Chapter 215: Blossom Stationed at: Leslie’s Hotel room. Roxanne Harris’s Emotional reveal is told”

It was getting late at night. it was near past Midnight at night that night and all was so far reeling with excite and activity. Things were stirring and the tides were swaying in despair. Drama. Drama and emotional strife. Paige, Pearl and Dinah… the three original fighters were retired. They were in the throws of Motherhood and were normal as it was foretold to be and now their kids were the heroes and there had to be a balance. The scales of balance were tipped. One side of the new age fighters was outweighing the other and vice-versa. What was just seen in the previous chapters of current. IT would likely rock a few worlds… No denying it and there was no blowing it off. However It seemed as though our sparky mouthed all around good girl Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody was falling into the Mob world. The dark side. IT to her was… by choice. However to those who knew her more and knew her best… believed otherwise. There was also Zoey T. Rhapsody. She was losing her happy family and didn’t have anyone to turn to. She was in need of her best friend/Cousin Blossom. But Blossom was never around for her anymore as of recently. She was with the girl Leslie T. Burke. The Twins…. Sora and Carly… Were facing their own dilemma as their father was having an affair. Cheating on their mother. There was nothing they could do to stop it. They had the smoking guns and the proof. The hard cold proof and yet… their mother was not believing it. Not that she didn’t want to. But because she couldn’t bring herself to believe it. She was trying to still hold on to the tall tale that their father told her. She wasn’t ready to let go and thereby see the truth for what it truly was. Chances were very likely that she may never be willing to allow herself know the harsh truth.  Luna Rhapsody was gonna be leaving the Clan and it left Zoey in distraught. It left Zeke in a broken Stupor. Drunk. Then there was the mask… What was gonna happen with him and what were the fighters… the Fighters of the New Generation gonna do to suppress it? Plus the fact was that there was also the possibility that the Mask itself could shift hands and go to someone else and that could be lethal. To Stanley… it was used to bring out his wild and zany love sick romantic personality out into the open. For all to see… But if it were someone else… There would be no telling what was gonna be expected. Anything could happen. Anything. Then there was the Pregnancy of one Roxanne Harris. Was it gonna be getting more complicated from here on in? Where was she gonna get the support and if she were to get it… where would it come from and… from who? This was the Pre-aftermath of the second Zany antics… of the Mask.

Metropolis Hotel…

6th floor…

Room #624…

Leslie knew that her best friend and soon to be right wing partner was gonna be in a lot of trouble as she was keeping her from going home. However with what had just gone on… She couldn’t bare to allow Blossom to go home and likely get caught by the cops as the suspicion was that Blossom was in on the incident that had struck at the night club. So there was no other option and it was the least she could do. She walked into the hotel room and turned on the lights.

Rita the Hammer shows hospitality to her Best friend Blossom.
Rita the Hammer shows hospitality to her Best friend Blossom.

Leslie: *Showing Blossom around* Okay… The restroom is over on the left. There’s the bed over there and also a small mini fridge. The chairs are over by the window. There’s a Sizable sofa over on the far corner over there. I haven’t really tried it. But it’s said to be soft. You might want to freshen up a little before bed. I don’t think it’d matter much as we’re gonna be asleep. But it’d be the logical thing to do. You don’t even have a change of clothes with you… do you?

Blossom: Yeah… At my house. But not on me… No.

Leslie: I know. *Groans in frustration revolving the night and the mess that went on at the club* Oh… I can’t believe it. It was a perfect execution. A Perfect simple little heist at the bank and one of the guys… or make that two… get snuffed by the cops. It’s a real nightmare.

Blossom: Hey. Leslie, It’s gonna be okay. You got me with you, Right? It wasn’t as though you were gonna know what was gonna happen. It was just the way that it was. It was just bad rotten luck is all.

Leslie: No. Blossom, It wasn’t just bad luck. It was past that. Bad luck would be like if you’d be walking under a ladder or break a mirror and if you got 7 years bad luck because you believed in superstitions like that. Bad luck would be like if you lost your position in a favorite club that meant like the entire world to you. This is not bad. This is worse. Because now… i have to start making plans on getting out of metropolis. With Dorian. Otherwise… I’m dead. You hear me… Dead. Or if i don’t find a way to become the one with the upper hand and help you get your family on cue and play the card of traction and or retired… I’m dead. As it is… There is still a bounty on my head and i am in danger.

