe that we may be mad. We’re not. We understand that the circumstances were grave and we would have signed the papers sooner to Emancipate you thereby protecting you from the pain that was being inflicted. But we just couldn’t bare losing you. You signed them and we agreed. But only to ship you away… Where it was safer for you. Your new home is Metropolis. It’s where you’re safer. Just know that… Your mother and I are very proud of you. We love you and We’re holding on to you in our hearts. Leslie, You be a good girl. We’ll be with you again someday. *Changing to a woman’s voice* Leslie, Sweetie… We miss you. We understand the pain you’re in for what had to be done. But it was the only way. But we have never stopped loving you. We never will. You’re our daughter no matter what. Leslie, Your mother loves you. All that matters is that you’re happy and safe. You can always come home anytime you want. We miss you so much.

Leslie: *Sniffling* I Miss you two… too. I hate those socialite people over there. They hurt us. It’s okay though… Karma comeback will bite them. They won’t like it. I Love you guys.

At Curtis and Megan’s house…

Blossom’s room…


Blossom: *Looking at the Radio and looking up at the sky* Those were Leslie’s parents. The ones she left. I have to do something to cheer her up. This whole Live interview is tearing her up. She’s not gonna admit it as this is something she’s had to do to get people to stop passing judgment on her. But she is in agony. *Sighs* I’m gonna go and get her something. first thing tomorrow. Poor Leslie.

It was then that the call ended and Leslie was heard on air sounding better. It was at that time that Leslie felt better. Blossom still worried about her best friend and looked at the light of the moon in the sky and thought about what she could have done for Leslie. She wanted to be there for Leslie. However this Live Interview was something that only Leslie could do…

As for Sora and Carly…


Carly was in her and Sora’s room and listening to the radio, Puffing and sighing as she felt bad for Leslie. Leslie was missing her parents and was in emotional pain over having to leave her family. Being forced out by a group of snooty stuck up Socialites. Sora was out in the back yard smoking. She didn’t want to hear the Radio Interview that much as from what she heard… She was starting to bawl. It was tearing her up. Not many people knew about Leslie all that well… But from what they all heard on the Radio, It made them all weep. They all weeped and wanted to just hold the girl. Insuring her that it was gonna be alright. None of the listeners even knew about the personal pain Leslie had been feeling. No one… knew of how she was really feeling. Carly didn’t know what to do for Leslie. Except be there for her. Sora felt the same and secretly made a plan to do something for Leslie. As did Carly. The girls were feeling bad.

Carly: Poor Leslie… *Sighs*

Back at the Radio Station…

Arnold: *On-Air* We’re back with more of the Lord Arnold Variety hour’s 2 hour special. We’re here with the Girl of Mobster Dorian. The Girl from New York…Leslie Tina Burke. So far… She’s taken us on through a little journey to the hometown she came from to who her parents were and what they were like. Then as it went thus far to her telling about good ole’ her. What she was like and what she would do for fun. Pastimes. Then it was the tearjerking… Heartbreaking stroll into the tale of the events that lead her to make the hardest and painful choice that any teen would have to make. Emancipating from the loved ones that meant so dear to them. But now it’s more on her. Around the 10th of December of 2044… Leslie Burke was said to roam around the city. With not a one many people around even knowing or aware. But it was but a few days before that when she had first stepped foot in Metropolis City Limits. *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, You got here around the end of last year. What was it like when you first stepped upon the ground within Metropolis City limits?


Leslie: *On-Air* Well… It was rather scary at first only i didn’t really know where i was. It was a new city. Many miles away from my hometown of Brooklyn. I didn’t even ask where i was before i got off the bus. All i knew was that i was just far from home. I was unsure what to do and where to really go. However i did on the way to the city came across seeing wonderful sights. Like Pennsylvania. It’s said to have alot of capital buildings. I didn’t really get to see every one of the buildings however… They had to be really tall. The bus drove through Philadelphia and cut in to Jersey, Then into Maryland and through a little bit of West Virginia, Into Columbus Ohio. That place was wonderful. The Bus made a pit stop there for like an hour. It was enough time to eat a decent meal since i was not eating much since i officially left Brooklyn. I however had a few oat bars tucked away. It kept me going but i was still with hunger. The scenery was really nice. I didn’t leave Brooklyn till the 1st of the Month of December. It was a 4 day ride and it was worth every second. I remember finally making it to Metropolis City Limits. To the bus station. It was a greyhound bus and i got off and got my bags from the bus. The Bus driver though wasn’t very friendly as he was rather sore. But i got my bags and suitcases with my stuff and started to make my way over into the city itself.

Arnold: It was rather new to you at first as it was a whole new city. You were… lost, weren’t you?

Leslie: Yeah. I was lost and looking for a place to get something to eat as i was famished. I was also worn out and tired. I don’t think that i knew where i was really going. If it weren’t for some helpful guidance or sense of direction from a stranger who was luckily nearby and seemed to have known the city well. I would have been walking for hours and getting nowhere.

Leslie recalled the event and remembered how it went down…

“Leslie: *Stops and looking at the background and then at the man* Yeah. I am really lost. I have no idea where i am.

Man: You’re in Metropolis. Kansas.

Leslie: *Pauses in confusion* Where?! Metropolis? *Sighs* I should have known that i’d wind up here. Nice city… but i am so lost here. I don’t even know where to go in this city. I don’t know anyone here.

Man: It’s okay. A lot of new citizens who move here have that same exact problem.

Leslie: Yeah. *Looking ahead* Is there a place close by where i can find something to eat?

Man: Hmm… Not sure where there is one near by. But you might try the place that is just a little bit over on the 6th block ahead. Some place called the Sun Shack. Quint’s Sun Shack. It’s not all that far. However if you’re looking for a Diner like location… You could try the place… Sid’s Diner.

Leslie: Anywhere is suitable. I just need a place to take a breather. I am exhausted and tired. I’ve been on that Bus for almost 2 and a half days. Hardly any time for grabbing anything to eat.

Man: Don’t worry. there is a place up ahead that has food. You can get something there. The Sun Shack has rather excellent service.

Leslie: Thanks.

Man: Welcome to Metropolis by the way. Hope that you come to enjoy the city here.

Leslie: I’m gonna try to. But being the new girl isn’t exactly a picnic.”

Leslie: *On-Air; Con’t* That was the first lead to getting a means of knowing where to go in a new city. Knowing where to get something to eat. I also had to look for a place to stay and reside for a little while. I couldn’t just sleep on the streets. I had 20 Mil on me and if i were on the streets. I would have been mugged. So that’s where i had to find a place to stay for maybe a few days or so… till i could get a hang of the city. I didn’t know where else to go. So i had to stay at motels for a little. If i were to go anywhere else… I would have been slapped into the foster care. That was gonna just suck.  I didn’t want that and wasn’t made to be put into the foster care system. I of course for those few days heard about the cases of Child abductions and sickening acts being done to young kids and teens. I was definitely not about to roam around and let myself be targeted. The Motel room is where i mainly stayed. Ordered in. Mainly. But it was then that as soon as the Radio station announced that the waves of Child Abductions were over… I took that as a sign of good fortune. I went out for a little and made way through the city. It was a rather sunny day. But i recall walking along and coming across a motorcade of black Suv’s and A hearst. nearby a church. I didn’t even know what was going on and i walked on by to take a look. It was strange to me because i was new to this city and till that time… I never had experienced a funeral. or a Memorial service. No one in my hometown had ever died. So… i never got to experience one or come across one.

