Chapter 213: Blossom and Leslie’s meet up at the coco bongo. Blossom’s Seduction to a dark side.

Blossom: *Voice-Over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

“Charlie: Stanley… You need a gal. No foolin’  Buddy, you need a little change of pace. Tonight, I’ll take you on a love safari. Deep into the darkest heart of the urban jungle.

Stanley: Tell me more. Bwana!

Charlie: The Coco Bongo Club. Hottest new joint in town. Only the crème de la crème need apply.

Stanley: How do we get in?

Charlie: Are you kidding? Leave it to me. Trust me, buddy. This will be the perfect… night on the town.”

Stanley: Hello?

Stanley DINGS a little service bell sitting on a counter waiting for a response…

“Hang on, hang on! Don’t get your panties in a twist.”

IRV, a lumbering unshaven behemoth of a man with permanently low- slung refrigerator repairman pants, makes his way past half rebuilt car carcasses towards Stanley.

BURT, a thinner version of Irv with Coke bottle glasses and a mop of greasy hair, pops up from beneath a car, RIPS out of chunk of motor and wiring and holds it up to Irv.

Burt: *examining part* Hey Irv, what the hell is this?

Irv: *eyes it carefully* Ohh… I dunno. About seven hundred bucks.


Irv: *Walking over to Stanley* Now, what can I do for you, bub?

Stanley: I’m here to pick up the Civic.

Burt: *Standing up and looking at Stanley* The brake drums are shot and you need a new transmission.

Stanley: *In disbelief* What?! I don’t believe this… All i dropped the car off here for was for an Oil change.

Irv: Lucky we caught these problems before they caused serious trouble. *Sliding over the release form* Sign right here, and press down hard.


Stanley: There’s no price.

Irv: There will be.

Stanley: I’ve no car. I need a car tonight.

Irv: *Tilting his head and looking back* Hey Burt… Bring out the loaner.

Burt: The Loaner?!

Stanley: *Weary* The Loaner?”

“Stanley: *Chuckles embarrassed* It’s a classic.

Paul: *Walking over* You’re not seriously trying to tell us that you’re okay with a car like that… are you?

Stanley: It’s doable… My Civic clearly wasn’t ready and this car was all they had at the Auto-shop.

Paul: *Pauses* Say what?! The Auto shop… lent you that car? My father kinda owns a Autoshop. The Metropolis Rhapsody Auto-shop…

Stanley: Hmm… Tell me more. Who is your father?

Paul: Alvin Ronald Rhapsody. I’m his Oldest guy. The only Son… The rest are girls in my family home… *Introducing himself* The name’s Paul. Paul C. A. Rhapsody. It’s nice to meet you… Mr….

Stanley: Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss.

Paul: *Moving to shake the hand* That’s a good name. Sappy. but all around good. It’s not a weird name… I’ve heard weirder ones… trust me… Large family… Lots of girls… Guys… Yeah… It’s gets big… Really fast.

Stanley: I can suspect the feeling behind that.

Paul: *Looking to the side a bit* Looks like someone’s doing the wave and tryin’ to grab your attention.

Stanley: That’s probably…


Charlie: *Calling Stanley over* Hey, Stanley…

Stanley: …

Paul: He a friend of yours?

Stanley: Yeah. One of the only friends i got. Well… there’s also my dog. But he mostly cuddles with his dog toys.

Paul: Hmm… You can never go wrong with a man’s best friend. Sometimes Dogs are your best companions. You might not get them to talk and or speak words with you… But they’ll always be there to listen and will never say anything or do anything that would hurt you. They’ll always understand.

Stanley walks over to where his friend Charlie was and saw two girls there with him. There was a red rope that served as a barricade. Paul went with him over to where the big shot friend was waiting…

Seconds later…

Charlie: *With an arm around Stanley* Gals, meet my buddy Stanley lpkiss. Humungo in the banking business.

Stanley: Not really.

Paul: A Banker? That’s Riveting. Good. I’m a Plausible Comedian. Not a bad Mix, eh?!

Stanley: No.

Charlie: Who’re you?

Stanley: Someone good natured. Paul Rhapsody, Charlie Schumacher. Charlie, Paul.

Charlie: *Nods and motions to shake the hands* Pleasure to meet you, Paul.

Paul: Likewise. So… You two work close in the banking business, huh?

Charlie: You bet. *Looking at the girls and then the time* Let’s say we get into this joint.

Paul: Right.

Charlie: *Calling out to the Bouncer by the door* How you doing, buddy?