Blossom: Well… then we’ll be in danger together. I can fight still and i ain’t about to just step down and let anyone come at you to hurt you. Not a chance.

Leslie: Blossom, *Smiles* I appreciate your sincerity… But i don’t think that this is gonna be that easy. They’re not coming for you. They’re coming for me. I made the deal. It’s me that they want.

Blossom: Leslie, i really wouldn’t give two shits if you made some kind of deal with a satanic priest. I am not gonna give you up. I fight for my friends and for my family. You are my friend. My best friend and i will not… Not have it any other way.

Leslie: *Blushing a little*

A Minute later…

Blossom: *Looking down and thinking* I can’t seem to figure out why you are so worried about the people coming after you. Dorian is said to protect you and his men would die before letting anything harm you.

Leslie: What about your family? They support you, don’t they?

Blossom: I don’t think so. I think that a bunch of them know that i am with you. They’re not all that pleased. This Evening… Before i came to the Night Club, My Best Friend and cousin… Zoey came to me and wondered about joining the Mob herself. I didn’t know what to tell her this time… But i did feel like it was getting harder and harder to sway her from it. I think that she’s just wanting to have an outlet to let out her anger or something. A place to belong as she feels that her house is not a home anymore. Her father is never home most of the time. The Mother… She’s left the family technically. I don’t know why it would be the trigger to push her towards joining the Mob. It’d have to be by choice.

Leslie: That’s true. It’s all due to choice. What a person chooses to do. Not because they want a vent for the pain they feel because their family has broken up. A person is who they are by what they choose to be. Not by what their family does or who their family expects them to be. Like your mom… She’s a Reporter for the Planet. Your father’s a Geologist. Seismologist. They are who they are… You are who you are. If a person is feeling broken by their family breaking apart. They shouldn’t use it for a reason to Join the Mob. Now… Being bullied. Yeah. Maybe. But because they want to vent? No.

Blossom: I suppose that you’re right. I guess that it’s the part where my parents might find out about my habit.

Leslie: If they haven’t already.

Blossom: Of course. However… i already know that by the very moment that my dad hears about it… He’s gonna be mad.

Leslie: He could be.

Blossom: *Sighs and then nods; Changing the Subject* There’s an Exam for English tomorrow. I don’t even know if i’ve even studied.

Leslie: How so?

Blossom: I couldn’t focus. Something was bugging me.

Leslie: What do you mean?

Blossom: *Smoking* I was worried about what would happen if i were to be in danger and my dad had to come to the rescue… there would be no chance in him being able to protect. I also got to worrying about you. You being in danger and winding up being on Danger’s radar.

Leslie: You seem to worry a whole lot. But it’s probably a good thing to worry because it’s gonna get more dangerous as this goes on. Only for me and Dorian. Dorian is gonna be in fear of being wiped out by Niko. I’m still gonna be wiped out by the guy working under Niko. There is no mistake. I’m gonna be in a lot of trouble. Unless i change my appearance a little so i’m hard to find by them.

Blossom: Where does that leave me?

Leslie: Safe. That’s how i want it… I don’t want you suffering for my issues.

Blossom: I want to help…

Leslie: I know that you want to help. I can see that you want to help and i am beyond thankful for that. But i can’t allow for you to be caught in the middle of my mess. I have to handle it on my own.

Blossom: But…

Leslie: You’re my best friend too, Blossom. I care about you and love you. But if you were to get hurt because of the mess i made; I would be hurt because i got you into this. You are wanting to be a part of the Mob, Blossom. That’s a personal choice that you’ve made… But it doesn’t mean that you should place yourself into the danger. Into the nightmare.