Arnold: Never?

Leslie: No. not ever. I never had to. *Sensing an eerie silence* That’s… bad… Isn’t it?

Arnold: No. It’s not bad. It’s rather very fortunate and actually lucky. However… Everyone faces one. One time or another. Enduring a funeral and going to one. Paying last respects to the one that passed on.

Leslie: That’s where i came across a issue. Not an issue actually… But something that i don’t think i wanted to see… But hearing all this music and voices of prayer. I got to wondering what it was that seemed to go on inside the church. I walked on over to the door and walked in. But i stayed in the very back. So i wouldn’t be seen. There was no one there that i could relate to. Not then. I didn’t know anyone in that mass. All i saw was a huge crowd. A huge family. But from what i saw… There was a lot of mourning going on. Sobs. Crying. The man standing in the front of the crowd was a priest. He was addressing last rites for someone. Someone named… Zach. There was a back room. The room that was just outside the main room in the front entrance of the church. I sat there and listened to the service…

Leslie recalls that moment…

“Leslie: *To herself* I don’t know who any of them are… But i feel sorry for them. Losing someone that they loved. Sure wish that there was something someone could do for them. Somehow… *Sighs* Poor guys.”

Leslie: *On-air; Con’t* I also snuck myself into the room where they were holding some Reception feast. I didn’t interact as i didn’t want to take away the spotlight for the one that passed away. I Just stayed to the side and silent. Watching the mass of people… A family mourning and grieving. While there… i did happen to see a couple people that looked really interesting. Like the one with hair that made her look like some girl named Janie Jones. Then there was the one with light brown frizzy hair. Then there was the Blonde twins. They were also rather nice. But at that time… i didn’t want to step out and be seen. It wasn’t my place and i didn’t want to make any unnecessary issues.  The whole thing about being there felt so awkward as i was like some stranger. A unfamiliar person in a new city. I wasn’t noticed by anyone. Not really. Some of the ones there were looking right over at me. But i don’t really think that they said anything to me. Although… I heard that some of them were talking about spotting me there. in that room.

Leslie recalls that day…

Leslie: *Just sitting there and listening; Watching the activity* …

“Who do you suppose that girl is?”

“No idea. She doesn’t seem to be familiar.”

“Suppose that she’s like a distant cousin to us?”

“I don’t know. But she looks so alone. Do you think that she’s a fellow schoolmate from school.”

“She must be hungry. Someone should go over and speak to her.”

“And say what? What if she is someone who is scared of new people and just gets startled by our walking to over to her?”

Leslie: *On-Air; Con’t* That’s what i heard. I suppose that i had it coming as i wasn’t being too outgoing at that time. I didn’t know who all to really trust or open up to. No one really knew. Not really. The family that was there seemed to notice me however never came and spoke to me. I think that they were unsure what to really believe that someone like me would just come and stay clinging to the far side and not really move. Just sitting and watching. Listening. I didn’t think that i’d be noticed or welcomed. I didn’t want to speak where i didn’t belong. It was since then that i knew… that i might not make it in the city. I wasn’t getting any actual social interaction. Or so i had thought. I stayed distant. At Motels and hotels. Or anyplace that was warm and feasible. I made due with what i had with me… On me.

Arnold: However… it gradually changed.


Leslie: It did. It wasn’t just as though it happen on a drop of a cap. But it slowly changed as i needed to be more outgoing. Meet just someone. I spoke with a few random people and a couple of them… i helped out with some things. To show a sense of friendliness. I was starting to show signs of being anti-social and i didn’t want that. I wouldn’t survive being like that. Because… for one, i am a Rich girl. that came from a billionaire family. Two, I was 13. Still am and will be 14 soon. But i was still young. And seriously… How many 13 year old girls do you know who are Emancipated that can go around and make as if they’re gonna survive completely on their own. Without the security of a family?

Arnold: Not many. Till you. However… You’re heartbreaking cry for your parents… shows that you still call out for them and want them back.

Leslie: And i always will… If they were to come here… I would undo my Emancipation somehow and be with them again. More than likely. However… there would be a problem. I’d still have to repay my debt to society here for the things i might have done here that are not so pleasant. I am young… But not stupid. I will pay for my mistakes anyway that i can.

Arnold: That’s the mature thing to do. Always step up to your faults and taking means to set things right. But the time since you came across a funeral and took notice of it… you felt the family’s pain. You don’t suppose on knowing who that family was… do you?

Leslie: No. I honestly don’t. I never met any of them at that time. Heard them… listened to them when they were close by where i happened to be. But also saw them. But never met them. Spoke to them. Nothing.

Arnold: That was my family. The same large family. A Clan. That your Best friend Blossom who is one of my Nieces happens to be from. It’s all connected, Leslie. All connected.

Leslie: The Rhapsody clan… were all at the funeral that day… Mourning someone named Zach. Someone you knew?

Arnold: That’s one of the two sons to Luna and Zeke. Now just Zeke. As Luna… left the family… Not a highlight. But she did.

Leslie: Now i know…

Arnold: We’ll get to that… where were you when you first met or encountered Dorian Tyrell? Where was it that you met him?

Leslie: It was the 4th of Sept. Which of course was of this year and thereby stating that it wasn’t all that long ago. I was new and didn’t really know anybody. But I did happen to catch sight of a 13 year old girl. I had not any idea of who the girl was. I just saw this one girl and thought that she looked really nice. I glanced at her with intrigue. Of course… I at that time wasn’t enrolled into any school. I didn’t think that any school in the city would take me without a legal guardian present. And with me on my own… I couldn’t.  I was a lone wolf… Or actually… Not really a lone wolf, however i was practically a loner. I was still all alone in a big city. With hardly any shred of what you’d call social status. I was just… alone. Of course it was fated to change somehow as i was just walking around the one part of the city and close by some Diner. I think. It was a place known as Sid’s Diner. I never been there but it sounded pretty friendly. It was only a few feet away where i managed… to catch sight of someone with a group of guys. Talking and heading to a local diner. I had no clue as to who they were. None. I never even met the guy before that day…

Of course…

At Dorian’s Office…


Dorian: *Listening to the Radio* Leslie’s giving out a life story about her life or what’s been through. Some of the things she’s saying is different than what she’s told us. Am i hearing this right?

Sweet Eddy: Can’t say. You suppose that she’s trying to mull people over a little?