The Bouncer looked up and over to see who it was calling him.

Charlie: It’s Charlie!

Bouncer: *Recognizing who was calling to him and walking over* How you doing?

Charlie: How are you doing, My friend?

Bouncer: Long time no see…

Charlie: Good to see you. Come on, Gals. *To Stanley* See you on the inside.”

“Bouncer #1: You crossed the rope. Never cross the rope.

Stanley: *Trying to keep his pose and not show his fear* My friends are inside. They just went inside the club.

Dorian: *Unimpressed and glaring at Stanley* Lose him.

Leslie: *Suddenly walking over* … *Looking to see the Bouncers with a man in their grips* Hey… Dorian. Who’s that man in the Bouncers grip?

Dorian: Just a wise guy who tried to cross the rope. Thought that he’d be a wise-ass.

Leslie: Does he even have a name?

Dorian: Does it matter?

Leslie: Kinda. I guess…

Stanley: *Being carried away* This isn’t fair. *Feeling manhandled* Watch it, I’m a bleeder. *Kicking loose; trying to break loose* Put me down now, or I am never coming back here.

After he got tossed onto the streets…

Stanley: *getting up slowly whilst in a bit of pain* Aghhhh! *Standing up and seeing his suit on the right side soaked* Ah, Jeez!

Stanley only started to dry himself off as much as he possibly could when all of a sudden a car… A Limousine whizzed by and splashed him with muddy water. He was in disbelief and tried again on wiping himself off when the door of the Limousine opened to reveal: Tina Carlyle.

She got out and turned to see Stanley standing only a few steps or so away. She clearly recognized him from earlier…

Tina: *Surprised* Mr. Ipkiss!

Stanley: Hi.

Tina: Are you okay?

Stanley: Me? I’m great.. Really good. I never felt better, really. I’m just… catching some air.

Tina: Well… it is chilly out. You might want to get where it’s warm. *Chuckles*

Valet: *Walking over with the keys to the beat down Citroen* Your car, sir.

Stanley: *Not wanting to admit its his car; Embarrassed* That’s not my car. *Chuckles*

Valet: It matches the ticket.

Stanley: *Slightly huffing* Alright… *Taking the keys* I’ll take it. *Pointing his finger at the man* But, I am very angry!

Stanley walked over to his broken down car and got inside. He was indeed Humiliated by the fact that he was with a very beat up car. Once inside and about to drive off…

Stanley: *Looking over to Tina* Believe this? You drive in in a Porsche…”

“Stanley: I was just looking for… *holds up Mask* My mask. I got it.”

Paul: You sure that you want to mess around with that thing?

Rikku: That thing doesn’t look all that much safe. I really wouldn’t try that thing on.

Spencer: If that thing is really an artifact from the Norse god of Mischief… The results of wearing the mask could just come out as unpredictable.

Kiyoko: …

Stanley looks in and sees a shimmer of green glowing on the back of the mask and Suddenly raises the mask onto his face and within seconds…

Paul: Guys… Guys… Uh…. Duck. NOW!

Kiyoko: *Taking cover* Clint… What’s going on?! What’s wrong with him? Why is Ipkiss changing like that?

Spencer: …

Clint: What do you expect me to do?

Paul: Ipkiss… Snap out of it. Take off that mask. Take it off…

Stanley: *From within the sudden spinning cyclone* I can’t. It won’t come off.

Kiyoko: Fight it! Please fight it!

Spencer: *Looking at his Wife* Uh, Honey… Take cover.

Rikku: No problem… Ipkiss is turning into a lunatic. YIPE!”

“Stanley/The Mask: *With a Grin* Smokin’!

Clint: *In shock*

Spencer: *Looking at Stanley as a green masked being* What in the—?

“Stanley/The Mask: *Looking in the mirror* It’s party time! P-a-r-t-y Why?! Because i gotta! *hearing voices and turning to see a few people looking at him* Looks like we got an audience. Let’s see… We got a couple of good friends. Paul The Comedian, Spencer the Albino/Whiz teen, Rikku the Afghani cutie, Kiyoko the Japanese flower and Clint… The one who looks like the guy who has been watching one too many horror flicks. How Do?!

Clint: This is insane. This is not even a movie… Not even close to a movie.

Spencer: *Looking at Clint* Clint… What’ll we do, man? What do we do? Is he friendly still or is the mask with it’s own agenda?

Clint: I think that’s debatable at the moment. Right now… I rather it be just us trying to keep from tripping out.

