Chapter 216: The Next Morning- Aftermath of Coco Bongo Fiasco.

Sora: *Voice-over* “Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!”

“Sora: Still close by our house. We were trying to think of what to do about our mom and dad. Alvin and Alice…

Carly: There’s something going on between them. I think that…

Sora: You mean that… we think that…

Blossom: What? What is going on?

Sora: We don’t know… But we think that our mom and dad are having personal problems. Our dad has been going out alot and it hasn’t been with mom.

Carly: Only problem is that we don’t have any proof.”

Alice: Something is up with my husband.

Mr. Olson: How do you figure, Alice?

Alice: I don’t know. I just know that something is up. He’s been acting secretive for the last several weeks and i can’t get him to fess up.

Mr. Olson: Do you believe that he might be being unfaithful to you?

Alice: It is possible that he might be and if that is the case… I don’t know what i’ll do. *Sighs and looking down* I just can’t think about anything other than that. It’s driving me nuts. But no matter what… i will never believe that it is real. My Twin daughters could likely come to me and say that it’s true… i’d still deny it.

Mr. Olson: There… you see? Problem solved. If there happens to be anything to it… it’ll come out.

Alice: I don’t know if i’d be willing to learn of it. I’d be more likely trying to deny it.

Mr. Olson: I feel in-dubiously sad for you, Alice. But i also happen to understand where you’re coming from. I had a wife 15 years ago… She was cute as a fox and as sharp as a blade. She had been quick witted and very Predominant. Intelligent to last. I had the most desired love for her. But one day i happened to come home and it was earlier than i normally would come home from where i was. I would happen to find the house to be really quiet mostly. But i happened to come home early that day to surprise my wife. Which i would say that i was surprised and also crushed most of all… I came to the one room. only to see something that i wished i never had to see…

Alice: Which was…

The Dark Knight

Mr. Olson: I had come to find that not only that i witnessed before my eyes… my wife in bed with another man. But… it was with my old friend Richie Samson. I didn’t even say a word. I just walked out… Waited till she was not around and would be gone a while… I packed up all my things and left. Divorced her a week later and never spoken to her… or with her since. But for 7 years since then… i was never the same. I would come to cry in my sleep every night. Till… i finally one day decided to provide closure and reach her… one last time. She and I spoke and said our sorry’s and good-byes. I wished her the best and stopped it with that. Closing the book on that point of my life.

Alice: That’s something you never mentioned to me. Although… you may have great reasons not to. I mean… it’s not something you’d want to have spread around like some story for gossip. I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t know of anyone who’d want to have their sad story spread around. Especially when it’s not a highlight to a happier time in one’s life.

Mr. Olson: True. But the point of the matter is that Unfaithfulness in couples is unfortunately common as some couples have one or the other getting tempted in the reigns of forbidden fruit. Now… if you are already in the train of thought that your man… is out secretly committing acts of Adultery and happens to be cheating on you… It might come to reason that he may just be doing what you fear of him to be doing.

Alice: Unless…

Mr. Olson: You savor on taking the train of thought insisting that it’s just some trick and what you fear him doing is something else and feel to believe the side story he might have fed to you on a plate. Not accepting or admitting that something is indeed not right.

Alice: I plan on it… for now. Because if i do dig too deep into it and force the truth and it turns to be nothing but a misunderstanding… I will be the one to be embarrassed. If he is at fault… I rather it be he who hangs himself for it. Not me. *Sighs* Although… I just know that something is up. Something has got to be up.”

“Hallie: What are you guys gonna do? *Looking at Beverly* Mom and dad are having issues. There’s got to be something we can do.

Beverly: Like what? What can we possibly do?

Sora: How is it that you guys know about what’s going on with mom and dad?

Carly: Sora… I think that they know more than we do because when it really started coming out that there was something there… We were still in on the east coast at the BPRD. I think that we should trust them and listen to what it is that they know about what’s really going on between mom and dad. They’re our sisters too…”

“Alvin: Hey girls. What’re you two up to?

Sora: Nothing. Just hanging out. What about you? What’re you up to?

Carly: You’re looking rather fancy… Where’re you goin’?

Alvin: Out to see someone and provide some comfort. The woman needs it more than ever. Your mom is still at work. She hasn’t come home yet.

Carly: She hasn’t?

Sora: What could be keeping her at work? She couldn’t be working overtime…

Alvin: No idea, Girls. But she’s at work. I would be wanting to take her out on a date… but she’s never up for it anymore. I pretty much gave up trying. It’s like she’s afraid to even touch me. I know what it looks like here… But really, I am not out with another person. There is no way i’d do that. I’ll be back in a little while.”

“Sora: Dad is seeing another woman somehow. But he won’t say. If it gets anymore of a secret or a serious predicament… we’re gonna have to tell mom.

Carly: How do we tell her? The last time we told her that something was up… she played it off and said that dad would never do that. That it had something to do with work.

Sora: Work? Really, Carly… Work? Since when did dad’s work include a spunky Zoot suit, a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine and possibly a couple of cuban cigars?

Carly: I don’t know. Maybe it’s something formal.

Sora: No way. Something is up. Dad is seeing another woman and the last i or we checked… it wasn’t with someone that had the caliber of a seducer and possible prostitute milking for a good man with dire motives.

Carly: What do you suggest that we do?

Sora: we go on a spy rendezvous and find out. Dad’s got two tickets to Pierre Twang’s French restaurant. tonight. at 7. So… we’ll make like we got a date and pose as a couple of women going out for a gathering. Catch him off guard. Not confront him… but see what he’s doing.

Carly: Do you think it will work?

Sora: Don’t know. But we have to know for sure. If he really is dating the woman… it’s serious and we’re either gonna have to derail it… or tell mom.”

Sora: *With Carly*…

Carly: Oh my god… Look at him. He’s holding her hand. He’s totally holding her hand.

Sora: *Whispers* What is dad doing with her? That’s how he used to flirt with mom. He’s grabbing the hand and… *Gasps; Whispering* She’s smiling and returning the gesture. Moving in to kiss.

Carly: They’re kissing. *Looking at Sora and feeling bad* Sora, What’re we gonna do? What’ll we tell mom?

Sora: I don’t know. But we don’t have much to tell her so far. But what ever dad is doing with that lady… I don’t think it’s subtle. It looks like he’s looking to get with her for a one night—

Carly: *Looking cross at Sora* Don’t even say it. Don’t you dare say that he’s seeking a one night stand. Whatever that means. I really don’t want to hear about the possibility of there being a one night run.

Sora: What else could it be? Carly… Dad is flirting with that girl. Romantic like. He used to look at mom like that. He used to do all that with mom and we never knew about it other than secretly standing beside the door to their room one time and watching. We never spoke about it. Because it wasn’t our business. None of it was for us to know. But we saw and these are signs telling about the intention for the one night… you know what.”

Luna: *Glaring* What the hell is the meaning of closing the Joint account, Zeke? What the fuck is your damn issue?

Zeke: Excuse me?! *Returning the glare* I don’t think you want to start in, Luna. Not unless you really want to have an earful.

Luna: I got paid today and tried to cash it in. Putting it into the bank and it didn’t go through. It said that the account didn’t exist which is literally bogus as no one closed the account. I didn’t. I asked the bank about it and asked to find out who closed the account. *Growling and angry* You know what they told me?! They told me that you were the one who closed it. You!

Zeke: You’re damn right that i did. I am glad that i did too… You are over spending the money and i keep getting calls and faxes from the bank telling me that the account is overdrawn. You were also taking money out. Money that WE DON’T HAVE! *Livid and Hot tempered* You are making purchases that take most of the money and leaves the house with nothing left.

Luna: Well… It’s not just your money that is in the account. My money is also in the account.

Zeke: Yeah. And you go through it like it is going right out of style. Spending it then going through my money and money for the kids. There is likely gonna be no prom for Rina and Natasha because there’s no money. You spent tons of money on your Exotic crap. The Porn and Also the smokes. I looked in the closet of ours this morning and saw 2 big boxes full of packs of Lucky Strikes. You were buying smokes and also there were some Cocaine and Heroine. You’re doing drugs.

Luna: Who the fuck are you to snoop into my shit? *Glaring and starting to get fuming mad* You don’t have any right to get through my shit. I don’t go through yours. Do I?! DO I?! Where the hell is the trust?

Zeke: Why don’t you shut your Whore mouth, Luna? You’re a drug dealing whore. Doing drugs. having photo shoots here. Posing Nude and exposing the kids to it. Zoey is stressed out because of it. She hardly sleeps. She won’t really eat much because she’s too stressed out. When she does eat… She gorges herself. To Bury the heartache she is feeling over the hurt she’s feeling. Caused by you.

Luna: *Gasps* How dare you?! *Suddenly reaching over; hauling off and Slapping Zeke hard in the face* You son of a bitch!

Zeke: *Pushing Luna back and into the couch* Whore Wannabe! I closed the account we shared and opened my own… That way i know there’s money in the account. You want to go through your money and support your fixes… You go on ahead and do so. With YOUR MONEY! Not mine, You Bitch. I am giving you one final chance to clean your shit act up. Just one last chance. If i find out any more about your illicit activities and find out that you’ve been up to more crap with the Porn B.S. I swear to you… There will be more than just this.

Luna: Fuck you, You asshole. It’s my life. Not yours.

Zeke: Yeah. It’s your life to fuck up as you wish. But it becomes my business when you’re fucking up and it affects the kids and causes the kids to suffer. That’s where i draw the line. I used to care what you do with yourself. But i don’t anymore. Why should i when you won’t even bother to give a damn what your actions are doing to our kids? Zoey is innocent. She’s young and shouldn’t be made to endure seeing your bullshit. Seeing as her own MOTHER is going into drugs and bondage and selling herself for sex…”

“Zoey: *in tears; falling asleep* …”

Sora: Carly… We’re gonna need to tell mom about this soon. Last night was nothing more other than a nightmare.

Carly: Sora, We can’t tell her. We can’t. This is gonna hurt her.

Sora: We should do something though.

Carly: But what can we do? We can’t just come out and tell mom. What if it’s all just a big misunderstanding and what we saw… was just our minds telling us what we were fearing was happening but in truth… wasn’t?

Sora: Don’t be foolish on that, Carly. You and I both know what it was that we saw. It was no Misunderstanding.

Carly: I guess so. *Sighs* But what’ll we do about the affair that dad is having? He’s cheating on our mom.”

“Alvin: *Working on the side of the car; Hammering at the side fender and straightening it out* Last night was a real thrill… That girl Kelly. She’s a real looker. But not like my wife. However… it’s what i got to stick with as i can’t get any lovin’ from my wife. She won’t even touch me and it’s as if she’s doggone terrified of me or something.

Cid: I can’t say that i would be one to relate to that. But it is possible that she must have fallen out of love with you. Not saying that she had. The fact is that if she is showing reluctance and hesitance towards you… I think it’s probably her way of playing hard to get. Women tend to like that. I think that she’s baiting you. Trying to see if you’ll take the bait. She’s trying to bait you.

Alvin: *Mending the metal for the car* Maybe so… But i might be having an affair with the woman. Secretly and my wife doesn’t know about it. I don’t want her to ever know of it. I can’t have her hearing of it. But what am i to do, Cid. I tried making myself looking hot. Looking sexy. I even tried to make like a Zoot Suit gentleman. I tried to even come off with the good cologne. The works… I even tried simple things like a rose and a thing of chocolates. I tried the secret Admirer approach. leaving her little mysterious messages but made to where she’d know somewhat that it could be me. The only thing that happened was that she closed up more.”

“Paige H.: I know. *Concerned* How’s her best friend doing over the idea that Luna’s in plan on leaving the Clan?

Sid: You mean… My Wife, Pamela? *Sighs* I don’t know. She won’t say anything about it. The whole thing about Luna posing Naked and doing pornographic photo shoots and smoking. It’s just not sitting the least bit well with her and or the family. Luna’s Husband is seeking to file for separation.

Paige H.: You’re not thinking that he’s considering on divorcing her… do you?”

“Zoey: *Upset; at the table* What is going on with my mom?”

“Carly: Our mom and dad are having problems.

Blossom: Really? *Curious and concerned* Why? What’s the matter with your parents? Uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice?

Sora: They’re never home much as of late. *Looking down* Our father’s been going out on dates with another woman.

Zoey: Oh… *Gasps* Oh my god… You’re serious? Your father is cheating on your mom? Uncle Alvin is Cheating?

Carly: Uh-huh. Some of this… you and Blossom already know. Paul and Crystal also know. They are hardly around at home as of late because of it.

Sora: Kasey and Hallie are in disarray. or disorder. They have no clue as to what to think or what they should believe.

Blossom: *Hissing at the bad news* Wow! That sucks. Any idea who Uncle Alvin is seeing?

Carly: Not really. We didn’t really get the chance to take a really good look at the woman. But *Disgusted just thinking about it* Ugh! Dad could have gone to someone much better than that. However… i think we would most definitely rather he’d stay with our mom.

Zoey: I agree. Any idea when this all began?

Carly: Sometime around last year. However… when we first heard of it… it was from Hallie and that was on the same day we were back from the BPRD and the same day we learned of the death in the family. She said that it started a day or two before Halloween. However… at first… there was nothing there to wave the white flag.”

“Zeke: No kidding. My daughter Zoey and son Charlie are stressed because of it all. Charlie more stressed due to the bull coming from Luna’s porno fetish. But also because of her my daughter Zoey is suffering. She’s got no one to really hang with that can get through to her. For the last couple weeks… she had hardly seen her best friend/Cousin Blossom. They’d talk with one another and hang out. But lately… Nothing. Zoey’s on the verge of breakdown. My soon to be Ex… She’s no help. She’s always gone. Doing photo shoots. And has been going to some lounge and would stay there for like 5 hours… or till closing and smoke and drink. She’d even do drugs too. I actually had her followed and they followed her right on over to the Lounge. At the house… She’d snort some Coke… and Inject some heroine into her. Zoey’s being tortured with that.

Gabe: You should move to take ownership of the house and divorce her. Taking all her rights of seeing the kids away.

Zeke: *Shaking his head; Drinking his beer* I don’t know if i can. That battle-ax woman is throwing fits over my closing the Joint account that she and I shared. I am glad i did it. Because i was tired of her over-spending. But if i were to Divorce her and take all her rights to the kids away… She could likely turn psycho. Literally psycho.

Gabe: *Scoffs* See? That… That right there tells me that you’re still in denial of what should be done with that woman. The woman. Luna… The Whore. She needs help. Lots of it. She is causing your young sweet growing gal Zoey to wind up a stressed out mess. You’re starting to crash. I know how much you want to consider your options on what to do about her. I do. I understand the feeling too… But Come on, Zeke… You have to bust away from her before she creaks her Mojo into you. making her sexual vulgar escapade your cup of tea as well.

Zeke: What’ll i tell Zoey and Charlie?

Gabe: I don’t know. I would like to say that it’d be easy. but… i can’t say what you should tell them. However… you should make moves on changing how things are with that woman.

Zeke: *Struggling and itching to go for another beer* How do i do that? You don’t understand… As much as things have changed between Luna and I. She’s still their mother. A Dirty behaving mother… but still their mother. If i were to take her rights away. All of them. Then Divorce Luna and cast her out… What would that do for the kids. If i were to tell them what’s going on… I don’t know how they’d be able to understand. This is their mother. Their mother. *Sighs and feeling at a loss*

Gabe: I can’t say that i truly understand how you feel as i am not married. Haven’t been in almost 8 years. I’ve been a Widower for a long time as you know… But if there is one thing i do know… It’s that when things change… You have to see a way to change with it too. As it is with that woman. It’s not worth it. She’s already made her choice. You still feel as if you should worry about her. But you shouldn’t. It’s not worth it. You have to start thinking more on the kids. Zoey and Charlie. Forget about Luna. She’s not worth the stress or aggravation. Live for you and the kids. They are the only ones that matter to you. The Woman… Let her rot.”

“Rina: Nothing. But i will tell you that if you don’t back off from mom… There will be trouble. I just got done with talking to Mom… She’s telling me that you are trying to control her.

Zeke: Rina… Stand down. Now. You don’t know what the hell is going on.

Rina: I don’t? I don’t know what is going on? Really! Fine. Then tell me, dad. What the hell is going on. Huh? What?”

“Zeke: Rina, I am not at open liberty to discuss the whore… you call a mother. *Sighs* And yes… she is a whore. *Noticing his daughter wanting to come unglued* Wait. Before you start in with how you think she’s innocent… Let me tell you why. Remember last year? September of last year before the Waves of Child Molestation and victimization really kicked its high end…

Rina: I do. Mom was starting her new phase of Modeling. Said that it was a renaissance.

Zeke: A Renaissance?! What the hell are you on, Rina? Her new phase isn’t a renaissance. It was a leap to the X-rated material. The Porno… The Nude Photo shoots.

Rina: So? It’s called Modeling. You never heard of Modeling Exotic before?