Dorian: I don’t know. But what ever she is saying… We’re gonna have to shake her and find out who she’s playing. She’s a good kid. Teen. But trying to sell a tale. one that is different than what she’s told us…

Leslie: *On Radio* I didn’t know where they were to stop. I was however curious and wanted to know. I followed them to see where they were going. It was to fit in. That’s what it was. And i think that when i ran into this guy… Dorian. That’s who he was. I kinda knew that maybe. Just maybe i would finally be able to get some means of fitting in. Somewhere.

Arnold: *On Radio* It is all again about survival. However of all the ones to come across… Why Dorian?

Leslie: It wasn’t that i wanted to just choose to go to someone like Dorian. I mean… He’s a nice person. He took me in when no one else would. I had to take some action and find at least someone to fit in with. Dorian just happened to be there at that specific time. I actually think if it weren’t for him… I don’t know if i would ever fit in. I just didn’t know that joining him… meant i’d be making the biggest mistake.

Arnold: Mistake… Why? I thought that you liked being part of his world…

Leslie: It isn’t as if i liked it. It’s because… at that point… i believed in the fact that if it weren’t for Dorian. I would be dead. I didn’t even know who he was. I knew nothing about him. Nothing. But it’s because of him taking me in that i am with some kind of stability. Not the wisest kind of stability. But… It’s still stability nonetheless. I don’t think that my parents would be all that happy that i am in the Mob. But when you happen to be a person… who is only 13. Yet resourceful but then again… still a Minor. on the streets. Alone in a still rather unfamiliar city… Is Rich plus strong willed. You do what you must to make it on your own. Any means possible. If it’s wrong… I’d say. Lock me up. i won’t apologize for trying to survive and have a means for survival. And i know that this will put me on that Lt…. Kellaway’s radar. Being the jerk that he is. I will say this… You got something to say about me. Say it to my face. I may be young. But i won’t be afraid to tell you where to go. And i got a message for him. “Kellaway, You think that you know a thing about me. What i am like. Who i am… try getting a better job. Because your profiling skills are pathetic at best. You think that i wanted to be a mob girl and that i am happy being one? You’re ignorant as… the truth is… I’m not. You try being a young teen who’s rich and in a new city far away from the home you knew. Being emancipated from your parents out of having no other choice but to emancipate and save yourself thereby making the hardest choice…you shouldn’t have to make… EVER and with nowhere to go. Then tell me that i was doing wrong. It’s called Survival. Learn it.” *Sighs* Sorry. I just had to let that out as i know for the last couple weeks he’s been doing interrogations with people trying to shake me. I heard about it from one of Dorian’s men. They told me and i was angry. Because one… I was being accused of selling things for the Mob. Things that i don’t possess. That i never took at all. Kellaway was being a real jerk. I don’t know how anyone could have a brain giving someone like him a badge. Plus the guy following him. Doyle. He’s being treated poorly by Kellaway. “Don’t do this. Don’t do that.” Telling him how to do things and treating him like an idiot. It’s sad. Why would he stay and tolerate that kind of treatment. If i was him… I’d file for transfer.

Arnold: Wow! That’s alot of anger and hate for that one Lt. You sure do not like him. We don’t blame you. Not many people like him. It’s his own doing. But when you met Dorian for the first time… What was that like?

Leslie: It was nerving. I was a little unsure what to say… Because… well. Here he was being so soft and nice spoken and i was just standing there. Nervous. Not sure what to say. He asked me if i lost track of my mom. I don’t even know why i said what i said to him a fluff statement. But i was just a bit nervous and didn’t have a clue what to say. I was mainly honest on all i told him except for a few things. One being: “I don’t have a mother looking for me. I kinda left them. My father and mother are never around for me anyway.” Not true. Because i left them for reasons mentioned already. I didn’t have any choice. I miss my parents alot. But at that moment… i couldn’t spill that part out. Not to him. For that… i want to say out to Dorian: “I’m sorry, Dorian. I didn’t mean to keep that from you.”

Back at the Radio Station…

Arnold: *On-Air* What all happened?

Leslie: *On-Air* We got to talking and asked where my home was. I told him: “My new home is Metropolis. I Emancipated myself from my parents. No lie. I even have a copy of the papers with me. Not sure why i need them. But i have them. It shows right in sight that i am on my own. Rich and free.” Yeah… Rich, Free and Lonely. He asked me if i was Homeless. I remember telling him: “I kinda am. I am literally new to this city and just came to this city around the end of the passing year 2044 and didn’t have a place to really stay so i had to find means of getting to a place where it was warm and hold on the best that i could. I have lots of money as i am rich. But Would you really think that they’d believe a 12 or 13 year old if i were to check into a hotel and say that it was just for me… for the night? It’s a new city to me… the hotel may be a tad snooty but they’re not stupid. They’d never believe me if i were to tell them that i was by myself and all alone.” That part was true as the hotel i crossed paths with before meeting was a little snooty. Reminded me of the Pure aristocratic like people back in Brooklyn. I didn’t really like it much. But it was the law. I couldn’t question it. We got to talking further and he actually made some type of deal with me. I was just very thankful that i was being noticed and likely taken in. He said: “So Leslie, what do you say?” I replied: “Say? Say to what? The deal that was made? I’m in. I mean… the idea that i would have to do odd jobs. Possibly gangster like jobs. It’s really out there for me. But i would be okay with that. I always wanted to have a place where i’d… you know… Belong. I’d like to become one of the crew sometime soon. It’d be great. I can be very resourceful also. Which i suppose that i might already be. Because you’re seeming to be nice to me and all while not even knowing much about me.” I even hugged him. He returned with a hug himself and even gave me a ride to the Hotel. The Metropolis Inn. I didn’t even beg. I just let the fortune come my way. I just waited. That’s all. But i got into the car with him and went on to the hotel. Bags and all. I was given a room.

Arnold: All that from just the first meeting with Dorian. Good heavens… That’s major. Literally major. *Joking* Hey Dorian, Where’s my free room? *Chuckles* Luck really follows you like a stray dog. You really reel it in.