Rikku: Spencer… Hon, I think that you might want to change into the alter identity. Be on guard. The Mask might still be friendly… It may still be Stanley… But we never seen the mask come alive… It could be unpredictable…”

“Stanley/The Mask: Look Ma!… I’m Roadkill… HA HA HA!!!”

“Serena: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Paul: Serena…

Serena: Paul? What is it?

Paul: *On the Phone; Contacting the girls* Girls… Come in. Hurry…

Serena: What is it?! Paul… i am no mood for games right now. I am still half asleep and really cranky.

Paul: One guess. What’s a drab banker mixed with lonesome living but all the while a hopeless romantic?

Serena: Ipkiss! Why?

Paul: You got it. And there is more. Ipkiss has snapped and gone nuts.

Serena: How bad?

Paul: You really want to ask that question? You won’t believe it… But Ipkiss… He’s turned into this green guy. He’s the Mask.

Serena: *Fully alert suddenly* What?!

Paul: Just what i said. Get everyone to stand on watch. Stanley Ipkiss… Is the Mask. I Repeat… Stanley Ipkiss is the Mask!”

“Within seconds… The mask started firing a rapid fire as the gang had already started running and ducking for cover…

Above the Alley, Looking Down…

Thunderic Fury: *Pauses* Oh crap… He’s snapped. Ipkiss has gone mental.

Lieutenant Thunder: We have to stop him. Talk some sense into him. That can’t be really Ipkiss doing that. It’s not like him.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: You might want to reconsider that part… Stanley is totally himself. He’s snapped.

Thunderic Fury: *Looking down and keeping an eye out for Ipkiss* Girls… We got movement. He’s making a move.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Looking down* Where did he go? I don’t see him.

Thunderic Fury: I think that he walked under that arch there…

Intellectual Thunderic wonder: What do you suppose he’s doing?

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *On Radio* Where are you guys?

Lieutenant Thunder: *On Radio* Still the same spot. Watching on Ipkiss. Why?

Majestic Love: We’re close by… We heard the gun fire.

Rikku: He didn’t see you… Did he?

Thunderic Fury: No. He didn’t. He so far… doesn’t know we’re here watching or following him.


Stanley/Mask tosses the gun aside, intoxicated with his new found powers.

Stanley/Mask: *Looking at his hands* This is incredible. With these powers I could be…

Stanley/Mask then jumped the podium and stood tall… Standing proud and sticking out his chin in pristine swagger…

Stanley/Mask: *Shooting out in a slightly raised voice; proud* a superhero! I’d fight crime, protect the innocent… work for world peace. But first…”

“Stanley/The Mask: *declaring in a dramatic and performing manner* Hold onto your lug nuts… it’s tiiiiiiiiime for an overhaul!”

“Stanley/The Mask: *Picking up the Clipping and looking at the picture of Tina Carlyle* Hold on, Sugar! Daddy’s got a sweet tooth tonight!

With a quicksilver swipe and exit… he zipped right to the bathroom and freshened up. Shaved, used the hair dryer on his head (Even though there had been no hair on his head. The Mask was bald). Dried his face using the bareback of Milo-Stanley’s Dog. It was Stanley… Milo knew and sensed it… but Stanley at that moment was not exactly Stanley. Once done…

Stanley/The Mask: *Proud* Ooh, somebody stop me!

The Mask quickly searches his pockets. He pulls his pants pockets inside out and a moth flutters out.

Stanley/The Mask: Hmm… Can’t make the scene if you don’t have the green. *Thinking* I better make a little pit stop. I’m no crook… But in the words of the Moonwalker… The bank’s about to be hit by… A Smooth Criminal.”

Blossom: *Voice-over* And now… The next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

At Sid’s Diner…

Sapphire: *Looking at the girls* Okay… What’re we gonna do about Roxanne and her predicament? We all know what we’ve got to do… Right?

Ruby: Yeah. We need to start a support group for her…

Lana G.: A group to support victimized teens/Teens who turn up as Teen moms.

Kasey: We need funding for that.

Krissy: We can do that. Start making fliers.

Kasey: I can make the fliers and I can have Hallie help.

Erica Harper: I’ll start looking for Teen Moms and get their gratified support on the move. This is gonna need some pull.

As they were talking…


Sapphire: *Looking at her phone and seeing who’s calling* It’s Serena…

A second later…

Sapphire: *On the phone* Hey Sis, What’s up?

Serena: One guess… Who’s the Drab Banker that we confronted not too long ago?

Sapphire: Ipkiss. *Pauses* Oh no… No. Don’t you go there, Serena.

