Chapter 214: The Mob Vs. the Mask and Blossom’s exposing secret discovered.

The Coco Bongo Club…

The patrons that were there and having a good time were being scared off. The scene was being made into a hostile atmosphere. The Mob lead be Dorian… Dorian’s men were chasing people out with the guns being pointed at them. Threatening them.

The shot-away piece of the Mask’s tie flutters to the floor and MORPHS back into a piece of Stanley’s pajamas.

Seconds later as soon as the place was cleared out…

Dorian: *To the Mask* Okay, Twinkle Toes. I want to know where my money is, and I want to know right now.

Rita the Hammer guiding her protege Blossom.
Rita the Hammer guiding her protege Blossom.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* You do know how to use a gun, Right?

Blossom: I can learn. But… I’m with you. It’s not a problem.

Stanley/The Mask: Okay *sitting on stool and taking out an adding machine* You’ve got 17.5% in T-bills amortized over the fiscal year, 8% in stocks and bonds. Carry the 9, divide by the Gross National Product… fortunately, funeral bouquets are deductible.

Dorian: *to henchman* Ice this deadbeat!

Leslie: Gladly, Boss…

Eddy pulls out his .38 and starts blasting BLAM. BLAM. Leslie also fires her semi-Auto at the Mask and Blossom fires at him too. They were annoyed at the mask.

Blossom: The Mask is not the problem… But on a night like this… he is pressing buttons where he shouldn’t. *Firing the Gun*

The Mask dodges the bullets by contorting his cartoon-flexible
body. BLAM. The Mask SPINS once and freezes in a pirouette, now dressed
in a tutu. BLAM. The Mask SPINS again and stops dressed as a matador, the
bullet whizzes under his cape. BLAM BLAM BLAM A hockey goalie bats the bullet away. A Impersonation of Elvis. moving like the king of Rock. A Cowboy DING! takes the hit.

Blossom: What is up with this guy? Is he trying to psych us out?

Leslie: He’s asking for a cap up his backside.

The Mask staggers back… then forwards in a classic Western death
scene. He throws an arm around Leslie for Support…

Blossom: *Laughs* Holy crap! The Mask is holding on to you like a child would hold on to its mother.

Leslie: This guy is psychotic. *Laughs suddenly* For a wacko, He’s a complete trip.

Leslie seems touched by the Mask’s dying words as she holds him in her arms.

Stanley/The Mask: *after being shot* Hold me closer, Ed, it’s getting dark. *cough, cough*

Dorian:*Chuckles lightly and rubbing the top of his nose*

Blossom: This has to be his way of trying to ham us so we’d be too full of laughs to shoot.

Dorian: …

Stanley/The Mask: Tell Auntie Em to let Old Yeller out. *cough cough* Tell Tiny Tim I won’t be coming home this Christmas. *cough, cough*

Leslie: *Not sure what to say*

Stanley/The Mask: Tell Scarlett I do give a damn. *coughs in Leslie’s face, raspberries, then farts* Pardon me.

He dies, And out of nowhere… the Mask gives up the ghost, his pink tongue flops out the side of his mouth. Leslie bursts into tears. Blossom then broke into tears as well… She didn’t know why and couldn’t explain it. But that act really touched her. For special ambience, the Peanut Gallery appears and applauds while The Mask is handed an acting award…

The Mask leaps to his feet and starts taking bows.

Mask: *Thankful* Thank you, you love me, you really love me!

But then the Mask thought about using that as his chance in getting away which he almost did. But just as he started to walk out and make a getaway, Orlando Pointed his gun in the Mask’s face and the Mask turned to go another way only to be blocked by Dorian…

Dorian: *Aiming his gun at the Mask* You’re not going anywhere.

Leslie: Blossom, *Looking at Blossom* We got to get out of here. Dorian’s more equipped and with the experience of dealing with the law. We’re not. We can’t stay here. Not for this.

Blossom: How do we get out of here?

Rita the Hammer helps Blossom escape from possible bust by the cops.
Rita the Hammer helps Blossom escape from possible bust by the cops.