Leslie: It wasn’t luck. It was more like fate. But i was lead to the Hotel and taken to my room. My hotel room and i got settled in. It was different. Really different and a step up from being on the streets or sleeping in a motel. Hotels weren’t really a better way of living. But it was at least a place to stay. To live. But i knew that i would also need school. Which came a week later. The thing was that when i first got the room… I had a feeling that i may have been overstaying my welcome. However, Dorian assured me that i shouldn’t worry over it. That it would better as i couldn’t just stay and sleep in his office. It was the next day when he woke me up. Early in the morning and i was startled. But i was also a little sleepy. I woke up completely by time i got to the Lobby to meet him. He called and asked for me to come over down to the lobby and meet him. I did. He then asked if i ever used a Gun. I didn’t know what to say… I really didn’t. “I kinda slept on the decision. I want to truly be one of you guys. So… anything it takes. I’ll do.” Is what i told him. And the thing about using a gun. I never had used one. But i was willing to learn. I was willing to learn. Of course, I was sure not knowing what i was about to get myself into. He had me practice shooting at bottles and cans. To get a hang of firing a gun. It wasn’t bad. I recalled seeing some mobster movies. studied how they would use a gun and how to hold one. Conceal one. It wasn’t like i was getting into uncharted territory and put myself in harm over learning to use a gun. But When you are with a weapon… Like given a weapon. You can either use it or let someone use it on you. He didn’t point it at me. He aimed at the targets. The bottles and cans and that’s where i fired. Some was at the wood. The Lumber that managed to be there too. I didn’t mean to fire at it. But it just wound up hitting it. I got good practice though. I even trained myself to be better on using one from that time. But i use it for a last resort and by that… Killing. Which i won’t do. I won’t. Dorian tells me that i shouldn’t show mercy to my enemies. However… I don’t believe in it. I believe that no one is bad deep down. Alot of people aren’t bad. They just manage to make a bunch of bad bad choices and bad awful decisions. That’s all. Now if i was put in a spot that my life was in danger and there was the choices of either shoot to kill or die. I would. But if there is no need. I shouldn’t do it. Dorian realizes that. So he knows that he can’t push it. I can’t do something that is against how i feel inside. It would be like lying to myself.

Arnold: That’s a lesson to learn. A good lesson. I think that many people out there listening would be well to listen and take in this lesson. Be who you are meant to be. Be true to who you are. Don’t change because others want you to. Do it because it’s what you want. What makes you… you.

Leslie: Exactly. Dorian during that time explained to me about the underworld. He said: “The underground world is really not a place to joke about it. I wouldn’t be alive without my henchmen. To survive I had to move to another place. The other gangs wouldn’t let me life if I were all alone. Being alone with no power anymore means nothing good. having loyal friends and loyal men around is good, but not good enough. Therefore we want enough money. Being rich makes you very strong and powerful. I also want you to know how to use your gun. To protect us and yourself in dangerous situations. it’s not good to hold back. But it’s also not good to waste ammo.” However… I also had to keep in thought that i would need to get schooling and a way to cover the Mob life up. I told him: “now that i am one of you guys… I was kinda wondering about how to have a normal life to cover this half of my life up. Thereby protecting you guys if anyone were to get to me to come at you guys. Like is there a way to have an Alternate life? to give some normalcy? What i mean is a cover identity. I am only 12-13. I will need school. This can’t be denied. Dorian, I am with the gang here. I’ll fight for it. Also fight for my friends too… Anything. But to make sure that what we’re all doing here… the things we do… don’t get exposed. because i am part of this now… I need to be put in school. What we could do… is I take up a habit. get hooked on it. With a Mobster Identity. Maybe something that stands out. Powered. strong. But only keep that on for the Mob life. But on the other half… the normal life… I just stick to being Leslie and i go to school. I have my records with me at the hotel. I can Enroll myself in the Middle school right away.” Which i did. With his help and of course i also had things to do. To prep for it. That was where i took up a habit. A Unhealthy one to say the least. I went to the Liquor store that day and practiced a tiny bit of my Mobster identity and bought a couple packs. Not smart. But certainly not the least bit like the normal me. I also went to get myself a New Cellphone as the one i had at that time kept locking on me and malfunctioning. Did i happen to like it? No. But i had to do… what i had to do. I also had to buy things for my Mob identity. Things for my Schooling. Some new School Clothes. Dorian happened to then tell me that It would be also good to give myself a new name for my underground world Identity. Every time that i would enter it I should use it so nobody could find out my real identity and so something horrible to me. I agreed. I replied with: “Or to my friends. Because anyone that hurts my friends… hurts me and i don’t take nice to that. No. They hurt my friends… they’ll be asking for trouble.” Dorian also said: “That was exactly what I said earlier before, by not to show mercy. When we leave our enemies go, they can take their revenge and do something terrifying to us by hurting our friends. We don’t want this to happen.”

Arnold: So… Even though it was appearing to be wrong… You took in that lifestyle and agreed to that sort of mindset. Some of the lessons and tips that Dorian gave you… They meant something more. Didn’t they?

Leslie: In survival? Yeah. I mean i had to use the tips that my father had also given me and then combine with the very lessons that Dorian gave me. That is how i survived. I had to see that i survived. If what Dorian said was literal… I would need to be sure that i was capable on surviving.

A Minute later…

After the break…

Arnold: *On-Air* We’re back with our two hour Special Edition of the Lord Arnold Variety Hour. We have been getting to know the real Leslie Burke. The true girl herself. Hearing it straight from her lips… the facts. What her hometown was like. What her parents were like and who they were. We got a little history lesson along with it too.  Yeah. That’s a bonus, Isn’t it? We then got to know a little about the girl herself. What her hobbies were. What she was into. Then to spread a moment of sheer sadness we took a little trip to the sad moments of her life. The events that lead her to Emancipate from her parents. The hardest choices that she had to make. It then went on to how she survived as she first arrived in Metropolis. What she did to make it on her own till she happened to meet up with a Mobster. One named Dorian. Then she spoke about how she choose to Join the Mob. But only as a means of survival. Solidity. But now the final journeys are here… We’re now gonna hear about her first day of school and her struggles in school as she tries to balance two identities and seek on making a friend. But also to get accepted by her fellow schoolmates. *To Leslie* So Leslie… With all that you endured up till now. Everything that happened for a reason… whether it be good or bad. What do you remember of your actual first day at school? What happened on that day?

Leslie: *On-Air* Well… I remember how i was just so alone. With no friends. It was a week after i was supposed to really start school. Which i did. But the actual first one that i really remember is the one where it was break and i was trying to handle being in school and there hide my Mob identity. It was not the most easiest thing to do as people were starting to notice. Just that no one ever came up to me and said anything. I didn’t suspect that they’d know or have any suspicion that i was a Mob girl. Not even the first person that happened to officially come up to me and speak…

Leslie recalls that moment…

Blossom: *Walking by and catching sight of the girl* Hey… You’re new to this school… Aren’t you?


Leslie: Yeah. *Stopping suddenly and turning to look over at the girl; walking over a bit towards the girl* I am kinda still new. I haven’t been here in this city long. Since the end of last year… However i didn’t know where to go. Or who i could trust.

Blossom: Well… You’re here. It’s got to be a sign for something. I mean, I am usually with my cousins. The ones who go to this school too.

Leslie: Your cousins?

Blossom: Yeah. The 3… or 5 that i hang with are usually with me. But they’re right now at the library. No… They’re at the cafeteria getting something to eat.

Leslie: What about you?

Blossom: Not really hungry. I’ve had something on my mind.

Leslie: Got something going on?

Blossom: Not really. But it’s just the idea that there are these kids. Last name: Marco. They’ve been bugging me and my cousins.

Leslie: They must be really mean. Why do they bug you?

Blossom: I suppose that i can tell you about it… But it’s just between us. *Pauses*

Seconds later…

Blossom: You know… You might have trust issues. Because you’re new and no one is really taking to you. But everyone needs a friend here. If there is no one else that you can find here… to trust. You can trust me. Consider me your friend. I’m Blossom. Blossom Rhapsody.