Blossom: How do you expect me to not get involved? Leslie, My Cousins Zoey, Sora and Carly all suspect me being part of the Mob. I can’t just wipe that off. I am all in. My Older cousins Susie, Sapphire and Raven also know by now as news of it reached them. There’s also the possibility that my Aunts Paige, Pearl and Dinah know. It may have just reached them. I am under the influence of this habit. In to the Mob. *Sighs* I don’t know, Leslie. It just… There’s just too many variables to consider. You being shot dead. I don’t want that. I am worried that if one of Niko’s men or Niko himself decides to come and pop you full of Lead. There will a heavy war between two Mob teams. There’ll be a whole lot of unnecessary bloodshed.

Leslie: You don’t know that.

Blossom: Yes i do. I happen to have watched some Movies that managed to have some Mob scenes. Like The Godfather. Thinner. Where Ritchie “the Hammer” Ginelli shot up the Gypsy camp. Other Movies that would have these shoot’em up scenes. I know they’re only movies and not real. But it’s enough that one can’t deny that in Mob wars… Someone always winds up dead. No matter what. It’s much of the time due to marking territory or to intimidate. Or it can be simply for a motion to exact as they would say… A pound of flesh.

As for Zoey, She was at home and she was now with a couple packs of her mother’s smokes. She was facing the hard slap of reality and it was the lead for Zoey to face the Mob… Joining the Mob. or getting involved with Blossom’s involvement with the Mob.

Luna and Zeke’s House…

Zoey’s Room…

Zoey: *Upset* Charlie, Mom’s gonna leave us all… She’s thinking on leaving us all forever. Our father is drinking and has started to slip into being careless. Everything is falling apart.

Charlie: *Holding his sister close* I know, Zoey. I know. Our mom has lost her senses and is quitting her obligations of being a parent. Dad is lost in the Beer. Since Mom has now just begun the process of moving out… He’s lost all common sense. It’s gonna be just us now. Dad’s still our dad. But till he gets back to a stable mind… There might be no future for us here.

Zoey: *Crying* Why is this happening, Charlie? Why?

Charlie: I have no explanation for why this is happening. But Our mom is no longer our mother. She’s proven to not care. She doesn’t care at all what happens to us. Krissy Caine used to do what mom is doing now. The smoking. She quit that and is better. I think that she wised up. But Zoey, I know that you are gonna start the habit. I am not gonna be mad over it. This is a wound that will not heal. Never heal as no one who endures a mother leaving the family turn out alright. Zoey, I want you to know that no matter what happens. I’m gonna be around for you. Mom betrayed us both and walked from all of us.

Zoey: *Sobbing*

Charlie: *Hugging his sister* It’s okay, Zoey. We’re gonna be fine.

Zoey was broken and the revelation that was seen and the enduring reality of Luna finally leaving, It was the one thing that broke Zoey. Charlie didn’t really care if she left as he gave up on Luna for a while now. Since the end of the previous year. He wanted nothing to do with Luna. Nothing. Sora and Carly were lost as well and it was of no nevermind that things were worse than what it appeared to be.

As for Sora and Carly…

They were asleep and in fear of what would happen when they were to finally tell their mom. They were given the Photos that they needed to handle the tell all to their mother. They were minors. They were children and Even though their father was doing something that was unfaithful to the family and to their mother… they couldn’t tell him what he was to do and not do. He had full reign. As long as Alice did not know about it and that… That was about to change. Because they were gonna stop it. They were gonna tell their mother everything that they knew. Paul wasn’t gonna tell them and they couldn’t ask the cousins to look into it without tipping Alvin off or it getting across Alice before all the details were had.This was over. It was done. Sora and Carly loved their family. Loved their mother and even loved their father… But the love they had for him was diminishing as they could not understand why their father would just cheat on their mother like that. Having an affair. It was not fair and with the events that were to follow on their front… They were gonna Join the Mob. Or if nothing other… Have it in deep consideration.

Early Morning…

At the Harris household…

Thur. Oct. 19, 2045…

6:00 AM…

In the Dining room, Roxanne was sitting at the one far side of the dining room table and it was looking right at the kitchen and the counter was there over looking the Table in view. That morning was peaceful and Roxanne was gonna break it out with the news to her mother. She had no other option. As it was… more and more people were finding out. She had only one choice and it wasn’t really a choice as she was facing possible ridicule from people. Thinking of her to be a tramp for having sex before marriage and at a young age. She was stuck.