Serena: Too late. Ipkiss is at it for the Redux and he isn’t wearing red. This time… he’s said to be wearing Yellow and It’s a Zoot suit. He just hit a bank and foiled a bank Robbery. A Bank heist that was said to be going on and… *Sighs* Never mind… Just get here as soon as you can… like now. If possible. I’ll fill you in as will Carly Black. We were just called on it and told.

Sapphire: I’m with the gals right now… But, I’m on my way.

Serena: See you in 20.

Sapphire: Right.

Call ends…

Sapphire: Jessica, You and Kasey are in charge for this run… Katie, Jacklyn… Cover the side outside. I gotta change…

Katie: Change into what?

Jacklyn: What do you mean… change?

Sapphire: Sworn to secrecy time with you two… Outside. I’ll explain.

A few seconds later…

Katie: What’s going on?

Jacklyn: What gives on the secrecy, Sapphire? We’re not really getting the reason behind this…

Sapphire: I’ll explain. Remember how you two have heard your close friend… Best friend Roxanne Harris mentioned that i was the leader of the Rhapsody Pink Ladies?

Katie: Sure. We remember. But She also told us something that you were a leader to another team. Something Thunderic… or Electric.

Jacklyn: Yeah. What was that about?

Sapphire: I am not just a leader to the gang that i made you official informants to. I am also known as the leader to a heroic team. Known as the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! I’m known as the leader: Lieutenant Thunder.

Katie: Huh?!

Jacklyn: *In shock* You serious? Holy Crap…

Sapphire: Time for me to do it. Cover this clearing. I’m gonna take a few steps over into the Walkway here and get changed.

Seconds Later…

Sapphire: *Posing and transforming* Lieutenant Thunder… Transform!

A second later…

Sapphire: *Being enveloped with green thunderic light and charged with energy; Surrounded by Light as her form started to change and the clothes turned into Elemental powered garments. With a spark of Lightning; A thunderic Cap formed on her head with Earrings on the ears* *Rising up in midair as Thunder charged boots were formed and sparking with energy; With a leap of energy-Jumping into the air and in air Spinning as a pair of gloves formed and sparked with Thunderic power* … *multiple flashes of Lightning struck her and suddenly formed a Thunderic necklace w/fushia on the sides* … *with a thunder clap, Pristine Thunderic wings of power formed on her back and as the transformation surged up with more power… A Thunderic Lime Green blouse took form and appeared covering her Torso and a Charged Thunderic Lime Green Skirt formed upon her lower half.*

Seconds later as soon as the Transformation was then done…

Sapphire landed and posed…

Lieutenant Thunder: *Posing* Thunder and Lightning coming to charge the defenseless with power and strength. Guiding the way to unleash the fury within. Need a symbol to lead you to fighting back for control and take down those who seek to do harm… Look no further… The Laws of thunder have come. Lieutenant Thunder… Leading the army of Evil doers to their Power shortage. Evil… time to meet a discontinuation of Electricity. and Hello to Thunderic Justice.

Katie: *With Wide eyes* Wow! That’s so outstanding…

Lieutenant Thunder: This is where i must take my leave. Duty calls and i must answer. Katie, Jacklyn… You two are part of the gang. Keep your nose clean. You’ll be alright.

With just a flash of light, she made her way to where the situation was… She made her way off to meet up with her sisters Raven and Serena. It was time to work.

What none of them knew was that Blossom was meeting Leslie at the same place that they were heading to stop the mess that was gonna go on….

At the Coco Bongo Club…

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Whoa. What happened to you?

Leslie: *Shaking off the disappointment* Don’t ask. I am not in any good mood. The guys and I just got cluster punched by some Whack-Job in a green mask. Thought it be hysterical to toy with us. We lost one.

Blossom: Who?

Leslie: Freeze.

Blossom: Him?! Oh no… Not him. He was a rather nice guy.

Leslie: He didn’t kill him. The Cops shot at him. It was a bust. A total Bust. *Pulling out her lighter and lighting Blossom’s Smoke* Be fast with that smoke. I have to go inside in a couple minutes to do damage control. This is a literal disaster.

Blossom: As will i be. I decided. I’m in. I want to be a Mobster. A Gangster Gal.

Leslie: *Pauses and in surprise* What?! You do?

Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.
Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.