Leslie: That’s a nice name. I’m Leslie. Leslie T. Burke. But… I uh… Don’t take it the wrong way. Even though that’s a nice name… Why do they call you… Blossom?

Blossom: It’s okay. I don’t mind. It’s my parents. They gave me that name when i was… born. I could have been just peachy with being called Angel or Renee or Winifred or something. But Blossom to them is kinda enduring.

Leslie: That’s cool.

Blossom: *Chuckles* I guess so. It is cool, isn’t it? Say… Where you from? You’re not a normal Metropolis girl. You definitely don’t talk like one.

Leslie: New York City. Brooklyn Originally. But the part of Brooklyn i lived in originally was like the edge of Manhattan. Around the cut separating Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Blossom: Like The big apple, right?

Leslie: That’d be the likely assumption. But yeah.”

Leslie: *On-Air* She was my first friend. I got to talking with her a little and yet didn’t tell her about the other life. I couldn’t. Because with no one else wanting to be my friend. I didn’t want to say anything that would chase away the only friend i had. So i tried to keep it hidden. I actually found her to be totally cool. I liked Blossom. I even love her. She’s so together and yet about the same age as i happened to be. She was just so amazing. But the part where that night… She came to me… I was at the Coco Bongo club. I almost blew it and exposed fully that i was with the Mob. But i had to play at being a little unfriendly towards her. To protect her at that time as i didn’t want her to be hurt by what was gonna go on. It was the first time that i had to get with a Mobster like mentality… although not exactly exposing to her that i had been involved with the Mob. Blossom was not a dummy… She was suspecting something and i couldn’t deny it.

Leslie: Recalled the night of the first day that she made a friend…

Blossom: *Walking over from the side; Coming from the street* Hey Leslie.


Leslie: *Looking at Blossom suddenly* Blossom?! Oh my god… I can’t believe that you’re here… near me at a time like this.

Blossom: What do you mean? *Confused* Why’re you here? You do realize that this is a nightclub, right?

Leslie: I think that i gathered that, Blossom. However… i am involved with someone here.

Blossom: Who? Who has you here? Leslie… You should come with me. We can hang out at my house. I can make an excuse with my dad and you can stay at my house.

Leslie: That’d be nice, Blossom… But, I can’t. I have to stay here.

Blossom: I don’t understand… Why? Why do you have to stay here?

Leslie: It’s not really any business of yours, Blossom. You shouldn’t be here. You should not have come here. Go. Please.

Blossom: Leslie, You can trust me… I won’t tell anyone about your being at the nightclub.

Leslie: Alright. You happen to be a good friend. My only friend from school. So… I have to at least trust you with some of the truth.

Blossom: Truth? Leslie… What is going on?

Leslie: What do you think? I am with Dorian right now.

Blossom: Who?!

Leslie: Dorian Tyrell. He is the big time Crime boss who happens to work under the Crime lord Syndicate known as Niko. But Dorian is trying to get out from under him and over take this city. Out power Niko… if he can. That’s part of the reason why i joined under him. i am involved with the Mob. To help him get one over on Niko. Take him out.

Blossom: What would that do for Dorian? If he is wanting to take control of the city and over throw Niko… Why doesn’t he just try to spread a Rumor or a damaging tale about him and get people to believe it? Fabricate it somehow. He doesn’t necessarily have to… you know… Kill him? does he?

Leslie: That’s what i am trying to get Dorian to consider. I mean… he’s wanting to get above Niko and bring him down… But he’s so set on killing Niko that it’s all he considers. However… He’s wanting to protect me from all that for now. Till he knows that i will have to join in on the fight. I am just worried that he’s gonna bite off more than what he can take on.

Blossom: I don’t know why… but you’re putting yourself in danger, Leslie. You need to get away from the Mob world before it destroys you. I am your friend. Your only friend apparently. But i can’t just stick around seeing you getting in the middle of danger. This location… the glitz and glam. It might be all sweet and cute now… Simple and serene. But eventually those rose-tinted glasses are gonna shatter and break. When they do… You might come to see what a mistake this all was.


Leslie: … What you just said… Blossom, is not really for you to be judging. You don’t really know about the Mob world. You’re not living it. I am. However… I know what i’m doing. I know how to fire a gun. But i really don’t favor in it.

Blossom: *Scoffs* God… Leslie, I wish i knew how i could help you with this mess. I want to be there for you. You need to be careful. All i ask is that you try to think hard on what you’re trying to take on. You’re my friend. Just know that i’m here… if you ever feel like opening up about the Mob world. not like now… but i mean really open up. I’ll be here for you.


Leslie: *Smiles* I appreciate that, Blossom. Thank you.

Dorian: *Calling for Leslie* Leslie, where’d you go? Time to go inside in a moment.

Leslie: *Replying over to Dorian* I’ll be there in a minute. Just getting a little air. Just time to think on some things. But i’m coming. Be right there in a minute.

Blossom: …

Leslie: *Panicking* Blossom… You’re not in on this Mob persona. You shouldn’t be here.

Blossom: But Leslie…

Leslie: Blossom… You’re a good friend. I truly like you. But i can’t protect you from Dorian. Dorian is a nice guy. He took me in but he’s got certain rules. If he sees you here… he’s literally gonna come off with a temper. I have seen it… it’s not pretty. Dorian’s gonna be mad. You have to go. Hurry. *Hearing Dorian call her again and sounding worried* Go…

Blossom: Will i see you at school tomorrow?

Leslie: Yes. I’ll be there. I’ll be there… Blossom, get out of here. hurry! Please. I don’t want to see you getting hurt from this.”

Leslie: *On-Air* I had to be a little rough. Because i didn’t want to see her getting hurt just because i was choosing to risk my own life being in the Mob. I was trying to protect her. I couldn’t bare the idea that she could get hurt if she was seen around me while i was with the Mob. I didn’t want her to get caught in the middle.

Arnold: *On-Air* So, You were letting off a unfriendly vibe that night in means to keep her safe from the mob.

Leslie: Yes.

Arnold: You make as though you’re a protector of her.

Leslie: Of course. I happened to be her friend. Her best friend. That’s why. I cared about her so much. There wasn’t any way that i would just let anything come at her and hurt her because of my putting myself in the throws of the Mob.

Arnold: That’s a wonderful friend and protector. However… There’s more. Isn’t there?

Leslie: Yeah. There’s more than that. Because the next day i found out that she was Electrogal. I felt that i was not being trusted with the truth. It didn’t sit too well with me. I should always keep in mind that some people are just not right away open to be letting out certain things. For reasons unknown. Fear of being singled out or targeted with ridicule. However…

Leslie recalls the scene…

“Donald: *Sympathetic* A Way of protection? Being part of the Mob world. Leslie, You’re a really good kid. A good Teen. You’re aware of what you are doing. All i can say is that you pray that you know what you’re getting into. The Mob isn’t all that guaranteed to be the most safest clique to be mixed in with. Some people in the Mob do happen to mysteriously vanish with out a trace once every so often. I don’t want one of them Mysteriously Vanish Subjects to be you.