Zeke: Rina, The Modeling is not the issue. It’s the X-rated Modeling. The Nudity. Exposing herself. Walking around the house… Almost fully nude. All she’d walk around in is this…  *Showing the photo to Rina* Rina… this isn’t a joke. This is what she has been walking around the house in. And it’s see through. Around town at times… She would wear this…  *Showing the picture off to Rina* This. Sid Reedy… You know of him, Right? Remember him?

Rina: Yeah.

Zeke: he had a couple moments of seeing her coming into the Diner. Wearing only that. She also was in possession of smokes.

Rina: *Gasps* What?!

Zeke: I am not kidding. Rina. She was going around town… in just that. That’s not the only problem. She was also withdrawing a huge chunk of cash from the Joint account that she and i had. Overdrawing it… It was done 20 times. 20!

Rina: But… *Not believing what she’s hearing* How is that possible? Dad, Mom didn’t do any of that. It is not the least bit possible for her to pull something like that. She’d never be able to pull it off or hide it without taking the money and the replacing it only minutes after before anything would show of money being taken out and you knowing about it. The Joint is ran by you and her. If she did anything like that… She’d be busted. By you for one where the bank account is concerned. And on the other stuff that she’d been seen doing… she’d be caught. Others would see it. They’d know too. If they’ve spotted her. Wouldn’t they?

Zeke: Rina… That’s what i’m trying to tell you. people have seen her. I do think you remember a friend of ours. One that we haven’t seen in a while. Quinn Moore. She is a gossip columnist and a reigning psychic. She managed to follow Luna… Your mother. Your Whore of a mother… Luna was caught walking into a fashion clothing store. The one that specifically caters to the Exotic clothing. Exotic. X-rated material. Porno. Then… after that… She was spotted going into a Liquor store. She came out with two packs of Lucky strikes reds.

Rina: Oh my god… Dad, You sure that it’s what she’s been doing?

Zeke: Why would you think that she would never do that? I know that you truly don’t want to believe in that kind of possibility. But… It is what your mother’s been doing. She’s been buying drugs as well…

Zeke: See that? You’ll notice that all those outrageous Transactions… Are done on times that i was at work. I was at work during each one of the transactions. The Metropolis Exotic Clothing warehouse. The Metropolis Quick stop Liquor store. I looked at the time stamps of when those transactions were made. 10:30 in the morning… 11:30 in the morning. Oct. 28th 2044. That was to start. Days later… Multiple transactions were done. A $20. A $60. A $300. Then there was several $500 dollars. Then a fast automatic withdrawal from an ATM. An amount of $850 dollars. Done by…

Rina: Mom?!

Zeke: You got it. How i know about it is because i was called and had the faxes of all the transaction records sent to me at the office in the Pub building. The transactions don’t lie.”

Blossom: You know what, Leslie? This is pretty cool. You’re free to do what you like. You have a career. You’re a Mobster but have more class than anyone at school. *Smoking*

Leslie: *Lighting up and smoking* I don’t have that much class, Blossom. I am not all that sweet either. I do have a learned knack for being seductive in a sense. Even Manipulative. I mean… i didn’t use to smoke. i only started since the other month. However… Dorian doesn’t know and i didn’t tell him. I figured that it would be best if he didn’t know the full details. But i did. Done it since then. Not much. Just 3 a day. I then manipulated you into doing it. Controlled you in some way.

Blossom: *Scoffs* Oh yeah… right. Come on, Leslie. You didn’t necessarily manipulate me. I chose to do it. My best friend/Cousin Zoey is trying to shake me because i am always with you. But even though she’s my best friend and family… She’s got to know that i am changing. I am with you, Leslie. You’re with only me as a friend. But i am hoping that it’ll change. Change as in you getting more friends.

Leslie: I would like that. *Taking a puff and sighing* However… I don’t think that it’d do me any good. I just about gave up on trying to get people to like me for me. Befriending me.”

“Erica: *Shaking her head* Mom, Let’s get my hair done. I got a night of Recon to do.

Doralee: Is it serious?

Erica: Sometimes i would prefer that it weren’t. However… with what’s going on out there… Serious is an understatement. A serious run with trouble. Trouble by the name of a girl being lured into a dark world.

Doralee: Who?

Erica H.: Blossom Rhapsody.

Doralee: *At a loss* Excuse me! You want to ride that line again? Did you say that… Who was it again? Blossom Rhapsody… is being lured into the dark world. The Mob?

Erica: *Sighs* Yeah…

Doralee: *Holding her hand on the forehead* This is not good. Kasey called to tell you that Blossom is being gradually lured into the Mob. And next… you’re gonna tell me that Blossom is under a habit.

Erica H.: Yes. She did. I got to recon and find out the whereabouts of the Mob girl. Where she resides. If Blossom is going to be in that world soon… we need to know where to find the lead and stop it. Fast. I am the only Intel source on horseback.”

“Reese: *Walking over suddenly* Hold on there, you two. You are not about to think towards going after the Mob. Are you? The nasty sort of villains are one thing and you usually mop the floors with them. Blasting the bad guys with the elemental powers. But going against the Mob is almost the same as going for the firing squad. They’re with semi-autos. Machine guns and high powered pistols. You’d never get with an inch of their property or hang out threshold… They’d spot you and pop you full of lead. You have no well made shield… armor or normal firearms to fire back. This is one ordeal that your alter form will be no good against warding them off.

Theodore: Pops, what the heck are you trying to tell us? That we sit around to do nothing?

Clint: If the Mob is in town for sure… They want in… We challenge them.”

“Amy: The new girl. The one who attends the Middle school… She’s involved with the Mob.

Susie: We heard about it. People at school are talking all over.

Daria: Are you sure?

Amy: There is no lie about that… What’s worse is that one of our own… Blossom was seen hanging with her yesterday. We’ve seen her.

Susie: Blossom was also… Puffing.

Annie: *Pausing* You sure?

Daria: Tell us that you are just passing off some kind of Joke.

Amy: We wish that we were. We really do wish that it was just some joke. But… sadly… it isn’t.

Susie: Sora and Carly have called us and told us about it. Blossom’s been seen at the park. Smoking. Zoey. She caught her. She even told her friend that her mother originally found for her… Holly. Zoey told Holly and was really frantic about it. all of it. Holly had to calm her down with a couple of cokes and consoling.

Annie: What’ll we do?

Amy: What do you expect for us to do? There is nothing we can do about it.

Susie: We should tell Uncle Curtis and Aunt Megan.

Daria: We don’t know enough yet.

Amy: *Scoffs; in disbelief* Come again?! we don’t know enough yet? Are you serious? How much more do we need? We have enough detail to go on. This has to stop.

Susie: Either we tell Uncle Curtis soon… or we don’t tell him at all and wait till the bad Pr comes to hit him right in the chops. Literally. With bad press. That one girl… who is involved with the Mob… She’s bad news… Whoever she is.

Daria: What about the ideal mess revolving Aunt Luna and Uncle Zeke? Uncle Zeke is having problems with Luna. Luna’s been waltzing around town dressed in sexy outfits.

Annie: That’s a problem. A real problem. We have to watch for that.

Amy: Why? There’s nothing we can do about that. Aunt Luna will not listen to us.

Daria: Maybe so… but she’s been ripping off her kids and Zeke. Over spending money they didn’t have. Buying drugs.

Susie: Drugs?! *Pauses* Drugs as in… Cocaine. Pin needles. Smack, PCP… Heroine?

Penny: *overhearing* Luna’s doing drugs? Say what?

Annie: She is doing the drugs. It’s all over the city. a good part of the city is going on about it. Zeke… Uncle Zeke is motioning for Divorce. Soon. He’s also having to worry about the kids. Zoey and Charlie. He’s worried about them. Also worries about the Older daughters. Rina and Natasha. He’s worried for them.

Penny: What’s Zoey gonna do?

Daria: No idea. I don’t think that there is anything that can be done about it. Zoey’s a real mess and the part where she couldn’t as of late go to her best friend Blossom for piece of mind and or some down time… It’s just not sitting well for her.

Susie: Plus… Sora and Carly are facing problems in their house. Their father seeing another woman…”

“Victoria: *Tending to a customer* Diamond, I don’t know what is going on out there. I am mostly at school… or here. OR at home studying. I can’t find any time for what’s going on out in the city. But i did hear about my sister Blossom. She’s been talking about her new friend.

Diamond: Yeah… That girl who’s involved with the Mob.

Victoria: Leslie T. Burke.

Diamond: Yeah. That’s the one. She’s the girl being spoken about all over.

Victoria: What is so special about that girl where my young sister Blossom feels as though she has to be all in with her?

Diamond: I don’t know. But there is something else. The woman… Luna. She’s been seen with other men and having sex with them.

Victoria: Say what? You’re not trying to joke around with that… are you?

Diamond: No.

Victoria: Where did you find this out?

Diamond: What does it matter where i got it from? Luna’s been at the local Strip club.

Holly: *Walking by* Victoria, Diamond… Stop going on about Luna. It’s bad enough that Zoey’s a mess because of it. She’s been devastated as she also finally caught first ever sight of her best friend/Cousin Blossom Smoking. Blossom was caught with cigarettes in her possession.

Victoria: Holly, You’re making that up. Blossom doesn’t do that.

Holly: Hey! You know what, Victoria… You need to wake up. Okay? Just wake up. I am not saying this just for a wave of laughs and snide remarks. I am telling it like it is here. Zoey is also feeling stressed out. I know as i was just with her up till an hour ago. She’s distraught and hurt. I don’t know how anyone could even blame her. Luna Rhapsody has become a real whore.

Victoria: Holly, You are Zoey’s friend. You are also trying to break out the news to us… But if you ever call My Aunt Luna a Whore again… Job be damned. You will get it.

Holly: Pfft! Yeah, Right. You really think that i am all for calling her a whore. It is not like me to do something like that. But if you were to notice… My dad has had several run ins with Luna. He even watched as she lit up a cigarette just outside the Diner. She was wearing this…

Holly Showed off the picture…

Holly: That’s what she’s been wearing. The very thing that she was wearing. She even once came in only a Bra and panties. It was see through. See Through. Ask my father. He was here when it happened.

Victoria: Okay… fine. FINE! You’re right. What the hell do you suppose should be done about it?

Holly: I don’t know. I can tell you this though… There is also an affair going on and It’s Alvin. Sora and Carly’s father. They have followed him and caught him having an affair with another woman. Alice doesn’t even know about it.

Diamond: Wouldn’t someone need to break it to them? Tell the mother.

Holly: *Unable to believe what she’s hearing* What?! You want to go and just tell their mother about what her husband is doing? You want to just break it to her…

Victoria: Uh… Yeah! That would be the most logical idea.

Holly: You really haven’t been paying clear close attention to the details and the Intel of what was relayed by Sora and Carly. Have you? Alice won’t see reason. From anyone who tells her. She doesn’t believe it.”

“Luna: *Looking over* None of your business, Kid.

Charlie: Kid?! *Outraged* Kid?! What the hell? I am not just a kid, Mom. I happen to be your son. Or did that happen to escape your whore mind.

Luna: Fuck you. You are just like that man you call a father. Both contradicting. and controlling.”

“Charlie: What the heck are you on? That’s the drugs talking and you know it. You were never like this before. You used to be my mom. I used to call you that and always tell those 3 words that are true. But i haven’t done it in a year because you didn’t deserve it. You have turned into a whore, Mom. A real Whore. A Slut. Zoey… She’s stressed out. She won’t hardly eat anything and when she does… she scarfs it down. Choking on it. She is broken up about what you’re doing. The Marco’s are calling her Slut Jr. Thinking that she’ll turn into who you’ve become.

Luna: So? *Looking the other way* I don’t care. This is my career and i am not changing it for anyone.

Holly: Not even for my mom, Mrs Rhapsody? Does my mom’s friendship with you mean anything to you?

Luna: … I am not changing my career.

Holly: Look, Mrs. Rhapsody. You are right now being a complete Bitch. On top of a Drug addict. A Slut. A Whore. You smoke. You neglect your Son Charlie. You blow off Zoey. She’s your youngest daughter and you instead of being a real mother… You do this. *Disgusted* Zoey came to me today and told me what she was going through because of you. She couldn’t go to her usual best friend Blossom as she has been unreachable for a while to her. She came to me… in tears. In sobs.

Charlie: She what?

Holly: She did. She came to me. She truly needed a friend and i was right there for her. How can someone like Luna even call themselves a mother or a parent. Acting the way that she’s acting?

Luna: I am not changing my career. Not for anyone. *Snaps and barks* So why don’t you take the hint, You stupid shit? BACK THE FUCK OFF MY CASE! IT IS MY LIFE! MY CHOICE! You can tell that asshole father of yours to Get a better use of his life. Stop trying to screw with mines. That can go for you too. Young lady. It’s my life. You don’t share my bed. You don’t sign my fuckin’ checks. So… Get off my ass before i lose my calm and come to blows.

Holly: *Irate* That’s It! Luna, as the daughter of the Restaurant Owner Pamela. Diner owner Sid… I am banning you from coming to Sid’s Diner. Or to Reedy La Paradissimo’s. You’re not welcome. I maybe 12 or 13 now… But i swear… that if i hear of you being in either place. I will call the authorities and have you on report.

Exotic Luna 15

Luna: *Flipping off Holly and Charlie* See that? That’s my answer. Pretty soon i will be officially severing all my ties to an asshole controlling family. So… Ban me. I don’t care. My new name is Rina Frost. I am heartless to you guys. Because you’re all assholes. *Blowing smoke in Holly’s face* fuck off. *To Charlie* I’ll be home when i choose to. But without you shits knowing.

Charlie: Go to hell, Mom. You’re a Dirty slut. A walking disease that i am disgusted to even consider the fact that you were my mother. I hate you, Luna. You’re not my mother anymore. And you can stay away from Zoey. Come near her and you’ll be reported for stalking. *Walking over closer and pushing his mother down one last time* Whore! Go away. Never come back.

Luna: *Blowing up and feeling the sting of the shoving* I’ve had it. That does it. I have had it up to here with the whole city. With Your asshole father, Zeke. You, Zoey. The people here at the Diner. That restaurant. the whole stinkin’ family. I took up smoking. So fuckin’ what? I made the choice. I chose to do it and last time i checked… i was allowed to choose. Had the freedom of choice. But apparently… I only have the Freedom of choice when it’s something that suits the whole family. It’s got to be only what everyone else wants. If its something i want… I get the shit. My rights and respect goes right out the damn door. I know that Victoria smoked for a little and no one gave her this much shit that you all are giving me. I am selling myself for sex. And? Is that a problem? At least i’m getting something. I sure haven’t gotten anything from that father of yours. I get nothing like that. He’s been afraid to even fucking touch me. I do nude photo shoots. The porn. Big deal… I am on drugs. I over spend. It isn’t a crime. Family’s have problems. They have issues all the time. But your father and you… Plus Zoey all go around trying to hold on to a facade. Thinking that everything is gonna be always happy and free. People were right about the whole family… No wonder there are people who just come and happen to hate the whole clan. You all think that everyone’s got to kiss the very ground that you all walk on. WAKE UP! The world does not and will not revolve around you. Ever!

Charlie: *Barks* Knock it off… The family doesn’t act like that. The family has rules. Conditions. We all have rules. Rule #1: NO PORNO BULLSHIT! No X-RATED MODELING! The Marco Kids hate us. They want us dead. YOU got that? DEAD! They come after Zoey and call her names because of you. How you’re acting. But what’s the point. Why tell you? You already made it quite clear that you couldn’t give a shit about us. About the family. Plus you not but a minute or so ago made the remark that you were soon gonna be forever away from the family and with no ties to the family. That you were soon gonna be Rina Frost. I don’t even know who the hell that is. or why you’d make that name. It is like you hate the very idea that you are with us. You had a good family, Mom. A really good family. Had a clean job. A respected Job and were doing what you loved. Us. A bunch of great kids. A loving man that you had for a husband. But who’s to care about that, right? Why would you care? You haven’t cared for about a couple years. You didn’t even think that it’s an everyday challenge to make it work. But not knowing that it already did work. Because… we all had each other. We had one another and were strong because we would always have one another no matter what.”

“Sid: Luna, You are from this day forward… Banned from my diner. I do not want to ever see you… hear you or sense you within a hundred feet of my diner. If i see you… hear you… or sense you even once… I will file charges for stalking. I am not even kidding.”

“Do you even know what sexy means or the concept of what it implies? A girl who is stunning, gorgeous, and cute all at the same time, lulling men into a state of deep attraction, even with their denial. It means you’re ready to have sex, and you are not ready to have sex. Neither of my daughters are ready to have sex, and you two will not be ready to have sex for a long time. A long, long time. By time you two will be ready for sex… I will be most indubiously be an old man. God be willing.”

“Roxanne: So this is a really stupid idea. I should not even be here. This was all a mistake.

Jacklyn: Why?

Roxanne: Because i am pregnant!

Katie: Shh! *Gently pulling Roxanne to the side* Not in a Church gym.

Jacklyn: OK, so are you gonna go out with him again?

Roxanne: Until he finds out that i am pregnant. or till my parents find out I’m pregnant, then he’ll never wanna take me out again, and I’ll never be allowed to date again. Dan’s been nothing but really nice and sweet to me. Kind. I don’t want to lose him.