Leslie: *Leading the way* Come on, Follow me. I know the way. There’s a secret way out of here.


As soon as they made it outside through the back…

Pearl: *Pulling over and looking at Blossom with someone* What is that dear girl doing?

“Blossom, I don’t know if going home would be the best thing tonight.”

“Why not? My parents are gonna wonder where i’m at.”

“You were almost caught by the cops.”

“I know. But so were you. I mean… Shit, Leslie… The whole thing was a bit risky. A dead Mobster. You nearly getting clipped yourself.”

“That’s the risk of being a gangster gal. A Mafioso.”

“Yeah, Right… Leslie. like it’s fun getting shot at and risking being dead. Getting dead is not exactly my idea of a power trip.”

“This coming from a girl who worries about what her cousins would think about your habit. Blossom, You worry too much. I’ve had some experience in this. It’s not the only time i came close to swimmin’ with the fishes. But it’s just one time you know about. There’s been 4 other times when i got myself close to meeting the curtain call.”


“What do you mean “what?”, Blossom? It’s just how i said it?”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t want to freak you out. In case you happen to have forgotten what you saw in Dorian’s office. A Mobster dead from a heist going south… I would say it’d be pretty good foresight.”

“I know. That wasn’t what i was thrilled to see. I just… can’t believe you didn’t tell me.”

“I did it to protect you, Blossom. I love you. You’re my best friend. i would not be one to forgive myself if anything were to happen to you. It would be unable to be bared. I wouldn’t be able to bare it.”

“Same here. This Mob life is risky stuff. I can’t just sit and allow for you to get yourself in danger. I’m gonna follow you anywhere. Where you go… I go. You’re really important to me. I’m not gonna lose you.”

As they were talking and making way over to where it was safe for the moment being…

Pearl: *In her car and Watching Blossom* What is she doing with that girl? Blossom is hanging with that troublesome girl. *Catching Blossom pulling something from her pocket* What…? Oh my god… *grabbing her phone* I’ve got to call my sisters and the others. They’re not gonna believe this.

Inside the Coco Bongo Night Club…

Lieutenant Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at The Mob* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *With her new weapon- The Thunderstorm Fan; Firing a Gust of Thunder at The Mob* Raging Winds of Thunder!

Thunderic Fury: *With the new forged weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at The Mob; Shocking him* Thundering VICEGRIP!

Thunderic Force Z!: *With the Thunder energy combined into one* combined. Thunder one… Thunder All… Let’s Fry The Mob after all! *Launching the Thunder blast at The Mob* Thunder Dragon FORCE!

Lieutenant Thunder: You Mob are crooks. Coming around and making like you own the whole city. When are you gonna learn… This City caters to Justice and those who believe in it. Not to those who sire to spread anarchy and chaos?

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: All you got is guns… That’s it. But we also got guns too…

Thunderic Fury: *Pulling out her gun* Say hello to Sparking fury. *Aiming it at the Mob* Wanna Tussle with us?

The Mask was already gone and it was past over the tip. Now it was for the heroes to clean house… Although what they didn’t know was Blossom had been there. She was gone from the Night Club now… But it didn’t change the fact that she was there.

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at the Mob* Blissful Heart Storm!

Spiritual Arctic Frost: *Flaring up with Ice*The Holy power of the Arctic Snow fulfills me with it’s strength. It calls to me. It becomes me and endows me with it’s power. The Crosses of Ice. The Essence of the Bubbly Angel of Light and Serenity and the Arctic Ice of Frost… Call to me… Combine ones power with thine own. *Launching his Overdrive with his Holy Crosses of frost* FROSTY CROSSES OF ARCTIC JUSTICE!!!

Dorian: *Looking at the Ice shooter* You tryin’ to Ice Me? This is pathetic. Don’t you know that no one Ices me. I’m untouchable.

“The sacred bond of light has been challenged…
The mind of heaven in plight. the faithful hearts of god lost
and in need of renewed guidance. Where has the light gone for so long?
Can it be found again? The mind of heaven has been injusticed for
Many centuries. Will there be peace for Heaven and the children of God?
For those in despair… worry no longer. Your reason to believe in the light is here. To remind you of god’s love for you. The warrior of god… fighting for you has finally come. Hark! The Angelic Warrior is here. I am Angelic Kelly!”