She sat there and all the while sitting there, She saw as her mother walked past and into the kitchen. She was wearing a night robe and her hair was in a toss. Bed Hair in full splendor. Bed hair. Miranda Harris, walked over and got the coffee prepped to be made and all the while at first being truly unaware that Roxanne was sitting in the Dining room and quiet as a frightened cat. She was silent. Not saying a word as she didn’t know how she were to tell her mom. But she sat there as upset as she was and just waited to be noticed. Waited to be seen. It was that deep of a tell all and she knew that her mother would not ever allow for her to be with Dan once the news broke.

Her Mother got the water into the coffee brewer and filled it as needed and put in 3 scoops of coffee before turning it on for the morning and was about to turn and head back to bed when she had just only turned slightly to spot sight of Roxanne….

Miranda: *Startled* Oh, I didn’t see you. *Relieved* You startled me. At first… i was with the belief of it being a prowler. Like that Mask Character that is out there. But thankfully… It was you. I could have screamed. Phew!

A second later…

Miranda: Were you there the whole time?

Roxanne: … *Giving a little gesture signaling for no*

Miranda: Why didn’t you say something? *Curious and noticing that her daughter’s been sitting in the dark* Why are you sitting all alone here in the dark? *Walking over to her Daughter* Roxanne?

It was then that the revelation came out. It was coming out and as Roxanne was just now exposing it… She said it softly as she was trying to deny that it was happening but on the other front… Knowing that it could not be denied. There wasn’t any denying it… It was reality. It struck and wasn’t about to fade away.

Roxanne: *Softly* I’m having a baby.

Miranda: *Taken aback at what she was hearing Roxanne say*What? I’m sorry, I just woke up. What?

It was visible to see that Mrs. Harris was still half asleep and the sense of alertness was not quite running yet.

Roxanne: *Softly and in an upset voice* I’m having a baby.

Miranda: What?

Roxanne: *Looking at her mom; Feeling scared and ashamed* I’m having a baby.

Miranda: *Walking over to her daughter and sitting at the table with Roxanne* What do you mean, you’re having a baby? Is this is this some kind of school assignment?

Roxanne: *Shaking her head as she is about to lay out the bombshell* No.
I’m pregnant?

Miranda: Roxanne *scoffs and in disbelief*, you can’t be pregnant. That’s impossible. Seriously impossible. There is no way that you can be… Pregnant.

Roxanne: Yeah, that’s what I thought. *Wiping away her tears a bit* But I am. The Doctor told me. And even i can’t believe it.

Miranda: *Not understanding* What doctor?

Roxanne: Dr. Zuko.

Miranda: Dr. Zuko told you you’re having a baby?

Roxanne: Yeah.

Miranda: When? When did she tell you that?

Roxanne: *Having a hard time with talking about her dilemma even while knowing that it had to be said* Um, I don’t know. Maybe, like, six weeks ago or something.

Miranda: You went to see her six weeks ago, and she told you you’re having a baby? I-I don’t understand. I can’t fathom the thought that a doctor would tell you that you were… Having a baby just from seeing you. Did she even give you a check-up?

Roxanne: Yeah.

Miranda: Did you go and see her on your own? Because you thought you were *Scoffs and in shock with what more she was being told by her daughter* Y-You can’t be pregnant. How could this possibly have happened?

Roxanne: *Scoffs; Unable to shake off the life changing reality* I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just kinda happened.

Miranda: *Suspecting that the idea of Roxanne being pregnant or saying she was; was out to be some kind of joke or act* Is this something you and your sister have come up with? Is this some kind of conspiracy to get my mind off of your father? You want me to think you’re pregnant so whatever’s really happening isn’t so bad. Is that it? *Looking away and trying to not feel tense* I don’t like where this is going and i also don’t find it funny. Roxanne, I know that you’re thinking on protecting my sanity so i don’t lose it when i find out what’s going on with your father… But, Sweetie. This is not the way to be doing it. There is no way that you could be… Pregnant. This is not real. Plus… It’s bad enough to know that there is no money coming in as the Bank’s been robbed. By what reports are saying… A guy in a green mask but with others joining. One being a young girl. 12-13 years of age. Hearing a Joke like this… It’s not something i need right now.