Blossom: *Smoking* Yeah… I gave it some thought and i already know that my life is mainly meaningless as i think that my father is on to me and is trying to press me to confess about my habit. I can’t tell him. I want to… but i can’t. I saw how he saw my Older sister Victoria when she smoked and she wasn’t treated so nice. I have a family that is so against darkness being a part of the lives of the Clan… But. It’s gonna happen eventually sometime. Even if they were to try and stop it. It wasn’t gonna just end.

Leslie: What about your cousins… Zoey, Sora and Carly. What about them?

Blossom: I Think that Zoey’s looking for a start on smoking herself. She’s reached her end on keeping a strong front. She saw what her mother was really doing and Even though my Aunt Soon to be Ex-Aunt Luna which my cousin Zoey said Luna was making like she changed… It didn’t stick as Zoey saw the real Luna. When she got home and saw that her mother wasn’t home yet. She did some digging and found proof that Luna was gonna leave the entire clan and that Luna was indeed on Drugs… Oh and here’s something else. She’s divorcing Zoey’s father Zeke too.

Leslie: Seriously?

Blossom: *Smoking and taking a few drags* Yeah. I don’t know what to say to her about the whole thing. I don’t know what there is for me to say. *Looking to the side* I can’t ask you to speak to her. She isn’t necessarily familiar with you that much. Just that i always spoke of you around her. But that’s it.

Leslie: *Looking down* I’m sorry.

Blossom: What for? You didn’t do anything.

Leslie: I feel bad though… You’re losing everything you used to know because of me.

Blossom: That’s so not true. You’re not making me lose anything. It’s just the fact that i am changing and certain members of my family can’t handle that.

Leslie: Blossom, Can i confess something to you?

Blossom: Sure. What is it?

Leslie: *Feeling unsure of how to let out her feelings for her Best friend* I think that i Like you. Alot.

Blossom: And I feel the same towards you.

Leslie: No… Listen. I have been thinking about things and for the last couple of so weeks… After you left for the remainder of the day. I felt as though my heart was breaking. Really weird though as that would mean i’d be like… in Love. I think that i could be Gay.

Blossom: *Weirded out but seeming to understand* Leslie… *Laughs a little; Chuckling* Leslie… If you have feelings for me… And are gay. Just say it. Just tell me. I wouldn’t be scared off. I was a little nervous when i first met Dorian. But i still stuck to you. So… There is nothing that can scare me away from you. I mean… If i were the least bit scared of what you were trying to tell me… You really think that i would still be hanging around and sticking to you. I would be avoiding you. However… You coming out with telling me that you were likely a little gay kinda has me a little weirded out.

Leslie: …

Blossom: It’s not really a bad thing… Because now at least i know that you happen to feel rather close to someone… like me. You’re a rich girl from New York. Resourceful. Seen a bit of the country. More than i have. I’m a 4th Generation Fighter from a Clan that’s been with powers since who knows when. I’m with a family that’s loved by like the whole world. Because of some major feats that were attained over the course of at least 30 years or more. I got myself Money as well… But it’s government money. Pay for my service with the BPRD. Two worlds… Collide. I’m not Rich… Not even close. But for a young girl to be paid… close to 6 thousand dollars… That’s saying something. A lot of something.

Leslie: That’s good. I mean… i was worried that you’d be scared off.

Blossom: The only thing that scares me is what i faced 4 years ago in this one literal far out quest that took place in another world. I hearing about people becoming fiends over time. Vengeful fiends. Damned souls to be exact. That had me really terrified. It shook me. But that was the only thing i know to have scared me.

Leslie: Nothing really scares you, does it?

Blossom: No. *Putting out her light* But really… what happened with the guys?

Leslie: We were beat to the loot. The Mask Character was there first. Grabbed the loot and then fled. He took us all by complete surprise. We were about to break in and take the Cash from the Vault. Everything was literally set to go and we saw that all the security measures were cut of the Bank. Making sure that there was nothing active to catch us. It would have been a real sweet op. But just as Orlando and Greens were about to pick the locks to the front doors… Boom! The doors blew open and knocked us all back. Knocked me down on my butt. Seconds later… A Yellow whirlwind popped out into sight and spun. Only to show a green masked man. That freak… Looked at us and just said: “Sorry Fellas. Waste not, Want not.”

Blossom: *In awe* You tried to fire a shot at him… Right?

Leslie: I couldn’t. That guy zoomed off fast before i could take any shot at him. Fired at the Cops though.

Blossom: Did the cops spot you?

Leslie: I don’t think so. *Worried* I hope not. If they did… I’m gonna be marked by Niko’s crew.

Front entrance of Coco Bongo Club…

Head Bouncer: Not on the list, not in the club.