Sweet Eddy: Who… Who said that? *Tweaking* Was that the Voice of… God?

Dorian: Don’t be a moron… That wasn’t god. That was a kid’s voice. A young girl who is playing at god.

Orlando: I don’t think so, Boss. That voice was godly. It was speaking of heaven and Justice. Light. That wasn’t a kid.

Angelic Kelly: *Appearing; As an angel of heaven* That’s right! You are bad men. Causing trouble and pain. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Dorian: *Playing innocent* Who are you, Doll?

Angelic Kelly: I’m not your doll! *Focusing her energy and holding her hands together; Blowing light energy into her hands; Forming a holy grenade and chanting an incantation turning the one Holy Grenade into several “Sacred power of the lord. take thee power and turn one into many.”; Sending them up into the sky and spinning them around in a fast motion; Pointing her fingers up into the air making them into guns filled with Light bullets and shooting them at the Holy grenades in the sky; Launching
the attack at (The Mob/Dorian and his men)* Heaven’s Burning Holy Flash!

Suddenly the nightclub doors are KICKED OPEN and Kellaway and a squad of police burst into the room with their guns drawn…

Lt. Kellaway: *Barking up a command* Drop it, Tyrell!

Dorian: Hey, Kellaway!

Lt. Kellaway: Drop it!

Dorian: A’right. *drops gun* So, you got a warrant this time? Or’d you just stop by for a nightcap?

Majestic Love: What he’s here for is to likely Bust the whole lot of you, Dorian. You’re a bad man.

Thunderic Fury: Cut the Crap! Where’s our Cousin Blossom, You Law-breaking sleasze?

Lt. Kellaway: What I got is probable cause. A couple of your boys was spotted knocking over Metropolis City Bank.

Doyle was starting to frisk Dorian and check for any hidden weapons…

Dorian: *to Doyle* Easy, junior, you’re close to giving me a Semi.

Majestic Love: You mean… A hard-on? No. I don’t think that the guy swings from the rear and takes deposits. But if you want to go for it with some guy while in the klink… You go right on ahead. No one would stop it if it’s what turns you on.

Lieutenant Thunder: Clint, You need to check your personality and love sick forte at the door.

Lt. Kellaway: And one of ’em was wearing a big green mask. Not to forget a younger shooter who had blond hair and is a middle school Girl.

Dorian: You know, for once, Kellaway, you’re right. Except it wasn’t one of my boys. Maybe if you tried a little actual police work. Plus… A young Kid? You really think that i would have a young Kid working under me? What do you play me for? Some kind of slave driver?

Lt. Kellaway: *to policemen* Cuff ’em. You, Tyrell… are aiming to blow smoke up my police ass. The girl was reported to be seen with your men. Calling herself: “Rita the Hammer.” We can run this all night. Her actual name will pop up and when it does… we’re gonna run a cross check on that and once we match the actual name to the reported name being spread like the Chicago sun times… We’re gonna book her for attempted murder of an officer and for robbing a bank.

Dorian: You’ll never get anything on her as she’s got no record of crimes. Her only crime is trying to fit in.

Lt. Kellaway: Someone should break the ice with the little Mobster prodigy and tell her that she should have picked a better crowd.

Police Officer: Hey, lieutenant, we got a stiff upstairs. It’s one of the guys from the heist.

Lt. Kellaway: Better call that high-priced lawyer of yours, Tyrell. You and I are going downtown for a little chat. Get him out of here! If i happen to find out that you got that girl working for you… Being Locked in Juvey will be the least of her young pretty concerns.

Dorian: I’ll be back on the streets before sunrise and you know it.

Madame Romance: We’ll be sure to send the police a condolence card for having to endure you walking free.

As the police drag Dorian outside, Kellaway notices something on the dance floor.


Kellaway picks up the slice of pajama fabric that was once the Mask’s tie and inspects it closely… It’s the same fabric Kellaway saw Stanley wearing not long ago.