Roxanne: Mom, I’m really pregnant.

Miranda: *Standing up and choking on the idea that something was going on and was somehow being covered up* No, seriously. Roxanne, tell me the truth. OK, look at me and tell me the truth. This is no joking matter. I need the truth.

Roxanne: I am telling you the truth.

Miranda: *Emotionally dramatic and a little frantic* You can’t be having a baby at 15 years old. This is just insane. Unheard of. Sincerely unheard of and by far outrageously far-fetch’d.

As they were talking and Mrs. Harris was starting to sound hysterical over the reality that what Roxanne was telling her… wasn’t in any way a lie or a Joke. It was no joke. There was tons of things to be joking about as it could be just blown off… But things like Pregnancy… There was nothing about it which could result in a laughing matter. There was no Joke.

Rosie Harris came into the room after having overheard the conversation going at its best…

Rosie: *Not aware of what’s going on* What’s going on?

Miranda: *Looking to the side; turning around and seeing Rosie* Rosie? *Catching Rosie trying to make a break from the room* Rosie! Did you know anything about this?

Rosie: Uh, I’m not sure. *Looking unsure what to say*

Roxanne: *confessing* Yes, she knows.

Miranda: *Outraged* She knows?

Roxanne: She just kind of found out. Mom, I didn’t mean for it to happen. I really didn’t.

Miranda: *Now finally hysterical and ecstatic* You didn’t mean for what to happen? You didn’t mean to have sex? You didn’t mean to get pregnant?

Rosie: You know, it could’ve been an alien abduction. I hear there’s a lot of that happening. It’s apparently the new thing in popularity. Weird and a bit extreme if you ask me.

Roxanne: I think I want an abortion.

Miranda: *Excusing Rosie from the room* OK, you can run now. Go.

Rosie: I didn’t do anything.

Miranda: *Barking* Just go to your room, Rosie!

Rosie: *Leaving the room in a huffy manner* All right. She’s the one that’s having a baby.

Miranda: *Sitting down* An abortion?

Roxanne: I don’t wanna have a baby.

There was alot of mystery behind the concept of Roxanne being pregnant. Roxanne knew why and how. She knew who. But as she was telling her mother… it was becoming very clear that her mother was not buying it. Not believing it and it made it ever the more harder to break the ice and just say what was happening with her. Roxanne didn’t want the baby. She knew who the father was and didn’t want a thing to do with him. Nothing. She was about to consider the fact that she could say it was Dan’s Baby too… However if she did, She’d be unable to ever see him again. So… She swallowed her words on that to protect Dan and to keep the stigma from coming on to him…

Her mother was unsure of what to really suggest for Roxanne as she wasn’t the one having the baby. Roxanne was. She felt the pain for her as it was hurting her… breaking her heart seeing Roxanne appearing really scared and shaken. This was something caused by the likes of one Harry Waller. Her mother didn’t know. Not now… But eventually… it was gonna come known.

Miranda: *Sitting down and unsure of what to necessarily suggest for her daughter* Uh I don’t know, Roxanne. I just I don’t know. L-Let’s just think about this, OK? Let’s think about all of the options.

Roxanne: *Upset* Mom, if you don’t let me get an abortion, I wanna leave.
Go somewhere. Aren’t there, like, homes for teenage mothers? Find me a home. away from here. As it is… I already hurt the guy i loved by telling him that i was pregnant. He’s been okay with knowing but once it sinks it and hits home… He might change how he feels about me and hate me. I can’t face that.