Leslie: It’s okay. I’ll be alright. At least… i know that you happen to care and worry about me. Not many others do. Except for a fellow Girl who goes to the same school that i do and She’s a really cool Girl.

Donald: Who?

Leslie: Blossom.

Donald: Blossom Rhapsody of the Rhapsody clan? Electrogal. I know her. Heard about her at least. She’s a hero. One of the New Generation of fighters. I do know about them as i see the news reels all the time on them. But the one you mentioned… Blossom, She once came in here not too long ago and i think that she was with her cousins . 3 of them to be exact. She always came in a group of 4. She came in with her cousins.000835.pngZoey, Sora and the twin sister of hers, Carly. Sora and Carly are twins. What’s funny about that is the fact that they take the look of the Olsen Twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But they look literally the same almost like a complete mirror image of each other that it’s so hard to tell them apart. Unless you were to break them… apart. then look at them. Those two are known as Esp Elemental twins. They can read your mind and know right off the first thought in your head.

Leslie: Blossom is one of the fighters?

Donald: You bet she is.

Leslie:*In shock* Wow! I didn’t know that. She never even said a word about that.

Donald: That’s weird. one would figure that it’d be something that a couple people who became friends would talk about. You know… Just like sharing a secret among one another. But she never did that… did she?

Leslie: No.

Donald: Maybe she forgot?

Leslie: probably. Or…

Donald: What?

Leslie: She probably doesn’t feel that she can trust me. *Sighs* Those other girls you mentioned… They too go to the same school as Blossom does…

Donald: As far as i know… Yeah.”

Leslie: *On-air* At school later… i let her have it a little. I was a bit hurt. So it was to be expected.

Leslie thinks back to that past moment…

Blossom: *Speaking to Leslie Through the bathroom stall door* Leslie, what are you doing?


Leslie: *Coming off cold* Does it matter what i am doing, Blossom? Besides… Why do you care anyway? You certainly don’t believe in telling me the truth.

Blossom: What are you talking about? Leslie, Where is that sort of tone coming from?

Leslie: Don’t play dumb, Blossom. I’m new… But i am not stupid. Or should i say oblivious, Electrogal?

Blossom: *Pauses and in shock; Caught off guard* What is your deal, today… Leslie? What did i do to get on your bad side?

Leslie: What do you think, Blossom? Huh? What exactly is it that you think? *Scoffs* You and i Met just yesterday. We spoke about things. Some things that friends would talk about… Like maybe a secret. In confidence. But all that time till now… You didn’t happen to pass off a warning that you were a member of the Super-powered persuasion. Part of the members of the Law. Do-Good’er’s. You didn’t even think to tell me that you were with a heroic identity on the side. That you were this hero that the city know as… Electrogal. I really believed that we would be friends.

Blossom: It’s not for you to know, Leslie. I wanted to spare you from that. You shouldn’t have to worry about that. Leslie, I… *sighs and feeling like she’s placed with no other choice but to come out with the truth*

Blossom and Leslie were only friends a day. One day and already there was something starting to form between them. Something that neither Blossom or Leslie knew about. But despite all of that and the different worlds that they were from. Different lives and sides. They were like close. Blossom was indeed her only friend. Leslie only had her as a friend. No one else wanted to be around her.

Blossom: Leslie… you’re right. I should have told you about it. Open up… I’ll show you the truth. But only because i don’t want to hide it anymore. You’re with all the right in the world to be mad at me. I should have told you. But, You have to be aware that if i were to tell you… and something happened to you because of it… i would never forgive myself.

Leslie: *Unlocking the door and opening the stall door* Maybe so… But that’s the thing i don’t have figured. Why would you think that i wouldn’t be able to handle it? You seem to not understand something which for a sharp girl like you… it should have been a loud giveaway that there was something more to me than my being new here. I am involved with the Mob and have been for some time now. Briefly so far.  *Sensing a pause* Yeah. I admit it. I am with the Mob. Involved. And something else too. I am also known as “Rita the Hammer”.

Blossom: You’re kidding! Really? *Psyched* That’s like a complete trip. Leslie… Why didn’t you say anything?

Leslie: For the same reason as to why you didn’t say anything about what you were.”

Leslie: *On-Air* I got on her about being dishonest. She came out and just made amends. I also exposed the fact that i had a habit and She still was open to it. Nothing would shake her. In the beginning i wanted to shake her. But that was because i was nervous about having her around me when i’m doing the Mob beat. I didn’t want her around in case something went bad. Just because i was doing something rather reckless… didn’t mean that i was on to letting her get nailed for it. However as time went on… All i did was gradually open up more and more to her on the deal and even with a little more time… she came to wanting to join the Mob as well. She wanted to be a part of it. She took up a habit as well. Just as i did. Not that i was encouraging it. I wasn’t. Although there were some people at school trying to deviously tear Blossom away from me. Like Holly Reedy at first. She didn’t seem to like me or trust me. Holly was being very judging. As were a few others. Not many people liked me and it once not too long ago. Like yesterday at school…


Leslie recalls the incident that happened only just recently…

Blossom: *Looking at Holly* Holly, I don’t want to hear it. You are trying to tear Leslie down. You just can’t find any means to be decent… can you?

Holly: No. Leslie Burke is a druggie. She’s a Drug dealing liar. All she does is deceive.

Leslie: That’s not true. I don’t sell drugs, Holly. You are making a vicious rumor and i don’t find that as the least bit funny. I am not a danger to anyone…

Blossom: *To Leslie* Leslie, Back off. Let me handle this. Holly is gonna wish that she backed off. This might hurt my family’s relationship with the Owner of Sid’s Diner. But Enough is enough. Holly is gonna get it. Right in the mouth.

Holly: What are you gonna do?

Blossom: *Landing a Punch into Holly’s face* That. Leave Leslie Burke alone or i swear you will regret it. She’s my friend whether you like it or not. First… you call me this morning to tell me that Leslie is a druggie. Then you pull this shit with me. You must be really ignorant. Where did you get this news that she was some druggie, huh?

Holly: Sophie Collins.

Blossom: Is that the only source?

Holly: No. There’s also Erica Harper… and Zoey Creek. They can confirm it. *Feeling the sting and Wanting to break down*

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, Is this true? If so… Step up to confess. If not… Run. You don’t want to see this.