Jacklyn: OK. So, here’s what we were thinking.

Roxanne: Wait. *Pauses* You and Katie were thinking the same thing?

Katie: Yeah. Can you believe it? It’s because it’s the perfect plan. You date Dan, you get Dan to fall in love with you, then you have sex with Dan, then you tell Dan you’re pregnant, then you marry Dan. See? Problem solved. It will really work.

Jacklyn: You said he joined the band to be with you, right? So obviously he already likes you, and I checked him out. He’s one of the youngest of 4. His father is like a secret agent. A Double “00” agent and he’s got the funds to assist. his mother is a teacher and a Figure skater by art. She’s good. Real good.

Roxanne: So?

Jacklyn: So, What are your other choices?

Roxanne is noticed looking to the side and in sight of her is the Drummer: Harry Waller.

Jacklyn: Why are you staring at the drummer?

Katie: *Looking at Jacklyn* The drummer’s in the band. Anybody who’s in the band can go to band camp.

Jacklyn: No…

Katie: No…

Jacklyn: Please, no. Not him.

Roxanne: *Panicking* No, he saw you staring at him. Now he’s coming over here.

Katie: Good, *Itching to let loose on the drummer* ’cause i’m gonna kill that snake.

Roxanne: No. Katie, don’t say anything.

Jacklyn: And you either. Don’t tell him. Just stick to the plan. Dan’s more likely to marry you than he is. And you do not wanna have bad sex for the rest of your life.”

“Dan: Roxanne Harris. Will you Marry me?”

“Roxanne: *Through her tears and on the verge of breaking down; Blowing her nose before looking towards Dan* You know?!

Dan: I know that i Love you and had since the day i saw you…

Roxanne: *Crying* You know about me?

Dan: Uh, I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but I know that I love you and I wanna marry you. That’s what i am wanting to do. That’s what a couple does when they love each other. I know there is a long road ahead after the engagement. Life. Money. Finances and the works… But i’m up to taking on that life long task. With you.

Roxanne: *In heartache* Why did this all have to happen to me?

Dan: I don’t really know for sure what is supposed to happen to you. Or why the things that were happening to you… managed to happen to you. I happen to know that you could have easily chosen someone else… Someone who’d be more deserving than me. More better than a Greaser. But you came for me. Didn’t have to… but you did. *Seeing tears falling from Roxanne’s face* Don’t cry.

Roxanne: *In tears* Who told you?

Dan: What?

Roxanne: Who told you?

Dan: My father.

Roxanne: Your father knows? *In an upset voice; still on the brink of crying and feeling Embarrassed*

Dan: Yeah. Of course… I mean it wasn’t much to figure out that when he saw us together… last week that he managed to notice that you were… well… Glowing a little. Plus he’s like a Double “0” secret agent. Getting Intel from British Intelligence and the sort. But… for things like teen Pregnancy… I don’t think it takes much for him to know. He just keeps an ear out and listens for certain things.

Roxanne: *In heartache* I’m so Embarrassed…

Dan: No… *Holding Roxanne close* Roxanne, Don’t you be Embarrassed about it. It’s gonna be okay.

Roxanne: No… *Emotional* It’s not okay… It’s Definitely not okay. Dan, You’re such a nice person. *In sobs* I’m such a whore.

Dan: If that’s the case… You’re my Whore. Not that i’d ever call you that. But you’re mine and i am yours. *Seeing Roxanne breaking down a little* I’m kidding. But… i do love you, Roxanne. I know that it might sound like i am just saying it… just to say as much. But it’s true. I love you.

Roxanne: What am i gonna do?

Dan: Well, Marry me of course.

Roxanne: *Emotionally hysterical; With heartache* I can’t get married. My parents will never let me. I’m only 15. I’m not even sure they’re gonna let me do this. Maybe they’ll want me to get an abortion or something. My parents’ll never let me keep this baby. Never. They’re gonna be so mad at me and there is nothing i can do to keep them from losing it.”

“Roxanne: *Looking at Dan* I am so stupid. Dan, I lied to you… I had sex with Harry. It was awful sex, though. I mean, it only lasted, like, two seconds, and I wasn’t even sure it was sex until this happened.

Dan: Everything’s gonna be fine. I don’t know how or when, but everything’s gonna be fine.

Roxanne: How do you know that, Dan? How can you say that everything’ll be fine?

Dan: Because everything is fine.

Roxanne: No… Everything is not fine… I mean, I’m getting fatter and fatter by the second, and more and more people are finding out. Sooner or later, my parents are gonna find out. So will Harry. Even if i don’t tell him… he’ll find out.”

“Carly: About What? About Blossom never hanging with us or Zoey anymore? Or about dad having you know what?

Sora: About Dad and his likely affair. He’s having an affair and has been going on denying the fact that it’s been figured out. We know. Some of the others know. Janie, Alex and Charlene know about it. We even told them. Yesterday.

Carly: We know this much… It’s hurting us to know of and the fact that mom doesn’t know about it… It’s making it more hard to manage. She doesn’t even believe that dad would ever do something like that.

Sora: She might not want to believe it, sis. Not ever. But This can’t be denied. Dad’s being unfaithful to her. He’s having an affair with another woman. Seeing someone else and cheating on mom. Dad’s been going out on dates with the woman. Whether she wants to see it or not… She’s got to know.

Carly: How’re we gonna tell her though? She won’t listen. We already told her about it once… She played it off as just something considered as hearsay. Nothing else but that.

Sora: Putting us right back to square one. But we also have to be careful on what we do tell her as this could all result in a separation. We could be separated.”

Sora: *Grabbing the items from the pocket in shock* Oh my god… *Covering her mouth* Sis…

Carly: What? *feeling suspense* What? what’s wrong?

Sora: Take a look at this.

Carly: *Looking at the stuff that came from the pockets of the Jacket* Oh… my god… Don’t tell me that those are what we think they are?

Sora: They are. *Sighs and in dismay* Condoms. Trojans.  TROJAN Fire and Ice. *Looking at Carly* Do you know what this means, Carly?

Carly: Yeah… No. What?

Sora: This means… we’ve found our smoking gun. The proof that was missing. Dad’s having sex with another woman. He’s cheating on our mom.

Carly: What’ll we do?

Sora: Not sure… However… First thing’s first. We take a picture of the Evidence and then see that the Picture is kept safe. We have to figure on how how to break all this to mom. One last time and while at the same time lay it on her delicately.”

“Sora: Our father is having a kinky affair with another woman. The Jig is up on him. You notice that for the last 5 weeks he has not really looked at us for more than a minute at a time?

Carly: Yeah. I noticed. But i thought that it was just him being really busy and on a tight schedule.

Sora: Tight schedule? Yeah right. Try… he was thinking of new ways to hide the fact that he was having an official affair with another woman and didn’t stop to talk with us because he knew that we’d be able to read his mind and expose what he was thinking.

Carly: We’re quite good at that. But… How do we tell mom? How will we tell mom about the affair. She’s gonna want pictures. A hard copy of a transcript of the conversations between dad and who ever he’s out mingling with.

Sora: She’s gonna need to settle for whatever it is that we got as proof and of course… the smoking gun.

Carly: The two condoms that we found in dad’s one jacket pocket. What about Blossom’s advice? Suppose that this is all some phase and things get better before long… Then what?

Sora: Things won’t get better from this, Carly. Besides… We don’t need Blossom. She’s not even trying to show that she’s the least bit involved with us anymore. Ever since she started sticking around Leslie… It’s all she cares about. She’s all Blossom cared about for the last 5 weeks.

Carly: But she’s our cousin.

Sora: True… But that’s all she is. Our cousin. We tried speaking to her Sunday… She just didn’t seem to worry that something was going on. She played like she was worried and cared about it… But she didn’t. Zoey tried talking to her. You saw what that got her.

Carly: I guess.

Sora: Plus… Blossom smokes now. You and I both saw the pack of cigarettes laying next to her. Marlboro Reds. Leslie probably also does too. However… we wouldn’t ever know as we don’t go near where that girl is residing. Nor do we intend to.

Carly: What about Zoey? Zoey hasn’t given up on her.

Sora: I know. I don’t get as to why she still tries to get through to Blossom. Blossom has already decided and made her decision. She’d rather be with Leslie Burke or should we be saying: Rita the Hammer?

Carly: You really don’t like that girl, Do you?

Sora: No. I don’t. All we hear about that girl is everything that tells us that she is bad. Corrupt and up to no good.”

“Leslie: I am not a coward. I can fight. 

*Facing Holly* This is just like back home in New York before i left and Emancipated myself from my parents. The same thing. People bashing my parents and trying to tear them down. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I lost my family. My biological roots. All i got is my habit which sadly… sucks. My alter identity which is a grateful form of protection. And All the belongings that i was capable of bringing with me. Plus all my money. Every dime. Every quarter, dime, nickel and penny. Every dollar i have. *Looking over towards Blossom*Blossom is my only friend. She cares about me here. She befriended me. No questions asked. She came to me and had the decency to give me a chance. Gave me a friend. Herself. Her. There are a group of men lead by someone who i won’t mention. They took me under their wing with them… When no one could bother to look at me or motion to care. I am seen as a vagrant because why? Because i am Emancipated from my parents. My family? What about you? You got a mother. A father. You are with them. Right? Would you like it if i were in your shoes and you were in mine… and it was me Judging you for who you were? Judging you because you were Emancipated?

Holly: No. But it doesn’t matter. You’re with the Mob. You’re trying to get Blossom Rhapsody to screw her life up. Just because you choose to Emancipate and leave your family… It doesn’t answer for what you’ve been doing. I am sorry that you had to leave all you knew behind. But that doesn’t make you right by doing what you’re doing. Joining the Mob. You should be ashamed of yourself, Burke. Truly.

Leslie: Ugh! Who here died and made you boss?

Holly: No one. But I happen to care about Blossom’s well being as well as i do her best friend/Cousin Zoey’s. My family cares about their families and a real friend would not get their friends to start smoking. A real true friend would not make their friends walk away from their blood. Their friends and family that clearly are part of them. Part of who they are. You’re not Blossom’s real friend. *Standing up to Leslie* You never will be. Why don’t you go and hang around the Mob, Rita the Hammer? Leave the Innocent teens here… ALONE!

Leslie: *Pushing Holly back* Get away from me. You want me to leave… Fine. *Leaving in a hurt manner* So much for making friends in this school. I guess it’s true what they said about this city. People will tear another down… those who aren’t a certain way.

Blossom: *Calling out to Leslie* Leslie, Wait!

Leslie: *Responding* Forget it, Blossom. I quit. I am not wanted here and i’m tired of trying. Blame Holly. You’ll never see me here again.

Blossom: Yes i will… *Running after Leslie*

Holly: *Grabbing Blossom* No you don’t. Blossom, whether you like it or not… you’re staying away from Leslie. You will not go near her again or i will tell your parents.

Blossom: *Shoving Holly down forcefully*


Amber: *With Sophie, Macie, Sora and Carly; Gasps* Blossom!

Blossom: *Looking over at them angrily* Back off. Leave me alone. Traitors. Leslie is my friend.

Zoey: *Walking over suddenly* Blossom, Why are you doing this?

Blossom: Leave me alone Zoey. This is your fault. If you didn’t tell Holly that i was with Leslie all the time and make her think that Leslie was on Drugs this wouldn’t have happened.

Zoey: Blossom…

Blossom: Zoey, You and I are still best friends. Nothing changed. I just can’t be around you right now. I’m only gonna say something i don’t mean. *Walking away*

But that was when…

Kimahri: *Bringing Leslie over and suddenly dropping her off* Young pup should not leave school. School Important.

Leslie: *Looking up at the blue being* Uh… Who or what… are you?

Blossom: *Gasps* Huh! Ki-Kimahri?

Leslie: Kimahri?! *Confused* What’s a Kimahri?

Blossom: He’s Kimahri, Leslie. Leslie… Meet a good friend of my family’s and me. That Blue hybrid Lion/Rhino is a Ronso. Kimahri Ronso of the Ronso Tribe. Most of his people got taken out and annihilated by an evil Maester. But he’s a very special friend of ours. Kimahri Ronso… Meet my friend. A best friend… Leslie T. Burke.

Holly: The Druggie.

Blossom: Shut up, Holly.

Kimahri: That is unkind, Holly. Mean.

Holly: Kimahri, Please do a favor and wake up. That girl is a manipulator. A fraud. She’s also Involved with the Mob. She’s going around the city posing as Rita the Hammer.

Kimahri: Leslie not bad person. Just misguided.

Holly: But she’s joined the Mob. She’s involved with the mob. That isn’t right and you of all people know that it isn’t right.

Kimahri: In times of change… one must follow own path. Leslie not guilty. Not sell or do drugs. She being set up. Set up by bad men with heavy guns. Leslie is innocent pup. She join Mob for protection. To have a place to belong. Being alone… not fun.”

“Jacklyn: Did you tell Dan about the baby?

Roxanne: Yes i told him and…

Jacklyn: What did he say?

Roxanne: Did you tell anyone about what was going on with me?

Katie: No. I didn’t.

Jacklyn: Same with me. I didn’t tell anyone about it either.

Katie: What about those girls you see? The Rhapsody Pink Ladies? Do they know?

Roxanne: No. I haven’t told them and i don’t really think that i should. I can’t. The whole thing about the gang is that they’re all with raging hormones… but they keep it controlled. But if any member happened to get… well pregnant. It would ruin things for the whole gang. Everyone. I can’t tell them. Are you sure that you two didn’t say anything?

Jacklyn: Roxanne, you’re gaining weight.

Roxanne: And? *Not seeing the point* What’s your point, Jacklyn?

Jacklyn: My point is that if people think you’re pregnant, that’s not our fault.

Katie: That is if they even think that. We don’t even know if they think that. They could still be oblivious to all of it.

Roxanne: Wait. Are people saying that? Are people saying that I’m you know…

Katie: We’re not in the popular group exactly, so we really don’t know what they’re saying, but, uh, we have heard some people talk and…

Jacklyn: Yes.

Katie: Maybe you should just go on home, Roxanne…”

“Katie: OK, what are you talking about? Are you talking about what I think you’re talking about, because I’m Catholic.

Jacklyn: Yeah… well, she’s not talking about it. At least that’s what we hope you’re not speaking about it.

Roxanne: Help me. Please. I can’t have this baby.

Jacklyn: I can’t. I don’t even know anything about it. I wouldn’t know where it could be done. What about the father of the baby? Does he even know yet? He’s gonna want to be kept in the loop here.

Katie: Roxanne, You can’t be thinking to do it… are you?

Roxanne: i have to. I mean… are you two gonna help me or not?

Katie: How? How are we able to help you?

Roxanne: *Scoffs* I don’t know where to go. Where to get it done… How to get it done.

Katie: By “It”… you mean… an Abortion?

Jacklyn: It’s her choice, Katie, and it’s a valid choice considering her age and the father.

Zoey Creek: *Walking by and overhearing* …

Roxanne: I need help.”

“Zoey Creek: *Walking over* Hey… You know what… If you want to know who the father is… It’s Harry Waller. He’s been talking to some people and they are telling him to fess up to what he did. It’s Harry. Although… i don’t know why he’d want to know about it. He’s been too busy having flings with the Majorette Marcy. But Rita’s now Ex- boyfriend used to be Rita’s till he was caught kissing Marcy. She’s a bad girl. She’s had sex a few times with Harry. The part that sucks most is that i was falling for him. Only to hear and learn that. What i told you.

Roxanne: This is a good reason why i want to have an abortion. I don’t want to have any ties to him.

Jacklyn: Tell your mother. Tell her today.

Katie: Yeah. Maybe at this point, maybe you really should tell your mom.

Roxanne: So… that’s it. That’s how you’re gonna help me? *Suddenly getting upset* By telling me that I need to tell my mother? *Voice breaking suddenly as she finally closes her locker again all the way* I can’t tell my mother. You guys, my dad left us last night.

Sapphire: *Overhearing and Walking over* What’s this i’m hearing… San Fran… You feeling alright?

Roxanne: *Looking to see Sapphire* Sapphire?

Sapphire: Hey Roxy. How’s it going with you? You weren’t at the table with the girls today. You feeling okay?

Katie: You don’t want to know… Do you?

Sapphire: How come? Is it bad?

Roxanne: If you consider my father leaving us last night… yeah. *Wiping away her tears and Walking off; trying to keep from losing it.”

“Katie: *Worried* A Divorce? An Abortion? What’s next?

Jacklyn: I don’t know… But what i do know… is that this is not what I wanted my high-school experience to be.”

“Rhonda: Have you seen your gal pal Luna recently?

Pamela: *Not knowing who Rhonda is talking about* Luna who?

Rhonda: Zoey’s mom.

Pamela: Doesn’t ring a bell…

Rhonda: *Curious* Okay… what gives? What’s with the no memory or recollection on who Luna is… bit?

Pamela: Nothing. But i just don’t know her.

Rhonda: Why’s that? You mean to tell that you have no idea who she is? That you don’t even know her.