The die-hard crowd of TRENDIES is piled up outside as usual clamoring to get in.

But a buzz of excitement begins to travel through the crowd as one by one they notice…


But not just any limousine. As it slowly pulls up by the front of the club we realized it’s long… longer… the longest limousine we’ve ever seen. Finally the passenger door rolls into sight and the limo comes to a halt. The door bursts open and out leaps the Mask.

Stanley/The Mask: How Do?

Bobby: *To the Mask* Are you on the List.

Stanley/The Mask: No, But i do believe my friend are. Perhaps you met them… Franklin, Grant… and Jackson.

He tosses a handful of loot in the air and struts into the club as the crowd scrambles for the cash. As the distraction was made… Leslie snuck in with Blossom and went to find Dorian…

Inside the Coco Bongo Club…

This is the first time anyone had gotten the chance to have themselves a good look at the place and it’s a real eyeful. Leslie looked at Blossom and smiled.

Leslie: Nice, huh?

Blossom: Yeah. Leslie… shit, You hang here?

Leslie: You kidding? Heck yeah… As Dorian would say… There are very groovy perks to the Gangster gal world. To the Mob world… Things like this is like living a real dream. Living freely. It’s like living la Vida Loca.

Its wild tropical decor complete with live exotic birds in huge indoor Banyon trees.
WAITRESSES in leopard skin leotards make their way across the crowded dance floor with trays full of over sized tropical drinks.

Leslie: Let’s grab a table close to where Dorian is. He’s over there by that palm tree on the left.

Blossom: You sure that’s him. *Looking to the side* Yeah. Wait… I see him. He’s watching the stage area.

Leslie: Blossom… I have an idea. Go over to where Dorian is. If he asks where i am at… Tell him that you last heard that I was with the others on the bank job heist that was going on. That she wouldn’t say what it was. He’ll be glad to see you and want to ask questions. But… Whatever happens… I am still at the location with the guys pulling a heist.

Blossom: Won’t he get suspicious?

Leslie: Not if you play it cool. Just play it cool. Don’t over play it.

Blossom: *Nods*

Leslie: Don’t worry. I’ll be over there in a moment to let him know about there being something wrong. As will Eddy.

Blossom Walked over to where Dorian’s Table was and it was right as the show started…

Announcer: Now we present to you…the most beautiful flower of the Congo Bongo… Miss Tina Carlyle.

A spotlight hits the stage and tropical ferns part like a gigantic fan revealing…


Tina: *Singing; Groovin’ to the beat in rhythm as she sings* Love makes me treat you…

The way that I do
Gee, baby…
ain’t I good to you
There’s nothing too good…
for a boy that’s so true
Gee, baby, ain’t I good to you
I bought you a fur coat
for Christmas
A diamond ring…
a Cadillac car…
And everything
Love makes me treat you…
the way that I do
Gee, baby, ain’t I good to you
Love makes me treat you…
the way that I do
Gee, baby, ain’t I good to you
There’s nothing too good…
for a man so true
Gee,baby, ain’t I good to you
I know how to make a man happy
I’ll treat you right

During the song…

Blossom: *Sitting at Dorian’s Table* Hey Dorian.

Dorian: *Wigging out a little* Blossom?! What’re you doing here, Doll face?

Blossom: Not much. Just waiting for Leslie. She told me to come by here tonight. Said that she had to tell me something important.

Dorian: Hmm… Well… You might have to wait around for that one. She’s out right now. Performing on a job that the boys and i have set up and prepared for… for weeks.

Blossom: The Bank thing. I kinda already know. Leslie didn’t tell me about it. But she hinted at it which all i did was just put two and two together.

Dorian: Smart Kid. You’re sharp. I like that. Leslie’s got that same spark and has high honesty.

Blossom: *Pulling out her pack and pulling out a smoke*

Dorian: *Catching Blossom with a pack of cigarettes in possession* Blossom, You shouldn’t be smoking.

Blossom: I’ve done it for a couple weeks. I however know that my cousins would not be too thrilled to know of my doing this. Nor Would my father.

Dorian: Then Why are you?

Blossom: Because i have decided to Join the Mob. I want to be part of the Mob.

Dorian: You do? *With a raised eyebrow* Did Leslie Coerce you?

Blossom: She kinda did… But then again she didn’t. She told me certain things about the Mob world and what she said only today at school… She said that if i were to know anymore… I’d have to make a decision on how far involved with the Mob i’d want to be. How deep i wanted to go.