Leslie: No. I’m staying. I am not a coward. I can fight. *Facing Holly* This is just like back home in New York before i left and Emancipated myself from my parents. The same thing. People bashing my parents and trying to tear them down. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I lost my family. My biological roots. All i got is my habit which sadly… sucks. My alter identity which is a grateful form of protection. And All the belongings that i was capable of bringing with me. Plus all my money. Every dime. Every quarter, dime, nickel and penny. Every dollar i have. *Looking over towards Blossom*Blossom is my only friend. She cares about me here. She befriended me. No questions asked. She came to me and had the decency to give me a chance. Gave me a friend. Herself. Her. There are a group of men lead by someone who i won’t mention. They took me under their wing with them… When no one could bother to look at me or motion to care. I am seen as a vagrant because why? Because i am Emancipated from my parents. My family? What about you? You got a mother. A father. You are with them. Right? Would you like it if i were in your shoes and you were in mine… and it was me Judging you for who you were? Judging you because you were Emancipated?

Holly: No. But it doesn’t matter. You’re with the Mob. You’re trying to get Blossom Rhapsody to screw her life up. Just because you choose to Emancipate and leave your family… It doesn’t answer for what you’ve been doing. I am sorry that you had to leave all you knew behind. But that doesn’t make you right by doing what you’re doing. Joining the Mob. You should be ashamed of yourself, Burke. Truly.

Leslie: Ugh! Who here died and made you boss?

Holly: No one. But I happen to care about Blossom’s well being as well as i do her best friend/Cousin Zoey’s. My family cares about their families and a real friend would not get their friends to start smoking. A real true friend would not make their friends walk away from their blood. Their friends and family that clearly are part of them. Part of who they are. You’re not Blossom’s real friend. *Standing up to Leslie* You never will be. Why don’t you go and hang around the Mob, Rita the Hammer? Leave the Innocent teens here… ALONE!

Leslie: *Pushing Holly back* Get away from me. You want me to leave… Fine. *Leaving in a hurt manner* So much for making friends in this school. I guess it’s true what they said about this city. People will tear another down… those who aren’t a certain way.

Blossom: *Calling out to Leslie* Leslie, Wait!

Leslie: *Responding* Forget it, Blossom. I quit. I am not wanted here and i’m tired of trying. Blame Holly. You’ll never see me here again.

Blossom: Yes i will… *Running after Leslie*

Holly: *Grabbing Blossom* No you don’t. Blossom, whether you like it or not… you’re staying away from Leslie. You will not go near her again or i will tell your parents.

Blossom: *Shoving Holly down forcefully*


Amber: *With Sophie, Macie, Sora and Carly; Gasps* Blossom!

Blossom: *Looking over at them angrily* Back off. Leave me alone. Traitors. Leslie is my friend.

Zoey: *Walking over suddenly* Blossom, Why are you doing this?

Blossom: Leave me alone Zoey. This is your fault. If you didn’t tell Holly that i was with Leslie all the time and make her think that Leslie was on Drugs this wouldn’t have happened.

Zoey: Blossom…

Blossom: Zoey, You and I are still best friends. Nothing changed. I just can’t be around you right now. I’m only gonna say something i don’t mean. *Walking away*

But that was when…


Kimahri: *Bringing Leslie over and suddenly dropping her off* Young pup should not leave school. School Important.

Leslie: *Looking up at the blue being* Uh… Who or what… are you?

Blossom: *Gasps* Huh! Ki-Kimahri?

Leslie: Kimahri?! *Confused* What’s a Kimahri?

Blossom: He’s Kimahri, Leslie. Leslie… Meet a good friend of my family’s and me. That Blue hybrid Lion/Rhino is a Ronso. Kimahri Ronso of the Ronso Tribe. Most of his people got taken out and annihilated by an evil Maester. But he’s a very special friend of ours. Kimahri Ronso… Meet my friend. A best friend… Leslie T. Burke.

Holly: The Druggie.

Blossom: Shut up, Holly.

Kimahri: That is unkind, Holly. Mean.

Holly: Kimahri, Please do a favor and wake up. That girl is a manipulator. A fraud. She’s also Involved with the Mob. She’s going around the city posing as Rita the Hammer.


Kimahri: Leslie not bad person. Just misguided.

Holly: But she’s joined the Mob. She’s involved with the mob. That isn’t right and you of all people know that it isn’t right.

Kimahri: In times of change… one must follow own path. Leslie not guilty. Not sell or do drugs. She being set up. Set up by bad men with heavy guns. Leslie is innocent pup. She join Mob for protection. To have a place to belong. Being alone… not fun.”

Arnold: You mean to tell us that you met Kimahri?

Leslie: Yeah. It was really awkward because i was just gonna leave school and never return because i was being judged and Holly had insulted me. Calling me Rita the Hammer in front of everyone. There were like several people walking by and when they heard the name Rita the Hammer being called. Their faces all went weird and made the expression: “You’ve got to be kidding us.” It was so awkward and embarrassing. I started leaving and only got to a certain point when suddenly this tall blue being with white hair happened to just grab me out of nowhere. I mean… i didn’t even see him coming. If i was the same Leslie from the Movie Bridge to Terabithia… I would be flipping out and rather stunned as i’d beg to be let down and calling for help. But i am nothing like her. I’m not that imaginative and i wouldn’t be able to imagine a tall blue being like… Kimahri. I wouldn’t know how to make him look. When he first grabbed hold of me… Dragging me back to where the main throw of the school was and where the crowd was… I didn’t even know who he was. I didn’t know what he was. He got to a point and then just let me go. I looked up and saw him. Full frame and saw that he was like this beast like man creature. A Broken horn and tail. He was also the appearance of Lion/Rhino hybrid. When he spoke… It was like hearing a deep voiced man speak. The guy was like muscled up. His arms… Legs. Thighs. Torso. Blossom told me who he was and i was looking… I remember looking at her with the look of confusion. A Look like: “Are you joking with me, You know about this strange man?” She nodded and i got up shaking off the dust. I could not believe that he knew who i was. I didn’t even say anything. I didn’t tell him. I didn’t even know him. But Blossom introduced me to him and it was as if i was supposed to know him. It was 3 days earlier when she and I were hanging out at my hotel room. Blossom was smoking… I would have done it too… but i wasn’t in the mood. She and i got to talking and spoke about the Mob. My being possibly stuck.

“Blossom: What do you mean, Stuck? You told me that you were involved with the mob. You joined the Mob.

Leslie: I did. I am. But at first… i didn’t know what i wanted to do and i knew that i had to have some kind of guardian to represent me for when i were to enroll in school. I had to have someone.

Blossom: *Smoking* And that’s where Dorian comes in.

Leslie: Yeah. I had Dorian Enroll me. But gave him a phantom name to use.

Blossom: A fake name?

Leslie: Yeah.

Blossom: Why?

Leslie: Because if he told the school that he was truly a Mob man. Dorian. I would have been sent right into the foster system. I didn’t want that.

Blossom: Wow! That’s a bummer. I thought that you were happy to be in the Mob. With a form of protection.

Leslie: I am. But i didn’t really think that it’d be with… the Mob.

Blossom: If that’s the case… Why’re you sticking to this guy… Dorian?