Pamela: That’s right. I don’t know her. And if you want to know why… I’ll tell you. It’s because she’a a bitch. That’s why. This past Sunday… She came over past here and was trying to flirt with a young teen. a 17 year old and i happened to tell her to stop. To not do that. You know what she said? She said and i will quote it: “I am just making a living with my career. This is what i do. I am working as a prostitute now and i am not changing for anyone. My own Husband couldn’t make me change. What makes you believe that you will be able to? Besides… Why should i listen to you? You and your pathetic cooking. Why don’t you go and cook up some ham hocks or something?” She said that right to my face. Before blowing smoke in my face.

Rhonda: What?! You mean that Luna Rhapsody… the hard-working Model and devoted mother. The woman you knew as a wonderful friend just up and turned into a real sleazeball?

Pamela: Yeah. She even blew smoke at my daughter. Blew it right in my daughter’s face. My husband is considering on banning the entire clan from coming to the Diner over what that woman did. I know that it’s not their fault as they didn’t condone it. But the whole thing about Luna’s dive into this X-rated Modeling… then exposing my daughter to it… I don’t think so. I as far as i am concerned… don’t want to have another thing to do with her. The others are okay. But Her? I don’t ever want to see her around here. Or around my daughter. Showing up in fishnets and then walking around where the Diner was and exposing my daughter to it. Flipping her off. Then Blowing smoke in her face. The nerve of her to do that.

Rhonda: Wow! Talk about bad karma behaveth… That’s major. Really harsh. What does your daughter think?

Pamela: What does she think about the whole thing? I don’t know… *Sighs* I really can’t say. I wish that i could say what it was that she thought about it. But, Holly won’t talk about it. She still is Zoey’s friend. Cares about her and everything. But refuses to be anywhere… where she feels that Luna would be close by. She wants no part of her.

Rhonda: I know the feeling. If someone were to do that to my kids… I’d be all over them like maple syrup on Pancakes. Laying into them. My Husband Arnold would be the same too…

Pamela: I already called the old gang from back when i was growing up in high school and everything and told them… They’re in no way… pleased. They too want no part of that. What Luna’s been doing. They have gotten rid of her # as well. Or kept it for Zeke’s sake and want to remain in reach of the family. Just not Luna.

Rhonda: Who?

Pamela: Jennifer Bakeman/Powell. Her Husband’s gone. Died early this year during a recon mission to Bella Coola, British Colombia, Canada. Something was going on over there and he had been assigned to check on it. He did. He died on his way back from there. Friendly fire. Accidental. There is also June Mitchell/Parker. Penelope Walden. Beth Timberland/Marco… Widow. Just to mention some. They want nothing of Luna.”

“Blossom: *Waiting outside* I sure hope that i’m gonna make a good impression with her Mentor. *Gulps* I feel like i’m gonna throw up.

Blossom: *Thinking to herself; Walking into the office* Stay calm. Stay calm. Don’t panic. It’s just the Mob threshold. No problem. *In the Office* … *Sighs* Here goes.

Dorian: That’s your friend, Leslie?

Leslie: Yeah. That’s her. That’s my good friend. *Winks*

Dorian: Not bad for a girl like her. She’s a real charmer.

Blossom: Oh really? *Easing into the moment* Care to wager on that, Sir?

Leslie: *Introducing her friend to her Mentor* Dorian, Meet my friend. My best friend from school. Blossom C. Rhapsody. She’s one of the fighters however… She’s seeking for a little change in her lifestyle. She’s known as Electrogal. She’s pretty cool. Blossom, Meet my mentor. The head of the Mob team. The one and Only… Dorian Tyrell.

Dorian: *Nods and Grins* Pleasure to meet you, Blossom. Leslie told me about you. You’re one of the fighters. But you also are self-reliable.”

“Leslie: *Shaking off the disappointment* Don’t ask. I am not in any good mood. The guys and I just got cluster punched by some Whack-Job in a green mask. Thought it be hysterical to toy with us. We lost one.

Blossom: Who?

Leslie: Freeze.

Blossom: Him?! Oh no… Not him. He was a rather nice guy.

Leslie: He didn’t kill him. The Cops shot at him. It was a bust. A total Bust. *Pulling out her lighter and lighting Blossom’s Smoke* Be fast with that smoke. I have to go inside in a couple minutes to do damage control. This is a literal disaster.

Blossom: As will i be. I decided. I’m in. I want to be a Mobster. A Gangster Gal.

Leslie: *Pauses and in surprise* What?! You do?

(Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.

Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.)

Blossom: *Smoking* Yeah… I gave it some thought and i already know that my life is mainly meaningless as i think that my father is on to me and is trying to press me to confess about my habit. I can’t tell him. I want to… but i can’t. I saw how he saw my Older sister Victoria when she smoked and she wasn’t treated so nice. I have a family that is so against darkness being a part of the lives of the Clan… But. It’s gonna happen eventually sometime. Even if they were to try and stop it. It wasn’t gonna just end.

Leslie: What about your cousins… Zoey, Sora and Carly. What about them?

Blossom: I Think that Zoey’s looking for a start on smoking herself. She’s reached her end on keeping a strong front. She saw what her mother was really doing and Even though my Aunt Soon to be Ex-Aunt Luna which my cousin Zoey said Luna was making like she changed… It didn’t stick as Zoey saw the real Luna. When she got home and saw that her mother wasn’t home yet. She did some digging and found proof that Luna was gonna leave the entire clan and that Luna was indeed on Drugs… Oh and here’s something else. She’s divorcing Zoey’s father Zeke too.

Leslie: Seriously?

Blossom: *Smoking and taking a few drags* Yeah. I don’t know what to say to her about the whole thing. I don’t know what there is for me to say. *Looking to the side* I can’t ask you to speak to her. She isn’t necessarily familiar with you that much. Just that i always spoke of you around her. But that’s it.”

“Leslie: *Feeling unsure of how to let out her feelings for her Best friend* I think that i Like you. Alot.

Blossom: And I feel the same towards you.

Leslie: No… Listen. I have been thinking about things and for the last couple of so weeks… After you left for the remainder of the day. I felt as though my heart was breaking. Really weird though as that would mean i’d be like… in Love. I think that i could be Gay.

Blossom: *Weirded out but seeming to understand* Leslie… *Laughs a little; Chuckling* Leslie… If you have feelings for me… And are gay. Just say it. Just tell me. I wouldn’t be scared off. I was a little nervous when i first met Dorian. But i still stuck to you. So… There is nothing that can scare me away from you. I mean… If i were the least bit scared of what you were trying to tell me… You really think that i would still be hanging around and sticking to you. I would be avoiding you. However… You coming out with telling me that you were likely a little gay kinda has me a little weirded out.

Leslie: …

Blossom: It’s not really a bad thing… Because now at least i know that you happen to feel rather close to someone… like me. You’re a rich girl from New York. Resourceful. Seen a bit of the country. More than i have. I’m a 4th Generation Fighter from a Clan that’s been with powers since who knows when. I’m with a family that’s loved by like the whole world. Because of some major feats that were attained over the course of at least 30 years or more. I got myself Money as well… But it’s government money. Pay for my service with the BPRD. Two worlds… Collide. I’m not Rich… Not even close. But for a young girl to be paid… close to 6 thousand dollars… That’s saying something. A lot of something.

Leslie: That’s good. I mean… i was worried that you’d be scared off.

Blossom: The only thing that scares me is what i faced 4 years ago in this one literal far out quest that took place in another world. I hearing about people becoming fiends over time. Vengeful fiends. Damned souls to be exact. That had me really terrified. It shook me. But that was the only thing i know to have scared me.

Leslie: Nothing really scares you, does it?”

“Dorian: Hmm… Well… You might have to wait around for that one. She’s out right now. Performing on a job that the boys and i have set up and prepared for… for weeks.

Blossom: The Bank thing. I kinda already know. Leslie didn’t tell me about it. But she hinted at it which all i did was just put two and two together.

Dorian: Smart Kid. You’re sharp. I like that. Leslie’s got that same spark and has high honesty.

Blossom: *Pulling out her pack and pulling out a smoke*

Dorian: *Catching Blossom with a pack of cigarettes in possession* Blossom, You shouldn’t be smoking.

Blossom: I’ve done it for a couple weeks. I however know that my cousins would not be too thrilled to know of my doing this. Nor Would my father.

Dorian: Then Why are you?

Blossom: Because i have decided to Join the Mob. I want to be part of the Mob.

Dorian: You do? *With a raised eyebrow* Did Leslie Coerce you?

Blossom: She kinda did… But then again she didn’t. She told me certain things about the Mob world and what she said only today at school… She said that if i were to know anymore… I’d have to make a decision on how far involved with the Mob i’d want to be. How deep i wanted to go.

Dorian: And how far do you want to go?

Blossom: As far as i can… But a little at a time. I need a change in my life and i can’t get that with my family and its good mundane life. Not that i don’t appreciate it or anything… But i am hearing constantly of my Best friend/Cousin Zoey struggling and stressing over her mom’s porno run. My cousins Sora and Carly suffering with their  father having an affair and cheating on their mother. I can’t do anything to help them and it has made them think i abandoned them. But what can i do? There is nothing that can be done about it as i told them… families will have their problems. It can’t be stopped. It’s quite normal for things to be shitty. However… they just don’t believe me.

Dorian: It’s not for you to be the fixer. You’re young. like they are. They should know that. It hurts and i am sorry to hear of the fact that your cousins are facing issues. But they can’t be expecting you to help fix what is unfix-able. *Watching as Blossom placed the smoke on her lips* … *Offering to light Blossom’s smoke* Need a light, Doll?

Blossom: Sure. My lighter isn’t wanting to work like it’s supposed to.

Dorian: *Lighting Blossom’s smoke*

Blossom: *Smiles as her smoke is lit* Thank you, Dorian.

Dorian: Anytime, Blossom. You’re one of us now… Whether people believe that or not… we take care of our own.”

“Annie: *Scoffs* That Lieutenant is such a jerk. We were telling him what was going on… Telling him what we saw and he played it like we were just doing X!

Clint: Tell it straight. We know what we saw. Blossom was here. We saw her here.

Sapphire: I think that we all did. But who was she fleeing with?

Serena: A girl that calls herself Rita the Hammer.

Annie: Huh?! *Pauses* Who the heck is that?

Raven: No idea. But i think she’s a Middle school girl who by normal decree is Leslie T. Burke.

Spencer: Leslie T. Burke… As in “Bridge to Terabithia”. The Leslie Burke of Bridge to Terabithia. That Leslie?

Rikku: There is no such person. No one by that name exists…

Serena: Rikku, You really need to check your village idiot act at the door. You think that there is no such person… You will be in for a real surprise as there is a person by that name. That name’s been popping up on the tip of a sizable cluster of people’s tongues like daisies and wildflowers faster than a flash of blinding light. Multiple sightings. Mentions of the Name Rita the Hammer being spread over the airwaves. That’s… Nothing? That’s anything but nothing. That is something you can not deny.

Carly Black: It won’t matter. *Walking over* We’re on our own now. The Cops won’t help us break this lead and get definitive answers.

Spencer: Which means…

Clint: We’re gonna have to do this ourselves and with our allies to get all the details that they can grab at. We need to know 4 things. What’s going on with Blossom and What’s the deal concerning that girl… Leslie. That’s 2. There there is the issue circling the Mask. What his next appearance will be like. Find out what the Mob’s intentions are. that’s another two. But then to make two issues into one… We’re gonna need to find out how close to one another that Blossom and the girl Leslie really are. Then the 3 into two… Find out Leslie’s involvement with the Mob and where it all began… As well as how Blossom got pulled in and find out how we can pull her from it and break her free of the Mob’s grip.

Sapphire: We got a lot of work to do and this means… only one thing.

Spencer: What?!

Raven: One obvious answer.

Sapphire: We begin at dawn.”

“Zoey: *Upset* Charlie, Mom’s gonna leave us all… She’s thinking on leaving us all forever. Our father is drinking and has started to slip into being careless. Everything is falling apart.

Charlie: *Holding his sister close* I know, Zoey. I know. Our mom has lost her senses and is quitting her obligations of being a parent. Dad is lost in the Beer. Since Mom has now just begun the process of moving out… He’s lost all common sense. It’s gonna be just us now. Dad’s still our dad. But till he gets back to a stable mind… There might be no future for us here.

Zoey: *Crying* Why is this happening, Charlie? Why?

Charlie: I have no explanation for why this is happening. But Our mom is no longer our mother. She’s proven to not care. She doesn’t care at all what happens to us. Krissy Caine used to do what mom is doing now. The smoking. She quit that and is better. I think that she wised up. But Zoey, I know that you are gonna start the habit. I am not gonna be mad over it. This is a wound that will not heal. Never heal as no one who endures a mother leaving the family turn out alright. Zoey, I want you to know that no matter what happens. I’m gonna be around for you. Mom betrayed us both and walked from all of us.

Zoey: *Sobbing*”

“Roxanne: *Softly* I’m having a baby.

Miranda: *Taken aback at what she was hearing Roxanne say*What? I’m sorry, I just woke up. What?

Roxanne: *Softly and in an upset voice* I’m having a baby.

Miranda: What?

Roxanne: *Looking at her mom; Feeling scared and ashamed* I’m having a baby.

Miranda: *Walking over to her daughter and sitting at the table with Roxanne* What do you mean, you’re having a baby? Is this is this some kind of school assignment?

Roxanne: *Shaking her head as she is about to lay out the bombshell* No.
I’m pregnant?”

“Miranda: *Sitting down and unsure of what to necessarily suggest for her daughter* Uh I don’t know, Roxanne. I just I don’t know. L-Let’s just think about this, OK? Let’s think about all of the options.

Roxanne: *Upset* Mom, if you don’t let me get an abortion, I wanna leave.
Go somewhere. Aren’t there, like, homes for teenage mothers? Find me a home. away from here. As it is… I already hurt the guy i loved by telling him that i was pregnant. He’s been okay with knowing but once it sinks it and hits home… He might change how he feels about me and hate me. I can’t face that.

Miranda: *Upset and with a voice of Devastation* But, honey, this is your home. Please, Roxanne… Don’t do this. I can’t go through seeing you living somewhere else. I can’t. You’re meant for here. Please… If not for anyone… Do it for the one you have feelings for. Yourself. For your father and I. *Pleading*

Roxanne: *Upset; Crying* I can’t stay here and have a baby. *Sniffling*

Sora: *Voice-over* And Now… The next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

An hour later…

Oct. 19th, 2045…

At Alvin and Alice’s house…

It was morning and 7:15 AM. Sora and Carly were sitting at the Dining room table with all the Intel that they could gather on their father’s affair and throughout that whole night, They couldn’t sleep so good. They had the thoughts of what would happen to their family when they happened to break out with the tell all. They were in fear of what could happen once their mother heard all the news and got the truth. What they didn’t seem to suspect was that their mother was already with a bit of a suspicion to their father having an affair… yet was playing like she didn’t feel that there was something wrong going on with their father…

Dining room…

It was a slow morning for them. Their mother had not gone to work yet and was running a little behind. Sora and Carly were nervous and unsure of what was gonna happen once the truth came out about what their father had done.

Alice: *Looking at her daughters* Sora, Carly… What’re you two doing just sitting there? You should be getting ready for school. Vamoose, Go get ready for school.

Sora and Carly stayed and didn’t move. They were not gonna hold off from telling their mom about their father’s affair. The Affair was gonna be exposed. That morning.

Alice: *Scoffs* What’s the matter with you two? Get up.

Carly: *Shaking her head*

Alice then walked over and huffed in frustration…

Alice: I really don’t have time to play these little games with you girls. This is not a good morning and i am not in the best of moods. You two are sitting there and not moving from the table. Sitting silently. Either you tell me what the heck is going on that you feel that you need to just stall… or you get your butts up and get ready for school and hit the road.

Seconds later…

Sora: Mom, Carly and I have something to tell you and you’re not gonna feel too good after hearing it.

Carly: *Nods and feeling her insides tense up*

Alice: *Seeing the emotional expression plastered on her daughters faces* Okay… I give. You two are with something to tell me and the look on your faces tell me it is serious. Out with it. What’s wrong?

Sora: What’s going on between you and dad?

Alice: What do you mean?

Carly: What we are meaning is that what is the problem between you and dad?

Sora: You and dad haven’t even had any time together or dated. Just you two.

Alice: It’s because he’s always too tired to go out at night. So am I. In case you two have figured… or not. Your father and I happen to work. By time we come home… We are too tired to think about going on dates.

Carly: You’re too tired. But… Dad’s not.

Alice: How do you figure that, girls?

Sora: How do we figure what? That Dad’s up to something?

Carly: really up to something.

Alice: As in what? Secret outings?

Carly: No… Not exactly, Mom. It’s not like that at all. It’s more than that. Dad’s been going out several nights straight. Going out on dates with someone who he says was just a friend. Someone he consoles. Keeping her company a little bit to cheer her up. But… It’s more than that.

Alice: You think that there is more? How? What’re you talking about, Sora, Carly?