Dorian: And how far do you want to go?

Blossom: As far as i can… But a little at a time. I need a change in my life and i can’t get that with my family and its good mundane life. Not that i don’t appreciate it or anything… But i am hearing constantly of my Best friend/Cousin Zoey struggling and stressing over her mom’s porno run. My cousins Sora and Carly suffering with their  father having an affair and cheating on their mother. I can’t do anything to help them and it has made them think i abandoned them. But what can i do? There is nothing that can be done about it as i told them… families will have their problems. It can’t be stopped. It’s quite normal for things to be shitty. However… they just don’t believe me.

Dorian: It’s not for you to be the fixer. You’re young. like they are. They should know that. It hurts and i am sorry to hear of the fact that your cousins are facing issues. But they can’t be expecting you to help fix what is unfix-able. *Watching as Blossom placed the smoke on her lips* … *Offering to light Blossom’s smoke* Need a light, Doll?

Blossom: Sure. My lighter isn’t wanting to work like it’s supposed to.

Dorian: *Lighting Blossom’s smoke*

Blossom: *Smiles as her smoke is lit* Thank you, Dorian.

Dorian: Anytime, Blossom. You’re one of us now… Whether people believe that or not… we take care of our own.

However what none of them knew was the Mask was somewhere near and watching the performance. Hooting and jeering. Going nuts as he then locked sights right at Tina Carlyle. The performance was a smash and all the men in the room were feeling like putty to Tina’s touch. She touched each man sitting upon the front row of the stage…

His eyes BUG OUT on stalks, an AHOOGA horn sounds and his heart starts POUNDING wildly, shooting two feet out of his chest with each beat. Customers at nearby tables are astonished.


Leslie: *Tapping Dorian on the side* Dorian…

Sweet Eddy: Boss…

Dorian: *Looking to face Eddy* Why are you here? Leslie, What’s the problem?

Leslie: What’s that problem? Two guesses and both lead to disappointment.

Dorian: Enough with the games, Leslie. Just tell me what the big idea is here.

Leslie: If you wish… But first… i think that coming upstairs will be what’s needed. You’re not gonna whistling a happy tune once you see…

Sweet Eddy: We got a situation. You better come upstairs.

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* What’s going on?

Leslie: The Hit went south. Blossom, You might want to come with us. This is something that you’re gonna want to see. Something that happens every once in a while within the Mob world.

Blossom: *Sighs* damn. *Getting up* Are you sure there’s something going on that can’t wait?

Leslie: I would wish that it could wait. But sadly… it can’t. There’s not much time left before the guy turns over and sleeps with the fishes.

Dorian: Come on, Let’s go.

Tina: *Singing the finale* They got me paying taxes… for what I gave to you Gee, baby, ain’t I good to you?!

The Mask was whistling like a hot air cannon and going nuts. With a cartoonist manner… He formed a Mallet and Bonked himself on the head 3-4 times before shaking it off and with a dashing sprint… He Zipped and Zoomed over to the band.

Stanley/The Mask: *To the crowd* Let’s Rock this joint!

He grabs the stuffy, tuxedo-ed PIANIST’S stool and spins it hard. When the pianist stops twirling, he been transformed into a hip, beatnik BE-BOPPER who immediately starts pounding out a mean BOOGIE-WOOGIE.

The Mask produces a conductor’s baton from thin air, spins around and magically whips the rest of the band into a frenzy, WAILING out a driving rock ‘n roll tune.

Satisfied with the music, the Mask leaps down onto the dance floor, grabs the astonished Tina and drags her off her feet into a wild special FX JITTERBUG.

THE CROWD watches amazed as… THE MASK AND TINA put Fred and Ginger to shame. Jiving away at warp speed, the Mask moves like a combination of Gumby and Barishnikov. He SHOOTS Tina beneath his legs, SNAPS her back into midair, SPINS her like a baton and hits the floor in the splits without missing a beat.

The crowd was just eating it up. Eating the whole thing from the first beat to the last. Cheering and growing into an uproar of appraisal. It was really hopping. Of course during the #…

Madame Romance: *With Majestic Love* Come on… Let’s get a closer look. But stay in the shadows. We have to keep a silent watch on the Mob. That Mask is asking for some trouble from the Mob. It could get ugly real fast.

Majestic Love: Right. What do you suppose could be going on here?

Madame Romance: I don’t know… But whatever it is… it’s not necessarily good.

On Stage floor…

Stanley/The Mask: Smokin’!