Miranda: *Upset and with a voice of Devastation* But, honey, this is your home. Please, Roxanne… Don’t do this. I can’t go through seeing you living somewhere else. I can’t. You’re meant for here. Please… If not for anyone… Do it for the one you have feelings for. Yourself. For your father and I. *Pleading*

Roxanne: *Upset; Crying* I can’t stay here and have a baby. *Sniffling*

The secret was out. It was finally out and everything was gonna change. Roxanne cried as she felt that her life change and knew that major changes in her life were gonna be making an impact. There was a big shake-up. Dan didn’t know that she was spilling the beans to her mother. He would never know and there would be nothing that he could do to keep her from telling her mother about the baby. The choice for her was the hardest that she had ever made. But it was either tell while the chance was there or not tell… Someone else tells her and it becomes a holy mess. A big disaster. People never stop to figure that the longer you keep something major hidden or the more you deny it… The more worse it would become if it was exposed by someone other than yourself. It becomes messier and more of a nightmare. Roxanne found that out and knew that she had to live with that mistake. She waited 6 weeks to finally come and tell the bombshell secret to her mother and with the words: “I’m having a baby.” She waited 6 weeks and for a good enough amount of people to gather the idea that she was pregnant.

Now that the secret was out…

Roxanne was likely to never come to school. How could she after the bombshell expose? How could she return? The whole school knew. Everyone knew. Dan knew and so did Harry. As it was… The word finally caught on to him and he now had to think about what it was that he was doing. He had to stop and think… and think and think some more. About what he was doing and if he loved anyone and more importantly… himself. He had a bad secret deep inside that no one knew… He was Molested by his own father. (Sounds like a redux of a Zeke Mansfield scenario. But different). It was changing for him. For Dan. For Roxanne… Everyone involved. Even for her friends.

What was next for the fighters and for the movement against the Mob. The girl involved with the Mob? The plan of attack was simple. Get to the bottom of who Leslie really is and what her story was. Find out how close she and Blossom really got and either find a way to pull them apart or help them where they could. The Affair was gonna soon be exposed and it was on the shoulders of Sora and Carly. They were gonna get into it and blow the Affair wide open. Reveal the dark activity of their father and…? Zoey loses her good nature and starts the habit and plays guitar. She can actually sing. Go Zoey! I think that we got a singer ready to be born. There was also the move on Ipkiss. What was gonna happen with him and would the fighters be able to help? The Allies all tally up some help on the resistance for Ipkiss. Plus the Mob takes charge on hiring some help in finding the one responsible for the heist going south for the death of Freeze. What were they planning to do? Who would they find to do in the Mask? Would the Mob retaliate against the D.A and try to fire back in revenge? With the funds of the Mob at risk of being in jeopardy… It was gonna squeeze the efforts of the Mob. Squeeze them like they’ve never been before. Ever. What was gonna happen to Nick Rhapsody once the Mob followed the link back to him? Would he be safe? Would his kids be safe? Find out in the next chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Sora: *Voice-over* Dad, Game over… your secret is being told. You’re hurting mom and we’re not gonna sit and allow for it to go on. We’re telling mom. On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s a sit down with Carly and I as we tell our mom about the affair that dad was having with another woman. The Smoking gun. The photos and Intel. We let it out and it gets responded with some emotional results. That’s not the only thing that happens. Later, we call it over and decide to find Leslie and befriend her. Stupid that it takes something like this to befriend a honest girl who was making a bunch of bad decisions. But we finally go to her and join in with Blossom. We’re not the only ones. Zoey also considers on joining as she is with a broken heart. She endured her mother leaving. it broke her and seeing as her father Zeke started drinking… It broke her even more. Her faith in the goodness of people drained… That’s not all… More developments on the Pregnancy of Roxanne follows. But there is a movement in bringing support to teen mothers and future teen mothers. A group to support teen mothers and future expecting mothers. That’s not all… More on the Mob as they plan on putting a bounty out for the Mask. Ipkiss is in trouble. Major trouble. Ipkiss is gonna be in the crossfires of the Mob… and the Police. Uh-oh. Also Leslie and Blossom get even closer. Much closer as time goes on. We got a lot of work to get done. Lots of it. It’s Joining the Mob… Affair exposed… Zoey’s dive into looking towards the Mob… A Bounty made on Ipkiss. all on the next Chapter of the adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 216: “The Next Morning- Aftermath of Coco Bongo Fiasco.”


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