Sora: Mom, Dad’s having an affair.

Alice: He what?

Carly: Dad is having an affair with the woman. He was kissing her and hugging her.

Alice: *Feeling her heart Drop* Oh my. Are you sure?

Sora: I am sure. We are both sure. We got the proof. We have Photos to prove it. Plus the Smoking gun.

Carly: *Pulling out the Photos and showing them over to their mother* That was taken by one of the friends we have who are informants. They took the photos and gave them to us. To show you. Dad’s having an affair.

Alice: *Feeling weak and starting to have a shot of heartbreak hit her* Oh no… I… I… This is not possible. Not possible at all.

Sora: It is. Mom. It’s possible. Dad is cheating on you. He has committed adultery. He’s been going out to see her practically every single night and leaving with the guise that he’s just going to cheer her up. He’s been lying to you.

Carly: *Feeling bad about not saying anything about the affair sooner* We would have told you sooner and more earlier. But we didn’t want to say anything unless we knew for sure that it was what we were sure it could have been. If we told you much sooner than this and it turned out to be nothing… It would have made you and dad fight. We were hoping that we would be wrong. We were hoping that we would be just seeing it as a misunderstanding. But…

Sora: It’s not. Mom… Dad had condoms in his one jacket pocket. He’s having intercourse or something with the woman he is seeing. Why else would he have Condoms? For a laugh or just some joke?

Alice: *Looking like she was about to cry* I think that i heard enough. But i kinda already knew about some of the activity being done by your father. I had him secretly followed and just to have a piece of mind. That was all. It just was unable to sink in. I was really unwilling to believe that he could do something like that. However… i suspected for a while. Since last year when it first started going on. Your father was thinking that i wasn’t wanting to have some romantic fling with him because of the fear going on in the city due to the Child Molestations. But i knew that he was doing something. I knew about the other woman. However he then sold me that fluff piece that she was just a Lady friend. Nothing more. He made me believe that it was nothing. But i caught him on the phone with her several times. I studied the signs he would use. the Signals.

Sora: *Gulps* The Signals?

Carly: What signals?

Alice: The phone ringing 3 times then clicking twice. I would catch or over hear him talking to the woman. But make like it was someone else whenever he knew that i was near so i wouldn’t know. I knew. I didn’t want to believe it. But i knew. A Woman knows the signs of a man cheating on her.

Sora: I think that we get your point. Dad is a Player.

Carly: What should we do?

Alice: Nothing. Mainly fend for yourselves as i might be unable to provide any further sometime down the road. This is where the devastation will hit and i will be upset. Too upset to do anything. You can thank your father for that.

Sora: Mom, No! *Panics and pleading* Don’t give up. Just try to hold on. Don’t let dad’s affair get to you. You now know the truth. But live. For yourself and us. Forget him.

Alice: I’ll try. I just don’t know how i’ll be able to go on knowing that your father has had an affair with someone else and likely dipped his ladle into another woman.

The Truth was out and Even though they were with satisfaction that they now told their mother and made her aware. They now had started feeling regret over telling her as it was likely gonna crush her gradually till there was nothing left. She was likely gonna die. That would hurt them so much more. Sora and Carly looked at the time and saw that they were gonna be late. They jammed over to school and made sure that they were ready to go. With their homework and assignments.

Of course…

Metropolis Hotel

Room #624…

Blossom: *Lighting up and looking out the window* Leslie, I wanna thank you for letting me stay the night like this. I guess that the whole idea of me actually trying to get home when there was a lot of activity going on last night  happened to come off as being pretty foolish.

Leslie: It’s okay. You were just worried about your parents. It’s not a bad thing. I’d be worried if you weren’t the least bit worried about your folks.

Blossom: I know. I happen to know that there’s gonna be alot of questions asked.

Leslie: Like about the others?

Blossom: *Nods* Like my cousin and best friend Zoey. I just know that i screwed up with her and if i don’t do something to fix the mess i made with her… I’ll lose her. *Smoking*

Leslie: That’s not what you would want though. Losing her. After all those times together. You need to see on keeping her close.

Blossom: *Looking at the time and Looking down* Oh no…

Leslie: What’s wrong?

Blossom: The time. I have nothing to wear. I got to get home and get myself changed.

Leslie: Calm down, Blossom. It’s gonna be alright. We can go to your place and get you cleaned up and changed. You of course do have your own set of keys to your place… Right?

Blossom: Yeah. I do. *Sighs*


Leslie’s Cell rings…

Leslie: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Dorian: *On the Phone* Leslie, It’s Dorian.

Leslie: Hello Dorian. What’s up? You okay?

Dorian: Well… that depends. Although i am not too pleased or in a best mood. Just spent the night in the Klink. A holding cell.

Leslie: What?! Oh my god. Who put you in there?

Dorian: Lt. Kellaway and his floozy Doyle.

Leslie: Did you get let out?

Dorian: Yeah. Only because of a technicality. They couldn’t find anything on me and no evidence of me being behind the bank heist. We planned it and everything… But they couldn’t find traces of the money from the bank on me.

Leslie: So… You’re in the clear, right?

Dorian: Yeah. For now. However… I don’t have the bail money.

Leslie: Don’t worry. I’ll be there to drop it over. How much is it?

Dorian: 6o G’s.

Leslie: I’ll be there as soon as i can. I’ve got to get Blossom to her house to get changed. She spent the night at my place and has to get her stuff for school. It’s gonna be a moment or so.

Dorian: Is she alright?

Leslie: Yeah. For the most part. Just a little shaken is all. She is a little nervous about her parents finding out that she was with us. But she’s okay.

Dorian: It’s gonna be alright. She’ll be okay.

Leslie: I agree. She’s also worried about her cousins and what they’re gonna do. But she’s already got a set plan to make amends with them. Only question is… How to make amends.

Dorian: Follow her heart. That’s the best way to do it. Let her attempts of making amends with them… come from the heart.

Leslie: Okay. Look. Just take it easy. Don’t do anything. Let me take care of my Best friend Blossom and get her set. With her stuff for school… I got my stuff too. I’ll get her taken care of. Then her and I will come to where you are and bail you out. However… She’s known as one of the heroes. So when we get over to the station… She’ll wait across the street from the station and keep watch for us. While i come and make the drop meant for you to obtain bail for you.

Dorian: How long will that be?

Leslie: About an Hour. But i’m gonna gun for 45 minutes before we arrive at the station.

Dorian: Okay. See you then.

Call ends…

Blossom: What’s going on?

Leslie: I gotta make a drop.

Blossom: Where at?

Leslie: The Metropolis PD. Dorian is there. He’s been in the Klink all night. He’s got bail for 60 Grand. Problem is… He doesn’t have it and that high priced lawyer that Dorian was supposed to have according to that Lt. Kellaway. Dropped the ball and fled the area. Dorian is not happy and to be honest… i can’t say as i blame him.

Blossom: We should help him somehow.

Leslie: That’s why i’m making the drop.

Blossom: Let’s get to my place first so i can change. I need to shower. I stink. Pew!

Leslie: Right.

5 minutes later Leslie had the money for the drop and bail for Dorian. Plus 600 extra for her to last for the day. In case something happened. Not that something would ever happen. However with the fact that she was in danger… and had to make every move as safe and undetected as possible… she couldn’t chance it. She had her packs with her and had her stuff all prepared for school. Blossom didn’t as it was still at her place. The doors were locked and things were closed up. Shut down and off. It was then that they made their way over to Blossom’s house. It was a ten minute trip from the hotel to her place. It was not far and they didn’t have time to walk slow and casual. Leslie and Blossom both had to double time it over to where they needed to be.

A few minutes later…

Curtis and Megan’s house…

By time Blossom got to her house, she saw that the others had left and there was no one around. The doors were locked and she luckily had her keys with her. She unlocked the front door and went in. Leslie was with her and even she couldn’t help but love the way that the house looked. It was so warm and cozy. Leslie was given a tour of the house and shown around. To Leslie… It was as if she was back at her parents place in New York as it felt just like her family home. So full of love. Leslie didn’t want to invade on anyone’s personal space So she stayed in the living room and looked at all the family photos that were on display. Several pictures of Blossom and the rest of the family were in view. Leslie couldn’t help but shed a tear as she happened to miss her parents. However… With the knowing that she had left them as it was something she had to do… She had to come to terms with it. Leaving her parents was the hardest thing she’d done. The hardest choice that she had to make.

Blossom got to the bathroom and prepped the shower. Turned it on and got ready for the shower. She Jumped in and got cleaned up. Washing everywhere. Washing every spot of her body and cleaning all the parts. Leaving nothing uncleaned. It was minutes later when she was done and was in a bathrobe.

Seconds later…

Blossom’s Room…

Blossom: *Getting dressed* I am lucky that no one is here to catch me. As it is… I already am with the risk of being questioned by several of my cousins. I am also gonna be late to school. Which… is not good. My dad is gonna be not happy to hear that. Neither is my mom. Nor my sisters and brothers.

Leslie: How can you be worried about being in so much trouble?

Blossom: How can i not? Leslie, My parents raised me and my sisters… My brothers a certain way. They are aware that i am starting to grow up little by little in my own way. However… If i change too much… They’re gonna start wondering why. As it is… They’re starting to get wind of my habit. Somehow. I don’t know how… but there is signs that they’re starting to suspect.

Leslie: You’re starting to make like you are supposed to live like the most obedient girl that they know. Saying and doing… wearing, going and hanging with what they want.

Blossom: I probably am. *Sighs* How am i supposed to act like a mobster? Leslie, I am not you. I can’t live like you and then live like how my family wants. I care about my friends. My family. Even about you. But all i have done was hurt my best friend/Cousin. She is hurt…

Blossom’s phone then goes off and a Text is displayed on screen…

Leslie: *Looking over towards Blossom’s phone* Blossom… Your phone is buzzing. Something is going on…

Blossom: *Pulling up her skirt and putting on her socks and high heels* Like what? What could be going on that i don’t already know about?

Leslie: *Handing Blossom the phone*

Blossom: *Looking at her phone and seeing the text* Oh… Oh no.

Leslie: Something wrong?

Blossom: You could say that. Something happened last night. 2 things. One that is devastating even though the signs were there and it was a long time coming given the actions performed by this person.

Leslie: Who?

Blossom: My Aunt Luna. Now my Ex-Aunt Luna.

Leslie: What about her? What did she do?

Blossom: She’s finally left the family. All the way. She severed all ties to the family and gave up her role as a mother and wife. She’s left.

Leslie: How… How could that be possible? *Not understanding* You were saying just the other day or so that she was planning to leave the family and everything. Leave the whole entire family and be officially someone else. But you just didn’t know when. Neither did your cousin, Zoey.

Blossom: True… But it happened. Last night. At around 1 or a little after 1 in the morning.

Leslie: That must have been the same time when we were sharing one quick kiss and that was just for a friend status. To start. Then within a couple minutes from that… we were both asleep.

Blossom: Zoey’s so broken and upset. She’s locked herself in the school’s restroom and won’t come out. From what it says in the text… She is upset. Devastated. Plus just got it rubbed in by the Marco’s.

Leslie: Marco?!

Blossom: Yeah. Those Marco’s are at it again…

Leslie: What’re you gonna do?

Blossom: I don’t know.

Blossom reads the text and relays what it says…

Blossom: *Reading the text* Blossom, I need you. I know that we haven’t been together much and you were hanging with Leslie Much of the time. But i miss you. I really need you. My mom left us last night and has been moving her things out most of the night. She is gone. My dad hasn’t come home last night. Please… I don’t care if you come to me with Leslie joining you. I’ll get used to it. But… Please. Please… 😥 😥 😥 😥 :'(. Blossom, I just want my best friend back. Please… I need you. From Zoey.

Leslie: Wow! Zoey sounds really bad. She doesn’t necessarily like me much. But she is wanting to see you. She’s wanting her best friend.  However… as for your parents and what they expect… You need to live your life. How you feel. You’re loving your family. But you need to take care of your heart. Your feelings. Don’t let them tell you how you’re to feel. Besides… Blossom, You of all people should know that You’re doing what you feel in your heart. It’s all anyone could ever ask. They can’t fathom over how they’d ask for more than that.

Blossom: Well… My best friend Zoey… She’s fine to ask me for help. I will have to help her. It’s what i must do. If i don’t… i may lose her. However… She doesn’t know about my being with you during the night. I don’t think i can tell her. She might never understand. Plus my parents will be asking me what the deal is. They might not like the fact that i was with you all night. My mom doesn’t know. I don’t think. However… My dad might already know.

Leslie: I know that keeping you from coming here last night was not so right. But with what’s gone on at the nightclub last night. I couldn’t risk you walking on your own and getting hurt by some stray gun fire. My place was the only place i could think of bringing you.

Blossom: Leslie, I know that you mean well. You were being pre-cautious. Only problem is… Will my dad understand?

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Getting out of his truck and walking over to the front door of the Diner and unlocking the Diner’s door* I can’t believe that i’m late. I should have been here a couple hours ago.

But the revelation of it was that the Diner was already open. Already open. Opened and running.

Sid: *In shock* What the heck is going on here? Why is this door unlocked?


Israeli Man: *With Accent* s’cuse me… You must be boss. Owner of Diner, yes?

Sid: Yes. But who are you? How did you get in here?

Israeli Man: I apologize for surprise like this. I am Zion Lateaz. Isreali native by blood. But i come to Country to make fresh start. Me help you get customers happy.

Sid: You want to work… here? *Grins* That’s what i am hearing from you. You are seeking a job here. Look, Zion… I appreciate whatever it is that you have done here. I do. However… In order to be put on the Job here… You really should fill out a Job app. Of course… Seeing as to how devoted you are to this place… I guess that i have to be convinced that you’re reliable.

Zion: Thank you. You will not be with regret.

Sid: There’s something you may need to know.

Zion: What Must Zion know other than how to fulfill job as required by Boss?

Sid: The Name’s Sid.

Zion: Ah. You’re Sid. The Owner of Diner. Okay. Zion now understand. *Seeing picture on wall* Who is pretty woman on wall there?

Sid: *Looking to the side at the Wall* That’s my wife. Pamela. *Looking at the sign on the side of the wall* There is also notice of ones who’re banned from this Diner.

Zion: Who is not welcomed in Diner?

Sid: Rina Frost. Previously known as Luna Rhapsody. She’s a dirty person. Not very Civil.

Zion: Who is she like?

Sid: Well… She’s An abandoning mother and a Ex-wife to a family. There is a nice girl. Zoey T. Rhapsody. She’s been hurt by the woman. As has her son Charlie.

Zion: Woman hurt Child. Young teen. That is not cool. Zion don’t like woman who hurt young kids.

Sid: It’s okay. There’s a restraining order in place on her. If she even comes within feet of this Diner here… I have the cops called on her.

Zion: No no no. Just give her an escort out of diner. You should leave it to me. I am like bodyguard.

Sid: Even against the Mob. Just last week i had a mobster in here. Someone named Sweet Eddy. He was in here. He didn’t give any trouble. He was docile.

Zion: *Curious* What is this Mob?

Sid: Just a team of crime spreaders lead by a guy named Dorian. He’s not the problem. He’s been respectful. So has his crew. But the element they bring in here… Not so calm. A few of the customers were not so happy over that.

Zion: No worry. They give trouble… I throw out like garbage they are. Customers should come happy and leave happy. sadness brings bad air here.

Sid: I agree. Sometimes some of it is expected since some of the customers who come might have had a rather off day or something is bugging them. It’s life. what’re ya gonna do?

Zion: Very true.

Although all was not necessarily gonna be happy atmosphere…

As for Alvin…

He was about to get an embarrassing surprise…

Metropolis Auto-shop…

9 AM…

Alvin: *Working on a car* Damn this thing… I have had better luck fixing station wagons. This is gonna take hours to do. *Sighs* Well… *To the car* Old girl… Let’s get this little operation started and see if we can’t bring you back to life again.

As he was working on the car…

Alice: *Walking into the shop with tears in her eyes* …

Cid: *Looking to see a woman walking into the Auto-shop and recognizing who the woman is* Hey… Alvin… I think that you got yourself some company.

Alvin: *Pauses* … Huh? Who could it be this time? I can’t have any visitors coming right now. I got this car to do and if i don’t get it done… There won’t be any money.

Alice: Or don’t you mean money for you to get things to use for your booty call?

Alvin: *Hearing his wife’s voice* Alice?!

Alice: Don’t you Alice me… You son of a bitch! *Angry and emotionally hurt; Crushed*

Alvin: *Confused* What?!

Alvin then dropped what he was doing and made way over to face Alice. He was not getting the purpose of what was bringing her to his work. She was upset and was gonna let him have it. However… He did not understand what was going on. Bad luck for him… He was about to find out.

Alice: *Pulling off her wedding ring and walking over to give it to Alvin* You and I are through. I am done with you and i will not have anything to do with you. The only thing that ties us together are the kids.

Alvin: Alice, what on Earth are you talking about?

Alice: Don’t play stupid with me. *Hurt and devastated* You know what i am talking about and if you can’t figure it out. Try getting into the house tonight. You two-timing hussy! I know about the kink you have been getting.