But in Dorian’s office…

Dorian, Leslie, Blossom and Sweet Eddy enter to find Dr. Freeze, sitting there, gasping in pain with a bar towel pressed against a bloody wound in his side.

Dorian: Geez! Freeze, What the heck happened?

Freeze: Someone hit the joint before us.

Blossom: Hey… It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be fine. *Looking to the guys* Someone give him a smoke. He’s needing it bad. Come on.

Leslie: *Pulling out a smoke from her pack and placing it in Freeze’s mouth; Having Dorian light it for the Doc* Suck on that, Freeze. Calm down. We’ll get you some help.

Blossom: *Whispering to Leslie* It looks bad. I really don’t think that he’s gonna make it. He’s dying, Leslie. He’s dying. *Panicked*

Leslie: *Whispering back* I know. But admitting it to him is not gonna make anything better. What’ll we do?

Blossom: I don’t know. Oh god…

Dorian glances back up and sees that Dr. Freeze’s eyes are glazed over in death.

Leslie: He’s gone. *Looking down*

Blossom: Oh no!

Dorian took a second to let it all marinate in his mind that the doc was gone before he exploded in anger.

Dorian: *Picking up his glass Ashtray and throwing it with force across the room; Breaking the Mirror over the bar; Pissed off and Steaming mad* Son of a Bitch!

Dorian: *Grabbing Eddy* Who did this Man? WHO?!

Sweet Eddy then looked right though the blinds and looked into the Casino/Night club itself and saw The Mask dancing with Tina…

Leslie: *Looking out* Dorian, That’s the guy. That Green masked scumbag out there… He hit the bank before we did and took the money. He stopped and taunted us. That creep. I should have popped that freak with lead.

Dorian: That guy who’s dancing with Tina? *Growls and getting his weapon drawn* That son of a bitch is a dead man. He’s dead.

Back on the Dance Floor…

The Mask spins Tina all around him like a top and then SHOOTS her straight up into the air.

Amazingly, she continues somersaulting at the apex of her ascent, suspended in mid-air by her magical momentum.

THE MASK stands there nonchalantly filing his nails, whistling to himself. Tina continues to SPIN in place high above him.

THE MASK casually checks his watch. Without looking up he holds out one hand for the catch.

TINA perfect timing… A final somesault and she drops right back down into his arms. They go straight back into a rockin’ hitterbug without missing a beat.


Dorian and Eddy race down the steps, guns drawn. Dorian calls to Bobby by the hostess’ stand.

Dorian: Close the Club. Now!

Leslie: *With her weapon drawn* Get the people out of here. Now. Right now. I am not kidding. Neither is Dorian. Move. *Handing Blossom a gun* Blossom, Here. When time calls… Just Aim and shoot. Aim. Then shoot.

Blossom: *Wigging out and nods* Okay. *Grabbing the gun and arming herself* Let’s go.


The dance’s grand finale. The Mask spins Tina around and around his body like a baton in one of those awful Hawaiian fire dances.

As the band bangs out the final bars of the tune, the Mask SCREECHES Tina to a halt, bends her over backwards and nails her with a Valentino kiss that literally blows her shoes off; SSSMACK! KAPOW!

She hangs onto the Mask’s tie for support when BANG the tie is shot in half. Tina falls on her cute behind.

Stanley/The Mask: *Looking up in a grin; knowing he was busted* Hello!

The men were mandatory willed on demanding for everyone to clear the place…

Sweet Eddy: *pointing the Gun*… Club’s closed. Move it! You think I’m joking? Come on, move it!

Leslie: *Looking at the Mask* You menacing freak. It’s your fault that Freeze is dead. He died when he didn’t have to. It’s your fault.

Blossom: That’s Ipkiss. Ipkiss.

Leslie: Ipkiss. The Wiseguy who tried to cross the rope a few weeks ago and got tossed out to the street? Him?

Blossom: Yeah.

Leslie: *Sighs* This is really not my night… is it?

From the far side…

Madame Romance: *Spotting Blossom standing with the Mob* Oh my god… That’s Blossom. What is she doing with those guys?

Majestic Love: I don’t know. But i’m sending a text to Spencer and Rikku to stake out the hotel where that girl stays at.

Madame Romance: Forget about that… Notify the cousins… The Aquatic Force and the Thunderic Force. They need to know that our cause has just met a twist. A Huge conflicting twist in the battlefield.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of the Masks second wave and Antics.

Blossom, What the hell are you doing with the Mob? ELECTROGAL, GET OUT OF THERE!!! NOW!


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