Lt. Kellaway: *Spots a piece of Stanley’s pajamas on floor* Ipkiss!

Lieutenant Thunder: That’s impossible. Ipkiss wasn’t here. How could he be? All we saw here was just the Mob shooting up the place and you coming in.

Thunderic Fury: Plus… the reality that our cousin was here.

Lt. Kellaway: An Under aged girl was here… at the Night club? You’re pulling this cop’s leg here and i’m not laughing.

Majestic Love: Hey, Sir… You can believe what you want. We know what we saw. There can’t be two girls who happen to look like our cousin Blossom.

Madame Romance: Unless we got tunnel vision and what we saw… wasn’t exactly what we thought that we saw.

Lt. Kellaway: You Old teens are likely inebriated. Stoned. Go home and sleep off the hallucinogens. *Walking off*

As soon as he was out of sight and the coast was clear…

Annie: *Scoffs* That Lieutenant is such a jerk. We were telling him what was going on… Telling him what we saw and he played it like we were just doing X!

Clint: Tell it straight. We know what we saw. Blossom was here. We saw her here.

Sapphire: I think that we all did. But who was she fleeing with?

Serena: A girl that calls herself Rita the Hammer.

Annie: Huh?! *Pauses* Who the heck is that?

Raven: No idea. But i think she’s a Middle school girl who by normal decree is Leslie T. Burke.

Spencer: Leslie T. Burke… As in “Bridge to Terabithia”. The Leslie Burke of Bridge to Terabithia. That Leslie?

Rikku: There is no such person. No one by that name exists…

Serena: Rikku, You really need to check your village idiot act at the door. You think that there is no such person… You will be in for a real surprise as there is a person by that name. That name’s been popping up on the tip of a sizable cluster of people’s tongues like daisies and wildflowers faster than a flash of blinding light. Multiple sightings. Mentions of the Name Rita the Hammer being spread over the airwaves. That’s… Nothing? That’s anything but nothing. That is something you can not deny.

Carly Black: It won’t matter. *Walking over* We’re on our own now. The Cops won’t help us break this lead and get definitive answers.

Spencer: Which means…

Clint: We’re gonna have to do this ourselves and with our allies to get all the details that they can grab at. We need to know 4 things. What’s going on with Blossom and What’s the deal concerning that girl… Leslie. That’s 2. Then there is the issue circling the Mask. What his next appearance will be like. Find out what the Mob’s intentions are. that’s another two. But then to make two issues into one… We’re gonna need to find out how close to one another that Blossom and the girl Leslie really are. Then the 3 into two… Find out Leslie’s involvement with the Mob and where it all began… As well as how Blossom got pulled in and find out how we can pull her from it and break her free of the Mob’s grip.

Sapphire: We got a lot of work to do and this means… only one thing.

Spencer: What?!

Raven: One obvious answer.

Sapphire: We begin at dawn.

This is where the lead to the climax of the threat forms… Blossom’s Secret was exposed. She was seen Smoking. She was caught. But now the question is… Will it get to her parents? Will Leslie be chased away from Blossom? Zoey hits on the habit in the coming future. Soon. Sora and Carly face a hard time with having to break the heart wrenching news to their mother, that their father is indeed having an affair and that he’s been cheating on their mother. Zoey’s father starts getting careless with his career. Things will begin falling apart… Unless someone somewhere gets the hint and grows smart to become the black bird and flip the script. What was next to come was the likely repercussions of the choices made. There was possible answers to be had and none were gonna come off as endearing…

As for the ones who caught sight of Blossom in the habit of smoking…

At the Sun Shack…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah... The Original sisters.

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* What do you mean that you saw Blossom Smoking?

Pearl: What i mean is that i saw her lighting up. She is under the influence of smoking and i also caught her likely kissing the girl she was with.

Paige: This girl… the one you saw her with… She wouldn’t happen to be Leslie T. Burke… Would she?

Pearl: She is. That’s who the girl is and even that girl smokes. I didn’t see her literally do it. But what i did see was that she clearly had the stuff with her. It was there.