Alvin: Kink?! Wait a minute! *figuring out what’s going on* i get it… You’re here on a hunch revolving what our twin daughters came up with. They’re thinking that i am cheating on you and told you that i was having sex with another woman. Am i Right?

Alice: It’s not their fault. Don’t be thinking to blame them for your dirty laundry. Their only crime is not telling me sooner. You were going out and going on dates with that woman. The same one that you told me you were just seeing as a friend. Nothing more. You were telling me that she was someone you’d console. *Emotional* I didn’t think that your being consoling with the woman… that you were actually talking to her and being a supporting friend meant that you were also having some kinky interaction and steamy sex from her as well… Just as a bonus. *With tears in her eyes and with the sense to start sobbing*

Alvin: It’s a Lie. All of it. I never did that.

Alice: That is a bull-faced lie. You have. I have the photos that prove it. Plus the Condoms. *Wanting to break down* Those were the major giveaways that you were having sex. With another woman. You were cheating on me.

Alvin: That is not true. I would never have sex with her. Never. *Wearing a poker face* There is nothing there. Besides how would the girls know about what i was doing unless they were to follow me. Stalking me. I don’t think that they even saw what it was that they thought that they saw. They are the children. The Minors… We’re the adults. We don’t answer to them… They answer to us. Now, what they were trying to start… It’s being derailed. There will be no more rumors going on.

Alice: Oh cut the bullshit, Alvin. You are a cheating… Womanizing son of a bitch. You can’t even lie right. You cheating on me is a sign that you broke one of the sacred vows. To honor and Obey. To Cherish and to hold. You were out slapping the painted mules with another woman.

Alvin: I cherish you.

Alice: Like hell you do. You sure have a screwed up way of showing it. When we got married. You said that you would never do anything unfaithful. Nothing to hurt me. But guess what? You did. The girls didn’t have to tell me a thing and they didn’t. I saw the hurt look in their eyes and knew that what they were gonna say… made it all clear. Plus… The Condoms. The condoms are also a giveaway. I don’t know where my father is. He is likely dead. Not that i care because of what he tried to do to me. However… There’s a friend or colleague that i have working with me. I’m gonna start seeing him.

Alvin: No…

Alice: Why not? You’ve done it. You were having an affair and it went on for months. I never questioned it. Never thought about it. I blame myself for being that fool who believed that it was just a figment of my imagination. You are the worst. *Seeing Alvin wanting to speak* Don’t! I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear any more excuses from you. Unless it’s the truth. You also want to know how else i know… don’t you? Try the signals. The mysterious phone calls that were coming in. The 3 rings and 2 clicks. *Breaking down in tears* I even found evidence of you having sex with her… in our bed. In our bed! I didn’t tell the girls that. But i knew all there was. I was denying it. Denying that there was anything there. But i knew. Alvin, How could you?! How could you?! HOW COULD YOU?!!!

Alvin: Alice… It’s not what you think.

Alice: *Sobs* You liar!

Alvin then tried walking closer to her and that was when Alice started wailing on him. Pounding him. and beating him… She was completely devastated. Hurt and shattered. the pain of the affair got to her in full blast and all she could do was cry. Cry and cry some more…

Alice took one look at Alvin and told him through her tears. “I’m filing for divorce. You can keep everything. But the only thing we will be sharing are the kids. The rest. I don’t want. I don’t want you in my life, Alvin. You were supposed to be true to your vows. Upholding the sacred vows that you and i made. I never cheated on you. Not ever. But you… everytime i were to turn around… You were going out on dates. Cheating on me. Dating other women. Then having affairs. So… Think of this as goodbye. My heart is no longer to you. It’s over. OVER! YOU LYING CHEATING WOMANIZING SON OF A BITCH!”


As for Arnold…

Metropolis Radio Station…

98.6 MRHAP…

Arnold: *Broadcasting; On-Air* Last night was a real excite of a night. A shoot-out at the Coco Bongo club between the Mob and the green masked prowler. Good thing for us that the cops got there to bust it up. But there was a genuine uproar of applause as the sweet and luscious beauty Tina Carlyle whipped up the night with a sweet tender # of her own. But it was upstaged and brought to the jazz-funk and soul with the antics of the Prowler. “The Mask”. Standing side by side and putting the Jitterbug to the side of crazy and electrifying. In other news… Mobster Dorian Tyrell is out on bail for 60 Grand. 60,000 large. That’s a lot of money for bail. That kind of money… a Mobster such as him don’t have. So who’s the mysterious Benefactor who bailed him out? One guess would be the young Middle school attendee Leslie T. Burke and If so… You’re right. Reports on the fly say that a young girl walked into the Police station in disguise with a Small Envelope concealing cash. Hard cold Cash in the amount of 60,000 Large. $60,000 Dollars. Entitled to Dorian Tyrell’s Bailout of the slammer. Dorian, You better thank that mysterious source of luck… Because it’s a flavor that won’t happen again. Unless it’s a young teen that you have around to pony up the $ha-$hing! as for the Local news… A Local Bank was reported to be robbed around 8 Last night. Robbed during a heist gone south for the winter and iced cold. Sources say that it was believed to be the Mask. The Mask… The same Mask character that was at that night club with Sweet and heart attack special Tina Carlyle Dancing in sweet serenade. Merchant Extraordinaire O’aka the XXIII has gone Viral and fished in the big Kahuna of lucky breaks. He is now getting a Store of his own and with generous benefactors to boot. It’s scheduled to open early next year. *Giving a second break with a transition for music to begin playing* Sometimes things come together… But sometimes things fall to pieces. Being a judged person all your life for the company you keep and or blamed for something you didn’t do. It’s something that would fit the new girl Leslie. The Newspapers are labeling her: Leslie “The Innocence Killer” Burke. I don’t think of her that way. I won’t judge her. Because tonight… I am calling her out. To be a special guest on the show tonight. On tonight’s Edition of “The Lord Arnold Variety Hour”. To tell us her story. The Judging and ridicule stops tonight. But to put the mood on… Here’s a memorable tune from 1992. Richard Marx… “Hazard” Right here on the station that keeps on putting on the hits and bringing it home to your ears of plenty. 98.6 MRHAP Metropolis.

Stanley’s Apartment…

It was getting late in the morning by that time. Stanley was still in bed with a huge hangover.

Milo was already up and at it. Growling a little and with a frisbee in his mouth. Stanley woke up with a very apparent massive heavy head as he was with little to no sleep. Whatever happened to him the previous night just took alot out of him and he just was blacked out. He was with rest but unfortunately he appeared to have had himself some dark rings resting and lingering right under his eyes. It made him feel as if he had not slept one wink. It looked as though he hadn’t been sleeping at all and hadn’t for days on end.

The Mask, which once again managed to lie on the pillow next to him started on taking a greater and greater toll. Both on itself and on Stanley’s life. Stanley’s life was falling apart. Or was about to and there was now a possible but likely bounty on him. Only problem on that was just that he didn’t know it. In fact… no one had. And they never would till later…

There’s a BANGING on the door. It stirs Stanley up in a frantic panic. He was on alert within only seconds…

Lt. Kellaway: *Outside the door* I know you’re in there. Police! Open up! *Pounding on the door* Either you or your friend Paul… Open up!

Stanley was startled and feeling like he was in a panic mode as he was being encountered by the cop. He didn’t know why. He had no idea as to why this was happening. He looked right at the mask suddenly that he spotted to be resting on the pillow on his bed and growled then ecstatic in tone: “What are you trying to do to me? You’re making my inner self come out and i am feeling my life fall apart. Stop it! Just stop!”

Stanley had then made a rush over to the closet as he then nabbed at the mask and made the intent to hide the mask. He could not even stomach looking at it. It was making him lose his normal sense of mind and it was taking the biggest toll on him. The instant that he’d open the door within mere quick and lightspeed passing seconds… an avalanche of CASH pours out, suffocating him.

Stanley: *gasps; freaking out* Oh my god. Oh my god. It was me… *whispering in terror* I robbed the bank. I did it. Oh god. Oh my god… What’ll i do. What’ll i Do?

Stanley grabs the Frisbee and starts shoveling the money back into the closet. Now the doorbell starts RINGING.

Stanley: *To Milo; Whispering* Come on, I’m getting blisters on my fingers. Stop it. *At the door; Louder voice* I’m coming, okay. I’ll be right there.

Lt. Kellaway: Let’s go, Move it!

Stanley tosses the Mask and the Frisbee into the closet and SLAMS it shut. He scoops up the few stray lone dollars that were still in view and had thrown inches away from the major stash of the cash. He picked them up and then suddenly throws them under the bed. He hurries to the door and opens it, an easy smile on his face. trying to hide the fact that he knew that he was likely without a doubt busted. Or was he just being hard pressed interrogated.

Stanley: *opens the door* Hi, Lieutenant. This isn’t a good time right now, so… *Kellaway enters* Won’t you come in?

Lt. Kellaway: Where were you last night, Ipkiss?

Stanley: Here, mostly.

Lt. Kellaway: Got someone to vouch for you on that? Like your pal Paul Rhapsody. He was here the last time. Covering for you and providing a very fast and plausible alibi for you.

Stanley: Is something wrong?

Lt. Kellaway: You tell me, Ipkiss. Should there be something wrong? What do you know about this Mask character?

Stanley: *chuckles* Mask? Who’s that? Is he a friend of yours, Lieutenant?

Lt. Kellaway: Don’t insult my intelligence, Ipkiss. He robs the bank that you work in and then I find this in the Coco Bongo. *shows Stanley a piece of his pajamas* I already know that you don’t show as a sharp tool in the shed to cover up something like this. Not this easily. The Mask was there at the Coco Bongo and your friends… The Thunderic Force Z! as they appeared to be. covered for you Saying that the mask was not there. And neither was you. Ipkiss, You are aware that it isn’t smart to blow smoke up a cop’s ass. There can’t be 2 idiots with pajamas like these. *Milo is trying to open the door to the closet where the money is stashed away*

Stanley: Milo, no!

Lt. Kellaway: May I see those pajamas, Mr. Ipkiss?

Stanley: Those, uh, those pajamas were, uh… stolen.

Lt. Kellaway: Somebody stole your pajamas?

Stanley: *grabs Milo* Yeah. I mean, what is the city coming to when a man’s pajama drawer is no longer safe?

Daily Planet…

In the Reporters Den…

Megan: Someone’s got some explaining to do at the house.

John: Who?

Megan: My daughter Blossom. There has been 6 reports coming in that told of a 13-14 year old girl being seen with a group of men. The Mob at the Coco Bongo club.

John: Ha! *Grinning* See?! Told you that the one girl was bad news. Joining the Mob. The Mob taking her in and that girl working with them Mob men. Then she gets to one of our kids… One of our Offspring and fantasizes her and fills her with all sorts of tales of how the Mob is so much better. I’ve seen the reports.

Jennifer: John, That’s enough.

John: *Standing up* Don’t tell me that it’s enough. It will never be enough. I seen the damn reports. The authorities are saying that a young girl was with the mob shooting up the place. But fled before she could be caught. That girl… Leslie is a bad girl. Her joining the Mob made her bad. I warned you that something was gonna happen. I even pleaded for you to ensure that none of our kids would ever come across the girl. You blew it off.

Trixie: That girl is not bad. Just very misguided. Blossom was said to be at the club. But that is always gonna be a mistake. Always. Because Blossom would not be there. Not on a school night.

John: Oh yeah?! Yeah?! *Grabbing the newspaper and shoving the news article in front of the group* What do you call this? A symbol of a joke. *Reading the Article* “Metropolis, Kansas… Last night was a hoppin’ night as the luscious flower Tina Carlyle soothed the club’s patrons with one of her best moves and #’s. Coming in style. But it wasn’t the end of the night at the very least as there was a mysterious patron there that came and stole the show. Dancing with the beautiful flower of the club. Wowing and shocking the crowd with delight and high pulsed Ambiance. Not leaving anything to a chance. But the atmosphere was said to be a shakedown at best as the excitement turned into a classic flamboyant case of a mob shoot’em up incident. There were eyewitnesses there that overheard a voice of a young underage Patron. Hearing the words: “Get the people out of here. Now. Right now. I am not kidding. Neither is Dorian. Move.” and the description they gave of the girl they saw was none other than Leslie Tina Burke. Aka… Rita the Hammer. Another witness also caught the girl’s second statement. Hearing her say to someone close to her… “Blossom, Here. When time calls… Just Aim and shoot. Aim. Then shoot.” The girl was with golden brown hair. frizzy hair. She was standing apprehensively and at attention ready to respond to what the first girl was commanding. The Description of the girl matched the same look as one of the fighters of the city. Eyewitnesses were in denial as they believed it to not be the same girl. However the appearance matched the description of one Electrogal. The hero who in terms is none other than the daughter to the retired hero Electric-Rage. The hero’s normal name: Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody. One patron happened to look during the beginning of the show and swore to have seen the young teen sitting with one Dorian Tyrell and possessing a pack of smokes and was smoking.” *Furious* Now, since you have the scoop… Deny it now? Would you like to now dispense with the bull?

Megan: *Looking at the picture and gasping* That’s her. Oh my god… My sweet daughter. What’s going on with you, Sweetheart? Why are you doing this? What are you doing with that girl?

John: Think this is funny now? Let me hear you laugh. Laugh if you think it’s funny. Laugh. Come on. *Angry and Irate* Laugh. You seem to think it is all just a big joke. Newsflash: It’s not a joke.

Megan: I’m gonna need to call my husband and have him keep watch of Blossom. Something about all this is just unbelievable. If Curtis happens to see the same things as what happened last night. We’re gonna have a real concern with Blossom if all this goes on.

But… How things were turning out… It was by far… not pulling back and getting better. Something was about to begin. A decision was gonna be made and it was gonna be done by the Twins…

Metropolis Middle school…

In History Class…

Carly: Something about that teacher really bugs me.

Sora: same here, sis. This is worse than our finding out that dad’s having an affair. Our family’s falling apart.

Carly: Sora, *Worried* What are we gonna do?

Sora: I don’t know. There is nothing that we can do. Dad is seeing this woman. He has been cheating on mom and unless we make a drastic move… we’re gonna lose all hope of seeing that the affair stops.

Carly: But it won’t end. We can see that it will always go on. Mom is devastated over the news we told her. We’re gonna need to get serious. We need to find that girl Leslie Burke.

Sora: Why? Is she liable to help us?

Carly: No. But she’s been said to be a prodigy for the mob. We’ve seen her with some men with the guns. In suits.

Sora: And she also happens to…

Carly: Happens to what?

Sora: Smoke. Which is a bad thing. Dad would never settle for that.

Carly: Same for mom. She would never stand for that. However, with what dad’s been doing. I don’t think we should worry about listening to him. I don’t want to do it. Neither do you sis. But there is nothing else. Dad is cheating and our mom now just this morning confessed to have always known but was in complete denial. She’s getting really shifty.

Sora: It’s also as mom said… We have to start fending for ourselves now. Because if she does happen to become too upset and broken to do anything… We are gonna be facing a lot of trouble. We need to look after ourselves. *Sighs* Where’s Leslie? Where can we find her?

Carly: She goes to this school too. We’re gonna find her sometime today before school lets out for the day and ask her for help. See what she’s got. Maybe get lucky and catch her sooner…

Sora: Yeah. *Unsure about going down a dangerous and unhealthy path* However… it’s not as if it’s gonna be hard. She hangs in the girls restroom almost all the time during break.

Carly: That is if she hangs there today. She could be among the others today.

Sora: We better hope that we can catch her.

But it was a moment later when…

Class let out and they decided to go and find their cousin Blossom and see Leslie as well. They knew that if nothing other than seeing Blossom… They were sure to bet that they’d have to see Leslie too.

At the Metropolis Police station…

Inside the Office…

A replay of the bank robbery, was played on the Police monitor that was hooked up to use. Lt. Kellaway and his sidekick Doyle were overlooking the surveillance of the Bank’s archival tape of the previous night’s Robbery…

A blurred image of the Mask is visible as he zig-zags around the bank at high speed…

Kellaway sips a cup of brackish coffee as Doyle FREEZE-FRAMES the best image of the Mask. There’s a wild-eyed look of glee on his face as he stuffs sacks full of money…

Doyle: *Looking at the monitor and then at Kellaway* I’m not too sure, Boss. But i can say that… that’s one helluva rubber mask.

Lt. Kellaway: What does the Lab report say?

Doyle: We got fingerprints on some of the currency, but nothing matches Tyrell’s men. Looks like this guy beat ’em to the punch. Even out worked the new Mobster. The one they call Rita the Hammer. She was the most agile of the bunch. They say that the girl is a domineering Prodigy. There’s said to be some Variety hour tonight that is gonna have the girl normally known as Leslie Burke on and speaking about her life. What her life’s been like since she left her Home state. New York.

Lt. Kellaway: Get the bank’s employee files and run down the prints on a guy named
Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss! And get someone on the prints for the one they call… Rita the Hammer. If that girl is as involved as alot of the bystanders out there are saying… She’s gonna be driving her own one way ticket to the Juvey slammer. From New York and Rich… Emancipated and on her own or not… There are rules here in Metropolis. Laws.