Leslie: It’s because…He’s an adult. and laws in Metropolis… or anywhere in this country… state that anyone under the age of 18 need a guardian to represent them. If the Teenage boy or girl is Emancipated. they can live their own life. Anything they want. But if they try to enroll themselves… They need a guardian present. Someone to represent them. Stand for them. Someone to cater for them.

Blossom: However… Now, you’re trapped?

Leslie: *Snaps a little* Hey… Blossom, I am not trapped. I made the choice. I chose to go to him… He was the only one that really noticed me before i managed to start attending school here. No one even cared. Plus… He cares alot about me. I am like a Daughter to him. He’s seeming to see me as like some sort of daughter figure.

Blossom: Sorry, Okay? But what… I mean one minute you tell me that you are not sure that you were making the right choice… going for the Mob. Then you tell me the next minute… that you were on your own and you went for the first guardian or adult that you could get within close proximity to. Not knowing that it was someone tied to the Mob and that this guy… Dorian… saw you as like some kind of Daughter that he wish that he had but knew that he never would. Because of his profession.

Leslie: You sound like a profiler when you say things like that. But you do have a point. I should have thought better.

Blossom: No. Leslie… *Sighs and getting up; grabbing a drink* No… It isn’t that at all. You are doing what you know is the right thing. You are trying to do what you can to survive. Taking any measure that you can. It’s not easy… But it’s all about survival. You’re 12-13 and Rich. 20 million dollars on you. 20 million. You have no bank account as you have to be like 18-19 at least before you get a Bank account and even then… you would have to open multiple accounts for all the money you’ve got. You’re emancipated. No ties officially to your mom and dad. Biological. You only call them like once a month. As you only recently told me.

Leslie: I can survive on a lot less. it’s just about resources. Being resourceful in life. Knowing how to use things that are around you to build things that will help you get by.”

Leslie: I didn’t really know if i was doing right by being in the Mob. I guess that when i stop and think on it a little… I did it so i’d belong. Not being put in the Foster system. I don’t want to face that. I wasn’t built for that and i know that if i were put into the system… i would never have met Blossom, I would never see my parents again someday. I would be at the mercy of the state and with no certainty of getting a good home. Not knowing where i’d end up and be trying to stand out. Be noticed in a crowd of a possible many foster Kids or teens. When i first Met Dorian… I thought… Cool. Someone to hang with. I won’t be alone and shoved into the system. I am now kinda stuck into the Mob. Which i for the most part am okay with… But there is part of me that just believes only the fact that i should have though better. I should have thought better and waited for something else to come along. But then if i had waited… I would not have been so lucky and i would have been spotted by a city official and put in the system. I didn’t look into having that happen to me. So i went with Dorian. Now… Do i love him? Yeah. But as a really good friend. At least that’s what i am hoping he is to me. Because i have my life in his hands. He even swore to always look out for me. At least for the part of me doing Mob hits. Which i done some. Never hurt anyone. I couldn’t bare to do that.

Arnold: You were against Foster Care. You didn’t even want it. I guess that it’s a better choice considering the alternative. The foster care system isn’t all that great. Some of the kids are left in the care system till they’re legal adults. By that time… they’re still without any direction. So… in the grand decision of survival and being on your own… You had to either go to foster care. or Go to the Mob. The Mob sounds like a better fit. *reaching the end* That’s a life that you must come to face. You’re young and are struggling. But know what you are. Who you are inside. You’re aware that if one day in the future you return to your parents and reunite with them… You’re still gonna have the mindset to fix the messes you might have made. Hardships. Sadness. Facing the pained option of Emancipation. Because of the cruelty that was going on in your home town. You joined the Mob. You have a habit. You know how to fire a gun. All in the age of 13… 14. Leslie, You are without a doubt… one of a kind. A Rare find. That’s a fact.

Leslie: I’m just me. My parents could attest to that.

Arnold: I am sure that they can. *Chuckles* I am with no doubt that they could attest to that. I’d like to thank you for joining us tonight on the show. It to me and a large group of listeners was an honor.

Leslie: Thank you…

With the full real story out. The complete tell all of one Leslie T. Burke. There was now… No longer the web of ridicule being aimed at her. There was no means of false rumor. No fuel for the Media fire. No Fuel for Lt. Kellaway. None. It was over… But the mess was far from over. Blossom’s Brother was on key only on a hunch. A hunch. Sora and Carly were now in with the Mob as well as Blossom already being part of the Mob. She was in and getting deeper. Plus now Sora and Carly knew about the deal which had been made with the Mob. The older fighters didn’t and were gonna be upset when they found out about it. But as it got closer to the stand-off that was said to be near… as The Mask was gonna make a meet at the park in just days from now… There was gonna be a major Struggle. Mob Vs. Fighters. Fighters Vs. Mob. Leslie being in the crossfires. Zoey slowly having thoughts about joining the Mob and stepping all in. But struggles as she is still wanting to do the right thing and she not only does the right thing… But betrays the trust and hurts the friendship that was once between her and Blossom. The pressure was on. What about Roxanne and her Pregnancy issues? What was next for her? Would there be the possible chance that the one that caused her issue will likely stand up and take the floor? What more was in line to happen for the fighters and the struggle between Mob versus the allies and the front towards winning against the Crime Dons of the City? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Blossom Rhapsody 9

Blossom: *Voice-over* Hello, Blossom here. I can’t believe that i finally have my brother Perry along for the ride. Along for the cover-up. But with him… it won’t be so bad and yet… it already is rather bad as the news broke that Sora and Carly’s father was getting divorced. Yeah. Alvin Ronald Rhapsody was getting a divorce. He was also exposed as a cheater. Alice had divorced him and there was gonna be some hell to pay. In lack of better usage towards explaining the bad news. But Sora and Carly are also now in the Mob. They’re all part of it. With me and Leslie. I just hope that our struggle between the right and the wrong doesn’t get wiped out in the process. On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s the next morning and the epilogue of All Leslie had been through till recent. Now… it is after the On air Interview and with the fact that Leslie had ripped her heart out with the real true story of what happened to her and why she had to leave her parents and all that she knew. It broke her up a little so it’s consoling time and i cheer her up with a surprise. I show up at her place with a gift. It’s also the day that Leslie and I go and do a hit. We happen to wear disguises though so it would give us some cover… But there tends to be a little snag. We were seen doing the hit. It turns out to be my cousin/Best Friend Zoey. She catches Leslie, Sora and Carly and I… doing a mob hit. Oh man… I think that she smells the Corruption on Leslie. That’s gonna be bad news for me. Plus… More on the Development of Roxanne Harris’s Pregnancy. Looks like Harry Waller is gonna take some notice to Roxanne? Or Is he? The Affair is brought into more light. Plus with another day passing… There is some stand-off on the Divorce between Luna/Rina Frost and Zeke being made official. Rina Frost learns of her demands in the settlements being challenged and in spite of it all… Raises the percentage she wants of the Pub to 50%. It’s gonna get really heated in settlement. All on the Next Chapter of the adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 218: “Leslie and Blossom go on a mob Job. Zoey smells corruption on Leslie.”


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