Dinah: Okay… So, What are we supposed to do? We can’t really do anything as it’s for her father Curtis to do. We can tell him what’s going on and what we gathered on what Blossom has been doing. But problem behind that is… Would he believe it?

Paige: He’d have to. I know that i’d believe it. Ironically given since i was the one that caught a sighting of Blossom Smoking. Or about to light. I don’t know how she got the pack. Who would get her to do it?

Dinah: Possibly that girl she’s with. She’s not the type of girl who’d just be all in on the habit. There wouldn’t be any self reason for it.

Pearl: I couldn’t really pay too much attention to the girl. But to see Blossom smoking. That’s something we need to have stopped.

Paige: Meaning… Telling her father. Blossom’s a sweet, opinionated and downright hearty girl. Seeing her do something like this is just not like her to do. She will likely say it is who she is and she’s gonna be trying to find her own self identity… But not this. This isn’t something she’d want to get into. Plus… It’s bad enough to know that Luna’s leaving this Clan. It’s all over the Family gossiping circle. Luna’s Divorcing Zeke and for the pre-nupt… She’s wanting half the assets that were made between her and Zeke over the course of 18 years.

Dinah: What?!

Pearl: You’re not being funny, Paige. That’s not funny.

Paige: I am not saying this to be funny, Pearl. It’s true. The girl we knew who got pregnant at 14… Is shooting for all that. She’s shooting for it. She also wants 40% of the Pub that Zeke has for a business.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Is it just me talking here… or feeling this… or does it seem like Luna’s become a greedy whiny brat?

Dinah: She’s selfish. That’s what she is. Nothing more. Nothing but that.

Paige: Plus… Luna’s not gonna be Luna anymore from what was heard. She’s soon gonna be the Exotic Stripper and Prostitute slut: “Rina Frost”.

Pearl: What’s Zoey gonna do?

Dinah: Does she know?

Paige: Oh yeah. She knows… She found all the proof she’d ever need and now knows what it’s all about. She came over to see me this afternoon… or Evening. Telling me all about what she found.

Dinah: The poor girl… She’s got to be all screwed up over it.

Pearl: My only worry is what if she slips into the same habit as Blossom and loses her way?

Dinah: That’s gonna be hard to say… I would think that if anything… She’d play guitar.

Pearl: She can play. We did manage to hear her play. But that was what… Last week though. She was playing something from a movie. Or Maybe not from a movie exactly… but just a version of a song that was heard in a movie…

Paige: Like?

Pearl flashes back…

Pearl: *Overhearing from her house* What’s that sound? *Looking out back and looking over a short distance and seeing where Luna’s and Zeke’s house sat* Hmm… Someone’s on the roof. *Walking to the edge of her back yard and getting a better look; Recognizing who it was on the roof; Listening in* Zoey?!

On top of Luna and Zeke’s house…

Zoey: *Singing; Playing guitar* “There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I’m one

My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new bluejeans
My father was a gamblin’ man
Down in New Orleans

Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and trunk
And the only time he’s satisfied
Is when he’s on a drunk

Oh mother tell your children
Not to do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the House of the Rising Sun”

End of Flashback…

Pearl: She was also crying a little. She sounded so sad and she clearly was longing for a friend.

Paige: I thought that she and Blossom would be hanging out.

Pearl: They usually do… but as of the recent weeks and growing into a month… over that by now… Blossom’s blown her off. Hanging solely with Leslie Burke. The Rich girl from New York… *Pauses* Wait a minute… how did i know that?

Dinah: I can’t tell you. But… What Blossom’s been doing… I don’t think that i would want my daughters Sakura and Hikaru to be in anyway subjected to that.

But What was to come…

Blossom and Leslie starting to develop feelings for each other. Zoey delving into the habit and Sora and Carly plotting to join the Mob as soon as they were to tell their mother and plant the seeds of the truth of what their father was doing as of late…

The finale of the second wave and the start of the repercussions were gonna unfold. Plus Roxanne still in the throws of what to do… Will she truly expose her major life changing secret to her mother?

To be continued…


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