Doyle: You figure that it may just have been a inside job?

Lt. Kellaway: Yeah, and all I need is a couple of prints to lock this wack job up “till doomsday.” And actual evidence of the girl performing a hit for the mob to ship the girl to Juvey central till she cries for mercy…

During Lunch break from Metropolis Middle school…

At the Cafeteria…

Leslie: *Walking through the lines with Blossom* Blossom, Your cousin can play guitar. She’s good. Really good.

Blossom: I know. But she won’t usually play. It’s only a means of expressing her pain. That’s how she sees it.

Leslie: Maybe… that’s what she needs. Is to play and share her heart to others. Some people play to unleash their emotions.

Blossom: Like a Bard?

Leslie: Yeah. She could become one. The more she plays… the more people will feel. That’s what she wants… isn’t it?

Blossom: I think so. Besides… It’s almost like she is thinking on dropping out of school but she knows that she can’t.

Leslie: She’s thinking about Joining us, isn’t she?

Blossom: She might. I don’t know. But when we saw her this morning… She looked really broken. You saw that i tried to cheer her up a bit and it worked. I made amends with her. The odd part about it is that we both saw her smoking. I think that the reality of her mother really leaving the family and that her father turned into a Drunk… It broke her. Seriously broke her.

Leslie: She will be for quite a while. The pain is still fresh. You should help her. She’s clearly in need of someone to lift her up. I’d help as well… But the thing about that is… I’m not closest to her. You are.

Blossom: What should i do?

Leslie: console her. Be the best friend/Cousin she knows. You two have like some kind of history together. Best friend status that goes on for maybe 10 years. for you and her.

Blossom Rhapsody Converses about her Best Friend/Cousin Zoey with her best friend and future girlfriend Leslie T. Burke

Blossom: No duh… I just can’t figure on how to bring her into the same path as me. I know that you and I are gonna be in on it and I already am in with the same group as you. But She’s still innocent somewhat. I can’t get her into it. What if she loses herself.

Leslie: She’s suffering through a break in the family. She’s gonna need strength. Wherever and from whatever possible. It’s just all about the choices she’s gonna make in her life as she is hurting inside. What she said about her mother leaving the family… I kinda understand how she feels as when i Emancipated from my parents… I felt terrible. I wanted to really make it work out with them. But i just couldn’t stay around. They were being attacked and i was defending them all the time. Not like Body guard. But like defending their integrity. Their honor.

Blossom: Why did you give up?

Leslie: I didn’t. But i knew that if i didn’t leave. It would likely have escalated and that was the one thing i couldn’t stick around for. I had to do what i had to do. I love my parents. I will always love them. But in my old neighborhood. You had to look a certain way. Be a certain way. Act a certain way. If you didn’t… You were torn down. My parents were really rich too. Like Billion dollars rich. 6 Billion. I was entitled to 20 Million. But in all honesty… I actually have claims to 80 Million. The remaining 60 Million is unavailable to me… till i reach 21.

Blossom: However… You’re holding off pretty stable.

Leslie: With what i have… Yes.

Blossom: You think that Zoey might have the same chance to gain stability again?

Leslie: With the right help and with the knowing of her best friend/Cousin being right there with her and being there for her to help carry her load so she will never be alone… Yeah.

Blossom: I hope so. But seeing my cousin smoking… Just like me. I just can’t be sure. *Looking down* I really can’t be sure.

They were barely at the tables sitting down when…

Sora: *Walking over W/Carly* Hey Blossom. *Sighs* Hey uh, Leslie.

Carly: We heard that you are now a part of the Mob, Blossom.

Blossom: Surprised?! I mean… I did happen to change a little bit.

Sora: We know.

Blossom: *Breaking out with an act to make amends* I know that you two feel as if i had abandoned you. Blew you two off. But you should know that it was not my intent. I just couldn’t deal with the constant: “What should we do?” or “Blossom, Our parents are having issues and we fear that our father is having an affair.” It was as though you wanted me to help stop the affair. There was nothing that could be done. It wasn’t that i didn’t want to help. I was trying to ensure that you got your minds off of it so it didn’t necessarily drive you both postal. Zoey’s a mess. More likely a devastated mess. Her mother left the previous night. During the night last night. Zoey’s hurt.

Carly: Oh no! Is she okay?!

Blossom: Yeah… Physically. Socially… Sorta. Mentally and Emotionally… Don’t ask. It’s gonna be awhile before she’s back to stable. However… She’s wanting to Join the Mob as i have.

Sora: It’s apparent that you wanted to not have anything to do with our problem. We were hurt and felt that you didn’t care. But now that we took time to think about it. We had to come to the reality that there wasn’t anything you could have done. Even though we were asking for help. Zoey couldn’t help. She was dealing with her own mess with her mom and the dirty laundry that her mom was spreading upon the city.

Leslie: Why is her mom doing that?

Carly: We don’t know. It’s been happening for about a year now and it’s only gotten more and more frequent and more deeper. Worse. Zoey’s mother abandoned the family and had done drugs. Luna was smoking. Sniffing Cocaine. Smacking the crack pipe. All of it.

Blossom: Luna’s a crack whore, Slut. I am appalled to even know her to be my aunt. What’s worse is that Luna’s the Aunt… and God mother to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. They’re stained with the stigma of having a godmother who resorted to taking drugs and doing them. Doing X.

Leslie: What about you two?

Sora: What do you think, Leslie? You might have heard some of it already. But Carly and I had been dealing with a father that was cheating on our mother. We tried getting help or some insight from Blossom. But every time we turned around… She was always in sight of you. You were the only one she’d speak of. But we get it. Leslie, You got our cousin to be all into you. As a friend… Maybe something more.

Carly: You might feel that we hate you. We don’t. We just don’t understand how you could be all that our cousin Blossom would think and speak about. She’s joined the Mob. Joined you. But… Why did you? Why did you join the mob? Why? What did you get out of it? The prestige… fame… status?

Leslie: I don’t know. It just seemed like the most reasonable thing to do as it was the only thing besides being placed in that thing called foster care. Plus… if i got put in foster care… I would have no control of my money. I would also be with no idea of where i’d end up. *Looking to the side a little and sighs* I should have thought about it a little better. However, I am kinda glad that i made the decisions i have. Because… Sora… Carly, you might want to face facts. You have the most strong hearted, original and dedicated Cousin anyone could ask for. Blossom befriended a lone girl. Like me. She didn’t have to as i didn’t really make any attempt to be trying to fit in much as most of the surrounding kids. Young teens avoided me like i was a nobody. I know that you two happen to not like me much. I don’t blame you. I haven’t really done much to be getting on your good graces.

Carly: That’s true. Leslie… We want to be your friend. We can’t take the idea that you feel like you’re unloved in this school. You belong here. We… have told our mother this morning about our father’s affair. Our mother’s life changing words to us were: “You two might want to consider to start fending for yourselves. I might not be able to do much providing much longer.” As she’d be too upset and broken. We told her about the whole thing and she was so devastated… it took so much for her to not lose it in front of us. We couldn’t just not tell her. It wasn’t fair seeing that our mother was being hurt by our father having an affair with another woman and cheating on our mom.

Blossom: You broke your mom’s psyche. You two of course did what you had to do. You had to expose your father’s dirty secret to her and make her aware before someone else had.

Sora: Actually… Blossom, We didn’t even have to tell her. She kinda confessed that she already had a suspicion about it for a while and never spoke about it. All we did was confirm her fears. She knew of it through the mysterious signals that were going on. The 3 rings and 2 clicks.

Leslie: 3 rings and 2 clicks? That’s a signal?! That seems kinda too suspicious. How many days has that been going on? Did your mother even say how many days it’d gone on?

Carly: No. Not at all. But she was very upset and she sounded like she was about to faint and looking rather palish.

Sora: We want in. In on the Mob. We want to join.

Leslie: You two want in? *Surprised* You sure that you’d want in? It’s not gonna be safe. There will be dangers coming almost on cue. We’re also gonna need to get you two a gun.

Carly: We know how to use one. Firearms… We had to use one while we’ve served working for the BPRD.

Sora: Leslie, We know how to fire a gun. Using one. It’s not that hard to do. We have had some insight and training. as to how it’s done. We wish to Join.

Blossom:  Are we good now?

Carly: Blossom… We’re always gonna be good. We are not gonna lie about this though… We are hurt that you were not around for us when we needed it. But we know the reasons behind it. And after us doing what we had to do on our own… We have to consider it all water under the bridge. We’re still a little mad at you. But we forgive you.

A minute later…

It was then that they all got to be on equal footing again.

Leslie: We were thinking of splitting over to the Coco Bongo club. Besides this morning i had to bail Dorian out from the Klink. It wasn’t something that i should have done. But his Lawyer fled town and just left him hangin’. However… I Probably have some Hits to do. Why not come along?

Sora: You sure?!

Leslie: Sure. You’re Blossom’s cousins and she’s gonna be looking to have you two coming along.

Carly: You sure that we won’t get into trouble?

Leslie: Not if we don’t get caught.

However as they were talking… a couple girls who were passing by managed to overhear what was being said. It was Macie Bishop and Amber Sweetly. They didn’t say anything. All they did was walk by and made off to find the other girls to break the news. Blossom didn’t catch sight of the girls nor did Leslie. Sora and Carly did and yet… Didn’t react. There was no reason to act anymore. With their mother broken and their father having the affair… The sisters and Brother were with their own lives more or less and they were hardly around anymore. There was nothing holding Sora and Carly from doing what they were about to do…

It was then that they started to look for a clearing to sneak out and slip through the gates and make on over to the Club. It from the school to the club… Would take them only 10 minutes.

At Metropolis High school…

At the football field; On the Bleachers…

Sapphire and her boyfriend George, Spencer and Rikku, Annie, Amy… Clint and Kiyoko, Serena and Carly Black. Theodore and Rita. Raven and Lorenzo, Katie and Jacklyn were gathered to speak about the aftermath of what happened the night past at the Coco Bongo Club. from the Point of View of the ones of those who’ve been there. to witness the events that took place…

Sapphire: Okay. *Looking at the group* This is where it gets more difficult. On us. There is something some of you haven’t heard about yet. It’s about one of our own. Our very own.

George: It also rubs me the wrong way. Rocks my world a bit as i got a young sister around the age of 13-14. So this gets to me as much as it could get to you once you hear of it. For those who don’t know. Sapphire, I don’t savor the news of what you caught… But I do appreciate that you wanted to include me in the details here.

Annie: Same here. But i think that we already know. Clint and I do at least. As do Spencer. He was at the club with us and saw what it was that we saw. Rikku was also there and not sure what she really saw… or didn’t see. She was likely in denial and i don’t feel that it would be right to blame her on that. Because none of us want to see or admit the obvious as it is… as Sapphire just said. One of our own that is in question.

Amy: There’s that all aside from the part of Aunt Luna being considered as our Ex-Aunt. She’s now someone known as Rina Frost. Or is said to be soon… Officially. Zoey’s Brother Charlie came and told some of us over the phone quietly as it all went down. He was enraged about it and yet… really stressed for his sister Zoey. Zoey also is under the influence of smoking. What gets me annoyed about it is that she’s letting the careless antic and behavior of Luna… get to her.

Theodore: Well… Amy, Can you really blame her? Her mother just frickin’ left. Abandoned the whole family. All in just one night. Sometime early last night was when Luna started to grab all her things and packed up all that she owned. did a 23-Skidoo and split. Luna… from what Charlie stated set it up so Zoey could watch as it happened. Not the highlight she’d expect. But Luna turned into a whore. And *Looking to see the odd expression on Rita’s face* Rita… No offense. But that’s what Luna is. She’s been as we were told spending money that was not there and overdrawing the bank account that she and Zeke shared and owned as one. It left Zeke having to play damage control and do constant clean up. Not very fair. It’s worse as She’s also the believed godmother to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. They’re with the Stigma of having a whore for a godmother. Yeah… terrible. Isn’t it? That’s Luna.

Rita: Theodore, I don’t find that kind of talk about your Aunt to be kind at all… But i’m not gonna condemn. I get it. You and the entire mass here all trusted her. believed that she’d never stoop to the level she’s in and won’t undo. She betrayed and lied to you. Lied right to you. She has hurt her kids. Emotionally and mentally. Her daughter Zoey is damaged because of her. There is nothing you or anyone else can really do to change it. You know that. She betrayed you all.

Clint: That’s good observation. Rita. That is actually good observation coming from someone who doesn’t really know Luna like we do. There was a lot of trust broken from her and it’s literally tarnished the family a good deal.

Kiyoko: It’s really sad.

Spencer: Not that we find it rhetorical… But how does talking about Luna leaving the family handle the topic at hand. Namely… Blossom.

Rikku: There is something really wrong going on with Blossom. Really troublesome.

Serena: *Looking to the field; not wanting to think about what she saw last night* It was a nightmare. That just couldn’t be Blossom. Blossom would never do this. Never. This is Blossom that we’re talking about. There is no way that it could have been her. *Sighs* Who’re we kidding? It was her. She was with the guys with guns. Also with that young girl. Someone that we heard about for the last several weeks. Leslie T. Burke. She was there with those men and one of them men happened to be the leader. Dorian Tyrell.

Carly Black: Plus some of us saw Blossom running off with the girl known as Leslie. But as she ran… there was something sticking out just a hair from her right side pocket. It had the word Marlboro. It was red and white. Blossom might have just had that as an illusion. But i don’t think it was an illusion. I stepped out just to keep a look out for any unwanted trouble seeking on creeping along. It was when i saw two girls. The same ones that were in the club. The Night Club. Leslie and sad revelation… Blossom. Blossom had a pack of cigarettes in her hand and pulled out a stick, placed it on her lips and lit up. Smoking. She didn’t see me. Neither did the girl. but Blossom was doing it and i’ll be a fool if i were to not see them kissing.

Raven: You have got to be kidding us. She was smoking? Plus Kissing? UGH!

Lorenzo: I don’t think that’s something we should sit around and keep quiet. We should consider on exposing the news to her father. Your Uncle Curtis. He should be told of this.

Katie: But why would your Cousin do that? Doesn’t she know what it can do?

Jacklyn: Yeah… She’s gonna have health problems sometime down the road. It’s gonna ruin her.

Theodore: Really?! Tell us something we don’t know. We need to know why she’s doing this. What’s getting her to do this?


Theodore: *Suddenly realizing something* “One of you fighters will be lured into the Mob. Lured by the girl involved with the Mob.”

Sapphire: Huh?! Theodore, What are you talking about?

Theodore: “One of you will be drawn in by the girl luring herself into the Mob” Remember last year. Around the end of last year after we all battled against the Ogdru Jahad: Behemoth… After the battle we went through… We had some type of spirit approaching us. Calling itself the Hawk of Metropolis. The Screeching bird of Flight. It said something about us being Metropolis’s last hope but said also that more darkness was following. Coming. It also said that: “

Slight Flashback and Memory Relapse…

“A girl by the age of 13 from New York. A Rich girl is getting involved with a Mob. Lead by…

A Mob Hit man. Running a night club…

One of you will be drawn in by the girl luring herself into the Mob… More might follow as time may pass…”

Snap back to reality…

Theodore: So… What if it turns out that Blossom was the one to be drawn to join the Mob. and a couple others soon after. Only a week or two after?

Spencer: You know what… Theodore is right. He’s right. What if what that mysterious spirit said about one of us fighters being drawn into the Mob meant just that it could mean the most susceptible and more upstanding… would be brought right into the Mob.

Rikku: You don’t think that more of us could be drawn into it… Do you?

Lorenzo: Please say no.

Raven: No. I would not believe that more of us would be taken in to the Mob.

Paul: *Walking over* … *With some Coffee* Well… Looks like we got a hefty meeting going on. What’s the deal? Something going on that i should know?

Serena: Not unless you want to re-embark on the powers that be beat again. But… Let’s just say as a summary that in all things about the Mob… The Mask… The new girl Leslie T. Burke and her involved with the Mob… We are in a bit of a loss.

Paul: *Wondering and suddenly Curious* Hmm… Okay. *Grabbing a seat and Joining the conversation* I’m piqued. What’s all the spill about with this Mob?

Clint: You want to know? We’ll tell you. But once you know about this… It means that you’re all in. There’s no side saddling. It means that you are fully involved. All the way.

Paul: Clint… Even if i didn’t get told about this… I would still be all involved. I am still a fighter and just to be on the same playing field… I secretly sneak away somewhere and practice. I honed my fire skill and what Psychic Twinkle skills i had on the side. So… I can still battle. Maybe even better than thought.

Theodore: Hmm… I guess that settles it then.

They all reverberate what they gathered about last night and the events that had unfolded up till current to Paul. Bringing him in the know of what’s been going on and his calming demeanor broke into a state of worry and concern. He didn’t get to see his younger siblings much as he didn’t stick close to the home as he wanted nothing to do with the stigma of having possibility of a father that was cheating on their mother and having an affair. But from what he heard… It was enough to have him shook.

Paul: Wait… Blossom, Is with the Mob. She’s hanging with this girl Leslie T. Burke and is smoking?

Spencer: Afraid so.

Carly Black: I saw the pack slightly popping out of her right pocket and it said Marlboro. A Red Pack. I think it said something more as well… But i barely caught sight of it and that was what it said… Blossom’s smoking. What gasses us is the fact that… well… What if some of the others get into it too? You know… Like Sakura and Hikaru? What about them? They’re like so… So Innocent. But after a while. Of constantly seeing a cousin to them doing something like that and just subjecting them to it… over and over again. They could gain the prospect of getting into doing it as well. Not that they will… But, if you really thought about it… how much can one be subjected to something before they eventually break and just start getting a mind for it. It could be your young sisters Sora and Carly, Paul. They might also join the Mob.

Paul: After this morning… I wouldn’t really blame them. I got a really emotional call from them this morning. They exposed my father’s secret affair to my mother Alice. Let’s just say… that she’s in a state of shock and gradual depression. But i think that it’s gonna likely hit soon. They were also crying as they told me and it’s bad. They feel as if they caused mom to just finally break. Breaking her heart by that. I think that if they were to join the Mob… Take up some habit… I don’t know what i’ll think about it. I’ll be upset and disappointed. But i’ll also come to understand. They’re in pain. Agony. I mean… They had just dropped a Bombshell on their mother and it hurt them. I myself haven’t been at my home for a while because i wanted nothing to do with dad. Not if he was gonna cheat on mom. I wasn’t gonna be any part of that. I might be part like him… But Cheating on someone? That’s not my idea of fun. It’s not right at all and i just refuse to be with any part of it.

Clint: We don’t blame you. We wouldn’t want to be a part of that either.

Lorenzo: They’ll be alright, won’t they?

Serena: We don’t know. But the very idea that Blossom is now smoking and is with the Mob. That’s bringing a concern to our struggle.

Sapphire: What about seeing the Mob confronting the Mask?

George: That is still in question. isn’t it?

Raven: We know who the Mask is. Don’t we?

Serena: It’s Ipkiss.

Amy: He’s unleashed himself as the mask twice. It’s taken a huge toll on him for the 2nd time. It’s only gonna get worse.

Theodore: How?

Rita: What’s gonna happen to him?

Katie: What about the Police? Do they have any leads?

Clint: No. And even if they did… who cares?

Spencer: That Lt. Kellaway is a real tool. A complete Jerk.

Rikku: He thought that we were all on hallucinogens or something.

Clint: It was as though we were all looking like a bunch of druggies to him.

Kiyoko: That’s bad.

Katie: What’re you guys gonna do?

Jacklyn: Isn’t there something that can be done?

George: I don’t think that there can be anything done.

Paul: You know what… We are gonna need some resources. A call to the Command center is needed.

Raven: Genevieve. We can reach her… can’t we?

Serena: We can… We’ll do it tonight. This is serious. We also need to help Zoey. She’s broken because of her mother leaving and Abandoning the family. The father starting to turn into a Drunk. Her Brother is stressing as he doesn’t know how to really help her. other than be there. Being there to lift her up when needed.

Rita: And Blossom? What about her?

Annie: There’s nothing that we can do. Other than break the news to her father and mother. Somehow. Blossom is involved with the Mob. We are gonna have to do whatever is needed to pull her away from the girl Leslie. Leslie is possibly a good person. A good hearted girl. But Being in with the Mob… That’s not something we want for our cousin Blossom. No matter what the reason is.

Of course…

At the Coco Bongo club…

In Dorian’s office…

Dorian was livid over the Mask swindling him and wanted payback. Leslie and Blossom were just coming in and it was with their new additions. Sora and Carly. They were coming prepared to see what Dorian had for them to do that afternoon. However… There was more going on than what they were seeing.

Leslie: *Walking into the office* Hey Dorian. You okay?

Dorian: *Looking to see Leslie coming in* No. I am not okay. Not really. I am still tense and looking for the sorry son of a bitch that has my money. Money that belongs to us. But…

Blossom: What? You’re okay… aren’t you? Will you be able to find the one responsible?

Dorian: I plan on it. I won’t rest till the son of a bitch is apprehended and is made to pay for crossing me. *Pauses suddenly* Wait. What time is it?

Blossom: It’s sometime before 1. We’d believe… Why?

Dorian: You girls should be in school. Did you two just sneak out from school?

Leslie: Yeah. But only to see if you had some early hits for us to do.

Dorian: No. I have nothing for you to do right now, Leslie. You and Blossom are in the clear. *Suddenly seeing two girls close by right behind Leslie and Blossom* Who are those girls behind you?

Leslie: They’re Cousins… to Blossom. Sora Ashley and Carly Athena Rhapsody.

Sora: *Waving* Hey sir.

Carly: Hey. Can we be a part of the Mob? We want to be part of the Mob too.

Sora: We can be useful assets to the gang here.

Leslie: Watch what they can do.

Sora and Carly suddenly emitted energy and Cast a spell. They had no idea how they were still able to do it since they haven’t even practiced those abilities in quite a while. But Sora cast Blizzard on the nearby table. Carly cast fire. Dorian stood there with a shook expression. He was literally mind blown. Even though he was still with a burning hate over the Mask… He couldn’t just not notice that the twins had definite style. He was fixated on them and their power. The girls were accepted in. However there was just nothing for any of them to do. Although, it was just only minutes later that some business has been called up.

Dorian’s assembled a war council. At the table was Sweet Eddy and assorted Button Men from the city’s underworld. An open attache case filled with stacks of money sits before Dorian…

Leslie: *Looking at the Cash* Whoa! That’s alot of money.

Blossom: Leslie, Dorian’s loaded. He’s seriously loaded with cash.

Sora: How did he get that kind of money?

Carly: All that money… *With Wide-eyes* Wow!

Dorian: *To the men and the young girls* 70 grand. 70 grand to the man or woman who finds that green-faced son of a bitch before the cops do. I want you to get the word out to every street hustler, to every lowlife in this town, you understand? I want him here, alive. I don’t care in what way he is brought here. But i want that bastard. As long as he’s alive. Leslie, You and Blossom get the word out to anyone you meet. Have them get the word out and keep tabs on that green faced son of a bitch. You two twin girls… if you get a hold of a sighting on that green faced son of a bitch… nail him.

Sora: Burn him?

Carly: Electrocute him?

Blossom: Nail him however possible.

Leslie: That Mask is one of the reasons why one of the men are gone. Freeze was shot at by the cops. during the heist that failed. If it wasn’t for the Mask… Freeze would have still been alive.

Dorian: Freeze was a good man. truly informative.

The Men were standing around unsure at first of what to do. They listened to Dorian’s command and knew what he was saying but believed him to be coming off as someone who apparently was sincerely unhinged.

Dorian: What the hell are you guys waiting for? Get the hell going… NOW!

Tina: *Looking at Dorian; Smirking*

Dorian: What’re you looking at?

Tina: You. You’re really losing it, Dorian. Has anyone ever told you that?

Leslie: Tina, Wake up! If you were paying attention to what was going on… You’d know that the bank heist was a bust. Dorian planned the workout. Freeze and the guys… plus me… We were in moves to bust into the bank. But we got snuffed. Freeze is Dead because of it going bad.

Dorian: Leslie… Stop. It’s okay. I’ll settle this. *Looking at Tina* I’m not losing anything… except maybe some extra baggage.

Tina: What does that even mean?

Blossom: *Scoffs* Do you really have to ask, Tina? Think about it. You do a few shows and think that you’re on the front seat with Dorian. Dorian is not pleased right now. Are you that much into getting him really unhinged and boiling mad?

Tina: Excuse me, Young girl… This doesn’t concern you.

Blossom: *Cross* My Name’s Blossom. Not Young girl!

Sora: You belong to Dorian.

Carly: Why would you go to that other guy?

Dorian: You didn’t fight much last night when that freak kissed you.

Tina: Did it look like I had much of a choice?

Leslie: You did. You should have thought better. What were you even thinking anyway? What exactly does that guy Stanley have that Dorian doesn’t?

Dorian: Maybe you did… maybe you didn’t. Who knows, right? I’ll tell you one thing. It’s going to be payback for anybody who crosses me.

Blossom: We’re not gonna cross you, Dorian. Our Loyalty’s to you.

Dorian: It’s all good girls. But… Go on back to school for right now. Leslie… You and the girls come back later and hang out. Leslie, You got enough?

Leslie: I do. Blossom is almost out though. *Knowing what Dorian meant*

Dorian: Have her take a few. Sora and Carly are welcomed to grab a few as well…

Carly: You sure? *Shocked*

Dorian: Absolutely. As i happened to tell Blossom. We take care of our own…

Sora and Carly were now in the Mob… Was this gonna be the start of their change to the other side of the struggle?

It was then that they made off back to school. But it was during that time that Tina Carlyle left the office. She was going to one place. That was to find Stanley… Or was it?…

At Metropolis City Bank…

The Bank was indeed in a frantic as there were cops and reporters everywhere. Everyone stood and relayed with questions on what happened. None of them knew what to do. The only thing that they could do was take account of how much money was taken and how much was left…

Stanley just then walked in and was in a bit of distress. He just knew that he was the cause for what was going on. He knew that it was all his fault however also knew that it wasn’t all him. It was the Mask acting out his wild side… the side that he was embarrassed to unleash. He was shaken up a little. But he was just walking on in and heading right to to his desk when out of nowhere…

Mr. Dickey: *Turning to see Stanley inside the building and Walking over to him in a tense short tempered manner* Ipkiss, we have a crisis on our hands here and you stroll in over an hour late? If I have to put up with your slovenly behavior…

Stanley: *Snapping one off in rebuttal* BACK OFF, Monkey Boy, before I tell your daddy you’re running this place like it’s your own personal piggy bank. Or maybe we should call the IRS, and see if we can arrange a little vacation for you at Club FED!

Mr. Dickey: *shocked from being told off by his employee* That’ll be all, Ipkiss.

Charlie was suddenly there beside Stanley and even he too was bewildered. Shocked as any at the outburst Stanley had just let out…

Charlie: *after Stanley snaps at Dickey* Genius. That was genius. Buddy, I have chills! What side of whose bed did you wake up on, man?

Stanley: I’m not sure. I haven’t exactly been myself lately. Plus… i have some hot tempered Lt. on my case. I was stuck as i didn’t have anyone around to speak on my side.

Charlie: Where was this?

Stanley: My place. My apartment. This morning. The lieutenant is probably just loving the idea of locking me up. What can i say… I haven’t really been keep my other side from busting loose.

It was only then that his face had consorted and contorted into an alarming mask like Expression. He was feeling himself get into a panic like mode.

Charlie: You don’t look so good.

Stanley: Really, do I look bad?

Charlie: Don’t worry. This’ll put the color back in your cheeks. *Suddenly holding up a couple ticket* 2 tickets to the charity ball at the Coco Bongo Club, Saturday. Next Weekend. Anybody… who’s anybody… will be there. Who’s to know? The guy Paul Rhapsody could also be there too… But the Coco Bongo Club has rules about Minors being in a casino. The Club could lose their luster and their license if a Minor was spotted there. Want to be my date? *Winks*


Tina Carlyle happened to walk into the bank and Stanley had only turned somewhat only to see Tina in View…

Stanley: *Starting to walk over to Tina* … *To Charlie* Wait a minute…

Seconds later…

Stanley: *To Tina; Whispering* Why are you here?

Tina: I wanted to thank you. I don’t have much to open an account with anymore.

Stanley: *Surprised and in shock*  What about the club? You were doing great.

Tina: It’s not your problem. I’ll be okay. Although i don’t know what’s gonna happen since that girl Dorian has working under him is just as critical as he is.

Stanley: Girl? What girl? *Confused* Dorian has a daughter?

Tina: No, Stanley. That girl is nothing like him. But happens to act a little like him or a real Mobster girl. Some girl by the name of Leslie T. Burke. Plus that girl’s got a friend. Someone named Blossom.

Stanley: Who? Blossom?!

Tina: Yeah. You know of her?

Stanley: Depends. Her name wouldn’t happen to be with the last name Rhapsody… Would it?

Tina: Actually… Yeah. It is…

Stanley: Oh geez! She’s related to those fighters. The ones living in the city. The Thunderic Force… something. She was there?

Tina: Yeah.

Stanley: *Getting over to the side with Tina* Come here. You didn’t stop by just to see me, did you? It’s okay, tell me.

Tina: The guy they say robbed this place…

Stanley: The Mask?

Tina: I think he was at the club.

Stanley: Really? They say he’s pretty… weird looking.

Tina: *Feeling a little love sick* Yeah, but… you should see him dance. Did anyone find out who he is?

Stanley: Why, you interested?

Tina: Just curious, I guess.


Tina: I better be going. If i am here too long… Dorian’s men will take notice and get back to him. That one girl Leslie is like some young lap dog. Dorian commands and she just does it. She’s supposed to be a Middle school girl. But with Dorian… She doesn’t act like she is. *Smiles to Stanley* Thanks for everything.

Stanley: You’d like to see him again?

Tina: I wouldn’t mind.

Stanley: I know him, you know.

Tina: You do?

Stanley: We’re old college buddies, him and me. It’s funny you mention he dances because… I taught him a couple of dance moves myself.

Tina: *Smiles and itching to see the Mask again* Think you could have him meet me Monday night? I don’t know how much longer i’m gonna be in the City. There’s no big breaks here.

Stanley: Maybe I could work something out.

Tina: How about at Metropolis Park? Monday Night.

Stanley: Sunset.

Tina: Perfect.

Stanley: Super.

Tina: *Heading off and very thankful to Stanley* Thanks, Stanley. You really are a nice guy.

Seems like Tina Carlyle was annoyed with the young girls hanging in the same place as Dorian and didn’t like Leslie much. Definitely didn’t like Blossom. No clear reason why. But Tina was starting to truly fall for Stanley or the Mask. But she had no idea… None at all that the Mask… Was in deed Stanley. However… it wouldn’t be long that she’d figure it out. Sora and Carly were now pulled into the Mob. They were with a habit as Blossom was and were gonna be given guns in the near future. Amazing… Not at all. The older fighters were all meeting and discussing about the departure of Luna. None were pleased at all. But they were also sorry for Zoey. They felt her pain. The realization that some of them saw Blossom at the Nightclub and with the Mob… It was putting their struggle to take back the city from Niko’s Men… in a rather bad pinch. Plus the hard nosed Jerky acting Lieutenant Kellaway was not gonna slide with leadway. It was quite apparent that Kellaway was seeing that he ran the show and wasn’t gonna stand down for anyone. The Fighters had to use what allies they had to get Intel they needed. And take matters into their own hands. Even though some of them were now on the other side of the struggle. It was only gonna get worse or more tense. More and more stressed. They had the Command center and it was gonna be their only secret line of defense. As well as having Rin and O’aka. But they’d have to set it up with him for help to be available as he was now renown and had to be careful in what he did on the side. What were they gonna do now since the reality of their family starting to break was happening? Would they be able to help Zoey? Was there any hope in pulling Blossom from the Mob and prevent others from Joining the Mob? What would they do once they found out about Sora and Carly’s joining of the Mob? Would it push them to the edge and urge them to go all out and blast the Mob without much firepower? What this… Leslie’s on the Radio tonight as a special guest to the Radio DJ’s Variety Hour. Find out what’s next in line on the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Arnold: *Voice-over* Hey there… This is your beloved Watchdog of the City Lord Arnold and guess what. It’s time to wind the wires and call out our Special guest. Leslie T. Burke. The Special Interview with her is upon us and the rumors that have gone on about her request that she leaves the City. But she’s still welcomed to this city. To this Radio DJ. She’s part of the city. It’s the way it is. She’s gonna be on the show tonight and we’re gonna get to hear about her story. Where she came from. The whole works. Metropolis… Meet the Real Leslie Tina Burke. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s more of the struggle and more of a look into the Mob Struggle. There is something going on with the Law and developments on nailing down the lead supporter of the Mob and their Money pot. Kenneth Fuji is back in town…Courtesy of a couple of good heroes that the clan worked side by side with. Nice time efficiency on their part. Let’s see the Mob get loose now. Nick Rhapsody’s gonna be putting the Jaws of the Law on the Mob and bite down hard. Plus… Ipkiss goes off to see the Author of the book: “The Masks we wear” For insight on the Mask. What is going on. However… the guy can’t provide any help. Ipkiss is in a bind again… Plus… The Lord Arnold Variety Hour proudly presents to you… An In-depth interview with the Believed Gangster Gal. Leslie T. Burke AKA. Rita the Hammer. Getting her story and putting all the lingering… festering hearsay and rumors to rest. Let’s see the Law try to pin her as bad news now. That also goes for the Newspapers too. It’s all Interviews and truth. All on the Mob and some possible insight on the Mask… All on the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 217: “The truth behind the Mysterious Mask… “What’s going on with the mask?”

(Leslie’s Tell all story. The Full behind the person in depth interview.)


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